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Welcome to Dungeons & Dragons!Unexamined
Frequently Asked QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
12 hours to go nowUnexamined
Basic drops tomorrow: you should ban wizardsUnexamined
Starter Set Pre-GensUnexamined
What are your 5e character(s) going to spend their money on?Unexamined
Fun D&D pics or stories!Unexamined
Blog Post by Robert J. SchwalbUnexamined
a welcoming communityUnexamined
Your First Official 5e PCUnexamined
Anyone know the official release date for Europe?Unexamined
where do I download the dice?Unexamined
Will dead in thay and other modules get upadated monsters?Unexamined
Introduce Yourself Here!Unexamined
and some Mike Mearls tweetsUnexamined
Congradulations WoTC!Unexamined
D&D forum reboot?Unexamined
Starter Set UnboxingUnexamined
5E WizardUnexamined
What has changed?Unexamined
D&D BasicUnexamined
What's up with Bondstraitsidealsflaws?Unexamined
Lost Mines of Phandelver - Factions (spoiler?)Unexamined
Archetypesvariant classes and themes.Unexamined
Here it is! (D&D Basic)Unexamined
Basic is upUnexamined
I have the PDFUnexamined
Mountain Dwarf typo?Unexamined
Spare the Dying got nerfed!Unexamined
anyone have a link to a form-fillable character sheet?Unexamined
How can we get the heavy armor proficiency as a non-fighter?Unexamined
Initial ImpressionsUnexamined
The acceptance in 5th Ed. has made me incredibly happy and grateful.Unexamined
Anyone have the ability score requirements for multi-classing?Unexamined
Slow ScrollingUnexamined
Conversion document?Unexamined
Math Time: Archer vs EvokerUnexamined
PDF disclaimerUnexamined
What's Broke?Unexamined
Greatsword V. Great AxeUnexamined
Are you going to houserule from the very startor will you give the RAW a chance first?Unexamined
The Basic PDF Formatting is BadUnexamined
Starter Set in storeshow about Wizkids miniatures?Unexamined
A few questions on spellsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Anybody made a DM screen yet?Unexamined
D&D 5e Starter Set Review by table toppingUnexamined
How DARE they!Unexamined
so can we find hints to how mods might workUnexamined
StrIntand Cha savesUnexamined
Tools make sense! Locksnot so much.Unexamined
DS MehanicsUnexamined
Damage on a MissUnexamined
A Few Small GripesUnexamined
Necromancer games appears to have released a free moduleUnexamined
Pregen error with Wizard.Unexamined
Starter Set Store LocatorUnexamined
Guiding Bolt. 4d6+adv at level 1?!Unexamined
Armor List in Equipment ChapterUnexamined
Abilities; how to work with bonuses and penaltiesUnexamined
Phandelver/Neverwinter questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Fundamental Problem With Utility SpellsUnexamined
Starter Set Pre-Gen Characters online...Unexamined
Stoneskin... Why?!Unexamined
PC Orcs for the D&D BasicUnexamined
Tome show interviewUnexamined
Template for racesUnexamined
Trinkets TableUnexamined
Is the D&D starter set available as a PDF?Unexamined
Ramzour's Six Ability Save SystemUnexamined
Edition launch done right?Unexamined
Campaign Setting ReleasesUnexamined
How can you heal if your party doesn't have a cleric?Unexamined
The definition of the word "Basic"Unexamined
Maneuverswhat would you like to see?Unexamined
Basic Rules pdf: No table of contents?Unexamined
Idea SubmissionUnexamined
Just finished running my first session of 5e. Great system!Unexamined
A better Great Weapon FightingUnexamined
So happy with rerolls!Unexamined
The download link to the D&D Basic Rules must be more prominentUnexamined
How successful do you think 5th edition will be?Unexamined
Concentration Defensive Self BuffsUnexamined
D&D Character Creation with Adam KoebelUnexamined
D&D 5th Edition Disclaimers Done With Humour!Unexamined
The Noble BackgroundUnexamined
The Starter Set BoxUnexamined
So "tools" are basically skills or am I missing something?Unexamined
The usefulness of Disarm?Unexamined
Point Buy & Array Favoring Humans?Unexamined
Notes for the Monster Manual (Starter Set Feedback)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Healing and Schools of MagicUnexamined
Official Character SheetsUnexamined
5E PsionicsUnexamined
alternate divine castingUnexamined
Free PDF vs. Starter SetUnexamined
Criticizing the new edition of D&D (because I like it a lot)Unexamined
Like / DislikeUnexamined
Fillable character sheet problemsUnexamined
People's experiences with luckyUnexamined
Post your character builds here.Ideas
Should they implement a rule that allows you to swap racial abilities?Unexamined
High Elf fighters overpowered?Unexamined
First ImpressionsUnexamined
cleric with low wisdom.Unexamined
The Encumbrance Rules are TerribleUnexamined
Thoughts on adding taglefoot bagUnexamined
The execution of "Rulings not Rules" is brilliantUnexamined
Tower ShieldsUnexamined
Nets and othe special weaponsUnexamined
Are the classes overpowered?Unexamined
Tell us about your 5e experience!Unexamined
What class options can we expect to see in the future?Unexamined
first night of 5e lost of mines of phendelverUnexamined
dual-wielding light crossbowsUnexamined
Things you want to see in the Basic PDFUnexamined
First the Hobgoblinnow the Bugbear?Unexamined
Legends & Lore: Building Adventures (7 July)Unexamined
Rules combinations or realisations that "break" the system.Unexamined
Improve the mace and great clubUnexamined
Short Rests and Long RestsUnexamined
Advantages and DisadvantagesUnexamined
Players Handbook Class ListNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Going from 4ed to 5th. 1st sessionUnexamined
The Heroes of the Sword CoastUnexamined
How will you make D&D 5e your own?Unexamined
Are there any 5e character sheets that include exhaustion and "spell currently concentrated on"?Unexamined
is this the new licence ?Unexamined
Trapdoor Technologies….waitwho?Unexamined
[5e] What do you think of having all the characters in a party share the same background?Unexamined
The Rogue ThreadUnexamined
StrIntand Cha SavesUnexamined
[module] 2nd edition style multiclassing for 5th editionUnexamined
D&D is not a computer gameUnexamined
astral and etherial againUnexamined
Waiting for a tactical moduleUnexamined
Subclass at level 3 cramps future designUnexamined
Str vs Dex Based FightersNumber Crunch TimeUnexamined
How will the players know I'm the DM without a DM screen?Unexamined
starter set DM adviceUnexamined
How much total gold can PCs get from the starter set adventure?Unexamined
Live Stream Starter Set Part 2???Unexamined
PC Goblins for D&D BasicUnexamined
Feedback: Shields and Dex SavesHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
INT for Initiative??Unexamined
D&D Starter Set Up to a Good Start!Unexamined
How D&D Could Master Its Next Retailing AdventureUnexamined
Tiamat Tuesdays 4: Tiers of TiamatUnexamined
Opportunity AttacksUnexamined
Character Creator Program?Unexamined
How powerful are casters in 5e compared to other editions?Unexamined
So What To Do????Unexamined
A Happy Return to D&DUnexamined
The provided "alternative" character sheet has an errorUnexamined
Dwarf Variantd20/3.x VariantUnexamined
CR and XP FixesHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Any good D&D Next Podcasts?Unexamined
The Second PillarUnexamined
Let's discuss the Charm Person spell.Unexamined
d20 MODERN... Next?Unexamined
Anyone Else Thinking of Adding Encounter Powers?Unexamined
Basic printUnexamined
How are some playing the Starter Box already?Unexamined
Spell Stamina: Preventing the dreaded nova.Unexamined
Downloadable PregensUnexamined
Review - Lost Mine of PhandelverUnexamined
Perception as an Ability Score.Unexamined
Ways to Change or Limit Magic Use in 5e (or any system really)Unexamined
5th ed module DargothUnexamined
Players Handbook PreviewsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Fifth Element - Elmination SurveyUnexamined
5th edition race list on EnworldUnexamined
So You Are a Powergamer?Unexamined
Great Weapon Fighting seems subpar.Unexamined
House Rule SurveyUnexamined
Struggling With New Art DirectionUnexamined
Thoughts on the saving throw system and non-proficiencyUnexamined
PDF Fair UseUnexamined
No-core humanoid races.Unexamined
Player Submitted ErrataUnexamined
The Limits of Interpretation (Legal application of rules)Unexamined
Inspiration TokenUnexamined
Hill Dwarf WizardsUnexamined
Spell Componets and FociUnexamined
Whats your prefered group size?Unexamined
What level will you start at?Unexamined
5e's Drow FailureUnexamined
a eulogy for doamUnexamined
Dragonborn now the most "iconic" D&D race.Unexamined
Wolfgang Baur Interview (Tyranny of Dragons)Unexamined
Things that can be used as Inspiration TokensUnexamined
Faerie Fire errorUnexamined
Monsters & ManualsUnexamined
comparing Dead in Thay zombie to Starter Set zombieUnexamined
comparing Dead in Thay owlbear to starter setUnexamined
Elves VS Dwarves - an analysisUnexamined
Instant Death House RuleUnexamined
Diamonds and the RealmsUnexamined
New EditionNew PlayersUnexamined
Fumbles or Ohh %&@$ I rolled a 1!Unexamined
Starter Kit: Character creation?Unexamined
I dislike how Cantrips are done.Unexamined
PHB Preview: TieflingUnexamined
PHB Teaser: Bard ExcerptUnexamined
Why do you play D&D?Unexamined
Would you buy a Grongard's Collectors Edition?Unexamined
Virtual Table 5eUnexamined
The Passing of Timedo you know?Unexamined
Help with Druid ConceptUnexamined
Oath of St. CuthbertUnexamined
Updated Grand History of the RealmsUnexamined
Homebrew Proficiency RulesHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Something that bugs me about the basic rulesUnexamined
Spiritual Weapon vs. Mordenkainen's SwordUnexamined
New Players: ReactionsUnexamined
D&D 5e Starter Set Unboxing Video (UK)Unexamined
Mystara and 5EUnexamined
5e cosmologyUnexamined
The Real Magic of Spells (How To Use Them In Creative Ways)Unexamined
"These are not the tieflings you're looking for..."Unexamined
Starter Set Session (Escapist Magazine)Unexamined
Investigation vs. PerceptionUnexamined
One thing they forgot to mention about Tieflings...Unexamined
I send my staff to attack the goblins and other silly storiesUnexamined
PC Hobgoblins for D&D NextUnexamined
Does anyone like the current incarnation of advantage/disadvantage?Unexamined
Advantage/Disadvantage circumstancesUnexamined
Videos of playUnexamined
D20 Modern 2nd edition with 5e rules?Unexamined
Standard vs. Variant HumansUnexamined
Attack + ActionUnexamined
MOAR MONSTARZ!!!Unexamined
ClericsDeities and DomainsUnexamined
new miniaturesUnexamined
DnD Insider OfferingsUnexamined
Electronic Rulebooks?Unexamined
Rhenny's Playtest Campaign Part 23 (Nearly at the end)Unexamined
jump into the D&D 5.0 Starter SetUnexamined
D&D is doomedUnexamined
Some of the Starter Sets missing the dice?Unexamined
10 Reasons why I Think 5e is a Game Design MasterpieceUnexamined
Mage Armor ideaUnexamined
D&D Starter: Lost Mine of Phandelver Pt 2Unexamined
I don't get how are we to play this with only Basic and PHB...Unexamined
Starter Set Maps?Unexamined
online chat games?Unexamined
Healing HP a little too good with a Long Rest?Unexamined
Technical odditiesUnexamined
Steampunk D&D!Unexamined
Explain Stealth and HidingUnexamined
Monster stats 5th ed. Thanks wizards :DUnexamined
Rhenny's Playtest Campaign Part 24 - THE ENDUnexamined
5E PDF Releases?Unexamined
Things I'd really like to see this go 'roundUnexamined
Campaign Setting Decision - Help NeededUnexamined
The Hero: A Modular 5e ClassUnexamined
Level 0 Game?Unexamined
Cure Wounds vs. Healing WordUnexamined
Combat Processing: Then & NowUnexamined
Starter Set Monsters & Spell DescriptionsUnexamined
Starter Set BluesUnexamined
Drow (Greyhawk Conversion)Unexamined
What's a 'round'? The 2 different conceptsUnexamined
What do you love AND what do you hate?Unexamined
Tyranny of Dragons... Tyranny of Dragons everywhere!Unexamined
Tiamat Tuesdays 5: Closing In on the CultUnexamined
Bless Spell?Unexamined
Predict the Breakout/New Stars on 5eUnexamined
comics and continuityUnexamined
Unarmed Strike DoubtsUnexamined
Magic ItemsUnexamined
The future of Dragonlance?Unexamined
Cheat Dice for Inspiration?Unexamined
5E Starter Set PaperUnexamined
Dinner & DragonsUnexamined
Just Bought the Boxed Set.Unexamined
Has Anyone Encountered That Dragon Yet?Unexamined
My Friends & I Recorded Lost Mine of PhandelverUnexamined
DRAGONLANCE setting in 5th edition CONFIRMED?Unexamined
DMing for my daughterUnexamined
Hey! That's Mine!Unexamined
Bonus and Reaction Attacks: The Key to Optimization?Unexamined
Error - DuplicateNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Soldier Background Preview PageUnexamined
Settings and Cosmology IssuesUnexamined
How has PC Failure Made Your Game Session More Interesting?Unexamined
Threads you miss from before the mindwipeUnexamined
Codename: Morningstar ScreenshotsUnexamined
Spell Scaling in the Basic RulesUnexamined
What is Random?Unexamined
Amazing Dice SetsUnexamined
Twin Dwarves I made for LMoPUnexamined
Compelling FlawsUnexamined
No iconic D&D monsters since 1983?Unexamined
Hermit Background PreviewUnexamined
"Being Everything Else"No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Formatting in Next is UnderwhelmingUnexamined
Gender IdentityOrientationPresentationand D&DUnexamined
My Lost Mine adventure. pt 1Unexamined
Codename: Morningstar Beta Sign Ups OPEN!Unexamined
Why is there so much negativity when it comes to the art?Unexamined
More Use of Dodge At Low Levels?Unexamined
one pic that reminds you of d&dUnexamined
Definitive list of 5e productsUnexamined
What is in the Border Ethereal?Unexamined
Merging immersion with the gridUnexamined
Problems with Lost Mine of PhandelverUnexamined
5e War Forged rap!Unexamined
Do we know what classes/race will be in PHB(1)?Unexamined
True StrikeUnexamined
Good Aligned Monsters in 5th EditionUnexamined
Manoeuvres as base design & the boringness of the fighter classUnexamined
Do YOU need 20 levels?Unexamined
My Idea for Psionic ClassesUnexamined
The Adventuring DayUnexamined
L&L: Feats of Game Design (21 July 2014)Unexamined
The Top 5 Things I am Looking Forward to With D&D 5eUnexamined
Sneak Peek at PHB artWarlock classUnexamined
5th Edition Beginner's Boxset Live-StreamUnexamined
Boing Boing PHB art previewUnexamined
Using Out of Game KnowlegeUnexamined
Theorycrafting is the bane of good game designUnexamined
Why do goblins have to wear shields?Unexamined
HR: Passive Perception onlyUnexamined
D&D 5e: A Gish for all SeasonsUnexamined
maps for Lost Mine of Phandalin?Unexamined
Houserule - Graduated ProficienciesUnexamined
Inspiration for StuntsUnexamined
Starter set quests as cardsUnexamined
Starter Set Monster ArtUnexamined
Options and opinions for hit pointsUnexamined
It's time....AKA PsionsUnexamined
A Point of InspirationUnexamined
Let's face it: Fighters need cool gear to be as cool as casters.Unexamined
More Con and Int primary classesUnexamined
Two Attacks vs. Cantrip ScalingUnexamined
FLGS PH early releaseUnexamined
Re-Imagining of "Goblin Arrows"Unexamined
Does the DM serve the playersor do the players serve the DM?Unexamined
Tavern BrawlerUnexamined
Feat Preview: Tavern BrawlerUnexamined
Gen Con: Q&A and 10 minute sneak peek of the Dungeons & Dragons DocumentaryUnexamined
D&D InsiderUnexamined
Saving Throws as appropriaterather than as expectedUnexamined
Learning about the world and culture of D&DUnexamined
Interview With D&D Lead Designer Mike MearlsUnexamined
D&D Spellbook Cards PreviewUnexamined
Startin set characters - Two Shortswords/handaxes for everyone!Unexamined
Aasimar in 5eUnexamined
Destroying lichesUnexamined
Weapon GroupsUnexamined
Vigilance Press podcastUnexamined
Simple Wizard and ClericUnexamined
Morningstar automation-vs-customizatioNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Will you be using 5 minute short rests?Unexamined
One Thousand Pre-Generated Basic CharactersUnexamined
Light Crossbow... Doesn't existUnexamined
Why no love for the spear?Unexamined
Re-Imagining of "Goblin Trail"Unexamined
House Rule for Saving Throws IdeaUnexamined
Starter Set PlaytestersUnexamined
Escapist Posted Shots of the Sorcerer and ContentsUnexamined
Fun character PunsUnexamined
Modular Weapons TablesUnexamined
The Complex FighterUnexamined
Ramzour's Achievement SystemUnexamined
Level 0 5e Game going live tonightUnexamined
Pictures Tyranny of Dragons set one and IconsUnexamined
What's in the DMG?Unexamined
5e - a new perspective on gamingUnexamined
Will Your Paladins be Lawful Good/ Have Restrictions?Unexamined
Trolls as a PC RaceUnexamined
Improving the Reach QualityUnexamined
Legacy of the Crystal ShardUnexamined
Happy Birthday Gary!Unexamined
Where is the PbP?Unexamined
Would anyone be interested in a racial paragon class?Unexamined
The Three Pillars of ImmersionUnexamined
Two weapon fighting rules?Unexamined
The Power of No. Allowed Races and Classes.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Generalist WizardUnexamined
Here's another idea for tolerance.Unexamined
Is Meteor Swarm REALLY supposed to be a 40d6 total AoE???Unexamined
Monster PCs and custom races in core?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Legends & Lore: Keep it ClassyUnexamined
Early Release of Players Handbook?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DPAD (Damage Per Adventure Day) Are wizards still doing too much?Unexamined
Bard Preview from d20monkeyUnexamined
Advanced Narrative Immersion RulesUnexamined
Wizkids mini's from Comic ConUnexamined
Does RAW still matter?Unexamined
D&D Encounter WednesdaysGone?Unexamined
Adapting your campaign setting for 4th ed tieflingsUnexamined
What other cleric domains would you like to see?Unexamined
Deadliest Fair FightsUnexamined
Homebrew Warlord ClassHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
What to expect from Hoard of the Dragon Queen?Unexamined
Applying FFG Star Wars dice to 5eUnexamined
DevaShardmindMuland Thri-Kreen in 5eUnexamined
The Adventures of TJ the Fighter Part IUnexamined
Homebrew WarlordHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
D&D 5E Online Session: Thursday July 3119:00 ETUnexamined
starter set on amazonUnexamined
When the MetaGame is GoodUnexamined
New dnd site is up!Unexamined
Excerpts: PaladinUnexamined
Tossing non-magical healing in the ditch.Unexamined
Has the monster art shown up yet.Unexamined
5E online char genUnexamined
Evil Cities (FOUND MY ANSWER)Unexamined
Simple Maneuver System for EveryoneUnexamined
Separating Character from ClassUnexamined
Where is the Ranger talk?Unexamined
Bring Back the Printer Friendly ButtonUnexamined
Why do you GM?Unexamined
Barbarian Preview is Up!Unexamined
Guidelines for creating balanced encounters in 5e?Unexamined
Something odd at TargetUnexamined
PHB release date(s?)Unexamined
D&D Miniatures - Previews?Unexamined
Hasbro allows 3D-printed Fan Art of Licensed MaterialUnexamined
How good is advantage?Unexamined
A build templateUnexamined
Hopefully the art in 6th edition will be better: Sorrybut the art in 5th edition is just appalling.Unexamined
Quantum Ogre DialogUnexamined
Timing for Campaign Settings?Unexamined
Exhaustion as Wounds?Unexamined
Necromancy in 5eUnexamined
Battle systemUnexamined
5th Corebooks LoreUnexamined
more feats previewedUnexamined
New Organized Play Guide Released!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
PHB questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
50 things you want to see in The Dungeon Master's GuideNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Cantrips vs Weapon attacksUnexamined
Whatif anyonline tools are planned?Unexamined
Equipment SpoilerUnexamined
Why aren't the 3 core books released at once?Unexamined
Where do we access the non-Mobile version of the Website?Unexamined
Alright Mr. DemilleI'm Ready for My CloseupUnexamined
wild magic previewUnexamined
Being Everything Else: Getting StartedUnexamined
More houserules you're considering for your gamesUnexamined
Anyone want to wait until November?Unexamined
Can't subscribe to the new siteUnexamined
the basic game ( Printer Friendly version)Unexamined
Deleted thread - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenUnexamined
Free Adventures Missing From a couple weeks backUnexamined
PC Ideas ThreadUnexamined
Morningstar Beta - anyone heard from them yet?Unexamined
The 8th & 19th of AugustUnexamined
Art Gallery Gone?Unexamined
Sticky Notes on the DM ScreenUnexamined
Bring back Sage Advice!Unexamined
Sales & PlayUnexamined
Legends & Lore: Backgrounds 04Aug14Unexamined
Sentient weapons?Unexamined
Collected Previews?Unexamined
Will Hoard of the Dragon Queen be available early at WPN stores?Unexamined
LMoP Questions (spoilers)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Rhenny's New CampaignUnexamined
Faction Module in our future?Unexamined
PC stat curves (bewarecontains some math & analysis)Unexamined
Finally It ArrivedUnexamined
Gotcha! (& telegraphing!)Unexamined
Where is the Ranger preview?Unexamined
Couldn't wait for Spellbook Cardsso I made my own.Unexamined
Updated Basic RulesUnexamined
The Simple SpellcasterUnexamined
Will the first adventure be for sale Friday too?Unexamined
Swashbuckle! FeatUnexamined
Good job Wizards.Unexamined
Re-Imagining "Cragmaw Hideout"Unexamined
Where did the online supplements go?Unexamined
Naval Combat RulesUnexamined
It's August 19. Now what?Unexamined
Wizards premiere play network storeUnexamined
RPG Review: D&D Player’s HandbookNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
WOTC have new character sheet avaible to download?Unexamined
Do you design encounters/adventures/campaigns FOR the PCs?Unexamined
This guy has the PHB.Unexamined
Have you noticed...Unexamined
Early PHB Release: a quick summary.Unexamined
I like the website redesign... but where are my feeds?Unexamined
D&D 5e digital release?Unexamined
The cost and page count of the core books revisitedUnexamined
Eldritch Knight and Arcane TricksterUnexamined
Preserving the flavour of a theme based campaign.Unexamined
5th ed DM screen?Unexamined
4e Class Conversion: Vryloka VampireUnexamined
Monster Manual: The First PageUnexamined
5th ed errata phbUnexamined
Multiclassing and Extra AttackUnexamined
Opportunity Attacks and number of actionsUnexamined
The Eurocentric Campaign Sandbox (theme)Unexamined
magic weaponUnexamined
Is potent cantrip usefulor just a trap?Unexamined
Gen Con and 5th EditionUnexamined
How many pages is the Hoard of the Dragon queen adventure?Unexamined
Hoard of Dragon Queen lacking some stat blocks (Possible Spoilers!)Unexamined
Digital DnD Next??? Where is it?Unexamined
Summoning SpellsUnexamined
D&D Basic 5e FontsUnexamined
What will you do with D&D Basic after the PHB is released?Unexamined
Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Unplayable?Unexamined
Website NagivationUnexamined
Where did expertise dice go for fighters?Unexamined
Heres the Hoard PDF with new monstersspellsand itemsUnexamined
Hoard of the Dragon QueenUnexamined
Bracers of DefenseUnexamined
Hoard of the Dragon QueenUnexamined
Races as Classes?Unexamined
The Five Characters I Most Want to PlayUnexamined
Moving away from wild shape.Unexamined
All Monsters till Aug 08 2014Unexamined
Would You Play a Feats Only Game?Unexamined
Dragonlance Characters 5E [Fun thread]Unexamined
PHB PrefaceUnexamined
Player's Handbook ArtNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Monk feat disappointmentUnexamined
Skill Trick SystemUnexamined
Theory Crafting AsideLevel 1 Seems AwfulUnexamined
Possible Fixes to Potent CantripHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Lil Warlock Help plsUnexamined
Monster Challenge RatingsUnexamined
5e is a conspiracy!Unexamined
Divine Favor: Worth?Unexamined
Hoard of the Dragon Queen and EncountersUnexamined
Finally! Realistic EncumbranceUnexamined
Empowered Evocation and Magic Missile.Unexamined
It's... beautiful (Have bookwilling to answer questions!)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Enhance AbilityUnexamined
Matriarchy and Evil in D&DUnexamined
Wat kind of setting do you like or run?Unexamined
When is Player's handbook and Hoard of the Dragon Queen PDF coming out?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
what world's do you 2 ant in 5e?Unexamined
PHB is everything we need to play?Unexamined
Players: Out To Ruin Everything?Unexamined
Rogue/Cunning Action Question?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Warlock spells go to 9th level - Why?Unexamined
Warlocks get screwed multiclassingUnexamined
Sodo you suck at drawing your character?Unexamined
Hoard of the Dragon Queen Help!Unexamined
Warlocks and Demons and WhipsOh My!Unexamined
Spell Index...solved!Unexamined
Polearm Master + Sentinel + Mobile?Unexamined
Return of the Great WheelUnexamined
Player's Handbook IndexNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Domains for My Pantheon Question?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Chromatic Orb (Needs Tweak)Unexamined
Which Human will you be using?Unexamined
Class SymbolsUnexamined
Divine Spell Casters - Character Sheet HellUnexamined
Base classes in Hoard of the Dragon QueenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Brainstorming: What do you want in an Arcane Gish class?Unexamined
So this is a thing for WarlocksUnexamined
What Reddit is sayingUnexamined
Introducing Melvin.Unexamined
Critical thinking: Just want to use my cool powers.Unexamined
Monk: Flurry HouseruleUnexamined
Your Character Can't Know That - Or Can They?Unexamined
Can a druid benefit from Barkskin in wildshape?Unexamined
Tentative Bardlock BuildUnexamined
Multiclass Warlock questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Gen Con ExclusivesUnexamined
D&D Fantasy Miniatures: Starter Box Heroes SetUnexamined
How to Train Your PlayersUnexamined
Link to Basic PDF from main D&D page is gone.Unexamined
Pdf of 5th edditionUnexamined
Bards get stinking cloud?Unexamined
The Effects of adding Con score to HPUnexamined
The Affect Normal Fires awardUnexamined
Paper or monitor?Unexamined
R.I.P Robin Williams.Unexamined
Races in 5eUnexamined
Legends & Lore: Gen Con BoundUnexamined
The Tarrasque (5E)Unexamined
Sorcerer spell knowUnexamined
New Point Buy MethodUnexamined
Legendary Creatures - To Lair Or Not To LairUnexamined
How do Legendary monster abilities work?Unexamined
Why do spells have to penetrate armor?Unexamined
potent cantrip has damage on a miss in HotDQUnexamined
Required (blog) readingUnexamined
Slightly modified point buymore opportunities for 17sUnexamined
D&D Basic Rules Updated + New DM Basic Rules!Unexamined
Monster MathUnexamined
How to Build StuffUnexamined
So how big is that sphinx?Unexamined
Who made the starter set dice?Unexamined
Can't Get Enough - Rhenny's Sessions BlogUnexamined
D&D5 tools/morningstar EDA?Unexamined
Happy fun time post! Talk about your favorite campaign!Unexamined
Footer Issues in D&D Basic (Player v0.2 and DM v0.1)Unexamined
gamers in JacksonMSUnexamined
Histogramand other math.Unexamined
Monsters Stat TableUnexamined
Animal CompanionsUnexamined
Play Session 1 for the Starter Set adventureUnexamined
D&D 3.5 ARCHIVES ARE DOWN!? FIX PLEASE!?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Will you play with "delay"?Unexamined
New D&D pre painted miniatures look horrible!Unexamined
Hoard of the Dragon Queencan't play till Monster Manual is out?Unexamined
Necromancers should be able to banish undeadUnexamined
Polearm Master + Great Weapon MasterUnexamined
Great Axe vs Great Sword RevisitedUnexamined
D&D next PC generatorUnexamined
Bard without Bardic Music?Unexamined
Warden Guardian Forms?Unexamined
Interesting Little Sidetrek for Rhenny's Ghost of Dragonspear Castle CampaignUnexamined
Uber Hulk from MMUnexamined
My 1st Theme GameUnexamined
Seahorse RunUnexamined
Converting Tyranny of DragonsUnexamined
How will you run alignment in your games?Unexamined
DnD maps for iPad?Unexamined
Hoard of the Dragon Queen (Encounters)Unexamined
What's a "finesmith"?Unexamined
A cursory review of the PHBUnexamined
Tyranny of Dragons Exclusive Debut TrailerUnexamined
Need a DM!Unexamined
Intelligence and MountsUnexamined
Bullette 5e styleUnexamined
Rules AmbiguityUnexamined
Simplifying CRUnexamined
MM Table of ContentsUnexamined
Gen Con MeetupUnexamined
5e Deity AlignmentsDomains and SymbolsUnexamined
5E PHB missing 2 spells?Unexamined
The Problem with RangersUnexamined
Sorcerers seem Underwhelming compared to WizardsUnexamined
Silly questionbut...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Setting The Tavern On FireUnexamined
Quick and fun way to kill yourself and everyone around you at level 2Unexamined
Improved RangerUnexamined
The Flumph! The Flumph!!Unexamined
D&D 3rd Edition Players Handbook in it rare and valuable?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Basic MonstersUnexamined
5E PHB VIDEO ReviewUnexamined
Converting Tyranny of Dragons Adventures Pt. 2Unexamined
Do you want to see the return of Minions in the Monster Manual?Unexamined
What just happened to like 8 hours of forum?Unexamined
Balor Miniature announced!Unexamined
Just how bad are the PHB errorsreally?Unexamined
Conclusion: Maybe my style just isn't for you.Unexamined
Roleplay Roulette reviewed Basic D&D!Unexamined
Wizards Article RSS feed update?Unexamined
Custom FeatsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Release date for Tyranny of Dragons random prepainted minis?Unexamined
Sneak Attack WTFUnexamined
What Has D&D Given You?Unexamined
Sick of dungeon crawls. What else do we have for adventures?Unexamined
5e Tome of BattleUnexamined
New PlayerUnexamined
Intro to Lost Mines of PhandelverUnexamined
Character builderUnexamined
Dracoform PC?Unexamined
[SL] Guild Recruiting D&D PlayersUnexamined
CR and EXPUnexamined
Campaign Report: Hoard of the Dragon QueenUnexamined
Book falling apartUnexamined
Looking for group.Unexamined
isn't it strange ?Unexamined
conjure minor elementals.Unexamined
Do you even Wild Magicbro?Unexamined
Fighter/Rogue: Custom Sawashbuckler ArchetypeHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Undead Condition ImmunitiesUnexamined
A few 5E questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
ShillelaghQuaterstaffand VersatileUnexamined
Do you want Exotic/Superior Weapons in the DMG?Unexamined
Short Rest PhobiaUnexamined
monster DCsUnexamined
D&D 5 still is a hard sellUnexamined
Heavy Armour MasterUnexamined
Can "minions" work in this edition?Unexamined
Hasbro/Wizardsplease work with Ubisoft and to re-release the classic SSI "Gold Box" AD&D gamesUnexamined
5e - Complete random 1st level character generator (2.0)Unexamined
Proficiencies too expensive?Unexamined
Fun with Wall of Force(or: How to create a makeshift magic cannon)Unexamined
Player discussionUnexamined
Forgotten Realms Panel 1 & 2 (GenCon 2014)Unexamined
When Kobolds Meet Tiamat (Kobold Press Tyranny of Dragons Panel; GenCon 2014)Unexamined
Icons of the Realms & Attack WingUnexamined
My 5E D&D Campaign: LMoP.Unexamined
Magic Initiate FeatUnexamined
Should quarterstaff have the reach property?Unexamined
Dual Wield Halfling Fighter vs GreatswordUnexamined
What was that energy whip in the Tyranny of Dragons launch video?Unexamined
Other Races than the ones in the PHBUnexamined
SoI Got MineUnexamined
Red dragons from MM!Unexamined
Children's EventsUnexamined
Tell your best D&D jokes!Unexamined
Giving a bonus feat at first level: Pros and Cons?Unexamined
*SPOILERS* Hoard of the Dragon QueenEpisode 1Unexamined
Chill Touch is now amazingly awesomeUnexamined
Using 3rd edition weapon chartUnexamined
Merging Lost Mines + HoardUnexamined
5e Dwarven Defender Martial ArchetypeUnexamined
Airship CombatUnexamined
The Fighter Design GoalsUnexamined
Eberron: Changeling and Kalashtar conversionUnexamined
Stunned/Paralyzed: Can you use bonus actions?Unexamined
Z's Thoughts As to Surviving Level 1-3Unexamined
Free D&D AudiobookUnexamined
When Will the PHB PDF be Released?Unexamined
I dragon punch the blue dragonUnexamined
Creating Memorable Characters -- Personality Traits that Resonate In-gameUnexamined
Do Half-Elves Suck?Unexamined
Any word on Traps?Unexamined
Save and Suck?Unexamined
REAL-ease Day!Unexamined
Conventions: Pax PrimeUnexamined
Article Excerpt: Bone DevilUnexamined
A brand new can of worms: Can you take bonus actions outside of encounters?Unexamined
Disengage still half movement?Unexamined
Faded print in PHBUnexamined
Evaluating the Direction of the FighterVersion 10(?)Unexamined
Wizard Spells by SchoolUnexamined
Any online games this Friday 8-22?Unexamined
Loving Characters; Hating MonstersUnexamined
World Building - How Far Do You Take It?Unexamined
Multiclassing SynnergyUnexamined
5e Stalwart Defender Martial ArchetypeUnexamined
The Valley of FireUnexamined
I hope the DMG warns on Low CR enemies too.Unexamined
D&D 5E Art Review! :)Unexamined
Changes in player & DM playstyle in new editionUnexamined
Realm Year?Unexamined
Just picked up hotdq...Unexamined
gaining levels too quickly?Unexamined
5e Reviews are coming inUnexamined
Fun Background Features UsesUnexamined
Tyranny minis case results.Unexamined
Can Fighters Tank in 5e?Unexamined
Magic Item Help?Unexamined
Cure Wounds vs. Mass Cure WoundsUnexamined
RIP Finesse QuarterstaffUnexamined
Animate DeadUnexamined
Ideas for Universal Class Specializations?Unexamined
Druid Wild Shape FormsUnexamined
Here I am - Rock You Like A Hurricane!Unexamined
Four is better than fiveUnexamined
Problem? Tiamat adventure modules and player consumption of contentUnexamined
Guardian Fighting StyleHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Adventurer's Handbook and Princes of the ApocalypseNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dungeonscape free to download(when released)Unexamined
Print quality...Unexamined
Monster Manual Cards....Unexamined
EN World release schedule graphicUnexamined
Players Handbook binding woesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Knock that tarrasque onto its backside!Unexamined
Damascus SteelUnexamined
Review: Monster ManualUnexamined
Chain Pact FamiliarsUnexamined
Monster Manual Early Release?Unexamined
Welcome to Icewind Dale [LotCS Campaign Log]Unexamined
Anyone running campaigns without feats or multiclassing?Unexamined
Spellcasters weaker?Unexamined
New and Easily missed rules for a old D&D3e DMUnexamined
Funseen ServantUnexamined
Starter Set Livestream Part 3Unexamined
Where can I find quicklings?Unexamined
Stat's: To Array or Not to ArrayUnexamined
Lost Mine of Phandelver - Session with new playersUnexamined
Greek FireUnexamined
PHB disclaimerUnexamined
Generating Monster LairsUnexamined
If there ever comes a feat to change spell damage typesDragon Sorcs that aquire eldritch blast will be scary...Unexamined
dnd insiderUnexamined
Bigby's Hand vs. Mordenkainen's SwordUnexamined
Spell Component Pouch houserule.Unexamined
Can Wizard 1/Cleric 19 prepare and cast Meteor Swarm?Unexamined
Spell check?Unexamined
Hoard of the Dragon Queen ErrorsUnexamined
Rampaging Tarrasque - A rough draftUnexamined
High level play seems really goodbut the game is still "meh" overall.Unexamined
PEACH Bard Spec.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Artist Index 5E PHBUnexamined
DnD Basic Rules UpdateUnexamined
Sci-fi? In MY fantasy?Unexamined
Hoard of the Dragon Queen Session ReportsUnexamined
Mordenkines Magnificent large houseUnexamined
Kensei/Sohei Monk [PEACH]Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Level 1 Power HousesUnexamined
5e Merfolka work in progressUnexamined
5E multiclassingUnexamined
Two halflings walk under a bar... A humor thread?Unexamined
5th Edition translationUnexamined
Elemental Evilsplat booksand expansion on the core rules.Unexamined
Monday Night RAWUnexamined
Variant Skill SystemUnexamined
Rally the troops!!Unexamined
Today is It (hopefully). Need Some HelpUnexamined
What does the DMG need?Unexamined
5e FR Deities...Lolth not listed?!Unexamined
One Eyed Monster in the Crevasse - LMOP EncounterUnexamined
Rangers can actually be pretty dangerousUnexamined
monday articles?Unexamined
Guardians of the Galaxy... are a party of D&D PC's!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help read the book for a vision-impaired playerUnexamined
DCI Number and WotC AccountUnexamined
animate objects.Unexamined
Which Novels Tie-In to the Tyranny of Dragons Storyline?Unexamined
Finding the Ghost of Neverwinter WoodUnexamined
Starting HPUnexamined
Ruh Roh Restrictions 2.0Unexamined
Disappointing MonstersUnexamined
Analysis of 2d6 vs 1d12 with brutal critical and there is little differenceUnexamined
Shouldn't Rogues be the best at finding traps?Unexamined
How would you improve Meldshaping for 5e?Unexamined
Re-birth of Dark Sun Campaign for 5E?!Unexamined
Advantage Crit ChanceUnexamined
Player's hand is poorly madeUnexamined
Compendium of Broken SpellsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Deeply disappointedUnexamined
The new trump cardUnexamined
PHB : May spells be better grouped by level first ?Unexamined
Is there a section of the WOTC website like Daily D&D anymore?Unexamined
Calling the stat heads. Designing new subclasses.Unexamined
Class DescriptionsUnexamined
Will there be a CharOp forum?Unexamined
Background: Undead HunterUnexamined
Polearm masterBonus Actions and WTH?Unexamined
Lifestyles of the Wretched & AristocraticUnexamined
To Brutal?Unexamined
5e Homebrew?Unexamined
Winged KoboldUnexamined
Designing the Ranger Subclass: The Horizon WalkerUnexamined
The Green Guardian: A Warden ConversionUnexamined
Action points for spellsUnexamined
5e character sheet - Alternative - FormfillUnexamined
DCI questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
5e Starter Set with Custom PCs?Unexamined
Online Play - Hoard of the Dragon QueenUnexamined
Dragon and DungeonUnexamined
Starter Set ArtistUnexamined
ClericsHoly SymbolsFree Hands.Unexamined
The Kerrigan FallacyUnexamined
Why Do I HAVE TO Be a Specialist Wizard?Unexamined
The Odd Score ModUnexamined
Magic itemswhat book?Unexamined
My thoughts and ideas on the RangerUnexamined
PAX Prime 2014 Animated IntroUnexamined
Ideas for downtime actionsUnexamined
Roguish Archetype: ScoutUnexamined
Quiz: What Faction should you choose?Unexamined
Index for PHB (and future books)see suggestionsUnexamined
Druid - Wild Shape QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Monster Excerpts?Unexamined
Will somebody run by me the reason why it's not okay for someone to have a different playstyle than you?Unexamined
Bringing back the "Elf" class for 5th edition.Unexamined
Stuck in a Class RutUnexamined
Kobolds as PCs?Unexamined
Beastmaster Rangers - Useless or Hilariously Useless?Unexamined
BECMI Style 5th EditionUnexamined
Digital Character SheetUnexamined
The Matrix monksUnexamined
Weapon Master: Worth?Unexamined
must-have modulesUnexamined
Darksun Using the PHB (2nd Ed Update)Unexamined
My Generalist WizardUnexamined
Why are treants vulnerable to fire?Unexamined
What is "Old School" about 5e?Unexamined
Monster rolesUnexamined
New Rogue ability for the fun of itUnexamined
Class FeaturesUnexamined
Sowhen will we *really* be able to run HotDQ with the online supplement?Unexamined
Wizard in 3.5e and 5e ComparisonUnexamined
Globe of Invulnerability: A "Screw You" to Multiclass Casters & Scaling Spells?Unexamined
How long is the Lost mine of Phandelver?Unexamined
Acquisitions Inc. Live GameUnexamined
To Brutal Pt 2?Unexamined
Expanded GOBLIN MM entryUnexamined
1000 Islesa 5e CampaignUnexamined
Fixing the rangerHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Need a new place on the forumsUnexamined
My interview with Wolfgang Baur about "Tyranny of Dragons"Unexamined
Too Much PersonalityNot Enough IntelligenceUnexamined
Horror Campaign ConceptUnexamined
Orwell's campaign logUnexamined
Fiat SubclassesUnexamined
Tia Nadiezja's Hoard of the Dragon QueenUnexamined
PAX Prime D&D Live Game With Acquisitions IncorporatedUnexamined
Well Pathfinders Does One Thing RightUnexamined
Power Combo Discovered.Unexamined
Another Human VariantUnexamined
Monster Manual curiositiesUnexamined
Are some classes overly rigid?Unexamined
Keep on the ShadowfellUnexamined
Feats or Ability Scores first?Unexamined
Overpowered feat comboUnexamined
A Fighter GuideHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Humans RAW Can Start With multiple 18'sUnexamined
Colossus Slayer?Unexamined
Is Tyranny of Dragons available?Unexamined
Pharmacist ClassUnexamined
Armor as DR in DMG?Unexamined
Wish monks had a little better AC.Unexamined
Katana / WakizashiUnexamined
online gamesUnexamined
Icons of the Realm Booster PackUnexamined
Rogue vs Fighterwhat am I missing...Unexamined
How Do You Build A Gish?Unexamined
Druids. Circle of the moon.Unexamined
cold weather gearUnexamined
iserith's Phandelver/Fandango Actual PlayUnexamined
Cunning Action -- wanted to make sure I'm doing this right.Unexamined
Are the big three's release schedule designed to maximize profits??Unexamined
Error or form fillable character sheetUnexamined
.pdf version of the PBH?Unexamined
Fix for Great Weapon Fighting StyleHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Power Work KillUnexamined
Dungeons and Dragons DiceUnexamined
The Best and The Worst of 5eUnexamined
Ranger's Primal AwarenessUnexamined
Publishing rightsUnexamined
Homebrew PoisonsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Forum Search questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
5e healing: love/hate/meh?Unexamined
Githyanki as a player character race.Unexamined
5e and the d%Unexamined
Let's Play The Lost Mine of PhandelverUnexamined
Galloping OtyughUnexamined
Magic ItemsPower Levels and Bounded AccuracyUnexamined
Two New NPCsUnexamined
Feat: Spirit CompanionUnexamined
9 more fifth-edition D&D rules questions answered by the designersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Single Class King DPRUnexamined
Uses for Minor AlchemyUnexamined
Why is the Champion weak?Unexamined
Brutal part3 Success!!!Unexamined
5e SubmarinesUnexamined
5E Online Play SuggestionsUnexamined
Converting Intelligent Items From 3.5Unexamined
So I deciphered the Runic ScriptUnexamined
List of things Mr. Welsh can no longer do in an RPG updated!Unexamined
The Bloodmage..Swapping Sorcery Points for HPUnexamined
throwing weapon specialist fightersUnexamined
5e Game ImbalancesUnexamined
Short Rests per Long RestUnexamined
Monster MashUnexamined
5E DM's Screen - What Would You Like To See?Unexamined
Dexterity vs Strengthand Two-Handed Finesse WeaponsUnexamined
5e Ritual Magic ModuleUnexamined
Tyranny of Dragon Creature stats?Unexamined
DM ScreenUnexamined
Whip / Rapier and DaggerUnexamined
Weapons with multi-die damage ratingsUnexamined
For those who still like to use minis and battlegrids...Unexamined
I (Don't) Swing My SwordUnexamined
multiclassing into ranger too good?Unexamined
So Who Is Actually Playing/DMing 5EUnexamined
D&D Initiative Board & Player BoardUnexamined
D&D 5e Tyranny of Dragons MinisUnexamined
Do Magic Weapons "Morph" In Your GamesUnexamined
What Spells are Going in Your Spellbook?Unexamined
Half-dragon vs dragonbornUnexamined
Monster Manual WPN Release DateUnexamined
Why come we don't like gnomes?Unexamined
You Could Seriously Play A SandwichUnexamined
Observations on the pluses and minuses of 5EUnexamined
Fencing Defenses RevisitedUnexamined
Notes towards an improved healing systemUnexamined
The Dutchessa'sMagic Items FOr Fun and GamesUnexamined
Homebrew Character CreatorHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Monster Manual Release?Unexamined
Not PtolusUnexamined
Why no Previews for Icons of the Realms / Pre-painted Minis?Unexamined
Flexible CastingUnexamined
Possible Druid SubclassesUnexamined
Avoiding the 15m workdayUnexamined
Max AC's Vs. Max Attack Bonus?Unexamined
MM PreviewUnexamined
5th edition logo somewhere?Unexamined
Feats? Multiclassing? RationaleUnexamined
Greyhawk With PicturesUnexamined
Looking for group to joinUnexamined
Surviving Low LevelsHow We Did It.Unexamined
My thoughts on the 5e PHBUnexamined
5e and the plague of concentration spellsUnexamined
Your greatest strengthand your greatest weaknessUnexamined
Does anyone know when the DM Basic Rules are going to be updated next?Unexamined
Help to Find Standard Array Spread ThreadUnexamined
Does the 5e ranger even match the game?Unexamined
Old Legends& Lore articleshelp to find.Unexamined
Is D&D "Collaborative Storytelling"?Unexamined
Why are Giant Miniatures Large SizeUnexamined
strength vs dexterity; how to give str more power in combat?Unexamined
Sorc QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
You want to play a magic ring?! Ummmsure.Unexamined
New Wands of CLW and Breaking The Game.Unexamined
The Worlds of TSR/WoTC (with Pictures)Unexamined
Rapier / Shield / Buckler / Main GaucheUnexamined
New MM tease: Intellect Devourer. It does INT damage?!Unexamined
Generally less powerful characters?Unexamined
Half Hobgoblin and hobgoblin race...Unexamined
5th edition woes - Why does character creation feel not fun?Unexamined
Non optimized characters go!!!Unexamined
Lost Mines of Phandelver session with all new DM and players!Unexamined
What are your thoughts on the new skill system?Unexamined
Where should I start with Greyhawk?Unexamined
Sorcercer Rogue?Unexamined
What Happened to Legends & Lore?Unexamined
Fly Speedswhat's the logic?Unexamined
Primeval AwarenessUnexamined
Kracken PreviewUnexamined
Experience Chart to CRUnexamined
Battlemaster Fighter - High Level Maneuvers?Unexamined
How do you feel about monster deadliness?Unexamined
Of Dexterity and Encounter PowersUnexamined
The Corrosion of Gedren's PointUnexamined
Monster Preview - Intellect DevourerUnexamined
Fishing tackle - proficiencyUnexamined
Hoard of the Dragon Queen distancesUnexamined
DungeonScape: Thursday Time TransparencyUnexamined
5e Thri-Kreen Preview at Athas.orgUnexamined
Fighter Archetype: Mythic HeroUnexamined
Dice. Whip out yer set!Unexamined
Forgotten Realms resources for a new DMUnexamined
Theater of MindUnexamined
When would I use blade ward?Unexamined
Free MMUnexamined
Sorc Attack SpellsUnexamined
Rate the ClasssesUnexamined
Fill-able Character Sheet PDFsUnexamined
Skill: Endurance (Con)Unexamined
Chi is not Ki !!Unexamined
Rhenny's Ghost of Dragonspear Castle 5e CampaignUnexamined
A Trap-Free Weapon tableUnexamined
Ranger: tweaks on lvl1-lvl3 abilities and starting proficiencies.Unexamined
LMoP 3rd Time is the CharmUnexamined
No Ability Boostsbut Feats*Unexamined
Your opinion of staff product supportUnexamined
HP and scalingUnexamined
Sleeping in ArmorUnexamined
Highest DPR Build Yet?Unexamined
Which classes cannot be adequately represented yetUnexamined
Non-spellcasting RangerUnexamined
What's with all the ranger hate?Unexamined
Getting the Beastmaster to work in combatUnexamined
Awesome Conversion notes for Birthright by OraibiUnexamined
DMG delayedUnexamined
Does anyone know what is happening with the Galeforce9 stuff?Unexamined
Archived Feature Article on the new siteNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Thank you! (Non-Magic Classes)Unexamined
French edition ?Unexamined
PDF release?Unexamined
Little balance changes to weapon damage:Unexamined
Mike mearls awnsering some questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
MM Preview : KoboldsUnexamined
Rogues Do Suck!!!Unexamined
Monster Preview - Rust MonsterUnexamined
Killer character sheet!Unexamined
Feat At Level 1 ModuleUnexamined
2015 D&D Game Updated RulesUnexamined
dmg previewUnexamined
Monster Manual Close-Up: BeholdersUnexamined
Mass Combat RulesUnexamined
What's a player/DM to do?Unexamined
Rogue and poisonUnexamined
Spirit GuardiansNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What is the highest amount of skills a character can achieve in 5e?Unexamined
Spells & Features that are Pure AwesomeUnexamined
Conjuring and SlaveryUnexamined
Common Sense in 5eUnexamined
PHB Feedback: the IndexHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Last Nights Session/Adventure DesignUnexamined
Lich vs DemilichUnexamined
Excel SpreadsheetUnexamined
DM Rules that Need to be in BasicUnexamined
The Players Handbook: A Story In PicturesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
9bit's 5e Character Sheet EditUnexamined
How many dice do you need for 5th edition?Unexamined
WMDs or Wild Mage DestructionUnexamined
D&D Podcast: Artisis and AuthorsUnexamined
Dungeonscape Beta blog is up! Let's do this!Unexamined
Marvo the Mad!!! (Let's make trinkets together)Unexamined
Monster Manual is amazingUnexamined
Modifying Crossbows & Other InventionsUnexamined
Three Dragon AnteUnexamined
Do You Want 5E Versions of the Classics?Unexamined
This Is Sparta!!Unexamined
Monsters By Challenge RatingUnexamined
Familiars and HelpingUnexamined
Monster Manual Printing ErrorUnexamined
Metagaming the Wish SpellUnexamined
New GroupWhat to Run?Unexamined
How do you print your PDF's?Unexamined
Splat book wishlist.Unexamined
Saves are to low at high levels.Unexamined
So why are werebears good?Unexamined
100000 Dragonborn Warlocks (Ready to Play Random 5e Character Generator)Unexamined
Half Giant Athasian: Class and RaceUnexamined
To struggle against adversity.Unexamined
How fun would it to be to play a Mord-Sith from the TV series Legend of the SeekerUnexamined
Please sticky post on how to search these forums.Unexamined
Alternatecleverweirdor just plain *different* interpretations of the racesUnexamined
Centaur ProposalUnexamined
Lost Mine of Phandelver: What Would Gundren Do?Unexamined
Thief+Healers Feat?Unexamined
FATALITY/Problem Players?Unexamined
Unhealthy CharactersUnexamined
Converting Characters - Stuck on Attunement limitsUnexamined
Monk Tradition: Way of the Orb Weaver (PEACH)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Is it just me? (Hermit)Unexamined
Saving throw breakdown in MMUnexamined
Let's crowdsource a better beginning for Hoard of the Dragon QueenUnexamined
Spellcards and Character tokens?Unexamined
Angry DM: WotC Sucks at Selling GamesUnexamined
Double Proficiency. Why?Unexamined
Monster Index?Unexamined
Academic Research on Dungeons & Dragons - Survey InvitationUnexamined
Concentration HouseruleUnexamined
Who came first? Rules lawyer or Gotcha DM?Unexamined
Not enough talk about dragons.Unexamined
My book is breaking.Unexamined
Website: D&D Basic RulesUnexamined
New DMconfused about Lost Mine of PhandelverUnexamined
New GM - Cleric Spells & Wizard Spells HelpUnexamined
Monster Classifications?Unexamined
Forever stuck paying! D:Unexamined
D&D Action Figures - Where Are They?Unexamined
Anyone playing with the Basic .pdf?Unexamined
Idea: Gain Subclass Features with FeatsUnexamined
Homebrew: Quick-n-dirty Psionic Classes for 5eUnexamined
Scope of railroadingUnexamined
Multi-Class FeatsUnexamined
Spears and other sticks with pointsUnexamined
What Adventure Storylines Do You Want to See?Unexamined
The Amnesiac?Unexamined
Spellcasters and WeaponsUnexamined
Character SheetUnexamined
Barrow of the EvensongUnexamined
The Trap TrapUnexamined
Players Handbook 2 5th EDNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Necromancers and the MM 'Animated' Undead et alUnexamined
Legendary Strength FeatUnexamined
Idea for called shotsUnexamined
Gauntlets of Ogre Power/LMoPUnexamined
Is this the right spot?Unexamined
Werefoxes (my own PC race)Unexamined
Hexblade: the dark knightUnexamined
New Paladin RestrictionsUnexamined
5e Dragon ShamanUnexamined
Calculating difficulty in 5eUnexamined
dungeonscape reviews?Unexamined
random downtime durationUnexamined
Fixes for Wild Shape Moon DruidsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The more I think about itthe more I realize that a paladin has to be lawfulUnexamined
New and unknown territoryUnexamined
Icon of The Realms miniUnexamined
New 5E Licenses inc Mystara!!Unexamined
First session of my Dark Sun Campaign seemed to work well...Unexamined
Class blending feats/ideasUnexamined
Monster ClassesUnexamined
I hate charop buildsUnexamined
Do rogues need intelligence?Unexamined
Perception from Intelligence.Unexamined
18th Century Session Was InterestingUnexamined
Monster Manual - Question about drow statsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Has Anyone Seen the Following in GameUnexamined
Unarmed Strike can't work with Sneak Attack?Unexamined
5e Review from a Complete NoobUnexamined
5e Awesome Game MomentsUnexamined
Homebrewed 5e Ravenloft RulesUnexamined
5th Edition New adventurers!Unexamined
Holy meat-spongeBatmanit's the 690HP character!Unexamined
Who do you play with?Unexamined
The new website is pretty but underutilized.Unexamined
Let's Talk HexcrawlsUnexamined
The Forge of SpellsUnexamined
Monster Manual - Where are the magic items?Unexamined
MMgreat art / fluff but monster math falls flat on danger?Unexamined
Atheist ClericUnexamined
Wyrmling Lair ActionsUnexamined
Armor Mobility (video)Unexamined
[5E variants] Does 5E lend itself (already) to an E6 approach?Unexamined
MM ReviewUnexamined
Duplicate Pages in the MMUnexamined
PDF TitlesUnexamined
Monsters by Challenge Rating (CR)Unexamined
Just gathering informationUnexamined
Fabricate vs. Supply and DemandUnexamined
Z's BattleMat and Mini Hexcrawl Session NotesUnexamined
Truly Random EncountersUnexamined
Monster Size changes in the 5e MMUnexamined
5e IRC?Unexamined
Orzel's Language Fluency Variant.Unexamined
Avenging Angel - what does it look like?Unexamined
Where are the Starter Set pregens?Unexamined
The Undead HierarchyUnexamined
Bards and Bard-ness SurveyUnexamined
reallly like the new MMbut have one complaintUnexamined
Confused about Lay on HandsUnexamined
Monster Manual: Name Your Top 10 FavouritesUnexamined
Honest ThiefUnexamined
How much will you pay for Dungeonscape when it comes out?Unexamined
Help me create/improve my characterUnexamined
what happened to the optional character sheets?Unexamined
FIXED character sheetsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Errata? Monster ManualKrakenUnexamined
Halloween One-shot'14Unexamined
GriffonsUnicornsand Silver DragonsUnexamined
Is the Monk Too Narrow to Deserve a Class?Unexamined
D&D 5e Apprentice Character UpdateUnexamined
rules for spell scrollsUnexamined
(Update) Unofficial Ravenloft Conversion GuideNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Is 5e the best chance for another roguish/trickster class?Unexamined
Create Food and WaterUnexamined
(Faerun) Human/orc/elf breeding rules?Unexamined
How often does your Rogue Sneak Attack?Unexamined
5e - Optional Mook Rules?Unexamined
Armor Classes for high CR monstersUnexamined
Increasing Monster Hit PointsUnexamined
Cleric domainsUnexamined
Problem with PHBUnexamined
The Tarrasque is Broken (here are 5 ways to fix it)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
D&D movie copyright trial endsnondetection spell in effect on resultsUnexamined
Feat Taxes?Unexamined
Treasure for MonstersUnexamined
Monster ManualUnexamined
Sword of KasUnexamined
Custom Subclass: Drunken MasterNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
NPC Stats in Hoard of the Dragon QueenUnexamined
3 Dimensional ChallengeUnexamined
Monster DamageUnexamined
Barbarian Themes: Meh?Unexamined
Suitable Encounter for level 7 PCs?Unexamined
Gotcha- Golden ShowerUnexamined
D&D Podcast: Author and The ModelmakerUnexamined
wood elf villageUnexamined
Raising the Ability Score Cap?Unexamined
When challenges are made irrelevant.Unexamined
Custom Rule: Disabled ConditionHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
If you could use any 3 spells in realitywhat would they be?Unexamined
And the Tradition Continues...Unexamined
Fun with deflect missilesUnexamined
4th Edition UpgradeUnexamined
Custom crit-fumble tableNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A-series converted to 5e/NextUnexamined
Druid Form CardsUnexamined
Question about the Tyranny of Dragons quest-line and Dark Sun...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Wild West Setting for D&D 5eUnexamined
Halloween Thread!Unexamined
Would The Holy Crusade Work?Unexamined
Legal ProblemUnexamined
tried making a monk soulblade tradition.Unexamined
Basic Actions Without RulesUnexamined
alternative to-hit methodUnexamined
New potential Player races and class options(please add to this!)Unexamined
What's the Difference Between Demons and Devils?Unexamined
Acrobatic StuntsUnexamined
Firearms in the DMGUnexamined
What do Modrons Actually Want?Unexamined
Monster Manual Not At Barnes and Noble?Unexamined
Spellcasting with an 8 Ability Score?Unexamined
Horde of the Dragon Queen & EberronUnexamined
No Big DealBut...Unexamined
Tomb of Horrors/DeathUnexamined
MM issues *Unexamined
PHB is already falling apartUnexamined
Circle of Darkness RecapUnexamined
DMG Preview 1: Deck of Many ThingsUnexamined
An adventure where you play as children?Unexamined
Terrible Web Design - utterly confusedUnexamined
It Arrived!!Unexamined
Avenging the Ghost DruidUnexamined
D&D 5e Spellbook CardsUnexamined
Hoard of the Dragon Queen - PodcastUnexamined
Help with running a game online...Unexamined
Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Shopping and GearUnexamined
The HorrorThe Horror: A Ravenloft Hack for D&D 5eUnexamined
Dungeonscape first public Dev Call today at 4pm MST.Unexamined
How to put the Tyranny of Dragons in EbberonUnexamined
The Monster WithinUnexamined
Happy 5e with the current stateUnexamined
I don't like inspiration & here's whyUnexamined
1st Spell Banned/Rocket Tag/Bless Still BrokenUnexamined
Are babskill pointsand feats worth missing?Unexamined
option growth within classes/subclases.Unexamined
Spell WorkshopUnexamined
Does the Wizard's team even read their own twitter posts?Unexamined
Do You Allow/Use Feats?Unexamined
[Campaign Log] Pool of Radiance 5EUnexamined
The Temple of Bazim-GoragUnexamined
PacingHealing And VancianUnexamined
D&D5e Videos on YouTubeUnexamined
overland travel paceUnexamined
Attack Bonus of Goblins and HobgoblinsUnexamined
What can an alchemist make?Unexamined
Making a better D&D Community for 5eUnexamined
Novels With Classic Fantasy Characters?Unexamined
Any good apps out there?Unexamined
Dagger LoveUnexamined
Players Handbook errorNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How the Druid became a DragonUnexamined
New Preview for DMG OwedUnexamined
Hopes for DMGUnexamined
Forum Advice=2 Dead PCs ThanksUnexamined
CR 1/8th to 14Unexamined
Dark Sun House RulesUnexamined
Game features u enjoyUnexamined
a lycanthrope's damage immunitiesUnexamined
Real Examples of InspirationUnexamined
Top 5 RPGs--Summer 2014Unexamined
Rise of Tiamat threadwho has it??Unexamined
Adventure line helpUnexamined
Rise of Tiamat Print RunUnexamined
Extended Outage 10/27-10/28Unexamined
What's an RPG?Unexamined
Random 5e ready-to-Play Character Generator (Excel) version 5.2Unexamined
Bringing D&D designers to Dragonmeet in the UKUnexamined
Liking my monk so farUnexamined
Power Gaming Tier GuideNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dex over Str as buid Optimisation?Unexamined
25-Hour Dungeons & Dragons Extra Life GameUnexamined
2015 and beyond...5e book wishlist.Unexamined
Module: odd ability scoresUnexamined
verbal components.Unexamined
I'm not exactly happy with 5e's use of fey.Unexamined
Armageddon - NZs Largest Entertainment Expo - No DnDUnexamined
Rise of Tiamat Online supplement.Unexamined
Ritual CastingUnexamined
Custom backgrounds and featsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
WotC Not adding more 5ed Content.Unexamined
Printable Dungeon tiles?Unexamined
DPR Optimization: How ImportantUnexamined
Feats Are Better Than Stat Buffs IMHOUnexamined
The Legends of Baldur's Gate ComicUnexamined
Hardcopy and PDF?Unexamined
D&D next PC generatorUnexamined
3.0 Demon ConversionsUnexamined
Brand New D&D Player (and roleplaying games in general)Unexamined
Dungeonscape and WotCUnexamined
Can we have a 5e sub-forum for houserules/homebrew?Unexamined
Now that Dungeonscape is not the "Official" software. Hero Lab should be contacted :)Unexamined
Home Projectors?Unexamined
I want my DMG!Unexamined
Will Wizards Possibly Give us an Update on Digital SupportUnexamined
Players 101Unexamined
Combat example Level 17 party vs Two Adult Dragons.Unexamined
What I Want DigitallyUnexamined
Villainous Classes entry from the DMG!Unexamined
Website formatting complaintUnexamined
would you help crowdfund a dungeonscape replacement?Unexamined
Lost Mine Of PhandelverUnexamined
should WOTC use crowdsourcing ?Unexamined
Why The Delay in the DMGUnexamined
Fighting Defensively?Unexamined
Baldur's Gate mapUnexamined
Hope 5e stays family friendly.Unexamined
Tasha's Hideous LaughterUnexamined
Dungeon/Dragon Magazines?Unexamined
Hoard of the Dragon Queen LengthUnexamined
staying sober in faerunUnexamined
Ye Olde OSR Language in 5EUnexamined
Excerpts from my City of the Spider Queen CampaignUnexamined
"Barrow of the Evensong" Actual PlayUnexamined
Phandelver (Post LMoP Scenario)Unexamined
Old Modules and New 5E?Unexamined
Published Adventures: Yea or Nay?Unexamined
Mike Mearls Dodging the Bullet?Unexamined
Ability Scores: AnalysisUnexamined
What if... Tyranny of Dragons had a campaign guide?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
[Hombrew Brainstorm] Warlock-like castingUnexamined
Subscription Difficulties!Unexamined
Mike Mearls Q&A and the DMGUnexamined
What is the single abilitypower or spell that you consider your favourite of this edition?Unexamined
DM Basic v3 is upUnexamined
5th Edition Spell Book Cards - Uk Sellers ???Unexamined
failing forwardUnexamined
7 Legitimate Beefs With Hoard of the Dragon QueenUnexamined
Planescape discussed in Mike's AMA!Unexamined
Really missing Dungeon and Dragon magazines...Unexamined
Labyrinthia: Homebrew campaign ideaHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
PHB sells out?Unexamined
Only four classesloads of archeypes: can it work?Unexamined
All hail Tiamat ... But can we get editors in the dragon apocalypse?Unexamined
5th edition: ChoiceUnexamined
Magic Item Tables PreviewUnexamined
Quick Fix for high CR MonstersHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Sharpshooter needs errata.Unexamined
Good DnD podcasts?Unexamined
How Many Vampires Could a Level 9/10 Party Defeat?Unexamined
How do others see the Warlock?Unexamined
A Proposal for CraftingUnexamined
[Trying to Create] An Overview Document of all D&D Classics ReleasesUnexamined
Feat Taxes and Broken ThingsUnexamined
A NEW! Interview with Mike MearlsUnexamined
Hidden/Missing Spell?Unexamined
Damage TiersUnexamined
Elves and racial cantrips: is everyone ok?Unexamined
i spy with my little eyeUnexamined
I think there should be several additional free skills/abilities for certain classesUnexamined
Feedback wanted on a theory of hit points & rejuvenation & how they relate to bounded accuracy..Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Physical integrity of the handbookNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
MM disappointing to meUnexamined
Junior D&DUnexamined
Encountering the green Dragon in Lost Mine of PhandelverUnexamined
Homebrew - Final Attunement decisionHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Curbstomping the mines.Unexamined
Archdruid = nigh invulnerable?Unexamined
Your plea to WotCUnexamined
Our Dragonspear Castle Campaign Continues (5th level)Unexamined
Should Bless only affect 2?Unexamined
2nd Spell BannedUnexamined
The Healing NicheUnexamined
Houserule for community inspectionUnexamined
Hoard of the dragon queen??Unexamined
OGLE-booksand Other News!Unexamined
Player Handbook falls apart?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
D&D 5E DMG Previews: Building NPCsUnexamined
Contagion: Homebrew FixHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Buffing A RetrospectiveUnexamined
Invisibility spellUnexamined
Ready to play random character generator version 5.3Unexamined
The Dragon Masks and You (Spoilers)Unexamined
Return of "Reverse Dungeon"Unexamined
Fresh from the DUNGEON MASTER'S GUIDE: Creating A New Race http://Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Fixing FeatsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Character concepts not realizedUnexamined
Anyone else had a TPK from Banshee Wail yet?Unexamined
Methods for making NPCsUnexamined
New DMG Preview: More Magic ItemsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DMing for my wife (and our friends)Unexamined
A question for those that play online.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
D&D NEXT campaigns with 5th?Unexamined
What is 2nd and 3rd highest AC values in current 5e?Unexamined
Random dungeon DMG previewUnexamined
So the DM Handed Us GunsUnexamined
Land Druid Vs Moon Druid. An Argument for the Land DruidUnexamined
There Was No Edition WarUnexamined
A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To 4th LevelUnexamined
Being Everything Else: Don't Hate the PlayerUnexamined
Lost Mine Of Phandelver Misprinted bookUnexamined
What is the best way to find a new group?Unexamined
Magic Items How I Hand Em OutUnexamined
Need Help Getting StatedUnexamined
Age of Enlightenment House RulesUnexamined
Bronze dragonsare their lair actions weak?Unexamined
Missile into Melee - disadvantage?Unexamined
5e Art Gallery?Unexamined
Deliver Tactics ModuleUnexamined
So the PCs Are Going to Face King SnurreUnexamined
Should I change from 4e to 5e?Unexamined
What do you guys think will be the next book to be released?Unexamined
Would You Like to Play a Game?Unexamined
DMG Excerpt: The MultiverseUnexamined
A Simple Cosmology 101Unexamined
tablets and booksUnexamined
Am I An Idiot? X2 Hand CrossbowsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Custom CosmologiesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How Do Deal Uber DamageUnexamined
Error on the downloadable character sheetUnexamined
Looking for a DM to run a group of about 5.Unexamined
Law & Chaos domain spell suggestionsUnexamined
Bard storiesgot any?Unexamined
He of the Unsleeping EyesHelmUnexamined
D&D Minis list??Unexamined
Divine Intervention Worked! What Would You Have DoneUnexamined
It's a trap! - DMG PreviewUnexamined
Tiny tipnpc fearUnexamined
half elf dragonbloodline sorcererUnexamined
DMG Preview: PoisonsUnexamined
Do you ignore the components requirement for spells?Unexamined
Temple NodesUnexamined
One shot on Roll20Sunday 23rd at 2pm easternUnexamined
Da Comedy in PhlanUnexamined
Relative spell balance and Guiding boltUnexamined
Nothing serious on the healing frontUnexamined
Best Healer??Unexamined
First HotDQ Player Death (spoilers)Unexamined
Saves Working As Intended?Unexamined
Digital ToolsUnexamined
Homebrew Low-HP Recovery ModuleHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
High HP Homebrew Recovery Module.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
5e is Perfect (for me)Unexamined
DMG Excerpt: Downtime ActivitiesUnexamined
Black Friday Sales? Or Cheap DnD?Unexamined
Warlord SubclassUnexamined
Why are guns so totally overpowered?Unexamined
Fifth Edition Dungeon Master's Guide REVIEWNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Court of the Goblin King - Any problems releasing to the public?Unexamined
Dragon Totem BarbarianUnexamined
4e's page 42 may be alive and well in 5eUnexamined
Lots of DMG previews and photo galleries all in one placeUnexamined
Clerics As BlastersUnexamined
Which Forgotten Realms book should I buy?Unexamined
DMG: Wealth by Level TableUnexamined
Can you make a party that can beat TiamatUnexamined
DMG Early Release Tomorrow!Unexamined
No 5th Edition Core Rules Boxed Set?Unexamined
Fun with Polymorph.Unexamined
How do monsters celebrate their birthdays?Unexamined
The DMG Loves MeUnexamined
Why In Combat Healing SucksUnexamined
DMG - Another solid effort from WOTCUnexamined
Ranger Archetype in GoTUnexamined
Thoughts on Epic level issuesUnexamined
Don't have DMG til 12/9Unexamined
DMG Monster Building Challenge!Unexamined
Free Encounter Difficulty CalculatorUnexamined
Americans Get it So LuckyUnexamined
DMG Excerpt: Monster AppendixUnexamined
Homebrew Sword Mage feat (PEACH)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
DMG guidelines for handing out magic itemsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Rarity of the Starter Set magic items *SPOILERS*Unexamined
Missed opportunity: Modules vs. OptionsUnexamined
DMG: MetagamingUnexamined
Tyranny of Dragons Online ComicUnexamined
When to Go WildUnexamined
An index spreadsheet of useful dataUnexamined
5e Starter Set: Lightfoot Halfling Rogue pre-made Character sheet questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
the Mags?Unexamined
Looks like magic users get +X implementsUnexamined
Healing Surges (Vitality) ModuleUnexamined
Any Magic Items Useful for a Wildshaped Druid?Unexamined
HPHealingand HD house rulesUnexamined
The Problem with Magic ArmorUnexamined
Psionic wish listUnexamined
Session ZeroUnexamined
[Homebrew] Stats/Feats ReplacementHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
After the DMGwhat other rules do we need?Unexamined
D&D 5e Artist Index?Unexamined
Bardic InstrumentsUnexamined
Arcane Archer. Feat or Ranger subclass optionUnexamined
Kind of disappointed in magic itemsUnexamined
Basic Rules Updates?Unexamined
Conundrum: DMG and MM wrapped up under the treeUnexamined
Fencers Need Not ApplyUnexamined
Dungeon Distometer ResearchUnexamined
Any Demand Tougher Monsters?Unexamined
Ack! Sleeping in Hobgoblin Barracks (Phandelver)Unexamined
how do people feal about the morningstar kickstarter ?Unexamined
Does the armour breakdowns seem 'right' to you?Unexamined
Does the armour breakdowns seem 'right' to you?Unexamined
NPC Wizard SpellbooksUnexamined
Rhenny's Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle - Session 12Unexamined
Free Treasure GeneratorUnexamined
Published AdventuresUnexamined
5E Reminds me of 3.0Unexamined
Magic Items - when are they first available?Unexamined
On Experience PointsUnexamined
L&L: The End of the BeginningUnexamined
for people they like using minatures.Unexamined
Ray of Sickness?Unexamined
Some help and advice please.Unexamined
The Vampire Warlock: an experiment.Unexamined
Should I buy the DMG?Unexamined
How to be a good DM ?Unexamined
Digital Tools for 5th Edition?Unexamined
Feat Ability Score ModuleUnexamined
using parabolismten classesUnexamined
Why no Staff of Defense in DMG?Unexamined
Tweaks to the BardUnexamined
Compendium of Homebrew Magic ItemsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Magic Item: HungarEater of LoreUnexamined
the pantheon of gods assumptionsUnexamined
Chris Perkin's INterviewUnexamined
Large Size CharactersUnexamined
Free NPC Generator UpUnexamined
Do You Ignore Canon?Unexamined
LFG Lost Mines of Phandelver.Unexamined
Masterwork WeaponsUnexamined
Do You Like Having a Default Setting?Unexamined
Clerics and ArmorUnexamined
Free Settlement Generator and Building Generator UpUnexamined
Online Tools??Unexamined
Jumping into 5e with my daughterUnexamined
Alternate 20th level feature for FightersUnexamined
New Automated Tools for 5EUnexamined
Why take Wild Magic?Unexamined
The Invisible HandUnexamined
Homebrew Druid - Circle of the SwarmHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
D&D Attack Wing and Miniature LineUnexamined
Thoughts on AttributesUnexamined
Ideas for ranger spells?Unexamined
Rise of Tiamat Products Unimpressive?Unexamined
General InformationUnexamined
Public Service AnnouncementUnexamined
Moral Quandaries for Fun & LootUnexamined
The Challenge Rating of Character ClassesUnexamined
Mystery MachineUnexamined
CR queryUnexamined
why vicious weapons are rare and +1 weapons are uncommons?Unexamined
Paladin HelpUnexamined
D&D slots!Unexamined
5eConditionsand Roll20Unexamined
New Roguish Archetype: SwashbucklerUnexamined
D&D Early Santa!!!Unexamined
Using the flavour text of spellsUnexamined
Forgotten Realms PodcastUnexamined
Suspicious Wizards EmailUnexamined
DMG: Recurring Symbols on Magic ItemsUnexamined
Why do you play 5th edition?Unexamined
Honor and SanityUnexamined
Christmas video from WotCUnexamined
CharOp: Melee Damage BenchmarkUnexamined
Variant Human vs DefaultUnexamined
OD&D vs 5EUnexamined
What Would You Play With These Stats?Unexamined
The Planar SubwayUnexamined
Step 1: Steal dragon eggs.Unexamined
calculating NPC cr.Unexamined
Microfeats ModuleUnexamined
Elven TrinketsUnexamined
Hirelings for 5th editionUnexamined
Wizards and RealismUnexamined
instrument proficiencyUnexamined
Adventure Suggestions/CommentsUnexamined
Twas the night before ChristmasD&D StyleUnexamined
Frigga's LamentUnexamined
More Thoughts on AttributesUnexamined
Fun EncountersUnexamined
5E DMG TypoUnexamined
OhOhOh... Merry Critmas!Unexamined
Quick and Dirty Shop StockingUnexamined
Character BuilderUnexamined
Do 5E characters lack depth?Unexamined
Facing and flanking rulesUnexamined
CR numbers not adding upUnexamined
5e Modern and SteampunkUnexamined
5e DMG typoUnexamined
leaving spell slots openUnexamined
Cheese or Fun?Unexamined
5E Character Builder?Unexamined
Must-Have's for InvestigationUnexamined
Creating the Archetype: The TrapperUnexamined
Gestalt CharactersUnexamined
5e in RetrospectUnexamined
D&D 5E TranslationsUnexamined
Who owns the copyright to early D&D and AD&D modules?Unexamined
Gish Thoughts 101Unexamined
The Ties That BindUnexamined
Pack GnomesUnexamined
Masterworked itemsUnexamined
Campaign 4: The Night Below/GreyhawkUnexamined
What Happened to Brian Morgen?Unexamined
D&D form fillable character sheetsUnexamined
What magic spell would you like IRLUnexamined
How to Interpret the RulesUnexamined
Writing on SpecUnexamined
Conceptualizing AttributesUnexamined
roleplaying the oath of the ancientsUnexamined
Divine FlavorUnexamined
Questions about Multiclassing?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
PCs bought Their 1st Magic ItemUnexamined
PCs bought Their 1st Magic ItemUnexamined
Race and Class Mix MatrixUnexamined
Question on sorcererNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
ddo or neverwinterUnexamined
Battle of the 5 Armies and the TruenamerUnexamined
Forgotten Realms changes 4th to 5thUnexamined
Uncharismatic paladin?Unexamined
Elemental Evil coversUnexamined
[PEACH] Hit Points and Hit Dice moduleHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Death Knight is CR 17!Unexamined
Vestige Bloodline Sorcerer....Help!Unexamined
AD&D/BECMI ConversionsUnexamined
PHB Missing Final PagesUnexamined
Amazing Edition!Unexamined
read magic and identify?Unexamined
ScaleThey Might Be Giants?Unexamined
DMG and Barnes and NobleUnexamined
DM screen?Unexamined
Player's Handbook bindingNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Module/Adventure SupportUnexamined
"5Ethe way the Bard has always been meant to be played."Unexamined
Dust in the WindUnexamined
Class as Attribute embodimentUnexamined
Thoughts on Making Sword and Board ViableUnexamined
Find Familiar TattooUnexamined
Experiences with a Druid.Unexamined
Bladesinger 5e HomebrewUnexamined
5th ed. My first Experience.Unexamined
D&D Livestream GameUnexamined
Need Me a Serpent GodUnexamined
Play by Forum here? Also: virtual tabletops?Unexamined
Creating the Archetype: The Arcane Lineage (the scholarly sorcerer)Unexamined
Character Sheets V3Unexamined
Auto-calculated character sheet & Complete spell list in excelUnexamined
THAC0 in the 5th EditionUnexamined
Actual Play TranscriptsUnexamined
Role-Playing Game Renaissance?Unexamined
Players Basic Rules in HTMLUnexamined
Tiefling QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
all saving throw effectsUnexamined
Twitch and DnDUnexamined
What program do you use to connect with your online group?Unexamined
Deck of Many DeedsUnexamined
What are some good 5th edition modules?Unexamined
Armor as Damage ReductionUnexamined
Building a Half-Giant (for Dark Sun)...Unexamined
Map creation programs.Unexamined
Free supplement: Adventures in HighwoldUnexamined
5 Despicable Ways To Kill Player's CharactersUnexamined
AC VariantsUnexamined
Any books similar to Menzoberranzan: City of Intrigue?Unexamined
Changes to some classesUnexamined
Toolkitting: Grittier deathwoundingand dying via ExhaustionUnexamined
Jaini's Expanded Weapon ListUnexamined
Lost Mines of Phandelver AdventureUnexamined
D&D 5e Combat – narrated video with minis and encounter mapUnexamined
What type of choice is this as a DM?Unexamined
Building a Thri-Kreen (for Dark Sun)...Unexamined
Random Encounter Tables - Anyone used them?Unexamined
If No Other PHBsThen What?Unexamined
What do people miss or wish was in 5e from previous editions?Unexamined
[Homebrew] Kensei Base ClassHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Random Thursday: Not All Monsters Are MonstersUnexamined
DM Screen - 5th editionUnexamined
The craziest item(s) you have ever given to a player(s)?Unexamined
finish HOTDQ tonightUnexamined
D&D 5e – Narrated video of roleplayingskillshealingand injuriesUnexamined
Boon from the Ghost of an Elven Arch-MageUnexamined
Awkward fumbles.Unexamined
Playing over SkypeUnexamined
What Makes an Interesting Adventure?Unexamined
Different character types across 3.5/4e/5eUnexamined
[Homebrew] Archbladefighter/wizard classHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Central MS gamer looking for groupUnexamined
Stoutheart HalflingsUnexamined
Two and a half months laterUnexamined
Still the End of the Beginning?Unexamined
DM & Players 102: Goals of PlayUnexamined
DMG - Monster by CR Damageis it off?Unexamined
5E Online 2ndUnexamined
5e Conversion of 0e/1e/2e/3e/4e AdventuresUnexamined
DM screen: "Encounter Distance"Unexamined
Everlasting Windows 10 and D&D 5EUnexamined
live stream of The Rise of Tiamat today at 3 PM PST.Unexamined
Looking For the Old (OLD) PodcastsUnexamined
There is no god(s)Unexamined
Where did the idea of Druid Wild Shape come from?Unexamined
WOTC Product Release Speculation Through 2018Unexamined
Elemental Evil and the D&D Adventurers LeagueUnexamined
5E Adventure Review: Reclaiming the Caves on the BorderlandsUnexamined
"Venom"a module for assassinsUnexamined
Hill/Mountain terrainClimb DCsand a Narrated VideoUnexamined
Houserule RangerUnexamined
Most Popular D&D classes through timeUnexamined
Just received my 5E DMGUnexamined
Strength is too weakUnexamined
Rss Feed?Unexamined
We need some more modules!Unexamined
What character level ranges are the books?Unexamined
D & D 5th Price?Unexamined
Rhenny's Ghost of Dragonspear Castle Campaign ContinuesUnexamined
Greed feeding campaignUnexamined
Leomund Tiny's HutUnexamined
Creating a Prestige Class: Sharn SkymageUnexamined
When did paladins start wielding divine magic?Unexamined
Bored of 5E Already?Unexamined
Beast MasterUnexamined
Greg Bilsland "And We’re Back…"Unexamined
D&D 5th edition needs a burst of Vigor!Unexamined
To Engineers: Decanter of Endless WaterUnexamined
Which of these should I buy?Unexamined
New FR Adventure Modules (old PC games)Unexamined
First D&D feedback survey is up.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
I'm looking for some awesome dice!Unexamined
False Identity: The PossibilitiesUnexamined
Bored of Bickering Already?Unexamined
Doppelgangers/Changelings for D&D 5th EditionUnexamined
How would you instagib a polymorphed enemy?Unexamined
Are Goliath's in this game?Unexamined
Your kick a@$ character!Unexamined
Show Me the Math (Threads)Unexamined
Kenku for D&D 5th EditionUnexamined
How is your PHB holding up?Unexamined
Framing & Dramatic Questions: Your Writing ChopsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Sombody who onlu played 4th reading 5th for the first timeUnexamined
Job LayoffsUnexamined
adventurer handbook not "not cancelled"No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Drow 5e; balancedunderpoweredbroken?Unexamined
February is DM Appreciation MonthUnexamined
The Best Adventures of Recent YearsUnexamined
Twitch show for people running tableto RPG showsUnexamined
Books starring Warlocks or Hexblades?Unexamined
Media Resources > WallpapersUnexamined
French TranslationUnexamined
My first encounter with Hoard of the Dragon Queen as a DM *spoilers*Unexamined
Campaign LogsUnexamined
Problems with the Forgotten Realms?Unexamined
Dual Classing in 5th EditionUnexamined
Unearthed Arcana: EberronNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
ORCCON - SoCal Game Con 2/13-2/16Unexamined
Dungeons and Dragons 5e Marketing Plans - Questions and SpeculationNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Upcoming 5e contentUnexamined
Upcoming 5e contentUnexamined
You know what would be useful?Unexamined
Icons of the Realms Miniatures QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DM ScreenUnexamined
Homebrew Unearthed Arcana: Dark SunHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Artificer (homebrew)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Errtu and BalorsUnexamined
Lets build Link from The Legend of Zelda!Unexamined
The Artificer Was an AD&D Subclass 1st BTWUnexamined
Making beast master worth it.Unexamined
Adventure – Search for the Lost WarriorUnexamined
Best 4e Adventure Modules (for 5th Adaptation)...Unexamined
The Cassalanter CodeUnexamined
Looking for Tyranny of Dragons logoUnexamined
Artificer ClassRevised: Rip Me A New OneUnexamined
Good adventure for Underdark JourneyUnexamined
tripple whammyUnexamined
Need a PEACH on a timeline for a homebrew campaign.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Dragons of Miryndir campaignUnexamined
Xantari's Night Below Adventure - Act 1Unexamined
My daughter (age 6) first D&D experience [5e]Unexamined
Magic items and value/price?Unexamined
D&D5e "Hoard of the Dragon Queen" Paukukalo Gamers Session reportsUnexamined
C&Ds for Online D&D 5E Character GeneratorsUnexamined
If you're gonna charge fifty bucks for a bookuse better glue.Unexamined
Core Book Boxed Set PleaseUnexamined
New Races: Lizardfolk a and NeanderthalUnexamined
Bridging Lost Mine of Phandelver and Hoard of the Dragon QueenUnexamined
Are the two Sundering adventures any good?Unexamined
FIGHTER: Because I'm a Student of WAR!!!Unexamined
Product Idea: monster tents!Unexamined
Emergency Investigative PowersUnexamined
Eberon race reworkUnexamined
Cleric Domain : Moon and StarsUnexamined
Less then an hour untill Miryndir: Session 1 startsUnexamined
Pathguy Chargen takedownUnexamined
Power Gamers & Concept GamersUnexamined
[Map] Cresthaven SewersUnexamined
Wizkid Tyranny of Dragons miniatures and future linesUnexamined
School of Bladesong (Arcane Tradition)Unexamined
Is it officially a success yet?Unexamined
D&D Next v D&D 5eUnexamined
Magic Item InconsistenciesUnexamined
Hey guys I have updated the Eternal Boundary Adventure to be run on 5th ed! I'd love some feed back.Unexamined
Forgotten Realms: Halfling SubracesUnexamined
Upside Down Monster ManualUnexamined
Dungeon Masters RoundtableUnexamined
More Backgrounds?Unexamined
Anyone running an online game?Unexamined
Is this really the sword of Kas?Unexamined
The Snow JobUnexamined
D&D StoryHelp!Unexamined
When the rules aren't followedUnexamined
Help? Need group? Leader?Unexamined
Archival module sleevesUnexamined
Which class is the most powerful?Unexamined
Playing the same adventure twice with different DMsUnexamined
HotDQ - Episode 1 (Cultists clothing)Unexamined
Lucky feat: overpowered?Unexamined
When is...Unexamined
D&D: Game vs SimulationUnexamined
5E Succeeded Beyond Expectations?Unexamined
The reason people are wondering about digital toolsUnexamined
Deep Gnome SubraceUnexamined
level 0 variantUnexamined
Hand Crossbow + Expert Crossbow FeatQuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Did I Miss the 5E Forgotten Realms Map? (contains spoilers)Unexamined
The 4th edition Invoker as a Bardic SubclassUnexamined
Would you like a fighting game based on this rule set?Unexamined
Please no Drizzt overload in 5epleaseUnexamined
Warlock - worst spell casting class everUnexamined
Philosophy Behind Rules and RulingsUnexamined
The Laughing Pig Tavern`Unexamined
Gnomes/Halflings and Large WeaponsUnexamined
Ancient Legacies:Cities and World BuildingUnexamined
I collect figuresbut...Unexamined
D&D Miniatures - Elemental EvilUnexamined
[Homebrew] New Wizard Tradition: Arcanist (Revised)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Helping finding 5e art.Unexamined
DnD Game Board?Unexamined
Boss Monsters are not just MonstersUnexamined
Reasons Why My Interest in 5e is WaningUnexamined
D&D next PC generatorUnexamined
5th Edition CampaignUnexamined
how i learned to stop worrying and love metagamingUnexamined
Mysterious WritingUnexamined
The Tactician: A 5th edition WarlordUnexamined
Top 4 Complaints About 5eUnexamined
Vancian System in 5eUnexamined
Castle NaerytarUnexamined
Running 5e at a local ConvetionUnexamined
Wizardawn Is Back Online!Unexamined
So... any word on those rules modules?Unexamined
4d6 Got me An 18 Now What?Unexamined
How do I Cancel my insider account?Unexamined
discussion about alignmentUnexamined
Fifth Edition Foes Monster BookUnexamined
Funny and Quick adventureUnexamined
My opinion on roll20and why Skype for everything?Unexamined
Genasi HomebrewHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Roll20 game posted!Unexamined
So What Is Actually Broken in 5E?Unexamined
OGL 5E Adventures.Unexamined
Brainstorming for a new Living CampaignUnexamined
Introducing Pykrete to High FantasyUnexamined
How Will You Rule?Unexamined
Slapstick sessionneed ideas!Unexamined
Any word on Dungeon Magazine?Unexamined
Behind the Screens: Campaign Backbone discussion threadUnexamined
What is your D&D tale.Unexamined
Airships and Boobies!!!Unexamined
Crafting scrolls & potionsUnexamined
Garl Glittergold is Lawful Good?Unexamined
LMoP & HotDQ: Too "Deadly"?Unexamined
Why is Hail of Thorns a concentration spell?Unexamined
Alloy of wood and metal: Chemistry broken.Unexamined
YesAnd: How Improv Makes You a Better DMUnexamined
Convergence of SlimeGelatinous CubeUnexamined
Why MonksDrowWarforged Are Banned BUT...Unexamined
D&D at Wizards - The Rise of Tiamat streamUnexamined
Quests Of Doom Preview OGL AdventuresUnexamined
How does something become D&D canon?Unexamined
Why are there so few books for 5th editionUnexamined
DMG Magic Item TablesUnexamined
More Modrons?Unexamined
ToEE Outline?Unexamined
Sohow do YOU read the rules?Unexamined
The few mechanical implications of AlignmentUnexamined
Is Warlock good early on?Unexamined
Any Rogue NovelsNOT AssassinsUnexamined
Monks like characters in Dragon Ball Z?Unexamined
gregbilsland live stream.Unexamined
Forgotten Realms booksUnexamined
Universal Solvent - Legendary?Unexamined
My Ideal Release ScheduleUnexamined
UNEARTHED ARCANA: WHEN ARMIES CLASHNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
FIFTH EDITION FEEDBACK SURVEYHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Quests of Doom Review. The OGL Provides Yet AgainUnexamined
The Gibberlingand other iconic missing monsters?Unexamined
Adjudicating MeleeUnexamined
elemental gruesUnexamined
House Ruling away concentration checksUnexamined
Twinned Haste?Unexamined
Moonshae IslesUnexamined
Tier the 40 subclasses from 1-5;)Unexamined
Grapple & FlowUnexamined
More Player Race Options?Unexamined
Dreams of the Red Wizards - A Campaign LogUnexamined
5e low levelsUnexamined
Attack of the Clones: SimulacrumUnexamined
Rudolph van Richten Ravenloft novels...Unexamined
Gygax and archetypesUnexamined
Interesting 5E PollUnexamined
General Rant & DiscussionUnexamined
Bounded Hit Points?Unexamined
Thread 2K!Unexamined
Manaclestoo weak?Unexamined
1 character4 classes5 levels from each classwhat would you choose?Unexamined
Homebrew 4e RacesUnexamined
Quests of Doom PlaythroughUnexamined
D&D Pax East Acquisitions Inc GameUnexamined
I love grapple as a DM.Unexamined
Design QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
New Electronic ToolsUnexamined
WOTC Website IssuesUnexamined
The Elemental Evil Player's Companion is up on DriveThruRPG nowUnexamined
A Great Wrong has been CorrectedUnexamined
Core books as PDF?Unexamined
Racial Feats as Level Adjustment?Unexamined
Red Box Solo Adventure - Conversion Playtest With 5E RulesUnexamined
Power Gamers Guide to Elemental Evil Players CompanionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
D&D 5E & Symbol TobogganUnexamined
Goliath CultureUnexamined
BMX bandit syndrome again?Unexamined
5th Ed. Legality on Posting Custom Modules Online?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need your help :)Unexamined
I don't understand why the new races were created the way they wereUnexamined
5th Edition ErrataUnexamined
Where is the content for D&D 5th edition in D&D Insider?Unexamined
Thank God These Spells ChangedUnexamined
Alternative to ConcentrationUnexamined
ThoughtsGame TheoryGame ReportUnexamined
Elemental Feats (homebrew)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
A Goblinan Orc and a Hobgoblin walk into a tavernUnexamined
Thought bubble for Animal CompanionsUnexamined
General rant and discssion against the RP playersUnexamined
Goliath race in the FRUnexamined
Death by fireand other taboosUnexamined
Rules Riddle 1: 5 Attacks Level 5.Unexamined
Power Gamers Guide to DamageNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A Custom Class I made (Persona User)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Updated Wastingx's 5e Character SheetUnexamined
A Better Beast Master RangerUnexamined
Spells That Could Stand ReformulationUnexamined
Elemental EvilUnexamined
Rhenny's Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle 5e Campaign - Session 14Unexamined
SORCERER! - Custom Sorcerous OriginFey Guardian/ Fairy Godparent (Feedback)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Bags within Bagswhat would you do?Unexamined
Getting rid of the +1sUnexamined
Genasi Redux (PEACH)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Kaiju Monsters?Unexamined
Transition between LMoP and PoA?Unexamined
Complete new Spellbook design (Fan Made)Unexamined
The Worst (Best?) TrapsUnexamined
Magic Items: Thoughts.Unexamined
[Insert Rant Here]Unexamined
Hate sneak attack. Explain it to me.Unexamined
New Campaign on Roll20 - Looking for PlayersUnexamined
Shifter ReduxUnexamined
New Spells I Absolutely LoveUnexamined
Why WoTC Can't Make Good Adventures.Unexamined
Thematic Build Theatre 1: Only the Avatar Can Master All 4 Elements...With My BOOMSTICK!Unexamined
Rebel Leadera rogue sub-class.Unexamined
Some interesting blogs from D&D writerUnexamined
Release date for PHB Errata PDF?Unexamined
The Tactician - a Fighter SubclassUnexamined
Path of Berserker (Trap) vs. Path of Totem Warrior (Not a Trap)Unexamined
Sword Coast Legends live stream.Unexamined
D&D 5e SRD? Does it exist andif sowhats in it?Unexamined
Forum Profile questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Firing into meleeUnexamined
The Scout Class (aka spell-less ranger)Unexamined
College of Lore: D&D Houserule LibraryUnexamined
Protection Domain for ClericsUnexamined
Improvising in D&DUnexamined
what if we remapped the six stats to the six senses ??Unexamined
For those interested in smaller moduelswhat about a module packet? Would you participate?Unexamined
Any Android apps useful for D&D?Unexamined
Role vs roll play sillinessUnexamined
5e Psionicist (or Psion)Unexamined
Trying to place this creatureUnexamined
Reading a d3Unexamined
The Marshal (everyone else is doing it!)Unexamined
More intrigue in your campaign?Unexamined
Princes of the ApocalypseUnexamined
My idea for Beast MastersUnexamined
Against the Giants Pt IIUnexamined
elemental bane & SorcerersUnexamined
Diversity of Weapons & ArmorUnexamined
So... What are the chances for people to submit ideas for publication?Unexamined
Where does Homebrew go?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
April Fools 1 Week AwayUnexamined
A Song Of Ice And FireUnexamined
Dungeons and Draft bar in Fort Collins ColoradoNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
D&D Conversion Guide Delay ExplanationNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
X2 Wands of Lighting Double Tap?Unexamined
Adventuring on the... elemental plane of air?Unexamined
Sword Coast Legends Twitch Live DemosUnexamined
Character Sheet SuggestionUnexamined
2 New Skills and a FeatNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Puck (a new race)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Hivemaster DruidUnexamined
PoA: another evil cult?Unexamined
Could I arm and armor my summoned undead?Unexamined
Character Race: MyconidUnexamined
For Pukunui & EckUnexamined
3D IdeasUnexamined
Desperation to playUnexamined
So who would like to see a Tarrasque Mini?Unexamined
Porting over Old School RulesUnexamined
Social pillarUnexamined
The Day the Story DiedUnexamined
Now What's the Reason? (Not Really A Rant)Unexamined
Paladin Spell Cards and Oath SpellsUnexamined
D&D MagazineUnexamined
D&D 5E at Emerald City ComiconUnexamined
Player Resources in Princes of the ApocalypseUnexamined
Tyranny of Dragons Minisdragon sizes?Unexamined
What do you think of Princes of the Apocalypse?Unexamined
The Fighter Level Dip?Unexamined
Fan Made Adventure Hooks for Princes of the ApocalypseUnexamined
Tieflings horns.Unexamined
What do you think of these new D&D grid tiles.Unexamined
Homebrew: Mechanically Unique Magic WeaponsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Chris Perkins InterviewUnexamined
Error - DuplicateNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Mario Does D&DUnexamined
Solo Adventures?Unexamined
Where is the digital support?Unexamined
DDI and 5th editionUnexamined
Module SupportUnexamined
Spying on Characters in D&DUnexamined
New Martial Archetype - Psychic WarriorNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Why are you trying to hurt me?Unexamined
Fluff of Editions PastUnexamined
How to determine if homebrew is balancedHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Class Balance and Some Thoughts.Unexamined
The D&D AddictionUnexamined
Luke Skywalker and D&DUnexamined
D&D ChampionshipUnexamined
DMs Thoughts on Magical ItemsUnexamined
My Psionic Classes 2.0 - The Psion- [PEACH]Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Would WotC ever offer books in .pdf format?fUnexamined
Magic Item Math of 5eUnexamined
Inspiration RevampedUnexamined
Just got Princes the Apocalypse [Setting question]No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
HotDQ - The Road from Greenest to ElturelUnexamined
nothing new for D&DUnexamined
escapist interview with Jeremy CrawfordUnexamined
WOTC "Modifying Classes" Unearthed ArcanaNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Hacking 5th edition.Unexamined
lack of plans posted on dungeons and dragonsUnexamined
Why won't WOTC tell us what they are up to?Unexamined
Updated Index SpreadsheetUnexamined
One Does Not Simply Live in Perpetuity...Unexamined
fantasygrounds Officially Licensed D&D ProductsUnexamined
Prince of the Apocalypse questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Avenger (inspired by UA: Modifying Classes)Unexamined
Stuff about starting levels.Unexamined
Custom Character SheetsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Jeremy Crawford INterviewUnexamined
The Scoundrel: Recreating the 4th edition rogueUnexamined
Who awards other players with thier inspiration?Unexamined
awesomest D&D experience ever!Unexamined
We're Gonna Need a Montage!Unexamined
Psionic 5° editionUnexamined
Psionic archetyper for RogueUnexamined
What is D&D 5th edition good for ?Unexamined
D&D 5e First Place on Roll20 (Q1)Unexamined
New Dungeon Terrain SetUnexamined
Dear WotC: what we want is a character builder.Unexamined
Player communication software question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
armor saving throwUnexamined
My Psionic Classes 2.0 - The Vanguard - [PEACH]Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Custom Race and ClassNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Drepository of DM creationsUnexamined
Problems with Princes of the ApocalypseUnexamined
Free 3rd Party 5e CampaignUnexamined
Pillars of eternity proves their IS a market for authentic D&D PC gamesUnexamined
My Psionic Classes 2.0 - The Empath - [PEACH]Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Rhenny's Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle 5e Campaign - Session 16Unexamined
D&D 5eUnexamined
Behind The Screens Article - "My New D20 Modern Campaign"Unexamined
Tyranny vs PrincesUnexamined
Monsters of 'Princes of the Apocalypse'Unexamined
Question About Recording Info During CampaignsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
5e breaks 3x sales recordsnothing but FR for as far as the eye can seeUnexamined
Partying with the sayters!Unexamined
What do you want in a rule system?Unexamined
Princes of the Apocalypse Adventure SupplementUnexamined
Anybody convert Scales of War/Keep on the ShadowfellUnexamined
The Realms WILL be updated.Unexamined
Idea: Less lethal attackUnexamined
What is so forgotten about the realms?Unexamined
Free RPG Day 2015Unexamined
No one to start playing with?Unexamined
Elemental Evil - Another Take...Unexamined
Where can I share this cool product I'm working on?Unexamined
[5e FR/D&D] The drow deities Eilistraee and Vhaeraun are alive in 5th edition.Unexamined
Product Suggestion: Worlds Of D&DUnexamined
A question about a career in TRPGsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Adjudications (Blood Bowl?)Unexamined
Non Lawful Good Paladin'sUnexamined
ampaign settings and rules moduals.Unexamined
Printed EE Player's CompanionUnexamined
How to play 5E Dungeons & Dragons VideoUnexamined
What Would You Steal From 5E?Unexamined
Justification for low ability scoresUnexamined
Tempest domainUnexamined
Additional class optionsUnexamined
Inflict wounds and warcasterUnexamined
Being Everything ElseUnexamined
What animal are you?Unexamined
Warcaster Class- FeedbackHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
5e Rappan AthukUnexamined
Micro Feats ModuleUnexamined
Rhenny's Princes of the Apocalypse Campaign - UpdatedUnexamined
Play-By-Forum Game : ProposalUnexamined
Module - Natural Ability Score ProgressionUnexamined
OSR and 5EUnexamined
Kind of paper in the booksUnexamined
A Ravenloft questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Tying in player hooksUnexamined
Site SurveyUnexamined
A Viking AdventureUnexamined
5E Art GalleriesUnexamined
Behind the Screens: Random TablesUnexamined
A Hoard to Remember: Tyranny of Dragons Campaign LogUnexamined
Obsolete Classes From Previous Editions?Unexamined
The Razing of RefugeUnexamined
NatureSurvival AND Animal Handling?Unexamined
Game design: Spell Concentration and inconsistancesUnexamined
OSR Drow RevampUnexamined
The Black Ruins (FREE adventure download)Unexamined
PHB Physical Quality IssueUnexamined
Lvl 5 PCs + Princes of the ApocalypseUnexamined
2E Modular Ideas in 5EUnexamined
New Survey/ResultsUnexamined
Criticizing the PHBUnexamined
What is the best Paladin Oath to takemechanically speaking?Unexamined
I returned my copy of Princes of the Apocalypse to my FLGSUnexamined
So when are we going to get more important surveys?Unexamined
Attackdefense: superiority?Unexamined
Some Advantage/Disadvantage Math AnalysisUnexamined
Does Stoneskin stack with Rage?Unexamined
Aarakocra: Is a fly speed actually overpowered?Unexamined
My favorite races!Unexamined
Elemental Evil: TrinketsUnexamined
5e Swordmage Class [PEACH]Unexamined
Help on Generic Archer NPCUnexamined
Custom MinaturesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Interactive D&D YouTube Adventure — A Star Above the Changing WindsUnexamined
Giving a player "Hulk Buster" armor HotDQ SpoilersUnexamined
Things I Look for In a Good AdventureUnexamined
Adding buckler/light shield and tower shield into equipment.Unexamined
The World of Farland for 5EUnexamined
Good and bad stuff about the DMG and the MMUnexamined
Redundant proficiencies and with what to replace them?Unexamined
Explaining the D&D Release ScheduleUnexamined
DND 5E PodcastUnexamined
Achievement UnlockedUnexamined
Potential New Player - Some QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Unearthed Arcana: Waterborne AdventuresUnexamined
Multiple Attacks vs. Improved AttacksUnexamined
Sean K Reynolds is back!Unexamined
Search is Hard: What kind of action is it to pick up a weapon?Unexamined
SpellJammer 5e?Unexamined
D&D and the metric systemUnexamined
Origins Item Trading PostUnexamined
Not another beast master threadUnexamined
Genasi Dragon Heritage Sorc?Unexamined
If you could change anything about any of the races...Unexamined
Next Adventure: Out of the Abyss (Rage of Demons)Unexamined
Pirates and Merchant RepublcsUnexamined
Rage of Demons SpeculationUnexamined
How do I get Dragon+ on my PC?Unexamined
D&D Stream 3 parties one campaign!Unexamined
What do you think Drizzt's stats will be?Unexamined
5E miniatureswhy randomized??Unexamined
The Other ClassesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DnD Classes in Popular FictionUnexamined
Worldwide Dungeons & Dragons Gameday 2015Unexamined
A different kind of trouble with demons!Unexamined
Unearthed Arcana: What do we want next?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What classes/sub-classes would you like to see added?Unexamined
compact character sheetUnexamined
The new Swashbuckler is a jokeUnexamined
Rhenny's PotA Campaign - Session 3Unexamined
A funny thing happened at Feathergale Spire (Elemental Evil Spoilers)Unexamined
Drizzt Do' Urden Stat BlockUnexamined
D&D at GenConUnexamined
The Problem With the 5e Adventures So FarUnexamined
(Homebrew) Dragon warriorHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Plot PointsUnexamined
How do I download AL Adventures?Unexamined
PotA: Monster VarietyUnexamined
Mobile Site...Unexamined
The gross difference between D&D 3.5;Pathfinder vs D&D 5thUnexamined
Saving throws broken?Unexamined
Earthbound Aarakocra: more flavormore balancedUnexamined
Holy Trinity is 52% OffUnexamined
In your opinionwhat is the best Thief class?Unexamined
Anything Goes Kitchen Sink Game?Unexamined
College of Artifice (Alt to UA Artificer)Unexamined
What do the 6 ability scores represent?Unexamined
Birdmen (Modified Aarakocra)Unexamined
Horde of the dragon queen distanceUnexamined
Gnolls as PC RaceUnexamined
Instead of templates giving a bonusshould they just increase your max potential?Unexamined
Goliat Dragon+Unexamined
if you could change anything about any of the classes....Unexamined
Playing around with the CR calculatorUnexamined
Latest World of Farland UpdatesUnexamined
Princes of the Apocalypse questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Questions on the Unearthed ArcanaNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What is a Justicar?Unexamined
Can the published adventures be easily adapted in to settings that aren't FR?Unexamined
Why doesn't 5th edition have psiionicsUnexamined
DMG Urban Encounter Table--where do I submit a bug report?Unexamined
Drizzt Vs Dragonlance: The OriginalsUnexamined
Let's build The Phantom from Phantom of the Opera!Unexamined
Why weren't aasimars included in the phbUnexamined
Ventnor's Dark Sun WorkaroundUnexamined
XP From TreasureUnexamined
Barbarian sub-classthe Warden1/3rd casterUnexamined
How much desire is there for Alternative Wildshape and Animal Companions?Unexamined
Dragon+ AccessUnexamined
New 5E Campaign Setting?Unexamined
Stackingand other obsolete terms in 5eUnexamined
Eldritch knights suck? I don't see it.Unexamined
Would goblins use torches?Unexamined
Two Weapon Fighting (style) analysisUnexamined
Champions Suck!!!!!1!!!oneUnexamined
WRECAN has been immortalized in OOTSUnexamined
(Homebrew) Sorcerer Fiend archtypeHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
HOMEBREW - 5e Dragon Shaman (version 1.0)Unexamined
New races for PCs in Rage of Demon season!Unexamined
Is this hacking?Unexamined
Gamex - SoCal Game Convention This Weekend!Unexamined
Why Mulmaster & Dessarin Valley?Unexamined
What would a EK only spell look like and what sort of effects would be seen?Unexamined
Goodbye From Rodney ThompsonUnexamined
DND 5E. The Edition Wizards Were Waiting ForUnexamined
2 different Wands of Magic MissilesUnexamined
Not only should they have spell cardsthey should have ability cards!Unexamined
Class specific SpellsUnexamined
Should the Eldritch Knight be able to magically charge a weapon?Unexamined
Combat is Not a PunishmentUnexamined
Hoard of the Dragon Queen: session 3 or 4I forgot... (spoilers)Unexamined
Labyrinth of Madness Conversion?Unexamined
The Problem With Gish 2.0Unexamined
Traps Everywhere!Unexamined
Assassins NightUnexamined
Online Tools??Unexamined
Potential areas of fluff focusUnexamined
New skill: Human echolocalitation.Unexamined
What should I do with these magical items?Unexamined
Party Composition and Thoughts 8 Months In.Unexamined
New Dice App!Unexamined
Deep ImaskariUnexamined
Goliath's potential strengthUnexamined
Good Idea?Unexamined
Demi Human GodsUnexamined
On Rise of Tiamat after Hoard of the Dragon QueenUnexamined
Demihumans. Old school?Unexamined
LF DM 5eUnexamined
Why can't arcane casters heal?Unexamined
4th Ed. Monster Conversions? Guidelines?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
By subscription only Dungeon/Dragon hardcopy magazines?Unexamined
April Survey Results & May Survey Ready!Unexamined
Weird gaming quirks?Unexamined
Golden Block: MarioUnexamined
Chaos Sorcerera Very Short StoryUnexamined
The Good Ship Frosty [Campaign Journal]Unexamined
Gnomes not good enough for grognardUnexamined
Cambion CharactersUnexamined
Article : you-got-science-my-fantasyUnexamined
Advice on new campaign neededUnexamined
INT annoyance.Unexamined
Anyone Else Miss The Old AD&D Wish SpellUnexamined
Way of the InkTattoo Monk PathUnexamined
Dragon +: I think Wizards has dropped the ball on this one.Unexamined
Quiz - Elemental CultUnexamined
5e review from Hack & SlashUnexamined
Those Baldurs Gate comics with MinscUnexamined
Two Weapon Fighting House Rules?Unexamined
Is this feat overpowered?Unexamined
Pay the Dwarven PriceUnexamined
What is your most memorable wish?Unexamined
Alternate Concentration rule/featUnexamined
+2 Weapon at level 3?Unexamined
Dwarven Pantheon for HomebrewHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
MAS: AngryGM on GMing & Fear of Bad GMsUnexamined
Clone Background: How Can I Improve This?Unexamined
Which Elemental Cult Should You Join? GM ImageUnexamined
Reflections on punishment and reward.Unexamined
Just re-read Against the Giants - Rejigging old TSR modules a challengeUnexamined
Community Module: For Fun!Unexamined
Weapon enhancing spellsUnexamined
I really wish the Player's Handbook had the spells divided by levelinstead of alphabetically...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What classes do you want to play?Unexamined
Bless is OP 2.0Unexamined
Had a thought on PsionicsUnexamined
Blood Witch Warlock PactUnexamined
How do you think Fantasy Grounds is getting on?Unexamined
Simplified Critical Needs to be an OptionUnexamined
DMG Printed Upside down :(Unexamined
Tyranny of Dragons: What Came BeforeUnexamined
Looking for a good online templateUnexamined
Hoard of the Dragon Queen: session number 67? *spoilers*Unexamined
Custom item properties: Including my reputation system.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Any Demand for the Following 2E Conversions?Unexamined
Who has fought a...?Unexamined
Ashes of Valkana: can we have the same for DnD?Unexamined
Big List of D&D 5e Adventures:Unexamined
Hate ConcentrationUnexamined
5E and OSR D&DUnexamined
d20 Tactical - A Complete 5th Edition Modern SupplementUnexamined
Night Stalker (homebrew rogue sub-class); please PEACHHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Blue Mage archetypeUnexamined
errata almost upUnexamined
new variant rulesUnexamined
Dynamic Saving ThrowsUnexamined
Critical Hits: Why not double?Unexamined
New Unearthed Arcana: Variant Rules.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Psion HomebrewHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Universal Bonus ActionsUnexamined
New official sub classNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
HotDQ: Is Rezmir a he or a she?Unexamined
Thoughts on New Issue of Dragon+Unexamined
1 Year Later5e is still in NYT best sellerUnexamined
Basic Rules issuesUnexamined
Dragon+ problemUnexamined
Let's create a Dungeons and Dragons fighting game!Unexamined
South East Asian and East Asian Themed SupplementUnexamined
I6 Ravenloft Conversion.Unexamined
New PHB PrintingUnexamined
What level 1 Arcane spell would you choose to cast at will?Unexamined
MystaraFree Campaign for Basic RulesUnexamined
Ideas for New SettingsUnexamined
New Core Rule BooksNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Adding a pic to 5e character sheetUnexamined
Darksun Place Holder Game?Unexamined
Wizards premade character questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Challenge Rating and Player CharactersUnexamined
5e Module RecommendationsUnexamined
Anacronym helpUnexamined
What D&D R&D Needs to Focus On NextUnexamined
Academic Research Paper on Participation in D&DUnexamined
Subclasses: Kensei and Slayer; what class?Unexamined
Accidentally Becoming a GodUnexamined
Kobold Powah!!Unexamined
Adventure Path length and pacing?Unexamined
LMoP - PCs recruiting NPCsUnexamined
No magic item campaigns in 5E?Unexamined
D&D 5e Players Handbook PDFUnexamined
My D&D WishlistUnexamined
More Magic Item AttunementUnexamined
Almost a Year In And the Cracks Are Starting to Show.Unexamined
New PHB typoUnexamined
Ye Olde Fantasy TropesUnexamined
"Real" AlignmentsUnexamined
More 5e ContentUnexamined
West marches campaignUnexamined
Games with non-fantasy aspects?Unexamined
Half Giant Athasian. 2E ConversionUnexamined
Divine Subclasses - Fighter and Rogue (PEACH)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Help Me Finish This AdventureUnexamined
(6/22) Sage Advice: Rules RoundupUnexamined
Why The Beastmaster Ranger SucksUnexamined
Dragonlance Campaign Setting for 5th EditionUnexamined
Shroom to GrowUnexamined
Slave Lords Playtest Materials?Unexamined
NO Spell Ranger modificationsUnexamined
Digital Tools SupportUnexamined
Moon Druid Hotfix!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Need help finding a minature for my BardUnexamined
How to multi-archetypeUnexamined
Has Anyone Heard Anything About 5e Monster Cards?Unexamined
The worst thing about playing a bardUnexamined
Form tillable sheetsUnexamined
Vibranium Shield - New Magic ItemUnexamined
Question for Fans of the 5E Healing Rate?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Weapons Error-ettaUnexamined
I want to take a crack at making a 5e warlord classUnexamined
Sane Magic Item PricesUnexamined
Player kills 300 bats in one turngains 3000 EXPUnexamined
Mike Mearls talk about Silence on Release ScheduleUnexamined
How do you handle map drawing?Unexamined
5e Warlord Class [Peach]Unexamined
Images evoked by spellsUnexamined
A list of spells that can be cast as Bonus ActionsUnexamined
New Direction? Future releases for D&D.Unexamined
June SurveyUnexamined
Rage of DemonsStat Blocks and Warlock PatronsUnexamined
Marshal/Warlord/Whateverversion 4.25.2Unexamined
Good Bloat Vs Bad Bloat (With Examples)Unexamined
Exotic Races opinionsUnexamined
Witcher HomebrewHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Using the Complete Books with 5thUnexamined
D&D Expeditionsstoryline?Unexamined
Languages in Elvishorcish ect.Unexamined
The Tiamat FR BackstoryUnexamined
Happy Birthday D&D 5e!!!Unexamined
Resistance should Provide Minor ImmunityUnexamined
Thank you to 5e and the wotc communityUnexamined
New Web Tool: Encounter Challenge CalculatorUnexamined
UA: PsionicsUnexamined
HotDQ Exp amountsUnexamined
Monster Manual 2Unexamined
Please Help* DMG Question about HP for CRNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Should the Psionic be similar to the Sorcerer?Unexamined
New to gameUnexamined
D&D: Mass EffectUnexamined
Adding few weapons to the armory.Unexamined
Fan-Created AdventuresUnexamined
Why Darksun Should Be BrokenUnexamined
Poll: Would you like to see a new world?Unexamined
Monkey BusinessUnexamined
Introducing SpelljammerUnexamined
Legendary ResistanceUnexamined
Question to wearers of real plate armorNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dungeon and Dragons PhysicsUnexamined
2E Overhaul Using 5E?Unexamined
Where are the conversion guides?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DnD Podcast.Unexamined
Fantasy groundUnexamined
5th Edition SciFiUnexamined
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5E Halflings: pointy ears or not?Unexamined
Legendary Planet adventure path from Legendary GamesUnexamined
Sanctioned In-home playUnexamined
What is your favorite type of adventure?Unexamined
The Ranger: Reloaded (PEACH)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
New to DnDUnexamined
The Making of The Sacred FistUnexamined
Does The Horde of the Dragon Queen figure in the encounter multiplier? CH 3room 10was 81% past the deadly threshold for us.Unexamined
When armies clashUnexamined
What would you rather havethe sequel. 1d12; 2d6; 3d4?Unexamined
If D&D added a d14d16and d18would you be opposed to this?Unexamined
Translucent Red Dice with Black Numbers??Unexamined
Campaign Setting WikisUnexamined
Rhenny's Princes of the Apocalypse Campaign - Session 5 UpdateUnexamined
Ranger from the Ground UpUnexamined
Real World Loose PantheonsUnexamined
Termen: A player character insect raceUnexamined
My feedback to WotC on 5eUnexamined
PHB falling apartUnexamined
A new kind of virtual battlemat: Welcome to the City Sewers!Unexamined
Difficult TerRangerUnexamined
Introducing the Players Option SeriesUnexamined
New Druid Wildshape: Planning StagesUnexamined
Real Life Knights 101 and D&D.Unexamined
My Tyranny of DragonsUnexamined
Sage Advice July 2015 - Rules AnswersUnexamined
What if they came out with a Monster Races/Classes PHBwould you buy it?Unexamined
Menzzoberenzan supplement?Unexamined
The cost of magic weaponsand armor.Unexamined
D&D Classics?Unexamined
D&D Classics?Unexamined
My Homebrew KenseiHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Finally we get a FRCS (light)Unexamined
Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide Announced!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dragonborn and dragon resilienceUnexamined
Princes of the Apocalypse NPC ListUnexamined
My experience with D&D 5eUnexamined
Shaman class interestUnexamined
Rogue Modron (PEACH)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Rhenny's Princes of the Apocalypse Campaign Session 6Unexamined
What Would Kratos Be?Unexamined
Chameleon X's 5e Monster RacesUnexamined
planar adventuresUnexamined
Blackguard (need a PEACH)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Medusaa monstrous PC race (PEACH)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Scaling on common itemsUnexamined
1E to 5E Conversion?Unexamined
Hardcover + Fantasy Grounds Module BundleUnexamined
On Metagaming & Sub-Optimal Decision-MakingUnexamined
Frenzy house rule?Unexamined
Should WOTC Survey on Future Product Demandand if so what should they ask?Unexamined
Sohow about those level 17 Half-Orc Barbarians wielding a Greataxe?Unexamined
is a campaign setting necessary?Unexamined
The Ruins of Nol Daer (Dungeon 13) 1E ConversionUnexamined
New D&D Monthly Survey: Mystics & PsionicsUnexamined
Article ProblemsUnexamined
Lawful alignmentsUnexamined
What CR is This Monster?Unexamined
Introducing Mac Daer (PEACH)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The Rise and Fall of the Campaign SettingUnexamined
Dual-Class Caster Rules (PEACH)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
How to kill a fellow player's character?Unexamined
New Character Creation MethodUnexamined
Soutland Heroes PDFUnexamined
Fan publishingUnexamined
Good 1st Level AdventuresUnexamined
Twelve Labors: A D&D OdysseyUnexamined
ENnie love for D&DUnexamined
demons are coming!Unexamined
Homebrew ClassHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
My players are going to get messed up...Unexamined
Mike Mearls on stuff... (Tome Show interview from GenCon)Unexamined
SorcererSylvan Bloodline.Unexamined
5E=Boost of $10 Million Dollars+?Unexamined
D&D 5th Revised???!!!Unexamined
Wood Elf & Lightfoot Halfling Hiding RulesUnexamined
Modern MagicUnexamined
Falling Damage RevisitedUnexamined
Forgotten Realms coming to the Big Screen via Warner BrosUnexamined
DnD movie set in the Forgotten RealmsUnexamined
Does the Dragon + app work on a Windows tablet?Unexamined
Laughing Birds and Horrific FliesUnexamined
A Dream of Galastaire - Free Campaign SettingUnexamined
FantasyGen - Name Generator for iOSUnexamined
What the Hell is That?!Unexamined
The Jungle of Dread - DM Playtesters NeededUnexamined
Expert Hunter (Change to Ranger)Unexamined
Help me source this dragon?Unexamined
I wish to make a globe for my game world!Unexamined
Are You Playing D&D the Right Way?Unexamined
good high-level adventures?Unexamined
Kid-Friendly MMUnexamined
Die-rolling in RPGs - what does it actually mean?Unexamined
first level 5e greyhawk adventure?Unexamined
Crawford on lots of stuff (Tome Show)Unexamined
Spelljammer BooksUnexamined
Dan Helmick says "if you want more D&D Modern rulesask WotC"Unexamined
Level above 20thBECMI styleUnexamined
Knight [Fighter Subclass]Unexamined
Fairy Folk Race (Pixies and Sprites as playable PC); Updated.Unexamined
Death to Flavor Text!!11Unexamined
Sesheyan Player Character RaceUnexamined
Spelljammer 5E WoTC boards project.Unexamined
Last night's sidequest Extravaganza Bonanza!Unexamined
The good guy turned me evilUnexamined
Scro (Space Orc) PEACHHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Init Cards (as in a deck)Unexamined
"The game worked fine for 30+ years without concentration!"--Noit didn't.Unexamined
Don't like Bird man armor restrictionslooking for alternativesUnexamined
Best Carriers for PlayersUnexamined
Hobgoblin martial advantage damageNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dispel FatigueUnexamined
Homebrew Races: Bandar-log & KenkuHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
An Open Discussion of 5e: VaguenessErrorsVariationand Fun?Unexamined
I have given my players a few minor artifacts.Unexamined
Variant Beast Master RangerUnexamined
Sound Track for Sword Coast Legends AvailabilityUnexamined
Help Game Designer Jim Ward With Medical CostsUnexamined
Optional Rule: Flaws for FeatsUnexamined
An Actual Adventure I Would Pay Good Money ForUnexamined
Why D&D Doesn't Need Concentration and the Game Worked Fine for 30+ YearsUnexamined
Are Sorcerers just a class?Unexamined
Start Character Backgrounds in LMoPUnexamined
Can somebody tell WotC about the Basic Rules PDF size bloat?Unexamined
D&D 5e and new playersUnexamined
Why do they always make lions weaker than tigers?Unexamined
Would You Edit the Weapon Table If You Could?Unexamined
Sowhat are YOU playing right now?Unexamined
"Monster" Race StatsUnexamined
New Dragon+ adventureUnexamined
Half Orc Champion or Barbarian?Unexamined
Spelljammer AP Brainstorm?Unexamined
Anyone ever led armies in campaigns?Unexamined
D&D Table of Contents and Appendixmissing or simply awful?Unexamined
Slayer (Fighter Sublcass)Unexamined
Would You Allow This?Unexamined
Zuggtmoy preview from Out of the AbyssUnexamined
Stealth situation questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Elemental Evil Weapons - Dominate MonsterUnexamined
Ranger: more a Fighteror a Rogue?Unexamined
Spell cardsUnexamined
New Black Powder GodsUnexamined
Non-castersconcentrationand bonus actionsUnexamined
Quests of Doom 2Unexamined
Marmoreal Tomb KickstarterUnexamined
Primeval Thule Kickstarter ending...Unexamined
No Delay Action & Other Sage AdviceUnexamined
Adventure modules: for players or DMs?Unexamined
Cross Class Same School Feat?Unexamined
Removal of the delay your actionUnexamined
HP scalingUnexamined
Hunter RangersUnexamined
who's the artist? (gnome on page 37 of PHB)Unexamined
Map Exploration KickstarterUnexamined
How are 3rd party companies producing stuff for 5e?Unexamined
Some tweetsUnexamined
Warlock: Pact of the BladeInvocationsand MoreUnexamined
Underdark OutpostsUnexamined
Edhellond Chronicles Episode 1Unexamined
Why is the Monster Manual not divided by Challenge Rating?Unexamined
Monster Cards anyone?Unexamined
Rocket QueenUnexamined
24 hour Extralife stream.Unexamined
Update to 5e?Unexamined
How To Break 5EUnexamined
New Monster Manuals vs hardback Campaign modulesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Will there be a reprint of the starter player mini sets?Unexamined
Would you want Advantage on Attacks for doing less damage? How about Disadvantage against you for less range?Unexamined
Rhenny's Princes of the Apocalypse Session 7Unexamined
Sun Sorcerer?Unexamined
Help me help our cleric.Unexamined
Kick em? Or get good?Unexamined
Wands of Viscid GlobsUnexamined
I'm a new player any tips?Unexamined
Monk: Way of the LeafUnexamined
AD&D Spell Conversion Requires Concentration Yay/Nay?Unexamined
The Sunless CitadelUnexamined
item ideaFist of KordUnexamined
Why does WOTC Hate Angels?Unexamined
Help with a cleric variantUnexamined
Monster SummoningUnexamined
What would break if I allowed this? Arcane Trickster/Eldritch Knight VariantUnexamined
PHB Collector's Edition?Unexamined
Cursed ItemsUnexamined
Question from a newbNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Out of the Abyss DerroUnexamined
Exploding Damage Dice [House Rule]Unexamined
Gateway '15 - SoCal Convention Labor Day WeekendUnexamined
think we will ever see Alicorns in d&d?Unexamined
New Preview for Out of the AbyssUnexamined
New Beast Master Ranger: Alpha Test?Unexamined
Attribute RevisionsUnexamined
Happy 10th Birthday Pun-Pun!Unexamined
Orcus Out of Abyss Stat BlockUnexamined
The Seemingly Inherent Flaw with RPUnexamined
holy crapmy game just exploded (in a good way)!Unexamined
Custom Ichora Race - Thoughts?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
this years D&D Live with Acquisitions IncUnexamined
SPOILERS I was killed by TiamatUnexamined
Having trouble understanding setting for RoD and pantheonUnexamined
D&D Spellbook Cards -- ErrorsUnexamined
Arkhosia and BaelTurath in Faerun??Unexamined
Working on a Vampire ClassUnexamined
Quick Variant Concentration: How bad?Unexamined
What's In A Character Sheet?Unexamined
storm sorcerer tweeksUnexamined
conversion documentsUnexamined
Changing HAMUnexamined
TWF TweakUnexamined
Conjure FiendUnexamined
What to play after finishing the D&D Starter Set - new blog postUnexamined
Looking for house rules on Barbarian RageUnexamined
War Magic?Unexamined
Dream Team for Rage of Demons?Unexamined
Feat: WingsUnexamined
Sohas anyone found any rules from Shadows of the Demon Lord they might rip-off for 5th?Unexamined
Rage of Demons Player Options?Unexamined
Out of the Abyss - just picked mine upUnexamined
Monk Archer?Unexamined
Wealthand other optional rules for Nobility CampaignsUnexamined
Rougue 5thUnexamined
PH Artist IDUnexamined
Updated 5e IndexesUnexamined
Cooking Meals In A DungeonUnexamined
Party Healing (Points Based)Unexamined
Zeitgeist MapsUnexamined
Princes of the Apocalypse Elemental EyeUnexamined
Wild ShapePolymorphand Balance?Unexamined
Out of the Abyss - Pictures of NPCsUnexamined
Team Brainstorm: Underdark DruidUnexamined
guardian of sorrowsUnexamined
Variant Wild Shape: First DraftUnexamined
September UA: RangerUnexamined
double whip?Unexamined
iPad sheetsUnexamined
my proposed ranger/animal companion fixHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
New Ranger suggestionsUnexamined
Another Variant RangerUnexamined
Okayreally: What IS the Ranger?Unexamined
Ye Olde Rangers (1E-4E)Unexamined
New Rage of Demons minis are out!!Unexamined
Yet another ranger thread. How to rewrite rangers low level features to be more usefull and generalized.Unexamined
Survey Results and New SurveyUnexamined
My Ranger 2.0 Redesign [PEACH]Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
what systems in 5th could be explored more ?Unexamined
The Woodsman: Another New Take on RangersUnexamined
Fantasy Rome Campaign Setting (Alt History)Unexamined
Rhenny's Princes of the Apocalypse Campaign Session 8Unexamined
Are all PC races "humanoid"?Unexamined
D&D ClassicsUnexamined
The Ultimate Ranger Thread to End All Ranger Threadsof Doom!Unexamined
[Homebrew] Ursa (Race)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
[Homebrew] Prinny (Race)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
A little Fighter ability (Whatnot a Ranger thread?)Unexamined
Digital 5e: Now my mom is playing D&D and FROTHING FURIOUS RAGEUnexamined
The new PHBUnexamined
Time for Adventure! (a homebrew campaign log)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Ranger as guerrilla warlord.Unexamined
WotC: Please open up a Ranger Sub-ForumUnexamined
Hot RPGs Talk 5E 1st PLaceUnexamined
About a TermAgencyUnexamined
new weapon and damage systemplease reviewUnexamined
Spoiler-light question for someone who's read OotA?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Ranger Fixes (satire)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Foxface is back for some help just in time for the forums to shut down! YAY!Unexamined
HELP! Where to go after these forums close?Unexamined
A new beginningUnexamined
Trevor Kidd on Why the Forums Are Closing DownUnexamined
Can You Twin a Flaming Sphere?Unexamined
Podcast on itunesUnexamined
Days Long RememberedUnexamined
See you lot around.Unexamined
Slight sense of betrayal?Unexamined
Ranger modificationUnexamined
WOTC --> EN World Thread Transfer ToolUnexamined
All's well that ends well...Unexamined
Staff of SongbirdsUnexamined
Favored Enemy opinionUnexamined
Why is Charm Monster Absent from 5th edition?Unexamined
Dan Hass Kickstarter Ending soonUnexamined
Why I Gave ENworld Mah MoneyUnexamined
Strength MonkUnexamined
Elemental Spellbook Cards SymbolsUnexamined
Sword Coast Adventurers Guide IndexNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
an idea for a D&D ComicUnexamined
We Need Multi Language Deployment of D&D5th.Please cooperate!Unexamined