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03-14-05, 08:49 PM
Hi people,

my group mostly plays low level runs, since the majority of them prefer to "do it the old fashioned way" and start at level 1 and drag out the grind. Either that, or we play some living greyhawk low apl stuff.

Anyway, to the point. We are putting together a list of 'must have' adventuring supplies (well my friend Grant actually did the origional list), stuff you just cant live without, or you really shouldnt be living without, or stuff that turns a harsh situation into an easy one. It's pretty much aimed at low levels, but I'm very interested in any higher level suggestions you have (or any suggestions at all in fact).

If you add to this list, please say what book the item is from, and why you think its a must have :)

The Backpack:

Scroll Of Cure Light (in case the healer types run out of spells / wands etc)
Potion Of Cure Light (in case someone needs to pour it down your throat in an emergecy)
Slashing Weapon,
Bludgeoning Weapon,
Piercing Weapon,
Ranged Weapon (always handy in a defending scenario)
Cold Iron Weapon (fey etc)
Silver Weapon (undead etc)
Light Slashing Weapon (for in case you get majorly grappled / swalloed whole)
Sap (sometimes killing isnt a option, othertimes its just hilarious to gang sap something)
Potion Of Magic Weapon (Or just an actual magic weapon, depends on level)
Potion Of Levitate (or scroll, see spider climb)
Potion Of Spider Climb (or scroll, depends on amount of casters around)
Potion Of Invisibility (sometimes you need to make like mighty brave adventurers, and run! )
Sleeping Armour (either chain shirt or studded let works well until you get mithrill, makes nice pyjamas)
Scroll Of Protection From Evil (domination? nasty touch attacks? i think not!)
Caltrops (oh the fun you can have with these sometimes!)
50 Feet of Silk Rope (everyone needs rope, and im not just talking about RPG's ;) )
A Seperate bag / sack (never know when you might need to keep something seperate from your swag, or just bag a prisoner over the head)
Chalk (For making markings, leaving messages, communicating to people via diagram etc)
Mirror (Looking round corners, reflecting light for signals, checking if im still devilishly handsome i mean errrr...)
Sunrods (Not everyone has dark vision, plus they can be tied to your robes / belt without setting you on fire, freeing up a hand)
Empty Waterskins (for obtaining liquids, short term breating underwater etc)
Smokesticks (transportable concealment of sorts, all kinds of smoke and mirror tactics made possible!)
Bag Of Marbles (As mentioned, a non lethal, very innocent looking bag of goods that can wreck havoc)
Sack of flour (asides from being essential to any cake mix, this can help negate invisible creatures advantage over you)
Pitons And Hammer (Wedging open doors, facilitating climbing)
Alchemists fire (For dealing with swarms)
Pint of Oil (many many many uses :) )
Ink, pen, and paper (the life of an adventurer is often filled with grief, and what else are you going to write your woe filled poems with? ;) )
Metal Scroll / Spellbook Case (they can protect more than what they were designed for)
Spare clothes (my personal favourite is to get everyone with a set of monks robes, you might look like a bunch of Pilgrims)
Holy Water (bucket trap use was mentioned :) )
Thunderstones (almost like a flashbang!)
A Compass (Very useful at lower levels, when spells are very very limited)

When money picks up a bit, admantine daggers and wands of cure light wounds should definately be on here, as mentioned :)

This stuff on this list is meant for everyone to have, natrually every party should have access to a few other items, like a ten foot pole maybe, but you dont need everyone to have one :)

Please add away :)

EDIT: formatted things a little better, added some suggestions.

03-14-05, 09:25 PM
I love to pack a couple smoke sticks and sun rods. They aren't overly expensive but a smoke stick can really help save your butt when you need to move a group and you can't all just go invs. I like to keep a sun rod handy for the times when fire won't cut it. They're also great to use in combination with a steel mirror if you can afford one. Our DM figures that a bounced beam of light from a sun rod should be simular to a bulls-eye lantern but easier to aim in someone's face to daze 'em while your party charges.

03-15-05, 05:16 PM
This is always a good topic. Here is another thread on the same lines.

03-15-05, 06:58 PM
Thanks for the suggestions, I've updated the thread a little, formatted it a little better, and if it takes off and more items get listed, I'll rework the organisation on it too, thanks though guys, the running total for gold on this is still pretty low too! (depending on your weapon selection)
Tempest Stormwind

03-15-05, 07:07 PM
You're missing two staples I always make sure my characters have -- and one of them I make sure my entire PARTY has.

1) Marbles. A nonlethal alternative to caltrops, and far easier/cheaper to buy. No one will confiscate a bag of marbles, either, should you be searched in towns. Plus, they also serve as throwing rocks if damage isn't your thing -- i.e. seeing if that gap has a window or force effect on it, if there is, in fact, a slope, or -- in extreme cases -- as impromptu wheels (think Egyptians and pyramids here).

2) Pouches of flour. In case of invisibility, open and spread liberally. With luck, you'll powder up their invisible forms. With bad luck, you'll get a powder layer on the floor which shows footprints in real-time.

I often carry pitons or other spikes, and a hammer as well. These suckers have more uses than in climbing -- sticking doors and laying tripwires are among my favorites.

Also note that a low-level psion (shaper) has access to Minor Creation from level 1. That can supply a lot of these given only a minute's prep time.

Also, isn't there some low-level alchemical item that imitates the Flare spell or something similar? If so, that's be horribly useful -- Flare is one of my favorite combat cantrips at low levels (especially when combined with Aid Another moves and/or defensive fighting).

03-15-05, 09:22 PM
Ya also forgot:

A Flamable object... Alchemist Fire, A Torch, etc... anything that allows sweet, sweet fire. Cause nothing sucks worse than having to retreat from that rat swarm because nobody in the party has anything that will effect it.

03-15-05, 09:55 PM
and to hold all of this the ever indespesible hewards handy haversack with a non-magical pocket to hold a bag of holding slightly custom idea thou

03-15-05, 10:09 PM
Everyone should have a dagger. (Edit: Oops, missed your "Light Slashing Weapon" entry, which covers that.)

03-15-05, 11:32 PM
Eggshell grenades (Dust) from OA are almost as good as invisibility.

There's also a smokestick-like alchemical item there that doesn't need to be lit (though it doesn't last as long) and yes, Tempest, the Flash paper that imitates a flare spell.

Also: at very low levels, alcohol. At higher levels, universal solvent. Tanglefoot bag dissolvers, etc.
Tempest Stormwind

03-16-05, 12:13 AM
Ya also forgot:

A Flamable object... Alchemist Fire, A Torch, etc... anything that allows sweet, sweet fire. Cause nothing sucks worse than having to retreat from that rat swarm because nobody in the party has anything that will effect it.
That reminds me of another thing I keep forgetting to mention: Oil.

Many of the basic adventurer starting packages feature lanterns, and others multiple torches. There's a synergy here that's even described in the DMG, but so many people miss it -- you have a great area-effect fire trap and impromptu Grease effect.

Combine oil with marbles and a single, well-aimed torch (or presitdigitation spell, which is hands-down my favorite cantrip -- as BlaineTog says, it's diet Wish) and you've got a barbecue that keeps on grillin'. Add flour and you might just get a cake out of the mix -- a strange, armor-shaped cake, with crunchy bits, but a cake, nonetheless.

03-16-05, 12:47 AM
Nah, you probably couldn't manage a cake... In fact, you could barely manage tempura batter.

On the other hand, you could probably get margarine from Minor Creation and a lenient DM might allow Summon Monster I to summon eggs of some sort. A cake-trap might just be possible at low levels if you're willing to work for it...

03-16-05, 01:10 AM
A collapsible 11 foot pole is very useful (1 foot telescoping sections). It seems like a lot of traps have 10 foot blasts. ;)

In addition to what has been mentioned, I always like to carry the following:
ink, pen, paper - you never know when you might need to write down a map or riddle, etc.
continual flame - cast upon a chain or other durable material which you can wear or toss to illuminate an area
empty vials - for collecting liquids in fountains for later analysis
metal scroll case - protect those scrolls from damage
metal case for spell book - again, protect
Nchaser's Glowing Globes - these are a variable intensity light source
spare clothes - being naked can be embarrassing :D
mess kit, vittle kit - you gotta eat with something
string or twine - lashing is useful
bailing wire - always handy
steel ball bearings - these work better than glass marbles and are more durable
wand of cure light wounds - the best bang for the buck healing

That's it for now.
Tempest Stormwind

03-16-05, 01:59 AM
Nah, you probably couldn't manage a cake... In fact, you could barely manage tempura batter.

On the other hand, you could probably get margarine from Minor Creation and a lenient DM might allow Summon Monster I to summon eggs of some sort. A cake-trap might just be possible at low levels if you're willing to work for it...
Ah, nothing quite like gourmet traps. I wonder if we could optimize something like THAT.... ^_^

03-16-05, 02:00 AM
wand of cure light wounds - the best bang for the buck healing

Wand of lesser vigor is even better ;)

After combat of course.

03-16-05, 02:55 AM
A sling. The world's most concealable weapon. (I'm nominating this for the backpack ranged weapon)

A small folding saw
A Folding grappling hook to go with the rope

03-16-05, 03:07 AM
Everyone should have a dagger. (Edit: Oops, missed your "Light Slashing Weapon" entry, which covers that.)

Depending on your cash situation, you should have that Light Slashing Weapon be adamanite. Very handy for cutting through anything.

03-16-05, 04:27 AM
Depending on your cash situation, you should have that Light Slashing Weapon be adamanite. Very handy for cutting through anything.Very true. I thought of that, but figured it was out of reach for the typical 1st level adventurer.

03-16-05, 08:15 AM
holy water, thunderstones are great to make a non-magical alarm like the bucket on the door trip it will definatly wake you, the guard, and half the city.
its saved my group once or twice

03-16-05, 09:35 AM
I wonder why no one has mentioned this so far:
Always have a Compass with you. Saves a good deal of time wandering aimlessly through the wilderness. Even if a modern compass id much to expensive for the ususal lvl 1 char, use a cup of water and a light magnetic piece of metal. For those who havent tried this, if the piece is small enough it will actually swim, and then point slowly towards north.

03-16-05, 10:10 AM
I didn't see a price limit and don't have books with me, but these are a few magic items that are on the cheaper range I have found great use for.

Ring of Sustenance (DMG), always useful when you get lost in a dungeon or stuck for days/weeks having to move a cave-in when the entrance collapses. 2000gp

Blindfold of True Sight (A&E), not positive on that name, gives blindsight 60ft for something like 9000gp.

Unenchanted IOUN stone (grey color, think this was in DMG 3.0 but not DMG 3.5), 25gp. Cast continual light on it, and you have an unlimited hands-free light for 25gp.

03-16-05, 11:34 AM
Very nice suggestions, the list has been updated somewhat, but ive left some of the expensive magic stuff off, and a few bits I have no idea what book they are from :)

Later on today im gonna calculate the weight and cost to see where we stand

Thanks to all for the feedback / suggestions, keep em coming! :)

Lord Psynister

03-16-05, 11:46 AM
I'll have to second the Continual Flame suggestion. Especially if you cast it on an item such as a ring.

Need some light? Throw that ring on your finger and you've got yourself a torch that you don't have to hold.

Need that light to go away? Throw that stinking ring in your pouch and draw the strings shut.

The material component is the only thing that sucks at all about the spell, but you really only need to cast it once unless the target gets lost/destroyed.

03-16-05, 12:12 PM
a shovel is also really valuable. you can despose of incriminating evidence, dead body or just store that 70,000 copper pieces until you get a mule to carry it back to town. the most important use is in a living greyhawk game when you can dig through the crap of why you aren't gonna get paid. :mad:
thats all i got

03-16-05, 12:21 PM
The difficulty is having money to buy all this at lvl 1...

03-16-05, 02:59 PM
Garppling hook, crowbar, and a vial of antitoxin (expensive but get it if you can) are all handy items to have at 1st-2nd level.

03-16-05, 03:05 PM
bag of spices: use on food for flavoring and preservative and as a deterrent (ever get pepper in the face?)

handaxe, not just a weapon, it's also an all purpose camp tool. Same goes for a knife.
Pinky's brain

06-17-05, 07:00 AM
2) Pouches of flour. In case of invisibility, open and spread liberally. With luck, you'll powder up their invisible forms.Items picked up by an invisible creature become invisible too dont they?

06-17-05, 07:33 AM
Yes they do, so what you have is a big cloud of white flour and a human shaped middle where the flour just vanish... hmmmm i wonder where he is.
Pinky's brain

06-17-05, 07:58 AM
Okay, but then he'd have concealment ... still, at level 1 it is better than nothing.

06-17-05, 08:03 AM
yep 50% miss is better then having no idea where he is.... besides if he is invisible odds are he is a wizard or sorc, so the fighters can all just gang grapple him "i know it sounds dirty, but its realy realy not :D " they might have a 50% miss but if they geta hold, he aint going no where.. and depending on how you read the rules, if he try to escape the grapple he becomes visible since thats an "attack kind of thing". Or i might be dead wrong. Who knows.

06-17-05, 10:46 AM
Some other usefull stuff:

wood wedges to block doors
grease to make an area slippry
a paste of crushed charcol mixed with water to darken your skin
few feets of yarn and a small bell to build a simple alarm mechanism
some square feet of linen can be used for a simple shelter / sun roof / stretch to carry someone (or something) and many more uses
alarm stone (1.000gp / DMG)

06-17-05, 10:52 AM

06-17-05, 11:44 AM
a few comments.

Light slashing weapon. For roleplay purposes, everyone should have a knife as an eating utensil and tool. But for dealing with grapples, spiked gauntlets (simple) or spiked armor (martial) are far superior because you don't have to draw the damn thing (which requires a grapple check).

Everyone needs potions of clw and prot evil (casters can get by with scrolls of prot evil, but the clw potion is essential). The prot evil is not only domination defense, it is protection from natural attacks of summoned monsters, which is often all they have.

Melee types i(including rogues) need nonlethal, blunt, slash, pierce, cold iron, silver and adamantium when they can afford it. One of these weapons should be a reach weapon, one can be their "grapple" weapon, ie spikes. They also need oil of magic weapon (or shillelagh if they use clubs/staves) and oil of bless weapon (which remains useful till level 20 if you never got around to getting a holy weapon). Keep the oil of magic weapon around, it works on all the special material weapons you couldn't afford to enchant (especially cold iron)

Archers need cold iron, silver, adamantium arrows (when they can afford it) and oil of magic weapon. They also need a "grapple" weapon, usually spiked armor. If they can't get a nonlethal arrow/bow option, they need a sap. They should also get a backup bow, for when the primary bow gets sundered, warped, shattered or disarmed. If you have quickdraw, clubs (blunt), hand axes (slashing) and splash weapons get the full benefit of all your feats, so use them. If you have power attack, two-handed blunt and slashing weapons as backups is a decent alternative. If you can't do splash weapons, get an energy enhancement on your bow ASAP so you can do something on swarms.

Adamantium should be on a big, heavy weapon, not on a dagger unless you don't have a 14+ strength or power attack. Monks....ok it can be on a kama, you'll make up in flurry what you lack in hitting oomph. (at level 9 my monk can do a flurry with his adamantium kama, do an average of 31 damage with 3 swipes and most doors will fall into 6 pieces. It's kinda cool :)) Adamantium weapons should cause the door to explode into pieces, not have you sawing away at the hinges while the guys on the other side laugh at you. The adamantium dagger is a rogue tool, not a serious weapon. It will slice up locks and chains and stuff, but is too slow to use in a combat situation.

Primary casters should only bother with special material/damage type weapons at low levels (unless they're a fighter/mage or martial cleric or something). They should instead spend money on all the scrolls they can get their hands on to cover weird but useful spells that come up once in 4 levels. Plus free up first level slots on spells that a scroll does just as well.

06-17-05, 12:21 PM
I can't believe that nobody has mentioned the large container of an alcoholic beverage of your choice. It can be used as anti-Mimic solvent, an NPC bribe, a bonus to the Bluff skill, an emergency molotov cocktail, an easy way to make monsters look less tough, and as a tool for celebrating the successful completion of a dungeon.

06-17-05, 01:40 PM
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04-11-06, 05:55 AM
I haven't read all the posts but its worth noting that the morningstar (a simple weapon) does Bludgeoning AND Piercing damage...

04-11-06, 08:25 AM
The ring of sustenence has the extra effect of lowering sleep time 2 hrs I believe, makes watches easy.

Also Slippers (boots) of spider climb, i never run out of uses for those things, running along edges, walls, etc.... also a gloves that dupes the effect, amazing with boots of springing and leaping and tumble.

On the subject of boots a spare set of comfortable sturdy footgear. This include socks etc.

Rope of climbing is a must, every group needs one that is knotted for those clumsy party members.

Immovable Rods are handy too if you got the cash. Seals doors, anchors ropes, coat rack for drying wet clothes...

Quiver of elhonna, must have for every charcter, its almost as good as the hewards handy haversack, think of it as reserves of ammo for missile users and a golf bag style weapon container for mages (staff's and rods build up fast) and fighters,(to store your backup weaps and specific use items)

Dunno the price on it but an adamantine axe/hatchet? Makes opening things easy and lumberjacking the party's fire wood supply that much faster. mebbe one per party would be worth it?

Light sources are good but darkvision goggles are much better, a party with no light sources can sneak better at night or underground a tad better than a glowing party can. But a everburning torch is what 60 gp? if you have to have light thats a great option. Also remember because you can hold an everburning torch in one hand does not mean you have to. Tie or tuck it to your belt, free up a hand.

And yes, chalk vs flour..... flour is cheap and you can eat it, but a bag of chalk powder is better for invis peeps, it can be argued that turning an invis attacker into a giant pencil means he marks the floor as he walks.... So you still can find him as he leaves the area. Also if your following the list and have rings of sustenece you don't need to eat so why pack flour?

04-11-06, 09:53 AM
Darkvision goggles cost 12,000gp! hardly a low levelbackpack item.

Scroll of Remove Fear is pretty important.
Wand of Recitation would be nice for the cleric.

string/twine is good
don't forget a lock for those manacles.

04-11-06, 12:01 PM
How about:

Unguent of timelessness (

Which is kinda like cheap cold storage for a dead pc or a nice perservative for your party necro.

only 150gp, contains enough to fully coat 8 medium sized creatures. I occasionally have a npc sell this along with a Cart (mule not included) ( as "The Poore Adventure's Resurrection Aide"

Also helps if you have a DM who uses rules for food spoilage.

04-11-06, 12:08 PM
Don't forget a long cheap stick, whether it be a 10' pole, a spear, or a polearm.

Sometimes there are things you just really don't want to touch (traps, oozes, etc) or something you just want to be able to reach a little bit farther to get to (pluck those keys off the hook, get a loop of rope out to a rocky crag, reach out to a drowning party member in a stream, etc).

04-11-06, 12:12 PM
For your archers, Bane arrows come into affordability rather quickly (152 GP a pop, I think), and they do a lot of damage (1d8+str+2d6+3 = ~14.5 + str damage) for lower levels in a hurry.

Whipping out a Goblinoid Bane arrow for that Hobgoblin King or an Undead Bane arrow for a mummy can really slow down the bad guys.

Works very nicely in conjunction with true strike at lower levels (so you don't waste your investment), so this is also a good strategy for the party wizard/sorcerer or the low level Gish.

04-11-06, 08:21 PM
I'm surprised that it hasn't been mentioned yet, but a tanglefoot bag is far and away one of the most useful alchemical items printed in the PHB, and remains so even up into mid levels. 50g a bag is a bit expensive early on, but
well worth it. Also, a holy symbol of Pelor or other good aligned god is an easy way to grease the wheels in good aligned cities. Stonebreaker Acid from the A&EG is very useful for infiltrating castles, and scrolls of grease and enlarge person come in handy more often then not.

04-11-06, 08:25 PM
Try carrying a bag of marbles/pebbles/small throwable worthless things. You can do all the same things with marbles as you can with a ten foot pole, but it's less cumbersome, and you can throw/roll a marble further than ten feet to trigger traps while being safely outside of their detonation range. If you just want to scoop gravel into a bag, it's free. A bag of masterwork marbles costs 3 silver pieces.

04-12-06, 03:41 AM
Travel Cloak from MoF. It's like a Ring of Sustenance you don't have to wear for a week before getting the beneifts, but instead of only having to sleep for 2 hours you get a free personal tent and constant Endure Elements, priceless for those trips through the desert or high northern mountains.

Spool of Endless Rope from CA. For only 2000 gp you get 500' of rope that regenerates (if you cut 10' off of it, that 10' dissappears but you can still pull the full 500' from the spool).

A net, and someone proficient with it. If you want to bring 'em back alive, this is really the best way to do it. Even if you aren't proficient with it it's still only a touch attack.

04-17-06, 07:24 AM
Whats the price on a compass and what book is it found in? Was there ever a price list drawn up for this mighty backpack?

04-17-06, 07:45 AM
I've just finished writing up my gold spends for my level 6 rogue, and I have to say, the potion belt in the faerun campaign setting for 1 gp is awesome. it gives you a free action pulling out of a potion once per round. Plus you could argue that it works for flasks of acid/alchemists fire with a lenient gm.

04-17-06, 08:40 AM
I've always believed that the most valuable piece of matter what lvl, was......a towel. And no, I'm not quoting HitchHiker's Guide or anything, I seriously believe it. It can be used to wipe off acid and such (although that effectively destroys it) it can be used as a poor man's shelter (I'm meaning like a beach towel) with a creative DM it can be used as a weapon for those awesome post-saving the world celebrations (snapping towels in the wash-house isn't the BEST way to make friends...but hey.) There are SO many things you can do with a towel if you're wiping up an ooze :D
Sir Gummibaerchen

04-17-06, 09:37 AM
Items picked up by an invisible creature become invisible too dont they?
No they don't, the SRD specifically mentions using flour to spoil the invisibility-fun :

If an invisible character picks up a visible object, the object remains visible. One could coat an invisible object with flour to at least keep track of its position (until the flour fell off or blew away). An invisible creature can pick up a small visible item and hide it on his person (tucked in a pocket or behind a cloak) and render it effectively invisible.

04-17-06, 10:58 AM
Combination weapons (deal two types of damage) are a great way to save on the number of items you have to carry. A morningstar deals bludgeoning and piercing, halberds and scythes deal slashing and piercing, and if you're exotice, dwarver urgroshes and gnome hooked hammers also work. Also, if you have a double weapon, consider making one half cold iron and the other adamantine. If you are super super wealthy, buy an energy aura weapon (A&E), which lets you choose what sort of energy damage you deal.

04-17-06, 11:20 AM
I wonder why no one has mentioned this so far:
Always have a Compass with you. Saves a good deal of time wandering aimlessly through the wilderness. Even if a modern compass id much to expensive for the ususal lvl 1 char, use a cup of water and a light magnetic piece of metal. For those who havent tried this, if the piece is small enough it will actually swim, and then point slowly towards north.

My group is full of players without any survival skill whatsoever. We get lost coming home from the store. :D We invented a low level magic item, the Lodestone. Take an expired ioun stone, and enchant it so it always points. north. :)

Another fun cheap magic item I invented was take that expired ioun stone and cast continual flame on it...a torchlight, continually whirling about your head! It made my character a target, of course, but she was the tank of the group, so she preferred it that way. Also freed up her hands for fighting!
Evil Wizard

04-19-06, 11:43 AM
Speaking of the dull grey ioun stones, using one as a target for Continual Flame is an utterly genius idea that I'd like to second. At 150 gp, a starting wizard-less party could even pool their funds and buy one on the open market.

Bump that up to 100 feet of rope, just in case the rest of your party got cheap. You should have at least 300' minimum between everyone.

04-29-06, 04:44 PM
another important thing is something that can ignite other things. Fire is soooo nice to have if you can only kindle it. flint&steel or tindertwigs for a no magic approach.

The best thing would be a use-at-will item with presdigitation, that doesn't use a slot. Since it is 0-level, being slotless won't hurt your wallet as much.

04-29-06, 05:09 PM
wand of ropetrick, tiny hut, or any other little "stay the night away safely" spell

04-29-06, 06:23 PM
For a game where the DM said we could get lots of mundane stuff, and maybe even some low cost magical stuff easily... I took some ideas from this and other threads, take a look at it...
not all this stuff is low level, but a good deal of it is... even high level adventurers should have most of this stuff...

mule and cart, for having most of this stuff
Cooking pot & mess kit, including mug
waterskins with water
alarm stone
food seasonings
winter blanket and bedroll
grappling hook
signal whistle
a 3/day command word activated slotless item of resistance
a 3/day command word activated slotless item of detect magic
a use at will slotless item of mage hand (that elf hand version is gross... make a custom version...)
a use at will slotless item of prestidigitation
a 3/day item of cure minor wounds that is slotless and goes off when the person with it goes unconcious or speaks a command word
a use at will slotless item of ram's might (your unarmed attacks are considered armed and inflict lethal damage, for a level 0 spell!)
extra backpack
flint and steel
ball of twine
armor repair kit
weapon repair kit
fishing wire
extra clothes of various sorts
extra sacks for holding things
universal solvent
unguent of timelessness
bolt cutters
metal marbles
50' silk rope
animal trainer's kit
quill & ink
extra vail of ink
alchemist's fire
holy water
lawful water
holy lawful water (hey, its bound to do SOMETHING... house rule item...)
sealing wax
chalk dust
tanglefoot bags
normal chalk
extra hooded lantern
lamp oil
10' retractable pole
the strongest dwarven whisky available
map of the local area
multiple healer's kits
ioun stone with continual flame cast on it
fishing nets
sheets of canvass
vials of acid
extra vials
extra potion bottles
one person tent
potions of cure light
potions of lesser vigor
potion of remove fear
potion of protection from evil
potion of jump
potion of swim
potion of ice gauntlet (always be armed!)
potion of low light vision (if you don't have it)
potion of expeditious retreat
potion of magic weapon
potion of silvered weapon
potion of spider climb
potion of ironguts
potion of fist of stone (if you dont like ice gauntlet!)
an armor to sleep in -- perhaps padded won't make you fatigued if you sleep in it, hmm?
bailing wire
disguise kit
camoflauge kit
extra bandages, there is a magical type that autostabalizes people
potion belt
spool of endless rope
extra daggers!
trade goods
tools to fix a broken cart
a very high quality lock (for the manacles, and other stuff)
book of local wildlife and plants, especially what's edible and not
book on how to use these various items
some paint to mark things permanantly

04-30-06, 12:59 PM
bump... anyone see any errors in my list? or have anything to add?

04-30-06, 01:20 PM
A few things:
-I think you spelled vials incorrectly (vails?)
-If you are going to have all this stuff, the cart should be more of a halfling's wagon, or at least have a chest and be locked. A lot of this stuff will need to be easly accessable in a backpack so the wagon will only be used for carying out the treasures or as a portable home. You might also want some followers or hirelings to keep a watch on the wagon while you go into the dungeon.

Not to nag, but is anybody going to do a price check for a list like this. The price will probably be a lot higher then we expect and we should pick out the most important stuff for low-level adventurers.

04-30-06, 01:34 PM
Yea, a chest that's chained to the wagon, hidden, trapped, and locked would be a good thing to add to this...

I'll go edit Vials then...

okay, and I'll start working on a price list...

05-03-06, 10:55 PM
Does anyone know where I can find info on barding for creatures and such? I'm wondering what low level stuff to do for a mount...

05-04-06, 12:36 AM
A sad fact is that things such as "wagons" are rarely useful to adventurers in a normal campaign. The way cash accumulates, you either don't have enough to spend on such non-essentials, or you can afford wands of Rope Trick, bags of holding, folding boats, and instant fortresses.

If you're in a campaign which accumulates experience really slowly, or is really low magic, or if you start as a noble...then a wagon might be useful.

05-04-06, 12:58 AM
i wonder if WOTC will inlcude all the great ideas in this thread in the Complete MacGuyver coming out this november?