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Thread Name + LinkContent Found?
Looking for gamers?Unexamined
D&D Open Qualifier - As We Know ItUnexamined
TerpCon 8 (DE/MD/NoVA) - April 12thUnexamined
Chaoticon 17April 11th - 13th (WI)Unexamined
RPGA @ KublaConthe Kubla of all ConsUnexamined
BabelCon 2008 - Baton RougeLouisianaUSAUnexamined
Worldwide DnD Game Day 2008 - SingaporeUnexamined
D&D Worldwide Gameday - Northern VirginiaUnexamined
D&D Championships & 4e at Gamex in Los Angeles!Unexamined
Gameday in ChileUnexamined
Worldwide Game Day 2008Unexamined
GameDay 08 in Tennessee (Spring Hill - South of Nashville)Unexamined
Open Fiesta at Origins 2008Unexamined
Will we be able to create our own Characters for the preview @ Origins?Unexamined
Last Weekend in Verbobonc June 20-22Unexamined
D&D Championship Qualifier -- GMs and Players Needed!Unexamined
D&D Championship Character Polls Are Open! Vote Now!Unexamined
PAX 10 (SeattleWA)Unexamined
Played Qualifier at Origins and needed infoUnexamined
D&D Gamers In Brisbane AustraliaUnexamined
Pre Gen Con Play?Unexamined
Mountain Con 4Unexamined
New to QuebecUnexamined
Any gamers in BoiseIdaho?Unexamined
Looking for 1 more player: D&D OpenUnexamined
GenCon: RPGA Delve: Thanks!Unexamined
Rhode Island RPGA Game DayUnexamined
LFR Gameday in HarrisburgPAUnexamined
WEEKEND IN THE REALMS LocationsUnexamined
WindsorON RPGA Adventure DayUnexamined
Looking for someone who can answer questions about DM'ing at GenconNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Can I get my $50 back?Unexamined
sowhere will dnd experience go?Unexamined
Might need extra judgeClearfield county PAUnexamined
Fantasy Grounds - CORE 1-1 tonight (9-12-08)Unexamined
LFR Kick Off Twin CitiesMNUnexamined
[Southeast TN] LFR @ TVGA Gameday September 20th '08Unexamined
DDXP 2009 - Fort WayneINUnexamined
Where's Gen Con resultsUnexamined
U-Con 2008 - November 21-23Ann ArborMIUnexamined
AnonyCon 2008Dec. 12-14StamfordCT: -- GMs Needed --Unexamined
So where is the incentive to have an LFR conventionUnexamined
Regulator ConDecember 12-14GettysburgPAUnexamined
Judges required: New York Comic Con 2009Unexamined
Upcoming events?Unexamined
I am in Italy (EU)Unexamined
D&DXP Convention Special - Beyond the DoorUnexamined
DragonCon 08 ReportingUnexamined
Whats happening with Gencon?Unexamined
Total Confusion - MansfieldMAFeb 19-22Unexamined
RPGA at OriginsUnexamined
DDXP: RPGA Member's Meeting question threadNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
D&D Experience 2009 Free Room Contest WinnerUnexamined
Who's Yer ConIndianapolisMar 13-15thUnexamined
Comic Con - RPGA/DDM events.Unexamined
DDXP - Beyond the Door now 18th Level.Unexamined
Twittering DDXPUnexamined
Special Convention EventsUnexamined
Any news out of DDXP?Unexamined
DDXP Reactions and Thoughts?Unexamined
Convention - Gamicon Sigma - Iowa CityIAUnexamined
Wanted: your extra DDXP judge shirt...Unexamined
Morristown NJ Feb 19Unexamined
Friday Feb 20th - ONLINE - CORE1_1Unexamined
GenCon has a new registration systemUnexamined
Con SupportUnexamined
Attention Northern Ohio Gamers! - Obercon 2009 - OberlinOH - April 11-12Unexamined
Spring Offensive (PeoriaIllinois) April 24-26Unexamined
Missing XP from DDXPUnexamined
Conflagration IX; West Allis WI; March 13th to the 15thUnexamined
AnCon 2009 Hudson Ohio May 15 - 17Unexamined
Convention in RomeUnexamined
Ravenloft players in North Hollywood?Unexamined
D&D Gameday + LFR ColumbusOH 3/21Unexamined
Chaoticon 18 - Apr. 3-5th (Green BayWI)Unexamined
Worldwide D&D Gameday - March 21stUnexamined
The Grand River Gamers Society (Brantford & the Grand River Area of OntarioCanada)Unexamined
LFR at Gen ConUnexamined
LFR at GarasuNoShiConToledoOHUnexamined
NJ/NY/PA: GambitCon '09 : Friday April 17th-Sunday April 19th 2009Unexamined
LFR at OriginsUnexamined
LFR at GameStorm in PortlandOR this weekendUnexamined
Origins Game Fair - Star Wars Saga Ed?Unexamined
LFRStar Wars Saga Editionand Beyond the Door at SIEGE 2009May 1st-3rdUnexamined
Origins and GenCon Judge signups go live soon.Unexamined
ACEN 2009Unexamined
Warhorn ChangeUnexamined
Spring Offensive IllinoisUnexamined
Origins 2009Unexamined
Con on the Cob RPGA EventsUnexamined
Eberron @ GenConUnexamined
WIFR RumblingsUnexamined
Downloading May Gameday adventure: No linkUnexamined
QuinCon Illinois June 19-21Unexamined
LFR at PAX 2009Unexamined
GenCon 2009Unexamined
AGLA 1-3 at Origins or Gen Con...Help a Desperate Elven RogueUnexamined
Astral portalUnexamined
RPGA only conventions still around?Unexamined
DM willing to help RPGA at gencon 09Unexamined
Wanting to go to GenCon for the first timeUnexamined
So how has LFR drawn for Conventions?Unexamined
Gencon Events Almost Gone!Unexamined
Eberron @ GenConUnexamined
Announcing "Chronicles: The Convergence"Unexamined
Delve Character Creation at Origins?Unexamined
[NEWS] Ultimate Dungeon Delve DetailsUnexamined
Ultimate Dungeon Delve @ Origins: Team-building?Unexamined
Forgotten Realms Open Play at GenCon IndyUnexamined
Looking for ADCO 1-1 group GenconUnexamined
Any Bones for Dragon*Con?Unexamined
Championship QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
LFR at ConontheCobOctober 15-182009Unexamined
NeonCon 2009Unexamined
Play Paragon at PacificonUnexamined
Thank You to all the Origins folksUnexamined
Artificer looking for a team for friday Ultimate Delve at Comic Con.Unexamined
Conflicting Customer Service rulings for tournamentsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
OGC - July 24-26 - Nashua NHUnexamined
ConQuest OREGON - Oct 3 & 42009Unexamined
Ultimate Dungeon Delve Hall of Fame?Unexamined
D&D Championship: Shards of Galifar team recruitmentUnexamined
Looking for a Weds GameUnexamined
Mini MegaCon 21nd to 23rd August 2009Unexamined
Where at Comic ConUnexamined
Wizards of the Cost Chicago conventionUnexamined
Adventure Run-time issue at Conventions...Unexamined
Looking for North Texas GroupUnexamined
TactiCon 2009 Sept 3-7 DenverCOUnexamined
Looking for PA conventionsUnexamined
[NEWS] GenCon 2009 - Dinner Discount!Unexamined
Gen Con Indy event info (or lack thereof)Unexamined
Gencon MINI1-1 TradeUnexamined
Delve and Open Background questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Question for Dave ChristNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DDXP 2010Unexamined
GenCon thanks and some suggestionsUnexamined
DME and big conventions ...Unexamined
D&D Championship thank-yousUnexamined
D&D Gameday DMG2 09/19/09Unexamined
Con on the Cob October 15-18HudsonOHUnexamined
UberCon: Good for LFR?Unexamined
U-Con 2009 (November 13-152009Ann ArborMichigan) is taking adventure requests!Unexamined
Impossible Realities 8Unexamined
UKon (January 22nd and 23rd2010 LexingtonKY)Unexamined
World Wide D&D Game Day 19th Sep 2009Unexamined
How to select RPGA offerings at a convention?Unexamined
Announcing GameCon Sept 25-272009Unexamined
RoundCon 2009October 2-4ColumbiaSCUnexamined
AnonyCon 2009December 4-6StamfordCTUnexamined
Weekend in Narfell 2009Buffalo NYNov. 6-8Unexamined
Last opportunity to request events for U-Con 2009Ann ArborMINovember 13-152009Unexamined
GASPcon 10 Pre-registration is now OpenUnexamined
Dan's Con of the Vale XWest Allis WisconsinOctober 23rd-25thUnexamined
U-Con (November 13-15Ann ArborMI) needs DMs! (Registration also open)Unexamined
LFR Halloween Party in Central NJ - October 27Unexamined
BASHCon February 19-212010 ToledoOHUnexamined
Any Players In the Kanagawa Zushi/Yokosuka Area?Unexamined
PAX EastUnexamined
Regulator Con -- March 26-282010 -- GettysburgPAUnexamined
no ultimate delve at DDXP?Unexamined
Edmonton Tabletop Role-Playing Community Meet 'n GreetUnexamined
ConQuest NW 2010 Needs Judges and Adventuring Parties!Unexamined
Genghis Con XXXI -- February 11-142010 -- DenverColoradoUnexamined
TotalCon 24 Feb 18-212010 [MA]Unexamined
Extensive RPGA Action at TempleCon 2010 in Rhode Island February 5-7!Unexamined
synDCon 2010 - MDDCVAUnexamined
RPGA @ DunDraCn Feb 12-15 (San Ramon Ca)Unexamined
Going to first convention at DDXP 2010Unexamined
DDXP Wednesday GamingUnexamined
Convention Organizers Con support has ended?Unexamined
WWGD 2010 - PHB3March 202010Unexamined
TerpCon XII - April 3rdUnexamined
Owlcon 2010: Rice UHoustonTX Feb 19-21Unexamined
DDXP ShoutoutsUnexamined
beholder from 2007Unexamined
Arcon IX February 26-28 OswegoNYUnexamined
Gaming at ComicpaloozaHouston TX - March 26th - 28th 2010Unexamined
COSCON 22 March 19-21 (includes LFR Battle Interactive)Unexamined
Conflagration X; West Allis WI; March 5th to the 7thUnexamined
StillCon 2 - March 26 - 28 - StillwaterOkUnexamined
GameStorm - March 25th through 28th Oregon/WashingtonUnexamined
Wanting to run @ GenCon...Unexamined
ANNOUNCEMENT - OASIS 23 [5/28/2010 - 5/30/2010]Unexamined
Origins 2010Unexamined
GenCon 2010Unexamined
Battle Interactive Game-DayUnexamined
So where is the releaunched Con Support Program?Unexamined
PAX Prime 2010 - 9/3-9/5/2010 (SeattleWA)Unexamined
Gencon 2010Unexamined
gencon 2010 DelveUnexamined
Glass City Con PerrysburgOH July 17-182010Unexamined
GenCon D&D Open Championship?Unexamined
[Convention] DexCon 13July 7-11 in Morristown N.J.Unexamined
Competitive event at gencon?Unexamined
Reward Card for genconUnexamined
D&D Convention SpecialsUnexamined
Wednesday Game for Gencon IndyUnexamined
RotSG Pre-Gen CharactersUnexamined
Is going to be any Conventions base in the UK this Year.Unexamined
Looking for other GENCON players: Hole in the World (RPGA1016090)Unexamined
Food at GenConUnexamined
DDXP 2011Unexamined
Owlcon XXXJan 28-302011HoustonTXUnexamined
GASPcon 11 Event Registration is now OpenUnexamined
New York Comic ConUnexamined
U-ConNovember 12-14Ann ArborMIUnexamined
Dan's Con of the Vale 11West AllisWisconsin; October 22nd-24thUnexamined
Mini Tri-Deca Con 10/10/10 at 10 AM in WPBFL Preregistration Closes in 1 WeekUnexamined
TotalCon25 Feb. 24-272011 [MA}Unexamined
NeonCon 2010?Unexamined
Carnage Con Nov 5-7th2010Unexamined
AnonyCon: Dec 3-52010Stamford CTUnexamined
LFR at Shadowcon Memphis?Unexamined
Who's Yer Con 2011Unexamined
DND ExperianceUnexamined
D&D At PAX East 2011?Unexamined
Any RPGA conventions or events happening in Kanagawa Japan?Unexamined
MEPA Con or Regulator Con?Unexamined
Ashes of Athas & LFR Gaming at Comicpalooza 2011 - HoustonTX - May 27th - 29thUnexamined
Conflagration 11West AllisWisconsin; March 4th-6thUnexamined
HearHearsynDCon II is near (DCMDVA) - April 1-32011Unexamined
Looking for advice/GMs for CelesticonUnexamined
PLAY ON CON IV in Birmingham Alabama July 29-Aug1. site for organized play and tournament games (Updating constantly!)Unexamined
Ashes of Athas adventure titles and "blurbs" released!Unexamined
No More Ultimate Delve?Unexamined
Milwaukee Summer Revel 15 West Allis WI; June 3rd to the 5thUnexamined
Comic-Con IntlSan DiegoUnexamined
GASPcon 12 GM Submission is now OpenUnexamined
ADCP 3-2 Dawn Til Dusk(Origins 2011 Battle Interactive) ToledoOHUnexamined
CELESTICON - San Francisco Bay Area Gaming Convention - Labor Day WeekendUnexamined
TerpCon XV | College ParkMD | November 12th2011Unexamined
MarsCon Jan 13-15th 2012 Williamsburg VA DMs needed for LFRUnexamined
Owlcon 31Feb 3-5 2012Rice UHouston TxUnexamined
?No RPGA? WhosYerCon Indianapolis March.Unexamined
Houston's Comicpalooza 2012 - Need EPIC & other LFR DMsUnexamined
RA Salvatore and Tracy & Laura Hickman - Houston - Space City ConAugust 10 - 12Unexamined
CELESTICON 2012 - Special RPGA events - Northern CaliforniaUnexamined
D&D Next at Escapist Expo 9/14-16Unexamined
testgnome289 threadUnexamined
testgnome289 threadUnexamined
testgnome289 threadUnexamined
testgnome289 new threadUnexamined
testgnome290 threadUnexamined