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Character Posting Board Open to AllHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Battle Royale of Sorcen's BaatorHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Battle Royale of Sorcen's Baator (In Character Thread)Ideas
Taverne Cycine (The bar thread for Sorcen's arena).Ideas
Secondary Battle Royale of Sorcen's Baator (In Character Thread Number Two)Ideas
Gareth's ArenaIdeas
Sorcen's Battle Royale Competitors RosterIdeas
Tyler's Laptop at Sorcen's Baator (A guide to roleplayers new and old).Ideas
War Thread (Formerly: Battles Against Sorcen Thread)Ideas
The NexusIdeas
The Sands of Time (Tournament thread)Ideas
children of the manyIdeas
Attention Map of the Planes RegularsIdeas
NorthWind's Character Building ContestIdeas
Aqua's ArenaIdeas
The Snake and Dragon InnIdeas
A galaxy in flamesIdeas
OOC: Notice boardIdeas
Mashith's JourneyIdeas
Adventurer's WantedIdeas
Adventurers Wanted: Siege of Bael TurathIdeas
lunoc's what if battlesIdeas
Darksea WarIdeas
The Code of ReversalIdeas
Darksea ReduxIdeas
The Veins of EvilIdeas
Darksea's Midnight MoonIdeas
Risk 2210 "Mod Reduction Treaty" question...Ideas
the templeIdeas
Madam Tera's Trading PostIdeas
Chaos against the GānianIdeas
Cloud's Island of ParadiseIdeas
Trial of The Snake and Dragon InnIdeas
Sorcen's ArenaIC3Ideas
Aqua's ResortIdeas
The Blackmoon TrialIdeas
Bullets and Brimstone [Earth Tangent One]Ideas
Spawn of Vampires.Ideas
Aqua's Blue MoonIdeas
Font of ParadiseIdeas
To any modsIdeas
Vamps and WeresIdeas
Relic's Magic ArtifacesIdeas
The Shape of GodsIdeas
School of MagicIdeas
Coral CityIdeas
Temporary GM AppointmentIdeas
Divided (a sorcen's baator battle)Ideas
The Map (Rules OOC) -- MANDATORYIdeas
The Stands (General OOC) -- All Welcome!Ideas
The Portal (Character Thread OOC) -- All PlayersIdeas
The Academy (Role-Playing Discussion OOC) -- All Welcome!Ideas
The Arena Grounds (Arena OOC) -- All Welcome!Ideas
The Battlefield (Arena IC) -- Competitors OnlyIdeas
Logo Discussions (General OOC) -- All Welcome!Ideas
Demon Civil War (Coral City IC) – Players OnlyIdeas
Hunter and Prey (IC) All Welcome!Ideas
Mac's barIdeas
The Snake and Dragon Inn IIIdeas
Taverne Cycine Cont'd (IC TavernSorcen's Baator)Ideas
Darksea AdventureIdeas
watch free top new movie film video online live box office 2009Ideas
Hell's Gauntlet-All Are Welcome-Don't Be Shy!Ideas
Map of the Plane IdeasIdeas
Mwahahahaha!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!-(IC)-All Welcome!Ideas
Gem City-A place where new beings may come together. (All are welcome)Ideas
Font Of Paradise (ADV) (All Wellcome!)Ideas
Purging Hell. (IC Thread)Ideas
Sapphire Arena (Players of Gem City.)Ideas
The Siege of Serpent CityIdeas
The Library (Lore Thread) - OOC - All PlayersIdeas
Re: Spawn of Vampires (Adv)Ideas
Attention Map of the plane PostersIdeas
The Map of the Planes has moved to our new play-by-post groupIdeas