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The 101 worst PLAYERS to ever have in a gameUnexamined
Items that all characters should have.Unexamined
The Nerfiest Campaign Ever(LONG so get a snack)Unexamined
Best lines everUnexamined
Heroic & Unforgettable DeathsUnexamined
Hero Craftsman: FeedbackCommentsCriticismsand SuggestionsUnexamined
A spec mount is always a spec mount right?Unexamined
Insane Characters: A Player's GuideUnexamined
The Joys of Alchemy (A tale of TPK)Unexamined
A 1001 Survival Guide. What are your best adventuring tips?Unexamined
The Blind PCs AssociationUnexamined
What's a Player To Do? Forum LeadsUnexamined
SwindlesScams & SchemesUnexamined
An Undead PC and its soulUnexamined
Healing Belt AdjustmentsUnexamined
Where's the Beef? (and by BeefI mean Damage)Unexamined
101 Silly Engine Flaws the DM will Laugh at and DiscountUnexamined
Trying to Reclaim my AlignmentUnexamined
Do Dwarven Defenders fix fighters problemsUnexamined
Dueling rules/stories in D & DUnexamined
High Wisdom characterrp suggestions?Unexamined
My DM has something against me...Unexamined
Warblade - Tiger Claw or Diamond Mind?Unexamined
A Skeleton PC.Unexamined
Am I a powergamer?Unexamined
Fireball!... what now?Unexamined
Making my fortress of evilUnexamined
Playing by yourself?Unexamined
Attacking a young black Dragon in his lair?Unexamined
worst cursed items you ever recievedUnexamined
Sorcerer buildUnexamined
cheating Death: zombie PCUnexamined
Throwing Build?Unexamined
when your in charge (solo or leadership)Unexamined
Backup Character SuggestionsUnexamined
Party CompositionDruidUnexamined
1001 Subtle Character DeathsUnexamined
What's a Player to Do? FAQ and Important LinksUnexamined
When there's no DMUnexamined
Dragon confusionUnexamined
reducing spell faluireUnexamined
1001 Things to Do/Say During a BBEG's MonologueUnexamined
please help settle an argumentUnexamined
Paladin Variants...Unexamined
Magic Item Hell!!!Unexamined
Equipment for an elven sorcereressUnexamined
What To Do With a 80' speed?Unexamined
Half Orc Barb.. are sorc levels a waste?Unexamined
I am not exaltedanymore?Unexamined
Getting Magical natural attackUnexamined
Magical cart of goodnessUnexamined
Too Powerful?Unexamined
Help! Stingy DM alert.Unexamined
A Strange Campaign QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Lich TrapUnexamined
Useless SightUnexamined
question on familiarsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Protection from a Grey GuardUnexamined
Hybrid Mage FeatUnexamined
Anyone else have horrible luck with rolling dice?Unexamined
Z's Guide to Rogues 3.5Unexamined
Celestial alphabet...Unexamined
Enchanting different itemsUnexamined
Tomb of Horror QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Cleric switching DeitiesUnexamined
Alignment issueand it's not even the one you'd think.Unexamined
Should a DM min/max NPCs?Unexamined
property in D&DUnexamined
Bring creative Feat ideas!Unexamined
The moral dilemmas of a Lawful Evil town guard.Unexamined
Intelligent Orc FighterUnexamined
I am not aliveanymore?Unexamined
What do you likeas a player?Unexamined
Bad DM Experiences: Letting GoUnexamined
shadow dragons PC's?Unexamined
Rogue Vs. Paladin?Unexamined
Hero Craftsman 15: Yer such a MUNCHKIN!Unexamined
Trained mountsUnexamined
Shifting Defense cheese: how to defeat?Unexamined
Now for something a bit different... (Sorcerer)Unexamined
scribe scroll of fascinateUnexamined
Question about Astral Deva.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
party problems and bad guysUnexamined
Touchy DMUnexamined
How can I make my mount awesome?Unexamined
wizard or necromancerUnexamined
Fire ImmunityUnexamined
Need help with a Horrible DMUnexamined
Take the loot or take the money? Advice needed!Unexamined
My new Goliath!Unexamined
Being good at DnDUnexamined
Problem with XPUnexamined
Spell Sword/Soul Eater?Unexamined
Monk Substitutes and the Not-Monk (The Other White Ninja?)Unexamined
building a CharacterUnexamined
POed the table at DM's request. lolUnexamined
Where to find stuff?Unexamined
Things that make you (as a player) unhappyUnexamined
Finding people to play withUnexamined
One Liner Class DescriptionsUnexamined
Worlds funniest Merchants.Unexamined
Have you used a Spell Chain in your game?Unexamined
What fun stuff to players want for their PCs?Unexamined
a problem with the partyUnexamined
Ex- assassinsUnexamined
Reciprocal GyreUnexamined
Tourist to EberronUnexamined
Half Dragon Breath Weapon Damage?Unexamined
Armedforces dice chuckers!Unexamined
How to deal with over sensitivity.Unexamined
Making First Character and Confused.Unexamined
Your most memorable NPC'sUnexamined
Feeling lucky & happy!Unexamined
Need Help with Lycanthrope templateUnexamined
how strong can you get?Unexamined
Has this ever happened to you?Unexamined
So we're going to fight a balor...Unexamined
Started any trends?Unexamined
Need help with Speak Language SkillUnexamined
A few questions...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How should I handle this?Unexamined
Stacking Criticals?Unexamined
only you can help prevent our deaths...Unexamined
Wizard/Rogue PrCs?Unexamined
Am I out of line?Unexamined
Negative Energy Clerics Controlling UndeadUnexamined
Creating a Blind character?Unexamined
Suspicious of killer DMUnexamined
Magic user: What do you do in between spells?Unexamined
I'm a very frustratedand useless cleric.Unexamined
Want to build a luchadoreUnexamined
Fiery burst+warmageUnexamined
counterspell and spell-like abilitiesUnexamined
Overwhelming stats paralyzed my brain!Unexamined
Iron Heart Surge interpretations?Unexamined
Anti-Magic partyUnexamined
On the Care and Maintenance of MeatshieldsUnexamined
What character to choose?Unexamined
Using Religion for a revolutionUnexamined
DM believes Melee > CastersUnexamined
Help me help a friend make the most of his rogueUnexamined
how can you make a shy dm better??Unexamined
An ECL 10 experiment- Golden Sun relatedUnexamined
How to improve a Kender Rogue?Unexamined
Red Wizard in a world of chaos magic. Thanks DM!Unexamined
Level 1 Roguewhat to expect?Unexamined
Constructs: Taking them alive.Unexamined
What's your choice of race for a Rogue?Unexamined
may god save the rouge!
Generalist wizardUnexamined
Help with playing an Enlightened FistUnexamined
Game day battle tips neededUnexamined
1001 spells not worth memorizing.Unexamined
Roleplaying a bard?Unexamined
Jokes about the races in the gameUnexamined
Help us solve this! (Eberron Mysterie)Unexamined
I need a reason (long)Unexamined
Arcane Spell FailureUnexamined
Mystic Theurge Question/problem.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Stronghold Books and Ideas neededUnexamined
Forum's opinionsplease.Unexamined
Charcter slection issueUnexamined
Playing multiple charactersUnexamined
Idea-fest: Wacky PCsUnexamined
Anyone? Illusion wizard?Unexamined
What does this party need?Unexamined
Lawful roguesUnexamined
Animal templatesUnexamined
Can't DecideUnexamined
Transporting a mageUnexamined
Scout HelpUnexamined
Am I a jerk? PEACHUnexamined
Caster Campaign!Unexamined
Playing a gnome artificer with paralyzed or amputated legs...Unexamined
What to do with a captured dragon?Unexamined
What's your most pathetic success?Unexamined
Too generous DMUnexamined
Trapped by lawful good alignment.Unexamined
My New character Monk/SorcererUnexamined
Wizard Laws per DM (not as much fun as Man Laws)Unexamined
Wizard Laws (per DM) (so much less fun than Man Laws)Unexamined
Help concerning flight maneuverabilityUnexamined
First go at a SorcererUnexamined
Going to kill a fellow PC this weekend.. how do I go about it?Unexamined
1001 Favorite House RulesUnexamined
Dragon ridersUnexamined
Character GeneratorUnexamined
"We didn't see youyou didn't see us" (Paladin topic)Unexamined
New to point-buyUnexamined
8th-9th level character for Ravenloft campaign?Unexamined
As a PlayerWhat's your opinion about...Unexamined
Reversing Exalted FuryUnexamined
Driving your dm mad and generally having funUnexamined
D&D/Eberron JokesUnexamined
Character vs Player ethics.Unexamined
Looking for the Best Two player groupUnexamined
Friends charecterUnexamined
Is this a good build for a fighter?Unexamined
Gold to spend?Unexamined
Describe your PaladinUnexamined
Dragonfire Adept vs. UndeadUnexamined
What would you do to make this PC better?Unexamined
Summon Monster QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A alter self itemUnexamined
12th Level Character for a PVP based campaignUnexamined
Choose my Mindblade!Unexamined
Gray Elf Ability AdjustmentsUnexamined
Fixed diceUnexamined
An in-character quandry.....Unexamined
I think I broke the campaignwhat do I do now?Unexamined
Terrible DM. won't listen to reason.Unexamined
Can't decide what class to play - looking for flairUnexamined
Alignment DilemmaUnexamined
Dominate PersonUnexamined
Recent DM Problem - looking for peaceful solutionUnexamined
Fighter Geared towards killing undeadUnexamined
A years down timedon't know what to do.Unexamined
How do you play Rogue?Unexamined
To were-tiger or not to were-tigerUnexamined
Return to Castle Ravenloft Character helpUnexamined
one player gestaltUnexamined
What kind of character makes a god DMPC?Unexamined
New character level frustrationUnexamined
OkI'm outright stumped as to what I should roll.Unexamined
My Pc is Huge...Unexamined
How to kill a vampire with a suboptimal partyUnexamined
'Not good enough'?Unexamined
A little advice EberronUnexamined
How do saving throws work?Unexamined
all a single class partyUnexamined
I need to kill a player in my Game.Unexamined
Dealing with DominationUnexamined
"alignment doesn't matter"Unexamined
Less hacking more RP please.Unexamined
Problem with Lawful Goodness and light harted scoundrelnessUnexamined
Good Equipment for a ninja?Unexamined player help?Unexamined
Fixing the Truenamer: How do I do it?Unexamined
How do I play a shamans???Unexamined
Half-GiantHalf-Dragon. Wings or no?Unexamined
is it possibleUnexamined
Looking for help with a Dwarven Axe Thrower BuildUnexamined
Where to find a pipe??Unexamined
Sans combatUnexamined
Confessyou dice cheat! Confess!Unexamined
1001 overpowered itemsUnexamined
Helpmy group suffers from "curmudgeon player syndrome"Unexamined
A half drow/ half black dragon character?Unexamined
Racial HDUnexamined
intelligent undeadUnexamined
Really need some advice now!Unexamined
Does this monk look right to you?Unexamined
Hero Craftsman 16: It's the End of the World as We Know It...Unexamined
To Name a Monk OrderUnexamined
Unconfident player needs encouragementhelp!Unexamined
Avice on a race for my character conceptUnexamined
Half-Dragon WarbladeUnexamined
Question about Pseudodragon FamiliarNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Where should I put the +2?Unexamined
Question about Staffs.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Not turning out the way I hopedUnexamined
Trying to find a D&D 3.5 class/race that has these traits.Unexamined
Playing a Hill Giant?Unexamined
Useless PlayerUnexamined
Beguiler HelpUnexamined
Antimagic CharacterUnexamined
Wanted Ads: Pirate in Search of a WeaponUnexamined
What is "Pathfinder" rules?Unexamined
My toon has more mojo than meUnexamined
Baleful Transposition + Abrupt Jaunt = Am I Reading It Right?Unexamined
Character BuildUnexamined
Advice: Growing up with a Succubus.Unexamined
marked for death and repulshionUnexamined
Weapons of Mass Discretion?Unexamined
Alchemy Items?Unexamined
issues choosing a gesalt comboUnexamined
How much damage again?Unexamined
Looking for Character IdeasUnexamined
way~ over designed charactersUnexamined
Advice for a WizardUnexamined
Pimp my RogueUnexamined
32 Point buy for ECL 5 RogueUnexamined
Beguiler BackgroundUnexamined
Social Spell CastingUnexamined
RIDICULOUS House Rules - A Place to Vent About Your Crazy DMUnexamined
My DM has turned a book his is writing into a campaign that mutilates the gameUnexamined
need help on what half dragon to playUnexamined
any tips for the mage in need?Unexamined
turning a vampire lichUnexamined
Alchemy AnguishUnexamined
Ninja SpyUnexamined
Intimidate and Demoralize with "Never Outnumbered" Skill TrickUnexamined
Does a Druid's wolf grow in size with extra HDUnexamined
Evil Clerics and HealingUnexamined
help deciding on a new character (ECL 15)Unexamined
More gold than I know what to do withUnexamined
Would like to own a businesswith affecting my compitance as an adventurer.Unexamined
Player looking for a D&D game in NC or even onlineUnexamined
Question on epic spells and other stuffNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to handle "hackneyed" DM openings?Unexamined
Wizard/Drud/Theurge or Wizard/Cleric/TheurgeUnexamined
Pazuzu's 1001 corrupting wishesUnexamined
Great battle ahead; help me defeat a green dragon!Unexamined
What should i do next with my character?Unexamined
Stealinga chaotic/stealing only ability?Unexamined
nameing this thread is hard to do..... what would a LG ninja doUnexamined
Barbarian prestige choice?Unexamined
Help me make a devistating warlock.Unexamined
HP/Spell countersUnexamined
LA +0 Race with an int bonusUnexamined
Fiendish Mounts for Large Blackguards?Unexamined
Tips & questions on being a shugenjaNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
One of those nights...Unexamined
Help me out with a character buildplz...Unexamined
How to hunt a wizard ?Unexamined
To play or not to play...Unexamined
Entire party dominated by BBEGUnexamined
Good ToB Mage Slayer buildUnexamined
Optimized Party TacticsUnexamined
"Player Advice"?Unexamined
Archivist play style?Unexamined
Looking for a Trap MasterUnexamined
High WisdomEVIL alignment... ?Unexamined
Help with a PCUnexamined
Vampire Lord QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
100 Wights20 wraiths13th level party.Unexamined
Spellbook CostsUnexamined
Damage Reduction vs Special Attacks.Unexamined
Wererat's FollowersUnexamined
How do I kill another PC safely?Unexamined
Duskblade to Sorcerer spell progression?Unexamined
Help archer ranger fight a LichUnexamined
A Noob's Character Creation PleaUnexamined
Just a minor questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
SoMy Party's Dead.Unexamined
Wolftaur's oh my!Unexamined
Enlarge item? Enlarge object?Unexamined
Tips for A BardUnexamined
New to D&DUnexamined
What book should I get?Unexamined
Onlne D&D game using MSN MessengerUnexamined
New RogueUnexamined
Heat Drain SpellUnexamined
Onlne D&D game using MSN MessengerUnexamined
Eeevviil unead cleric: necropolitan or gravetouched ghoul?Unexamined
Fighter 32point buyUnexamined
To be arcane or divine?Unexamined
The Importance of Being EvilUnexamined
Multiple Critical HitsUnexamined
Illusions -Halp.Unexamined
Online Play?Unexamined
Inconsistent Role-PlayingUnexamined
The rogue has no more healing what?Unexamined
1st post...questions about DnDNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
KotS - an encounter that spawned an argument (SPOILERS)Unexamined
Questions about versions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Familiar HelpUnexamined
Fighter feat choices/questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Complete module/product listingUnexamined
Core booksUnexamined
How a monk and a rogue can capture a sorcerer (3.5e) ?Unexamined
Campaign Doomed to FailUnexamined
4e Power TemplatesUnexamined
Online DnD CampaignUnexamined
Trying to find a Live Chat D&D groupUnexamined
Medusa bard.Unexamined
Paladin pictureUnexamined
Where can I find a blank 4th Edi. Charecter sheet?Unexamined
Brand new player and need help on class & race.Unexamined
Alignment QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Fitting Pre Existing Character Concepts into 4e RulesUnexamined
Will Martial Power be worth it? (Not Anti-4e)Unexamined
is it ok to play H1 on you're own?Unexamined
Hit Dice with Druids and MomFsUnexamined
How to Find a GroupUnexamined
4th Edition!!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Free Power CardsUnexamined
4e Character Creation Walkthrough?Unexamined
Yikes...more 4th edition help plz....Unexamined
4e Mechanics ClarificationUnexamined
Character Sheet QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
1[W] + strength modifier.?????Unexamined
How to get started?Unexamined
Question about combat mechanicsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
3.5 Warlock questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
4e Gnome PCsImpossible?Unexamined
Is there a fansite that has an online 4e character generator yet?Unexamined
Unclear how your skills increase.Unexamined
3.5 Conversion : DruidConjurerEnchanterIllusionistUnexamined
RP in combat.Unexamined
Skills and my confusionUnexamined
Am I even close?Unexamined
Need a 1500 gold 3.5 itemUnexamined
Another question for the spellcastersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Playing DnD with an inconsistent scheduleUnexamined
Emergency Rules Question! ARRRHGGGHH!!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need Wish Ideas for Tonight's Session (2.5 hours)Unexamined
Problem with an weaponUnexamined
Language Barrier: When There is No Common (Actually a whole lot of fun)Unexamined
3.5 How to complement this group?Unexamined
just wonderin'...Unexamined
the story of a necromancerUnexamined
Cleric's Healing abilitysUnexamined
Random Character GenerationUnexamined
Need help creating a three man team for 4edUnexamined
How necessary is the Cleric?Unexamined
How do you keep track of everything?Unexamined
dex modifier damage?Unexamined
Dealing with unbalanced DMUnexamined
Why Warlocks must have Ritual CastingUnexamined
Pointing to the Head (3.5 Edition)Unexamined
shot on the run?Unexamined
General racial ability questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help me out! Bard/FatespinnerUnexamined
Horses - DragonbornUnexamined
DM/Playstyle issuesUnexamined
Help with my role playing.Unexamined
Party composition necessity?Unexamined
non lawful good paladin really that bad?Unexamined
my friend sucksUnexamined
Need a good excel sheet!Unexamined
Healing Surges Ruin Epic FightsUnexamined
RoguesDaggersQuestionsAnd You!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
New D&D player looking for roleplaying advice!Unexamined
Dungeon HuntUnexamined
Most encounters your group has done in a day.Unexamined
should I expect my DM to put out the fire?Unexamined
Base AttackUnexamined
Mod + 1/2 lvl column?Unexamined
Getting out of the habit of wanting to be the bestUnexamined
Good Character Concept? or suicide in progress?Unexamined
New and CluelessUnexamined
what class to chooseUnexamined
Looking For A GroupUnexamined
what class to chooseUnexamined
what class to chooseUnexamined
what class to chooseUnexamined
what class to chooseUnexamined
Basic Tactics for DummiesUnexamined
Advice needed: Life without a strikerUnexamined
Need help with Alchemist Fire.Unexamined
Primers for 1st-Level CharactersParticularly for Long-Time D&D PlayersUnexamined
101 BEST players or DMsUnexamined
Do you think we have broken the campaign before we even started?Unexamined
Pathfinder: Undead enchantmentheavy vampires?Unexamined
Hero Craftsman 17: We're Goin' Underground...Unexamined
Contimplating Starting...Unexamined
Skill QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Any groups in UtahUnexamined
4th level Character generation questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Catstep BootsUnexamined
Catstep BootsUnexamined
Catstep BootsUnexamined
Catstep BootsUnexamined
Catstep bootsUnexamined
Suggestions on classesUnexamined
Catstep BootsUnexamined
4e - Paladin & Warlord or Ranger & WarlordUnexamined
Invisibilty vs cantrips and passed out dudes vs spellsUnexamined
New to D&DInterested in playingNot interested in being a DM.Unexamined
Jumping off a cliff?Unexamined
Am I missing something on the char sheets or am I a total idiot.Unexamined
What to complement two rogues?Unexamined
Multiple Personality Disorder Character.Unexamined
DragonbornsClericsand Healing SurgesUnexamined
Character vs. Player KnowledgeUnexamined
Advice for playing 4E from a 3.5 playgroup?Unexamined
How to refuse a magical item?Unexamined
Party loot splitting for deadleaving charactersUnexamined
2 Person PartyUnexamined
fast healing???Unexamined
Health QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Our D&D game ambushed againUnexamined
Sacrificed SoulsUnexamined
Help with developing a characterUnexamined
Mixed alignment partyUnexamined
Evil and Unaligned; what is the difference?Unexamined
Can elves trance?Unexamined
Looking for Group - East BayCAUnexamined
looking for playersUnexamined
If you were going to play solo. . .Unexamined
Playing soccer with the heads of the surrenderedUnexamined
Would this upset you too?Unexamined
Need help choosing a characterUnexamined
Players in conflictUnexamined
100 GP and the ClericUnexamined
Lethal DMUnexamined
1001 Tips To Avoid Being the AnnoyingUnexamined
Rules Lawyers PersecutionUnexamined
Tiefling Ranger - Need Background HelpUnexamined
1001 useful ways to use noncombat powersUnexamined
First 4e Character: Torn in multiple directions...Unexamined
2 wishes for a level 5 character. What should i get?Unexamined
My DM nerfed knowledge skillsUnexamined
If Swords heal TrollsI need revenge on the DMUnexamined
Question about another playerNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Is my DM in his right mind?Unexamined
2 Concerns/Questions:No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Alignment question 3.5alsomost scoundrel way to get out of this?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to get the party to restUnexamined
New CampaignNew Edition...Unexamined
Round-Robin PLAYERS?!Unexamined
Druid animal companion creation (v3.5)Unexamined
A party of warlockpaladin and warlord..Unexamined
my first character any adviceUnexamined
Was thinking about getting into D&Dbut...Unexamined
Character sheet problemUnexamined
I'm completely new to D&DUnexamined
For the people who play Bards....Unexamined
Sometimes I wish my companions would read the book.Unexamined
Post your alignment exemplar storiesUnexamined
Battle TacticsUnexamined
Suggestions for a female dragonborn fighter artwork/miniUnexamined
Will this party make-up work?Unexamined
Follow the Leader????Unexamined
Just startingUnexamined
Use your brains or zombies will eat themUnexamined
Player Locator ThreadUnexamined
How would you feel with this hoserule as a player?Unexamined
I Have a Problem.Unexamined
"Archer Ranger" using two blades?Unexamined
Guilds for pen and paper?Unexamined
Two-Weapon FightingUnexamined
Situation: Sneaking into a castle-cityUnexamined
How do your games compare?Unexamined
Move and Charge separate?Unexamined
Need Raven Queen InformationUnexamined
Blind vs Daze? Which is "worse"?Unexamined
The team HATES me T-TUnexamined
What type of action is putting away a weapon?Unexamined
Please help me make traps for vampires.Unexamined
SUPER brand ultra new player! (greetings and help)Unexamined
CON - Vital ForceUnexamined
What character should I be?Unexamined
hey guys im new to D&D 4E!!!Unexamined
Classification of MasterWork Armour.Unexamined
4e tactical advice neededUnexamined
I Splice him!Unexamined
I Splice him!Unexamined
Acid BreathUnexamined
Aid Another - any flavor text?Unexamined
Dual wield shieldsUnexamined
Spectral hand questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Two rangers and a skill *****Unexamined
Building a Dragon PC (3.5)Unexamined
Where can I learn about Dragonborn?Unexamined
Battle criesUnexamined
Who needs ninjas?Unexamined
What is Special?Unexamined
what happens to the dwarf?Unexamined
Good Fighter mage PrCs?Unexamined
Gnoll Ranger/Barbarian what to bring?Unexamined
Hero Craftsman 18: I Need a Hero!Unexamined
Strange charcter conceptsUnexamined
RPG 101Unexamined
4e haters.Unexamined
Control freak DMUnexamined
How to make me hit more oftenis it meor the dm?Unexamined
How do powers work?Unexamined
Have you ever played a one-shot with a great PC theme? all pirates? all necromancers?Unexamined
Mounted PC'sUnexamined
Bag of Holding Question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Undead dragon at level 8and crap gearUnexamined
Paladin's Divine GraceUnexamined
New Player Needs Some InfoUnexamined
Whats my party missing?Unexamined
Paladin PrestigeUnexamined
LFR vs. normalUnexamined
S.M.S- Save My Sanity -Help Appreciated!Unexamined
Magical Item Drop-RatesUnexamined
Twink Rogue?Unexamined
Money on non-combat fun.Unexamined
bigby's icy graspUnexamined
Warforged holding his breathe?Unexamined
Problem with plain charactersUnexamined
Cone based question. 50 percent rule?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Alignment question...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
whats player going to doUnexamined
Is 4E Really This Brutal?Unexamined
Need clerical helpUnexamined
paladin problemUnexamined
Two Characters better than One?Unexamined
2nd Ed PuristsUnexamined
How long is long enough?Unexamined
4 veteran-DMs abusing a rookie DM AAAh!Unexamined
One player short.Unexamined
How to escape 4e becoming a wasted perchaseUnexamined
Arguing with the DM. Need help. *Solved. Thanks. :)*Unexamined
BYARRRRR Adventures on the SeaUnexamined
In game racism.Unexamined
Pregnancy Woes ...Unexamined
The Odd Couple (long)Unexamined
mymy whole party is held hostage help me!!Unexamined
Gaming Accessories: Miniature potionsUnexamined
Bard vs. Blue DragonUnexamined
DiplomacyBluff etc on other playersUnexamined
Our DM beats us :(Unexamined
What do you do when your DM makes mistakes?Unexamined
Infernal Eladrin Lock MiniUnexamined
Good-aligned characters casting evil spellsUnexamined
skill checks... a rantUnexamined
Ability mod helpUnexamined
3.5 elf sorcereress questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Portraits for characters - where do you get them?Unexamined
A role-play-less board game.Unexamined
Party CompositionUnexamined
Need suggestions post-epic (3.5)Unexamined
Playing passive in a hostile groupUnexamined
What do I need for Roleplaying? Adventures?Unexamined
Building a character: +1 level of existing classUnexamined
An in-game hitch.Unexamined
D&D IMingUnexamined
To be alive or not...Unexamined
One-Liner Class Descriptions 4EUnexamined
Spells Per Day and the sort?Unexamined
Wizards Not Keeping Up?Unexamined
Cake Walkor CripplingUnexamined
Down to twoUnexamined
Clerics...I don't have my PHB on hand.Unexamined
DnD HomeworkUnexamined
Player In Need Of Strategy AdviceUnexamined
Red-Dragon DracolichUnexamined
DM troublesUnexamined
Olbie returning4e questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
please help meUnexamined
101 Rediculous 4e MunchkinismsUnexamined
Help: Staff of the magiUnexamined
help with Understanding TablesUnexamined
Why I have lost all patience with my dm and 3.5.Unexamined
Prepared spells helpUnexamined
a fighters nightmareUnexamined
whats a player to do with a dirty battlemap?Unexamined
Hide from Undead (MiC Set item - Shirt)Unexamined
Patriotic Paladin?Unexamined
Main Hand vs Off handUnexamined
Something every Player needs.....Unexamined
Necromancy and ConstructsUnexamined
My DM is a $@!*ing Cheat!!!!Unexamined
In theoryI'm scary. On paperI'm a total wuss.Unexamined
Wheel of Fate?Unexamined
Game pieces...Unexamined
Warlord and Swordmage: Multiclass into what?Unexamined
My DM thinks I'm over powered... butUnexamined
Question About Joining Racial GroupsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Young Black Dragon too much for 4 1st levels?Unexamined
"BTWwhile you couldn't make it to the sessionyour character died."Unexamined
Looking for a PBP game to joinUnexamined
Heyis this a Bluff check or Intimidate check?Unexamined
A Boy's WorldUnexamined
Roleplaying IssueUnexamined
Controller or Strikerwhich is less essential to a party?Unexamined
anywhere to play a pick up game online?Unexamined
Multiclass 'Power' Feats question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Hero Artisan Discussion Thread (4E Hero Caftsmen)Unexamined
Outlandish Arcane Research RulesUnexamined
I need adviceUnexamined
New "House Rule" on Magic: Need Help Putting a Criticism into WordsUnexamined
Low CHAsuperior INT?Unexamined
talking tactics to the groupUnexamined
If a player doesn't playis he still a player?Unexamined
Alignment Woes... A rogue's dilemma.Unexamined
Choosing a classUnexamined
An Half-Orc MonkUnexamined
Any good pbp sites?Unexamined
Somy character died before the adventure even started!Unexamined
Is Keep on the Shadowfell broken?Unexamined
How to stop thieves...Unexamined
Class Power CardsUnexamined
How do you guys feel about power-to-power imbalance?Unexamined
Arcane ArcherUnexamined
Dragonborn NamesUnexamined
Psion Killer (3.5)Unexamined
How Does One Insult A Monster?Unexamined
Judge Dredd=Lawful good? LOL!Unexamined
Need Help with a 14th level Wiz / ConjurerUnexamined
Speaking of Power Cards..Unexamined
Looking for War StoriesUnexamined
What is (are) your characters?Unexamined
Party infightingUnexamined
DM Wants the Boards Opinion - So I'll askUnexamined
D&D 4e Anime EditionUnexamined
How to make your character... Intresting...Unexamined
What do I do about unfairness?Unexamined
Greatest VictoryUnexamined
Crushing DefeatUnexamined
Darn Sneak AttackUnexamined
Help with an issue with PC vs. PC ConflictUnexamined
Crashing through a barrierUnexamined
Are you a familiar?Unexamined
[3e] Dealing With DMs Who Are LightfistedUnexamined
How do you Train a Dire Bear?Unexamined
Performance feat questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A question of ettiquite...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Chronic Character Creators AnonymousUnexamined
A bizarre situation (Long Post)Unexamined
Cleric RPingUnexamined
Acrobatic Stunt: What have you done?Unexamined
D&D 3.5: Tricky situation in yesterday's sessioninput pleaseUnexamined
Favorite Character SheetUnexamined
Too funnyUnexamined
bluff to make a player a servantUnexamined
Morals: in- and out-of-game and how to deal with themUnexamined
Help a NoobUnexamined
Romance in DnD?Unexamined
3.5 Barbarian HelpUnexamined
The thing that bugs me most . . .Unexamined
Concealment... whats it do in 4E?Unexamined
Kids make the darnedest Free ActionsUnexamined
Poison Immunity Vs. Getting DrunkUnexamined
imprisionmentas a spell-like abilityUnexamined
Obtaining Parts: spell and monster creation 3.5Unexamined
Translation of the old to the new.Unexamined
3.5 charactersUnexamined
Scaling EncountersUnexamined
Best lines ever IIUnexamined
Overpowered DMPC + PKUnexamined
Why So Much Angst?Unexamined
A glorious momentUnexamined
New DM + New Players= No Fun For Me?Unexamined
2 Player Party - No LeaderNo DefenderUnexamined
Skirmishing Scouts vs. Strict DMUnexamined
Players Frustrated with Campaign WorldUnexamined
Sowe're gonna fight a dragon...Unexamined
Knight? Scout? Mad wizard? Help me create my character.Unexamined
Should player vs player combat be used to solve IC disputes?Unexamined
Barbarian RP helpUnexamined
Flyby argumentUnexamined
New to D&DUnexamined
Concealment and HideUnexamined
Chosen of MystraUnexamined
Multiclass SkillUnexamined
Looking for 3.5 Wizard AdviceUnexamined
Pick PocketingUnexamined
Role Playing Stats?Unexamined
The Dead and You: Necromancer needs adviceUnexamined
Keep of the Shadowfell complaints (spoilers!)Unexamined
Throw a d100Unexamined
If you only get one choice...Unexamined
How Do You Justify Your Warlocks Being Good?Unexamined
Favorite Characters Personalites?Unexamined
brand new to D&DUnexamined
My 4e Character SheetUnexamined
But..but...I don't WANT to re-roll!!!Unexamined
Implements...What's The Point?Unexamined
Could somebody help me with a 3.5 character please?Unexamined
3.5 Game PC IssuesAdvice RequestedUnexamined
DM gimps jewel valueUnexamined
3.5 Questionnot sure where it goes because 3.5 apparently doesn't exist anymoreNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need Some Help - Long ReadUnexamined
What to bring?Unexamined
Can't find any gamesUnexamined
Repainting Mage Knight FiguresUnexamined
Hero Craftsman 19: Hunting and GatheringUnexamined
Looking For ItemUnexamined
Milothe Moutherand the Eeeeevil DMUnexamined
All too easyUnexamined
Flavor and function. Player Versus DM.Unexamined
1001 Things That Bug you About DnD (A place to vent)Unexamined
Windsoul Genasi Character... Ideas?Unexamined
How do you handle status effects?Unexamined
Helpful Guide The grand postUnexamined
Treasure division & Magic Item valueUnexamined
Your Unique RP ExperiencesUnexamined
heavy thrownUnexamined
frenzy berzerker or gentle FB. Help for a char build to make a warrior shine a littleUnexamined
Small man syndromeUnexamined
How to fill out this partyUnexamined
What to do when your tank runs off...Unexamined
Ring of spell battle to roll or not to the d20Unexamined
Character Creation QuestionnaireNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Favorite PC and WhyUnexamined
Problem with a DM and the Method in Which a Skill Is UtilizedUnexamined
My groups plays D&D miniatures under the guise of a campaignUnexamined
A D&D session gone bad - I need some opinionsUnexamined
A fun trick...Unexamined
3.5 Help with Roleplaying?Unexamined
how do you define lawful good?Unexamined
never to taste the anticipation of a roll's resultUnexamined
Choosing a 5th CharacterUnexamined
Attempting to learn and try this gameadvice?Unexamined
Enchanting Body parts in 3.5 (now with added prestige class for Good Outsiders)Unexamined
Hero Artisan #1: Winter Wonderland [4e]Unexamined
4e Character Sheet in word format?Unexamined
Breaking bad D&D HabitsUnexamined
Advice on Dealing With a Necromancer PC Who Can't Take a HintUnexamined
DM's and Rule Zero (Complaint Thread)Unexamined
Ranger needs advice on Animal CompanionUnexamined
Characteristics of Good DM'sPC'sUnexamined
Player Rebelion. (warningreally freaking long)Unexamined
What percentage of games actually run to the end?Unexamined
Does anyone earn their character anymore?Unexamined
Help! D.M. is Driving Us Crazy!!!Unexamined
Difference between Ranger and Prestige Ranger?Unexamined
PC to DM dialogue my biggest weakness...advice?Unexamined
Are DM's actions reasonable?Unexamined
How do you handle being stunned/dazed?Unexamined
Vampire ExterminatorsUnexamined
Am I being unreasonable here?Unexamined
In need of D&D in TNUnexamined
I need help with an equationUnexamined
Character constantly being avoided in every scenarioUnexamined
Player Ingenuity....Discouraged?Unexamined
I need character background tables!!!Unexamined
Sandbox gaming ...from a player's perspectiveUnexamined
Group DM is Unfair - AdviceUnexamined
Any of these traps good ideas?Unexamined
Rogue and UndeadUnexamined
OOC issues with new character choiceUnexamined
Ancient Red Dragon at level 4!?Unexamined
RPing A Good Social Darwinist-How Would You Do It?Unexamined
Please help us!! - problems with a Dm!Unexamined
Goliaths and Powerful BuildUnexamined
Black Dragon woesUnexamined
Help! DM weakening me!Unexamined
Hero Artisan: FeedbackCommentsCriticismsand SuggestionsUnexamined
Ideas for a characterUnexamined
Lord of hell took my soul.Unexamined
Can a Eladrin get along with Raven Queen ClericUnexamined
1001 Ways To Tell You're A MunchkinUnexamined
My party could be in trouble. Any advice?Unexamined
Anyone played a Kobold?Unexamined
An Encounter Gone BadUnexamined
new playerUnexamined
Darwinism and 4E - Post your examplesUnexamined
Excuse for killing PlayerUnexamined
Animal Motifs In PCsUnexamined
Warriors job?Unexamined
Archivist/StormlordSuggestions pleaseUnexamined
Am I a bad player?Unexamined
Aaaah!! What do I do?!Unexamined
Dare I use this weapon?Unexamined
Starting gold for a 5th lvl 3.5 character?Unexamined
Fresh Meat!Unexamined
Ability Scores & RoleplayingUnexamined
Basic 4th Ed buildsUnexamined
Question on the DMG Mini moduleNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
(3.5 edition) What's the best class for objectivism?Unexamined
Possibly Unfair NPC verses PlayersUnexamined
Poor beyond belliefUnexamined
Horned Hold Take Over - How to Develop an Economic Power?Unexamined
Playing An Insane Character-And Not The Good Kind of InsaneUnexamined
Linear CampaignUnexamined
Hero Craftsmen #20: Back to SchoolUnexamined
what class?? help me to chooseUnexamined
I think i killed all the fun!!Unexamined
What is closest to Gnome Illusionist in 4e?Unexamined
Pro Online 4E Campaigns?Unexamined
By Vanished Mystramy party sucks.Unexamined
Any ideas for my Dwarf Battlerager personality?Unexamined
A mini rantUnexamined
Theoretical Question about Resurrection...and pregnancyNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help! My warlord's turns take forever!Unexamined
Being treated as the little guya sticky problemUnexamined
Anyone play a non-optimized character?Unexamined
wizard who is losssssstUnexamined
Little help with animal companionUnexamined
house rulesUnexamined
house rulesUnexamined
Scales of war?Unexamined
Your house rulesUnexamined
Racial Levels HelpUnexamined
First ever 4E game a complete disaster...Unexamined
(3.5) Help for final encounterUnexamined
A Rambling ComplaintUnexamined
UA Bloodlines 3.5 editonUnexamined
Embracing the Lovecraftian Gods: How Would You Do It For A Good Character?Unexamined
If i was you .. I would find a different Group or DMUnexamined
Player rebellion/fallout awkwardnessUnexamined
What's MY role?Unexamined
Playing without a DefenderUnexamined
Adventurer's ContractUnexamined
Players' opinions on fudgingUnexamined
Hero Artisan #2: Redemption [4e]Unexamined
I always want to be the center of attentionUnexamined
Best Character SheetUnexamined
How did roleplayers ruin your game?Unexamined
D&D 3.5: Problem with a DMUnexamined
Would you be annoyed?Unexamined
If you can't role-playatleast try for roll-play.Unexamined
Nice personGreat Role-playercrappy DM.Unexamined
get out of my headget out of my head!!!Unexamined
Anyone ever used this personality developement tool?Unexamined
3.0 Update (Arms and Equipment Guide)Unexamined
Idiot fighters?Unexamined
Adventurers' Guild: What features should it have?Unexamined
need names for a 3.5 rogueUnexamined
Will you play in a game that doesn't generate characters the way you prefer?Unexamined
House Rule that irks meUnexamined
Do you pick your characters?Unexamined
Sometimes it can be fun for players to steal from each otherUnexamined
Finding a new Group and you!Unexamined
Change of FeatsUnexamined
ToB overpowered and banned...seriously why?Unexamined
3.5 question about Cleric spellsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
sword of arcane order questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
[3.5]How can I be effective in combat with my character?Unexamined
Feats for a 3.5 Favoured Soul?Unexamined
time to take a breakUnexamined
From a DM...Unexamined
1001 StupidCrazyand/or Awesome Armor and Weapon EnchantmentsUnexamined
Stat EnvyUnexamined
Damage ProblemUnexamined
Combo for my fighter?Unexamined
How Many Hit Points?Unexamined
Character SheetsUnexamined
DM likes to be 'Mysterious'Unexamined
3.5 with a homebrew "4E class"Unexamined
Inspirational SermonUnexamined
On player-class enemies and helping the DM.Unexamined
Playing Two Personalities in One? (Long-ish)Unexamined
Best death ever?Unexamined
Anyone actually died yet?Unexamined
Hey - I'm new hereand I got a small problem with one of my playersUnexamined
arcane power and suchUnexamined
Level 1 in a higher level world.Unexamined
Group HelpUnexamined
Forgery or BluffUnexamined
Are the types of characters buildable stagnate?Unexamined
My DM doesn't understand ECL and has no clue of how probability worksUnexamined
Should I Roleplay?Unexamined
exalted template?Unexamined
How to stop flyers from getting away?Unexamined
Making A WeaponUnexamined
DM bad at explaining the settingUnexamined
To what extent can PCs control the number of encounters they have per day?Unexamined
no DMUnexamined
Monk's BeltUnexamined
Whatyou've never seen a wolf before?Unexamined
Rules dispute with DMUnexamined
How to deal with Loot GogglesUnexamined
Finally found a character my DM won't approveUnexamined
How many feats are there?Unexamined
The easiest dragon ever.Unexamined
fan made character sheets.Unexamined
Other PCs cheat.Unexamined
Holy Hypocrisy BatmanUnexamined
The FunniestMost creative use of your class skills.Unexamined
Multiclass featuresUnexamined
How do you keep track in combat? HPstatuses/effectsetc.Unexamined
What do you do when your DM kills your character?Unexamined
close burst spellsnot worth it?Unexamined
Help Me Select Last Campaign SpotUnexamined
All the Loot You Can Carry... Now What?Unexamined
Polearm buildUnexamined
Tired of listening to 4E haters - not a commment about the forumUnexamined
Hunt for the right classUnexamined
[3.5] Arcane BarbarianUnexamined
Master LinguistUnexamined
Have YOU ever killed a fellow party member?Unexamined
[3.5] Lack of tactics is holding us backUnexamined
I think my DM is having second thoughts on allowing iajutsu focus...Unexamined
Player Dislikes vs. Game TacticsUnexamined
Readied Actions and DelayingUnexamined
Uses for 11 gallons of ale... (3.5)Unexamined
Combat Focus FeatsUnexamined
How To Tunnel To Victory. Help Me?Unexamined
Creative Class CombinationsUnexamined
What to ask an npc?Unexamined
Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil [repost]Unexamined
Waste 5 hours to save your character? Worth it?Unexamined
Dragon Shaman?Unexamined
Sick of my sub-DM railroadingUnexamined
Pre-combat plans ?Unexamined
Battle rager and Barbarian tacticsUnexamined
Epic Success StoriesUnexamined
Can someone change Races of Ebberon from 3.5 to 4e for me?Unexamined
Do I get to see attack roll values?Unexamined
my playgroup wants to switch back to 3.5...Unexamined
I rolled a 1... (Epic fail stories)Unexamined
Running and Shooting at the same time?Unexamined
What to do during IC 'Downtime'Unexamined
Help! We keep loosing our horses!Unexamined
How to convince my party to convert to 4eUnexamined
SG Atlantis WraithUnexamined
How good is my loot?Unexamined
new 3.5 characterUnexamined
Speaking In CharacterUnexamined
My brother is deadhow can I cope?Unexamined
Mark of JusticeUnexamined
Our Paladin thinks he's a RangerUnexamined
Away from the game: critique my character backgroundUnexamined
"If five's a party..." Interpersonal Dynamics Away from the TableUnexamined
Would you ever PAY a Dungeon Master???Unexamined
To the StarsUnexamined
[Meta-gaming] Assuming the ability to win in a straight-up fightUnexamined
DMs unfairly nerfing Intimidate?Unexamined
Players who abuse rulesUnexamined
3.5 Attack BonusUnexamined
We just got totally pasted.Unexamined
Starting a Thieves GuildUnexamined
My current party...Unexamined
Did I mess up? I feel kind of bad...Unexamined
player chroniclesUnexamined
Monk's beltUnexamined
3.5 Cavalier buildUnexamined
3 member party helpful strategies?Unexamined
How optimized does a character need to be?Unexamined
Ignore cover for melee??Unexamined
Seek Rumor & Ugma's recallUnexamined
Tips For My First SessionUnexamined
Need some helpUnexamined
My Healer is Cheating on MeUnexamined
Creating High Level Char - Do I have to pay for Rituals?Unexamined
Printing Out MapsUnexamined
Some basic 4e questions...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Playing D&D 4ed without at GMUnexamined
Help! Characters!Unexamined
Utimate Undead Hunter groupUnexamined
Preptime: What to buy?Unexamined
Party Indecision... we can't just leave him here!Unexamined
Help my DM decide my lich binder's alignmentlol!Unexamined
When the Die roller is your true opponentHumor
Stat lossUnexamined
Looking for a Red Mage MiniUnexamined
I'm the group 'punching bag'and I hate it (sort of long)Unexamined
Repulsion Armor ... useless?Unexamined
DM railroading my PCneed advice!Unexamined
ranger feets and skillsUnexamined
Other players can't play...Unexamined
Party of 3 - Ideas for an Effective TeamUnexamined
How would the Tiefling fit in?Unexamined
Duskblade: Too much damage?Unexamined
monk bonus feasts + wild shapeUnexamined
Minotaur as a character classUnexamined
Name of a magic itemUnexamined
Annoying PlayersUnexamined
curing a were-bite- learn to control it?Unexamined
A Quick QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
question about 3.5 spell slotsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Question on Versatile Master.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
"Chaotic Neutral" my posterior.Unexamined
FreeOnline Character Builder?Unexamined
Playing with fire?Unexamined
4th manUnexamined
When Campaigns Die...Unexamined
Feat confusion.Unexamined
Looking for Gith art.Unexamined
Which PHB1 class is best suited for an eastern-sword style character?Unexamined
Newborn: Dungeons And DragonsUnexamined
what role/classes are more fun to play?Unexamined
Just joined a new gamemay have screwed it up already.Unexamined
How Do I Get Rid of A Body?Unexamined
how do you explain 3.5 to a 16 year old male with a short attention span?Unexamined
Player villain buildsUnexamined
Unconsiousness and failing savesUnexamined
help finding PrCUnexamined
New to D&DUnexamined
What to do with extra healing surges...!?Unexamined
Cross-Class helpUnexamined
White Lies VS. Bluff checksUnexamined
Getting Caught In A Character RutUnexamined
Sneak AttacksUnexamined
Need Help With Taking a FeatUnexamined
Does D&D Become Lame Over Time?Unexamined
(3.5) i'm a bit unclear on Mind Flayers and abberation levelsUnexamined
A DM messing with game balanceUnexamined
Basic Tips for Survival in 4th EditionUnexamined
Need a Favored Enemy SubstituteUnexamined
Combat ImpotenceUnexamined
Nasty OgresUnexamined
The Lesser of 2 evilsUnexamined
Fairly new to the game..Unexamined
Help me pick a classUnexamined
i need some advice/suggestionsUnexamined
My character is stuck between a rock and a hard place.Unexamined
The DicenomiconUnexamined
When Communication Fails with a DMwhat to do?Unexamined
Advanced Spell QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Party Rogue Kept Items For HerselfUnexamined
Making Money (PEACH)Unexamined
Easiest Class for a 4e noob?Unexamined
How to Carry a GreataxeUnexamined
Halp! My DM is trying to turn me into a Paladin!Unexamined
Question about a spell (3.5)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Subject: IUnexamined
Dual strikeRoB's outUnexamined
Make Me a Match!Unexamined
2 Questions for a starterNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Trouble with alignmentsUnexamined
Minon KillerUnexamined
When You Could Have CheatedBut Didn'tUnexamined
[4e] Rant: Fighters and GreatswordsUnexamined
Non-Lethal damage. Why not?Unexamined
The Utility GuyUnexamined
Finding a DMUnexamined
neutral WardenUnexamined
3.5 Pounce AbilityUnexamined
Instant death possible by 3.5 rules?Unexamined
Rogue Eidolon...Unexamined
Hero Artisan #3: Nautical [4e]Unexamined
1001 Worst DMs to Ever Have in a GameUnexamined
How do you roleplay?Unexamined
why takes these featsUnexamined
Reconciling Rests...Unexamined
Multiple Bow Proficiency helpUnexamined
Dragon Shaman aura argumentUnexamined
A great comparison for your characterUnexamined
Seeking AdviceUnexamined
Need Answers on a few questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
non-ac defensesUnexamined
What Is the Most Fun Skill to Have Optimized?Unexamined
Hero Craftsman #21: It's All in the DetailsUnexamined
Deserving of Resurrection?Unexamined
Charging with a spear - how tough is it?Unexamined
Help for a group of beginnersUnexamined
Arcane Familiar battle statistics.Unexamined
Help Tailoring a Familiar to My CharacterUnexamined
Character help...Unexamined D&D backround music radioUnexamined
Bizarre Game House-RuleUnexamined
Campaign Finished - BBEG makes me cryUnexamined
Dead Baby DragonsUnexamined
List of human-looking racesUnexamined
Need Help Building A 3.5 Gnome DruidUnexamined
Need Help Building A 3.5 Gnome Bard CharacterUnexamined
A Guidebook of EvilUnexamined
never roleplayedlooking for some helpUnexamined
Close/delete this - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenUnexamined
My Party of Eight Currently playing a modified version of Pool of RadianceUnexamined
How do I get a pet or familiar?Unexamined
Revolving DMsUnexamined
Help for a beginning rogue/ CON and Schemes to stump my DMUnexamined
I saw someone cheat tonight..Unexamined
Best criminal mastermind class?Unexamined
Help?! How to impress my Sun Elf's girlfriends parents?Unexamined
Heroic SurgeUnexamined
Lookin for IDEASUnexamined
How well did I handle this?Unexamined
Increasing your HPUnexamined
Status Effects/Saving Throws: TacticsUnexamined
What model do you use for your Dragonborn?Unexamined
How do you consider yourself as a player?Unexamined
Best gaming room ever!Unexamined
Meatsheild buildsUnexamined
1001 Personalities/QuirksUnexamined
Leadership ProblemsUnexamined
Dealing with a rules lawyer.Unexamined
Help With ComicUnexamined
How do you make a character?Unexamined
Help me implement 2 HK/ROC/PRC movie character tropes in 4eUnexamined
Killing off a characterUnexamined
Anime D20 Modern Help PleaseUnexamined
Half Dragon Hints?Unexamined
Couples and AlignmentSo Frustrated!Unexamined
Line between roleplaying and going too farUnexamined
Favorite race/classes played?Unexamined
hard to hitUnexamined
(3.5) Blackscale LizardfolkUnexamined
The Drinking GameUnexamined
So do I have a chance at getting out of this alive or victorious?Unexamined
Dispelling Permanent EffectsUnexamined
Clerics: when to heal?Unexamined
Character sheet woesUnexamined
Bluff Vs ?Unexamined
How much +AC does this weapon give?Unexamined
First level up!Unexamined
How am I supposed to even...Unexamined
Spell effect question (flaming sphere)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DM decisionsUnexamined
1001 Ways To Creatively Dispatch Your Enemies - The Flexibility Of Zero HPUnexamined
Sorry I don't get multiclassingUnexamined
Story Idea needs HelpUnexamined
Filling Out The Party -- Thanks Much!Unexamined
Sonic Damage vs shipsUnexamined
MAgic Properties Stack?Unexamined
wrong forumUnexamined
What do you prefer?Unexamined
Online RPGA?Unexamined
Two-Player PartyUnexamined
how crazy is your DM?Unexamined
Acrobatic Stuntsthe Best of the BestUnexamined
Worth the Challenge?Unexamined
Pathfinder question...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
OOC conflict becoming ICUnexamined
Ranger Combat Style for MonstersUnexamined
100 PC TacticsUnexamined
The OOC Soap Opera (OrDays of Our PCs?)Unexamined
Which to chose?Unexamined
Need help with a solo campaignUnexamined
A question about alignmentNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The new Campaign is dieingUnexamined
powerstacticsstrategy and nachosUnexamined
3.5 ranged sneak attack?Unexamined
Hi! I'm Bob...theuhBob the Slayeryeah.Unexamined
An Honest to Goodness TrollUnexamined
Anybody See this?Unexamined
How Do I Keep My Gold?Unexamined
Losing EXPUnexamined
Detect MagicUnexamined
He wants me to be the BBEG...secretly?Unexamined
Looking for templatesUnexamined
Is it a good strategy to provoke OAs to trigger defender Marks?Unexamined
Minotaur Wedding RitualsUnexamined
Question on Party Class Choices.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Being Bandits?Unexamined
Finish my party!Unexamined
How to teach magical mages about non-magic electricity?Unexamined
Retraining: How to approach a DMUnexamined
What to summon with a gate spell?Unexamined
Tell me what you think of this tacticUnexamined
Dealing with Stubborn/Closeminded DMs and PlayersUnexamined
Kicking and Screaming into the FutureUnexamined
Help me with a Cleric Oath..... Thank you.Unexamined
Sociopathic Character Background HelpUnexamined
1001 contraptions your gnome would buildUnexamined
Does Epic will/fortitude/reflexes stack with robust defenses?Unexamined
Building a RogueUnexamined
Avenger questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Bardic Orcthat songs are horrible to humans...Unexamined
Resistance: Nerf to spellcasters?Unexamined
How much loot should I have?Unexamined
Feast or Famine (OrLeaders? Who needs 'em?!)Unexamined
Gray Elf stats....where are they found?Unexamined
Reach weaponUnexamined
a problemUnexamined
Pregenerated Level 1 CharactersUnexamined
level 30Unexamined
Question regarding skills and professions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Brash assault (or w/e power) with Fighting Style featsUnexamined
I think the DM has lost itUnexamined
Why I can't play divine characters...yet...Unexamined
Disagreement of DM choicesUnexamined
Heroes! (OrFantastic 4e)Unexamined
Memorial Day WeekendUnexamined
Need Help Making the Ultimate QuiverUnexamined
Curious about dual-wieldingUnexamined
Two Characters filling 5 Character's Roles?Unexamined
Would you mind a freaky Friday scenario?>Unexamined
Evil DM'sUnexamined
Meta Game LeadersUnexamined
Troubles with my DMUnexamined
I'm having an Identity Crisis. HALP!Unexamined
Opinions Needed....Problems with DM and his "Psychic" monsters....Unexamined
3.5 Getting access to the War Domain as a Favoured SoulUnexamined
Want some adviceUnexamined
Tell Me About ElansUnexamined
Looking to powergame a wizardUnexamined
Party MakeupUnexamined
Starting ages?Unexamined
Follow up to OOC conflict becoming ICUnexamined
Lawful Good and the Paladin ClassUnexamined
Drow Wizard Build HelpUnexamined
How should I optimize in a new party without stepping on toes?Unexamined
my new character roleUnexamined
Help with creating swordmage or rogueUnexamined
Resist Variable as an interruptUnexamined
1001 Brutal and Creative Ways to Kill MinionsUnexamined
Looking for a mini to match my character...Unexamined
Good versatile class?Unexamined
3.5 EberronPirate in need of aidUnexamined
When do you call it quits?Unexamined
I don't know what to play.Unexamined
Two Paladins In The Same Party?Unexamined
Must you optimize your character?Unexamined
Not sure what more I can do to handle ><Unexamined
Need New Character - Defender/Buffer/Healer?Unexamined
DM abhors minisUnexamined
Evil Campaign Roleplay tipsUnexamined
Light armour vs heavy queryUnexamined
Best mini for a Male Deva Wizard?Unexamined
Encounter Power as a Basic AttackUnexamined
I need some more info on Dual Wielding..Unexamined
Favorite Encounter Terrain or Special Features?Unexamined
Songs for my BardUnexamined
Dwarf Pirate?Unexamined
O meed a teacherwho knows bout Radience.Unexamined
How rough is this?Unexamined
Oddest spontaneous things your group does mid session?Unexamined
sneak attack rules?Unexamined
Making a character disappear...?Unexamined
Quick Question!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How can I make a (completely) blind fighter combat in a fantasy setting?Unexamined
Mercenary GroupUnexamined
Y'knowthis looks like fun. (Includes Rambling)Unexamined
Hybrid rogue/ranger beastmasterUnexamined
ninja-to weaponUnexamined
Help Wanted: Roadmap to games...Unexamined
3.5 Overpowered ClassesUnexamined
Denied Feat?Unexamined
3.5 Scout/Swordsage OptimizationUnexamined
Sudden MillionaresUnexamined
Complete Warrior Flying kick featUnexamined
Whats a Halfling Rogue to do (in combat)?Unexamined
HELP! I'm trapped in a Handy Haversack and can't get out!Unexamined
Class selectiongroup synergyUnexamined
Class Features in PHB?Unexamined
Is there a Skill Challenge for this?Unexamined
3.5e New character class helpUnexamined
Is there a Feat for this?Unexamined
3.5 psion quick questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DM ProblemsUnexamined
Need Faster Combat? Bring Back Morale!Unexamined
New 3.5 LockyUnexamined
DM/PC issues.....Unexamined
DM/PC issues.....Unexamined
Worst Houserules?Unexamined
4e Healingclarification.Unexamined
How do the retreiveing actions work?Unexamined
Intercepting Attacks (3.5)Unexamined
Group needs healingwhat to do?Unexamined
Dread Necro in party (kinda)Unexamined
Never been Epic.Unexamined
boring combatsUnexamined
Best HouserulesUnexamined
Hero Artisan 4: The Elemental Chaos [4e]Unexamined
got a dragonUnexamined
Worst Session?Unexamined
Attack +1/2 Level?Unexamined
Sun Elf Wizard build helpUnexamined
Group is all strikerswhat do I do?Unexamined
Mod +1/2 questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
3.5 Spell creationUnexamined
How to get a game?Unexamined
Excel spreadsheet for Powers?Unexamined
Worst PuzzlesUnexamined
Problem with an EncounterUnexamined
Displaying Character Traits in CombatUnexamined
Best way to Earn gold as an incomeUnexamined
Whats the best resistance?Unexamined
What am I suppost to do now?Unexamined
What class would a witch be?Unexamined
Roleplaying mutes: What do you think?Unexamined
3 PC party - which roles to choose?Unexamined
Advice needed: defender or leader?Unexamined
new player needs helpetcRules Question Or Discussion
Does Impiltur Background extend to pets?Unexamined
New player any tips (or anything to help)Unexamined
How is a Two-Bladed Sword Sheathed?Unexamined
Desperate for Advice - A Spy In Our MidstUnexamined
The GyrspikeUnexamined
2 Warlords in one party?Unexamined
A quick rant about math and DMsUnexamined
PCs vs. PCs?Unexamined
Is there any Divine Classes that fight at range?Unexamined
More than one monk build?Unexamined
God of Brewing??Unexamined
Rant About Uncooperative PlayerUnexamined
Need ideas for the pickle we're inUnexamined
Consistency and Authority?Unexamined
# of powers per dayUnexamined
homebrew pc medusaUnexamined
What happens when all the fun is sucked out of a game?Unexamined
101 Uses for Stone to FleshUnexamined
Fellow Player And I Can't AgreeUnexamined
Advice on starting people at higher level and lootUnexamined
save when stunned?Unexamined
Weak against rangedUnexamined
Phantom TemplateUnexamined
never before used boxset play or store away??Unexamined
A Tale of Two BrothersUnexamined
what's a rogue to do ?Unexamined
4e Essential Reading?Unexamined
Gridlock in the Gaming World!Unexamined
Am I out of line?Unexamined
Kalashtar InvokerUnexamined
Whatfor youis most alluring about D&D?Unexamined
Lvl 14 DM Rogue...Someone verify this please?Unexamined
The 4e game I want to playUnexamined
What should I do?Unexamined
What are these "more interesting feats" people keep referring to?Unexamined
No control over "my" pcUnexamined
how many spells to cast?Unexamined
Is killing evil creatures... evil?Unexamined
Drow poison *!#&?Unexamined
Have you ever used the same character in multiple campaigns?Unexamined
question about skillsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help Me I Am In NessusUnexamined
New to 4e... questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Easiest Role to PlayUnexamined
Shadowfell LanguageUnexamined
This won't end well...Unexamined
is this fair?Unexamined
Party Betrayal. Redemption? (3.5)Unexamined
Insulting the Half-ElfUnexamined
101 Good modern uses for spells.Unexamined
How to make a good monk? 3.5 editonUnexamined
Thing that imo is missing in 4eUnexamined
Is there a way to gain Channel Divinity without being a Cleric?Unexamined
My First TPK: Mixed EmotionsUnexamined
Crafting Ethics for 3.5Unexamined
What's the best way to avoid scrying with a wish?Unexamined
DM vs. Rules.Unexamined
Is there anything in 4th edition you came across unexpectedly to.......?Unexamined
1001 Evil CharactersUnexamined
4e Characters above 1st?Unexamined
Stealing from someone with a Handy HaversackUnexamined
My Healing Strike is CURSED!Unexamined
Need help with other Player/Vent/AdviceUnexamined
Are the 'classics' now 'golden oldies'?Unexamined
Help finding a great Prestige Rogue ClassUnexamined
Finally got to play! ... stuck with Healbot...Unexamined
Magic Items say whaaa?Unexamined
Finding a group?Unexamined
Picking a character for the Ultimate Dungeon DelveUnexamined
Collection of "Character" Art?Unexamined
Looking for name of a featUnexamined
Guns and ButterUnexamined
Finally relinquishing DM chairand I don't know what to play!Unexamined
Splitting up the TreasureUnexamined
How to break out of Jail?Unexamined
Party dilemma - how do I deal with this situation?Unexamined
Creative ideasUnexamined
Defensive Advantage and Opportunity AttacksUnexamined
psion classUnexamined
Noob questions (sorry)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Problems gaining rituals?Unexamined
Silly noobish question about class powersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Creative mounted acrobatic stunts.Unexamined
The D&D TakeUnexamined
Spring Attack/Shot on the run + Full attackUnexamined
So I ended up getting kicked out of one of my groups.....Unexamined
Quick Eldrin Swordmage QUnexamined
Knocking Prone and FlyingUnexamined
What is your favorite class?Unexamined
Resist Question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What does Sustain Minor: Zone Persists mean?Unexamined
I'm a spellcaster and everything I fight has magic immunity...HELP!Unexamined
Best way to utilize a viking warship for evil?Unexamined
Telling Someone "I Don't Want to Play in Your Group"Unexamined
Armor Pref. and Ritual QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
question bout party makeupNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help with a problem that came up at are last sessionUnexamined
Cleric rendered moot and another problemplease help (3.5)Unexamined
Two WeaponsUnexamined
Can we survive?Unexamined
Question on bluffNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The 101 WORST players IIUnexamined
attack reach questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What are your thoughts on NPC and PC romance?Unexamined
Simple Rule Question: Move + Std + Readied Minor?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to politely say RTFM(s)Unexamined
Party conflictsUnexamined
Things Every Party Needs (mostly to mess with the DM)Unexamined
GM is overzealous with his house rulesUnexamined
1001 Unorthodox ItemsUnexamined
OkayGuysI Don't Remember Taking a Vow of Poverty!Unexamined
I want a really cool sword!Unexamined
101 crazy backgroundsUnexamined
Solo Campaign - choosing a classUnexamined
No Defender :(Unexamined
New to DnD.Unexamined
DM vs PaladinUnexamined
An Encounter just is too difficultDM not budgingUnexamined
Quick Question about 3.5 Prestige ClassesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Homebrew Prestige ClassUnexamined
Character IssuesUnexamined
100% Non-Combat PCUnexamined
Fighter in our group does 2 attacks at-will @ lvl 5Unexamined
Character choiceUnexamined
3.5 Q - Epic Ring Sequester defeats Blindsight?Unexamined
How can I judge loyalty with a question?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
101 Epic FailuresUnexamined
Uhlittle bro wants to joinplease helpUnexamined
Charater concept/build help: Male / Gnome / Alchemist / Druid / Adventurer / ?Unexamined
The Artificer: A Drow Long Knife Tale. Is my Dm justified?Unexamined
101 clever food ideasUnexamined
What is in a Name?Unexamined
Help a player help a 1st time DMUnexamined
(4th Ed.) Party AdviceUnexamined
Playing with NewbiesSeveral Problems.Unexamined
Hey I have a Question about dealing with G.M.s using GeniesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Choose my character!Unexamined
Psychoanalyzing a Necromancer?Unexamined
Bardic MusicUnexamined
Need Cash3.5eEberronUnexamined
Lessons I've Learned from DnDUnexamined
Playing a Gargoyle (3.5) - Some questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
When you know you have a crappy DMUnexamined
Cool concepts that you can't use anymore because they've become cliche...Unexamined
Druid /Artificer posible? 3.5Unexamined
Best race/class for solo campain?Unexamined
Have you ever based your character on another fictional character?Unexamined
Other players keep dieing!Unexamined
Can you use the same power twice in a turn?Unexamined
healing surgesUnexamined
10 Commandments of D&DUnexamined
Why do DMs make intimidate worthless so much?Unexamined
Easiest Class to Play?Unexamined
"The D&D Take" Blog. Come Join The Fun!Unexamined
I have a slight problem.Unexamined
Other Player getting in my way!Unexamined
Advice for creating a D&D RP character?Unexamined
Betrayed! and I need help separating IC from OOC.Unexamined
Behind the Money Curve (3.5e)Unexamined
Creative things to do with ArcanaUnexamined
minature has it changed?Unexamined
why is this not neutral?Unexamined
DM appears to just be making stuff upUnexamined
Force Armor Bonus to Touch AC?Unexamined
Good Sehanine Cleric?Unexamined
Roleplay a noblemanUnexamined
The 'Rouse' spellUnexamined
Introducing 4E with a 3 member partyUnexamined
Educating fellow playerUnexamined
Optimization vs CustomizationUnexamined
Help Fighting GodsUnexamined
Looking for Session OptionsUnexamined
Is Melee better than ranged?Unexamined
Name that Feat!Unexamined
Alignment issue #1603.Unexamined
Normal attack damage modifier??Unexamined
Limits of an Assassin's Death AttackUnexamined
Dark SpeechUnexamined
Hand-drawn Character Portraits?Unexamined
Grog Like Magic!Unexamined
Two-Man ComboUnexamined
What should I play?Unexamined
Saves against no save spellsUnexamined
Lord of ProcrastinationUnexamined
Slow Gameplay but Reluctant to Leave GroupUnexamined
forcing team to change alingmentUnexamined
Problem with RangersPaladinsWarlocksAvengersUnexamined
trouble understanding ECLUnexamined
Character deathUnexamined
PH2 QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
So many character ideasso few games...Unexamined
I want to learn 3.5EUnexamined
I think I'm dead...Unexamined
Leadership QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Anyone play using Age?Unexamined
Half orc Int questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Old newbie seeks advice/suggestionsUnexamined
You play yours and I'll play mineUnexamined
Time in 4ed.Unexamined
1001 Total Screwups (Rules-Related or Not)Unexamined
Artificer 3.5 questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Hero Artisan 5: Oops!Unexamined
Group completion - advice wantedUnexamined
How are these useful?Unexamined
Mounted Combat QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Elf Rogue QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The fun factor? Striker or Controller!?Unexamined
Help with synergyUnexamined
1001 things any adventurer worth his salt wouldn't leave town withoutUnexamined
Short Rests and my DM's decisionUnexamined
Home Security in 4e game - what else can I do?Unexamined
What were the old Psionic Classes?Unexamined
Keeping it interesting...Unexamined
RP Question...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Coming back to the forumsUnexamined
[3.5e] Feat to increase the level of your animal companionUnexamined
My fighter markUnexamined
Need paintable Deva Cleric minitureUnexamined
How would you classify this in accordance to alignmentUnexamined
dirty rotten backstabbingUnexamined
Now I want to play...Unexamined
What book shuld I buy?Unexamined
Getting to play this time... I have no clue what to play in this group. Sorry for walls of text...Unexamined
Help with a druid...Unexamined
Looking for a PBP gameUnexamined
Moment-to-moment prescience for a non-bard?Unexamined
General Fantasy Roles for PCs: Class FlavorUnexamined
Other uses for underused skillsUnexamined
Stripped and stuffed in a dungeon.Unexamined
Question about Feat: Reach Spell (3.5)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
3.5 Dwarven Tunnel RangerUnexamined
Is it acceptable to...Unexamined
Interested in an online D&D adventure!Unexamined
Party members killing each otherUnexamined
Handbook help.Unexamined
Inventing new magic itemsUnexamined
Help with polymophingUnexamined
Should my group learn the game with 3.5 edition rules or 4th edition rules?Unexamined
Yet another player conflict thread.Unexamined
D&D Korea?Unexamined
How do I deal with this situation?Unexamined
Pipes and pipeweedUnexamined
Can you stack resistance?Unexamined
Creating a new characterUnexamined
Help me build an AuramancerUnexamined
Changeling MiniatureUnexamined
3.5 I think something is wrong with this groupUnexamined
Halfling rogue using intimidate??Unexamined
Ever wonder if you are a rules lawyer?Unexamined
Pre-Built Parties - CatalogueUnexamined
tactical attackingassist otherUnexamined
A Lord of the Rings style wizard?Unexamined
Dms who make your hair bleed.Unexamined
Ever had this happen to you?Unexamined
a next adventure. which might you choose?Unexamined
Anyone Else Playing solo?Unexamined
Force Damage?Unexamined
XP divisionUnexamined
Cockney AccentUnexamined
[For the newbies] Need help?Unexamined
I am eminently frustrated.Unexamined
How do you deal with a DM who can't say no? Please help...Unexamined
Dealing With Unwelcome Guests... HELP!Unexamined
Newbie doubtsplease be gentleUnexamined
Want to buy army of orc miniatures cheapUnexamined
Adventurer with no way to playUnexamined
total beginnerUnexamined
Torn about editions.Unexamined
Question about multipule Saving Throws and the Best Order to do themNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The DMPC is... oh hellI'm complaining about the DM.Unexamined
another question..3.5 or 4.0No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Chasm of DOOM! How would you do it?Unexamined
Legion of Sentinels and DR/MagicUnexamined
PC is not who we thought he wasUnexamined
Religion usage????Unexamined
Roleplaying vs. Annoying the group?Unexamined
Climbing TreesUnexamined
[Players' Perspective] Thoughts on Published 4E Modules?Unexamined
helpi have herpies!Unexamined
Your opinions on DM dice regulation?Unexamined
DM problems/ ventingUnexamined
rules initiative questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Does this seem a little unfair to you?Unexamined
Stupid DMPC stealing the spot lightUnexamined
Avenger Backstory helpUnexamined
Are we headed for a TPK? My DM doesn't balance encounters! [Minor P2 spoilers]Unexamined
The DMG: As told by players.Unexamined
Fighting/Roleplaying balanceUnexamined
Party CompositionUnexamined
IC dilemmaUnexamined
Melee Charecter with Javelin +1Unexamined
DM picking on meUnexamined
How would an archer beastmaster work out?Unexamined
How valuable is Darkvision?Unexamined
first time wizardUnexamined
about ready to leave my groupUnexamined
i4e: 4th edition character sheet replacement for iPhone and iPod TouchUnexamined
How do wizard get titles like[name] the [color]?Unexamined
Has anyone named spells after themselves?...Unexamined
Share you clever/fun/inventive way of describing your familiar in "passive" modeUnexamined
TPK last night. Was it a fair encounter?Unexamined
What to do when the DM's perceptions trump yours?Unexamined
Magic caster surveyUnexamined
Looking for SpellsUnexamined
How many different gaming groups are available to you?Unexamined
LFG Desperately.Unexamined
Example of PlayUnexamined
Who would you roleplay articles of faith??Unexamined
Need AdviceUnexamined
Adventuring Party NameUnexamined
Black Dragon Darkness - Would you be upset?Unexamined
advice needed with DM; upset with me bringing my A gameUnexamined
Need help locating a groupUnexamined
3.5 Long Ranged Touch Attacks While FlyingUnexamined
Brand new player with brand new problemsUnexamined
Things that you WILL regret doing in DnDUnexamined
Revenant refluff to T'lan Imass Bonecaster (Malazan Books)Unexamined
Need Help Please ! Years of Searching !!Unexamined
Toon builder and rules?Unexamined
Cleric and Races?Unexamined
Aside from DeathWhat's the Worst Thing that has ever Befallen your CharacterUnexamined
2 questions: other languages besides those in PHB1and how do you afford all those ****ing ritualsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What's the best paragon path for a somewhat melee wizard?Unexamined
Where can I buy a miniature for my cat familiar?Unexamined
Superman? Maybe?Unexamined
Are there any players in the Maidstone area of KentUK?Unexamined
1001 Mentally unstablefun-to-play Character Concepts.Unexamined
Inexperienced DMFrustrated PlayerUnexamined
A level 4/1 Fighter/Cleric wants to get a DogUnexamined
Blank power cardsUnexamined
Been theredone thatwhat now?Unexamined
How do you get your DM to grow a backbone?Unexamined
What should I do? Other player char keeps trying to betray 1/2 the partyUnexamined
Knowing everyone's powersUnexamined
Outlawed ItemsUnexamined
New D&D playerUnexamined
Looking for a good character personality tableUnexamined
First time session with friendsUnexamined
Brand new site for RPG Questions and AnswersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Slow progress...Unexamined
Weapon Powers As ImplementUnexamined
Simple QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Super Critical Hitter? Maybe? 3.0/3.5Unexamined
Tell the GM about Power-Sideeffects?Unexamined
Share fun bar fight storiesUnexamined
Something I'd like someone to clarifyUnexamined
Asking your advice on what would work best in my partyUnexamined
Little help hereDM losing his mindUnexamined
Unexpected Houserule Hurts...Unexamined
Module tacticsUnexamined
Sneak Attack critsUnexamined
1001 Ways to Tell Your DM is Out Ta Kill YaUnexamined
Transferring 2nd to 3.5Unexamined
Group CompositionUnexamined
Does the Aura apply to this?Unexamined
Which class should I be if...?Unexamined
Advice on ranger retrainingUnexamined
The NPC healer Hates me.....Unexamined
Do barbarians HAVE a downside??Unexamined
I've noticed that I've been playing a lot of WoW....Unexamined
The DM that lost his mind part 1.Unexamined
So the DM has these 2 house rules....Unexamined
A Player's Guide to Cinematic CombatUnexamined
What should I think of this DM? (nice read :D)Unexamined
3.5 Glide Speed Vs. Flight Speed? Flight Feat Follies!Unexamined
Party AccountingUnexamined
Unconventional skills in skill challengesUnexamined
D.M UltimatumUnexamined
3.5 Can a Warlock blast himself? Plus prank ideas!Unexamined
Player refuses to change character to fit group's needsUnexamined
Dealing with ShynessUnexamined
Sounds crazy...but it just might work!Unexamined
Hero Artisan Contest 5a: DesertUnexamined
Ranger wizard multi class dellema.Unexamined
Should I keep my 4th edition books?Unexamined
Defense against a hardcore thiefUnexamined
New CharacterUnexamined
3.5 a druids metal issuesUnexamined
3.5e - Trying to remember the name of a raceUnexamined
I foresee an incompatible party up aheadUnexamined
few questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
So i kinda feel as if i broke my characterUnexamined
Simple question on armor proficiency...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help: DMs becoming playersUnexamined
Applying a poison to a weapon.Unexamined
What is roleplaying?Unexamined
New campaign with just one problemno leadersUnexamined
RPing an Anti Hero Turned Undead BBEGUnexamined
Torn between what to playUnexamined
Attacking nothing?Unexamined
Mini for Dragonborn RogueUnexamined
How to convince my group on a rule:Unexamined
Question on simultaneous initiative attacksNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Looking for Players in/around Western MassUnexamined
What hooks you?Unexamined
Blind Player Characters?Unexamined
3.5 A forgotten feat. Bonuses for watching a 5ft square.Unexamined
What do I do?Unexamined
A Player's Helpful GuideTips on the Basics of Character Optimization.Unexamined
The DM is very toughUnexamined
New in Dnd not in roleplay. What's special?Unexamined
Getting our A$$es handed to us...Unexamined
Magic item that grants extra metal ninja turtle arms...Unexamined
Ceric 7/ Abjuration Champion 3?Unexamined
Ideas for playing a chaotic evil rogue!Unexamined
Famous last words!Unexamined
2nd level featUnexamined
Confused about FeatsUnexamined
Need help in character building (feats) /rogueUnexamined
DM is pretty horriblehow to salvage the situation.Unexamined
New PBEM Game Needs PlayersUnexamined
For the good of the party and/or campaignUnexamined
Arena (Gladiator Side Game)Unexamined
Group member's recklessness leads to captureeveryone sees me as the enemy!Unexamined
Helping out the DMor trying to...Unexamined
Hindsight is always Natural 20Unexamined
How to adjust to an evil party.Unexamined
Laptop While Gaming?Unexamined
Dispute over Paladin's MarkUnexamined
Looking for people around the greater Fresno area...Unexamined
Just started out. Roleplay went bad. Lethal fight between partymembers imminent.Unexamined
All my character Wants for Christmas Is...Unexamined
Finding an Online GameUnexamined
I'm having trouble with a player who takes the game too seriously.Unexamined
3.5e druid wild shape questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
1001 Bad Character NamesUnexamined
ring of blinking and DM is denying my thief sneak attacks. DnD3.5Unexamined
I've never made a character on my own beforeand I didn't know where to post this.Unexamined
an invisible predicamentUnexamined
I wanna change my classUnexamined
Have you roleplayed a opposite gender? If sohow was it?Unexamined
Which leader should I play?Unexamined
Mood Whiplash - Player VersionUnexamined
Is this guy too tough?Unexamined
How can I help a relatively inexperienced player shine instead of whine? (warning: big read)Unexamined
You look like you could use a Fighter!Unexamined
friend is rage quittingemergency d&d situationUnexamined
Having problems generating ideas to deal with this dungeonUnexamined
player run villageUnexamined
Sowho has to have the bad timeme or the GM?Unexamined
Appropriate magic items by character levelUnexamined
I haven't played this mess in like 6 years!Unexamined
The Best at what they do.Unexamined
Running solo...Unexamined
Suggestions for Rounding A Team?Unexamined
Lighting cigar in combat?Unexamined
Hero Artisan Contest #6: DOOM!Unexamined
3.5 Hammer of Thunderbolts questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
chalange for those willing to take itUnexamined
New to the game..Unexamined
How hard should I push for "proper stealth"?Unexamined
New to 4.0what should I do?Unexamined
Spiked Gauntlet or ChainUnexamined
Just starting outplease helpUnexamined
How can a Melee based party deal with flying creatures?Unexamined
Radiant Damage or Necrotic?Unexamined
Geez! Why kind of adventure is this?Unexamined
(3.5e) Should I just re-roll a fighter and drop my bard?Unexamined
Need help finding a featUnexamined
Creative ways to help your enemies kill themselves! :DUnexamined
Question about stacking HP?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Illusions and Spellcraft 3.5Unexamined
Worried3 man group.Unexamined
druid/monk questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
group tactics issueUnexamined
How to convince DM about alignmentUnexamined
Contention and AbuseUnexamined
Yet another 'what to play' thread (4e)Unexamined
Homebrew? no thanks.Unexamined
Finding GameUnexamined
Uncanny BlowUnexamined
I need help refining or replacing my Bugbear Ranger for our Monsterous Race campaignUnexamined
Marriage by EilistraeeUnexamined
Players 4e Cribb SheetUnexamined
3.5e duskblade questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Strange campainUnexamined
How to role-play Powers without just announcing them?Unexamined
Egregious SinsUnexamined
Merciless PaladinUnexamined
Got a serious problemurgent help needed!Unexamined
Finding PlayersUnexamined
Kicking a Player Out?!Unexamined
Help Inspire My Fellow PlayerUnexamined
Always flatfooted rogue weapon?Unexamined
My first Alchemist... Craft: ConfusionUnexamined
Dropping flasks and bombs instead of throwing them?Unexamined
Need some clarification about Hide in Plain Sight (3.5)Unexamined
So I'm a 3.5 Druid. Help with Wild ShapeUnexamined
Hatred against firearmsUnexamined
Do you use magical ammunition?Unexamined
3.5 gameSuggestions for character equipment (including Magic Items) for going against VampiresUnexamined
When is it OK to walk out of a Game?Unexamined
Can a deaf guy play this game?Unexamined
10+? things to ask your DM before the game startsUnexamined
How do you create characters?Unexamined
7th lvl acid spellUnexamined
Large sized Kobold?Unexamined
I Need A GroupUnexamined
Covert Casting and Symbiotic RoboticsUnexamined
"that didn't happen"Unexamined
"My DM doesn't give out XP" What do you think?Unexamined
I Just Want To Play Lawful GoodUnexamined
Are the KotS pre-mades well-rounded?Unexamined
How to convince my party to follow me into certain doom.. Help!Unexamined
What would you do?Unexamined
What to do with an exhaused DM.Unexamined
3.5 Spider Climb QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Hero Artisan Contest #7: UrbanUnexamined
Potential Danger to my Character (A DM letting RL affect the campaign)Unexamined
Whatever shall the barbarian do!?Unexamined
A Challenge: Overcoming Tucker's KoboldsUnexamined
How to beat an Earth Elemenetal Monolith 3.5Unexamined
3.5 Gnome Wizard/Rogue a Good Idea?Unexamined
Is there a feat for flanking at range?Unexamined
Highly Inefficient things that were Highly EffectiveUnexamined
3.5 Online Tabletop Programs/Sites?Unexamined
How to save Character Builder character sheets insayWord?Unexamined
Sun God QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
We're out of ideas!Unexamined
My friend has flavor but no classUnexamined
Some help with role playingUnexamined
Are you a changeling? No? Then stop trying to be my character!Unexamined
Need advice on being a good leaderbut not a controller.Unexamined
Looking for a group in San Diego.Unexamined
Does anyone feel that NPCs take away from the player's experience?Unexamined
Questions about stealth in 4eNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
3.5 psionsUnexamined
Anyone have evil party members in an overall good aligned party?Unexamined
Friendly FireUnexamined
DM lacks flavor.Unexamined
Flavor but no ClassUnexamined
Killing to Achieve Assasin ClassUnexamined
Choosing a Paragon PathUnexamined
problems with the way things look... =(Unexamined
When you're accused of fudging rolls...Unexamined
The "Robot Chicken" podcast Character Sheets?Unexamined
Using fully statted PCs as NPCs.Unexamined
Favoritism with the dmUnexamined
DM can't seem to handle my PC's abilitiesUnexamined
When sneaking just does not cut it...Unexamined
Player BetrayalUnexamined
Psion DirectionUnexamined
D&D questions and concerns?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Forgot we were playing 3.5Unexamined
Where do I go?Unexamined
Starting a GroupUnexamined
What to do when you are perpetually out of luck?Unexamined
Role playingwhat's it mean to you?Unexamined
A question about rolling for ability scores!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Where to begin?Unexamined
"It's okay! I-I'm a leaf on the wind!"Unexamined
When things just go right.Unexamined
Power Cards for the DDI Classes?Unexamined
Online D&D gaming and online D&D groupsUnexamined
So our Paladin stuck a bag of holding in a bag of holding....Unexamined
Shapechange ruling needed PLZUnexamined
I swear I need to kill him in self-defensehonest officer!Unexamined
Start from the beginingUnexamined
Never let...Unexamined
[ Help ] Free/Not action dispute with DMUnexamined
Possible Alignment Conflict?Unexamined
My party stinks: please help us get our act together (long)Unexamined
The DM never finishes his campaigns.Unexamined
Difference between continuous inventivenessor showhogging?Unexamined
I need help!!!Unexamined
Doom of Delban (Warlock Daily 29)Unexamined
…when you feel every game is headed towards oblivion?Unexamined
Ring of Shapechaning AD&D 2.0Unexamined
Are Psionic Powers Visible?Unexamined
Human with troll bloodline.....Unexamined
What would you have done ? and am I being unreasonable ?Unexamined
Warlord: how do I support my group best?Unexamined
Figuring out the Multiclass System 3.5vUnexamined
Help- need item to conceil identityUnexamined
Equipment for Gargoyle character?Unexamined
Regarding Teleporting/Stealth and SurpriseUnexamined
Alternative to song dragons?Unexamined
Players vs. Earth Elemental Loving DMsUnexamined
Am I wrong here?Unexamined
The longest rant on the forums (Also known as "The Legend of the Clog-Dancing Bard")Unexamined
Coming out from behind the screen.Unexamined
We had a game tonight (scales of war) and there was a skill challenge, but the DM hates skill challenges.Unexamined
Skill Challenge Opinions- and fixes?Unexamined
Excessive is ALWAYS undesirableUnexamined
DM crazies. Some input please.Unexamined
Good guy out to kill meideas?Unexamined
Emotionally distancing from a to do it?Unexamined
Need to hide from the other players!Unexamined
Party Help?Unexamined
Cleave on chargeUnexamined
I'm a douche-bag rules lawyer.Unexamined
2.0 And Called ShotUnexamined
It's Not About Level 20 (3E) or 30 (4E)Unexamined
Need help...3.5 encumbrance question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Warforged fan mandatory Eberron books?Unexamined
Classic Conumdrums.. The Necromancer and the PaladinUnexamined
Can Sorcerer Sub as a Controller?Unexamined
Spell BookUnexamined
Can absorbtion be used to fuel divine spells?Unexamined
Evil Player Acting Like a JerkUnexamined
Low damage partyUnexamined
Push into another characterUnexamined
Healing the DyingUnexamined
Odd warlock interpretation.Unexamined
Help for the new guyUnexamined
3.5e: Teammates Jealous Of Rich ArtificerUnexamined
PC AidsUnexamined
"You're the spellcaster." - "I'm the WHAT???"Unexamined
1001 Alternate Uses for everyday powers.Unexamined
Having fun with the PHB1Unexamined
Grand rapids Michigan.Unexamined
Taking a hiatusUnexamined
Metagame thinking is killing my character againUnexamined
Fey MountUnexamined
need helpUnexamined
Adapting Seeker in 3.5 Edition D&DUnexamined
How to bring up non-pathfinder casters to equal pathfinder castersUnexamined
Character Builder Mac workaroundUnexamined
The shiny Chrismatic Paladin is an assUnexamined
Summon Celestial Lion questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Lycanthropy FaQ'sUnexamined
Difference between Wizard and Sorcerer?Unexamined
To kill a party...Unexamined
Need Magic Point Variant for non SRD classesUnexamined
Does Destroying the Undead with a Turning Destroy its GearUnexamined
Problems with playerUnexamined
how far should flavor go?Unexamined
Character Creation: Show off your HeroUnexamined
Player ECL issuesUnexamined
Great (contemporary) songs for a bard! (Suggestions please!)Unexamined
Character Creation: Show off your Fun PCUnexamined
Looking for a group in Tempe (move to the right stop if it isnt in the right spot)Unexamined
anyone know any devil weaknessUnexamined
DramaDrama...I Think O-oUnexamined
Ventriloquism 3.5 D&DUnexamined
Finding a needle in a haystackUnexamined
What do YOU call this? Continual flame coin pouch trick.Unexamined
[DND 3.5e] Calculating Distance for attacks.Unexamined
Reccomend a role/race/class/build?Unexamined
High DMG Kobold Fighter w/ sneak attack. Comments?Unexamined
Too much random loot.Unexamined
Level 3~ Striker suggestionsUnexamined
Warforged IssuesUnexamined
PP with bad encounter/dailyUnexamined
What exactly can you do with Acrobatics?Unexamined
Could You Survive?Unexamined
Price for Detective ServicesUnexamined
Powergamer verbal exchangeUnexamined
Dice SuperstitionsUnexamined
Aurorum and broken magic items (3.5e)Unexamined
What to do about munchkin/metagaming players when I'm not one.Unexamined
Commoner classes or do it have to be heroic?Unexamined
jury rigged trapsUnexamined
The importance of role diversity?Unexamined
Other methods of play (4e)Unexamined
First time player helpUnexamined
Standard. Operating. Procedures (S.O.P. ) actionsUnexamined
DM making off calls?Unexamined
Defining my gearUnexamined
dm is beating the tar out of us.Unexamined
Ideas needed: Starting a genocideUnexamined
Role-Playing Help PleaseUnexamined
My DM is a bullyUnexamined
2 things... making a weapon and throwing items.Unexamined
Karithay Muyten's Cryptozoologycal Gyde to the Unhuman FolkUnexamined
DM: The ultimate metagamerUnexamined
Need Suggestions on which power to pick. - Psion - 3.5Unexamined
Sticky SituationUnexamined
Crossbreed Characters? Please help.Unexamined
Special Animal Companion Help PleaseUnexamined
What to do with a wish?!?Unexamined
Bad DM or I Am An Idiot?Unexamined
Looking for New Online 4E group.Unexamined
To Play in a new area.Unexamined
Player Not ContributingUnexamined
Bored/Distracted PlayersUnexamined
Looking for a gameUnexamined
Tips for remembering situational bonusesUnexamined
DM bumping heads with the PowergamerUnexamined
Ideas for a certain wish....Unexamined
WhitbyOntarioCanada Mature player Looking for a game.Unexamined
All Arcane Party has no synergy... should I reroll?Unexamined
Use of a CMS to manage a Character Sheet?Unexamined
I'm ventingUnexamined
If someone could help in this situation.Unexamined
Complete D&D Newb In ManhattanUnexamined
D&D 3.5. Wizard craft wandUnexamined
What Implement do You Use to Push Your Miniatures Around on the Map?Unexamined
Ultimate Construct Prototype DesignUnexamined
Roleplaying HelpI want to be liked (By the party)Unexamined
stretch your imagination - char ideasUnexamined
Eberron FeatsUnexamined
Blind characterUnexamined
Two-Weapon Fighting with lancesUnexamined
getting kids into the gameUnexamined
[3.5] Pixie Wizard/Master of the Unseen HandUnexamined
Editable Character SheetUnexamined
Frost Giant/Warlock?Unexamined
Question about high AC'sNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Balancing character build with group composition: could use some advice.Unexamined
A little help.Unexamined
Looking for a new groupUnexamined
Paladin needs RP helpUnexamined
NewOld-school playerUnexamined
Problem with player in our group...Unexamined
tried holding a pirate hostage..Unexamined
Going to a D&D Encounters tonightcould use some advice.Unexamined
Looking for a game in the Akron / Cleveland area.Unexamined
How to keep all characters in focus.Unexamined
Need Advice: Killing an Epic Rogue - lvl15 party - 3ed.Unexamined
Is a ring of regenaration bound to one player?Unexamined
Help with character/fitting into partyUnexamined
Performance measurement - quantifiable metrics?Unexamined
Mysterious -2 Modifier?Unexamined
I think my friend might be cheating..Unexamined
DM hates my RunepriestUnexamined
What to do with my character "10 years" laterUnexamined
Pregnancy and ElvesUnexamined
Looking for a group in BendUnexamined
Multiclass Feat ClarificationUnexamined
can't play D&DUnexamined
DM WoesUnexamined
Dealing with a Fanatic suicidal PaladinUnexamined
Going from AD&D to 3.5 or 4.0 What should I expect?Unexamined
An update about the pesky ranger...le sigh.Unexamined
Attacking PCsUnexamined
What to do in an anti-controller DM's game?Unexamined
converting 2e charicters to 4eUnexamined
Non roleplayers killing my gameUnexamined
Homebrew Feat suggestionUnexamined
Class for new campaignUnexamined
Decipher (this) Script!Unexamined
[Eberron] So we snatched a high-ranking Boromar...Unexamined
DM Help 3.5eUnexamined
Monster Arena: A new Offering from the Core ColiseumUnexamined
Armor Class Explanations?Unexamined
Newbie to D&D Looking for a group and trying to get started.Unexamined
DM rulinghow to get alongUnexamined
Need help fleshing out a different kind of clericUnexamined
Sowhere do I start?Unexamined
Dealing with idiotic charactersUnexamined
Player looking for group!Unexamined
How to tell the Dm his game sucked.Unexamined
Had a bad experience. We're not sure how to handle it -- would appreciate some input.Unexamined
FUN!! What's your player power?Unexamined
Annoying player ruins the gameUnexamined
Taking prisoners with IntimidateUnexamined
Online D&DUnexamined
To many strikersUnexamined
shifter shamanplease helpUnexamined
What Makes a Player Good?Unexamined
loooking for an online game (not PbP)Unexamined
Too much goldWhat should I spend it on now?Unexamined
Not my fault!!Unexamined
New Character BluesUnexamined
New DM and I have concernsUnexamined
What's a bad roller to do??Unexamined
DM is giving too much info awayUnexamined
looking to join a group in Allentown/BethlehemPAUnexamined
*Real* believers.Unexamined
Need advice on a character...Unexamined
Cleric - Cure Light Wounds Daily Power QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I dunno what to sayUnexamined
Multi Duskblade/Barb/Wiz/Eldrich? What to build..Unexamined
Under-confident DMUnexamined
Cheating with diceUnexamined
New to 4e looking for virtual groupUnexamined
Forced to take imbalanced powerUnexamined
I'm the BardI decide where you slideUnexamined
Misc -2 AC on Gaurdian fightersUnexamined
How long do stances last?Unexamined
4E Essentials questions?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DnD encounters in South BendUnexamined
groups in Salt LakeUnexamined
Finding a DM.Unexamined
Forced RailroadingUnexamined
Two new players in South Texas looking to find a group to continue playingUnexamined
SoI messed up...Unexamined
In need of Practical SolutionUnexamined
Player looking to start D&DUnexamined
Can't Stick With ItUnexamined
Keeping my character secretUnexamined
[3.5] Player does not want to fight in combat; any other options?Unexamined
The most hilarious Character death you have experienced or witnessed.Unexamined
Inherent Bonuses?Unexamined
new players.....Unexamined
Out of Character ArguementUnexamined
Barred PlanesUnexamined
What's the most hilarious thing you've seen that SHOULD have gotten a character killed?Unexamined
Minis in Seattle areaUnexamined
Help Me Create My CharacterUnexamined
Problems with DMUnexamined
Class ideas 3.5 -Player's Handbook/Mostly Strict-Unexamined
Need advice - want to get into D&Dbut no friends. Looking for solo board gameUnexamined
Choking DamageUnexamined
PCs with animals build problemsUnexamined
New 4th Ed Character SuggestionsUnexamined
Tricky rogue things to do in a campaign?Unexamined
Electronic ideas?Unexamined
I have a problem with my groupUnexamined
PC in handy "monster format" instead of character sheetUnexamined
crazy DM. my character is screwed. need help ideas.Unexamined
LFG to play with on VentriloSkype or similarUnexamined
P2 - Demon Queen's Enclave - Players PerspectiveUnexamined
website articlesUnexamined
a bad dark sun game.Unexamined
Railroading storiesUnexamined
In a bit of a pickle....Unexamined
Dungeon Delve - 8-3: A NightmareUnexamined
Defying a DeityUnexamined
Last NightUnexamined
The Usefulness of Hypnotism?Unexamined
Please help a poor newbieUnexamined
Readying a weapon?Unexamined
So my DM has rendered powers useless...Unexamined
Need help with 8th level character (v3.5)Unexamined
Just wondering if other people have run into this problem...Unexamined
What does an Action Point LOOK like?Unexamined
Item denialUnexamined
Bonus to alliesmaterialized on the tableUnexamined
Dumb AC questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Looking for a group in Corvallis ORUnexamined
Adventuring Group NamesUnexamined
Good feat for an herbalist [3.5]Unexamined
Seeking Advice (Avenger class)Unexamined
VERY noob needs alot of help.Unexamined
God is dead. Noseriously I'm a cleric with a critical crisis...Unexamined
I've given up on a fellow player in my party.Unexamined
intimidating things done.Unexamined
no idea where to post thisUnexamined
Minor FrustrationUnexamined
A question about feats.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Our sessions seem really unproductive....Unexamined
Wee bit of a problem - 3.5eUnexamined
A little help plz?Unexamined
Which character to play?Unexamined
It's been a long time since I Rock and RolledUnexamined
Demi-god fighter wants to be a priest. any help!!!Unexamined
need a bunch of monster-related poetrystatUnexamined
Dances with wolves.Unexamined
Character Advancement Help?Unexamined
Am I in the wrong?Unexamined
Finding PlayersUnexamined
Groups in Arkansas?Unexamined
Debuffers? [3.5]Unexamined
DM does not allow some sourcesUnexamined
Anyone playing in Sioux CityIA?Unexamined
Encounters and EssentialsUnexamined
Hybrid PaladinUnexamined
Brash AsasaultUnexamined
what would you do if you found a secret lab?Unexamined
101 Non Obvious Treasures to watch out forUnexamined
DM thinks my character is overpoweredUnexamined
No Player Tracker for Season 4?Unexamined
black opsUnexamined
umm please teach me your ways!!...lolUnexamined
The Naked DwarfUnexamined
Intelligence modifier on melee attack rollsUnexamined
Can you dish out your attacks onto different targets on a full attack?Unexamined
101 Obvious Traps...Unexamined
On the Fly Mapping SoftwareUnexamined
got irritated and lost my cool when healer in party wouldnt healUnexamined
New groupnew campaignand only one role leftUnexamined
How to get rid of a character without actually getting rid of them.Unexamined
Disinterested/Unmotivated player wrecking my groupUnexamined
Small Parties & Missing RolesUnexamined
Can we take on Lolth?Unexamined
My first time....Unexamined
Terrain AdvantageUnexamined
Question on Ability PenaltiesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dealing with a metagamer and game distractor...Unexamined
Raising a dinosaur?Unexamined
If I have Cunning SneakFleeting Ghost is worthless correct?Unexamined
My Monk is a fighter in robes...Unexamined
Steven Erikson style sappers!Unexamined
Swordmage QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
New To EpicUnexamined
Noob questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
transitioning to a Prestige classUnexamined
Houseruled Flanking Kills RogueUnexamined
Using wandstaking 10taking 20taking a 5 foot step properlyUnexamined
Character life in the balanceUnexamined
Roleplaying a Thri-KreenUnexamined
Offensive Player CharacterUnexamined
What should I do when I want to find other people to play with?Unexamined
Best class for polearm/spearn/halberd?Unexamined
How do you remember your powers?Unexamined
Help needed.Unexamined
3.5 best spell helpUnexamined
non-religious PaladinUnexamined
Let's play onlineUnexamined
How many shuriken can you throw at once?Unexamined
what's the DC of uprooting a treeUnexamined
Need help with 17th level character (v3.5)Unexamined
Playing D&D with skype?Unexamined
Crit Failure House RuleUnexamined
After the Red Box..Unexamined
New group.Unexamined
Bard RP tips needed.Unexamined
Fire Damage QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Players' Perspective on Published Modules [No Spoilers]Unexamined
Dealing with a difficult campaignUnexamined
"Aren't I enabling you enough already?" (Warlord advice)Unexamined
Monk: adding damage?Unexamined
The Ranger and MagicUnexamined
Player is driving me (and the others) nuts!Unexamined
I'm looking for advice on my air elemental familiarUnexamined
6 player group....and using summons.....Unexamined
One year time laps.advice for a 3.5 camp.Unexamined
Petrified and not happy about itUnexamined
Anti-magic Field QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Trying to create a water based character. Need help!Unexamined
One companion went genocide eviland become godlike need ideas.Unexamined
Weapon for a Brownie fighter?Unexamined
What would YOU dotips and others?Unexamined
Aggressive Arcane Magic ItemsUnexamined
Help choosing a specific character for a campaign...Unexamined
Mercy or divine punishment?Unexamined
being a "chaotic" king...?Unexamined
just a bit of help choosing a new class?Unexamined
Class SuggestionsUnexamined
good character idea? (v3.5)_Unexamined
Ways to become a sorcerer?Unexamined
Warlock feat and item synergy QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
MOVED (in a roundabout way) I could use some advice here...........Unexamined
unhappy water - Fenris's revengeUnexamined
How to be the "main character" without stealing the spotlight from the rest of the partyUnexamined
I want to switch charactersagainand I feel like a doucheUnexamined
How to join a game: advice from a DM and Meetup group organizerUnexamined
DM half updating an adventuremaking some real wierd callsUnexamined
Potentially touchy issues with another PCUnexamined
What skill would a character use to do a primal dance?Unexamined
Gaming tableUnexamined
Good blog site for character journals?Unexamined
Too nice?Unexamined
Being Incorporeal 3.5 questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to Make Your DM CryUnexamined
HELP! I cant role play!Unexamined
Distrustful PartyUnexamined
What skill to use?Unexamined
Our DM is a tyrantUnexamined
New Campaignpotential gaps in PC skills?Unexamined
No controller? Efficient enough?Unexamined
Help with a social encounter pleaseUnexamined
Understanding the psychology of a rules disputeUnexamined
Monday Night Gaming - Live 3.5Unexamined
Where's a player supposed to find a group?Unexamined
3.5 - "Mind Affecting Magic" aka "Everyone Tearing Hair Out"Unexamined
Yet another "problem playerwhat to do?" questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Am I a dick?Unexamined
Subversive DMing?Unexamined
Starting to have trouble RPing in 4th ed.Unexamined
Spice Up Low Level Spellcasting!Unexamined
UghSo What should I do. 3.5edtionUnexamined
DM using too many encounters with dominate effectsUnexamined
D&D over the internet?Unexamined
searching for a player folderUnexamined
New Player.Unexamined
Starting a New Game?Unexamined
Confused noobUnexamined
Young Blue Dragon never lands.Unexamined
Level 10 Battlemind...what happened to the fun?Unexamined
Character Conflict - Clash of AlignmentsUnexamined
Looking for DMUnexamined
Doxing assassins guildsgood idea?Unexamined
Group Conflicts - morals and ideals and alot of drama...Unexamined
What to do with a young blue dragon.Unexamined
How do PC multiple attacks work in 4E?Unexamined
Official Forum for group findingUnexamined
Uses for the uselessUnexamined
Dealing with a Serial Killer PCUnexamined
Would you allow this Paladin?Unexamined
Conversations between charactersUnexamined
Why don't people like PsionicsUnexamined
In your opinionUnexamined
Advice on Horned Hold ConflictUnexamined
Need help with an issue with the dmUnexamined
Psionics: Do you treat it as similar or different from magic?Unexamined
planning/learning spells easier way?! (3.5ed)Unexamined
D&D landsUnexamined
Question on BalanceNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Question regarding proficieny in WeaponsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Traveling back in time to stop a relationshipUnexamined
My character has a strong inclination to leave the groupUnexamined
How would a Lawful Good Warpriest handle theft?Unexamined
Who is D&D forthe players or the DM?Unexamined
New to DNDquestion(s) about the DMNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to fight a Lurker.Unexamined
Need a polite way to start a mutiny in a gaming group.Unexamined
How to confront a DM about his dice problem?Unexamined
Help please?Unexamined
The DM should have fun too!Unexamined
Power strikeUnexamined
Someone left the group...Unexamined
Tips for Playing a Character with a Bad AttitudeUnexamined
Let's impulsivly play a one shot!Unexamined
Wildshape + Natural Spell (3.5e)Unexamined
First D&D Character D:Unexamined
First Half-Elf Druid D&DUnexamined
Rules for some featscan anybody help me out?Unexamined
Issues with the GroupUnexamined
Coping with our DMUnexamined
Playing a Class you don't really enjoyUnexamined
A Bard's SpellsUnexamined
I have anger issues...Unexamined
Cowardly playerUnexamined
good friend bad DmUnexamined
The tale of a really bad DMUnexamined
Other Peoples' RoleplayingUnexamined
DM not allowing Implement ExpertiseUnexamined
Tips for playing with a new group.Unexamined
Break up a party in game?Unexamined
Troubling finding a groupUnexamined
The good players guide.Unexamined
How to let my group/dm know....Unexamined
Confused with mechanics Wizard/Sorceror multiclassUnexamined
DM strongly dislikes optimization. I love character building. Compromise?Unexamined
WANTED 3.5 D&DersUnexamined
New to 4th Edition... Question About Endlessly Re-Rolling Skill ChecksNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Trying New Classes in 4EUnexamined
Ranking the RolesUnexamined
Forum FAQ and Important LinksUnexamined
A request and an invitation!Unexamined
(WoD) Tying a character to the plotUnexamined
DnD Bullying?Unexamined
Spending Gold.Unexamined
What character should I play?Unexamined
Gauntlet Campaign (PvE/PvP - Warden/StormSorc/EagleShaman/Psion)Unexamined
Player Needed for Dark Sun Campaign!Unexamined
Very odd magic armor...Unexamined
Different Goals as my DM: What to do?Unexamined
What do you do with a hopeless party?Unexamined
DM doesn't outlawbut doesn't provide magical itemsUnexamined
LF 4e DnD playersUnexamined
To metagame or not to metagame?Unexamined
New To GameWhat to doWhere to find.....Unexamined
Advice on the Trollhaunt Warren ModuleUnexamined
You're being attacked by the letter 'G'...Unexamined
DMs getting bent out of shape when you miss a game!Unexamined
Fillable Character SheetsUnexamined
DM to Player issues solved by hurting PCsUnexamined
How to slay a Young AdultBlack Dragon (3.5 ed)Unexamined
Beginner looking for a group to start playing D&D over skypeUnexamined
So I just got blinded today.Unexamined
Character Choices (3.5e Campaign)Unexamined
How do i quit this game?Unexamined
Dice rolling question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Haste and Fly spellUnexamined
How do you play a dumb but wise character?Unexamined
Trying to Make Lich King from WoW as a playable characterUnexamined
What would you do?Unexamined
Best Werewolf Mini for a Pack Outcast?Unexamined
Goliath miniature helpUnexamined
I joined this game to play what I wantednot what YOU wanted!Unexamined
Need help adapting a really neat tool for my gameUnexamined
Planes TravelUnexamined
So a druida bardand a tiger walk into a bar...Unexamined
3.5 players?Unexamined
What Would You DoAct TwoUnexamined
Why play a Paladin when a Cleric seems to be so much more... (3.5)Unexamined
Have you took a level in greatness?Unexamined
Selecting a new Character (3.5)Unexamined
Are my friends Idiots?Unexamined
Adventures in slow playUnexamined
Need a 6thUnexamined
A rant about PerceptionUnexamined
Need help.Unexamined
Playing without a leaderUnexamined
A fighter that wants a petUnexamined
re-telling of an epic adventureUnexamined
Quick! Please help with a class!Unexamined
I'm extremely noobish when it comes to Dnd so ihave a few questions!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Monday Night Gaming returns with Live GamingDM Basics and much more!Unexamined
Will changing my title help?Unexamined
Pathfinder Question - Step Up and Pushing Assault TogetherNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
HeyI'm not stupid!Unexamined
Problems at my TableUnexamined
Player Abilities vs. Character AbilitiesUnexamined
Annoyed DMUnexamined
Tactics 101:When the door openswho to kill firstUnexamined
Help with passing over everything weaponsmoneyarmor ect.Unexamined
I have character ADD; help!Unexamined
New to D&D - Trying to pick a character.Unexamined
Iron Body question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Other players "overpowering" me/my character to do what they wantUnexamined
a little help?Unexamined
Eragon D&DUnexamined
Augmenting WhetstonesUnexamined
Non-magical EquipmentUnexamined
1st edition AD&D HelpUnexamined
Feats that add characterUnexamined
On Templatesfrustrationand helplessness.Unexamined
completely new to d&d (ireland)Unexamined
Help wanted!Unexamined
1001 Magical MishapsUnexamined
D&D 3.5 Question for Weapon Enchants. Flaming and Flaming Burst.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
New player Q: Minion based necromancer?Unexamined
Help me maximize my bards potential 3.5e.Unexamined
Starting gold for lv 8 bard?Unexamined
Need advice against a pushy DM.Unexamined
Hidden pocketsfalse bottomsetcUnexamined
Illusionist's Guide to Illusionary IllusionsUnexamined
Inexperienced group - trying to pick the final characterUnexamined
3.5 - Where to go with this character next? (Dwarf Barbarian Chef)Unexamined
Invisible WeaponsUnexamined
Tips for Forming a Gaming GroupUnexamined
Urg- ShadesUnexamined
Need some adviceUnexamined
Whip-based character?Unexamined
How much gold would be reasonable to hire a band of mercenaries to protect a town in Pathfinder?Unexamined
DM problemsUnexamined
How to kill a cleric. 3.5Unexamined
A world without magic?Unexamined
Having trouble with incorporating a key plot point (Armor) of my character into a game.Unexamined
How to deal with inconsistent XP rewardsUnexamined
Help with spread ruling?Unexamined
Solo Play or nothing...what do you do?Unexamined
Unsure of Next Move...Unexamined
I'm in a pickle!Unexamined
3.5 - Good Arcane/Assassin type build?Unexamined
Lawful Good player more Chaotic NeutralUnexamined
help my character not be the party joke!Unexamined
Being railroaded into playing a race I can't stand!Unexamined
Help to make charactersUnexamined
Losing your equipment...Unexamined
Play D&D Encounters online!Unexamined
Obnoxious gamers. How do you handle it?Unexamined
Need some Idea's for faking a religionUnexamined
Why am I getting such bad dice rolls and how can I improve my rolls?Unexamined
How much meta-gaming is too much meta-gaming?Unexamined
Tips for improving my DnD gameplay?Unexamined
Trouble visualizing DnD game and paying attention advice?Unexamined
Player Seeking an Online GameUnexamined
Character IdeaUnexamined
Avenger of Ioun MiniUnexamined
Monk Build QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
killing the BBEGUnexamined
Roleplaying a "mute" characterUnexamined
First Session (3.5e) overwhat do you think?Unexamined
FIRST TIME as a Rogue/SocrererUnexamined
getting into the gameUnexamined
Bringing a character back from becoming a zombie? (Undead)Unexamined
A feature outside the box.Unexamined
What is a player to do when:Unexamined
Lair Assault (Tyrantclaw) - Player TacticsUnexamined
Thief of Legend intangible theft ideasUnexamined
Right Place For Introduction?Unexamined
Live gamesUnexamined
Adapting an ideabut needing a class that doesn't exist.Unexamined
Need some help building an idea.Unexamined
I need a new feat for my 3.5 BardUnexamined
The death of manyUnexamined
Magic items that adds damage?Unexamined
Paldin not acting the part?!Unexamined
questions about druids and elementalsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Class SelectionUnexamined
LF a D&D Mentor :)Unexamined
D&D Forum GamingUnexamined
High level creatures and the break down of the 4E mathUnexamined
What Kind of Exhibits Would You Put On In a Museum?Unexamined
3.5e Advancement suggestions for a new Sorcerer/WizUnexamined
Anti-magic manacles?Unexamined
A tale of Two DMs 3.5Unexamined
Help with PvP characterUnexamined
So many deaths...Unexamined
Power Word Kill and Wish are BACK!!!!!Unexamined
What is a powergamer to do...Unexamined
Hearing Distance Ruling?Unexamined
So ... my DM doesn't let us buy items ... ever ... what do I do?Unexamined
My party is way too weakUnexamined
Tips for PlayersUnexamined
So I want to be a Vampire...or a Lich...or maybe a Vampire...3.5 questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Proselytization - How To Handle It?Unexamined
Getting drunk in D&D 4eUnexamined
Jaebrin As a Character (3.5)Unexamined
Doppelganger rogue helpUnexamined
Cleric of Nerull (3.5e)Unexamined
Mindflayer abilitiesUnexamined
First TPK as a player - am i being too sensitive?Unexamined
Item ProcurementUnexamined
Two questions?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Which class would you never think of playing?Unexamined
Evil Campaign Inter-player RelationsUnexamined
This happened to mewhat would you do?Unexamined
I'm playing a pixie! What class should I be?Unexamined
So... how cruel and unusual would this be?Unexamined
How to replace a lost Holy symbol???Unexamined
Looking for a little help (3.5)Unexamined
Can't launch the gameUnexamined
Someone please helpUnexamined
Psychic Warrior (3.0/3.5) completely lost...Unexamined
Don't let the evil DM take my skeletons away!!!Unexamined
Want to build a theaterUnexamined
Warlord - Brash Assault - Daring Performer - Stoneroot's EnduranceUnexamined
our DM quotes the "its DM rules" too muchUnexamined
gaming shop rulesUnexamined
Emulating a dragon ability- CloudwalkingUnexamined
Relatively New - Any Pointers?Unexamined
I have a dragon egg. Help needed.Unexamined
3.0/3.5 Tauric template questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
3.5 Ftr6/SwB1. Need some build ideas....Unexamined
Need some ideas for themed powers for my campaignUnexamined
Need some help with this classUnexamined
Creative Uses of SpellsItemsor just ways to annoy or trick your Party and GMUnexamined
Changeling Villains - Looking for ideas to identify themUnexamined
What's a good type of pen to write on the old retail power cards?Unexamined
Make a 4e character from scratch in less than 20 minutes!Unexamined
help please!!!!!!Unexamined
Death ControversyUnexamined
I am a total super-noob to D&D. Just some quick advice needed. :)Unexamined
A cadre of questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Fire ResistanceUnexamined
Sticky In-Game situation makes me cry insideUnexamined
Ruining my game.Unexamined
Shardminds and TelepathyUnexamined
How to get Frost Cheese or Lightning Cheese using only Common Items?Unexamined
Sticky Situation - Fey Beast Tamer Theme - NEED ADVICE!!!Unexamined
Hengeyokai fox power problemsUnexamined
DM hates thieves! please help!Unexamined
Yet another Noob postUnexamined
What would YOU do?Unexamined
Flakey DMUnexamined
deities and DM'sUnexamined
Does anyone truly like any 4e arcane class other than wizard?Unexamined
What is a weapon of surrounding?Unexamined
So I'm supposed to play a defender...Unexamined
Fighter build helpUnexamined
How to stop a DM from questioning us...over and overNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Which of my characters is least embarassingUnexamined
Need to know if I'm being too nitpicky to my DM about a NPC getting killed unfairly.Unexamined
Fun DnD Essentials character ideasUnexamined
Ideas for World DominationOr how can I make this game awesome [4e]Unexamined
Thief of Legend stealing intangible thingsUnexamined
Seeking advise on RP/lore regarding the paladin classUnexamined
Balancing the Raven Knight: Suggestions?Unexamined
Half Giant Psychic Warrior Miniature - What Size is It?Unexamined
Does the Monk really suck now?Unexamined
I need help with my character (d&d 3.5)Unexamined
Newbie bluesUnexamined
Why Can't Anyone Be a Priest/Priestess/Cleric?Unexamined
Power Points Trouble (D&D 3.5)Unexamined
Noob - seeking advice on Natural Armor (3.5)Unexamined
Solo Player?Unexamined
Played my first gameNew QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What's your current campaign?Unexamined
Question (dealing with multi-classin) NEWB hereNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dice rituals/superstition.Unexamined
Help being a better playerUnexamined
It's Bad to Be RightSometimesUnexamined
New player - Rogue creation questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
3.5 enchantment questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Teaching Dungeons and Dragons to a Beautiful GirlUnexamined
3.5 Language RulesUnexamined
Help with Alchemical IngredientsUnexamined
The immobile clericUnexamined
more random questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
3rd Sorcerer in a 2nd Edition game...Unexamined
3.5e Group-Based Combat TacticsUnexamined
Where do I find other playersUnexamined
DM ideas on a magic applicationUnexamined
Calm Barbarian?Unexamined
Taking down a wall in one shotUnexamined
would like some advice picking a charUnexamined
The DM Stereotypes My CharacterUnexamined
Just getting back into D and Dwhat do I buy?Unexamined
A Thief In The PartyUnexamined
Difference between the cleric paladin/warpriestUnexamined
Battling a medusaUnexamined
My DM doesn't like my classfeatureUnexamined
Can I get a judgment? Does this NPC interaction sound too harsh?Unexamined
Alignment TroublesUnexamined
reincarnation issuesUnexamined
Do I have a bad DM / Campaign?Unexamined
What Makes it Okay to Put Them in a Spot?Unexamined
Evil PC IdeasUnexamined
Need some help...Unexamined
Looking for players in huron countyMIUnexamined
Help is neededUnexamined
Favorite Player CharacterUnexamined
Is the Binder class any fun to play?Unexamined
Huge cold type creatures and anti cold sphereUnexamined
Ritual Book SoftwareUnexamined
Question about avoiding death in epic level playNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Funny character conceptsUnexamined
4E Paladin/Ex-Rogue ConceptUnexamined
Need a little advice on equipmentUnexamined
My improved trip is being nerfed [3.5]Unexamined
Intimidation during combatUnexamined
Character SheetUnexamined
Aiel build help!Unexamined
DM problemsUnexamined
how am i supost to play bladersinger if i cant find the page in the book?Unexamined
Help with a dm-forcing-player scenarioUnexamined
I need help solving riddlebefore I get hacked to death by orcsUnexamined
Question about a miniature.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Creating my first wizard??Unexamined
session pacing and party optimizationUnexamined
i need help with a "battle mage" character conceptUnexamined
Question about Uthgardt Barbarians?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need Help With a DeityUnexamined
stuck in a sticky situtationUnexamined
Question about what class to play in a small group of threeNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to become good at roleplaying.Unexamined
GM kicking my teeth inUnexamined
Help!!! Questions Abount The Game CustomsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Why Do We Play?Unexamined
What Can A Player Do?Unexamined
Newbie Wizard help with specializationUnexamined
Advice for Tired CharactersUnexamined
Demonweb Halfling Archer mini - Male or Female?Unexamined
best/funnest questUnexamined
What Kind of Dungeon would you expect?Unexamined
power attackUnexamined
That one moment when your character could have been awesome (The Seriously Seriously Moment)Unexamined
almost new only at mervinsjunkUnexamined
Wizard / Sorcerer VampireUnexamined
Controller RP ideasUnexamined
Feat Help for a DruidUnexamined
Killer DMUnexamined
D&D like games for my computerUnexamined
New to D&DNeed a Little HelpUnexamined
First time playing 4e and I may be starting at level 15.Unexamined
Need mini for characterUnexamined
Little time to playa lot of time to talk.Unexamined
The Last Stand...any suggestions?Unexamined
Hexblade vs. Assassin: What's more fun come paragon? (Opinion)Unexamined
Choice vs. calculationUnexamined
3.5E Rogue/Sorcerer OptimizationUnexamined
Good meets Eviland teams upUnexamined
What do you do when you're just not enjoying it?Unexamined
New to D&D need help with: Weapon Damage questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Class helpUnexamined
Best AC class to begin?Unexamined
Ideas to keep artifacts away from BBEG?Unexamined
New DnD Player Seeks AdviceUnexamined
Looking for cool and unusual featsUnexamined
Where to get bases?Unexamined
Dealing with OptimisationUnexamined
How to make due with level differences?Unexamined
Finding a Feat?Unexamined
Am I burned out? (really really long - and possibly a gripe session)Unexamined
Arcane creatures and "taming"Unexamined
DM Believes Poisons Are EvilUnexamined
Alignment PollUnexamined
Quick-footedarcane swashbuckler.Unexamined
Warpriest of Obould?Unexamined
Duo CampaignUnexamined
Behoder eyes in 4EUnexamined
How to force players to optimize?Unexamined
Dm hates meUnexamined
Veteran playerbeen out of the loopseeking counselUnexamined
Wish spell granted to a one week old infantUnexamined
Class suggestionUnexamined
DM getting mad because I can't always make it to gameswhat should I do?Unexamined
Reckless Player AdviceUnexamined
That old debate: Jerk DM or whiney player?Unexamined
Am I doing something wrong?Unexamined
Acting or disguise+bluff?Unexamined
A warlockthat worships Bahamut...Unexamined
Lacking Story and MotivationUnexamined
The Great Bow!Unexamined
Enchantments for armor and weaponsUnexamined
New playerkind of lost . . .Unexamined
A small army of heroesUnexamined
Requesting assistance regarding aligmentUnexamined
Shall I leave the party?Unexamined
changelings and unconsciousnessUnexamined
Anybody had experience with opening business ventures in their campaign?Unexamined
Half elf vrykola?Unexamined
I killed the game (I think)so now what?Unexamined
defender survivability questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Fresh playerUnexamined
uh oh... my DM is moving.Unexamined
Questions for playing a wizardNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How can I fit into my party?Unexamined
Animated Dead Spell on 4edUnexamined
strapline if the e-clasesUnexamined
Noob question about At-WillsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
help with my character sheetUnexamined
PC throwingessentially brokensmashed glass dust into the eyes of other charactersmostly NPCUnexamined
I hate pacifist clericsUnexamined
Level 15 Druid HelpUnexamined
Is it possible to duel wielding Tower shields?Unexamined
Warpriest - Sun or Storm Domain?Unexamined
Stance and Aura at the same time?Unexamined
min/maxing is hurting our gameUnexamined
4E Game Hijacked by four friendsUnexamined
Pixie PartyUnexamined
Getting back into DnDLiving Forgotten Realms...Unexamined
Devotion the Clericand Phaleg the TieflingUnexamined
D&D Encounters Character... What to be?Unexamined
3.5 Character bios: feedback please?Unexamined
Sticky Situations as a Rogue. Possible group fallout. Advice??Unexamined
Making a base race 3.5 version Bard?Unexamined
Loose Cannon CharacterUnexamined
Whirlwind attack with reach weapons and cleave questions. (3.5)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Do Bardic songs work agains Vampires? (3.5)Unexamined
If I create an armywill my DM get irked?Unexamined
New player helpUnexamined
The Murder Hobos (Party name)Unexamined
Ideas for character development?Unexamined
Skype CampaignUnexamined
New Cleric for 3.5 Bonus Spell questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Javelin Throwing Rogue? 3.5Unexamined
what if my party is against my class?Unexamined
A feat question for a poor team killing wizardNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
My contribution to help playersUnexamined
Good defensive fighter feats? 3.5Unexamined
Combat down time in 4eUnexamined
Doesn't it suck to lose a great party because of really bad rolls?Unexamined
A bad drizztUnexamined
Dragonfire Adept questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
With so many possibilities. What is a Druid to doUnexamined
Group ready to lynch DMneed adviceUnexamined
Annoyingly goofy playerUnexamined
Single player CampaignsUnexamined
Playing a session tonight with a crazy DMUnexamined
Dwarf Fighter or Dragonborn paladinUnexamined
Pet Question 4ENo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Fighting in an innUnexamined
Lego Block or 4 Sided Dice? Which One Hurt The Most?Unexamined
player rivalsUnexamined
Ability CardsUnexamined
What do you guys do to celebrate leveling up?Unexamined
party composition helpUnexamined
Party problemsUnexamined
Help making a ClericUnexamined
Making a Arthas/Litch king DnD 4e tribute (only for fun)Unexamined
Are female players trouble?Unexamined
A session of my very own - how to handle a PC-focused episodeUnexamined
The dice are being shippedUnexamined
What would happen if...Unexamined
New player! need some help! 3.5Unexamined
Kensai questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
2 people are looking for a game to joinUnexamined
First-Time DnD'r: Player Clash?Unexamined
First time playerlooking for guidance regarding HybridsUnexamined
Knife Bandolier's Which book?Unexamined
pixie sorcerer op?Unexamined
training a new player!Unexamined
i wonder if my PC would explode if...Unexamined
Spells in Ver 3.5 - QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to play a Shaman ?Unexamined
Help with creating a Ranger: is melee/archery viable?Unexamined
Ignore resistance or stack damage?Unexamined
Creature Companion HelpUnexamined
Best Ritual Uses.Unexamined
Possibly an Obvious Bag of Holding Question:No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Is This What Your D&D Looks Like?Unexamined
When the DM just won't go along with the "clever player solution"Unexamined
Worst-Case ScenarioUnexamined
Pet Dragon?Unexamined
I moved away and my group needs an area micUnexamined
Multiclassing Vampire/Ninja 3.5Unexamined
Roleplay SituationUnexamined
When do you feel a DM is over stepping their authority?Unexamined
Personal tips for a newbie starting out today?Unexamined
Shapeshift DruidUnexamined
Moderate Dice-Fall-Where-They-Mayor Challenging w/ Tweaks?Unexamined
need help with a 3.5 character progression. ::first timer::Unexamined
Talking in CombatUnexamined
Different Version ProblemsUnexamined
Extremely New Player AdviceUnexamined
Advice on Crafting AmmoUnexamined
Help dealing with another player...Unexamined
Taking over HommletUnexamined
11 Ways to Be a Better RoleplayerUnexamined
You Are Not Your CharacterUnexamined
Negative levelsUnexamined
Interspecies marriageUnexamined
(4th Edition) The Runepriest Handbook is blatantly wrong?Unexamined
Being forced to mark and allyUnexamined
Discontent with our DM: Grievances and question of what to doNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How do you Add Weapon Proficiency: Mordenkrad as a feat within the Character Builder?Unexamined
looking to play ether a sci-fatasy style character or a fem badassUnexamined
brief photoshop help neededUnexamined
what to do i do if players want to kill each other for their race.Unexamined
Character Personality and Background IdeasUnexamined
switching DMs. old DM is bieng a dick and ruining other players livesUnexamined
Next Rogue SchemesUnexamined
Making a Mystic TheurgeUnexamined
a living spell familiar: what stats should it use and how should it be roleplayed?Unexamined
Campaign with Strict Rules: How do I managed this?Unexamined
Any other feats like "Lucky Start"?Unexamined
FireFly as a template for alignment co-operation.Unexamined
Getting StartedUnexamined
[3.5] Aura Mechanics??Unexamined
How can I convince my GM to give more information?Unexamined
Ask the GM to Nerf an Enemy?Unexamined
Converting untyped damaged taken into typed damageUnexamined
Divine Challenge and Divine SanctionUnexamined
New to D&DUnexamined
My DM buffs monster health to compensate for any additional damage my striker doestime to reroll?Unexamined
Master Thief L20 ability... underwhelming?Unexamined
I have a level 14 character who is about to be brought back to life as a Revenant (the parties Bard healer)Unexamined
Seriously need help! About to fight an Adult Blue dragon way too early...Unexamined
Does losing levels stop a spell in progress?Unexamined
Dual Wield BladesingerUnexamined
So I bought Essentials...Unexamined
Magic Tattoo of "limited wish" an effective way to deversify warmage?Unexamined
Making an Interplanar StalkerUnexamined
DM Problems! Help!Unexamined
Adding a 5th to a 4man partyUnexamined
I'm Starting a new P.C. and want to play a mage/wizard who likes the brew potions and make alchemical's stuff but I'm just not sure how this works?Unexamined
Council disciplineUnexamined
It Came From the StarsUnexamined
Wight problemsUnexamined
Help a newbie?Unexamined
Wizard Crafter Prestige class?Unexamined
Thief: Melee vs RangedUnexamined
Critique my DM's game - Too difficult?Unexamined
A Bard with a Heart of GoldUnexamined
Locksmithing and chests.Unexamined
Rituals for InvisibilityUnexamined
So our DM wants to challenge us and is struggling toUnexamined
Protecting your fortune from thieves?.Unexamined
Starting Tomb of HorrorsUnexamined
Noob question regarding explosivesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Find Game via Google HangoutsUnexamined
My Rouge/Ranger character GOOD IDEA OR NOTUnexamined
Tempers Fraying Over Stonewalling InfoUnexamined
3.0/3.5 questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Does a weapons size effect its reach?Unexamined
St. Cuthbert and other DeitiesUnexamined
How to use a Jar of Steam?Unexamined
at a loss... memory lossUnexamined
Need help with a 3.5 ArdentUnexamined
New player looking to advance.Unexamined
Looking a GMnew or experienced.Unexamined
Need an Expert. Does this work? And would you allow it as DM?Unexamined
How to secure important items?Unexamined
Playing a character raised in HellUnexamined
Old School MappingUnexamined
Ectopic Form (Iridescent Serpent) discrepancyUnexamined
Help with custom powerUnexamined
In-Party Schism Over Next ActionUnexamined
Are Status-inflicting heroic wizard powers worth using?Unexamined
Dragon poo - flammable?Unexamined
Death by role play and character conflictUnexamined
Combat Advantage Feats QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to ~NOT~ switch into a new character mid-campaignUnexamined
Being Picked On By Another PlayerUnexamined
Creating Characters Question:No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How many times can you use Divine Might in one turn?Unexamined
Connecting Ability Scores to RoleplayingUnexamined
Too good for own good?Unexamined
Warning Players about PlayersUnexamined
Compairing Wizards of different editions. Which is best?Unexamined
3.5E Mechanics Rules2 Quick Questions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Performing a Miracle?Unexamined
BAB questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Code of ChivalryUnexamined
converting avenger to 3.5 helpUnexamined
Does Arcane thesis work with Animate Dead?Unexamined
TOTM or Tabletop - What do you prefer?Unexamined
help for a beginnerUnexamined
Gamer Interview QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to Classify Draconic Heritage?Unexamined
Weapon choiceUnexamined
3.5 speical class abilites questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help WantedUnexamined
Murder in Baldur's GateUnexamined
Need help with my RogueUnexamined
Founding a religion?Unexamined
What is Lawful?Unexamined
Requesting help to deal with homebrewUnexamined
New to d&d is this build okay? barbarianUnexamined
New to d&d is this build okay? barbarianUnexamined
4E Q about sorcerer (dual-wielding)Unexamined
DM that's chaining core gameplay rules mid gameUnexamined
Lost an arm…now what?Unexamined
how does a lvl 5 character do 60 damage?Unexamined
choosing a weapon for my warlordUnexamined
Enslaved UndeadUnexamined
DM wants to add a Bravely Default Combat styleUnexamined
3.5 Armband of Maximized Healing Questions. .No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Lawful Good Battle Cleric vs a 69-victim a room aloneUnexamined
Not an evil actUnexamined
Working on a Character BackgroundUnexamined
Players offical rights bookUnexamined
Help with multi class ideaUnexamined
Tough Game to Prepare forUnexamined
A broader definition of natural?Unexamined
I like to move itmove it!Unexamined
1st Campaign: I want to kill my party member.Unexamined
3.5 Cleric Of HeironeousUnexamined
divine shieldUnexamined
Requesting aid on damage output.Unexamined
Daily powersUnexamined
Need some helpUnexamined
A wee conundrum...Unexamined
Items to Aid the Healing Skill?Unexamined
Question on At-Will wizard powers4eNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
a Question about flying dragons and fallingNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DM vs PC on: Ritualsfine with RAW or need houserules?Unexamined
Fairness QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Pally with Cursed SwordUnexamined
Is it me or the group?Unexamined
Dimensional Vortex Vs. Elven AccuracyUnexamined
Warlock QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How do you judge GM fairness?Unexamined
New to the Game!Unexamined
My WarlordUnexamined
Sorcerer/Assassain/Rogue Hybrid?Unexamined
How can I more effectively impose save-ends effects on monstersUnexamined
Choosing a Druid's Prestige ClassUnexamined
should the gm get a character?Unexamined
Weapons Listed on Melee BasicUnexamined
Druid LoreUnexamined
[4e] Newbie Sorc HelpUnexamined
Dread Necromancer?Unexamined
A new wizard to the gameUnexamined
5th Edition Can magic attacks crit?Unexamined
Unusual ways to fight monstersUnexamined
What are rules in D&D that you just consider to be just plain dumb and make no sense what so ever ?Unexamined
Better or Worse ?Unexamined
Very bad DmsUnexamined
5E D&D/Pathfinder QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Evil CharactersUnexamined
Soulknife and Psychic StrikeUnexamined
Abyssal and other languagesUnexamined
Player KillingsUnexamined
Training your pet chryo-pheonix.....Unexamined
I need help ending the spirit link to my party member's spirit companion (bear shaman)Unexamined
101 Player Character QuirksUnexamined
How far would You go to entertain?Unexamined
How do I make a character?Unexamined
Barkskin HellUnexamined
looking for advice on what to playUnexamined
a mild dilemmaUnexamined
How far is to far?Unexamined
What does a holy symbol/focus do?Unexamined
Favoritism and moreUnexamined
Ruling MenzoberranzanUnexamined
How to hide a key?Unexamined
Question about stuffNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help out with this puzzling dungeon puzzle!Unexamined
Creative Uses for SpellsUnexamined
BahamutThe ways ofUnexamined
How to add role playing element without being annoying?Unexamined
Brawler Grab AbilitiesUnexamined
Forced Blood Oath - Options?Unexamined
a DM who isn't a good DMUnexamined
3 and a half levels and no magic itemsUnexamined
Simple Glass Cannon BuildUnexamined
How do I help improve our DM?Unexamined
Making a Party Essentially Invisible for a long periodUnexamined
D&D 4e Ranger/everyone Feats QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
D&D 4e Ranger/everyone Feats QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
D&D 3.5 Edtion. What should I do?Unexamined
Playing against extra-high level baddiesUnexamined
town questwhat to do with the poopUnexamined
town questwhat to do with the poopUnexamined
Campaign connundrumUnexamined
Portrait helpUnexamined
Marching OrderUnexamined
Character creation sheetUnexamined
Problematic Player Solutions?Unexamined
Not getting along with the partyUnexamined
LE Pally/Warlock build helpUnexamined
Caught between a Paladin & a Cleric.Unexamined
Players that annoy you?Unexamined
Unhappy with character conundrumUnexamined
Feats and equipment I should takeUnexamined
An awful first game. [Help]Unexamined
how to sacrifice myself to defeat a demon and then someUnexamined
Bonus Action ComplicationUnexamined
Homebrew Class OpinionsUnexamined
Custom Fighter BuildUnexamined
A new home.Unexamined
Green Dragon grappling questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed