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Thread Name + LinkContent Found?
Discussion and Suggestion threadUnexamined
Discussion and Suggestion thread - Page 2Unexamined
Discussion and Suggestion thread - Page 3Unexamined
Sentai Base Class [Sentai]Unexamined
Sentai Abilities [Sentai]Unexamined
Loner Archetype [Sentai]Unexamined
Medalist Archetype [Sentai]Unexamined
Mysterious Guardian Archetype [Sentai]Unexamined
Psycho Ranger Archetype [Sentai]Unexamined
Alternate Class Features [Sentai]Unexamined
Pathfinder ConversionsUnexamined
Magician Archetype [Sentai]Unexamined
Rider Archetype [Sentai]Unexamined