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Encounter (Villain/NPC/Monster/Trap) Resource ThreadUnexamined
Art Objects.... Pimp your BBEG's crib!Unexamined
Save My Game - New D&D article seeking your input!Unexamined
Lessons from DMing with my GFUnexamined
Guide to Solo CampaignsUnexamined
1001 Clever Traps for Beginners (DMs especially)Unexamined
1001 ways to kill a pc/ ways to tell you a evil dmUnexamined
Good music for D&D?Unexamined
1001 worst names for an innUnexamined
999 Hilariously Cruel Cursed ItemsUnexamined
1001 things that make a bad DMUnexamined
Victorian - Horror - ZombieocolypseUnexamined
Group Problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Unexamined
1001 famous last words by charactersUnexamined
Regdar's Repository Alignment LinksUnexamined
Anime Fans can be bad D&Ders.Unexamined
Improved Buckler Use and Two-Handed WeaponsUnexamined
Dwarven Death Machine to vex My PlayersUnexamined
My player punched a kitten.Unexamined
1001 TomesBooks and ScrollsUnexamined
1001 Excuses DMs makeUnexamined
Time Travel in D&DUnexamined
1001 Villain IdeasUnexamined
1001 Things you don't want to hear your PCs sayUnexamined
Tome of Magic ClarificationsUnexamined
1001+DnD JokesUnexamined
Forum LeadUnexamined
DM Rules Counseling Forum LeadUnexamined
Useful Link for Dungeon MastersUnexamined
Anyone Know of a "What-kind-of-player-are-you?" Test?Unexamined
1001 interesting ways to introduse the partyUnexamined
New situation. Not sure what to doUnexamined
Help me Compensate my Characters pleaseUnexamined
1001 Things that destroy a campaign.Unexamined
Your favorite character...Unexamined
Maps for Campaign (Dark Sun: Shattered Lands)Unexamined
1001 Wish Screw-upsUnexamined
Advice on changing players' alignmentUnexamined
Master DM Competition #41: Create a TraitorUnexamined
1001 Cultural References...Unexamined
Help! RHOD Issueses...Unexamined
looking for ideas for Rock Band scenario in D&DUnexamined
Elbowing yourself in the gut......Unexamined
need help with campaignUnexamined
Making player follow YOUR storyUnexamined
RE: "Get" and "provoke" AoO languageUnexamined
Solo Adventure Ideas for PaladinUnexamined
Reincarnated GodUnexamined
Something creative with GargoylesUnexamined
When/How to attack the fighterUnexamined
Bad PlayerUnexamined
Master DM Competition: Proposed Rules ChangesUnexamined
Campaign 'surveys'?Unexamined
Beginner DMUnexamined
Cheating PlayersUnexamined
Good Idea or No?Unexamined
Handling High AC Characters 'in-game'Unexamined
help getting a new dm?Unexamined
PC sorceror loves baleful polymorphUnexamined
The PC Won't Get The Hint. Now What?Unexamined
Special WeaponsUnexamined
What makes a great memorable dungeon?Unexamined
Online Game TipsUnexamined
Need to create interesting city dynamics (long-ish)Unexamined
A feat to be proficient in one martial weapon?Unexamined
Help with HideUnexamined
Nature of a HeroUnexamined
Drunk DM Competition #13 Unusual TerrainUnexamined
Monster bitsUnexamined
Are miniature useful for games?Unexamined
How do u describe TOB attacks??Unexamined
Cohorts and XPUnexamined
Quick Template questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
a gnome in loveUnexamined
Idea for a campaignfeedback appreciatedUnexamined
Player is AWOL; Now what?Unexamined
How Do I Reveal To The Players That They Are Werebeasts?Unexamined
A mysterious geman evil brotherhoodand a plague. Help!Unexamined
ECL vs CRUnexamined
Campaign ideas helpdefeating the seven sinsUnexamined
Mounted combatantsAoOs and Ride skillUnexamined
Boiling Oil: Classic Siege techniqueUnexamined
In Media Res: Burning PlagueUnexamined
Grade This Villan: Social Worker Turned Escaped Ravenloft DarklordUnexamined
Familiars and Animal HandlingUnexamined
Is this too tough? Too weak?Unexamined
Have Legacy items replaced artifacts?Unexamined
Uses for GemsUnexamined
Hide & Seek!Unexamined
Never miss vs evasion.Unexamined
Seek and Destroy a cloverfield style gameUnexamined
need ideas for tonight!Unexamined
Vampire Wedding Ideas...?Unexamined
Moral DillemaUnexamined
Epic campaign problemsUnexamined
Newtoo hard - too easy?Unexamined
How to tempt a PCUnexamined
I´m a new DMbut I am totally lostUnexamined
Online DMingUnexamined
Ways to increase the DC of your spell savesUnexamined
Elemental Spacing Issues?Unexamined
Demonstrating D&DUnexamined
Natural Weapons and AoOUnexamined
The gods deadnow what?Unexamined
What happens if you miss a spell touch attack?Unexamined
LA goes away...the EXP change?Unexamined
CR question for NPC classesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Homebrew Campaign - Corrupting StonesUnexamined
New(ish) DM with a huge party. Help!Unexamined
Musical Themed DungeonUnexamined
Map CreationUnexamined
New contest IdeaUnexamined
Robotic PC?Unexamined
What do I do with an ultra powergamer?Unexamined
return to the Temple of Elemental Evil.Unexamined
Fighter SkillsUnexamined
Need ideas for magic rewardUnexamined
My first DM experience needs guidanceplease.Unexamined
Multiple DMs for large groupsUnexamined
getting restarted in 2.5Unexamined
A flurry of Dominate Person questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need help with BBEG: The MakerUnexamined
Continued Adventures of a HeroUnexamined
Retiring PC's... go to 4th ed or stick with 3.5?Unexamined
4th E or 3rd E?Unexamined
Weird Animal CompanionsUnexamined
Wow!....nice throw.Unexamined
Enchanting itemsUnexamined
Paladin mount suggestions...Unexamined
Less FightsEqual ChallengeUnexamined
Hard hitting PC'sUnexamined
Need help brainstorming (possible spoilers/ Exp. to Undermountain)Unexamined
Additional MagicUnexamined
Non-Druid learning DruidicUnexamined
Adventure suggestion?Unexamined
Hitting the pre-Epic Wall (13th-14th level)Unexamined
Achillis tendonUnexamined
Volcano Adventures?Unexamined
Brainstorming Help with Destiny Benefits.Unexamined
Artificer To End All....Unexamined
game store has no Dungeon MasterUnexamined
Adding strategy to combatUnexamined
Player wants to play a feral cleric- shall i let him?Unexamined
Ideas about Leadership (personal translation / help needed)Unexamined
Max Skill RanksUnexamined
If You Could Start All Over AgainUnexamined
D&D Evil?Unexamined
Stronghold Builder's Guide ConfusionUnexamined
Dealing with a Difficult PlayerUnexamined
Whiny PlayerUnexamined
what adaptations for ultimate hack and slashUnexamined
Strength 1 and Full PlateUnexamined
Help with AwarenessUnexamined
Arcane Thesis and Metamagic School FocusUnexamined
Need some ideas for elemental/jinn adventure/worldUnexamined
Scrolls in Item CreationUnexamined
One time adventureUnexamined
Just where do all these Bards come from?Unexamined
Dealing out karma is a senstitive issueeh?Unexamined
Reasonable Number of Combatants for a Tournament...Unexamined
Weaning Players Off the GridUnexamined
Mineral Warrior in EberronUnexamined
NPCs R US- NPCs for DMs that don't have time.Unexamined
Do any clergy (authoritative members of a church) play D&D.Unexamined
My Players need down timeUnexamined
converting The Keep on The BorderlandsUnexamined
Law and OrderUnexamined
I Don't understand skillsUnexamined
Solo Campaign for a Lawful Good ClericUnexamined
Contemplating Homebrew FeatsUnexamined
Heal Skill and PoisonUnexamined
Big picture to Adventure pictureUnexamined
What players likeUnexamined
Too much railroading/Not enough railroading?Unexamined
Player argues his own alignmentUnexamined
1001 "Trinket" Magic ItemsUnexamined
Calculating CR for individual charactersUnexamined
Putting d20 Modern Tech in D&DUnexamined
A quick ruling on Earthglide - please helpUnexamined
Reduced AutokillUnexamined
Found something that worksUnexamined
Naming dragonsUnexamined
Testing group alignmentUnexamined
Should i let him keep it?Unexamined
The Order of the Black FlameUnexamined
Opinion on alignment issueUnexamined
Cursed ItemsUnexamined
QUESTION ABOUT GOLEMSNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Food and lodgingUnexamined
baddies on steroids- pumping up encountersUnexamined
Fallout from PC's Failure has Ruined the CampaignUnexamined
Good Modules?Unexamined
My Unconventional ConventionUnexamined
Advice for running Expedition to Castle Ravenloft??Unexamined
Finding Adventure and Passage in the CityUnexamined
Master Artificier Competition #1: Make an Intelligent ItemUnexamined
tiny/smaller elementals?Unexamined
Need a little help putting together an Undead BBEG...Unexamined
Alignment trouble/ DMlogUnexamined
The best charater hooks you've ever had...Unexamined
Advice concerning Maps for a bought adventureUnexamined
Epic AdventureUnexamined
Statting Hordak as a BBEGand ~35 boss fight. Thoughts?Unexamined
I need help/ a link to something.Unexamined
quick help; need puzzle idea...Unexamined
Making The Players Think They Were The Murderers: The Perfect Patsy Thinks He Did It.Unexamined
Ok heres a start outUnexamined
effective encountersUnexamined
Devil/DemonGods and the PlanesUnexamined
Underdark EncountersUnexamined
Character Alignment decisions - Evil or Good?Unexamined
Populating a Living DungeonUnexamined
Looking for adventure and creative help.Unexamined
Wellthat didn't go as planned...Unexamined
different leveling systemUnexamined
Coup De GraceUnexamined
A DM completely ignoring the rules?!Unexamined
How many players are just too much?Unexamined
Do I Go By CR or ECL? (Minis Related)Unexamined
Targeting Invisibility with Magic MissileUnexamined
AoO and manuversUnexamined
Difficulty with XPUnexamined
Reasonable RiddlesUnexamined
upset at banned booksUnexamined
Hide from Undead vs. Faerie FireUnexamined
Wizard spells knownUnexamined
arcane strikeUnexamined
DM narration idea (or spouting nonsense)Unexamined
Simple CR Question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Polymorph: I hardly dare to mention itUnexamined
Teleportation Ruins StoryUnexamined
Powerful Magics and the Low Magic Campaign...they are not mutually exclusiveUnexamined
Kuo-Toan QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Conflicting Readied ActionsUnexamined
Sorcerer Tweak?Unexamined
What Should I Do to Them?Unexamined
Need Advice on an ArtifactUnexamined
Encounters on the RoadUnexamined
Horse Travel QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A Balanced Game???Unexamined
The "can't come back this way" dungeoning deviceUnexamined
Character Death in the Age of WormsUnexamined
Taint over Alignment?Unexamined
Atone without repenting?Unexamined
Da boss wan's 'em alive…Unexamined
Is all fluff in vain? A Call to Experienced DMs...Unexamined
Highlander based rule setUnexamined
Hidden skill checks!Unexamined
Help with the first sessionUnexamined
The First EncounterUnexamined
Who's the caster?...Unexamined
Disney at D&DUnexamined
Players in conflict during character creationUnexamined
How to challenge my players?Unexamined
Silly Campaign for a Silly DragonUnexamined
Silly Campaign for a Silly DragonUnexamined
Game session prep timeUnexamined
Master DM Competition 42: Create a Remote LocationUnexamined
how can i deal with this group?!?! please read im on my last leg....Unexamined
Range attacks?Unexamined
Fighter without an arm.Unexamined
Dragon Breath WeaponUnexamined
Party Schism?Unexamined
Infant StatsUnexamined
Big Party - What to look out forUnexamined
Please explain city gold limitsUnexamined
Freeing a Slave... (I'd appreciate it if my players wouldn't read this)Unexamined
New playerlevel oneand soloUnexamined
Barbarian is taking all da kills....?Unexamined
Lets Talk About Problem Players.Unexamined
D&D takes place in the future. Sohow to reflect this?Unexamined
Players Giving Each Other XPUnexamined
Big ProblemUnexamined
DM may have Created a Monster?Unexamined
Players's New Spell Request.Unexamined
Dealing with monsters and level adjustmentUnexamined
Fully stating out NPCs and monsters according to RAWUnexamined
Looking for an adventureUnexamined
Newbie DM by necessity...and seeking assistance.Unexamined
Encounter Design: Living Spell Civil WarUnexamined
Question about Dragon MagicNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A bunch of n00bsUnexamined
Plot ideas on how to shut a hole to the Negative Plane - help needed!Unexamined
Raising A Dragon: Alignment QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Traps and Contact PoisonUnexamined
Adventure Hook: Trance-omUnexamined
Is this fair?Unexamined
Now They are Werewolves....Help!Unexamined
Handling LA Buy-OffUnexamined
Adventure at sea!Unexamined
Warlock VSM?Unexamined
Can you make a ride check against tripping?Unexamined
Sneak Attack Gone BadUnexamined
Lich AlternativesUnexamined
DMing Pickup games- need help/ideasUnexamined
Tragic EndUnexamined
Encounter HelpUnexamined
'Not that guy again' - _ - Unexamined
A murder most foulUnexamined
Off the cuff DMingUnexamined
"Hadron Collider might make dragons"Unexamined
How Common are Adventurers?Unexamined
Have a burned out player (from school)Unexamined
Castle Ravenloft 1-shot adviceUnexamined
Defending Weapon plus Greater Magic WeaponUnexamined
Low Magic World: Wizard/Druid getting too powerful!Unexamined
Overpowered ClericUnexamined
city based adventures?Unexamined
MinMaxer at the tableUnexamined
Two-Weapon Fightingbut not really?Unexamined
Undead Sea MonsterUnexamined
Blood War CampaignUnexamined
Challenge Rating on CommonersUnexamined
Does CR changebased on Tactics?Unexamined
Vile Longbow of the FlameUnexamined
Looking for a horror/zombie survival adventureUnexamined
1st-Level ChallengesUnexamined
1001 Funny Magic ItemsUnexamined
keeping my PC's in a localeUnexamined
I've got a DS9 cast in a Voyager world...Unexamined
945 plot de-railersUnexamined
Elven diplomacypolitics and treachery!Unexamined
One wererat + 1 human = party balance issuesUnexamined
Let's Give the Sage Some Sage AdvicePart IIUnexamined
Fire SeedsUnexamined
Slave costsUnexamined
Campaign/Adventure Design ArticlesUnexamined
help needed with an encounterUnexamined
1001 Epic Fight ScenariosUnexamined
"Environmental Impact" Impact...Unexamined
Enchanting Monk FistsUnexamined
Are these players lucky or bad DMing?Unexamined
Monk's BeltUnexamined
Domain powerUnexamined
+1 bonus to levelUnexamined
Chastise Spirits + Divine FeatsUnexamined
Will this be a problem eventually?Unexamined
Help a fellow DM outUnexamined
trying to get started the the eberron settingUnexamined
Need some campaign ideas.Unexamined
Running 2007 D&D Open Problem (possible spoilers)Unexamined
Listen Checks When AsleepUnexamined
Help a Dm: Character DeathUnexamined
New DM Journal/I seek GuidanceUnexamined
Long TravelsUnexamined
Polymorph into a DragonUnexamined
Calculating Treasure for a HordeUnexamined
MMF and WerewolfUnexamined
NPC CompendiumUnexamined
Stats and Feat question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Scared of a character...Unexamined
Thoughts and advice for my campaign?Unexamined
Weather Creation Programs?Unexamined
Awarding Treasure - Full or Half Price for Items?Unexamined
What are the laws of lawful evil?Unexamined
War CampaignsUnexamined
In Game pentaltiesUnexamined
Faithless Heathen looking for a ProposeUnexamined
new to DMing and maybe too ambitious...Unexamined
Dungeon CrawlsUnexamined
Variant Rule on Skill Checks [PEACH]Unexamined
Help an inexpirienced DM; should I let my players TPK themselves?Unexamined
Role Playing GuideUnexamined
Very simple bard questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DnD websitesUnexamined
Giving the PCs guns....Unexamined
Defending Weapon PropertyUnexamined
ideas for plot line and kool Exotic weaponsUnexamined
Burrowing creatures and attacksUnexamined
Help With A "Mystery"Unexamined
Xorn dietUnexamined
Stacking CloudkillUnexamined
10 Reasons Why Role Players Should...Unexamined
A Castle SiegeAdvice PlzUnexamined
Phylactery of Elemental TurningUnexamined
AoO and when it hits:Unexamined
Gunspets and character classses.Unexamined
Fair WellUnexamined
Problems with criticals. Help!Unexamined
My Players and PCs have chronic amnesia.Unexamined
New Magic Item - The True PrismUnexamined
I need Help!Unexamined
Players...How can they have fun?Unexamined
Leveling UpUnexamined
Splitting BowUnexamined
Avoiding AoOsUnexamined
Starting DM needs books.Unexamined
How to get some rolepaying action in a dungeon?Unexamined
Standard GM needs help with Ideas threadUnexamined
Fast character GenerationUnexamined
CotSQ Sizth Morcane Player MapUnexamined
BBEG help pleaseUnexamined
Invisible spells featplayable?Unexamined
Player vs. Player RulesUnexamined
Levitating under a Hold Person spell?Unexamined
Evening Glory IssuesUnexamined
critical hits controversyUnexamined
What are Your Villians?Unexamined
NPC selectionsUnexamined
Exalted VowsUnexamined
When a Devil gets pregnantUnexamined
setting up a campaign for a vampire and a werewolfUnexamined
Players as attended objects?Unexamined
Grim settingsUnexamined
Encounter Level CalculationsUnexamined
Feasibility Questions Regarding 3.5/Modern CampaignNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help with city idea!Unexamined
WoW and D&D. A come-back.Unexamined
Campaign Ending Where The PCs Go For Saving The World...And Failing.Unexamined
Attractive PeopleUnexamined
Serial Hero - Playtest My Adventure!Unexamined
Epic Lich vs. a large city.Unexamined
MIC Item fixes.Unexamined
PCs made into PixiesUnexamined
Argument over Falling Object Damage and PCsUnexamined
Can an unprepared spell slot be spontaneously converted into a healing spell?Unexamined
Reflex SavesUnexamined
Invisibility and AoO'sUnexamined
"Splitting" weapon SA from CoR = SNEAK CANNONUnexamined
Banning Book of Nine SwordsUnexamined
Prison cellsUnexamined
Looking for some mapsUnexamined
DM kills playeror player dieUnexamined
Help on Charm SpellsUnexamined
Should I remove the cost of transcribing a scroll into a spellbook?Unexamined
What to run after RttToEE?Unexamined
Random ChartsUnexamined
My group is driving me crazy lol (a rant)Unexamined
Is turning undead magic?Unexamined
Adding a Template in-gameUnexamined
speaking animalsUnexamined
Pulling pranks on PCsUnexamined
Being too hard on my PCs?Unexamined
Non combat challengesUnexamined
Manyshot and Deadeye ShotUnexamined
Rule Loop HoleUnexamined
Zombies and SubtypesUnexamined
Does slippery terrain = precarious surface?Unexamined
Would you allow Powerful Build as a feat..Unexamined
Teamwork BenefitsUnexamined
Sundering Holly (no offense to any Hollys out there)Unexamined
Water GenasiUnexamined
Help with Wrath of Dragon Queen campaignUnexamined
Guns and ExplosivesUnexamined
How to Seal the Gates of the AbyssUnexamined
question about animated shieldsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Quest ideas needed for an adventurer's guild.Unexamined
RHoD finishedwhat next?Unexamined
Monthly Payment for a Warden?Unexamined
Weaken my PCs!Unexamined
Master Storyteller Competition needs to come backUnexamined
Specifics of Turn ResistanceUnexamined
Nets from Above!Unexamined
How to manage my players... in court?Unexamined
Epic Spell Seed questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Master Storyteller judges needed.Unexamined
Underdark Gladitorial ArenaUnexamined
Putting monsters from 2.0 into 3.5...HELP!Unexamined
CowCon 3: "Secret" SocietiesUnexamined
Sphere of AnnihilationUnexamined
1st time being a DM!!!!Unexamined
Sleeping in a Dungeon?Unexamined
Crazy mage tower!Unexamined
wanna start DMingneed tips and house rulesUnexamined
Brand new to D&D and need some helpUnexamined
What should I know about DMing an evil party for RttToEE?Unexamined
Paladin NPC too predominantUnexamined
Scaling up Sunless Citadel and RttToEE for 6 PCs?Unexamined
Ditching AlignmentUnexamined
DM (kinda) wanting to create weapons? and other issues.Unexamined
New Campaign for My DaughterUnexamined
Worg vs 5th lvl Halfling RogueUnexamined
A novice start DMing for other novicesUnexamined
Mass CombatUnexamined
Sneak AttackUnexamined
One Shotted With DisintigrateUnexamined
Need Help Creating The BBEG's Estranged & Self-Loathing DaughterUnexamined
Politely turning extra players away?Unexamined
A Diplomatic AdventureUnexamined
Capturing the PC'sUnexamined
Creating a Ludicrously enormous dungeonUnexamined
Overpowered 1st Level PCsUnexamined
A few queries about this first adventure plan.Unexamined
swimming in an elemental?Unexamined
How do you make a solo monster interesting?Unexamined
First time DM (need help with hit points)Unexamined
They Split Up - Now What?Unexamined
"Keep on the Borderlands" in 3.5?Unexamined
Dealing with an immature playerUnexamined
Good vampire module?Unexamined
A Crude Gather Information or notUnexamined
Finishing the game then fidning out you messed up.Unexamined
Having a problem with a playerUnexamined
What are your favorite 3.x adventures???Unexamined
Can an Unbodied take Vow of Poverty?Unexamined
Help with Mythal ripplesUnexamined
DMing new campaign (please help?)Unexamined
As a DMWhat's your opinion about...Unexamined
Help me write a Devilish pact. If you dare BUAHAHAH.Unexamined
Psion character is rocking my game....Unexamined
Party is TO GOOD!Unexamined
What is Railroading?Unexamined
Campaign Customization SurveyUnexamined
Is a roper's strength damage poison?Unexamined
Luring At SeaUnexamined
What makes a mount?Unexamined
unbalanced pc compared to rest of partyUnexamined
Multiple PersonalitiesUnexamined
suitable punishment for breaking the law?Unexamined
When would a real strong NPC bother to...Unexamined
problem with hide in plain sightUnexamined
Realistic World Without MageMart?Unexamined
How do I kill a game gracefully?Unexamined
Play-by-Post AdventuresUnexamined
Crit ConfirmationUnexamined
Touch attacks + touch spells?Unexamined
Realestate Prices in DNDUnexamined
Smacks Head on FlankingUnexamined
First time player party meeting helpUnexamined
new to the forumswith a strange PC problem.Unexamined
Rate my villian.Unexamined
Monstrous MonksUnexamined
Xp Award QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DM Resources onlineUnexamined
Subduing an Upity WizardUnexamined
Explosive RunesUnexamined
Detect _____ Spells ConfigurationUnexamined
The Fugitive - Need Input/IdeasUnexamined
New CampaignUnexamined
Battle of the ArchmagesUnexamined
Ideas needed for lvl 1 encounterUnexamined
Player Moving - Need HelpUnexamined
The Hand of Gruumsh (ECL5)Unexamined
Secrets Uncovered (long)Unexamined
Abandoned Laboratory - Yet another 'I'm new' thread.Unexamined
Ultimate Test for every DMUnexamined
Elementals and TripUnexamined
Need advice on massive battle...Unexamined
Kobold AlliesUnexamined
[NoZwolle]Magical warfareUnexamined
Nuclear BombUnexamined
DM Needed!!Unexamined
They live in the dark!Unexamined
Bear warior questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Starting an adventure in the RealmsUnexamined
Opinions about how DMs view DnDUnexamined
Spacial RepresentationUnexamined
Teleport + Portable Hole?? Advice Please!Unexamined
Bonuses or NotUnexamined
Metagaming Large BattlesUnexamined
DMing for only 1 pc?Unexamined
Party of 3Unexamined
1001 Bad IdeasUnexamined
Exciting Adventure help.Unexamined
Dungeon ProblemUnexamined
Cleric vs. Aleax...Unexamined
Can a touch spell affect more than 1 target?Unexamined
Is This Theme Good For Mood Music When The PCs Are Fighting A Lovecraftian Space God?Unexamined
Recomendations On Hosting My Own Home GameUnexamined
Party problemsUnexamined
The Anti-metagaming Iron handUnexamined
Magic items and the world.Unexamined
New DM needs help with battle discriptionsUnexamined
New DM (new D&Der as well) *long*Unexamined
how would you handle this?Unexamined
Need help figuring out a special attackUnexamined
Eating the monsters?Unexamined
Need input on an ideaUnexamined
Honestlywhat's a DM to do?Unexamined
Rusty DM + New GroupUnexamined
How Would You Show A Villain To Be Truly Evil?Unexamined
Bailing Them Out....Unexamined
DM Workshop: The skill monkey's bananaUnexamined
Kobolds? (Player issue to look forward to?)Unexamined
Interesting Idea. Possibly need help!Unexamined
I may have destroyed my game.Unexamined
War battles - Who is a winner and who is a looserUnexamined
Running Two Campaigns: Goodand Evil. Question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Master Storyteller Competition 7: I am Legend.Unexamined
DMG Prestige classes and Tower ShieldUnexamined
Underwater campaign...advice?Unexamined
Identifying Magic Sans MagicUnexamined
Debate on the Fireproof CloneUnexamined
Time Stop/Shapechange/Chokers/ActionsUnexamined rules!Unexamined
Garrote AttackUnexamined
Pimping Out VIllians: Good Or Bad?Unexamined
Revealing to The Players That They Are The "Evil" Clones Of The Real PartyUnexamined
The WBL tableUnexamined
Setting Up For New PlayersUnexamined
roleplaying helpUnexamined
wheres the warlockUnexamined
rules help!Unexamined
DM ConfessionalUnexamined
draw a weapon / chargeUnexamined
Dming in a VoidUnexamined
Newbie DM needs HelpUnexamined
De railing make upsfor dms who struggleUnexamined
Question on surprise attackNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Some Questions that I need answeredNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
He draws a what?Unexamined
NPC Gear vs Treasure ValueUnexamined
Created MonstersUnexamined
Class levels + CR?Unexamined
Creatures with TelepathyUnexamined
Adventure CatagoriesUnexamined
A DevilUnexamined
Caster Level Added?Unexamined
SoI'm tired of hearing "Lawful stupid" and "Chaotic Supid"Unexamined
Spicing up your game?Unexamined
In need of a Forest MapUnexamined
Sentient weapon ideasUnexamined
How do you teach someone to roleplay?Unexamined
Draging a PC in a Net - Alive. (NEED alot of HELP)Unexamined
A higher level Campaign.Unexamined
Suitable/Interesting combat encounters for smallnon-optimized partyUnexamined
Increased DamageUnexamined
I need help to start my campaignUnexamined
Questions about spellshpand manaNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
+CR/XP vs OptimizationUnexamined
Sniping in MeleeUnexamined
Re-equiping Characters: SpellbooksUnexamined
What is a partial chargeand can you ready one?Unexamined
Adventure adviceUnexamined
To TPK or Not to TPKthat is the questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Armor proficiencyUnexamined
Tail attackUnexamined
Losing the "magic"Unexamined
Player: I'm gonna be knight of chalice - are we suddenly gonna face demons?Unexamined
Little problem with movement and some house rulesUnexamined
Advice about Point BuyUnexamined
Last 3E campaign: Having balancing TroubleUnexamined
DM'ing QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Music-based languageUnexamined
Need advice with NPCs reactions.Unexamined
Squishy Party helpUnexamined
Uber gripy player tries 4th editionUnexamined
What Mistakes Have You Made?Unexamined
Is this normal?Unexamined
Flury of blowsUnexamined
Query: MetagamersUnexamined
Single source for PC level advancement questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Spot/Listen checks?Unexamined
Shadow PopUnexamined
Visage of the Deity and Neutral clericsUnexamined
Prestige classes that require npc aidUnexamined
Your Very First CharacterUnexamined
vampire bardUnexamined
PCs vs. The Akuma from D.Gray-Man: OrA Good Way To Show The BBEG Is Utterly Evil.Unexamined
Seeing in Magical DarknessUnexamined
What should I know about DMing an evil party?Unexamined
Techniques for open-ended NPC/PC verbal interaction.Unexamined
First time DM. Please Help.Unexamined
Curious. What do people whose first game was 3rd edition think?Unexamined
Ridiculous amount of restUnexamined
What is balance?Unexamined
Dungeon Tile Mapper?Unexamined
How do i design balanced encounters?Unexamined
Wedge MountainUnexamined
Magic item to know celestial phases?Unexamined
Chosen of DeityUnexamined
Which magic ability should I put in this helm?Unexamined
Advice on running an Evil campaign.Unexamined
Zombies(And undead templates in general)Unexamined
Tricky situation . . .Unexamined
Gold piece limitsUnexamined
Ignoredouble thread startUnexamined
Advice on running a ZombiegeddonUnexamined
DMing a PbPneed help with this party. *Contains DL spoilers*Unexamined
Any DMs here prefer to run a low magic campaign? Why?Unexamined
Anti-magic field questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Level adjustment and racial hit diceUnexamined
Need Helpand Constructive Criticism on my Joker Inspired VillainUnexamined
encounter/battle tracking sheetUnexamined
Avoiding AoO's...Unexamined
Char Opt. vs. Leg. MC - Where Do You Draw The Line?Unexamined
Mage armor on monksyour thoughts on DM changing rules.Unexamined
Need some outdoor battle site ideasUnexamined
Black Dragon Wyrm (Boss Balance)Unexamined
AoO Question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Sneak attack balancing? I'm sure you heard this oneUnexamined
Flat FootedUnexamined
What is a Wizard to do?Unexamined
Slayer of Domiel Alt.Unexamined
Juvenile Red Criticaly fails 4 times in a row!Unexamined
MDMC judgesUnexamined
Art Gallery EncounterUnexamined
player taxationUnexamined
Smoke use in mini seigeUnexamined
Gods Facilitate Mass PC AmnesiaUnexamined
Background MusicUnexamined
The best premade adventure for my groupUnexamined
I've Got the Player with Crazy AC BluesUnexamined
The First TrapUnexamined
New DM - advice on writing a campaign please :)Unexamined
Messed up the XPUnexamined
Characters with multiple personalities...treat them as what?Unexamined
Two (tough) questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Non-persistant characters and adventuresUnexamined
A quick initiator level questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Clue Scavenger Hunt.Unexamined
Crazy pcsUnexamined
Too Cool For D&D ?_?Unexamined
Rate of progressionUnexamined
Why are kenders so annoying?Unexamined
Pseudo-Mirroring playersUnexamined
Pyrokineticist + sneak attackUnexamined
Sorta new DMUnexamined
Sorta new DMUnexamined
setting up PC'sUnexamined
Any advice on Howling Horde?Unexamined
What level should my players be?Unexamined
Player gets mad cause the red dragon is evilUnexamined
Creative use of silent image.Unexamined
I need help with level adjustmentplease.Unexamined
MBEG Problem: Did I overdo it?Unexamined
Help with LA -posted twicein a hurryUnexamined
CR of Solo Spellcasters?Unexamined
New DM question about upcoming encounter (long)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Etarnon's Official: "The Quest for the Polka-Dotted Dragon Thread" SO THERE.Unexamined
Need puzzle for lock on a small chest.Unexamined
Ideas for an underground tunnel escape?Unexamined
Dark Sun Charactor StatsUnexamined
The Shattered Gates Of Slaughtergarde what can i do nexst???Unexamined
Trample Questions (the Special Abilitynot the Feat)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Challenge a NecromancerUnexamined
Sneaky Campaign - How to do it?Unexamined
Problematic Class?Unexamined
Working on a villain and need advice on his back storyUnexamined
Should PCs be required to have food?Unexamined
DM's XP calculatorUnexamined
Is this riddle broken?Unexamined
Private XPUnexamined
problems with a player : a matter of undead 3.5Unexamined
Quick little question about Magic Item IDNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DM challenge: RiddlesPuzzlesand Tests!Unexamined
Master DM Competition 43: Create an Adjustable Creature!Unexamined
Your Most Creative TPKUnexamined
Are these items over powered or to weak?Unexamined
DR NotationUnexamined
Player With Multiple Personalilites with a twistUnexamined
RotD Power Word spellsUnexamined
Multipule EnchantmentsUnexamined
3E Encounter Building the 4E WayUnexamined
Readying actionsUnexamined
Reserve feat questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The End of an AgeUnexamined
The DM Time CrunchUnexamined
Need Suggestions - Chaotic Transformation of PCsUnexamined
Dungeon Builder...Unexamined
Problem with PlayersUnexamined
I need to punish the cleric...Unexamined
The wild surge has caused some...problems. Need advice!Unexamined
New to DMing and to 3.5Unexamined
Mummies for the TPK?Unexamined
Consensus on Elder EvilsUnexamined
City Campaign helpUnexamined
Bite=TPK (Zombageddon)Unexamined
Newbie DM needing helpUnexamined
Gamer Classified Forums?Unexamined
Balance questions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Lost Battle GridUnexamined
Has any Dms run great evil party campaigns?Unexamined
Player Kills SelfUnexamined
Adventure design problemsUnexamined
Help with double agent PCUnexamined
Need some adventure tips and ideasUnexamined
Saving throws against ongoing durationUnexamined
Need Ideas on how to referee lycanthropyUnexamined
Lycantrophes and armorUnexamined
Treating campaign/bi-weekly gaming session more like a world than an adventure/quest?Unexamined
Dragon Disciple WearbearUnexamined
Hidden Psionic Displays and SupprizeUnexamined
How many rolls for this saving throw?Unexamined
Electronic DM-ing / Grounded for LifeUnexamined
Sunder bonuses questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
evil side bar to good campain.Unexamined
Sailing campaign?Unexamined
Intensive RoleplayingUnexamined
Quick Reconnoiter and Improved Initiative stack?Unexamined
Am I doing LA buyoff correctly?Unexamined
Alternative HealingUnexamined
New DM needs Tomb of Horror adviceUnexamined
Keeping NPCs AliveUnexamined
Where to get me some cultists?Unexamined
How Many DMs make Their Own Adventures Rather then Buying Them?Unexamined
Is an object with a glyph of warding on it movable?Unexamined
Grapple & Improved Grab on Mounted CharactersUnexamined
Turning the Lich Good - Cursed Item DebacleUnexamined
Low combat adventure recommendationsUnexamined
Questions on Spellthieves (CAdv)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Writing a MysteryUnexamined
1e/2e Modules vs. 3e/3.5e - Better or Worse?Unexamined
Showing A BBEG's KindSofter SideUnexamined
Fine! Psionics!Unexamined
Balancing Item FamiliarsUnexamined
Horse & Cart chaseUnexamined
Avatar the Last Air BenderUnexamined
Designing Rules for Spell MantlesUnexamined
Kyton Armor sneak attackUnexamined
Wild Magic in the CampaignUnexamined
Running The SupernaturalUnexamined
Slaughter of the Tax CollectorsUnexamined
Evil ideas?Unexamined
Fleshing Out New Cities...Unexamined
XP (Xcruchiating Pain) in roleplay oriented games.Unexamined
When do you give out experience?Unexamined
3.5 Sneak Attack Size RestrictionsUnexamined
A Civil Psionics DiscussionUnexamined
Reach weapons vs. large creaturesUnexamined
Need Help Creating Village in WastelandUnexamined
Will soon DM Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil: What warnings are appropriate?Unexamined
Tricky Assasination ProblemsUnexamined
Please critique this!Unexamined
Help the Newbie TimeUnexamined
Barrow of the Forgotten KingUnexamined
Identify Legacy ItemsUnexamined
Dealing with PC OverconfidenceUnexamined
Divine RightUnexamined
Player Auto-killUnexamined
Players and Fear EffectsUnexamined
Ranged Flurry of BlowsUnexamined
Magic Items and CR...Unexamined
5 Players- Monster modificationsUnexamined
Prismatic Spray/EyeUnexamined
Diagonal Movment through occupied adjacent squares?Unexamined
Need two levels of fillerUnexamined
Arcane ArcherUnexamined
Magic Double weaponsUnexamined
New game...wanna change?Unexamined
Poison or Death Attack??Unexamined
Intro Without an InnUnexamined
Quick questionquick answerNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
split class monkUnexamined
Need help about Terrain Movement.Unexamined
Encounter Ideas (Ap0kbe warned)Unexamined
Do you generate your treasure randomly or not?Unexamined
Outdoor Nighttime VisionUnexamined
The circus has come to town!Unexamined
Continuing a CampaignUnexamined
I need some General Pattonsor failing thatsurvivalistsUnexamined
EtCR Errata? (kinda spoilerish)Unexamined
Help I have run out of ideas...Unexamined
How to handle humungous map scales?Unexamined
Lessons from DMing with NewbiesUnexamined
it screams of animebut...Unexamined
Question about XPNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Rotating playerbaseUnexamined
Characters need 4800xp quick!!!Unexamined
Such a BaronUnexamined
World Building ideasUnexamined
I have ran out of ideas for an adventureUnexamined
Does the Skulk's "Peerless Camouflage" work against darkvision?Unexamined
Giant Turtle IslandUnexamined
Is Leveling half the fun or is it all of it?Unexamined
6 player adventure for 4 players? How?Unexamined
Ranger - a felt balance issueUnexamined
Does Evasion stack?Unexamined
Just worth sharingUnexamined
Opening options for a pre-made adventureUnexamined
Need some ideas for challenging roomsUnexamined
Help Needed - Tricking a PC into Willingly DyingUnexamined
Sunless Citadel - Dismantling the DungeonUnexamined
Cool Picture like on history channel?Unexamined
Blindsense and blindsight questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Save my Game! DMing two parties at once.Unexamined
Wow RPGUnexamined
1001 TribesClans and WarbandsUnexamined
How to stop...Unexamined
Players don't like their countryUnexamined
Need help dming for a certain group dynamic (long)Unexamined
Idols/Predecessors for the PCs: How do I make Legends?Unexamined
Sweet Revenge for the PartyUnexamined
4 Editon DnDOnline GamingUnexamined
Map SeekingUnexamined
New DMnew players.Unexamined
Old DM new 3.5 CampaignUnexamined
Introducing AuspicesUnexamined
Illithid Party - o.OUnexamined
Dungeon Map Tool suggestions?Unexamined
Idea for Starting new GroupsUnexamined
Questions on calculating experience and gaining levelsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Reading spellsUnexamined
I need Magical Farms!Unexamined
Drunk DM Competition #14: Create an EntertainerUnexamined
Game BoardUnexamined
Expedition to Castle Ravenloft question (MAJOR spoilers!)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
School SpecializationUnexamined
Trap critiqueUnexamined
1001 ways to encourage RoleplayUnexamined
Casting CLW on Displaced AllyUnexamined
Dire animals as Paladin mounts...Unexamined
Dispel Magic and GolemsUnexamined
Stats for an ostrich? (I knowsounds like a silly question.)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DM perspectives I don't getUnexamined
Magic JarUnexamined
re:Command/Rebuke Undead vs Command Undead spellUnexamined
A new campaign idea ~ need help please!Unexamined
No hiding within 20 ft of a torch?Unexamined
Scout Side questsUnexamined
Particularly challenging player itemUnexamined
players hard to controlUnexamined
CR questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Crafting Pixie Arrows (how many?)Unexamined
Eyes of the Lich QueenUnexamined
Dungeon Master Guidance Forum LeadUnexamined
Useful Dungeon Master Guidance LinksUnexamined
Weapon PricingUnexamined
Casters Not Enjoying PlayUnexamined
I Lost It!Unexamined
Siege warfareUnexamined
Gods Help Me... (a plunge into the unknown)Unexamined
Player Vs. DM - Why Can't We All Just Get Along?Unexamined
Party/Plot ProblemsUnexamined
mass combat HELP!Unexamined
Can anyhone think of a way around a paladin's Divine HealthUnexamined
3 failed saves = death?Unexamined
Question about Natural SpellNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Am I overpowering my fights - Or do my players just fail?Unexamined
Question: Elemental Companion & Rebuking?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Sowhat do I do with these guys?Unexamined
Politics Heavy Adventures/CampaignUnexamined
I like to DM but.......(I need advice to be a better DM)Unexamined
Help the noob DM time: Party about to sail on large river system. What do I do?Unexamined
Cool Alternate Magical Items (a 1001ish thread)Unexamined
Save or die spellsUnexamined
Returning DM question about KoTSNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Critical Success / FailureUnexamined
AFB: cost of Feycraft short swords?Unexamined
1001 challenging terrainsUnexamined
The usual DM is out...Unexamined
Does Alignment constrain your player's choices?Unexamined
small group problemsUnexamined
Sense Motive QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Mods please delete - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenUnexamined
RHoD Advice/commentsUnexamined
Taking the equipment of a fallen comrade... Good or Evil?Unexamined
Making Your Games More Fun and Cinematic: Aspects and Action PointsUnexamined
Players vs. Great WyrmUnexamined
I don't want my players to sneer at the idea of having a familiarUnexamined
Intentionally Frustrating a Player...?Unexamined
CR advice & dramatic suggestions neededUnexamined
Search for a shipwreckUnexamined
Keep on the Shadowfell errata??Unexamined
Vote for This Forum's Name!!!Unexamined
Paper and Plastic City: Combining D&D and wargamingUnexamined
Combat Challenge QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
question about creating the Holy AvengerNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Keep on the Shadowfell: RestingUnexamined
KotS- minimum PCs?Unexamined
Need to teach Rules and suchUnexamined
Campaign with no directionUnexamined
Hydras and Sunder and much confusionUnexamined
9 PC Party 4eUnexamined
Help with 2nd Ed to 4thUnexamined
Some sagely advice for fresh DM?Unexamined
Unusual vampire villainUnexamined
Calculating Cost of Magic Ammunition ?_?Unexamined
Diseases and Natural SpreadUnexamined
Eww! What did I just Step In?Unexamined
Players with Undeads/ConstructsUnexamined
I'm a bit stuck :\Unexamined
4e KotS - Traps & Passive PerceptionUnexamined
Mindbender MentorUnexamined
Buffet of Bonuses to Items ?_?Unexamined
Adamantine Weapon DescriptionsUnexamined
Undead Immune to Critical Hits... but what about special DMG when a crit is scored?Unexamined
Accidental Post - Please Delete :) - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenUnexamined
Rules question: skill check roll application to multiple instances?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
newbie DMneed help on how you map for figsUnexamined
Pre-quests to KotS: new DM needing adviceUnexamined
4e Shadowfell *does have some spoilers*Unexamined to acquire needed ones?Unexamined
New DM: Published Adventure?Unexamined
Combat cinematicUnexamined
Healing in 4thUnexamined
Why was this such a failure?Unexamined
4e: Is there a need for npc healers anymore?Unexamined
How do I get my hands on minis?Unexamined
Questions about Keep on the ShadowfellNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Brainstorming for ideasUnexamined
My group seems overly powerfulUnexamined
what the crap is a Dm to doUnexamined
Need help creating a medieval festivalUnexamined
World-Mapping in 4EUnexamined
Some odd events: longUnexamined
Are poeple still aware that there is more then one way to play DnD?Unexamined
Crouching spell caster hidden...frustrationUnexamined
Dungeon tilesUnexamined
Recurring Villains - How to keep them alive (acceptably)Unexamined
Campaign fell apartneed help managing player disputes; any advice?Unexamined
2e - New DM running "First Quest" PackageUnexamined
Confused about healing rulesUnexamined
Need to keep my group story focused...Unexamined
Reequipping a level 13 partyUnexamined
What to do when your DM calls you a cheater.Unexamined
Would a DM buy Martial Power?Unexamined
Making a one shot gameLaws & LawyersUnexamined
4th edition without minis. Possible?Unexamined
Epic game like molasses in January - Advice?Unexamined
Player's Rule-Glut SyndromeUnexamined
Dungeon Tiles: Question about floor colorsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Broadening the alignment of PaladinsUnexamined
Starting equipment for 10th level charactersUnexamined
Foiled Yet Again - LongUnexamined
Hide and Sneak attackUnexamined
What style of storytelling do people like?Unexamined
Illustrating the Aftereffects of a Doomsday WeaponUnexamined
Starting off a Camp...Unexamined
Dming Plans for 4eUnexamined
Best way to use tiles/miniatures?Unexamined
Alternative DM ScreensUnexamined
Playing Couples or Near-CouplesUnexamined
Brainstorming: Moral AmbiguityUnexamined
Death of Non-Combat Skills?Unexamined
Suggetions for Modifying KotS for 6 PCsUnexamined
Overpowered CharactersUnexamined
Using DM softwareUnexamined
Enemy to Ally - help balancingUnexamined
What would you put on your DM screen?Unexamined
Epic AttributesUnexamined
Some hints? (Newbie)Unexamined
RE: The Secret Lives of Dungeon MastersUnexamined
Lich phylacteryUnexamined
Don't be originalsteal ideas!Unexamined
[4E] Proposed Competition: Expert Dungeon MasterUnexamined
XP for a party that splits up?Unexamined
Critcal FailureUnexamined
Table ArrangementUnexamined
Equipment second opinionUnexamined
Party role problemsUnexamined
Three Man Group Seeks Dungeon Master?Unexamined
Large groups in 4th editionUnexamined
Party with mixed Levels?Unexamined
House RulesUnexamined
Questions about Frank Herbert's Dune and D&DNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Puzzles are Stupidwhat to do?Unexamined
Mass combat rules?Unexamined
100 really annoying sayingsUnexamined
player wants to create an odd characterUnexamined
Skill Challenges - WTF?Unexamined
Beginning with MinisUnexamined
So I took a look into 4th editionUnexamined
Errata for Keep on the Shadowfell?Unexamined
Detect Magic and (Su) abilitiesUnexamined
Grade-A-Villain: Jacob BokSea-born Son of The LoaUnexamined
Dead monstersUnexamined
Do players like mysteryUnexamined
How to deal with Level Adjustment?Unexamined
Master DM Competition on HiatusUnexamined
Minor challenges...Unexamined
Drow exile campaign for 4e helpUnexamined
Monster LevelExperience Pointsand a Really Short GameUnexamined
Unknown Alchemist's FireUnexamined
Monk FistsUnexamined
When cheating ruins it for everyone...Unexamined
Project Image and Gaze AttacksUnexamined
villian advice requestedUnexamined
Good Song to Play After Your Latest TPKUnexamined
Olde Tyme D&D charactersUnexamined
Warforged and Fist of Stone spellUnexamined
I need a Pyro...Unexamined
How much do you as DMs prepare for an adventure and/or campaignUnexamined
Clerical Error: A Cleric Who Won't HealUnexamined
Mounted Bandits?Unexamined
World D&D Day Adv questions ( UK edition)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Where to go from here?Unexamined
Background InfoUnexamined
my 3.5 campaign and 4e coming outUnexamined
How do you measure time/passing of days?Unexamined
Wave encounters and ensuring difficultyUnexamined
keep on the shadowfellUnexamined
Printing grid paper questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Big dungeon idea..why?Unexamined
Rogue's Sneak AttackUnexamined
in dire need of advice major group MELT DOWN!!!Unexamined
Thinking Like a DrowUnexamined
4e Marked condition - How have you done it?Unexamined
Syles of DMingwhat are yourswant to cherry pick.Unexamined
Is Online DnD Table access fee are for group?Unexamined
Questions about DM Style...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
101 Interesting Ways to Start the Campaign in a TavernUnexamined
Party CompisitionUnexamined
Battle mats and ink stainsUnexamined
KotS with three playersUnexamined
Read This!!! Where Should I Post?Unexamined
Deliberately misguiding players into dangerUnexamined
Is this encounter too hardUnexamined
RL Combat Table- What do you use?Unexamined
DnD 4E ReviewsUnexamined
How many brawls per game? (and other)Unexamined
Building Cities and Populating themUnexamined
Advice on using a dopplegangerUnexamined
Doppelganger as a player Race?Unexamined
Fred or The problem with NPC Wizards in the "Real" WorldUnexamined
Ending a campaignUnexamined
Events and people on the open roadUnexamined
The (suprisingly) Best NPCs everUnexamined
Converting PCs into animalsUnexamined
Accelerating combat for larger partiersUnexamined
First Time PlayersUnexamined
Rules Question immidiate interruptshadow wolf FR shadowfell conversionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
help me railroad.Unexamined
Your 4E campaignUnexamined
You know your game will end bad when :Unexamined
WOTC Answer to Stealth!Unexamined
where is the Dungeon builder?Unexamined
Exhalation MistUnexamined
When does it make sense to be able to leave a dungeon to rest and then come back?Unexamined
Adventures for a Drow CampagineUnexamined
Story-Driven Games and Daily PowersUnexamined
Good ideas for Music or where to find musicUnexamined
Disgruntled Veterans vs. Excited neophytes (a Kots problem?)Unexamined
Session Pre-Planning?Unexamined
into the ShadowgauntUnexamined
0 level commoners?Unexamined
XP Calculator SpreadsheetUnexamined
Is 4th edition playable without Battle Maps?Unexamined
Encounter for Rogues...Unexamined
Reqest help....Pre-Gen charactorsUnexamined
Keep on the shadowfell 3 playersUnexamined
Creating MinionsUnexamined
Is This Good Mood Music For A Fight With A Creepy Opponent?Unexamined
Dumbest Assertion EverUnexamined
Storing WotC Dungeon TilesUnexamined
Fun with Healing SurgesUnexamined
help needed: Guild testUnexamined
Which maps and tiles to buy?Unexamined
Tough creaturesimple solutionUnexamined
I need a Bard...Unexamined
Frequently Asked QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
House rules for 4.eUnexamined
Young White Dragon too powerful?Unexamined
What house rules are you implementing with 4EUnexamined
Trap Design Rules?Unexamined
Warlock TeleportationUnexamined
power problem with kotsUnexamined
Building a DnD Campaign for people who HATE DnD campaigns.Unexamined
How to DM for a solo adventurer?Unexamined
On Storytelling as a DMUnexamined
Lvl 1 solo encounterUnexamined
cant let go of 3.5....Unexamined
Am I throwing too much at them?Unexamined
4e Netheril Wizards?Unexamined
Good Music For A Fight With A Mechcanical Boss?Unexamined
Help me build a Frost Giants fortress!Unexamined
4ed - Lore - Was there a change?Unexamined
Dungeon mapping softwareUnexamined
Cruelest Trap you have every used in a game.Unexamined
Color coding for conditions?Unexamined
Please - Does anyone have spare Characters?Unexamined
Some 4th Ed. QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Weapon Cost for weapons for larger size catagories?Unexamined
Free DM helpers.Unexamined
Help with cinematics in 4eUnexamined
Converting Classic TSR ModulesUnexamined
Looking for some printable power cardsUnexamined
Origami Animal MessengerUnexamined
The problem of the collapsing suspension bridgeUnexamined
Secret doors and traps input needed.Unexamined
Skill Challenge Sheet (Homemade)Unexamined
i am a horrible dm...Unexamined
Is there a Zombie template?Unexamined
4e DM ScreenUnexamined
1001 storylinesUnexamined
Published adventures and making Villians Pop (KotS Spoiler Alert)Unexamined
New long adventure - Need helpUnexamined
HHEELLPP MMEEE!!!! ---4.0Unexamined
Eating Rations in 4EUnexamined
Tavern GamesUnexamined
How could they do this? Alllowing players to heal to full...Unexamined
Modifying KotS for 2 players?Unexamined
Any House Rules for Character Rolls?Unexamined
Why I like the Skill ChallengeUnexamined
3.5 Overpowered Playerin group (Psioncist)Unexamined
Rules for a BuisnessUnexamined
Incorporating MovementUnexamined
Help with Challenge Rating...(3.5 rules)Unexamined
Buildings on fire?Unexamined
PC's ImprisonedUnexamined
Some thoughts on a low magic game and other random crapUnexamined
Calanders and DatingUnexamined
Gothic Horror CampaignUnexamined
What to do About Eldarin TeleportUnexamined
Sorrydidnt know where to post this....Unexamined
Beware the Shadow WolvesUnexamined
4th edition encounter adviceUnexamined
Having Trouble Running a game without constant Squabbling....Unexamined
4ed campaign one playerUnexamined
DnD 4.0 - Self Esteem Combat SystemUnexamined
Confused about SurpriseUnexamined
1001 4E CampaignsUnexamined
Kobold HallUnexamined
DMing travelingUnexamined
Nonlethal damageUnexamined
My New SettingUnexamined
DM Index CardsUnexamined
Claymore CampaignUnexamined
Ritual Skills (rules mod)Unexamined
Skill challenge ideasUnexamined
Understanding skill check scalingUnexamined
Creating a "Bless Weapon" RitualUnexamined
Ninjas and Invisibility (3.5)Unexamined
I Need Help Explaining Daily AbilitiesUnexamined
Newbie Party of two - Advice requested!Unexamined
Low magic 4eUnexamined
Delicate subject matterUnexamined
4E: TreasureUnexamined
A pain in the font...Unexamined
3.5 ed vs the 4 ed QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Vow of PovertyUnexamined
Good mapping software? (Mac ideally)Unexamined
The most un-heroic partyever.Unexamined
KOTS Advice for a new GMUnexamined
Increasing Monster DifficultyUnexamined
Multiple day adventures in 4eUnexamined
Combat SheetUnexamined
New DM ? about tiles and what notUnexamined
How to handle Allies/Hirelings/etc.?Unexamined
Social Skill Challenges and Unhelpful CharactersUnexamined
Need help understanding the [W] damageUnexamined
Animal CompanionsUnexamined
Advice for New DMNew Playersfor KotSUnexamined
3 Roguesa Warlordand a Warlock...Unexamined
What is the most fun for players during an adventure?Unexamined
Question that I cannot find answered in the DMGNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DND 4th ed starting outUnexamined
Random Encounter Cards (homemade)Unexamined
Secret Page Ritual ideas?Unexamined
Kobold Hall to hard?Unexamined
Strenght Check what tipe of action?Unexamined
Three DragonbornUnexamined
Monster manuels and playersUnexamined
Characters above first levelUnexamined
Problem ChildrenUnexamined
New DM Seeking AdviceUnexamined
KoTS question - password?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
4th Edition Damage Type QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Spicing combat dialogue upUnexamined
LFG: NoVA areaUnexamined
KotS for 8 players maybe 9Unexamined
giants throwing a grappled PCUnexamined
Inserting Symbolism in Your GamesUnexamined
"I want to Change my charracter"Unexamined
1 On 1 DMingUnexamined
New to DM'ing. Which miniatures should I buy to start out with?Unexamined
location location locationUnexamined
My DM Journal (Feel Free to Critique My Style)Unexamined
Table Top ConversionUnexamined
Gambling and drinkingUnexamined
1001 Skill ChallengesUnexamined
does this work?Unexamined
What do I do about Disguise?Unexamined
Status markers in combatUnexamined
Writing and BrewingUnexamined
What tables do I want?Unexamined
Boss CreationUnexamined
Battle GridsUnexamined
Breaking Down the CampagineUnexamined
So close to hanging up that DM hat...(text!)Unexamined
How to capture an enemy!!!Unexamined
Characters as EncountersUnexamined
PC's Assessing Other PC's Health in CombatUnexamined
Poster Maps and MinisUnexamined
Help with my power gamer?Unexamined
4e in 5 minutesfor 3e playersUnexamined
How much to monsters hate wizards?Unexamined
Adjudication/Ethics situation-Need DM inputUnexamined
Advice on group structureUnexamined
Templates and their applicationsUnexamined
Warlord WoesUnexamined
When its time to run awayUnexamined
[4e] Multiclassing rule : my versionUnexamined
Quick question about 4th ed loreNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Convincing my group to go 4EUnexamined
Skill Challenge CalculatorUnexamined
Bluffing other playersUnexamined
Any 4e Campaign Managing Software Yet?Unexamined
New to this- campaign adviceUnexamined
Don't want to kill my players: rate this final encounter for a group of 5 lvl 1 pc'sUnexamined
Combat Organization UtilityUnexamined
Psychological Horror in D&DUnexamined
A Player's Debt of service - any ideas?Unexamined
Looking for advice (plot and PC motivation)Unexamined
New to DMingbut not to D&Dneep some tipsUnexamined
Good Intro Scene for a Villain/Boss Character?Unexamined
Help in SigilUnexamined
God in the Feywild?Unexamined
A trip to the Dark Side?Unexamined
99 Adventure IdeasUnexamined
You can shift while prone!Unexamined
Need advice on Oriental themed classes in 4th.Unexamined
more spare time DnDUnexamined
Does this Trap/Puzzle Work?Unexamined
KotS for 8 players....Unexamined
Lessons from 4th Edition DMingUnexamined
Dragonborn civilization!Unexamined
Magic item levels?Unexamined
How are sample monsters generated?Unexamined
My Homebrewn 4E stuff. PEACHUnexamined
Dungeon and Dragon MagazinesUnexamined
Will really high stats harm the balance?Unexamined
Help out a beginner understand combat...Unexamined
Level Bonus: Designing NPCSUnexamined
Starting up my new 4th edition campaignUnexamined
Help with campaign writing/formatting!Unexamined
How plausible is this?Unexamined
Dungeon Mastering ExperimentUnexamined
Dragonvan's question about DMingNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Most Affective Way To Deal With Players Fudging Die RollsUnexamined
KOTS: Encounters with 4 PCs and a TPK Story *Help!*Unexamined
D&D Crafting....?Unexamined
Please review Undead wizard.Unexamined
Advice neededUnexamined
XPH / Psionic defence and offenceUnexamined
Advice: Groups of Non-Standard CompositionUnexamined
Anyone know where to get a counter for flying/levitating minis?Unexamined
On Party BalanceUnexamined
Ready Made EncountersUnexamined
The Path to RevengeUnexamined
Help! Puzzle & Encounter Room DesignUnexamined
Intimidate the most usefull skill?Unexamined
Writing an adventureUnexamined
Player Exploiting StuffUnexamined
Advice for a begining DMUnexamined
The dice hate one of my players!Unexamined
How Did I Handle This?Unexamined
Hiding and Sneak AttackUnexamined
Hmmm... Forest/Grass Squares?Rules Question Or Discussion
How much to share with players?Unexamined
Starting goldUnexamined
Am I playing too hard for my players?Unexamined
problematic playersUnexamined
Skill ChallengesUnexamined
Unaligned versus EvilUnexamined
1001 Tavern HappeningsUnexamined
Advice: Skill checks and plot questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Haunted Mansion - Need HelpUnexamined
Expert Dungeon Master Competition #1 Looking For Judges!Unexamined
Advice: Tools for laying out encounter mapsUnexamined
Need Help Characterizing Child Soldiers Turned VillainsUnexamined
Help me finish this room.Unexamined
The Shadow of Tarin Kellar -- Feedback would be nice :)Unexamined
Tracking Hit PointsUnexamined
1001 Skill Challenges!Unexamined
My grand plot planUnexamined
Bad roleplayersUnexamined
Undead and Negative Energy.Unexamined
Minions? How do I handle them?Unexamined
I need help for a zombie campain!Unexamined
Most surprising player momentsUnexamined
Mega Skill ChallengeUnexamined
Need Help Introducing NPCUnexamined
Breaking bad PC habitsUnexamined
An interesting custom settingadvice please.Unexamined
The Best Cheapest Mini's that don't suck - Using official Mini artUnexamined
I put Kobold Hall into KotSdoes Irontooth fit in there?Unexamined
NPC frustrationUnexamined
Introducing Gaming to A Four-Year OldUnexamined
player helpUnexamined
Could use some help with female charactersUnexamined
Corrupting a player?Unexamined
Rate my creature and add your own!Unexamined
Writer's BlockUnexamined
Help with "Treasure of Talon Pass" (Possible Spoilers?)Unexamined
New 4E DM - How is this PC party shaping up?Unexamined
The mole...LOLUnexamined
NPC tracker sheet with picture capability.Unexamined
Spell track sheetUnexamined
tavern encountersUnexamined
How do you one-up yourself?Unexamined
First "real" time DMingI have a few questions concerning 4.0No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Why I suck with Premade Adventures (slight KotS spoilers)Unexamined
immobilise and grabUnexamined
Random encountersUnexamined
Skill Challenge ConfusionUnexamined
Breaking old DMing habitsUnexamined
A conundrum: DMPCsUnexamined
One PlayerOne DMand "Elite" PCsUnexamined
Standing up from prone - Oppertunity Attack ?Unexamined
One of my players might be leaving - During marathon sessionUnexamined
Lycanthropy in 4th Edition?Unexamined
guardian of faith ability help!!!Unexamined
[Adventure] Looking for a low-level MineUnexamined
I've got a playerUnexamined
A variation of Sir Keegan in KotS.Unexamined
ORPG IconsUnexamined
A question before I get 4e.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I need some helpUnexamined
Putting cohorts back into 4eUnexamined
Kobold Hall Starter quest?Unexamined
Players not paying attentionUnexamined
Analyze my first combat scenario/questions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Combat Advice for 8 pcsUnexamined
Tough Convert.Unexamined
Ideas for Complex Combat EncountersUnexamined
If Kobold Hall in the DMG is run 1stwill KotS be too easy for PCs?Unexamined
Dragonshield Tactics and charge - KotSUnexamined
Early Nerath CampaignNeed HelpUnexamined
How do I kick my best friend out of my campaignUnexamined
Question about monstersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Two questions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Teleportation FixUnexamined
New DMUnexamined
Random Monster Tables?Unexamined
Help - Making combats that resolve quicklyUnexamined
Can the PC classes be used for the BBEG?Unexamined
[4E] Expert Dungeon Master Competition #1: Open a Campaign!Unexamined
dm vs playersUnexamined
Incentine to Try Different Skills in a Skill ChallengeUnexamined
patch the hole in my plot pleaseUnexamined
Atmospheric MusicUnexamined
First CampaignUnexamined
CSR Response 6/27/08: Using allies for StealthUnexamined
Stairs - Attacking from themUnexamined
Using prefab encounters for level 1Unexamined
Polymorph ProblemUnexamined
Critical Hit DamageUnexamined
Question on resting/going back to townNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Question on detecting traps etc..No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
best starting level for newbie to d&d?Unexamined
changeing the dragon diciple for a barbainUnexamined
Need some help with KOTS as a DM [spoiler warning]Unexamined
Thinking about converting Night BelowUnexamined
KOTS Rogue with Passive Perception of 21Unexamined
Players with conflicting conceptsUnexamined
Sorcerer who wants to be a wizardUnexamined
Running KotS with 6 playersUnexamined
List of community created campeigns megathred (come add your own)Unexamined
3.5 training reward?Unexamined
Question about creation NPC's in 4ENo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Take what you cangive nothing back!Unexamined
How do I handle players in town?Unexamined
Skill Challenges too MetaGame...Unexamined
They went the WAY wrong wayUnexamined
Might start a 4.0 game soon - Need some tips (FFXI players look here)Unexamined
What do you do when you feel under-appreciated by your play group?Unexamined
Large partyUnexamined
Alignment in 4e.Unexamined
Speeding up combatUnexamined
Trap and Hazard creationUnexamined
Healing Surge While Actually Fighting?Unexamined
Advice on a (Plot) DeviceUnexamined
Shadowfell and Dungeon TilesUnexamined
How to Handle Combat for Large Groups of NPCs?Unexamined
Shadowfell and custom PCs?Unexamined
Wrote myself into a corner.Unexamined
Advice Needed on managing enemiesUnexamined
Player Survivability in 4eUnexamined
Welcome to the Arena... Advice?Unexamined
Immersive storytelling DM advice soughtUnexamined
Need Help with a water Based encounter (Level 2)Unexamined
erasable battle matsUnexamined
Scale Back? No Thanks.Unexamined
Homemade 4th edition screens?Unexamined
The Secret MinionUnexamined
Monster Ignoring Marks?Unexamined
How would you rule this Stealth question? (not Q&A because I know the rules)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Group QuestionnaireNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Inspiring PlayersUnexamined
7 Habits of a successful DMUnexamined
Is it me or do my Players Suck?Unexamined
First time DMquestion about some encountersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Air is Full of the Stench Of Ghouls - Encounter TemplateUnexamined
dungeon map creatorUnexamined
What should I do with an Exalted character whose not acting very exalted?Unexamined
Idea: Anti Villains and Tragic Monsters CampaignUnexamined
Awareness: More fuel for the stealth fireUnexamined
Roleplay Experiencetoo hightoo low?Unexamined
Keeping the Fun in Searching the RoomUnexamined
Small group 4e initiationUnexamined
Smoke a Little Root - DM IdeasUnexamined
Elaborating on 'Points of Light'Unexamined
Deleted My Thread...that's Weak (Non-Healing Potion Options Rephrased) - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenUnexamined
What do you think of this trap?Unexamined
combat chatterUnexamined
Advice needed: Bad DM or needy players?Unexamined
Advanced Character Starting Gear?Unexamined
Feeling OverwhelmedUnexamined
Creating New RacesUnexamined
Your advice on this encounter. (LONG)Unexamined
Alignment issues with a Beguiler (3.5)Unexamined
I gotta whineUnexamined
Solo Assassin GameUnexamined
Greedy players(HELP)Unexamined
Very Large Player GroupUnexamined
Player Slight of HandUnexamined
Third-person dialogue?Unexamined
XP and leveling pace confusionUnexamined
1001 Devious TrapsUnexamined
Advice for a DM; from a DMUnexamined
Merging Magic with DnD...Unexamined
TRAPZ!!!! --- 4.0Unexamined
Treasure parcelsUnexamined
Lost Thread Help - 1001 Things in a BarrelUnexamined
The Problem With PassiveUnexamined
Something odd to spark a gameUnexamined
Ideas for the first 4E campaignUnexamined
How much does a commoner make?Unexamined
A question of balanceNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
how do you do stealth in combat?Unexamined
Big groupssmall tiles...Unexamined
Does D&D v.IV exist in Russian...?Unexamined
Test Run ReportUnexamined
Gnolls - source material?Unexamined
Some 4e questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
handling Heavy range Strikers in 4eUnexamined
What Comes After "Yes"Unexamined
3.5 Prestige class mixing questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Can 4E support 8 party members?Unexamined
What abilities should I give my players?Unexamined
MIC QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Who holds character sheets?Unexamined
Phonetical language pronunciationUnexamined
How did your group do against Kalarel? [spoiler]Unexamined
Gamebreaking power ruling?Unexamined
Spell Template Challenge!Unexamined
Magic Crossbow TurretsUnexamined
Magic Crossbow TurretsUnexamined
Running Combat like a tactical RPGUnexamined
How many dungeons?Unexamined
2 KotS QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dying pcs at end of encounterUnexamined
KotS questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Raise Dead and level loss.Unexamined
Long Jump FixUnexamined
ANy DM's making a random treasure chart?Unexamined
Must-have DM aids?Unexamined
[UPDATEDthings have gotten much worse] Player/Character conflict problemanyone?Unexamined
Sphere of Annihilation and main characterUnexamined
skill challenge complexityUnexamined
help with houserules for low number of players PEACHUnexamined
Dungeon TilesGraph paper need ideas and advice!Unexamined
Character Wealth Per Level?Unexamined
Keep on the Shadowfell Secret Door HelpUnexamined
Starting a campaign off correctly?Unexamined
Ways To Know You Have A Successful CampaignUnexamined
Too Many PCs Spoil The PlotUnexamined
DM Tricks and TipsUnexamined
Monster lvl questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How drunk do I get? - need rules for intoxicationUnexamined
Monster Eggs?Unexamined
Map and Dungeon QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Tracking CombatUnexamined
Keep on the Shadowfell: A3 too hard! (TPK)Unexamined
Just gotta bragUnexamined
Creating Paragon level charactersUnexamined
Where can I find a DnD Mapmaker for the PC?Unexamined
D&D Programs for Mac?Unexamined
Longtime DM seeking motivational aidUnexamined
My PC's are to Squishy!Unexamined
Need picsUnexamined
A short question on short restsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
question on EXPNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to explain to 3e players 4e classesUnexamined
DMing softwareUnexamined
I have half a Mine...Unexamined
how to handle spell research in 4 helpUnexamined
Good Music For A Fight With A Master of Time And Space?Unexamined
Player's using their abilities to damage objectswallsetc..Unexamined
Information to reveal during encountersUnexamined
What do you use for a map?Unexamined
NPC's and "Generic" NPC'sUnexamined
Dungeon maps. Best ones/places to buy?Unexamined
Experience for NPC's (with PC Classes)Unexamined
Rating Levels and XP for TrapsUnexamined
Partial Modern D&DUnexamined
Combat actions questions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A Few 3.5 clarifications AC and grappleUnexamined
Adding new raceadvice appreciated.Unexamined
Swimming UnderwaterUnexamined
Favourite DMing Blogs/Websites?Unexamined
New DMUnexamined
Keep on the Shadowfell - with less than 5 PCs - SPOILERSUnexamined
4th Ed without Taunts/Marks?Unexamined
1st-time DM Facing ChallengesUnexamined
Rolling scores vs point buyUnexamined
Basic DMing QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Moral DilemmasUnexamined
No penaly for firing into melee?Unexamined
Assembling Miniatures Help???Unexamined
Dealing With S**ty Players....Unexamined
3.5 New Campaign Need AdviceUnexamined
Traps on the FlyUnexamined
I'm a little torn...Unexamined
How Much Exp Is a PC Worth?Unexamined
Need help with...Unexamined
Young black dragon?Unexamined
Advice DispenserUnexamined
Intangiable villianUnexamined
Are Poison Really that Bad? What do you DM's think.Unexamined
Cameos and Recurring CharactersUnexamined
Observations from DMs who have ran several adventuresUnexamined
Skill challenges...question about bluffNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Returning DMUnexamined
The big bird problemUnexamined
rolling checksUnexamined
stealth checks when moving/opening doorsUnexamined
Adding challenging fun to 4e encountersUnexamined
New DM looking for some advice.Unexamined
Keeping things interesting/adding varietyUnexamined
encounters and xp buyUnexamined
fluff text generator?Unexamined
Solo Players - Good idea?Unexamined
Helpideastips? please...Unexamined
Questions about a couple rulesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Starting a Campaign Opinions on it would be welcomeUnexamined
Adventures in PrisonUnexamined
Guest CharactersUnexamined
Forcing 4 or 5 encounters per restUnexamined
CohortsCompanionsAlliesand DMPCsUnexamined
Let's talk about DMPCs...Unexamined
should I update to 4e?Unexamined
Arena Combat (3.5 and 4th)Unexamined
Good Music For a Final Boss?Unexamined
Letting players know which monsters are minionsUnexamined
Inspirations and motivationsUnexamined
New DM helpUnexamined
Anyone have problems using markers on a battlemat?Unexamined
Eladrin as mythic beingsUnexamined
What defines an Encounter?Unexamined
Keep on the Shadowfell question (Spoilers)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
creating custom solo mobsUnexamined
I need a puzzle in an hour!Unexamined
Cleric nervous breakdown?Unexamined
n00b Questions - first combat trial for DM.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Good Alignment QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
help! 1st time DMing play by postUnexamined
Minions & Flaming SphereUnexamined
My new campaign ideaUnexamined
The Bounty OfficeUnexamined
Players thinking encounters are too hard.Unexamined
Questions from a new DMNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Good DM to Player roleplaying interactionand how to warm people up to RPingUnexamined
Elves and Eladrin lifespanUnexamined
DIY creativity to help your gamesUnexamined
Starting an investigative campaingin need of adviceUnexamined
Tips for a first time DM teaching first time players!Unexamined
Need help distorting a wish!Unexamined
Ideas for political conflicts?Unexamined
Geographically Isolated newbie DMUnexamined
DMNPCs in combat.Unexamined
Fun for the DMUnexamined
What kind of actions are healing surges?Unexamined
Flaming Sphere woesUnexamined
2-Player Keep on the Shadowfell AdviceUnexamined
Polar Opposite PC's: how to deal with them.Unexamined
Rogue RantUnexamined
Always the same Game - Need adviceUnexamined
getting behind an enemy.Unexamined
character sheets and a new DMUnexamined
Speeding up combatplayers complain!Unexamined
Help with city and fortress maps any adviceUnexamined
What does a DM do about Blade Cascade?Unexamined
Where have town NPC Classes gone?Unexamined
Bringing Fear and Horror into the campaignUnexamined
Your Personal Methods On Plots And Game Worlds.Unexamined
HELP!!! 11 PCs one game!!!Unexamined
101 most surprising player momentsUnexamined
KoTS for 3 PC'sUnexamined
Clever Ways of Giving TreasureUnexamined
Solo Campaign for 4.0: Advice?Unexamined
Handling "aggro"Unexamined
Stealth/Snipers - Did I do this right?Unexamined
Keep on the Shadowfel Help(Spoilers Inside!)Unexamined
Need Help/Advice to Build PC Interest in My New CampaignUnexamined
Long term NPCs (Not DMPCs) Yes or No?Unexamined
Creating a Solo NPCUnexamined
Rules for making new trapsUnexamined
Being bloodiedUnexamined
trouble with my warlord playerUnexamined
Bardic Battle SystemUnexamined
Warlocks and eyebiteUnexamined
What 3rd Party Adventures Are Out?Unexamined
Campaign Rules for BarbariansUnexamined
Need Help Understanding Treasure ParcelsUnexamined
items and treasures bookUnexamined
solo's as a standard encounterUnexamined
Skill Challenges - Broken As Written?Unexamined
DM Opinion -- Mage HandUnexamined
Combat book-keeping with index cardsUnexamined
Games in Game *spoiler !!*Unexamined
Diplomatic Skill Challege - Advice in Setup?Unexamined
Ok guyswake me up in 6 hours...Unexamined
Thunderspire (Spoiler Warning)Unexamined
Creating Traps/HazardsUnexamined
PC with a dead uncleUnexamined
Good Backround songs for D&DUnexamined
Solo game with my wife--Suggestions?Unexamined
Rumor that Keep on the Shadowfell is too tough?Unexamined
Stop. Drop. And roll (but only at the end of your turn).Unexamined
KotS A3 AdviceUnexamined
Steam Weapons for the Druid (My early experiences)Unexamined
An odd requestUnexamined
Two Healerstoo much?Unexamined
Some advice about a Lycan and Vamp game.Unexamined
Thoughts on a very encounter-focused campaign?Unexamined
Massive Scale CombatUnexamined
Table management issue: too many monster types at onceUnexamined
How good is the new Skill Challenge System (from the DMG errata)?Unexamined
1 character in 7 man group won't use magicUnexamined
OA/Rokugan Storyline HelpUnexamined
In 4Ehow hard is it to run games with many players?Unexamined
PC gains too much xpUnexamined
Building a Campaign SettingUnexamined
Dragonborn Empire?Unexamined
Multiclassing...What do you think is best?Unexamined
Sleeping ScheduleUnexamined
First Aid & unconscious charactersUnexamined
Would like your opinionUnexamined
Good Background Music For A Fight With A Rival Turned Evil?Unexamined
What I learned from my wife DMing for the first timeUnexamined
Without a Defender?Unexamined
Kobold HallUnexamined
Running a campign long-distanceUnexamined
Methods to PB character creation.Unexamined
Permanent Teleportation CirclesUnexamined
Remembering the old daysUnexamined
Aligments: What the heck?Unexamined
My Campaign (looking for advice/suggestions)Unexamined
Buying Magic Items?Unexamined
DMG Templates and Player CharactersUnexamined
Gestalt in 4E..still work the same way?Unexamined
I goofednow I need something cool to reward Player curiousity.Unexamined
Fleeing the Grid: Abstraction TipsUnexamined
Player-Driven CampaignsUnexamined
Spiffy DM Tool on GAotDUnexamined
Battling the knee jerk hate of 4eUnexamined
Channel Divinity: Evil?Unexamined
Customed Trap Attack...type...thingUnexamined
KotS: Help with a skill challenge with the Hobgoblins?Unexamined
4th edition is killing the old role playing. Long live the new role playing.Unexamined
Question about Cause FearNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The City in the Sky (1st level adventure)Unexamined
Large Scale Battle rulesetUnexamined
Idea for a filler? session in my overall campaign...Unexamined
The Adventure Writing ProcessUnexamined
New Campaign(4e) Old DMUnexamined
House rules. Not always a good idea.Unexamined
DCs Just got eaisier!Unexamined
FR adaption for thunderspire labryrinth?Unexamined
DM Question: Enchant Item Ritual appropriate for an encounter rewardNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
total party deathsUnexamined
Need help writing a prophecy.Unexamined
opinionwould portable rune enchantments for weapons be a good idea?Unexamined
Another broken character postUnexamined
Appearance of Creatures Literally Made From People's FearsUnexamined
Skill Challenges?Unexamined
Marker pens on dungeon tiles?Unexamined
A Pact ScytheUnexamined
So my players want to start a war...Unexamined
First time DMI have some questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Proper level for BBEG using PC rules?Unexamined
Help Dealing with a PlayerUnexamined
Wizard's Map Program?Unexamined
Playing for 18 hours straightUnexamined
The Face of War - A Campaign OpenerUnexamined
confused about skill challengesUnexamined
Who's the favorite NPC you've created?Unexamined
Truly Evil Set-upsUnexamined
Need help converting 4.0 to 3.5Unexamined
Would you say you are a lenient or strict DM?Unexamined
Banning items. But which item to ban?Unexamined
Using NPCs created like PCs?Unexamined
Lack a Core book?!Unexamined
Which 4th edition adventure of WotC is goot?Unexamined
Heathen adventure-+end encounterUnexamined
Mini-Quest anti-climatic (encounter balance)Unexamined
Question about the Immobilized conditionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
atks during extended restsUnexamined
Is it possible to knock an Ooze prone?Unexamined
Webcam DM?Unexamined
How can I capture my players?Unexamined
Creating your Pantheonor taking the default?Unexamined
keeping dungeon exploration realisticUnexamined
Co-DMing: Possible?Unexamined
Help with H1 side encountersUnexamined
mechanical question about surpriseNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Solo NPCis he too harshor too easy?Unexamined
Late to Every GameUnexamined
Number of Encounters before an extended rest.Unexamined
Need help designing a pantheonUnexamined
Bad Guy Runs AwayUnexamined
Kobolds - Meaner than I thoughtUnexamined
Need help with... encouragement.Unexamined
New DM Needs Help With 4.0Unexamined
9 people in my groupUnexamined
Help keeping the game interesting...Unexamined
Using your Dazed action to make a saveUnexamined
Die RollerUnexamined
I Require Minatures!Unexamined
Marking QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Encounter any good?Unexamined
How do you handle Stealth?Unexamined
n00b: Encounter building? higher lvl monsters as solos?Unexamined
1st shoot a encounter for 1st-2nd levelUnexamined
New DM vs. ExpectationsUnexamined
Updates anyone?Unexamined
Do I understand correctlyUnexamined
Turning an NPC into a "monster"Unexamined
Are creatures automatically aware they are marked?Unexamined
counters for H2?Unexamined
Dm needing nifty ways for a NPC to die...Unexamined
A New look at combat.Unexamined
Getting a player involved.Unexamined
dungeon tiles original set? still for sale?Unexamined
Level 6 encounter for 8 level 3's?Unexamined
Sink holes and subterranean monstersUnexamined
Certainly Hope I am not The only oneUnexamined
Monster RitualsUnexamined
2 Bladed Ranger + Sneak of Shadows: House ruleUnexamined
I am running a Keep on the Shadowfell adventure with three players.Unexamined
Need help with designing a quest for 3 player of level 4Unexamined
Please Help With Magic Item IdeaUnexamined
Capturing PlayersUnexamined
House Rule: Spellpoints; a good idea?Unexamined
Players who intend to go evil eventually? How to handle well?Unexamined
fight club inspired adventure hookUnexamined
Good Theme For A Cyborg BBEG?Unexamined
Journey to the End of the WorldUnexamined
Making MinionsUnexamined
New player builds CON-heavy half-elf fighter...Unexamined
NPC construction rulesUnexamined
New to D&D and DM'ingUnexamined
Monster Descriptions - Dice Icons?Unexamined
New 4E Solo Campaign ThreadUnexamined
Looking for someone else who has played or knows someone who played this concept.Unexamined
Dungeon Map Design Advice?Unexamined
Need help tailoring an encounter in Thunderspire LabyrinthUnexamined
Slave PricesUnexamined
Stealing things as a skill challengeUnexamined
H2: Thuderspire Labryrith re-write help and suggestions.Unexamined
DnD RiotUnexamined
Monster Races as PCs.Unexamined
Festival Activities.Unexamined
Falling in 4eUnexamined
4e: n00b DM needs helpUnexamined
On chat game now possible..MSN pluginUnexamined
Allowing a PC Minotaur: bad idea?Unexamined
DM Tricks of the TradeUnexamined
Awarding XP to unconscious charactersUnexamined
Player bought H1what to do?Unexamined
Undieing zombie minionsUnexamined
The Gnome & Fade AwayUnexamined
Awarding Treasure? :SUnexamined
Create an Adventure - QuicklyUnexamined
magic item wish list tracker?Unexamined
non combat encountersUnexamined
The Department Of Redundancy DepartmentUnexamined
Podcast Episode 23 QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Do you see yourself as an artist/performer?Unexamined
What's the favorite introduction you've done for a newcomer into a game?Unexamined
Where to host a campaign?Unexamined
HELP! One of my PCs want to split up from the others for a quest!Unexamined
Are these encounters too hard?Unexamined
Help with K.O.T.SUnexamined
First time DM psychology...Unexamined
Errata DMG p. 170could someone explain?Unexamined
DM advise neededUnexamined
Length of combat issues and frequent missesUnexamined
Is it me?Unexamined
NPC to Template to Solo?Unexamined
DM or GM?Unexamined
New monster level system causing me a MAJOR headache.Unexamined
Adding interesting effects...Unexamined
Gametable: how is it?Unexamined
A little help on trapsand random encounters.Unexamined
Is this too hard a puzzle?Unexamined
Running a SkilL Challenge (help!)Unexamined
Unarmed StrikeUnexamined
Experience Reward for Skill ChallengesUnexamined
101 DM aids I'd love to have...Unexamined
Question about "Rescue at Rivenroar" is this an error?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Finally ran my first game.Unexamined
Need Charming HelpUnexamined
Poison - Does it stack?Unexamined
From Prone to FlyingUnexamined
DMing ProblemUnexamined
Roleplaying Minion deaths.Unexamined
Extended RestUnexamined
Requesting help from 4e DM Veterans...Unexamined
Adjusting Monsters?Unexamined
What is "an attack that does not include you"?Unexamined
tracking monster damage in the openUnexamined
Virtual TabletopUnexamined
Player AbuseUnexamined
DM Quick Reference SheetUnexamined
Trap/Puzzle HelpUnexamined
Atmosphere: Sound EffectsUnexamined
Roleplaying:Racial IntoleranceUnexamined
How much for 12 Bugbears?Unexamined
Would you adopt this houserule to speed combat?Unexamined
Ideas for a brand new 4th edition adventureUnexamined
Creating Weapons and ArmorUnexamined
Awarding XP when caught between sidesUnexamined
Dragon AdventureUnexamined
Making death a little more... dramatic?Unexamined
4E Player RewardsUnexamined
DMing when you're the only one with the PHBUnexamined
Solo Dragon SlayingUnexamined
Encounters while AsleepUnexamined
Fleeing CombatUnexamined
Monte Cooke's Arcana EvolvedUnexamined
Any "Eco-Terrorist" Villains out There?Unexamined
Damage by minionsUnexamined
User Created Dm ScreensUnexamined
Battle MapsUnexamined
good initiative trackerUnexamined
Need Cavern MapsUnexamined
Goblin politicsUnexamined
Scaling KOTS magicUnexamined
Writing StructureUnexamined
Elven Group Awareness Racial TraitUnexamined
DDI compendium - Stealth rulesUnexamined
KotS - Area 16Unexamined
Handling a trap doorUnexamined
Help me ambush my playersUnexamined
D&D4E DM's Aid - Cover-Concealment-Terrain-LightUnexamined
Help! Problem CharacterUnexamined
Wizardless Campaign?Unexamined
Leveling by DM discresion (no XP)Unexamined
Cool enviorment specific tactics to allow PCs to useUnexamined
Making a table with a 1"x1" gridUnexamined
A collection of random encountersUnexamined
Help me make an interesting climbing encounterUnexamined
Was I Wrong?Unexamined
Dungeon Music?Unexamined
Other books like the Book of challengesUnexamined
Crit value of some monsters in Monster ManualUnexamined
TipsThoughtsIdeas... please?Unexamined
Gay player!Unexamined
Combat or Skill Encounter?Unexamined
Mechanically memorable enemiesUnexamined
Players who read adventuresUnexamined
Map legend for modulesUnexamined
large scale combatUnexamined
Curse of the SistersUnexamined
What would a Paladin do? (3E)Unexamined
Haunted HouseUnexamined
Rules for ProselytizingUnexamined
DM Campaign Tracking AdviceUnexamined
HelpDMs Block!!!Unexamined
Puzzle to Hard? Impossible?Unexamined
Races of the WildUnexamined
A problem i would like some advice on.Unexamined
Want to make it more Stealth OrientedUnexamined
PoL vs. Random EncounterUnexamined
Taking a Dragon HideUnexamined
The Organized Dungeon Master.Unexamined
Surprise! You have to run a game in a few hours!Unexamined
[4E] Expert Dungeon Master Competition #2: Create a Villain With a Plan!Unexamined
What XP to give?Unexamined
Converting my players' party.Unexamined
0ne-shot Gladiator campaignsUnexamined
Help me fill this Dungeon :)Unexamined
I need some help finding some picturesUnexamined
10001 Names Thread?Unexamined
Getting up from Proneprovoke opportunity attack?Unexamined
How do I createUnexamined
1 or 2 squares of dim light passed bright light?Unexamined
Treasure awared as exp ?Unexamined
Randomize treasure listUnexamined
Character HooksUnexamined
Noob DM looking for advice.Unexamined
Dungeon Tiles for KotSUnexamined
4E Cold/Ice/Norse/Mythological Campain ideas.Unexamined
How do you keep time in a world without solar patterns?Unexamined
Alternate Starting Ability ScoresUnexamined
What level is Frodo?Unexamined
hooking greedy evil party w/o using goldUnexamined
I need a template for printing a scrollUnexamined
4E question from a new dmNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Map ToolsUnexamined
Good question by one of my playersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Experience PointsUnexamined
LCD DMing - loving itUnexamined
A little question for critique... between DMsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A question I never thought ofNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How were the first gods born?Unexamined
Need an adventure ideaplease?Unexamined
How to switch Campaign Settings?Unexamined
Encounter Building QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
CSI: WinterhavenUnexamined
Rebuilding a world through a Turn based GameUnexamined
My first time DMing and I have a problem.Unexamined
Campaign Concept (pre-Outlands) -- seeking ideas/feedbackUnexamined
Do you let minions shift to their death next to the fighter?Unexamined
How to deal with this PCUnexamined
advice on running a small party?Unexamined
Review my GMingUnexamined
PC & DMPC game1st Level - Suggestions?Unexamined
Pretty Basic: Running a TavernUnexamined
ShieldStaff of defence - does your PC know the to hit rollUnexamined
Four out of five ain't badright?Unexamined
"Gotcha" vs. "Surprise"Unexamined
Scaling down Solo monstersUnexamined
KOTS Final Battles AdviceUnexamined
I think I'm burnt out....Unexamined
Good Battle Music For A Tragic Villain?Unexamined
New DM with two new PlayersUnexamined
DMPCshow to handle them...Unexamined
Brain Deadlooking for some ideasUnexamined
Plot idea requestUnexamined
need help to introduce old concepts to 4 edUnexamined
Top Tips for Starting Your Own Campaign WantedUnexamined
NPCs & Encounter DesignUnexamined
4th edition gestalting....Unexamined
How to Organize?Unexamined
PCs in jailhow to keep them there?Unexamined
I want my players to play the Evil Group they have to stop in cut-scenes - how?Unexamined
Help: How do you go about adjusting monster levels/stats?Unexamined
More Channel DivinitiesUnexamined
Minor Quests?Unexamined
Minis terrain and buildingsUnexamined
How do you properly hook PCs into an Adventure?Unexamined
Using an Encounter DeckUnexamined
Favorite Skill ChallangeUnexamined
4th ed and rewards.Unexamined
Skill Challenge Rewards?Unexamined
Yet another 'Help me start my campaign'Unexamined
IRONTOOTH & 4e BossesUnexamined
Updated skill challenge DC lower than PC skill modifierUnexamined
A question D&D groups who don't have english as their first language.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Streamlining Combat EncountersUnexamined
Unaligned PC and tortureUnexamined
Players Wanted Notice (PEACH)Unexamined
Encounter Manager tool for DMsUnexamined
offline treasure generator for 3.5Unexamined
Good Music For A Fight with A Cyborg BBEG?Unexamined
I am enjoying the reduced workload of 4E. Has anyone else noticed it?Unexamined
Zeech's banquet as series of skill challenges?Unexamined
Monster Knowledge ChecksUnexamined
Better Monsters without magic items?Unexamined
Cleric Worship Questions - Gods Throinn and Clangerden ?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Can you run H2 straight after H1?Unexamined
Bringing Horor into a D&D CampaignUnexamined
BattleCons -or how to play without MinisUnexamined
Infernal Pact Concern?Unexamined
Help me Construct a Proper BossUnexamined
my black dragon boss experienceUnexamined
Downloadable ModulesUnexamined
Using 4E powers in 3.XUnexamined
Magehand questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Advice needed for solo campaignUnexamined
Skill Challenge IdeasUnexamined
Dealing with DrowUnexamined
Hellish Rebuke questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need Serious AdviceDM in DistressUnexamined
Shifty Kobolds and INTUnexamined
Making a 4e wizard more enjoyable?Unexamined
sleep and saving throwsUnexamined
Need Advice! Dungeon Description vs. MappingUnexamined
Good Music For An Evil Creator Of The Universe?Unexamined
Door Macro #1 - How to handle readied actions?Unexamined
Need NPC: HalflingUnexamined
Markers and DiagramsUnexamined
Converting in mid-flight - Need adviceUnexamined
DMing for kidsUnexamined
Help with EncountersUnexamined
Asking for ideas for a 4 seasons themed dungeon.Unexamined
Scales of War QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Negative levels and experience point awardsUnexamined
[3.5] Dealing with a casterUnexamined
Need help making KotS less combat-only... please?Unexamined
Party fighter can't fightUnexamined
New DM needing some adviceUnexamined
Quickly build NPC stat blocksUnexamined
I have ONE Evil Player - New DM question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Vine Horror turned low level solo.Unexamined
help with one-PC campaignUnexamined
A question about SuccubiNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
An odd game mechanic...Unexamined
Player wants to make dragon hide armor - how to handle?Unexamined
You can never trust your players...Unexamined
Low-PowerHigh Impact Variant Rule: TalentsUnexamined
I've been killing too many players recently.Unexamined
Level of New Players JoiningUnexamined
Meet the Sisters of Suffering *spoiler*Unexamined
Sewer Systems Attract What?Unexamined
Things found in a Treasure chestUnexamined
How to make them care?Unexamined
Dealing with an overparanoid rogue?Unexamined
Can A PC tell what a minion is?Unexamined
Chance of Wilderness EncounterUnexamined
Roleplaying not included?Unexamined
Running a 3-player teamUnexamined
Need some non-cliche original hooksUnexamined
Converting an old Dungeon Mag adventure - need adviceUnexamined
Dragon adviseUnexamined
Marking Made Easy ... !Unexamined
What is Shadowfell?Unexamined
Looking for Interactive Phone or Web Resources for PlayersUnexamined
EXCEL - Initiative TrackingUnexamined
KotS Tactical Error *Spoiler*Unexamined
Anyone else finding the Swordmage annoying?Unexamined
D&D MiniaturesUnexamined
Dealing with a ton of healing surgesUnexamined
Active or passive skill checks for enemiesUnexamined
They changed the skill DC's againUnexamined
Inserting DragonbornUnexamined
Allow Hurl Breath and Enlarge Breath?Unexamined
Skills&Update ConfusionUnexamined
DMing FrustrationsUnexamined
Creating a fight.Unexamined
Ten Things I Have Learned in My First Three (And a Half) Attempts at DMingUnexamined
Converting 3.x adventures to 4.0Unexamined
Weapons of Legacy Ability...Unexamined
Kobold SlabsUnexamined
What's wrong with good?Unexamined
Do you have a player like this?Unexamined
Another 'help the DM' thread.Unexamined
Treasure allocationUnexamined
Looking for Solid NPCsUnexamined
Daggerspell MageUnexamined
Help balancing higher Point BuyUnexamined
Special Mounts at what level?Unexamined
Hilarity Ensued - longUnexamined
the tragically overlookedUnexamined
Need Advice on "Boss" EncounterUnexamined
Encounter AdviseUnexamined
Plot IdeasUnexamined
SKILL DC'SUnexamined
clerics changing deities and alignmentsUnexamined
Sowe're facing a predator...noI mean *the* Predator.Unexamined
New to DMing: Using older modules -> 4eUnexamined
Shadowfell for my sonsUnexamined
Can Good be Evil?Unexamined
Encounters take too long?Unexamined
module at a fairefestival or tournament ?Unexamined
(Semi-) SoloUnexamined
Troublesome Players - HELP!Unexamined
Not enough players?Unexamined
What Should I Have Attack the Base?Unexamined
3D Keep on the ShadowfellUnexamined
Treasure Parcels: by Encounter Levelor the PCs?Unexamined
Plot help.Unexamined
XP and avoiding/losing encountersUnexamined
Helping Out the Party's FighterUnexamined
Feats that Give PowersUnexamined
We tallied the number of times my DM said "you can't."Unexamined
Timeless Fights - Tactical discussionsUnexamined
Skill Challenges - House Rule (PEACH)Unexamined
how are these first few encounters?Unexamined
Name this ship contestUnexamined
Mounted CombatUnexamined
KotS and a lucky roll...Unexamined
critique me as an endeavouring DMUnexamined
Online mini store?Unexamined
When Good Dragons Go BadUnexamined
A Dark and Stormy KnightUnexamined
Minions and Flunkies for the PC's?Unexamined
Asking for perception checksUnexamined
Running the Skull-Skull roomUnexamined
Villain for a Goofy 4th ED Intro-X-TrollsUnexamined
looking for a plot twistUnexamined
Skill checksUnexamined
Players Won't Take It SeriouslyUnexamined
Taking dice rolls out of the players' hands: How much is too much?Unexamined
More then 22 pts for character creation?Unexamined
"Good" Warlock with Infernal Pact?Unexamined
Battle Grid pdfUnexamined
need some help don't know how to go about thisUnexamined
Identicle PC Problems!!!!Unexamined
Terrain Feature or Trap?Unexamined
Experianced Player IssuesUnexamined
Another overlooked...Unexamined
need map making adviseUnexamined
Advice on Encounters/Extended Rest ratioUnexamined
Achievements: XP dispensing optionUnexamined
Snow and TrafficUnexamined
Players wont cooperate on which version to playUnexamined
XP awarding for Spells and magics in 2EUnexamined
Clarifying 4E conceptsUnexamined
Campaign setting needing comments- Viking gloryUnexamined
Is this encounter too hard?Unexamined
Treasure Parcels...Unexamined
Getting the players into the fightUnexamined
Can I add social conflict to 4E?Unexamined
"Missing" when target is adjacent to another PC...Unexamined
DM screenUnexamined
Combat Challenge and Monster with double attackUnexamined
Need help handling two rogues.Unexamined
Consequences for ActionsUnexamined
Ignore me.Unexamined
Tying the group togetherUnexamined
XP values for Major Quests.Unexamined
Custom Tinker Class for 4eUnexamined
Confused on Making High level NPC'sUnexamined
4E Paladinic BehaviorUnexamined
General HelpUnexamined
Half Construct?Unexamined
Dealing with Several PlayersUnexamined
Character background sheetUnexamined
I'm looking to start but....Unexamined
Question re: Managing Complex CombatNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Village BicycleUnexamined
Dragonborn in Dragon EncountersUnexamined
A battle they "can't" winUnexamined
Identifying magic itemsUnexamined
Paladin on a Leash (solved)Unexamined
Total Chaos x7Unexamined
Web and Offline Campaign Tracking toolsUnexamined
Where to get miniatures?Unexamined
Fleeing Enemies - Realism vs. DifficultyUnexamined
Playing a Crazy Ex-Lover StalkerUnexamined
How do DM conditional combat encounters?Unexamined
Please Delete. - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenUnexamined
Thunderspire Labyrinth (spoilers)Unexamined
Insubstantial Black Dragon?Unexamined
player being dificaultUnexamined
Terrible DM Campaign JokesUnexamined
H1:Keep on the Shadowfell and FRUnexamined
Mistake in Scales of War re: Forgotten Realms?Unexamined
Pyramid of Shadows (spoilers/discussion thread)Unexamined
Locking down the PCsUnexamined
Basics for PC Monster AdventureUnexamined
Which path: Nentir or Elsir Vale?Unexamined
Skill Challenge MechanicUnexamined
Kobold Babies.....Help!Unexamined
Shifting vs. Threatening ReachUnexamined
Encounter Design: Ancient Black Dragon?Unexamined
Plot Linkage adviceUnexamined
Character Generation by the Dice (PEACH?)Unexamined
running a siege in 4eUnexamined
Authorizing Drows as PCUnexamined
1001 Plots/ NPC's/ Hooks to StealUnexamined
New DM torn between 3.5 and 4Unexamined
1001 Threads of thread listsUnexamined
New DM for new gaming group.Unexamined
Spellthief crafting itemsUnexamined
Looking for Creature ListUnexamined
Time traveling encounter puzzleUnexamined
Question about the Thing in the KotS finaleNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Interesting terrains: how to create?Unexamined
Multiple monsters encountersUnexamined
Advice on how to handle ambushing the ambushersUnexamined
Creature suggestions for Islands CampignUnexamined
Thoughts about KotSUnexamined
Preventing my PC's from initating an encounter...Unexamined
How long should an encounter take??Unexamined
Did I **** up and deliberately TPK my players?Unexamined
Poisoning weapons questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Scaling down a Kobold Wild MageUnexamined
Making my own 4e dm screen. Any suggestions?Unexamined
Best way to make maps?Unexamined
Handling scouting each room from the hallUnexamined
Designing a "Good" VillainUnexamined
Cunning DM tricksUnexamined
Interesting powers with interesting drawbacksUnexamined
New to 4th ed... couple of questions...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
XP amount for a PCand two other questions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
New DM question about Encounter LevelsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Design and Development: Political and Economic networks under 'points of light'Unexamined
Breaking the fantasy mold of raceUnexamined
When to put out the figures? When do you roll the initiative?Unexamined
101 Trade Secrets!Unexamined
1001 PuzzlesUnexamined
What does '1st level' mean to you?Unexamined
I had a great gameand I want to shareUnexamined
Need quick help for a sidequest/plothookUnexamined
Good or bad idea to handle TPKUnexamined
Is this fair to the group?Unexamined
Dragonborn and Tieflings in Eberron?Unexamined
Need the words for WishUnexamined
parcel generator?Unexamined
Figuring the level in 4e?Unexamined
Dividing treasureUnexamined
Detection magic in WaterdeepUnexamined
Looking for Bandits and Bounty hunter TemplatesUnexamined
Keep on the Shadowfell nearly disastrous endUnexamined
Capturing adviceUnexamined
We take the 8 on the leftyou take the 30 on the right.Unexamined
NPCs as members of the party and how to handle them?Unexamined
KotS: may players level up?Unexamined
Question about terrain on the battle gridNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Looking for some help with our 4th Ed game.Unexamined
What's a DM to do?Unexamined
Is there any point to 'even level' encounters?Unexamined
New DM: Premade Campaign setting or CustomUnexamined
Trouble with skills that allow limitless attemptsUnexamined
Did Skill Checks get too nerfed?Unexamined
Group PCsUnexamined
Clay Scout Homonculihow do you beatem'?Unexamined
low int cleric in 4eUnexamined
WorkFamilyKids - When do you find time to Game?Unexamined
Entourage Gaming: Designing a campaign with large cast of PCsUnexamined
Running KotS Woes: SPOILERSUnexamined
How to handle two playersUnexamined
Extended rest hogsUnexamined
Help with a 4e HookUnexamined
Suggestions for an 8-player party?Unexamined
[3.5] limb reattatchmentUnexamined
character background helperUnexamined
Swarm of Rats mechanic: KotS spoilerUnexamined
Shift to 4E or lose a player? What to do?...Unexamined
Love the new stuff...but can I trust itUnexamined
101 stereotypesUnexamined
Falling into water?Unexamined
random thoughts on my next session - open to adviceUnexamined
Ask the noob (no rules questions plz)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Good DM Planneth his Quests... Right?Unexamined
What if players want to heal an npcUnexamined
1 player game with NPC?Unexamined
scaling encouter rulesUnexamined
A Few Questions (4e)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
treasure and death (3e)Unexamined
Critique My Monsters!Unexamined
[3.5] so my players kinda skipped the "hook"Unexamined
deleted - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenUnexamined
KotS vs. Rescue at RivenroarUnexamined
Need help predicting the future.Unexamined
dragon rider campaignUnexamined
Need some help!Unexamined
[4e] Faster Combat EncountersUnexamined
What's my motivation?Unexamined
Need Ideas for Infernal Master!Unexamined
Can someone show me an example of a 1st lvl encounter. thnxUnexamined
Wintertouched Combo Rules DiscussionUnexamined
When to give out basic +1 gear?Unexamined
Help! Treasure ParcelsUnexamined
Awards and treasure parcelsUnexamined
Days and nightsUnexamined
[4E]Expert Dungeon Master Competition #3: Forge an Artifact!Unexamined
[3.5] Building a prisoner-rescuing adventure for high level PCs: help neededUnexamined
Looking for Random Treasure GeneratorUnexamined
characters of warUnexamined
Party imbalanceUnexamined
Players Who Play Too Slow: Solutions?Unexamined
PoL calendarUnexamined
Question on PC vs NPC with Class LevelsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
An update - we ran the Ambushing the Ambushers skill challengeUnexamined
Battlemats for all of Shadowfell Keep (image heavy!) SPOILERS!Unexamined
How do you explain Glueshot?Unexamined
Skills ruin puzzles!!Unexamined
Can it be epic if you're not saving the worldor the universeor all existence?Unexamined
[3.5] Will save questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Design and Development: Adventure buildingUnexamined
Encounters scattered in wilderness = multiple skill challenges?Unexamined
4E Adventure CreationUnexamined
My first run at this...Unexamined
(3.5) A (Hopefully) Balanced Take on Critical FumblesUnexamined
FortRefand Will questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
HelpI need a filler game.Unexamined
2x striker2x defenderany advice?Unexamined
Need suggestions for adding depth to a linear adventureUnexamined
Assaination Attempt and Escape. How to pull it off?Unexamined
Need help with creating a magical artifactUnexamined
RPG Blog Carnival #1Unexamined
Using races as 'counts as'Unexamined
Slave PricesUnexamined
Ideas for a rescue in an orc strongholdUnexamined
Money Makes the World Go Round?Unexamined
I miss you Craft SkillUnexamined
3rd Ed Illithids...Unexamined
A dm's dilemmaUnexamined
(Any Edition) Any DM's good-read: Warren Spector's Rules of RoleplayingUnexamined
Traps and HazardsUnexamined
Thunderspire Labyrinth Encounter Issue (Spoiler Warning)Unexamined
[4e] Skill Challenge DesignUnexamined
xp rewards questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Encounter Builder CaveatUnexamined
Encounter help.Unexamined
timing issues with interrupt and status effectsUnexamined
Obsidian Skill Challenge SystemUnexamined
Stat block questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I almost killed my party in ShadowfellUnexamined
A DM in need of a game!Unexamined
Phasing and Opportunity AttacksUnexamined
How did you start your campaign at level 1?Unexamined
Leveling up?Unexamined
Wand of Orcus? Toothlust?Unexamined
breaking down doors/open portcullises.Unexamined
Issue with Irontooth encounter (KotS)Unexamined
Keeping the party out of townUnexamined
Setting for Scales of WarUnexamined
DM PreperationUnexamined
Help - Fighters MarkUnexamined
Help me entice my players to actually roleplayUnexamined
Adding new content in a existing gameUnexamined
Solo FightsUnexamined
Powerful items at low levelsUnexamined
Small party campaignUnexamined
Encounters in the wildUnexamined
The DM's final wordUnexamined
Mobs with Blast (ie Hobgoblin Warcaster)Unexamined
Range vs 3d fighting o_O how to do it???Unexamined
The floorthe floorthe floor is on fire!Unexamined
Poster maps and the delve format map closeupsUnexamined
Using Music as a PuzzleUnexamined
Aggro or something similarUnexamined
AC problem....Unexamined
URGENT: Psionics Stacked?Unexamined
New DMs & Railroading... Any tips?Unexamined
Crossing the ThresholdUnexamined
Looking for a one-hour puzzle while I (DM) am awayUnexamined
Problems keeping the party togetherUnexamined
NPC AscensionUnexamined
Realtime puzzles / skill challengeUnexamined
High-powered point buy.Unexamined
Subdueing dragonsUnexamined
Race Across the CityUnexamined
Build a world or borrow it?Unexamined
Monsters vs. PCs at higher levelsUnexamined
Best way to startUnexamined
Character BackgroundUnexamined
H2: Well of Demons at 4th Level.Unexamined
Coat of Arms Designer web-based softwareUnexamined
Skill ChallengesUnexamined
Speed of BattleUnexamined
My DM Notes for a 4th Edition Campaign (DM'splease use me)Unexamined
Buried aliveUnexamined
4e QuicksandUnexamined
Dungeon Tiles - Sorting + StorageUnexamined
Now correct me if i'm wrong...Unexamined
The ApprenticeUnexamined
Undead pirate captainUnexamined
Open World and ChoicesUnexamined
one creature encountersUnexamined
4e BBEG - how?Unexamined
Cut ScenesUnexamined
Down to 3Unexamined
D&D newbie creating his first adventureadvice?Unexamined
Help me build off thisUnexamined
RangedQuickdrawand OAUnexamined
Roll with itor pre-planned?Unexamined
Doesn't anyone ever get tired of being good?Unexamined
Am I only the person who dislikes....Unexamined
Sidetreck I had to invent... kots relatedUnexamined
[3.5] rod of wonder effectsUnexamined
Dwarven LanguageUnexamined
I need help with this conceptUnexamined
Combat questions and encounter set-upsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Easy Fix to Skill ChecksUnexamined
Options to unrealistic boulder trap in Kobold HallUnexamined
Odd Encounter Monster MixesUnexamined
Encounters Per DayUnexamined
1/2 inch grid?Unexamined
[3.5] monster / creature question!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Questions about skill challengesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
KOTS - Ensuring ExploringUnexamined
Undead and paladin playerUnexamined
101 Adventure BeginningsUnexamined
Singing in Githyanki?Unexamined
How much would it cost...Unexamined
Rolling in the Open?Unexamined
Character's War CrimesUnexamined
Adventure PrepMini's Needed.Unexamined
Stampede HazardUnexamined
Master needs help for KOTSUnexamined
[3.5] 1/2 orc + vampire = gestation periodUnexamined
Observations from my 2nd Play TestUnexamined
Player out then back in....Unexamined
New DM questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
MY Ideal World: And the Spiked Iron Wires (formerly soft strings)That make it up.Unexamined
1001 battle descriptionsUnexamined
Want unbiased opinions. More things addedUnexamined
Slug-fest : a 4E game that's starting to feel 3.x-ish...Unexamined
Readied Actions: How to handle themUnexamined
KotS Hooks: Which to use?Unexamined
Gensai TroubleUnexamined
Converting really early modulesUnexamined
The proper music for the proper moodUnexamined
Favors for a clericUnexamined
"Name of the Rose" AbbeyUnexamined
When and what do you roll for your players?Unexamined
How do you handle having made a bad call?Unexamined
Speed up combat - suggestions?Unexamined
Dealing with the Gods themselvesUnexamined
ignoring encounter xp budgetsUnexamined
He wants to be a Necromancer...Unexamined
Off The Rails: One sample scenarioand a possible solutionUnexamined
Doppleganger's Revenge (WWYHTDD?)?Unexamined
Encounter BuilderUnexamined
all you laptop DMs - a questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Warped plastic on D&D minisUnexamined
Falsely accused of murder: how to go about it?Unexamined
Nuke and Rest: How to prevent it?Unexamined
Players keep attacking traps.Unexamined
Time Usage of Boss FightsUnexamined
New to D&D - Have to DMUnexamined
New to D&D - Have to DMUnexamined
4 or 5 strikers out of 6 players.Unexamined
I have got DMs Block?Unexamined
Lolthe voice of inexperienceUnexamined
Pimp Your BBEG's Crib: Reborn (Still Under Construction; PleaseBear With Me)Unexamined
I gave a PC a talking squirrel....Unexamined
Help for a sewer dungeonUnexamined
First time DM running a solo campaign?...Unexamined
My PC's need a second mortgageand a thirdand a fourth...Unexamined
Need an Exciting 4E Test AdventureUnexamined
KotS: Kalarel's teleport amulet - what's up with that?Unexamined
Corpse or no corspe?Unexamined
Official GeographicHistoric and Adventure Archive (PEACH)Unexamined
Danger Sense... and Foresight... Stacking?Unexamined
Increasing Hazard LevelsUnexamined
I want to give a PC cancerUnexamined
DMing seriously for the first time.Unexamined
Automatic Success at only 2nd level?Unexamined
Kobold Hall. Area 2. Dart Trap.Unexamined
Soone of my players wants his character to be a gemcutter...Unexamined
The Value of Old BooksUnexamined
Halloween Monster BashUnexamined
Character Specific AdventuresUnexamined
Solo Adventure?Unexamined
Speech problemsUnexamined
So...How do I get this pile of weirdos to adventure...Unexamined
Help me with this endgame encounterUnexamined
Great Black Horned Beast!Unexamined
Problem with some old players...Unexamined
This game is LIVING HELL for newbiesUnexamined
Wealth by Level?Unexamined
Skill chalangesUnexamined
How to get started?Unexamined
Player killed his follower with a drug overdoseUnexamined
Need help handling mercenary playersUnexamined
Intimidation to end a fightUnexamined
Monsters are no longer good enough...Unexamined
DMing solo monsters: what's fair game?Unexamined
Mechanics for skinning a dragon?Unexamined
Can rogues set traps?Unexamined
EL and CR troubles.Unexamined
City Based ScenariosUnexamined
What goes bump in the...evening.Unexamined
I don't have a ClueUnexamined
new forgotten realms campaignUnexamined
Trouble PlayerUnexamined
How do you tell a new DM to slow down?Unexamined
Funny SessionUnexamined
Chaos before the first adventure.Unexamined
Rethinking MonstersUnexamined
3.5 premade campaignUnexamined
Ballista vs. Ship - Advice requestedUnexamined
question about skillsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
imediate inturupt /reactionUnexamined
imediate reaction /interuptUnexamined
Creatures markings like the fighter?Unexamined
Large Group - Slow Battles - What to do?Unexamined
using explosivs in methane rich enviromentsUnexamined
[3.5] I'm starting to feel bad.Unexamined
First time DM.. some problemsUnexamined
monster-making projectUnexamined
Possibly introducing my wife to DnDUnexamined
Players thinking in Binary (puzzle)Unexamined
DMs: Let's compare notes on skill challengesUnexamined
fellow dm's i need advice!!!Unexamined
Looking for some oppinions and ideasUnexamined
Harvesting creature parts for crafting? 4eUnexamined
The Greatest DMing Tool I've Ever FoundUnexamined
The PCs are now angel killers...What do I do now?Unexamined
Pre-generated 4E characters anywhere?Unexamined
Rescue at Rivenroar CommentaryUnexamined
Creating an Escher-like dungeon room?Unexamined
Dungeon mapping solutionsUnexamined
"Printable DM" Encounter ManagerUnexamined
The dreaded first evening sessionUnexamined
(3.5) Non-Lethal Damagedoes it kill you if you get too much?Unexamined
My friend is my foe... DM/Player issueUnexamined
KotS and Kalarel - DM Experience *SPOILERS*Unexamined
Please be kind and help me...Unexamined
GMing at GenConUnexamined
Help finding 1" plastic card standsUnexamined
Initiative TrackerUnexamined
Favorite EncountersUnexamined
DM Campaign PlannersUnexamined
"Have you ever had a secret you were dying to tell?"Unexamined
Friday Night Plot Hooks - Wildfire MountainUnexamined
Crafting as a Feat.Unexamined
Making a Level 3 Solo Monster easierUnexamined
4E Npc or NotUnexamined
A too silly groupUnexamined
Playing past OptimizationUnexamined
Cthulhu mythos monstersUnexamined
Sorrymispostbut couldn't delete - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenUnexamined
Wings of the Fallen; Help?Unexamined
The barbarian's loverUnexamined
Any tips on adventuring into the shadowfell?Unexamined
Shadowfell WildlifeUnexamined
Vecna and Scales of WarUnexamined
Are Drow overpowered? Yes or NoUnexamined
Vecna in 4E? AKAHow to make a god in 4E...Unexamined
A DM must have....Unexamined
Sneak Attack + Healing Question?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Irregular group - please adviseUnexamined
A Dragon-based WorldUnexamined
Once a month groupUnexamined
My First DM Session Tonight - A Success and a Failure?Unexamined
Why does 4e combat take so long?!Unexamined
Spell Caster Level and Level AdjustmentUnexamined
4th Ed. Cursed items?Unexamined
DM Logbook - what's in yours?Unexamined
Running one-on-one gamesUnexamined
Good ways to help players who don't seem to care have fun?Unexamined
Adventures with less than 10 encounters and treasureUnexamined
sword mages unbalanced?Unexamined
How do you handle very experienced player thinking?Unexamined
Q: Immune vs Multiple keywordsUnexamined
What level are your PCs?Unexamined
Scariest Adventure Ever?Unexamined
Large Group AdventuresUnexamined
XP value of PC Class/Race enemiesUnexamined
Keep on the shadowfell Enlarged maps in WordUnexamined
A villain in their midst.Unexamined
Economics: Treasures vs. RichesUnexamined
Was this an okay piece of loot?Unexamined
RAW? RAI?Unexamined
Advice on encounter builds for two player gameUnexamined
Encounter Difficulty PollUnexamined
4e "Very same-y" say my playersUnexamined
Airship Pilots and PiratesUnexamined
The Play's the Thing...Unexamined
A wraith and many minions: a deceptible encounterUnexamined
NPCs and Monsterswth is Threat Level??Unexamined
Quick Monster-Creating QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Idea: Different Villains Who Are One And The SameUnexamined
Ten foot wide corridors are the bane of my life..Unexamined
help with lvl 10 encounterUnexamined
Time to Move On?Unexamined
Char Op and Setting Op!Unexamined
Total Party KillsUnexamined
How Do You Make Combat Interesting When Playing With One Player?Unexamined
rune alphabetUnexamined
How'd it happen?Unexamined
Tensor's Floating Disk - Acceptable UseUnexamined
IT doesn't WANT to be ridden!Unexamined
Level 19 SoloToo much for my party?Unexamined
(lack of) knowledge of monster's powersUnexamined
The Hardcore 4man PartyUnexamined
Buying and Selling goods in ThunderspireUnexamined
Moving from Encounter to EncounterUnexamined
Returning to Winterhaven *KotS Spoilers*Unexamined
KotS with seven players...Unexamined
Running skill challengesUnexamined
Werid 3.5 campaign ideanpc classes onlyUnexamined
Treasure ParcelsUnexamined
Getting the Players non-treasure goodies (Rituals)Unexamined
Not enough loot...Unexamined
(3.5) Descent into the Nine Hells FeedbackUnexamined
Map Maker Program?Unexamined
Help with Immersive Skill Challenges.Unexamined
Horror Adventure Cliche BonusesUnexamined
Help me with my campaign pleaseUnexamined
taking 10Unexamined
Problem with experienceUnexamined
Are there any Monster Stat sheets?Unexamined
Immobile Monsters or Traps?Unexamined
Help me making mapping more funUnexamined
Problem Player and passion lost...Unexamined
Naval combat in 4th editionUnexamined
Breaking the Front LineUnexamined
Group issues - ADDUnexamined
Finding maps and art and stuff - Exact Keywords?Unexamined
Group expanding to 7 players - help me manageUnexamined
Rescue the HeirsUnexamined
Half Playing Characters (4th ED)Unexamined
New group starting at a higher level.Unexamined
A possible new idea for navigating a maze?Unexamined
2 player campaigns.Unexamined
Should I allow this?Unexamined
Correct on the Fly or scrap and rebuild?Unexamined
question on rechargeNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
my creative playersUnexamined
map for a cityUnexamined
3rd Ed - Favored Enemy ArgumentUnexamined
Magic reagent suggestionsUnexamined
Leveling up solosUnexamined
New way to tackle group battles (I'd love your input)Unexamined
Recruiting DMs 4 A Shared WorldUnexamined
Disease and saving throws- 4th edUnexamined
PC needs a new armUnexamined
3e to 4e ConversionUnexamined
Creating A "Serial Killer X" Type VillainUnexamined
Player wants a minion.Unexamined
comment on encounterUnexamined
My 1st Run as the DM ^_^;;;Unexamined
PLEASE HELP!!!!Unexamined
creating a hierarchy of magic.Unexamined
Need help trying to simplify epic battles.Unexamined
Hmmm. I got an issue.Unexamined
Good way to create plausible extended rests?Unexamined
Tips on How to Motivate Evil Characters Anyone?Unexamined
Episodic Campaign IdeasUnexamined
Villain retreatwithout feeling cheated.Unexamined
Combat FlavorUnexamined
Are my player's idiots?Unexamined
Two Person Party TipsUnexamined
I need some helpUnexamined
Books that make you a better DM:Unexamined
WorldWorks Games Paper ModelsUnexamined
Fighter who wants to be a RangerUnexamined
Help with Skill Challenges : spoilers of UmbraforgeUnexamined
Gorc and Pic [*PEACH*]Unexamined
Army and war rulesUnexamined
Ideas for mass combat terrain/trapsUnexamined
Drama Defeated by Cursed Dice!Unexamined
perfecting the skill of winging itUnexamined
Adventure Help - Order in the SwampUnexamined
Help with running.Unexamined
Marked Monsters attacking someone else instead?Unexamined
Creating a World mapUnexamined
The Experience...Unexamined
Drunk XDMCsUnexamined
Searching a forest for a hidden location; how to make it fast and fun?Unexamined
Kobold challenge ratingUnexamined
Two Player CampaignsUnexamined
Fighting Orcus or a Red Dragon = pointlessUnexamined
Save or Die's against playersUnexamined
concept mapsUnexamined
Death in KOTS?!!!Unexamined
40% fire catching.Unexamined
New DM! Help with my booksUnexamined
[4E] Expert Dungeon Master Competition #4: Create an Urban Menace!Unexamined
Quick Newb Q?Unexamined
I think I've lost confidence in my playersUnexamined
Another newb Q?Unexamined
Playing the Music Soundtrack while running a session... good or bad?Unexamined
How can i play too? I'm the DMUnexamined
Getting ideas from non fantasy sourcesUnexamined
Interesting Boss BattlesUnexamined
Stat Cards for the RacesUnexamined
Campaign for Two New Players.Unexamined
The long chaseUnexamined
Is this encounter to tough?Unexamined
A mention of madnessUnexamined
Number of Encounters Between Rests???Unexamined
Solution for Mercenary Players?Unexamined
Calendar questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
encounter length rule of thumb?Unexamined
How do you carry around your miniatures?Unexamined
time and distanceUnexamined
Tips for Solo Adventures?Unexamined
Good ideaor bad? SuggestionsUnexamined
Converting the 4e monster creation rules to 3e numbersUnexamined
Giant pile of flaming ratsUnexamined
1001 Interesting encountersUnexamined
Initiative Cards and Encounter SheetUnexamined
Enchant magic item Ritual...need help!!!Unexamined
Tardy players. What's a DM to do?Unexamined
Trying to find something in CORE - armor/weapon alternate materials.Unexamined
Orc problem ►_◄Unexamined
I need a 7 Pillared Hall map for the PCsUnexamined
Rock Enthusiasts help!Unexamined
Preventing Repetative Power UseUnexamined
Ambush ScenesUnexamined
How do you handle Blind characters?Unexamined
Tailored to the partyUnexamined
I'll Never Do 'That' Again . . .Unexamined
Advice for introduceing 4thUnexamined
Cleric too potent.Unexamined
New DMNew PlayersUnexamined
3.5: Are the prices of these custom items right?Unexamined
Skill Usage in Skill ChallengesUnexamined
4E Treasure ParcelsUnexamined
So we have an evil Noble's mansion... now what to fill it with...Unexamined
Fear the night: my campaign ideaUnexamined
Extended Battle ProblemsUnexamined
Things for a good rogue to do?Unexamined
Punishing the Cleric!Unexamined
Sleep DepravationUnexamined
Orcs in the Cafeteria: 4e campaign in modern dayUnexamined
At Will powersUnexamined
Too many playersUnexamined
Small PartyTwo StrikersUnexamined
Hindering TerrainUnexamined
Captured casters and use of powers?Unexamined
Leaderless party - how to cope?Unexamined
Newb QUnexamined
Alternating DM'sUnexamined
Leader not playing a leaderUnexamined
Ideas for good hooksUnexamined
Fractured party: how'd you re-unifyUnexamined
3.5 to 4.0: The Change My Players Will Not MakeUnexamined
Cheery fantasy campaign?Unexamined
Encounters for a Solo CampaignUnexamined
New DM helpUnexamined
Keeping track of marksetcon the mapUnexamined
Money....what is its purpose again?Unexamined
Not enough magic in ToEEUnexamined
New DMfirst character death.Unexamined
Building EncountersUnexamined
Source for alphabets?Unexamined
Epic Destiny...wtfUnexamined
Making a campaign for newbies-- Help!Unexamined
Going Price of Vampire BloodUnexamined
Novice DM needs some help with Novice PlayersUnexamined
New DM with a Campaign IdeaUnexamined
DM Bad guy problemUnexamined
tokens/miniatures to playUnexamined
Using Full Characters as MOB'sUnexamined
1st level WereBear PC?Unexamined
Passive PerceptionUnexamined
Adventure Hook Friday - The Duke's Scepter!Unexamined
How to use Dungeon Tiles?Unexamined
Which Dungeon Tiles sets are the most useful?Unexamined
I need help forming RP ideasUnexamined
Dungeon tiles or Battle matts?Unexamined
Question on using Famous NPCsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How do you handle errata?Unexamined
Oh the hours...Unexamined
city based search for "bad guys"Unexamined
Very Interesting Encounter + Letting Players Shine!Unexamined
I need a God that would work this way.Unexamined
D&D traditionsUnexamined
Player's Who Aren't There: 'Level Badges'?Unexamined
Last Minute Adventure & Easy to DM ModulesUnexamined
Playing Myself: The One Man CampaignUnexamined
Great way to speed up combats!Unexamined
An idea for a current campaignunsure if I should do itUnexamined
Rule Lawyer ProblemsUnexamined
Social skill challengesUnexamined
Divine challenge and Ranged attacks?Unexamined
Encounter that requires thought for new playersUnexamined
Villain Idea: Delusional Cleric of PelorUnexamined
Skill challenge help!Unexamined
Varying Magic Item Levels in Treasure ParcelsUnexamined
There's this PC with this thing and it's a problem.Unexamined
double checking my rulings about my game tonightUnexamined
Days to Death: How to save a PC....Unexamined
How are you handling the Feywild?Unexamined
Monster Cards for all monsters levesl 1-10Unexamined
Slavery. ><Unexamined
Adventure Within a DreamUnexamined
Writer's BlockUnexamined
NPCs vs MonstersUnexamined
Need some helpUnexamined
How do you handle Science?Unexamined
Need some advice on building encounters before Monday night.Unexamined
Important NPC mistakeUnexamined
Effects of mounts on creating combat encounters.Unexamined
Throwing in the TowelUnexamined
Help with sidequests and keeping a game movingUnexamined
Monster Roles & Class Template QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Two free generic city maps availableUnexamined
A problem to solveUnexamined
"Tutorial" Session ChecklistUnexamined
Is this going to be too muchUnexamined
Importing 4E stuff to 3.5 gameUnexamined
Swordmage bad badUnexamined
Using NPCs in a partyUnexamined
That "burnt out" feeling.Unexamined
Cryptic Messages for all! (Critique)Unexamined
Playing through chat: seeking adviceUnexamined
1001 Non-Combat Ideas for a CampaignUnexamined
Creating layeredcomplex combat scenarios to tie in multiple types of playersUnexamined
multiple saving throwsUnexamined
Huge conflic between my players: What am I to do?Unexamined
Two off-beat adventuresUnexamined
Large scale battle advice neededUnexamined
Tell me about your player-driven plot!Unexamined
PLEASE HELP!!! Encounter buildingUnexamined
Scaling 1E to 4EUnexamined
Need help With my encounters.Unexamined
"Converting" 3E to 4E: Generous DMingUnexamined
gensai rogueUnexamined
How do you handle prophecy?Unexamined
2-player group problemsUnexamined
3.5: How much should this magic weapon cost?Unexamined
Player attacked another playerUnexamined
Reward ("punish") players for (not) doing their homeworkUnexamined
Looking for a magic lab gone bad adventureUnexamined
Group Monster Tracking SheetUnexamined
[4e]Need help creating a gang consisting of kidsUnexamined
monstrous humanoid PC XP's??????Unexamined
Upping the game with new material.Unexamined
Need help fleshing out my BBEG for a new campaignUnexamined
Adventurer's Vault Alchemist feat questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Florentine.........OF DOOM!Unexamined
[3.5] Need a linking adventureUnexamined
Am I screwing up my campaign?Unexamined
Keep on the Shadowfell PreparationUnexamined
Adventure Hook FridayUnexamined
campaign help pleaseUnexamined
How to choose players?Unexamined
How do you deal with NPC invisibility?Unexamined
Morally questionable NPCsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
General insanity with a campaign at the bottom of a ditch.Unexamined
Adding New Players to an Existing CampaignUnexamined
NPC QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Thread of randomhalf awake campaign IdeasUnexamined
Group rolesUnexamined
Mages SpellsUnexamined
DMing two gamesUnexamined
Epic QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Keeping the game from becoming a series of numbers...Unexamined
Introducing New Players: An IdeaUnexamined
Level of Encounter QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Buying Magic ItemsUnexamined
Need to make great 4.0 campaign for new playersUnexamined
Advice on how to teach Role Playing.Unexamined
Help with combining two campaignsUnexamined
My DM Blog (Possible Spoilers)Unexamined
Rebuilding a PCUnexamined
The length of adventuresUnexamined
Need help on encounter IdeaUnexamined
Any advice for a new DM?Unexamined
Thunderspire LabyrinthUnexamined
Balancing out party synergy in encountersUnexamined
Point Buy StatsUnexamined
Need advice dealing with a problem wizardUnexamined
Three PCs attacked two other PCs and I feel fineUnexamined
KotSKalarel loot concerns.Unexamined
Effects of character backgroundUnexamined
Action Substitution at any time?Unexamined
DMing for seven players?Unexamined
advise for this new dm anybody?Unexamined
Skill Challenge Between CharactersUnexamined
Rocket Tag in the DarkUnexamined
Effects After an EncounterUnexamined
Diagramming the 4E GodsUnexamined
Players fighting each other???Unexamined
Playing on a gridwhat do you do about minis?Unexamined
Monsters vs NPCsUnexamined
Speeding up gameplay tips?Unexamined
Storm Mechanic IdeasUnexamined
Can't figure out if this encounter will be "too" hard.Unexamined
Adding PC into an old gameUnexamined
Insubstantial in regards to Boss monster balancingUnexamined
Anyone ever run a good Kobayashi Maru?Unexamined
Death SongsUnexamined
Looking for a specific website.Unexamined
[3.x] Price of livestock?Unexamined
Adventures and Extended RestsUnexamined
4th Ed Campaign IdeasUnexamined
MIddle-Earth 4.0Unexamined
Battle SongsUnexamined
Puzzle DoorsUnexamined
Help dealing with a pushy playerUnexamined
Vampire PCUnexamined
Treasure Parcels and Upgrading ItemsUnexamined
OK I got some questions that concern me about 4th EditionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Hit Points and DescriptionUnexamined
Need plot opinionsUnexamined
Riddle me this...Unexamined
Advice on Adventure P1Interlude 2 [Spoilers]Unexamined
Side QuestsUnexamined
Kobold Hall Advice Sought!Unexamined
How do i determine Encounter level?Unexamined
Need some critique/suggestions/constructive criticism.Unexamined
How to deal with a "clueless" player?Unexamined
New Group?Unexamined
Converting 3.x AdventuresUnexamined
New DM with a problem playerUnexamined
Whats a DM to do?Unexamined
Encounter preparationUnexamined
Monsters 1 on 1Unexamined
Elite PseudodragonPEACHUnexamined
Arms and armor in towns?Unexamined
Are these encounters too hard?Unexamined
XP for ongoing Skill ChallengeUnexamined
I need a puzzleUnexamined
Alignment Change: Should This PC Have It?Unexamined
NPCs portraitsUnexamined
Things that Excites Your PlayersUnexamined
attacks vs Riders on big mountsUnexamined
Dm's BlockUnexamined
How often do your players take an exteneded rest?Unexamined
Variant item creation systemUnexamined
The 3.5 DBF as a 4e trapUnexamined
Article usable in your game worldUnexamined
Help my campaign: DM assistant a good idea?Unexamined
Scaling EncountersUnexamined
Cutting the Special Effects budget (ortoning down the blingy)Unexamined
What is to much for a NPC?Unexamined
Riddle Me ThisBatbile and Birdboy!Unexamined
I would really like some help with a horror gameUnexamined
Making a good filler sessionUnexamined
Do or Die Skill ChallengesUnexamined
Disco Steeve the cleric o_OUnexamined
Leveling Up - Immediate or End of Encounter/Adventure?Unexamined
I think a player is cheatingUnexamined
Office building dungeonUnexamined
2nd Session NotesUnexamined
3.5 VS 4.0 ContraversyUnexamined
Sneak attack rulingUnexamined
My Party below par? Too hard to hit monsters?Unexamined
Runekeep: 4E Horror Adventure for HalloweenUnexamined
First DMing session thoughtsUnexamined
Dungeon DelveUnexamined
Record-keeping with a MacUnexamined
Bag(s) of Holding - When/How Should PC's get them?Unexamined
Escape the UnderdarkUnexamined
Check my math please?Unexamined
[3.5] Warforged Charger as a mount?Unexamined
100 Room Dungeon - First DM CampainUnexamined
Thunderspire Labyrinth (DMs only!)Unexamined
A Player's Love For Choking and Drop KickingThings...Unexamined
Anyone else annoyed by the skill challenge mechanic?Unexamined
Ready Action - let's get real!Unexamined
Maze of a 1001 roomsUnexamined
Sleeper in the Tomb of DreamsUnexamined
Plot / Item advice 4eUnexamined
Home-Made Shadar-Kai 'Monsters'Unexamined
Xp CalculatorUnexamined
2 Players1 Magic Item.Unexamined
Portal IdeasUnexamined
Tracking time in a campaignUnexamined
Help! Rogue in group is too powerful!!Unexamined
Can't keep PCs awake...Unexamined
Burnt outUnexamined
I need help on a campaign.Unexamined
Treasure Parcels: Eliminating "the shaft"Unexamined
Extremely passive playersUnexamined
What to do? Dungeon only?Unexamined
Preparationreather notUnexamined
Family AffairUnexamined
Party Bonding (3.5)Unexamined
On the High Seas:Unexamined
2 Player Paragon Gestalt ECLUnexamined
ways to hide a body typeUnexamined
New Charactersold lootUnexamined
Looking for a puzzle.Unexamined
making encounters more challengingUnexamined
-1 Will defense for Skill Focus: ArcanaUnexamined
[4E] Expert Dungeon Master Competition #5: Populate This Map!Unexamined
1001 Most Broken FeatsUnexamined
Ideas for an Evil CampaignUnexamined
Thats not covered in the rules!Unexamined
A Balanced party of 7?Unexamined
Help with an appropriate final encounter!Unexamined
Allies - minions?Unexamined
Keep on the Shadowfell -QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Campaign Ideadangling in the etherUnexamined
Anything happen while your PCs camp?Unexamined
my player satisfaction surveyUnexamined
Help Me Destroy a CityUnexamined
Adventuring in the Underdark too early!Unexamined
How do you handle Quests?Unexamined
Where do we go?Unexamined
Large scale invasion coming...need help how to run.Unexamined
Canoe FightingUnexamined
DM DilemaUnexamined
Statting out roleplaying encountersUnexamined
Starting the Adventure: Capturing the PlayersUnexamined
Need advice.Unexamined
Multiple Wizards and the use of minions.Unexamined
Passive check or Roll?Unexamined
Dumbing it down.Unexamined
Adapting an adventure from a novel?Unexamined
Zones and Forced MovementUnexamined
I think I may have broke my game. Help!Unexamined
Information beyond the Nentir ValeUnexamined
[3.5E] Master DM Competition 44: Create a MonumentUnexamined
Short Rest QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Idea for deciding what loot to give playersUnexamined
Rolling for abilitiesways to make it fair?Unexamined
Rogue Solo encounter: helppleaseUnexamined
Skill challenge for crowd control?Unexamined
Human Artificers?Unexamined
Player rewards and "ungrateful" NPCs.Unexamined
Reverend's DM ExperiencesVol. IUnexamined
Ok a few questions about healing surgesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Final battle helpUnexamined
Dungeon Crawling?Unexamined
Elastic ArmourUnexamined
Savage Tide Templete question?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Making encounters challenging for experienced players/optimized partiesUnexamined
Catching On FireUnexamined
New DM running Keep on the Shadowfellpregenerated characters?Unexamined
Need IdeasUnexamined
Crime Caper: Suggestions?Unexamined
Monster damage typeswhat go are they?Unexamined
3.5e Actual AlignmentsUnexamined
My players keep killing each other...Unexamined
Need Help Scaling PCs to Heart of Darkness Encounter for a One shotUnexamined
Help! My game is too fun!Unexamined
To nerf the PCs or not...Unexamined
Shruiken and the RogueUnexamined
Advancing ConstructsUnexamined
ideas for solo Ravenloft campaignUnexamined
Want to give my girlfriend's wizard a wolf companionUnexamined
Encounter BalancingUnexamined
What is the best way...Unexamined
KOTOR point system? Legit or insane?Unexamined
First time DMUnexamined
Hit Points: From 3.5th Ed to 4th Ed?Unexamined
Too many knowledge checksUnexamined
How to nerf an encounter?Unexamined
The dangers of PC telepathy?Unexamined
Shipwrecked and stranded on a mysterious islandUnexamined
I stab him in the face...Unexamined
Can't Kill Anyone!Unexamined
Working on my first homebrewed class need helpUnexamined
Ok I got a player.....who loves summonersUnexamined
Undead ThemeUnexamined
Hex Grids and the Square root of 2! Gerrr!Unexamined
3.5 Animal Companion QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DM Justification: Players Made the Hobgoblins MadUnexamined
Scaling "Shadowfell Keep" to 2 PlayersUnexamined
I'm a New DMUnexamined
DM's Secretary in 4EUnexamined
Help with a puzzleUnexamined
Map MakingUnexamined
One stat horse...Unexamined
Rounds Per Encounter?Unexamined
4e: Running lvl 1 PCs vs. that Black DragonUnexamined
How long does it take you to prepare?Unexamined
Would YOU let me do this??Unexamined
Reverend's DM ExperiencesVol. IIUnexamined
4 People1 Solo monster....wait...Unexamined
3.5: My bad guys can't escape!Unexamined
Book of the Nine swords questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I need some help houseruling my campaign with fight lengthUnexamined
Bronze Warder Party NPC too much?Unexamined
a couple of questions please ?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Adapting tactics for different playersUnexamined
Check/Skill HelpUnexamined
Stuck in a Rut (Long Sorry)Unexamined
how long do your campaigns and sessions run for? sorryit's longUnexamined
Minis Question for other DM's-Pyramid of Shadows- Possible SpoilersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
There is a certain lack of online maps...Unexamined
Tips for disseminating information to playersUnexamined
Duplicate party roles and envy.Unexamined
Managing Treasure for your groupUnexamined
"My class doesn't deal enough damage!"Unexamined
Reverend's DM ExperiencesVol. IIIUnexamined
The "elevator speech" and your campaign.Unexamined
How/When do I ask for a roll?Unexamined
NPC NamingUnexamined
Level 1 encounter with human minionsUnexamined
Warning: 4e *****ing insideUnexamined
Storing Character SheetsUnexamined
Impose Enchant Item Ritual Limitations?Unexamined
Describing why power effects work the way they do...Unexamined
Line of attack.Unexamined
[4E] Item sets and bonusesUnexamined
Warlock can deal 6d10 dmg at level 6 is this right?Unexamined
Your favorite method of dealing out DEATH to your PCsUnexamined
Doubling Experience RewardsUnexamined
Death in the Pyramid of ShadowsUnexamined
Lazy/Lenient DMing: The Pouch of ReagentsUnexamined
Oh Gawd help me:social encountersUnexamined
I seek your inputUnexamined
How much money would a player business make?Unexamined
Campaign Conversions SoughtUnexamined
Being a DM and PC simultaneouslyUnexamined
Devil City RP encounter ideas?Rules Question Or Discussion
Need some help with an encounterUnexamined
Help in figuring out a certain characterUnexamined
Improbability IssueUnexamined
Closure for an eternal seekerUnexamined
Help with Encounter.Unexamined
char as epic Kensai?Unexamined
Getting Player to Run AwayUnexamined
Need Creatures Who Love to TortureUnexamined
need helpbrain tomorrowUnexamined
passive checktake 10 ?Unexamined
Hired Man-at-arms in 4edUnexamined
Managing 6-player games?Unexamined
Awarding level-1 Magic Items?Unexamined
Custom gem lists?Unexamined
Tool to draw combat maps?Unexamined
Easy Printed Maps (to scale) - H2 SPOILER ALERT - MAP!!Unexamined
Undeserving Players?Unexamined
Jbo's "Place your bets" Thread.Unexamined
Wolf chase skill challenge (in 3 hours!)Unexamined
A good 1st Level AdventureUnexamined
How do you keep a straight face?Unexamined
Consequences of failed skill challenges.Unexamined
Attack Powers...out of combatUnexamined
Thundertusk + SkillUnexamined
Paragon Tier AdventuresUnexamined
DnD and Africa like settingsUnexamined
GMs: You can't capture PCsUnexamined
DM Screen and PDF Core BooksUnexamined
Reverend's DM ExperiencesVol. IVUnexamined
Daily ProblemsUnexamined
1001 Non-Player CharactersUnexamined
Running a 4th Edition pirate game...Unexamined
What have you changed in 4E?Unexamined
Help: converting 3.5 enemies to 4th edition?Unexamined
Deconstructing the Federation of Star TrekUnexamined
take 20Unexamined
Incorporating Martial PowerUnexamined
Making PCs into childrenUnexamined
Quest GoldUnexamined
Advice on Creating an Exotic WeaponUnexamined
First time DMpracticing with roommateseeks advice.Unexamined
Help With ArtifactsUnexamined
Advice for Creating EncountersUnexamined
Teaching the third Alignment AxisUnexamined
Newbie DM and clearly not doing a good job- HELP!Unexamined
An Early Level Demonic EncounterUnexamined
Starting a 4E CampaignUnexamined
Question about the ShadowfellNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Reverend's DM ExperiencesVol. VUnexamined
Playing the game without "playing the game"Unexamined
Young New DMUnexamined
I'm consistantly killing my PC's.Unexamined
Falling dragonUnexamined
Awkward Monster SurprisesUnexamined
Armor and movement penalty? pffft.Unexamined
1001 Overused Plot DevicesUnexamined
Monsters are the butt of jokesUnexamined
Difficulty of TerrainUnexamined
Bad Attitude + Bad Roleplaying AlignmentUnexamined
Statue Trap DefensesUnexamined
Tricks for adding depthUnexamined
New player about to get the spot lightUnexamined
Am I cut out for DMing?Unexamined
How do you handle showing towns?Unexamined
XP & party deathsUnexamined
Are my Crypts Too Cryptic?Unexamined
Single Player CampaignsUnexamined
The Who gets What GameUnexamined
Ways to victoryUnexamined
Writing Unique VillainsUnexamined
Cause and effect w/ AlignmentUnexamined
Old SchoolUnexamined
(3.5)Party...Manager? Throwing the Players for a loopUnexamined
To few player and no healershow do i work with that?Unexamined
My First Game of 4e (Slight Combat Troubleshooting Needed)Unexamined
Tucker's Kobolds in 4e - can it work?Unexamined
1001 subvertions of overused plot devicesUnexamined
Do skeleton PCs have souls?Unexamined
characters with different lvlsUnexamined
Finding arrowsetc after combatUnexamined
Divine Challenged Monsters Attack Others?Unexamined
Amazing idea! Tell me what you think!Unexamined
Epic fight: XP/Encounter valueUnexamined
[3.5] PC Losses A Level - Quick Math?Unexamined
Player Is a pirat captin HELP!Unexamined
Air floating moneyUnexamined
Overpowered RangerUnexamined
Clarification Needed on Beacon of Hope SpellUnexamined
H2 Thunderspire Errata?Unexamined
If you can get thismy PCs should be able toUnexamined
Chaond/Zenythri as PlayersUnexamined
1001 Puzzles for PCs [READ FIRST POST!]Unexamined
Help with stealth and InvisibilityUnexamined
Discerning Minions from other CreaturesUnexamined
DM Brain Lock - Need help with campaignUnexamined
1001 PuzzleEnigmas and Riddles IdeasUnexamined
Would this idea be too tough on my PCs?Unexamined
(4e) Need help fluffing a new SoloUnexamined
How long should an encounter last?Unexamined
Time freezeUnexamined
Great scot! Greater Teleportation?Unexamined
New concept for my new campaignUnexamined
Boosting CharLvl for Turn/Rebuke: stacks?Unexamined
Crit my skill challenge: Kobold CavernsUnexamined
Critical hits and AOE damageUnexamined
Skill Challenge...What the...?Unexamined
Surreal adventure ideasUnexamined
Setting DCs for passive checks in 4E?Unexamined
PCs Desire to Buy LandUnexamined
So my campaign is about to take a different turn...Unexamined
Tracking consumables/ammoUnexamined
Auto Resolve system for combat?Unexamined
Dragon RidingUnexamined
XP For Sick CreatursUnexamined
What to look out for in 4e with powergamers at the table?Unexamined
A 2 man game with a kidUnexamined
I need help with my current situation 3.5ed.Unexamined
Players don't want to play 4th editionUnexamined
New DMtough situation.Unexamined
Allowing Monster Manual racesUnexamined
Psionics+D20 Modern = ?Unexamined
Help Wanted: Encouraging role-playing instead of roll-playingUnexamined
Question on Trap developmentNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
D&D Monsters you love to run (edition neutral)Unexamined
Need Help badly with session length!!!Unexamined
High level characters(3.5)Unexamined
Do Monsters Feel Pain?Unexamined
Currency fluctuation simulator?Unexamined
Reverend's DM ExperiencesVol. VIUnexamined
Problem with a DM and the Method in Which a Skill Is UtilizedUnexamined
Soif you were a CR 15 Halfling Mafioso...Unexamined
(3.5) Warforged and friendly bullrushingUnexamined
Encounter manager programUnexamined
Monsters according to the bookUnexamined
Animal companions affect on EL'sUnexamined
Time spent in dungeonsUnexamined
DMs: Check v. Challenge?Unexamined
How big a role to Deities play in your world?Unexamined
Ghost Touch Weapon QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Enemy PartiesUnexamined
XP and metagamingUnexamined
The Dm's Helpful GuideUnexamined
Clearing the dungeon - bloodthirsty playersUnexamined
Rogue/Warlock Fey PactUnexamined
The sorceror's threeUnexamined
The three castersUnexamined
When saying "Yes" to your players become "No"Unexamined
Alternative Flavor - the TrollUnexamined
Dead villains need to come back?Unexamined
Daily Powers are Ruining my GameUnexamined
"Cut Scenes" and other cinematic toolsUnexamined
Starting "Pyramid of Shadows" tonight - any tips?Unexamined
Rolling behind a screenUnexamined
3.5Any precautions one should take when running a lowmagic and/or lowwealth campaign?Unexamined
NPC allies in a 2 player gameUnexamined
For Glory! War Campaigns and 4eUnexamined
Tetris BossUnexamined
So who still uses only "pen(cil) and paper"?Unexamined
Making Psychotic Villains Seem SympatheticUnexamined
Ungodly LuckUnexamined
How do skill challenges work again?Unexamined
Keep on the Shadowfell modified for 3 characters... easyUnexamined
DnD Success StoryUnexamined
How will htis party do?Unexamined
The Acomplishments of Augustus and the end of one very awesome campaign.Unexamined
Starting a New GameUnexamined
Ideas needed for gripping level 2 swamp combat!Unexamined
help me about 4th edition pls!Unexamined
Emergency Fact-Checking for my 4e Game (H3 & Dungeon)Unexamined
Triggering more then one encounterUnexamined
Story Hook - Slave RaidUnexamined
What could NPCs do with residuum?Unexamined
Game etiquetteUnexamined
Damage from boiling waterUnexamined
Player wants to role-play combat too often instead of using powersUnexamined
Linearity as a new DMUnexamined
Several questions 3.5No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Getting ready to run my first game... common mistakes?Unexamined
4E Question: Is a YBl Dragon too hard?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
long time playerfirst time DMerUnexamined
Players' Attitude ProblemsUnexamined
I can never find my posts after I write themUnexamined
The damn dump statUnexamined
A Problem with Trophy CollectingUnexamined
My final setting for 4EUnexamined
Player Character IntroductionsUnexamined
D&D and The Ocarina of TimeUnexamined
Quick Rules QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
PC dies at lvl 3 was this unjust.Unexamined
Gelatinous Cubea sticky situationUnexamined
1001 Ways To Make Your Races UniqueUnexamined
Intro Game and Prison ConceptUnexamined
What's a new DM to do?Unexamined
Is 4E worth it?Unexamined
Solitarie games.Unexamined
Confusednew DM...Unexamined
help with an adventureUnexamined
Information Management & Campaign/Adventure BuildingUnexamined
Confusion Regarding Monster ChecksUnexamined
Unusual use for 4th EditionUnexamined
One Chance to DM the right way...Unexamined
Advice on running special encounterUnexamined
Telling Minions and Non-Minions ApartUnexamined
My friend has an attack bonus of +20 irl.Unexamined
How much Damage does Electricity do in water? (3.5)Unexamined
Who wins / Who chooses?Unexamined
Silly Players- Please help!Unexamined
PC communication in a combat encounterUnexamined
seeking advice for encounterUnexamined
Over powered character?Unexamined
Boat TravelUnexamined
Changing Characters Mid-Campaign Issue?Unexamined
Fluff question Concerning MountsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Awarding ExperienceUnexamined
You want to install a what?Unexamined
Annoying NPCsUnexamined
Creating Undead: ethics and opinionsan ongoing debateUnexamined
How do you handle Encounter areas?Unexamined
Adventure Help.Unexamined
6th Level AdventureUnexamined
Monster Maker printing problemUnexamined
New DM needs help in running Skill challengesUnexamined
Passive Perception in DungeonsUnexamined
"Ready Action: When a monster appearsI attack it"Unexamined
I am a bad personUnexamined
How do i deal with pc's who rest after every battle.Unexamined
Dungeon Crafting: Realism vs. FantasyUnexamined
Undead PC'sUnexamined
Integrating a Digital Logic PuzzleUnexamined
DM'ing a game to be made into a novel...need advice.Unexamined
Experience and LevelsUnexamined
legacy style weapons for 4EUnexamined
All Minion encounters?Unexamined
4.0 That Good?Unexamined
Fair Game?Unexamined
Experiencestyle and successes.Unexamined
Relatively new campaign idea- opinions?Unexamined
Elves not immune to sleep?Unexamined
How often can/do you "fudge" the dice roll?Unexamined
Dice Protocol & Group RitualsUnexamined
Running a game with 2 DMsUnexamined
Barbarian 4EUnexamined
D&D Game Party Post Mortem were did I go wrong ?Unexamined
Online gaming toolsUnexamined
Tell Me What You ThinkUnexamined
Does anyone have any quick gambling dice games that are D&D appropiate?Unexamined
Getting mountedUnexamined
Having some issues with a spell...Unexamined
3.5 Players frustrated by 4.0 difficultyUnexamined
I need a museUnexamined
Horror adventureUnexamined
Nothing but BBEGs!Unexamined
Encounters for the roadUnexamined
Tossing My Players A Behelit: GodI Hope One Isn't Playing An Emo.Unexamined
Keep on the Shadowfell - just a quick XP question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Monster races and what to do about a DM.Unexamined
I stick my hand in the fireUnexamined
Ranger's Animal CompanionUnexamined
*Sigh* Campaign RestartUnexamined
If anyone know this could you tell meUnexamined
Help me build an encounterUnexamined
Boring Paladin refuse to roleplayUnexamined
My problem with "Encounters" - Long post alertUnexamined
Getting rid of an NPC allyUnexamined
Subduing/Knocking out an opponentUnexamined
Building EncountersUnexamined
Wall/Corner CombatUnexamined
Large-scale City and Town MapsUnexamined
Questions for other DM'sNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How do you Introduce Skill Challenges?Unexamined
Encounters in 3.5Unexamined
Monster Creation!Unexamined
PC's Facing Ethical Choice - Didn't Plan for Option BUnexamined
Party Dynamics...more help!Unexamined
Keep on the Shadowfell with 2 players?Unexamined
So I gave my PCs a tarrasque...Unexamined
1001+ Villainsand AlliesUnexamined
Party SizeUnexamined
Summoned Creatures and Spotlight TimeUnexamined
Keeping track of time in-gameUnexamined
Level lossUnexamined
where could i find jungle battlemaps?Unexamined
Need playtesting for a version of Elite Minions - ThanksUnexamined
1001 Ways to Kill your PCsUnexamined
Question about Into the Shadowhaunt - Skeleton TrooperNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Comedy Adventure StaplesUnexamined
Detect Evil and Iron DoorsUnexamined
Help me introduce/develop an Arch NemesisUnexamined
Ancient History Setting - 500 AD - What EQ is Legal?Unexamined
Player Rebelion (WarningLong freaking post)Unexamined
Getting counterspelledUnexamined
Over-cautious PCsUnexamined
Roleplaying Beyond DeathUnexamined
Doubting my DM skillsUnexamined
Cost of purchasing NPC's use of Rituals?Unexamined
Purchasing Land/House/InnUnexamined
Enforcing In Character RoleplayingUnexamined
Help with plot for Evil CampaignUnexamined
The Paladin Betrayer: Please CritiqueUnexamined
Grey Jester as a 4e villianUnexamined
Duo players advice needed (Paladin + ???)Unexamined
Items for first 3 levels... balanced?Unexamined
3.5 How to handle this?Unexamined
what can you get done in a session?Unexamined
First Strike and the start of combat.Unexamined
Running amok with my world!!!Unexamined
[4E] Expert Dungeon Master Competition #6: Create a Signature Series!Unexamined
New to 4th EditionUnexamined
Help for a struggling player?Unexamined
House Rule Idea: Two-Minute Rule (for battles)Unexamined
My biggest issue with D&D 4e: my friends getting to drunk to play!Unexamined
How much do the monsters actually know?Unexamined
The Dreaming MirrorUnexamined
DMing in a city (PLEASE HELP ME)Unexamined
Invisible Rogue problemsUnexamined
Treasure parcels and wish listsUnexamined
Weirdness Questions???No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
New to DNDCan I DM?Unexamined
Manual of the PlanesUnexamined
Encounter Creation - 2 PlayersUnexamined
How to Deal With Competitive PlayersUnexamined
Final Boss of Thunderspire LabyrinthUnexamined
The take 20 action.Unexamined
How do i make a non-combat Adventure?Unexamined
Running H1Unexamined
Camping EncountersUnexamined
Gamers platform/siteUnexamined
Relative new player wants to DM single example session (3.5)Unexamined
Portraying A Judeo-Christian God...Who Happens To Be Evil (Please Don't Flame!)Unexamined
Adding new stuff in already builed campaignUnexamined
Compilation of songs to useUnexamined
Open War campaignUnexamined
Extraplanar SubtypeUnexamined
After Scepter Tower of Spellgard - Adventure LevelUnexamined
New Residents of the Horned HoldUnexamined
How to encourage Role-Play (politely) ?Unexamined
Encounters for ArtifactsUnexamined
Book systemUnexamined
Treasure ParcelsUnexamined
Trouble with Quest Rewards.Unexamined
Check out this maze program I foundUnexamined
Applying Templates to PCs (LA?)Unexamined
Kicking off a new Campaign.Unexamined
Sneaking up {3.5}Unexamined
Building a War Campagine (3.5)Unexamined
Large groupsUnexamined
Adding a PC to the Current CampaignUnexamined
Players fighting themselvesUnexamined
Helping players evaluate riskUnexamined
Different XP LevelsUnexamined
The drug called Mist (need rule ideas)Unexamined
Grim Reaper and DeathUnexamined
Encounter too hard?Unexamined
Dealing with specific buildsUnexamined
Character DeathUnexamined
List of Everything?Unexamined
Unfocused players lead to death!Unexamined
Player wants to multiclassbut thinks it will weaken characterUnexamined
Running trap skill challenges in combatUnexamined
becoming a vampire?Unexamined
Skill Challenges: BreakdownUnexamined
Stunlocked my Solo....Unexamined
How to use a Laptop during gaming sessions?Unexamined
NPC power levelsUnexamined
What an evil overlord will not do (a 1001 thread)Unexamined
First time as GM...Unexamined
Published Solo AdventuresUnexamined
Travel problems...Unexamined
Tiles for Rescue at RivenroarUnexamined
World BuildingUnexamined
Bruckestadt- The bridge cityUnexamined
4.0 CraftingPvPGambleingand OtherUnexamined
Campaign start idea - would it work?Unexamined
Why do PC deaths have to be heroic?Unexamined
Creating an AdventureUnexamined
Sub-optimal CharactersUnexamined
Barbarian Adventures?Unexamined
Combat Advantage and Wings (separate questions)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Setting DCs for various thingsUnexamined
Dealing with PCs who will not show initiative?Unexamined
Excuse the gloom...Unexamined
Hmm... What do I do for a plot...Unexamined
Children DisappearingUnexamined
Thanks WOTC For Making Me Look Like An IdiotUnexamined
Awkward... help please!Unexamined
Question about BackgroundsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
4e monster creation for a 3.5 gameUnexamined
suggestions on a con gameUnexamined
DM question - How to find the Keep.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Player Made ExploitsUnexamined
Violence vs. Cohesiveness (Evil D&D Players)Unexamined
Staying AliveStaying AliveUnexamined
questions about shadowfell keep and beyondNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Sandbox gaming ...from a DM's perspectiveUnexamined
A Dwarven AttackUnexamined
Unresurrected Character DeathUnexamined
What would they eat in the D&D world?Unexamined
Suprise Round?Unexamined
Thunderspire Labyrinth Encounter W9: Proving Grounds question **SPOILERS**No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Balancing an (un)fair encounterUnexamined
Introducing 4E to My Group -- Warning Kobold Hall SpoilersUnexamined
In The Mouth(s) Of Madness: Adventure In The Far RealmsUnexamined
what Would you have done?Unexamined
Social CombatUnexamined
What to put in a DM screen?Unexamined
DM - Is this puzzle/trap too tough?Unexamined
Problem with combat (somewhat long)Unexamined
Letting the BBEG lose.Unexamined
Sir Keegan issue (Keep on the Shadowfell)Unexamined
Trying to DM fourth descriptively.Unexamined
How many chances do you give?Unexamined
Two-Player Campaign Help? (Dwarves vs. giants during Moradin's silence)Unexamined
DM Help-You've Been FramedUnexamined
So do you have to roll initiative...Unexamined
Making MapsUnexamined
Corridor IdeasUnexamined
Do you ever let your players fail?Unexamined
2 Minute Rest (Trick for DM's)Unexamined
Sewer HazardsUnexamined
Homebrew disease - The White WitheringUnexamined
Player wants to play something interestingUnexamined
Encounter Build QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
101 fun ways to mess with your players.Unexamined
4e The Shalebridge Cradle: Ideas to HorrifyUnexamined
Having trouble with puzzlesUnexamined
How detailed are your adventure writeups?Unexamined
Two Player CampaignUnexamined
What ive learned in my 10 years of DMing or KISS rules to DMingUnexamined
Issues with traditional-style encountersUnexamined
confused on playersUnexamined
loudwater adventureUnexamined
Need DM adviceUnexamined
where's the fun in pre-written material?Unexamined
Need suggestions for creating a dungeon with Dungeon TilesUnexamined
Combat Fundamentals: SurpriseUnexamined
Finding miniaturesUnexamined
Smoking at the tableUnexamined
Ship Classifications for a pirate themed campaignUnexamined
Higher starting stats.Unexamined
1001 Ways to Releive PCs of Hard Earned CashUnexamined
I got a situationUnexamined
Potraying A Barbarian Horde SympatheticallyUnexamined
Players Crippled a Nation...How Wonderful...Unexamined
Manual of the PlanesUnexamined
The Dm's Helpful Guide IIUnexamined
A Clerical mis-deed questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Healing Surges for NPC alliesUnexamined
Encounter questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
1001 Things a Dragon Might Have In Its HoardUnexamined
Mechanics for Malignant InfluenceUnexamined
First time battlestandard or easy?Unexamined
Is This a Good Campaign Opener?Unexamined
New to 4th Ed. - Need help with description of monstersUnexamined
What can happen in a centuryUnexamined
Whats the Point?Unexamined
Out to seaUnexamined
Interesting "Elemental" Settings?Unexamined
Element ideas for a world buildUnexamined
Help with Play by PostUnexamined
Using p.42 to apply conditionsUnexamined
How do legacy weapon feats work?Unexamined
Brainstorming? No random battles!?Unexamined
Ready an Action.Unexamined
Playing D&D for the first timeUnexamined
Goliaths and Powerful BuildUnexamined
A game from a distanceUnexamined
How to start?Unexamined
Did We Play It Right in 4E: Jump and StabUnexamined
Halls of MadnessUnexamined
Making The Embodiment Of Sloth Seem Frightening-How Would You Do It?Unexamined
ignore thisUnexamined
1001 most stupidly deserved PC deathsUnexamined
The Well of DemonsUnexamined
Higher Level Monsters as Lower Level SolosUnexamined
Help with Story Concept and MechanicUnexamined
Fallcrestlove or hate?Unexamined
Need Monsters!Unexamined
DM with only 1 player?Unexamined
Players Who Won't Pay AttentionUnexamined
Ghost SoundUnexamined
My 8th lvl Beholder Solo ArtilleryUnexamined
My pcs broke the campaignUnexamined
Do you think this is a good idea?Unexamined
How does I DM?Unexamined
Would it be weird if I...Unexamined
101 Scary Adventure HooksUnexamined
newb here: DM guide for cities and townsUnexamined
DMing cities and townsUnexamined
Need Advice - DnD Encounters taking too longUnexamined
Monster reference cardsUnexamined
Inspiration for the aspiring DMUnexamined
First time DMingneed adviceUnexamined
A quick question on teleporting a targetNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A party of wizardsuncomplicating 4eUnexamined
Monster Knowledge Check and PowersUnexamined
Green Goo in Kobold Hall...Unexamined
How do i create puzzles?Unexamined
Murder MysteryUnexamined
Skirmish BattleUnexamined
player issuehelp pleaseUnexamined
Running an Online GameUnexamined
My first session of my first campaign as Dungeon Master.Unexamined
Character "stables"Unexamined
City namesUnexamined
My First BBEG EncounterUnexamined
Anyone else having this problemUnexamined
Issues with encounter difficulty.Unexamined
Role Playing the Paragon Path ChoiceUnexamined
Subsidence and Cave insUnexamined
Question re; what to do about my gaming partyNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Air Squid!!Unexamined
Dungeon Master softwareUnexamined
101 Villainous Sidekicks and MinionsUnexamined
Timingday and nightfood...Unexamined
Fluffing an underwater inspiring wordUnexamined
Question about area effectsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Monetary Treasure - Does it scale with the size of the party?Unexamined
New DM help.Unexamined
So I wrote and ran my first module...Unexamined
What the "companions" knewUnexamined
Help designing Skill ChallengeUnexamined
Need advice about foreshadowingUnexamined
Halving Damage and Resistances...Unexamined
Spell Icons for Dungeon Tiles???Unexamined
Acrobatic StuntUnexamined
Monster's Relative Power?Unexamined
TPK for the Greater Good. Long winded.Unexamined
Do you care about Treasure composition?Unexamined
What level should I start at?Unexamined
Altering Feat RequirementsUnexamined
Altering Feat RequirementsUnexamined
Player wants a heroic sacrifice. Rules vs narrative...Unexamined
Couple of questions (New DM)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Considering Buying a Book...Unexamined
Designing a Dungeon - Ideas?Unexamined
Pulling off story eventsstories and tipsUnexamined
Plot Coupons - An RP Reward ToolUnexamined
Guide for DMPC or other options.Unexamined
Only one with the booksUnexamined
Old Dog Trying to Learn New TricksUnexamined
Veteran DM - Thoughts and AdviceUnexamined
City Population/Area Ratio HelpUnexamined
1001 Art ObjectsUnexamined
Crazy TLAsUnexamined
"Pulling" monsters out of the MM.Unexamined
NPC ShorthandUnexamined
Dividing Magic Parcels Evenly over levels?Unexamined
PCs selling items to major museums / How to handle it?Unexamined
Two people want to DMUnexamined
prophesies of music and other stuff:Unexamined
Keeping track of it all.Unexamined
1001 zombie encounters and other creative uses for the undeadUnexamined
DM Screens - use a v4 for a 3.5 game?Unexamined
NPC MinisUnexamined
4E Encounter TablesNentir Vale (big)Unexamined
Tips on creating a campaign world?Unexamined
Passive vs active checksUnexamined
Help on a ritual skill challenge please!Unexamined
Enthusiasm GoneUnexamined
Encounter Balance QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Ever hired a Dungeon Master?Unexamined
My players want to play.. ahhhhhhUnexamined
Adventure hooks at 1st levelUnexamined
Horror in a CitywalkUnexamined
How do you create NPC stat blocks?Unexamined
In dire need of a level 5 solo.Unexamined
important encounter helpUnexamined
Help Making A Mystery AdventureUnexamined
Skill challenges and what to tell my playersUnexamined
Cleave questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
My player wants to play a Druid who...Unexamined
Power Conditions that Never Happen Upsetting PlayersUnexamined
Character issue?Unexamined
101 Other WeaponsUnexamined
Rewarding Masterwork ArmorUnexamined
Maintaining balanceUnexamined
Forgotten Realms Player's GuideUnexamined
My one gleaming weakness as DMUnexamined
Need patrol encounters/eventsUnexamined
Leap of the clouds featUnexamined
Help creating an ambushUnexamined
Traps and divulging infoUnexamined
Taking 20Unexamined
Help with Tower of Illusions!!Unexamined
Railroading Players...Hear me out!Unexamined
Why does the army retreat in P2Unexamined
1001 Adventure Ideas in the FeywildUnexamined
Question about this campaign idea...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Werepolarbear PC?Unexamined
Need ambient musicUnexamined
How good is the DMG?Unexamined
How Much Meta-Game Knowledge Should Go Into Tactics?Unexamined
How much should a DM know?Unexamined
KotS - Should I trim or not?Unexamined
Why the Same Boring Monsters at 1st Level?Unexamined
Picking a monsterUnexamined
Golden Age of MagicUnexamined
Challenge Rating QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Uber Oversized PartyUnexamined
Pre-game survey: suggestions?Unexamined
Questions...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Religious Hierarchy - Names?!Unexamined
Drow and his languagesUnexamined
[3.5] How do you handle player spell prep?Unexamined
Starting at level 6Unexamined
[3.5] savage progression CampaignUnexamined
Freedom of movement problemUnexamined
New DM needs help with playersUnexamined
Parcels - are the PCs entitled to all of them all the time?Unexamined
Masterwork armorsUnexamined
How would you deal with...Unexamined
Cursed CharacterUnexamined
So my players killed each other.Unexamined
Insect InvationUnexamined
I need a map of a big temple of IounUnexamined
Difficulty with applying a class template to make an eliteUnexamined
What makes a Good DM?Unexamined
Our first 4e game: What did I do wrong?Unexamined
Unique party considerationsUnexamined
Evil AlignmentUnexamined
beginner DM requests advice on monsters.Unexamined
Power GamersUnexamined
What Do You Like About Your Players?Unexamined
Does this sound like a good idea?Unexamined
Game Night Online Programs?Unexamined
1st time DM needs help with a CampaignUnexamined
Level One Characters = Not Awesome Heroes?Unexamined
Style: Combat is taking foreverUnexamined
Concerning Player # and Game BalanceUnexamined
Bloodclawtemp HP tracking: Your players will cheatwatch out.Unexamined
Where to find non WoTC pre-made 4e adventuresUnexamined
How I speed up combatUnexamined
Ongoing Damage and Saving ThrowsUnexamined
Looking for this DM toolUnexamined
Dealing with attendance issuesUnexamined
How to make first level not feel like a total newb?Unexamined
Am I being to nit pickyUnexamined
Tricky Treasure distributionUnexamined
Stopping Your Own AttackUnexamined
When one calls the shots...Unexamined
Pretty Basic Question -- Good way to handle maps?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to encourage roleplay? (Part 2: The Dungeon)Unexamined
Wanted: A cool hook to work with a Magic Item DealerUnexamined
Great Skill Challenge Ideas!Unexamined
Stock Character & NPC ResourceUnexamined
Encounter idea for protecting VIPsUnexamined
Set my game up for failure...Unexamined
The Modern DM's Random Dungeon GeneratorUnexamined
1001 Dungeon EventsUnexamined
Eliminating characters that don't contributeUnexamined
Basic monsters missingUnexamined
How to create NPCsUnexamined
City destructionUnexamined
Price of real estateUnexamined
Wrong forum: please delete - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenUnexamined
Player Wanting to Learn!Unexamined
Turning natural monsters undeadUnexamined
Methods for Forcing Players to Burn Healing SurgesUnexamined
What happened to all the sweet homebrew?Unexamined
"Masterwork" armorUnexamined
Advice for DMing Younger Players?Unexamined
Advice for city siege rationale needed.Unexamined
Wanted Posters 2Unexamined
101 Skill Challenge Random EncountersUnexamined
I need a rant.Unexamined
Renaissance WorldUnexamined
First time DM needs some adviceUnexamined
Player quit...Unexamined
Building Help?Unexamined
"I can't say what?!... Inconcievable!"Unexamined
Hazard helpplease?Unexamined
I've painted myself into a corner!Unexamined
Help Making a Drawn-Out War Sequence Feel FresherUnexamined
Handling blindnessUnexamined
Dealing with Fame/Renown etc.Unexamined
True sight vs. blindnessUnexamined
1001 DM mistakesUnexamined
Nice Way to Eliminate a PlayerUnexamined
DM types Vs Players types...playing with a varied groupUnexamined
Problem Players - How Original!Unexamined
Silent Killing!Unexamined
My players are being morons.Unexamined
Bloody Fingertips annoyed me.Unexamined
A Question about power swapping?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
New DM needs advicepleaseUnexamined
Kill the players!!Unexamined
RevolverRifleand CarbineUnexamined
(3.5) Overcoming Damage ReductionUnexamined
Destroying Captain Planet-Civillization Is Good!Unexamined
Transfer Enchantment adaptationUnexamined
Your Next Source of Story Hooks...Unexamined
Batman Begins/Dark Knight/Sin City - Writers BlockUnexamined
Noob questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Loss of Healing Surge as DamageUnexamined
Doorway battlesUnexamined
Encounters: Expected Resource Costs?Unexamined
Gaming tomorrowbrain emptyUnexamined
Making game fun for 3 players and no leadersUnexamined
Help me trick my wife...Unexamined
ending a campaign.Unexamined
How do you describe common damageUnexamined
How PCs Can Ruin Your Evil PlansUnexamined
Water Breathig?Unexamined
Tabletop TerrainUnexamined
ability scores: help!Unexamined
Question on a multi-armed monkNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I am your father...Unexamined
Just got the Adventurer's Vault...Unexamined
Making NPCsa pain in the neck (3.5)Unexamined
Help - 5 HOUR FIGHTS are TOO LONGUnexamined
When Player's don't learnUnexamined
End encountertoo hard?Unexamined
Online playHow would you work it?Unexamined
What to do when you make mistakes?Unexamined
Skill Challenge Initiative (errata)Unexamined
New DMUnexamined
Mass Combat rules help needed.Unexamined
Pregenerated charactersUnexamined
NPC classesUnexamined
Campaign Balance - Minotaurs are SmellyUnexamined
Lackey (orone step above the 'minion')Unexamined
Strong Level 2 RogueUnexamined
Cost buildingsUnexamined
Looking for ways to "speed up" 4th edtion.Unexamined
boss battlesUnexamined
Ideas/Inspiration Needed....Unexamined
Campaign/Adventure suggestions 3.5Unexamined
Share your fightsUnexamined
Healing Surges: Too many Dungeonsnot enough Dragons?Unexamined
Group Refused Extended RestUnexamined
How to Shorten Combat (a DM's Guide)Unexamined
Noble's Court AdventureUnexamined
City Roleplay SlowdownUnexamined
Monster Cards for Levels 11 - 20Unexamined
Building safehousesUnexamined
Dealing with the TPKUnexamined
My first time DMingUnexamined
Short adventure ideas...which would you rather play in?Unexamined
On Character GenerationUnexamined
Do other 3.5 DMs have trouble coming up with 4E gamesUnexamined
Is it me?Unexamined
Arcanist TowersUnexamined
New rule setUnexamined
Combat and Role-PlayingUnexamined
Running KotS with 4 players?Unexamined
MDMC [3.5] Suggestions Thread (continued)Unexamined
Help! I need a skill challenge.Unexamined
Bringing characters together for the first time.Unexamined
A DM becomes a player ...Unexamined
Will this work?Unexamined
4E Access Database of MonstersItemsPowersFeatsetc.Unexamined
rope trick is secure nova?Unexamined
Are Fighters TOO sticky?Unexamined
Please help with this Solo Encounter.Unexamined
Dungeon Tile+Terrain Building Solutions!Unexamined
Dm's Helpful Guide IIIUnexamined
Traps and PCsUnexamined
Taking 10: Minor Spoilers H2Unexamined
Rolling 1s - Critical failure!Unexamined
Rogue wants to turn lights offUnexamined
[4E] Expert Dungeon Master Competition #7: Design a Cult!Unexamined
Running 4e Bad...Playing 4e Good (Remove Dailies?)Unexamined
Skill Challenge Design HelpUnexamined
My Critical Fumble SystemUnexamined
dungeon tile mapper helpUnexamined
Problematic groupUnexamined
Need help beefing up monstersUnexamined
First DM session.... I need help :\Unexamined
Need HikouSTAT!Unexamined
DM questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Skill Challenge ImplementationUnexamined
PC Wont Stop DyingUnexamined
Advice for savage tide (a tad long)Unexamined
Cyborgs in 4E: How Would You Do Them?Unexamined
Game Time vs Real Time.Unexamined
First 4e night tonightUnexamined
Using 2 weapons?Unexamined
The Difficulty of Developing a Dilletante DMUnexamined
Complex question regarding online dungeon mappingNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
KotS - Too many Experience PointsUnexamined
Immobilized and Delay ActionUnexamined
Swordmage NPC prob.Unexamined
Random GeneratorsOh my!Unexamined
My PCs destroyed every challenge tonight.Unexamined
[4e] 1001 Ways to Speed up CombatUnexamined
Gemstone GolemsUnexamined
An adventure perfect for little Kids?Unexamined
Updated Condensed ErrataUnexamined
AthleticsAcrobaticsor What?Unexamined
Looking for suggestions building two encountersUnexamined
A few issues-Unexamined
Lack of correct minis or tilesUnexamined
Encounters in magnetic rooms - Am i crazy?Unexamined
Characters occupy vertical spaces?Unexamined
Need Advice - Crafting Lv 9 SoloUnexamined
How do you play lurkers?Unexamined
Friendly fire and the "subdual damage" rules of 4EUnexamined
NPC Creation and AwardUnexamined
Skill challenge adviceUnexamined
DM adviceyounger DMUnexamined
Encounter Philosophy vs. Dungeon DwellersUnexamined
deleted - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenUnexamined
Need Advice on a New Adventure for a Newish DMUnexamined
Need Advice - Crafting Complexity 5 Skill Challenge for Level 5 PartyUnexamined
One shot adventureUnexamined
One shot adventureUnexamined
Don't you love it when all your plans come crashing down?Unexamined
Finding Ashferth's Tomb: First Skill Challenge--advicefeedback?Unexamined
Encounter Level QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
So... how does sneak attack work?Unexamined
Creating Dungeon CrawlsUnexamined
Over Explained?Unexamined
Ignoring marksUnexamined
How Do You Use Traps?Unexamined
Overpowered? - Player asking DM'sUnexamined
"recurring rival" npcUnexamined
Double the XP for faster leveling... ever done it?Unexamined
Average Gnome Baby SizeUnexamined
How to handle long-term under cover?Unexamined
It's lonely at the top (when you're the only DM)Unexamined
Perhaps someone could help me tie this into Eberron loreUnexamined
Adding 4e rules to 3.5Unexamined
MDMC userbarsUnexamined
Lightning Bolthits allies?Unexamined
Encounter Design - Flying MonstersUnexamined
Getting Players Into a SettingUnexamined
Players Who Don't Play!!!Unexamined
New DM Needs Keep on the Shadowfell AdviceUnexamined
Small group - no healerUnexamined
I'm starting to hate Strikers...Unexamined
(3.5) I need help with a playerUnexamined
Clerical ErrorUnexamined
is this a DMPC?Unexamined
To Catch a ThiefUnexamined
How to Play a DMPC CorrectlyUnexamined
Zombies VS Zombies: New Age of ZombiesUnexamined
Problems with playersUnexamined
dungeon mappingUnexamined
Vecna: Need more fluff!!!!Unexamined
What do you think of the 4th edition NPC's?Unexamined
transporting the gameUnexamined
Dm's Helpful Guide IVUnexamined
Solution to Critical Fumble CriticismsUnexamined
New Player ProblemsUnexamined
Need some answers real quick...Unexamined
No arcane spellcaster. Advice?Unexamined
My first DM sessioncan I get some help from the experts?Unexamined
Doppelganger v 3 SituationsUnexamined
Pushing prone enemiesUnexamined
recomendations on magic itemsUnexamined
Advice for running a 1 player gameUnexamined
Roleplaying Message BoardsUnexamined
As a GMhow do you handle multipule deaths for the same person? and more...Unexamined
Any Trollhaunt tips for a DM?Unexamined
Acrobatic Stunt to "somersault over an opponent?"Unexamined
Magical Items = Money = ARGHHHHHHUnexamined
When to not tell the whole party?Unexamined
Optimizing Combat... How to speed things upUnexamined
What does a Vrock sound like? (and other monster sounds)Unexamined
4e: A Night's Scavenger Hunt (help?)Unexamined
Brand new player and DMUnexamined
Running a Social Challenge in H2: Thunderspire LabyrinthUnexamined
Which would you rather play?Unexamined
Problem with a Frenzied Berserker PCUnexamined
(DM) Having problems with dps-vs-damage output and the time it takes for each combatUnexamined
In a party with no defenderscan it work?Unexamined
What does everyone else use for terrain?Unexamined
In the desertUnexamined
4e: Help me speed up my battlesUnexamined
Best way to continue story?Unexamined
Do you think I handled it right?Unexamined
Problem player in a short adventure?Unexamined
Is having players choose from premade characters wrong?Unexamined
In the begining there was a solo monster...Unexamined
1 PC CampaignsUnexamined
Imperial MapsUnexamined
Rituals as Treasure?Unexamined
Three way combatUnexamined
Planer adventures at low levels?Unexamined
Can Someone Please Explain Skill Challenges to Me?Unexamined
Starting money idea'sUnexamined
Does anyone remember the Dreaden?Unexamined
DN frustrated with my fighter's combat/potent challengeUnexamined
A DM's Dilemma - IUnexamined
A DM's Dilemma - IIUnexamined
Giving out XPUnexamined
Crit DamageUnexamined
Running a Young Black Dragon / Dealing with darknessUnexamined
So I was in a group and a player said you could....Unexamined
Some questions...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
how many magic items should the standard pc have?Unexamined
Average number of encountersUnexamined
A question for those who've run/read Scales of War.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
First gamesUnexamined
Our first D&D nightUnexamined
Open Grave HauntingsUnexamined
need help and opinios urgentlyUnexamined
Bloodmage/Archmage is making fights too easyUnexamined
need some help keeping a druid in lineUnexamined
Battle GridUnexamined
DM profiles!Unexamined
Using intimidate to force surrender?Unexamined
NPC mage with SleepUnexamined
Looking for mini-game ideasUnexamined
Unbalance within GroupUnexamined
Passage of timeUnexamined
Good vs Evil (An alignment discussionoh joy!)Unexamined
Proposed System for Roleplaying EXPUnexamined
Quick Ready to Run Adventures?Unexamined
The Ultimate Dungeon CrawlUnexamined
3 person campaignUnexamined
Fun Monsters!Unexamined
How do you recover when your PCs throw you a curve ball?Unexamined
Accelerating level advancement schemeUnexamined
idea that needs a good p.e.a.c.h - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
New DMplayer 1 just rolled characterUnexamined
Undead CampaignUnexamined
Campaign FinalesUnexamined
[3.5] Monster HelpUnexamined
Player IssuesUnexamined
[3.5E] Master Dungeon Master Competition #45: Create a Magical Musical InstrumentUnexamined
Player satisfaction survey?Unexamined
Monsters Moving Into/Out of SwarmsUnexamined
Random EncountersUnexamined
Dark (not emo) Music neededUnexamined
Monster AI and Awareness of various Classes' MarksUnexamined
Knockout vs Killing?Unexamined
Ideas for an Epic EndingUnexamined
New DM: Need Some Help Don't Understand Magic WeaponsUnexamined
My first skill challengeUnexamined
1001 Failed Interrogation ResultsUnexamined
Pirates and treasure parcelsUnexamined
Alternative Ability Score Generation MethodUnexamined
Dropping NamesUnexamined
Help with a DMPC!Unexamined
Help my villain escape!Unexamined
Skill Challenges: Do they really add something?Unexamined
Help with treasure parcals!Unexamined
Altering LevelsUnexamined
OkaySkill Challenges. What now?Unexamined
Need things a bit more modern....Unexamined
CRExperince AwardsUnexamined
Truely scaring my PlayersUnexamined
Looking for a decent 3.x edition treasure generator for offline use.Unexamined
Enhancing your 4th Edition Game: A DMing DiscussionUnexamined
First time grouplooking for hints/tips/some specific advice.Unexamined
Trying to avoid a cliché startUnexamined
Can you solve this riddle?Unexamined
How to...?Unexamined
Seriously Broken.Unexamined
Custom 3.5 Character Sheets for nearly all classes (Fillable)Unexamined
Broken Char?Unexamined
Brainstorming for climatic sceneUnexamined
Designing Traps/HazardsUnexamined
Whispers of Death: How's this Solo monster?Unexamined
Battlerager Vigor seems noticeably overpowered at low level. Is it?Unexamined
Minions with ranged attacksUnexamined
DM metagamingdo you do it?Unexamined
Xp differences in an encounter with sometimes invisible monstersUnexamined
Open Grave Monster CardsUnexamined
A Hypothetical Question on Mature RoleplayingNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Charge questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Is it possible to run a game if your player doesn't have a PHB?Unexamined
Does anyone know where to get a random dungeon map generator?Unexamined
Looking for a good character sheetUnexamined
Need help challanging my playersUnexamined
Why don't you use the D&D core pantheon?Unexamined
Heroes of large battle playingUnexamined
Simple Means for Special EncountersUnexamined
Problem with PlayerUnexamined
How would you handle unofficial skill checks?Unexamined
Are my players dumb?Unexamined
Need help with quest ideasUnexamined
setting up allowed starting classes/racesUnexamined
Skill Challenge helpUnexamined
Scaling Bosses?Unexamined
Character Sheet DevelopmentUnexamined
New DM.Unexamined
EPIC FUBAR!Unexamined
Sense of heroic dutyUnexamined
Killing PCs without a TPKUnexamined
Skill Challenges - Inherent ProblemsUnexamined
Morally Grey ChoicesUnexamined
Newb DM: Help Making NPCS.Unexamined
Bonuses for being small?Unexamined
Alignment TroublesUnexamined
the dungeon of aberrationsUnexamined
Attempting to be a Serious DM...Unexamined
I need 30 minute adventures!Unexamined
A suggestion for Skill ChallengesUnexamined
More Players Than I'm Used To!Unexamined
Forming GuildsUnexamined
Free-reign adventerin'!Unexamined
Toughest Party EverUnexamined
Leveling vs. In Game TimeUnexamined
Ideas for dealing with a spiked chain fighterUnexamined
Wizard SpellsUnexamined
Do You Name Your Campaigns?Unexamined
I need miniaturesUnexamined
Need some advice/hooks for a weekend CampaignUnexamined
Should I buy a DM screen?Unexamined
Help writing a campaign blogUnexamined
Strangest dice ever?Unexamined
1 player gameUnexamined
Help please...3.5 minions for my campaign!Unexamined
You know your players are tired when . . .Unexamined
How to play this smoothlyUnexamined
Monster cards (either physical or electronic)Unexamined
Handling a Defender with Intelligent MonstersUnexamined
[3.5] Bad Guy HelpUnexamined
Non-subtle Demon/Devil/Evil-God (4e)Unexamined
Do you tell your players the DC number?Unexamined
Magic: Mana and AetherUnexamined
DM rolling D20 in front of the screenUnexamined
Immune to Critical Hits?Unexamined
Army vs. ArmyUnexamined
Rebuke Undead?Unexamined
Definition of 'Entering' A SpaceUnexamined
RE: The proper use of redshirtsUnexamined
How to reward good behaviourUnexamined
How should enemies act in this situation?Unexamined
Potion of Healing / Healing SurgeUnexamined
[4e] Post your customized Bad GuysUnexamined
Player ProblemsUnexamined
Players need hands free for weaponsnot light sources.Unexamined
Need adventure for Lvl 3sUnexamined
Swordmage and weapon handlingUnexamined
Balance in less combat-heavy campaignsUnexamined
Do You Tell What the Primary Skills Are in a Skill Challenge?Unexamined
Add levelsadd bad guys or new bad guys?Unexamined
Weakness of an Ultimate Magus?Unexamined
Player taking control.Unexamined
away with luxery: effect of wear and tear on items (weapons and armour)Unexamined
So... you've found my lair at last. I hope- AHHH stop attacking me and let me talk!"Unexamined
4E Iji: Where The Alien Invaders Are Sympathetic CharactersUnexamined
Little confused about parcels.Unexamined
My First Skill Challenge...EVER.Unexamined
Are quests known?Unexamined
1001 Monstrously Mundane EncountersUnexamined
(3.5) Is it possible to have a fighter as the ultimate baddie of a campaign?Unexamined
Online map programsUnexamined
Why do published 4E modules completely ignore DMG guidelines for treasure??Unexamined
Initiative cardsUnexamined
My New Campaign opinions please?Unexamined
How long before you give a hint?Unexamined
Stopping Certain DoomUnexamined
Surprise attacks are still hard for meUnexamined
Another question about rewarding XP for an encounterNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
4e combat... ughUnexamined
What questions do you ask?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Trap confusionUnexamined
An impossible cityUnexamined
Just ran 1st 4ed game & nearly killed the playersUnexamined
.... HOLY **** (3.5)Unexamined
Adding Monsters to a Combat EncounterUnexamined
[3.5] Improvising and dealing with an unhappy rogueUnexamined
Thieves Guild: Favors Point System - Req OpinionsUnexamined
Need help on a weaponUnexamined
Players running a business.Unexamined
Basic forum questions and Keep on the ShadowfellNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Having the PCs fight each other... good or bad idea?Unexamined
Investigative Adventure PacingUnexamined
How to Role Play NPCsUnexamined
Handling invisible monstersUnexamined
How do I "warn" the PCs?Unexamined
Run out of quest ideas....Unexamined
Hiding Successfully -- Is the DM obligated to declare?Unexamined
Patrols in a tight spaceUnexamined
how do you continue the campaign after...Unexamined
How do you finish a campaign?Unexamined
Knowledge as a PC's goalsUnexamined
Fair item distributionUnexamined
Planning for the future of my campaign (eberron 3.5)Unexamined
Earning Extra Coin -- ruling/opinion?Unexamined
Plot Seed EmporiumUnexamined
Monster Cards Levels 21-3033Unexamined
Town map scalesUnexamined
Positively UndeadUnexamined
Minis: Painting and repaintingUnexamined
New Idea - Mounts (sort of)Unexamined
Question about Rations (how you handle 'em)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
3.5 Loot questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
[3.5] Shadowdancer SeveritiesUnexamined
Adding Roleplaying DepthUnexamined
How to Handle 1st level PartiesUnexamined
4ed: "I've never seen that class beforebut it's legalso no problem!"Unexamined
How important are Encounter Templates?Unexamined
moaning rogueUnexamined
Extended Rests in Dungeons [4ed]Unexamined
Does a dead body create difficult terrain?Unexamined
Help me plan my next sessionUnexamined
4E CombatUnexamined
What Makes a Bad DM?Unexamined
Creating/Modifying monsters... how do you do it?Unexamined
Tweaking the Chillborn Zombie... Help pleaseUnexamined
Am I the only one...Unexamined
Decipher ScriptUnexamined
"You can't kill me... I quit!"Unexamined
Help rescuing my 4e campaignUnexamined
Introducing Brand New Player to High Level CampaignUnexamined
bag of holding boss killing and vamp helpUnexamined
Help Creating an NPCUnexamined
House Rule on Orb-Balanced?Unexamined
How long do buffs last in your campaign?Unexamined
Skill ChallengesUnexamined
Unclear détailsUnexamined
Your Proudest Moment?Unexamined
Help balance 65 DPRUnexamined
Sowhat you do when you lose character sheets and you don't have backups?Unexamined
Does restricting player use of official material make the game less fun?Unexamined
Why do people whine so much?Unexamined
Best way to start adventures.Unexamined
PHP programs for D&D 3 and 3.5Unexamined
Late PCs!Unexamined
Creating NPCsUnexamined
Small DilemmaUnexamined
Healing/Inspiring WordUnexamined
Intimidated new DM seeking helpUnexamined
EncountersSkill Challenges and MonstersOH MY!Unexamined
How 2 encourage players to diversify skills rather than one-trick poniesUnexamined
Need help creating a minor villainUnexamined
H3 AdviceUnexamined
Pre-combat Plans ?Unexamined
Looking for online tools.Unexamined
Winging ItUnexamined
Keeping disoragnized players... organizedUnexamined
DMing For MoneyUnexamined
Question about encounters and skill challengeNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DM Paranoia (3.5)Unexamined
Help me pick an adventure!Unexamined
[3.5e] Need major help with believabilityUnexamined
My first TPK(O)Unexamined
Dungeon Magazine QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I just..can't do it...Unexamined
Grindspace and Fun EncountersUnexamined
Running a fight with PCs' alliesUnexamined
Sample Tests/Trials for PCsUnexamined
Running Game for Little Sisters; Help?Unexamined
How do great adventures beginUnexamined
Escaping a Greater Power.Unexamined
The luckyunlucky roll.Unexamined
Character sheet print issues...Unexamined
I like minionsUnexamined
[3.5]Advice and recommendations for combat encounters pleaseUnexamined
Have you ever had to drop a player from the group?Unexamined
What Are Some Common First-time Dm Questions?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to fightUnexamined
Power Source Face Off!Unexamined
Knowledge of minions?Unexamined
Skill Challenge: Meteor Strike!Unexamined
Help with a campaign issueUnexamined
Is this punishing my players?Unexamined
A clockwork challengeUnexamined
Training WheelsUnexamined
Red Hand 4eUnexamined
Damage from entering a square...?Unexamined
What problems can I expect from flight?Unexamined
Areas of effectUnexamined
Idiot PCUnexamined
Help with Campaign storyUnexamined
Giving Defenders a good timeUnexamined
PCs Don't like SpeechUnexamined
Four interpretations of Fleeting GhostUnexamined
[off-topic?] A D&D themed car sunshade?Unexamined
Unaligned alignmentplayers are acting good or evil when it benefits themUnexamined
Shield (Spell) QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Warlock Minion WoesUnexamined
Tracking Time in AdventuresUnexamined
Passive perception checksUnexamined
using artifactsUnexamined
DCs for "difficult things"Unexamined
The loneuntrustinguntrustful PCUnexamined
Dungeons and Dragons REwards Cards??Unexamined
When to FudgeUnexamined
Designing PuzzlesUnexamined
Help for a new DMUnexamined
Problematics with the players... all of them.Unexamined
Story/Plot Help In NEED:(Emergency Rescue Help)Unexamined
What do you use for combat miniatures?Unexamined
My players are too lethalUnexamined
Economy Problems (long)Unexamined
Adding morally ambiguous plots and choices.Unexamined
Does offering surrender take time?Unexamined
3.5e to 4e conversionsUnexamined
Very good chance of TPK this Saturday(Explaination)Unexamined
Skill Challenges - QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I think I found the right difficulty levelUnexamined
Mad Wraith Soloto tough?Unexamined
Playing with fewer PCsUnexamined
Map/World Builder...Unexamined
New Campaign-Airships?Unexamined
How detailed does it have to be?Unexamined
Wowwhere to begin?Unexamined
1001 Villains!Unexamined
Throwing CharactersUnexamined
Passive ArcanaUnexamined
Damage from falling in LavaUnexamined
How often do you have monsters fight to the death?Unexamined
Weakened Wizard with a conjuration... help pleaseUnexamined
Scaling the Adventure for 2 PCs [3.5]Unexamined
AD&D RevisitedBeen a while...Unexamined
DMing for large groupsUnexamined
Delves/Lairs by LevelUnexamined
Streetwise ... How?Unexamined
Type of action to injure oneselfUnexamined
Heroic Tier?Unexamined
Terrain and DetailUnexamined
DUNGEONS: Subsidence and Cave-insUnexamined
I hate to bring this up again(Skill Challenges)Unexamined
accessories: what's on your table?Unexamined
NPC experience point question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Sothere was this murder...Unexamined
Kromnthe Deathhammer: How's this artefact?Unexamined
Tips for DMing PHB2 release day adventure!Unexamined
Hover Tatics -- Need Help!Unexamined
How powerful is a level 11 groupUnexamined
Railroading (?)Unexamined
Conflicting PHB...oh no!!!???Unexamined
Seventh Son Story ArcUnexamined
Scales of War *Spoilers*Unexamined
Am I At Fault? / Could I Have Handled This Better?Unexamined
Role Playing BattlesUnexamined
[3e] Drunk DM Competition #15 Tell Me a FairytaleUnexamined
Fluff would not allow for certain abilities - balance issues?Unexamined
PCs not hitting monsters very wellUnexamined
What level to make my DMPC?Unexamined
Can you bull rush an ally to break a grab?Unexamined
Nasty Combo near TPKUnexamined
Passive Perception vs Perception checksUnexamined
Sailing Skill ChallengesUnexamined
Treasure ParcelsUnexamined
Preparing for WarUnexamined
When's a good time to have players use Rations?Unexamined
[4e] Expert Dungeon Master Competition #8: Craft a Plotline!Unexamined
Fantasy dictionary and language of D&D gameUnexamined
Character BackgroundsUnexamined
Overland travelingUnexamined
Question - Using Paragon-Tier Monsters In A Heroic Tier AdventureNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Speeding Up Combat?Unexamined
Running a one-evening campaign to beginnersUnexamined
A backup adventure.Unexamined
The Bad TimesUnexamined
Not help figure out the number and level of encounter for a siege type adventureUnexamined
Making your Players Invested in their Characters (discussion)Unexamined
Combats Against Flying Monster (Specifically Beholder Eye Tyrant)Unexamined
Problem with DMUnexamined
Skillsfeats and poisons! Oh my!Unexamined
A guide to story-based roleplayingUnexamined
Help me Design a Skill ChallengeUnexamined
Sailing the Astral SeaUnexamined
Need Dire Help!Unexamined
Difficulty Visualizing EnvironmentsUnexamined
Making H1: KotS more excitingUnexamined
To Fudge or Not To Fudge... Declare your stance and qualify it!Unexamined
Pantheon HelpUnexamined
Gaming Style Differences: Why Can't They Bend?Unexamined
This Sheet I MadeUnexamined
Players annoyed at monster designUnexamined
Help with mapping!Unexamined
No minis in stockUnexamined
challenge me this.Unexamined
Do you tell players if they are marked? Should monsters know they are?Unexamined
Sand boxrailroading or in between.Unexamined
*gulp* Need a mystery murder fast!Unexamined
The 30 day game!Unexamined
Players asking the DM stupid questions...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need Advice running Thunderspire Labrynth (Spoilers)Unexamined
Dealing With "Certain Justice" As A DMUnexamined
Antaeus in 4e: Skill Challenge + Combat. Please help with this encounter.Unexamined
Punishing Excessive Character DeathUnexamined
Re-Starting at paragon level.Unexamined
How does one challenge the two cleric partyUnexamined
The impossible pushUnexamined
Please help me with this level 20 encounterUnexamined
Spacing out Extended RestUnexamined
Combat encounter lengthUnexamined
Stringing together H123?Unexamined
Do players know when they are fighting minions?Unexamined
Trying to pin down a setting's themeUnexamined
Maybe not Sherlock Holmsbut a mystery none the less!Unexamined
Two Player Assassin(Rogue) Campaign.Unexamined
Where can I get some miniatures from?Unexamined
Bilingual Problems and SolutionsUnexamined
AD&D Return to the Books (2ed)Unexamined
Awarding XPsUnexamined
Player insists on tracking monster HP valuesUnexamined
Scale of War Adeventure questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
"Brewing" charactersUnexamined
[3.5e] Need a quick answer to a quick questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help with difficult Final Boss...Unexamined
need puzzlesUnexamined
Learning to be more descriptiveUnexamined
4E questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Ship CombatUnexamined
Better adventures to buyUnexamined
Opinions/Predictions/Suggestions on this EncounterUnexamined
Invisible PCsUnexamined
Magic Items.Unexamined
DM'd my first gameUnexamined
New NPC type: EscortUnexamined
DM and his own PCUnexamined
"Leader" and "Minions" PC ProblemsUnexamined
The Care and Feeding of Dragons?Unexamined
Is my idea for Skill Challenges good or not?Unexamined
I've got a Stealth-crazy PC...Unexamined
My 4e House rules ImplementsUnexamined
Introducing New Characters into an Ongoing CampaignUnexamined
[3.5]: How do you simplify NPCs?Unexamined
Non-gaming system specific question: New players?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Sure Fire Way to Fix Problems with Annoying PlayersUnexamined
Need Help adding hazards to encounterUnexamined
Preserving Dungeon TilesUnexamined
Savage Species Helpand Useful Advice.Unexamined
Dealing with a troublesome player.Unexamined
Merging player styles togetherUnexamined
From H2 to Den of the DestroyerUnexamined
Deva CharacterisationUnexamined
Help with Skill ChallengeUnexamined
How do you craft in 4e?Unexamined
How to balanceUnexamined
Inheriting Other DMs Unbalanced CharactersUnexamined
Violence-light DnD? Is it possible?Unexamined
Any ideas/suggestions? Adventure Help!Unexamined
Gettin' Stoned...Unexamined
Trap BuildingUnexamined
Lost in the Shadowdark--Skill Challenge Suggestions?Unexamined
Combat As MetaphorUnexamined
delay/ending a game.Unexamined
new dm needs a bit of helpUnexamined
Markingstraight answer PLEASE!!!Unexamined
Sites for on-line playUnexamined
Swallowed more than you can chew?Unexamined
How to make a Sandbox adventureUnexamined
Hold on Guys! I gotta catch my breath.Unexamined
Improvisation Tips in Adventure PreparationUnexamined
camping as a skill challenge. some thoughtsUnexamined
Encounter Help NeededUnexamined
Shifting while being slowedUnexamined
Creating a campaign step by stepUnexamined
Creating PHB2 NPCsUnexamined
Running a D&D party for 12+ tweens. Help!Unexamined
Army of OneUnexamined
Big grouplow RPno cohesionUnexamined
Elite templatesUnexamined
Filling in plot holes via meta thinking?Unexamined
Broken Individual Power ChecklistUnexamined
Vardock's School of Counter-PowergamingUnexamined
weapons which advance in powerUnexamined
Building a port town/city.Unexamined
(3.5e) The best class variant? (Divine Bard)Unexamined
(3.5)Craft Item feats improvement?Unexamined
"Rocks Fall Everyone Dies" anecdotesUnexamined
Character SheetsUnexamined
Whatin your opinionis the best role ratio for a six player party?Unexamined
Shouting powers out.Unexamined
An... odd playerUnexamined
Building a magic town/city?Unexamined
PvP Issues - Deity IssuesUnexamined
Oh gods what has this DM doneUnexamined
4e-ing an old moduleare these too tough?Unexamined
How Do You Build Adventures Faster?Unexamined
Best DM SmitesUnexamined
Lawful Good Clerics and their role as LeaderUnexamined
Moving the story forwardUnexamined
Character / Player Separation For DMsUnexamined
XP on infinitely spawning minionsUnexamined
Did I TPK?Unexamined
Motivating the LeadersUnexamined
Wolf Elementals from the Elemental Plane of Wolf!Unexamined
A 3 year old starts a fire in the bathroom during a dramatic dnd encounter.Unexamined
Story-Driven Predetermination (not just fudging the dicebut getting rid of them)Unexamined
This kind of railroadingUnexamined
How to handle monster knowledge (or lack of) of PC powers?Unexamined
Sample encounter log?Unexamined
New all Dwarves campaign needs feedback.Unexamined
[4e] Will this final battle be too much?Unexamined
Certain Justice against Solo Monsterneed helpUnexamined
Having Trouble Navigating Excel 2007 For Battlemat useUnexamined
Doing a one-night session for beginning playersUnexamined
The BasicsUnexamined
Should we allow Deva PC's to reincarnate into the campaign?Unexamined
Must a Secondary Target be different from the Primary?Unexamined
Creature with 18 level advantage on party not as formidable as I hopedUnexamined
Little help with saves plsUnexamined
Mercenariy Jobs?Unexamined
Skill Challenges and House RulingUnexamined
Looking for a creature...Unexamined
Merging PartiesUnexamined
Brainstorming? Starting the 4E commoner world setting soon?Unexamined
Schooner PlansUnexamined
The Thing in the Portal (kots)Unexamined
Deathlock Wight and Healing SurgesUnexamined
The ReturnUnexamined
Enticing Campaign ElementsUnexamined
Dave N comment about Dice Roller AppsUnexamined
Recurring Characters/Cults ... How much is too much?Unexamined
Knightly Single to do it?Unexamined
3.5 Campaign building Races Ques.Unexamined
Best DDM set for a DM?Unexamined
What to do with the player who doesn't own a bookand is never readyUnexamined
2nd edition Melee/Range questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Bahamut pronounciation?Unexamined
First time DMer with a few issues... please helpUnexamined
Attracting playersUnexamined
Brand New DM: Need some advice!Unexamined
Requesting some advice in a KOTS gameUnexamined
New DM with large groupUnexamined
3.5 Daily power? Need advice.Unexamined
Players Want to be CE!Unexamined
The Ever-Famous Annoying PlayerUnexamined
My players screwed upand now there's this demon...Unexamined
Troubling PlayerUnexamined
A small gripe.Unexamined
Long battles are leading us to halve hit pointsUnexamined
Need help with ideaUnexamined
Readied charge when immobilized until end of turnUnexamined
First 4e questUnexamined
BBEG Climax encounterUnexamined
Capturing/restraining PC'sUnexamined
Loot tables?Unexamined
1001 Things for your BBEG to Taunt PCs with....Unexamined
Breaking the lawand how to punish.Unexamined
Backgrounds for past lives - decided by DMor players?Unexamined
[4]Scrolls & WandsUnexamined
npc journal - players keeping trackUnexamined
Mazes and DungeoneeringUnexamined
Helping my players craft spellsUnexamined
I curse thee!Unexamined
Is anyone else having this problem???Unexamined
Resist all and ResistanceUnexamined
XP Reward Charts?Unexamined
Seeking Advice: Preparing a Game for April Fool's DayUnexamined
Brand New DM: Need some advice! Part 2!Unexamined
Dispensing InformationUnexamined
[3.5E] Master Dungeon Master Competition #46: Invading HordeUnexamined
2 Questions for other DM'sNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
My PC's got into a bar fight... during breakfast...Unexamined
Encounters Removing FunUnexamined
Need help creating appropriate "boss" enemyUnexamined
Using Passive Perception and Active PerceptionUnexamined
I Want To BelieveUnexamined
Artifact CritiqueUnexamined
50% chance to hitUnexamined
Building EncountersUnexamined
Need Advice: Party "Leader" is absentUnexamined
Too many playersUnexamined
Reading books in game - using actual text?Unexamined
Spellplagued Bad GuysUnexamined
Looking for OpinionsUnexamined
How Do You Reconcile Long-Term Characters w/ New Class Content?Unexamined
Skipping Aheadand "H3" vs. "P1"Unexamined
Starting KotSUnexamined
battles at (Im)Paragon (11th-20th)Unexamined
Combat tools?Unexamined
Need help: Solo monster vs Hospitaler PaladinUnexamined
How to rolepley a mind flayer...Unexamined
What to do...Unexamined
Clarification on Ready an ActionUnexamined
Using Free Actions Amidst other Actions?Unexamined
Contacts for 4eUnexamined
Indications on "GOTCHA!!!" effectsUnexamined
Need help with the decisionUnexamined
Marking and multiple attackswhat is an attack? question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Festival ActivitiesUnexamined
Need help with Warforged...Unexamined
Help! Am looking for a 3.5 fire spell...Unexamined
Power Sources - Flavour or Mechanical?Unexamined
Houserule idea: Boss ImmunityUnexamined
Pouches of Shared Acquisition at 1st level?Unexamined
Rules for throwing a Goblin?Unexamined
Need a little help with some Non Role Players pleaseUnexamined
Help with my campaignUnexamined
How to Intro the BBEGUnexamined
Handling Storm SpikeUnexamined
Training through Skill ChallengesUnexamined
DMing advicePenny Arcade style…Unexamined
Dungeon tile storageUnexamined
Cleric using Arcane scrollsUnexamined
Making a cloakUnexamined
The Dreaded City AdventureUnexamined
My cousin despises games with huge amounts of rules.Unexamined
Npc betraying the PartyUnexamined
BBEG - Champion of Tiamat (PEACH)Unexamined
Organization StrategiesUnexamined
Dailies and cardsRules Question Or Discussion
A complaint and a Request for Clarifacation...Serious Replies only.Unexamined
Whats the deal?Unexamined
Detecting an AmbushUnexamined
Making Custom ClassesUnexamined
Minons: Save for no auto damage?Unexamined
Handling PC crimeUnexamined
Blind cleric - specific mechanics?Unexamined
4th edition and the solo playerUnexamined
Multimedia GamingUnexamined
The Nine HellsUnexamined
DM and playerUnexamined
Multiple characters for one player?Unexamined
Tools for a first time DMUnexamined
New to D&Dand two simple questions...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Defensible position and rangeUnexamined
Tips for DMing MM2 WW Game Day Adventure (SPOILERS!)Unexamined
Just a little advice for a new DMUnexamined
April Fools Day SessionUnexamined
Skill challenges with some special rulesUnexamined
Need tips for handling 7 playersUnexamined
Easy(er) GamingUnexamined
Different Skill Challenge ApproachUnexamined
Powerful BuildUnexamined
Ultimate ConfusionUnexamined
Unclaimed TreasureUnexamined
Some help for the Elite and Solo DM'sUnexamined
Indra's Arrow: 101 ways to burn down a villageUnexamined
What do YOU do to speed up the game?Unexamined
4e: A problem with items + monstersUnexamined
City problemUnexamined
Question of MultiplesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dealing with MarksUnexamined
Scaling up Thunderspire Labyrinth?Unexamined
Level 5 Dungeon Delve - **SPOILERS**Unexamined
2 issues I need help withUnexamined
Help with H3 with Dungeon TilesUnexamined
How to include non-combat players?Unexamined
How do you run Skill challenges?Unexamined
KotS Burial Site for 6 playersUnexamined
Keeping Track of Everything - Looking for IdeasUnexamined
Non Skill Challenge ExorcismUnexamined
Kicking off my first 4th ed campaign. Could use some advice.Unexamined
RANT: Players who cheatUnexamined
Is this how you determine how much XP a skill challenge is worth?Unexamined
3.5 Need help getting a plot-hook off the groundUnexamined
2 quick questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Ritual caster feat tradingUnexamined
(2ed) Fighter using bowUnexamined
Skill Challenge : CraftUnexamined
Need advice on making Challenging Undead encountersUnexamined
"Mute" player...Unexamined
preventing a warUnexamined
[3.5]Can the experienced DMs here please give me advice on how to run a sea campaign?Unexamined
Converting campaigns to 4e: What was the best?Unexamined
Nedd help with encountersUnexamined
Need advice on giving new players pre-generated charactersUnexamined
Advice for running a game?Unexamined
[3.5E] Magic IdentificationUnexamined
7 member party and Solo monstersUnexamined
Designing a city wide siegeUnexamined
Skill Challenge HelpUnexamined
Immediate Interrupts and When to Resolve What WhenUnexamined
Life Without A ControllerUnexamined
Encounters For Small PartyUnexamined
Question from my playersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Hospitaler and Hydras (Or any solo mosnter)Unexamined
Help developing a rank systemUnexamined
Player's are "Combat Stupid"Unexamined
Action Points OverpoweredUnexamined
Easy question for most (I hope)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Roleplaying a level upUnexamined
3.5e CR questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Trouble with new players: strikers-addictiontacticsand lack of daringUnexamined
Make your own custom status tokensUnexamined
Dealing With Players' Negative Perception of D&DUnexamined
Rewards for Roleplaying in Combat?Unexamined
Consecutive short rests?Unexamined
Help designing multi-classing Beastmaster featUnexamined
1001 Horror Adventures/IdeasUnexamined
Need advice on Potion Addiction RulesUnexamined
Rejoining a split party & excitementUnexamined
Party fighting way above recommended XP budgetUnexamined
Lost City?Unexamined
Zero Level and the "Old" First LevelUnexamined
DISUCSSION: The games difficulty seems to far too easy.Unexamined
DM Ruling - Opp. AttacksUnexamined
A question of scalingNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Immediate Interrupts and actions on your turn.Unexamined
ISO: At a Glance Character Info spreadsheetUnexamined
Giving the PCs a small troupe to lead. How to balanceaward XP?Unexamined
Multiclassing the Racial powers: should they be novice or adept?Unexamined
A matter of difficultyUnexamined
Good place to find color tokensUnexamined
Problematic playersUnexamined
When Warlocks go crazy...Unexamined
An Excersize in ImaginationUnexamined
Making Money (PEACH)Unexamined
(V 3.5) Help on identifying Nicol Bolas ^^Unexamined
New DM looking for easy adventureUnexamined
4E PvPUnexamined
Class-Based AC!Unexamined
Ruling "intimate" afflictionsUnexamined
Whats the benefit of grabbing?Unexamined
Help me convert my gaming groupUnexamined
Incorporating Dungeon Delve (and other resources)Unexamined
On-the-fly control toolsUnexamined
Asking for Some Basic DM AdviceUnexamined
Whats your pick for best 1st adventureUnexamined
Save to avoid moving into Hindering Terrain from a teleport?Unexamined
Are we done yet???Unexamined
Breaking a ModuleUnexamined
Question about building encountersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Trying to keep a party togetherUnexamined
New ClassesUnexamined
First Campaign QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help for an oldtimerUnexamined
How do you resolve Non-standard results of Class powersUnexamined
Help with Evil CampaignsUnexamined
Small Cleric-al ErrorUnexamined
DM Advice for Party with mostly power playersUnexamined
Problem Power: Brash StrikeUnexamined
Dealing with lazy players.Unexamined
New DM asking about gear upgradesUnexamined
Must-have accessoryUnexamined
The mechanics of necromancyUnexamined
Skill Challenge Success Stories?Unexamined
"This fight is too hard for you"Unexamined
Save My Game(r)!Unexamined
DMing in 4th Ed. (asking for adviceand mild rantinglong)Unexamined
Printing Monsters in Correct FormatUnexamined
Quintessential Wizard woesUnexamined
PC can't remember NPCUnexamined
Professional GM: Possible ReturnUnexamined
Am I killing off my world? (New DM)Unexamined
question about lvl 8 monsters for lvl 4 playersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Burnout (not the video game)Unexamined
Opinions on Druid powers and the Architect's StaffUnexamined
Flanking and InvisiblityUnexamined
DM Philosophy (Gaming Philosophy?)Unexamined
I don't understand mapsUnexamined
New campaign with new people everywhereUnexamined
A short story about expectationsUnexamined
exp budget and encounter level explainedUnexamined
How to enjoy being a DM?Unexamined
H2 Customization: Bronze WarderUnexamined
Is Skill Cooperation broken at high levels?Unexamined
Can Free Actions Occur as Interrupts?Unexamined
Question about dumbing down encounters in modules...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Would like advice on NPC'sUnexamined
Prompting a Skill Check?Unexamined
Don't know if the Players will hate me or not...Unexamined
Dragon fighting (Solo isn't nice at all)Unexamined
From level 11 and beyondUnexamined
Encounter difficulties...Unexamined
Just started using Dundjinni... to my PC's dismay?!Unexamined
A Sorcerer and his Chaos BoltUnexamined
Training based on DM's Guide Pages 197-198Unexamined
First time DM - Tiles?Unexamined
P1: King of the Trollhaunt Warrens - Question for other DM's about mapping preferenceNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
My players tried this - how do I rule it?Unexamined
[4e] Expert Dungeon Master Competition #9: Build a Nation!Unexamined
evil is hard workUnexamined
Need suggestions on a mechanic...Unexamined
Roleplaying Rewards and Abuses thereofUnexamined
Crabs and InspirationUnexamined
Looking for a mechanicUnexamined
Player-Run BusinessesUnexamined
Kill a Surrendering Human Enemy as "Good" Alignment?Unexamined
Need Help Adjudicating a Player IdeaUnexamined
Normal/Below Level Encounters Resulting In 1/2 TPK???Unexamined
Help setting up a Shapeshifter for an encounter?Unexamined
The Most Annoying Player Types...Unexamined
Wil Wheaton comments on DMing.Unexamined
My Google Fu is weak today ...Unexamined
Charging with reach...Unexamined
Upgrade ShadowfellUnexamined
Cartography SoftwareUnexamined
Looking for Ideas about Something Silly.Unexamined
Having problem with CR in a huge groupUnexamined
speeding up fightsUnexamined
Trade goodsUnexamined
What's the "proper" combat length?Unexamined
Paladin Utility power seems to powerfulUnexamined
Monster Stat BlocksUnexamined
Advice Needed - Solo Monster ConstructionUnexamined
Home Brewed Magic ItemsUnexamined
H2: Modifying Well of DemonsUnexamined
Ask for a simple tipReceive it!Unexamined
Any tips for a DM new to 4th edition?Unexamined
Computer programUnexamined
8 player Keep on the ShadowfellUnexamined
As a DM what was your favorite NPC....Unexamined
A Printable Shopping List [4e]Unexamined
Eladrin Legionaries tacticsUnexamined
Player/Campaign Re-entry Drama (aka: HELP!)Unexamined
Creating minionsUnexamined
Newbie question about high ACNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Kobold HallUnexamined
Single-Player GamesUnexamined
xp single or group??Unexamined
Consequences of Greed vs. GoodUnexamined
Viking setting:Unexamined
Problem with Bronze WarderUnexamined
Do you reveal a creature's ACor the roll a PC needs?Unexamined
Enforcing alignmentUnexamined
DM as PC?Unexamined
Town Under AttackUnexamined
d20 Opposed Roll DistributionUnexamined
Gravity - Forced Movement?Unexamined
Best level for single-level playUnexamined
Advice for an Evil CampaignUnexamined
I have trained him well...Unexamined
How many encounters before allowing an extended request?Unexamined
New DMTricky Conditions; halp!Unexamined
Language BarrierUnexamined
Number of enemies per encounterUnexamined
How often do you get a short rest?Unexamined
D&D Online helpUnexamined
Just had a great experience with large groupUnexamined
101 Ways to start off a campaignUnexamined
A quick question regarding the published campaignsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Handling one optimized charUnexamined
New Campaign Ideas help me out fellow DMs!!!!Unexamined
Help me not quitting his gameUnexamined
Weapon FocusUnexamined
"Daily" powers and non-daily recoveryUnexamined
D&D Junior! (or... I'm a proud papa!)Unexamined
How do you make games go faster?Unexamined
Campaign starting trouble!Unexamined
Giving the PCs a little extraUnexamined
Is this evil?Unexamined
Is this a viable group for begginners?Unexamined
Interesting campaign (davidstwaddellsand whatever your last name is dont read)Unexamined
Starting action - surprise round - how to startUnexamined
How do you handle spell components?Unexamined
New Version of Old AdventureUnexamined
How do you deal with ...?Unexamined
Making CampaignUnexamined
101? Dungeon PuzzlesUnexamined
Fixing a dysfunctional group?Unexamined
Unfortunate CircumstancesUnexamined
fonts for D&D languages?Unexamined
Does anyone else have a problem with Conga Lines?Unexamined
Non-Experience RewardsUnexamined
In the Jailhouse NowUnexamined
Laminating my BattlematUnexamined
Monsters vs OAsUnexamined
Vehicle Chase EncountersUnexamined
PC vs. PC - impossible in 4e?Unexamined
Building adventures and encounters is so easy nowI love it!Unexamined
How to force PCs to roleplay?Unexamined
How do you store your dungeon tiles layout?Unexamined
Having trouble coming up with a way to have my characters know each otherUnexamined
Throwing Distance (for those snickering kobolds)Unexamined
Laptops and D&DUnexamined
How can I get my players to use ToB?Unexamined
Campaign Progression Acceleration (OrNeed for Speed)Unexamined
Towne buildingUnexamined
Is the game more fun or less fun once you know which monsters are minions?Unexamined
The Party Planning Committee (OrToo many indians, no chiefs at all.)Unexamined
Small group ideasUnexamined
Qualifying Rewards (OrPull the sword from the damn stone.)Unexamined
Role'ing Initiative (OrWhat's my MOTIVATION?!)Unexamined
How much prep do you put into your campaigns?Unexamined
Simplest class to play?Unexamined
The ability scoresUnexamined
I need a devil pictureUnexamined
Dealing with Munchkins or "Pinning Back Their Ears"Unexamined
Small Barbarians and two-handed weaponsUnexamined
How to end an campaignUnexamined
Fumble and Crit charts in 4eUnexamined
4e Red hand of doom possible?Unexamined
Campaign moving to 4E - a few questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Rolling up Role-players.Unexamined
What makes a good dungeon?Unexamined
Total rookie DM needing adviceUnexamined
New DMNeed Lots of HelpUnexamined
How do you start your campaign?Unexamined
virtual DM tool 4D&D insiderUnexamined
Property CostsUnexamined
Question about class featuresNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Rooftop Crossbowman Critique [PEACH]Unexamined
Smashing problemUnexamined
Citiy SizesUnexamined
Tips for a small town DM?Unexamined
"Superfriends" style of adventuringUnexamined
Looking for Better Records Sheets...Unexamined
Question for Insider Subscribers -- DM's Mapping Tools?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A Shroud of SolitudeUnexamined
1001 Worst Players to Ever Have in a GameUnexamined
Call me a noob....Unexamined
Random Comment Inspired AdventureUnexamined
Need help with BBEGUnexamined
New DMquestion about loot parcels.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Small Group One ShotUnexamined
Digital DistractionsUnexamined
Epic EncountersUnexamined
Anyone Using Dungeon tiles?Unexamined
Finding the Hook to a Wizard TestUnexamined
Loving TOO Much (OrDon't let go!)Unexamined
Revolving DMsUnexamined
A Googolplex-Plus-One Habits of Highly Effective DMsUnexamined
Helping a FeylockUnexamined
Tower of Waiting AdventureUnexamined
[3.5] Major item creation help ASAPUnexamined
Fun thing to spruce up RPUnexamined
Store Inventories and EconomiesUnexamined
AdviceDming with a player new to imaginationUnexamined
I'm StumpedUnexamined
Monster Ranged Attacks... Unlimited?Unexamined
New to Dming. Am i doing something wrong?Unexamined
Combat Superiority and Movement QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Death's Reach & Dungeon TilesUnexamined
What do you guys do when a character dies?Unexamined
Are you DM Enough? or... Fleshing out the DelvesUnexamined
PC Participation in Festival Events (skill challenges)Unexamined
Combat advice.Unexamined
Rival playersUnexamined
Nature aided Diplomacy for animalsUnexamined
Income allowed?Unexamined
How often do you inefficiently let player powers happen?Unexamined
NPC's and Skills - How do you treat them?Unexamined
DMing for Free Comics DayUnexamined
10 First Level Encounters with ArtefactsUnexamined
Help! I'm a creek without a paddle!Unexamined
3.5E WLD and group loot ....Unexamined
Issues with "DUNE" based campaignUnexamined
Monster tacticsUnexamined
Need help building a good boss encounter.Unexamined
Ideas for Non Combat XP rewards?Unexamined
Need some help with royaltyUnexamined
D&D without a gridUnexamined
Question for the DM's... sorry if this has already been doneNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Character History AbusersUnexamined
D&D 4e XP FormulaUnexamined
Creative ThieveryHow would you rule?Unexamined
Folkstories for a player handoutUnexamined
Test PlayUnexamined
Correct use of minionsUnexamined
Magic itemUnexamined
Skill Challenge - Kicking Horde ButtUnexamined
Good choice or bad choice?Unexamined
Monster KnowledgeUnexamined
Still not getting ResistancesUnexamined
1001 Epic Tales of DestructionUnexamined
1001 Cursed/Magic ItemsUnexamined
5 minutes or until end of encounterUnexamined
Zombie Ritual?Unexamined
Using "Cry Havoc"Unexamined
Damn Fighters and their MarksUnexamined
Teleportation QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DM questions 3.5eNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Thinking of picking this upUnexamined
Opinions from DM in made-up Game mechanicsUnexamined
Need idea how to use this cliffhangerUnexamined
Problem CharacterUnexamined
Too big a group.Unexamined
Two questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Thunderspire Labyrinth TPKUnexamined
Fun boosting house rulesUnexamined
How often should players be allowed to buy magic equipment?Unexamined
Help me pick races for each "side"Unexamined
RANNNwiki (OrWiki-wiki-WICKED!)Unexamined
Rules Masochism (OrWhat's the safe word?)Unexamined
When your rules are contradictedUnexamined
are dungeon tiles being made around campaigns?Unexamined
Reflavoringhow much do you allow?Unexamined
Scaling EncountersUnexamined
Guiding new playersUnexamined
Star...err...Astral Trek!Unexamined
How to be a good DMUnexamined
How to deal with the insistant rogueUnexamined
DMing For StrangersUnexamined
Not Sold on Skill ChallengesUnexamined
UK MatsUnexamined
Is casting concealable?Unexamined
Making Choices Matter (OrIs it secret, is it safe?!)Unexamined
LF tips and resources to speed up combatUnexamined
New DM helpUnexamined
4E Bear Encounter. Comments/Suggestions?Unexamined
New to the hobbyalready SOLUnexamined
Searching for a wish spellUnexamined
Huge-scale player charactersUnexamined
Chase SequenceUnexamined
Mini helpUnexamined
3.5 Vampire Nemesis HelpUnexamined
Spirit Companion WoesUnexamined
Helpless Actions?Unexamined
Chance to hit probabilityUnexamined
Rolling up a new groupUnexamined
Avenger of the Raven Queen killing ressurected players?Unexamined
need help with mass combatUnexamined
need help running a maze.Unexamined
Corridor CrawlersUnexamined
I'm going to DM my first game (party size related)Unexamined
PC BetrayalUnexamined
Questions on ChargingNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Players Resting Too Much Alters DungeonUnexamined
Skill Challenge AssistanceUnexamined
help me with this encounter/bossUnexamined
Different DMing standards for different players?Unexamined
Players Don't Like it RoughUnexamined
Help! One off game with favorite characters updated for 4th ed.Unexamined
Question about making Perception skill checksNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What fonts do you reccomend?Unexamined
Things a DM should keep track of?Unexamined
Cost of Apprenticeships and Teachers?Unexamined
Fleshing Out a First Adventure/New CampaignUnexamined
Roads and Points of LightUnexamined
Only one thing missing... sadlyUnexamined
3.5 high level game..Unexamined
how many spells can they throwUnexamined
Ideas for dealing character's backgroundUnexamined
DM questions from a new playerNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Rusty DM needs major help for Small GroupUnexamined
How do you use Perception on something that isn't using stealth?Unexamined
Calimport Accessory QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Skill challenge questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dm Ranting Soapbox.Unexamined
When do you start using the battlegrid?Unexamined
Under Siege: 100 Castle Adventure HooksUnexamined
The FeywildUnexamined
Few questions about DMingNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Avoid gaze attacks in 4e?Unexamined
Any Tips or Anything for running Pyramid of Shadows?Unexamined
High Level NPCsUnexamined
How do you deal with Secret DoorsUnexamined
2 unrelated questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Cursed Item - How to Handle?Unexamined
Need advice about my wife and I playing.Unexamined
Question about ArmourNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
PC lacking party loyaltybeing impossible...Unexamined
The Scope of Skill ChallengesUnexamined
Combat Encounter lengthUnexamined
Looking for some good DMing thumb rulesUnexamined
1001 Names for Random NPCsUnexamined
Mage hand dropping attacksUnexamined
New Session IdeaUnexamined
Death Saves?Unexamined
suprise and flat footed questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Adding EquipmentUnexamined
Caravan Skill Challenge (Vale of Erech player keep out!)Unexamined
Keep on Shadowfell balance questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Are we doing something wrong?Unexamined
How do you handle shops?Unexamined
A jibby way of stopping invisibility - how would you deal with this?Unexamined
Wildshape QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Status Effects and "Stacking"Unexamined
Strangest LootUnexamined
My Players Are Lazy!!!!Unexamined
Help with creating solo play dungeonUnexamined
Attacking Allies to gain beneficial effectsUnexamined
Evil Aligned GuildUnexamined
How to Post Content Online?Unexamined
Help converting to 4eUnexamined
Losing healing surges?Unexamined
Putting stat blocks into WordUnexamined
How much could be mined from FRPG for POL?Unexamined
Extended restsUnexamined
DMing FamiliarsUnexamined
Symbols of Tiamat and Vecna?Unexamined
Arabian style desert Metropolis?Unexamined
Good Dungeon-Delving Music?Unexamined
"Forcing" PCs to be relatedUnexamined
Custom Map sizeUnexamined
Whoa...your bonus is what?!Unexamined
Are you a collector or a scavenger DM?Unexamined
Dazed and SavesUnexamined
Melding racesUnexamined
Need an item for a barbarianUnexamined
Scepter Tower pre-madeUnexamined
Is the NPC lying?Unexamined
BAR FIGHT! How should I handle it?Unexamined
[3.5] Silver Dragon fight/hoardUnexamined
MSExcel Encounter TemplateUnexamined
What level of "wrong" are you confortable with?Unexamined
Nature Campaign?New DM.Unexamined
Quick Teleportation questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
New Dragon Article: Game TransparencyUnexamined
Consumables break treasue;Suggested fixes?Unexamined
Life the universeeverything and page 42:Unexamined
Alignment and character reactionsUnexamined
DMing for youngstersUnexamined
Rewarding Players with OOC pointsUnexamined
Ask A Simple Question Get A Simple AnswerNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dying CharacterUnexamined
Necromancer buildsUnexamined
Brainstorm: Police Response to PCsUnexamined
How big should my map be?Unexamined
Difference between 'Dark' and 'Creepy'Unexamined
How can I make my players paranoid?Unexamined
Handling skill chalanges?Unexamined
Professional GM: Resurrection and RebirthUnexamined
New group about to startUnexamined
Compressing the first adventures of Scales of WarUnexamined
Dealing with Conjurations.Unexamined
Not a 4E Flame but I need help.Unexamined
Your Ordinary Group From HellUnexamined
Extreme Makeover For Our ClericUnexamined
My Players want to eat the enemiesUnexamined
PCs being annoying and derailing the game.Unexamined
Solo Monsters and a party of 3Unexamined
Variant on Blast area of effect for realism?Unexamined
"Origin" CampaignsUnexamined
Transferring magical propertiesUnexamined
Combining ConceptsUnexamined
[4E] Open world adventure.Unexamined
What's the best Puzzle you ever created?Unexamined
2 players1 vacancyUnexamined
"Damage Rolls" - mods or no mods?Unexamined
How to use traps on players with high passive perceptionUnexamined
Keep on the ShadowfellUnexamined
Coolest. Encounter. Ever.Unexamined
World Building - Need some advice/directionUnexamined
New DM World/Campaign building helpUnexamined
No XP for some random encounters.Unexamined
1001 Dastardly and Interesting VillainsUnexamined
Music during SessionsUnexamined
DMing for a 7 year oldsome adviceUnexamined
Several DM questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Initiative reset after Delay?Unexamined
Critical Max Damage ConfusionUnexamined
Seafaring encounterneed fireUnexamined
A Question of Interruptions and Extended RestsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Mage hand-what can it do?Unexamined
Need help with pyramid of shadowsUnexamined
Basic ideas for Heroic QuestsUnexamined
Need some brainstorming help with my Campaign settingUnexamined
questions about Opportunity Attacks and BluffNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dazed and Action Points query.Unexamined
Need Some HelpUnexamined
Giving players propertyshipsetc. (OrThe BIG Presents)Unexamined
DC's or RollingUnexamined
Selling big ticket magic items for cashUnexamined
Using Dungeon TilesUnexamined
Which Campaign Should I RunUnexamined
Starting new campaign - module recs?Unexamined
How can I make a good bar fight encounter?Unexamined
Aid Another and Skill ChallengesUnexamined
Creating Memorable Locales (OrWhere's Waldo?)Unexamined
How can I make a really scary horror dungeon?Unexamined
Dungeon Master's Mastersheet 4EUnexamined
Dominated QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need Naming HelpUnexamined
I'll be back!Unexamined
End itend it all!Unexamined
A grand plot that ties together the entire Dungeon Delve book... ;)Unexamined
Skill Challenges- the goodthe bad the believableUnexamined
Pick Pockets and Skill ChallengesUnexamined
Help with a skill challenge for my game next week! Volcanic caves of the Fire Temple.Unexamined
Asking for trouble...Unexamined
Looking for Background SoundsUnexamined
How to "control" a barbarian..Unexamined
Trying to get my players to use their dailies... (BASILICA PLAYERS KEEP OUT!!!)Unexamined
A Rough Start to DMingUnexamined
20 Dungeon ArchetypesUnexamined
How do you last in long sessions?Unexamined
Housing PricesUnexamined
SCUBA Diving and Dungeons and DragonsUnexamined
How should I start?Unexamined
Problems with the whole group...Unexamined
1001 Things You Enjoy Hearing from Your PCsUnexamined
Ongoing damage: types and stackingUnexamined
Getting Into 4EHave Some QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Social Networking for Ideas (OrBrain-skype-ing)Unexamined
Are you a new dm thinking of running Kobold Hall?Unexamined
Character Death and Their BelongingsUnexamined
Passive Perception QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Input on running a Succubus fightUnexamined
Examples of GreatnessUnexamined
PCs as a Child (An introduction to the Campaign concept)Unexamined
Long-Distance DMingUnexamined
Fighting a flying monster.Unexamined
Breaking a Door Using a Spell...Unexamined
Heat Metal type effect in 4e?Unexamined
Overland flight?Unexamined
How do you keep track during encounters?Unexamined
Minor issuesUnexamined
Dying characters are also blodied?Unexamined
Handouts and Game AidsUnexamined
H3 DM Vets neededUnexamined
Solo MonstersUnexamined
My campaign and mapUnexamined
How to handle PCs attacking "statless" NPCsUnexamined
New DM (I need some advice)Unexamined
Fresh DM wanting to learn and grow.Unexamined
144 Short Rests = Extended Rest on Demand. Allow or Disallow?Unexamined
Magic Availability at Retail OutletsUnexamined
Unrelated chattingUnexamined
Dealing with NPC's Diplomatically -- Award EXP?Unexamined
Exciting campaign startUnexamined
Ghost Sound as Distraction in Combat?Unexamined
Skill challenge DCsUnexamined
Big Groups vs Small GroupsUnexamined
Keeping track!Unexamined
New DM dealing with New PCsUnexamined
Selling slaves and STDsUnexamined
Help with Epic encounterUnexamined
Diplomacy Handling for a newish DMUnexamined
Broken CharactersUnexamined
Player Characters (a new DM needs help)Unexamined
Problems running encounter T3 in Thunderspire.Unexamined
Need suggestions for unexpected twists in H1Unexamined
DM searching for playersUnexamined
DM'ing 2 players (3 PC's)Unexamined
Need some help (Basilica players stay out)Unexamined
up a trapped mountain... finding a prefabUnexamined
Defenders that Don't Like Being AttackedUnexamined
Man DownUnexamined
"LionDragons and Goats. Oh my!"Unexamined
Plotting out your encountersUnexamined
Running a campaign with the Quick-Start RulesUnexamined
Giving up...Unexamined
Unlimited tries to Open lock?Unexamined
The Scrolls of Vile CrueltyUnexamined
Random loot table for 4e?Unexamined
Player Enjoys Randomly Butchering Equaly Random PeopleUnexamined
Traveling Long DistancesUnexamined
Critique controller pleaseUnexamined
Questions that came up in playNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
random treasure table?Unexamined
What I expect from a great adventureUnexamined
Me or Him? (Spoilers)Unexamined
DoableChallenging or Suicide?Unexamined
Naval Battle rules.Unexamined
Low-Magic 4th editionUnexamined
Monster and Adventure Themes: Followers of BaneUnexamined
Player is finecharacter is dumbUnexamined
make this game fun againUnexamined
Grid Question...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
My Party is EpicUnexamined
Stat blocks of godsUnexamined
Wyrmling (Beginner) Dungeon Master Trials #7 (Closed!)Unexamined
Skill Challenges.Unexamined
Making DMing fun againUnexamined
Making the plot bend to the mechanicsUnexamined
Encouraging players to take risks (Breaking the 3E mindset)Unexamined
Dramatic NPC Deaths... how to accomplish?Unexamined
Why not take extended rests after every encounter?Unexamined
Theme Party Smorgasbord!Unexamined
DDi Ruined my game!Unexamined
Unconscious No SaveUnexamined
Victory PointsUnexamined
[4E] Expert Dungeon Master Competition #10: Design Two Elite Creatures!Unexamined
Mirror Image (3.5)Unexamined
Running one on oneUnexamined
How can a DM run for ONE player?Unexamined
Game Day Adventure Preview?Unexamined
Giving XPs as a group or individually?Unexamined
help with dungeonUnexamined
practical encounter adviceUnexamined
Monster Lore vs. Monster Knowledge: Help!Unexamined
New DM with new players - suggestions pleaseUnexamined
Quick Advice Creating a SoloUnexamined
[3.5] A Different Take on WealthUnexamined
Need a Tile/Dungeon Programstickies no help! :>(Unexamined
What About Torture?Unexamined
New DM seeking adviceUnexamined
Help! **** Retentive Player (3.5 related)Unexamined
To bootor not to boot?Unexamined
Do you strengthen monsters when party levels in the middle of an adventure?Unexamined
Social Science Skills - Current Events and related topicsUnexamined
Hit Point Grind IssueUnexamined
Getting player's to roleplayUnexamined
Need recommendations for a level 24 adventureUnexamined
4e Encounter building question: Using purely ElitesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help find a quick adventureUnexamined
Players and their girlfriends at the game table?Unexamined
A new DM request for adviceUnexamined
Purple Worm Solo ReductionUnexamined
Lawful Good EconomicsUnexamined
Woes of a New GroupUnexamined
A quick survey of fellow DM's...Unexamined
Level 5 party vs. BossTPK?Unexamined
[3.5] What are your favorite house rules?Unexamined
"Death is only the beginning!"Unexamined
New DM (4th Ed)Unexamined
4E wealth by level guideUnexamined
3.5 DM needs help with large partyUnexamined
Background MusicUnexamined
Lycanthrope Template for 4EUnexamined
How do you role play?Unexamined
4th ed aggro: Who should I hit??Unexamined
How does 4ed play with less than 5 PCs?Unexamined
help me give some freedom to my railroadUnexamined
Need Plot HelpUnexamined
PC NAD Defenses at Paragon levelsUnexamined
15 minute adventuring day at level 17Unexamined
3 StrikersUnexamined
Why are experienced DMs so unwilling to take advice from the game company?Unexamined
Funny Encounter IdeasUnexamined
Xp question - encounter involving PCs being chased by hellhounds - how much xp?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
High Fantasy Low Magic?Unexamined
Few more questions from a new DM...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Skill challenge ideas: on the runUnexamined
Need help designing a skill challengeUnexamined
Stylish GladiatorsUnexamined
Want feedback on skill challenge (Basilica players not allowed)Unexamined
PCs that don't want to fight and the players that run them.Unexamined
Thoughts on a Dinosaur Template for Kobolds?Unexamined
Impossible CaptureUnexamined
Experiments with skill challengesUnexamined
Cure Light Wounds and the like questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DM's Helpful Guide VUnexamined
forced teleportation to cause damage/deathUnexamined
Plot hooksUnexamined
Stealth and Opportunity AttacksUnexamined
Skill Challenge helpUnexamined
Stat the MonsterSave the World!Unexamined
What do you want to see in the DMG?Unexamined
1001 Formulaic but fun combat phrases.Unexamined
Summer CampaignUnexamined
Printable encounter dataUnexamined
Forgot DMG - need to know calculating party power with > 5 charactersUnexamined
Reading Books Cover to CoverUnexamined
New post on This Modern Death about Skill ChallengesUnexamined
Rolling for treasure? Help needed!Unexamined
Skill Challenge PodcastUnexamined
Music and sounds needed for CampaignUnexamined
Divine Power Over Powered?!Unexamined
tournament guidelinesUnexamined
Encounter compositionUnexamined
1001 Skill challengesUnexamined
Skill challenge: Tracking through the woodsUnexamined
Looking for more of the Fallcrest RegionUnexamined
Delaying Move Actions?Unexamined
Running Higher LevelsUnexamined
Leadersthe Personality Not the RoleUnexamined
Killing the BBEG Earlier than ExpectedUnexamined
Help Starting a GameUnexamined
[3.5] Finding Sanity in Item Crafting TimesUnexamined
MM2 SolosUnexamined
Combats gets dull past 4th round...what to do?Unexamined
Remedies versus wizard with cold combo: Lasting FrostWinter SovereignUnexamined
Looking for suggestions on a 4e DM sheet for char infoUnexamined
Is there such a thing as too much?Unexamined
4e maplessis it possible?Unexamined
[DM Article]Riddle me this?: Using Logic puzzles for story developmentUnexamined
Players out of their elementUnexamined
Teleport into Same Square?Unexamined
Building CharacterUnexamined
3.5 hiding evilUnexamined
Please help! 4e isn't all fighting and no roleplaying but the adventures are!Unexamined
Little Fellows for my new game (A question on miniatures)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Feywild scenes and sceneryUnexamined
Fellow Dm curious how others handle it.Unexamined
help with dungeonUnexamined
How to role actionsUnexamined
Broken/Killer/Cheesy Tactics - Killer DM!Unexamined
should i go with an alternate magic item system?Unexamined
Knifing PCs in the night: making it funUnexamined
Setting the mood: Corrupt Guard ForceUnexamined
When to let PCs dieUnexamined
Another 4e Combat Solution :rolleyes:Unexamined
3 Dragon Ante or Inn-FightingUnexamined
Problem with Large Parities (3.5)Unexamined
New DMUnexamined
Critique my Boss!Unexamined
Disagreement with Monster PowerUnexamined
DM MapTool AssistanceUnexamined
The Ale Index in the Year of the Ageless OneUnexamined
How can monsters lose Divine Challenge?Unexamined
Are Paragon Paths balanced?Unexamined
First AidSecond Wind & Death SavesUnexamined
Retreat / Fleeing CombatUnexamined
Selling loot: Ritual BooksConsumablesand Magic Items under levelUnexamined
Famous last words of PCsUnexamined
Running smaller campaignsUnexamined
how to create a believable worldwithout to many skill checks?Unexamined
What about the guy thats not that bright? or is maybe lazy?Unexamined
A few odd questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Looking for some advice or pointers.Unexamined
Session lengths....Unexamined
An original (maybe) idea: PCs playing a Kobold only group.Unexamined
Worst Player?Unexamined
4.0 General HelpUnexamined
Massive Combat problemneed help.Unexamined
Overcoming encounters with Skills?Unexamined
Handling IntimidateUnexamined
Undead Cult - Monster advice neededUnexamined
handle animalUnexamined
Long term character goals...?Unexamined
How come there is no appraise skill?Unexamined
What do you do when you screw up?Unexamined
Balancing the options for a solo gameUnexamined
3.5 Plot Hook IdeasUnexamined
Crash Test Dummy vs The WallUnexamined
ScrollsWhat do you do with them?Unexamined
Stable fees and feed cost for player's horseUnexamined
Combat takes a long time...Unexamined
Are DCs for skill checks too low?Unexamined
Skill uses for acrobatics and athleticsUnexamined
economy question...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
NPC partiesUnexamined
More Newbie QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Intimidate and surrendering - needs nerf batUnexamined
Non-linear campaign?Unexamined
People saying there is no RP in 4EUnexamined
Name this illithid!Unexamined
Evil Cleric -> "Unhealing" WordUnexamined
D&D Solo Campaign?Unexamined
Prison Break encountersUnexamined
Quick questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
lost-esque d20 modern campaignUnexamined
Stable Time LoopUnexamined
Castles? Bank Accounts?Unexamined
Traveling DMUnexamined
New Question about Solo game-i thinkNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
[PEACH] Fell Taint monsters + Sleep spellUnexamined
Why don't enemies focus the weakest link?Unexamined
Long Jump goes higher then High Jump?Unexamined
are there dinosaurs in 4th?Unexamined
101 TV Tropes in D&D for fun and profitUnexamined
Using ArtifactsUnexamined
How be Unbiased While Being A Member of A partyUnexamined
Blessing of the Pit -- Kobold Vignette player stay out pleaseUnexamined
Paragon level adventure.Unexamined
My group is a tough nut to crack! Suggestions soughtUnexamined
City Adventures With Lots of Non-combat . . .Unexamined
man look at this.Unexamined
How-To: MazesUnexamined
H1 Keep on the Shadowfell: Leveling EncountersUnexamined
Young Red Dragon - too tough for my level 4 party?Unexamined
Quick! Haunted house or mysterious island?!?Unexamined
My group is invincibleUnexamined
Help on running dungeons.Unexamined
Adding Combat Elements to Skill ChallengesUnexamined
What do your DM notes Look like?Unexamined
Beat at my own GameUnexamined
Rewarding Power GamersUnexamined
Dungeon Tiles - Online Planner?Unexamined
Poison Extraction Tool. My Players are too inventive!Unexamined
Myst/Zelda-like contraptions?Unexamined
I'm having problems describing attacks to my playersUnexamined
Hostage Situation for Dungeon Delve 2Unexamined
Please rate this encounter.Unexamined
quick question about party size to level ratioNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Death's Reach in the RealmsUnexamined
2 person adventuresUnexamined
Closed UniverseUnexamined
TV Tropes and death...Unexamined
help with this trap?Unexamined
So what kind of player are YOU?Unexamined
Silly questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
help with random encountersUnexamined
Writing Partners?Unexamined
Need advice on an encounterUnexamined
Seeking advicestarting a new groupUnexamined
4E dungeon help - In the belly of a sea monsterUnexamined
Epic Tier Magic Items You've Houseruled?Unexamined
Houseruling Dimensional ShacklesUnexamined
Encounter MapsUnexamined
Monster ActivityUnexamined
Rate my Homebrew RulesUnexamined
Single Character Skill ChallengesUnexamined
4E MMO Sandbox Game - Looking for advice!Unexamined
Awarding XP for monsters who run away?Unexamined
End of Encounter & Short RestUnexamined
airship falling towards the earth!Unexamined
Lets Network: Wired DMing and PlayingUnexamined
Restricted and Push/SlideUnexamined
5th lvl Solo vs 11th lvl partyUnexamined
Filler adventures (3.5)Unexamined
Darkvision and MirrorsUnexamined
TPK at Keep on Shadowfell! (Kalarel Encounter)Unexamined
Can the Voice be used as an Implement?Unexamined
Designing custom artifactsUnexamined
Finding Good PlayersUnexamined
2 player encounters - too easyUnexamined
majestic word slide effectUnexamined
RPSkilland Just Plain Fun ChallengesUnexamined
My party doesn't have a defender. What to do?Unexamined
[3e] Help Request for Unique Creature Fight MechanicsUnexamined
Survey for my players (feedback requested)Unexamined
Since Catagory Increase numbersUnexamined
Monster CardsUnexamined
Neolithic/Stone age setting--HelpUnexamined
Immune got NerfedUnexamined
Tact-Tiles ReplacementUnexamined
Solvable puzzle?Unexamined
Shocked at WOTC's definition of a DMUnexamined
Acrobatics Skill HelpUnexamined
Monster TemplatesUnexamined
Creating my first 4e SoloHelp!Unexamined
[Eberron] Pyramid of Shadows + Eyes of the Lich Queen + Sea Reavers?Unexamined
Tips for Assault on Nightwyrm FortressUnexamined
Campaign IdeasUnexamined
How to let pc's die?Unexamined
Wrong forumignoreUnexamined
How to keep all PCs "involved"Unexamined
3.5 Lycanthropy question(s)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Turning up an encounterUnexamined
too obvious?Unexamined
Souls in purgatory leave scorch marks: DM inspirationUnexamined
How do I handle movement before encounters?Unexamined
4e - What to do about my godless invokerUnexamined
Lots of MembersUnexamined
Need help designing an artifactUnexamined
Not Feeling EpicUnexamined
Need some advice about an encounterUnexamined
Level 1 RewardsUnexamined
More on Skill ChallengesUnexamined
4E: Level adjust for mundane weaponsUnexamined
Party Wipe coming up.Unexamined
Calling all bards! Ballads and Odes wantedUnexamined
War campaign promotion ideasUnexamined
Ideas for Daily powers for enchanted weaponsUnexamined
Homebrew Elites Need Balancing (Lvl 18 encounter)Unexamined
Adjusting Solo's?Unexamined
Final Encounter HelpUnexamined
Monster TacticsUnexamined
FR-Giving an earthmote to a party.Unexamined
When does initiative start?Unexamined
New monsters (Part 1)Unexamined
new Monsters (Part 2)Unexamined
New monsters (Part 3)Unexamined
When to call it quits?Unexamined
New idea for a play-by-post format. Would this interest you?Unexamined
Which Book?Unexamined
Resting in DelveUnexamined
Getting them out of the hallwayUnexamined
What condition my condition is in.....Unexamined
Secret Doors?Unexamined
dungeon map?Unexamined
Seven Criticals in One EncounterUnexamined
Characters created at 5th level are more powerful than characters lvld to 5thhelp!Unexamined
How To: Weapons of WarUnexamined
My 4ed Ravenloft CampaignUnexamined
What's the dealMac? A DM-to-DM Reference for Getting by Using a Mac!Unexamined
First CampaignUnexamined
Campaign setting switchUnexamined
Dynasty Warriors campaign - need some help!Unexamined
Another question for you!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
need some input....whole party got wiped out last night.Unexamined
When does Aberrant become Natural?Unexamined
OMGI just split the party...Unexamined
The Party!Unexamined
Creating NPCs in 4eUnexamined
Escape from a crumbling temple skill challengeUnexamined
Do Escaping Monsters count as XP?Unexamined
Quest XPUnexamined
Running a 4E Campaign with a Small PartyUnexamined
From ScratchUnexamined
1001 EncountersUnexamined
Need good book titles.Unexamined
Draconic mount for Epic CharacterUnexamined
Hydra vs. Sleep (and other such effects)Unexamined
Hiring an NPC.Unexamined
Mobster/Godfather CampaignUnexamined
Forced Movement - any consensus?Unexamined
Question on DMingNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Can Resistances Stack?Unexamined
The obstacles of a drop in and out campaign?Unexamined
New DM Needing IdeasUnexamined
DM with planning issuesUnexamined
charging while prone?Unexamined
Problems With Linear CampaignsUnexamined
Airborne area of effectsUnexamined
High level encountersUnexamined
Need Help: Poison Skill ChallengeUnexamined
A moral based ungeonUnexamined
Question on Martial versus MagicNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Problem keeping up with PCsUnexamined
Need some help with interactive terrainUnexamined
The Lament of the DungeonmasterUnexamined
Need a good bane weapon swordUnexamined
Encounter TroubleUnexamined
D&D (Dads & Dice)Unexamined
Disastrous encouter - trying to recoverUnexamined
New memberNew DM... need some adviceUnexamined
Do you do this?Unexamined
Managing Combat InformationUnexamined
having players run more than one characterUnexamined
They are just asking for a TPK..... [H2 Spoilers]Unexamined
Ongoing damage and effects from multiple sources?Unexamined
What's a DM to prepare?Unexamined
Who should the GM prepare for?Unexamined
What are you doing?Unexamined
3.5e Questions (E-Tools Largely)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Scales of War and Player BackstoriesUnexamined
Girdle of feminity/masculinity .. alignment issues.Unexamined
Should DM's assign PC's intelligence scores?Unexamined
Skill challenge quandaryUnexamined
CR levels and scalingUnexamined
1001 Special Inns (or Businesses) & Their NoveltiesUnexamined
Ways to bring PC's TogetherUnexamined
Intimidate errataUnexamined
DM/PC issues.....Unexamined
Maps neededUnexamined
Tell me what you thinkUnexamined
PCs are unholy terrorsI can't kill themUnexamined
INT increase = retro skill points?Unexamined
Socially Akward BarbarianUnexamined
Charging and Action PointsUnexamined
Dragon Mountain ConversionUnexamined
Rescue from RivenroarUnexamined
Choose your own campainUnexamined
Should I charge my PCs for incidentals?Unexamined
First day on the jobUnexamined
Which Adventure to start with?Unexamined
Similar races and adventure ideasUnexamined
is this a good idea?Unexamined
4e Create an NPCUnexamined
1001 Fantastic SettingsUnexamined
Devilish dilemmaUnexamined
Drugs and Super PowersUnexamined
Appropriate NPC Levels as Characters AdvanceUnexamined
At the helm of a DragonUnexamined
Drow wants to take Elf High Mage destinyUnexamined
A DM's decision....need helpUnexamined
Census: Worst DM Decision You've Ever MadeUnexamined
Monster resistancesUnexamined
Wyrmling (Beginner) Dungeon Master Trials Contest #8 (Closed)Unexamined
How Do I Make the PCs Care About the NPCs?Unexamined
Rival DMPC Party: OOTS styleUnexamined
Darkvision vs. Hide In Plain Sight for AssassinsUnexamined
I think I'm gonna kill a characterUnexamined
what's the problemUnexamined
Skill Challenge Help (Witchfire Trilogy)Unexamined
HELP ME!!! NPC teamup vs Pc EscortUnexamined
insane statsUnexamined
3.5 and 4edUnexamined
Do you let your PCs Poof?Unexamined
Distinguishing minionsUnexamined
I have a question/Combat Descriptions..No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Players want to be ghosts/vamps/weres/etc. ?Unexamined
3.5e campaign planeshift item helpUnexamined
How to handel character deaths.Unexamined
Need some suggestions for volcanic skill challengesUnexamined
Campaign CritiqueUnexamined
What's Kalarel's Story?Unexamined
How to test my players responsibilityUnexamined
incorperating Bloodbowl into a 3.5 campaign?Unexamined
Small party questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Recognising MinionsUnexamined
Im a 3.5 dm why should i switch ?Unexamined
3.5e Book Template HelpUnexamined
Confused?! Core D&D Setting?Unexamined
How to get your GM mojo Back?Unexamined
NPC DevelopementUnexamined
Conditions: HelplessUnexamined
A New DM With A Veteran PlayerUnexamined
Need advice on 2nd level encounterUnexamined
When writing out adventures...Unexamined
My players hate letting NPCs run awayUnexamined
A long campaign in danger of deterioration at its end! Help!Unexamined
Everyone's favorite AoE'sUnexamined
Autohit against DM FunUnexamined
Speeding up CombatUnexamined
House rules you borrowedwith propsUnexamined
Need help getting into D&DUnexamined
Allowing Dragonmarks in FR?Unexamined
Your favorite houseruled itemUnexamined
Player Destiny: Out of the DM control?Unexamined
Ideas for Paragon tier noblesUnexamined
A Humble RequestUnexamined
Combining several different ideas into one cohesive adventureUnexamined
Help! unique demon ability!Unexamined
How do I make a challenging single npc encounter against multi-pcs?Unexamined
[4E] Expert Dungeon Master Competition #11: Create a "Little Bad Evil Guy"!Unexamined
Question about stealth/monstersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Inspiration from SongUnexamined
How Do I Encourage Them To Roleplay?Unexamined
Insubstantial woes?Unexamined
Late Game CombatUnexamined
successful first homebrew (/modified) monster!Unexamined
Help! - Campaign for ECL 13-15 player characters? [3.5]Unexamined
Help me design my Skill ChallengeUnexamined
Ongoing LegacyUnexamined
AK! Helpquickplease!Unexamined
Assassin's Concealment?Unexamined
Miniatures Question (Warcraft)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Spicing up a Dragon EncounterUnexamined
Describing D&D to Regular PeopleUnexamined
Have you ever had a player that RP's too much?Unexamined
The fight is overbut I'm still burning! (Ruling Q)Unexamined
Player DisagreementsCharacter BattlesUnexamined
The Troll's Three Riddles!Unexamined
I know what to do when a player crit. hits but...Unexamined
Trouble working roleplaying and stealth into an adventureUnexamined
Bag of Cats QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Oceanic Adventuring and Skill ChecksUnexamined
Campaign Organization ProgramsUnexamined
Character Sheets?Unexamined
Has anyone given a player The Eye of vecna?Unexamined
Campaigning... at a distanceUnexamined
Anyone tried making 3-d MapsUnexamined
Battlerager Fighter balance decision: input?Unexamined
Urban adventure ideasUnexamined
Need Help Making an Adventure!Unexamined
Starting level?Unexamined
new campaign with some evil PCs.Unexamined
Unintended consequences from 4th edUnexamined
DM Help. Making things exciting.Unexamined
pc versus character?Unexamined
Printing out Dungeon mag maps for playUnexamined
Nine Hells Political ProblemUnexamined
Temporary Hit PointsUnexamined
Brand New DM Confused Over MiniaturesUnexamined
In-game question. Please help.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Dragon Repair ManualUnexamined
My players want to die!Unexamined
Designed trap... how much XP? (Basilica Players Not Allowed!!!)Unexamined
Creating Vampire PCsUnexamined
Alternate Victory Conditions in CombatUnexamined
How does one present Skill ChallengesUnexamined
How many encounters before sleep?Unexamined
Burn Out Burn Out Burn OutUnexamined
Help with a dungeonUnexamined
You PlayBut What Do You Use?Unexamined
Battlerager Vigor FixUnexamined
Sand Box session helpUnexamined
Quick! Kill the monk.Unexamined
stupid questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Advice for a new lunchtime GM...Unexamined
New DM sharing his experience so far running H1 (minor spoiler warning)Unexamined
Is There Any Way To Build Encounters Starting With Required Races and "Classes"?Unexamined
New DMnew campaignneed adviceUnexamined
Magic itemsUnexamined
Non-tangible effects. . .Unexamined
Dragonborn and Kobolds?Unexamined
Help Me Design a Skill Challenge! (3rd lvl party)Unexamined
Attacks of Opportunity (4E)Unexamined
Designing a Lich encounterUnexamined
help me design a challenging npc encounterUnexamined
Half Campaignsor "Sequals"?Unexamined
2 PC campaign house rulesUnexamined
Special Adventure: Playing as other characters?Unexamined
How do i fit these ideas into a cohesive unit?Unexamined
Player can't understand the concept "home brew"!Unexamined
1001 Things I learned from my first campaignUnexamined
Level appropriate money without Char Builder?Unexamined
first time DM needs help with Red HandUnexamined
Focus-Fire... Good for the Goose?Unexamined
Building a delve based on Silent Hill (sorta) Balance/advice?Unexamined
Dumb and Dumber-What has been the dumbest...Unexamined
Quick sandUnexamined
Continuous Encounters?Unexamined
dumb charecters smart playersUnexamined
Players who don't like their charactersUnexamined
YOur players are not dumbthey are inexperienced.Unexamined
My Death Effect Zombies didn't TPKUnexamined
Paladin's RedemptionUnexamined
Non-combat encounters make no sence sometimes: EnduranceAcrobatics& StealthUnexamined
Monk QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Character death - Player wants to move items to new character?Unexamined
1st level monk wants to be "epic"Unexamined
Begining a Family GameUnexamined
Cleric to Warlock: "If you're evilI won't heal you"Unexamined
What does 15 vulnerable radient neabUnexamined
Unmotivated cowardly players.Unexamined
Having some world creation issues. Need helpUnexamined
keeping combat interesting in 4thUnexamined
PvP skill checks 3.5Unexamined
How to adjust for loss of players? (no peeking for my players :) )Unexamined
Your most amusing monster deaths.Unexamined
Trivialized Solo EncountersUnexamined
Sex and your Campaign (Rated M)Unexamined
Total BurnoutUnexamined
Irontooth EncounterUnexamined
Aerial Combat - Aquatic CrashUnexamined
PEACH my homebrew race changeUnexamined
Where could I find lvl 1-2 adventures?Unexamined
How high can an NPC be?!Unexamined
Eberron Vs. FluffUnexamined
Help with my campaignUnexamined
"Death's reach" conversionUnexamined
Primal spirits and story rewardsUnexamined
Falling gives OA's?Unexamined
Best 4e Adventure for a beginning DM?Unexamined
Homebrew Minion Booster templateUnexamined
Essay: The Problems with Solo and Elite MonstersUnexamined
Converting AD&D module - questions on monsters/encountersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Are these encounters balanced? *SPOILERS*Unexamined
Grasp of the Grave: To Nerfor not to NerfUnexamined
[3.5] Campaign Help/Suggestions Needed!Unexamined
Mapping DungeonsUnexamined
Correct?: Mobile Warrior after a ChargeUnexamined
Anyone ever try running a Final Fantasy Tactics campaign?Unexamined
First time DM... Made some mistakes. Can't keep players interested. How do I recover?Unexamined
[3.5] Dealing with teleportationUnexamined
D&D Map Editor ProgramsUnexamined
"Just wait for a second... let me speak"Unexamined
Need help with a needed Campaign EnderUnexamined
First Campiegn with 4eNeed helpUnexamined
Removing the abstraction from skill challengesUnexamined
Revealing Power Keywords to PlayersUnexamined
Free Actions Getting Out of HandUnexamined
Best Method for Creating Encounter MapsUnexamined
Balancing Encounter levels for 12 or 3 playersUnexamined
I'm giving an NPC a Clockwork Bombwhat does this change?Unexamined
Is stealing really all that good an idea?Unexamined
Homebrew epiv level hazard (PEACH)Unexamined
Insubstantial 'RAW' = wierdUnexamined
Alternatives To Player MapsUnexamined
3.5e boss encountertoo hard? Too easy? How should I work it out?Unexamined
What are some effective ways to counter scry and die?Unexamined
Evil Campaigns and FriendshipUnexamined
NPC NicknamesUnexamined
Which monsters to use and what not to useUnexamined
NPC Jade Pheonix MageUnexamined
A supply of human sacrificesUnexamined
Basic Plot Struction - Suggestions and Advice ThreadUnexamined
How do you decide who to hit in combat?Unexamined
An Ending Encounter...Unexamined
DMs with iPhones/iPod touch --- opinions needed!Unexamined
RL: Game Location SuggestionsUnexamined
Pick a cardnot that one!Unexamined
4E drunken DM celebrationUnexamined
Attacks of opportunityUnexamined
Cards as the "Center of the Universe(tm)"! ...?Unexamined
1001 ways to tell it was a good sessionUnexamined
Ideas for Evil TrapsPuzzlesand RiddlesUnexamined
How often do you do "unlisted effects"?Unexamined
Conversion "War Burning Sky" 4e XP helpUnexamined
Planar Knowledge and Deities. Skill check to see if you know about them?Unexamined
A magic fan encounterUnexamined
Human RevenantUnexamined
3.5 ed magic/psionic question...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I can't find somethingUnexamined
My new campaign....Opinions please?Unexamined
Good icy/winter adventures?Unexamined
Do you willingly provoke OA's?Unexamined
PCs as enemiesUnexamined
Economic/Trading aspects of a 4E CampaignUnexamined
Question about 4.0 and FUMBLESNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Rest on the Run?Unexamined
Law and Order: D&D Style! Need some inputUnexamined
Players who shoot their loads and the lurkers that love them..Unexamined
H1 KotSF help. Encounters to easyUnexamined
Tips for speeding up combat?Unexamined
Player mindgaming other playersUnexamined
Stopping pcs from interrogating?Unexamined
Skill ChallangeUnexamined
Pitch the tent? Sick the mobs!?Unexamined
Just ran my first adventure and had some questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Monsters and their EnvironmentsUnexamined
Skill: Appraise?Unexamined
Power Gaming / Character OptimizationUnexamined
Something I noticed...Unexamined
Making it easier to manageUnexamined
Need advice on one-shot 4E solo scenarioUnexamined
What To Do If The PCs Turn EvilUnexamined
Help me make a monster!Unexamined
Does slowed affect shift?Unexamined
Coup De Grace questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Unlucky BeginnerUnexamined
when exactly does a creature die?Unexamined
Describing DamageUnexamined
Scepter Tower of Spellgard - New DM adviceUnexamined
Scenery painting questions. A DM's task.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Halp! my PCs scare me!Unexamined
Monster MarkedUnexamined
Players And How To Calm ThemUnexamined
Making my first 4e adventure and had a questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Opinions or TipsPleaseUnexamined
Ravenloft Mini's?Unexamined
Naval MapHelp!Unexamined
Give level 8 party a flying carpet? Acceptable?Unexamined
I want an opinion from everyone viewing thisyour input matters.Unexamined
Question about skills in 4eNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Capturing the pcs to get their attention.Unexamined
Clueless playersUnexamined
Grabbing and Opportunities?Unexamined
[3.5E] Curing a Psychological Condition in a Magical WorldUnexamined
Save My Campaign!Unexamined
Multiple conditions from multiple sources & saving throwsUnexamined
Suggestions for Modifying Keep on the ShadowfellUnexamined
Magical Items needed!Unexamined
Interesting Development in Rivenroar...Unexamined
He did what?Unexamined
Need a 4e casting system?Unexamined
(PEACH)800xp encounter too much for level 2 party?Unexamined
Help! I can't reach my shoelaces!Unexamined
The Orc Sessions - What personalities to give to my PCs' Orcs?Unexamined
Target encounter xp totalsUnexamined
Question on handling Skill Challenges.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Game templates for bursts/blasts/linesUnexamined
Suggestions on how to create a pirate encounterUnexamined
Conversion of old 1st and 2nd edition modules.Unexamined
Are creatures under effects aware of consequences?Unexamined
Specializing versus Humanoids?Unexamined
(Deleted) - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenUnexamined
My group needs to infiltrate a camp of orcs and thralls. How do I make it openended?Unexamined
Me and my never ending problemsUnexamined
Player immersion.Unexamined
What should I do?Unexamined
New DM - How do others handle marks?Unexamined
Problem with Chessex battlemapUnexamined
Trolls just not what they used to be.Unexamined
3.5- How to play this supposedly Killer BBEG?Unexamined
3D exterior battlegroundsUnexamined
Magic ItemsUnexamined
New Campaign AdviceUnexamined
Penny Arcade: A fine description of DMingUnexamined
My First TPK: Mixed EmotionsUnexamined
The most uncomfortable D&D experience in my gaming career - need other DMs helpUnexamined
1001 Major ArtifactsUnexamined
Screw horseswe're better off with piggy back ridesUnexamined
Am I a selfish DM? (3.5) Also TL;DRUnexamined
1001 "Scary" Magical ritualsstaffsweaponsand inbetweenUnexamined
Question about Revenants & PC DEATH?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
(Fire) Powers and the environmentUnexamined
Crafting Ethics for 3.5Unexamined
BlindsenseTremorsenseTrue Sightand Stealth...Unexamined
I don't allow "X"Unexamined
The Format of Notes - How do YOU prepare for a session?Unexamined
Help Creating Encounters Please?Unexamined
Monster itemsUnexamined
My problem as a DM with primary colored Dragons for my gameUnexamined
Striker Party issuesUnexamined
one session downso many more to goUnexamined
Judging order of immediate actionsUnexamined
My players don't show upUnexamined
trap/puzzle information neededUnexamined
A Little QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Using Characters as Villains?Unexamined
Primordial Hydra questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Battle OrganizationUnexamined
Magic Item level?Unexamined
All strikersUnexamined
Question: Are There Any Single PC Pre-Mades?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Making Monsters?Unexamined
How to keep player's attention?Unexamined
So you have an unhappy player....Unexamined
Dealing with a Battlerager Vigor PCUnexamined
giving a striker group some healing?Unexamined
3.5e Saving throwsUnexamined
Fix an oversightor keep it consistentUnexamined
The Compendium at the TableUnexamined
Planescape 4.0AGAINUnexamined
How to make NPCs come to life?Unexamined
Advice for Mass Combat?Unexamined
DM Style Question: Seeking 4e Drow InfoNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
[3.5] Question about DiseaseNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Twist on Turns in Skill ChallengesUnexamined
A Paladin who wants to be a FighterUnexamined
drow with machine guns (in d&d)Unexamined
Horses in CombatUnexamined
Shadowfell maps without the Shadowfell? (Possible Product Suggestion)Unexamined
Skill Challenges: 2d10 % roll > d20 roll ?Unexamined
Basic question on markingNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
[3.5] Gestalt Campaign inspired by LOTRUnexamined
My Group is Awesome! (Post your brag here)Unexamined
I'm DMing my first game in 2 days. HELP!Unexamined
Borrowing ideas from books and moviesUnexamined
Investigative Skill ChallengesUnexamined
Situational MinionizationUnexamined
Help with my Heroic Tier EndingUnexamined
Players ProblemUnexamined
Its been a whileand I'm feeling a little lostUnexamined
3.5 CR question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Where do you start?Unexamined
Questions with ongoing damageNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Masquerade and Mystery... in one night?Unexamined
Puzzles and Riddles?Unexamined
dealing with Ice age campaignUnexamined
Playing an Evil Campaign?Unexamined
Wishlist for level 7 adventurersUnexamined
Keep on the Shadowfell - over confident players?Unexamined
Challenge Level -- DM StyleUnexamined
1001 PuzzlesUnexamined
1001 More Wish ScrewupsUnexamined
Leaderless party? 4th ed or any.Unexamined
Dominate and Oppertunity attacks?Unexamined
1001 CompendiumUnexamined
Sorrycan't play him.Unexamined
How to adjust 4th ed to non DC-adventuresUnexamined
Player Motivations - where is the survey?Unexamined
Epic escape skill challenge?Unexamined
Are all high level dragon battles like this?Unexamined
DMing for the first timeseveral questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
1001 Odd Things You've Had to do as a DMUnexamined
Another DMPC threadUnexamined
The D&D TakeUnexamined
Brainstorming Session: How to Include Technology into 4th editionUnexamined
How to fight Orcus without an Orcus Figure?Unexamined
Double Move ProblemUnexamined
Help with 2 artifact concepts for NPCS + drunk stateUnexamined
Critical Fumbles -- What do you do?Unexamined
DMing and evolving management models...can everyone be god?Unexamined
Empty Pocket Monster Kills: Managing Disappointment?Unexamined
Running a dozen henchment in party- Advice?Unexamined
The obvious gapUnexamined
Program to auto-sell lootUnexamined
Increasing ImmersionUnexamined
Rediculous team tactics rulesUnexamined
Thorns in the sideUnexamined
Looking for a DM Screen PrintoutUnexamined
KotS SplugSlimes and ExPUnexamined
Discussion - Experience Points and LevelingUnexamined
Skill Challenge - Burning FarmhouseUnexamined
Skill Challenge Advice (is this too much?)Unexamined
[3.5] Having a problem building challenging encountersUnexamined
Is an eight person team too big?Unexamined
Thorns in the sideUnexamined
Fire Ants Are Going To Eat Your Face - Need Help.Unexamined
Changing damage type?Unexamined
kobold elite dragon sorcerer npcPC killer?Unexamined
Player's are demoralized.Unexamined
Need campaign ideasUnexamined
4e Solo CampaignUnexamined
(un?)living dungeonUnexamined
Help - Problems!Unexamined
skill challenge and XPUnexamined
Blazing Saddles meets D&D: The RejectsUnexamined
World generatorUnexamined
If You Could Name Your GroupUnexamined
1001 cute things young kids say/do at the D&D table.Unexamined
A couple of 4.0 DM questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
NPC level of a PC?Unexamined
Low Combat Campaign HelpUnexamined
Printing adventure mapsUnexamined
3.5ean Emancipated Spawn questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Change in setting? (4E)Unexamined
How would you all interpret this player's request?Unexamined
Going against clicheUnexamined
Vehicle Movement in Combat? Useless...Unexamined
1001 Quest IdeasUnexamined
need help with conversions please cant find answersUnexamined
Rewards Packages in print adventuresUnexamined
Yes but...Unexamined
Help! How to challenge and not kill your partyUnexamined
Good party going "undercover" in thieves guildUnexamined
Use for a 37th level deity statblockUnexamined
DMPC -- when is it OKand how can you know when you've crossed the line?Unexamined
Need some inputUnexamined
Noob question - how do I disguise secrets on the battlegrid?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Party conflict [3.5]Unexamined
Player able to take an OA and an Immediate Reaction from the same trigger?Unexamined
Magic Items - increasing the mystery factor.Unexamined
Pulled ideas outta my buttnow I need to figure out where to go with them. :(Unexamined
Fun time contraint - an ideaUnexamined
Teleportation and proneUnexamined
Skill Challenge HelpUnexamined
Skill Challenges in a Shanty Town.Unexamined
7 Player PartyUnexamined
Allowing Hybrids?Unexamined
Eberron for a new DM?Unexamined
How about not killing players?Unexamined
Improve my encounters!Unexamined
Trial Skill ChallengeUnexamined
Preventing daily hoarding?Unexamined
How much cash should a 4 player 9th level party have accumulated?Unexamined
I f******g hate fighters! Damn MMO inspired class...Unexamined
Kill my party [short notice encounter build]Unexamined
Amusing Killing of PCs and the Results ThereofUnexamined
Ask the TarrasqueUnexamined
Looking for Ideas to challenge the partyUnexamined
Players told me they will be quitting by a certain date and my muse has fledUnexamined
First time DM needs helpUnexamined
Help with Adjusting Premade ModulesUnexamined
Easy question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How would you build this skill challenge?Unexamined
Epic/memorable killsUnexamined
Suggestions for advancing this storyline?Unexamined
Party SizeUnexamined
Need helpUnexamined
Acquiring a (Save ends) condition during your turnUnexamined
1001 humorous ways to critically failUnexamined
What do you do when Conflict breaks out among your Players?Unexamined
Ad Hoc skill difficulty adjustmentsUnexamined
What Inspires You?Unexamined
A little help?Unexamined
Good or Evil?Unexamined
Is a character with two-weapon fighting ambidextrous?Unexamined
Personalized item (3.5)Unexamined
Distracted/distracting PC'sUnexamined
Help me flesh out a campaign areaUnexamined
Expendable PowersUnexamined
1001 modular dungeon roomsUnexamined
Fewer Players = BADBADBAD! ..???Unexamined
Sowing Seeds of AbberanceUnexamined
Failed Adventures -- have you had oneUnexamined
Seven PlayersUnexamined
Riddle me thisBatman...Unexamined
4E on a Message BoardUnexamined
Alternate to Pyramid of ShadowsUnexamined
grasp of the graveUnexamined
Zombie AgeUnexamined
DM ToolsUnexamined
Drop KickingUnexamined
Grasping javelin madness.Unexamined
Dm new to 4E would like some helpUnexamined
DMing small groupsUnexamined
DD3.5 Dragon Crush attackUnexamined
Dates and History of PoLUnexamined
Inferior Monsters: A DM toolkit additionUnexamined
3.5 Feats and Sorcerer spell compilation?Unexamined
damage of 1D2-4?Unexamined
I've kidnapped one of my charactersnow what?Unexamined
Extreme racial/class restrictions and non-standard genres.Unexamined
Psychological thriller in medieval fantasy?Unexamined
help drawing a map?Unexamined
stuck on story hookUnexamined
4e Adventure to Bridge Forgotten Realms and Eberron?Unexamined
Looking for disease infoUnexamined
Vacation without my books! ARGH!Unexamined
Too many minions!Unexamined
Zombie Game 4eneed innovative ideas!Unexamined
Pirate Ship Trap!Unexamined
1001 Excuses for TPKUnexamined
Help with Adjusting H1: Keep on the ShadowfellUnexamined
Urgent: Help with next session!Unexamined
What to do with players that just can't think ahead?Unexamined
Character Builder Enemies?Unexamined
Lich Player CharacterUnexamined
Advice about KotS interludeUnexamined
Artifact CreationUnexamined
Need a good pun ame for cowardly and useless mayorUnexamined
Deck of Many Things - 4E styleUnexamined
Dungeon Delve 30-3 Terrain helpUnexamined
War Campaign - 1 lvl in 3 encounters testUnexamined
1001 Most Messed Up Villains EverUnexamined
Looking for help for 1st time DMUnexamined
ready an action vs. OAUnexamined
How to deal with a problem player?Unexamined
Perception check giveawayUnexamined
consultation on rulingUnexamined
DMPC's and How Yours Ruined An AdventureUnexamined
Friend is a Lackluster PlayerUnexamined
omg i want to cry!!!Unexamined
Active Perception or Passive?Unexamined
Handling Failed Skill ChallengesUnexamined
Need a Pirate Themed adventure ideaUnexamined
Your Structure of AdventureUnexamined
How to run a good DMPC?Unexamined
Splug tags alongUnexamined
Gaming Tables and TokensUnexamined
H3 minis substitution? (spoilers)Unexamined
Starting at 2nd lvl.Unexamined
Buying/Renting homes in D&DUnexamined
invisibility and stealthUnexamined
2 noob questions :)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dear PlayersUnexamined
The EssentialsUnexamined
Dealing with unfriendly maps from Wizards adventure modulesUnexamined