So, what's the program you ask?

Well, it's a Microsoft Access Database I built. Don't worry, you don't need a copy of Microsoft Access, or even Microsoft Office, to use it.

You download the database itself Here.

The database is small, because all the threads are actually stored on this website.  Otherwise, the program zip file would be massive.

You download the Microsoft Access Viewer, which is a free program, form Microsoft here. Please note, you will have to make sure the viewer and your copy of windows match (i.e 32 bit vs 64 bit)

The Program itself is very, very simple. It consists of two screens.

The first screen is a one time run screen to get a name from you. This is for sending results to the server, so people don't over-write each others results.
Here's a screen shot:

Simple, straight forward.

This will take you to the screen you'll be seeing the most of.   The 'Work' Screen.

Pretty Straight forward.

6 Work related buttons (left column) with a list linked to one, 5 results buttons at the bottom, and the big view area taking up the center to right of the forum.

When you first load the program, you'll get the 'No records' screen, which you can see above.   You'll also see it when you reach the end of your workload.

The six work buttons are the ones on the left, as I've said.   Pretty straight forward.

'Continue Current Workload';   If you already have stuff you're working through, this button will pull them up.

'Work Random Records';  This will give you 100 records to look over, from all the threads associated with this, as well as the old DND-L (and related) mailing lists that Wizards used to host.  (they were active from around 1998 to 2012 or so).

'Work Records from a Specific Forum Selection':  This is for people that want to work in a specific area, or what to prioritize how they work.   Underneath the program is a pull-down.  (The white box with the down arrow beside it).    You'll see a list of categories.  Pick one, and then hit the 'Work Records from a Specific...' button.  You'll get 100 records from that selection.   Please note, if there are less then 100 records left to work in that section, you get all that is left.

'Upload your Results'.   Simple.    You hit the button, and the database will get a list of everything YOU have worked, and send it to the central file server.   Every so often, I'm going to take all the uploaded results, and combine them into a single file for everyone to download and update their own databases.   The idea being, the odds of two or more people looking over the same thread drops way, way down.

'Download Existing Results'.    Again, simple.   That's when you'll grab the results files from the server (populated by people uploading their results), and update your copy of the program to reflect that.    Think of it as downloading an update to a program.

'Re-upload all your results'.   This was built as a precaution in case of something major going wrong, so we don't lose all the effort.   While I'm trying to keep back-ups of all the results, you never know.

And that's the work buttons.

Now, we have the results buttons.

While you are working, you'll see the current thread from your workload above those buttons.    Take a quick look at it.

Does it have something you might find in a source book?  i.e a New or customized Race?  Class? Feat?  Feature?  Spell?  Anything else?
Then it 'Has Content'.    This includes people asking for character help and posting stats, as well as Character backgrounds and fiction.

If it doesn't meant the other 4 results buttons, it 'has content'.

It doesn't have something new or customized?  Is it a Rules Discussion or related Question?   Then it is a 'Question or Rules Discussion'.

There is nothing mechanical in it,but there are ideas and such being discussed?  Then it is a 'Ideas' thread. 

None of the above, but it's funny?  Then its a 'Humor' thread.

The thread itself is trolling, asking for a copy of something, asking where something is, or complaining without offering a mechanical fix?   Then it has 'No Content'.

Whichever the thread is, press that button, and you'll move to the next thread in your list.  In the background, the program will mark it with your choice.

Now, as of right now, there are 544,450 threads from the Wizards of the Coast forums here, (going back to 2001 or so, all the way to October 2015).  There are also 86,070 discussion topics form the mailing lists.

By myself, doing 100 threads/topics per night, it will take approximately 20 years.  However, if we get enough people working, say 500 doing 100 a week, we could have this sorted in a few months.

At that point, I'll remove the 'No Content threads', and put everything online for every to view.   But I don't want to do that until the threads are categorized

Any Questions? The FAQ is here