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Welcome to Dungeons & Dragons!Unexamined
Frequently Asked QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What rule?Unexamined
A Question About Sculpt SpellNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What are Hit Points? (The Quantum Model)Unexamined
D&D 5E Rules Q&A: Ask a Simple QuestionGet a Simple AnswerNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I really dont like the critical hit changeUnexamined
Where is the level progression table for Next?Unexamined
Halfling's LuckyUnexamined
Mountain Dwarf - Typo or OP?Unexamined
Equipping WeaponsUnexamined
Use object actionUnexamined
Spell QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Does potent cantrip function?Unexamined
Ability Score ImprovementUnexamined
Ritual tagUnexamined
Haste QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Understanding ECL?Unexamined
Long Rest HD RecoveryUnexamined
Stealth QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
No charge action?Unexamined
Ranged spell attackUnexamined
Remarkable AthleteUnexamined
Disintegrate and Finger of DeathUnexamined
A few standouts and proud nails in the Basic Rules?Unexamined
Spells with cast time of bonus actionsUnexamined
Starter Set too liteUnexamined
Finding a Hidden ObjectUnexamined
Rogues and sneak attackUnexamined
Point BuyUnexamined
Thoughts on Revivify?Unexamined
XP mathUnexamined
Magic Item ChargesUnexamined
Saves versus AttacksUnexamined
invisibility doesnt help you hide?Unexamined
Rogue and 2 weapon fightingUnexamined
Random Height and Weight table?Unexamined
Name Level Domains?Unexamined
Two-Weapon Fighting (Q:78)Unexamined
Bonus Action used for attacksUnexamined
Spell Choice for Clerics vs WizardsUnexamined
High Elves' CantripUnexamined
Dangerous redundancyUnexamined
Fix for Great Weapon Fighting and GreataxeUnexamined
5ed Hiding and full cover or dim lightUnexamined
Power balancing 1st level characters in 5e.Unexamined
Power Word SpellsUnexamined
Saving Throws and Rolling 1 or 20Unexamined
Formulas and advancementUnexamined
Extra Attack + Action Surge: how do they combine?Unexamined
Can you do "extra" damage without doing damage first?Unexamined
2 Wizard questions (Potent Cantrip??)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Analyzing Hiding -- ProblemsPossibilitiesand ContradictionsUnexamined
Negative Hit PointsUnexamined
Can a lightfoot Halfling hide under their target?Unexamined
Explain Inspiration to me pleaseUnexamined
TimeRests & DowntimeUnexamined
Bonus actionsTWF & Cunning Action/Fast HandsUnexamined
Magical Ranged weapons.Unexamined
Wonky Expirence To LevelUnexamined
Saving Against SpellsUnexamined
Use Magic DeviceUnexamined
The Impenetrable DarknessUnexamined
What interrupts a Long Rest?Unexamined
Silence = DeathUnexamined
Finding Hidden Objects - INT vs. WISUnexamined
Determining SurpriseUnexamined
seems archery style needs some house rulings.Unexamined
language problemUnexamined
DnD Next Paladin Monster...Unexamined
"Second Wind" out of combat?Unexamined
More than a divine spell per round?!Unexamined
Sneak Attack and Seeing TargetUnexamined
To seeor not to seeUnexamined
Time Stop?Unexamined
Charisma: Spellcasting Ability?Unexamined
What is evil?Unexamined
High Elf and CantripsUnexamined
When Light is Cast on an EnemyUnexamined
Illumination imponderablesUnexamined
House Rules for Instant Death/ Perma DeathUnexamined
Action surge and bonus actionsUnexamined
Readied SpellUnexamined
Fighter Combat Styles and DamageUnexamined
Playtest monsters vs Starter setUnexamined
Adjudicate THIS!Unexamined
Craftingtoolsand the worldUnexamined
Reach and opportunity attacksUnexamined
potions dont use conceentration?Unexamined
Sneak AttackTurnsRounds and ReactionsUnexamined
question about stealth/hideNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Switching AttunementsUnexamined
Perception in combatan action?Unexamined
Thief's ReflexesUnexamined
Starter SetPassive Perception and Spotting TrapsUnexamined
What do spell attacks roll against?Unexamined
Ready Multiple AttacksUnexamined
Short Rests: limited number per day?Unexamined
Can a rogue TWF hand-crossbows?Unexamined
Turn Undead Save DCUnexamined
Somatic component questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Concentration and Wizard SpellsUnexamined
Two-Handed Weapon and a ShieldUnexamined
Learning rituals of different levelsUnexamined
Extra Attack from multiple sourcesUnexamined
Help with Multi-Class Homebrew Rules.Unexamined
A Newbies QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
[Answered] Dueling Fighting Style and Unarmed StrikeUnexamined
Attacking From A Heavily Obscured SquareUnexamined
Monk and Magic Weapons or ArmorUnexamined
Advanced Combat RulesUnexamined
Are the Halfling racial abilities too much?Unexamined
Great Weapon FightingUnexamined
Mount Proficiency?Unexamined
Incorporeal/Ethereal in 5eUnexamined
Cleric Spells(Prepared Spells)Unexamined
Finesse weapon required for melee sneak attack?Unexamined
Fighter's Archery FeatureUnexamined
Bonus Action Casting TimeUnexamined
Advantage / Disadvantage a poor mechanic!Unexamined
Identify (Spell)Unexamined
Birthright Bloodlines in 5eUnexamined
Hide versus SurpriseUnexamined
How to gain Advantage/disadvantageUnexamined
Drawing/Sheathing weaponsUnexamined
Loading Propertyhow does it work?Unexamined
Elves and Long RestsUnexamined
Quick questions derived from starter setNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Herbalism KitUnexamined
Heavy Armor Dexterity BonusUnexamined
Ability Scores and SubracesUnexamined
Random mob chancesUnexamined
Dim light - any penalties?Unexamined
Do I have the combat rules down?Unexamined
Stealth and Perception: Final ThoughtsUnexamined
Concentration - Range?Unexamined
Learning CantripsUnexamined
[Answered] Thrown WeaponsUnexamined
Eldritch KnightUnexamined
One hour rest - no conciousness requirementUnexamined
Copying Wizard Scrolls Into SpellbooksUnexamined
Abilites not covered or allowed by the rulesUnexamined
What does 'atleast one hour of' mean?Unexamined
Weapon Proficiencies the SameUnexamined
Skills: Wizards and IntelligenceUnexamined
temp hit points Barb vs fighterallowed?Unexamined
Wizards in Armour?Unexamined
Polymorphist's Jest Vs. Grand AbolisherUnexamined
Time QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What's up with Human raceUnexamined
Gaining new Skill and Tool proficienciesUnexamined
Polearm master + SentinelUnexamined
The choices when leveling?Unexamined
Warlock and ThunderwaveUnexamined
I’m worried about fighters in 5edUnexamined
Evil Wizard Shocking Grasp PhandelverUnexamined
"Reactions" and the "Ready" action in 5eUnexamined
Action Surge and Extra AttackUnexamined
Drow and DarkvisionUnexamined
Druid Armor Proficiency Question/Mess (5e PHB)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Mounted Combat?Unexamined
Mage Armor plus Barbarian Unarmored abilityUnexamined
Leadership QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Hiding and StealthUnexamined
Can a Rogue Sneak Attack with a spell?Unexamined
Exchange the D20 with two D10 - What's to taken into consideration?Unexamined
Monk's Unarmored DefenseUnexamined
Surprise round and advantageUnexamined
Ranger vanish during combat?Unexamined
Eldritch BlastUnexamined
Hit Dice QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Can spells be cast with advantage or at a disadvantage?Unexamined
"Pulling punches" to knock out instead of kill when casting spellsUnexamined
Performance and Musical InstrumentsUnexamined
Free Hand and Somatic SpellsUnexamined
Movement StackingUnexamined
Repelling InvocationUnexamined
Disadvantage when attacking while prone (does it work for crossbows?)Unexamined
Is there an official Errata?Unexamined
Inflict WoundsUnexamined
Quickened spellUnexamined
Alert FeatUnexamined
Grappler Feat QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Use an ObjectUnexamined
Polearm Master: Quarterstaff?Unexamined
How does Downtime work?Unexamined
Rogue halfling double Wielding that powerfull???Unexamined
Attacks of OpportunityUnexamined
Extra Attack CantripUnexamined
Warlock Spells Level 6-9?Unexamined
Faerie FireUnexamined
Monk - martial arts proficiencyUnexamined
Degrees of Advantage/Disadvantage?Unexamined
Who can cast Destructive Wave?Unexamined
Archdruid and Hp Questions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Twinned Spell + Witch BoltUnexamined
Warlock's HexUnexamined
Divine Smite and CritUnexamined
Why is Detect Magic a spell and not a cantrip?Unexamined
Trap findingUnexamined
Concering the attack actionUnexamined
Paladin's oath of vengeance and dietiesUnexamined
Feats At Start of PlayUnexamined
What to use for the Dungeoneering skill?Unexamined
short rest is 1 hour?Unexamined
Half-Orc Relentless Endurance and Barbarian Relentless RageUnexamined
two-weapon style with hand crossbows possible?Unexamined
Area of Effect and targetting.Unexamined
Can we combine Attack action options ?Unexamined
Is a shield considered armor?Unexamined
Official play and new playersUnexamined
Wild Shape and Magical ArmorUnexamined
Melee attack spell - touchhow to play it.Unexamined
Savage attackerUnexamined
Mage Armor and Bracers of DefenseUnexamined
Determining Ability scoresUnexamined
Pole arm Master featUnexamined
Can anyone cast a spell from a scroll?Unexamined
Masterwork Weapons/Armor?Unexamined
Poisoner's Kit ProficiencyUnexamined
Is Pun Pun back?Unexamined
Q's about Tavern brawler and Shield masterUnexamined
Tempest Cleric Destructive Wrath ability questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Poison condition?Unexamined
Overchanneling CantripsUnexamined
Champion vs BattlemasterUnexamined
Throwing hammershand axes and Dwarfs.Unexamined
Would reduced cantrips make wizards underpowered?Unexamined
Help Action in CombatUnexamined
where the **** is insider at?Unexamined
Is Attack an Ability Check?Unexamined
Instant Death?Unexamined
Ranger Animal CompanionUnexamined
Poisoner's KitUnexamined
Armor of Agathys ??Unexamined
AC and Spell AttackUnexamined
Feat retrainingUnexamined
Spell DurationsUnexamined
RangerBeastmaster PetsUnexamined
AD&D2 to D&D5eUnexamined
Cunning Action & DisengageUnexamined
Grappling and Grappler feat?Unexamined
Double Dash?Unexamined
Cleric "wrath of storms" do the enemy actualy hit?Unexamined
What is a 'melee spell attack'Unexamined
Magic items identification during short restsUnexamined
Rounds & ReadyingUnexamined
Elf Trance AbilityUnexamined
Monk's Unarmed Strike.Unexamined
Shove Off a Cliff?Unexamined
Question about Readied Actionsand Trap the Soul issueNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Hex magicUnexamined
Monster Iterative Attacks.Unexamined
Spell descriptor "creature" clarificationUnexamined
Enhance ability spellUnexamined
Masterwork StuffUnexamined
Sorcerer spell list missing spells?Unexamined
One handed quarter staff and pole arm masterUnexamined
A few questions about mountsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Class-based damageUnexamined
Find Steed suggested errataUnexamined
Casting in CombatUnexamined
Sorcerer Wild Mage SurgeUnexamined
Pearl of Power QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Can you take the same feat more than once?Unexamined
Sweeping Attack CritsUnexamined
Wizard Spellbook QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Same Class "Multiclassing"? AKAMultisubclassing?Unexamined
Potential changes for the changes?Unexamined
Lightfoot Halflings and HidingUnexamined
Weapon Master + Monk Martial ArtsUnexamined
Adding your modifyer to damage..?Unexamined
Disarm and Barb questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Headband of IntellectUnexamined
Languages and Dwarvish ScriptUnexamined
Question about area of effectsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Instant DeathUnexamined
Thrown Weapons & Two Weapon Fighting StyleUnexamined
Is Attack roll an Ability Check?Unexamined
How often should Wild Magic Surge's be rolledUnexamined
How do Wild Magic Surge and Tides of Chaos interact?Unexamined
Manoeuvres & Ranged WeaponsUnexamined
Rules for creating MonstersUnexamined
Wrath of the Storm DC?Unexamined
action surge & spellcasting?Unexamined
What does the word immediately mean in the rules?Unexamined
Multiclass & Save ProficienciesUnexamined
True Polymorph and ExpUnexamined
How do you craft potions of healing?Unexamined
Ranged CombatUnexamined
Bloodline Powers ala BirthrightUnexamined
What fixes exhaustion?Unexamined
Class/Race Weapon Proficiency ConflictUnexamined
Barding & Proficiency...Unexamined
Warlock Spell Slot LevelUnexamined
How does cleric domain tempest Destructive wrath work with consentration spells...Unexamined
Great Weapon FightingBrutal Criticaland 2D6 WeaponsUnexamined
Evocation WizardsOverchannelCantrips and You!Unexamined
Damage riders stacking?Unexamined
half-orc height and weightUnexamined
Warlock RitualsUnexamined
Spears should work with the second property of polearm masterUnexamined
Is the Observant Feat Missing Something?Unexamined
Natural Armor StackingUnexamined
Using the Net as a melee weapon?Unexamined
Minor/Major Advantage/DisadvantageUnexamined
Monk MechanicsUnexamined
Song of RestUnexamined
Concentration questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Shield and shieldsUnexamined
Duplicate proficienciesUnexamined
Sharpshooter + Hand crossbowsUnexamined
Prone on the ground. opportunity attack/advantage???Unexamined
Warlock - Pact of the Blade / 2 Weapon Fighting.Unexamined
Ready an Action Question/ProblemNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Monk off-hand damage ?Unexamined
Stacking AC BonusesUnexamined
Barbarian RogueUnexamined
Knockback bonus effect in spellshow to use?Unexamined
Wild Shape & GrapplingUnexamined
Wizard levels and new spellsUnexamined
Warlock and 6th+ SpellsUnexamined
Crits and divine smiteUnexamined
Ranger 'Hunter' QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
5E TheurgeUnexamined
A variety of questions relevant to one murder midget.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Monk(eying) aroundUnexamined
Sneak attack with spells?Unexamined
Polymorphing Dragons?Unexamined
Poison and Poisoners' KitsUnexamined
Dark Elf - Darkness - Darkvision ?Unexamined
Paladin Alignment and DeityUnexamined
Variant Encumbrance and the DwarfUnexamined
Spellcasting FocusUnexamined
Skulker vs. Mask of the WildUnexamined
MulticlassingAbility Scoresand CantripsUnexamined
Darkness spellUnexamined
Question on paladin smite spellsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Druid wildshapedamage and revertingUnexamined
Cleric DomainsUnexamined
What does an abacus do?Unexamined
Produce flame(ing) ammunition?Unexamined
Empowered Evocation + Scorching Ray / Magic MissileUnexamined
Swim/Climb speed and checksUnexamined
Flame blade dual wielder.Unexamined
Destructive Smite or Destructive Wave?Unexamined
Paladin Divine Smite (may be an error?)Unexamined
Concentration and Temporary Hit PointsUnexamined
Polearm Master + SentinelUnexamined
Casting spells via scrollUnexamined
Add dex to damage on crossbow?Unexamined
Can you ready an action/attack and then open a door?Unexamined
number of starting weaponsUnexamined
Polearm Master + Reach Weapon OA distanceUnexamined
How many times can Halfling Trait Lucky be used in a round?Unexamined
Multiclass spell slot questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Rogue's Expertise skillUnexamined
Paladins and evil...Unexamined
Concentration and Damage ResistanceUnexamined
Wizards and starting fundsUnexamined
Spellcasting FocusUnexamined
Paladins: Channel DivinityUnexamined
Monks proficient with Unarmed Strike?Unexamined
Wait actionUnexamined
A question on surpriseNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Spellcasting with 2H WeaponsUnexamined
Opinions on Exp ChartUnexamined
Hiding - Leaning out to shoot?Unexamined
Can monks turn their bonus action unarmed strike into a shove?Unexamined
Potential House Rule--Please VetUnexamined
War Priest bonus attackUnexamined
Surprise round & Hide seperateeven though it's the same roll?Unexamined
Why use the Pact Weapon?Unexamined
Is cantrip damage determined by class level or character level?Unexamined
Does a warlock with Agonizing Blast add Cha mod to each bolt?Unexamined
Do the Eldritch Spear invocation and the Spell Sniper feat stack?Unexamined
Can you be hidden from one creatureyet seen by another ?Unexamined
negative modifier vs. proficiencyUnexamined
Does Polearm Master use a Reaction?Unexamined
Great Weapon FightingUnexamined
Monks and Versatile WeaponsUnexamined
Spell casting and Druids with ShieldsUnexamined
Identify a spell being castUnexamined
Why do zombies even have undead fortitude?Unexamined
rogue and ranged questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Wand of Cure WoundsUnexamined
Umm... Has anyone found the Trap the Soul spellUnexamined
Half-elf design flawUnexamined
"Variant Noble: Knight" Squire questions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Devil's Sight + Darkness =Ridiculously OP?Unexamined
Wizard|Paladin MC question about spellsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Wizards in plate mail (discourages sticking to one class?)Unexamined
Magic Initiate Feat + Same Spell Casting ClassUnexamined
are spellbook magic?Unexamined
Voice of the chain masterUnexamined
Warlock's HexUnexamined
Walls (specifically wall of wind)Unexamined
Arcane Focus: StaffUnexamined
Languages knownUnexamined
Lightfoot halfling hiding behind a wood elf hiding in a shrubbery.Unexamined
Range of monks' ki-boosted Deflect MissilesUnexamined
Inspiration SharingUnexamined
Tools and ProficiencyUnexamined
Devs: Why is monster AC so low?Unexamined
Saving ThrowsUnexamined
Help with monk buildUnexamined
druid questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Warlock and familiars?Unexamined
Double ActionsUnexamined
Bone Devil Polearm after the battle?Unexamined
how do I cast Magic???Unexamined
Awarding XP: Encounter Value or Creature Value?Unexamined
Retrying ability checksUnexamined
Monk's Purity of Body class featureUnexamined
Brand new D&D pleaseUnexamined
Cross Class and Spell LevelsUnexamined
Arcane Focus: Staff + Tavern BrawlerUnexamined
Monk wielding Two-Handed WeaponsUnexamined
Cleric DomainsUnexamined
Rangers Using MagicUnexamined
Scribing ScrollsBrewing PotionsEtc.Unexamined
How can you behave while polymorphed?Unexamined
Multiclassing and Proficiencies from Divine DomainUnexamined
Bard and Performance skillUnexamined
PHB spells errata?Unexamined
Level 1 Warlock TelepathyUnexamined
Elemental AffinityUnexamined
What benefit is Crossbow Expert?Unexamined
druid Qs: speech in formselemental damage resistanceUnexamined
Opening Locks and Disarming TrapsUnexamined
Warlock Spell Level Table wrong??Unexamined
A Few Questions from a new 5e DM! :)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Goblin stealthUnexamined
The Ready action.Unexamined
How easy is it to learn 5e? Ask my 10yr old sonUnexamined
Conjure Elemental StatsUnexamined
Advantage Issues (Barbarian Rage and similar stuff)Unexamined
Find Familiar confusionUnexamined
Wizard: Evocation -> Potent CantripUnexamined
Noodling EKNecromancer and Vampiric TouchUnexamined
Ritual Caster FeatUnexamined
Channel Divinity and Holy SymbolsUnexamined
Finished Reading the PHBSome Questions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Disarming attack and pick it upUnexamined
Sentinal-Pushing attackUnexamined
awakened mindUnexamined
RoguesMonksand DashUnexamined
Ability Score cap?Unexamined
Dual Wield + Martial ArtsUnexamined
Uncanny Dodge vs Spells?Unexamined
Improved Divine SmiteUnexamined
Spells Known Vs Spells PreparedUnexamined
MC question on Paladin/WarlockNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Circle of DeathUnexamined
Lucky feat and interaction with advantage/disadvantageUnexamined
eldritch invocationsUnexamined
Swarm DruidUnexamined
Rogue sneak attackUnexamined
Are domain spells bonus spells per day?Unexamined
Level Scaling Centripts VS Low Level Damage SpellsUnexamined
Grappler Feat Benefit?Unexamined
Poison SprayUnexamined
Cleric tempest destructive wrathUnexamined
Pact of the Tome Spellcasting AbilityUnexamined
Reach QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to search this rules forumnUnexamined
treasure for encountersUnexamined
Nature DomainUnexamined
Fighter vs. Monk questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Can you have an int 3 wizard?Unexamined
Sleep description text interpretationUnexamined
Tools ProficiencyUnexamined
Swarm of (small creature) & Area of EffectUnexamined
Healing PotionsUnexamined
Eldritch Blast and Empowered EvocationUnexamined
Fighter Weapon ProficiencyUnexamined
When to Re-roll StatsUnexamined
Crafting QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Casters any to hit item improvements?Unexamined
Need clarification on rituals.Unexamined
Druid Wildshape QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Druids and studded leather armorUnexamined
Reach WeaponsUnexamined
Would divine wizards work OK?Unexamined
Rewarding non-combatUnexamined
DC for Nimble Escape?Unexamined
Armor +1 & Ring of Protection +1Unexamined
Is there an overall character level in 5e?Unexamined
Eldritch Invocation PrerequisitesUnexamined
Clarification on Animal Companions as mounts?Unexamined
Polymorph - Save or Die!Unexamined
Poison and Critical HitsUnexamined
Resist Intimidation?Unexamined
Sneak Attack and Colossus SlayerUnexamined
Thrown weapons return?Unexamined
I love Acquisitions Incorporated...but did Chris Perkins read the PHB?Unexamined
Monks and QuarterstaffsUnexamined
Concentration and Elf TraceUnexamined
Monk Bonus Strike QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Invocations and Level RequirementsUnexamined
Bards & "Known" SpellsUnexamined
non-violent XP rewardingUnexamined
No charge in 5e?Unexamined
Hex vs SanctuaryUnexamined
Dueling Fighters and Unarmed AttacksUnexamined
Nullifying NPC criticalsUnexamined
Rules for casting as valor bardUnexamined
Level 2 clericUnexamined
Lore Bard +2 SpellsUnexamined
Magical Throwing WeaponsUnexamined
Does Magic Missile trigger Hex?Unexamined
Minor IllusionUnexamined
Total Cover and Dexterity savesUnexamined
Drink a Potion?!Unexamined
Two-weapon fighting penalty?Unexamined
Skill Clarification (Newb Question)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Warlock spell ???Unexamined
Witch bolt question?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Conjurer - Minor ConjurationUnexamined
Help with StealthUnexamined
Can Dex-attack wild shapes sneak attack?Unexamined
What is the minum player for the adventure league?Unexamined
Divine & Primeval SenseUnexamined
HotDQ - Encounter CRUnexamined
Trickery Domain: Improved duplicityUnexamined
Moon druids and proficiencyUnexamined
Can a regular quaterstaff be a wizard focus?Unexamined
Polymorph and Legendary ActionsUnexamined
Kung Fu PandaUnexamined
Attacking a sleeping or uncountious creature.Unexamined
Level 3 Paladin MCs Ranger... lose a caster level?Unexamined
Fighter Ability Boost at 6thUnexamined
Hoard of the Dragon Queen - where is the mending spell?Unexamined
True Strike and Quickened SpellUnexamined
Using a Whip for GrapplingUnexamined
Can you hold a two handed weapon in one hand ?Unexamined
Grapple...hua! What is ti good for...absolutely...Unexamined
Read MagicUnexamined
Using a grid and 5' distanceUnexamined
Volley + Hail of Thorns HelpUnexamined
Wacky Weapon CostsUnexamined
Area spells and creatures contained withinUnexamined
movement while hiddenUnexamined
Arcane FociUnexamined
One interaction vs. interaction with one objectUnexamined
NPC: Rules for CreatingUnexamined
Polearm master & Eldritch BlastUnexamined
Commander's Strike & Sneak AttackUnexamined
Dueling Fighting Style and Thrown WeaponsUnexamined
Can you administer a Goodberry to a fallen companion?Unexamined
Extra AttackUnexamined
Improvised Weapon = Shield?Unexamined
How do you gain inspiration?Unexamined
When Can You Reflex?Unexamined
Paladin Heal Thyself!Unexamined
Hit Dice Spent Healing and MulticlassingUnexamined
Melee spellcaster feats?Unexamined
Charmed by two spellcastersUnexamined
Unclear and Questionable RulesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Short rests don’t seem very shortUnexamined
Disciple of Life and Goodberry InterplayUnexamined
werewolves &1/2 vampires racesUnexamined
CR Value for NPC using classes?Unexamined
Ability ChecksSaves and AttacksUnexamined
Crossbow expert extra attack with just one hand crossbow?Unexamined
Giant Killer with multi-attack? cantrips?Unexamined
Any way to get Saving Throws of other classes?Unexamined
Do Monks have a harder time standing up than other classes?Unexamined
True Strike description not in Chaper 11 of Player's HandbookUnexamined
Spells vs. AC?Unexamined
Casting with a two hander or a shield?Unexamined
Perception vs Deduction in MedicineUnexamined
Monks and Mage ArmorUnexamined
Getting StartedUnexamined
Sneak Attack and Extra AttacksUnexamined
spell-llike abilities and Mage SlayerUnexamined
DM Dnd Basic Rules Monster statsUnexamined
Ranger Whirlwind attack and Two Weapon FightingUnexamined
Counterspell questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Preparing Spells with a Keen Mind?Unexamined
Disciple of life and good berries.Unexamined
Ring of ProtectionUnexamined
Does Eldritch Strike use character level?Unexamined
Crossbows & Bonus ActionsUnexamined
Permanent SpellsUnexamined
Spells cast as a reactionUnexamined
ready action house ruleUnexamined
I dont understand the concept of passive perceptionUnexamined
Noticing invisible creaturesUnexamined
5e warlock questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Multi-Attacks and Bonus attacksUnexamined
Multiclass QueryUnexamined
How many goodberries can you eat?Unexamined
Lay on handsUnexamined
Lay on handsUnexamined
Can wild shape be dispelled with dispel magic?Unexamined
Follow The Sage AdvicesUnexamined
Question regarding enhance abilityNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Polearm Master DamageUnexamined
Downtime Hours: # per TaskUnexamined
Evocer's Potent CantripUnexamined
Reading of the True Strike spellUnexamined
Would a creature killed by an undead I raised trigger Grim Harvest?Unexamined
Controlled Chaos - SorcererUnexamined
Paladin/Warlock question + lore question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Multiclass Saving ThrowsUnexamined
Does The Evocation School's Potent Cantrip work for Spell Attack Cantrips?Unexamined
Hoard of the Dragon Queen QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Ability checksUnexamined
Initiative. Static or Dynamic?Unexamined
Drop an ItemUnexamined
Basic Magic item creationUnexamined
Wild Shape QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Uh-ohsomeone broke the game...Unexamined
Elemental Weapon Errata?Unexamined
Shadow WeaveUnexamined
Sorcerer Flexible CastingUnexamined
Save or DIE! Inspiration points variant.Unexamined
Help finding rulesUnexamined
Ability ModifiersUnexamined
Bonus Actions and Second WindUnexamined
Whirlwind AttackUnexamined
Racial Wisdom Modifiers.Unexamined
Crossbow Expert and ranged spell attacksUnexamined
Sword and shield plus spell focusUnexamined
How does the spell resistance really work?Unexamined
Can the Resilient feat be taken multiple times (once for each attribute)?Unexamined
Is an attack roll a strength/dexterity check?Unexamined
Monk'sGrapple and Martial Arts?Unexamined
Concentration QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Action economyand checks vs actionsUnexamined
Dodge and GrappleUnexamined
Which classes prepare spells again?Unexamined
Subdual damage and additional damageUnexamined
Difference between passive wisdom and perception?Unexamined
Eldritch Knight and Armor for SpellcastersUnexamined
Hypnotic Gaze - Level 2 Enchantment WizardUnexamined
As long as you keep moving?Unexamined
Somatic components?Unexamined
Familiars and levelingUnexamined
How are permanent undead created?Unexamined
Spellcasting AbilityUnexamined
Tiefling Question on Hellish RebukeNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Whatever triggers a Cha saving throw?Unexamined
Question about ExperienceNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Ready ActionExtra Attack and Bonus ActionUnexamined
Warlock Invocations & Spell ListsUnexamined
Invocations while wildshaped?Unexamined
(Knowledge) Skill Checks to ID Monsters?Unexamined
InspirationLucky and AdvantageUnexamined
Advantage in melee?Unexamined
Passive InvestigationUnexamined
ATTACK (ATK) BONUS QUICK QUESTIONNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Beast MasterUnexamined
How do Spell Slots for PAl 5/War 3 look/workUnexamined
Spellcasting Focus?Unexamined
Wizard's Spellbook and MulticlassingUnexamined
Monk's Water Whip a bonus actionFist of Unbroken Air an ActionUnexamined
Dispel Magic and Conjure SpellsUnexamined
Blade Pact and Sentient/Artifact WeaponsUnexamined
Silence spellUnexamined
Object Interaction/Reaction & PickpocketingUnexamined
Knight Background QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
fighter action surge?Unexamined
Blessing of Knowledge and Artificers Lore interactionUnexamined
Opportunity Attack?Unexamined
Can a Paladin and Warlock combination even work?Unexamined
Why did the Bard not get their two best abilitiesFascinate and UMD?Unexamined
Shillelagh and Polearm MasterUnexamined
hand to hand /unarmed combatUnexamined
Agonizing Blast & Multiple RaysUnexamined
False Identity & Forgery KitUnexamined
Pushback secondary effects around enemys.Unexamined
Planar BindingUnexamined
legendary creatures detectUnexamined
Stealth + Invisibility = Advantage for selfor disadvantage to others?Unexamined
Twinning Conjure ElementalUnexamined
5e Treasure?Unexamined
Skyrim-Style Sniper?Unexamined
Produce flame and held items?Unexamined
Crafting = Lodging?Unexamined
Skills with and withoutUnexamined
Does Elemental Affinity work with Elemental Smites/weapon?Unexamined
Spells as extra attackUnexamined
Does Arcane Ward work with Armor of Agathys?Unexamined
Are casters stuck with their Cantrips?Unexamined
Does "suprised" = "incapacitated"?Unexamined
The Limits of Minor ConjurationUnexamined
Dash and Cunning ActionUnexamined
Conditions immunities: PushSpeed reductionUnexamined
Can someone check out my comprehension of the wild shape ruleUnexamined
Sneakin and CombatUnexamined
Drawing and Sheathing WeaponsUnexamined
Fix AC Calculation For SorcerorUnexamined
Sorcery Points Combos?Unexamined
Multiclassing Barbarian/SorcerorUnexamined
Innate spellcasting & Mage SlayerUnexamined
Do I understand Eldritch Blast?Unexamined
Animate DeadUnexamined
Are there any big downsides to the Warlock?Unexamined
Bonus action - attack X2?Unexamined
OAs and SentinelUnexamined
Protection From Poison vs Venomfang LMoPUnexamined
Rogue: Cunning Action = Attack + Move + Dash/Disengage/Hide (again)?Unexamined
Locked or Barred DoorUnexamined
Multiclassing and ability scoresUnexamined
Levitate and Mage HandUnexamined
Great weapon master feat work with druid beast form attacksUnexamined
War Caster questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Rogue's Expertise and Passive PerceptionUnexamined
multi Class Druid/Fighter IssueUnexamined
Preparing CantripsUnexamined
Is there no flanking in 5e?Unexamined
ReachOA's and Improvised Melee AttacksUnexamined
Dragon AttacksUnexamined
how to interrogate?Unexamined
Druid beast form melee attacks & Monk's Martial arts unarmed strikeUnexamined
question about dragonborn breath weaponsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
pact of the bladeUnexamined
Dis/Advantage listUnexamined
Monsters as Player CharactersUnexamined
Improvising ActionsUnexamined
Find Steed and Intelligent MountsUnexamined
Mage Hand Legerdemain 5eUnexamined
Disciple of Life plus Grim Harvest...Unexamined
Barbarian Brutal Critical and 2d6 weaponsUnexamined
Sculpt SpellsUnexamined
Do I need Skulker to get advantage for the 1st ranged attack?Unexamined
Zombies slam abilityUnexamined
Firing into Melee?Unexamined
A thank you from me to all of youUnexamined
Monk (WotFE) - Augmenting Non-Spell-Disciplines with KiUnexamined
How do you work with Called Shots?Unexamined
Attacks of Opportunity...Unexamined
Spell Slots and Domain Spells (or other 'Bonus Spells') - Infinite Use?Unexamined
Is Turn Undead too powerful?Unexamined
Great weapon master is overpoweredUnexamined
Multi-classing & Feats: lets get that in motion right now.Unexamined
Sneak Attack using StrengthUnexamined
Will Invoke Duplicity work with Disguise Self spell?Unexamined
Maximum HP reduction and normal damageUnexamined
Dueling & Unarmed & ThrownUnexamined
Savage AttackerUnexamined
Surprise & AlertUnexamined
Can You Dual Wield Shields?Unexamined
Creature skillsUnexamined
Bonus action attack timingUnexamined
Dual-wielding hand crossbowsUnexamined
Quick warlock questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Bonus actionsUnexamined
Bonus actionsUnexamined
Witch Bolt and Action SurgeUnexamined
Anti-magic field and monster abilitiesUnexamined
Burrowed creaturesUnexamined
Unseen creatures and spellsUnexamined
Unseen creatures and spellsUnexamined
Form Blazing ShillelaghUnexamined
Dumb questions on reverse gravityNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
can someone help me with Charger featUnexamined
Multiclassing and SavesUnexamined
Eldritch Knight preparationUnexamined
Ranger: Horde BreakerUnexamined
Knight's Action: Leadership!Unexamined
Mage Slayer Feat & Attack of OpportunityUnexamined
Monster Vulnerability & ResistanceUnexamined
Quarterstaff issueUnexamined
Sentinel feat and reactions against attacksUnexamined
Familiar and Help ActionUnexamined
PA masterreachand readied actionUnexamined
MC: EK & AT Spell SlotsUnexamined
Valor bard forced to get War Caster?Unexamined
Sculpt Spells (school of evocation feature)Unexamined
Question about Pact of the BladeNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
FAQ and erratasUnexamined
Thrown vs. Melee Weapon AttackUnexamined
Guidance broken?Unexamined
Ability check frequencyUnexamined
Monks holding non-monk weaponsUnexamined
Twinned Spell and Witch BoltUnexamined
Ready Action & Holding a SpellUnexamined
Controlling a Mount questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Paladin - Divine SenseUnexamined
Wizard and Sorceror Spell List DifferencesUnexamined
Arcane Trickster and CantripsUnexamined
Uncanny Dodge + ResistanceUnexamined
Ranger- Multiattack DefenseUnexamined
Earth Glideet ceteraUnexamined
Quick Conjuration/Wizard QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Spell area affectUnexamined
Can a wizard put himself to sleep?Unexamined
Intimidate During Combat QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Questions about minor illusion soundNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
more info on Lolth pleaseUnexamined
Monk martial arts and weapon proficienciesUnexamined
Medicine skill and herbalism kits.Unexamined
Transmuter IssueUnexamined
MM: Lack of templates and monsters as racesUnexamined
Magic Jar + DeathwardUnexamined
NPC moraleUnexamined
Hiding + Eldritch Blast = Advantage?Unexamined
No love for the nymph?Unexamined
Sentinel Feat and Reach weaponsUnexamined
What's that fighter got?Unexamined
Multiclass characters regaining HD with long rest?Unexamined
Druid Armor QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Rules that say a ranged weapon must be loaded?Unexamined
Redundant Assassin abilitiesUnexamined
Trap the Soulexists or not?Unexamined
Brown Bear (Druid) MultiattackUnexamined
What removes exhaustion?Unexamined
Mage Armor & monkUnexamined
Wielding two weapons and how it worksUnexamined
Conjure Minor Elementals/ElementalsUnexamined
Stealthhiding and you! A mini guideUnexamined
Amour of Agathys and Arcane wardUnexamined
Simple & Consistent Hiding House RuleUnexamined
spell reflectionUnexamined
Foggy about how many Paladin spells to use per encounterUnexamined
Paladin Divine Smite - clarification please.Unexamined
RAW: Can my character breathe?Unexamined
Post responsably pleaseUnexamined
Fey Presence versus undeadUnexamined
Spell Focus and DC 8Unexamined
Multiclassing and Spells KnownUnexamined
Minor Charm Powers: How Perceptible?Unexamined
Dispel Magic and Invisible TargetUnexamined
Diamond as Arcane Focus (crystal)Unexamined
Can you have an AC HIGHER than 16 with Barkskin?Unexamined
Death penalty?Unexamined
Removing Exhaustion Besides Long Rest?Unexamined
Grapple and Grappler featUnexamined
Riding proficiency?Unexamined
Roll initiative in each round?Unexamined
Insect Plague and multiple saves per roundUnexamined
Alarm spell - "designate creatures"Unexamined
Magic initiate on a spell casterUnexamined
Wild shaping monksUnexamined
Time Stop in 5eUnexamined
Advantage rule for higher groundQ.Unexamined
Pesky RulesUnexamined
Problem With Shadow Initiate Feat (help)Unexamined
Major ImageMinor QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Warlock & Armor of ShadowsUnexamined
Dragonborn breath and sorrcorer cha. bonus from dragon ancestoryUnexamined
Detect Magic - Correct ApplicationUnexamined
Advantages and Disadvantages cancelling out - Example?Unexamined
Can Resistance reduce damage to zero?Unexamined
Surprise timing....Unexamined
Crafting Material ComponantsUnexamined
Unarmed Strikes=Weapon Attacks?Unexamined
clarify weapon master featUnexamined
Touch AttackUnexamined
Cantrip QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Distance on Sneak Attack?Unexamined
Penalties on perception due to distance?Unexamined
Delaying a feat choice.Unexamined
Staff of DefenseUnexamined
Does Condition Immunity: Poison give Disease Immunity?Unexamined
Divine Smite with multi-classingUnexamined
Just a few questions to clear misunderstandings.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Question about Specific Damage Resistance in Monster ManualNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Use an Object Action and Thief...Unexamined
Chill Touch vs Troll RegenUnexamined
Can A Wizard copy a cantrip?Unexamined
Shatter vs. AirUnexamined
Heat Metal clarificationUnexamined
Grapple allyUnexamined
Heward's Handy Healer's Kit?Unexamined
Moon Beam x Wild ShapeUnexamined
Cloud of Daggers spell questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Who cares about RAW?Unexamined
Damage for Larger Weapons?Unexamined
Spellcasting Bonus Action QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A coupe of Sorcerer questions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Great Weapon Fighting Style rerollsUnexamined
Constitution and MalusUnexamined
Damage resistance stack into immune?Unexamined
Martial Arts with a thrown weapon?Unexamined
Contagion Worst Worded Spell Ever?Unexamined
Mordekainen's Faithful HoundUnexamined
Magic Item PricingUnexamined
Monsters and SpellcastingUnexamined
Crown of Madness and "Twinned Spell" metamagicUnexamined
Spellcasting Proficiency & MulticlassingUnexamined
Can someone explain skills to me?Unexamined
Does Higher Ground Give You Advantage?Unexamined
Phantasmal Force - How does it work?Unexamined
Chill Touch & UndeadUnexamined
Bigby's Hand questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Poison CraftingUnexamined
Question about mithral armorNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to use manacles?Unexamined
Prismatic Spray questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DMing question: can players treat the game like a sandbox?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Sunbeam questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Battle Master (Precision Attack)Unexamined
About Spells and Saving ThrowsUnexamined
Fighting Style: ProtectionUnexamined
Legendary ActionsUnexamined
How Does the Shield Master Feat Work?Unexamined
Question about using combat maneuversNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Feats and Ability Score Improvement for MulticlassesUnexamined
Beefed up Encounters?Unexamined
Extra Attack StackingUnexamined
Monsters and immunities.Unexamined
Lucky featUnexamined
Create ThrallUnexamined
New player: Combat => SurpriseUnexamined
Barbarian resistance while ragingUnexamined
Some XP house rules thoughtsUnexamined
Spell Question: Fog CloudNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Rogue Sneak attack with Ranged spell attack ?Unexamined
1st lvl character can never get its HD back?Unexamined
No beast shape?Unexamined
How Do You Use Disguises?Unexamined
1st LvL Human helpUnexamined
When can i use my bonus action?Unexamined
Moving between attacks level 1?Unexamined
Illusion MagicUnexamined
Age old debate: Monks and GauntletsUnexamined
Ranger's Animal Companion: Basic Rules vs. PHBUnexamined
Let player know hes not hidden?Unexamined
Spell Question: MoonbeamNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The nature of Charm Person?Unexamined
Question about "+3 to hit" on the monster stat blocks.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Locking in Combat and DisengagingUnexamined
Multiple Opportunity AttacksUnexamined
Thrown Weapons one shot?Unexamined
Character LevelsUnexamined
Why Don't OA's scale?Unexamined
Grim Harvest and concentration spells.Unexamined
A few questions from our groupNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Shillelagh Spellcasting AbilityUnexamined
Multiclassing and shared spell listsUnexamined
"Identify" questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Laughing to deathUnexamined
Stealing / Sleight of hand checkUnexamined
Efficacy of a tweak to Wild Shape?Unexamined
Animate Dead - Zombies + ArmorUnexamined
Wood Elf 'Mask of the Wild'Unexamined
Beyond starter setUnexamined
Dispel Magic - What spèlls does it affect?Unexamined
Basic spell casting questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Thunder Wave AoEUnexamined
Monk unarmed attack bonus actionUnexamined
Kraken biteUnexamined
Crits and advantage or disadvantageUnexamined
Way of the Open Hand - Open Hand TechniqueUnexamined
Paladin Divine SenseUnexamined
Questions from real gamesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
NPCs using PC tactics and abilitiesUnexamined
Spritual HammerUnexamined
Alter Self and Disguise Self - Specific Individuals?Unexamined
Cleric Learning SpellsUnexamined
Proficiency saving throws for a multiclassUnexamined
Cover and Area Effect SpellsUnexamined
2 handed sword spell castingUnexamined
Druid shapeshift durable featUnexamined
Planar Binding - Fiend?Unexamined
Multiclass Sorcerer/WorlockUnexamined
How does Book of Ancient Secrets work?Unexamined
Boots of Elvin Kind in 5E?Unexamined
Paladin Divine Smite and Critical HitsUnexamined
Wildshape + Proficiency BonusUnexamined
New PlayerQuestion on Known SpellsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Multiclass and Spell PreperationUnexamined
Things I don't understand regarding rulings from Mearls and Crawford:Unexamined
Changing initiative orderUnexamined
Warding BondUnexamined
Druid in Beast Form as a Mount - for Mounted Combat Benefits??Unexamined
Rules for 2 bladed weapons?Unexamined
Polearm master & Shillelagh?Unexamined
Paladin/Barbarian Multiclass: Frenzy + Vow of Emnity!?Unexamined
Magical darkness in an open spaceUnexamined
Bonus Move and dashUnexamined
Rule clarification from modules?Unexamined
No Longer WillingUnexamined
Monster Knowledge Checks in 5e?Unexamined
About a monk... Bonus unarmed strike.Unexamined
Why is Flamestrike 5th levelUnexamined
Cleric multiclassing and preparing spellsUnexamined
Ranger3 / Paladin3 has spell level 3 or 2?Unexamined
What happens in Darkness?Unexamined
Lucky InitiativeUnexamined
How does Charm Person work?Unexamined
Hunter's Mark and Hex question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
drinking a potionUnexamined
Need page for rule where I can reload crossbowsUnexamined
Darkness clarificationUnexamined
Monster Saving ThrowsUnexamined
Twinned SpellUnexamined
2 QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Wight Multi-Attack & Life DrainUnexamined
Beholder DisintegrationUnexamined
Ability / Skill ChecksUnexamined
Concentration and BlinkUnexamined
Newest way to Nerf Rogues (not against RAW)Unexamined
Invisibility and aimingUnexamined
Character Creation and SkillsUnexamined
Area of EffectUnexamined
Are the various focii considered to be magical?Unexamined
death saving throwsUnexamined
Two QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help me understand charge (4E)Unexamined
leveling up!?Unexamined
Monk Strikes & Tavern Brawler FeatUnexamined
Counterspelling Shenanigans and ReactionsUnexamined
Zombie Undead Fortitudekeeps coming backUnexamined
Great Weapon Fighting and Bonus DiceUnexamined
Druid Wildshape QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Heavy Armor and DexterityUnexamined
10 Specific Rules QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Can Mystic Arcanum be used to power lower level spells?Unexamined
Hypnotic Pattern?Unexamined
(True) Polymorph.Unexamined
Dark One's Blessing and Armor of AgathysUnexamined
MulticlassingMagic Initiateand casting spells at higher levelsUnexamined
Homunculus Poison effects?Unexamined
Feat IdeaUnexamined
Proficiency with ConcentrationUnexamined
When do bonus attacks occur?Unexamined
Its a Long Way Down?Unexamined
Hiding and "under certain circumstancesthe Dungeon Master might allow..."Unexamined
Jump clarificationUnexamined
Illusions and IllusionistsUnexamined
Nystul's Magic Aura - What's the Point?Unexamined
Grappling and Shocking GraspUnexamined
Zero damage from a hit?Unexamined
Greater Restoration & Maximum HPUnexamined
Disrupting Spells?Unexamined
concentrationhunter's markdetect magicUnexamined
Multi-class within the same classUnexamined
How is "level" of a monster defined?Unexamined
stacking dim light?Unexamined
D&D 5 how works extra attack for multiclassUnexamined
Shield Mastery + ResistanceUnexamined
If you move away from a guy with a bow...Opp Attack?Unexamined
Would stacking Adv/Disadv break the game?Unexamined
Question about magic saving throwsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Spiritual WeaponUnexamined
Find Steed and Other SpellsUnexamined
Blade Barrier Ongoing damageUnexamined
Clairvoyance Clear UpUnexamined
Define 'Friendly'?Unexamined
Bonus ActionsDoes everyone get one per round?Unexamined
Darkness Save?Unexamined
Interactions with Wildshape and Extra AttackUnexamined
Oathbreaker "Aura of Hate"Unexamined
Dragon CR variationsUnexamined
DrowDarkness and Faerie Fire?Unexamined
Wishing for resistanceUnexamined
Order of OperationsUnexamined
Thrown WeaponsMelee weapons/Ranged weapons/both/neither?Unexamined
Naval CombatUnexamined
Uses of Athletics...Unexamined
Summoned BeingsUnexamined
Fighter/Paly questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Bard Combat Inspiration confusionUnexamined
Druid/Fighter multiclass and metal armorUnexamined
Crossbow Expert: what are the two possibilities?Unexamined
Grappling QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Darkvisionwhich is it?Unexamined
What feats can be chosen more than once?Unexamined
Find Familiar for non Arcane Casters?Unexamined
Armor of Agathys QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Missing Equipment costs/weightsUnexamined
Monster Initiative? Do they have bonuses?Unexamined
Arcane Tricksters and Expeditious RetreatUnexamined
AoE spells and damage without save/attackUnexamined
Abjure EnemyUnexamined
Definition of enteringUnexamined
Group search (dumb question...)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
WOTC wants your rules questions..No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Question about spellsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Cantrips scale with character level?Unexamined
'Lucky' and InitiativeUnexamined
Skill proficiency for multi-class charactersUnexamined
How to Passive Skills Work?Unexamined
Rangers favoured enemy - combat benefits?Unexamined
Monk WeaponsUnexamined
Feat: ObservantUnexamined
Hand CrossbowsUnexamined
Warlock FamiliarsUnexamined
Monster Double Attack?Unexamined
Racial Templates and Variant HumansUnexamined
Blink & concentration spellsUnexamined
Expeditious RetreatUnexamined
Mounted Combat + DisengageUnexamined
Necromancer Undead making questions?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Should a physical transformation effect my alignment? (5E)Unexamined
Extra feats or skillUnexamined
Detail of IllusionsUnexamined
Clarifications on subclassesUnexamined
What's the point of Poison Hit-Point damage?Unexamined
Focus Items enchantment bonus?Unexamined
Inspiring LeaderUnexamined
Magic BowsAmmo and ImmunityUnexamined
RulesReality and Hand CrossbowsUnexamined
Can Sorcerers store up spell slots or sorcery points?Unexamined
Action SurgeUnexamined
RAW vs ROIPUnexamined
Critical Hits: my first house ruleUnexamined
Bag Of HoldingUnexamined
Cantrips Unlimited??Unexamined
QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Does cutting words always foil a critical hit?Unexamined
Any other spell casters benefit from short rest?Unexamined
Thrown weaponsSwitching weapons and Use an Object actionUnexamined
Magic Items in 5eUnexamined
Multclass paladins spell slotsUnexamined
Wild Surge and DMs rememberingUnexamined
Non Magic RangerUnexamined
Assasinate ability + a Natural 20Unexamined
Spellcasting focus and somatic componentsUnexamined
Assassinate + Death StrikeUnexamined
Gaze AttacksUnexamined
Size Small and LongbowUnexamined
Another Crossbow Expert Thread - How Are YOU Ruling It?Unexamined
Find Familiar questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
when to do group checksUnexamined
Staggering SmiteUnexamined
Holy Symbol Focus and Magic Initiate FeatUnexamined
Does a crit double divine smiteUnexamined
Little guys and big weaponsUnexamined
Verbal and Somatic components of spells. And how (not)subtle are they?Unexamined
casting magic missile in meleeUnexamined
Barbarian RageUnexamined
5E Multiclass casterscantrips and level-dependent spell damageUnexamined
Jumping RulingUnexamined
Checking 5E Combat Crib SheetUnexamined
Divine Smite and MulticlassingUnexamined
fighting styleUnexamined
Prepared Spell List QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Wildshape and Ability Score Increases from FeatsUnexamined
Reckless Attack and "this turn"?Unexamined
New to gamesome clarifications requestedUnexamined
Attune intelligent magic itemsUnexamined
Concentration SpellsUnexamined
Magical Weapon to Pact Weapon QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Breaking stealthUnexamined
Barkskin (how much has this come up haha)Unexamined
Finding Traps and Secret DoorsUnexamined
True polymorph - What is a 'creature'?Unexamined
Bonus ActionsUnexamined
Druid Power-gaming (Or not)?Unexamined
Illusory RealityUnexamined
At-will blood buffetUnexamined
Damage ResistanceUnexamined
Experience and CR?Unexamined
Is a saving throw an ability check?Unexamined
[Home Brew] Class Feats: FighterUnexamined
Resilient featUnexamined
Redbrand Ruffian's MultiattackUnexamined
Paladin AurasUnexamined
DMG Variant: Proficiency DiceUnexamined
Multiclassing & Saving Throw ProficienciesUnexamined
Multiclass spell slots and learning/preparing spellsUnexamined
Polymorph/shapechange and disintegrate. Also aoe sustain effects/spells.Unexamined
Shield use/proficeincyUnexamined
question on sneak attackNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Intelligent weapon: HarizawnUnexamined
Paladin Divine Smite and CriticalUnexamined
Second WindUnexamined
Monster KnowledgeUnexamined
Would you change the way ability scores are applied?Unexamined
House RulesUnexamined
Cutting wordsUnexamined
Death Saving ThrowsUnexamined
Paladin CodeUnexamined
Magnifying GlassUnexamined
trying to RP a 2ndE ranger in 5EUnexamined
Mind Flayer QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
[Homebrew] Sailing Rules and Naval CombatUnexamined
Magic bow overcomes damage resistance?Unexamined
My groups ranger fixesUnexamined
Counterspell vs spell like abilities.Unexamined
Initiative and reactionUnexamined
The Trained warhorse can't trample?Unexamined
Spell Focus - What Components are replaced?Unexamined
Adamantine Weaponswhere are they?Unexamined
Primeval AwarenessUnexamined
Extra attackwhy can't it stack?Unexamined
Beast Master CommandUnexamined
surprise rule for more than 1 playerUnexamined
Tag-team Attacks/Custom MovesUnexamined
Battleaxe MonkUnexamined
Mitigating StunUnexamined
Sharpshooter bonus damage on a crit?Unexamined
Some Additional Grapple ConcrensUnexamined
Can I use a bonus action triggered by a readied action? (5e)Unexamined
What happened to the crazy magic items?Unexamined
Question(s) on MC into fightersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Familiars with 'Shapechanger'Unexamined
Help with sneak attack and hideUnexamined
Halfling / Rogue - Help with Hide in Combat / Sneak RulesUnexamined
Random Treasure in Random DungeonUnexamined
Sorcerer Rules OptionUnexamined
elemental resistanceUnexamined
Does This Qualify as a Legal Use of the Command Spell?Unexamined
Subtle Metamagic/Mage slayerUnexamined
Elven chain shirtUnexamined
Periapt of wound closureUnexamined
Spiritual Weapon and OAsUnexamined
How would Hunter's Multiattack interact with certain spells?Unexamined
Dispelling Magical TrapsUnexamined
Modifying Concentration checksUnexamined
Phantasmal Force LimitationsUnexamined
Basic WarlockUnexamined
Sorcerer DM questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Does i get new HP with my wild shape if I turn back to normal and then to wild shape again?Unexamined
Stable creature after 1d4hours?Unexamined
The meaning of ft. and lb.Unexamined
Using the spell hexUnexamined
Concentration and regaining spell slots (Warlock)Unexamined
Dragonborn Druids: fire breathing beasts?Unexamined
Does natural armor stack with manufactured armor?Unexamined
Damage from falling into waterUnexamined
Contingency SpellUnexamined
Help with Rules to Create Scrolls and PotionsUnexamined
Crafting Costs for Consumable Magic ItemsUnexamined
enhance abilityUnexamined
Call Lightning area of effect clarificationUnexamined
"Dawn of the next day" vs. "the next dawn"Unexamined
Saving a dying character with GoodberryUnexamined
Underwater AdventuresUnexamined
Dual Weapon Penalty?Unexamined
Jackie Chan adventures?Unexamined
Flaming scimitar vs flaming short sword does it matter?Unexamined
Casting while adjacent...Unexamined
Blindsight & HideUnexamined
More on the Surprise RoundUnexamined
Spell Scroll questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dispel Vampire charmUnexamined
MC questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Is this legalUnexamined
Shield Master: Before or After the Attack?Unexamined
invi + mirror imageUnexamined
Saving throwsUnexamined
Monsters Multiple Damage DiceUnexamined
Extra bonus action / reactionUnexamined
Sorcerer's Metamagic: subtle spellUnexamined
Magic Circle - InvertedUnexamined
Casting a spell through waterUnexamined
Monster damage questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
fixing spearsUnexamined
Spell Question- Animate ObjectsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Multiclassing and RitualsUnexamined
Action Surge and Bonus ActionUnexamined
Wood elf mask of the wild and darkness and dim lightUnexamined
Polearm Master off-hand damageUnexamined
Do Berserked PC's attack party membersUnexamined
Weapon AttacksUnexamined
Hunter Beast Master's CompanionUnexamined
I'm gonna punch you in the face! (And other issues related to initiative)Unexamined
Communicating with polymorphUnexamined
How many game Sessions Per Level?Unexamined
Multiattack and other attacksUnexamined
Throwing WeaponsUnexamined
Sneak Attack and Advantage/Disadvantage IntentUnexamined
Action SurgeUnexamined
Sleep questions and some other stuffNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Int vs WisUnexamined
Magic Staff Used as a Quarterstaff - Damage Type?Unexamined
Hunter's Volley and Crossbow ExpertUnexamined
Deception & GuidanceUnexamined
Targeting with a familiar's sensesUnexamined
A Question About the Disguise KitNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Does HAlf-orc Savage attack stack with Brutal CriticalUnexamined
True PolymorphUnexamined
Mounted CombatUnexamined
Shield Master FeatUnexamined
Magic Weapon BonusUnexamined
Levitation Attack?!Unexamined
General Rule QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Armor count for encumbrance?Unexamined
Spell Question: Wall of FireNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
AoE & DamageUnexamined
Limits of the Suggestion spellUnexamined
Proficiency BonusUnexamined
Scorching Ray / Empowered EvocationUnexamined
True Polymorph into Object LimitsUnexamined
Magical Secrets and Multiclassing?Unexamined
Gauntlets in 5th EditionUnexamined
Rules for Demonic Possession?Unexamined
Darkness a low level anti magic?Unexamined
Animals as PetsUnexamined
What do Warlock Familiars get?Unexamined
Racial TraitsUnexamined
Fighting Style Protection detailsUnexamined
Do Unarmed Fists Count As WeaponsUnexamined
Darkness & Devil's Sight Combat QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Shape Shift QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Converting 4E Characters to 5EUnexamined
Suggestion: how powerful is it?Unexamined
Magic Items - School of Magic?Unexamined
Why I don't believe in "RAW"Unexamined
Longbow and castingUnexamined
Can a Paladin really do this at 2nd level?Unexamined
Bullywug can't use Giant Frogs as mountsUnexamined
Dreadful Aspect and source of FrightenedUnexamined
Illusory RealityOnce or One-at-a-Time?Unexamined
Tying up grappled targetUnexamined
Flame Tongue Question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Half Dragon templateUnexamined
Coup De GrasUnexamined
"If You Take The Attack Action"Unexamined
Heavy armor master and resistanceUnexamined
Level 20 Druid of the MoonWildshapeUnexamined
1D12 or 2D6?Unexamined
Natural Armor: Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer vs DragonbornUnexamined
Cleric Domain SpellsUnexamined
Lost account! HelpUnexamined
Crafting Magic ItemsUnexamined
Disabling TrapsUnexamined
Monster AC ruling requestUnexamined
Prestidigitation FTW?Unexamined
Elemental Affinity and Smite SpellsUnexamined
Pushing targets off ledgesUnexamined
Net and backstab damage RAW legal?Unexamined
Sheathing & UnsheathingUnexamined
Counterspell vs. CounterspellUnexamined
Clarifying OA with Reach WeaponsUnexamined
Poltergeist InvisibilityUnexamined
Game BalanceUnexamined
Rage and Sneak AttackUnexamined
Does bless give you the ability to wake up during a death save?Unexamined
Temporary Hit Points And DurationUnexamined
Warhorse's Attack (Controlled Mount)Unexamined
WHEN do you provoke an opportunity attack in 5th Edition?Unexamined
Attack bonus doesn't increase with level?Unexamined
Replacing only some prepared spellsUnexamined
1d8 or 2d4?Unexamined
Commander's Strike SurpriseUnexamined
AL and deity domainsUnexamined
Sentient Item ConflictsUnexamined
Shield Master timing answered!Unexamined
dragonborn and sorcerer breatweaponUnexamined
Tweets: Extra AttackPact of TomeShield MasterUnexamined
War Caster's reaction spell castingUnexamined
Spear with Finesse?Unexamined
Druid Wild Shape QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Passive Checks and TrapsUnexamined
Not So Simple Polymorph QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Use Magic Device and ScrollsUnexamined
Has anyone used Popcorn Initiative with 5E?Unexamined
Rolling a 20Unexamined
Spirit guardians queryUnexamined
Telekinesis Spell & worn/carried objectsUnexamined
Polearm MasterUnexamined
Size Mod for ARUnexamined
Is Find Steed permanent? And a combat question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Divine Smite while ragingUnexamined
Cleric SpellsUnexamined
Stacking BonusesUnexamined
Magic Items Saving ThrowsUnexamined
Thoughts on Grapple & ShoveUnexamined
Casting through waterUnexamined
Does Misty Escape provoke attack of opportunityUnexamined
Recovering ability damage?Unexamined
Curing Chaos PhageUnexamined
Reincarnate RulingUnexamined
Pact of the Blade Damage ScalingUnexamined
Extended Spell ScrollUnexamined
Wondering about reachUnexamined
Paladin AurasUnexamined
Question on reachNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Classes and Stat BlocksUnexamined
Brand new DM looking for some clarificationUnexamined
fey ancestryUnexamined
Magic Circle material componentUnexamined
Do the hold spells affect armor class?Unexamined
Do Dwarfs still have +1 to all attacks on Orcs?Unexamined
Can controlled mounts attack?Unexamined
Magic Items as Arcane FociUnexamined
Attacking a Sleep-affected targetUnexamined
Evoker & Wand or Staff of FireballUnexamined
How to use Inspiration?Unexamined
Magit Items GP ValueUnexamined
Why do iron spikes cost so much?Unexamined
Phantasmal Force--What Can It Do in Combat?Unexamined
duelist fighting style with unarmed strikeUnexamined
How smart are familiars?Unexamined
Warlock WeaponsUnexamined
Malleable illusion + SimulacrumUnexamined
Halflings hiding behind PC's and line of sightUnexamined
How many spellcasting focuses can one character have?Unexamined
Spellbooks & CantripsUnexamined
Paladin Auras - Do they stack?Unexamined
Racial Stats?Unexamined
Shields as Improvised weaponsUnexamined
Wall of Force and what can I do?Unexamined
Using SpellscrollsUnexamined
Some QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Magic Missile vs. Mirror ImageUnexamined
Two-weapon fightingUnexamined
Gaze Abilities 3rd Convert to 5thUnexamined
warforge playtestUnexamined
Feinting AttackUnexamined
How Does Weapon Swapping Work?Unexamined
Aura of Vitality and Disciple of life?Unexamined
Down time activityUnexamined
Familiar and Vampiric TouchUnexamined
starting out with higher level characters and Magic item pricesUnexamined
How does the timeline work?Unexamined
Poison ClarificationUnexamined
Spirit Guardians Targeting Invisible EnemiesUnexamined
Inflict WoundsUnexamined
Wildshape + Dominate Beast?Unexamined
Martial Adept feat and FightersUnexamined
Water-whip and attacksUnexamined
Does bearskin allow you to add your DexUnexamined
MelloRed's Errata Suggestions.Unexamined
Is War Caster necessary benefiting from War Magic using a bow?Unexamined
eldritch knight and wizardUnexamined
who can use two-weapon fighting?Unexamined
POISON DAMAGE questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What replaces Streetwise?Unexamined
Shillelagh FighterUnexamined
Mounted Disengage/Dodge/DEX savesUnexamined
War Magic and Multiple AttacksUnexamined
Spell Sniper + Distant + Thorn WhipUnexamined
Feral SensesInvisibilityStealthUnexamined
Gibbering MoutherUnexamined
Bard Magical Secrets and Changing SpellsUnexamined
List of prepared SpellsUnexamined
Immunity to being FrightenedUnexamined
mob rules from the DMG and advantage/disadvantageUnexamined
Does anybody else do this with Advantage/Disadvantage while DMing?Unexamined
Fighter's (BM) "Parry" ManueverUnexamined
Can a Warlock use a scroll of Mage Armor?Unexamined
Attack modifiersUnexamined
climb speedUnexamined
Can Warlocks learn any spells above 5th level?Unexamined
Spells target creature onlyUnexamined
Oil Flasks and Searing SmiteUnexamined
Spear and Shield need opinionsUnexamined
Major Image Rules QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Touch Spells/Holding your chargeUnexamined
5e Lycathrope character questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Tempest Domain QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Jump SpellUnexamined
Torch as a weaponUnexamined
Help with Levelling up a ClericUnexamined
Healing spellsUnexamined
Invisibility vs HiddenUnexamined
+1 armor rarer than +1 shield?Unexamined
Casting Polymorph on yourself?Unexamined
Combat Casting without WarcasterUnexamined
5E Munchkin Weapon/Feat CombosUnexamined
Life Drain Death QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Halfling Lightfoot Naturally StealthyUnexamined
CA/Armor balance at high level?Unexamined
Warlock getting Wizard spells?...Unexamined
Throwing daggers:Unexamined
I found my steednow where did I put him?Unexamined
Dwarf in heavy armor confusion?Unexamined
warlock shield?Unexamined
A few rules I have questions on.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Omission of the pike from the 1st bullet under "Polearm Master"Unexamined
Question about the spell HexNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Assassins & PoisonsUnexamined
Disengage action benefitsUnexamined
Paladins & WarlocksUnexamined
Bonus Action... Get Damage ModifierUnexamined
When should a 'good' aligned character kill?Unexamined
Where are all those fancy items (e.g. trapsbombsetc.)?Unexamined
Easier to Level...Unexamined
What do you rule as 1/23/4total cover?Unexamined
Cantrips - Ranged Weapons?Unexamined
Dog StatsUnexamined
The lance; abstract vs. actualUnexamined
Fabricate Spell...Unexamined
Bard spellcasting focus (aka musical instrument) and somatic component of spells.Unexamined
Rogue Expertise 5eUnexamined
Necromancy Questions 5eNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Rules for custom weapons in 5e? Are there any?Unexamined
The few mechanical implications of... bludgeoningslashing or piercing damageUnexamined
Lightning arrow ranger spell ?Unexamined
Assassin in combathow does stealUnexamined
Assassins in combathow does hide workUnexamined
Climb onto a bigger CreatureUnexamined
When to take the "Use an Object"-action?Unexamined
Bard Spell: Enhance AbilityUnexamined
Siege Weapons proficiency in 5e? Where?Unexamined
Hidden Objects & Traps: How to use Investigation/PerceptionUnexamined
Would you rather +1 or next die-grade up?Unexamined
Can Thorn Whip Cause Prone?Unexamined
Minor Illusion awesomeness?Unexamined
Multiclass spellsUnexamined
Sentinel Feat ReactionUnexamined
Spell attack rollsUnexamined
(House Rule) Lunge FeatUnexamined
Is my cleric stupid?Unexamined
Disrupting the Dodge action?Unexamined
Elemental Weapon/thrown weapons damage questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Mounted Combat and ActionsUnexamined
Polymorph SelfUnexamined
MisleadLaunch Probes!Unexamined
How many saves against the Slow spell?Unexamined
Interior Call LightningUnexamined
surprise confusionUnexamined
Tracking a high level ranger with nondetectionUnexamined
spell level and spell powerUnexamined
Earth Genasi "Meld with stone"Unexamined
Monk Bonus attackUnexamined
Absorb Energy (Elemental Evil)Unexamined
Action Surge plus Sneak Attack?Unexamined
Stacking Magic Item BonusesUnexamined
Does expertise stack?Unexamined
Throwing oil and fire it with a torch - Action + Bonus Action?Unexamined
Clarification on a "willing creature"Unexamined
Dual Wielding Monk with flurry of blows?Unexamined
Spell increases "when you reach level X" = character level?Unexamined
Warlock multiclass slot levelUnexamined
Dual Wielding Improvised WeaponsUnexamined
Tiefling considered a fiend?Unexamined
Do speed bonus stackUnexamined
5E and 3E FR Cleric DomainsUnexamined
Barbarian rage rounds down?Unexamined
Monk bonus attack damage modifer?Unexamined
Taking Average on Hit Dice and all healingnot just hit points on level upUnexamined
Cleric Spiritual WeaponUnexamined
Concentration/Ready a Spell: How long is it possible?Unexamined
New playerneed help with skillsUnexamined
Polymorph as HealingUnexamined
Arcane Trickster Spells Known and Mobile vs. SentinelUnexamined
Thought Provoker: Illusory MirrorUnexamined
SPELL SNIPER QUESTIONNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Readying an action to cast a spell on my next turn...Unexamined
Some question about conjure animalsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Improvised thrown weaponsUnexamined
Wizard's Spell Mastery and other class spell listsUnexamined
Can you knock someone prone with an opportunity attackUnexamined
Crown of MadnessUnexamined
Magic Item CostUnexamined
Saving Throws and Uncanny DodgeUnexamined
Masterwork items in 5EUnexamined
Cleric Guardian Spirits and "entering" the effect.Unexamined
Determining Distracted?Unexamined
Conditions/situations that grant advantageUnexamined
any good reason for thisUnexamined
The few mechanical implications of... non-magical weapon immunity and CR.Unexamined
Passive Intelligence (Investigation)Unexamined
Do Shields Count as Armor?Unexamined
Question on Breaking Initiative OrderNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Disarming + Picking up Weapon againUnexamined
Perception and distanceUnexamined
Interesting situation with a certain intelligent weapon...Unexamined
Staff of the AdderUnexamined
Sorcerer Elemental Affinity and Scorching RayUnexamined
Sage Advice: The Rules of SpellcastingUnexamined
Handling pushy spellsUnexamined
Cover behind a creatureUnexamined
Charger Feat+Multiple AttacksUnexamined
Our Beastmaster fixUnexamined
DEX save in Catapult-spellUnexamined
Shadow TricksterUnexamined
spells thru force wall and resilient sphereUnexamined
How many spell slots for multiclassed characters?Unexamined
druid's wild shapeUnexamined
Warforged Druid question?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How do you use a scroll?Unexamined
Heavy Armor MasterUnexamined
Spellcasting fociUnexamined
Goodberrylong restsand horses.Unexamined
Monk MovesUnexamined
Targeting when you can't seeUnexamined
You Make the Call - Shield Master Shove vs GrappleUnexamined
Flurry of Blows: timing revisitedUnexamined
Barbarian Rage and Bear TotemUnexamined
Typos in the Player Companion?Unexamined
multiclass ACUnexamined
multiclass ACUnexamined
Maximum hit pointsUnexamined
Gentle ReposeShield Master and Scorching RayUnexamined
Malleable IllusionUnexamined
Invisible Mage Hand: Enclosing items also getting invisible?Unexamined
Longtooth Shifter bite attackUnexamined
Savage AttackerFighterHalf orc.Unexamined
Using a page from a spellbook as a scroll?Unexamined
Climbing an action?Unexamined
Mounted Combat questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Rituals while mounted?Unexamined
Ability Damage/DrainUnexamined
In 5th edition do Fiends SleepUnexamined
Skills HelpUnexamined
Fiendish VigorUnexamined
extra attack multiclass questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
spells per day multiclass questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
monks with mage armor or scalesUnexamined
+123 magic clothes for monk/barbarian?Unexamined
Warlock's Hex and Short restsUnexamined
Monk - Stillness of MindUnexamined
illumination distancesUnexamined
Concentration and Magic ItemsUnexamined
warlock theoretical questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Goodberry and fat druidsUnexamined
Do you add your Proficiency Bonus to Ability Checks?Unexamined
two-handed weapons and castingUnexamined
Monk teleport strike ?Unexamined
Wild magic timing.Unexamined
Death saving throws...after stabilisation?Unexamined
Casting Fog cloud on a moving objectUnexamined
Any benifit to fighting 1h/no shield (dueling style)Unexamined
Burrow Movement Type and Dragging with GrappleUnexamined
Making a complainthow does it work?Unexamined
Isnt Foresight extremely OP?Unexamined
Pass without Trace: by by gameUnexamined
Vogon Poetry? (negative THP?)Unexamined
Offense through allyUnexamined
Creature size in weaponsUnexamined
dual wielding magic weapons: Do bonus stack?Unexamined
Compilation of Jeremy Crawford quotes on hand crossbowsUnexamined
Savage AttackerUnexamined
Question regarding Devil's SightNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Flurry of Blows and MovementUnexamined
Inflicted wounds + smiteUnexamined
Sleep. Does targets know they've been enchantet?Unexamined
Readying a RitualUnexamined
Ranger Variant and Primeval AwarenessUnexamined
Martial Arts (Monk) bonus unarmed strike add ability modifier?Unexamined
Feats/Ability score improvements for MulticlassUnexamined
Fighter - DuelingUnexamined
Movement + Action as Reaction?Unexamined
Sleep spellUnexamined
Scrolls and other thoughtsUnexamined
Great Weapon MasterUnexamined
What's the difference between Deep Speech and Undercommon?Unexamined
Phantasmal Force and interacting with illusionsUnexamined
Can Sentinel hit someone who does an opportunity attack ?Unexamined
ignite damageUnexamined
Using a shield as an Improvised Weapon and the Dual Wield feat Do not mix (Resolved)Unexamined
Two reactions per roundUnexamined
Light QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Eldritch strike and hold personUnexamined
Portent vs LuckyUnexamined
Damages from telekinesisUnexamined
Instrument of the Bards and every-turn saving throws.Unexamined
Damage from Random ObjectsUnexamined
find steed: Celestialfey or fiend: effect?Unexamined
White Vs Green DragonCR's?Unexamined
2 sneak attack questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Unarmed Strike as WeaponsUnexamined
Enlarge/Reduce twice on a target?Unexamined
Sentinel Feat with Reach WeaponsUnexamined
Otiluke's Resilient Sphere and GeasUnexamined
Trident of Warning - no magic bonus?Unexamined
Destructive Something or OtherUnexamined
Beast Master Bad Rules InteractionsUnexamined
Reputation by levelUnexamined
Arcane FocusUnexamined
warlock spell recoveryUnexamined
What is the classification for monsters that can do "human-like" stuff?Unexamined
Monk StunBroken?Unexamined
Unimportant Rules Questions: Such asTrident. Glorified Spear?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dueling Fighting StyleUnexamined
Throwing Dagger vs. Throwing ShortswordUnexamined
Cost of Siege Weapons in 5e?Unexamined
Wall of ForceUnexamined
Waterborne Vehicles - More Info?Unexamined
Druid Wild Shape and "Race Traits"Unexamined
MC Spell CastingUnexamined
“ArialBlack’s beef with RAW concerning Spells”Unexamined
Use of Paladins Smites on MultiattacksUnexamined
Saving throws with skills?Unexamined
A couple of questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Artisan Tools/Weapon CraftingUnexamined
sumon initiativeUnexamined
Multiattack/Two Weapon FightingUnexamined
List of "common to the game" things that the book is silent on.Unexamined
Hypnotic Pattern and ConditionsUnexamined
Question about the timing of a readied actionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Wand of ParalysisUnexamined
Rope Trick questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Danger Sense help?Unexamined
Phantasmal killerUnexamined
Sneak Attacks on reactionsUnexamined
Does the Oath of Vengeance REALLY mean any means necessary?Unexamined
Sanctuary + Spirit GuardianUnexamined
Paladin Multiclass Spell SlotsUnexamined
A Few Questions for the ExpertsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
weapon bond a ballista?Unexamined
Ki-Empowered strike & Monk weapomsUnexamined
Things in the basic rules but not in the player's handbook?Unexamined
Stealth MovementUnexamined
Monster ResisanceUnexamined
Choosing when to Sneak AttackUnexamined
Grapple and speed reduced to 0Unexamined
Questions about Turn UndeadNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
"Friendly" fire and ranged attackedUnexamined
Changing out Spells -DrudidUnexamined
Battle master rulings on maneuversUnexamined
Questions about the monster mathdamageattacksand HPNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Confused by Skulker feat...Unexamined
Vision and LightUnexamined
How do paralyze/stun and foresight interact?Unexamined
Is Minor Illusion animated?Unexamined
Counterspell/Aura of WardingUnexamined
Can you cast Shillelagh on a maceUnexamined
Potent Cantrip revised?Unexamined
Movement and AoOUnexamined
Please help me settle a disagreementUnexamined
Failure to StablizeUnexamined
Replacement for "Extra Attack"?Unexamined
Nystul's Magic Aura clarificationUnexamined
minor illusionUnexamined
Ability/ Skills proficiencyUnexamined
Clarification of Observant feat requiredUnexamined
Casting in meleeUnexamined
Damage rules for creating new spellsUnexamined
Vampiric touch and Necrotic immunityUnexamined
Actions & SpellcastingUnexamined
War Domain SpellsUnexamined
BlessInspirationManeuver Dice on Attacks = Critical ?Unexamined
Circle of Power QueryUnexamined
Question about SurpriseNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Monk versus Magic resistanceUnexamined
Action economy questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Druid wild shape question re: +hitNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Gust on self?Unexamined
Beast Sense QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
5e familiarsSprite PowerUnexamined
Minor Illusion QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dragon Input...Unexamined
need a feat review.Unexamined
Opportunity Attack ClarificationUnexamined
Pact of the Blade QuandaryUnexamined
Bonus Action part of Action SurgeUnexamined
mike wazowski the beholder.Unexamined
Thaumaturgy Questions (low priority)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Wrath of the Storm question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Multiclass Paladin Divine SmiteUnexamined
Surprise and reactionsUnexamined
Grim Harvest and Smite SpellsUnexamined
Dying from massive damageUnexamined
Shadow ArtsUnexamined
Alchemyfifth edition styleUnexamined
Fangs of the Fire nake + multiple attack sourcesUnexamined
Fangs of the Fire Snake + multiple attack sourcesUnexamined
REACTION + InitiativeUnexamined
Swaping weapons in combatUnexamined
Conjure ElementalUnexamined
sword of woundingUnexamined
Invisible Detection range ?Unexamined
Trading Bonus Action for a Free ActionUnexamined
Disarm SpellcasterUnexamined
Dragonborn Breath WeaponUnexamined
Totem BarbarianUnexamined
Familiar - Administer PotionUnexamined
Slaads and Wild ShapeUnexamined
Primeval Awareness for Rangers (Does it seem backward?)Unexamined
Flying Through WaterUnexamined
Do all magical items need attunement?Unexamined
A level of exhaustion?Unexamined
Healing MissileUnexamined
Dread Warrior and Fire Bat stats?Unexamined
Drawig/Stowing Sheild for an ArcherUnexamined
Sword of VengeanceUnexamined
Dueling with versatile weapons?Unexamined
MasterWork Weapons?Unexamined
Enlarge/Reduce Tiny CreaturesUnexamined
Classless Monsters and WeaponsUnexamined
Eldritch Knights and references to your class's spell listUnexamined
Lycanthropes as PC's and ACUnexamined
Magic MissileUnexamined
Mithril Weapons vs SilverUnexamined
Share a squareUnexamined
Sage Advice: FeatsUnexamined
Fireball questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Pushback and AOOUnexamined
Holy waterUnexamined
Observant and Familiar SensesUnexamined
House RulesOptions & VariantsUnexamined
Thunderwave and CoverUnexamined
Do Invocations give you spells?Unexamined
Familiar AlignmentUnexamined
Casting secretlyUnexamined
How to add a templateUnexamined
What was lost? What was gained?Unexamined
Hand Crossbow Rules?Unexamined
Warlock Familiar SpamUnexamined
Warlock's special familiarsUnexamined
Darkness questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
how can i convertUnexamined
Questions about mounted combatNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
To grappleattack or check?Unexamined
So why does 5e still have an alignment system?Unexamined
Familiar Help ActionUnexamined
How much speed is possible?Unexamined
Grappler smash?Unexamined
Question on Warlock Pact Magic Stacking with Multiclass CastersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Lightning Arrow question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
sharpshooter with daggerUnexamined
Flaming SphereUnexamined
Failed Suggestion saveUnexamined
Throw Weapons?Unexamined
Sneak Attack and surprise questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Elemental Spells?Unexamined
Monks in ArmorUnexamined
Fighter - Evasive Footwork confusionUnexamined
Advantage vs Multiple AttacksUnexamined
Dark One's Blessing?Unexamined
Multiclass Casters & WeaponsUnexamined
Casting Spells underwaterUnexamined
What challenge rating is appropriate for higher levels?Unexamined
Giant Lizard not in MM nor HotDQ book?Unexamined
Does low Dex subtract from your AC?Unexamined
Multiple ready attacksUnexamined
Shadow *poof*Unexamined
5e Warlock - Repelling Blast Invocation QueriesUnexamined
multiclass spell castingUnexamined
Arcane Mark?Unexamined
Magic Stone + Sneak?Unexamined
Elemental creature types - breathingfoodsleepetc.Unexamined
Campaign Help PleaseUnexamined
Ready Action tweet from JCUnexamined
3.5 Feat SourceUnexamined
4e question: "onetwo or three targets"No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Keeping track of time in combatUnexamined
Direct Allies to Invisible Targets With See InvisUnexamined
House Rule for Sleeping in Armor.Unexamined
Death Saving throwUnexamined
run with stealthUnexamined
Multiple Grapple checks in one attack actionUnexamined
Surprise mechanic seems illogicalUnexamined
Question about Challenge RatingNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Bag of TricksUnexamined
Been playing pathfindernow onto D&D 5e maybe.Unexamined
Smiting and pact magic...Unexamined
CR from 2e to 5e?Unexamined
Halfling Rogues and CoverUnexamined
Warlock invocation requirements...Unexamined
D&D 5th Booleanism: 0 (Miss) or 1 (TON of damage) problemUnexamined
Medusa: for your eyes onlyUnexamined
Are the designer's answers to rules question RAW?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Eternal Mountain DefenseUnexamined
Sneak AttackTWFingand CritsUnexamined
Increasing spell DCsUnexamined
spell bonusesUnexamined
Find Steed: "seamless unit"just fluff?Unexamined
Converting 3.X spells to 5eUnexamined
DnD beginnerUnexamined
Sneak Attack Turn vs RoundUnexamined
Skulker and DarkvisionUnexamined
Magic and SpellsUnexamined
Ritual Caster FeatUnexamined
Questions on Minor IllusionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Exactly how does divine smite work?Unexamined
Should attack spells be able to do critical hits?Unexamined
Lingering InjuriesUnexamined
Cantrip: Infinite Use in 5e?Unexamined
5E Mass Combat QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Scorching Ray: does a draconic bloodline sorcerer (fire) add CHA damage to each ray?Unexamined
Limitations of Animate Dead?Unexamined
What feats work in Wild Shape?Unexamined
Occupied spaces and halflingsUnexamined
Duelist and Unarmed Strikes?Unexamined
Vocal Spell ComponentsUnexamined
Death Saves and Turn orderUnexamined
Barbarians vs. Invisibility: Did we ever decide?Unexamined
Statistics of opposed rollsUnexamined
Ranger Volley and Hail of thornsUnexamined
Repelling Blastdamage from hitting wall?Unexamined
Mining With Eldrich Blast and Other Mundane TasksUnexamined
Twinned Spell Errata changesUnexamined
Ammunition ErrataUnexamined
Crawford no longer the rule guy?Unexamined
Tarrasque actionsUnexamined
Is it magic damage or not?Unexamined
Fear spell with with immobile effects.Unexamined
Misty StepUnexamined
Warlock/Agonizing Blast Post ErrataUnexamined
Wild Magic - Original Spell Replacedor?Unexamined
Acrobatics does what?Unexamined
Silent Image Fog CloudUnexamined
Bard: more inspiringUnexamined
Monks's Open Hand Technique against undead?Unexamined
Rods as improvised weapons: Clubs or Maces?Unexamined
Arcane Trickster: Mage Hand movement & using objectsUnexamined
Silent Image + Minor Illusion (voice imitation)Unexamined
Concentration while Elven Trance?Unexamined
Mike Mearls take on Beastmaster. Thoughts?Unexamined
Haste and Action SurgeUnexamined
PHB Errata sticky?Unexamined
Monk Empty Body QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
New ErrataUnexamined
Rogue Sneak AttackUnexamined
Wall of Fire w/ Wall of ForceOP?Unexamined
Online resource linksUnexamined
Monster abilities(Undead)Unexamined
Board needed for 5e?Unexamined
Create Bonfire SpellUnexamined
Move and AttackUnexamined
Control Flames Nonmagical Why?Unexamined
How to account for armour in DND 5eUnexamined
Vision and light errata.Unexamined
Jack of All TradesUnexamined
Twin Spell Dimension DoorUnexamined
Spell SlotsWarlocksand MulticlassingUnexamined
Phantasmal ForceUnexamined
Abjurer's shieldUnexamined
Magical Ranger spellsUnexamined
Unarmed Strike Errata Change?Unexamined
Declaring Divine Smite after you roll a crit.Unexamined
Ritual SpellsUnexamined
GWF SA Smite etcUnexamined
Choosing spell targetsUnexamined
Actions in and out of combatUnexamined
Number Crunchers: What is the besst X you can get with...Unexamined
DruidCircle of the MoonGiant eagleUnexamined
Making an Ability Check without a Skill?Unexamined
Need some help with multi classingUnexamined
"I Drop a Box on His Head"Unexamined
Armor weight and encumbranceUnexamined
Half Orc Druids: do they get bonus crit damage when shape shifted?Unexamined
Vampiric Touch + Temporary HPUnexamined
Eladrin as a PC raceUnexamined
Dopplegangers and detect magicUnexamined
WishesAbility Scoresand MortalityUnexamined
Basic rules and multiclassingUnexamined
Monk Druid wildshapeUnexamined
Monster action ability questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Magic Items balanceUnexamined
Bard Personalty/BackstoryUnexamined
Reality Check on Chest Capacity and Weight and Coin Storage and TransportationUnexamined
Sentinel Question for NewbieNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Vampire & Swarm QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Should there be a feat that allows more Reactions?Unexamined
"Creating an Encounter" mathUnexamined
Moon Druid Wild Shape QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Wild Shape + Martial ArtsUnexamined
Initiative bonuses?Unexamined
A series of questions and clarifications I'm in great need ofNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Magic items and concentrationUnexamined
Wild Shape QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Non-Standard mount question(s)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Bunch of easy questions...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Clarifying Time during CombatUnexamined
Druid Circle SpellsUnexamined
Spiritual Weapon a Magic Weapon?Unexamined
Passive PerceptionUnexamined
Maximum Nova Damage?Unexamined
MonkWay of Shadow and ConcentrationUnexamined
Darkness and Ranged CombatUnexamined
Friend's character is ridiculousUnexamined
How many short rests should the players be allowed a day?Unexamined
Lightly obscured areas: also DisAdv on attack rolls?Unexamined
Spellcasting focusUnexamined
Stunning Attack Is It Broken?Unexamined
Repelling blast question: is the 10' forced move cumulative?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Aura protection x2Unexamined
ETA agonizing blast nerf?Unexamined
Long Rests and TranceUnexamined
The Curious Case of Magic MissileUnexamined
Mobile + touch spellsUnexamined
Attack roll for the bestow curse spell?Unexamined
Why is "Hide" even an action?Unexamined
Ranger's CompanionUnexamined
Move > Cast > Move?Unexamined
Ranger pet HD questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Questions about getting ambushedNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Prone and Ranged AttacksUnexamined
Two-Weapon Fighter w/Dual Wielder Feat - How do you Rule to Extra Attack?Unexamined
Warhorse stats blockUnexamined
Questions regarding the netNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Background methods?Unexamined
Caster MC QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Use object and magic rings?Unexamined
Conjure XXX questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
[homebrew] inserting featsUnexamined
Twin spell spiritual weaponUnexamined
Wild Shape questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Vampire Misty EscapeUnexamined
Polearm Master gives you an OA on your turn?Unexamined
holding means.....Unexamined
Water Genasi/Aarakocra Druid?Unexamined
Sci FiUnexamined
How High Can You Levitate?Unexamined
Instrument of the BardsUnexamined
Energy SubstitutionUnexamined
Opposed CharmsUnexamined
Using a Monster's WeaponsUnexamined
Multiclass CasterUnexamined
Monster DevelopmentUnexamined
Action Surge and Bonus Actions?Unexamined
Multi subclass same class?Unexamined
Dismissing Non-Concentration Spells?Unexamined
Retraining FeatsUnexamined
Rod of Absorption and Cantrips?Unexamined
The Ready action?Unexamined
Spells with the Centered on a point questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Question about Monk Unarmed StrikeNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
When to roll for Initiative?Unexamined
Question about spell rangesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to deal with Adventuring Day XP?Unexamined
Touch SpellsUnexamined
Magic Missile and the new errataUnexamined
Contingency (level 6 spell)Unexamined
Short rest and poisonsUnexamined
Cleric and divine strikesUnexamined
Bonus Action as a RogueUnexamined
Would it be game breaking if the Animal Companion could use its special actions?Unexamined
Fire ranged attacks into melee combatUnexamined
Silent ImageUnexamined
Death dog's diseaseUnexamined
Death dog's diseaseUnexamined
Pact Magic & Spellcasting classUnexamined
Wish and MetamagicUnexamined
Multiple maneuver/superiority dice sourcesUnexamined
Max DexUnexamined
Antilife ShellUnexamined
Life Cleric+GoodberryUnexamined
Does Cunning Action Stack with Multiattack?Unexamined
Usage of WandsUnexamined
Mage Armor / Unarmored DefenseUnexamined
Hasta and Action SurgeUnexamined
Wizard's Portent feature and AdvantageUnexamined
What Skill for Cooking?Unexamined
OwlsUnseen Servantsinvisible imps; Powergaming?Unexamined
Dissonant Whispers helpUnexamined
Sleeping in Armor and Medicine ChecksUnexamined
Shape Change and the ArchamageUnexamined
Quick cleric questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Polearm Master bonus attackUnexamined
Transmuter's Minor AlchemyUnexamined
Number of spell you can cast in 1 rdUnexamined
Mass suggestion broken?Unexamined
Do Ability Checks Require An Action/Move?Unexamined
Assassinate with Spells?Unexamined
Attacking from hidden with melee? Readying outside of combatUnexamined
Adjudicating Minor IllusionUnexamined
Monk proficiency?Unexamined
Did we just get spammed?Unexamined
Pass with absolutely no traceUnexamined
Druid wild shape. Quick questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Picking Up Objects During CombatUnexamined
Conjure Woodland Beings: Overpowered!Unexamined
Multiclassing statsUnexamined
Disarming fistUnexamined
Multi-Classing in 5eUnexamined
Cry For Mery RulingUnexamined
Studded leather and druidsUnexamined
Dispel Magic and Magic ItemsUnexamined
Amputation to remove cursed itemsUnexamined
Flame Blade spellUnexamined
Multiclass Warlock spell levelUnexamined
Insulting the Ochre JellyUnexamined
Illusion spells question?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Ranger with Ensaring StrikeUnexamined
Advantage in CombatUnexamined
Grapple drag and carry and target weightUnexamined
Ghost possessionrules minutiaeUnexamined
How to determine hit points?Unexamined
Thief Rougish Archetype questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Combat Superiority:Does it stack?Unexamined
Bracers of archery and archery fighting styleUnexamined
Turn Undead?Unexamined
Pact Bow?Unexamined
Bardic Inspiration - reveal or hide rolls?Unexamined
Racial abilitiesCantripsand Spellcasting?Unexamined
New Rules Answers Are Up!Unexamined
Arcane Ward Max HP CalculationUnexamined
Wild Shape and InvocationsUnexamined
Sentinel Feat and ErrataUnexamined
Cure Wounds and Empowered Spell metamagicUnexamined
Arcane Lock Without a Lock?Unexamined
Does Crossbow Expert Feat apply to bows?Unexamined
Faerie Fire and Fog CloudUnexamined
Spell components: All or one?Unexamined
Animate DeadDark One's BlessingGrim HarvestUnexamined
Alert featHeavily Obscured and BlindsenseUnexamined
Who gets a death saving throwUnexamined
Healing WordUnexamined
Magic Initiatepost-errataUnexamined
The Observant FeatUnexamined
Multiclass Fighter/Sorcerer Shield SpellUnexamined
Question about iniativeNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Spellcasting focus and component pouch?Unexamined
Unarmored Defense conflictUnexamined
Wild Shape proficiency BonusUnexamined
Walk and climb in the same turnUnexamined
Bard Spell Secrets and higher level slotsUnexamined
Dragonborn Interspecies Pregnancy.Unexamined
Multiclassing Wiz2/Wiz2?Unexamined
What happens when you ready a spell and the trigger doesn't occur that turn?Unexamined
Ability Score reduction/damageUnexamined
Readied Spells and Attacks?Unexamined
Second Wind and Champion FighterUnexamined
Shield MasterUnexamined
Shield proficiencyUnexamined
Ranger Animal Companion Bonus Damage QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Great weapon fighting vs Two weapon fightingUnexamined
multiclassing and "warlock spells"Unexamined
Does readying a spell "require concentration"Unexamined
Disintegrate vs. Druid/Barbarian/OrcUnexamined
Studded leather armor and RustUnexamined
Dragonborn Channeling number of uses in an encounterUnexamined
Durable feat questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Readied spells and ConcentrationUnexamined
Faerie Fire queryUnexamined
Improved Divine Smite: A strange readingUnexamined
PermanentMovable Teleportation circle?Unexamined
Wild shape+toughness feat (warning: long post)Unexamined
Surprise and Barbarian Feral InstinctUnexamined
Season 3 and DarkvisionUnexamined
Druid Armor RestrictionsUnexamined
Skill Checks and Saves in CombatUnexamined
Wizard Enchantment level 14 'alter memories' abilityUnexamined
Weight of magic items?Unexamined
beast form questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Command Undead and VampiresUnexamined
bearshield and fireUnexamined
Is Shield Permanent?Unexamined
Strange Warlock QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Why are Elemental Disciplines so 'Expensive'?Unexamined
Druids QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Possible to use charisma on DM?Unexamined
Distraction - CantripUnexamined
Double Tower Shields and Shield BashUnexamined
Using your shield as an improvised weapon for a bonus action attack.Unexamined
How exactly does Heat Metal work?Unexamined
Mystic Iron HideUnexamined
SAcred WeaponUnexamined
Can you gain Magic Weapon on unarmed attacks?Unexamined
More conditions than listed?Unexamined
Lycanthropy and Periapt of HealthUnexamined
Subtle Spell Metamagic + GeasUnexamined
Beastmaster Saving Throw ProfUnexamined
Skill ExpertiseUnexamined
Thunderwave and PushingUnexamined
Starting Ability Score MaximumUnexamined
Hobgoblin's Martial AdvantageUnexamined
magic pact weaponUnexamined
Not Enough Hands? Bards/PaladinsUnexamined
Spell SlotUnexamined
How to aquire feats?Unexamined
armorsneakingswimmingclimbing and disadvantageUnexamined
Sept 2015 Rules AnsweredUnexamined
Question about charm and dominate person spellNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to handle an Oathbreaker who restrains his minions?Unexamined
Speak with Dead and "the semblance of life"Unexamined
Druid WildshapeUnexamined
Find SteedUnexamined
Knowledge ChecksUnexamined
Can I get an Official Ruling on this? Sorcerers and ResearchUnexamined
Spike Growth and Forced MovementUnexamined
Creating a custom character backgroundUnexamined
Another Wildshape QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Demilich familiarUnexamined
Obtaining SpellsUnexamined
Ruling for Blink Spell in 5EUnexamined
Drow Equipment (OotA Spoiler in 2nd Paragraph)Unexamined