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EXTENDED - The Indigo Template ContestUnexamined
EXTENDED - The Indigo Template Contest - Page 2Unexamined
[Template] A rose by any other shade...Unexamined
WITHDRAWN [Template]Unexamined
[Template] The Purple Pact PartisanUnexamined
[Template] Indigo ProphetUnexamined
[Template] Indigo KissedUnexamined
[Template] Indigo ChildrenUnexamined
EXTENDED - The Indigo Template Contest ENTRY THREAD!Unexamined
[Template] Indigo GuestsUnexamined
Contest IdeasUnexamined
Contest Ideas - Page 2Unexamined
Contest Ideas - Page 3Unexamined
Contest Ideas - Page 4Unexamined
Contest Ideas - Page 5Unexamined
Contest Ideas - Page 6Unexamined
Contest Ideas - Page 7Unexamined
Contest Ideas - Page 8Unexamined
Contest Ideas - Page 9Unexamined
[template] Sore-ChildUnexamined
Site Migration - Oct 20-22Unexamined
[Template] Through Eyes of IndigoUnexamined
Voting for the Pirate Contest! With Results!Unexamined
Voting for the Pirate Contest! With Results! - Page 2Unexamined
In Thrall To Indigo [Template]Unexamined
[Template] Union of the Blue CollarUnexamined
[Pirate] Nicole the HarpyUnexamined
[Pirate] Capt. Tal Aladon (Ret.)Unexamined
[Monster] Notable creatures of the Southern PlainsUnexamined
The Pirate Contest ENTRY THREAD!Unexamined
[Pirate] A ship in the fogUnexamined
[Pirate] The Pie RatUnexamined
[Pirate] The SongbirdsUnexamined
[Pirate] Admiral Quickbeam and The Scarlet ShardUnexamined
[Pirate] Scorpion's Ghost: Ship of the SandstormsUnexamined
The Pirate Contest!Unexamined
The Pirate Contest! - Page 2Unexamined
[Pirate] Shiel-Kah and Sekolah's WrathUnexamined
[Pirate] Rez Driftgood and His Talking SkullUnexamined
[Pirate] Gufi the DreadfulUnexamined
[Pirates] Ten Thousand DaysUnexamined
[Pirates] Ten Thousand Days - Page 2Unexamined
Pirates: Captain Polly of...Unexamined
[Pirate] Captain Zyn's ReturnUnexamined
[Pirate] The Beauteous LureUnexamined
[Pirate]Allie Basha and her Forty-Eight ThievesUnexamined
[Pirate] The Floating Fortess of Fei LongUnexamined
[Pirate] Mandible Bones, the Worst Pirate Ev-arrrUnexamined
[Pirate] Martin Wennekamp - Cursed to be landboundUnexamined
[Pirates] Karibbi'dingi and the Ship That DreamedUnexamined
[Pirate] Bosun McGeeUnexamined
The Rules of Posting & General Contest RulesUnexamined
[Pirate] Blind Draega's CrewUnexamined
[Pirate] Don Raphael Villa-Lobos RapineUnexamined
[Pirate] Alaryas of the Crimson BladeUnexamined
[Pirate]Black JackUnexamined
[Pirate]Julian Mawles, Inquisitor of the High SeasUnexamined
[Pirate] The Little OneUnexamined
[Pirate] Darkfate, One of ManyUnexamined
[Withdrawn] Beardless Morgan and his "Crew"Unexamined
[Pirate] The QuicksilverUnexamined
[Pirate] Rex Bloodhammer, the People's HeroUnexamined
[Pirate] Kirthnor and Llylos: A Family AffairUnexamined
[Pirates] The White LotusUnexamined
WINNERS of the Summer Organization Contest!Unexamined
WINNERS of the Summer Organization Contest! - Page 2Unexamined
[Pirate] Pirates of the River OceanusUnexamined
[Pirate] Drake Bellamy & A Robot Monkey NinjaUnexamined
[Pirate] Soren WaterlungsUnexamined
General Contest Rules Questions and ClarificationsUnexamined
[pirates] Autumn's HushUnexamined
[Pirate] Lyem'ire, the Voice ThiefUnexamined
[Pirate]Rover of Seas EtherealUnexamined
[Pirate] Valentine StormbredUnexamined
[Org]{Item} The CatalystsUnexamined
[ORG] {PrC/A} The Soulfire KnightsUnexamined
VOTE for the Summer Organization ContestUnexamined
The Summer Organization Contest!Unexamined
The Summer Organization Contest! - Page 2Unexamined
Summer Organization Contest ENTRY THREADUnexamined
[ORG] {PRC} Order of the Desert OrchidUnexamined
[Org] {PrC} Cinderborn SentinelsUnexamined
[Org]{Item} Defenders of the FlameUnexamined
[Org] (Spells) Keepers of the Fevered MountUnexamined
[Org] {PrC}The Cult of the SummerKinUnexamined
[org] Bluescale Order (PrC)Unexamined
[Org]{Item} The VintnersUnexamined
[Org]{Item} The Order of the Rusty KettleUnexamined
[Org]{PrC} Mindfire KnightsUnexamined
[Org] {PrC} Loatuo FirewalkersUnexamined
[Org] {Item} Children of the Burning RiverUnexamined
[Spell Theme] LoveUnexamined
[Org](PrC/A) Order of Eternal SummerUnexamined
[Org] {Spells} Sect of the Burning FeastUnexamined
[Org]{Spell} Flame Speaker AcademyUnexamined
[Org]{Item} The Steamscorch GuildUnexamined
[ORG] {Tba} The Summer SpringsUnexamined
[ORG] The Elvish Church (of Archipelago)Unexamined
[ORG]{Item} The One-With-TreesUnexamined
[ORG] {PrC} Brighteye LeagueUnexamined
[ORG] {Spells} The Order of the Hidden FireUnexamined
[Org]{PRC/A} Doom The DaystarUnexamined
[Psionic] Tyrath (C M F)Unexamined
[ORG] {PrC} The Circle of the Sanctimonious SunUnexamined
[ORG] {PrC} The Callers of the Summer RainUnexamined
[Org] {PRC} The PyrotransitionistsUnexamined
[Org] {TBA/A} FirestartersUnexamined
[Org] {Item} The /B/rotherhoodUnexamined
[Org] Guardians of the Golden HarvestUnexamined
[Org] {PrC} The Fireballers' LeagueUnexamined
[Org] {TBA} The Beach GuardsUnexamined
[Org] {PrC} The Global WarmersUnexamined
[Portrait] Kobun the Scale-breaker (COMPLETED!)Unexamined
WINNERS of the Psionics Folio ContestUnexamined
Psionics Contest RoundtableUnexamined
Psionics Contest Roundtable - Page 2Unexamined
Psionics Contest Roundtable - Page 3Unexamined
[Magic Items] Items of the Force(Star Wars)Unexamined
Psionics Contest Rules/Entries (Lockown 6/21)Unexamined
[Psionics] (PrC, F) Heretical ThoughtsUnexamined
{Psionics} MYT, LarmaniaUnexamined
[psionics] The star whalesUnexamined
[Psionics]Al'Sharim, the magic of the stars. [ALL]Unexamined
[Psionics] Rending Winds (C I P R)Unexamined
[Psionics] (C F I M P PrC R) A corrupted worldUnexamined
[Psionics] F R/MUnexamined
[Psionics] (M F PrC R I) Mind over MatterUnexamined
[Psionics] (C F M P PrC) It Changes Us TooUnexamined
[Psionics] The Crystal Blight (C I M R) -CompleteUnexamined
[Psionics] PrC I F MUnexamined
[Psionics] Exactly Who's In Charge Here?Unexamined
[Psionics] (M C) - Psionics of BakaanUnexamined
[Psionics] (MRPrC) Great Minds Will Not Be DeniedUnexamined
[Psionics] (M R F I) The Abomination (PEACH)Unexamined
[Psionic] Things Best Left Forgotten (CFIMP Prc R)Unexamined
[Psionics] (R)  Chetir-RyaiUnexamined
[Psionics] (C) DelusionsUnexamined
[Psionics] (M I C) The AwakeningUnexamined
[Psionics]-ALL: Ergana; a minor demoness n' domainUnexamined
[Psionics] (MCFIP) Enaronian PsionicsUnexamined
[Psionics - All] The Mindfields (PEACH)Unexamined
[Psionic]Calm and Turmoil(C, Prc)Unexamined
[Psionics] (C F I M P PrC R) Children of the IdUnexamined
[Psionic] Clash of Serpents (M so far)Unexamined
[Psionics] (ALL) TakaraUnexamined
[Psionics] PrcRIFPC:The Psionic Mauler (Comments!)Unexamined
[Psionics]The Colours (R, C, I)Unexamined
The Wanderer's TapUnexamined
Contest of Contests - Rules on Page 2Unexamined
Contest of Contests - Rules on Page 2 - Page 2Unexamined
WINNERS of the Screen Name Tavern Contest!Unexamined
WINNERS of the Screen Name Tavern Contest! - Page 2Unexamined
PvP arena contest?Unexamined
[Magic Items] Al-Kithrim's Comforts of HomeUnexamined
VOTE for the Screen Name Tavern Contest!Unexamined
VOTE for the Screen Name Tavern Contest! - Page 2Unexamined
[TAVERN] Humanoid Feast of CarrionUnexamined
The Screen Name Tavern Contest!Unexamined
The Screen Name Tavern Contest! - Page 2Unexamined
[TAVERN] The White Blade InnUnexamined
The Screen Name Tavern Contest! Entry ThreadUnexamined
[Tavern] The Loch Daelin Potato FestivalUnexamined
[Tavern] Fox Tail LoungeUnexamined
[TAVERN] Vorpal's Gaping MawUnexamined
[Tavern] The Armoured Owlbear: comments plz!Unexamined
[TAVERN] The Sneaky Snarl Inn (Comments welcome!)Unexamined
[Tavern] Renloth - The Inn of the DragonUnexamined
[Tavern] Silanas’s Shadow InnUnexamined
[Tavern] Ilover's FortnightUnexamined
[TAVERN] Mr. Jongluer's Smile (Done)Unexamined
[Tavern] Sucros's RestUnexamined
[TAVERN] The Deep Blue Sea (Complete)Unexamined
[TAVERN] Haarculaneaum's Volcanic Magic InnUnexamined
[TAVERN] The Dementia LoungeUnexamined
[TAVERN]The Viridescent Exuberance of Vaynor (VEY)Unexamined
[Tavern] Vignirsson's TavernUnexamined
[Tavern] The Obese Ninja, Resort and Spa (Almost!)Unexamined
[Tavern] The Quincunx MissionUnexamined
[TAVERN] St. Fhaolan's RestUnexamined
[ TAVERN ] Blue Baths and the Wizard's WhoresUnexamined
[TAVERN]The Elvaris Lives hotel, resort and casinoUnexamined
[TAVERN(sort of)] Chef Crud’s Healery and GrillUnexamined
[TAVERN] The Serpent's Sky,(Complete)Unexamined
[Tavern]Beelzebub the Fourth's Tavern of HellUnexamined
[TAVERN] Mephibosheth's Mess HallUnexamined
[TAVERN]The Shakester InnUnexamined
[TAVERN] Gate to the Glyphstone (100% Done!!)Unexamined
[TAVERN] Seff's PubUnexamined
[TAVERN] Lysander's Center: The Inn in the LibraryUnexamined
[TAVERN]  The Wolf and Ravyn (comments encourUnexamined
[tavern]flacko's goblin tavarn and innUnexamined
[TAVERN] Wukei's Kicking the Dead Horse TavernUnexamined
[TAVERN] The Ghostrun (Comments welcome!)Unexamined
[TAVERN] The Tarkahn Exhibition DaysUnexamined
[TAVERN] Sacrath's SnowbirdsUnexamined
[TAVERN] El Zoof's® Homely Comfort Taverns™Unexamined
Re: [Tavern] Stoney's AnvilUnexamined
[TAVERN] Aranamarunda's Arcane EmporiumUnexamined
[TAVERN] Nolfar's EndUnexamined
[Tavern]Feast of the Griffin King[Withdrawn]Unexamined
[TAVERN] The Phasm's PhairUnexamined
[TAVERN] ANNONUnexamined
[Tavern} Cassa De Mortia De Luna DracoUnexamined
Gijsstriders Prestige ContestUnexamined
[MONSTER] The 4 Horsemen of Poor RoleplayingUnexamined
WINNERS of the Fall/Winter NPC Portrait ContestUnexamined
[Portrait] Twilight (Done)Unexamined
VOTE of the Fall/Winter NPC Portrait ContestUnexamined
Fall/Winter NPC Portrait Contest - Entry ThreadUnexamined
[Portrait] Grandmother WinterUnexamined
[Portrait] Mîm the Clan-lessUnexamined
[Portrait] Donovan Silverwind (DONE)Unexamined
Fall/Winter NPC Portrait ContestUnexamined
Fall/Winter NPC Portrait Contest - Page 2Unexamined
Fall/Winter NPC Portrait Contest - Page 3Unexamined
[Portrait]Saint Kalauz, the Icy Avenger - DONE!!!Unexamined
[Portrait] The Snow QueenUnexamined
[Portrait] Dawn Van'WynteerUnexamined
[Portrait] Atar Hrívë (done)Unexamined
[Portrait] Father ArbaUnexamined
[Portrait] Avonaco "Avi" IstasUnexamined
[Portrait] Larek, the Snow Golem MasterUnexamined
[Portrait]Harsheck IcefingersUnexamined
[PORTRAIT] Qoppa-en-san, ettin bardUnexamined
[Portrait] Malager Grimvale (Completed)Unexamined
[Portrait] Ragnhild OkolnirUnexamined
[Portrait] Druzar Stalek (Done!!!)Unexamined
[Portrait] Malketh The SlaveUnexamined
[PORTRAIT] Aldus Peake: The Wendigo (done)Unexamined
[Portrait] Ghost of the Harvest Moon (incomplete)Unexamined
[Portrait] Ulrich the BitterUnexamined
[Portrait] Auberrzaan, Kryst WizardUnexamined
Re: [Portrait] Mickle the NorthmanUnexamined
[Portrait] Ashadur the Red (Done)Unexamined
[Portrait] Syna IcerunnerUnexamined
[Portrait] Daleveh of the Silver WoodsUnexamined
[Portrait] Grand Vizier Grundakar RiscavolanUnexamined
WINNERS of the Monster Contest!Unexamined
VOTE for Monster design contest.Unexamined
VOTE for Monster design contest. - Page 2Unexamined
VOTE for Monster design contest. - Page 3Unexamined
Monster Design Contest!Unexamined
Monster Design Contest! - Page 2Unexamined
Monster Design Contest! - Page 3Unexamined
Monster Design Contest: Entry Thread.Unexamined
[Monster] Elements EternalUnexamined
[Monster] The SongbirdsUnexamined
[Monster] Curses!Unexamined
[Monster] The PordeiiUnexamined
[Monster] Little GolemsUnexamined
[Monster] Horror Movie Zombies!Unexamined
[Monster] Now I lay me down to sleep...Unexamined
{Monster}The Wolves In sheep's clothingUnexamined
[Monster] EvolutionUnexamined
[Monster] WeizenfolkUnexamined
[MONSTER] Capu-capu conglomerateUnexamined
[monster] The Song StealersUnexamined
[Monster] Illusid, Living IllusionsUnexamined
[Monster] Contrary to Popular Belief...Unexamined
[Monster] The Deadly SinsUnexamined
Re: [Monster] The InfectedUnexamined
[Monster] Like ClockworkUnexamined
[Monster] Pest and PetsUnexamined
[Monster] A bunch of good outsidersUnexamined
[Monster] They came from Santa CruzUnexamined
[Monster] The Bugs Do Rise (incomplete)Unexamined
[Monster] The Cadre of sufferingUnexamined
[Monster] The Divine SparkUnexamined
[Monster]Orloch's MachinationsUnexamined
[Monster] Fear is PowerUnexamined
{Monster} The Spawned, beasts of the planes.Unexamined
[Monster] The Arcane FlagellantsUnexamined
Important Annoucement: Vigilante ModeratorsUnexamined
[City] LuvulUnexamined
[Spell Theme] Gravity DomainUnexamined
[CITY] Autowerk, the Clockwork CityUnexamined
WINNERS of the Monumental City Contest!Unexamined
WINNERS of the Monumental City Contest! - Page 2Unexamined
[City] City of Godsfall {done}Unexamined
[City] Nocera HatraUnexamined
Vote for the Monumental City Contest!Unexamined
Vote for the Monumental City Contest! - Page 2Unexamined
[Screen Name] The Disciple of G-3Unexamined
The Monumental City ContestUnexamined
The Monumental City Contest - Page 2Unexamined
The Monumental City Contest - Page 3Unexamined
The Monumental City Contest - Page 4Unexamined
The Monumental City Contest - Page 5Unexamined
There's still 40 minutes left by my countUnexamined
[City] Gal-DeshretUnexamined
[City] Kheimurgan, 'the weeping sore' (Completed)Unexamined
[City] ArlinfortUnexamined
[City] IllithihumanaUnexamined
[City] Dragon's NestUnexamined
[City] Alziet, the NecropolisUnexamined
[City]Incenderius - DONEUnexamined
[city] Eternal Grace, aka DarkmythUnexamined
[City] DerednicUnexamined
[City] Allestraat, The City of Headless KingsUnexamined
[city]Khallis, gateway to the east.Unexamined
[City] Gorshakarum, the Bloody Spiked ShieldUnexamined
[City] Rainbow Falls: City of Springs, World PortUnexamined
[City] Mantalla, City of the DomeUnexamined
[City] Rhiannarth, the City in the SkyUnexamined
[CITY] EldiornUnexamined
[City] Brazenport, city of Brigands (finished)Unexamined
[City] Ikonus, the City of TroublesUnexamined
[City] Garrith's Rest, Adventuring BoomtownUnexamined
[City] The canyon city of ZarnosaUnexamined
Jekyllhyde, The Two-FacedUnexamined
[City] Olin-sariUnexamined
[City] Lascorem, Bastion of the FaithfulUnexamined
[City] The Vein, The Criminals RestUnexamined
[City] Stormriver CityUnexamined
[City] WesthavenUnexamined
[City] Zycoraith, the Ivory Legend Home (love me!)Unexamined
[City] Ithal Sibil, City of a thousand ColorsUnexamined
[City] EstamarisUnexamined
[City]Nautili, City of ShellsUnexamined
[City] N'puura, the City in the IceUnexamined
[City] Nocta, City of NightUnexamined
Contest Ideas 2 (After Monumental City)Unexamined
[City] Rif'Slar, City of Crystal PrismsUnexamined
[City] Raithlin (in process)Unexamined
[Party] The Laughing Hand of OlidammaraUnexamined
[City] Eledinas, Fire of the East(feedback needed)Unexamined
[City] Glerith, The Shifting CityUnexamined
(City) Laketon, The Gray City (comments welcome)Unexamined
[City] Aicyd, City by the SeaUnexamined
[City] NokarrUnexamined
[City] XoralinUnexamined
[City] Cy'Rontog-Shlygah, (Twin Cities)Unexamined
[City] Port Smith, city in the stoneUnexamined
[City] Karista, Home of the Genasi (love me again)Unexamined
[City] GrundistadUnexamined
[City] ClifftownUnexamined
[City] Gulumair, the Necromancers' HavenUnexamined
[City] Tagnak OrundirUnexamined
[City] ZeitlichUnexamined
[City] Rose HarbourUnexamined
[City] Wyrm's Breath (abandoned)Unexamined
WINNERS of the Party Design ContestUnexamined
WINNERS of the Party Design Contest - Page 2Unexamined
[Party] A Mind of Their OwnUnexamined
[Party] Steelclad Spleen-skewersUnexamined
[Party] Heroes of the StageUnexamined
[Party] The Rejected...Unexamined
VOTE for the Party Design Contest!Unexamined
Party Design Contest!Unexamined
Party Design Contest! - Page 2Unexamined
Party Design Contest! - Page 3Unexamined
[Party] Interplanar InsinuationUnexamined
[Party] Racial HarmoniesUnexamined
[Party] Xeratheax's ChildrenUnexamined
[Party] Something to ProveUnexamined
[Party] The ScionsUnexamined
[Party] In God We TrustUnexamined
[Party] Deus Ex MechanicaUnexamined
[Party] The Racial MisfitsUnexamined
[Party] Silent Infiltrators (Forfeit)Unexamined
[Magic Items] Gear of the Gentle GolemUnexamined
[Party] Sentai Chromatic FightersUnexamined
[Party] Kat's CutthroatsUnexamined
[Party] The Misfit VilliansUnexamined
WINNERS of the Magic Items ContestUnexamined
[Party] The Godbane SocietyUnexamined
[party] To save a princessUnexamined
[Party] Woodland ExilesUnexamined
(Party) The Sunlit QuintetUnexamined
[party] Order of the Radient ClawUnexamined
[Party] Vow of StrengthUnexamined
[Party] The Flying SquirrelsUnexamined
[Party] Chain of CircumstanceUnexamined
[Party] Thieves guildUnexamined
[Party] The Grey Men [Withdrawn]Unexamined
[Magic Items] The Inconsequential ItemsUnexamined
How about a Campaign of the monthUnexamined
Magic Items Contest!Unexamined
Magic Items Contest! - Page 2Unexamined
Magic Items Contest! - Page 3Unexamined
[Magic Items] The Arsenal of Mss’Age the BardUnexamined
WINNERS of the Festival ContestUnexamined
VOTE for the Magic Items ContestUnexamined
[Magic Items] Heartless Archer's CollectionUnexamined
[Magic Items] Magic for the Arcane TankUnexamined
[Magic Item] Magic, Inc.Unexamined
[Magic Items] Weapons of the FellowshipUnexamined
[Magic Items] Rainments of the Bladesinger,updatedUnexamined
[Magic Items] Items of TrekkingUnexamined
[Magic Items]The Dark Sorcery of an Enslaved MindUnexamined
[Magic Items] Utilities for the Aspiring VampireUnexamined
[Magic Items] The Sentinel's DevicesUnexamined
[Magic Items] Items of the Combat CookUnexamined
[Magic Items]Animal Kung-Fu Items of Sifu Pai MeiUnexamined
(Magic Items) Living ArcanaUnexamined
[Magic Items] Prankster's MayhemUnexamined
[Magic Items] Virtue's RetributionUnexamined
[MAGIC ITEMS]Vestements of the Soul ForgerUnexamined
[Magic Items] Gifts of GelmirUnexamined
Lord Skior's Regalia (varying shape items)Unexamined
[Magic Items] Lady Felicity's KnightwareUnexamined
[Magic Items]Equipment of Darellan ElvesUnexamined
[Magic Items] Items of IntellectUnexamined
[Magic Items]Accessories of the prepared tricksterUnexamined
[Magic Items] ObjectsOf The OrientUnexamined
[Magic Items] Tools of the BattlemageUnexamined
[Magic Items] Lord of the Dervish Items(1st Entry)Unexamined
VOTE for the Festival ContestUnexamined
Festival Contest!Unexamined
[Festival] - The dance of maidensUnexamined
[FESTIVAL] Dawn FestivalUnexamined
[FESTIVAL] The hour of ShadowsUnexamined
[FESTIVAL] The Day of the EyeUnexamined
[FESTIVAL] OrktoberfestUnexamined
[Festival] Gol DarakUnexamined
VOTE for the Pantheon Design contestUnexamined
[Festival]  Bargaining DayUnexamined
[Festival]The Day of TruthUnexamined
[FESTIVAL] Blessings of WrathUnexamined
[FESTIVAL] Day of the DragonUnexamined
[FESTIVAL] Day of No GodsUnexamined
[Festival]Copperclaw AppeasementUnexamined
[Festival] The Sun FestivalUnexamined
[FESTIVAL] Ball of Eldarbre'Unexamined
[FESTIVAL] The River of FireUnexamined
[Pantheon Design] Fantasy ClichesUnexamined
[Pantheon]Circle of BeastsUnexamined
[Festival] Day of ForgivenessUnexamined
[Pantheon]The Builders of the worldUnexamined
(Unofficial) Pantheon Design ContestUnexamined
Official Contest will return Dec. 1stUnexamined
[PANTHEON] The 4 powersUnexamined
[Festival] Day of BlessingsUnexamined
[Pantheon Design] The FiveUnexamined
[Pantheon] Gods of the SoulUnexamined
[Pantheon Design] . deaths.Unexamined
[pantheon]Music (for fun)Unexamined
[Pantheon] The Styxians(Gods of life and death)Unexamined
[Pantheon] House of the DiminutiveUnexamined
[Pantheon]Gods of the Gray SpiritUnexamined
[Pantheon]The Dream world...Unexamined
[Spell Theme] BodyswapUnexamined
WINNERS of the Spell Theme ContestUnexamined
VOTE for the Spell Theme Contest!Unexamined
[Spell Theme] Tasken's DeceptionsUnexamined
[Spell Theme] IntoxicationUnexamined
[Spell Theme]Alternate TimelinesUnexamined
[Spell Theme] ShinyUnexamined
[Screen Name] Z's BabesUnexamined
[Screen Name] ZeigfreidUnexamined
[Screen Name] Grand ScorpinaUnexamined
Re: [Spell Theme] Direct DamageUnexamined
Spell Theme Contest!Unexamined
Spell Theme Contest! - Page 2Unexamined
[Spell Theme] BubblesUnexamined
[Spell Theme] Wanton DestructionUnexamined
[Spell Theme] Spell FlexibilityUnexamined
[Spell Theme] Sarina's SpeedUnexamined
[Spell Theme] LaundryUnexamined
[Spell Theme] Fear of DeathUnexamined
[Spell Theme] Musical TheatreUnexamined
[Spell Theme] BroomsUnexamined
[Screen Name] Ambassador of KirellagenUnexamined
Screen Name WINNERS!Unexamined
VOTE for the Screen Name Contest!Unexamined
VOTE for the Screen Name Contest! - Page 2Unexamined
The Screen Name Prestige Class Contest!Unexamined
The Screen Name Prestige Class Contest! - Page 2Unexamined
The Screen Name Prestige Class Contest! - Page 3Unexamined
The Screen Name Prestige Class Contest! - Page 4Unexamined
The Screen Name Prestige Class Contest! - Page 5Unexamined
[Screen Name] Pupil of AbelardUnexamined
[Screen Name] 'Brave' Knight of GilgameshUnexamined
[Screen Name] Holy Blades of ZagarothUnexamined
[Screen Name] The Arcane AlexinUnexamined
[Screen Name] The Blades of HadokenUnexamined
[Screen Name] The Z ManUnexamined
[Screen Name] Evil Of YoreUnexamined
[Screen Name] Angel of Crossed SwordsUnexamined
[Screen Name] TzorUnexamined
[Screen Name] GuessmithUnexamined
[Screen name]Mage of Total AnnihilationUnexamined
[Screen Name] Melifaxis' Brotherhood of the Ki-RinUnexamined
[Screen Name] Prophet (of Musrum)v0.1 feedback plsUnexamined
[Screen Name] The Band Mates of D.B.SousaUnexamined
[Screen Name] Abelard's Special BoysUnexamined
[Screen Name] ZherogleyUnexamined
[Screen name] The ViktorianUnexamined
[Screen Name] Shield Master of Fsi-DibUnexamined
[screen name] Lord Nathanel's CulinistUnexamined
[Screen Name] Disciple of The ChrisUnexamined
[Screen Name] Tynam's Profanity MastersUnexamined
[Screen name] MohkomancerUnexamined
[Screen Name] Disciple of FenrisUnexamined
[Screen Name] Disciple of Fenris - Page 2Unexamined
[Screen Name] The Shieldless of ElaysUnexamined
[Screen Name] Disciples of Petey the Frog BoyUnexamined
[Screen Name] Calynite WarriorUnexamined
[Screen Name] The Isida Kep'TukariUnexamined
[Screen Name]Mimics A-Go-GoUnexamined
[Screen Name] Alarran DreamwalkerUnexamined
[Screen Name] The Shields of Inv ArielUnexamined
[Screen Name] Fist of the StarbuckUnexamined
[Screen Name] IkkitosenUnexamined
[ScreenName] Kazdaran Wolfriders of Gorbash's HuntUnexamined
[PrC] ChoralistUnexamined
Build a Better Alchemist[Feats]Unexamined
A Deal's a Deal, Even With a Dirty Dealer [PrC]Unexamined
Wizard's UnCon!Unexamined
[campaign]Zombie Infestation - I BEG YOU TO COMENTUnexamined
My Name's Johnny, and It Might Be A Sin... [PrC]Unexamined
Geas Challenge!Unexamined
Geas Challenge! - Page 2Unexamined
Waning Libra [Class]Unexamined
[Creature] THE TABLE IS AFTER ME!Unexamined
Air Gun (weapon)Unexamined
Homebrew feat critiqueUnexamined
Cellular Memory: New Divination SpellUnexamined
Pimp My Corpse [Feat]Unexamined
I have dreamed a dream... [Creature]Unexamined
Tainted Trickster [Class]Unexamined
A Few Races for a Homebrew [RACE]Unexamined
Class table codeUnexamined
Alternate Skill point system designUnexamined
Keen + improved critical to stack?Unexamined
Keen + improved critical to stack? - Page 2Unexamined
Macchali [Race]Unexamined
GITP Halloween Monster Competition IIUnexamined
Summon (Monster) [Spell]Unexamined
A New(ish) Look Samurai (base class)Unexamined
A New(ish) Look Samurai (base class) - Page 2Unexamined
Story Weaver [PrC]Unexamined
Soma Cruz as a Mage class- possible?Unexamined
[PrC] Paragon of FinesseUnexamined
Arcane Amalgam [Template]Unexamined
[Class] A project I'm working on (Incomplete)Unexamined
Lactose Intolerant [Feat]Unexamined
[Item/Weapon] WarbellUnexamined
Unfledged [Class]Unexamined
Need a few feats, spells, and prestige classes.Unexamined
[Creature] Du Súndavar Freohr!Unexamined
New orc subraces?Unexamined
The Ancient Tome of Dark MagicUnexamined
The Ancient Tome of Dark Magic - Page 2Unexamined
The Ancient Tome of Dark Magic - Page 3Unexamined
The Ancient Tome of Dark Magic - Page 4Unexamined
The Ancient Tome of Dark Magic - Page 5Unexamined
The Ancient Tome of Dark Magic - Page 6Unexamined
The Ancient Tome of Dark Magic - Page 7Unexamined
The Ancient Tome of Dark Magic - Page 8Unexamined
[CUTE}Evaluation Process: Animal Lover [class]Unexamined
[CUTE}Evaluation Process: Animal Lover [class] - Page 2Unexamined
[CUTE}Evaluation Process: Animal Lover [class] - Page 3Unexamined
[Template] ShadeUnexamined
Gluttnous Sponge (monster)Unexamined
Con bonus as DR instead of HP?Unexamined
[Spell] True PermanencyUnexamined
GITP Halloween Monster Competition (Chat Thread)Unexamined
GITP Halloween Monster Competition (Chat Thread) - Page 2Unexamined
GITP Halloween Monster Competition (Chat Thread) - Page 3Unexamined
GITP Halloween Monster Competition (Chat Thread) - Page 4Unexamined
GITP Halloween Monster Competition (Chat Thread) - Page 5Unexamined
Springheel [PrC]Unexamined
Humble RequestUnexamined
There Are No Dump Stats [Feats]Unexamined
Sorce Code.Unexamined
Horrors from Strongbadia!Unexamined
Horrors from Strongbadia! - Page 2Unexamined
Calling all Munchkins: Epic Spell ChallengeUnexamined
Calling all Munchkins: Epic Spell Challenge - Page 2Unexamined
Revisiting an old idea: Spellcasting varient[LOTS]Unexamined
Help me design a template [Nosgoth Vampire]Unexamined
Vampiric Magus [PrC]Unexamined
the real samurai[class]Unexamined
Seven Deadly Sins [Pantheon]Unexamined
Site Migration - Oct 20-22Unexamined
. . . From the PlaygroundUnexamined
. . . From the Playground - Page 2Unexamined
. . . From the Playground - Page 3Unexamined
. . . From the Playground - Page 4Unexamined
. . . From the Playground - Page 5Unexamined
. . . From the Playground - Page 6Unexamined
. . . From the Playground - Page 7Unexamined
. . . From the Playground - Page 8Unexamined
. . . From the Playground - Page 9Unexamined
Prestige Class - GodstalkerUnexamined
Need help making a class for D20 ApocalypseUnexamined
It Lives! It LIVES! [Creature]Unexamined
[House]Weakening Casters Without Crippling ThemUnexamined
Shock Tether Gauntlets[Magic Item]Unexamined
This am Bizarro [spell/temp]Unexamined
[Creature] And in strange aeons...Unexamined
Not for Pregnant Mothers [Creature]Unexamined
Reaver of Souls (Creature)Unexamined
Poo ElementalsUnexamined
[template]A wizard did it!Unexamined
[CUTE] Evaluation Process: Panlid Champion [Class]Unexamined
[CUTE] Evaluation Process: Panlid Champion [Class] - Page 2Unexamined
GITP Halloween Monster CompetitionUnexamined
Focus Wizard [Core Class] Still NEEDs HELP!Unexamined
Ingagarie  ((Fantasy animals and beasts))Unexamined
Born of Dementia [Powers]Unexamined
[Creature-MitP] Nasty, Brutish, and ShortUnexamined
I Swear It's Not a Highlander Reference [Template]Unexamined
I Swear It's Not a Highlander Reference [Template] - Page 2Unexamined
[Creature] AcoilainUnexamined
Requesting AssistanceUnexamined
Wizard Variant- Darkling Elementalist (need adviceUnexamined
Temporal Warrior[Base Class]Unexamined
Oh crap.I killed the gods.Unexamined
Phantom Warrior[PrC]Unexamined
An Element IssueUnexamined
An Element Issue - Page 2Unexamined
[Class/PrCs/Feats/Deity] Hunters of the StagUnexamined
DnD ClubUnexamined
[Epic] Enhancement: true VorpalUnexamined
[Variant] THE COMPLETE COMMONER - Page 2Unexamined
Designing a Variant Mage class- need helpUnexamined
Religious Childhood [Feat]Unexamined
Missile Storm [Feat]Unexamined
Limited Spell Focus [Feat]Unexamined
METAL! (PrC)Unexamined
[Class] Engetu Shinboi, please commentUnexamined
Craft (Device)??Unexamined
The HenchmanUnexamined
BODYGUAD BASE CLASS!!!!!!!! YAY! (DND)Unexamined
Fallen from Grace was the Angel's son [PrC]Unexamined
Inspirations from "The Suffering"Unexamined
Xorthon: after the fallUnexamined
Dire Animals [Creature]Unexamined
Dire Animals [Creature] - Page 2Unexamined
Maganthrope (Base Class)  Unexamined
Hey Homebrewers! (In Re: Server Change)Unexamined
King of the Jungle [Template]Unexamined
Styg, the ExscertiomancerUnexamined
Divine PrCs (Peach, Drafts)Unexamined
Classical GREEK D&DUnexamined
Classical GREEK D&D - Page 2Unexamined
[Vestige] Beltet, the LibrarianUnexamined
Monsters In The PlaygroundUnexamined
Monsters In The Playground - Page 2Unexamined
Monsters In The Playground - Page 3Unexamined
Monsters In The Playground - Page 4Unexamined
Monsters In The Playground - Page 5Unexamined
Monsters In The Playground - Page 6Unexamined
Monsters In The Playground - Page 7Unexamined
Monsters In The Playground - Page 8Unexamined
Monsters In The Playground - Page 9Unexamined
Sacred Cows Make Great Steaks [Creature]Unexamined
[Creature; MitP] Silent Scream of TerrorUnexamined
[Creature] Cowboy change your ways...Unexamined
ING Homebrewn Campgian #1 Summoner classUnexamined
Magic in the Blood [PrC]Unexamined
Magic in the Blood [PrC] - Page 2Unexamined
The Epicurean's Club [Organization]Unexamined
[CUTE] Completed CUTE ContentUnexamined
Tips for running an OracleUnexamined
[Feats] Haymaker + RiposteUnexamined
[vestige]We're not gonna take it...Unexamined
Gila Hog [creature, MitP]Unexamined
Improved Autofire [Feat, Modern]Unexamined
Guide To HomebrewingUnexamined
Guide To Homebrewing - Page 2Unexamined
Guide To Homebrewing - Page 3Unexamined
Guide To Homebrewing - Page 4Unexamined
Guide To Homebrewing - Page 5Unexamined
Guide To Homebrewing - Page 6Unexamined
[Challenge] walkers in shadowsUnexamined
That Was Just a Dream... [Creature]Unexamined
Deeptunnel Rover [Creature]Unexamined
[CUTE] Evaluation Process: Darling [Class]Unexamined
[CUTE] Evaluation Process: Darling [Class] - Page 2Unexamined
[CUTE] Evaluation Process: Darling [Class] - Page 3Unexamined
Risen and Reborn...... [template, MiTP]Unexamined
Turn/Rebuke Undead FeatUnexamined
[PrC] Fit to the FinichUnexamined
Volcano [Spell]Unexamined
Those Poor Half-Breeds[Race]Unexamined
[Races/Feats] Races of the EyeUnexamined
[PrC] May the Force (or something) be with you.Unexamined
Practitioner [Feat]Unexamined
barbarian sentenced to anger managementUnexamined
I'm sorry I zapped your face...[Prc]Unexamined
Anima Defensor attempt 1[Class]Unexamined
[Creature,Mitp] Death from AboveUnexamined
[Spells] I love cantripsUnexamined
Negative Energy Burst (new spell)Unexamined
vampiric weapon (new spell)Unexamined
[Feat] Variable DamageUnexamined
2 of evey animal please! ANIMAL ZOO!Unexamined
Custom spell levelsUnexamined
Govinspawn "Faceless Slayer" [Monster]Unexamined
Spell Conversion [Feat]Unexamined
Maidens of the Mind [Creature, Elemental War]Unexamined
Hold SpellUnexamined
[Creature, Elemental War] Caught in the rush...Unexamined
Forbidden Passions [Creature]Unexamined
[Feat]Desert StrideUnexamined
[CUTE]Evaluation Process: Storybook Hero [class]Unexamined
[CUTE]Evaluation Process: Storybook Hero [class] - Page 2Unexamined
[CUTE]Evaluation Process: Storybook Hero [class] - Page 3Unexamined
[CUTE]Evaluation Process: Storybook Hero [class] - Page 4Unexamined
To survive on enemy lines...[Elemental War]Unexamined
Different Ways to Swing Your Sword[Magic Item]Unexamined
[Template] Be wary and watchful my child...Unexamined
A new feat and change to Shadow Dancer.Unexamined
[Creature, Elem. War]The true ladies in the waterUnexamined
Longspear and ShieldUnexamined
[CUTE] Imaginal Plane ReduxUnexamined
[Spell] Big Bug ZapperUnexamined
Watchers of the Bloodlines [Creature]Unexamined
Cantrip Master [FEAT]Unexamined
Delquee - poison in the jungle (Race)Unexamined
Homebrew Lesser Deity, critique, skill suggestionsUnexamined
Project FINALUnexamined
Bearer of the Light (Prismatic Mage)Unexamined
Unnamed setting: VillainsUnexamined
[Class/Variant Cleric] Divine CrusaderUnexamined
I really feel like a cup of tea right now..[spell]Unexamined
The Quencher (haloween entry) [PEACH]Unexamined
Fallen Races [IDEA]Unexamined
Half-Dwarf [Race]Unexamined
New Base Class: The Hashisheen [PEACH]Unexamined
[Class/Variant Cleric] Divine AgentUnexamined
[Spells] Weather and ArrowsUnexamined
A [Creature] I am trying to get togetherUnexamined
I need help.Bad.Unexamined
Ghoulslayer [PrCs]Unexamined
Wizard cliff notesUnexamined
*Chomp* [Creature]Unexamined
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Swordsage [Feats]Unexamined
[Campaign] Zombie InvasionUnexamined
[Campaign] Zombie Invasion - Page 2Unexamined
A Pocketful of Feats (PEACH)Unexamined
magic items and feats. .Unexamined
Slayer of Bards [Creature, Mitp]Unexamined
The Arbiters [Campaign, Classes]Unexamined
The Arbiters [Campaign, Classes] - Page 2Unexamined
Anything You Can Do... [Creature]Unexamined
Guardian of the Floating Fortress [Elemental War]Unexamined
Shadow Spells - Draft (PEACH)Unexamined
Sinful Gluttony [Monster]Unexamined
Wildruner Template [MitP Creature]Unexamined
spell failureUnexamined
A killing creature from the shadow [creature MiTP]Unexamined
Garet Overbough [Elemental War]Unexamined
Thunder Faust (mortar) New WeaponUnexamined
Blades of Earth and Adamant [Creature]Unexamined
Subtle Cues [Spell] (PEACH)Unexamined
Homemade Character Class: Matador (PEACH please)Unexamined
[Class] Planar Adept (formerly Thaumaturge)Unexamined
The Cursed Ones [race] (PEACH)Unexamined
She's a hurricane in all types of weather [PRC]Unexamined
[Creature, Elemental War] AhimanuUnexamined
[Race] HaukeaUnexamined
Muddy Waters [Creature, Elemental War]Unexamined
Hunter of the Air's Castle [Elemental War]Unexamined
[PrC] Yogaaaaa...Unexamined
Diamonds are Forever [Creature, Elemental War]Unexamined
Children of Crystal [Elemental War, Template]Unexamined
Soul Knife Redux (class)Unexamined
Thief style paragons(PrC)Unexamined
[Creature] Taste of the fruit, my pretty...Unexamined
[Creature] Sons of Sky and EarthUnexamined
Skill-based d20.....[idea]Unexamined
The Gnashing of Teeth [PEACH]Unexamined
metamagic spells/feats [spells/feats]Unexamined
Speaking in Tongues [PrC]Unexamined
Tension Disk [Spell]Unexamined
[Class] PathfinderUnexamined
Simplified Epic Spellcasting [ House ]Unexamined
[CUTE] Evaluation MethodologyUnexamined
[CUTE] Evaluation Methodology - Page 2Unexamined
Maneuver Preparation [Feats]Unexamined
It's even shinier than usual(new material)Unexamined
New PC Race/TemplateUnexamined
Staff of Slaughter [Artifact]Unexamined
[CUTE] Evaluation Process: The Dreamer [Class]Unexamined
[CUTE] Evaluation Process: The Dreamer [Class] - Page 2Unexamined
[CUTE] Evaluation Process: The Dreamer [Class] - Page 3Unexamined
Variant Bardic spellcastingUnexamined
[PRC] The WardancerUnexamined
(Prestige Class) Are those zombies... dancing?Unexamined
Negative Energy Whip [Weapon]Unexamined
[Shadowrun 4e] Homemade Character SheetUnexamined
Inspire me...Unexamined
[PrC] Arcane WarriorUnexamined
[PrC] Venger (for lack of a better name)Unexamined
[Idea] Spring-heeled JackUnexamined
It's Just For You! [Creature]Unexamined
[PrC/Tutorial] The EnUnexamined
[PrC] No One Expects... [PARROTS]Unexamined
I Disbelieve Reality!Unexamined
"Raid Boss" CR Rating ExerciseUnexamined
Player Character Race Pt 2Unexamined
[CUTE] Dreamer FeatsUnexamined
Because it's never been done before.... [Monster]Unexamined
They remind me of middle school...(Creature; MitP)Unexamined
[Epic Spell] Karsus' FollyUnexamined
[Idea] Tension MageUnexamined
Is this your card?Unexamined
New Class: RougeUnexamined
New Class: Rouge - Page 2Unexamined
Beginnings of a feat tree [feats]Unexamined
[Creature] Trust your head and your heart...Unexamined
New Caster ClassesUnexamined
2d10 vs 1d20Unexamined
How Do I Shot Web? [Template]Unexamined
How Do I Shot Web? [Template] - Page 2Unexamined
Omen of Kayin [spells]Unexamined
[Creature] Sleep of the DeepUnexamined
[item]You might have an evil DM if...Unexamined
[items]Gigantic Metamagic RodsUnexamined
Nine Gods and Nine Swords [PrC]Unexamined
Refined Psychic (Templates)Unexamined
Lay About [Feat]Unexamined
Fierce Opportunist (Feat)Unexamined
Arts of the Nine [Maneuvers]Unexamined
Arts of the Nine [Maneuvers] - Page 2Unexamined
Arts of the Nine [Maneuvers] - Page 3Unexamined
Born of the Nine Swords [Creature]Unexamined
My spreadsheets on character progressionUnexamined
[Minor Artifact] Cradle And All...Unexamined
Looking at my Old Spellbook[Spells]Unexamined
Staff of Serpentes[Minor Artifact]Unexamined
[Feats] BOOONNNGGGG!Unexamined
Lord Iames, the Child of Passion [NPC]Unexamined
Sacrificial Dagger(Item)Unexamined
PrC Compendium - do we need one?Unexamined
Anarch Champion PrC: Peach, DraftUnexamined
[PrC] Get your Rage onUnexamined
Variant: War-DruidUnexamined
[CUTE PrC/Feats] Slingshot Master & LessonsUnexamined
How to make the PC's rebelUnexamined
[Template] So long, and thanks for all the fish!Unexamined
[Feats] Spelltouched FeatsUnexamined
Mesoamerica [Campaing]Unexamined
To Frolic in Daydreams [Creature]Unexamined
[Creature] How to Make Metal Bands in D&DUnexamined
Project C.U.T.E.Unexamined
Project C.U.T.E. - Page 2Unexamined
Project C.U.T.E. - Page 3Unexamined
Project C.U.T.E. - Page 4Unexamined
Project C.U.T.E. - Page 5Unexamined
Project C.U.T.E. - Page 6Unexamined
Project C.U.T.E. - Page 7Unexamined
Project C.U.T.E. - Page 8Unexamined
Project C.U.T.E. - Page 9Unexamined
Tainted Love [Creature]Unexamined
Scorpiox[MitP, Creature]Unexamined
firestorm (spell)Unexamined
[Character Creation]Feat Points?Unexamined
Epsilon Shift (a d20 based sci fi system)Unexamined
A different breedUnexamined
Secret Ways of the Blademasters [Maneuvers]Unexamined
Ambidexterity for 3.5 [Feat]Unexamined
Ambidexterity for 3.5 [Feat] - Page 2Unexamined
Fun and pointy [Weapon]Unexamined
Divination Metamagic SpellsUnexamined
Dimension Door, Even Greater [Spell]Unexamined
[MITP] New changes to fluffawump. VOTE ^.^Unexamined
Warlock Variant IdeaUnexamined
New AoO [Feats]Unexamined
"And they're not very polite."  [C]Unexamined
Archer PrC: The YeomanUnexamined
[Creature-MitP] Charlie stole the handleUnexamined
Zern Experiments...[Muhahahaha]Unexamined
[Creature] Don't You Know Who I Am?Unexamined
Kick that spell up a notch - BAM! [MitP, Creature]Unexamined
help me build an assassin/encounter conseptUnexamined
Warriors of the Night (Creature)Unexamined
[Feat] Toy with things you little understandUnexamined
[MitP] Corpsekin: Organ HarvesterUnexamined
[MitP, Creature] Herald of FearUnexamined
[spells]Tactical SpellstrikeUnexamined
I do Lots of damage on every hit! (challenge)Unexamined
An incarnum PrC, the Soulspark Companion (PEACH)Unexamined
Custom vestige: NaphiaUnexamined
[PrC] Soulfire GuardianUnexamined
Ragnaros [Challenge]Unexamined
The turkey is a little dry... [Spell]Unexamined
Plain, Highland, Marsh, and Forest [Domains]Unexamined
Masterwork weapons for real masters [House]Unexamined
Symbiotic Weapons [Items and Prestige Class]Unexamined
[Spell] Puppetize me Captain!Unexamined
Spring GolemUnexamined
Strom Crow [Creature]Unexamined
I died when what I carried never knew life.[MitP]Unexamined
Secret, Secret, I Got a Secret [Creature]Unexamined
[MitP] Slaughter EngineUnexamined
New race, critique pleaseUnexamined
[spell/Modern] Neural SpikeUnexamined
Need help [Races]Unexamined
[MitP] Heroic SpiritUnexamined
Shadow Sprite [Creature]Unexamined
[Creature - MitP] Razzle-DazzleUnexamined
Red Orc [Race]Unexamined
PrC: The PossessedUnexamined
Yeh fight like a dairy farmer! [FEATS]Unexamined
MitP - Spellfused [template]Unexamined
Mental Finesse[Feat]Unexamined
The Society of the SearchingUnexamined
MitP - PultureUnexamined
Mega Power Attack[feat]Unexamined
Banished Imp [race]Unexamined
[Spells] It's Random Spell Thursday!Unexamined
Kick me in the head, it's another [race]Unexamined
MitP: [Creature] Ork CowUnexamined
Two Metamagic FeatsUnexamined
[creature; MitP] Floating OozeUnexamined
Dream of a Thousand Cats [Creature]Unexamined
Reach out and implant someone... (PEACH)Unexamined
Reach out and implant someone... (PEACH) - Page 2Unexamined
[MitP]: Die laughing...Unexamined
Player Character RaceUnexamined
Bottle of Laughter[Item]Unexamined
The Day the Earth Stood Stupid [Creature]Unexamined
Blood-Tainted Creature (template) [MitP]Unexamined
[Adv. Class/Modern] The Lightbringer...Unexamined
The OutcastUnexamined
[Base Class] New Take on the WizardUnexamined
[PrC] OYAJIIIIIII~!Unexamined
Campaign ideaUnexamined
Now, where did I leave it... [Flaw]Unexamined
Scabbard [Weapon, Feat]Unexamined
Bliss Vine [Monster]Unexamined
[Creature] Joyful, joyful we adore thee...Unexamined
A Knife in the Depths [PrC]Unexamined
[flaw] smarter than the normal personUnexamined
The Rules of Posting (Please Read)Unexamined
Altering D&D With Novel Magic System [Variant]Unexamined
[PrC] Had-OOUUken!Unexamined
[Creature] Not raiding THIS temple...Unexamined
New PrC:  Children of the ArcUnexamined
[Creature] Let Sleeping Serpents LieUnexamined
Get out of my Head! [spell]Unexamined
Three Newish Warlock Concepts (again...)Unexamined
[Items] Spoils of the NightUnexamined
Flameblood Touched[Template, MitP]Unexamined
The Weed of Crime Bears Bitter Fruit! [PrC]Unexamined
Power of the Jewels (Psion Ability)Unexamined
[MitP] Magnok: Magnetic SphereUnexamined
MitP: [Creature] ChittermonkUnexamined
[Creature] Boiled AliveUnexamined
The Worms of Yggdrasil [Creature]Unexamined
Drugs Kill [Creature]Unexamined
Seven Days... [Creature]Unexamined
[Creature] Undeadipus RexUnexamined
[Creature-MitP]The fire that burns twice as brightUnexamined
The Stranger with Burning Eyes [Creature]Unexamined
[Creature] Dark Feathers, Cruel TalonsUnexamined
[Creature] Dragons BelowUnexamined
Silverborn Crusader (PEACH)Unexamined
Silverborn Whisperthief (PEACH)Unexamined
New Flaws! [PEACH]Unexamined
New Flaws! [PEACH] - Page 2Unexamined
[MitP, Creature] The Diet Coke of EvilUnexamined
[MitP; Deity] Caution: Mature ContentUnexamined
Ever DreamersLook here: Valkrath Mythology classUnexamined
[Feat] The Versatile QuarterstaffUnexamined
Dwelfs! [Race]Unexamined
Because Cursed Items are Fun!Unexamined
Nightmare's Worst Nightmare (PEACH)Unexamined
When enchantments go wrong... [House / Item]Unexamined
If I could undo all the wrongs that I caused...Unexamined
[Creature-MitP] Inspired by Tin MachineUnexamined
WEG starwars 6d [sys]Unexamined
Born of the Moon [Template]Unexamined
(Class) The Frontline TacticanUnexamined
It cultivates the mind, the body, & the soul...Unexamined
[House, Race] Karma & Reincarnation UnderwaterUnexamined
[PrC] Nature's HandUnexamined
The Bestiary of Mann [Creatures, Domain]Unexamined
[MitP Creature] AlarusUnexamined
MitP - Spellcraved [template]Unexamined
[Creature-MitP] Death by wallbash!Unexamined
[Creature] SteamknightUnexamined
Legacy weapons needed!Unexamined
[Creature] Out of TimeUnexamined
Variant races?Unexamined
[Creature, MitP] Thief of TimeUnexamined
The Penumbra, Shadow Within Shadows [Legacy]Unexamined
MitP: [Creature] Fuzz FingerUnexamined
Family Ties [Creature]Unexamined
Sawbeetle [Monster]Unexamined
For Everything There Is a Season [Creature]Unexamined
Unarmed Damage and Ki Focus Weapons [House]Unexamined
Gesundheit [flaws]Unexamined
Secrets kill, Butterflies sting. [Org + Classes]Unexamined
[Item] Elemental Scrolls (more like, poems)Unexamined
The Dungeoneer's Best Friend (Creature)Unexamined
[Creature] Greedy, greedy Mr. DemonUnexamined
[Creature] PrinnyUnexamined
[Creature] My Sign Can Horribly Mangle Your SignUnexamined
human languagesUnexamined
MitP: Sunrise, sunset...Unexamined
Nu-bee QuestionsUnexamined
[Creature]A Fire-Breathing Lizard is on my BedrollUnexamined
[Class] Variant Warlock made to not suck as muchUnexamined
[Materials] Making the Best of ItUnexamined
Vote Now in the Pirate Design Contest!Unexamined
[Creature] Forcehunter SandwormUnexamined
[Creature] ChevalUnexamined
[Creature] He was in a bind 'cos he was way behindUnexamined
[Flaw] Well, nobody's perfect...Unexamined
[Flaw] Well, nobody's perfect... - Page 2Unexamined
[Flaw] Well, nobody's perfect... - Page 3Unexamined
[Flaw] Well, nobody's perfect... - Page 4Unexamined
Fighting Styles [Variant]Unexamined
Spell or Item to give a Swim speedUnexamined
[Creature-MitP]Darwin's worst nightmareUnexamined
Because Greatswords are Bland [Weapons]Unexamined
The Creepiest Thing I've Ever Made [Creature]Unexamined
The Creepiest Thing I've Ever Made [Creature] - Page 2Unexamined
[Creature; MitP] Glittering Death in the DarknessUnexamined
It Devours from Below [Creature & Item]Unexamined
[Creature; MitP] Ferns, Foliage, Fury and Death...Unexamined
[Creature; MitP] Ferns, Foliage, Fury and Death... - Page 2Unexamined
Give Me An Archetype...Unexamined
More efficient use of item creation featsUnexamined
An Army of Stone [PEACH]Unexamined
Critique my House Rules [House]Unexamined
[Creature] Desert EelUnexamined
[House] Ted just isn't the same since he came backUnexamined
check these class abilities please!!Unexamined
Friar [Class]Unexamined
Unwept, unhonour'd, and unsung [Creature, MitP]Unexamined
[Creature] An eye to madness...Unexamined
Ision [temperlate]Unexamined
Teluos, the Flute that Called the Moon [Legacy]Unexamined
Abyssal CentaurUnexamined
[Creature] Gleiphir Steam TitanUnexamined
Duskblades (and variants)Unexamined
[Creature] Eternal BrightUnexamined
[Spell] Missiles of PatienceUnexamined
[Template] If his chest had been a cannon...Unexamined
Half-Halfling [race, MiTP]Unexamined
[Creature-MitP] You know you want toUnexamined
Tactics of Eberron [Feats]Unexamined
[Legacy]Sun scorcherUnexamined
The Lifescorned [Template]Unexamined
Races of The MindUnexamined
[Creature] Cyaegha SteambeastUnexamined
Witchbane Psychic [PrC]Unexamined
Songs [House]Unexamined
Hell's Dagger [PrC]Unexamined
Bayonet [Weapon]Unexamined
[Plane] Plane of Elemental WasteUnexamined
Akbar's Discount Magic Items (Not knockoffs)Unexamined
[PrC] Animal FriendUnexamined
Gloves of Spell Aim(Item)Unexamined
Goldenborn Colossia (PEACH)Unexamined
All about soulknives [House + Feats]Unexamined
Some more Psionic Feats [Feats-ROTM]Unexamined
[PrC] Phoenix KnightUnexamined
A Maddening Melody [PrC]Unexamined
[Feat] Intuitive Learner (Version 2.0)Unexamined
See Spot jump! [Creature-MitP]Unexamined
Siegebreaking is an ancient art... [Legacy]Unexamined
From Hell's heart I stab at thee... (PEACH)Unexamined
[PrC] Scarlet PirateUnexamined
And so my Duty must be done... [Temp/Crea/MitP]Unexamined
[Legacy] DreampiercerUnexamined
Mana Baybee [Magic]Unexamined
[vestige]How to deal with SeropaeneansUnexamined
Cannon [Weapon/Siege Weapon]Unexamined
[PrC] Jack-of-all-TradesUnexamined
[Creature-MitP]This scares even me, a little.Unexamined
Turning the tables [Feats]Unexamined
Halflings, tainted by fiends... [creature MiTP]Unexamined
Trick Shot [Feat]Unexamined
Items [Items]Unexamined
Because the World Needs More Hatemongers[Creature]Unexamined
Because the World Needs More Hatemongers[Creature] - Page 2Unexamined
[Maneuvers] Falling Star DisciplineUnexamined
[Maneuvers] Falling Star Discipline - Page 2Unexamined
Homebrew Posting SuggestionsUnexamined
Turquoise Bicycles Actualize Radishly! [Creature]Unexamined
Epic Magic [Spells]Unexamined
[House Rule] Intimidate BonusesUnexamined
New Template: Shade Please comment onUnexamined
Eldritch Assassin [PrC] (for warlocks)Unexamined
Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave [PEACH]Unexamined
Wile E. Coyote! [Creature]Unexamined
Revised CUTE CompendiumUnexamined
Build a New Best Friend [PEACH]Unexamined
Sun and Moon Warrior PrC (PEACH)Unexamined
[Creature] Far BeastsUnexamined
[Feats] Synad Racial FeatsUnexamined
Thri-Kreen Paragon [Class]Unexamined
Flavor CompendiumUnexamined
Sphoraxunes (PEACH)Unexamined
Psionic Monk [Core Class Varriant]Unexamined
[Legacy]Genesis Mind CrystalUnexamined
Thread Moving IIUnexamined
[Feats] The Knack and the BlessedUnexamined
[Spell/Modern] There aren't enough attack spellsUnexamined
[Legacy]Sacred Wind HaloUnexamined
[Template] Hextomb BoundUnexamined
The Spy Legion [Affiliation, Updated]Unexamined
[Legacy]Snow SlasherUnexamined
[Creature, MitP] Khazradi (Rock Giant)Unexamined
Life is Very Short, and There's No Time...[Peach]Unexamined
[Creature] Gee, it really IS a racing snail!Unexamined
Right Hand of the Lady (template)Unexamined
New Spell: Mentor [PEACH]Unexamined
round out your necro-partyUnexamined
Do you hear the trees whisper?Unexamined
Stoutgnomes (PEACH)Unexamined
Uncle Seraph's Elder Scrolls Compendium (PEACH)Unexamined
Spellbinder ClassUnexamined
Race: MolefolkUnexamined
Dancing upon the swells of madness... (PEACH)Unexamined
Honor to Burn (PEACH)Unexamined
Nazgûl - Page 2Unexamined
Singing, Hopping, Mushroom Men? (PEACH)Unexamined
Hello darkness my old friend... (PEACH)Unexamined
Song in the Blood (PEACH)Unexamined
The Light of a Fading Star [PEACH]Unexamined
Dwelfs! (PEACH)Unexamined
Two new Races, Feedback pleaseUnexamined
Dorc (PEACH)Unexamined
Troll like prestige class. PEACHUnexamined
Troll like prestige class. PEACH - Page 2Unexamined
New PrC:  BoltbornUnexamined
Base Class: Red MageUnexamined
Many, Many Feats [Peach]Unexamined
Ye ol’ weapons shoppeUnexamined
Ye ol’ weapons shoppe - Page 2Unexamined
The Socialite (P.E.A.C.H)Unexamined
Homemade Character Class: PrivateerUnexamined
Homemade Character Class: CorsairUnexamined
Homemade Character Class: DreadnaughtUnexamined
Homemade Character Class: Dreadnaught - Page 2Unexamined
Homemade Character Class: Dreadnaught - Page 3Unexamined
Homemade Character Class: WandererUnexamined
Half-Alien template (PEACH)Unexamined
Various Psionic Feats (PEACH)Unexamined
Warlocks and Taint - 2 Feats [PEACH]Unexamined
Harp of Nero(PEACH)Unexamined
Psionic Disguise Self (PEACH)Unexamined
[Creature] Horgita JackalopeUnexamined
[Creature] Fuzzy wuzzy was an ooze...Unexamined
[Creature] I spit my last breath at thee...Unexamined
[Creature] Bubble, bubble, boil and trouble...Unexamined
[Creature] Revenge is a dish best served cold...Unexamined
[MitP] Musical Bodies!Unexamined
[PrC] Fragments of RealityUnexamined
The Disciple of Everything [Class]Unexamined
[Creature] Rot on the MindUnexamined
Legacy item by Jeremy DawkinsUnexamined
[Legacy]Rain fell and it was blood, a bad omen.Unexamined
[NPC] The Gentleman SoldierUnexamined
[Class] Scion of MaunevUnexamined
As I slept by the sea... (PEACH)Unexamined
New HomunculiUnexamined
Replicants [Creature]Unexamined
Poison in the Playground [House, updated]Unexamined
We're a Happy Family...[PEACH]Unexamined
We're a Happy Family...[PEACH] - Page 2Unexamined
Variant Aging Rules (PEACH)Unexamined
Two Feats....just twoUnexamined
[Creature] SteamdrakenUnexamined
[Creature] Lycaon's BroodUnexamined
[Creature] Watch the shadowsUnexamined
Brewing a new race.Unexamined
Innocence is No Excuse [Creature]Unexamined
[feats] Spell-power ChannelingUnexamined
[Class] SubverterUnexamined
Addiction in D&D [PEACH]Unexamined
[Creature] Mage GiantUnexamined
[Spell] Divine GripUnexamined
Arcane Retiever (PrC)Unexamined
Custom NameSake Monsters Made to OrderUnexamined
Custom NameSake Monsters Made to Order - Page 2Unexamined
Custom NameSake Monsters Made to Order - Page 3Unexamined
Custom NameSake Monsters Made to Order - Page 4Unexamined
Custom NameSake Monsters Made to Order - Page 5Unexamined
Custom NameSake Monsters Made to Order - Page 6Unexamined
Custom NameSake Monsters Made to Order - Page 7Unexamined
*Poke* [Creature]Unexamined
Homebrew spells of chaos and evilUnexamined
[Creature] NEENER! NEENER!Unexamined
[Creature] NEENER! NEENER! - Page 2Unexamined
[Spells] Raum's Grimoire of TeleportationUnexamined
Heart of Gold, Claws of Steel [PEACH]Unexamined
[PrC] Pyromancer (Fire Combuster)Unexamined
Yet another Sorcerer power change.Unexamined
[Spells and Template] Like a fire in the blood...Unexamined
[House] Followers and EXPUnexamined
[Spell] Static WaveUnexamined
The New Mach Infinity... [Morrowind Artifacts]Unexamined
Dark Knight PrC (PEAR)Unexamined
[Template] Shut off your mind!Unexamined
[Spells] Channeling, Blades, Fear, and FireboltsUnexamined
[Creature] Awk!  Buried TreasureUnexamined
Class list for a homebrewUnexamined
[Class] Fighter Path VariantUnexamined
Githyanki Paragon [Class]Unexamined
[Creature] Knock on wood...Unexamined
[Creature] Buried beneath bitter breath...Unexamined
Warlock PrC:  Eldritch Warrior (PEACH)Unexamined
From the Playground (Compendium)Unexamined
[Spells] Hey presto!Unexamined
[Template] And no tear fell...Unexamined
Bard Prestige Class - Dark Geisha (PEACH)Unexamined
Bard Prestige Class - Dark Geisha (PEACH) - Page 2Unexamined
Rough Draft Monster, HelpUnexamined
New PrC:  Quickbolt (heavily revised Boltborn)Unexamined
[World] Any tips for a new DMUnexamined
Sweet ArtifactsUnexamined
Preist [CLASS]Unexamined
Interim Classes: Neither Core nor PrestigeUnexamined
Appellations, Epithets, and SobriquetsUnexamined
a necromancy prestige classUnexamined
[Intelligent Item] The ArmorUnexamined
DRR...DRR....DRR... [Creature]Unexamined
A Mind's a Terrible Thing to Waste, Part 2 [Feats]Unexamined
Death Frenzy (PEACH)Unexamined
[flaw]Supernatural StrictureUnexamined
Fleshscourge [creature]Unexamined
Camodus [Item]Unexamined
Dirty Fighting (Guava)Unexamined
Poke, Stab, Dismember! [Items]Unexamined
Belt of Elective Gender-ChangingUnexamined
Twilight [Template]Unexamined
The creature tried to eat us all (Monster)Unexamined
[creature/race] ErendersUnexamined
[Domain] summoning domainUnexamined
Fanservice Monster du Jour: Mewtwo [Creature]Unexamined
[spell]Magical incubatorUnexamined
[Creature] The Kitten-snakeUnexamined
[Creature] Between the walls...Unexamined
Mage PrC: Adept of the Mirrored Path (PEACH)Unexamined
[Race] AmeenaUnexamined
[House]Poison and alignmentUnexamined
[World] Abstract: RegnumUnexamined
[Campaign] HiceanaUnexamined
Minimic [Creature]Unexamined
[Creature] Time BombUnexamined
[Template] Annelic Creature [PEACH]Unexamined
More Insane Feats!Unexamined
A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste, Part I [Pwrs]Unexamined
Wind-Torn Keep [adv]Unexamined
Metamorphosis [Creature]Unexamined
[Spells] New Duskblade spellsUnexamined
Hey diddle diddle! (PEACH)Unexamined
She never sleeps...[Peach]Unexamined
Hit Points[Variant, PEACH]Unexamined
Thirstily he drank to fuel his rage! (PEACH)Unexamined
What was my dream? (PEACH)Unexamined
A new relicUnexamined
Pharaoh had a dream, and behold... (PEACH)Unexamined
Tremble did the outer spheres... (PEACH)Unexamined
Silver streaming from the crushing darks (PEACH)Unexamined
G'day mate... AGHHHHHHHHHH! (PEACH)Unexamined
G'day mate... AGHHHHHHHHHH! (PEACH) - Page 2Unexamined
Tis an ill wind that blows no good... (PEACH)Unexamined
Of blood and bloom... (PEACH)Unexamined
Lupus Urbanus (PEACH)Unexamined
Whoshawittopuppy! (PEACH)Unexamined
Whoshawittopuppy! (PEACH) - Page 2Unexamined
Like a nymph. Only a psychotic killer... (Peach)Unexamined
The trees are alive... (Peach)Unexamined
Fan-service monster du jour:  The OrzUnexamined
Don't Lose Your Head (PEACH)Unexamined
Titanium Dwarves (PEACH)Unexamined
The Dead-Eye Sniper Prestige ClassUnexamined
Double-Scimitar, Broken?Unexamined
We hates them!!! (PEACH)Unexamined
Just a Little Kiss...Unexamined
Just a Little Kiss... - Page 2Unexamined
By My Oath... (Peach)Unexamined
Abyssal Arcane DestroyerUnexamined
Can You Hear What I See? [Creature]Unexamined
[Campaign] Psi-FiUnexamined
Demons in my BRAIN! [Template]Unexamined
[Feat] Unusual SkillUnexamined
Don't You Know Who I Am? [PrC]Unexamined
Knight Defenders of the FaithUnexamined
Knight Defenders of the Faith - Page 2Unexamined
Knight Defenders of the Faith - Page 3Unexamined
Fun with Pantheons: Display your Deities!Unexamined
Rogue Outfit -- StealthUnexamined
[Template] How fragile we are...Unexamined
[Template] How fragile we are... - Page 2Unexamined
Phoenix Feather Sentinel [PrC & Items]Unexamined
Thessalian Oracle [PrC]Unexamined
Samurai Compendium [Classes]Unexamined
New Challange for Monster/class makersUnexamined
First Tsurugi [Artifact]Unexamined
[Variation] Spell SkillsUnexamined
[PrC] Collaborative Effort: Master TacticianUnexamined
Some feats [Feats? duh]Unexamined
ARE YOU A COWARD? Then this is not for you. [Item]Unexamined
A Game of Thrones monster adaptationsUnexamined
[Spell] Kill With LifeUnexamined
[Spell] Kill With Life - Page 2Unexamined
Pimp My Sword [Weapon Mods]Unexamined
[Creature] She wore murder in her hair...Unexamined
[Creature] WAR! MMM! What is it good for?Unexamined
Secrets and Mysteries [PrC]Unexamined
Home-brew CampainsUnexamined
Dragons of the Dying Light [Creature]Unexamined
[Weapon] Can Never Have Enough Ways to Hurt PeopleUnexamined
D20 Future CampaignUnexamined
[Material/Weapon Enhancement] Black as the NightUnexamined
Azurewrath, the Sword of Souls [Legacy]Unexamined
RAPID BLOWS (Critiques welcomed)Unexamined
RAPID BLOWS (Critiques welcomed) - Page 2Unexamined
Golden Eagle and Elven Duelist [PrC]Unexamined
[Item] Case of many scrollsUnexamined
[PrC] Shadowed FistUnexamined
Vitriol Hounds [Creature]Unexamined
Dhampir RaceUnexamined
[PrC] AtheistUnexamined
[PrC] Atheist - Page 2Unexamined
Warlock as a PrCUnexamined
[Spell] Grandma must go down the stairs...Unexamined
lookin for ideasUnexamined
Help me with my new RPG engine! Version 0.3 is GO!Unexamined
Raptorans and FlyingUnexamined
Researched Evocation [PEACH]Unexamined
[Template] Mutated CreatureUnexamined
CR Calculation methodsUnexamined
[House/Feat] Back ShieldUnexamined
Pc Races for Kundala [Races]Unexamined
Sproing! [feat]Unexamined
Psionic VestigesUnexamined
Hungry for war... (PEACH)Unexamined
Hungry for war... (PEACH) - Page 2Unexamined
"Young Wizards" series + MagicUnexamined
[Creature] To drink of liquid thoughtUnexamined
Fighting in Zero gravity (PEACH)Unexamined
Vestige Emanations [Creature]Unexamined
Mmmm...Salty [Creature]Unexamined
[Encounter] You will have your prize soon enough.Unexamined
(PrC) A varient of a PrC varient.Unexamined
Reverse Monkey Grip?Unexamined
Wind-up toys of DOOM! [request]Unexamined
Fathers of the Flayers [Creature]Unexamined
Alignment system change (right forum?)Unexamined
Kitty Purring and Looking So Satisfied [Creature]Unexamined
Drunken Master PrC: could it use a buff?Unexamined
Collaborative Effort: Lords of the AbyssUnexamined
Everyone Makes Mistakes [Spells]Unexamined
Tome of Magic Substitution Levels [Sub Class]Unexamined
New Race: Draeman [PEACH]Unexamined
The WØrd [Utterances]Unexamined
[Variant] New FlawsUnexamined
Sorcerers and material components [PEACH]Unexamined
The Gnoblins (PEACH)Unexamined
The Gnoblins (PEACH) - Page 2Unexamined
Steed of Prophets [Creature]Unexamined
Birds of Paradise [Creature]Unexamined
[Feat/PrC] Blind / Sister of the Sightless SunUnexamined
[Creature]Death by wallbash (Repost.)Unexamined
Feats for my homebrew [PEACH]Unexamined
[House][Template][Competions] Pie-Eatin' Hoedown!Unexamined
[Spell] Bigby's Inappropriate GestureUnexamined
[Spell] Bigby's Inappropriate Gesture - Page 2Unexamined
Siangham (lol) Monk Prc: Disciple of the SnakeUnexamined
Crossbow Guardian [Creature]Unexamined
[Race/Creature] Neitan -- HELP?Unexamined
New Race: MushroomfolkUnexamined
[Creature] A chilling laughter...Unexamined
[Race] MerrowsUnexamined
[Creature] Sleeping with the enemy...Unexamined
Kama/Disarm Monk PrC: Disciple of the MantisUnexamined
Sai/Skirmish Monk Prc: Disciple of the TigerUnexamined
[Feat]Choke UpUnexamined
Red Wall D20Unexamined
Heroes of Horror and Horror CampaignsUnexamined
[Spell] Power Word: HaltUnexamined
[PrC] Child of StoneUnexamined
Educated Insight (feat) PEACHUnexamined
[spell/Modern] MAGIC DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY!Unexamined
[Weapon] River of PainUnexamined
[Creature] Toned-down Mithral GolemUnexamined
[Spell]Earthen PillarUnexamined
[Feat]Continuous SpellUnexamined
[Weapon] Short, Light, Long, Heavy and GreatUnexamined
[Base Class] Animal TrainerUnexamined
[PrC] Arcane CrusaderUnexamined
Vorpal Tribble, Demented One: huddleUnexamined
Vorpal Tribble, Demented One: huddle - Page 2Unexamined
[Creature] Warning: Do Not Feed The Illithids!Unexamined
[Variant] The MachinistUnexamined
[Variant] the MuseUnexamined
Making those gestures a little easier (Spells)Unexamined
Chainblade [Weapon]Unexamined
English/Welsh LongbowUnexamined
[Creature] Flesh RenderUnexamined
[Item] Claws of the LionUnexamined
Animals Aren't Morons!Unexamined
Animals Aren't Morons! - Page 2Unexamined
[PrC] Temptations of a Shadowy SoulUnexamined
Hot Spell-on-Spell Action!Unexamined
(PrCls) Celestial BloodedUnexamined
The Phoenix's Other Egg [Creature]Unexamined
[Item] Broken BandUnexamined
[Feat] Mage-BondedUnexamined
[Class] AlchemistUnexamined
Psionic Genius [Template]Unexamined
[Creature] Very Epic SwordscreatureUnexamined
[Creature] Keep out ya varmints!Unexamined
[feat]Hostile Soul, updateUnexamined
[Class] Constable (needs help)Unexamined
[Creature] Shadow FeederUnexamined
[Class] Nerf SharpshooterUnexamined
[Item] Stone SoldierUnexamined
[PrC] The SkirmisherUnexamined
Psionic Racial Substitutions [Class]Unexamined
Fighter of Fluency [Class]Unexamined
Many, Many MORE Feats! [Peach]Unexamined
Many, Many MORE Feats! [Peach] - Page 2Unexamined
[Creature] The dawning of fury...Unexamined
Taunt [Extraordinary Ability/Feats]Unexamined
[PrC] Fist of St. CuthbertUnexamined
[Template/Creature] Cursed OneUnexamined
The Pyromancer [PrC]Unexamined
Fire Puppies [for your amusement]Unexamined
Fire Puppies [for your amusement] - Page 2Unexamined
I'd Kill For a Drink... [Creature]Unexamined
Restless Souls [Creature]Unexamined
[Creature/Race] One word: VomitUnexamined
D&D "helper" cardsUnexamined
Weapons and feats for my homebrewUnexamined
Motes in the Eye of God [Creature]Unexamined
[Race] Azhur, the Sea PeopleUnexamined
[Feat] For The Vampire Killer In Your UnlifeUnexamined
[Race] Khorzud, the Mountain PeopleUnexamined
[Race] RussitiUnexamined
Fighter combat styles?Unexamined
More PEACHY goodness - Bliss PoisonsUnexamined
[feat]Why has nobody done this before?Unexamined
Dark Harvest [Creature]Unexamined
[Creature] Not a LichUnexamined
Adaptable non-themed class (PrC)Unexamined
Swimming the Seas of Chaos [Creature]Unexamined
[feat] Instant Death ResistenceUnexamined
[spell]An excuse for deus ex machinaUnexamined
Save the Mystic Theurge!Unexamined
Smokestack Beetle [Creature]Unexamined
Believing it All [Creature]Unexamined
[Creature] To drown in gold...Unexamined
[Creature] A thorn in your side...Unexamined
[Campaign] Item's QuestUnexamined
[House] Natural SpellUnexamined
Squirrels, Tea, and More! [Items]Unexamined
Chelonyms [Race]Unexamined
[Feat] Intuitive LearnerUnexamined
[Weapon] Twin BladesUnexamined
[spell] for when you don’t have a rogue handy…Unexamined
[feats]Cannon on LegsUnexamined
Inspire MeUnexamined
Like a Rock [Creature]Unexamined
[Template] Graft TwistedUnexamined
Phoenixians (critter/PC race?)Unexamined
[PrC] Heartwood WarriorUnexamined
Making Rediculous swords make senseUnexamined
Making Rediculous swords make sense - Page 2Unexamined
"I know what I want..." [Item]Unexamined
[weapon] knucklersUnexamined
Stomp to Victory![Item]Unexamined
[Spell] Block ArcanaUnexamined
[House] Range Increments and DamageUnexamined
[House] Range Increments and Damage - Page 2Unexamined
New PrC: SteamsmithUnexamined
[house] wild shape/polymorph  restrictionsUnexamined
A SW dueling game I made [PEACH]Unexamined
Within the Twisting Green [Creature]Unexamined
[weapon] DreihänderUnexamined
Supernatural Warrior mmm... PeachUnexamined
[Nation] Odora, City on the Smoking MountainUnexamined
[Creature] King with a forked tongueUnexamined
[Creatures] The Pit and the Pendulum...Unexamined
[Creatur]Up the airy mountain, down the rushy glenUnexamined
Collector of last breaths[Monster]Unexamined
Telepathy Killed the Radio Star [Creature]Unexamined
Hair of the Dog [Creature]Unexamined
[House Rule] Elves and Short SwordsUnexamined
Human+Orc=... - Page 2Unexamined
Hengeyokai [Varient Template]Unexamined
Re: Spawn of Sardior [Creature] (Warning: Very LonUnexamined
Mind sculpting? [Spell]Unexamined
[Magic Item] MaceUnexamined
[Creature] A face upon the waters...Unexamined
The Creeping of Flesh [Creature]Unexamined
Constructions of the Mind [Creatures]Unexamined
The Armless Running Albino Star[RACE]Unexamined
[Animal]The CheatUnexamined
[Class] BrawlerUnexamined
[Class] Brawler - Page 2Unexamined
[feats]Multiweapon Pounce and RendUnexamined
[Creature] Yearning to die... (PG-13)Unexamined
[Feat]Sending for those monologing villans!Unexamined
Shiny, Happer Outsiders [Creature]Unexamined
[monster] Smash! Smoosh! Slurp!Unexamined
And now, young Skywalker... [spell/Modern]Unexamined
[new material] Iron fist in a velvet gloveUnexamined
[Creature] HISSSSSSSSSSsssssss.....Unexamined
[Creature] BRZZZZZZZZT!Unexamined
Armoured Cloak?Unexamined
Voices in My Head [Item]Unexamined
[Items] Sloth, Diarrhea, and WantUnexamined
Dream a Little Dream of Me [Creature]Unexamined
Behind the Masks: The Visquaera [Race]Unexamined
[Cursed Artifact]Mask of AmshUnexamined
[Challenge] Fax Celestis' Monstrous Menagerie!Unexamined
Prestige Class: PariahUnexamined
[Item] Staff of the PyroUnexamined
[Creature] Return of the KingUnexamined
[Artifacts]The Two Legendary SwordsUnexamined
[Creature] Do Modrons Dream of Construct Sheep?Unexamined
Creature RequestUnexamined
From Aperture Science Enrichment Center...[Weapon]Unexamined
Falling Spider- a prone attacker PrC (PEACH)Unexamined
[PrC] GrandmasterUnexamined
Random Weapon Feats [PEACH]Unexamined
[Race] The Laughing PeopleUnexamined
Disciple of the Crane: Staff Monk PrC (PEACH)Unexamined
You shall thwart justice no longer! (PEACH)Unexamined
The Surgeon- a precision dmg PrC (PEACH)Unexamined
The Surgeon (P.E.A.C.H)Unexamined
[Items] Flesh of the PlanesUnexamined
[Class] Warrior variantUnexamined
Star Wars: New RacesUnexamined
Star Wars: New Races - Page 2Unexamined
[challenge] knightsalines challengeUnexamined
[Creature] Living StatuesUnexamined
[Creature] One More Robot Learns to FeelUnexamined
[Template] Steam-Powered CreatureUnexamined
Two-bladed swords? Bah. [Weapon]Unexamined
Make me a template!Unexamined
Alocathi Refreshment Simulacrum (PEACH)Unexamined
[Creature] Copperwrought MezzastromixUnexamined
[Spell] Nine Assorted (Exciting!) SpellsUnexamined
[Creature] The Snatched OneUnexamined
[Creature] Mailer DaemonsUnexamined
[Creature] A deep hunger...Unexamined
[Feat & Items] Dreamborn DevicesUnexamined
[Creature] Fluttering ByUnexamined
[Creature] Mental GiantsUnexamined
[Creature] The Unspeaking GuardiansUnexamined
[Creature] Insidious VaporsUnexamined
[Creature] Flesh-Grafted GolemsUnexamined
[Creature] Betwixt Light and Darkness: The AoaUnexamined
[Power] Hurts so good!Unexamined
[Item] Druid's MapUnexamined
[Feat] Metamagic specifically for bards? HERESY!Unexamined
[Class] Worg ParagonUnexamined
[FEAT] Roundhouse KickUnexamined
[Creature] Secret piercer, all-seeing eye...Unexamined
[House][Subsystem][Alcohol] D20 Drinking RulesUnexamined
Inkless Pen[item]Unexamined
Suggested 'House  Rules'?Unexamined
Suggested 'House  Rules'? - Page 2Unexamined
Input Wanted: Brutally Blunt OpinionsUnexamined
[Item] Blackclaw's Dagger of DespairUnexamined
Thinaun and WarforgedUnexamined
Template: PrincessUnexamined
You might just hate me...Unexamined
Chuck NorrisUnexamined
Chuck Norris - Page 2Unexamined
Chuck Norris - Page 3Unexamined
Chuck Norris - Page 4Unexamined
Arctic RequestUnexamined
[Creature] Can you hear the voices?Unexamined
Stay OUT if you play in Lansen and EverethUnexamined
[House/Feat] The Natural Spell fixUnexamined
Crossbreed Extravaganza!Unexamined
New Armor EnhancementUnexamined
Nac mac Feegle - A new monsterUnexamined
Alternate ElfUnexamined
Leftover homebrew threads on the Gaming Board?Unexamined
[PrC] CartogramancerUnexamined
[Idea] BBEG'sUnexamined
I made these spells.... rate them please?Unexamined
[Language] HorjinicUnexamined
PEACH [Item]Unexamined
New base class:The Adventurer (P.E.A.C.H)Unexamined
Adapting a videogame into a campaignUnexamined
[House] A few class-rebalancing ideasUnexamined
[House/Class] The MonkUnexamined
[PrC] Ditantengon Regigoraau (Tattooed Hunter)Unexamined
Godlike! [Spell/d20 Modern]Unexamined
new feat: Sucker punchUnexamined
N: full D&D SimulationUnexamined
[Race/Creature] CrystallineUnexamined
Forget What You WereUnexamined
[Spell] Kotka's TavernUnexamined
Reworking the IuakUnexamined
Race for my avatar?Unexamined
Need help with large campaignUnexamined
Shapeshifting for all! [PrC]Unexamined
Rhyme and Reason (PEACH)Unexamined
Cat Folk, anime style (P.E.A.C.H)Unexamined
PARPVS [PEACH]Unexamined
New weapon needed.Unexamined
Various feats (PEACH)Unexamined
[Monster] Durkon's Worst NightmareUnexamined
[Monster] Durkon's Worst Nightmare - Page 2Unexamined
The Unarmored Fighter [New Fighter Variant]Unexamined
(race) Igor (Discworld)Unexamined
Lepidrihh [Monster]Unexamined
Possible New FlawUnexamined
Even the mightiest fall [Spell/d20 Modern]Unexamined
D1 commonersUnexamined
Fate/Stay Night Heroic SoulsUnexamined
Quorcraft Warforged ComponentsUnexamined
Psionic Item CreationUnexamined
Simple System L.I.Y.M.A.P.U.I.Unexamined
An unusual method of planting evidence...Unexamined
Mariko's Burning FansUnexamined
City GnomesUnexamined
PLANES! (PEACH)Unexamined
The Streets With Secret NamesUnexamined
Spells and SuchUnexamined
The World of Our DesireUnexamined
PEACHy KeenUnexamined
Half-Magical BeastsUnexamined
The Living Mirror of HeavenUnexamined
[Race] Curiouser and curiouser...Unexamined
The Vessel of the Ka (magic item)Unexamined
Veteran Legionnaire PRCUnexamined
New Base Class- Serpents tongue- Coments Welcome!Unexamined
"The Dipper", A silly PrC for snarky DMsUnexamined
Weave (Prime Material Plane)Unexamined
Requesting Help: can you construct this race?Unexamined
Expanded Thief-Acrobat (PEACH)Unexamined
Embrace the GreenUnexamined
New LanguagesUnexamined
The Demonologist (now with less suckage!)Unexamined
The Demonologist (now with less suckage!) - Page 2Unexamined
Engine goblins (PEACH)Unexamined
A variant lichUnexamined
Hybrid Children, Watch the SeaUnexamined
Get down! You are nothing! You are worthless!Unexamined
Madness FeatsUnexamined
Rage, Magic, and Psionics [PEACH]Unexamined
Diabolist remakeUnexamined
Techgnomes (PEACH)Unexamined
Sonikus second hand PrC: The Elderguard + featsUnexamined
Variant Dark Elves [PEACH]Unexamined
Shadow Sniper PrC [PEACH]Unexamined
Ye ol' item shoppeUnexamined
Interex Kingdoms: A campaign setting with a odd maUnexamined
Moving ThreadsUnexamined
Spell ReflectingUnexamined
Spell Absorbing (S.H.I.O)Unexamined
Dust of Distraction (PEACH)Unexamined
I can see clearly now... (New Graft)Unexamined
Psicrown of the Dark Psyche: A thing of nightmareUnexamined
Magic item: Bell of Alarm (PEACH)Unexamined
Bandolier of Weapon Enhancement - Please reviewUnexamined
Based on another topic... Keyblade! (PEACH)Unexamined
Hooked Chain [Weapon]Unexamined
Things to give to PCs (not the good kind)Unexamined
Things to give to PCs (not the good kind) - Page 2Unexamined
Things to give to PCs (not the good kind) - Page 3Unexamined
`Twas a work of art...Unexamined
`Twas a work of art... - Page 2Unexamined
Gobbler. Because I have mad friends.Unexamined
Review templateUnexamined
Exploding MonstersUnexamined
Dreamer template (PEACH)Unexamined
We will steal him...Unexamined
starwoof Brand Wild Ears (PEACH)Unexamined
Wild Ears (PEACH)Unexamined
Now thats good water...Unexamined
Volcano Fish (PEACH)Unexamined
Tree-Squid!!!!!! (PEACH)Unexamined
SEASONAL HORROR! - Page 2Unexamined
So swiftly he flew on wings of fleeted thought...Unexamined
Succubus Variant [PEACH; Need help with CR]Unexamined
Things That Should Not BeUnexamined
Monster: Sassone PlantUnexamined
Die of a rose in aromatic pain...Unexamined
Die of a rose in aromatic pain... - Page 2Unexamined
Stonehorn [New monster. PEACH]Unexamined
They were as giants...Unexamined
New Monster (PEACH)Unexamined
I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blooooooow...Unexamined
Monster: Plague GolemUnexamined
For dread of silver puddles...Unexamined
paper golem. feedback?Unexamined
Diamonds of MindUnexamined
Diamonds of Mind - Page 2Unexamined
New type of creature, like the game needed anotherUnexamined
Birds of a FeatherUnexamined
MIAL. Many intresting angel lives.Unexamined
Master RivenUnexamined
Ward your sleep...Unexamined
A breath of our inspiration...Unexamined
A breath of our inspiration... - Page 2Unexamined
Not all dragons are smart...Unexamined
Monster Idea, Need Stats!!Unexamined
The ephemera (PEACH)Unexamined
The road goes ever on and onUnexamined
Swim, swim, hungry...Unexamined
Swimming sightless, but never blindly...Unexamined
Sweet tea and bitter wood...Unexamined
Sweet tea and bitter wood... - Page 2Unexamined
[Creature] Keen of mind, cold of blood...Unexamined
Gijsstrider's monsters, order your custom monster.Unexamined
Gijsstrider's monsters, order your custom monster. - Page 2Unexamined
Scariest/funniest monster creationUnexamined
Scariest/funniest monster creation - Page 2Unexamined
Scariest/funniest monster creation - Page 3Unexamined
Scariest/funniest monster creation - Page 4Unexamined
She had the voice of an angel she did...Unexamined
She had the voice of an angel she did... - Page 2Unexamined
New Psi-PowersUnexamined
New Domain, MoonUnexamined
I dislike druids (New spell)Unexamined
New Spell [PEACH, d20 Modern, easily converted]Unexamined
How to deal with hyperactive party members(PEACH)Unexamined
Touch someone...with heat damage! (PEACH)Unexamined
Mirrorskin (PEACH)Unexamined
This might already exist, but PEACH if notUnexamined
Copyrite LawUnexamined
Homework spellsUnexamined
Three new spells (P.E.A.C.H.)Unexamined
How to play dead (PEACH)Unexamined
Modern spell, PEACHUnexamined
New spell - Extradimensional Appetite (PEACH)Unexamined
Explosive Blast (Peach)Unexamined
Utalitarian cantripUnexamined
Four new spells. All pretty much the same thing.Unexamined
Desfue's Infernal sneezing fitUnexamined
Tome of IllsbaneUnexamined
The Brown NoteUnexamined
The Brown Note - Page 2Unexamined
Strange spells from a bored mindUnexamined
Strange spells from a bored mind - Page 2Unexamined
Wacky (yet useful) spells you have used.Unexamined
A Few Odd SpellsUnexamined
Using the Bearclaw (New Feat.  PEACH)Unexamined
New psionic feat: Unhealthy ResonanceUnexamined
Sorcerer optomization feat (PEACH)Unexamined
Skillful Charlatan (PEACH)Unexamined
The "Nooooooo!" dive (feat question)Unexamined
New Melee (Sword & Board) Feat (PEACH)Unexamined
Dextrous Parry and Insightful ParryUnexamined
Illusion feats (PEACH)Unexamined
How would you emulate FighterdokenUnexamined
New Feat: Invisible Spell!Unexamined
Weapon Feats! (PEACH)Unexamined
PEACH featUnexamined
Wait, when did Arther learn THAT?Unexamined
Wait, when did Arther learn THAT? - Page 2Unexamined
NPC druid ritualists [PEACH]Unexamined
Fighter FeatsUnexamined
Combat Expertise, Power Attack and Combat FeatsUnexamined
Metapsionic Feat: Contact the Dead Mind (PEACH)Unexamined
New Feat Tree - VaultingUnexamined
New Feat Tree - Vaulting - Page 2Unexamined
Disarm feat?Unexamined
Need help balancing an expertise fighterUnexamined
Class Feats (PEACH FTW!)Unexamined
Sundering Armor (PEACH)Unexamined
A Few FeatsUnexamined
Performance FeatsUnexamined
Z-Fighter. A Dragonball Style Core ClassUnexamined
(Long) Variant Class - Soldier (PEACH)Unexamined
The Papermaster Core ClassUnexamined
Alternative Arcane Caster ClassesUnexamined
Please: No postsUnexamined
The Guardian, a Martial base classUnexamined
Elemental classesUnexamined
Interesting new caster class.Unexamined
Interesting new caster class. - Page 2Unexamined
Chemist Base ClassUnexamined
Class adaptationUnexamined
New Class: The Alchemist (Incomplete)Unexamined
Voice in the DarkUnexamined
PEACH this monk PrC pleaseUnexamined
Templar PrC?Unexamined
Such stuff as dreams are made upon...Unexamined
Succubus-shaped. it's a PrC. I think it's broken.Unexamined
The spontanious preparer (prc, PEACH)Unexamined
Spell Breakers & Mana Burn (PEACH)Unexamined
Psionic Prc: Seer of the Third EyeUnexamined
Psionic PrC: The Schizoid InfernopathUnexamined
Only for the pure of soul...Unexamined
Silence really is golden. (PEACH)Unexamined
Fighter(ish) PrC: VenomrazorUnexamined
Prestige Class: Numismancer (PEACH)Unexamined
meat sheildUnexamined
meat sheild - Page 2Unexamined
Master Transmuter PrC (PEACH)Unexamined
Classes that should exist but don'tUnexamined
The Jerk. A Jerky PrCUnexamined
The Giant Fury, a Barbarian PrCUnexamined
Geisha. - Page 2Unexamined
Feral AngelUnexamined
Fanservice Prestige Class du Jour: Divine KnightUnexamined
PrC: Crusader (comments please)Unexamined
Yet Again, The CultistUnexamined
Cold Ken: Understanding the arcticUnexamined
The Chosen (New PrC... PEACH)Unexamined
Chain Warrior (PEACH)Unexamined
Centurion Prestige ClassUnexamined
It's Just A Bard . . .Unexamined
It's Just A Bard . . . - Page 2Unexamined
Avatar of the Self MKII [d20 Modern]Unexamined
Prc: Auramancer (PEAR)Unexamined
New PrC: The Mage PoliceUnexamined
The Orochi(PEACH)Unexamined
"There is an enormous monkey in the grove..."Unexamined
Darkling (peach)Unexamined
New Race: Songtouched (PEACH)Unexamined
New Race: Muuten (PEACH)Unexamined
Mothman RaceUnexamined
mtg inspired race peachUnexamined
They're like Warforged, but softer...Unexamined
Exit light, enter night... (PEACH)Unexamined
Skaven as player raceUnexamined
New Race: Progenitor KoboldUnexamined
New Race: Mwnci (Monkeys!) P.E.A.C.H.Unexamined
FFTA RacesUnexamined
FFTA Races - Page 2Unexamined
New/altered races - are they balanced?Unexamined
New Race (PEACH)Unexamined
Half-halfling (PEACH)Unexamined
Half-halfling (PEACH) - Page 2Unexamined
Attack of the GnomesUnexamined
Attack of the Gnomes - Page 2Unexamined
Revenge of the DwarvesUnexamined
Revenge of the Dwarves - Page 2Unexamined
New Race (Drazai)Unexamined
Did you call ME a beast, human?Unexamined
Did you call ME a beast, human? - Page 2Unexamined
add racesUnexamined
New Race: Aeroki (PEACH)Unexamined
Aberrant Races (PEACH)Unexamined
Perfect Thieving Outfit (PEACH)Unexamined
Sanctuary Guardian (PrC)Unexamined
Boogymen of the Planes [PEACH]Unexamined
3 LA +1 Races [PEACH]Unexamined
Shattered Crystals [PEACH]Unexamined
Mourning Wood [PEACH]Unexamined
The ISIR System (Generic D6-based RP System: PEACHUnexamined
Stubborn dead (New player race)[PEACH]Unexamined
New Creature: Prey [PEACH]Unexamined
Kingsguard PrC PEACHUnexamined
Race - Murimus (PEACH)Unexamined
Spur of the moment magic item (PEACH please)Unexamined
Simuninja, Comic Relief PrCUnexamined
Harpoon sharks (P.E.A.C.H)Unexamined
Gnawing on the Soul [PEACH]Unexamined
Giant Man-Eating Clam (P.E.A.C.H)Unexamined
Complete magic variet- Learning MagiUnexamined
Priest basic class [PEACH]Unexamined
Spellcasting and Manifesting [PEACH]Unexamined
Spellcasting and Manifesting [PEACH] - Page 2Unexamined
Alternate Paladin (PEACH)Unexamined
When you give a dragon a laxative... (PEACH)Unexamined
Joke PrC, but a good one if you get the reference!Unexamined
Home is Where the Corpse Is [PEACH]Unexamined
Fertility Domain [PEACH]Unexamined
Fertility Domain [PEACH] - Page 2Unexamined
New Druid/Ranger Spells (PEACH)Unexamined
What Tongues Speak The Names of the Dead? [PEACH]Unexamined
A Plethora Of Pegasi! (PEACH)Unexamined
The Adventurer's Epitome: PrC help [PEACH]Unexamined
A couple of venereal diseases... [PEACH]Unexamined
A couple of venereal diseases... [PEACH] - Page 2Unexamined
Get it off, GET IT OFF!Unexamined
Get it off, GET IT OFF! - Page 2Unexamined
Keep off the ice my child... (PEACH)Unexamined
It's orange, mean, and ugly! (PEACH)Unexamined
Sonikus second-hand weapons threadUnexamined
Might of the Mind [PEACH]Unexamined
Elven Subraces (PEACH)Unexamined
Alternate Samurai (PEACH)Unexamined
Whipfighting (PEACH)Unexamined
Order of The Bo Initiate (PEACH)Unexamined
Grimoire of Time and Space [PEACH]Unexamined
Sapper/ combat Engineer base class? PEACHUnexamined
Dwarf Variant (PEACH)Unexamined
A Collection of Feats (PEACH)Unexamined
Devoted (PEACH?)Unexamined
I reject yer reality and substitute my own![FRUIT]Unexamined
I reject yer reality and substitute my own![FRUIT] - Page 2Unexamined
I reject yer reality and substitute my own![FRUIT] - Page 3Unexamined
Aye Matey: An Anti-Pirate Weapon (PEACH)Unexamined
Powermetalist: A Core ClassUnexamined
Powermetalist: A Core Class - Page 2Unexamined
Children of the Fairy Circle [PEACH]Unexamined
Devourers of the Spoken Word [PEACH]Unexamined
Homebrew weaponsUnexamined
The Spring of Life [PEACH]Unexamined
My first PrC, Silver Hero!!Unexamined
construct like armour (PEACH)Unexamined
0th level characters (PEACH)Unexamined
And The Flowers Turn Towards You... (PEACH)Unexamined
Ebberon style magic items [PEACH]Unexamined
The Coins Are Watching... (PEACH)Unexamined
Variant Armor RulesUnexamined
Hook Golem, finished [PEACH]Unexamined
Unhealing WoundsUnexamined
New PRC Divine BelieverUnexamined
Someone stop me. A new campaign idea.Unexamined
New Race - Tn'lchUnexamined
An idea or two...Unexamined
I Choose You! [PEACH]Unexamined
Items of the FeyUnexamined
Spells of the VoidUnexamined
My life for power...Unexamined
Half-Warforged (template, PEACH)Unexamined
HENSHIN!!! my new creationUnexamined
Insanity Mantle [PEACH]Unexamined
I remade Satyrs. What do you think?Unexamined
New spell and creature. Possibly over the topUnexamined
Variant PC race - TrollsUnexamined
Four arms, small raceUnexamined
New Race: Dorzun (PEACH)Unexamined
Fantasy GundamUnexamined
Weird Variant System (PEACH)Unexamined
New Item: +1 Meat Shield of BlockingUnexamined
new spell: Dimensional Key RuneUnexamined
Bows in melee & A new feat [PEACH]Unexamined
New Race: LloshhiUnexamined
Does this Fey-elf deserve a LA?Unexamined
The Quiescent (+0 LA undead template)Unexamined
The calculator (base class, PEACH)Unexamined
PrC: The Philosopher-AlchemistUnexamined
The NecrowormUnexamined
New Wild Races.Unexamined
should i create a new (d20 based) systemUnexamined
should i create a new (d20 based) system - Page 2Unexamined
The Races of HyraelUnexamined
My two new races P.E.A.C.H.Unexamined
Demonologist (Discworld PrC)Unexamined
New Race: Ash Walker (PEACH)Unexamined
The Wizzzzard!Unexamined
The Wizzzzard! - Page 2Unexamined
The Wizzzzard! - Page 3Unexamined
The Soul Musician - a Discworld PrCUnexamined
Dieties of ArcadiaUnexamined
Improvising FeatsUnexamined
Hidden memory spellsUnexamined
Planescape Races Reworked: GithzeraiUnexamined
Final Fantasy Online RacesUnexamined
New Prestige Class  (needs reveiw)Unexamined
Maxwell's Silver HammerUnexamined
variant paladinsUnexamined
Warhammer 40,000 based DndUnexamined
Comment on my new race!Unexamined
New Feat idea/questionsUnexamined
New Class: Pit FinderUnexamined
Dung ElfUnexamined
New Base Class: Desert knife fighter, needs feedbaUnexamined
New Discworld-inspired PrC- the HydrophobeUnexamined
Running It By: Evolution RulesUnexamined
Presenting: Proof that I play too many Zelda gamesUnexamined
Presenting: Proof that I play too many Zelda games - Page 2Unexamined
Weapon EporiumUnexamined
Blood MagicUnexamined
Doomsday Spells!Unexamined
Doomsday Spells! - Page 2Unexamined
New Barbarian FeatsUnexamined
It wasn't like other darkness...Unexamined
New Prestige and Domains for gameworldUnexamined
New spell?Unexamined
Redwall d20Unexamined
Redwall d20 - Page 2Unexamined
Would this item for throwers be too powerful?Unexamined
Would this item for throwers be too powerful? - Page 2Unexamined
Species 8472: A Star Trek to D&D conversionUnexamined
Species 8472: A Star Trek to D&D conversion - Page 2Unexamined
Crafted, not born - An alternative construct raceUnexamined
Alternate cosmology - Comments neededUnexamined
Karach blades: how to 3.5 them?Unexamined
Ammo enchantment?Unexamined
Ammo enchantment? - Page 2Unexamined
Candy Land D20, minds needed!Unexamined
Candy Land D20, minds needed! - Page 2Unexamined
Fire Mongre ClassUnexamined
New Race: The IndhaarUnexamined
Template courtesy of the Brothers GrimmUnexamined
Template courtesy of the Brothers Grimm - Page 2Unexamined
Paladin Appeal (PEACH)Unexamined
The Z-Fighter; A DragonBall Z adaption to D&DUnexamined
Demon Hunter - A prestige classUnexamined
A new kind of arcane spellcasterUnexamined
Raptors, my very own brainchildren.  PEACHUnexamined
Raptors, my very own brainchildren.  PEACH - Page 2Unexamined
The Supplicant (AVOCADO)Unexamined
New Character Class: The WitchUnexamined
Variants and bonus featsUnexamined
Trapper Class 1.1 Update 26/2Unexamined
New Weapon - PikeUnexamined
New Weapon - Pike - Page 2Unexamined
Monk Variant: Student of the Turtle MasterUnexamined
not quite paladins - help with new core classUnexamined
New type of time stop[magic]Unexamined
Dragon Armor ArtifactUnexamined
The king of (movie) monstrers: Godzilla!Unexamined
Super Smash Brothers Melee ProjectUnexamined
Super Smash Brothers Melee Project - Page 2Unexamined
Super Smash Brothers Melee Project - Page 3Unexamined
3 new bardic instrumentsUnexamined
The Constable, Help pleaseUnexamined
New Race:  The Saiyan =pUnexamined
Need help on a new raceUnexamined
PrC - Drunken BrawlerUnexamined
Karma AnglerUnexamined
Taint BeastUnexamined
SaGa Frontier. from strategy guide, to d20..Unexamined
New PRC BelieverUnexamined
A new raceUnexamined
Rikari: An alternate vampire.Unexamined
New Template:  Railroad CharacterUnexamined
Bringing Soul Society into D&D [Bleach Spoilers?]Unexamined
Bringing Soul Society into D&D [Bleach Spoilers?] - Page 2Unexamined
Sentinel - New Core classUnexamined
The Psychic ReaverUnexamined
New PrC: The Mimic!Unexamined
No more frozen toes: A psionic graftUnexamined
Mega Man XUnexamined
The NecropharmacantUnexamined
Heartbroken (Prc)Unexamined
Behold: The Master Shake!Unexamined
Oneiromancy: Magic of DreamsUnexamined
New Race: Pseudo-IllithidUnexamined
Bunnyflower googles. Now with extra pink sugar.Unexamined
Race of Cat People -- KuthanUnexamined
Race of Cat People -- Kuthan - Page 2Unexamined
The Golden KettleUnexamined
The wood is mine straw from which I doth suck...Unexamined
Magic missile masterUnexamined
Cool Variant Assassin class (not mine)Unexamined
"The Ancestors"Unexamined
I just rediscovered this PrC...Unexamined
Juggernaut (PrC)Unexamined
Arcling (PrC)Unexamined
Jagganath (PrC)Unexamined
Improvised Weapon Proficency?Unexamined
Blademaster (PrC)Unexamined
My first original base class: The Peasant WarriorUnexamined
My first original base class: The Peasant Warrior - Page 2Unexamined
The High Enforcer: My first PrCUnexamined
Obesity RulesUnexamined
Help me even out this base classUnexamined
Leaves that once rustled, boughs that once bent...Unexamined
Feat considerationsUnexamined
Inclement Weather - A new monsterUnexamined
Homebrew Monsters, Classes, PrCs, etc.Unexamined
Haggling - An Alternate System for Your CritiqueUnexamined
Devotee of Keala Mensha Khaine.Unexamined
A whole lot of new spellsUnexamined
Warlord PrCUnexamined
Two PRCs for OfficersUnexamined
Revival of the Harry Potter d20Unexamined
Complete Drunkard(booze classes)Unexamined
Talented Characters (a proposed character variant)Unexamined
New PrC--The Player KingUnexamined
New Feat: Hostile Soul(versions 1.0-1.2)Unexamined
Variant Ranger MK IIUnexamined
Opioins needed: Overcharge SpellUnexamined
Is it broken? (feats)Unexamined
I need to price this item.Unexamined
Halo Role Playing GameUnexamined
New classes for a campaign worldUnexamined
The Colorless Soul, it was a requestUnexamined
New class psi-ranger, please comment!Unexamined
Four New Core Classes (sorta)Unexamined
Sedductress PrCUnexamined
Dipsomancer: A PrCUnexamined
Sorcerers' Stones (Magic Item Idea)Unexamined
Urban soulUnexamined
The Cultist: Old class i made, rehased to a PrCUnexamined
Sword in the Dark Take 2Unexamined
Nightblade: The PrCUnexamined
Arcane Mercenary (version 2, Spell list done)Unexamined
A New Half-OrcUnexamined
Avatar of the Hells(Warlock PrC)Unexamined
NPC Prestige Class: Island LordUnexamined
Arcanoecology: Peaceful Magical PlantsUnexamined
Odal's Feign LifeUnexamined
Variant RangerUnexamined
Elite Ninja PrCUnexamined
The Phantom ElvesUnexamined
PrC:  Pitied WarriorUnexamined
Greater Weapon Finesse (potential idea)Unexamined
Greater Weapon Finesse (potential idea) - Page 2Unexamined
Boots of Blazing SpeedUnexamined
The Greatrams of HearthUnexamined
Would this be broken?Unexamined
Light Clock - New magic itemUnexamined
Raccoon Anthropomorphic RaceUnexamined
New PrC maybe coreUnexamined
PrC's I've made.Unexamined
Spells of the DarkenmageUnexamined
Spells of the Darkenmage - Page 2Unexamined
Need help with a RaceUnexamined
New CantripUnexamined
Help with Prestige ClassUnexamined
An idea I was tossing around *PRC*Unexamined
An idea I was tossing around *PRC* - Page 2Unexamined
Another race by myselfUnexamined
idea for an  featUnexamined
Mimicking masters of survival: The LichenfriendUnexamined
Thats right, new hunter class and PrCUnexamined
Help evaulating SpellUnexamined
Can I Use These Spells?Unexamined
Drunken BerserkerUnexamined
Abhorsen in d20Unexamined
The Swashbuckler Mage (a new base class)Unexamined
Risen MartyrUnexamined
The Day of the Triffids Has Come...Unexamined
New metalUnexamined
New Spell: Fireblast (aka HUGE fireball)Unexamined
Whisky Bottle ChampionUnexamined
Varient Rule:  Standoff InitiateUnexamined
Hyrulian RacesUnexamined
Hyrulian Races - Page 2Unexamined
The Master Tactician, a prCUnexamined
The Master Tactician, a prC - Page 2Unexamined
Blind Master PrCUnexamined
Kitsune, my new raceUnexamined
Help me out on a PrCUnexamined
Is this PrC broken?Unexamined
PrC: NightguardUnexamined
Morphic SwordsUnexamined
Critique/Steal my Magic ItemUnexamined
Something Completely Different: Patchwork ShamblerUnexamined
Guerilla PrCUnexamined
Beast Warrior PrCUnexamined
Vagabond Yojimbo(PrC)Unexamined
Rapidstrike/Improved RapidstrikeUnexamined
Druid of the Sacred Claw: PRC Check on aisle me...Unexamined
The Great Big Topic of Wondrous ItemsUnexamined
Xanth RPG?Unexamined
Prestige Class - Threepenny FencerUnexamined
Base class: LifesoulUnexamined
Base class: Lifesoul - Page 2Unexamined
A core class? Maybe...Unexamined
Lycan PrCUnexamined
Inspired by #256: Boots of Ridiculous SpeedUnexamined
Inspired by #256: Boots of Ridiculous Speed - Page 2Unexamined
so I'm thinking of making a PrC.Unexamined
New Skill: IllusionweavingUnexamined
Custom Priestige Class attemptUnexamined
Some feats, mostly epicUnexamined
Sword in the DarkUnexamined
Help Me Level a SpellUnexamined
'Core' class: StalkerUnexamined
Prestige Class: Bronze ServantUnexamined
2 new PRCS for my campaignUnexamined
Jak and Daxter D&DUnexamined
New Species: NecronsUnexamined
New Feat: TreesingingUnexamined
Requesting Aid: Come take them apart, fellows!Unexamined
Yet another metamagic feat to ponderUnexamined
Whale of a whaleUnexamined
Variant humanUnexamined
New Feat: Noble BornUnexamined
OOTS Beastiary IIUnexamined
Chill splendor of blossoming coldUnexamined
Help me price this homebrew item!Unexamined
New race needed!Unexamined
New race needed! - Page 2Unexamined
New type of dragonUnexamined
Juggalo Prestiege Class?Unexamined
The d12 system by AmanodelUnexamined
New Monster: HungerUnexamined
New caster class: The OccultistUnexamined
New PanthionUnexamined
Invisible Spell Meta-magic FeatUnexamined
"Bardarian" FeatsUnexamined
New Rogue System - Adapted from World of WarcraftUnexamined
New Rogue System - Adapted from World of Warcraft - Page 2Unexamined
Beastmaster Competition I (Fear Itself)Unexamined
Old Feet, New FeatUnexamined
Dancer classUnexamined
New Base Class: the BrawlerUnexamined
Adapting Midnight Bloodlines for other games...Unexamined
new feat - Improvised Weapon FightingUnexamined
Tweaked Cleric Class - the DedicatUnexamined
New magical ability for a weaponUnexamined
New PrC - Seeker of KaivalyaUnexamined
Ki Feat ideaUnexamined
Gain Familiar?Unexamined
puntgun statsUnexamined
Soul WeaponsUnexamined
Gnome Tinkerer CharacterUnexamined
Bard and fighter remakesUnexamined
Bard and fighter remakes - Page 2Unexamined
More Combat TechniquesUnexamined
Starcraft RPGUnexamined
Starcraft RPG - Page 2Unexamined
Starcraft RPG - Page 3Unexamined
Starcraft RPG - Page 4Unexamined
Starcraft RPG - Page 5Unexamined
Starcraft RPG - Page 6Unexamined
Starcraft RPG - Page 7Unexamined
Starcraft RPG - Page 8Unexamined
Starcraft RPG - Page 9Unexamined
PrC: Resilient Knight (Happy Halloween!)Unexamined
New feat for all the One Piece fansUnexamined
Haplo and the Death GateUnexamined
The Coconut EquestrianUnexamined
The Coconut Equestrian - Page 2Unexamined
New Feat: LeverageUnexamined
New WeaponUnexamined
New Feat: DR vs BludgeoningUnexamined
PrC: Persona CrafterUnexamined
Flip -- Transmutation Spell IdeaUnexamined
New weapon.  Sword of BalanceUnexamined
A new weapon and some feats. Tonfa Daggers!Unexamined
alternative weapon systemUnexamined
cOriginal PrC Ideas PleaseUnexamined
Animation FieldUnexamined
Dwarven Sharpshooter PrCUnexamined
Tal Rasha, Illidain, NightmareUnexamined
Zero-levelling -- An alternative gestalt ruleUnexamined
Dragon Rider Prestige ClassUnexamined
The Spirits of AutumnUnexamined
Fighter Feat InventionUnexamined
New feat: Moment of GloryUnexamined
New feat: Moment of Glory - Page 2Unexamined
Wanna help make a PrC for riders of giant birds?Unexamined
They did the mooonster mash!Unexamined
The Gnomish Face DiverUnexamined
Sword chucksUnexamined
Monster:  The StarvedUnexamined
Bloody Hell...Unexamined
The Life DomainUnexamined
AARGH!  There's a horse's head in my bed!Unexamined
Need ideas for Gnomish gadgetsUnexamined
Need ideas for Gnomish gadgets - Page 2Unexamined
Need ideas for Gnomish gadgets - Page 3Unexamined
Need ideas for Gnomish gadgets - Page 4Unexamined
New Spell, PEACH and allUnexamined
New player designed weaponsUnexamined
Curse you, non-SRD material!Unexamined
A feat that probably isn't worth itUnexamined
Re: The OOTS BeastiaryUnexamined
new base class, comments and sugestions requestedUnexamined
Shuriken of melted heartsUnexamined
New Feat CritiqueUnexamined
A new Feat? what do you thinkUnexamined
New feat thoughts.Unexamined
Prestige Class: Bile-eaterUnexamined
Prestige Class - Arcane ArcheologistUnexamined
Spartan base class.Unexamined
Opinions on a new campaign style and substanceUnexamined
A new prestiege class!Unexamined
Classless SuperheroesUnexamined
Creative New RacesUnexamined
A couple Metamagic FeatsUnexamined
New spellsUnexamined
Fedaykin-esque Prestige ClassUnexamined
Pugilist Base class, review pleaseUnexamined
Yet another new spell!Unexamined
Cool Magic ItemsUnexamined
Cool Magic Items - Page 2Unexamined
Spell: Smith's Invisible HandUnexamined
My first magic item [PEACH]Unexamined
Hollow HumansUnexamined
New Healer ClassUnexamined
NEW SPELL Grace of poison (conjuration)Unexamined
Great Blacksmith - Home made.Unexamined
Two Medical feats and a new magical item. Opinion?Unexamined
Would you play this modified cleric class?Unexamined
Critique my feat: Herbal MedicineUnexamined
a PrC for the warlock that needs fine tuningUnexamined
A Song and an ArtifactUnexamined
Creating a magic itemUnexamined
Modified Blackguard:DiabolistUnexamined
Geomaster Prestige ClassUnexamined
The DrifterUnexamined
The Drifter - Page 2Unexamined
The Drifter - Page 3Unexamined
What do you think of this Base fighting class?Unexamined
Heroic DivesUnexamined
New or Modified Player Races?Unexamined
Half DrowUnexamined
so I'm thinking of designing a Prestige class.Unexamined
Black Knight Prestige Class (And other wacked clasUnexamined
What do you think of this feat?Unexamined
Half drow elfUnexamined
Deity PantheonsUnexamined
Deity Pantheons - Page 2Unexamined
Clay Bodied TemplateUnexamined
Half-Aarakocra Half-Elf (Aarako)Unexamined
Detailing custom racesUnexamined
Taerlae (New Race up for critique)Unexamined
1/2 Dwarf & 1/2 OrcUnexamined
new race submitted for your reviewUnexamined
I'm making an Islands-To-Water incantation...Unexamined
Wish spell series - comments?Unexamined
Gnomish KeyboardsUnexamined
kingroshi monk (New PrC)Unexamined
The Bodyguard Base ClassUnexamined
Fight JugglingUnexamined
Balance This!Unexamined
New arcane spell.. is it balanced?Unexamined
PrC: The FencerUnexamined
Conversion Discussion and DisplayUnexamined
Oversized Weaponmaster (PrC) (long)Unexamined
PrC: AvatarUnexamined
New Gnomish SubraceUnexamined
Gestalt VariantsUnexamined
Template: FrogriderUnexamined
Bag of Beans!Unexamined
Bag of Beans! - Page 2Unexamined
Magic Items Of FishingUnexamined
New alchemical itemsUnexamined
[PrC] The Iron Wall and someone to jump itUnexamined
Alien Race: MantidsUnexamined
Now, We've Never Actually Tried to Summon a Troll from a Finnish Necronomicon...Unexamined
[Creature] Of winters ancient...Unexamined
[Creature] A curse upon you!Unexamined
[Creature] The JakriasUnexamined
Long Range Communications [spell/d20 Moderm]Unexamined
New DomainsUnexamined
New Races [City Plane]Unexamined
[Template] The Truth Will Out!Unexamined
Adapting Crimson Skies to Modern D20 mechanicsUnexamined
The godshard (Base class)Unexamined
Living Spell Arcanist (PRC)Unexamined
[Spell] BrandUnexamined
A Few New Mage [Feats]Unexamined
Street Brawler Base ClassUnexamined
From the Fires of Death, I am Reborn[Prc]Unexamined
Random SpellsUnexamined
[Spell] Mind Thrust for MagesUnexamined
[Spell] Something to keep them down...Unexamined
[race] GriffmenUnexamined
Gotta Love Those Cute Think-Tanks [Creature]Unexamined
Fear and Loathing [Creature]Unexamined
Grauk (Race/Monster)Unexamined
Making Race Matter More--LOTS more!Unexamined
[Spell] Protection without alignment.Unexamined
Build a Better Human!Unexamined
Even more [feats]Unexamined
The Truth Will Out! [Template]Unexamined
Crimson Skies: Advanced Class (Adapted)Critiques and Suggestations welcomeUnexamined
Ingamore (Spells)Unexamined
Warlock InvocationsUnexamined
Swimming the Seas of Death [Creature]Unexamined
[Psi Feat & Powers] My mind to your mind, my thoughts to your thoughts...Unexamined
[Artifact & Item] Make a joyous noise...Unexamined
[Template] He's always singing there...Unexamined
Occult Nemesis [Prestige]Unexamined
Let your mind start to journey to a strange new world... [PrC]Unexamined
An alternative way to become a Drunken MasterUnexamined
Psychic TortureUnexamined
Murphy's Primates [Creature]Unexamined
feat compendium and StaffsUnexamined
Cloak Spelll [Feat/Metamagic]Unexamined
GITP Monster Competition Chat ThreadUnexamined
GITP Monster Competition Chat Thread - Page 2Unexamined
GITP Monster Competition Chat Thread - Page 3Unexamined
GITP Monster Competition Chat Thread - Page 4Unexamined
GITP Monster Competition Chat Thread - Page 5Unexamined
GITP Monster Competition Chat Thread - Page 6Unexamined
GITP Monster Competition Chat Thread - Page 7Unexamined
GITP Monster Competition Chat Thread - Page 8Unexamined
GITP Monster Competition Chat Thread - Page 9Unexamined
GITP Monster Competition III - Harvest Moon (Vote Now!)Unexamined
[Template]Woad SpiritUnexamined
Perchance to dream... [Race]Unexamined
[Brainstorming] Arcanus Generalis?Unexamined
DM'ing la vita locaUnexamined
Guide to TablesUnexamined
Symbiotic Weapons (Items and Prestige Class) [Transfer From Old Forum]Unexamined
Formula(s) for converting D20 Modern Wealth?Unexamined
[Template]Further Pimping of the CorpseUnexamined
[Feats] Knowledge is power...Unexamined
[Skill Use, Feat] Provoke AttackUnexamined
Jellicle Cats come out to-night... [Race, Setting]Unexamined
Androids[Shadowrun 4e]Unexamined
Unorthodox fighting stylesUnexamined
VP/WP Variant(?)Unexamined
Cartography of the Changing Cortex [Psionic Powers]Unexamined
Smite thine Enemies...Unexamined
[Creature] And the fairies danced no more...Unexamined
An eye for an eye, and soon the whole world is blind.Unexamined
[god] Banjo!Unexamined
[god] Banjo! - Page 2Unexamined
[Creature] Rise up, my countrymen!Unexamined
Question on house rulesUnexamined
New SoulmeldsUnexamined
Revised Staff RulesUnexamined
Beware of SOUP!Unexamined
Strategic Positioning [Tactical] ((Feat))Unexamined
advice needed: invisible bladeUnexamined
Beer Hat?Unexamined
Absolute Zero [Creature]Unexamined
[Small Gods] Live, dangit! LIVE!!Unexamined
You're a Dragon, that's what counts! [Race|PEACH]Unexamined
Trying for a low magic ritual magic variantUnexamined
(almost) Total change of base classes.Unexamined
reorith and cabbagetheif's variant smiteUnexamined
(Another!?) Element IssueUnexamined
Slick as a Seal [Race|PEACH]Unexamined
Disgaea Campaign SettingUnexamined
Disgaea Campaign Setting - Page 2Unexamined
Yakuza (prestige class)Unexamined
Forged of Salt and Sand [Materials]Unexamined
[PrC] CountercasterUnexamined
Macquahuitl (Weapon)Unexamined
Upping the Ante: The AllipUnexamined
Demon lord contest entry thread (Contest)Unexamined
Demon lord contest talk thread (Contest)Unexamined
The prophessssssy! (PEACH)Unexamined
Atlantean Flintlock [d20 Modern Weapon]Unexamined
Making Bull Rush Better[Feats]Unexamined
[ Feat ] Path StudyUnexamined
Powered Armor: Small Gets EvenUnexamined
Roamers of the World[race]Unexamined
Dealing with Immortality... QuestionsUnexamined
Dealing with Immortality... Questions - Page 2Unexamined
Request "animated objects"Unexamined
Skill Crystals[Magic Item]Unexamined
Throw ability?Unexamined
New prestige class, Puppet MasterUnexamined
Completely Changing d20 Combat [Brainstorm]Unexamined
[Torment] Artifact/Race - MetalsoulUnexamined
Yarr! It be a Pirate Class!Unexamined
Evilish Dark Knight ClassUnexamined
Dual weilding sword class.Unexamined
Fighterish Rogueish Bandit.Unexamined
I need help with this Arcane Caster class.Unexamined
A Native American like raceUnexamined
New prestige class: Choosen of BahamutUnexamined
New elf subtypeUnexamined
Soul Eating SwordUnexamined
Modern Leadership FeatsUnexamined
I'm Your God of Second Chance [Deity]Unexamined
Deu Zexma Khina, God by the machines (deity)Unexamined
New Feat: Spontaneous CogitationUnexamined
Zessian [race]Unexamined
Quest ideas for evil PCsUnexamined
Balancing PrC's for Wizards and SorcerersUnexamined
Death based classUnexamined
Last of the Mohicans weaponUnexamined
[Creature] Droned the shadows in ethereal tones...Unexamined
Armor housrule and mithral "revision"Unexamined
Thief NPC classUnexamined
Elemental PrCs??Unexamined
[Spell/Concept] Elemental CascadeUnexamined
[Spell/Concept] Elemental Cascade - Page 2Unexamined
Future campaign opinions...Unexamined
Feat: Feint MasteryUnexamined
Feat: Off-Hand StrikeUnexamined
Feat: Extended StrikeUnexamined
Feat: Iron BroomUnexamined
Feat: Superior DisarmUnexamined
Epic SpellcastingUnexamined
Feat: Dragon's Tail StrikeUnexamined
For anyone who wants to look like a samurai [Feat]Unexamined
[Spell] Burst of StrengthUnexamined
The Elemental Tank need You!!!Unexamined
[Template] MornavilanusUnexamined
(race) half elf, half Orc?Unexamined
Catstorm (New spell and monster!)Unexamined
Composer/Destroyer PrC'sUnexamined
Wildmagic tablesUnexamined
Aranea and LAUnexamined
[Small Gods] Who says you can't depend on luck?Unexamined
[Spells] Fatality!Unexamined
Bard PrC, War Thunderer.Unexamined
[Base Class] The MyrmidonUnexamined
The Encyclopedia MagicaUnexamined
The Encyclopedia Magica - Page 2Unexamined
The Encyclopedia Magica - Page 3Unexamined
[Base Class] The EtherealistUnexamined
Alteration on daggers.Unexamined
Stop me if you've heard this Feat before...Unexamined
[PrC] We've heard the tale since we were young, heard the songs that have been sung..Unexamined
Help with a homebrew BBEGUnexamined
armor peircingUnexamined
Smite thine enemies[Feat]Unexamined
Paladin Shield ala WoWUnexamined
lost monsterUnexamined
Help with a Homebrew SystemUnexamined
Casting while drunkUnexamined
Elemental Magic (Variant Spell System) Brainstorm threadUnexamined
Lady of the Fallen [creature]Unexamined
A random feat...Unexamined
[Feats] Another Handful of FeatsUnexamined
Variant Alignment System [WIP]Unexamined
Kid-themed CampaignUnexamined
Thought experiment: variant damage ruleUnexamined
New and (hopefully) Improved Alignment SystemUnexamined
Come ride with me, through the veins of history...[PrC]Unexamined
The Wishmaster (base class)Unexamined
False KnightUnexamined
[Class]Lore seekerUnexamined
Pebble Swarm [creature]Unexamined
[Spells] Sphere me!Unexamined
Dagerstrike initiator?Unexamined
The Channeler of Divine [Base Class] (PEACH)Unexamined
The Dealer's Army [PrCs, Weapons, Items, lots of stuff]Unexamined
[race] Orcs (rewrite)Unexamined
Half-Breeding [CHALLENGE!]Unexamined
Inganomicon ((Abberitions))Unexamined
Spell: Flaming Alarm summoning.Unexamined
New Druid Spells: Spirit AllyUnexamined
[invocations]Choose a sideUnexamined
New Special Crossbow Weapons (Help Needed Please!)Unexamined
Agent of the Church [PrC]Unexamined
[CUTE] Evaluation Process: The Prodigy [Class]Unexamined
More Alternative Class FeaturesUnexamined
Variant Utterance Truespeak Checks (PEACH)Unexamined
Knowledge is Power [PrC]Unexamined
[Base Class] DuskbowUnexamined
[Item, Help] Disintegrating AmmoUnexamined
[spell] Sanity is for the weakUnexamined
Spellsouled TemplateUnexamined
Elixir Drinker. (PEACH)Unexamined
The Wise and Learned Warrior [Feats]Unexamined
(Name here) [Race]Unexamined
What should this things LA beUnexamined
Speaker for the Dead [PrC]Unexamined
[Item: Modern Weapons] Avia Corporation, Mythic Armaments, Zodiac MunitionsUnexamined
[PrC] Sphere ScholarUnexamined
Hybrid Children, Watch the Sea [Prc]Unexamined
A better armor tableUnexamined
d20 Runic -- A Heroic Skill based d20Unexamined
A new Fighter VariantUnexamined
[Item] Card of MastersUnexamined
[Item] Card of Masters - Page 2Unexamined
Tools of the Dragonmarked [Items]Unexamined
Variant for SorcerersUnexamined
Sorcerers component substitution (Help Needed)Unexamined
Far Realms and AlienistsUnexamined
Far Realms and Alienists - Page 2Unexamined
Neo-Penumbran Guard [PrC]Unexamined
Soldier (Formerly Martial Ranger) [Base]Unexamined
Soldier (Formerly Martial Ranger) [Base] - Page 2Unexamined
Soldier (Formerly Martial Ranger) [Base] - Page 3Unexamined
Point based alignmentUnexamined
Throat Slitting Feats PEACHUnexamined
Behold the Power of Blood[Spells]Unexamined
Alternative d20 skills systemUnexamined
Gritty Variants - injury, spellcasters, etcUnexamined
Gritty Variants - injury, spellcasters, etc - Page 2Unexamined
Weather spells [PEACH]Unexamined
Epic Spell: Dispel WardUnexamined
Mana,a rule variant.Unexamined
The World of Two Moons [World and Villains]Unexamined
Half-Ragewalker [Race/Template]Unexamined
[PrC or Template] Susurrus-BondedUnexamined
[Spells] For all those single adventuring mothersUnexamined
A TWF feat [feat]Unexamined
Dinotopia [Creatures]Unexamined
[Spells] The Camera SpellUnexamined
Faded Sage [Prc]Unexamined
[Creature] Help! Help! I'm being oppressed!Unexamined
Companion ShapeUnexamined
Mechs and other Machines(Vehicle)Unexamined
desperate plea for info, fellow weapons geeks take note!Unexamined
Fancier racesUnexamined
[variant] Crits: Skilled not LuckyUnexamined
[variant] Crits: Skilled not Lucky - Page 2Unexamined
Rules for Throwing CreaturesUnexamined
[Template] Emaciated AvengerUnexamined
[Guns and a houserule]Dangerous Duty Police WeaponsUnexamined
[challenge] my rage is better than your rage....Unexamined
[Template] Lesser LichUnexamined
Reverse Vampire (TEMPLATE)Unexamined
Goblins, goblins, goblins...Unexamined
Converting 2.x homebrew monsters to 3.xUnexamined
A Flavoriffic Metamagic FeatUnexamined
A Flavoriffic Metamagic Feat - Page 2Unexamined
Cartogromancy [Spells]Unexamined
[Deity] The Mind Is Sacred!Unexamined
[variant] blood mage (variant sorc)Unexamined
The Wizard's AtticUnexamined
[Feat] Some names are easier than othersUnexamined
[PrC] Heavy Weapons GuyUnexamined
Soulstitched [New Monster]Unexamined
Starting at Level 3Unexamined
Resurrection ProblemsUnexamined
Resurrection Problems - Page 2Unexamined
Homebrew Giant LeechUnexamined
Seas of the Mind [PrC]Unexamined
Advanced Divine Grace.Unexamined
Intelligent oozesUnexamined
Varient: constant damage critsUnexamined
Empire Builders....Unexamined
Vengeance Spells!Unexamined
Chapter 10: Monsters and NPCs [TCS]Unexamined
[Race] Kick your knees up, step in time!Unexamined
new undead [help]Unexamined
GITP Monster Competition IV - Holly JollyUnexamined
GITP Monster Competition IV - Holly Jolly - Page 2Unexamined
The Indigo Template Contest VOTING THREAD!Unexamined
[Class] Dragon Touched WarriorUnexamined
Trying to stat something...I need help.Unexamined
Smasher [class]Unexamined
Feat IdeaUnexamined
Abundant Step(ping) [Feat]Unexamined
Monster Design ContestUnexamined
Spell Dancer [base class]Unexamined
Water, Earth, Fire, and Air [class]Unexamined
Water, Earth, Fire, and Air [class] - Page 2Unexamined
Water, Earth, Fire, and Air [class] - Page 3Unexamined
Water, Earth, Fire, and Air [class] - Page 4Unexamined
Water, Earth, Fire, and Air [class] - Page 5Unexamined
Water, Earth, Fire, and Air [class] - Page 6Unexamined
Water, Earth, Fire, and Air [class] - Page 7Unexamined
Water, Earth, Fire, and Air [class] - Page 8Unexamined
Water, Earth, Fire, and Air [class] - Page 9Unexamined
Monster Statting RequestUnexamined
Elsiron's Drunken Stupor SpellUnexamined
El Goonish DungeonUnexamined
Barbarian NAUnexamined
Mage Slayer [Class]Unexamined
Arcane Caster [new feat & class revision]Unexamined
Totally New SystemUnexamined
Question: Dependencies on other workUnexamined
Second Language Acquisition!Unexamined
Monk Variant: Stone Fist DojoUnexamined
The Infinity BladeUnexamined
New Elementals [Creature, TCS]Unexamined
[Feat] Divine ArcanistUnexamined
Varient SpellsUnexamined
Battle Master (PrC)Unexamined
Sorcerer Variant Base Class: Blue SorcererUnexamined
The Indigo Template Contest RESULTS THREAD!Unexamined
War Fan [weapon]Unexamined
Eternal Child[Base Class] (PEACH)Unexamined
Eternal Child[Base Class] (PEACH)Unexamined
New class: Druid Plant MasterUnexamined
need helpUnexamined
New Spell: Double ArrowUnexamined
[Prestige Class] DeceiverUnexamined
Magneto! Why not.Unexamined
[Domain] HonorUnexamined
Inspired by Weirdness in the WorldUnexamined
New Spell: Enchanter's BaneUnexamined
Alternate Weapon Materials.Unexamined
New Metamagic Feat: Demonic PactUnexamined
Epic ContentUnexamined
Judo feats?Unexamined
[Monster] A sack of sand... and pain!Unexamined
The Gift Contest ThreadUnexamined
The Gift Contest ENTRY ThreadUnexamined
Flameburst Drake (New Monster)Unexamined
Contest Ideas IIUnexamined
Contest Ideas II - Page 2Unexamined
Contest Ideas II - Page 3Unexamined
Contest Ideas II - Page 4Unexamined
Contest Ideas II - Page 5Unexamined
Contest Ideas II - Page 6Unexamined
Contest Ideas II - Page 7Unexamined
Contest Ideas II - Page 8Unexamined
Hey Homebrewers!Unexamined
[GIFT] The Gift of the EndUnexamined
[GIFT] The Gift of FriendshipUnexamined
I am ninja, you are ninja[PrC]Unexamined
Technolich - Page 2Unexamined
[Gift] The GiverUnexamined
[GIFT] (Rookie) Gren and Il'Naeish's Ace in the HoleUnexamined
I'm Mr. Ice Meizer...I'm mr. 30 bellow! [template]Unexamined
Soul HostUnexamined
Newb MaterialUnexamined
For you Pirates OTC fans...[TEMPLATE]Unexamined
And the sins of the fathers were passed on to the sons...(gift)Unexamined
Yay, Psionic [Feats]!Unexamined
Check these before I enter them [feats]Unexamined
[Template] Walking in a winter wonderland...Unexamined
You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch... [Race]Unexamined
[Gift] (rookie) I can grant you gifts and I can take them awayUnexamined
[Item] Snicker-Snack!Unexamined
CR my BBEG's beastie?Unexamined
Feat: Recharge Wand[Item Creation]Unexamined
Spite Spawn (Template, Needs CR Added, DND 3.5 related)Unexamined
Middle Earth ConversionsUnexamined
[Base Class] ContramancerUnexamined
[Base Class] Contramancer - Page 2Unexamined
[GIFT] (Rookie) Jack in the BoxUnexamined
[Creature] Ashes to ashes...Unexamined
Spell NamingUnexamined
Spell Naming - Page 2Unexamined
Making Mental Stats Useful in Combat (without spells)Unexamined
[Item] It's the only way to travel...Unexamined
Rime ChildUnexamined
[spell/Modern] Because Modern doesn't have enough Deus ExUnexamined
Variant: Parry, Block and Dodge - BetaUnexamined
Star wars-mecha crossoverUnexamined
[Feats] I am so smart. S, M, R T.Unexamined
[Feats] I am so smart. S, M, R T. - Page 2Unexamined
[Spell] OW!Unexamined
[Spell] OW! - Page 2Unexamined
[Spell] OW! - Page 3Unexamined
[Monster] BlankUnexamined
[modern/Prestige Class] I choose immortal life...Unexamined
[Feat] Religion for Everyone ElseUnexamined
Planewalker[epic] (peach)Unexamined
[Spell] A taxidermist's dreamUnexamined
lizard men race critique pleaseUnexamined
[class]MAD Mystics. (Not complete)Unexamined
Underwater DungeonsUnexamined
[Gift] Chosen of One-With-SkyUnexamined
Complete Lich - Your Guide to Immortality and BeyondUnexamined
Complete Lich - Your Guide to Immortality and Beyond - Page 2Unexamined
[Feat] Know Thine EnemyUnexamined
[Terrain] What happens when a psion eats his icecream too fast?Unexamined
Alternative Class System (PEACH)Unexamined
Night's Stealth [Spell]Unexamined
[Feats] Thog Feats!Unexamined
[Feats] Thog Feats! - Page 2Unexamined
[Feats] Thog Feats! - Page 3Unexamined
[god] Nivram, god of Chronic DepressionUnexamined
[The Gift] Geistwächter (Rookie)Unexamined
(Feat) Mage's CoughUnexamined
[Gift] (rookie) The Gifts of the MagiUnexamined
Unseen Curse [PrC]Unexamined
[Gift] Who Let the Dogs Out... (Rookie)Unexamined
[monster] Stylish AND functionalUnexamined
[spell]Create AlcoholUnexamined
[Prestige Class] Improvised Master (or Jackie Chan Incarnate)Unexamined
[spells] I, ball, ...Unexamined
[Template] MornavilanusUnexamined
[PrC] Revisiting the Spell ThiefUnexamined
Feat idea?Unexamined
[Race]Kulu a short lived raceUnexamined
Arcanable [creature]Unexamined
Blood to Alcohol [spell]Unexamined
Invoke Spell [Epic Feat]Unexamined
Jiang Shi [Creature]Unexamined
Big Comfy Couch [Creature]Unexamined
[item]Wizard's CoinpurseUnexamined
And I Am A Snake Head Eating the Head on the Opposite Side [Creature]Unexamined
Specialty Templates [Guaging Interest]Unexamined
[diety] Flirting with InfinityUnexamined
how would you make these characters?Unexamined
Monk of the Sublime Way - [New Book of Nine Swords Class]Unexamined
Monk of the Sublime Way - [New Book of Nine Swords Class] - Page 2Unexamined
[GIFT] A Scary Christmas and A Happy Terror!Unexamined
Roy Has Boobies!!! [Spell]Unexamined
Vala [PrC] (Extraordinary Caster)Unexamined
Creature Add-ons and PiecesUnexamined
[monster]bewere(cr 2)Unexamined
Diseased Minds [Creature]Unexamined
Soulknife, now with 90% less gimp! (base class)Unexamined
Revisiting the Eldritch knight, a rewriteUnexamined
Two Background FeatsUnexamined
New Nonmagical EquipmentUnexamined
Carrion-Bound [Template]Unexamined
[Feat] RAID?!Unexamined
My try at Ratlings [Monster]Unexamined
Random Homebrew!Unexamined
Lingual Deulist [base class]Unexamined
[Gift] With old odd ends...Unexamined
Demi-Wands (mage-weapons)Unexamined
The Dashing Swordsman [PrC]Unexamined
The Dashing Swordsman [PrC] - Page 2Unexamined
The Dashing Swordsman [PrC] - Page 3Unexamined
The Dashing Swordsman [PrC] - Page 4Unexamined
[Gift]Glow-in-the-Dark Pants (rookie)Unexamined
Corrupt Magic DomainUnexamined
Soulgiver [PrC]Unexamined
Impact of limited metal supply on fighters and clericsUnexamined
Rogue Sniper Feats [FEAT]Unexamined
My created classUnexamined
Ring of Anti-DisjunctionUnexamined
Exemplar 2.0 (Class)Unexamined
Dungeon Motivation?Unexamined
"the gift" designUnexamined
Detect, Seduce, Destroy, Combine [Spells]Unexamined
[GIFT] Sock MonsterUnexamined
[feat?]A Prepaid RessurectionUnexamined
Low Gear Solutions!!!Unexamined
(Prestige Class) GamblerUnexamined
[Feat] Yay for paranoiaUnexamined
Wild Berserker [PrC]Unexamined
Spell Sustainer (Prc)Unexamined
warlocks warlocks everywhere, and not a PrC in sightUnexamined
[PrC] The Shadow of JusticeUnexamined
[Epic PrC] The Soul RenderUnexamined
True Heroes make their Luck (prestige class)Unexamined
None Shall Pass!Unexamined
[Class] The Battlemage, a Gish ClassUnexamined
[GIFT] Omer Ikahn Etch-Pressed Gift Card (Rookie)Unexamined
[GIFT] Gift of PreparednessUnexamined
[GIFT] Determine Gift (rookie)Unexamined
[Discussion] Superstition and Fear in D&DUnexamined
Warlock invocationUnexamined
Children of RindurilUnexamined
Variant on my wild shape class featureUnexamined
New campaign ideasUnexamined
(Base Class) Street MagicianUnexamined
Is this balanced?Unexamined
Dual Theism [feat]Unexamined
Is this balanced?Unexamined
Kyaieeeee! [Race; Star Control]Unexamined
[GIFT] Masterwork Holly and MistletoeUnexamined
So Mr. Bond....We meet agian (Class)Unexamined
To Homebrew, or not to Homebrew?Unexamined
Cat-Muffin race? (Help? Please?)Unexamined
Vestige Emanations [Creature]Unexamined
[New DND 3.5 Template] Mithralborn - Needing help on CR and LAUnexamined
The wuxia (peach)Unexamined
[Spells] Thats the spirit!Unexamined
Center of GravityUnexamined
[Class] Feyborn DruidUnexamined
Random, yet fair, statsUnexamined
Oracle Knight [PrC]Unexamined
Using Gesault to balance melee and castersUnexamined
D&D 3.5: Template Idea, need helpUnexamined
New prestige class for review: The ReaverUnexamined
Bored out of your mind with the MM? A template just for you.Unexamined
Alternative to the ten basic dragon speciesUnexamined
Tarot of Fate [Artifacts]Unexamined
[GIFT] The ExperimentUnexamined
Spell: Fleshcrafter's Gift - PEACHUnexamined
[Feats] All Creatures Great And SmallUnexamined
Lorenz [d20 Modern Monster]Unexamined
[Powers] I will know soon enough...Unexamined
[Power] A taste of your own medicine!Unexamined
Cybermancy [Unknown Armies]Unexamined
Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Medium-Sized creatureUnexamined
Homebrewed weaponsUnexamined
Some game statistics mathUnexamined
[Gift] When in doubt, re-gift!Unexamined
[Gift] Fundo's Fantabulous Footwear (Rooky(?))Unexamined
Close Quarters Combat [Feat]Unexamined
Diablomancy [Unknown Armies]Unexamined
[PrC] Over-Sized MasterUnexamined
[PrC] Over-Sized Master - Page 2Unexamined
[Gift] Mirrored ScalesUnexamined
'The knuckles! The horrible knuckles!' [spell/d20 Modern]Unexamined
Dark Moon Claws PrC (Yeah I made them; Ninja Were cats) New Pic!Unexamined
Slumber [Power]Unexamined
Accursed (feats) some feedback on fine tuning would be appreciatedUnexamined
Who says the barbarian should use a battle axe? [WEAPON]Unexamined
Who says the barbarian should use a battle axe? [WEAPON] - Page 2Unexamined
My attempt at a few balancing tweaksUnexamined
Simple Pleasures: Low Wealth CampaignUnexamined
You Want To Do What? A DM's Guide to manage a HomebrewUnexamined
[Creature] Snowflakes from SPACE!Unexamined
Now you don't. [spell/d20 Modern]Unexamined
Polearm featUnexamined
The Vandal [base class, PEACH]Unexamined
Gears of Magic [Base Class]Unexamined
[PrC] Hand of GodUnexamined
[Gift] Small Box with a CardUnexamined
[Feat] Combat TacticsUnexamined
The Art of Villainy [PrC]Unexamined
Really minor variant rule.Unexamined
Paragon Base Class (from Guildwars)Unexamined
[feats]Polearm SoldierUnexamined
[feats] Feats for prospective mage slayersUnexamined
Arcane Casters in Mythra (peach) (help)Unexamined
[Monster] Dagite (Please check and Review)Unexamined
[PrC] Walking Martyr [WIP]Unexamined
Weave Points - a combined Fatigue / Skill based magic systemUnexamined
Nature Shaper [Base Class]Unexamined
Monsters in the Playground (Revamp)Unexamined
[feat: Whirlwind Charge] PEACHUnexamined
Another attempt at balancing Epic SpellcastingUnexamined
A New Artifact [Aust]Unexamined
( PrC) Flame of Knowledge (PEACH)Unexamined
Necrolock - For your undead loving warlockUnexamined
[Template] All for one, and one for all!Unexamined
[Gift] A Gift For a Promising Youth, love Mom & DadUnexamined
[Armour] Mageripper Full PlateUnexamined
Non-Vancian Revisions [class]Unexamined
The Style FighterUnexamined
Wow me with your flight spellsUnexamined
[Gift] The Giver of GiftsUnexamined
Not enought reptillian monstersUnexamined
Charun the Hammerer and Thrall of CharunUnexamined
Cosmic Librarian [PrC]Unexamined
Warmage variant?Unexamined
Some Ideas that I can't believe you guys haven't consideredUnexamined
Vermin Template - BloatedUnexamined
Celestial Pygmy MarmosetUnexamined
For thy sins, I cast thee out! [spell] [PEACH]Unexamined
[Creatures] KharaaUnexamined
A few new [Invocations]Unexamined
Two as One [PrC] (formatting fixed)Unexamined
Moon Elemental (Monster)Unexamined
Feast of the Beast [Monster]Unexamined
A fighter fix--this one actually does something.Unexamined
A fighter fix--this one actually does something. - Page 2Unexamined
A fighter fix--this one actually does something. - Page 3Unexamined
A fighter fix--this one actually does something. - Page 4Unexamined
A fighter fix--this one actually does something. - Page 5Unexamined
A fighter fix--this one actually does something. - Page 6Unexamined
The Storytellers (Org, Obj, Feat, Spell, Class)Unexamined
[Feats] Low BlowsUnexamined
[Monster] Stationary GuardianUnexamined
[monster]Sand Wizard (it'll help to have Sandstorm)Unexamined
I'll Make You A Deal... [Creature]Unexamined
Eloisa, the Doublespeaker [Vestige]Unexamined
Let's all make some custom [Curses]Unexamined
Let's all make some custom [Curses] - Page 2Unexamined
Let's all make some custom [Curses] - Page 3Unexamined
Glooble's Bouncing Doom (Spell)Unexamined
Shadow Templates NeededUnexamined
Soulsteel [Material]Unexamined
Alternative Equipment in Low Magic GamesUnexamined
Diamond Mind Prestige classUnexamined
A new abjuration spellUnexamined
Chaotic MonksUnexamined
Chaotic Monks - Page 2Unexamined
Chaotic Monks - Page 3Unexamined
Chaotic Monks - Page 4Unexamined
Chaotic Monks - Page 5Unexamined
Iron Heroes RPGWebPRofiler TemplateUnexamined
Owlbear's Twice-Removed Cousin [Creature Concept]Unexamined
Hokuto-Shin-Ken (spell)Unexamined
It was a good run, dear friend [spells]Unexamined
M:tG Color-based Spells [Theoretical System]Unexamined
[Weapon & Spell] Takem down, and takem down quick!Unexamined
[Weapon & Spell] Takem down, and takem down quick! - Page 2Unexamined
[GIFT] The Gift of GabUnexamined
[Gift] A Child is BornUnexamined
Temper, Temper [Monster]Unexamined
GITP Monster Competition V - Fimbulwinter (CLOSED)Unexamined
Black Bertha and the Beancounters (NPC, dungeon template, overthinking)Unexamined
More StylesUnexamined
More Styles - Page 2Unexamined
The Gift Contest VOTING Thread!Unexamined
Mage ArmorUnexamined
[Armor Abiltiy]ReshapingUnexamined
The Opportunist [Base Class]Unexamined
Predator- Adapting the Movie Monster [PEACH]Unexamined
Favour Bargain (Peach)Unexamined
[PrC]The HeroUnexamined
[Feat] And stood did the hairs on the back of their neck...Unexamined
Defenestrating Boom (Spell)Unexamined
Major artifact: PunishmentUnexamined
The Transcendent MonkUnexamined
[Compendium of Lord Triaxx]Unexamined
Artifact - Bone Saber of ZumakalisUnexamined
Possible House Rule: No-Save SpellsUnexamined
[Creature] Why the long face?Unexamined
Anyone have a map?Unexamined
[Feat] Combat IngenuityUnexamined
[PrC] BrawlerUnexamined
Modified Tiefling, Aasimar, etc (PEACH)Unexamined
[Weapon&Feat] Interlocking ShieldsUnexamined
Yes, I stole it from Girl Genius [creature]Unexamined
Magic Plants (Misc)Unexamined
Character Creation Variant: Nationality and Class SkillsUnexamined
Blocking featsUnexamined
The Decelerator (new psionic Prc)Unexamined
Redone barbarian; thoughts please.Unexamined
Firey Rebirth RitualUnexamined
Psionic FocusUnexamined
[Creature, Elemental] TakatuqUnexamined
Building Pantheons for Fun and ProfitUnexamined
Because it's about time [Paladin Capstone]Unexamined
Because it's about time [Paladin Capstone] - Page 2Unexamined
Because it's about time [Paladin Capstone] - Page 3Unexamined
(PrC)Dashing Swordsman(5 lvl)Unexamined
Monk Redux [WIP] [Need input]Unexamined
Dancer [Class]Unexamined
Submit to my will... [Feat]Unexamined
Spells 'o three.Unexamined
[Monster] Inspired by OotS #397 (someone has to do it...)Unexamined
A Revamp of the NPC [Classes]Unexamined
Balor Monster ClassUnexamined
They're always doing it in the movies [d20 Modern/feat]Unexamined
Avenger class (chaotic paladin)Unexamined
Green Golgi Swarm (Monster)Unexamined
[Creature] Shedding the cloak of cruelty...Unexamined
My first prestige class (d20 modern)Unexamined
Make me a godUnexamined
A Weird New Idea For a CampaignUnexamined
Shut up! Just shut up! [d20 Modern/spell]Unexamined
Deja FU!!!Unexamined
Crayola this!!! [Monster]Unexamined
A PrC I made on a dareUnexamined
A PrC I made on a dare - Page 2Unexamined
[Feat] Spear ChargeUnexamined
Codex Professa (Magic Item)Unexamined
New skill-point systemUnexamined
Lycan Spaw; LA 0 Template (I know about Shifters)Unexamined
[Feat] Even HandedUnexamined
(Artifact) A not-quite-so-Artifactly Artifact...Unexamined
[Feat] Weapon MasteryUnexamined
[Feat] Weapon Mastery - Page 2Unexamined
Obtain Soul (Feat/Ability)Unexamined
A Peculiar PantheonUnexamined
New God (Talmiradus) + Temporal MechanicsUnexamined
Principles of MagicUnexamined
The Wind Fights With Me[Prc]Unexamined
Augment Critical [Feat, spell, weapon ability]Unexamined
Augment Critical [Feat, spell, weapon ability] - Page 2Unexamined
Master of Styles [PrC]Unexamined
The Gift Contest Results ThreadUnexamined
Yeah, it's about time here too [Rogue capstone]Unexamined
(Spell) Is not, is too, is not, is too, IS NOT!!!Unexamined
Battle skill featsUnexamined
The home brewing is going. Let me check the recipe.Unexamined
[Feat] Mobile Two Weapon FightingUnexamined
Religion: HextorUnexamined
[PrC] With old odd ends... (extensive backstory)Unexamined
One Handed Fighting FeatsUnexamined
Kobork [Monster/Race]Unexamined
|Class| Healer Class Improvents IdeasUnexamined
[Feat] Two Weapon Fighting (Alternative)Unexamined
[Feat] Two Weapon Defence (Alternative)Unexamined
Blade of Mu [An Artifact for a BBEG]Unexamined
Fast as Lightning (Feat)Unexamined
[Weapon & Spell] I can do anything you can do better!Unexamined
Wealth Bonus Alternatives (D20 Modern)Unexamined
More Fighter FeatsUnexamined
Dread Lord [Feat]Unexamined
Werecreatures RethoughtUnexamined
|Armor| Dragon Hide Armor Varients?Unexamined
Powerwell [Magic Item]Unexamined
Bands of BardsUnexamined
Help for my Homebrew, Take IIUnexamined
[Feat] My 2cp On Extra Fighter FeatsUnexamined
Even MORE Fighter Feats (Now with Lasers)Unexamined
[Spell] Best way to get a drink from a Vogon...Unexamined
[Spell] Best way to get a drink from a Vogon... - Page 2Unexamined
[PrC] Blademistress of Karan [TCS]Unexamined
Stance Fighter [Variant]Unexamined
The Predator [base class, PEACH]Unexamined
The Dwarven Mushroom Farmer (Craft)Unexamined
The Broken Path [Variant magic system]Unexamined
Ninja RewriteUnexamined
Mujuon Raptorans(Race, Class and Artifact)Unexamined
Adapt A CreatureUnexamined
Adapt A Creature - Page 2Unexamined
Close-Quarters Shooting[Feat]Unexamined
XP monsterUnexamined
Peace and Love, man. [Domains]Unexamined
Gift Contest Refugee [FEAT] (PEACH)Unexamined
She alone will stand against the vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness (PrC)Unexamined
She alone will stand against the vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness (PrC) - Page 2Unexamined
What Do These Do?Unexamined
What Do These Do? - Page 2Unexamined
What Do These Do? - Page 3Unexamined
Fate [Template]Unexamined
[Spell] Ping (lesser, regular, and greater)Unexamined
Threadmistress/Threadmaster [PrC]Unexamined
New Race QuestionUnexamined
Need help with a tableUnexamined
Necklace of Crystal Skulls (Wondrous Item)Unexamined
The Arcane Artisan (NPC PrC)Unexamined
Heavy Two-Weapon FightingUnexamined
Scion of the Black Words(PrC)Unexamined
Idea: Awareness [House]Unexamined
Rune Based Magic SystemUnexamined
Magic Explosion [Spell]Unexamined
Copper Shot[Spell]Unexamined
[PrC] Sensory AtavistUnexamined
Magic Defense FeatsUnexamined
Want some wine with your PrC?Unexamined
[Base Class] East meets west; The Engetsu Shinobi (NOT anime or OA)Unexamined
[Base Class] East meets west; The Engetsu Shinobi (NOT anime or OA) - Page 2Unexamined
Radiant Disciple (PrC)Unexamined
Gun Mage (Base Class)Unexamined
Gun Mage (Base Class) - Page 2Unexamined
The Chicane Guild: A Slaughtergarde AddendumUnexamined
[House] Simple Weapons (Alternative)Unexamined
[PrC] WarmageUnexamined
Anandré, the cursed animals (Races for my new Campaign)Unexamined
Great Geometer [PrC, Epic]Unexamined
A new PrC! The Disciple of the Glass GreataxeUnexamined
House Rule: Undead are not immune to critical hits from holy weaponsUnexamined
Finding the Fun in...Unexamined
Undead are... Un-alive [variant, monsters]Unexamined
Need some suggestions...Unexamined
Nettle-ents and UrsagiUnexamined
Nettle-ents and UrsagiUnexamined
[House] Martial Weapons (Alternative)Unexamined
[PrC] Loup du NoirUnexamined
[PrC] Loup du Noir - Page 2Unexamined
GitP Prestige Class Contest I - Entry Thread - Sensory InputUnexamined
GitP Prestige Class Contest I - Comments Thread - Sensory InputUnexamined
Custom Weapon BuilderUnexamined
Custom Weapon Builder - Page 2Unexamined
Custom Weapon Builder - Page 3Unexamined
[Feats] Two New MetamagicsUnexamined
Jason VoorheesUnexamined
"Your kung-fu is not strong enough..." [PrC]Unexamined
help building this dragon slayer encounterUnexamined
Manacatcher (skill)Unexamined
[metamagic] things to do in a crowded roomUnexamined
[House] Child charactersUnexamined
[House] Child characters - Page 2Unexamined
[House] Child characters - Page 3Unexamined
hexblade spellsUnexamined
Fixing Some Paradoxes [Feats]Unexamined
[Template] Royal AnimalsUnexamined
The Child (Monster)Unexamined
Bullet witch NPC thoughts.Unexamined
Help with beat-fighter PrCUnexamined
[Creature] What, were you expecting the stork?Unexamined
[Feats] Skills and SavesUnexamined
Cheese: Dragon ClassUnexamined
New Prestige Class: The AssimilatorUnexamined
True Death [Spell]Unexamined
True Death [Spell] - Page 2Unexamined
[Prc]Tired of kung Fu? Then this prc’s for you!Unexamined
Feat: Formation Fighting (mainly for npc armies)Unexamined
hydra hybridUnexamined
Who here likes anime!?Unexamined
The Rivalry Contest ThreadUnexamined
The Rivalry Contest Thread - Page 2Unexamined
The Rivalry Contest Thread - Page 3Unexamined
The Rivalry Contest ENTRY Thread!Unexamined
My armor list for IHUnexamined
Collar of light [wonderous]Unexamined
Firetamer [NPC PrC]Unexamined
[RIVALRY] To Win Her HeartUnexamined
Master Craftsman [NPC PrC]Unexamined
[RIVALRY] The Lost Cutlass Poker InvitationalUnexamined
Combat Style (for real this time)Unexamined
Hobgoblin: Albrecht DunkelbuchUnexamined
Vengeful DragonhideUnexamined
[RIVALRY] Divine Wings of TragedyUnexamined
Great Clubs of FireUnexamined
Great Clubs of Fire - Page 2Unexamined
Object Immortality (template)Unexamined
It's a jungle out there... [NPC/Fan-brew]Unexamined
Template-From Far BeyondUnexamined
Toxicologist (PrC)Unexamined
Complete Class Changes [campaign variant]Unexamined
Radiant Servant Of Pelor/Ilmater ??Unexamined
New Power: Fury of the Dextrous MindUnexamined
Minisize me! - Need some help hereUnexamined
New/Alternative Special MaterialsUnexamined
[Background] BarbarianUnexamined
The Rune MageUnexamined
New Class: Balance NecromancerUnexamined
Monkey Master [PrC]Unexamined
Monkey Master [PrC] - Page 2Unexamined
Minimalist houserules to balance Core ClassesUnexamined
Undying Curate [Template]Unexamined
[RIVALRY] You Know, Most Guys Just Send Flowers...Unexamined
Like Planetouched, Only Different [Races, Feats]Unexamined
[Spell] Bad luck for you, eh?Unexamined
[Spell] Hey, quit your belly achin'!Unexamined
[Spell] Hey, quit your belly achin'! - Page 2Unexamined
Idea on classUnexamined
[Feats] A mugger's mustUnexamined
Metamagic Variant?Unexamined
Combat Morph (2H, 2W, S+B)Unexamined
[BC] So you think YOU'RE fast?Unexamined
[BC] So you think YOU'RE fast? - Page 2Unexamined
culinaromancer: Prestige ClassUnexamined
Sacrifice Bound [Template, Anti-liche!]Unexamined
The Specialist ShugenjaUnexamined
[RIVALRY] A Divided Heart; A Divided ManUnexamined
Shapshift [Feats]Unexamined
[Creature] Blackice ShadowUnexamined
A Link to Nature [Race, feats]Unexamined
New Ability! Luck [variant]Unexamined
Manifester (Generic class) and psionically inspired class featuresUnexamined
Wanderers cane [weapon]Unexamined
[RIVALRY] "Heart and Soul"... (rookie)Unexamined
[RIVALRY] "Heart and Soul"... (rookie) - Page 2Unexamined
Negative Metamagic [Feats]Unexamined
Bracers of throwingUnexamined
The "I Can't Believe It's Not ToB" Combat Style/Maneuver System: Now Complete!Unexamined
The "I Can't Believe It's Not ToB" Combat Style/Maneuver System: Now Complete! - Page 2Unexamined
Vadis' Spanking Hand [spell]Unexamined
[feats]Tome of Battle multiclass featsUnexamined
Warp Wonderer (Prestige Class)Unexamined
Gate, redoneUnexamined
Mark of Retrieval[Magic Item?]Unexamined
Weapon and Armor grades, homebrewUnexamined
The One Rule aka the Odd RuleUnexamined
The ArcaneUnexamined
Reverse template?Unexamined
Hitting below the belt. [FEATS]Unexamined
Should people be able to run unofficial polls to judge entry popularity?Unexamined
PRC - Di'An RunnerUnexamined
Substitution Levels [TCS]Unexamined
CR and Level AdjustmentUnexamined
PrC - Master of the Locked BowUnexamined
[RIVALRY] WithdrawnUnexamined
Calming Pie (Item)Unexamined
Various Items [Magic items/D&D and d20 Modern]Unexamined
True Sorcerer (Modified Sorcerer Class)Unexamined
True Sorcerer (Modified Sorcerer Class) - Page 2Unexamined
Alternate turning abilities (Variant)Unexamined
Are These Balanced? [Items]Unexamined
[Feats]Observant ImitaterUnexamined
[Monster] The Librarian of the BagUnexamined
Necromantic Focus (Magic Item)Unexamined
[PEACH] Gambling System - Kisen's WatchUnexamined
Should we make a NPC Thread?Unexamined
The Gelatinous Orb!Unexamined
[RIVALRY] Immortal Conflict (rookie)Unexamined
Optional beginning familiar listUnexamined
Skill Based Magic System: Now Finished!Unexamined
Animal Totemist (PrC)Unexamined
The Destructionist (base class)Unexamined
[RIVALRY] HushUnexamined
My Take on the Ninja (PrC)Unexamined
Fighter Redux, Lodoss-styleUnexamined
Fighter Redux, Lodoss-style - Page 2Unexamined
d20 Level 10Unexamined
Magitech: Spelljammer variantUnexamined
The Khorenzai (Grasshopper people)Unexamined
[Creature] That horrible beauty...Unexamined
Deities as Weapons of Mass DestructionUnexamined
(Artifact) The star of life and death.Unexamined
Blade Master [Base Class]Unexamined
The Wildstorm (Magical Broadsword)Unexamined
NPC CollectionUnexamined
The Vagrant [Base Class]Unexamined
The Vagrant [Base Class] - Page 2Unexamined
Low-Magic Campaign?Unexamined
Wishmaster Revamped (Base Class)Unexamined
Camerean Wandering Warrior [Base Class]Unexamined
Scout + Ranger = Scouter!Unexamined
[Fluff] Scribing Spells +[Item] Feedback InhibitorUnexamined
The Illumian languageUnexamined
Plug 'n Play NPCsUnexamined
The Bone Archer. For Archers who have bones. (PrC)Unexamined
The Amazon Warrior (prc)Unexamined
The Preist (PEACH)Unexamined
Emitters, they smell. (PrC)Unexamined
PrC: Fallen PaladinUnexamined
[Variant]Paladin of EnforcementUnexamined
The Knights of Salvation (PrC)Unexamined
[Creature] Sylenti - Twisted Desert FeyUnexamined
Help me create this PrCUnexamined
[Feats] Automatic savesUnexamined
Symbiotes bio-golems and inteligent items (Please criticise and post more ideas)Unexamined
[Setting Outline] Black Politics (PEACH)Unexamined
[Feats] Independent Familiar, Consistent BehaviorUnexamined
[RIVALRY] The Telltale HeartUnexamined
The Anti-Paladin (NPC, Base Class)Unexamined
Abstract weaponsUnexamined
[Weapons/Feat] Powder and SteelUnexamined
[Rivalry] {Rookie} Grewyn and RolandUnexamined
[Creature] Me... bwahahaha...Unexamined
Magic Weapon boosting (Feats)Unexamined
Fixing the Arcane ArcherUnexamined
[RIVALS] The Heartmakers (rookie)Unexamined
Physical Trait ConceptUnexamined
[Traits] Anti-SocialUnexamined
[Traits] Anti-Social - Page 2Unexamined
some help on an elven twist.Unexamined
Forbid (PEACH)Unexamined
Nightriders (BC)Unexamined
Sneaky PrCUnexamined
SRD Duelist misnamed?Unexamined
[Rivalry] Sacred Duels - Plot Hooks (rookie)Unexamined
Greater Quill BlastUnexamined
[Spell] Resize ItemUnexamined
The Shang Warrior (maybe)Unexamined
[PrC] Tiger-Lotus DiscipleUnexamined
Chaaaaarge! [FEAT]Unexamined
Class creation: SpellbakerUnexamined
For the Combat Reflexes Fanatic...Unexamined
How It Should Be: The PaladinUnexamined
How It Should Be: The Paladin - Page 2Unexamined
How It Should Be: The Paladin - Page 3Unexamined
Halfling Wolf ridersUnexamined
[RIVALRY] The Song-Things of Love and Reason (rookie)Unexamined
The Investigator (PrC)Unexamined
Redeemer [Base Class]Unexamined
Smashy Smasher!!!Unexamined
"The Lost" Campaign Template?Unexamined
The Annoyomancer PrCUnexamined
How much would this item cost?Unexamined
Epic LevelsUnexamined
FSM [Deity]Unexamined
Magical Offense and Defense FeatsUnexamined
My godsUnexamined
TWF RevisionUnexamined
Divination RevisionsUnexamined
GITP Monster Competition VI - Champions of Good (VOTE NOW!)Unexamined
[Variant] Separate stat skill point allocationUnexamined
Tools of the Gods (18 Artifacts)Unexamined
Magically MundaneUnexamined
Magically Mundane - Page 2Unexamined
The How-It-Should-Be Paladin, v2.0Unexamined
The How-It-Should-Be Paladin, v2.0 - Page 2Unexamined
The How-It-Should-Be Paladin, v2.0 - Page 3Unexamined
The How-It-Should-Be Paladin, v2.0 - Page 4Unexamined
The How-It-Should-Be Paladin, v2.0 - Page 5Unexamined
The How-It-Should-Be Paladin, v2.0 - Page 6Unexamined
The How-It-Should-Be Paladin, v2.0 - Page 7Unexamined
The How-It-Should-Be Paladin, v2.0 - Page 8Unexamined
The How-It-Should-Be Paladin, v2.0 - Page 9Unexamined
Core Class: Dark Moon Claws (PEACH) need help PLEASEUnexamined
True Might of Steel (Feats and Special Materials)Unexamined
Alternative Caster for Low Magic CampaignsUnexamined
[Prestige Class] Disciple of KorialastraszUnexamined
4 relicsUnexamined
Animals not in the Monster ManualUnexamined
Animals not in the Monster Manual - Page 2Unexamined
Animals not in the Monster Manual - Page 3Unexamined
Storm GauntletsUnexamined
[PrC] Ehlonna's ChosenUnexamined
Fluff Contest - The Golden GauntletUnexamined
[Creature] The early bird catches the wyrmUnexamined
[Classes] Dividing Arcane Casters Into Eight PartsUnexamined
This horrible illness (Diseases)Unexamined
The Failed Apprentice [feat]Unexamined
Abyssal Arcane Destroyer 2.0Unexamined
Munchkin (Feat)Unexamined
Reworking EpicUnexamined
Dark Knight Redux [PrC]Unexamined
The Wild Child (Base Class)Unexamined
The Gladiator, [prc]Unexamined
. . . From the Playground (NEW!)Unexamined
. . . From the Playground (NEW!) - Page 2Unexamined
. . . From the Playground (NEW!) - Page 3Unexamined
. . . From the Playground (NEW!) - Page 4Unexamined
From The Playground (New Compendium)Unexamined
Avalonian Scabbards (Item)Unexamined
Initiative traitsUnexamined
The Rose DragonUnexamined
New Traits and FlawsUnexamined
My first PRC (The Bardic Adventurer PRC)Unexamined
[Monster] Grant not the steed an ignoble death!Unexamined
[PrC] When The Hunter Becomes The HuntedUnexamined
What happened to all the old stuff?Unexamined
Mage Class in a low-magic settingUnexamined
[Magic Item] Let's see... and you are?Unexamined
[wonderous item, i guess...] Motorbike, D&D styleUnexamined
(Base Class) The Kineticist, it's not just for PsionicsUnexamined
[PrC, PEACH] ...for he was a vessel for shadows...Unexamined
A Psionic Time TravellerUnexamined
The Value of Obsession [BC]Unexamined
And now...Shields!Unexamined
And now...Shields! - Page 2Unexamined
And now...Shields! - Page 3Unexamined
Polymorph RevisionsUnexamined
a Parry type [Feat]Unexamined
Weapon Reliance [Flaw]Unexamined
Homebrew: Ur and his clerics (Non-serious)Unexamined
D20 game focused on large battles [Homebrew]Unexamined
Race RevisionUnexamined
New Class: Traceur Please CritiqueUnexamined
New Class: Traceur Please Critique - Page 2Unexamined
Lycanthropic ArmorUnexamined
Eberron dragonmark prestige classUnexamined
Bard Redux Brainstorming ThreadUnexamined
Toughness Revised [Feats]Unexamined
Time Loop [spell]Unexamined
[Rivalry] AscensionUnexamined
Summon Conscience (feat)Unexamined
New player race: RemeschUnexamined
As if there weren't enough of them (Elf subraces)Unexamined
God of War monstersUnexamined
Luggage (New Magic Item!)Unexamined
New base Class: Chaos Sphere MagusUnexamined
My Elves: Critique wantedUnexamined
[Feat] Skilful DefenceUnexamined
[Feat] Dodge (Alternative)Unexamined
[Feat] Block (Alternative)Unexamined
[Feat] Parry (Alternative)Unexamined
Improved Paranoia (feat)Unexamined
[Creature] The stain of guilt...Unexamined
[PrC] The PenumbracarnateUnexamined
New Subrace: Leaf ElfUnexamined
[Core Class Variant]Taking down CoDzilla, Part 1: Cleric [PEACH]Unexamined
A New Genesis [Feats, Races, Classes]Unexamined
Lessons for paladins [rules discussion disguised as prose]Unexamined
Lessons for paladins [rules discussion disguised as prose] - Page 2Unexamined
Lessons for paladins [rules discussion disguised as prose] - Page 3Unexamined
Flexibility is key. [Feat]Unexamined
[Core Class Variant]Taking Down CoDzilla, Part 2: Druid [PEACH]Unexamined
[Spells] A whole new spell list!Unexamined
[feats]Pacts closer to homeUnexamined
A Halfling spin off.Unexamined
VT's FeatsUnexamined
Invocational VarietyUnexamined
Vagrant story charas?Unexamined
Cavalier [Base Class]Unexamined
Send me an angel... the nicest angel you have. [Fanservice/Monster]Unexamined
The Mage [new class/ variant]Unexamined
Blessed by the Gods [mechanic]Unexamined
Disassemble (Spell)Unexamined
Even more uses for turn/rebuke attempts (Feats)Unexamined
[RIVALRY] Heart of Light, Heart of DarknessUnexamined
MAD for the Casters [House]Unexamined
Psychic Monk, Take IIUnexamined
A load of PrcsUnexamined
[Weapons] "What are you gonna need? Besides a miracle."Unexamined
The Swordsman[Base Class]Unexamined
Rogue Variant: Specialist RoguesUnexamined
D&D: the GatheringUnexamined
[Race] Look up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane...Unexamined
[magical equipment] Bolt bow and Bolt rifleUnexamined
[Psionics]Valx (race) & The Valx Warrior (class) [PEACH]Unexamined
[RIVALRY]Thief of Hearts (rookie entry) - UPDATED!Unexamined
[Creature] Dark have been my dreams...Unexamined
Misc Crafter StatsUnexamined
Two Swords are Better Than One[Feats]Unexamined
[Feat] for low magic campaignsUnexamined
The Swordmaster (PrC)Unexamined
Elvish aging [house rule]Unexamined
[PrC] All those who oppose his shields must yield!Unexamined
New Monk WeaponsUnexamined
Double Weapons [PEACH]Unexamined
[Feat] Rapid Shooting (Alternative)Unexamined
Sneaky Villains...Unexamined
Help with a homebrew [race]Unexamined
Divine Metamagic fixUnexamined
Natural Spell fixUnexamined
New Fighter's FeatsUnexamined
[Power] Better than a lead sheet...Unexamined
Licorne [Race that I need help with]Unexamined
Greater Spell Name (plus lesser)Unexamined
Play Boxes (magic items)Unexamined
Evards Channelling Tentacles [Spell]Unexamined
New spellcasting class/system begs opinionsUnexamined
New spellcasting class/system begs opinions - Page 2Unexamined
The Infiltrator [Prc}Unexamined
Iajutsu Master [PrC]Unexamined
Iajutsu Master [PrC] - Page 2Unexamined
The One Magic Item to rule them all...Unexamined
Bard ReduxUnexamined
Bard Redux - Page 2Unexamined
Bard Redux - Page 3Unexamined
Rebuilding EpicUnexamined
Fixing one of the Arts from my Fighter Fix:Unexamined
Elvish childhoodUnexamined
Alternate Soul Knife ProgressionUnexamined
Businesses & Land for PCsUnexamined
Alternate Soul Knife ProgressionUnexamined
[Skills Stuff] Knowledge: Monster AnatomyUnexamined
Rings of Skillful Power (Item)Unexamined
Protoss - Page 2Unexamined
Protoss - Page 3Unexamined
Randy's Mnemonic ProcurerUnexamined
You only need 1 spell (PrC)Unexamined
You only need 1 spell (PrC) - Page 2Unexamined
Augmentation CrystalsUnexamined
Aiming [Feat]sUnexamined
Focused Attack [new combat action]Unexamined
Cultist (Base Class)Unexamined
[Starcraft Stats] ZerglingUnexamined
[Starcraft Stats] Zergling - Page 2Unexamined
Wand Musket [PeACH]Unexamined
The fast zombies in Libris Mortis seemed a bit anemic.Unexamined
You might love this [Monster]Unexamined
My new druidUnexamined
[skill] ReadUnexamined
(PrC) Be afraid Exclamation Point.Unexamined
Epic spell. RFEDUnexamined
Different Magic SystemUnexamined
Lyrical One shot adventuresUnexamined
[Item] Mawashi of excessive sweatUnexamined
My weirdo cleric classUnexamined
[Races/Classes] Races of the Eye, v2.0Unexamined
[feat]Smart fightingUnexamined
Deities of my Campaign, pt. 1: The Ancient Gods (R&R plz lolr)Unexamined
I made this.... is it balanced?Unexamined
[Feat] I REMEMBER!Unexamined
More and Improved Fighter Feats.Unexamined
[Rivalry] Love-Hate RelationshipUnexamined
[Starcraft Stats] Terran UnitsUnexamined
[Starcraft Stats] Terran Units - Page 2Unexamined
The holiest of warriorsUnexamined
[Rivalry] Stain Of GuiltUnexamined
[RIVALRY] [ROOKIE] Strength of Heart, Mind of PowerUnexamined
Caltrop Mage HelpUnexamined
[Spell] Their blood is on your hands...Unexamined
[Rivalry] To Ocean's HeartUnexamined
[Rivalry] Masters of the CraftUnexamined
Suggestions for an Anti-magic weapon neededUnexamined
Incarnate: rival of godsUnexamined
First Real Try at Homebrewing: New RaceUnexamined
The Rivalry Contest VOTING AND RESULTS Thread!Unexamined
[Class] MindthiefUnexamined
Feats of CourageUnexamined
GitP Prestige Class Contest I - Voting Thread - Sensory InputUnexamined
Paladin Class Feature FeatsUnexamined
Prestige Class HelpUnexamined
Armor [FEATS]Unexamined
Psion [minor variant]Unexamined
A base class inspired by recent weatherUnexamined
Partial Warforged HelpUnexamined
[Power] Oooh, aaah....Unexamined
Working on Priest Base Class, help desiredUnexamined
Grand Entrance. Appearance is all. (Feat)Unexamined
Dinosaur ReduxUnexamined
[crit & CR] EvangleUnexamined
The Dire Druid (PrC)Unexamined
Advanced Necromancy and Fear (60+ new spells, plus new mechanics!)Unexamined
Advanced Necromancy and Fear (60+ new spells, plus new mechanics!) - Page 2Unexamined
[RACES] Aelfans (PEACH)Unexamined
Selfless Swordsman PrCUnexamined
An Idea for Balancing the classes! Pls Check!Unexamined
I Am The Lizard King, I Can Do Anything [PrC]Unexamined
[Starcraft Units] HydraliskUnexamined
[Base Class] PriestUnexamined
Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned [NPC PrC]Unexamined
Healer, revamped.Unexamined
[PrC] Professional MeatshieldUnexamined
[Bo9S] New NPC Class: InitiateUnexamined
Looking for ArtistsUnexamined
Adapting Monsters from DnD to d20 ModernUnexamined
(Feat) Ouchies.Unexamined
[Spell] In the twinkling of an eye...Unexamined
New Warlock FeatUnexamined
Monk ReduxUnexamined
Monk Redux - Page 2Unexamined
Alternate Bard AbilitiesUnexamined
Samurai RevisionUnexamined
NPC Class (Guerilla)Unexamined
Soulknife/Monk anyone?Unexamined
Dwarfism and Giantism (flaws)Unexamined
Cosmic Judge PrCUnexamined
Onomancy (feat progressions)Unexamined
Merciful Martyr [Prestige Class]Unexamined
[Creature] To dance for the fairies...Unexamined
[NPC Class TOB:BoFN]Martial MookUnexamined
The Insult Swordsman (Base Class)Unexamined
Paladin ideas.Unexamined
[monster][ecology][fanclub] the Winged BuffaloUnexamined
Prestige Class: Cavalier reduxUnexamined
Prestige Class: Divine Champion reduxUnexamined
New character class: DuelistUnexamined
Infernal Juggler [PRC]Unexamined
Infernal Juggler [PRC] - Page 2Unexamined
Infernal Juggler [PRC] - Page 3Unexamined
New character class: MonkUnexamined
Prestige Class: OutriderUnexamined
Prestige Class: Pale MasterUnexamined
Prestige Class: Peerless ArcherUnexamined
Character Class: Ranger reduxUnexamined
Character Class: Sorcerer reduxUnexamined
rules querryUnexamined
Presige Class: Auspician/FatespinnerUnexamined
Prestige Class: Black Gauntlet of BaneUnexamined
Prestige Class: Doomguide of KelemvorUnexamined
Prestige Class: Elemental Savant reduxUnexamined
Prestige Class: Flame of the Dark SunUnexamined
Prestige Class: Horned Harbinger reduxUnexamined
Prestige Class: Knight of the Eternal OrderUnexamined
Prestige Class: Martyred Champion of Ilmater reduxUnexamined
Prestige Class: Morninglord of Lathander reduxUnexamined
Prestige Class: Night Hunter (new version)Unexamined
Prestige Class: Scarlet LiberatorUnexamined
Prestige Classes: Swordmaster/BlademasterUnexamined
Prestige Class: Triadic Knight (new version)Unexamined
Prestige Class: Vengeance KnightUnexamined
Prestige Class: Warrior of DarknessUnexamined
An abstract [RPG system] I madeUnexamined
Harkone... chill, bud.Unexamined
New Character Class: Nonlethal ExpertUnexamined
[Prc Class]There will be no retreat!Unexamined
[Race]Tomb Mote 2.0Unexamined
[Starcraft Stats] UltraliskUnexamined
[Feat] You will do as I say...Unexamined
For fun: Samurai Jack's SwordUnexamined
Shinigami brainstormingUnexamined
Unnamed Mecha GameUnexamined
Good FighterUnexamined
Good Fighter - Page 2Unexamined
Harper Agent ReduxUnexamined
D20 Firearms rules suckUnexamined
D20 Firearms rules suck - Page 2Unexamined
D20 Firearms rules suck - Page 3Unexamined
[FEAT] Shrug it offUnexamined
Water, Earth, Fire and Air 2.0 [class]Unexamined
Water, Earth, Fire and Air 2.0 [class] - Page 2Unexamined
Animal Training?Unexamined
New feats for melee combatantsUnexamined
New shapechange spellUnexamined
Eidolon Blade [PrC]Unexamined
City Watchman [NPC PrC]Unexamined
Class Idea (Very, Very, Variant)Unexamined
[Variant-PrC] PaladinUnexamined
Iron MageUnexamined
[Base Class] The best of all possible worlds...Unexamined
Crimbuls [Race]Unexamined
Holier Than Thou [FEAT]Unexamined
Mini-Rule: BackgroundUnexamined
Alchemist class ideaUnexamined
Master of turning [PrC]Unexamined
Fat Bastard [Prestige Class]Unexamined
Combat Sniper [Prestige Class]Unexamined
Combat Sniper [Prestige Class] - Page 2Unexamined
Destruction with a glance [base class]Unexamined
Magician (Class)Unexamined
[PrC] High Templar (PEACH)Unexamined
Low-Magic campaign houserule to Craft (Alchemy)Unexamined
A New Wizard [Class?]Unexamined
“The long-haired Acheans will never take sacred Troy…” [PrC]Unexamined
“The long-haired Acheans will never take sacred Troy…” [PrC] - Page 2Unexamined
The Purpose of Prestige Classes (A Treatise)Unexamined
Exponent of Mechanus [PrC] [currently broken]Unexamined
Ooze LichUnexamined
non-spellcasting Bard variant: the WarbardUnexamined
Prestige Class: Sword Dancer of EilistraeeUnexamined
Dragon-Kin [a new race]Unexamined
Specialist Sorcerors [Class Variant]Unexamined
the world needs more: mage-slaying featsUnexamined
Class buy-off...Unexamined
Temporary housing [Spells]Unexamined
New Core Class- Assailing WarriorUnexamined
Have a feat idea, need a nameUnexamined
Focus on the task [Feat](needs help)Unexamined
Master of MusicUnexamined
Fighters, help me make them better.Unexamined
Fighters, help me make them better. - Page 2Unexamined
Fighters, help me make them better. - Page 3Unexamined
Everyone else has a Fighter variantUnexamined
PC The LancerUnexamined
It is absolutely imperative that you look at this immediatelyUnexamined
[PC Class] Lucky Peasant (Commoner Prestige Class) (PEACH)Unexamined
Expanded Alignment systemUnexamined
Expanded Alignment system - Page 2Unexamined
Expanded Alignment system - Page 3Unexamined
Female dwarves [race variant]Unexamined
Have you guys had a Half-orc half-elf talk?Unexamined
Move Silently (modified)Unexamined
A strength based Monk [Prc]Unexamined
[Feat] Soften 'em up then hammer it homeUnexamined
Fixing the Artifice [rules][PEACH]Unexamined
Two level-based fighter abilities [Fix]Unexamined
Ranged FighterUnexamined
[class] SupplierUnexamined
[PrC]Brother of the OrderguardUnexamined
Chaplain V 2.0Unexamined
Pseudonatural Scientist [PrC]Unexamined
Instant Creation (Feat)Unexamined
Races for my campaign, all fluff omittedUnexamined
[Creature] MOOOOOOOOO....Unexamined
Metal Combat [Homebrew d20 Future Variant]Unexamined
[Feats] Finish Him....Unexamined
Instead of turn/rebuke undead....Unexamined
Is this ok?Unexamined
[Feat] Ranged Attack of Opportunity [PEACH]Unexamined
Homebrew by an IdiotUnexamined
Scyldings [Race]Unexamined
This is what i did to fighters' tell me if its too much pleaseUnexamined
Martial Artist[base class]Unexamined
3 new Luck Feats + New FamiliarUnexamined
[Feat] GET OVER HEREUnexamined
Spell-- Wentworth's GlitterbugUnexamined
Magical Item: Gemstone of Knowledge (PEACH)Unexamined
GitP Prestige Class Contest II - Entry Thread - Luck of the DevilUnexamined
GitP Prestige Class Contest II - Comments Thread - Luck of the DevilUnexamined
GitP Prestige Class Contest II - Comments Thread - Luck of the Devil - Page 2Unexamined
Returned [Template]Unexamined
Ideas of gameplayUnexamined
Akbar's Discount Metamagic FeatsUnexamined
New Class system (what do you think?)Unexamined
Custom NPC ClassesUnexamined
The way the Knight should have been ;)Unexamined
More uses for AoO [optional rules]Unexamined
[Creature] Can you see what I see?Unexamined
new animal compendium for D&D 3.5Unexamined
new animal compendium for D&D 3.5 - Page 2Unexamined
Armor for arcane casters [Prestige Class]Unexamined
ToB generic class?Unexamined
[Spell] Who is the lord, thy god?Unexamined
(Feat) I heart NYUnexamined
The Sniper Prestige Class [P.E.A.C.H!] v. 0.1Unexamined
Variant: New HP SystemUnexamined
Necromancer Base ClassUnexamined
Parrying, and some feats [feats and system]Unexamined
[Metamagic Feat] Hide SpellUnexamined
The Blessed (or Plane Touched of another stripe)Unexamined
[PrC] Hapless BystanderUnexamined
[Race] GuadoUnexamined
Modify the Magic SystemUnexamined
[Magic Item] - For a Laugh...Unexamined
Homebrew Fighter Class (Feron)Unexamined
Class Abilities as Feats (New system)Unexamined
Crippling and DismembermentUnexamined
GITP Monster Competition VII - A Wizard Did It (VOTE NOW!)Unexamined
Canned Heat in your Heels [Feat Tree]Unexamined
Feats that scale by level: "Evolving Feats" [Feats.. obviously]Unexamined
Feats that scale by level: "Evolving Feats" [Feats.. obviously] - Page 2Unexamined
Spawning A Fiend (Maturish Content)Unexamined
Realignment [Spell]Unexamined
[PrC] The Leafthief (PEACH)Unexamined
[Feat] Study is Power....Unexamined
[Races] Norat and BiskiUnexamined
The Anti-Druid (base class)Unexamined
[Undead Race] Rastek (PEACH)Unexamined
Goal: To make Monkey Grip desireableUnexamined
Shield Line Fighter Prestige ClassUnexamined
Dragon Disciple with Caster level?Unexamined
[Magic] Portable RecordersUnexamined
Virtue [Monster]Unexamined
Sorcerer improvements (Is this ok continued) [fix]Unexamined
What Is Peach?Unexamined
[PrC] Juppon Gatana- Fallen PriestUnexamined
I need some comments on a PrC I made.Unexamined
[Races] Pale Masques Phase IUnexamined
Shields (becouse it's not the first time...)Unexamined
Shade [Template]Unexamined
Character PlanUnexamined
Mean Old Cranky Pants[PrC]Unexamined
Assassin RevisionUnexamined
The Elves of Terrace (PEACH)Unexamined
Constructs-PEACH and contributeUnexamined
Transform and roll out! [Monster]Unexamined
Transform and roll out! [Monster] - Page 2Unexamined
The Coyote [PrC]Unexamined
Orzel's Alternate Base Features method. (PEACH)Unexamined
Worth More Than Zero (PEACH)Unexamined
Dwarven Shield Master [PrC]Unexamined
New Race: Kniss - Feedback pleaseUnexamined
Hurricane in a Your Hands [PrC]Unexamined
You don't understand me!Unexamined
Help - designing an NPC soldier classUnexamined
Friend or Foe Contest ThreadUnexamined
Friend or Foe Contest ENTRY ThreadUnexamined
[Feats] "Stand and fight" is for idiots!Unexamined
[Artifact Set] Battle Armor of AranUnexamined
[Artifact Set] Battle Armor of Aran - Page 2Unexamined
[PrC] Barbaric Warlord (PEACH)Unexamined
Homebrew character sheetsUnexamined
Crazy Class Idea: Caster of ALL Spells [Base Class]Unexamined
Gimping the spell casting mechanicUnexamined
Wizard of Time!!!Unexamined
"We have to go back! Back... to the future!" [Prestige Class]Unexamined
[Feat] Momentous AttackUnexamined
Incarnum Campaign [Variants, Homebrew]Unexamined
So, like, here's some [Feats]Unexamined
So, like, here's some [Feats] - Page 2Unexamined
The True Power Dancer BuildsUnexamined
Aoi's Instant Cliff [Spell] PEACHUnexamined
We Ain't No Stinkin' Cannon Fodder!Unexamined
[Friend/Foe] Sisters of PleasureUnexamined
Wizards, Heros and Saints [PEACH]Unexamined
ArMODillo [Variant Rules]Unexamined
Core/ToB Gestalt classesUnexamined
Thiss'll learn em... [Spell]Unexamined
[PrC] Juppon Gatana- Sword HunterUnexamined
Zealot [Base Class]Unexamined
Dragon Decendent Paragon [Class]Unexamined
Martial Artist [Base Class]Unexamined
You can't win, Thief. I've fought this battle a million times in my head. [Feat]Unexamined
More Martial MonkUnexamined
Blackguard 2.0Unexamined
Question about Iron Heroes' ArcanistUnexamined
Creating a GitP VillainUnexamined
The Ebon Path [Feats]Unexamined
Cudgel that never forgets Legacy WeaponUnexamined
A [challenge] for next monthUnexamined
The power of SinUnexamined
Raenia- Celestial AssassinsUnexamined
Agriculture Spells [Spell]Unexamined
Lord Abi Al-Rhakash, the Flaming NecromancerUnexamined
[General] Battle LustUnexamined
[Friend or Foe] The Cult of the AscensionUnexamined
Arasham [Monster]Unexamined
[Artifact] Arkenhammer. CRACK-THOOOM!Unexamined
[feat] stunning smiteUnexamined
[Class] Maestro: The Professional BardUnexamined
[Diety] what you do comes back to youUnexamined
Detect EvilUnexamined
[Template] Abandoned to the shadows...Unexamined
A Flash of Nostalgia [Spells]Unexamined
Saucerors [Class, or alternately, Spells]Unexamined
Initiate of Talona -- Help?Unexamined
New Monster: Verdant ForceUnexamined
[Friend/Foe] Cleansers of the PlagueUnexamined
[Template] Anthropomorphic CreatureUnexamined
[Template] Anthropomorphic Creature - Page 2Unexamined
Free Mind [PrC, Spoof]Unexamined
BBEG is a DJUnexamined
Morphing Legacy WeaponUnexamined
[brainstorm] [dieties] The Lords of BattleUnexamined
Andalite [creature/race]Unexamined
Andalite [creature/race] - Page 2Unexamined
Alternate Class Feature - Ranger ItemsUnexamined
Gronkyn, a new race...Unexamined
Yamabush: Because "Samurai" isn't specif enough for a PrcUnexamined
New Magic ItemsUnexamined
[base class] TemplarUnexamined
Optional spell components animate dead and raise dead.Unexamined
[Items] The cursed relics of the wizard lord ThanUnexamined
Simple Polymorph fixUnexamined
Time Lord [Epic PrC]Unexamined
Child of Ozol: a playable monster raceUnexamined
All for one and one for all! [PrC]Unexamined
The Disciple of the Glass Greataxe [PrC]Unexamined
great singing balls of flaming fuzz! (homemade monsters. please PEACH.)Unexamined
Whip Enhancement (Feats and Items)Unexamined
The Hunter becomes the hunted (race)Unexamined
The Hunter becomes the hunted (race) - Page 2Unexamined
Alternate Paladin RulesUnexamined
Teeth Big as Daggers, Eyes Like Fire! [Template]Unexamined
[class] TerroristUnexamined
Stop eating my flesh! [Monster]Unexamined
Stop eating my flesh! [Monster] - Page 2Unexamined
Killed and reïncarnated: the spirit shamanUnexamined
[Friend/Foe] An Honor Not Worthy of AllUnexamined
Feedback: magic weapon ability AND spellsUnexamined
Politician [Base Class]Unexamined
Feat, Spell, Magic Item, or Simply something that just shouldn't be allowedUnexamined
Homebrewed GS?Unexamined
Reworking IntimidateUnexamined
Reworking Intimidate - Page 2Unexamined
My homebrew spellsUnexamined
Prismatic Deflector [Spell]Unexamined
Spartan WarriorUnexamined
All spells are useful at some point, right?Unexamined
"Science Team believes the Metroids can be tamed..." [MONSTER]Unexamined
"Science Team believes the Metroids can be tamed..." [MONSTER] - Page 2Unexamined
Dementors (PEACH)Unexamined
New DM created Weapons, items and armour.Unexamined
New DM created Weapons, items and armour.Unexamined
variant assasins: brainstormingUnexamined why is killing people evil again? [PrC Variant]Unexamined why is killing people evil again? [PrC Variant] - Page 2Unexamined
Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang [PrC]Unexamined
The new elementals (first elemental statted out, everyone can add)Unexamined
The new elementals (first elemental statted out, everyone can add) - Page 2Unexamined
Epic Metamagic replaces Epic SpellcastingUnexamined
Epic Metamagic replaces Epic Spellcasting - Page 2Unexamined
spell ideaUnexamined
A [spell] inspired by soapsUnexamined
[Template] DarklingUnexamined
A [creature] I've met firsthand...Unexamined
A [creature] I've met firsthand... - Page 2Unexamined
Household magic itemsUnexamined
[Long] Naruto d20Unexamined
[Long] Naruto d20 - Page 2Unexamined
[Items] These boots are made for walkin'...Unexamined
[Variant] How balanced is this?Unexamined
[Spells] Death & TaxesUnexamined
God-Emperors (brainstorming)Unexamined
Skill RevisionsUnexamined
Spell Scholar [3-level PrC]Unexamined
Considering Eliminating Bluff?Unexamined
Multiplication (spell)Unexamined
A New Look at TWF [Variant]Unexamined
[Feat]Blade Slip & Improved Blade Slip (PEACH)Unexamined
Common Sense (Wis) [skill]Unexamined
[weapon] GunbladeUnexamined
Watcher In Darkness [Prc]Unexamined
Shields and Defense BonusUnexamined
An Alignment Mechanic [house rule]Unexamined
Weapon Focus/Specialization [variant]Unexamined
12 Gods - The basic PantheonUnexamined
For when you have no other choice....Unexamined
[Spells] Homebrewed Low LevelsUnexamined
Weapon speeds, parrying and two weapon fighting (houserules)Unexamined
D20 total conversion - interested?Unexamined
You only need 2 spells (PrC)Unexamined
[Dragon] Durestral DragonUnexamined
KoL Seal Clubbers [Class, Items, Special Materials]Unexamined
[Monster] Hamster time!Unexamined
Low magic campaign variant rules [PEACH]Unexamined
Four School Specialization Feats [Feat]Unexamined
Need Ridiculous Over the Top MonstersUnexamined
Need Ridiculous Over the Top Monsters - Page 2Unexamined
New Feat: Critical SmashUnexamined
Nemycyst: Homebrew MonsterUnexamined
D&D without alignments?Unexamined
I'm Gonna Kill Bill [PrC]Unexamined
Elven Racial WeaponUnexamined
Angel Song [Base Class]Unexamined
(Skill): Non Magical AlchemyUnexamined
Alcohol and Drinking systemUnexamined
Spy Hunter (PrC)Unexamined
[Creature] The most beautiful one of allUnexamined
Meta-Blade, ToB + Psionics [Prc]Unexamined
Lycan Spawn v4Unexamined
Young FrontierUnexamined
Those who keep the dead downUnexamined
Thread needs moving (ATTN mods!)Unexamined
Mei Fatum, when failure is not an optionUnexamined
Vox, the Faceless Shadow [Vestige]Unexamined
[Weapons] of the Savage RacesUnexamined
[Creature]The Vengeful HandsUnexamined
Realistic Lance RulesUnexamined
Unending Hatred [Trait]Unexamined
Armour as Damage ReductionUnexamined
[Feat] IaidoUnexamined
Fighters and Feats, retooled [PEACH]Unexamined
Concept work: Lesser GoliathUnexamined
TWF of another kind... [PrC, Under Construction]Unexamined
Making a Hunter (the Halo one)Unexamined
Hill Orcs [Peach]Unexamined
Monk Redone(k)Unexamined
Death by DivinationUnexamined
Idea for a spellUnexamined
Godly Aspect [epic spell]Unexamined
Wield Exotic Weapon [Skill]Unexamined
How appropriate, you fight like a cow.Unexamined
Farming for a Weapon Idea [Exalted]Unexamined
Looking for someone to make me an Uber MonsterUnexamined
[Template] Eternal CreatureUnexamined
mage's weapon?Unexamined
Barbarian Special AbilitiesUnexamined
Sergeant & CaptainUnexamined
Web Fungus [Creature]Unexamined
More Special ActionsUnexamined
[Feat] Bayonet ShotUnexamined
Whenever I see your smiling face... [Feat]Unexamined
Raw [Concept] for a Low-magic D20 systemUnexamined
Some new feats granting greater skill accessUnexamined
Need d20 stats for this weaponUnexamined
D20 total conversionUnexamined
Need Half Drow stats or TemplateUnexamined
Half-Dragons (revised)Unexamined
I'm just your friendly neighborhood Rrrresident Eeeevil!!! [Template]Unexamined
Quiver of endless arrowsUnexamined
[AMNC] witness the power of the seven emeralds!Unexamined
The monkey on your back [prestige class]Unexamined
The Runeforger (PRC)Unexamined
What A Pest! [Creatures]Unexamined
Bringing back the Compendium, togetherUnexamined
Rapid Employment Sentry Traps (REST)Unexamined
Hork-Bajir (creature)Unexamined
Hork-Bajir (creature) - Page 2Unexamined
Adamantine Plated [Template]Unexamined
Alchemistical Construct [Template]Unexamined
A Series of Slightly Humorus 5-Level PrCs and other Homebrew Effects.Unexamined
Star-Eyed Archer [PrC]Unexamined
Let's generate some random spells!Unexamined
Monster Competition VII: A Wizard Did It - Voting Thread IUnexamined
Monster Competition VII: A Wizard Did It - Voting Thread IIUnexamined
Monster Competition VII: A Wizard Did It - Voting Thread IIIUnexamined
[AMNC] [ravages] combatting the seven deadly sins [mature content]Unexamined
Corrells gaurd elven base classUnexamined
Help constructing a PrC...Unexamined
[PrC] Sapphire EremiteUnexamined
A few spells........Unexamined
D20 firearms rules suck: part 2Unexamined
Traps and Snares - How to handle?Unexamined
[Friend/Foe] Clan EmptyhearthUnexamined
Ability help?Unexamined
Pyromancer (Magic Pyrokeneticist)Unexamined
Half Dragons (revised) (revised)Unexamined
d20 PARRYUnexamined
[FRIEND/FOE] Bartholomeus, Wandering Scholar (Tears of Blood)Unexamined
The ChannelerUnexamined
[Friend/Foe] The Pirate LordUnexamined
My Attempt to Improve Two-Weapon Fighting [Feats + PrC]Unexamined
[Base Class] Cavalier - Cowboy for the middle ages.Unexamined
Theme Song FeatsUnexamined
Paper MagicUnexamined
Paper Magic - Page 2Unexamined
Weapon FocusUnexamined
Bleach D20Unexamined
Bleach D20 - Page 2Unexamined
Bleach D20 - Page 3Unexamined
Bleach D20 - Page 4Unexamined
Bleach D20 - Page 5Unexamined
Bleach D20 - Page 6Unexamined
Bleach D20 - Page 7Unexamined
Bleach D20 - Page 8Unexamined
Bleach D20 - Page 9Unexamined
Set to Stun [Magic Weapon Special Ability]Unexamined
[Feat System] Perfecting FeatsUnexamined
[Feat System] Perfecting Feats - Page 2Unexamined
The Judge (prestige class)Unexamined
[Friend/Foe]The Beautiful PeopleUnexamined
Raptorfolk [Creature]Unexamined
[Class] Mad Science!Unexamined
[Class] Mad Science! - Page 2Unexamined
Help with a monster...Unexamined
[Friend/Foe] The QuarantinersUnexamined
[Class] The Singing KnightUnexamined
[mundane item] spear-chainUnexamined
Greatclub LoveUnexamined
Monsters without handsUnexamined
An idea, inspired by the Final Fantasy "job system"Unexamined
The DragoonUnexamined
The Dragoon - Page 2Unexamined
Foolin' Around with Warlocks again[Feats] [Invocations]Unexamined
Generic ClassUnexamined
[Monster] Jägermonsters! Monster for Mad Science!Unexamined
[FRIEND/FOE] The Seeing SwordUnexamined
My First Prestige ClassesUnexamined
Help me motivate this villianUnexamined
The HunterUnexamined
Corpse Sphere [Monster]Unexamined
Ew, that'll leave some nasty scars... [WEAPON]Unexamined
I swear, that thing was more annoying than a Gnome on a sugar rush! (Playable race)Unexamined
villain outline, any thoughts?Unexamined
The Gargantuan FlailUnexamined
Pale as Bone (Playable Race)Unexamined
weapons of pure magic (weapons/magic items)Unexamined
Endless Earth ProjectUnexamined
[PrC] DemonhunterUnexamined
[PrC] Demonhunter - Page 2Unexamined
Time Thief (Class)Unexamined
Sefrelari [Race for Tome of Battle]Unexamined
Toven (PEACH)Unexamined
[Creature] Exit light, enter night...Unexamined
Time Sling PrCUnexamined
Help with a GryphonUnexamined
Mounted Combat (Variants and new feats)Unexamined
Where does he get those wonderful toys? [spell/Modern]Unexamined
[PrC] DaggerveilUnexamined
[PrC] Daggerveil - Page 2Unexamined
[PrC] Daggerveil - Page 3Unexamined
Scion of Thanatos [PrC]Unexamined
Mercedes Lackey says griffons CAN be PCs! [Creature, Fanservice]Unexamined
Ah, the Difference A Space Can Make [Spells]Unexamined
[Friend/Foe] The Mah'kaarite SectUnexamined
Weapon creation?Unexamined
The Awakened badgerUnexamined
Sanguine EmpireUnexamined
Shadow Etched Weapons [PEACH]Unexamined
[Items] Spare a copper?Unexamined
[Power] He passed like a wraith on the wind...Unexamined
I'm 30% iron! [creature]Unexamined
Martial RogueUnexamined
[Creature & Item] BZZZZZZZZZ!Unexamined
Epic Prestige: The United Archon (now in standardized formatting!)Unexamined
[FRIEND/FOE] Ironthunder and Her CrewUnexamined
Can extra sneak attack damage work?Unexamined
[Creature] Kukilaluit. Please comment.Unexamined
Tentative Prestige class: GunslingerUnexamined
Expanded Mount RulesUnexamined
I'm no Xth level Expert (Prc)Unexamined
An enchanter's nightmare...[weapon enhancement]Unexamined
If you can do it, so can I... (Feat)Unexamined
The Paragon of Tastey (Plane)Unexamined
Rend FeatUnexamined
Flyingpoo22's Fighter VariantUnexamined
Fury and Wrath [ITEMS] [HELP SET LEVEL]Unexamined
[Creature] Spring is in the air...Unexamined
The Better Rage MageUnexamined
Sorcerer ModificationUnexamined
Sorcerer Modification - Page 2Unexamined
[Creature] You Know Where I'm From!Unexamined
Ability Score Generation (Deific)Unexamined
Homebrew Paladin spells [spells]Unexamined
[Magic Item Help] Robe of ResilienceUnexamined
Need Help pricing an itemUnexamined
The Ethereal NeedlerUnexamined
[Variant] Dueling - (PEACH)Unexamined
Binder [Epic Progression and Vestiges]Unexamined
iMagic? :D [Magic Item]Unexamined
[Class] The Channeler: A companion to the BinderUnexamined
[Monster] Stormseeker SandwormUnexamined
Monsters in the Playground, Take IIUnexamined
Monsters in the Playground, Take II - Page 2Unexamined
Monsters in the Playground, Take II - Page 3Unexamined
Monsters in the Playground, Take II - Page 4Unexamined
Monsters in the Playground, Take II - Page 5Unexamined
Monsters in the Playground, Take II - Page 6Unexamined
Monsters in the Playground, Take II - Page 7Unexamined
Monsters in the Playground, Take II - Page 8Unexamined
Monsters in the Playground, Take II - Page 9Unexamined
Enter my undead legion... [Item]Unexamined
Construct Soldiers [MitPII]Unexamined
Regolith [MitP II]Unexamined
Auron [Base Class] (Long)Unexamined
Syrium's Rejunction [Spell]Unexamined
[MitP] Giant CockroachUnexamined
A Place to Post your NPCsUnexamined
[Friend/Foe] The Dark WaltzUnexamined
[Monster] Fatty Fatty Boom-Balatty...Unexamined
Channeling [Base Class]Unexamined
With Fava Beans and a Nice Chianti... [PrC]Unexamined
Dire Shi TzuUnexamined
Assassin Base ClassUnexamined
Cantaclaro [Creature]Unexamined
PrC: ClonemasterUnexamined
Base Class: Military ArcherUnexamined
Wickerthrall [Creature]Unexamined
New Divination SpellsUnexamined
Kinetic Adept [PrC]Unexamined
Gnawing on the Soul [Creature, MitP]Unexamined
Forget What You Were [Creature, MitP]Unexamined
The Creeping of Flesh [Creature, MitP]Unexamined
Kitty Purrin' and Lookin' So Satisfied [Creature, MitP]Unexamined
Vitriol Hound [Creature, MitP]Unexamined
Smokestack Beetle [Creature, MitP]Unexamined
Whrrrrrr........*SHRED!* [Monster; PEACH]Unexamined
Alternate Stat SystemUnexamined
A [board game] from my CSUnexamined
Moss Golem and Wickerthrall [Creature, MitP]Unexamined
D&D d20 - Improved Shot on the Run?Unexamined
Martial Arts Without MonksUnexamined
Ssolsch [Mitp II]Unexamined
Monster Competition VIII - April Fools (VOTE NOW!)Unexamined
Let the [AMNC] event begin!Unexamined
[MiTP2] Blackice Shadow & Rainbow CrabUnexamined
[MitP] Royal Animal, TakatuqUnexamined
Pedolith [MitP II]Unexamined
Ahnal nathrack, uthebebethutte, doth yel envayUnexamined
Pointy Thing That Hurts When You Step On It [Creature]Unexamined
[MitP II] Death by Wallbash!Unexamined
Opinions: The 7 deadlyUnexamined
Swordchucks, yo!Unexamined
Swordchucks, yo! - Page 2Unexamined
[Artifact] Despair, mortals...Unexamined
New Warlock InvocationsUnexamined
A little magic goes a long way.Unexamined
Planar Death Throes.... [Creature, MITPII]Unexamined
My take on the Ninja (#45274578.2346 ^ pi)Unexamined
The Brush GodUnexamined
You shall form a strong alliance, and the world's most awesome band... (new artifact)Unexamined
Honourless Fighter PrcUnexamined
Elementals of Life and Death [MitP]Unexamined
[Feat] Improved DodgeUnexamined
Eldritch Duelist [PrC for melee warlocks]Unexamined
Invisible Hand [PrC]Unexamined
[PrC] Divine Calligrapher [PEACH]Unexamined
D20 BaseballUnexamined
Fighter Redux, Take IIUnexamined
Fighter Redux, Take II - Page 2Unexamined
Artifact helpUnexamined
Gun/Diebuster d20?!Unexamined
Cat juggling prestige class. IdeasUnexamined
Cat juggling prestige class. Ideas - Page 2Unexamined
Emotists [Base Class]Unexamined
Homebrew AffiliationsUnexamined
HP alt and Story levels (PEACH)Unexamined
Blackguard makeover for custom campaign worldUnexamined
Alchemical or spellsUnexamined
Sharing content derived from non-OGL sourcesUnexamined
Viper's Fang [Magic Item]Unexamined
Stop breaking my neck! [Monster, PEACH]Unexamined
I like the Abjurant Champion [Spells]Unexamined
The Grix - my attempt at a Fine-sized GiantUnexamined
Sound MageUnexamined
Two new related feats -cell phone plans.Unexamined
D20 Modern and CurrencyUnexamined
[Prestige Class] There's more to balance than nature.Unexamined
[FRIEND/FOE] The Keepers of the TaleUnexamined
[MitP II] MorriganUnexamined
[Class] The AegisUnexamined
Now yelling "AlakazamUnexamined
[B]Kustom Spelljob - Mind Puppet[/B]Unexamined
Nocturne Prestige ClassUnexamined
Soulforged [Feat/'Race']Unexamined
The Name and the Soul [MitP II]Unexamined
Juggernaut of Yotta [Base Class]Unexamined
Crystal of Mercy [Augmentation Crystal]Unexamined
DRR...DRR...DRR... [Creature, MitP]Unexamined
*Poke* [Creature, MitP]Unexamined
We're a Happy Family [Creature, MitP]Unexamined
Replicant [Creature, MitP]Unexamined
[Friend/Foe] InculpatorsUnexamined
Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave [Creature, MitP]Unexamined
Prestige class - WeavebladeUnexamined
[MitP2] Horrors en Masse (Corpsekin, Corpse Sphere, Marauder of the Flesh, Tikelen)Unexamined
Class Modifications (House Rule)Unexamined
[Spells] Loot, loot, loot, loot the massive treasure hoard...Unexamined
[Spell/Power] Burn, baby, BURN!Unexamined
Kobold Warminer [PrC]Unexamined
[Feats] Til the fat lady sings...Unexamined
It's The Oogie Boogie Man [Creature, MitP]Unexamined
Glitter Faerie (Sprite) [Creature] P.E.A.C.H.Unexamined
[MitP]Ahh it burns......Unexamined
Armorfolk; Homebrew Construct raceUnexamined
Magic-sensitive Elf sub-raceUnexamined
Darkside Crystal [Augmentation Crystal]Unexamined
Stymphalian Bird [Creature, MitP]Unexamined
[Deities] for KudurUnexamined
Astral Demons [Creature, PEACH]Unexamined
Oooooh Shiny... [MitP II] (This time WITH a poll)Unexamined
[Skill] CartomancyUnexamined
Alternant Werewolf - Narrowlands world.Unexamined
Kobold Bombardier [PrC]Unexamined
The Rumbling Roe (With Bonus)[MitP II]Unexamined
A Dream Deferred (MitPII)Unexamined
Man-Eater Spiders [MitP II]Unexamined
Repelling Crystal [Augmentation Crystal]Unexamined
"ILT"s, Initial Level Traders [PEACH]Unexamined
Blade Dancer of the Sublime Way [PrC]Unexamined
The Spreading of the Dread Plague [MitP II]Unexamined
Severing a limbUnexamined
Slayer (Warhammer inspired) [Prc]Unexamined
[Monster] Easter BunnyUnexamined
The Homebrew Design Request ThreadUnexamined
The Homebrew Design Request Thread - Page 2Unexamined
The Homebrew Design Request Thread - Page 3Unexamined
The Homebrew Design Request Thread - Page 4Unexamined
The Homebrew Design Request Thread - Page 5Unexamined
Familiar Grub [MitPII]Unexamined
Close combat archer PrCUnexamined
Glade SentryUnexamined
High-powered human [variant]Unexamined
Looking for a paladin fixUnexamined
A slightly diferent place.Unexamined
[MITP II] Nightclaws' CreationsUnexamined
Statting out the earth...Unexamined
[FRIEND/FOE] The hidden webUnexamined
New Power: True ReadingUnexamined
Landscape for G3, Fire Giant moduleUnexamined
Mindless Destruction, a new class (Incomplete)Unexamined
Highest Fantasy!Unexamined
The eyes, the horrible staring eyes! [Creature]Unexamined
All hail the Lords of Shouting! (PC Race) [MitP2]Unexamined
Share your homebrewed fighter featsUnexamined
Share your homebrewed fighter feats - Page 2Unexamined
Share your homebrewed fighter feats - Page 3Unexamined
Paragon of Virtue [PrC]Unexamined
Various [Feats]Unexamined
Champion [Base Class]Unexamined
The Lifescorned [Template, MitP]Unexamined
Bumping Uglies: a paladin rewrite.Unexamined
Mitp: Giant Man Eating ClamUnexamined
Halo d20 In the WorksUnexamined
Rebalanced Gun MageUnexamined
The Ultimate Random Dungeon AdventureUnexamined
Care Bears STARE!!! [Monster]Unexamined
Help me create this [Something]Unexamined
The Land of HirojoUnexamined
Houserule for Half-castersUnexamined
WildShaper Core ClassUnexamined
A Prc for LycanthropesUnexamined
Doling mortal of powerful chaos (base class, APPLE)Unexamined
Rune-rhymer [Class]Unexamined
Darkmaster (Undead PrC)Unexamined
Nib Eilu'bar [Archfiend]Unexamined
Monk Feat: Ki FocusUnexamined
New base classes proposalUnexamined
Cat-Muffinmicon (monster?)Unexamined
Arcane Dwarves.Unexamined
Arcane Dwarves. - Page 2Unexamined
[PrC] Throes of FaeUnexamined
Alchemical Items & CraftingUnexamined
Stoakut [MitP]Unexamined
Quest Items: What do YOU think?Unexamined
Arcane MarquisUnexamined
Jerohan and Fridwulf, The Two (Dieties)Unexamined
Deus ex Machina [PrC]Unexamined
Sneak attack on multiple rays (House Rule)Unexamined
Would you find a chart like this cumbersome?Unexamined
[Item] Finally, the paladin can check his make-up (A mirrored shield)Unexamined
Project Paragon [Balancing, Kinda]Unexamined
Cryokineticist (Prestige)Unexamined
Need idea for a military campaignUnexamined
Osu! Tatakae! OUENDAN!Unexamined
Nevermind - Page 2Unexamined
Mageborn Template (PEACH)Unexamined
Friend or Foe: VOTING AND RESULTS ThreadUnexamined
Races of Inris Part IUnexamined
Larger Shield Home Rules PatchUnexamined
[House] ChildrenUnexamined
Elemental DragoonUnexamined
The Calligrapher(Base Class)[Anime Project]Unexamined
The Calligrapher(Base Class)[Anime Project] - Page 2Unexamined
Detect MagicUnexamined
[Creature & Spell] To the neon god they made...Unexamined
Jump featsUnexamined
[PrC] The Giant Fury - A Barbarian PrCUnexamined
A Few Tricks Up My Sleeves [Skill Tricks]Unexamined
The Terratorn [monster - this time it's an earth creature that can fly]Unexamined
"Cave Story"Unexamined
I'm a bit late for April Fools, but... [Monster]Unexamined
Homebrew counters to "battlefield control"Unexamined
[Adventure Module]The Heathrow Family GhoulsUnexamined
[Class] The ShamanUnexamined
You Don't Need a Heart Tin Man... [PrC]Unexamined
The Fluff Assistance ThreadUnexamined
The Fluff Assistance Thread - Page 2Unexamined
Chu! [Creature]Unexamined
Metamagic Redone [Variant]Unexamined
Scream from the Grave [Monster]Unexamined
Kolibri Angel [PrC]Unexamined
Nocturne Lemur [MitP II] (and spell to go with it)Unexamined
The Mob FencerUnexamined
Charging... 100% [Creature]Unexamined
Swat: Special AttackUnexamined
Charging... 100% [Creature, MitP II]Unexamined
Harrison Ford would be proud... [Base Class]Unexamined
Harrison Ford would be proud... [Base Class] - Page 2Unexamined
[feat]Speak, my mindUnexamined
Mean WarlockUnexamined
Snake Slayer [PrC]Unexamined
Help designing deitiesUnexamined
Planar Dislocation, Homebrew spellUnexamined
[MitP II] Savage DragonsUnexamined
[MitP II] Savage DragonsUnexamined
Arcane Warrior [New Base Class][PEACH]Unexamined
Bliss Vine [MitP]Unexamined
Monster HunterUnexamined
Musing about a Caster Level homebrew ruleUnexamined
Quiver Clan Archery (Feat)Unexamined
Hope I Didn't Break Anything [PrC]Unexamined
New race I was thinking of usingUnexamined
2e/3e D&D comboUnexamined
The Dead and the Dying [Setting]Unexamined
A-Hunting They Will Go [Hunter NPC class]Unexamined
Major change in Divine MagicUnexamined
Gentle Breeze Discipline [ToB]Unexamined
Quick Ranger Variant.Unexamined
The AlchemistUnexamined
The Umi, a corrupted people [Race & Feats]Unexamined
delete, pleaseUnexamined
Topher Grace need not apply [Mitp-Dos]Unexamined
Twin Spirit DisciplineUnexamined
New spells!Unexamined
Turning the Paladin aroundUnexamined
Shaman SummonerUnexamined
Your aura! It's purple! PrC]Unexamined
Duskblade Variant, is this fair?Unexamined
Just die already! [Template]Unexamined
Snowy Archon [MitP]Unexamined
Give the Warlock some loveUnexamined
Shadowshot [PrC]Unexamined
[Trait] Asperger's SyndromeUnexamined
[Trait] Asperger's Syndrome - Page 2Unexamined
Prestige Fighter [PrC]Unexamined
Blade Hunter [PrC](major edit on capstone)Unexamined
Orzel's Arcane Archer (Prc)Unexamined
The Adventurers [two similar classes, Bard and Explorer]Unexamined
Dance..? Rave! [Class][Weapons]Unexamined
Drow as a player raceUnexamined
Anime Weapon's[Anime Project]Unexamined
The Anime Hero[Anime Project]Unexamined
Ninja Reworked (Base Class Twist)Unexamined
Kunai (More realistic)Unexamined
Alignment System, newishUnexamined
Song and 'Sword' [Base Class]Unexamined
Alternative Weapon ProficienciesUnexamined
The Twilight KnightUnexamined
Upgrading the NinjaUnexamined
[Creature] Just a lump on a log...Unexamined
The Eldritch BlasterUnexamined
Dungeons & Dragons 3.6Unexamined
Races of Inris Part IIUnexamined
Intestine Bird [Creature, MitP]Unexamined
[Feat] Take THIS ya backstabber!Unexamined
[Prestige Class] StalkerUnexamined
[Prestige Class] Stalker - Page 2Unexamined
War of the Mind [PrCs, Templates, Spells]Unexamined
[Item] Rings of ResurrectionUnexamined
[Prc] Simple Weapon MasterUnexamined
[Prc] Simple Weapon Master - Page 2Unexamined
[Craptastic Class] Assistant ZookeeperUnexamined
[Prc] Clockwork VirtuosoUnexamined
Puppet Mastery[Tome of Battle]Unexamined
Puppet Mastery[Tome of Battle] - Page 2Unexamined
[Magic Item]Merciful Gloves of StonesUnexamined
Carlsberg don't do Fighter Fixes...Unexamined
d20 revision(high magic)Unexamined
The Weapon-User (Base class)Unexamined
Two Giants, a Grix, and an Aberration [gods]Unexamined
Duskblade Variants [Updated 4/22]Unexamined
[PrC] An old serious PrC that needs dustingUnexamined
Bow to your sensei!!! ['NPC' PrC]Unexamined
I'm a Hero! [Flaws]Unexamined
Clockwork robotsUnexamined
[Prc] Donkey MasterUnexamined
[house rule] Casting from spell booksUnexamined
Help flesh out Ritual SpellUnexamined
In the name of the Moon, I'll punish you. (spells)Unexamined
[Feat] Sweet is my intrusion, delicate my dominance...Unexamined
[PrC] ZookeeperUnexamined
Sprit Howler [Creature, MitP II]Unexamined
d20 Future: computer virusesUnexamined
[MiTP] Candy OozesUnexamined
Monster Competition VIII: April Fools! - Voting ThreadUnexamined
New skill tricksUnexamined
New undead templatesUnexamined
[Feat] Repeat SpellUnexamined
Orzel's Favorite SpellUnexamined
[PrC] WandmageUnexamined
Necromantic Curses [Spell Set + Subschool]Unexamined
Cleric Druid diminish PEACHUnexamined
Opinions on class changes?Unexamined
Where did Undying Hatred Go?Unexamined
[Spell] Step By Step, Heart to Heart... [Peach]Unexamined
Charisma - an underpowered abilityUnexamined
Charisma - an underpowered ability - Page 2Unexamined
[Feat]One for LuckUnexamined
Halcyons [Base Class]Unexamined
Useful FightersUnexamined
[MiTP] KukilaluitUnexamined
[Attack Mechanic] Success Based DamageUnexamined
First attempt at a class (summoning)Unexamined
Mist Rat (MITP II)Unexamined
Some dumb new spells.Unexamined
On the Wing [Feats]Unexamined
Cloth Golem (MITP II)Unexamined
The Anime/Video Game ProjectUnexamined
Scaling featsUnexamined
Incarnum in the Playground?Unexamined
Telekenetic [Base Class]Unexamined
Disscussion on the Dagger(Sizewise)Unexamined
Disscussion on the Dagger(Sizewise) - Page 2Unexamined
[Item] The Sword of the Sinking StarUnexamined
[MiTP2] Stationary GuardianUnexamined
[Creature; MitP] Kupakako GolemUnexamined
The Wind BladeUnexamined
The Wind Blade - Page 2Unexamined
Dead Men Tell No Tales... [MitP II]Unexamined
[House Rules] THWs and Power AttackUnexamined
Sir, my badger is on fire. (renamed) [MitP II]Unexamined
Junk GolemUnexamined
[NaC] Non-Adventuring Classes and the Skull thumperUnexamined
House Rules For D&D LightUnexamined
Techworker[Base Class]Unexamined
Auto-Tinkerer A bizzare Prc for ConstructsUnexamined
Pale Master RevisionUnexamined
A feat that changes featsUnexamined
Reach Weapon + Spiked Gauntlet...Unexamined
The Item-User (base class)Unexamined
A SR Variant [PEACH]Unexamined
D&D 3.6 - new homebrew rulesUnexamined
The Adventuring Hero(A/VG Project)Unexamined
Fist of the Sublime Way: A Tome of Battle Prestige ClassUnexamined
Martial Artist (New and Improved) PEACHUnexamined
[Feat] Have you hugged your tree today?Unexamined
[Item] Main GaucheUnexamined
Now to make sense of aligmentsUnexamined
Nature [Alignment variant, PEACH]Unexamined
Druid is to Ranger what Cleric is to Paladin... [Base Class]Unexamined
Three New Races! Plus a Sorceror Variant!Unexamined
No speakingUnexamined
The Monk: Reloaded?Unexamined
The Monk: Reloaded? - Page 2Unexamined
...and with enough practice... [Feat]Unexamined
The Carver [MitP II]Unexamined
[NaC] The Hedge WizardUnexamined
- Nothing to see here. Nope. Nothing to see. -Unexamined
[MiTP2] The Crocodilian DervishUnexamined
[MiTP2] Fierce Defenders of the Unending IceUnexamined
Epic Spells and Spellseeds (Contribute!)Unexamined
Darkfoot (PRC)Unexamined
"Meta Maneuver" featsUnexamined
Arr! The Great Big Crab-like Thing! [MitP]Unexamined
[PrC] Spirit of the BladeUnexamined
The MimicUnexamined
Did his shadow just drain 20 levels from me?Unexamined
Half-orc rewriteUnexamined
Peasant Heroine [Base Class] - How does it seem?Unexamined
Peasant Heroine [Base Class] - How does it seem? - Page 2Unexamined
Spellflame Mage [Class]Unexamined
How to Eliminate Vancian Magic & Put a Real Price on Spells [New Core Class + 5 PrCs]Unexamined
How to Eliminate Vancian Magic & Put a Real Price on Spells [New Core Class + 5 PrCs] - Page 2Unexamined
How to Eliminate Vancian Magic & Put a Real Price on Spells [New Core Class + 5 PrCs] - Page 3Unexamined
How to Eliminate Vancian Magic & Put a Real Price on Spells [New Core Class + 5 PrCs] - Page 4Unexamined
How to Eliminate Vancian Magic & Put a Real Price on Spells [New Core Class + 5 PrCs] - Page 5Unexamined
How to Eliminate Vancian Magic & Put a Real Price on Spells [New Core Class + 5 PrCs] - Page 6Unexamined
Velt, Land of The Great GuildUnexamined
Coronal Elemental[MitP II]Unexamined
[PrC] Hammer/Boomer/Fire Bros. [Peach]Unexamined
Inris PEACH w/ Races + SorcererUnexamined
X-eye this thread please. (X X)Unexamined
[Spell] Ain't no one gettin' round HER!Unexamined
A revised Warmage, the Mage GeneralUnexamined
Stuff what came out of my head and into MS Word [Campaign Setting, D&D]Unexamined
[Creature] I would rather see it burn than in your hands...Unexamined
[Variant] Combining Child Characters with The Complete CommonerUnexamined
Diamond Eyes [martial adept prestige class]Unexamined
{Base Class} Martial ArtistsUnexamined
Paladin, Blackguard, Exponent, and Harbinger [base classes]Unexamined
Tracker...No where to hide [Base Class]Unexamined
Church Knight [Campeign Specific Base Class]Unexamined
Increasing Weapon Sizes?Unexamined
Character DeathUnexamined
We Can Dance If We Want To [PrC]Unexamined
The Anime MageUnexamined
Anyone have good Diplomacy house rules?Unexamined
[Deity/Spells] Tell me bout the good old days...Unexamined
The Ankubusa: Run... Fast. [MitP2]Unexamined
I feel as if my mind has been drained of its power... [Power]Unexamined
I bet it can see why kids love cinnamon toast crunch [MitP]Unexamined
Farseeker [ToB Base Class]Unexamined
Farseeker [ToB Base Class] - Page 2Unexamined
Um, why aren't the arrows hurting it? [MitP II]Unexamined
[MiTP2] “Oh, what a cute little kitty… ARRGHHHHH! MY FACE!”Unexamined
Stop impaling my organs!Unexamined
Yet another discipline named Falling Star [ToB]Unexamined
Just a thought...Unexamined
With Skin Pulled So Tightly You Could See the Bones Squirm [CREATURE]Unexamined
Conscripted Infantry [NaC]Unexamined
NEW Way to defeat Pun-Pun.Unexamined
NEW Way to defeat Pun-Pun. - Page 2Unexamined
Fighter only featsUnexamined
[Item] Sap of HealingUnexamined
Worms in armour? [monster]Unexamined
Path of the Six Perfected ArrowsUnexamined
Taste the power of the rainbow! [Wonderous/Feat]Unexamined
Soul Stealing Beauty (monster)Unexamined
The Aolis (Race) [PEACH]Unexamined
Blighter Substitution LevelUnexamined
GITP Monster Competition IX - Birds And the BeesUnexamined
Marshal ImprovedUnexamined
Hell-Rider [PrC]Unexamined
d20 steam-punk ideas.Unexamined
Naruto jutsu as martial adept disciplines!?Unexamined
Crying in a Corner [Spell]Unexamined
Lawful bard + Oratory skill synergyUnexamined
[Spell] They ran red down his cheeks...Unexamined
Earth as a Fantasy Setting [D&D Campaign Setting]Unexamined
Fighters granted AC through competence? Ridiculous! [Feat]Unexamined
Fighters granted AC through competence? Ridiculous! [Feat] - Page 2Unexamined
Player races for my campaign worldUnexamined
[Creatures] Back, back fowl fiends!Unexamined
[Creatures] Back, back fowl fiends! - Page 2Unexamined
Adapting the Ashworm DragoonUnexamined
New Binder VestigeUnexamined
Honey Blood--The Intelegent Ooze...please critiqueUnexamined
"Magic of the Stars" (PRC)Unexamined
The Graveborn Mold [creature]Unexamined
Mystic TheurgeUnexamined
Mystic Theurge - Page 2Unexamined
Shiny New Soul featUnexamined
Worm Golem [Mitp II]Unexamined
reimagined Sorceror for homebrew campaignUnexamined
reimagined Sorceror for homebrew campaign - Page 2Unexamined
Joy Buzzer for the Healers (Spell)Unexamined
[Variant] Spell ComponentsUnexamined
MitP Submission: Preserved ZombieUnexamined
[Creatures] We seeeee you!Unexamined
Big Blue Dress & Great Balls of FireUnexamined
3.5 Monster Making For the FeeblemindedUnexamined
How many spells does it take to change a lightbulb? [Spells]Unexamined
Enlightened and Sacred Fist Redux [PrC]Unexamined
Dealing damage on being hurt is an underused mechanic! [base class]Unexamined
New Core Class: AlchemistUnexamined
Fools Gold (Spells)Unexamined
New Core Class: AlchemistUnexamined
New Prestige Class: Hypocrite PaladinUnexamined
New Prestige Class: Hypocrite Paladin - Page 2Unexamined
New Prestige Class: Hypocrite Paladin - Page 3Unexamined
O o Help me!Unexamined
The Raven Knight [ToB Prestige Class]Unexamined
[MitP] Ahimanu/Pyrrhic RaptorUnexamined
[MitP] Forcehunter SandwormUnexamined
Yet another Kensai variantUnexamined
[MitP] Survaria FlowerUnexamined
[MitP] Hextomb BoundUnexamined
[MitP] Photosynthetic CreatureUnexamined
[Creature] Be careful what you wish for...Unexamined
Dragon Shaman Varient ???Unexamined
[feat]Power DefenseUnexamined
A great smith can do so much more (Item components)Unexamined
ToB: Item Creation [Feats/Magical Items]Unexamined
Creatures with multiple handsUnexamined
Please delete, accidental doublethreadUnexamined
Karsus's Home brewingUnexamined
Combat reworkedUnexamined
Different rules for exact point of death and major injury.Unexamined
[Template] Now thats one spirited animal!Unexamined
Articulated Undead, templateUnexamined
The Threads Magic: A Sorceror PRCUnexamined
Paladin Of BalanceUnexamined
Psionic Version of Effigy Master (CAr)Unexamined
Some Rather Odd [Spells]Unexamined
Some Rather Odd [Spells] - Page 2Unexamined
The Scabbard Sword [Weapon]Unexamined
[Power] Insomnia doesn't cover it...Unexamined
D&D Magic ModUnexamined
(Campaign) George Martin's Fire and Ice.Unexamined
Pillaging Warrior [Base Class]Unexamined
I'd Like To See How That Works [Feat]Unexamined
Identify it. [Wondrous Item]Unexamined
On the wizardsUnexamined
The Gunslinger (PRC)Unexamined
[Creature] Product of a fevered mindUnexamined
Ring of Alternate Form HumanUnexamined
Vermin Trainer [PrC]Unexamined
[Anime] Magical girl/boy?Unexamined
Spelltouched Galore [feats, flaws, classes]Unexamined
Things that don't go bump in the night are worse than things that do... [MitP]Unexamined
Starting a game rules. Suggestions?Unexamined
Animal breeding rulesUnexamined
Pirate of Monkey Island™ [Base Class]Unexamined
Homebrew Flavor and the LawUnexamined
The Growing Infection (Creature)Unexamined
Force Effects for D&DUnexamined
Laxil's Horrific Flaying [Spell]Unexamined
Three Weapon FightingUnexamined
Three Weapon Fighting - Page 2Unexamined
Just an average Joe...Unexamined
[NaC] The CharlatanUnexamined
Scout RemakeUnexamined
Afflicted [Template Change]Unexamined
Thorn of Obad-Hai [PrC]Unexamined
Help me flesh out this PrC: Umbral WarlockUnexamined
Jester of Dunk [PrC]Unexamined
My pantheon of Gods [PEACH]Unexamined
More Bloodline FeatsUnexamined
Demolish Soul [Spell, PEACH]Unexamined
Art needed for Bleach d20 ManualUnexamined
"I for one welcome our new mechanical overlords." (Update)Unexamined
My master, Sauron the Great, bids thee welcome... [PrC]Unexamined
Class Features as [Feats]. Also, MulticlassingUnexamined
[Domain] A Lawful TheftUnexamined
Marksman [PrC]Unexamined
True Werewolf - CR ?Unexamined
Power point spell casterUnexamined
Erfworld magic systemUnexamined
Building classesUnexamined
Rebalancing core classes for homebrew worldUnexamined
Half Elf and Half Orc, revisited (A work in progress)Unexamined
Half Elf and Half Orc, revisited (A work in progress) - Page 2Unexamined
New spell [PEACH]Unexamined
New item [PEACH]Unexamined
Martyr or Maniac? [PrC]Unexamined
Wild Mage Core Class?Unexamined
Diplomacy Feats!Unexamined
Track as a skill?Unexamined
Circlet of the d'Re'N [Cursed Item]Unexamined
Prophet (base class)Unexamined
Wild Mage [PEACH]Unexamined
New half-dragons [Template]Unexamined
[Feat] Shield BlockUnexamined
Anti-Magic FeatsUnexamined
[Creature] Mmmm... fruit...Unexamined
Your Puny Spells Are Nothing to me, Wizard! [Spell]Unexamined
[Spells] "Sir, We've Run A Trace..."Unexamined
Playing the Devil's Advocate :D [Politician, part 2: PrC]Unexamined
Nice to see a familiar face (um, well, you know what I mean) [Monster]Unexamined
[Class] The Urban DruidUnexamined
Psycho Master (psionic/ToB prc)Unexamined
Orb of RandomnessUnexamined
Non-Magical modifications for Weapons and a feat.Unexamined
May the Gods Preserve Your Soul [Spell]Unexamined
How does he do that??? [Feat]Unexamined
My Half-Elf and Half-Orc Fixes!Unexamined
My Half-Elf and Half-Orc Fixes! - Page 2Unexamined
[Power] AGGGGHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhUnexamined
Items of the Elements [PEACH]Unexamined
[Class] Master of Dusk and GloomUnexamined
[Base Class] Healer (new class)Unexamined
Lil bit o' love for the SHIELDSUnexamined
Lil bit o' love for the SHIELDS - Page 2Unexamined
Universal open RPG 0.0.3, the basics.Unexamined
Purchasing levels with experienceUnexamined
[Class] Gimme your money!Unexamined
D20 Modern Weapon!Unexamined
Final Fantasy RPG (non-D20!)Unexamined
Trooper [Base Class]Unexamined
Bardic Weapons [Feats]Unexamined
Dragon's Dozen, New [RPG System and Setting]Unexamined
The Lurk: Arcane ConversionUnexamined
[Leveling] "It's not your toys, they're just beside you..."Unexamined
Combat Mastery [Feat]Unexamined
New Shield Feats because shields need themUnexamined
Elemental Archer (PrC)Unexamined
Wilder Redux [Base Class]Unexamined
Soulknife Fix [Feats]Unexamined
Anymug (Magic Item)Unexamined
Low magic campaign mods (help?) [Ice and Fire campaign II]Unexamined
New Core Class: ArtisanUnexamined
New Core Class: Artisan - Page 2Unexamined
[Core Class] Sheilds have never been more appealing.Unexamined
Umbral Arcana [Spells]Unexamined
Someone's Thought of this Before... [Magic System Change]Unexamined
Cloak of The Crystal Cherem [Legacy]Unexamined
Help I've been transformed into a rabbit! (and need a LA!)Unexamined
[Feat] This is usually the part where people start screaming...Unexamined
Naval Tactics in the Age of the SailUnexamined
Naval Tactics in the Age of the Sail - Page 2Unexamined
Some warlock stuff needing reviewUnexamined
(K Class #1) SamuraiUnexamined
The Artist [base class]Unexamined
Spell Runes: Bear with me, I was tired when I came up with themUnexamined
Some [Feats] I madeUnexamined
The SurvivalistUnexamined
[Class] Let me see your palm...Unexamined
[Class] Ki Master (Work in progress)Unexamined
I Need Spell Suggestions for my New Magic SystemUnexamined
Hollow Kaizoku d20 Productions: [Recruiting]Unexamined
Making the Fighter Playable Again (proper place this time ;)Unexamined
Variant Cleric Class Feature: Reluctant ConvertUnexamined
[PrC] Spellwarp TrapperUnexamined
[MitPII] Atmosphere setting templateUnexamined
[MitPII] Atmosphere setting template - Page 2Unexamined
The world thrown into Chaos over a Chess Game? [Campaign Setting]Unexamined
Club has a lot of synonyms [Augmentation Crystal]Unexamined
Barred Wizard School FeatsUnexamined
Exotic Weapon - WarshovelUnexamined
[Prc] The Trench DiggerUnexamined
Feats that blend Arcana and Psionics (PEACH of course)Unexamined
Price of Survival [Feats]Unexamined
[Powers] The sound of agony...Unexamined
Master of Sense (New Perstige Class)Unexamined
A proposed solution to the Sword and Board and Two-Weapon Fighting problemsUnexamined
Monster of the Masses, Come Join In!Unexamined
Monster of the Masses, Come Join In! - Page 2Unexamined
Monster of the Masses, Come Join In! - Page 3Unexamined
Monster of the Masses, Come Join In! - Page 4Unexamined
Monster of the Masses, Come Join In! - Page 5Unexamined
Monster of the Masses, Come Join In! - Page 6Unexamined
Monster of the Masses, Come Join In! - Page 7Unexamined
Monster of the Masses, Come Join In! - Page 8Unexamined
Monster of the Masses, Come Join In! - Page 9Unexamined
[Base Class] The AnimorphUnexamined
[Base Class] The Animorph - Page 2Unexamined
The Twin'd Souls (Deity)Unexamined
Student of the Mystic Arts [Core Class]Unexamined
[Magic Item] Unleash the fury!Unexamined
[Feat] Two Weapon MasteryUnexamined
The How-It-Should-Be FighterUnexamined
The How-It-Should-Be Fighter - Page 2Unexamined
[PEACH] [Monster] Pale ManUnexamined
Still more Anti-CoDZilla ThoughtsUnexamined
Lich Lord [PrC]Unexamined
[Creature] Things that go bump in the Stairwell.Unexamined
Two spell needed in life.Unexamined
Library Lovers Design ContestUnexamined
Library Lovers Design Contest - Page 2Unexamined
Library Lovers Design Contest ENTRY THREADUnexamined
Something vile in the vial...Unexamined
simple system solution?Unexamined
Channel Mage [Base Class] [PEACH]Unexamined
Variant PaladinUnexamined
[Spells] Battle illusions!Unexamined
Exotic Weapon: CatsUnexamined
Alternate spell casting system.Unexamined
insert name hereUnexamined
Project Shadow: New Shadowcaster MaterialUnexamined
Project Shadow: New Shadowcaster Material - Page 2Unexamined
Counterspelling with BuffsUnexamined
And here they dance in the flames of wisdom lost [library]Unexamined
[Library] Library of the WolvesUnexamined
Magical EvolutionUnexamined
[Base Class] The Rune Soldier (New Name)Unexamined
[MITPII] The Walking Water-fall [PEACH]Unexamined
Blink Dog [Monster Class]Unexamined
Some new spellsUnexamined
The TsiachkkUnexamined
Another paladin variant, again. The Consecrated Knight.Unexamined
Rod of Laevus Levus (cursed item)Unexamined
Monster Competition IX: Birds and the Bees - Voting ThreadUnexamined
[Library] The Forgotten Lore of Al-KaralazimUnexamined
[Template] GroakshadowUnexamined
[ToB] Reinventing Desert WindUnexamined
Will not be completed by Deadline, out of the contest.Unexamined
[LIBRARY] Nelbin Etherbolt's Repository of Wondrous Texts and Splendid ScriptsUnexamined
[Library] Well of StoriesUnexamined
[Library] The Lily-on-the-WaterUnexamined
Making a conjuration wizard worth your while!Unexamined
[Library]The Grand Library and Archive of HhiastrioUnexamined
Cosmic Voice(A spellcasting barbarian)Unexamined
[Core Class] Serious "Kaboom!"Unexamined
The Warder Prestige ClassUnexamined
My Custom D&D Race!! I would like some input.Unexamined
Gemsoul Race in 3.5 Players Handbook FormatUnexamined
Homebrew character class- please rateUnexamined
New Class: the SpellchannelerUnexamined
[Library] Fayrell's ConservatoryUnexamined
Monk bonus feat?Unexamined
[Base Races]Magesworn ElvesUnexamined
Paradox War - Would you play it?Unexamined
More Homebrew Magic ItemsUnexamined
The BrawlerUnexamined
Ranger Favored Enemy VariantsUnexamined
New Animal SpellsUnexamined
Deities granting powers to followersUnexamined
Because Monks need some loving. (PEACH, of course)Unexamined
[Library] The Last Hall - Doom Falls in MechanusUnexamined
Blade Caster [class]Unexamined
Variant MonkUnexamined
Phantom Armor [MitPII]Unexamined
They Move So Fast...Like Bees! [PrC]Unexamined
Xenomorph TemplateUnexamined
Substitution Levels II [TCS]Unexamined
Abjuration Abounds!!! [Stuff]Unexamined
[Library]Remnants of beforetimesUnexamined
War and siege golems[MiTPII]Unexamined
[Template] Psionically Conditioned CreatureUnexamined
What Deepblue thinks The Fighter needs... [class fix]Unexamined
What Deepblue thinks The Fighter needs... [class fix] - Page 2Unexamined
Some racial paragons.Unexamined
[Library]The HollowsUnexamined
Fey-ish race for PC's.Unexamined
Some Epic SpellsUnexamined
Master of Masks RevampedUnexamined
[Maneuvers] Ocean Soul DisciplineUnexamined
Trick ArrowsUnexamined
Monk uanarmed damage variantUnexamined
The EnforcersUnexamined
Variant Paragon (p.e.a.c.h)Unexamined
Don't step out of the light...Unexamined
Base Class: Force AdeptUnexamined
Primewarden (PEACH)Unexamined
Along the same vein as the "can I do this RAW" thread I made...Unexamined
Help me design a maneuver please.Unexamined
Formian Armadon [Monster Class]Unexamined
Monster Makeover: GhoulsUnexamined
Sap DragonUnexamined
Malazan Book of the Fallen homebrewUnexamined
Fast movement featUnexamined
holy place effects in low power gamesUnexamined
He recovers and catches his foe off guard... (PEACH)Unexamined
A combat spell for the BardsUnexamined
Need help in making new classUnexamined
Eyes in the Back of the Head [Spell] [PEACH]Unexamined
Animated series conversionUnexamined
[Creature] Now we're being followed by rocks...Unexamined
Could use some help on a totally new system I'm developingUnexamined
Oceanfire [Setting]Unexamined
The Thousandvoices (deity?)Unexamined
Eberron RacesUnexamined
Proposed spell, preety balanced?Unexamined
personal silence spellUnexamined
The Pactbinder [D20 Modern Advanced Class] (PEACH)Unexamined
Eberron RacesUnexamined
Elemental Spellcaster Base Class Extravaganza!Unexamined
[Template] OvergrownUnexamined
How do you bind extraplanar creatures to your willUnexamined
A Little Something for TWF and S&B...Unexamined
Greater Flight [Power]Unexamined
Hail! Hail! Hail and Kill! [PrC, D&D]Unexamined
...And Justice For All [Spell]Unexamined
alternative basic familiarUnexamined
alternative basic familiar - Page 2Unexamined
Posessed [meele class on par with spellcasters]Unexamined
Swashbuckeling FeatsUnexamined
New spell: Emulate FeatUnexamined
Deathstalker PrC?Unexamined
Advice/help with a PrC ideaUnexamined
Steal my Fluff!Unexamined
[Library] Dr. Slobockia's Living LibraryUnexamined
Special Material: Spell SteelUnexamined
Are there any Dwarfen or Gnome specific fiends/lower planes?Unexamined
Metamagic Feat HelpUnexamined
Someone put their finger in the plug socket [Mitp2]Unexamined
Someone put their finger in the plug socket [Mitp2] - Page 2Unexamined
So You like feats? (PrC)Unexamined
The Song's Been Sung, The Bretheren Court Calls; Do You Answer? (PRC)Unexamined
This Was Accidental.Unexamined
Malicious Feats!Unexamined
Help with Low/Difficult Magic SettingUnexamined
New magic system classificationUnexamined
Magic: the GatheringUnexamined
Pounce as a Feat?Unexamined
Two Weapon Fighting RevisionUnexamined
FMA Alchemist Class. (PEACH)Unexamined
[Library] Library of the Four SeasonsUnexamined
scorcerer unknown spell castingUnexamined
Shadow Blood [Feat]Unexamined
CIMA: Campaign Fluff and ChaffUnexamined
Slivers - Page 2Unexamined
[Library]The Private Study and Playroom of (Name Withheld)Unexamined
It requires of its wielder a singular will.Unexamined
Bleach d20 System Game (one step at a time)Unexamined
The Master of LocomotionUnexamined
[Library] Bumble's great collection of unforgettable adventuresUnexamined
Loot Lugging Magic ItemsUnexamined
Initiate of the Green Tunic (Base Class)Unexamined
[Library] Gronk's Library of Endless KnowledgeUnexamined
Scion of the SunUnexamined
Oragami GolemsUnexamined
Need help filling out ideasUnexamined
[Library] The Traveler's HubUnexamined
Faceless Mask [CR 8 undead outsider]Unexamined
M&M going oriental, some advice please.Unexamined
[Library] The Wandering RoomUnexamined
Nulu, Lady Wild [Vestige]Unexamined
Werewolves need armor too! [Misc. Skill Use]Unexamined
“We don’t serve your kind!”Unexamined
“We don’t serve your kind!” - Page 2Unexamined
Only that of a legacy (VoP) [Feat]Unexamined
Everyone's guaranteed at least one hot date. Why turn your back on it? [PrC]Unexamined
Revised Spells and AdditionsUnexamined
[MitP2] The Shardfiend Template (PEACH)Unexamined
Monk FixUnexamined
I found out what zombies are weak against [spell]Unexamined
I found out what zombies are weak against [spell] - Page 2Unexamined
Frost to Fire [spells]Unexamined
They Come Like A Theif In The Night [Base Class]Unexamined
Starcraft RpgUnexamined
Powers(no, not psionics)Unexamined
Silverfire SwordUnexamined
Golem HelpUnexamined
Trade Smite Evils For Paladin Mount BuffsUnexamined
Citadel of the Sun [WIP] [Dungeon]Unexamined
Let Sleeping Books Lie - DiscontinuedUnexamined
GITP Monster Competition X - Burn, baby, BURN! (VOTE NOW!)Unexamined
Monk adjustmentsUnexamined
Bearer of the Crimson Shirt [NPC PrC]Unexamined
New System, Rolling for Powers, Balance???Unexamined
Master Brewer (for basic review)Unexamined
[Spells] Power to the white man!Unexamined
[template]Do you fear death?Unexamined
[Creature] Haetae (PEACH!)Unexamined
[Spell Idea] SensetenceUnexamined
More stuff for Generic Classes [Class, "Feats"]Unexamined
A Water Powered U.F.O.Unexamined
delete pleaseUnexamined
Dishonor Guard of the Nine Hells [PrC]Unexamined
[Class] The Martialist (PEACH)Unexamined
[PrC] The Throwing GnomeUnexamined
"Shots" - Initiative system variant ruleUnexamined
[Spell/Enhancement] Someone beautiful is cursed...Unexamined
Spook [PrC]Unexamined
Nomadic Halflings (Base Race)Unexamined
[Variant] Proficiency as skillsUnexamined
[Class] The LightsmithUnexamined
Because Stormwrack doesn't have enough[items]Unexamined
Paladin RedoneUnexamined
[Feats] And his words were as honey...Unexamined
[Feats] And his words were as honey... - Page 2Unexamined
Small Soldiers! (Races/Campaign Setting)Unexamined
Homebrewing Across The Net: An ObservationUnexamined
Magic Variant: Spellcraft checksUnexamined
You'll never get me lucky charms! [Subrace]Unexamined
My First Time Homebrewing, sooo... [Feat]Unexamined
[Template] Under the fading trees, until all the world has changed...Unexamined
Poison Master [PrC]Unexamined
[Class] The Hearthkeeper (PEACH)Unexamined
[Skill] ScentUnexamined
Executioner Devil (Heydyon)Unexamined
Redo to Casting on Defensive?Unexamined
This Old Rule: TumbleUnexamined
Entirely Custom System [Survival Horror]Unexamined
Aernia [Campaign Setting, UNFINISHED, Help Appreciated]Unexamined
Teleportation Spells To Control the Battle!Unexamined
It's a cactuar!Unexamined
[Class] The ArcanistUnexamined
Tourist [Class]Unexamined
Mass Battle RulesUnexamined
(Feats)'I heal him with my sneak attack!'Unexamined
The concept of Good and EvilUnexamined
[PrC]Keeper of the Code (PEACH)Unexamined
[PRC] Weeping Fist.Unexamined
Deadeye (Prestige Class)Unexamined
VT's Forgotten Beast I - FleshkindlerUnexamined
Poor, poor Spirit Shaman...Unexamined
Incarnate, martial adept and PrCs (D20 modern)Unexamined
VT's Forgotten Beast II - CryptfireUnexamined
[Library] Anolus Dimetrion's CollectionUnexamined
Sun Devil [MITP II] ((Three more Votes))Unexamined
Sun Devil [MITP II] ((Three more Votes)) - Page 2Unexamined
VT's Forgotten Beast III - CombrunnerUnexamined
4-legged little torturing machines, bone twisting wierdos, and victims [MitP, PEACH]Unexamined
4-legged little torturing machines, bone twisting wierdos, and victims [MitP, PEACH] - Page 2Unexamined
Coral Golem [Broken]Unexamined
Reef Golem [MitP II]Unexamined
Reef Golem [MitP II] - Page 2Unexamined
Harry Potter D20.Unexamined
THH's first homebrew [Class] IT COUNTERATTACKS!Unexamined
Paladin's aren't the only one's to fall, Evil for all classes (PRCs)Unexamined
Paladin's aren't the only one's to fall, Evil for all classes (PRCs) - Page 2Unexamined
There's an arrow in your hand (Feat)Unexamined
An idea for making Appraise usefulUnexamined
need help with new breed of dragonUnexamined
Death From Above! [Feat]Unexamined
Enscribed Scrolls [Feat]Unexamined
[Template] Hi ho, hi ho...Unexamined
Sun Tyrant [MITPII], Sun Worshiper(PEACH)Unexamined
Multiple spell slot spells.Unexamined
Sun Sprite [GitP X]Unexamined
A Good Feat?Unexamined
Master of the Martial ways. [PRC]Unexamined
homebrew poisonsUnexamined
No witty subject title! [Feat]Unexamined
(Spell) Sorry, I can't understand you... [PEACH]Unexamined
Memeplast [Creature]Unexamined
Exalted Feat that stacksUnexamined
Opinions on house rulesUnexamined
Improving the Mystic Theurge.Unexamined
Custom magic item: Undying OnyxUnexamined
RPGuild, a roleplaying game systemUnexamined
Custom magic item: Cloak of Greater DesecrationUnexamined
[Class] TechnomancerUnexamined
Really Simple Fighter FixUnexamined
Really Simple Fighter Fix - Page 2Unexamined
New Death and Dieing Rules (plus another Toughness revision)Unexamined
Marksman [PrC]Unexamined
Marksman [PrC]Unexamined
The Kobold's Workshop (Help)Unexamined
New ranged weapon special ability for magical bowsUnexamined
Saturated Magic (help with idea)Unexamined
Death by chocolate... [MitP]Unexamined
[World] The DustlandsUnexamined
[World] The Dustlands - Page 2Unexamined
[World] The Dustlands - Page 3Unexamined
[World] The Dustlands - Page 4Unexamined
[World] The Dustlands - Page 5Unexamined
[World] The Dustlands - Page 6Unexamined
Meep Meep! (Spells)Unexamined
The Gribble (MitP, PEACH)Unexamined
Variant: Racial HD for everyone!Unexamined
Variant: Racial HD for everyone! - Page 2Unexamined
Men of Stone [MitP]Unexamined
Building new Magic Missiles.Unexamined
[Class] The YeomanUnexamined
[Prestige Class] The ChronomancerUnexamined
Where have all the Animorph threads gone? [Various]Unexamined
[House] Tell the truth!Unexamined
Stuck Arrow [Magic Item]Unexamined
The Arcane OrderUnexamined
[Feats, Weapons] Effective spear combat, and a new feat treeUnexamined
Few new FeatsUnexamined
Sandborn [Template, MitP]Unexamined
Feats for weaker charactersUnexamined
For Medicinal Purposes Only...: Flora in the Playground (Progress: 12 plants so far)Unexamined
Kinderhorror and kinderfiend (MitP, PEACH)Unexamined
[Class] Idiot SavantUnexamined
Half-Feats [Feats]Unexamined
Half-Feats [Feats] - Page 2Unexamined
[PrC] Skit skat skoodle do flip flop flee!Unexamined
[PrC] Skit skat skoodle do flip flop flee! - Page 2Unexamined
[Feat] AvoidanceUnexamined
More Brutal Fighter FeatsUnexamined
Don't Lose Your Head [Creature]Unexamined
Cerebral Inferno [MitP]Unexamined
A hero's journey [Prc]Unexamined
Ragnarok Online Campaign: Help RequiredUnexamined
Evolution Hombrew Design Idea (Criticism + Help Wanted)Unexamined
200000-Hits! Adaquate Combo! [Combat Mechanic]Unexamined
20 Spell wizard (variant) PEACHUnexamined
Putting Salt on the Wounds [MitP]Unexamined
Sneak Attack, Sudden Strike, and Skirmish (PEACH)Unexamined
Among the SavagesUnexamined
Homebrewing some classes- need adviceUnexamined
And the princess' dolly did smite the brigrand down... [Creature Template]Unexamined
Storm of Swords [Spell] PeachUnexamined
New Damage-Dealing SpellsUnexamined
Mighty Brawler [Prestige Class]Unexamined
Cool Idea for a setting, Letting you do whatever you want with it.Unexamined
Darn kids [MitP]Unexamined
Good Lich [Template]Unexamined
Good Lich [Template] - Page 2Unexamined
Latent Power [Feat]Unexamined
New Rage FeatUnexamined
Races for my campaign settingUnexamined
Help For Ugly CharactersUnexamined
Help For Ugly Characters - Page 2Unexamined
[Base Class] Enlightened DevoteeUnexamined
i swear that fisherman was the chieftain a week ago? (race)Unexamined
New Deity/Cleric Spell: LibronUnexamined
Immortal of Pain [Class, PEACH]Unexamined
ALAKAZAM!!! [Feats]Unexamined
Darkness from the sun god's heart [creature, MITP]Unexamined
[Class Variant] Stance Fighter, credit to YakkUnexamined
Meditation/Levitation [Class Ability]Unexamined
That's a Crazy Monk! [Feat]Unexamined
Urban Ninja (The City) (Advanced Class)Unexamined
Hidden Power feats [Feats]Unexamined
Shannaran DruidsUnexamined
[Artifact] See you in another Age...Unexamined
The Flameweaver (Bard PrC.)Unexamined
The Urban Samurai (The City) (Advanced Class)Unexamined
[Library] Boccob's HavenUnexamined
A dragon's businessUnexamined
A Lich's Best Friend [Template]Unexamined
[Power] Spontaneous EvolutionUnexamined
Ninja, ReduxUnexamined
Truth Spinners [MitpII]Unexamined
Truth Spinners [MitpII] - Page 2Unexamined
Whaddya know? Beer DOES kill you! (Spell)Unexamined
Migraineur (Flaw)Unexamined
Open Your Mind [PrC]Unexamined
[Creature] Acts of God? Think again...Unexamined
Invasion of the podpeople ( or something like that) [MitP 2]Unexamined
[PrC]Blade PreistUnexamined
A Shadow of What Once WasUnexamined
Who wouldn't want to help me build nations?Unexamined
[Powers] Harvest and AnimateUnexamined
I don't believe you understand the gravity of the situation. [PrC]Unexamined
Corrida Escuda (d20 Modern / Dune Bullfighting)Unexamined
Anarchist (PrC)Unexamined
A parent's horror (MITP 2)Unexamined
The Glyphstone's Revitalized Bard (PEACH)Unexamined
I am Jack's cinema inspired Feats (100 strong and counting. Add yours!)Unexamined
I am Jack's cinema inspired Feats (100 strong and counting. Add yours!) - Page 2Unexamined
I am Jack's cinema inspired Feats (100 strong and counting. Add yours!) - Page 3Unexamined
I am Jack's cinema inspired Feats (100 strong and counting. Add yours!) - Page 4Unexamined
I am Jack's cinema inspired Feats (100 strong and counting. Add yours!) - Page 5Unexamined
The Grey Guard (Organisation, Class, NPC)Unexamined
I see the Angels, I'll lead them to your door...Unexamined
[PrC]And from the barrel of his gun came forth lighting and thunderUnexamined
If you hear them, you're already dead [Base Class]Unexamined
[Power] Adrenal RushUnexamined
Help with a Homebrew SettingUnexamined
[Library] The Necromancer's ArchiveUnexamined
The Moon Beckons Thee [Creature, MITP] ((one more vote))Unexamined
Amulet for those without ClericsUnexamined
Angels Fall First [PrC]Unexamined
A psionic addition to the Dragonmech setting [PrC]Unexamined
Six seconds for one shot? What are we using, muskets? [houserule, d20 Modern]Unexamined
[Race] KalqueUnexamined
chaos mutationsUnexamined
[Item] Spike of Undeath (peach)Unexamined
The Concussionist [PrC]Unexamined
Spellslicer (Magic item enhancement)Unexamined
"Lesser" racesUnexamined
You think library fines are bad? (Monster)Unexamined
Sword-Mage (The City) (Advanced Class) (Part 2 of Magic Revamp)Unexamined
[Artifact] The Mouth of Nerull (peach)Unexamined
Me Supreme Being. Me protect you. (5th element template)Unexamined
Cavall, The Companion [Creature/Quasi-Deity]Unexamined
bane cat[creature]Unexamined
Timyras: Tome of Lore (A Massive Compilation of Homebrew Material)Unexamined
Some rule modsUnexamined
Creating new spells is bad?Unexamined
Library of the MistsUnexamined
[Library] The Foxfire TomesUnexamined
Worldshaker [Creature; MitP]Unexamined
The four spheres [Planar arangement]Unexamined
Tribal Drummer [PrC]Unexamined
New Damage/HP System.Unexamined
[MitP] The Nameless (Complete!) [PEACH]Unexamined
[MitP] Storm Ray [Monster]Unexamined
Want to build a whole new system... (Guaging Interest)Unexamined
Cooperative Metamagic!Unexamined
The Scoundrel [Class]Unexamined
The Vivifont [base class]Unexamined
Elemental ArmoryUnexamined
[MitPII] The Venomfleshed, complete with their own introductory storyUnexamined
Alternative Combat Feats [Feats] [PEACH]Unexamined
The Witch Finder (PrC)Unexamined
Hit Locations?Unexamined
"Not all that is good walks in the light..." [PrC]Unexamined
"Not all that is good walks in the light..." [PrC] - Page 2Unexamined
[Variant] Never Behind the CurveUnexamined
Angel of Righteousness [creature]Unexamined
Witch Seeker (PrC)Unexamined
[Creature] You don't read between these lines...Unexamined
Arcane Beholder [Base Class][PEACH]Unexamined
Mr. Mojo Risin' [PrC]Unexamined
Arcane Paladin?Unexamined
The Combatant [fighter variation - though they could co-exist]Unexamined
Double castUnexamined
Druid ReduxUnexamined
The Neuromancer (PrC)Unexamined
Penumbra Stalker [Creature]Unexamined
A different way of doing racesUnexamined
The Shattered world [Setting] Advice?Opinions?Unexamined
The Shattered world [Setting] Advice?Opinions? - Page 2Unexamined
[MitPII]: Terrifying, annoying and usefulUnexamined
[MitPII]: Terrifying, annoying and useful - Page 2Unexamined
"I want that ship, not excuses." [Star Wars Saga]Unexamined
"I want that ship, not excuses." [Star Wars Saga] - Page 2Unexamined
Dragon Shaman ReduxUnexamined
Talent for Magic [Alternate Wizard/Sorcerer]Unexamined
[Race] LalanaUnexamined
Lesser Disciplines - 8 more Tome of Battle disciplinesUnexamined
Lesser Disciplines - 8 more Tome of Battle disciplines - Page 2Unexamined
Collapsible Kite and Sky Glasses [items]Unexamined
Fighter 2: The Return of FighterUnexamined
Sublime VarientsUnexamined
Dragoon (Class)Unexamined
Advice on monstersUnexamined
delete pleaseUnexamined
[Library] Library at PartanacrilUnexamined
Hoverboards! (Item in the Playground)Unexamined
New Weapon (Artifact): The Econtra EdgeUnexamined
The Soldier (Base Class)Unexamined
The Endless Wastes of Nalal [Sandstorm Campaign Setting]Unexamined
Magic Tattoos For Everyone!Unexamined
The Magesmith [NPC PrC]Unexamined
GITP Monster Competition X Voting Thread (CLOSED)Unexamined
How in Pelors name can we hit this guy? [Feats]Unexamined
The Silly Spell ThreadUnexamined
The Silly Spell Thread - Page 2Unexamined
What Makes an epic monster?Unexamined
[Power] LiquefyUnexamined
Paladins not as a classUnexamined
If I Should Die Before I Wake... [Creature]Unexamined
Deeptunnel Rover MitP IIUnexamined
Bladeravers and LevistusUnexamined
D20 Future set in the Warhammer 40K UniverseUnexamined
[MitP] Flash BeetlesUnexamined
Messenger from the Heavens [Base Class] [PEACH]Unexamined
Power of nature, Plant network spells!Unexamined
[Prestige Class] MindstraferUnexamined
My(sorta) Diplomacy-ish game- EmpiresUnexamined
Tarot Feats (The City) (28 New Feats)Unexamined
Rebuilding... Every Class?Unexamined
[Domain & Spells] Shhhh...Unexamined
(subrace) was that kobold taking notes while the dragon ate him?Unexamined
Spellcraft checks for casting, revisitedUnexamined
Sand Between My Toes... [PrC]Unexamined
Messenger (NPC class)Unexamined
Wrath of the Rational Ninja-Wizard [Item]Unexamined
Brass knuckles (Weapon)Unexamined
divine historical themeUnexamined
[MitPgII]Think positively!Unexamined
[MitPgII]Think positively! - Page 2Unexamined
[Spells] Kaleidoscope eyes? Can do.Unexamined
[Library] The Library of KwalishUnexamined
Genesis Warrior (base class)Unexamined
{Spells} Ears of Awareness and HourglassUnexamined
For the Cleric that wants to advertise... [Feat]Unexamined
My own little item!Unexamined
Two Halves [setting]Unexamined
Bad Hair Day (spell)Unexamined
[Class] HunterUnexamined
Library Lovers Design Contest VOTING and RESULTS ThreadUnexamined
Parrying SystemUnexamined
Parrying System - Page 2Unexamined
[PEACH]Warlock love and the heebie-jeebies[Invocations]Unexamined
[NPC Class] The Seer!Unexamined
[MitPII] Undead doesn't mean uncaring....Unexamined
improved touch of golden iceUnexamined
I'm not evil enough for a Fergie joke... [Race]Unexamined
I'll rewind your time until you don't exist! [Power]Unexamined
I'll rewind your time until you don't exist! [Power] - Page 2Unexamined
New Spell: Steamy FogUnexamined
iamkoolerthanu's hombrewed ideas. [VOTE]Unexamined
Oppertunistic Rebound [Feat]Unexamined
Two New Races from my Setting [Peach]Unexamined
Some Explodey SpellsUnexamined
Mythbuster (PrC)Unexamined
Tetris SpellsUnexamined
[Spells] of Nothus.Unexamined
Bowman of Gosal [PrC]Unexamined
Psionic feats {PEACH}Unexamined
PTSD in the playgroundUnexamined
Wildrunner (PrC)Unexamined
[NPC Class] Bartender!Unexamined
Need: A huge dragon!Unexamined
Need: A huge dragon! - Page 2Unexamined
Mind over Water (Prc)Unexamined
Revised CraftingUnexamined
Morph WarriorUnexamined
Making familiars more useful.Unexamined
Spitfire Strafe [Spell] - comments solicitedUnexamined
Tyrath Campaign Setting IIIUnexamined
Oz Prestige Class: The Emerald GuardUnexamined
[Base Class] PriestUnexamined
[Power] Can you feel the knife you stuck between his ribs?Unexamined
Song inspired homebrewUnexamined
Advanced Caltrops (Alt. rules, an artifact, magic caltrops and more)Unexamined
[Legendary Weapon] The Finger of Mount CelestiaUnexamined
[Creature] Keep your thoughts to yourself!Unexamined
Contributions wanted... Traits/Talents/Edges/FlawsUnexamined
In Search of the TransmutationistUnexamined
Imaging HelpUnexamined
Sun Worshiper [MitPII]Unexamined
You could poke an eye out with that [Feat]Unexamined
You could poke an eye out with that [Feat] - Page 2Unexamined
the Spidaren [MitPII] (Now with a ridiculously complicated Airship!)Unexamined
the Spidaren [MitPII] (Now with a ridiculously complicated Airship!) - Page 2Unexamined
the Spidaren [MitPII] (Now with a ridiculously complicated Airship!) - Page 3Unexamined
Planeguard Defender [PrC]Unexamined
Action Point FlawsUnexamined
Airships - Page 2Unexamined
He won't get away from us this time, gentlemen! [Spells]Unexamined
Aerialist [PrC]Unexamined
Stop, Hammerspace! [PrC]Unexamined
looking for tools/advice GM'ing via ChatUnexamined
A wizard did itUnexamined
Revised True Necromancer [PEACH]Unexamined
Gitp Dead ProjectUnexamined
Gitp Dead Project - Page 2Unexamined
Gitp Dead Project - Page 3Unexamined
Peach this Paladin Rebuild.Unexamined
Lifeless Servitor [Creature]Unexamined
Cyst Spider [Creature]Unexamined
Exalted Necromancy [Variant]Unexamined
Spring Golem [MitP]Unexamined
[Artifiact] Changeling’s FireplaceUnexamined
[Item] Little Floating ShieldsUnexamined
"No, Birds have wings. Men have Jetpacks." [FEAT]Unexamined
Consecrated knight second attempt.Unexamined
[Spell]Well I'm convincedUnexamined
Leveling SkillsUnexamined
Moonsinger [Base Class/Magic System]Unexamined
[class] Bender (Avatar: The Last Airbender Themed)Unexamined
Frozen Terror [Mitp]Unexamined
Frozen Terror [Mitp] - Page 2Unexamined
Tree Child (Diminutive Fey) [Mitp]Unexamined
This is Karrnath!Unexamined
The Candle Keeper (Prc)Unexamined
Missing something: ELDER (Base Class)Unexamined
GITP Monster Competition XI - Beings of Legend (VOTE NOW!)Unexamined
New classesUnexamined
[Monster] Munch munchUnexamined
MitP2- The Herald of the End, revisittedUnexamined
Shadow Knight- Base Class *need balancing* [PEACH]Unexamined
made this new class for D&D 3.0 letme know what you thinkUnexamined
The Red Sword (Alternate Wizard)Unexamined
Dude, Where's My Sword? [Monster]Unexamined
(PrC) Geisha of the Bladed FanUnexamined
[NPC PrC] PotionbrewerUnexamined
[Spell] And that's how the owlbear was born...Unexamined
[Spell] And that's how the owlbear was born... - Page 2Unexamined
Rewrite Person [Spell]Unexamined
The Plague Bearer [Creature]Unexamined
Dire [Template]Unexamined
Tiny Little Buggers [Race]Unexamined
Modern Combat SpecificsUnexamined
[PrC] Its been a joke in my avatar for long enough....Unexamined
[PrC] Its been a joke in my avatar for long enough.... - Page 2Unexamined
[PrC] Its been a joke in my avatar for long enough.... - Page 3Unexamined
Psionic RangerUnexamined
Though this be madness, yet there is method [PrC]Unexamined
[Spell] Hold that thought, would you?Unexamined
[Artifact]Deck of Many Things(Bigger and Better)Unexamined
Rain of Fire spell for reviewUnexamined
Help! Rethinking My World PremiseUnexamined
Paranoia in the Playground: Experimental EquipmentUnexamined
[Class]Dark KnightUnexamined
The Alchemist (Base Class, PEACH)Unexamined
A System with No CharismaUnexamined
PRC: The Master Basketweaver.Unexamined
Shadowsmith [Class] [PEACH] Possibly overpoweredUnexamined
On Monsters and Beasts: Baby and Maturing HydrasUnexamined
Craft (Disturbing Mental Image) [PEACH]Unexamined
Planeswalker [Class]Unexamined
Humans and their little cousins redone(PEACH, races)Unexamined
[Item] The Toy BeholderUnexamined
Necromantic SpellsUnexamined
Adjustable Monster ECL: Racial Feats & LevelsUnexamined
Chargen houserule (retro D&D)Unexamined
Making Character Race MatterUnexamined
New approach to Vancian spellcastingUnexamined
Pseudo Celtic CampaignUnexamined
Multiple Intelligences TheoryUnexamined
Need Help! Horror and Zombies!Unexamined
Background ClassesUnexamined
Hey, what does that say? (BOOOM)Unexamined
Rules for paper planesUnexamined
Resident Evil D20Unexamined
Resident Evil D20 - Page 2Unexamined
Resident Evil D20 - Page 3Unexamined
Resident Evil D20 - Page 4Unexamined
Resident Evil D20 - Page 5Unexamined
Resident Evil D20 - Page 6Unexamined
Resident Evil D20 - Page 7Unexamined
Resident Evil D20 - Page 8Unexamined
Resident Evil D20 - Page 9Unexamined
[D20 Modern] [Advanced Class] Paper MasterUnexamined
Dullmagic Field (Spell)Unexamined
Arcane Trickster PRC!Unexamined
[Feat]Deflect SpellsUnexamined
[Item] Memory Pills!Unexamined
[MitP2] "I know what happens to the sun when it dies..."Unexamined
WOD/MET LARP Variant- Star TrekUnexamined
Waspling [Creature]Unexamined
Knights of Neraka Code of HonorUnexamined
Midnight RangerUnexamined
Homebrew races - animalsUnexamined
Shade Lich [Template, MitP II]Unexamined
[base]The Somaturge - Because it's about time DnD had a real pet classUnexamined
[spell]Making Spellcraft worthwhile, but not broken, at high skill modifiersUnexamined
Anti-Spell Spells [Spells]Unexamined
[Creature] Asipan (Beewoman) [PEACH]Unexamined
A little help with a new world...Unexamined
Messing with the Ghost Template [PrC] (Sort of)Unexamined
[Feats] You want me to do WHAT to my spells?Unexamined
Blazing a trail or two in the endless sands [PrC]Unexamined
Deceptive ConstructUnexamined
Homebrew Soulmelds?Unexamined
Snakes and Earrings [PrC]Unexamined
Shattered World [Setting] New SpellsUnexamined
Born to Be Wild [Template]Unexamined
Dealing with the Devil, monkeywrenching a new magic mechanic.Unexamined
Please lockUnexamined
[prc] Dance, puppets, dance!Unexamined
A social spellUnexamined
New BloodlinesUnexamined
New Bloodlines - Page 2Unexamined
SSBM Moves [Feat]Unexamined
[Template] Of shoes, and ships, and sealing-wax. Of cabbages, and kings...Unexamined
Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself! (Feat)Unexamined
My God Knows What Power Is... [Base Class]Unexamined
Soul of Legend [Creature]Unexamined
Element Creatures, re-workedUnexamined
Sexism/Racism - The Mechanic!Unexamined
Dwarves of the Shattered WorldUnexamined
A Feat for Spear LoversUnexamined
Looking for help. Opinions on this ability.Unexamined
Acolyte of the Scythe [Prestige Class]Unexamined
Ranger Variant: Beast TammerUnexamined
Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii! Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2.0!Unexamined
Domestic hazards [monster]Unexamined
I wanna be a Zombie!Unexamined
Main Gauche (feat)Unexamined
Elves in the Shattered WorldUnexamined
The Grimoire [MITP]Unexamined
Shield Gargoyle (Unique Item)Unexamined
Master Blaster (PrC, not a Mad Max reference)Unexamined
Sculptor of Life [Eberron PrC]Unexamined
stone age setting, need helpUnexamined
[Feat] Not Just In Disney Movies Anymore...Unexamined
Guidelines to Creating Disciplines for ToB?Unexamined
[Class Feature] Intentional Critical (unfinished)Unexamined
Big fish, little fish? Fishman! [Player/Non-Player Race]Unexamined
Penetrating Strike [Feat]Unexamined
Class: Stonewarrior. Tell me what you think!Unexamined
I Sing of Arms and a Man... [PrC]Unexamined
Eldritch Blade [Feats]Unexamined
[Feats] Pugilistic EmpowermentUnexamined
Alternate ranger with no magic and other changesUnexamined
Emperor Lich [PrC]Unexamined
[MitP] Echo of the RedUnexamined
Diplomat [NPC Class]Unexamined
Orzel's Ranger (class)Unexamined
Proposed changes to the PHB races:Unexamined
Fire Emblem HomebrewUnexamined
[Creature] In grim reality...Unexamined
A couple of new magic items I designedUnexamined
Mutant help...Unexamined
[Class feature] Sense Lines: please help!Unexamined
Utilicanist (caster)[Base Class][PEACH]Unexamined
Apiary Golem (mitp)Unexamined
[Artifact]I am the Iron Hand of JusticeUnexamined
[MitP] All that glistens...Unexamined
"This is my boomstick!... And here's the rest of the tree!" [MitP]Unexamined
An old (Second edition) idea made new again. White Necromancy.Unexamined
An old (Second edition) idea made new again. White Necromancy. - Page 2Unexamined
(Feat) Improved CounterspellUnexamined
[ARTIFACT] Roster of the LegendsUnexamined
When in Antarctica... [Feats]Unexamined
MoI: Incarnum ResearcherUnexamined
Little Giants [Creature]Unexamined
Who Wants To Live Forever? [Artifact]Unexamined
Two Monk FeatsUnexamined
Sting like a really big bee! [Feats]Unexamined
Handy Handy Magic SwordsUnexamined
Handy Handy Magic Swords - Page 2Unexamined
Handy Handy Magic Swords - Page 3Unexamined
The Stirge, it seems almost... Sentient? [Race and PrC]Unexamined
Henchman (Base Class)Unexamined
Gnomes and Halflings in the Shattered WorldUnexamined
Assorted Magic [Items]Unexamined
"Peace through Tyranny!" [Monster]Unexamined
Force Adept Revamped [Prc]Unexamined
[Creature] Hide and SpiritUnexamined
[base class]They're watching you... (final incarnation, hopefully!)Unexamined
No, not drow... [Race]Unexamined
Harry Potter related Homebrew [spoiler]Unexamined
Water World physics helpUnexamined
New Magic ItemUnexamined
Help with new combat abilities system?Unexamined
Utterances for TruenamerUnexamined
Eye for an Eye [Base Class]Unexamined
[Template] Half-UndeadUnexamined
The Savant- advice appreciatedUnexamined
Lord of the Rings, 4th Age D&D AdaptionUnexamined
Lord of the Rings, 4th Age D&D Adaption - Page 2Unexamined
A couple planesUnexamined
Uprated SwashbucklerUnexamined
What species you want to see?Unexamined
Races: Now with more differentness!Unexamined
Races: Now with more differentness! - Page 2Unexamined
Champion (Base Class, Monk replacement) PEACHUnexamined
Ninja Outside-the-Class RevampUnexamined
Gezina's take on flawsUnexamined
Memory of Life [spell]Unexamined
Mechanics For Creating RacesUnexamined
Majesty d20: The Warrior of Discord.Unexamined
Homebrew Feat: Sound MagicUnexamined
Race: Troglodyte GoblinsUnexamined
[Creature] OWWW... I feel good!Unexamined
New Whip EnhancementUnexamined
New Whip Enhancement - Page 2Unexamined
[House] Melee ReachUnexamined
Back Flip (special ability)Unexamined
Shot on the Fly (feat)Unexamined
What did you do to the Atlatl? seriously.Unexamined
yet another Soulknife fix.... PEACHUnexamined
Invasion of the Body Snatchers [Creature]Unexamined
[Creature] It's not just a monster, it's EVERY monster. (now with image)Unexamined
Cold and Hard and Petrified [Creature]Unexamined
Spell Battle - Spell LinksUnexamined
New Feat: Born Performer PEACHUnexamined
The Cyclops [MitPII]Unexamined
Hells' Belles Design Contest ENTRY & VOTING THREADUnexamined
Hells' Belles Design ContestUnexamined
Hells' Belles Design Contest - Page 2Unexamined
Ledak [Creature]Unexamined
[Class] LuckthiefUnexamined
[Class] Luckthief - Page 2Unexamined
[LAYER] The Academy of TearsUnexamined
[LAYER] The Children's HellUnexamined
Art Imitates Life... (Artefact)Unexamined
Bard Magic-less variantUnexamined
Archery and the Grid [Feats]Unexamined
Help me balance/brew a vampire spawn to vampire transition!Unexamined
Archibangs [MitP]Unexamined
Tiny Theif [PRC]Unexamined
[Variant] A soulknife with OptionsUnexamined
Incarnate Soulknife (Base Class)Unexamined
[LAYER]Castles in the SandUnexamined
Sunstone (magical item)Unexamined
Please help me understand Static realmsUnexamined
Wightblooded (PrC)Unexamined
[LAYER] other peopleUnexamined
Majesty d20: The Performance SkillUnexamined
Land of Origin [Brainstorming]Unexamined
Fairy Wine (Wondrous Item)Unexamined
[Layer] Domain of the Dead [Rookie]Unexamined
[Creature] Ohhh, what a pretty flower....Unexamined
Spikes01k's DnD 4e update rulesUnexamined
Potion of Wish?Unexamined
[Template] Evil MastermindUnexamined
[Template] Evil Mastermind - Page 2Unexamined
[LAYER] The All-Consuming Wastes...Unexamined
[LAYER] The Domain of the Woman ScornedUnexamined
[Layer]It's got a good beat, but you can't dance to it.Unexamined
[Layer] NostalgiaUnexamined
MitP II: Demonic spiritUnexamined
[Creature] Bad to the bone!Unexamined
Summer Wolf (Need Crunch Critiques)Unexamined
[MitPII]Sorry, you don't get a game of chess...Unexamined
Instantaneous Incarceration [Spell]Unexamined
Blue Mage[Class, Psionic]Unexamined
Here comes the [PEACH] (monster)Unexamined
Secret Ingredient (from OotS #476, PEACH)Unexamined
Degrees: The 190 Designs of EverythingUnexamined
Gremlins, the 3.5 Batch (MitPII)Unexamined
Variant "Cure X Wound" SpellsUnexamined
Life Bomb (PEACH)Unexamined
Profession: Merchant [Mechanics]Unexamined
[Layer] The Endless Night and Boundless SorrowUnexamined
[Homebrew concept] Weapon speedsUnexamined
[layer] The everchanging darkness of ErckharghUnexamined
Our Rules Rule!Unexamined
Too bad I'm Chaotic, or I'd learn martial arts too...Unexamined
Too bad I'm Chaotic, or I'd learn martial arts too... - Page 2Unexamined
Two homebrew spellsUnexamined
Dragons of the Shattered WorldUnexamined
[Feat] With spellbook in hand...Unexamined
[Layer] River's EndUnexamined
[feats] old abilities as new featsUnexamined
Rough sketch of sorcerer variantUnexamined
Spells to psionics...Unexamined
Monsters in the Playground, Take II, Phase IIUnexamined
Monsters in the Playground, Take II, Phase II - Page 2Unexamined
Monsters in the Playground, Take II, Phase II - Page 3Unexamined
Monsters in the Playground, Take II, Phase II - Page 4Unexamined
Envoy [Prc] - PEACHUnexamined
Magic Archer SpellUnexamined
Const. based combat featsUnexamined
Geist, not the Nintendo game; [Template]Unexamined
Psionic Monk (draft) PEACH please!Unexamined
[Layer] The Burning IceUnexamined
Everybody Loves Steampunk [Setting and Other Stuff]Unexamined
FF XI Inspired Red MageUnexamined
Nightmare MonstersUnexamined
[Creature]Monstrous Land PlanariaUnexamined
The Itzchari [MITP II]Unexamined
Ideas for Riding Hero base class.Unexamined
[Feats] Martial Arts stuffUnexamined
The Primal Realm: Updated 07-24-07Unexamined
Crossbow Joe's Guide to Fibber IslandUnexamined
Ranger combat styles - tweaks and 3 newUnexamined
The truth behind magic!Unexamined
[LAYER] Outside and In BetweenUnexamined
Variant SorcUnexamined
New Feat: Born FabulistUnexamined
Varient Idea: going at the same timeUnexamined
[Feats]Monk Special ability featsUnexamined
Need ideas for Archdruid prestige classUnexamined
[Prestige Class]RCMP NinjaUnexamined
Martha Stewart's revenge! [Spell]Unexamined
Religion in the Shattered WorldUnexamined
[Layer] Parched Hell of SaqulUnexamined
New Feat: Born ScholarUnexamined
The Keeper [base class]Unexamined
[World] NonagramUnexamined
Half what now?Unexamined
Half what now? - Page 2Unexamined
Constant Metamagic [Feats][PEACH]Unexamined
New spells: elemental states of matter (APRICOT... I mean PEACH)Unexamined
[Layer] Nzyxialtirsa: The Ashlands of RuinUnexamined
Who Doesn't Like Dinosaurs? [System, Base Class]Unexamined
Redlock's Chemistry Set horrors!Unexamined
[Feats, Equipment, Class] Just because you're a Paladin...Unexamined
Furyans [Race]Unexamined
New VillainUnexamined
Undead Stalker spell listUnexamined
[Equipment] Pump up the Bass!Unexamined
Magic of Sigil Prep [Spells]Unexamined
Magic of Sigil Prep [Spells] - Page 2Unexamined
Magic of Sigil Prep [Spells] - Page 3Unexamined
[PrC] Hoplite Phalanx BulwarkUnexamined
Looking for a shapeshift variant classUnexamined
Elemental DragonsUnexamined
Majesty d20: Trust and RelationshipsUnexamined
GITP Monster Competition XI Voting Thread (CLOSED)Unexamined
[Spell] Can you sing with all the voices of the mountains?Unexamined
Sorry, this is a double thread. Please delete.Unexamined
Wizard spells and science skills.Unexamined
New Race: SheatheUnexamined
A Craft-Based Caster/Alchemist Class (Need Help/In the Making)Unexamined
[items]Changeling hats of disguiseUnexamined
Fixing the MonkUnexamined
[Class]Red Mage - My take (The Jack of all Trades)Unexamined
[Class]Red Mage - My take (The Jack of all Trades) - Page 2Unexamined
[Layer] The Sevenfold CubeUnexamined
Initiate of the Green TunicUnexamined
Construct GraftsUnexamined
Homebrew Exotic ShieldUnexamined
I would like help making up a classUnexamined
[Layer]Mall of AvernusUnexamined
[Base Class]Gunslinger ... Childe Rolande to the dark tower came.Unexamined
Porting D20 Mutations in to DNDUnexamined
"The least likely can be the most dangerous." [Creature]Unexamined
Mosaic Worm [Creature]Unexamined
"THE PEACEMAKER" New CORE CLASS, Please Critique!!!Unexamined
"Conquest is made of the ashes of one's enemies" [Creature]Unexamined
No classes, no levels, no limits. MOD.Unexamined
No classes, no levels, no limits. MOD. - Page 2Unexamined
Shattered World WikiUnexamined
Need help building a prestigeUnexamined
The decent had destroyed me. Yet, I lived. "Raziel. You are worthy." [Prestige Class]Unexamined
Why Does It Always Have To Be Snakes? [Creature]Unexamined
AD&D vs Dungeon Keeper (Die Die My Darling Thrash Metal remix) [rules mod]Unexamined
Factotum FeatsUnexamined
"Pure Light, shine on bloody impurity!" [Base Class]Unexamined
[Layer] Under New ManagementUnexamined
Hit point houserulesUnexamined
Prestige Class: Ninja PiratesUnexamined
Personal AvatarUnexamined
Xenomorphs [Creatures]Unexamined
[Base class] Oh what fun to ride and sing a slaying song tonight...Unexamined
[PrClass] Ouch, my heartUnexamined
Handy Handy 0 Level SpellsUnexamined
Battle Focus (combat mechanic-ish thing)Unexamined
Most Useless Feat Ever (but still good for a laugh)Unexamined
My homebrew spellsUnexamined
Caffeine in d20Unexamined
[World] TouliosUnexamined
Math Elementals of Sigil Prep [Creature]Unexamined
[Creature] Waves crashing around me, the sand slips out to sea...Unexamined
Spell Catcher [Monk PrC]Unexamined
Unusual item, needs pricingUnexamined
[Creature(s)] Now Leaves are Finally DangerousUnexamined
Hunter in Darkness[Class]Unexamined
Ewww... That's just NASTY!! [Creature]Unexamined
Majesty d20: The PriestessUnexamined
[Creature] A giant by any other name would smell just as sweetUnexamined
[Weapon] Pixie LanceUnexamined
[Creature] Hey hippogriff, eat your heart outUnexamined
[Creature] You think, therefore I amUnexamined
[Race] *Crash*Unexamined
D&D Using Star Wars Saga Ed. RulesUnexamined
[Creature] Take out the papers and the trash...Unexamined
Harry Potter d20Unexamined
Harry Potter d20 - Page 2Unexamined
Harry Potter d20 - Page 3Unexamined
Harry Potter d20 - Page 4Unexamined
Harry Potter d20 - Page 5Unexamined
[Creature] Are you afraid of the dark?Unexamined
The spell touched (race)Unexamined
Guitar Hero PrCUnexamined
My New Horror MechanicUnexamined
Aperito Quinque [Fighter Feat]Unexamined
whats small, blue, and breathes fire?(new race)Unexamined
[Creature] Always lands on its feet...Unexamined
Manipulator Talent Tree for D20 ModernUnexamined
[Creature] With our last dying breaths, we spit at thee!Unexamined
Choose my Gods, week 1Unexamined
[PrC]Great EnfeeblerUnexamined
[Race] Rouse & Half-Rouse - I guess that makes them quarterlings. (PEACH)Unexamined
Rainlayer [PrC]Unexamined
[class] elemental warriorUnexamined
[Base class] Somebody call for a doctor?Unexamined
Brand New VestiageUnexamined
If Stone Could Fly [Creature]Unexamined
[template]He's aliiive!Unexamined
For da Ovahlord![Creature]Unexamined
Arcane Link [Spell]Unexamined
Palero [Base Class][PEACH]Unexamined
Sylph Monster ClassUnexamined
Quintessence Adepts of Thoon [PrC]Unexamined
Enforcer ClassUnexamined
United Underground HomesUnexamined
Squeezed and fighting [house rule]Unexamined
[PrC] Big Bada Boom....Unexamined
Arkaballan [race]Unexamined
Items of Sigil PrepUnexamined
Balance Question on House RuleUnexamined
Homebrew Martial Artist/Varient MonkUnexamined
Ego Cyst [Creature]Unexamined
Sublime Torment [Power]Unexamined
Fighter FixUnexamined
Blood Warriors [Template]Unexamined
Psionics of Sigil PrepUnexamined
combat style.Unexamined
Star Wars D20 MY VariationUnexamined
Vile PhylacteryUnexamined
Vile Phylactery - Page 2Unexamined
[Future Base Class] SurgeonUnexamined
Large scale combat - review and assist pleaseUnexamined
Breaking Down ArmorUnexamined
[b]Corporation Wars! (Conceptualization)[/b]Unexamined
[New Creature Type] The Fenix, a counterpoint to dragonsUnexamined
Making the Fighter stronger, simply[PEACH]Unexamined
Fluff and Flavor of Quasi Oriental settingUnexamined
...We are many [Template]Unexamined
Alchemical Technologist [Base Class]Unexamined
[Race] KamapaloloUnexamined
Fighter feats to help vs. spells [Feats]Unexamined
Constrain SpellUnexamined
Disciple of Chaos [PrC]Unexamined
[PrC] Hunter of the StagUnexamined
GITP Monster Competition XII - Tiny but Tough! (Voting Opened)Unexamined
[Feats] Improving the fighter and the monkUnexamined
Spell Effects [Custom Spell System Snippet]Unexamined
Your thoughts control what happens to you. (Epic prestige class)Unexamined
Knights of the Great Game [PrC]Unexamined
Armoured Hunter (PrC)Unexamined
Roughdraft with Base Class: GunslingerUnexamined
Hunter (Class)Unexamined
In need of a nameUnexamined
[Creature] I keep my lamp lit, to warn the sailors on their way...Unexamined
Fixing the Perform SkillUnexamined
Ignition and Reach (feats)Unexamined
Ignition and Reach (feats)Unexamined
[Monster Template]The taint that haunts the bloodlineUnexamined
[dice mechanic, PEACH] As long as I don't roll a nat 1... crapUnexamined
New HP SystemUnexamined
[PrC] Whooooooo! I'm invisible!Unexamined
It'll try to couple with your head... [Monster]Unexamined
[Spells] We're callin' in fire support!Unexamined
Japanese Schoolgirls, Beware! [Creature]Unexamined
[Layer] The Hell of HeartacheUnexamined
[Skill Trick] I am not left handed!Unexamined
Errant Blademaster [PrC]Unexamined
Item Advancement System [Item(s) I guess? Only weirder]Unexamined
Help needed making a campaign setting.Unexamined
Help needed making a campaign setting. - Page 2Unexamined
The Melee Warrior (Prc)Unexamined
Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons [Monster]Unexamined
The Vintners [Organization]Unexamined
Demon SystemUnexamined
Mob leader NPC PrCUnexamined
The Magic of the Vernacular [World Building]Unexamined
Anyone for naming things?Unexamined
Religion in this homebrewUnexamined
Request: 7 Sins MonstersUnexamined
[Feat] Power Attack/Combat Experstise comboUnexamined
Magic Item Costs?Unexamined
Oh My Gods!Unexamined
Lycanthropes in a World Without NightUnexamined
The spellcaster (replacement class)Unexamined
Revelries of Dionysos (Cleric Variant, New Spell, Magic Item)Unexamined
Pimp my overland speedUnexamined
Speedy FeatsUnexamined
The dreaded Behemoth (monster-ish)Unexamined
The D&D Llama Song!Unexamined
The D&D Llama Song! - Page 2Unexamined
Choose my Gods, week 2Unexamined
New Monster: EyewalkerUnexamined
Would You Play In This Game? Critique Welcome:Unexamined
(Class) Quasi KnightUnexamined
My first try designing [SPELLS]Unexamined
phylactery ideaUnexamined
Help converting Fluff into stuff (A.I.P.T.D)Unexamined
My songsUnexamined
"The Masters" [monster concept help]Unexamined
Flaming Sphere, Greater [New Spell]Unexamined
Muls in the Shattered WorldUnexamined
Rework on the Elemental Savant.Unexamined
Escape dummy on steroids (spell)Unexamined
[Template] Soul ReaverUnexamined
Journal of irreproducible resultsUnexamined
A Simple World[Setting]Unexamined
[Race] Jumi (from Legend of Mana)Unexamined
Bloodhulk Champion [Monster]Unexamined
[PrestigeClass] It's not just blood that I plan to take from you.Unexamined
A question, concerning the creation of a PrCUnexamined
The Gods over Suraen [Gods, finally named my Setting]Unexamined
Alternative Deity TemplateUnexamined
GURPS Firefly/Serenity Homebrew?Unexamined
Majesty d20: Innate Skills and General BuildUnexamined
[Race] Look, up there in the sky!Unexamined
[Combat Action and Feat] Parry... and riposte! - Version 2Unexamined
Nawyria's Ranged Combat Ruleset [Class, PrC, Feats, Weapons]Unexamined
How would you emulate Puss n' bootsUnexamined
Additional Sigil Prep Homebrew [PEACH]Unexamined
Are HPs Worth the Realism?Unexamined
You say Werewolf, I say...Unexamined
Final Fantasy RacesUnexamined
Final Fantasy Races - Page 2Unexamined
What kind of AC and or DR wouldUnexamined
emulate an Illithid mind blast using magicUnexamined
Unarmed damage a biological terminatorUnexamined
A spellcasting homebrew.Unexamined
[Variant] Monstrous RebuildingUnexamined
Homebrew campaign help please.Unexamined
Bladebounder [PrC]Unexamined
A simpler system?Unexamined
The Muckorhaz [Monster]Unexamined
A small world building, for fun, yes, fun.Unexamined
A small world building, for fun, yes, fun. - Page 2Unexamined
A small world building, for fun, yes, fun. - Page 3Unexamined
A small world building, for fun, yes, fun. - Page 4Unexamined
Auxiliarist (PrC for spontaneous casters)Unexamined
Rune MagicUnexamined
Coward PrCUnexamined
Variant Ability Score RulesUnexamined
Frist homebrew itemUnexamined
Anybody know or want to help guess things about ships?Unexamined
Redesigning the RangerUnexamined
Emerlyon [Campaign Setting]Unexamined
(Base Class)The BeastUnexamined
Mimic core classUnexamined
Alright, I'm horrible at statting things out, so I need your help.Unexamined
- In The Making - Tinkerer (mechanics)Unexamined
Gigantoth [Creature]Unexamined
The Dire Menagerie [Creatures]Unexamined
[Feats - d20 modern] Computers!Unexamined
D&D with no classes or levels?Unexamined
Howls in the nightUnexamined
Feats of EberronUnexamined
PRC Shadow MasterUnexamined
Campaigning with just HumansUnexamined
[Class] Soulkinfe, Soul Reaver VersionUnexamined
Need some favored weapon helpUnexamined
[Base class] You don't have to be a moron, but it helpsUnexamined
[Base class] You don't have to be a moron, but it helps - Page 2Unexamined
Ultimate Grappler-featUnexamined
Chronoshifter [monster]Unexamined
Homebrew campaign -- Assistance requestedUnexamined
Building a FR Town, one post at a time.Unexamined
Can you build me a......Unexamined
Can you build me a...... - Page 2Unexamined
Can you build me a...... - Page 3Unexamined
[gish PrC] Heartfire Knight (brand new look, same great smokey flavor!)Unexamined
[gish PrC] Heartfire Knight (brand new look, same great smokey flavor!) - Page 2Unexamined
Help with Racial TemplateUnexamined
Alternative to XP costs [Rules Variant]Unexamined
Awaken SpellUnexamined
[Prc]Crest MageUnexamined
We can dance if we want to! [prc]Unexamined
Humans, Elves and Dwarves of Suraen [Races]Unexamined
Homebrewing Greek dietiesUnexamined
They hunt in packs [Monster]Unexamined
Bodybuilder [Monster]Unexamined
The Ichari [PrC]Unexamined
(Deity) Etidrias Mattarias, lord Burning King. (warning: LONG.)Unexamined
Prestige Class idea, Burned OneUnexamined
Items of the Three Kingdoms (For fun!)Unexamined
Homebrew: SpellsUnexamined
First attempt at HBing a raceUnexamined
Harry Potter d20 (á la Ditto)Unexamined
Harry Potter d20 (á la Ditto) - Page 2Unexamined
Harry Potter d20 (á la Ditto) - Page 3Unexamined
Harry Potter d20 (á la Ditto) - Page 4Unexamined
Harry Potter d20 (á la Ditto) - Page 5Unexamined
Harry Potter d20 (á la Ditto) - Page 6Unexamined
Harry Potter d20 (á la Ditto) - Page 7Unexamined
Harry Potter d20 (á la Ditto) - Page 8Unexamined
Harry Potter d20 (á la Ditto) - Page 9Unexamined
Killoren Avatar (PrC...Help!)Unexamined
The Headhunter [PrC]Unexamined
Gotta Guard the Gate! [Base Class]Unexamined
My House Rules PackUnexamined
Because the ranger never gets any love. [PrC]Unexamined
The path less taken. (PEACH) [Feats]Unexamined
Magic Item: The Plane SeedUnexamined
As time goes by... [spell]Unexamined
No pain, no gain [item]Unexamined
cool homemade spellsUnexamined
9 Rings of Hell (a MUST for dwarves)Unexamined
Stormchild (pending a better name) PEACHUnexamined
A coinflip can determine your fate... [PEACH]Unexamined
Gods of Krith [Gods. really.]Unexamined
My City of the DeadUnexamined
Tieflings in the Shattered WorldUnexamined
No one expects the Inquisition (Base Class)Unexamined
No one expects the Inquisition (Base Class) - Page 2Unexamined
SUFFER THE SLINSG AND ARROWS (The Archery Thread)Unexamined
Tar Palantir's Wonderful World of SpellsUnexamined
has any1 made an intelligent weapon?Unexamined
PRC for healersUnexamined
The Dragons of Thoon [Creature]Unexamined
Mechanically Fluffy [Rules Variants]Unexamined
Nagol [Creature]Unexamined
Can someone please repost that one spell...Unexamined
Creating a real-world Middle Ages Campaign SettingUnexamined
Magic Eater [Item Concept Help]Unexamined
Nature's Avatar (PrC - Work in Progress)Unexamined
Prometheus [Intelligent Item]Unexamined
Shadowdeath Godzilla [PrC]Unexamined
Mithril WeaponsUnexamined
Okami Amaterasu [Deity] and [Creature]Unexamined
Demons as PCs?Unexamined
Copycat Killer [Creature]Unexamined
Monty Python (d20)Unexamined
Monty Python (d20) - Page 2Unexamined
Inteligent Sword (Xeragnarok)Unexamined
Laku (Race)Unexamined
The King of Metals [Material]Unexamined
Minimalist Monk FixUnexamined
Minimalist Monk Fix - Page 2Unexamined
Worse than a papercut...Unexamined
Weapons Master [Base Class]Unexamined
Community World Building a Gestalt SettingUnexamined
Power attack for spells.Unexamined
Life for a Life (Artifact Spell)Unexamined
Amaret: My Homebrew WorldUnexamined
"Cid. There's always a Cid." FFd20Unexamined
"Cid. There's always a Cid." FFd20 - Page 2Unexamined
The Guardian (Base Class)Unexamined
Transmutants ExpandedUnexamined
Idea for sorcerorsUnexamined
Martial ArtistUnexamined
Martial Multiclassing [Feats]Unexamined
Community World-Building Project: SF SettingUnexamined
Curse-Touched [Creature]Unexamined
[spell]Break WillUnexamined
Shroud (Race)Unexamined
"I can move faster than you!" not any more. [spells]Unexamined
Feet for all, I mean FEATS.Unexamined
Water, Earth, Fire and Air [Bending system & Base Classes]Unexamined
Water, Earth, Fire and Air [Bending system & Base Classes] - Page 2Unexamined
Water, Earth, Fire and Air [Bending system & Base Classes] - Page 3Unexamined
Water, Earth, Fire and Air [Bending system & Base Classes] - Page 4Unexamined
Water, Earth, Fire and Air [Bending system & Base Classes] - Page 5Unexamined
Water, Earth, Fire and Air [Bending system & Base Classes] - Page 6Unexamined
Water, Earth, Fire and Air [Bending system & Base Classes] - Page 7Unexamined
Water, Earth, Fire and Air [Bending system & Base Classes] - Page 8Unexamined
Water, Earth, Fire and Air [Bending system & Base Classes] - Page 9Unexamined
Tome of Battle based Spellcaster homebrewUnexamined
Nosgothic Vampires [Template] (SO1)Unexamined
[House] Homebrew system (WIP)Unexamined
I reject your reality and substitute my own(tribute)Unexamined
The land of my campaignUnexamined
LA for The Giant's Gingerbread GolemUnexamined
Langolier [creature]Unexamined
That's one small step for man... And another small step for man... [Base Class]Unexamined
Twelve Gates Campaign SettingUnexamined
silverstar prc tweakUnexamined
Untouchable Mage [PrC]Unexamined
He was of the stock of bronze, of the men sprung from ash-treesUnexamined
controlweathercontrolweathercontrolweather [spell]Unexamined
Terrain Shifter (First attempt class)Unexamined
The new MonkUnexamined
Help with some equipment.Unexamined
[Template] Blazing glory!Unexamined
A new players handbook!Unexamined
A new players handbook! - Page 2Unexamined
A new players handbook! - Page 3Unexamined
A new players handbook! - Page 4Unexamined
A new players handbook! - Page 5Unexamined
A new players handbook! - Page 6Unexamined
A new players handbook! - Page 7Unexamined
A new players handbook! - Page 8Unexamined
Homebrew Parrying SystemUnexamined
My Project: (Recruiting)Unexamined
Dragoon Knight (PRC)Unexamined
Incarnum fuel does not spend, it grows... [Template]Unexamined
Dragontouched [Race]Unexamined
Replacing SummoningUnexamined
Mechanus Swarm [Monster]Unexamined
My first attempt at a Base Class PEACH - Now with more fluff!Unexamined
richter swordUnexamined
Homebrewed exotic weaponsUnexamined
The bestest vampires ever!Unexamined
Homebrew Request: Giant WarbunnyUnexamined
Sublime Warrior [PrC]Unexamined
Plane-Marked [Template]Unexamined
Improved Eschew Materials (PEACH)Unexamined
Shards of Power [Magic Item]Unexamined
GITP Monster Competition XII Voting ThreadUnexamined
The Three Laws of MagicUnexamined
The Three Laws of Magic - Page 2Unexamined
Final Fantasy D20Unexamined
Raven Commander [PrC]Unexamined
Velocimancer [Base Class]Unexamined
An issue with world creationUnexamined
A real quick question on a race I;m brewingUnexamined
Tokyo Majin d20Unexamined
Xanth D20 (ideas only)Unexamined
Manic Mage [PrC]Unexamined
[Feat] Mastery of Forms, SmasherUnexamined
A new take on Armor ClassUnexamined
Gone Fishing [Feat, PEACH]Unexamined
Build a D&D WorldUnexamined
Halo RPGUnexamined
A couple featsUnexamined
Negrans [race]Unexamined
Equinar - Awakened HorseUnexamined
Ranger, use Solarbeam!Unexamined
Shield Feat - Balanced?Unexamined
Arcanum OozeUnexamined
Feat BalanceUnexamined
Convert Birdlord to BatlordUnexamined
Elemental Savant & KnightUnexamined
M&M as a point build DnDUnexamined
I know it sounds stupid...Unexamined
Dragon base class (Idea Fishing)Unexamined
The gods say to kill you... (PrC)Unexamined
Tank Fighter PrCUnexamined
Black Mage Base ClassUnexamined
Black Mage Base Class - Page 2Unexamined
New d20 modern advanced class: the Mahou Shoujo. Plus: Spell-learning with PlotpointsUnexamined
Reshar, Lord of the Nine Swords [Vestige]Unexamined
NPCs in the PlaygroundUnexamined
Fire Sprite [Creature]Unexamined
Monster making assistanceUnexamined
Vestige of ShabranigdoUnexamined
Alchemical Smithing (alternate magic arms/armor)Unexamined
Unnatural [PrC]Unexamined
Kingdom of MytheaUnexamined
Alchemist of Life [PrC]Unexamined
Magic Bullets & Huge Magic Missile [Spell]Unexamined
Singing a little life back into the truenamer. [PrC]Unexamined
[House Rule] FatigueUnexamined
[House Rule] Fatigue - Page 2Unexamined
Hyper-Vancian MagicUnexamined
New Magic SystemUnexamined
Feat Points [House]Unexamined
Sneaky, Subtle SpellcraftUnexamined
Soran Battle ArtsUnexamined
[Exotic Weapon]Unexamined
Power word, Smile [Spell]Unexamined
Oracania [World]Unexamined
Gnomish GunslingerUnexamined
Beware the Oncoming Storm [Discipline]Unexamined
Voidblood [creature/class]Unexamined
Alternative Spellcasting systemUnexamined
Books about crafts and professionsUnexamined
Children of the Heavens: A projectUnexamined
A super-adventure in the makingUnexamined
Demonomicon of Iggwilv: Masters of the AbyssUnexamined
Bowslinger (PrC based on Stephen King's gunslingers)Unexamined
Dragon EarthUnexamined
Final Fantasy: Limit BreaksUnexamined
Final Fantasy: Limit Breaks - Page 2Unexamined
Final Fantasy: Limit Breaks - Page 3Unexamined
Final Fantasy: Limit Breaks - Page 4Unexamined
Final Fantasy: Limit Breaks - Page 5Unexamined
Final Fantasy: Limit Breaks - Page 6Unexamined
A spell I made (balanced?)Unexamined
And the burning corpse rose above the grave...Unexamined
Storm Hawks D20...Unexamined
[House Rule] Weapon Specific ManoeuvresUnexamined
Servants of the 7 Sins (Monster)Unexamined
Menodix-PC RaceUnexamined
The Power Word ThreadUnexamined
The Power Word Thread - Page 2Unexamined
The Power Word Thread - Page 3Unexamined
Hells' Belles Design Contest RESULTS THREAD!Unexamined
Werewolves and vampires, oh my [Creature]Unexamined
If a god dies, do his clerics lose their power until they find a new faith?Unexamined
If a god dies, do his clerics lose their power until they find a new faith? - Page 2Unexamined
Wizard spells and science skills, again.Unexamined
[D20-ish] Alternate damage systemUnexamined
From a conceptual standpoint what would everybody think of....Unexamined
Rettus Wine Journal for the ConnossieurUnexamined
And You Are All Trapped Like... What? (BBEG)Unexamined
And You Are All Trapped Like... What? (BBEG) - Page 2Unexamined
Stupidity [Mechanic]Unexamined
Eldritch Songweaver (Prestige Class, Bard+Warlock)Unexamined
Race or Template? Or Both?Unexamined
Well that's one way to improve a familiarUnexamined
Fair Random AttributesUnexamined
New Sniper ClassUnexamined
New Sniper Class - Page 2Unexamined
Wyrmsquewer [Epic Magic Weapon]Unexamined
[Creature] Kiss from a rose on the grave...Unexamined
(My Name Is Inigo Montoya) Vanquisher [Base Class]Unexamined
Dragon Touched Warrior [class] v2Unexamined
Lackey Fans: Help me stat out the Herald base class.Unexamined
Elder Scrolls RacesUnexamined
Fel Lyricist (Bard/Warlock PrC)Unexamined
My Deathwatch house rule.Unexamined
Hero (Inspired by Fable) (P.E.A.C.H.)Unexamined
Wealth Per Level...Unexamined
Reality Shaper,work in progressUnexamined
[Base class] I thought I saw something mo—Unexamined
Asterix d20?Unexamined
Talenta Exemplar [Eberron PrC]Unexamined
Nightspawn d20Unexamined
alternative way of adding spells to a classUnexamined
THE MINDBLADE [PrC] - ToB + ExPHUnexamined
Effect of Reroll on ProbabilityUnexamined
Campaigning in the land of TantonUnexamined
[Base/Feats/Creatures/Traits/Flaws] Summon from thy dreams... (Magi-Nation)Unexamined
Force Construct (monster)Unexamined
Awww lookit the little Swiffle......Unexamined
Variant: Cheaper PoisonsUnexamined
[Silly PrC] Disciple of (MC) HammerUnexamined
This Is My Fireball.Unexamined
The Many ProvincesUnexamined
The firewarrior prestige class (+feats and spells)Unexamined
Dragonfire Theurge (PRC)Unexamined
"Yes i broke all of his bones. It was self-defence!"(feat)Unexamined
Thief d20?Unexamined
Fear the Deeps...Unexamined
New Vestige - DeperthUnexamined
New Monster: The Pumpkin DeathvineUnexamined
Weakening [weapon enhancement, D&D]Unexamined
The Seventh Element [Setting]Unexamined
Nymphtouched [Feat]Unexamined
GITP Monster Competition XIII - Dream A Little Dream (VOTING OPENED)Unexamined
Random things that randomly popped into my head at randomUnexamined
[Creature] Ewwwww!Unexamined
The Oneiroi (MitP)Unexamined
Three races for my homebrew settingUnexamined
Masks, Masks Everywhere...Unexamined
The Academiancer, or "I want to play Dr Who"Unexamined
Who says a sword is always meant to slay the dragon? [PrC]Unexamined
[Class Variant: Martial Dilettante]Unexamined
Drafting ConstructUnexamined
Beast Master [base class]Unexamined
It wants your soul... cuz it doesn't have one [Monster]Unexamined
Some level 9 damage spellsUnexamined
And the truth shall set you free... [magic weapons, D&D]Unexamined
Wielder of Nature's Fury- The StormsageUnexamined
Legality of Class FeaturesUnexamined
Black Frost Champion [PrC]Unexamined
New Base Class: Chakra NinjaUnexamined
Dire duckUnexamined
Space Marine (WH 40k) Template and PrC for 3.5edUnexamined
With my abnormally large eye...Unexamined
Protean Adept [PrC]Unexamined
A wizard once asked, "How do I get the city itself to kill everyone?" [Spell&Monster]Unexamined
Extra Extra Spicy!!!Unexamined
New Construct Creation SystemUnexamined
As the Shadow Thickens, Campain Background (RATE ME!!feed-back needed before monday!)Unexamined
Construct Variant: Programmed ConstructsUnexamined
Blade of Dark Disaster [Legacy]Unexamined
101 Item Enchantments and/or Magic ItemsUnexamined
"I simply will not kill this man for you" (Item, Peach)Unexamined
Kua-Toa LevelsUnexamined
New Race KrootUnexamined
Dying Magic- a setting between high and low magicUnexamined
The Mountain is Cruel...Unexamined
Kelpies, Phookas, and the Unseelie CourtUnexamined
New alignment systemUnexamined
The Peach OrchardUnexamined
Broken LandsUnexamined
Deadaura Legionnaire / Plaguebow [PrC]Unexamined
The difference between madness and genius... [PrC]Unexamined
Rate this Villain: Vex the MalignUnexamined
Disco Bandit [Class, Booze]Unexamined
Classes for a Homebrew WorldUnexamined
Negative Energy? Ha! OUR undead are fuelled by FUNKITUDE!Unexamined
Negative Energy? Ha! OUR undead are fuelled by FUNKITUDE! - Page 2Unexamined
Negative Energy? Ha! OUR undead are fuelled by FUNKITUDE! - Page 3Unexamined
Negative Energy? Ha! OUR undead are fuelled by FUNKITUDE! - Page 4Unexamined
House rules for grappling.Unexamined
Rageforged [NotD Feat]Unexamined
Help for my Homebrewed MultiverseUnexamined
Quickblade [Magic Item]Unexamined
Prestige Discipline Idea for ToBUnexamined
HP, meet your new associate SRP! [Discussion]Unexamined
Delimbiyra-Race, Sub Levels, and moreUnexamined
Unleash the Fury! [Alternative Spellcasting System, Base Class]Unexamined
Unleash the Fury! [Alternative Spellcasting System, Base Class] - Page 2Unexamined
Unleash the Fury! [Alternative Spellcasting System, Base Class] - Page 3Unexamined
Fleshwork Horror [Creature]Unexamined
Suggestions for a NewcomerUnexamined
[Race] Al BhedUnexamined
Of the soul and the sword [PrC]Unexamined
Help With Spiderfolk RaceUnexamined
3.75: steal D&D 4.0 ideas, implement in 3.5Unexamined
Two spells to mix things up.Unexamined
Divine/Arcane Caster SuggestionsUnexamined
An Arte Moste Foul [SPELLS]Unexamined
[Rule] DrunkenessUnexamined
Airdancer (prestige class)Unexamined
Evangelical Disciple (PRC, Peach)Unexamined
Revised Adept (now with homebrewed spells)Unexamined
Another look on the normal racesUnexamined
Some basic questions.Unexamined
"Better run, if you can." [New PrC]Unexamined
Ledev Guardian (prc)Unexamined
Berserker's Armor [Cursed Armor]Unexamined
Partial MulticlassingUnexamined
"Bet I see you, before you see me" [New PrC]Unexamined
[PrC] Honored by man, beast and landUnexamined
[Deity & Domain] The words of the prophets are written on the restroom walls...Unexamined
Serious PlaytestingUnexamined
The World of SarenorUnexamined
Lawyer (NPC Class)Unexamined
Lawyer (NPC Class) - Page 2Unexamined
Colossus, Hero of the Forged [Vestige]Unexamined
d20 Modern Advanced Class: The OtakuUnexamined
My druid variant.Unexamined
Defender of Life (PrC)Unexamined
Love Shroud [monster]Unexamined
World of Lies [campaign setting, D&D]Unexamined
World of Lies [campaign setting, D&D]Unexamined
Some Magic Weapon/Armour AbilitiesUnexamined
D20's wit Bling, Yo....Unexamined
2-Weapon Fighting W/ Crossbows (???)Unexamined
[PrC] IconoclastUnexamined
Full AutoUnexamined
Energy Push QuestionUnexamined
Wu Jen Alterations: Will Players Play?Unexamined
New magic item pricing questionUnexamined
Not another fighter fixUnexamined
By Fang And Claw: A Guide To Creative EncountersUnexamined
By Fang And Claw: A Guide To Creative Encounters - Page 2Unexamined
By Fang And Claw: A Guide To Creative Encounters - Page 3Unexamined
By Fang And Claw: A Guide To Creative Encounters - Page 4Unexamined
By Fang And Claw: A Guide To Creative Encounters - Page 5Unexamined
By Fang And Claw: A Guide To Creative Encounters - Page 6Unexamined
In The Brightness of NightUnexamined
Vere- A Setting in the WorksUnexamined
My First HomebrewUnexamined
Revised Final Fantasy d20Unexamined
Revised Final Fantasy d20 - Page 2Unexamined
Keidran (A new Race)Unexamined
Dragon Base class and Player RaceUnexamined
Bard Redux, Take IIUnexamined
Bard Redux, Take II - Page 2Unexamined
The Prophet (Base Class)Unexamined
Psionic-Oriental HybridUnexamined
Re-roll take worst?Unexamined
My characters - #1Unexamined
My characters - #2Unexamined
My characters - #3Unexamined
Mordainian fleshweaver (PrC)Unexamined
Initiate of the cutting wind (PrC)Unexamined
My campaign settingUnexamined
My campaign setting - Page 2Unexamined
The shaman class! (critique needed)Unexamined
The shaman class! (critique needed) - Page 2Unexamined
The shaman class! (critique needed) - Page 3Unexamined
Gestalt: the Re-HashingUnexamined
Home brewed class (Shadow Warper)Unexamined
MY other D&D creation let me know what you thinkUnexamined
Dreamblade RPGUnexamined
the periodic table of the elementalsUnexamined
the periodic table of the elementals - Page 2Unexamined
Action Point VariantUnexamined
Adjunct [Single Level Prestige Class]Unexamined
Arcane Dragon Shaman [Variant Class Features]Unexamined
Pelorian CrusaderUnexamined
The Lightningblade MonestaryUnexamined
The Accursed OneUnexamined
prestige classesUnexamined
Monetery systemUnexamined
The woods is attackingUnexamined
Striker (Base Class, and some feats)Unexamined
[Setting] Elemental LeylinesUnexamined
[Setting] Elemental Leylines - Page 2Unexamined
Making Lie Detection Gritty [house rules]Unexamined
[Creature] Was there ever a cat in the first place?Unexamined
The monster blood projectUnexamined
A new way to do iniative? OMG! ...Characters faster than others?Unexamined
The GeneralistUnexamined
The En PointeUnexamined
Druid Split Part One: Druid CasterUnexamined
Druid Split Part Two: ShaperUnexamined
Trickster in the House (An Eberron PrC for Changelings!)Unexamined
An Idea or two...Unexamined
Fighter Meta-fixUnexamined
[House] Physical skillsUnexamined
That's the Will of the Galaxy, Dark!Unexamined
[PrC] - Eldritch SculptorUnexamined
The simplest and most mundane fighter fix yetUnexamined
Harmonic Theurge (PrC)Unexamined
3.x Warrior/Caster- The Tactician [ACE/Advanced Critique Encouraged]Unexamined
Creating Superheroes, DnD StyleUnexamined
Return of the beast (Fighter-fix)Unexamined
Gun Kata and EquilibriumUnexamined
Thundering Voice (Spell)Unexamined
[Feat] I wonder how this'll turn out...Unexamined
Spell- Triple FoulUnexamined
Bladewind Sentinel - Base ClassUnexamined
Bladewind Sentinel - Base Class - Page 2Unexamined
Swap with Animal Companion/Familiar (spell) (PEACH)Unexamined
New Weapon: The Spellshot PistolUnexamined
[Setting/System/World] Vana'diel: The Final Fantasy (FFXI)Unexamined
[Setting/System/World] Vana'diel: The Final Fantasy (FFXI) - Page 2Unexamined
[BRAINSTORMING] Putting together a new monkish classUnexamined
Here's a thought...Unexamined
Domain Favored SoulUnexamined
Corpsecrafter Deluxe: Variant Necromancy, art rather than scienceUnexamined
Axiomarch (Grammaton Cleric)Unexamined
Making a BBEG to last?Unexamined
[Creature/Race]Arcadian RebelUnexamined
Richard shall live (sort of)Unexamined
The Hunter-Base ClassUnexamined
Do You Know where your towel is?(skill)Unexamined
Caught ya MonologueingUnexamined
[Creatures] I think, therefore I AM!Unexamined
[Feat] Perfect HeighteningUnexamined
Tob lover stuffUnexamined
[Feats] Yet another go at rebalancing TWFUnexamined
It doesn't actually DO anything, but it looks cool...Unexamined
+ Anima DnDUnexamined
Nox [BBEG/evil NPC]Unexamined
I am their Partron Saint, the defender of the normal against the genuis (Vistage)Unexamined
The defiler [base class]Unexamined
Psionoid (Race)Unexamined
LA +0 Thri-KeenUnexamined
Brotanels [race]Unexamined
Emoti (Monster entry, ACE)Unexamined
[Rules] Two Options For Fixing TWFUnexamined
Heroic Cthulhu developmentUnexamined
Need a level 1 Lathander ClericUnexamined
BioShock D20?Unexamined
Feat trees suggestionsUnexamined
Homebrew MedleyUnexamined
campaign setting, work in progress.Unexamined
Counterblade: A Counterspelling Based Prestige ClassUnexamined
Yggdrasil Campaign ClassesUnexamined
Questions about Gods (Must they be crazy?)Unexamined
Wand and Weapon Style [Feat]Unexamined
Master of Life and Death [PrC]Unexamined
Deadly things in fine packages [MONSTERS] Please read and comment.Unexamined
[Creature] Hmmmm mmm mm mm mmm...Unexamined
GITP Monster Competition XIII Voting Thread (CLOSED)Unexamined
Open Challenge: Model a Bar Fight.Unexamined
Large DwarfUnexamined
Large Dwarf - Page 2Unexamined
Interrupting spells [house]Unexamined
Drone Mage Prestige ClassUnexamined
[Creature] A whole flock in one birdUnexamined
[Monster] Bookash ElementalUnexamined
Bladewind Seer - Base ClassUnexamined
Help me create fumble tablesUnexamined
[PrC] The CleaverUnexamined
[Setting] "That Which Does Not Kill Us ..."Unexamined
Spellcaster VariantUnexamined
Word Wizard (request)Unexamined
[Creature] Bet you didn't expect this...Unexamined
Monster generatorUnexamined
Explanation for magicUnexamined
Occult Hunter [PrC]Unexamined
The Bladewind Duo - Base Classes [PEACH]Unexamined
Get up and continue the fight! (Epic PrC)Unexamined
New Modern Advanced Class: The Idol (Peach)Unexamined
[Campain] The Grand MasqueradeUnexamined
Limited fast healing.Unexamined
Da' WorldUnexamined
Spirit Warriors: A Death God/Monk Base ClassUnexamined
Sorry. This post was accidental.Unexamined
A (Reasonable?) Spellcasting NerfUnexamined
Ghosts of Kudur [Templates]Unexamined
Dreamcoral [Creature]Unexamined
Planetouched [Modular Race]Unexamined
D&D SRD RevisionUnexamined
Vow of Karma PEACHUnexamined
The Heavenly Sword [Artifact]Unexamined
Fun with mean traps!Unexamined
Fun with mean traps! - Page 2Unexamined
Eldritch Knight Redux[PrC]Unexamined
Eldritch Knight Redux[PrC] - Page 2Unexamined
[Variant] Definition ClassesUnexamined
major school histericaUnexamined
Undead SocietyUnexamined
Undead Society - Page 2Unexamined
Improved BardUnexamined
Improved warlock?Unexamined
En garde! (Feats)Unexamined
Kobold Demolitionist[PrC]Unexamined
Calling all Balance-Masters! Marilith Progression Needs YOU!Unexamined
Artillery Golem [Creature]Unexamined
[Weapon] Tiger Head Hook SwordsUnexamined
[Weapon] Tiger Head Hook Swords - Page 2Unexamined
Complex Combat [Feat]Unexamined
Reworking Master of The NineUnexamined
A few weapon artifactsUnexamined
New Factotum feats and epic progressionUnexamined
Awakened Assassin Vine BBEGUnexamined
Paladin - relitively small fix?Unexamined
Raptors [Speed-focused 3.5 PrC]Unexamined
Undead Cohort [feat]Unexamined
The Wild Weird West (setting)Unexamined
elemental spellsUnexamined
One Man's trash...(Player Race)- MaerlaUnexamined
The Beamsmith [a base class which shoots lazers]Unexamined
[Creature] Look but don't touch!Unexamined
Under Construction: Homebrew Unique World (long)Unexamined
And they said D&D was gory enough... New Spells!Unexamined
Arcane Duelist [PrC]Unexamined
Ironborn [Base Class]Unexamined
The Prodigy: A Str. and Con. Based Spell Casting ClassUnexamined
HD balanceUnexamined
Lesser shambling mound - a requestUnexamined
Delicious! [Spell] [PrC]Unexamined
Eldritch Savant (PrC) [PEACH]Unexamined
The kickoff to my campaignUnexamined
The Truemind Disciple: A Psionic Initiate [PEACH]Unexamined
Bardic Rage (Variant)Unexamined
[Creature] And I will dance upon your grave...Unexamined
Magic Returning to The Modern World (Idea Thread)Unexamined
OMG another Shinigami?Unexamined
Revised Vampires [Template]Unexamined
Weak SpotsUnexamined
Saleme GouticusUnexamined
[PrC] Begone, pest.Unexamined
Battle ArenasUnexamined
[Setting] Secrets of the DragonstonesUnexamined
[Setting] Secrets of the Dragonstones - Page 2Unexamined
Ghoul [Template]Unexamined
Wrath of the Volcano (spell)Unexamined
[PrC] for the WEAKUnexamined
The Ranger ScoutUnexamined
Vaguss (aberrational material elemental + playable race)Unexamined
Charlemagnes: A Divine Fighter Base ClassUnexamined
Elder Lich [Epic Prestige Class]Unexamined
Ranger - question/helpUnexamined
An actual monk fix? Impossible!Unexamined
When your devotion is turned against you, wht happens? [epic spell]Unexamined
The Tainted Ones (PEACH)Unexamined
[Soulmelds] Spirit of the VerminUnexamined
how do you get that tableUnexamined
Training soldiers?Unexamined
Music with Rocks in it! [PrC]Unexamined
[Class]Mystic ForeseerUnexamined
[PRIVATE] Magus classUnexamined
The Graveborn [A PrC for those characters who just can't stay alive]Unexamined
Mind LashUnexamined
Two spell point methods of mine for review.Unexamined
From the ground up: Damage rateUnexamined
Looking for a good Fighter fix.Unexamined
Making stuff go boom!Unexamined
Subjective reality, my attempt at a campaign SettingUnexamined
Setting: Isoria's LegacyUnexamined
[Base Class] The DragoonUnexamined
[Base Class] The Dragoon - Page 2Unexamined
Savage Priests: A Stealth Based Spell Caster ClassUnexamined
Need help with inventor class mechanicUnexamined
GITP Monster Competition XIV - Gratuitous Gore (Vote Now!)Unexamined
Monk [fix]Unexamined
[Race] The ArachnadaeUnexamined
[Race] The Arachnadae - Page 2Unexamined
Everybody Loves Cantrips! [Spells]Unexamined
Everybody Loves Cantrips! [Spells] - Page 2Unexamined
The Cracks [Dungeon] - help out!Unexamined
The Idol: Remake of the BardUnexamined
The Occultist: Remake of the WizardUnexamined
Romantic Dragon SongUnexamined
A goblin, of sortsUnexamined
[Spell] That coughing, achy, sniffling, stuffy head, fever so you can die spell...Unexamined
Illusions can be fun!Unexamined
[Base Class] Chaos KnightUnexamined
[Base Class] Chaos Knight - Page 2Unexamined
ToB Sharing FeatsUnexamined
The Bounty Hunter: Remake of the RangerUnexamined
Stryker (Ranger variant)Unexamined
Soul Long and Goodbye... [PrC]Unexamined
[RACE] Races of Adolokha (PEACH)Unexamined
Ego Uncarnate - Psionic creature templateUnexamined
The Soldier: Remake of the FighterUnexamined
New ToB template. Hope you like...[Template] [PEACH]Unexamined
DUNE RPG: Wheels Within WheelsUnexamined
The Left Hand of God (Base Class)Unexamined
[Base Class and Feats] The Harrowed (Read 1st two posts)Unexamined
[Base Class and Feats] The Harrowed (Read 1st two posts) - Page 2Unexamined
[Base Class and Feats] The Harrowed (Read 1st two posts) - Page 3Unexamined
[Base Class and Feats] The Harrowed (Read 1st two posts) - Page 4Unexamined
[Base Class and Feats] The Harrowed (Read 1st two posts) - Page 5Unexamined
[Base Class and Feats] The Harrowed (Read 1st two posts) - Page 6Unexamined
[Base Class and Feats] The Harrowed (Read 1st two posts) - Page 7Unexamined
Custom Spell - Storm of IncorporealityUnexamined
BAB as a skill?Unexamined
The Scoundrel: Additions to the RogueUnexamined
New item: Kobold FireUnexamined
[Creature] ShadowstalkerUnexamined
Snipe Evil! [Feat]Unexamined
Swordsage vs Monk...Unexamined
[Spells] Thats just nasty!Unexamined
Unseeing I am UnseenUnexamined
[Metamagic Feat] Burning Spell and Lingering Flame SpellUnexamined
Bardic Music Feats and the Undead[PEACH]Unexamined
[Creature] (Un)natural RefluxesUnexamined
Why should being dead make you worse at being angry? [Feat]Unexamined
The Unholy GoblinUnexamined
Nightmare Reaver [PrC]Unexamined
Quicksilver Equipment (and creation feat)Unexamined
Fanatical Zealot (PRC)PEACHUnexamined
A homebrew requestUnexamined
New Illumian Power SigilsUnexamined
Any uses?Unexamined
gloves of self loathing [currsed item]Unexamined
The Therianthropist: Remake of the DruidUnexamined
Master of Kicks (PrC)Unexamined
Improving Dragon ShamansUnexamined
[Base Class] The VechtUnexamined
[Creature] Last night I met upon the stair...Unexamined
[Base Class] The ContegomancerUnexamined
[Base Class]The Palmist (Card-based Pseudocaster)Unexamined
[Base Class]The Palmist (Card-based Pseudocaster) - Page 2Unexamined
Unstoppable Force [PrC]Unexamined
The Immovable Object [PrCl] [PEACH]Unexamined
Cursed ItemsUnexamined
[Base Class]The Apotheon, a work in progressUnexamined
The Pocket Summoner [base class]Unexamined
The Ass: A Challenge.Unexamined
The Ass: A Challenge. - Page 2Unexamined
The Ass: A Challenge. - Page 3Unexamined
The Fyter (sic) Base Class. Comments Welcome.Unexamined
Double Post.Unexamined
[Spells] Three Assassin SpellsUnexamined
[Powers] Two Egoist PowersUnexamined
Monk only PrC - Maybe it'll make them playable!Unexamined
Power Shot Feat TreeUnexamined
[Base Class] Elements course through their being.... (PEACH)Unexamined
D&D AliensUnexamined
[Class] The Medium (Just In Time For Halloween!)Unexamined
[Base Class] DenaarUnexamined
Colorful PantheonUnexamined
Be the Epic weapon! (requires unearthed arcana)Unexamined
Halo d20.Unexamined
Eye of Illusions (Epic Artifact)Unexamined
please assistUnexamined
[Item] Assassin's CrossbowUnexamined
Spellcasting HouserulesUnexamined
Just a few spell modifications of mine.Unexamined
Sycophantic Mirror of Divination [Intelligent Magical Item]Unexamined
[Setting] Medieval Europe - 1210Unexamined
[Plane] The Land Before TimeUnexamined
Intulo Templar Base class: Your defeat is only logical (Martial adept)Unexamined
assistance plzUnexamined
Higher Level Casting [Feat]Unexamined
Some new water grafts?Unexamined
Jaguar Warrior [PrC]Unexamined
[BASE CLASS] Mage, an occult veiw of magicUnexamined
Creature: Damn Headhumpers!Unexamined
Gorill-ephant: Monster Building ChallengeUnexamined
1, 2, freddy's coming for youUnexamined
Medium save progressionUnexamined
The Riven (Race/Monster)Unexamined
Realism (house rules)Unexamined
Refined Simpler SystemUnexamined
[PrC] Master StafferUnexamined
[Class] CurateUnexamined
Ultimate D&D (Alchemyprime's Ideas)Unexamined
[Power] DeathformUnexamined
Vitae (baseclass)Unexamined
Transhumanism Personified: The MakhaUnexamined
Monster spread sheetUnexamined
[base class] MagisterUnexamined
A few alchemical itemsUnexamined
Aztlán, Heart of BrutalityUnexamined
New XP system (not for D&D)(PEACH)Unexamined
Your wizards can't preform magic! [Quickie NPC]Unexamined
Ultimate Corpsecrafting: A Treatise on Applied NecromancyUnexamined
Ultimate Corpsecrafting: A Treatise on Applied Necromancy - Page 2Unexamined
Ultimate Corpsecrafting: A Treatise on Applied Necromancy - Page 3Unexamined
Ultimate Corpsecrafting: A Treatise on Applied Necromancy - Page 4Unexamined
Unity City (location)Unexamined
The moons (need your homebrew monsters)Unexamined
Jaerc's FeatsUnexamined
[Vestige] "What does it mean to unite with The Archduke..."Unexamined
[Prestige class] Come on, you know you want to... (PEACH)Unexamined
Formula User Class (Wild Arms 4)Unexamined
[Artifact]Kingly ArmamentUnexamined
(Item) Helpful HandUnexamined
[Base Class] "Wild Fist-gone" (Being Reworked),Unexamined
Be a pretty psion! [Psionic feat]Unexamined
One Messed Up Whale (semi-homebrew monster)Unexamined
Dire GooseUnexamined
The Godhand [PrC]Unexamined
A spell for spellcasting GeneralsUnexamined
Jim Henson's Monsters- Labyrinth and Dark CrystalUnexamined
This weighted companion cube will accompany you through the rest of the chamber(item)Unexamined
~Corrupt Ranger~Prestige ClassUnexamined
ASHHPD or Portal Gun, and the Gravity Gun [Major Artifacts]Unexamined
[base class] Shadow WalkerUnexamined
[base class] Tribal HunterUnexamined
[Base Class] Chosen Star Warrior - Update 15/10/07Unexamined
[Prestige Class] Natural HunterUnexamined
MARK IV Hazardous Environment Suit (Artifact)Unexamined
[Template] BorgUnexamined
[Template] Borg - Page 2Unexamined
[Template] Borg - Page 3Unexamined
[Creature]Beige Dragon (Now with Half-Dragon(beige) template!)Unexamined
[Creature]Beige Dragon (Now with Half-Dragon(beige) template!) - Page 2Unexamined
I Chose... RAPTURE!Unexamined
Favored Soul Druid VariantUnexamined
Brawler [New Base]Unexamined
[Base Class] windreaverUnexamined
Spellbook Familiar: an alternate Wizard class feature (crosspost from Wizards boards)Unexamined
Spellbook Familiar: an alternate Wizard class feature (crosspost from Wizards boards) - Page 2Unexamined
Spellbook Familiar: an alternate Wizard class feature (crosspost from Wizards boards) - Page 3Unexamined
[Spell] True necromancy at its finest and most useful.Unexamined
A Request...Unexamined
Divine Radiance [Turn Undead Variant]Unexamined
E.M.P.A. - Effect Essences [Alternate Spell System] Needs testing!Unexamined
[PrC] Inheritance Trilogy Dragon RiderUnexamined
[PrC] Inheritance Trilogy Dragon Rider - Page 2Unexamined
Some Help on a systemUnexamined
Never Used that One Before; Weapon Enhancements to Help Your FighterUnexamined
Help with Armor systemUnexamined
[Request] Undead MonsterUnexamined
Ultimate Parlance (One of the Alchemyprime Ultimate ClassesUnexamined
Half-Dragon Ascendant (Prc)Unexamined
Gestalt replacementsUnexamined
campaign setting in progressUnexamined
[base class] Blackblood SlayerUnexamined
[Prestige class] Don't piss me off, I'll explode.Unexamined
Help me price Mana PotionsUnexamined
Atheistic fantasy religions?Unexamined
Atheistic fantasy religions? - Page 2Unexamined
Atheistic fantasy religions? - Page 3Unexamined
Shadow Hand Disciple[Base Class]Unexamined
The Abhorsen Project (A Work In Progress)Unexamined
Overclock your Barbarian [PrC]Unexamined
The Tinkerer (More complete than last time.)Unexamined
I sold my soul for finger puppets and all I got was this lousy prestige class.Unexamined
Fixed Monk (by adding some PsyWarrior in)Unexamined
LA+0 Vampire RaceUnexamined
Four ASoI&F PrCsUnexamined
Extrodinary ItemsUnexamined
The Woven (Weaver Aligned) (Fomor Variant) (WoD)Unexamined
Need Fluff?Unexamined
[Variant] Weapon and Critical SystemUnexamined
[Prc] Mr. Ed!Unexamined
Legacy ItemUnexamined
[Race] Hounen (PEACH)Unexamined
The Hell KnightUnexamined
The Witch Doctor (Base Class, PEACH?)Unexamined
The Witch Doctor (Base Class, PEACH?) - Page 2Unexamined
Player Question: Assumed-BlindnessUnexamined
Balancing a Monotheistic SettingUnexamined
[Setting] Shadows of TimeUnexamined
World Invaded - d20 Modern SettingUnexamined
Growing [Feats]Unexamined
MEAP! (new spell system) Now ready for playtesting!Unexamined
Transmutant Expanded (Again, Help wanted)Unexamined
"Mystic Hand"[Base Class](Update #3)(In Testing)Unexamined
Say hello to my fuzzy friends! [New Base Class]Unexamined
My Homebrew World: Paladin ProblemsUnexamined
Please Delete this thread.Unexamined
The Doormaker [Prestige Class]Unexamined
[Race] "Just because something's only a foot and a half tall..."Unexamined
[Race] "Just because something's only a foot and a half tall..." - Page 2Unexamined
[Race] "Just because something's only a foot and a half tall..." - Page 3Unexamined
"If you're on the highway and Road Runner goes meep meep" [PrC]Unexamined
[Base Class] The Dragon FangUnexamined
new prestige class:BASTIONUnexamined
Low-Magic Campaign SettingUnexamined
Some help with two new spellsUnexamined
World-Building ToolsUnexamined
bard fix [PEACH, discuss]Unexamined
The Wailer [PrC] (In-Progress) [PEACH]Unexamined
Fast Zombie?Unexamined
Reverse BeholderUnexamined
New to homebrew and DnD, Golem Master Prestige class.Unexamined
All Blades Perish [Spell/D&D - d20 Modern]Unexamined
Wraith (SG: Atlantis) (aka neo vampire) templateUnexamined
He can stare daggers at people...[spell]Unexamined
Evolving critters?Unexamined
Need some help making a campaign settingUnexamined
Chaos Wielder [my first base class]Unexamined
Superheroes (system)Unexamined
Brainstormage for an Upcoming Class..Unexamined
[Template] Wrath of Planet [uptade 10/21/2007]Unexamined
Now You're Thinking With Portals. [Equipment]Unexamined
Damage Reduction ACUnexamined
Tower Juggernaut [PRC]Unexamined
Prestige Class Concept: Flashy SwordsmanUnexamined
Catfolk raceUnexamined
Whisper [Prestige Class]Unexamined
[PrC]Fence-Sitter Cleric (PEACH)Unexamined
GITP Monster Competition XIV Voting Thread (CLOSED)Unexamined
GITP Monster Competition XIV Voting Thread (CLOSED) - Page 2Unexamined
Martial Style FeatsUnexamined
The (Un)Lucky and the Luckless [Feats]Unexamined
Modeling the Avernum RacesUnexamined
[BoM] Vestige Crafting for Dummies (Now with Binder Variant)Unexamined
Niendi -- Mobility centric raceUnexamined
[House Rule] 3e Fighting StylesUnexamined
[Setting] JoprusUnexamined
Index The Homebrewer's Extended SignatureUnexamined
Index The Homebrewer's Extended Signature - Page 2Unexamined
Index The Homebrewer's Extended Signature - Page 3Unexamined
Index The Homebrewer's Extended Signature - Page 4Unexamined
Index The Homebrewer's Extended Signature - Page 5Unexamined
Index The Homebrewer's Extended Signature - Page 6Unexamined
Index The Homebrewer's Extended Signature - Page 7Unexamined
Index The Homebrewer's Extended Signature - Page 8Unexamined
Index The Homebrewer's Extended Signature - Page 9Unexamined
Hungry (*snicker*) for a Savage New Villain PrC?Unexamined
[15+ Items] Herbal Medicine Compilation [PEACH]Unexamined
The Magi-SpawnedUnexamined
Are there any programs....Unexamined
Universal open RPG, version 0.0.4Unexamined
[Houserule] PerspectiveUnexamined
Game Designer AdviceUnexamined
New weapons (SW Saga)Unexamined
Tripped - and now? [Feat Request]Unexamined
[Discussion] Minor FeatsUnexamined
[Race] MoonswyftUnexamined
The Boxer (a base class!)Unexamined
Shields, Feats, and Skill-based CombatUnexamined
Moved: Anmiltar, Soulsunderer (help with this BBEG item, please?)Unexamined
help me stack this stuff [feats]Unexamined
Ever see The Shooter? [Archer prestige class]Unexamined
Pocket Summoner v.2 [Base Class]Unexamined
[Weapon] I choose option d.) All of the above.Unexamined
[Weapon] I choose option d.) All of the above. - Page 2Unexamined
[Exotic Weapon] Magical, Arm-Mounted Chainsaw!Unexamined
Keeper of the Dead [monster] PEACHUnexamined
[Spell] Every monopolists's dream...Unexamined
Hiest's Spells/Annoyance Remover HomebrewsUnexamined
[prestige class] Bastion: taking it in the face, and loving it.Unexamined
Can you get over the initial shock? What about the next? And the next? (Artifact)Unexamined
Soul Music [Incarnum for Bards]Unexamined
They Called Me Mad... [Base Class]Unexamined
They Called Me Mad... [Base Class] - Page 2Unexamined
Mage's MirrorUnexamined
Full adventures?Unexamined
Wolf/Bat (PEACH)Unexamined
SOAK and HP: alternative HP rulesUnexamined
I turned into what? [Cursed Item]Unexamined
Sumo Wrestler [Base Class]Unexamined
Is the CR on this construct ok?Unexamined
The Templest... Brain storming.Unexamined
No Man is an AsylumUnexamined
Dungeon DesignUnexamined
The Gods Among Us [Deity-lite]Unexamined
Ultimate Ranger? (Alternative, physical-oriented class)Unexamined
Home Away from Home [Magic Item]Unexamined
The Shield Devil, Dispater's Personal GuardUnexamined
Is bigger better?Unexamined
The BardbarianUnexamined
An Attempt at a warlock-y style caster. The Arcane Cadet. [Class]Unexamined
Swiftly and silently they come... [Creature]Unexamined
Feat to hide as a free action?Unexamined
Footsteps #1Unexamined
Footsteps #1 - Page 2Unexamined
Edding's Belgaraid- World ConceptsUnexamined
Homebrewing a Medusa RaceUnexamined
[PrC] Cyst SlayerUnexamined
Quick and sharp, or big and heavy? Your choice. [2 new PrCs]Unexamined
Improved Familiar option.Unexamined
This is to angels as tap water is to domestic beer [RACE]Unexamined
some nearly useless magical itemsUnexamined
some nearly useless magical items - Page 2Unexamined
Modified Spell StoringUnexamined
A few ideas for an Epic Level CampaignUnexamined
Martial Feat DesignUnexamined
Sonic Screwdriver (artifact)Unexamined
Boneyard Magician [Base Class]Unexamined
[Base Class, Psionic] The Blue Mage, ReduxUnexamined
How do you fight fire? With fire! [base class]Unexamined
Cthulu requestUnexamined
An old (Second edition) idea made new again. Gray Necromancy.Unexamined
Retooling D20 Modern Massive DamageUnexamined
[New Race] The HrariiUnexamined
[Template] What Would Ilsensine Do?Unexamined
Avatar Martial Artist - Balancing only, post new styles in the other threadUnexamined
Avatar Martial Artist - Balancing only, post new styles in the other thread - Page 2Unexamined
Avatar Martial Artist - Balancing only, post new styles in the other thread - Page 3Unexamined
Avatar Martial Artist - Balancing only, post new styles in the other thread - Page 4Unexamined
Avatar Martial Artist - Balancing only, post new styles in the other thread - Page 5Unexamined
Avatar Martial Artist - Balancing only, post new styles in the other thread - Page 6Unexamined
Avatar Martial Artist - Balancing only, post new styles in the other thread - Page 7Unexamined
Avatar Martial Artist - Balancing only, post new styles in the other thread - Page 8Unexamined
Avatar Martial Artist - Balancing only, post new styles in the other thread - Page 9Unexamined
A question of magicUnexamined
Blessings- PEACHUnexamined
I've Got to Hand it to You... [Necromantic Spell]Unexamined
The Externalist (custom psionics PrC)Unexamined
Negative energy healing (spell)Unexamined
Designing Variant of D&D 'half' bloodlinesUnexamined
Balancing Achilles Heel of A Construct (PEACH)Unexamined
Protectors of the Cube (Organisation)Unexamined
"We don't let him play with us any more." [PrC] [PEACH]Unexamined
Things to Remember When Homebrewing...Unexamined
[Base class]Samurai ReduxUnexamined
[Base class]Samurai Redux - Page 2Unexamined
homebrew mass combat????Unexamined
Shield [Feats] (PEACH)Unexamined
Merkolth, inaal, and uvaln [New Races]Unexamined
(Spell) I'LL EAT YOU ALLUnexamined
Help with some homebrew elf races?Unexamined
Warriors! (Of the Koei Variety) A Homebrew System Project.Unexamined
Incarnum Forever: The TotemistUnexamined
REAL occult slayer PrC: in concept/constructionUnexamined
[Epic Spell] Help me create: CensureUnexamined
Just in time for HalloweenUnexamined
Delta 20 - altered rulesUnexamined
necromancer ideasUnexamined
it aint that hard to get skinny! [spell]Unexamined
An Elegant, but powerful, blade [Exotic Weapon]Unexamined
Three great rings of power (parody of the One Ring) (major artifacts) [PEACH]Unexamined
[House Rule]Total defense and Steeling the WillUnexamined
Skills, Good or BadUnexamined
[Creature] Come on in heEeEEre!Unexamined
Sever Limb [Feat]Unexamined
Help with a houseruled campaignUnexamined
[Maneuver] Help me clean up this ManeuverUnexamined
There's a forest in the way! You can't *BOOM* [spell]Unexamined
The Bastard Child of Vice City and DND (World Builder)Unexamined
The Bastard Child of Vice City and DND (World Builder) - Page 2Unexamined
primary spellcaster changeUnexamined
[Artefacts] The WhipBladesUnexamined
messed upUnexamined
Stone of PurificationUnexamined
Mage Rage (feat)Unexamined
[Item] Bribery for your brainUnexamined
I Need Neither Blade Nor Armor... [Base Class, PEACH]Unexamined
Mages and WizardsUnexamined
Custem Sniper ClassUnexamined
Creating a new resourceUnexamined
Two New Powers for Wilders: Puppet Self and Mindblade [Peach and stuff]Unexamined
Has anyone done a Warhammer 40k D&D 3.5 Conversion?Unexamined
GITP Monster Competition XV - Home and Hearth (VOTE NOW!)Unexamined
Gahh - -Unexamined
Combo Feat: Furious MusicianUnexamined
Cristal-powered Weapons and ArmorsUnexamined
Lotr D20Unexamined
The Templar [Class] (PEACH)Unexamined
Sorcerers and School SpecializationUnexamined
Help me make a martial-arts class: Capoeira!Unexamined
Time Doesn't Heal All Wounds... [Spell]Unexamined
Avbaroy: Part Comedy, Part StoryUnexamined
OOTS the Tabletop Wargame (#2)Unexamined
New spell: Blessings of the Righteous DeadUnexamined
Timethief [Class, PEACH]Unexamined
[Race] Keidran (Critique please)Unexamined
My SoulknifeUnexamined
Help With Shaman Spell ListUnexamined
NPC Class: AlchemistUnexamined
Ceaseless Striker [Prestige] [PEACH]Unexamined
Mostly Core big critter (Constructive criticism welcome)Unexamined
[Creature]Floating Lungs(PEACH)Unexamined
Some (Homebrewed) standard races..on a 20 lvl progression! please critiqueUnexamined
I Shall Not Fall [Prestige] [PEACH]Unexamined
Warlock/Invoker Fixes [WIP]Unexamined
The 5th Rule of Swordsmanship - the Eldritch Blade. [Base Class, PEACH - v3.2!]Unexamined
Elemental Cyclopes [Creature]Unexamined
Storm Blade[prestige class]Unexamined
Anastrada: Tierra de los Reinos Seis [Setting]Unexamined
Priest[Setting-Specific Cleric Replacement]Unexamined
The Vampire Revamped (apoligies for the pun)Unexamined
Alrune (Setting)Unexamined
I do not Fear Death, Death fears me. [Base Class][PEACH]Unexamined
More Masks to MasterUnexamined
Lawyer classUnexamined
[Setting] Ghostly Mayhem!Unexamined
Dragon Disciple TweaksUnexamined
Two new races and a new weapon (i think)Unexamined
GiantITP Vestiges [ToM]Unexamined
GiantITP Vestiges [ToM] - Page 2Unexamined
The Tinker, an (Ex)traordinaire Mage!Unexamined
Domainiac [Base Class] PEACHUnexamined
Iaijutsu Master (Semi-updated) [PEACH]Unexamined
Combat Zealot (Class)Unexamined
Combat Zealot (Class)Unexamined
Conventioneer[GAMER prestige class]Unexamined
I Broke Your Universe [Prestige Class]Unexamined