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Phoenix GuardUnexamined
The Phoenix PropheciesUnexamined
Moon elf namesUnexamined
Whats the best source for info on the Zhentarim?Unexamined
Highfire CrownUnexamined
Lady DragonbreastUnexamined
Alustriel's SistersUnexamined
Myth DrannorUnexamined
Earth and Fearun?Unexamined
Realms of QuestionsUnexamined
Realms of Questions - Page 2Unexamined
Shar LoreUnexamined
Elminter's artifact...Unexamined
Alustriel's medalion...Unexamined
Disbanding of the Knights of Myth DrannorUnexamined
Life in RashemenUnexamined
Lord AoUnexamined
Lord Ao - Page 2Unexamined
New to EverythingUnexamined
Silver Marches / Underdark QuestionUnexamined
Silver Marches / Underdark Question - Page 2Unexamined
The HakhaesharUnexamined
Ethereal Marauders and filchersUnexamined
Time of Trouble questionUnexamined
Underdark ExitsUnexamined
Paladins - Page 2Unexamined
Paladins - Page 3Unexamined
Sea Battle needed!Unexamined
Sea Battle needed! - Page 2Unexamined
On the Lords of Waterdeep...Unexamined
Evermeet and EvereskaUnexamined
Is Candlekeep canon?Unexamined
Fzoul and ManshoonUnexamined
Sorceror Princes of AthalantarUnexamined
Blue Bear UthgardtUnexamined
Gray Forest/Tsurlagol regionUnexamined
Wyrms of the NorthUnexamined
The Crying God is making me want to scream!Unexamined
Hello and need help with a ressurection spellUnexamined
Hello and need help with a ressurection spell - Page 2Unexamined
Where in Dammara...Unexamined
To cannonize or not to Cannonize (Poll)Unexamined
Summary of Faerun's HistoryUnexamined
Sammaster - A QuestionUnexamined
Sammaster - A Question - Page 2Unexamined
Sammaster - A Question - Page 3Unexamined
The Karstone, Weave & Shadow WeaveUnexamined
Dawn CataclysmUnexamined
A Theory of Weave & Shadow WeaveUnexamined
A Theory of Weave & Shadow Weave - Page 2Unexamined
Looking for Info: Auld WyrmishUnexamined
How many other planes connect to the RealmsUnexamined
How many other planes connect to the Realms - Page 2Unexamined
Languages of Impiltur/DamaraUnexamined
A simple questionUnexamined
The Far Realm and FaerunUnexamined
The Far Realm and Faerun - Page 2Unexamined
the most powerful wizard in the realms and nethsUnexamined
the most powerful wizard in the realms and neths - Page 2Unexamined
the most powerful wizard in the realms and neths - Page 3Unexamined
the most powerful wizard in the realms and neths - Page 4Unexamined
the most powerful wizard in the realms and neths - Page 5Unexamined
the most powerful wizard in the realms and neths - Page 6Unexamined
Cleansing Blade of the PeopleUnexamined
The Phaerimm and SharnUnexamined
The Sorceress in GrayUnexamined
Communities of the UnderdarkUnexamined
Communities of the Underdark - Page 2Unexamined
Module? help me remember - brain hurtsUnexamined
3.0 and 3.5 conversion of 2nd edition Magic ItemsUnexamined
Moonshae IslandsUnexamined
Item creationUnexamined
what can stop mystr's silver fireUnexamined
Need Info about Turmish and AlaghonUnexamined
Need information on druids (anything)Unexamined
characters with multiple powersUnexamined
Whats the diffrence between Lloth and Lolth?Unexamined
Who is Lord AO?Unexamined
Who is Lord AO? - Page 2Unexamined
lady polarisUnexamined
Sages of the Realms are you out there?Unexamined
Sages of the Realms are you out there? - Page 2Unexamined
Artifact and Magic Item databaseUnexamined
Artifact and Magic Item database - Page 2Unexamined
Epic Spells in the RealmsUnexamined
Epic Spells in the Realms - Page 2Unexamined
Seeking PsionsUnexamined
Drow warfareUnexamined
A question about bardsUnexamined
Ched NasadUnexamined
The magic of rangersUnexamined
Coins of vanished realmsUnexamined
Coins of living realmsUnexamined
Coins of living realms - Page 2Unexamined
Founding of the Harpers?Unexamined
Shadowfire? - Page 2Unexamined
sorcerers of the realmsUnexamined
Mintas RhelgorUnexamined
Netheril magesUnexamined
Info concerning the Shadowking of TelfirUnexamined
House StarymUnexamined
Wild Shape...Unexamined
Araumycos- what is it,why do the gods never speakUnexamined
Araumycos- what is it,why do the gods never speak - Page 2Unexamined
Evermeet - that far?Unexamined
The Grandfather Tree & High ForestUnexamined
The Grandfather Tree & High Forest - Page 2Unexamined
Abeir-Toril: Round or Flat?Unexamined
Abeir-Toril: Round or Flat? - Page 2Unexamined
Abeir-Toril: Round or Flat? - Page 3Unexamined
Seeking info about "Island Nations"Unexamined
Noble Families of SilverymoonUnexamined
Blackrose ElvesUnexamined
Blackrose Elves - Page 2Unexamined
Watch WagesUnexamined
Drow Skin TonesUnexamined
Selunite OrdersUnexamined
Nystul's nullifierUnexamined
Shadow WeaveUnexamined
Paladins of MystraUnexamined
Halfling Inc.Unexamined
Avariel history and other esoteric things...Unexamined
FR's Afterlife.Unexamined
FR's Afterlife. - Page 2Unexamined
FR's Afterlife. - Page 3Unexamined
Sash of SpellsUnexamined
Who survived the Fall of Myth Drannor?Unexamined
Who survived the Fall of Myth Drannor? - Page 2Unexamined
Deep Gnome CitiesUnexamined
Deep Gnome Cities - Page 2Unexamined
Deep Gnome Cities - Page 3Unexamined
Deep Gnome Cities - Page 4Unexamined
Deep Gnome Cities - Page 5Unexamined
The Archdevils and The Nine HellsUnexamined
The Archdevils and The Nine Hells - Page 2Unexamined
"Dragons of the East"Unexamined
"Dragons of the East" - Page 2Unexamined
"Dragons of the East" - Page 3Unexamined
A comprehensive look at AvarielsUnexamined
What is the Most Useful and Powerful Spell?Unexamined
What is the Most Useful and Powerful Spell? - Page 2Unexamined
Drow: The DescentUnexamined
A question for Eric BoydUnexamined
Assasins during the time of troublesUnexamined
Tintageer? Elven realm?Unexamined
Realmspace and Crystal SpheresUnexamined
Sammaster's propheciesUnexamined
Confusion and inconsistenciesUnexamined
Locate ObjectUnexamined
Watch SaluteUnexamined
Halaster the MadUnexamined
Perendra RaslemtarUnexamined
Music and Musical Instruments of the RealmsUnexamined
Moonstars and HarpersUnexamined
Retribution domain for Tyr.Unexamined
House Durothil of Evermeet.Unexamined
House Maerdrym of Myth DrannorUnexamined
Year Names and NumbersUnexamined
summoning on other planes (new cosmology)Unexamined
Nimesin family backgroundUnexamined
Elturel's Hellriders info requestUnexamined
Complete Timeline?Unexamined
The GoldspiresUnexamined
Summon monsterUnexamined
Good ole' VangeyUnexamined
Saints of the RealmUnexamined
Scepter of the Sorcerer-KingsUnexamined
Scepter of the Sorcerer-Kings - Page 2Unexamined
What is what?Unexamined
Oceanic empiresUnexamined
Qheldin's MaskUnexamined
Planescape/2nd edition FR Gods Resurrection SiteUnexamined
Creator RacesUnexamined
Creator Races - Page 2Unexamined
Purple Dragon Knights and WarsUnexamined
Questions regarding Amn and TethyrUnexamined
Theives Guild of TilvertonUnexamined
Lord Avkhalas BlackhandUnexamined
Forgotten Realms Trivia ChallengeUnexamined
Forgotten Realms Trivia Challenge - Page 2Unexamined
Forgotten Realms Trivia Challenge - Page 3Unexamined
Forgotten Realms Trivia Challenge - Page 4Unexamined
Forgotten Realms Trivia Challenge - Page 5Unexamined
Forgotten Realms Trivia Challenge - Page 6Unexamined
Forgotten Realms Trivia Challenge - Page 7Unexamined
Shar in Time of TroubleUnexamined
The Sword Heralds of CormyrUnexamined
Ghazneth Crisis PDK checkUnexamined
The names of the YearsUnexamined
A familiar question...Unexamined
The peace of EldathUnexamined
Nchaser and ThalangUnexamined
Hammers of GrimjawUnexamined
Sailing timeUnexamined
Multiple classes, multiple deitiesUnexamined
Midnight sun in Sossal and the Great Glacier?Unexamined
Deity's and DemigodsUnexamined
Deity's and Demigods - Page 2Unexamined
Cormyr Dynasty?Unexamined
Galaeron NihmeduUnexamined
Galaeron Nihmedu - Page 2Unexamined
the chairs of larlockUnexamined
Wizard's Guild of WaterdeepUnexamined
Wizard's Guild of Waterdeep - Page 2Unexamined
Request for much lore, Chessenta, Narfell, TurmishUnexamined
Creator Races - SpoilersUnexamined
Eric Boyd help resolve an arguementUnexamined
Religion of the Durthans?Unexamined
Renegades of HalruaaUnexamined
The Druid Order(s) in FaerunUnexamined
seeking info on drow beneath the Sword CoastUnexamined
Draconic Cleric?Unexamined
Questions of the PantheonUnexamined
Questions of the Pantheon - Page 2Unexamined
Gods of MagicUnexamined
Gods of Magic - Page 2Unexamined
Have a question who can help me?Unexamined
Triel's StatsUnexamined
Dwarves of the Earthfast MountainsUnexamined
Need info on Tymora and Bane churchesUnexamined
Monks of CandlekeepUnexamined
Lady of the DeadUnexamined
The Shadow Weave: a unified scrollUnexamined
Divine MagicUnexamined
Divine Magic - Page 2Unexamined
high magicUnexamined
Drow attitudes toward surface elves...Unexamined
Regarding the IlmatariUnexamined
attitudes towards drow in Baldur's Gate & BeregostUnexamined
temples of Haela BrightaxeUnexamined
A question regarding mythals..Unexamined
The TalfirUnexamined
What happened to Garnet?Unexamined
Xvim the BanesoneUnexamined
The Abbey of High Song (formerly Tharthyn Villa)Unexamined
Icingdeath Stats 3.5 (w/history) realmslore checkUnexamined
Myth Drannor?Unexamined
Myth Drannor? - Page 2Unexamined
Dragons on aber-torilUnexamined
Dragons on aber-toril - Page 2Unexamined
Alvaerle TasundrymUnexamined
Canon, or not Canon?Unexamined
Citadel of Strategic MilitancyUnexamined
Cormyrean FreesailsUnexamined
A question regarding WaterdeepUnexamined
A question regarding Waterdeep - Page 2Unexamined
Problem with map of Baldur's Gate (the city walls)Unexamined
Bright Blade beast cult?Unexamined
Lets talk about CandleKeepUnexamined
what is a 'Dusk Lord'?Unexamined
Jhaamdath and it's offspringUnexamined
The Flaming TowerUnexamined
Myrin SilverspearUnexamined
Calimshan and it's offspringUnexamined
Goblins of the RealmsUnexamined
Dwarves in Thunderpeaks?Unexamined
Illuskans and TyrUnexamined
Illuskans and Tyr - Page 2Unexamined
Ruathym, post-1357 DRUnexamined
The Flaming Fist headquarters in Baldur's GateUnexamined
Drow MagicUnexamined
Drow Magic - Page 2Unexamined
Drow Magic - Page 3Unexamined
Kethryllia AmarillisUnexamined
Shar and SeluneUnexamined
Shar and Selune - Page 2Unexamined
Legion of TempusUnexamined
The powers of the chosenUnexamined
The powers of the chosen - Page 2Unexamined
Dendar the Night serpentUnexamined
Nether ScrollsUnexamined
Libraries of LoreUnexamined
Libraries of Lore - Page 2Unexamined
Serpent Kingdoms - Naga OverlordUnexamined
Require aid on CormyrUnexamined
Bane HistoryUnexamined
Attention FR Brains trustUnexamined
Need aidUnexamined
Of Chosens and Epic SpellsUnexamined
Of Chosens and Epic Spells - Page 2Unexamined
Real people in the Realms...Unexamined
Interloper Gods?Unexamined
Interloper Gods? - Page 2Unexamined
Rise and Fall of ValasharUnexamined
The Uluu ThanlonghUnexamined
Elven Realms of FearieUnexamined
Elven Realms of Fearie - Page 2Unexamined
Dead GodsUnexamined
Dead Gods - Page 2Unexamined
The Time of DagonsUnexamined
What do ye' old tomes have on Everska?Unexamined
What do ye' old tomes have on Everska? - Page 2Unexamined
Teyla Shan ( Godswatch Mountains)Unexamined
Known Portals from Faerun to the PlanesUnexamined
Map of Baldur's GateUnexamined
Harper HuntersUnexamined
First Temple to the TriadUnexamined
Searching for the TalonmistsUnexamined
The Silver Marches FaultsUnexamined
Gem Magic LoreUnexamined
Some Unapproachable East conundrumsUnexamined
Question about Bard CollegesUnexamined
Cantlow LibraryUnexamined
Heroic and Historic figuresUnexamined
Hall of Whirling BladesUnexamined
The Aarakocran PantheonUnexamined
Karsus KeepUnexamined
Volothamp - Page 2Unexamined
The Singing Waters, the river of Evereska...Unexamined
Evereska: An overviewUnexamined
Paladin Code for follower of Helm?Unexamined
Paladin Code for follower of Helm? - Page 2Unexamined
Thay and the Mulhorand GodsUnexamined
The Lady of SecretsUnexamined
How Fey'ri view Drows, and vice versaUnexamined
Velsharoon and his 7 rituals to immortalityUnexamined
The TerraseerUnexamined
City of White Towers...Unexamined
Cairn of MoonlightUnexamined
Giants and DragonsUnexamined
Moonblades...Beating a deadhorse.Unexamined
Moonblades...Beating a deadhorse. - Page 2Unexamined
The 12Unexamined
The SungladeUnexamined
Komats Cave and the DemonreefUnexamined
Roosting Griffon InnUnexamined
Eldathyn MonksUnexamined
A quick question on age...Unexamined
Request for Realms lore: Impiltur and SembiaUnexamined
Portals and Celestial Stair cases of the RealmsUnexamined
Portals and Celestial Stair cases of the Realms - Page 2Unexamined
Portals and Celestial Stair cases of the Realms - Page 3Unexamined
Portals and Celestial Stair cases of the Realms - Page 4Unexamined
Llacerellyn of Eric L. Boyd's DdUGttUDUnexamined
Dryad anatomyUnexamined
My take on SelgauntUnexamined
ToT Avatar questionUnexamined
ToT Avatar question - Page 2Unexamined
ToT Avatar question - Page 3Unexamined
info on the children of the ChosenUnexamined
info on the children of the Chosen - Page 2Unexamined
Pre-CoR speculations on the Eldreth VeluuthraUnexamined
Horsebreeds of the RealmsUnexamined
Horsebreeds of the Realms - Page 2Unexamined
Mageguilds of the RealmsUnexamined
Mageguilds of the Realms - Page 2Unexamined
Humans in the YuirwoodUnexamined
Humans in the Yuirwood - Page 2Unexamined
Mylaerla Durothil and the survivors in EvermeetUnexamined
Eaerlann's FallUnexamined
Ways into the Underdark in the DalelandsUnexamined
The Witch King backgroundUnexamined
Writing RealmsloreUnexamined
Status of the chosen and Telamont SonsUnexamined
Bestiary of the Realms Vol. 2Unexamined
Bestiary of the Realms Vol. 2 - Page 2Unexamined
Bestiary of the Realms Vol. 2 - Page 3Unexamined
Bestiary of the Realms Vol. 2 - Page 4Unexamined
Lomatra, Lotoll, and the Blade KingdomsUnexamined
Ulgarth, Edenvale, and so onUnexamined
Cults in the realms.Unexamined
Cults in the realms. - Page 2Unexamined
The lone rockUnexamined
Sossal - Page 2Unexamined
Moonstars: Pact between Selune and Mystra?Unexamined
Telamont's sons?.Unexamined
Ironstar clanUnexamined
The MagisterUnexamined
Silverfire, spellfire, shadow magicUnexamined
Silverfire, spellfire, shadow magic - Page 2Unexamined
Silverfire, spellfire, shadow magic - Page 3Unexamined
Sangalor: Mind Flayer Cleric of OghmaUnexamined
Elven court in 1359 DRUnexamined
Whatever happened to...?Unexamined
Elven Pantheon Temple in WaterdeepUnexamined
NPCs over CR 20Unexamined
Ransar Pristoleph's ArmyUnexamined
Sharess tempted by SharUnexamined
Ilythiiri Names?Unexamined
The next great evilUnexamined
Any information on this place?Unexamined
Mintar (Lake of steam)Unexamined
Info on Crown Wars?Unexamined
questions re: resurrection in D&D/FRUnexamined
What is Iakhovas?Unexamined
The Flames of the Dark SunUnexamined
Sunken AhjuutalUnexamined
Who are the Commer?Unexamined
Clan Chieftan of the IronfistUnexamined
Powerful characters in TorilUnexamined
Earliest FR References to Gem DragonsUnexamined
Crown of NarfellUnexamined
Castle of shadowUnexamined
Temple of Tyr in Dagger FallsUnexamined
Doom of Daggerdale 2005Unexamined
True Names???Unexamined
Present day survivors of Myth Drannor's ArmyUnexamined
Present day survivors of Myth Drannor's Army - Page 2Unexamined
Assault on Myth Drannor: VillainUnexamined
Unknown monstersUnexamined
Birth Date and Age of Randal MornUnexamined
Creator Races - What books??Unexamined
The Gatekeeper's CrystalUnexamined
elven cognitive, emotional, & ego developmentUnexamined
Cragmyr Keep?Unexamined
Map of ten townsUnexamined
Moonstars questionUnexamined
Azoun IV's DeathUnexamined
Children of the Divine (possible spoilers)Unexamined
Selune's SmileUnexamined
Torm the mortalUnexamined
Who/what is TyranthraxusUnexamined
Miltiades the death knightUnexamined
History of the UnderdarkUnexamined
Songfarla, Vastar and Dardath Info?Unexamined
Bane holy daysUnexamined
Founding date for WestgateUnexamined
Established Black Blood SectsUnexamined
Thunderblessing for elves?Unexamined
Thunderblessing for elves? - Page 2Unexamined
Thunderblessing for elves? - Page 3Unexamined
ToT SourcebooksUnexamined
Question about pronunciationUnexamined
Question about pronunciation - Page 2Unexamined
Llorkh's cyric templeUnexamined
Were there ever any official stats for Behlifet?Unexamined
Is there any information on Saint Dionysus?Unexamined
Durnan patron deityUnexamined
Dungeon of the HarkUnexamined
most learned history scholar in Sword Coast?Unexamined
Myth IiscarUnexamined
The lands of Turmish between -5800DR and -255DRUnexamined
About geographic namesUnexamined
Unseen's ways to SkullportUnexamined
Bhaalite temples after Bhaal's deathUnexamined
For Thaeravel pt I.Unexamined
Lonely Tower? or Evening Star?Unexamined
Ilserv, mind flayerUnexamined
Realmslore: Argolcheir the demon lordUnexamined
purple dragon knights and corruptionUnexamined
Do baby dwarves have beards?Unexamined
Albino in FaerunUnexamined
Albino in Faerun - Page 2Unexamined
Question for the Hooded OneUnexamined
Who is Myriam Beechwood?Unexamined
Halaster's HigharvestideUnexamined
Halaster's Higharvestide - Page 2Unexamined
Halaster's Higharvestide - Page 3Unexamined
Bardic Colleges?Unexamined
Bardic Colleges? - Page 2Unexamined
Wizard, Wizardess or Wizardress?Unexamined
Wizard, Wizardess or Wizardress? - Page 2Unexamined
Lost Level: Lord Gareth = Sir Gareth Cormaeril?Unexamined
Alias Constructs . . . What do we know about them?Unexamined
Crazed Venturers - who-where-why?Unexamined
Lands of Intrigue - Amn, Tethyr, and CalimshanUnexamined
Lands of Intrigue - Amn, Tethyr, and Calimshan - Page 2Unexamined
Jander SunstarUnexamined
Why is Zhentil Keep named like that?Unexamined
Fey Courts and Other WonderingsUnexamined
Questions on BahamutUnexamined
Ships and navies in the RealmsUnexamined
Three Dead CamelsUnexamined
Elven stages of ageUnexamined
Force Grey, Special Forces of Waterdeep?Unexamined
Zaphkiel the WatcherUnexamined
Ravens Bluff -- The Meaning of the NameUnexamined
Moongleam TowerUnexamined
How should I pronounce this?Unexamined
How should I pronounce this? - Page 2Unexamined
Ancient Shadow MagicUnexamined
Where are the Nether Scrolls?Unexamined
Where are the Nether Scrolls? - Page 2Unexamined
What's behind the "Hillsfar" name?Unexamined
Where is Sammaster?Unexamined
The lost monastery of Luiren and stuffUnexamined
Dawn Cataclysm & Gods of NetherilUnexamined
Epic spells in FRUnexamined
Goblin LoreUnexamined
Who (and where) is Tchazzar?Unexamined
Myth Drannor's MythalUnexamined
High MagicUnexamined
Did the elves of Tintageer come from Faeriespace?Unexamined
Zealots of the Written Word in Edificant Library?Unexamined
Religious Titles?Unexamined
New Elven Haven?Unexamined
The Nefarious ThreeUnexamined
Temple of Tyr in WestgateUnexamined
Vhaeraun's realmUnexamined
Ancient Elven Cities - locations ?Unexamined
Questions about CalimportUnexamined
trolls, who are theyUnexamined
WotSQ Question (SPOILERS)Unexamined
Journey adviceUnexamined
Did Talona unleash the Imaskari plague?Unexamined
I'm new and I'm curious about this.Unexamined
Cavern of RestUnexamined
Moonsea source material...Unexamined
Ages of Major Realms NPCsUnexamined
The change of magic after the fall of NetherilUnexamined
There's a Who in Your What Now?Unexamined
Year of Siluvanede's FallUnexamined
Psionic organisationUnexamined
Palomino HorseUnexamined
Monk ordersUnexamined
Bone Template and Level AdjustmentUnexamined
The Dragonking...Unexamined
The Dragonking... - Page 2Unexamined
List of Drow HousesUnexamined
Two small lore requests...Unexamined
And again a lore request...Unexamined
The Jhaamdathan PantheonUnexamined
The Jhaamdathan Pantheon - Page 2Unexamined
The Jhaamdathan Pantheon - Page 3Unexamined
The Jhaamdathan Pantheon - Page 4Unexamined
Malchor HarpellUnexamined
Pyramids under AscoreUnexamined
Pyramids under Ascore - Page 2Unexamined
Pyramids under Ascore - Page 3Unexamined
Pyramids under Ascore - Page 4Unexamined
Pyramids under Ascore - Page 5Unexamined
Pyramids under Ascore - Page 6Unexamined
Pyramids under Ascore - Page 7Unexamined
Pyramids under Ascore - Page 8Unexamined
Faerunian Bedine Name???Unexamined
Feuding lords in the HeartlandsUnexamined
Where is Crystal glassware made in the Realms?Unexamined
Moondale into OrdulinUnexamined
Drain of MadnessUnexamined
Cities of FaerunUnexamined
Windsong Tower? Impossible!!!Unexamined
Windsong Tower? Impossible!!! - Page 2Unexamined
Alaundo's propheciesUnexamined
Isimud of UntherUnexamined
Ring of WinterUnexamined
Realmlore request: NyphithysUnexamined
FR Cosmology (the new)Unexamined
Sentinel Rock near EsparUnexamined
The 2e bladsinger kit can be found where?Unexamined
Firesteap MountainsUnexamined
Shaalkar ManorUnexamined
A modest proposalUnexamined
Thesk's demographicsUnexamined
The CovenantUnexamined
architecture of the SouthUnexamined
Link between Unseen and Twisted RuneUnexamined
Thornwood, green's sword & shining handsUnexamined
Confirmation of some Eastern HistoryUnexamined
Netherness PantheonUnexamined
The national character of ImpilturUnexamined
The national character of Impiltur - Page 2Unexamined
Magic is Detrimental to FRUnexamined
Magic is Detrimental to FR - Page 2Unexamined
What attracts the attention of mighty?Unexamined
Sememmon's patron deityUnexamined
Sememmon's patron deity - Page 2Unexamined
Has Bhaal's portfolio been retconned?Unexamined
The Lords Who SleepUnexamined
Groups/orders of the realmsUnexamined
Netheril Trilogy and the fate of Sunbright.Unexamined
The Dryad Dance: Druid Ritual of SilvanusUnexamined
Fugue Plane...Unexamined
The Rage before Year of the Rogue DragonsUnexamined
No mention of Barbarian Princess in CoS?Unexamined
Maldobar in Rauvin MountainsUnexamined
Grond PeaksmasherUnexamined
Time and Other Dormant or missing Portfolios!Unexamined
Time and Other Dormant or missing Portfolios! - Page 2Unexamined
Elves retreat to EvermeetUnexamined
Arcane magic in the Lands of IntrigueUnexamined
Eric/George/Steven: Mental Asylum in WaterdeepUnexamined
Divine portfolios and their oppositesUnexamined
Channath ValeUnexamined
Night Below - Underdark campaignUnexamined
Some confusion regarding MystraUnexamined
The Crown Wars and the vyshaan elven family.Unexamined
Anyone Remember/ know anything about Thunderholme?Unexamined
The Landrise?Unexamined
Goblin, Kobold and Other Humanoid DeitiesUnexamined
Not to sound sick... but narcotics in the Realms?Unexamined
Delzouns CapitalUnexamined
Paladin of Sune...?Unexamined
Information on Bloodstone and its KingUnexamined
evil elven gods (not drow)Unexamined
Sunrise Spire?Unexamined
Horde Campaign / Shou Lung air fleetUnexamined
[Coast of the Dragons] LamiaUnexamined
Artifacts - How do I create them?Unexamined
[Coast of the Dragons] Dragons, scenariosUnexamined
Lost Uthgardt tribesUnexamined
Lesser sources on Undermountain?Unexamined
Im sooo lost with the stats and galleriesUnexamined
Judicial system of Waterdeep and surrounding landsUnexamined
Gauntlgrym in R.A. Salvatore novels? (SPOILERS?)Unexamined
Gauntlgrym in R.A. Salvatore novels? (SPOILERS?) - Page 2Unexamined
Help scribes!: Urmbrusk Noble family in WaterdeepUnexamined
Shining Plains?Unexamined
Time of Troubles chronologyUnexamined
Haptooth Hill and HapUnexamined
Which Way In The Way Of StatsUnexamined
City of RavensUnexamined
Elminster as a Magister, and Azuth?Unexamined
Piergeiron Hair and Eye colorUnexamined
Question is to complex to be put in titleUnexamined
Fangs of SetUnexamined
Powerful Mages of FaerunUnexamined
Powerful Mages of Faerun - Page 2Unexamined
Cormyr QuestionsUnexamined
All out Battle and Stats QuestionsUnexamined
Wikipedia threadUnexamined
call for goblins!Unexamined
Is there a mistake?Unexamined
Splitting hairs... againUnexamined
Highest LevelUnexamined
Some Help Needed With StatsUnexamined
Half-orcs ad uthgardt'sUnexamined
Magister and AdonUnexamined
Phaerimm/RotA-novels - Page 2Unexamined
The Fate of King GraulUnexamined
Locations of Fire Giant Regions in FaerunUnexamined
Castle SpulzeerUnexamined
NPC Help: Kiirma BlackmaneUnexamined
Monster Mythology Gods and Toril . . .Unexamined
Info on SespechUnexamined
Symbol of Netheril?Unexamined
epic level stats missing?Unexamined
Cormyrean noble familiesUnexamined
The StonelandsUnexamined
The Stonelands - Page 2Unexamined
Become a Patron!Unexamined
Need some help with the WyvernspursUnexamined
Amgardt Barbarians of the Netherese Empire?Unexamined
Regarding Thayan enclavesUnexamined
Twisted RuneUnexamined
Cyric and RangersUnexamined
Cyric and Rangers - Page 2Unexamined
Relic ideas for Kelemvor/Myrkul/JergalUnexamined
Dracolich Lore from Dragon 344Unexamined
Statue of LimitationsUnexamined
Approach to ShadeUnexamined
sorcerers and draconic bloodUnexamined
sorcerers and draconic blood - Page 2Unexamined
Temples of SharUnexamined
Red Wizards & The Shadow WeaveUnexamined
Details on Orcus (Timeframe and Details)Unexamined
Details on Orcus (Timeframe and Details) - Page 2Unexamined
Details on Orcus (Timeframe and Details) - Page 3Unexamined
Details on Orcus (Timeframe and Details) - Page 4Unexamined
Details on Orcus (Timeframe and Details) - Page 5Unexamined
Details on Orcus (Timeframe and Details) - Page 6Unexamined
Details on Orcus (Timeframe and Details) - Page 7Unexamined
Details on Orcus (Timeframe and Details) - Page 8Unexamined
Dathrans, Durthans, Ethrans, & Hathrans, oh my!Unexamined
Giant/great eaglesUnexamined
First battle of ShadowdaleUnexamined
Does Mystra understand magic?Unexamined
Does Mystra understand magic? - Page 2Unexamined
Other continentsUnexamined
Local TimeUnexamined
Name for the Vast and Implitur?Unexamined
Mhaug the HagUnexamined
CotD trivial pursuit: ShhuusshuruUnexamined
Titans in FR?Unexamined
Titans in FR? - Page 2Unexamined
evermeet and drowUnexamined
Why is Graz'zt CE?Unexamined
Elven calendarUnexamined
Technology - Page 2Unexamined
Alignment questionUnexamined
Magic QuestionsUnexamined
Araevin Teshurr QuestionUnexamined
The Tree of Souls?Unexamined
The Tree of Souls? - Page 2Unexamined
The Tree of Souls? - Page 3Unexamined
The Tree of Souls? - Page 4Unexamined
The Weave as a PortfolioUnexamined
Reclaiming Heraldry (Tifus stay out)Unexamined
Atlas Microes back.... almost after this maybe..?Unexamined
Ruins of ArchwoodUnexamined
Karsus... A Mad Man Or A GeniusUnexamined
Netyarch and NentyarchUnexamined
Antarn the SageUnexamined
Fflar Starbrow hair and eyes?Unexamined
Most powerful fire?Unexamined
Meats and Fruits of the Realms?Unexamined
Cities of Cormyr - MapsUnexamined
Black lotus?Unexamined
Spires Against the StarsUnexamined
"Crusader of Thesk" from 'Power of Faerūn'Unexamined
How navigable is the Ashaba River?Unexamined
Mask: A good god?Unexamined
Khazid'hea: Why doesn't she just get rid of it!?Unexamined
Khazid'hea: Why doesn't she just get rid of it!? - Page 2Unexamined
Humans in Evereska?Unexamined
Humans in Evereska? - Page 2Unexamined
Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor--Canon?Unexamined
Stone Circles - where are they?Unexamined
Llorkh / timelinesUnexamined
Collection of bounties?Unexamined
Candlekeep sages in Dragon #346Unexamined
Hill's EdgeUnexamined
Wand-Spell Jarlaxle Used?Unexamined
Are FR and Greyhawk still connected?Unexamined
Baerauble Of CormyrUnexamined
Chosen of the PantheonsUnexamined
Chosen of the Pantheons - Page 2Unexamined
Seekers of the Dawn, all dead?Unexamined
Lothen's presentUnexamined
Books of the RealmsUnexamined
Knightly orders...Unexamined
Letters of Marque in DarkholdUnexamined
House AlastrarraUnexamined
Continuity Issues and NWNUnexamined
Continuity Issues and NWN - Page 2Unexamined
Continuity Issues and NWN - Page 3Unexamined
Gatekeeper's Crystal; Myth OndathUnexamined
Established "Evil" Earth CultsUnexamined
Aearee / Avian Creator Race referencesUnexamined
Adamantine in different languagesUnexamined
Information on Harrowsmouth?Unexamined
Info on Turmish, Cederspoke, and Orsruan MountainsUnexamined
Turmish, Cedarspoke, Orsruan Mountains...Unexamined
Turmish, Cedarspoke, Orsruan Mountains... - Page 2Unexamined
Mirt and the RetreatUnexamined
Elminster of Waterdeep???Unexamined
Elminster of Waterdeep??? - Page 2Unexamined
Amaunator - LathanderUnexamined
The real status of OrcusUnexamined
The real status of Orcus - Page 2Unexamined
NPCS Alive?Unexamined
Hellgate Keep - info pleaseUnexamined
Hellgate Keep - info please - Page 2Unexamined
Hellgate Keep - info please - Page 3Unexamined
Citadel of the Raven historyUnexamined
Dwarves in the Rauvin Mtns?Unexamined
Halfaxe TrailUnexamined
chultan slavery, the black network and shadeUnexamined
When is Ruins of Myth Drannor set?Unexamined
Princes of Elemental EvilUnexamined
'Short name'?Unexamined
What's the Name of the Temple of Selune in Murann?Unexamined
Vangey's age-problem in "Crusade"Unexamined
Artisans and craftsUnexamined
Uthgardt: Shamans and other beast totemsUnexamined
History of Zhengyi PRIOR to VaasaUnexamined
Info on The Kingdom of DelzounUnexamined
Silver Marches, 1k Orcs, what the bloody hell???Unexamined
Silver Marches, 1k Orcs, what the bloody hell??? - Page 2Unexamined
Request for info towards Book O' Ye Stout Ones...Unexamined
Request for info towards Book O' Ye Stout Ones... - Page 2Unexamined
Request for info towards Book O' Ye Stout Ones... - Page 3Unexamined
The Velarswood DrowUnexamined
Ruins of Unity and Karsus enclaves - where?Unexamined
Anyone got any info on Sossal?Unexamined
Teziir and Abbai AbbathorUnexamined
Seven Citadels WarUnexamined
Need information on Wild ElvesUnexamined
Green RegentUnexamined
Gods and their ClericsUnexamined
Gods and their Clerics - Page 2Unexamined
Gods and their Clerics - Page 3Unexamined
Adventurers Guild in Cormyr (From Ring of Winter)Unexamined
destroyed areas of Esmeltaran, 1370 DRUnexamined
Shar Vs. Selune, an adventure in WaterdeepUnexamined
Help: Mystras chosen and her churchUnexamined
Help: Mystras chosen and her church - Page 2Unexamined
If Halasters an Imaskari.....Unexamined
Blackstaff TowerUnexamined
Cultural titlesUnexamined
By the Hammer of Moradin.............Unexamined
Spelljamming in the 3E RealmsUnexamined
Azuth, Goblinoids, and OrcsUnexamined
Established Illithid Cities in the Deep Wastes?Unexamined
help with pronounciationsUnexamined
help with pronounciations - Page 2Unexamined
Was reading VGtATM--potion & elixir questionUnexamined
drow - Page 2Unexamined
drow - Page 3Unexamined
hybid dragonsUnexamined
hybid dragons - Page 2Unexamined
hybid dragons - Page 3Unexamined
Tanta Hagara 3e stats?Unexamined
Reconciling dates of the Dawn CataclsymUnexamined
Laeral's StoryUnexamined
Talfir languageUnexamined
Moonrise Towers and Hill of the Headless DancerUnexamined
Dead Magic MetalUnexamined
Lolth's demonweb pit & FC1Unexamined
Lolth's demonweb pit & FC1 - Page 2Unexamined
Lolth's demonweb pit & FC1 - Page 3Unexamined
Lolth's demonweb pit & FC1 - Page 4Unexamined
Aryfaern'Kerim, the Lost Artblade of CormanthorUnexamined
comprehensive list of exotic/rare/luxury items?Unexamined
Unknown monster : Lorelei (minor spoiler)Unexamined
Info on Waterdeep elven communityUnexamined
Dragonspine Mts HelpUnexamined
Known Dwarven Clans from AmmarindarUnexamined
Tyr Phrases?Unexamined
Deepspawn questions..Unexamined
Mercenary companies in the north ?Unexamined
Help with the lost kingdoms of AnaurochUnexamined
News in the RealmsUnexamined
Warlocks in the RealmsUnexamined
Warlocks in the Realms - Page 2Unexamined
monster races and equality of the sexes?Unexamined
Help with a description of Impiltur.Unexamined
Iyraclea's Rise In the Great GlacierUnexamined
Iyraclea's Rise In the Great Glacier - Page 2Unexamined
The SimbulUnexamined
The HordeUnexamined
The Necromancer kings ?Unexamined
A little help with IllefarnUnexamined
Deadsnows and the Icespear familyUnexamined
Sword MountainsUnexamined
Baator/Abyss afterlife questionUnexamined
More on the -Sword Mountains - CotCC keep out!Unexamined
Elven royal lineUnexamined
Underdark hobgoblins and drowUnexamined
Underdark hobgoblins and drow - Page 2Unexamined
Need help with furniture prices!Unexamined
Help with Hulgorkyn pleaseUnexamined
Raumathari lore ?Unexamined
Vast Swamp ...Unexamined
Moonsea to the Dragon Reach by ship?Unexamined
Helm's Hall in WaterdeepUnexamined
Clan HornUnexamined
Enclaves of Netheril Status (Shadowbred Spoilers)Unexamined
Orcus ?Unexamined
Barghests in the RealmsUnexamined
Sembian lawUnexamined
On the Hathran and their MasksUnexamined
Return of the elves in Faerun.Unexamined
Sources for Turmish lore (specifically GildengladeUnexamined
Wild DwarvesUnexamined
Is Uthgrael El's Daddy?Unexamined
Where in Myth Drannor is the Dawnspire?Unexamined
Moil ?Unexamined
Info request on The Island of MaosUnexamined
Vampires/Vampyres? - Page 2Unexamined
Vampires/Vampyres? - Page 3Unexamined
Brain FireUnexamined
Storm SilverhandUnexamined
Ruins of MoortownUnexamined
Fall of PhalormUnexamined
Flash Presentation of the fall/ rise of empires?Unexamined
Gambling Pursuits of the RealmsUnexamined
Riding Lizard: Name?Unexamined
Riding Lizard: Name? - Page 2Unexamined
The Moonsea - Grass SeaUnexamined
2nd Ed. Conversion to 3.5Unexamined
The CovenantUnexamined
Miyeritar: Sources?Unexamined
Seladrine and the Faerie Pantheon?Unexamined
Any information about Mirrormane family?Unexamined
Harpers Q&AUnexamined
Eating outUnexamined
Baeron Open lord of Waterdeep and ElaithUnexamined
Population of FaerunUnexamined
Epic Levels, Hero Deities, and the RealmsUnexamined
Dungeon of Swords info requestUnexamined
Seeking Info Regarding Lashan of ScardaleUnexamined
Glasya and Raven's Bluff (Details?)Unexamined
King Azoun IVUnexamined
King Azoun IV - Page 2Unexamined
Lost/Old Knight OrdersUnexamined
Diinkarazan's symbol?Unexamined
God's that allow PaladinsUnexamined
The Unknown ForestUnexamined
Eilistraee worshippers in Cormanthor?Unexamined
Anyone stat out Ed's '6 most common' spells yet?Unexamined
Other worlds of the Forgotten Realms' prime?Unexamined
The Realms?Unexamined
Question about scribing spells!Unexamined
Smoking in the RealmsUnexamined
Smoking in the Realms - Page 2Unexamined
Crown Wars...Unexamined
A question about Spellfire and the Shadow WeaveUnexamined
Elaith and ErevanUnexamined
Elaith and Erevan - Page 2Unexamined
Eilistraee and othersUnexamined
Elven dating...Unexamined
Return of BaneUnexamined
Return of Bane - Page 2Unexamined
Unknown Nation?Unexamined
Ruined Kingdoms - Necromancer Kings queryUnexamined
Dragonking's Eye questions - DM stuffUnexamined
Channath ValeUnexamined
Ruined Orc City within the TharUnexamined
Seeking Info Re: the Barony of the Steeping FallsUnexamined
The arch devils & FaerūnUnexamined
The arch devils & Faerūn - Page 2Unexamined
Salutes etc.Unexamined
Raash of Zhentil KeepUnexamined
Seeking info regarding LapaliiyaUnexamined
Do Thayan Enclaves Pick Up Local Apprentices?Unexamined
Coastal regions between Luskan and WaterdeepUnexamined
About dales councilUnexamined
State of the Dales (Spoilers)Unexamined
Erlkazar RevisitedUnexamined
Council Mages of CormyrUnexamined
What is the URL for the index, please?Unexamined
Akadi's Crusader Orders; What is the Fall Order?Unexamined
Cormyr Specific Timeline?Unexamined
Magefair ScheduleUnexamined
Character names using "de", "von" or "mac"?Unexamined
timeline questionUnexamined
Detailed info on the Jaezred ChaulssinUnexamined
Detailed info on the Jaezred Chaulssin - Page 2Unexamined
Detailed info on the Jaezred Chaulssin - Page 3Unexamined
The Seven Deadly Sin Domains from DragonUnexamined
Recent Cormanthor Timeline (possible Spoilers)Unexamined
Bane, Bhaal, Myrkul and the bargain with JergalUnexamined
Bane, Bhaal, Myrkul and the bargain with Jergal - Page 2Unexamined
Bane, Bhaal, Myrkul and the bargain with Jergal - Page 3Unexamined
Bane, Bhaal, Myrkul and the bargain with Jergal - Page 4Unexamined
Bane, Bhaal, Myrkul and the bargain with Jergal - Page 5Unexamined
Bane, Bhaal, Myrkul and the bargain with Jergal - Page 6Unexamined
Atrocities in Maztica? Where?Unexamined
Seeking Info on the Southern High ForestUnexamined
Seeking Info on the Southern High Forest - Page 2Unexamined
Talfir - Page 2Unexamined
Talfir - Page 3Unexamined
Seeking Info on the Delimbriyan Splinter KingdomsUnexamined
sorcerers & familiarsUnexamined
Realms References to Kanchelsis Anywhere?Unexamined
Realms References to Kanchelsis Anywhere? - Page 2Unexamined
Sorry, more questions...Unexamined
Sorry, more questions... - Page 2Unexamined
Tiefling referencesUnexamined
Sages of the RealmsUnexamined
Fate of Gareth DragonsbaneUnexamined
Question about Baldur's Gate Merchant's GuildUnexamined
Who ruled Netheril?Unexamined
Mystra's denial of magicUnexamined
Realms lore request: SouthkryptUnexamined
Boats, Ships, and other VesselsUnexamined
Boats, Ships, and other Vessels - Page 2Unexamined
Boats, Ships, and other Vessels - Page 3Unexamined
Trading companies in the realmsUnexamined
Mountains of Faerun Info requestUnexamined
Questions about Moonshae royal familyUnexamined
Looking for info on a specific Halruaan ArchmageUnexamined
Need help to solve an old mysteryUnexamined
So my players have gained control of a keepUnexamined
Question about Duke EltanUnexamined
The Barae of Mezro - Help wiith this orderUnexamined
do we have an established (or earliest) time forUnexamined
Pronouncing RoushoumUnexamined
What is the earliest date for dwarves?Unexamined
Malyk, former underdark deity, any info?Unexamined
Umm... Golden elves - history and society?Unexamined
Need info on known PortalsUnexamined
Endless wastes questionsUnexamined
Culmaster queryUnexamined
Thayan (Thayvian) bombardsUnexamined
Arabel todayUnexamined
really these are two different questionsUnexamined
Azalar FalconhandUnexamined
Maxan MaxerUnexamined
Mail, Couriers, and the Pony ExpressUnexamined
The Moonshaes and myriad bitsUnexamined
Drow and Spiders - Lloth's Dogma vs. Tradition?Unexamined
What does Noumea Drathchuld look like?Unexamined
Complete Champion Domain feats for the Realms?Unexamined
Detailed Online ChronologyUnexamined
Waterdeep Has Two Snake Alleys and an Elaith queryUnexamined
Birth date of Mourngrym AmcathraUnexamined
Reviving LichesUnexamined
Anauroch Map questionsUnexamined
The Tunlands?Unexamined
Map of MezroUnexamined
Date of Zhentil Keep's fallUnexamined
Question about roll of the yearsUnexamined
Netherese CitiesUnexamined
Battle of Shadowdale (1374)Unexamined
Life in the Realms and...Unexamined
Hammers of GrimjawsUnexamined
Zhent march on Glister in 1352 DR?Unexamined
Shadow Walkers and the Guild of ShadowsUnexamined
The Emerald EyeUnexamined
The MarUnexamined
The Wyvernspurs of CormyrUnexamined
The Wyvernspurs of Cormyr - Page 2Unexamined
Language of MiyeritarUnexamined
Once Around the Realms?Unexamined
Once Around the Realms? - Page 2Unexamined
Once Around the Realms? - Page 3Unexamined
Sunset ValeUnexamined
The ImaskarcanaUnexamined
The Imaskarcana - Page 2Unexamined
The Lifedrain and Blood Dragon spellUnexamined
Demons involved with the "demonlands"Unexamined
The sons of Thaark ShanaatUnexamined
Planetary AlignmentUnexamined
Bane, local fortune teller?Unexamined
Goliaths of FaerunUnexamined
Chult InformationUnexamined
List of Netheril enclaves?Unexamined
The Tales of 1383DR to 1385DR? (spoilers)Unexamined
Question about the HordelandsUnexamined
Origins of demihumans in CormyrUnexamined
Dogs in the realmsUnexamined
Ruins in Giant's Run MountainUnexamined
Sehanine Moonbow questionUnexamined
Imnel I - Class and Alignment?Unexamined
Spellfire and the Shadow WeaveUnexamined
An illithid questionUnexamined
Dun-Tharos, Lurue and The Rotting ManUnexamined
Nether Scroll Game StatsUnexamined
Subjective opinion topic from the Baenre PrincessUnexamined
Subjective opinion topic from the Baenre Princess - Page 2Unexamined
Canon and other artillery of the RealmsUnexamined
The ToT - againUnexamined
How does Waterdeep get fresh water?Unexamined
How does Waterdeep get fresh water? - Page 2Unexamined
Request data about Baldur's Gate four dukesUnexamined
Knights of Myth Drannor ??Unexamined
Info on Spell: Shadow SummonsUnexamined
Faerūnian Celebrity NamesUnexamined
Skulls of Skullport?Unexamined
Skulls of Skullport? - Page 2Unexamined
Manshoon“s surnameUnexamined
The Shores of DuskUnexamined
Lifespan of a Troll?Unexamined
Lords of Zhentil KeepUnexamined
Blazoids and "I"Unexamined
Tormtar SayingsUnexamined
Moorsedge keepsUnexamined
Games Within the Game - Gambling in The RealmsUnexamined
Is Shar Based Off of a Mythological Deity?Unexamined
Apparent error on the Roll of YearsUnexamined
Apparent error on the Roll of Years - Page 2Unexamined
Apparent error on the Roll of Years - Page 3Unexamined
Apparent error on the Roll of Years - Page 4Unexamined
Apparent error on the Roll of Years - Page 5Unexamined
Apparent error on the Roll of Years - Page 6Unexamined
Sons of ShanatUnexamined
Recent Calimshan?Unexamined
Aboleth RealmsloreUnexamined
Aboleth Realmslore - Page 2Unexamined
Need Help Fast! RB requires Shadoweave info...Unexamined
Lore Request: Tyr and Kezef the Chaos HoundUnexamined
Cormyr's Royal MagesUnexamined
Arthindol the TerraseerUnexamined
Anything about Aencar's ManorUnexamined
The TarrasqueUnexamined
Baldur's Gate Thieves Guild?Unexamined
Hordelands: Semphar and MurghomUnexamined
Hordelands: Semphar and Murghom - Page 2Unexamined
Cost and size of a blank spellbook in FaerunUnexamined
Cost and size of a blank spellbook in Faerun - Page 2Unexamined
distance: Shining Falls to LoudwaterUnexamined
Illipur, Sea FlowersUnexamined
Lost Empires infoUnexamined
Alaundos Prophecies and the BhaalspawnUnexamined
Alaundos Prophecies and the Bhaalspawn - Page 2Unexamined
Pupils of Myth DrannorUnexamined
Elminster and MystraUnexamined
Psionics and the RealmsUnexamined
Who is Lord of Ghars??? (Flurryfeet Noble House)Unexamined
FR time RW time ratioUnexamined
Dark Magic in areas of Eastern FaerunUnexamined
I'm looking for a mapUnexamined
Info on the siege on ArabelUnexamined
Quick Question on RegionUnexamined
House AelrythUnexamined
Halruaa - Page 2Unexamined
Halruaa - Page 3Unexamined
question on Tiamat's caveUnexamined
Lost articlesUnexamined
How to dethrone the Lords of WaterdeepUnexamined
Temple of Gruumsh in War of the Spider QueenUnexamined
The Ecology of the Brown DragonUnexamined
Malark SpringhillUnexamined
Netherese GovernmentUnexamined
Thar Map of 12/17/07Unexamined
Servitors of LeiraUnexamined
Forgotten Realms Trivia Challenge 2.0Unexamined
Forgotten Realms Trivia Challenge 2.0 - Page 2Unexamined
Forgotten Realms Trivia Challenge 2.0 - Page 3Unexamined
Forgotten Realms Trivia Challenge 2.0 - Page 4Unexamined
Forgotten Realms Trivia Challenge 2.0 - Page 5Unexamined
Forgotten Realms Trivia Challenge 2.0 - Page 6Unexamined
Forgotten Realms Trivia Challenge 2.0 - Page 7Unexamined
Forgotten Realms Trivia Challenge 2.0 - Page 8Unexamined
Forgotten Realms Trivia Challenge 2.0 - Page 9Unexamined
Founding of a city[question]Unexamined
Novels containing the deity HelmUnexamined
Half-celestial eladrin scionsUnexamined
Big moneyUnexamined
Big money - Page 2Unexamined
Seeking Faerunian Star Chart [Question]Unexamined
Reghed Glacier and EvermeltUnexamined
Artifacts of Note: Information about them.Unexamined
Forest trail near TyrlukUnexamined
Druid ritual questionUnexamined
A question on HoarĀ“s dogmaUnexamined
Where was Zaranda Star's birthplace?Unexamined
Grand History / Dragon #228Unexamined
cutlery in the RealmsUnexamined
Powers on Earth?Unexamined
Dwarven life spanUnexamined
Faen Tlabbar PotionUnexamined
Fall of BlingdenstoneUnexamined
Fall of Blingdenstone - Page 2Unexamined
Fall of Blingdenstone - Page 3Unexamined
Leiran temple- MistkeepUnexamined
Winter In WaterdeepUnexamined
slave trade sources (where they come from?)Unexamined
FR Trivia Challenge, questions and answersUnexamined
Is it "Barakus Snoddy"?Unexamined
Queen AmlaruilUnexamined
What was the mhaorkiira hadryad?Unexamined
Wild Elven tribes/houses/family namesUnexamined
Mystra - Page 2Unexamined
The spellfire, the weave and the outer planesUnexamined
The spellfire, the weave and the outer planes - Page 2Unexamined
Augathra the madUnexamined
Daurgothoth and LarethUnexamined
Magic in MazticaUnexamined
Evil Religions in Non-evil landsUnexamined
Myth AdofhaerUnexamined
Scepter of LordsUnexamined
Steaming islesUnexamined
Treant, nymph and dryads...Unexamined
Treant, nymph and dryads... - Page 2Unexamined
The Temples of LothenUnexamined
Piergeiron's age and date of birthUnexamined
Gloaming ancestry?Unexamined
Coins and CurrenciesUnexamined
Tiefling LoreUnexamined
Metals of the realmsUnexamined
Raven's BluffUnexamined
Temples and shrines to WaukeenUnexamined
Emergency map HelpUnexamined
Adventuring Charters in CormyrUnexamined
Iyraclea?! - Page 2Unexamined
Running Amok in the Realms?Unexamined
Moander and the Fire Knives in TilvertonUnexamined
Sports in the RealmsUnexamined
Planescape UpdateUnexamined
Ashanath info, pleaseUnexamined
Ejen Horo information, please!Unexamined
Zulkir NevronUnexamined
Why red wizards wear red?Unexamined
Why red wizards wear red? - Page 2Unexamined
Why red wizards wear red? - Page 3Unexamined
Yondalla paladinsUnexamined
Citadel of the Raven primeval human culture?Unexamined
Farsea Marshes and Marsh of TunUnexamined
Ruins of Moortown?Unexamined
Shade Princes -- various Shade SPOILERSUnexamined
Who was Zulkir of What When?Unexamined
Non-elven Mythals?Unexamined
Non-elven Mythals? - Page 2Unexamined
Storm Silverhand's farmUnexamined
Karsus' AvatarUnexamined
What is the correct pronunciation of "Whamite"?Unexamined
Earring of Alignment Detection (Dragon Magazine)Unexamined
Northern/High Forest Proto-Pantheon?Unexamined
Karantor --- A vague giant deity in the Realms?Unexamined
Depths of Madness material questionUnexamined
Personal spells of high powered NPC of the RealmsUnexamined
The Scrolls Ardentym and The KeryfaertelUnexamined
Who's the blue-haired woman in Spellbound?Unexamined
Other Founding Dates...Unexamined
The human proto-pantheonsUnexamined
On Impiltur...Unexamined
On Impiltur... - Page 2Unexamined
On Impiltur... - Page 3Unexamined
On Impiltur... - Page 4Unexamined
On Impiltur... - Page 5Unexamined
On Impiltur... - Page 6Unexamined
criminal organizations in the RealmsUnexamined
criminal organizations in the Realms - Page 2Unexamined
Timeline of settlement: The VastUnexamined
Ithmong in Tethyr and LapaliiyaUnexamined
NDAs and my sanity...Unexamined
Abbey of the Golden Sheaf questionsUnexamined
Malar, the fey, and the elvesUnexamined
Malar, the fey, and the elves - Page 2Unexamined
Larloch... The man behind the veil!Unexamined
Larloch... The man behind the veil! - Page 2Unexamined
Realms Goddesses of motherhood?Unexamined
Tormite Knightly OrdersUnexamined
A Working Bibliography of the 4E RealmsUnexamined
A Working Bibliography of the 4E Realms - Page 2Unexamined
The Elfblades...Unexamined
Arkaiun namesUnexamined
Starstones? - Page 2Unexamined
4E index projectUnexamined
The Mysterious Events of the Citadel of Black AshUnexamined
The Mysterious Events of the Citadel of Black Ash - Page 2Unexamined
The Eyes of Evening?Unexamined
Lore request: what was Uvaeren like?Unexamined
The Electrical CanonUnexamined
The Electrical Canon - Page 2Unexamined
The Electrical Canon - Page 3Unexamined
Why did he called it "Aegis-Fang" ?Unexamined
Gully Dwarves in Faerun?Unexamined
Mulhorand IndexUnexamined
Famous IlmateriUnexamined
Dumathoin and IlsensineUnexamined
Anubis and SetUnexamined
Raumathar languageUnexamined
Raumathar language - Page 2Unexamined
Raumathar language - Page 3Unexamined
Journey to the Center of Toril?Unexamined
Artificers of ImaskarUnexamined
Westgate's Seven Lost GodsUnexamined
Seldarine in 4eUnexamined
Is Halaster really Dr. Who?Unexamined
Is Halaster really Dr. Who? - Page 2Unexamined
Is Halaster really Dr. Who? - Page 3Unexamined
Do We Want This? Heck Yes!!!Unexamined
More Obarskyr Lineage Lore?Unexamined
High Lord Planner Illis KhendarhineUnexamined
War Captain's Companion questionsUnexamined
Language of ChessentaUnexamined
Female Pirate Captains in the Sea of Fallen StarsUnexamined
Paladin Orders of Female GoddessesUnexamined
Huhrong's RoadUnexamined
Holy Symbol of Auppenser?Unexamined
Looking for source material on the Holy RealmUnexamined
2E monster stat sheet for DridersUnexamined
Wendonai and MalkizidUnexamined
Rimlost (*4e Alert*)Unexamined
Malatra: The Living JungleUnexamined
Lloth and numerical equalityUnexamined
Menhir Circles / Standing StonesUnexamined
Realms Name Database?Unexamined
Obarskyr Genealogy PDFUnexamined
The Crown WarsUnexamined
At the risk of sounding like an utter moron...Unexamined
The Windsong towerUnexamined
The SrinsheeUnexamined
The Srinshee - Page 2Unexamined
Does the Tuigan alphabet in The Horde = Imaskari?Unexamined
Descriptions of the Aquatic Relay?Unexamined
Scribes of Candlekeep?Unexamined
Akota? (an exotic place beyond Zakhara)Unexamined
Map of Candlekeep?Unexamined
The (Dwarven) Long RoadUnexamined
The Sons of Yamun KhahanUnexamined
Questions on two spells.Unexamined
funeral practices and cemeteriesUnexamined
Mentor Wintercloak and the MaskedUnexamined
Race or TemplateUnexamined
Ziggurats and pyramidsUnexamined
The "Lost" TribeUnexamined
The "Lost" Tribe - Page 2Unexamined
Dragon Magazine #251 -- Seldarine godsUnexamined
3E or 2E?Unexamined
Knights of the Flying HuntUnexamined
Taverns and inns of the Realms (Part II)Unexamined
The Scrolls ArdentymUnexamined
Pages From the MagesUnexamined
Creator RacesUnexamined
Theory of Relatives:Cormyr/Evermeet Backstory HelpUnexamined
Request: Founding date/details of ArcorarUnexamined
Looking for infoUnexamined
Question about the Elven languageUnexamined
Balintholme and Araksa on FR Atlas?Unexamined
Azariah Craulnober in 4E?Unexamined
Azariah Craulnober in 4E? - Page 2Unexamined
Info on BladesingersUnexamined
Information on EilistraeeUnexamined
What happened to Mother BayalunUnexamined
Arcane ArcheryUnexamined
Arcane Archery - Page 2Unexamined
Portal mentioned in 'Lost Library of Cormanthyr'Unexamined
Orc HeroesUnexamined
Orc Heroes - Page 2Unexamined
Where is Quilue's fight against the oozes?Unexamined
If you had an NDA-banishing genie lamp....Unexamined
If you had an NDA-banishing genie lamp.... - Page 2Unexamined
If you had an NDA-banishing genie lamp.... - Page 3Unexamined
Deneir's Iron Dragon Mountain templeUnexamined
where is Irythkeep located in Daggerdale?Unexamined
Aralent Found! See Ed's thread...Unexamined
Aralent Found! See Ed's thread... - Page 2Unexamined
Are there Longhouses in the Realms?Unexamined
Larloch - Page 2Unexamined
Larloch - Page 3Unexamined
Larloch - Page 4Unexamined
Cormyr RewardsUnexamined
Sharn ReligionUnexamined
House AlenuathUnexamined
The real Khelben?Unexamined
The real Khelben? - Page 2Unexamined
The real Khelben? - Page 3Unexamined
Ironfang KeepUnexamined
Timeline: Thaerdimor?Unexamined
Pre-4th Ed Halruaa - Language/Culture Sources?Unexamined
The RoaringhornsUnexamined
Reth and the Seven SenatorsUnexamined
Language Discussion: Black Speech?Unexamined
Language Discussion: Black Speech? - Page 2Unexamined
Where is the Illusk Arch in Undermountain?Unexamined
Border Forest?Unexamined
Skyships - Page 2Unexamined
Origins of Aurora's Emporium?Unexamined
Monks of the Guarded Mind?Unexamined
Ched Nassad UpdateUnexamined
Who are the Janessar?Unexamined
Knights of the Seven Sacred Mysteries?Unexamined
Coronals vs. KingsUnexamined
FR Trivia Challenge, questions and answersUnexamined
Imaskarcana vs. ImaskarcanaUnexamined
Dwarven QuestionsUnexamined
The Shadow WarsUnexamined
The Shadow Wars - Page 2Unexamined
The Aearee: Secrets of the Avian Creator RaceUnexamined
The Aearee: Secrets of the Avian Creator Race - Page 2Unexamined
The Aearee: Secrets of the Avian Creator Race - Page 3Unexamined
The Aearee: Secrets of the Avian Creator Race - Page 4Unexamined
The Aearee: Secrets of the Avian Creator Race - Page 5Unexamined
The Aearee: Secrets of the Avian Creator Race - Page 6Unexamined
Towns/Cities in Cormathor ForestUnexamined
Citadel of the bloody handUnexamined
Dogma and Culture of Labelas EnorethUnexamined
Bladesinger's Schools?Unexamined
Blank spots on the 3.5 map "Here be dragons"Unexamined
Blank spots on the 3.5 map "Here be dragons" - Page 2Unexamined
Thieves toolsUnexamined
Bane & Cyric portfoliosUnexamined
Epic level Adventuring partiesUnexamined
A lot of question about the Faery and EvermeetUnexamined
Ancient Narfell &The Great ConflagrationUnexamined
Demron's BladesUnexamined
Is Aulmpiter really dead?Unexamined
Civilian militia in waterdeepUnexamined
Azuth and how mortals discoviered magic?Unexamined
Question for Doug NilesUnexamined
Hesperdan musings...Unexamined
Scroll for Rosemary JonesUnexamined
Cormyr and HalruaanUnexamined
Alusair NacaciaUnexamined
Orbs of Dragonkind - location?Unexamined
Who are some of the oldest beings in the realmsUnexamined
Who are some of the oldest beings in the realms - Page 2Unexamined
Uncommon HalfbreedsUnexamined
GHotR Question --- Beldred IIUnexamined
How many orc races?Unexamined
FR Reference: Waterdeep 1479DR (Spoilers)Unexamined
FR Reference: Waterdeep 1479DR (Spoilers) - Page 2Unexamined
Szass Tam's arrangment with BaneUnexamined
Szass Tam's arrangment with Bane - Page 2Unexamined
Gambling and games of chance in the RealmsUnexamined
Lore Request: Everlund and TriboarUnexamined
(Mostly) Post-Spellplague Arunsun Family LoreUnexamined
Cleric Ranks & Titles vs Level & PowerUnexamined
Elven Years?Unexamined
Days of Thunder Geography...Unexamined
Dark Justic[i]ars of Shar?Unexamined
Is "shadow" a detectable substance? (3E-4E)Unexamined
When did Vecna die?Unexamined
Ethnic group of Teldorn Darkhope?Unexamined
Moonstars' GoalsUnexamined
Moonstars' Goals - Page 2Unexamined
The North-better eyes requiredUnexamined
HELP: I need a list of sources for the Cold LandsUnexamined
HELP: I need a list of sources for the Cold Lands - Page 2Unexamined
The North: Hartsvale and IronstarUnexamined
HELP: List of Canon NPCs Needed...Unexamined
Seeking lore on Order of Rust and the Wyrm.Unexamined
Red-haired humans and regional appearanceUnexamined
Texter the paladinUnexamined
Giant LifespansUnexamined
Mythical elves in FaerūnUnexamined
Where Eilistraeen Souls Go?Unexamined
Shining WhiteUnexamined
(4E) Karshimis, the Tyrant-Primordial of ShyrUnexamined
forgotten relams 4e ?Unexamined
Old School FR- Midnight's Algniment Change?Unexamined
A question about Bhaluin...Unexamined
Harptos and AugathraUnexamined
Trio Nefarious - Stats?Unexamined
Trio Nefarious - Stats? - Page 2Unexamined
A doubt ...Unexamined
Freeing CyricUnexamined
Ye old Athalantar,Unexamined
1370: The Siege of Ravens BluffUnexamined
Lore for Arcane Archery RPUnexamined
Flying enclaveUnexamined
Flying enclave - Page 2Unexamined
Flying enclave - Page 3Unexamined
Who are the Lurkers in Shadow?Unexamined
Ruins of OldUnexamined
The Morn family in 4E Daggerdale?Unexamined
Where to set G1Unexamined
The ArtbladeUnexamined
Larloch and Ioulaum?Unexamined
Larloch and Ioulaum? - Page 2Unexamined
Larloch and Ioulaum? - Page 3Unexamined
Siginification of word "Aelinthaldaar"Unexamined
Fun not only in battle...Unexamined
2nd ed Swords of the seldarineUnexamined
Looking for an inn...Unexamined
Glossary of Phrases, Sayings & Words of the RealmsUnexamined
Glossary of Phrases, Sayings & Words of the Realms - Page 2Unexamined
Glossary of Phrases, Sayings & Words of the Realms - Page 3Unexamined
Glossary of Phrases, Sayings & Words of the Realms - Page 4Unexamined
Old Grey Box Realmspeak?Unexamined
looking for info on the elfbladesUnexamined
Amaunator - Page 2Unexamined
Darkhold - 1370+Unexamined
wild armor and polymorphUnexamined
Gold Dwarf originsUnexamined
house extaminosUnexamined
Demiliches in the RealmsUnexamined
Demiliches in the Realms - Page 2Unexamined
So if you want to write a book, about a campaign??Unexamined
Several Questions about Elven characters from loreUnexamined
Elminster's day jobUnexamined
Who was the first mortal Magic user in the realms?Unexamined
How to handle a low-level Paladin in Cormyr?Unexamined
Looking for information on BladesingersUnexamined
I'm sure somebody knows this.....Unexamined
Heliogabalus - Page 2Unexamined
Eartheart and Kholtar - which way round?Unexamined
Land of Flying Monkeys... and other stuffUnexamined
Questions about Forgotten Realms in 4th EditionUnexamined
Questions about Forgotten Realms in 4th Edition - Page 2Unexamined
Questions about Forgotten Realms in 4th Edition - Page 3Unexamined
Wonders of the RealmsUnexamined
Wonders of the Realms - Page 2Unexamined
Wonders of the Realms - Page 3Unexamined
Summon OutsidersUnexamined
The 4th ed LordsUnexamined
"Well Known" Realmspeak?Unexamined
Elven Dark Walkers?Unexamined
The fate of NimbralUnexamined
Map of post-Spellplague TorilUnexamined
Help with Rivermoot & Castle of IllusionUnexamined
A second Sundering?Unexamined
Questions on EveningstarUnexamined
4e Questions - NO discussion!Unexamined
4E Realmspeak?Unexamined
4E Realmspeak? - Page 2Unexamined
Help needed: Elven Food and DrinksUnexamined
Guenhwyvar picture by John & Laura LakeyUnexamined
About AskavarUnexamined
About Askavar - Page 2Unexamined
Silverspear vs. the ArchwizardsUnexamined
Whatever happened to...Unexamined
What is still left...Unexamined
Planewalking in the RealmsUnexamined
Female Gnome Gods?Unexamined
The Gorge of the Fallen IdolUnexamined
Regarding YulashUnexamined
The origins of Tempus: Deities & PrimordialsUnexamined
The origins of Tempus: Deities & Primordials - Page 2Unexamined
The origins of Tempus: Deities & Primordials - Page 3Unexamined
The origins of Tempus: Deities & Primordials - Page 4Unexamined
Neverwinter and Luskan queriesUnexamined
Cloven Mountains areaUnexamined
Stonelands Population - Possible SpoilerUnexamined
Wait Wait wait...Unexamined
Were-Tressym Speculation, et al.Unexamined
Were-Tressym Speculation, et al. - Page 2Unexamined
Dragon Magazine Realmspeak?Unexamined
MOVED: Banites in Mourktar?Unexamined
Language of the DeadUnexamined
The Tomb of ZahyraUnexamined
Coinage of Chondath and ChessentaUnexamined
Temple of the Dark Eyes in RethUnexamined
Where can City Stories happen in 4e ?Unexamined
NPCs of the Bloodstone LandsUnexamined
Bahamut's presence in the Realms, or lack thereofUnexamined
Bahamut's presence in the Realms, or lack thereof - Page 2Unexamined
Nobanion and WerelionsUnexamined
The TerraseerUnexamined
The Terraseer - Page 2Unexamined
The Terraseer - Page 3Unexamined
The Terraseer - Page 4Unexamined
I made a new Map of Faerun for 4e :)Unexamined
Banehold! I've been there and it's a lovely placeUnexamined
we have a realmspeak glossarryUnexamined
Previous ZulkirsUnexamined
Previous Zulkirs - Page 2Unexamined
Inaccurcies of 4ED (Shade Princes) *SPOILERS*Unexamined
Inaccurcies of 4ED (Shade Princes) *SPOILERS* - Page 2Unexamined
The Imaskari Pantheon?Unexamined
Help me find some lore pleaseUnexamined
Fall of Myth DrannorUnexamined
All about IlythiirUnexamined
All about Ilythiir - Page 2Unexamined
All about Ilythiir - Page 3Unexamined
All about Ilythiir - Page 4Unexamined
The TumulusUnexamined
Druidic convergenceUnexamined
4e Nether ScrollsUnexamined
NaNoWriMo: spellcasting helpUnexamined
On SharessUnexamined
Faerun AlcoholUnexamined
Time GatesUnexamined
Planescape Questions & MusingsUnexamined
Planescape Questions & Musings - Page 2Unexamined
Planescape Questions & Musings - Page 3Unexamined
Sources for Time of Troubles Days/Months?Unexamined
Karsus' Power still aliveUnexamined
Karsus' Power still alive - Page 2Unexamined
Karsus' Power still alive - Page 3Unexamined
Question about books.Unexamined
Concerning Gilgeam, the Alabaster Staff, and GodsUnexamined
Questions about Tyr and Valigan ThirdbornUnexamined
What Happened to the Plain of standing stones?Unexamined
Dakspur - city of 1.000 + Beholders....Unexamined
Tethyamar and the ZhentarimUnexamined
Naval Battle of Lisen SandsUnexamined
Naval Battle of Lisen Sands - Page 2Unexamined
Cormyr noble families questionsUnexamined
Humanoid realm in Southern Erlkazar / Cloven Mts.Unexamined
Humanoid realm in Southern Erlkazar / Cloven Mts. - Page 2Unexamined
Araushnee's SymbolUnexamined
Trobriand the Metal MageUnexamined
Syldritch TreaUnexamined
The History of TchazzarUnexamined
Mask Fate (Spoiler?)Unexamined
Fort Morninglord and LFRUnexamined
Seven Sigils War & IoulaumUnexamined
Seven Sigils War & Ioulaum - Page 2Unexamined
Lamruil MoonflowerUnexamined
Lamruil Moonflower - Page 2Unexamined
Knights of the NorthUnexamined
The Weave and the Planes?Unexamined
The ShaeridimUnexamined
Index of Forgotten Realms Artifacts?Unexamined
Streets of ArabelUnexamined
What is a 'quasi-deity'?Unexamined
Prayers to TormUnexamined
Corsair's EnclaveUnexamined
Echoing Canyons of KushUnexamined
Possible Coat of Arms for Myth Drannor?Unexamined
coinage - Page 2Unexamined
starting outUnexamined
The WeaveUnexamined
Where do the Harpers get their Funding?Unexamined
Blood DragonUnexamined
Servants of Aerdrie FaenyaUnexamined
Does magic have an endUnexamined
Does magic have an end - Page 2Unexamined
Does magic have an end - Page 3Unexamined
Teldorn Darkhope, Mintar, and KzelterUnexamined
Cormyr’s Mystical Link to Its PeopleUnexamined
Lost spellsUnexamined
help about ED's CharactersUnexamined
Lathander/Amaunator - Page 2Unexamined
Geography QuestionUnexamined
On Ogre MagiUnexamined
The Lost Paragraph of MoonshaeUnexamined
Radoc - Star Mounts and Egg of the PhoenixUnexamined
ArcNaturals - Sorcerers of NetherilUnexamined
What exactly are the Elder Treants?Unexamined
What exactly are the Elder Treants? - Page 2Unexamined
LFR canon up until when?Unexamined
Evermeet in 4e?Unexamined
1372-1385 Timeline?Unexamined
Highest peaks in TorilUnexamined
Official list of 4e DeitiesUnexamined
The wailing DwarfUnexamined
Time Gate of LurathUnexamined
House Dhuurniv and the WarbladeUnexamined
Vault of AgesUnexamined
Goblin OriginsUnexamined
Goblin Origins - Page 2Unexamined
Goblin Origins - Page 3Unexamined
Goblin Origins - Page 4Unexamined
Land's MouthUnexamined
Wizard Abductions from CormanthyrUnexamined
Seven Cuts Court - VelenUnexamined
Is Toril's lore and history rich and good?Unexamined
Dwarven clansUnexamined
4th edition drowUnexamined
4th edition drow - Page 2Unexamined
4th edition drow - Page 3Unexamined
Blood FiendsUnexamined
Hellfire ElementalUnexamined
New scribe, need help keeping my tales "canon"Unexamined
Anyone with a PhD on evil outsiders?Unexamined
Aerdie Faenya anyone?Unexamined
Talos and MalykUnexamined
Blueleaf Portal in EveningstarUnexamined
Events in FR campaign set not in Grand HistoryUnexamined
Night Masks lore: Regalia of the Night KingUnexamined
Who is Corellon's consort in FR 4th Edition?Unexamined
Kara-Tur mapsUnexamined
Dove Falconhand worshipping MielikkiUnexamined
Reurrection to cure blue flame effectsUnexamined
Blackturrets/Stormweather TowersUnexamined
Cosmology - Page 2Unexamined
Other planets/Prime Material PlanesUnexamined
Society of plane travelersUnexamined
Unknown AdventureUnexamined
Candlekeep LayoutUnexamined
[drow] Seldarine aspects?Unexamined
Elven house namesUnexamined
History of the Nine HellsUnexamined
Lathander Incompetent?Unexamined
Orcs in the Starspire Mountains (?)Unexamined
Bricksmen from Aurora's CatalogueUnexamined
The Great DaleUnexamined
Sea of Fallen Stars infoUnexamined
Sea of Fallen Stars info - Page 2Unexamined
Sigil - The City of PortalsUnexamined
Sigil - The City of Portals - Page 2Unexamined
Battle of Bones --- Izac Uthor was a what...?Unexamined
Spawn of DragonspearUnexamined
Spawn of Dragonspear - Page 2Unexamined
Spawn of Dragonspear - Page 3Unexamined
The origin of Faerunian names?Unexamined
Houses of MaerimydraUnexamined
Avatars in the ToTUnexamined
Deepwater WarUnexamined
Is Ourborous Ao?Unexamined
Is Ourborous Ao? - Page 2Unexamined
Is Ourborous Ao? - Page 3Unexamined
Shadowdale, Monikar, Elminster, phaerimm (3e)Unexamined
spells of the war wizards of cormyrUnexamined
Help with the Vault of Ages (cormanthor)Unexamined
Spellfire - can a spellfire user be healed?Unexamined
"MELIAL" - tribe in Skull GorgeUnexamined
"MELIAL" - tribe in Skull Gorge - Page 2Unexamined
Founding of the War WizardsUnexamined
Founding of the War Wizards - Page 2Unexamined
Primordials to AoUnexamined
Question for Shemska the Marauder: CosmologyUnexamined
Question for Shemska the Marauder: Cosmology - Page 2Unexamined
Vrakmul, Skull lords in faerunUnexamined
ideas for history of the medusa in the RealmsUnexamined
Besieging Many ArrowsUnexamined
Order of the Shooting StarUnexamined
Terms of Venery - Names for groups of thingsUnexamined
Terms of Venery - Names for groups of things - Page 2Unexamined
Morgwais the RedUnexamined
Eastern LythariUnexamined
The Shalarin Gods?Unexamined
Scardale And A Coinage QuestionUnexamined
Abeir-Toril before the Days of Thunder?Unexamined
Nilshai vs Sharn?Unexamined
Evereska - Page 2Unexamined
Banak Brawnanvil (11th king of Mithral Hall)Unexamined
Realmsian non-magical tomesUnexamined
Whaling in the RealmsUnexamined
Whaling in the Realms - Page 2Unexamined
Thieves' Guilds of FaerūnUnexamined
Haunted Halls of EveningstarUnexamined
In seach of beholder namesUnexamined
In seach of beholder names - Page 2Unexamined
Gruumsh InformationUnexamined
The Lost SeldarineUnexamined
More powerful magicUnexamined
who was the dracolich who slew Aencar?Unexamined
Giant Kingdoms of FaerunUnexamined
Giant Kingdoms of Faerun - Page 2Unexamined
Questions about AmnUnexamined
The Orcs of the Old Owl WellUnexamined
Obarskyrs as kidnappers of nobles?Unexamined
Controlling the Tarrasque?Unexamined
Phearimm attack on evereska BUGBEAR ARMIES??Unexamined
Phearimm attack on evereska BUGBEAR ARMIES?? - Page 2Unexamined
Old Dwarven now Orc fortresses in Spine of the WorUnexamined
Old Dwarven now Orc fortresses in Spine of the Wor - Page 2Unexamined
Old Dwarven now Orc fortresses in Spine of the Wor - Page 3Unexamined
Toril and climatic changesUnexamined
Realms languages with Thou/You distinction?Unexamined
Liturgies and churches of Faerun?Unexamined
Deepspawn and their spawning ability questionsUnexamined
Deepspawn and their spawning ability questions - Page 2Unexamined
Any Canon on Productivity of Fungi Gardens?Unexamined
Pre-4E sources for elves still in Faerie?Unexamined
On the Arcane ArcherUnexamined
Maerimydran Drow Houses and their glyphsUnexamined
Watchers of the NorthUnexamined
Daggerford PlainsUnexamined
Germanic Noble Titles in the Realms?Unexamined
Streets of WaterdeepUnexamined
Sigil of House AlenuathUnexamined
On Elven talesUnexamined
Pre-Netherese Spells and Magic itemsUnexamined
Can the unholy dead be saved?Unexamined
Can the unholy dead be saved? - Page 2Unexamined
Can the unholy dead be saved? - Page 3Unexamined
Can the unholy dead be saved? - Page 4Unexamined
What is a tellsong?Unexamined
Help with Banite PlotsUnexamined
The magic consumed by Ghazneths?Unexamined
[drow] innate magicUnexamined
Gulthmere Queries: More Unknown LocalesUnexamined
Karsus' TowerUnexamined
The Library of LawUnexamined
Ao's BossUnexamined
Ao's Boss - Page 2Unexamined
Twilight KnightUnexamined
The senior Highknight during Alusair’s reign?Unexamined
Tunnels Under Zhentil KeepUnexamined
Erlkazar taken over by vampires?Unexamined
Batrachi Origins and the SunderingUnexamined
Dungeon Magazine #80Unexamined
Hamairathgauraundon, High Wyrm of the CragsUnexamined
Philosophical organizationsUnexamined
Dwarven Arcane Spellcasters 3.0/3.5Unexamined
Aumrathar the Greater DragonUnexamined
Great Khan Game/Whamite IslesUnexamined
Great Khan Game/Whamite Isles - Page 2Unexamined
Luskan during 1310 DRUnexamined
Elven PortUnexamined
Displacer BeastsUnexamined
Felthaeran & GosraUnexamined
King of VaasaUnexamined
Imaskar magicUnexamined
Imaskar magic - Page 2Unexamined
Scions of AryvandaarUnexamined
Waterdeep MapUnexamined
Waterdeep Lore: AssassinationsUnexamined
Realm Shaking SpellsUnexamined
Waterdeep: Looking for small folkUnexamined
Goblins in the Marching MountainsUnexamined
Maglubiyet's TitlesUnexamined
Evolved/Evolving Spellcasting MethodsUnexamined
Evolved/Evolving Spellcasting Methods - Page 2Unexamined
Evolved/Evolving Spellcasting Methods - Page 3Unexamined
Cyricists? Or Shaarans?Unexamined
Cyricists? Or Shaarans? - Page 2Unexamined
Going Oldskull get it!Unexamined
4th edition gods? {Fonts/symbols}Unexamined
Magisters, after 3e?Unexamined
Mulmaster in 1479 / Church of BaneUnexamined
The SearingUnexamined
Founding of the SpellguardUnexamined
Torm and the Border KingdomsUnexamined
Year of the Ageless OneUnexamined
Glacier of the Silver BladesUnexamined
Epic Non-Spellcasters in the RealmsUnexamined
Epic Non-Spellcasters in the Realms - Page 2Unexamined
Language spoken in the Kingdom of ManUnexamined
Gypsy-like people/culture?Unexamined
Dwarven Ruins under Tunlands / Stonelands areaUnexamined
Why are the realms limited to medieval?Unexamined
Why are the realms limited to medieval? - Page 2Unexamined
Wyvern TorUnexamined
Dark Three? (and Cormyr)Unexamined
Need Thay expert...Unexamined
The Many Starred Cloak/ Cloaktower?Unexamined
rumors stonelandsUnexamined
Araugul, the goblin MountUnexamined
Breeds of horses in the RealmsUnexamined
The Bormul family of AmnUnexamined
Green dragon slain by Tuth?Unexamined
2nd Edition Wyrms of the North StatsUnexamined
Watch-wizard... City Watch or Watchful Order?Unexamined
Kyrss WandsUnexamined
Questions about TheskUnexamined
Times of battlesUnexamined
Spectators... subjects for speculationUnexamined
Thar ruinsUnexamined
Plagues of the RealmsUnexamined
Academies, colleges and librariesUnexamined
Bedine DeitiesUnexamined
Fallen Kingdom - the last one, I meanUnexamined
Herbs in the NorthUnexamined
Monstrous Mythology all Realms deities?Unexamined
Monstrous Mythology all Realms deities? - Page 2Unexamined
Government TypesUnexamined
Government Types - Page 2Unexamined
Eltab and demon bindingUnexamined
Is Diancastra an alias of Mask?Unexamined
Known Yuir GodsUnexamined
Known Yuir Gods - Page 2Unexamined
Questions on magic , pre and post spellplagueUnexamined
Orogs in 1370'sUnexamined
Cowled WizardsUnexamined
Two questions for the sagesUnexamined
Fortress of the Wailing DwarfUnexamined
Temple of Tyr in AshabenfordUnexamined
All about AshemmiUnexamined
Conections between Dragonlance gods and Toril/FRUnexamined
Conections between Dragonlance gods and Toril/FR - Page 2Unexamined
Promote Elaine to WotCUnexamined
Everything must go!Unexamined
Paging Jeff Grubb...Unexamined
Clerics of GondUnexamined
Hobgoblin females also warriros in tribe??Unexamined
Wizards SigilsUnexamined
Spellplague/Death of MystraUnexamined
Spellplague/Death of Mystra - Page 2Unexamined
Shadow Thieves Religion NumbersUnexamined
Goblinoid diet?Unexamined
Great School Pantheon of the Aquatic Creator RaceUnexamined
30 Nightal/1 HammerUnexamined
Lord Phandymm of Zhentil KeepUnexamined
Bachlacis and LastarrUnexamined
Scrying Spells and DivinationsUnexamined
Holorarar - What do we know?Unexamined
The Roll of Years to 2163Unexamined
Mountain OrcsUnexamined
Cormyr noble last name beginningwith the letter J?Unexamined
Cosmic entitiesUnexamined
Cosmic entities - Page 2Unexamined
Back to NetherilUnexamined
Back to Netheril - Page 2Unexamined
Back to Netheril - Page 3Unexamined
Where is the Lost Vale?Unexamined
Halruaa AdventureUnexamined
Soneillon in 1470'sUnexamined
Cartographers / geography questionUnexamined
Dardolphin Isle -- where is it?Unexamined
The Ice LakesUnexamined
I thought Rivalen was deadUnexamined
I thought Rivalen was dead - Page 2Unexamined
The ThaluudUnexamined
Leira - Page 2Unexamined
Darkhold's Lower LevelsUnexamined
Halaster et al.Unexamined
Halaster et al. - Page 2Unexamined
Halaster et al. - Page 3Unexamined
Original Drafts Of BooksUnexamined
The Chosen and other Realms AncientsUnexamined
Hierarchy of the Shadow ThievesUnexamined
Elminster's GuideUnexamined
Spellmantle of the Nazir Benin el Njuvis.Unexamined
Wizard's Reach (and related junk)Unexamined
Wizard's Reach (and related junk) - Page 2Unexamined
The Srinshee...Unexamined
The ArcanauhUnexamined
Sword Coast NorthUnexamined
Any major conflicts between Cormyr and Hobgoblins?Unexamined
Named goblinoidsUnexamined
shade attack on zhentil keepUnexamined
shade attack on zhentil keep - Page 2Unexamined
shade attack on zhentil keep - Page 3Unexamined
shade attack on zhentil keep - Page 4Unexamined
Baron Buorstag HlammythylUnexamined
Gormstadd of VoonlarUnexamined
Ithana RedstaveUnexamined
Ibrandul - Ilmater allianceUnexamined
Deity/other being with Hunger portfolio?Unexamined
1349 DR: Year of the Rising Mist or the Bridle?Unexamined
Vault of Fallen Stars?Unexamined
Before the Days of Thunder—the Prehistory of TorilUnexamined
Before the Days of Thunder—the Prehistory of Toril - Page 2Unexamined
Before the Days of Thunder—the Prehistory of Toril - Page 3Unexamined
Before the Days of Thunder—the Prehistory of Toril - Page 4Unexamined
Before the Days of Thunder—the Prehistory of Toril - Page 5Unexamined
Before the Days of Thunder—the Prehistory of Toril - Page 6Unexamined
Before the Days of Thunder—the Prehistory of Toril - Page 7Unexamined
Before the Days of Thunder—the Prehistory of Toril - Page 8Unexamined
Galena Mountains / Bloodstone PassUnexamined
Dragon's Lair in the Rat HillsUnexamined
Dragon's Lair in the Rat Hills - Page 2Unexamined
Sumbral the MysticalUnexamined
Ardeep ForestUnexamined
The Halls of the HammerUnexamined
Women who pose as men, vice versaUnexamined
Dead and Wild Magic zonesUnexamined
Chondath & WaukeenUnexamined
Definition of CanonUnexamined
Druids of NeverwinterUnexamined
errata for the old Arabel map?Unexamined
So.. what does the Underchasm actually look like?Unexamined
Mt HotenowUnexamined
Moondark MountainsUnexamined
Pantheons of the Realms - Lost and CurrentUnexamined
Baldurs Gate- BeltUnexamined
1362 DRUnexamined
Ring of WinterUnexamined
Esmeltaran - Locality & Georgraphical FeaturesUnexamined
Malygris and other dragon-related questionsUnexamined
Any evidence of Soneillon having offspring?Unexamined
Information about HAEKRUKKHAUnexamined
Elsir ValeUnexamined
Question about Myrkul and the FaithlessUnexamined
Military Units of FaerunUnexamined
Location of Bluestone?Unexamined
Dragon #425 "That Which Slithers"Unexamined
Larloch again and againUnexamined
Where is Even's Gulf first described?Unexamined
-306 DR Year of Wan ShadesUnexamined
The StonelandsUnexamined
Where do aberrations go when they die?Unexamined
Return of the Weave 1479 DRUnexamined
Return of the Weave 1479 DR - Page 2Unexamined
Talis, Talis Decks, & TalismanUnexamined
Book about dragonsUnexamined
Embarrassing map question...Unexamined
Lightning Conductors?Unexamined
Sunset isleUnexamined
Are there any hobgoblin-specific weapons?Unexamined
Corellon VS Mystra - Gods of MagicUnexamined
Corellon VS Mystra - Gods of Magic - Page 2Unexamined
House Symbaern and the Crown of StarsUnexamined
Valley of Klaldson? Markustay's north map?Unexamined
red claws goblnoid horde in thar any evidence?Unexamined
Yuan-ti Elves?Unexamined
Sailing on the Wyvernwater?Unexamined
Pyramids and ZigguratsUnexamined
Who are the physically strongest race in the RealmUnexamined
Diloontier's ApothecaryUnexamined
What happened to the Mithril Legion??Unexamined
Order of the golden cup question?Unexamined
HLUNDADIM still there?Unexamined
Cloudlands of AvaeraetherUnexamined
Drow societyUnexamined
Drow society - Page 2Unexamined
Questions Regarding HelmUnexamined
Undermountain & Halaster's FutureUnexamined
Undermountain & Halaster's Future - Page 2Unexamined
Epic Level ThievesUnexamined
Compendium of Realms Heraldry?Unexamined
Do female dwarfs have a beards?Unexamined
Do female dwarfs have a beards? - Page 2Unexamined
Skinny but strong?Unexamined
Skinny but strong? - Page 2Unexamined
Crown of HornsUnexamined
Moonblades and SunelfsUnexamined
Moonblades and Sunelfs - Page 2Unexamined
Snakes... why did it have to be snakes...Unexamined
Narathmault - Page 2Unexamined
Narathmault - Page 3Unexamined
Wagons and CartsUnexamined
Imaskari infoUnexamined
Imaskari info - Page 2Unexamined
Odd Request: CeriliaUnexamined
Waterdeep, The City Of Splendors!Unexamined
Map of Shoon ImperiumUnexamined
Warlock pactUnexamined
zhentil keepUnexamined
Is Ouroboros the World SerpentUnexamined
On mortals and deitiesUnexamined
Paladins and Death/Negative Energy SpellsUnexamined
Netheril LandmarksUnexamined
How long has Denier been around?Unexamined
All things NimbralUnexamined
New Dalelands campaign.. lore/resource questionsUnexamined
Mandorcai MansionUnexamined
Baernaloths and 3rd edition Forgotten RealmsUnexamined
owlbears originsUnexamined
Obarskyr/Cormaeril family tree?Unexamined
Obarskyr/Cormaeril family tree? - Page 2Unexamined
Church of the Dark ThreeUnexamined
Church of the Dark Three - Page 2Unexamined
Church of the Dark Three - Page 3Unexamined
Nedeheim + Western HeartlandsUnexamined
Nedeheim + Western Heartlands - Page 2Unexamined
Nedeheim + Western Heartlands - Page 3Unexamined
Halruaans' AppearanceUnexamined
Blackspire MountainsUnexamined
Silverymoon defendersUnexamined
netbook of WaterdeepUnexamined
Cult of the DragonUnexamined
Canonical Flowers of the Realms?Unexamined
I need more infor about GhaunadaurUnexamined
Prayers From the FaithfulUnexamined
Prayers From the Faithful - Page 2Unexamined
Durnan The WandererUnexamined
Imaskari Planar BarrierUnexamined
Imaskari Planar Barrier - Page 2Unexamined
Untouched Drow CitiesUnexamined
Untouched Drow Cities - Page 2Unexamined
Death Slaadi, and slaadi namesUnexamined
Shadow MagicUnexamined
Nether ScrollsUnexamined
Nether Scrolls - Page 2Unexamined
The Harper SchismUnexamined
The Harper Schism - Page 2Unexamined
Bridge of Fallen MenUnexamined
Everbright weapon special abilityUnexamined
The High RoadUnexamined
Searching for text from speech of Fzoul ChembrylUnexamined
Sune's nature - Sentinel spoilers, mature contentUnexamined
Sune's nature - Sentinel spoilers, mature content - Page 2Unexamined
Aunglor moonblade, Darkmoon & other bladesUnexamined
Waterdeep, poisons and drugsUnexamined
Modern NarUnexamined
The HordelandsUnexamined
The Hordelands - Page 2Unexamined
Toughest city to takeUnexamined
Silent Shield Inn and Athal's StablesUnexamined
Favored Weapons, Dead DeitiesUnexamined
Kara TurUnexamined
Polyhedron 99Unexamined
Tales, Poems, Songs of the RealmsUnexamined
Doppelganger Patron?Unexamined
Ilmatari SaintsUnexamined
Half-Drow Patron DeityUnexamined
Chosen requirementsUnexamined
Umberlee - detailed info and speculationsUnexamined
Asmodeus is in trouble....Unexamined
Asmodeus is in trouble.... - Page 2Unexamined
Asmodeus is in trouble.... - Page 3Unexamined
evil humanoids and industryUnexamined
Faerunian Pantheon SpoilersUnexamined
Faerunian Pantheon Spoilers - Page 2Unexamined
Faerunian Pantheon Spoilers - Page 3Unexamined
Crescent Blade fateUnexamined
FR Timeline -The Ghosts of Dragonspear CastleUnexamined
Greatest Rivalry among DeitiesUnexamined
Duergar Psionic AbilitesUnexamined
The Claw of XynaktUnexamined
Iakhovan ArtefactsUnexamined
Clan Hune, Illythiir, Illehune, GargauthUnexamined
Clan Hune, Illythiir, Illehune, Gargauth - Page 2Unexamined
The ShaarUnexamined
Shar devouring worldsUnexamined
Shar devouring worlds - Page 2Unexamined
Shar devouring worlds - Page 3Unexamined
Elven Appearance and GeneticsUnexamined
Ancient Elven Lands map?Unexamined
Details of Demon WeaveUnexamined
Bypassing the WeaveUnexamined
Dark elves, Rhymanthiin and DrowUnexamined
A few questions on Asmodeus and Gargauth...Unexamined
2015 - Candlekeep Presents: Women of the RealmsUnexamined
2015 - Candlekeep Presents: Women of the Realms - Page 2Unexamined
Netherese food?Unexamined
Elves in 5E for elf-loversUnexamined
The Royal Palace of the Purple DragonUnexamined
The Royal Palace of the Purple Dragon - Page 2Unexamined
Off Topic: Using magic to de-ice a townUnexamined
Where do elves go when they die?Unexamined
Realm Maps (for older landmarks)Unexamined
Famous Sorcerers in the realms?Unexamined
Are all Blackguards evil?Unexamined
The Masked Lords of WaterdeepUnexamined
The Masked Lords of Waterdeep - Page 2Unexamined
Empire of the SandsUnexamined
Info NezrasUnexamined
Post-Spellplague Chult: what happened?Unexamined
Brotherhood of the GriffonUnexamined
Baldur's Gate navyUnexamined
New Waterdeep Map?Unexamined
The Rotting ManUnexamined
What is an Ar-Magus?Unexamined
Magic accross the multiversUnexamined
Where in the World is Nvestro San Diego?Unexamined
Timeline 1450-Present (SPOILERS!!!)Unexamined
Timeline 1450-Present (SPOILERS!!!) - Page 2Unexamined
Timeline 1450-Present (SPOILERS!!!) - Page 3Unexamined
Maztican ElvesUnexamined
Five Kingdoms of the Utter EastUnexamined
Suzail - Page 2Unexamined
Star ElvesUnexamined
Star Elves - Page 2Unexamined
Damara, Ilmater and BahamutUnexamined
Clan AuzkovynUnexamined
King Verovan's HoardUnexamined
Notable combination arcane/divine worksUnexamined
Looking for cartographer's nameUnexamined
Desert of Desolation CamelsUnexamined
Dust Desert/Raurin?Unexamined
Compiled locations of all known existing mythalsUnexamined
1351: Year of the Crown - seeking infoUnexamined
1351: Year of the Crown - seeking info - Page 2Unexamined
Looking For Dwarf ClanUnexamined
Tempus + GaragosUnexamined
Fall of Eaerlann and AmmarindarUnexamined
Missing Border KingdomsUnexamined
The Courtiers of CormyrUnexamined
The Courtiers of Cormyr - Page 2Unexamined
Cormyr: Places Not On The MapUnexamined
Cormyr: Places Not On The Map - Page 2Unexamined
Cormyr: Places Not On The Map - Page 3Unexamined
Weather patternsUnexamined
Wychlaran OriginsUnexamined
Wychlaran Origins - Page 2Unexamined
Elven CraftworkUnexamined
Quivering ForestUnexamined
Quivering Forest - Page 2Unexamined
Ballads of the Forgotten RealmsUnexamined
Ballads of the Forgotten Realms - Page 2Unexamined
Ballads of the Forgotten Realms - Page 3Unexamined
Saridor 3.X stats?Unexamined
All Things MoonshaeUnexamined
All Things Moonshae - Page 2Unexamined
All Things Moonshae - Page 3Unexamined
All Things Moonshae - Page 4Unexamined
All Things Moonshae - Page 5Unexamined
All Things Moonshae - Page 6Unexamined
All Things Moonshae - Page 7Unexamined
All Things Moonshae - Page 8Unexamined
All Things Moonshae - Page 9Unexamined
Saving Private RyanUnexamined
What is the Tethyr Curse?Unexamined
Ankhapur and PsionicsUnexamined
The Red Knight and TethyrUnexamined
Sir Dirlar and his KeepUnexamined
What year are the new Drizzt books set in?Unexamined
New Sharandar - canon? lore?Unexamined
On the Impish natureUnexamined
Maps of the RealmsUnexamined
Maps of the Realms - Page 2Unexamined
Maps of the Realms - Page 3Unexamined
Maps of the Realms - Page 4Unexamined
Maps of the Realms - Page 5Unexamined
Albruin and the mercenary MalakarUnexamined
Research: Building a FR Treasure HoardUnexamined
Wild Magic Zones pre-Time of TroublesUnexamined
Uh... So What Happened? (Probably Spoilers)Unexamined
Kenku in the Forgotten RealmsUnexamined
Feywild/Shadowfell entrancesUnexamined
Historical/Past maps of Toril?Unexamined
hand crossbowUnexamined
hand crossbow - Page 2Unexamined
Avariel (and) BladesingersUnexamined
Avariel (and) Bladesingers - Page 2Unexamined
Beastiary Help (Icy Regions)Unexamined
Swamps near Baldur's GateUnexamined
What was the population of Cormyr over the years?Unexamined
All Things NetherilUnexamined
All Things Netheril - Page 2Unexamined
All Things Netheril - Page 3Unexamined
All Things Netheril - Page 4Unexamined
All Things Netheril - Page 5Unexamined
All Things Netheril - Page 6Unexamined
All Things Netheril - Page 7Unexamined
All Things Netheril - Page 8Unexamined
Who remained with the Harpers post-schism?Unexamined
Monasteries in FaerunUnexamined
Monasteries in Faerun - Page 2Unexamined
Monasteries in Faerun - Page 3Unexamined
Elf name for the Dragonmere?Unexamined
Cormyr and wizarding apprenticesUnexamined
Moonwood/Glimmerwood loreUnexamined
Whatever happened to the Red Wizards?Unexamined
Fog or cloud spells in the Realms?Unexamined
Legends for the end of the worldUnexamined
Dwarven mountsUnexamined
Calimshan CuisineUnexamined
Sorcerers & Lost PowersUnexamined
Shaundakul - Page 2Unexamined
"the paladins' plague"Unexamined
The Changing MagicUnexamined
Exact Lifespan of a Shade?Unexamined
Arborhome ((most probably) NOT CANON)Unexamined
FR Index 1.36Unexamined
Darkhold - The Lower LevelUnexamined
Gruulath the BeholderUnexamined
Eltab & Citadel Of ConjurersUnexamined
Accents around the RealmsUnexamined
Kara-Tur - Nine Immortals vs. Nine TravelersUnexamined
Jungles of Chult - "Bźlit"Unexamined
Age of First FloweringUnexamined
Darkhold current inhabitantsUnexamined
Slaughter of SharrvenUnexamined
Bleth and CormaerilUnexamined
Asram and AnauriaUnexamined
Tulmere - What do we know?Unexamined
Who is the current King's Lord of Arabel?Unexamined
Mount Araugul or The Goblin MountUnexamined
Evermeet rulersUnexamined
Rheitheillaetor status post 1374DR?Unexamined
Candlekeep administrationUnexamined
Average Lifetime wealth?Unexamined
Status of AzuthUnexamined
The Adversary: Chosen of VhaeraunUnexamined
Starym Sigil Crest and StrongholdsUnexamined
Karsoluthiyl: Drow CityUnexamined
Canonicity of The Night Parade?Unexamined
The age of IstevalUnexamined
4e: Gods revealed as other godsUnexamined
4e: Gods revealed as other gods - Page 2Unexamined
Mulmaster's militaryUnexamined
Monument of the ancientsUnexamined
Draxius the NeverendingUnexamined
Elminster ChronologieUnexamined
Fall of Myth DrannorUnexamined
Faiths and pantheonsUnexamined
Faiths and pantheons - Page 2Unexamined
Skullport Maps (legible)Unexamined
The 2E to 3E Map scale difference?Unexamined
Question about DarkholdUnexamined
Tabbath HillsUnexamined
The origin of monstersUnexamined
Moon bladesUnexamined
Moon blades - Page 2Unexamined
Moon blades - Page 3Unexamined
Moon blades - Page 4Unexamined
Portals leading to Undermountain ~1350 DRUnexamined
Dream Spheres/ Reclamation timelineUnexamined
Dark Elves (Not Drow)Unexamined
Impiltur 1385+Unexamined
Myth DrannorUnexamined
Tethtoril in 5e?Unexamined
Shape of the mapUnexamined
Looking for some LoreUnexamined
The matter of ChondathUnexamined
Pyramids in the northUnexamined
Bunko the FounderUnexamined
Halruaa and Nimbral TimeUnexamined
Some questions...Unexamined
What is "Mighty Rune of the Master"?Unexamined
"Twin Crowns of Myrmoran"Unexamined
Zhents of of DR 1490?Unexamined
Rulers of Halruaa/NimbralUnexamined
Waterdeep in 1491 DR *Spoilers*Unexamined
Waterdeep in 1491 DR *Spoilers* - Page 2Unexamined
Waterdeep in 1491 DR *Spoilers* - Page 3Unexamined
Ilythiir question about atrocityUnexamined
Ilythiir question about atrocity - Page 2Unexamined
Ivar Devorast stats?Unexamined
waterdeeps "minor " imports/exportsUnexamined
lightning striking sandUnexamined
Gods of KnowledgeUnexamined
Regarding Ostoria, Annam, and pre-Karsus' FollyUnexamined
Cormyr pre-Myth Drannor fallUnexamined
Why did Kaanyr Vhok want to enter the lifesprinUnexamined
Mentor WintercloakUnexamined
Information on Istishia and his Church(s)Unexamined
worship of gond in TilvertonUnexamined
Drow reverting to dark elvesUnexamined
Confrontation at Candlekeep date?Unexamined
Barrowfields of MistledaleUnexamined
Bandit Lords of the Inner SeaUnexamined
Traveler's dustUnexamined
Informations about MyrkulUnexamined
[3.5 ed.] Spell WeaversUnexamined
When did the Oghma heresy move to Cormyr?Unexamined
Sardior on the RealmsUnexamined
The Parwiccan CycleUnexamined
Shipping to the New WorldUnexamined
5e CosmologyUnexamined
How does the Endless Ice Sea exist?Unexamined
How does the Endless Ice Sea exist? - Page 2Unexamined
How does the Endless Ice Sea exist? - Page 3Unexamined
The Hierarchy of the Nine Hells 3.5-5eUnexamined
5e Game YearUnexamined
the High Castle [2e -- 3e]Unexamined
Upkeep pricesUnexamined
Underdark near Thay unlabelledUnexamined
Etymology of Phandalin and other wordsUnexamined
Exact Location of Moonvines in The MoonwoodUnexamined
Do the "children" of Deepspawn age normally?Unexamined
Forgotten Realm - A History of MenzobarranzanUnexamined
Rivers in The RealmsUnexamined