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monk minmax creation guideUnexamined
Weak arcane spells that *YOU* can make strong.Unexamined
The 3.5 Ranger Thread (2nd posting)Unexamined
The Character Optimization Board FAQ (Link to Library)Unexamined
Hulking Hurler buildUnexamined
Machine Gun RogueUnexamined
The Complete Warrior Build ThreadUnexamined
The Single Class Builds ThreadUnexamined
Fighter-20: The "Gatling Chain Gun" TripperUnexamined
[3.5]Forms for Alter SelfUnexamined
Character Optimization Board 3.5 Build FAQUnexamined
The Comprehensive Summoning Thread (Work in Progress)Unexamined
The king of smack.Unexamined
new build: The Cheater of MystraUnexamined
Optimized ArtificerUnexamined
Best tank PrC EVARNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Druid Spell CombosUnexamined
Shadowcraft Illusionist = Killer Gnome!Unexamined
The 3.5 CO Board Thread of World RecordsUnexamined
Stealing stuff. The Easy way.Unexamined
Character Build Spotlight: GishUnexamined
X stat to Y bonusUnexamined
Monk DamageUnexamined
Chameleon CompilationUnexamined
Enlightened Fist Optimization [Long]Unexamined
Tools for Fochlucan Lyrist BuildsUnexamined
The 3.5 Breaking and Entering ThreadUnexamined
Warlock HandbookUnexamined
Persistant Spell List and FAQUnexamined
X-men's Jean Greyor how to be silly with MotUHUnexamined
Comprehensive Guide to TurningUnexamined
Hmmkind of a humourous challenge. :PIdeas
Let's Play CatchUnexamined
[Updated] Nanobots Conquer D&D (ACAttackand Skill Records)Unexamined
The big guy is with me (psicrystal build)Unexamined
New Build and Challenge: The Twice-Betrayer of SharIdeas
Some handy links for CO workUnexamined
The most powerful character. EVER.Unexamined
10th level Character Creation ChallengeHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Soul Eater HandbookUnexamined
Lowest level versions of spellsUnexamined
The Complete Ninja - Guide & HandbookUnexamined
Artificer Handbook (rough draft)Unexamined
The 3.5 Rogue HandbookUnexamined
Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto.Unexamined
TG's Pun-Pun Challenger: "The Terminator" (Finalized?)Ideas
LoP's Dirty Tricks #4: The Nasty GentlemenUnexamined
ask a simple questionget a simple answerNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Top Spells from levels 1-9Unexamined
+1 BAB and +1 Caster LevelUnexamined
World Record Damage: Multiple dirty tricks for insane synergy!Unexamined
Incarnate by the numbersUnexamined
The Scout's HandbookUnexamined
The Ten Commandments of Practical OptimizationUnexamined
The Theoretical Optimization Board and DefinitionUnexamined
Revised Necromancer HandbookUnexamined
A crossbower to rival an archer?Unexamined
Hammer of Moradin HandbookUnexamined
A Guide to Shadow MagicUnexamined
The Spirit Shaman HandbookUnexamined
Truenamer Optimization GuideUnexamined
Raising Caster LevelUnexamined
Armored Wizards here they come! -- Best Armor for Arcane Spellcasting!Unexamined
Triad of ShadowsUnexamined
Character Optimization Boards - Posting Guidelines (Take 3)Unexamined
Ways to gain extra attacksUnexamined
The Dervish HandbookUnexamined
I May Be TinyBut You're Dead: the othermelee Killer Gnomefor your pleasure.Unexamined
Beguiler handbookUnexamined
The Handle Animal GuideUnexamined
The 3.5 Weapon Special Abilities threadUnexamined
6 hits to 1: Jack B. QuickUnexamined
Gestalt Resourcethe combos Wizards don't want you to knowUnexamined
Shapeshift Druid Optimization HandbookUnexamined
The 3.5 Armor and Shield Special Abilities threadUnexamined
Shadowcraft Mage HandbookUnexamined
Bunko's Bargain Basement: Magic Items That Are a Steal!Unexamined
Lists of StuffUnexamined
Tome of Battle: Tricks/Combos/LibraryUnexamined
Tome of Battle: CustServ Q&A (UPDATED Aug. 17)Unexamined
Tome of Battle: Build CompendiumUnexamined
The Cleric HandbookUnexamined
Experience is a RiverUnexamined
The Planar Shepherd HandbookUnexamined
Fiendbinder: CO PerspectiveUnexamined
Metamorphic Transfer TricksUnexamined
Preliminary Ultimate Magus HandbookUnexamined
The Trouserfang Dwarf: A RebirthUnexamined
A Core-only Wiz 20 vs Splatbook Ftr 20...Unexamined
Druid Handbook revivedUnexamined
Alchemical Devices: Optimized Selections and Crafting StrategiesUnexamined
Challenge: Optimization Circus!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
"The Black Octopus" (CR 20 Encounter)Unexamined
Alternative ways to get new Class skillsUnexamined
1st Level OptimizationsUnexamined
Warlock Information CompilationUnexamined
Feral Dreadlord: SATWF9th Level ManeuversSAD in one packageUnexamined
the 3.5 expanded skills threadUnexamined
The Complete Polymorph Thread 3.5Unexamined
New Dread Necromancer HandbookUnexamined
The Revenant Blade HandbookUnexamined
Achieving Interstellar DistancesUnexamined
The War Weaver GuidebookUnexamined
Sorcerer Prestige Classes with Full Caster ProgressionUnexamined
The Unpopular PrC/Class HandbookUnexamined
Don't beat me to death but... I would like some help with a VoP fighter idea.Unexamined
Spellwarp Sniper List of Handy SpellsUnexamined
The New Dragonfire Adept Handbook!Unexamined
Warlock: Qualifying for Spellcasting Without Multiclassing?Unexamined
Consolidated Binder HandbookUnexamined
Ok so what is the maximum distance you can get using a bow?Unexamined
Up Against the Wall! Bull Rushing Finally Gets Its Day!Unexamined
The Factotum HandbookUnexamined
Song of Death: Bardic BadassUnexamined
Exotic Weapons That Are Worth ItUnexamined
The Arcane Hierophant ExaminedUnexamined
Cat Folk DervishUnexamined
Compilation of Low Level buildsUnexamined
Beast Heart Adept HandbookUnexamined
Handbook to Building a Strong BeguilerUnexamined
Compilation of 1st-10th lvl character buildsUnexamined
Beefin Sneak AttackUnexamined
Hi - Wizo AutumnUnexamined
Bard Inspire Courage OptimizationUnexamined
BukbukLord of the WingsUnexamined
The Glaivelock - A Mini-GuideUnexamined
John IrenicusUnexamined
Kratos Help?Unexamined
The Duskblade's Handbook -- 2007Unexamined
Cruel Creations: Devoted ChokerUnexamined
Symbiotic Creature Template - HandbookUnexamined
Odd optimization project: minimizing caster levelsUnexamined
The Hexblade's Handbook -- 2007Unexamined
The CO response to fastest possible speedUnexamined
The Swift Hunter's Handbook -- 2007Unexamined
Master Template ListUnexamined
Fist of the Forest: the Mid-Level MonsterUnexamined
Shapeshifter : The EpitomeUnexamined
The Paladin's Handbook -- 2007Unexamined
The Swiftblade HandbookUnexamined
The Mystic Theurge HandbookUnexamined
Handbook to Guide WritingUnexamined
Optimization By The NumbersUnexamined
The Fighter's Handbook -- 2007Unexamined
A Real Healing MachineUnexamined
Optimizing the Fiend-Blooded (for spells known) [HoH PrC]Unexamined
The Basket Weaver's HandbookUnexamined
The Familiars' Handbook -- 2007Unexamined
Erudite got betterUnexamined
The Wizard's HandbookUnexamined
Summoning HandbookUnexamined
A little Lock build for you...Unexamined
Tome of Battle Build Compendium IIUnexamined
Diety with Spiked Chain Favored weapon and War domain?Unexamined
Items that Grant FeatsUnexamined
Ted the heiney kicking enablerUnexamined
Limbless optimizationUnexamined
The Most Broken PC Race. EVER.Unexamined
This Isn't The Thread You're Looking For.Unexamined
The 3.5 Ranger HandbookUnexamined
Shadowcraft GishUnexamined
The Handbook of LycanthropesUnexamined
Campaign Smashers II: The stuff that completely breaks the gameUnexamined
Elemental CompanionUnexamined
A Player's Guide to Healing (Andwhy you will be Just Fine without a Cleric to heal)Unexamined
Lycanthropic Feat Selection OptionsUnexamined
Help building a paladinUnexamined
Low Level OptimisationUnexamined
Living in a Flying Box...Unexamined
THE CharOp Look at 4E-- WAS GenCon AnnouncementUnexamined
I'm'n'a break v4.0 ; and so will you.Unexamined
Why don't wizards suck?Unexamined
The Conjurer's HandbookUnexamined
Mastering the MalconvokerUnexamined
The Optimization of E6Unexamined
Legal 3.5 Summonable Monster ListUnexamined
Death by Awesome... at Level 3.Unexamined
looking for a template or twoUnexamined
List of Save-or-be-Screwed Spells [PHBSpCFrBSnSBoEDCMPH2]Unexamined
CO Project: Cleric Theme BuildsUnexamined
The Kensai's HandbookUnexamined
Help with Ideas for a Gestalt SwordsageUnexamined
Best Primeval FormsUnexamined
The World's Largest Dungeon Party OptimizationUnexamined
Guide to TemplatesUnexamined
400 attacks in a SINGLE full attackUnexamined
I need some ideas for a ashworm dragoon pleaseUnexamined
Soldier of Light + War DomainUnexamined
Healer BBEGUnexamined
The Jumplomancer - are you serious?Unexamined
"How does a level 1 character have 60 speed anyways?"Unexamined
D&D MathematicsUnexamined
Compendium: A guide to low scoresUnexamined
The Ultimate Archer HandbookUnexamined
CO Diary: Story of a DruidUnexamined
Book of Heavily Debated TopicsUnexamined
Factotum of WarUnexamined
The Bard's HandbookUnexamined
Focused Specialist is better than you thinkUnexamined
Lockdown Version 2.0Unexamined
Revisiting Spells for the Optimized DruidUnexamined
Examples of overpowered castersUnexamined
Tome of Battle for DummiesUnexamined
The Radical Taoist's SWSE Build ArchiveUnexamined
Treantmonk's guide to Wizards: Being a GodUnexamined
beholdthe forcerorUnexamined
Enchanter HandbookUnexamined
Kobold Spirit Shaman got slaughteredneed to re-roll...Unexamined
CO Build: The Cloistered Cleric's Many FacesUnexamined
Double Trouble: Optimize Trickery Devotion!Unexamined
Egoist CritiqueUnexamined
Warmages Blow Goats For Pocket Change; ORWhy You Should Play A Sorcerer InsteadUnexamined
Warforged Juggernaut OptimizationUnexamined
Character Optimization Forum LeadUnexamined
Sorcadin GishUnexamined
Abusing the Aptitude Weapon EnhancementUnexamined
Alternative Class Features IIIUnexamined
Ghostwalk MotUH/FoP: Please review!Unexamined
Rate the classes by powerUnexamined
Treantmonk's guide to Evocation Spells: God's toolsUnexamined
Tsuyoshi's Guide to Divination Spells: G-d's EyesUnexamined
Seakin+Hellfire Warlock+???Unexamined
Old School AscensionUnexamined
OPTIMIZATION TREATISE: The "Everything Goes" GospelsUnexamined
Master of Shrouds (Handbook?)Unexamined
The Suel Arcanamach HandbookUnexamined
optimise my sorcerer's spell listplease?Unexamined
The CO boards compilation in PDFUnexamined
Guide to MonksUnexamined
any good dragon pc races?Unexamined
CO Diary: Clerics@RttToEE (spoilers!)Unexamined
Sneak Attack AbuseUnexamined
CO Diary: Dungeon Crasher/WarbladeUnexamined
CO Diaries: a Dragonfire Adept in Dark SunUnexamined
The Ghost GuideUnexamined
CO diary: Makings of a monster buildUnexamined
Sir Guide to Gishborn (Short guide to DP Gishes)Unexamined
How to shove it to beatsticks - A caster resource for not getting hitUnexamined
CO-boards motto.Unexamined
CO without errataUnexamined
Would like to hear your opinionsUnexamined
A Handbook For Weapon Masters And Weapon SpecialistsUnexamined
Of thralls and believer'sUnexamined
- The New Beguiler Handbook - 2008Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
AD Presents:The H.I.V.E.M.I.N.D.Unexamined
3.5 World Record ThreadUnexamined
The True Dilettante - New Feat Record - 504 featsUnexamined
Orc Barb / Ranger / Paragon ecl 8; how would you optimise it?Unexamined
Weapons of Legacy: They don't (all) suckUnexamined
Dragonwrought KoboldUnexamined
Flying Goliath Dragonborn Trapkiller Dungeon Crasher Barb/Fighter Warshaping WolflordUnexamined
A short guide to defensive fightingUnexamined
Beater in worlds largest dungeonUnexamined
Pick and Board: A CO board newbie's questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Variant SwordsageUnexamined
What would you pair a edritch glaive using warlock with in a gestalt build?Unexamined
Early entry into Eldritch Theurge?Unexamined
Treantmonk's guide to Abjuration: God's ToolsUnexamined
[Handbooks] InformationUpdates and IdeasUnexamined
Anima Mage HandbookUnexamined
BoVDkill at any distance with no save?Unexamined
Trapsmith Mini-Handbook and CompendiumUnexamined
Master Spellthief (a mini-guide)Unexamined
Help w/ My Master TransmogrifistUnexamined
scout / dervishUnexamined
Time stop?Unexamined
Paladin OptimizationUnexamined
Chuck E. CheeseUnexamined
CO Journal: Focused Conjurer RecasterUnexamined
[HELP]Kobold lvl 8 bard based feels small compared to his powerplayers team :DUnexamined
CO Diary: Crusader TankUnexamined
Optimize a Changeling?Unexamined
Unnoticeable CasterUnexamined
CO Diary: Conjurer/Beguiler/UMUnexamined
I know I'm gonna get some flak for thisbut...Unexamined
CO JamboreeUnexamined
A Hot little number ..... Pixie PyrokineticistUnexamined
Casual Item CrafterUnexamined
Optimize my Two-Weapon Fighter/TempestUnexamined
Gray Orc Cleric 4th levelUnexamined
Every Group needs a rogue - CoreUnexamined
This is terrible. What to do when your DM won't allow you to Optimize?Unexamined
Animal Companion for a 18th level DruidUnexamined
Make me Guts from BerserkUnexamined
Emo Tiefling Hides in His Inner Darkness.Unexamined
Necrocarnate's Soul Harvest = OVER 9000 essentia?Unexamined
War MagusUnexamined
Optimizing SorcerersUnexamined
incarnate construct Maug... isn't it broken?Unexamined
Sublime ArcherUnexamined
Infinite Necromancy Caster LevelsUnexamined
A Truly Legendary CommanderUnexamined
Third CO Party Build and Comp discussionUnexamined
My babiesUnexamined
SoI found a way to break Wizards at 1st levelUnexamined
Uh oh...TWF+Monk Unarmed = FAIL?Unexamined
Treantmonk's guide to Necromancy: God's ToolsUnexamined
CO Diary: The ShadowcasterUnexamined
Dwarf SlayerUnexamined
SWSE CO Open Discussion - Party OptimizationUnexamined
Hocus Ponens: A perfectly rational solution to the Pun-Pun menaceUnexamined
My take on an Arcane Hierophant - can I make it better?Unexamined
TyrianBringer of Change - SoulcasterUnexamined
CN Fighter 4Unexamined
Help a (short) brother out?Unexamined
Sorcerer/Druid HelpUnexamined
Illithid SavanteUnexamined
Dread Necro + Warlock = Eldritch TheurgeUnexamined
Magic Items for an 18th Level WizardUnexamined
Explain the Druid for my situationUnexamined
Cleric going Storm Lord prestige classUnexamined
Black dragon wyrm (ancient) vs 5 x 15th lvl PCsUnexamined
The Bionic Corpse Mecha. Or how to be a tank if you're not.Unexamined
Paladin/Pious Templar/KensaiUnexamined
Spells for a SpellthiefUnexamined
Looking for feedback on an Arcane/Divine caster buildUnexamined
dread necromancer drowUnexamined
Dagger specialist helpUnexamined
CO Diary: Swashbuckler on EberronUnexamined
The Incarnum HandbookUnexamined
When GODS feel useless....Rules Question Or Discussion
Warforged Pirate... Any ideas?Unexamined
Help with a Soul EaterUnexamined
Need to pick 1 of 3 gish choices.Unexamined
CO Project: Dipping Guide!Unexamined
Unarmed Swordsage helpUnexamined
Ways to get Immunity to Petrification?Unexamined
Druidzilla - help please!Unexamined
The Pope tied my hands! (HELP)Unexamined
Critique my Healing ClericUnexamined
Dwarven Abjurer/Iot7V/MasterSpecialist for critique and reviewUnexamined
CantripN's Guide to Transmutation Spells: God's GiftsUnexamined
Kineticist or Shaper -best route for a Slayer?Unexamined
Super Ranged Tripper!Unexamined
Worst value ever: Pink Elephant Magic ItemsUnexamined
Monk/Paladin critiqueUnexamined
Thri-Kreen named grievousno kiddingUnexamined
Review my Swiftblade BuildUnexamined
Optimized JPMUnexamined
Open Letter to Slate.Com's Erik Sofge. You tried to whack Gary Gygaxbut ...Unexamined
Gestalt shenanigansUnexamined
Help optimizing Item FamiliarPleaseUnexamined
Help: Psychic Rogue/Psithief/Lurk? Striker/Psi/Skillmonkey? Maybe some Incarnum too?Unexamined
Rapier + Scimitar optimizationUnexamined
Extreme Gestalt VersatilockUnexamined
Supermouse (break my awakened mouse)Unexamined
please help my party's spellswordUnexamined
"Let's swash some bucklers" Crimson Camillio!Unexamined
A challenge perhaps for some of you?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Turning and/or polymorphing immunityUnexamined
Feats-Arcane hierophantUnexamined
Any advice on a Cleric Build?Unexamined
PsyWar constructionUnexamined
Shipboard/water based campaign meleeUnexamined
Bardadin - how can I improve this?Unexamined
Break This House Rule: NPC-GestaltUnexamined
Gestalt Gish OptimizationUnexamined
Gestalt henchman ideas?Unexamined
Monks and mage armorUnexamined
Suggestions on straight fighter?Unexamined
4 Arms + Level 20: Help optimizeUnexamined
Help Me Pimp My KnightUnexamined
help with elven sorcereressUnexamined
ECL 6 - MaxUnexamined
HELP - Realms Duo OptimizationUnexamined
Support team. Help!!!!Unexamined
Who was that masked buffer?Unexamined
Dragon Disciple = melee?Unexamined
Barbarian/WarHulk/Frenzied Berserker--Crazy TastyUnexamined
A quick question about Tome of Battle and Tome of Magic.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Suggestions/Help for a Swordsage?Unexamined
Level Buy off! Where is it?Unexamined
Illumian.... Higher caster levelUnexamined
Choices choicesUnexamined
+1 Caster Level at minimum costUnexamined
Suggestions for a Gestalt Tank?Unexamined
Core-Only Cleric of Gruumsh: GO GO GO!Unexamined
Help with Sneak attackUnexamined
rogue4/swashbuckler3 -where to next?Unexamined
Help me with an epic fighter/warbladeUnexamined
Straightforward Melee buildUnexamined
"Humanoid Shape" - Best options?Unexamined
Optimized Sword and Board FighterUnexamined
Help out a NewbieUnexamined
Dungeoncrasher w/ Knockback questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help making a super soakerUnexamined
Cleric Spell List Lackluster?Unexamined
Condition Track - The best way to kill?Unexamined
Master of MasksUnexamined
Shugenja / Wu Jen NPCUnexamined
Sorcerer HandbookUnexamined
Dread necroefficient ways of gaining spells.Unexamined
Help with a Bard Spell ListUnexamined
Duskblade OptimizationUnexamined
Help me make a 3.5 gnomeplease?Unexamined
suggestions for my last two levelsUnexamined
Water Mage ideasUnexamined
[3.5] A God's Only FriendUnexamined
overpowered or not!Unexamined
The Truely Enlightened Fist!Unexamined
Need a Race for my MonkUnexamined
Challenge: Highest possible unbuffed AC for swordsageIdeas
A question of sizeNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Suggest me a buildUnexamined
Ways to Expand a Spell ListresurrectedUnexamined
Ways for Wizards to bolster Knowledge skills?Unexamined
Skirmishing DervishUnexamined
ECL 14 Thunderlance SwiftbladeUnexamined
Help With Frenzied Berserker BuildUnexamined
optimizing my lucky clericUnexamined
I've Got 5 Extra Levels To Work WithUnexamined
Multiclass Binder/Totemist?Unexamined
Maximize my "Sudden Strike" ability...Unexamined
question about pun pun/divine minionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Ideas for a Duskblade-Ur Priest build.....Unexamined
I REALLY can defeat Pun-Pun!!!Unexamined
character for winter campaignUnexamined
CharOp opinion of a house rule about HexbladesUnexamined
Sanctified Mind BuildUnexamined
Optimized barbarian?Unexamined
CO help on a Gish?Unexamined
PleaseI need help with this buildUnexamined
Centaur fighterUnexamined
Wild-Shaping Ranger: Now what?Unexamined
Ranged lurks just got a booster.Unexamined
Class CassificationUnexamined
Rules rulingand some questions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Anyone taken a look at Paizo's 3.5 alternative?Unexamined
Need a Gestalt Build Please help!Unexamined
I'm gonna be an artificer wooohUnexamined
Little Help building a pirate?Unexamined
Arcane Spells for Mass Combat ScenariosUnexamined
A Math Question (Statistics)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Treantmonk's guide to Conjuration: God's toolsUnexamined
9th Level Whisper Gnome Beguiler Help!!!Unexamined
Fighter v. Cleric: A CO DUEL!Unexamined
Dragonfire AssistanceUnexamined
Equipping a level-20 FactotumUnexamined
A Collector... of Souls.Unexamined
CO Diary: Bard/Cleric...Inspire Courage/Devotion Feat/Archery focusUnexamined
Equipment for my paladinUnexamined
Fire Hobgoblin: Worth it at all?Unexamined
Enlightened Fist: Sorcerer or Battle Sorcerer for spellsUnexamined
Need Help!Unexamined
Rogue for the party of 5Unexamined
Stuck With a Monk and Needing HelpUnexamined
force mageUnexamined
Dungeoncrasher build pointers...Unexamined
I noticed a lack of Barbarian HandbookUnexamined
Help me optimize a necromancy specialistUnexamined
Thoughts on my Rogue/Monk//Wizard/Spellwarp Sniper gestalt?Unexamined
Rogue/Fighter Bastard Sword BuildUnexamined
blizkreg melee type.Unexamined
Rogue Sneak Attacking Build HelpUnexamined
Draconic SkirmisherUnexamined
Mechanical-Hands for an artificerUnexamined
NEED an Help - AlchemistUnexamined
Up to date Wizard optimizationUnexamined
Effigy madness!Unexamined
Mineral warriorfor next to nothingnow what?Unexamined
Incarnum = Dune!!!Unexamined
Alacritious Congitation?Unexamined
Weapons of Legacy Ability List (who knew there were so many?)Unexamined
Gish vs AMF.Unexamined
How to build a droid?Unexamined
Help need it with 20th lv cleric progressionUnexamined
12th level feat for my AbjurerUnexamined
Advice needed on an evil Ur-theurgeUnexamined
Quick-Drawing SwordsmanUnexamined
Barbarian HandbookUnexamined
Ever Heard of the Ambient Tempest? Me neither!Unexamined
Druid Companion/wild shapesUnexamined
Help: Ordained ChampionUnexamined
Sun Wu-Kong king of monkeysUnexamined
a Drow call VenomUnexamined
Why no Psychic Warrior Handbook?Unexamined
President Jackson for the Win: OrWhy throwing Stone Walls at people is a goodUnexamined
Shifting Defense cheese: how to defeat?Unexamined
Help for a Cleric builddetails includedUnexamined
How to get a Hellfire Dervish?Unexamined
Now for something a bit different... (Sorcerer)Unexamined
Consolidated Barbarian HandbookUnexamined
Very Specialized RequestUnexamined
Optimized Psionic FeatsUnexamined
BBEG: Necrocarnate (need some help)Unexamined
The best lvl 20BAB +0 character evarUnexamined
Alternate Mage-Slaying Lock Build!Unexamined
3rd Level COP - Mucho RestrictionadoUnexamined
My Wyrmling can choke your Ogre!Unexamined
The Sims: Nine Hells -- Probably My Most Ironic Build YetUnexamined
Ray Mastery helpUnexamined
Paladin Healing OptimizationUnexamined
Transforming skillmonkey rogue into battlefield control?Unexamined
Two weapon Disciple of Dispater helpUnexamined
Elven Bladedancer Needs Help!Unexamined
Optimized Low Level Bards for ArmiesUnexamined
Help! I've lost my Wizard and I can't get up!Unexamined
Optimizing a *gasp* druidUnexamined
space marine character from futureUnexamined
G.Cerlerity for Barbarians? I believe so.Unexamined
Optimize a BBEG Legion DevilUnexamined
Core(ish) BarbarianUnexamined
Under The Microscope: Bend RealityUnexamined
Skillful Wizard Build: PEACHIdeas
Deepwyrm Half-Drow of DambrathUnexamined
A fighterUnexamined
Zhentarim Skymage. Help me abus...err optimize this PrcUnexamined
Is this Fighter optimized?Unexamined
Beguiler´s spell combosUnexamined
Break it (Not a Campaign-destruction thread)Unexamined
Psychic Theurge worth the effort?Unexamined
wotc D20 multi threatUnexamined
Steven Seagal pcUnexamined
DuskBlade BuildUnexamined
Conjurer/generalist character - advice neededUnexamined
(Draconic) Polymorph forms for a Dragonwrought Kobold?Unexamined
Level 30 Evil campaignUnexamined
NecromancersCheck This Out!Unexamined
Help me optimize my Bard. XDUnexamined
Vampiric Melee Attacks With A Weapon OpUnexamined
Maneuver SwapUnexamined
Can i take the same domain twise with a cleric?Unexamined
Check out my lvl2 Build 3.5 [giants and fullblades]Unexamined
lvl2 half giant build ([+5/+5] [3d8 / 2d8])Unexamined
Paladin BlackguardUnexamined
PHB only Fighter.Unexamined
PHB only fighter!!Unexamined
Maneuver help! - Rogue/Swordsage/WarbladeUnexamined
I made a mistakenow I need Help... (Wb1/Sw5)Unexamined
What if?Sorcerer vs Wizardnot the usual questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
help with featUnexamined
lvl 7 War Mind Challenge! SRD ONLY!!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Monk 20 vs sacred fistUnexamined
what can the core monk do that other classes can't duplicate?Unexamined
11th level Character Creation ChallengeHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Optimizing SpellfireUnexamined
Ordained Champion: Help with feats?Unexamined
Optimal Sniper - Crossbow Sniper HalflingUnexamined
Eye of Gruumsh and double axesUnexamined
Transmutation or ConjurationUnexamined
Sandshaper spellsUnexamined
Looking for a Halfling Throwerrestricted build optionsUnexamined
help with ranged psychic warrior buildUnexamined
Faster than light arrows (and bulletsand shurikenand bolas...)Unexamined
Looking for Wizard/Binder/Anima Mage buildUnexamined
Optimize my gestalt cleric/pally tankUnexamined
casting spells at lower levelsUnexamined
biggest possible weapon?Unexamined
Goliath 2large bastard sword fighting BuildUnexamined
Horizon walker?Unexamined
Daring Outlaw buildUnexamined
Beat StickUnexamined
CO Diary: TruenamerUnexamined
help interprating Mountain RageUnexamined
Help with Epic charUnexamined
I've pimped my ridebut what about the rider?Unexamined
Move speedsUnexamined
Keeping a construct from being destroyedUnexamined
Mid-level Master of Shrouds buildUnexamined
little Help for a WarbladeUnexamined
level adjust lycanthropeUnexamined
Staying in a barbarian rage forever? (Warning: Contains Dragon Magazine cheese.)Unexamined
Destroying the Landscape.Unexamined
Urgosh OptimizationUnexamined
Monks cant use TWF as per RAW?Unexamined
Mirror MirrorUnexamined
TWF weaponmaster elf buildUnexamined
The next best thing after Abrupt JauntUnexamined
Colossal+ QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Spell Sword/Soul Eater?Unexamined
Juggernaut vs. Warhulk: Heavyweight bout timeUnexamined
Question regarding Totemist Girallon ArmsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Sense Danger + SynchronicityUnexamined
Akodo's Technique: Avalanche of Blades' FriendUnexamined
Ninja OpUnexamined
The Infraggible KrunkUnexamined
Gish Optimized?Unexamined
help optimize a lvl 6 rogue/swordsage buildUnexamined
Cleric-driven gish?Unexamined
Kobold Supermount?Unexamined
Shadow half-GolemUnexamined
Gestalt MonkUnexamined
Fey BlasterUnexamined
Question for assistance with alignmentNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Hurtling Halfling of HilarityUnexamined
optimized warforged with futuristic weaponUnexamined
Optimized tactics for a warrior-type characterUnexamined
Cleric charmerUnexamined
Epic Shifter DruidUnexamined
Ideas for pre-generated gestalt Marshal/Sorceror?Unexamined
Personal Taste: Cleric or Druid?Unexamined
Lestat De'VirUnexamined
Optimized Brother/Sister Characters?Unexamined
Feat: Dreadful WrathUnexamined
Blackguard Trying to Capitalize on Prestige ClassesUnexamined
Optimization: Ranger/RogueUnexamined
Monk's Belt QUestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A Question of RealityNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Druid vs. DemonsUnexamined
Paizo Publishing to commandeer 3.5 through Pathfinder?Unexamined
I rolled 161414141313what race/class should I pick?Unexamined
Fun Opt "Tagteam" - Dual Cast + Familiaroh my!Unexamined
Building a competent gnome rogue/bardUnexamined
Multiclass EXP penalties and PrCs QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need Multiple BBEG HelpUnexamined
planar binding/ally and ModronsUnexamined
Would like feedback on this buildUnexamined
Druidic AvengerUnexamined
Kobold claw specialist?Unexamined
Jack of all tradesFactotumChameleonUnexamined
TWF swordsage build. Need help!Unexamined
Rich Burlew doesn't like Dungeonscape.Unexamined
The Iron SiegeUnexamined
UMD fun.Unexamined
Scout and two weapon fightingUnexamined
Enlightened Fist AC buildUnexamined
8th Level Power SelectionUnexamined
What's wrong with this spell list?Unexamined
ECL 10 Ur-TheurgeUnexamined
9th level feat for an EnchanterUnexamined
No Magic Campaign HelpUnexamined
Rogues Sneak Attack 3.5Unexamined
Vow of PovertyUnexamined
Shifter GrapplerUnexamined
Wilder building HALP!Unexamined
low-cost sneaky mage?Unexamined
Uncanny ForethoughtUnexamined
ToM's (su) modifying featsinteract with Psionic/Vile/ExaltedUnexamined
Help me with a cleric/fighter.What should i do nextUnexamined
Optimized Tripper ItemsUnexamined
Incantatrix Cohort ...Unexamined
Duskblade with a Warblade dipUnexamined
Spotting is the problemUnexamined
CO : Ubber StatsUnexamined
Bad**s bar room brawler type?Unexamined
Expert SkillsUnexamined
Mounts with Mean SU abilitiesUnexamined
Soulbreaking Avalanche ThrowerUnexamined
First-time ArtificerUnexamined
Notmonk of Doom's Notmonk isn't Doomy enough....Unexamined
Lvl 10 Arcane Hierophant HelpUnexamined
Psionic Shot WarlocksUnexamined
marshal/fightermaybe dragon shamanUnexamined
Optimizing the Knight (PHII) ... is it even worth it?Unexamined
Gestalt Action HeroUnexamined
Greater Psionic Shot Warlockor Innvocation Warlock..Unexamined
De-Optimizing 3.5 !Unexamined
Shapechange & Ocular Spell & Arcane StrikeUnexamined
Unusual multiclass needing optimization (Abjurer/Abjurant Champion/What else?)Unexamined
4th Ed Character OptimizationUnexamined
Ur-Priestsor: How to make anything rock (Even Master of Masks)Unexamined
Warforged BBEGUnexamined
LA+2 race/template for druidUnexamined
Help with my Sand ShaperUnexamined
10th lvl frenzied berserkerUnexamined
Dragon Shaman/Favored Soul buildUnexamined
War Weaver level 10Unexamined
Forec Mage level 10Unexamined
Just making sure this Charger is OptimizedUnexamined
How to play a cloistered cleric?Unexamined
Gestalt Warblade/Deepwarden Tripper needs help opt'ingUnexamined
Rogue going DervishUnexamined
Big Furry Evil Beastman -1 LA!Unexamined
Raptoran Warlock or WarbladeUnexamined
The Wu-Zerkergestalted humanWarning! Dangerous munchikinism!Unexamined
Ununiversal DamageUnexamined
Enchanting Natural Weapons & Signature WeaponsUnexamined
Help me optimize a Half-Fiend Cleric/RogueUnexamined
Antimagic BarbarianUnexamined
Mage-Killer and general equaliser of all thingsUnexamined
Quick Quibble over Weapons of LegacyUnexamined
critique quad threatUnexamined
Hit and Run HarpoonerUnexamined
HELP! I need to build a level 10 Wizard( as best as possible )Unexamined
Build sugguestionsUnexamined
6th Lvl Buffing/Healing Focused ClericUnexamined
Re-Reading Combat ExpertiseUnexamined
[SO Topic] Situation Optimization :DUnexamined
DM Optimization: Counteract Scry & TeleportUnexamined
ranger rogue help pleaseUnexamined
artificier warrior challengeNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Simple CO question: Druid20 or Monk1/Druid20No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Theory on how to optimize 1st level 4E PCs to kill solo monstersUnexamined
Bard LichUnexamined
Help with ElocatorUnexamined
Attempt at a Focused ConjurerUnexamined
Math: Artisan feat and Item restriction discountUnexamined
Help w/Half-Giant Brute PleaseUnexamined
Creeping Cold and ExtendUnexamined
Best Melee Build: Please Chime In!!!Unexamined
Cannith Wand Adept: useless for optimized blastificer?Unexamined
Frenzied Berserker OptimizationUnexamined
I'm In Ur ObjectsMovin' Around: constant Swordsage incorporeality.Unexamined
SwashBuckler(3)/Rogue(16)/Shadowdancer(1)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
In need of some MAJOR help!~Unexamined
PVP Wizard (I knowI knowbut work with me?)Unexamined
Element Themed Caster: Which is the best?Unexamined
How about some Paizo 3.75 iconic optimized builds?Unexamined
Race .. where is it?Unexamined
Fighter/Wizard CombinationUnexamined
For or Against Legendary Ape WeaponUnexamined
pre-apostle of peace- need halpUnexamined
A crazy concept for a crazy game.Unexamined
Possible? Or am I just completely insane?Unexamined
artificer's homunculi optionsUnexamined
Optimizing my campaigns archvillainUnexamined
CO Project: The BBEG!Unexamined
Help Needed - Indestructible WizardUnexamined
LA for Vampire lordUnexamined
Treantmonk's guide to Illusion: God's ToolsUnexamined
Treantmonk's guide to Enchantment: God's toolsUnexamined
Need suggestions/comments for my cleric buildUnexamined
The power levelmy friendsis over 9000.Unexamined
A curious problemUnexamined
Double casting advancement and the warlock?Unexamined
Kensai BAB of over 9000?Unexamined
Combining the best of ToM and ToBUnexamined
simple mage slaying trick?Unexamined
Divine Disciple and transcendenceUnexamined
DruidsMonks Belt Vs. Dragonhide ArmorUnexamined
Scout and SkirmishUnexamined
Healing DruidUnexamined
Legendary Ape and Wild Shape ErrataUnexamined
Soul Eater Entry?Unexamined
Input on a Wizard buildpleaseUnexamined
any arcane caster prestige class with 2+ knowledge skills?Unexamined
Aging RulesUnexamined
Gestalt Archer/Transmutationalist Rough DraftUnexamined
Wand Bonding: Something new for Warforged Artificers!!Unexamined
Holy Assassin BuildUnexamined
Spell Point vs. Spells per Day (A Tough Decision)Unexamined
Eliminating Movt to setup AOBUnexamined
Vampire LordUnexamined
Creating an Epic Monk!Unexamined
Making a warblade: haveIi got the right maneuvers?Unexamined
Artificer/Binder Cheese?Unexamined
Need Ideers: Spellcaster(arcane) ..Unexamined
CO Diary: Playing a TotemistUnexamined
Help Building a Sacred FistUnexamined
Soulbow and Arcane ArcherUnexamined
Gestalt Ninja/X help?Unexamined
Pimp my ClericzillaUnexamined
Warblade CO-DiaryUnexamined
Custom V-WingUnexamined
Decent Scores for a Bounty HunterUnexamined
Optimisation of the AssassinUnexamined
The Decisive Striker (Comments/Help Welcome)Unexamined
The undetectable menace.Unexamined
Solutions for a limited archerUnexamined
Whirling Frenzy & EWM Q'sUnexamined
A little help with my sorcerer!Unexamined
Dread Necromancer trickUnexamined
Little help with an ordained championUnexamined
Need Help with 11th level elee Build with full divine castingIdeas
Chain Weilding Monkadin. Advice?Unexamined
Need help with feats and spell for ArchivistUnexamined
A loophole that makes DMs cryUnexamined
first Jade Pheonix Mage looking for help with spell and maneuver selectionUnexamined
Prestige-Base classesUnexamined
CO Optimization: The FatemakerUnexamined
Optimizing a Sovereign SpeakerUnexamined
Disciple of Dis...crit questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
pimp my paladinUnexamined
Making the warmage rockUnexamined
Strange Warblade Maneuver questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need Help With A GrapplerUnexamined
Help Optimizing a Themed Sorcerer: The Cania-BloodedUnexamined
SOS: Strategic Opinions SoughtUnexamined
Need help with GrapplerUnexamined
Need help with BBEG of gestalt gameUnexamined
UMD and Staffs?Unexamined
Optimizing armor for a fighterUnexamined
Help with Eldritch DiscipleUnexamined
Need some help with this clericI'm in a group with munchkins!Unexamined
Getting Handle Animal as a class skill?Unexamined
Help with Halfling Rapper BardUnexamined
Average ACUnexamined
New Errata Is Up!Unexamined
Optimizing a melee rogue at level 8 - 13Unexamined
Why don't more druids use the Amphibious Template?Unexamined
Cleric persist/melee buildUnexamined
Epic Monk/Psion/Slayer needs some helpUnexamined
Help witha Archer buildUnexamined
Low Level Dragoon 1-10 (Leap attack Battle jump Character)Unexamined
Bard ChoicesUnexamined
Two Weapon fighting feat please!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Do you know of a class...Unexamined
CO Project: 77 Ways to DieUnexamined
Battle BlessingUnexamined
Reshapable (or Instant-Don) Armor?Unexamined
Optimized Gestalt character?Unexamined
Scarification for PC'sUnexamined
Class HandbooksUnexamined
Help with Gnomish luchadoreUnexamined
Optimizing an Avoral GuardinalUnexamined
Warmage fixUnexamined
Need help with ranger/barb/rogue gestaltUnexamined
Gestalt Char (Flavored-Wizard-Epic)Unexamined
Wiz/Sorc Hybrid helpUnexamined
Best mount for Paladin with "charging smite" featureUnexamined
help building a ghost characterUnexamined
Tank who can heal himselfUnexamined
Optimizing touch ACUnexamined
Optimizing Daggerspell Mageplus miscellaneaUnexamined
Mind Controlling Wizard?Unexamined
Pathfinder Rogue/Fighter Optimization Help?Unexamined
Add a few more levels to bad guy?Unexamined
Something FunUnexamined
displacement and Sneak AttackUnexamined
How do you overcome AMF if you are a spellcaster?Unexamined
Full BABpsionic advancing PRC?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Getting better at trippingUnexamined
Weapon Optimization?Unexamined
Help with a Scout/RangerUnexamined
Which better.Unexamined
The Shadow GnomesUnexamined
Stats for Awakened TreeUnexamined
Gestalt Lock BuildUnexamined
monks beltUnexamined
Cleric domains for Clr 1/Spirit Shaman XUnexamined
unarmed melee optimizationUnexamined
PLease help me with my Spell CasterUnexamined
The World's Largest Dungeon. Solo.Unexamined
Good race for a warblade?Unexamined
deleted - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenUnexamined
Warlock PrCUnexamined
Can a Thri-kreen wield two bows?Unexamined
Help with tripper needed!Unexamined
Feat Choices/Optimization for a Bone Knight?Unexamined
Warlock gearUnexamined
Making Hp IrrelevantUnexamined
Rounding rulesUnexamined
Dragon ShamanUnexamined
Optimizing MultishooterUnexamined
Gold Dragon monk PC help!Unexamined
template helpUnexamined
An ECL 10 Experiment- Golden Sun RelatedUnexamined
Feral Druid (core+complete)Unexamined
Gestalt Duskblade/Beast Heart Adept HelpUnexamined
Theme Build: The ShadowcrafterUnexamined
Basalisk Mutnee....IT'S TRACKING TIME!!!Unexamined
Vampire help!Unexamined
Lich LA questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Whirlwind on crack for the GISHUnexamined
Rebel Spy NPCUnexamined
CO Diary : Fohlyrican Lyrist.Unexamined
Damage dealer archerUnexamined
Grappler HelpUnexamined
Level x Level OptimizationUnexamined
Magical beasts with opposable thumbsUnexamined
[PHB] BarbariansUnexamined
Sorceror PrCs?Unexamined
Rogue/Fighter Semi-CoreUnexamined
Creating a Collosal Animated ObjectUnexamined
Help with making a "Melee Capable Wizard"Unexamined
CO Project: Book of ProtectionUnexamined
When your DM might as well just say "...**** you".Unexamined
Raising CL is easycan anyone help me raise my save DC's?Unexamined
Create the Ultimate Dwarven DefenderUnexamined
Skies of Arcadia CS (Lands of Ice) Help with new char!Unexamined
Two Weapon FightingOr Not?Unexamined
Hlp 5th Lvl Warblade (Underdark)Unexamined
A Rogue for a Deadly Dungeon CrawlUnexamined
Pimp My BBEG: Level 27 DN Lich + Undead cohort.Unexamined
First Psychic warrior buildhelp?Unexamined
Warlock into Arcane Tricksterhow?Unexamined
Daring Outlaw (Swashbuckler/Rogue build) - Help with FeatsUnexamined
Tank- Single Classed fighter.Unexamined
Multi-classed Jedi?Unexamined
Tomb of Horrors9th levelUnexamined
Dungeon crasher Warforged JuggernautUnexamined
Asssassin Build changesUnexamined
Non gnome shadowcraf mageUnexamined
Favored Soul Builds CompendiumUnexamined
Optimising a Full-BAB Psionic CharacterUnexamined
Shadow Sun Ninja and First abilityUnexamined
Druid and AttacksUnexamined
Iajitsu Void Incarante helpUnexamined
Wereforged OptimizationUnexamined
Optimizing some really powerful NPCs.Unexamined
Probably becoming a jedi (not for sure)Unexamined
Best way to reduce spell lv adjustmentUnexamined
VOP + IncarniumUnexamined
Building up ImmunityUnexamined
32 Point Buy Shifter - HELP needed by tomorrow!Unexamined
Abjurant Championthe Sneaky WayUnexamined
Multiple Speed weaponsUnexamined
Swordsage caster variant broken?Unexamined
Tower ShieldUnexamined
Sudden Strike Full Attack OptimizationUnexamined
Sneak Attack through Concealment?Unexamined
Open to Suggestions: lev9 gestault bbn/ftr eye/frenziedUnexamined
Most feats possibleUnexamined
Overpowered Evocation 5th Level Spell...Unexamined
Getting out of armor quicklyhow?Unexamined
Sucky HealingEvil Destroying Cleric... how?Unexamined
favoured soul.Unexamined
Animated Shield?Unexamined
Ruby Knight VindicatorRetrainingand RebuildingUnexamined
Buying magic itemsUnexamined
Dwarven Crusader TankUnexamined
My first Druid (VoPSaint)Unexamined
Feats/Spells for Sorcerer/Assassin Gestalt?Unexamined
Ranged Sunder and DisarmUnexamined
Lugram the Destroyer -or- how to build a Fear specialistUnexamined
Super 2h Weapon KensaiUnexamined
The future of the d20 boardsUnexamined
The future of the d20 boardsUnexamined
The future of the d20 boardsUnexamined
An Abominable DragonbornUnexamined
Jedi Mind Tricks: For Low Level "Extended Core" CampaignsUnexamined
How would you make Aragorn?Unexamined
Help with Overview of Mystic TherugeUnexamined
The Horde - Help with a Conjurer/Enchanter/NecromancerUnexamined
4500 lbs. of StupidUnexamined
The C&C Magic Item Factory (Item Duping Haxx)Unexamined
Level 9 frontliner w. Dragon DiscipleUnexamined
How can I add Sor/Wiz spells to a Cleric spell list?Unexamined
help optimize (monk(9)clr(9)Unexamined
Arcane Monk HelpUnexamined
samurai uncanny dodgeUnexamined
NEED HELP - new FR PC coming out!Unexamined
Optimized HealerUnexamined
Arcane ChannelingUnexamined
craft construct helpUnexamined
Rogue / FighterUnexamined
Need Help with a DruidUnexamined
Gishy MetamagicUnexamined
Gishes in the low levelsUnexamined
Duskblade with 4 armsUnexamined
Wilding Clasps do not work with shieldsUnexamined
Crusader/Eternal BladeUnexamined
Negative Energy SubstitutionUnexamined
swordsage levels on a rogue?Unexamined
Spell to destroy a planet.Unexamined
One Epic SpellUnexamined
PM Me Your Handbooks!Unexamined
Think this plan will work?Unexamined
Useful prestige class spell lists for Chameleons?Unexamined
need help w/ my fighterUnexamined
Standalone feat for a Daring Outlaw?Unexamined
What to do?Unexamined
Boosting spell DCUnexamined
Gnomish Fighterany ideas?Unexamined
Elf polearm fighter probably warbladeUnexamined
lvl 9 Cleric/Sovereign SpeakerHouse Lyrander Marked.Unexamined
A bull rusher who can't bull rushUnexamined
Pathfinder Rogue buildUnexamined
Help me optimize my Roguish-mage-diviner-telekinesis masterUnexamined
Best build for a healer cleric?Unexamined
Is a Precocious Theurge worthwhile?Unexamined
Treant characterUnexamined
Energy Ray or Crystal Shard???Unexamined
Ranger and ?Unexamined
Psychic SwordsageUnexamined
The Sublime Chord 1-level dip trickUnexamined
Optimize my Conjurer!Unexamined
Optimize my Conjurer!Unexamined
Creating Wolverine from the X-MenUnexamined
IceIce... nonot Baby.Unexamined
Is a Precocious Cerebremancer viable?Unexamined
Bérenger SaunièreConjurerUnexamined
Possible CO meetup?Unexamined
Human with Feathered WingsUnexamined
Outdated Druid Build helpUnexamined
need some guidance for bardUnexamined
evilpsychopathichuman/half-fiend rogue/assassinUnexamined
Human Barbarian / Ranger build?Unexamined
One-man partyUnexamined
Dual Class Spell Caster Progression.....Unexamined
Optimise my Wizard!Unexamined
Epic Binders Rules w00t!Unexamined
Looking for GroupUnexamined
The Best Arcane Archer Build?Unexamined
Sneaky Sneak? Need ideas/suggestions.Unexamined
StatusGreater- Optimize?Unexamined
Optimize lvl 6 Cleric/Healer buildUnexamined
Need help with Soulknife/Soulbow//Ranger/Scout gestalt buildUnexamined
Rate this MageUnexamined
Palladin progressionUnexamined
Palladin progressionUnexamined
Most Broken Weapon Ever?Unexamined
Totem Ragerearly entry or not?Unexamined
Sundering GuideUnexamined
battle cleric prestige classesUnexamined
Optimizing PaladinUnexamined
Followers with BAB +27 and more.Unexamined
Feat Selection For Transmuter 5/Incantrix 6Unexamined
Help Optimizing a Battle Cleric and Wildshaping Druid?Unexamined
Single Creature Encounter (Troll Warhulk)Unexamined
Help with GraftsUnexamined
CO OpinionUnexamined
Booster ClericUnexamined
a few quick vow questionsfrom book of exalted deedsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Weapons vs SwarmsUnexamined
Help with a BEAST!Unexamined
Goodbadugly? My first gish.Unexamined
character optimization....duhUnexamined
Best build for a mental manipulator?Unexamined
Help With Build: RoundPinkand HungryUnexamined
Tesselated Armor - Reworked Cost?Unexamined
Epic Binding.Unexamined
Ichigo OptimizationBut...Unexamined
Arcane powerUnexamined
Action Points (eberron) optimization?Unexamined
I get one extra bookUnexamined
I May Be TinyBut I'm IN-VIN-CIBLE!: The Gnome PowersuitUnexamined
MacGyver Build help pleaseUnexamined
DM's Vantage & Questions: PolymorphScryingTeleportNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Hostile EnvirnomentUnexamined
Cleric ArcherUnexamined
Riposte ScoutUnexamined
Updating and Optimizing a 2ed CharacterUnexamined
To kill six level four PCsUnexamined
tweak wizard using this feat.Unexamined
[HELP] Lowest lvl possible zombie awakener + moral questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Incantatrix QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Ultimate ist worth it?Unexamined
Help With Build WantedUnexamined
I want a Killer Rabbit !Unexamined
God needs a new pair of shoes (among other things)Unexamined
Optimizing lvl 5 duskling totemistUnexamined
I could use a little help with a lycanthrope please.Unexamined
So I'm trying to create something similar to the T1000..Unexamined
Polymorph optimization after errataUnexamined
The Future of Character Optimization (Important!)Unexamined
Question for a buildNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Re: 1001 ways to launch something into orbitUnexamined
Help me with spell/power selection and gear [Epic]Unexamined
Optimal necromancer builds?Unexamined
animal compUnexamined
Dnd. In space!Unexamined
character with cat formUnexamined
Throwing build help?Unexamined
CO Challenge - Skirmishingtumbling Scout/WizHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Looking for a critique on a Focused Conjurer BuildUnexamined
Help with Tome Dragon CohortUnexamined
shifty shifty smash smashUnexamined
Core Only WizardUnexamined
Soulbow RevisitedUnexamined
Help me locate an ability!Unexamined
But.. I -want- to be a blaster..Unexamined
Level 20 tips?Unexamined
Help with Wizard/Archivist in Gestalt CampaignUnexamined
Swordsage FeatsUnexamined
Optimal polearm-wielding healing cleric?Unexamined
cleric build for high powered campaignUnexamined
Help with a NecromancerUnexamined
A grappling-tripping-dmging Fighter.Unexamined
Psychic Monk OptimizationUnexamined
Gestalt ToB CharacterUnexamined
Permanently increase character sizeUnexamined
Deepstone Sentinel/Dwarven Defender queryUnexamined
Small Daring Outlaw?Unexamined
Bear with mehereUnexamined
Trumpet archon feats and gearUnexamined
question on druid blastingNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Theme Build: The ForgerUnexamined
The Evil CampaignUnexamined
The Primeval HandbookUnexamined
Top Ten All Time CO-BoardersUnexamined
Level 5 gestalt scoutlock help?Unexamined
Draconic Alter SelfUnexamined
Elf Fighter build. please hurry!Unexamined
Two important things **Concerning sorcerer handbook**Unexamined
Newly Epic Psion Gish - please help!Unexamined
Is this feat set too aggressive for this arcanist?Unexamined
Venture into the realm of psionicsUnexamined
The ArchaeologistUnexamined
Cleric soloistsort ofUnexamined
Charisma ArcanistUnexamined
This is my Boomstick! (Fiend of Possession silliness)Unexamined
The CO silliness Build threadUnexamined
Initiate of the Seven-fold VeilUnexamined
Archer BuildUnexamined
Flurry of blows +twfextra flurry on each hand?Unexamined
Necromantic Warmage?Unexamined
CO Diary: Godincantatrix styleUnexamined
Most Powerful Arcane PrCUnexamined
Fleshwarper - Do it without multiclassingUnexamined
Gestalt Druid/Cleric?Unexamined
CO Gallup: Favorites!Unexamined
P.E.A.C.H. - Sorcerer Builds - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
P.E.A.C.H. - Sorcerer Builds - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Stage magicianwhat do you think?Unexamined
Optimizing Girallons BlessingUnexamined
Intelligence-based 9th-level arcane and divine spellcasting at 20th-level?Unexamined
Sword and shield op?Unexamined
Master of Nine hook upUnexamined
Please help me finish the last 6 levels of this buildUnexamined
feed-back on twf clericUnexamined
Epic Runesmith + Wish possibilitiesUnexamined
Ardent Dilettante Help PleaseUnexamined
The ULTIMATE War WeaverUnexamined
Melee P.E.A.C.H. OP - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
best entry to hellreaver?Unexamined
How best to use Darkness within light (SSN ability)?Unexamined
Great Scout weaponUnexamined
Optimization Challenge: Optimized Iconics!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Master Spellthief and FactotumUnexamined
I want to make a Dual (Arcane + Divine) casterUnexamined
The Radical Taoist's ShipyardUnexamined
Sand Shaper > Wings of Cover?Unexamined
Please help with gestalt psionic arena characterUnexamined
The Sublime Word (advice?)Unexamined
Optimized ArcherUnexamined
UM+Sublime Chord or Mystic Theurge+Ur?Unexamined
Question about Maneuvers in the Tomb of BattleNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Most Powerful Divine PrCRules Question Or Discussion
Optimization in a non optimized groupUnexamined
Counterspeller helpUnexamined
Optimized TWF SA-Focused RogueUnexamined
Optimizing Death MasterUnexamined
Dispelling & Counterspelling CompilationUnexamined
Sha-ir from Dragon Compendium: anyone have opinions or experience w/ them?Unexamined
Chuck Norris vestige?Unexamined
Infinite Caster LevelUnexamined
This is LEGITUnexamined
Best Wizard Feats????Unexamined
Improving the IncantifierUnexamined
Thower buildUnexamined
Lvl 6 spellcasterUnexamined
The Pixie HandbookUnexamined
Please help me make an optimized bard caster.Unexamined
Grappler- how to deal with psionics?Unexamined
DMM Persist Alternative P.E.A.C.H - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Need help with an Eldritch DiscipleUnexamined
Playing a dietyUnexamined
First serious try at a wizardUnexamined
Abnormally High Powered Campaign; please adviseUnexamined
Building my fighter for rappan athukUnexamined
Best BinderUnexamined
About a wizard learning new spells..Unexamined
What to do with this abjurer?Unexamined
The Master of FrostUnexamined
Gestalt Cleric/Fighter ArcherUnexamined
Revamping a gestalt pouncerUnexamined
beguiler/warlock/eldricht theurge - how to do it?Unexamined
Please help: Disciple of Metal gestaltUnexamined
Dipping and Soy Sauce: ORthe great dipping library thread.Unexamined
One level of Monk or not (SwordsageShadow Sun Ninja build)?Unexamined
does Monks wisdom to Armor class stack with Swordsage?Unexamined
Indiana Jones BuildUnexamined
I'll take one of everything!Unexamined
Think this is worth it?Unexamined
Help with Gestalt charmer please!Unexamined
Best SkillsUnexamined
How should I advance my frenzied berserker?Unexamined
this be tankUnexamined
Bo9S - Help with a Master of Nine build.Unexamined
Resolving/Working out a [Sublime Chord/Shadowcraft Mage/Ultimate Magus]Unexamined
Non-game-breaking uses for Persistent Time StopUnexamined
SRD Only - Psychic Warrior/Psion HelpUnexamined
Psion / ArdentUnexamined
Ultimate RogueUnexamined
Force Missile Mage...Debuffer?Unexamined
Test of Mettle OptimizationUnexamined
Building a new BeguilerUnexamined
Desert Wind DervishUnexamined
Incantatrix vs I7SfVUnexamined
High AC BuildUnexamined
Need Help Making Legendary Windwright CaptainUnexamined
Weretiger PouncerUnexamined
Mounted paladinUnexamined
Help with two characters in a campaign I am in pleaseUnexamined
CO Olympics!Unexamined
Help with my archer bardUnexamined
Planar Shepherd of the Far Realm = Infinite Actions?Unexamined
Help! Level 5 and need to kill a lot of critters!Unexamined
first time hereUnexamined
Lvl 3 Rogue EquipmentUnexamined
Help with level 5 Gestalt builds?Unexamined
Help with DragonFire AdeptUnexamined
Lookmano hands! The one-man bard band.Unexamined
Optimization HelpUnexamined
I know someone else has noticed this.Unexamined
Court Herald OptimizationUnexamined
Dr. Boom the BlastomancerUnexamined
Optimized Grappler?Unexamined
Gnomish NercoMechaMan!Unexamined
Help me roll d8sUnexamined
Sniper in SagaUnexamined
RCR: Immunity to Fatigue?Unexamined
Non-Spellcasting Undead Hunter PEACHHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Dwarf Paladin/Hammer of MoradinUnexamined
Rogue for a high powered gameUnexamined
duel caster problem/questionhelp!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Banned schools... ech.Unexamined
Two Weapon Fighting Advice for a character that doesn't need Weapon FinesseUnexamined
Armored bard?Unexamined
Breath WeaponsUnexamined
A pair of Goliath Half-Dragon questions:No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Best EmanationsUnexamined
My continual Wizard conundrumUnexamined
Gnome Soulknife Help?Unexamined
Bard OptimizationUnexamined
Incantrix Handbook?Unexamined
Archers: Are they any good?Unexamined
Focused Transmuter GODUnexamined
Gnome Druid/Bard Help RequestUnexamined
Melee Caster SuggestionsUnexamined
Xen'Drik lv10 Warforged JuggernautUnexamined
Artificers and Infusions in Magic ItemsUnexamined
Optimizing BBEG/NPCUnexamined
Optimized Paladin 20Unexamined
Astral Deva Feats?Unexamined
critique on a gestalt casterUnexamined
Just need one Quick AnswerUnexamined
Help building a druid?Unexamined
Using your CL effectivelyUnexamined
Ak'chazar RakshasaUnexamined
Juggernaught + Tomb tainted soulUnexamined
Mystic Theurge Question:No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Theurge gone gestaltneed help with requirementsUnexamined
Fun with Weapons -- Any WeaponsUnexamined
Evaluate my buildcan you make it better?Unexamined
Truename Magic w/ FactotumUnexamined
Swashbuckler that Need's Help!!Unexamined
Loremaster Powerbuild?Unexamined
DM Vantage: Questions about Allowing UA's Spell PointsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help Building a MonkUnexamined
Mounted Paladin OptimizationUnexamined
Need: Scorching Ray as a Divine spellUnexamined
Tweaking the Bonded SummonerUnexamined
My Wizard BuildSuggestions?Unexamined
Druid only good for RP...Unexamined
A Core Gish Guide?Unexamined
Need Help With Shadowcrafter Mage...Unexamined
Playing a Divine Minion MoMF in a Real Game?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Help with an Epic Level Character BuildUnexamined
Most Powerful Character only using the PHB and DMGUnexamined
1st High Level Gish GameUnexamined
Paladin 6 / Fist of Raziel 10 Finishing TouchesUnexamined
Keeping my Cohort aliveUnexamined
Is P_I on "Vacation" ?!Unexamined
Warlock GODUnexamined
How does this look?Unexamined
Rogue CO helpUnexamined
Two weapon swordsage feat selection.Unexamined
PHB only rogue/fighterUnexamined
12th Level Character for a PVP based campaignUnexamined
Ursa MajorUnexamined
Hulk barbarian conceptUnexamined
Help making a Anima Mage/IOSV GodUnexamined
Advice for a BruteUnexamined
Symbionts for my campaignUnexamined
SRD-Only Psion(Egoist)/SlayerUnexamined
Hellfire blasterUnexamined
Dragonmark Heir/Storm Sentry/Windwright Capain. Ideas?Unexamined
Blood-red SandmanUnexamined
(Saga) Jedi Assassin HelpUnexamined
Another (mostly) Totemist DiaryUnexamined
How to improve this Cleric//Wilder buildUnexamined
Is there a way to get Dodge bonuses against multiple targets?Unexamined
Rogue needs help! *Noob Alert!*Unexamined
Cleric headcrusherUnexamined
Can someone help me with a link?Unexamined
Star Wars GestaltUnexamined
Fear meI am TankyUnexamined
Build: Arcane Aberrant Psi-HierophantUnexamined
While my books are still in the mail:Unexamined
Need 2 levels for a TankUnexamined
The Final 3.5 Project: Destroying the CoreUnexamined
New TO Project/Contest: "Destroying the Core"Unexamined
I'm actually finding that I prefer DMM: Quicken to DMM: PersistentUnexamined
Friend is playing a scoutUnexamined
Southern Magician and DMMUnexamined
Flying Kobold WarlockUnexamined
Critique my (probably not) awesome elf warbladeUnexamined
My home made class - Is it broken?Unexamined
The Dragon Shaman HandbookUnexamined
Critique my WarlockUnexamined
Optimization of 4 armed Fighter/RougeUnexamined
Need help with Swashbuckler EquipmentUnexamined
9th level spells with an 8th level slot with ScM?Unexamined
Rule questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The perfect body... (Symbiotic template build)Unexamined
Wizard/Cleric after MT?Unexamined
Core WizardUnexamined
E6 Cleric 4/Ordained Champion 2Unexamined
Explain these "devotions."Unexamined
13th Level Knight NPCUnexamined
unarmed swordsage variant?Unexamined
For the party that has everythingUnexamined
Blowing Things Up.. And then some.Unexamined
Optimized Greyhawk Kineticist?Unexamined
Correction and OptimizationUnexamined
How optimal is Incantatrix without Persistent Spell?Unexamined
CO project: Predatoryeahthat guyUnexamined
Master thrower abilityUnexamined
Free opinions about a Conjurer 4/Sorcerer 1/Ultimate Magus 10Unexamined
What's so great about Silent Image?Unexamined
I'm looking...Unexamined
Exoticistbest exotic weapons?Unexamined
Magic ranged weapons and ammunitionUnexamined
Level 30 Shadowcraft MageUnexamined
Suggestions for Optimization of Bardic MusicUnexamined
TOB Thri-Keen skirmisher; orliving pogo stick.Unexamined
help with my characterUnexamined
Ideas for buildUnexamined
Can't touch this. Crusader (or) FighterUnexamined
Archery and monks...Unexamined
Newbie Player wizzie problemsUnexamined
+2 tempelate worth it after buying off LA?Unexamined
Making a monster for the darkness.Unexamined
Persistent Spell limited to 3rd level spells?Unexamined
Maximize Wracking Touch = Max damage Sneak Attack?Unexamined
is there a way to get blindsight or blind sense I was thinking of a rogueUnexamined
battlefield control captainUnexamined
Swashbuckler Assassin?Unexamined
Double Hit + Thicket of Blades: Crusader or Warblade?Unexamined
Basic Druid OptimizationUnexamined
Cloistered Cleric/Contemplative build.Unexamined
Rogue build helpUnexamined
Alpha strike Bard - Possible?Unexamined
Dexterity-oriented DuskbladeUnexamined
How viable is the elf wizard1 substitution from RotW?Unexamined
Help with either an enlightened fistor sacred fist buildUnexamined
gestalt druid monkUnexamined
dwarven axe thrower buildUnexamined
range of criticalUnexamined
Moral stacking bonusUnexamined
Can't take Dragontouched as bard...right?Unexamined
Shadowlord AssassinUnexamined
The BabysitterUnexamined
Ray WizardUnexamined
nimble jediUnexamined
Paladin Build HelpUnexamined
Optimizing a jesterUnexamined
Help: ECL 6 GishUnexamined
Afflicting Enemies with Caster Level LossUnexamined
Shadowcraft mage build ideas.Unexamined
Mine's Bigger (Broken Fighter)Unexamined
Optimizing a Warforged Paladin/Argent Fist or Monk/Argent FistUnexamined
Optimization: Fighter Help.Unexamined
Cold Fusionhow to light a new starUnexamined
ECL 15 Goliath Warblade Pouncer - Missing anything?Unexamined
Creating a FR clericLev6.Unexamined
The perfect tank:Unexamined
Its a Druidbut not as we know it...Unexamined
Man the harpoon!Unexamined
OH NOES! Another ToB thread!Unexamined
Bard Gish Optimization HelpUnexamined
Sand Shaper early entry?Unexamined
[D20 Future]Unexamined
Good choice for thrower prestige?Unexamined
Wizard QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Iaijutsu ReduxUnexamined
Any quick advice for an Eldritch DiscipleUnexamined
Help with Ruby Knight VindicatorUnexamined
Tank build TipsUnexamined
Pathfinder Alpha 2.Unexamined
PrC Requirements - Does this work? - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
My Role-Playing Manifesto.Unexamined
Equipment: Armor SpikesSpiked Gauntletsand SuchUnexamined
Need help with spells and invisibilityUnexamined
Cleric HelpUnexamined
looking for a full casting PrC for cleric trickery domainNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Level 44Unexamined
Superfast ship?Unexamined
A Jack of All TradesUnexamined
Player Who Can't HitUnexamined
Casting Heal as a Wizard/SorcererUnexamined
How abuseable is the Inquisitor PRC?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Cheater from KarnathUnexamined
10th Level KnightUnexamined
Optimized Fighter 15 NPC With Limited BooksUnexamined
The Hand Grenade of Hilarity: Board Quotes v4Unexamined
Need Creation/CO adviseUnexamined
Beserker? I hardly knew her!Unexamined
Vampire BardUnexamined
Help! Is a gestalt archivist//erudite a good idea?Unexamined
Force MageUnexamined
pimp my barbarianUnexamined
Question on how druid buffs stackNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Tashalatora and Greater FlurryUnexamined
Need help to fix evocation magicUnexamined
Incarnate to improve telepath power DC?Unexamined
Evil Campaign: With Triple The FunUnexamined
Plotting out a level 44 characterUnexamined
Gestalt Archer - Critique PleaseUnexamined
Effective sword & board melee typesUnexamined
What's the worst that could happen with planeshift/at-will?Unexamined
Incoporeal Undead Symbiont and the Share Spells abilityUnexamined
Hammer of ThunderboltsUnexamined
Sha'ir//Spirit ShamanUnexamined
Pimp my gish!Unexamined
Getting myself known with Magic of IncarnumUnexamined
Help me out!Unexamined
Help(Lawfull evil elf cohort)Unexamined
Best ways to gain symmetrical archery?Unexamined
SRD-Only Deep Whirlwind WarriorUnexamined
warblade samuraiUnexamined
Input help for Core BardUnexamined
A waste of time. No reallydon't come here unless your bored.Unexamined
Power/Spell that double the damage?Unexamined
best way to flat-foot an opp?Unexamined
Optimizing the MissileUnexamined
Gamebreaking level 5 buildUnexamined
Nymph ChallengeNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Infinine Caster Level?Unexamined
Sorcerer//Spirit ShamanUnexamined
How would you optimise this alienist?Unexamined
Quick Draw McgrawUnexamined
A dilemma about gamebalance and the use of Wish...Unexamined
Wizard Abjuration Specialist: Wiz/MS/AC/IotSV ?Unexamined
Killing uber-deities at lvl 5000Unexamined
Need reach for an all fighter PCUnexamined
Gestalt DuelUnexamined
Paladin/Crusader Review PleaseUnexamined
L4 incarnum optimization.Unexamined
Early access to Polymorph Any Objector alternatives?Unexamined
Gestalt BardUnexamined
First Gestalt CharacterHelp!Unexamined
Beguiling Unseen Swordsage Trickster ...Unexamined
Need HelpNew Player. Wizard with a Necromancy SpecilizationUnexamined
Pimp my Bard/Jade Phoenix MageUnexamined
How do I build a fighter/monk gestalt?Unexamined
First Time WarlockUnexamined
Night stick abuse ended!Unexamined
Soulfire (BoED) for Monk ?Unexamined
Mundane Equipment LockerUnexamined
Wildshaped Shadow PouncerUnexamined
pleez critique my powers listI('d) wanna be flawless!Unexamined
Psion in mostly-beatsticks party needs to cover multiple rolesUnexamined
Must have equipment for the Shadowcraft MageUnexamined
Can I get some help "Tanking"?Unexamined
Why is Abjurant Champion standard for abjurers?Unexamined
Shadowcraft mage shot downdruid perhaps?Unexamined
Help with a druidUnexamined
Optimize This BBEG For RHoDUnexamined
Free TemplatesUnexamined
Erratta and youUnexamined
Is this possible ?Unexamined
Stone Dragon - The Big Fat Tank (Build Help)Unexamined
CO Project: The Quickstart DruidUnexamined
Help me to build an good archer =)Unexamined
The most powerful class ever!!!!Unexamined
The Know-It-All: Optimizing Bardic KnowledgeUnexamined
Iron Diamond Warblade ManeuversUnexamined
Help optimizing my worlds Super Heroes! (long)Unexamined
Need help tuning Battlefield ControllerUnexamined
Help: Optimize the group.Unexamined
bonefang the white koboldUnexamined
Tiefling Rogue/(Swashbuckler)/Gatecrasher - Need some adviceUnexamined
Half-Orc Sacred Fist (Please Help!)Unexamined
Peach plus help requestHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Please Help Sunic_Flames.Unexamined
Can't decide what to play. Any ideas or suggestions?Unexamined
A pg with auras and emanation plzUnexamined
Question on Sneak Attack DamageNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
First time with SWSEneed a little helpUnexamined
just another Paladin-BuildUnexamined
Dwarven Trip-MonkeyUnexamined
Cleric FeatsUnexamined
Shadow Pouncer-my stab at itUnexamined
Domain Staff (CC)Divine Power and DruidsUnexamined
Factotum Request:Unexamined
A hypothetical partyUnexamined
Soak - The Whipping Boy WizardUnexamined
Wish for +15 StrUnexamined
Help me modify/finish this master spellthief buildUnexamined
Hammer Time! Help optimize my basher?Unexamined
Archmage Entry RequirementsUnexamined
Optimized Dragonfire inspiration BardSader - Need a little help Finishing itUnexamined
Sneak in extra spell slots as sorc?Unexamined
a familiar's feat(s) - who gets to choose them?Unexamined
DM Perspective: What do you optimize?Unexamined
Newbie questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Newbie questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Speed / Jump enhancementsUnexamined
Picking crusader maneuvers - Let's get omptimalUnexamined
I need help working out the stats for Ray Charles.Unexamined
Level 15 Gestalt helpUnexamined
Paladin/Caster setupUnexamined
a question about uncanny forethoughtNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Ideas for a core-only combat druidUnexamined
Robots and Arms and Arms.. Oh my!Unexamined
CO Diary: Age of Worms Adventure PathUnexamined
Paladin of Tyranny and variant mountsUnexamined
Bo9S/Tome of Battle conversion to 4e encounter powerscomments?Unexamined
Gestalting GOD?Unexamined
Optimization -> 6th level Wizard -> Player is new to WizardsUnexamined
Need help with a Ranger build (28pt buy)Unexamined
Strange Custom Rules BuildUnexamined
Optimizing Simple Weapon Soldier? SWSEUnexamined
The Enervation Spammerdoing 40+ negative levels in 1 roundUnexamined
optimizing save DC's of spells/spell-like and supernatural abilitiesUnexamined
Archer build help.Unexamined
Craft (Trapmaking) OptimizationUnexamined
Turn AnathemaUnexamined
Optimized Crossbow wielder?Unexamined
What do you think?Unexamined
When God and Batman team upUnexamined
Need help optimizing a WarbladeUnexamined
Please optimize my rogue!Unexamined
Core only wizard helpUnexamined
CO Peeps Near You?Unexamined
Core Only CampaignUnexamined
Roll With It StackageUnexamined
Optimized attack runUnexamined
Optimizing a 2faced heroUnexamined
Kind request for assistance with building a clericUnexamined
The perfect inviolable weapon material?Unexamined
Droid RetrainingUnexamined
Dwarven Axe Thrower BuildUnexamined
Level Cap for SpellsUnexamined
Epic Dervish HelpUnexamined
My first combat rogueUnexamined
Dragonscale husk - worth it?Unexamined
Need help with optimizing a Gish in a freaky rules environment.Unexamined
Thoughts on a Daggershifter?Unexamined
Pimp my Damage! How much can a weapon do?Unexamined
Optimizing a Ranged AttackerUnexamined
Soulknife buildUnexamined
help with spell choosingUnexamined
A wizard with optionsUnexamined
Double PostUnexamined
Totemist+Druid+VOP+custom dual advancing classUnexamined
Truenamer vs Elder Evils?Unexamined
Casting Spells from Outside of Your Spell List [Revisited]Unexamined
LF old thread with ff7 limit breaksUnexamined
Prestige Class for a Sorcerer?Unexamined
Making the most of Persistent SpellUnexamined
Fochlucan Lyrist Advice?Unexamined
Limited soulbow buildUnexamined
Help in Optimizing Favored Enemy (demons)?Unexamined
4 Armed Warblade! Help! (Level 20)Unexamined
Gestalt Ninja/Cleric/?Unexamined
Optimize my Cleric ArcherUnexamined
Defense BonusUnexamined
Party Equip for the AbyssUnexamined
Emulating an AmazonUnexamined
5400 attacks in a SINGLE full attack actionUnexamined
Spontaneous God?Unexamined
Help with a gestalt Sorcerer/Dfire Adept spell selectionUnexamined
Help choosing gearUnexamined
A rogueish spellcaster.Unexamined
Wizard Cure light woundsUnexamined
What could be improved on this War Weaver Theurge?Unexamined
Truenamer 20usable at 16gish-style?Unexamined
Level 17 CHARACTER CHALLENGENo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
"K" : Why was Frank Trollman banned ??Unexamined
Paladin Knight CombinationUnexamined
Best Cleric Spells?Unexamined
Rogue/Soulknife/Assassin BuildUnexamined
Potencially Endless Attacks in a Single Full Attack ActionUnexamined
Optimizing Warlock Save DCsUnexamined
Optimal Modern (PL5) item to put in Greyhawk?Unexamined
When does wizardly specialization lose its luster?Unexamined
Effulgent Epuration EvaluationUnexamined
Spell Point Wizards: Incantatrix or MotAO?Unexamined
No more Nightstick stacking!?Unexamined
Knight build helpUnexamined
Cracking CrusaderUnexamined
Completing the Ultimate HealerUnexamined
Best double weaponUnexamined
Level 50Unexamined
first sorcererwhat can i do?Unexamined
Help with Phrenic TemplateUnexamined
Project Iron ManUnexamined
CO Diary: Hammer of Moradin in Shackled CityUnexamined
Lyric Spell = Cheese?Unexamined
melee cleric help pleaseUnexamined
Help with Dwarf Tank BuildUnexamined
She's got a cold shoulder!Unexamined
Pixie Sorc?Unexamined
Please critique my Monk/Swordsage/Shadow Sun NinjaUnexamined
Dwarven Warriorfeat choice lvl 6Unexamined
Optimize or DieUnexamined
Please help me optimize my horrendously complicated buildUnexamined
Spirit Shaman with Spell points?Unexamined
Question of featsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What kind of magic items should a caster get?Unexamined
optimized monk/ranger ?Unexamined
Pure StrengthUnexamined
Level 15 OptimizationUnexamined
Challenges/Competitions you'd like to seeNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Abjurant Champion SpellsUnexamined
Hulking Hurler...+1Unexamined
Those annoying spellbooksUnexamined
Duskblade + Precocious Apprentice?Unexamined
Magic Missile + Fell DrainUnexamined
I throw myself upon your mercyUnexamined
PvP buildUnexamined
Enchantress Optimization HelpUnexamined
Charisma and Wisdom for a Ruby Knight Vindicator?Unexamined
Building a BardUnexamined
Melee bardUnexamined
Bard HealerUnexamined
CO Diaries: Dragon fire adept in Shackled City adventure pathUnexamined
Low-level Assassin COUnexamined
Rage FeatUnexamined
Help CO my Warforged Totemist please!Unexamined
Help with Feats for an IotSVUnexamined
Most cost-effective Charisma-boosting templates for a 23rd-level gestalt game?Unexamined
Rogue/Fighter/Wizard/Spellsword/? GestaltUnexamined
The Best BSFUnexamined
Chaos Music and Heartfire Fanner Interaction?Unexamined
Maxing IntimidateUnexamined
"Shroudy" Master of ShroudsUnexamined
Vadalis Beastkeeper buildUnexamined
My art is a blast KATSU!Unexamined
Bard re-design optimization.Unexamined
1st time ClericUnexamined
When good things go bad ... balance or lack there-ofUnexamined
Super Dragon SorcerorUnexamined
1st Level MonkUnexamined
all five AC levels and 10 levels of swift blade under 20.Unexamined
Sword of True Strike - revisitedUnexamined
Ghost tankUnexamined
YeahI'm deadUnexamined
Ways to use a FirebombUnexamined
Shadow Sun Ninja helpUnexamined
Please help this bear warrior!Unexamined
Help with my crusading multi shadow pounce thingUnexamined
Gear-Dependent classesUnexamined
Divine ArcherIdeas
Core Paladinwhat setup?Unexamined
Need advice on this build; Finesse-Based Force-Using SoldierUnexamined
lion of talisid build helpUnexamined
Wizard Spamming Disintegrate suggestions?Unexamined
newbie party of 3 :paladinmonkfighter/sorcUnexamined
Mark of cania cheeseis it real?Unexamined
Waxing nostalgic: Building an elven fighter/magic use/thiefUnexamined
Help with a Mercenary-Character neededUnexamined
The Essentials: Simple Items OptimizationUnexamined
optimized RCR JediUnexamined
Residual RadianceUnexamined
Ultimate Magus accelerated entry...Unexamined
Star Wars Sage Edition: Starship Designer ConceptUnexamined
SW Saga Ed. Jedi/Scoundrel?Unexamined
optimized Jack of all Trades?Unexamined
Epic Mind MageUnexamined
Big postsimple question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Master of Many Forms helpUnexamined
Tasloi Spellstoring Dart using ClericUnexamined
Optimal Dager spell mageUnexamined
Need help to create a well armed melee char!Unexamined
Dragon problemUnexamined
Improved trip + sweeping strikesUnexamined
Kineticist Help (first use of psionics)Unexamined
Sorcerer/Stormcaster/Elemental Savant HelpUnexamined
I need the services of a rules lawyer.Unexamined
Warforged monk multiattack questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Saga jedi build advice and criticismUnexamined
Why is the Sage gunning for this group?Unexamined
enligthement fist and spellUnexamined
Soul Stealing MetalUnexamined
NDA'ers : 4th Edition has gone to printso ...Unexamined
Statting "Iron Man"Unexamined
SA or Skirmish?Unexamined
Metamagic illusionistUnexamined
spell combosUnexamined
Help With my Gestalt Warblade // WizardUnexamined
What items to shoot for with a Crusader/Cleric/Ruby Knight Vindicator?Unexamined
Playing WLD for the first time.Unexamined
Optimal PrimevalUnexamined
can explosive "findcity" work as advertised?Unexamined
I want to make a SpellthiefUnexamined
Optimal non-polymorphed Troll warrior?Unexamined
Optimizing Monsters/NPCsUnexamined
The Exotic MonkUnexamined
Regarding Stormcaster PrC - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
When is metamagic worthwhile for a prepped caster?Unexamined
Role Optimization (Of Sorts)Unexamined
Help with Sorcerer?Unexamined
Half-Dragon Cleric... sucks.Unexamined
Gestalt rogue/fighterUnexamined
Bull Rushing an AllyUnexamined
The Groupie (Not The Face! Not The Face!)Unexamined
Maneuver selectionUnexamined
Maximizing minionsUnexamined
The Blackguard: What's Your Best Build?Unexamined
Evil Personified: Your Best BBEG BuildUnexamined
Underpants GnomesUnexamined
OMA (One Man Army) buildcan i do it faster?Unexamined
Bag of Holding/Portable Hole as a WeaponUnexamined
Optimize and ToB q'sUnexamined
Undead HunterUnexamined
Tower Shield + Oversized WeaponUnexamined
In case you haven't noticed...Unexamined
Optimized race and templates for max dex?Unexamined
Maximizing CharismaUnexamined
Spiked Chain Aoo-nistlimited optionsUnexamined
Lord of the Wardance: Bardsader BadassUnexamined
Psionic ChargerUnexamined
The Dinosaur Warrior - An Optimized Theme BuildUnexamined
Important CO : Level 27 CasterUnexamined
Paladin MountUnexamined
Recommended forms for MoMF?Unexamined
Halfling Wizard Evoker / ????Unexamined
Gish AdviceUnexamined
Need help finishing sacred fistUnexamined
Need help finishing sacred fistUnexamined
Laurel And Hardy: Surviving without GodUnexamined
HELP! Hellfire Warlock BuildUnexamined
4E -> 3E : Swim+Jump+Climb=AthleticsUnexamined
Poisoned Psionic Prongs of PowerUnexamined
Incarnate Twins HelpUnexamined
Clerics in EbberonUnexamined
One little question!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Advice on Bonded object for Pathfinder WizardUnexamined
Runesmith or Pally/SorcererUnexamined
A better mountUnexamined
Optimize? Impossible!Unexamined
Chameleon caster/skillmonkey multithreat - v2Unexamined
Feat choiceUnexamined
CO Project: The Fighter ArcherUnexamined
Jade Phoenix Mage guideline for gishes.Unexamined
epic pal/cavalier COUnexamined
I need help to prove D&D is fundamentally broken.Unexamined
Dungeon Crashing: Determining Ability Scores?Unexamined
Swordsmen BuildsUnexamined
Any Good Tower Shield Builds?Unexamined
No armed swords man.Unexamined
Handy Animal CompanionsUnexamined
Master of Many Forms template HELPUnexamined
Half-Fiend tankUnexamined
Ninja SpyUnexamined
Help tweak my Master Conjurer (please)!Unexamined
CO this?Unexamined
Ideas on optimizing an RKV buildUnexamined
help needed - LG cleric debuffer (lvl21)Unexamined
consecrated harrier with a paladin stubUnexamined
Raising and Riding Dragons: A Mystic Theurge's QuestUnexamined
CO: Sir Urik (Expd. to Ravenloft) [My players-keep out!]Unexamined
More Warblade questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I don't need your help. Thank-you. (Gratitude)Unexamined
Swa/Rog/Ftr/WrB/EWM Charger build (PEACH)Ideas
Necromancer helpUnexamined
VoP Monk / PaladinUnexamined
Battle Jump QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
pimp my warblade chain fighterUnexamined
ECL [5] | Melee BuildUnexamined
New jordan shoesUnexamined
Would like help with build.Unexamined
Anyone have some Epic advice?Unexamined
A gestalt blaster (kineticist?) needs adviceUnexamined
[Question] Paragon Creatures + Epic MonkNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
CO-Guidelines Compliant Request for Help: Gestalt Incarnate//EruditeUnexamined
Need Help with a Werewolf DruidUnexamined
4 Armed Illithid Savante (Level 20) Help!Unexamined
Cleric helpUnexamined
One man PartyUnexamined
Little help with a Ruby Knight VindicatorUnexamined
Help with ArtificerUnexamined
Favored SoulUnexamined
Where are the rules?Unexamined
Advice on a Pathfinder Wizard (long)Unexamined
Prestige class for druids questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
hexblade level 4Unexamined
Forbidden Knowledge/WizardUnexamined
Help optimizing UM in E6Unexamined
Bardic knowledge or knowledgeUnexamined
Firebat - SoldierUnexamined
What would be your favorite kind of "Dragonrider"?Unexamined
Sorcerer advice for a novice playerUnexamined
Swashbuckler/Rouge/Assassin adviceUnexamined
Frenzied Berserker Build HelpUnexamined
SWSE: Jedi/Jedi KnightUnexamined
Obeah's Races thread disappeared ???Unexamined
Dungeonscape stronghold features (With prices and statistics for you to use) (PEACH)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Help me build a dungeon crashing deepwarden forrestboy without claws.Unexamined
Spell - PersonalUnexamined
A Honunculus for a mount?Unexamined
Building a weapon of legacyfor dummies.Unexamined
Help optimize an Assassin-based buildUnexamined
Gnome Beguiler/Shadowcraft Mage GestaltUnexamined
Is this actually true?Unexamined
i'm looking for a bit of help with this characterUnexamined
CO Proverbs (The Result of Boredom)Unexamined
Who's played an early entry Mystic Theurge?Unexamined
Druids and holy symbolsUnexamined
Are there any good Psionic Tattoos?Unexamined
In it for the long haulUnexamined
"Made Decisions That Are Like Those Made On Crack" Is The PC PhraseRight?Unexamined
LG RGR6/BSM4 ... what next?Unexamined
What to do now?Unexamined
Passive HealingUnexamined
Looking for gestalt ideasUnexamined
Fastest path to Alternate Form SQUnexamined
Dragonfire AdeptUnexamined
CO diary: Godly servantUnexamined
Need help with 30th level char...Unexamined
Optimizing manifester levelUnexamined
Looking for a way to maximize HPUnexamined
Breaking E6?Unexamined
Gestalt Psion (erudite)/WarbladePlease Help!Unexamined
Optimizing a Factotum/MT/IB buildUnexamined
Cleric ArcherUnexamined
Which feats for a human dread necro?Unexamined
Unseen Seer IssuesUnexamined
Healing Cleric Builds.Unexamined
ClarionCommanderEmeraldStrikeStormguardWarriorFlankingManeuver 3 round comboUnexamined
Spells for SpellstoringUnexamined
Spellstitching Loophole?Unexamined
Building a DuskbladeUnexamined
Is it even possible?Unexamined
Shou Disciple question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Level 10 Sword and Board Anointed KnightUnexamined
Newbie wizardsUnexamined
Scoundrel BuildsUnexamined
An Interesting Challenge: An Intelligent Weapon ArtificerNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Naked Warrior -- help with a build!Unexamined
My Invisable Blade Needs HelpUnexamined
Swift and Standard Casting TimesUnexamined
executioner type...Unexamined
Pathfinder (3.75) or D&D 4.0 What Will the boards to?Unexamined
Helpi think i screwed the pooch. WLDUnexamined
First Time Artificer. What to do?Unexamined
Please help with Cursader buildUnexamined
wizard adviceUnexamined
Rogue / Invisible Blade/ Assassin Character - Optimizers please check inUnexamined
ECL [13] 2 vs 2 BuildUnexamined
Druid with wild shape oriented "cat"Unexamined
Bonus Focus Feat for a Cleric ArcherUnexamined
Paladin with ProblemsUnexamined
Cleric party buffUnexamined
What class?Unexamined
Becoming the RogueUnexamined
Help with a Fighter's ACUnexamined
VoPMatrial StrikerUnexamined
Entry Into ArchmageUnexamined
Optimize Me: Fighter 4 / Wizard 3 / Spellsword 5Unexamined
Luck and The dark sword...Unexamined
Best options for a whip user?Unexamined
Druid plant fusion need Optimization plzUnexamined
So long and thanks for all the fish...Unexamined
Sublime ChordUnexamined
Very CuteG0.Unexamined
What race/class combination should Autumn_Serene be?Unexamined
Binder build using "The True Dilettante" mechanism for Epic feats...Unexamined
PLAYER optimisation: Tell your tricks for mechanically optimising gameplayUnexamined
Is it possible? (assassin Q)Unexamined
Fighter/Rogue. Help PleaseUnexamined
Incantatrix Persistent Spellsurge CheeseUnexamined
Sculpt Sound = Silence with no save?Unexamined
MOD: Please move to 4th Ed CHAROP FORUM: 4th Ed Weapon EnhancementsUnexamined
Animal Companion optimizationUnexamined
MOD: Please move to 4th Ed CHAROP FORUM: 4th Ed Armor EnhancementsUnexamined
Crusader(Warblade)/bard? optimized?Unexamined
Req: Two-Character Psionic Optimization?Unexamined
7 feats and 20ft. reach at 1st level.Unexamined
Shun Goku SatsuUnexamined
Ur BardUnexamined
Gettin' out while the gettin's good.Unexamined
E6 GestaltUnexamined
Looking for help on a Combat RogueUnexamined
Seeking Help Building the Little Evil Genius That CouldUnexamined
Super DectectiveUnexamined
Let the migration beginUnexamined
Input on a Combat Oriented RogueUnexamined
Artificer gear helpUnexamined
With the advent of fourth edition I wanted to sayUnexamined
CO is d20 Product IdentityUnexamined
Best arcane class for drow?Unexamined
New Warlock Character- Need Help!Unexamined
Any 3.5 Epic Destiny Optimization yet?Unexamined
Druid's Spontaneous Rejuvenation OptimizationUnexamined
Help with Wizard OptimizationsUnexamined
Yojimbo SamuraiUnexamined
My sorcerer- god's spellistUnexamined
Is there any way to make the Setting Sun throw maneuvers ranged?Unexamined
Epic DestinyUnexamined
Luck Feats take 1Unexamined
Plant type elf race - can't find itUnexamined
Dire Toad OptimizationUnexamined
A Psion Who Uses Her Hands...Unexamined
Medium Size Dragon under 6 HDUnexamined
Michael Jackson. (Sublime Ur-Geomancer)Unexamined
need help with a knife fighterUnexamined
Pounce and white ravenUnexamined
Give this 17th lvl Paladin/Cleric/Fist some feats that will help him vanquish evilUnexamined
Easy way to escape grappleUnexamined
Beating Batman: Sir Giacomo's guide to MonksUnexamined
An alternative to migratingUnexamined
Chanling character help.Unexamined
Warlock Face/InfiltratorUnexamined
Halfling Charging PaladinUnexamined
Min/Max Half-Elf... Undermountain CampaignUnexamined
Debate on Shadowblade Feat.Unexamined
Ptolus: Longfinger's guild character helpUnexamined
Deliverting Touch Spells with Touch (Su)'sUnexamined
Need some ideas for my wizardUnexamined
My Character BuildUnexamined
Specialist Conjurer: Feats? Abrupt Jaunt or Rapid Summoning?Unexamined
Please Advise on this PC BuildUnexamined
Druid with wild shape oriented "cat"Unexamined
Question: Max dex without changing classes?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Divine feat based pal/clericUnexamined
Help with a non standard healer.Unexamined
Illumine Soul BUild wantedUnexamined
Asonin Nimutasa - Archer Build helpUnexamined
Gestalt summonerUnexamined
TWF Melee/Hand Crossbow BuildUnexamined
Optimize for PAO at level 4Unexamined
Which Paladin option?Unexamined
need druid spell helpUnexamined
Battle Sorcerer w/ Explosive Magicneed helpUnexamined
Build Challenge- Total DefenseNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Half-Celestrial Dragon ShamanUnexamined
So yeah. Help me optimize these OPTIONAL RULES.Unexamined
Making a ray caster...Unexamined
Warlocks & Spiked ChainsUnexamined
TWF swashbuckler with a shieldUnexamined
Suggested dip for diviner/swash?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
My poor vampire PC! Please help!Unexamined
Wizard with book rescritions.Unexamined
Introduction and RequestUnexamined
Help with a ChronomageUnexamined
Building 26lv gestalt wizardUnexamined
Question about featsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Shadow Sun Ninja build! Help!Unexamined
druid substitution lvlsUnexamined
Items that give bonus to Leadership score?Unexamined
help with epic knightsUnexamined
Equipping a high level characterfirst timeUnexamined
Fey'ri HandbookUnexamined
animal companion optimizationUnexamined
The Sandwich PsionUnexamined
Pimp my Cohort!Unexamined
Need help with Transmuter/War Weaver feat choiceUnexamined
Pimp My Master Thrower!!Unexamined
Animal LordUnexamined
CO Request: Take down the ChampionUnexamined
My Monk Tripper/Grappler a questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Pimp my 'lockUnexamined
Need a few things (concentration boosting itemtrue strike.. etc.)Unexamined
Are the D&D Wizards articles official first-party material?Unexamined
Artificer/Wizard and ScrollsUnexamined
Druid Feats and skillsUnexamined
Help me optimize my Ftr(1)/Cleric(5) with great statsUnexamined
Need a feat for a 15th level Goliath MonkUnexamined
Epic ManeuversUnexamined
Mid level wizard.Unexamined
spells for a sacred fistUnexamined
Paladin of Kelemvor BuildUnexamined
anyone seen thisUnexamined
Changeling focused specialist - doable or sheer lunacy?Unexamined
Wheres the section on large mounts?Unexamined
Druid vs WizardUnexamined
So I'm Soloing RttToEE... need some build criticismUnexamined
Tripper/Grappler question on essentiaNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
(Neverminddecided on something)Unexamined
blood magus or incatatrixUnexamined
Semi-Optimized Greatsword TWFer Seeks HelpUnexamined
Best INT forms for Poly Any?Unexamined
Might as well rename this forum "friday night death slot"Unexamined
Idea: Illithid Savant ThrallherdUnexamined
Four Persistant Spells for a 10th Level Cleric ArcherUnexamined
Arcane Mastery for a BC/Buffer?Unexamined
Trick ArcherUnexamined
Thief Acrobat/Temple Raider of OlidamarraUnexamined
Did I get this right? [ToB Question]No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Thank youoptimizers!Unexamined
Triple ThreatUnexamined
Help optimizing "Use Magic Device"Unexamined
Need help with Force Missle MageUnexamined
Variety is the spice of life; ORwhy a little unbalance isn't always a bad thing.Unexamined
How much does a Waterskin hold?Unexamined
Skill tricks?Unexamined
Fighter multiclassUnexamined
Character Building and metagamingUnexamined
Warforged QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Battle dancer helpUnexamined
Ghost Hexblade /Paladin of Tyranny: will she make it?Unexamined
Large Human Monk unarmed damage?Unexamined
Grappler Build [PEACH]Ideas
Break My E6 GameUnexamined
looking for buffs with house rules extendUnexamined
Imperial Knight "Hit Me!"Unexamined
Swiftwing OptimizationUnexamined
[Help/Critique] AoO Arcanum: An AoO-centric gishUnexamined
Death's Lover (Help with my gestalt build.)Unexamined
Help With Sorcerer SpellsUnexamined
How do I make my paladin truly shocking?Unexamined
SWE Optimization Challenge! KRYAT DRAGONNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
[Help] Monk Attack BonusUnexamined
Optimizing Setting Sun throwing ability?Unexamined
Fire-themed CasterUnexamined
minotaur barbarianUnexamined
Help with a air ShaUnexamined
Help with my existing Battle Cleric BuildUnexamined
ToB Drunken MasterUnexamined
How hard can you break a gestalt bard? cause I'm gonna need every bitUnexamined
Optimize versatility!Unexamined
Combat Rogue ReduxUnexamined
E6 PathfinderUnexamined
Healing BardUnexamined
WTF OLD STUFF DELETED?!?!?!? - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenUnexamined
Optimizing Debuffing: ORoptimizing deoptimization.Unexamined
Mountain rangerUnexamined
Samurai Variants?????Unexamined
Would these spells work with warlock?Unexamined
Gestalt Shapeshifterneed the char op opionionUnexamined
Alignment magic cheeseUnexamined
Reducing Metamagic Costs on Quicken?Unexamined
Undead Leadership - Help Optimizing Please!Unexamined
Dwarven Werebear Barbarian GestaltUnexamined
research assist pleaseUnexamined
Two Weapon Fighting Omnipost!Unexamined
Druid Build - Need Commentary and helpUnexamined
The swift catfolk-dragonborn with animal companion problem. help!Unexamined
Low level gestaltUnexamined
The 3.5 Cleric HandbookUnexamined
A Druid going Epic - Where the @#!$ do I start?Unexamined
Seeking non-dex-based skillmonkey/engineer?Unexamined
Leadership feats + Prestige classUnexamined
If GOD had another GOD backing him...Unexamined
sudden strike vs sneak attack ?????Unexamined
(Question): Stacks of Stacks of StacksNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dragon ShamanUnexamined
+5 Metamagic?Unexamined
Best low-level Persistent Spell spellsUnexamined
Need help with my SorcererUnexamined
Help finishing my beguilerUnexamined
Helph on building an effective lycanthrope roguish guyUnexamined
Cleric Build: If you WERE FORCED to have your first level be a fighter typeUnexamined
Best way to make a dollarUnexamined
More Skillsand more skill pointsUnexamined
Which spells are staff/wandworthy?Unexamined
Character Optimization SlogansUnexamined
Master Thrower/Bloodstorm Blade setup:Unexamined
Matrim Cauthon help me make himUnexamined
A bit of a tributeUnexamined
Help on a Gestalt Changeling Caster//Sneak AttackerUnexamined
building a bardbarianUnexamined
"Powerful" Bard an oxymoron?Unexamined
Making an Eldritch TheurgeUnexamined
Jade Phoenix Mage GestaltUnexamined
Bugging out Master Transmogrifist.Unexamined
Jermlaine AbilitiesUnexamined
Having fun with a concept...Warblade/mageUnexamined
List of INT Forms for Polymorph Any ObjectUnexamined
Playtester KudosUnexamined
Making WolverineUnexamined
Role-playing a follower of Saint CuthbertUnexamined
Pixie HelpUnexamined
The Efectiveless Character's Thread ^^Unexamined
Sunmaster of Amaunator FR 3.5edUnexamined
Bard / Arcane Archer help neededUnexamined
Ideas for a healer?Unexamined
4th Edition Class/Race Optimization Matrix (spreadsheet)Unexamined
Anulat Throwing NeraphimUnexamined
Help "optimizing" low level (ECL 5) characterUnexamined
Help with Rogue 11/Ranger 2/Horizon Walker 6/Shadow Dancer 1Unexamined
Prestige ranger though: wow ranged combat is just shafted in D&DUnexamined
DMM Persist Cleric buildECL 6Unexamined
Man-Bear-Pig (help wanted)Unexamined
Seelie court fey changling Sorcererwilder.Unexamined
Perform OptimizationUnexamined
Gesalt Builds suggestion pleaseUnexamined
Cleric = Invincible = Infinite HPUnexamined
Optimize InitiativeUnexamined
6th level psionic (telepath domain) 3.5eUnexamined
Want to raise CL for EvocationLight spellsUnexamined
Help with Master Thrower BuildUnexamined
Optimization: Glaive FighterUnexamined
Battle Jump + Knockback = Dungeon Crashing Bounce Party?Unexamined
The Divine AssassinUnexamined
Melee tank or melee cleric suggestions?Unexamined
Fountain of GoreThe Bleeding BladeUnexamined
Klaus (Warforged Warlock)Unexamined
"smiting spell" featUnexamined
Duskblade13/Warblade1 helpUnexamined
Need druid breakersUnexamined
Campaign OptimizationUnexamined
Need high +int +cha race level adjust + or lessUnexamined
What can a wizard do in an antimagic field?Unexamined
What race would you use when making an Ultimate magusUnexamined
Character creation conundrumUnexamined
Optimizing Planar BindingUnexamined
Support CasterUnexamined
Super Shaped Whirling Longsword Attack Go! (Super Effective!)Unexamined
Questions regarding Factotum/Chameleon BuildNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Thrallherd thoughtsUnexamined
Grey Elf conjurer//Factotum/Artificer Level PointsUnexamined
Some advice on a Demigod Factotum?Unexamined
How to gain dispel resistance?Unexamined
need party sugestionsUnexamined
Lock-Down Crusader ConundrumUnexamined
Is the Sage spouting Fnords? Or just getting confused?Unexamined
Seeking Critique for a God Wizard's SpellbookUnexamined
Sheerdazzling damage outputUnexamined
Why is Shrink Item so useful?Unexamined
3 Feats for Shadow Blade? (TWF Build)Unexamined
3.5 + 3e Help needed (rogue/barbarian)Unexamined
Two Handed Hammer? Exists?Unexamined
Holier Than ThouUnexamined
Please Help with Armed + Unarmed FighterUnexamined
Taking an exacto knife to the Paladin classUnexamined
Need list of decent core spells of 7th level or lowerUnexamined
Help with a Kineticist (controller)Unexamined
Help choose Cleric SpellsUnexamined
Maximizing Sneak AttackUnexamined
To those people complaining about the Sage... the answerUnexamined
Help with Hellreaver buildUnexamined
Need help optimizing a rogue(core)Unexamined
Nature Dude....Unexamined
Yet Another Build Compendium!Unexamined
Help me Design a ECL 18 Character (with price for the winner)Unexamined
The Beast RevisitedUnexamined
Can I get a hand? Or four?Unexamined
[Feedback] - Cleric/Monk of SavrasUnexamined
Increasing Crit RangeUnexamined
Two handed weapon rogue?Unexamined
Ask a simple questionget a simple answer (4th edition)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What should I get?Unexamined
Can you become immune to daze?Unexamined
The easiest lowlevel way for a Warforged to gain immunity to Stunning?Unexamined
Best fighter feat for a sorcerer?Unexamined
Lookin' 4help: Lockdown build 11 level.Unexamined
The future of COUnexamined
SEER'S and PSI-AM'S CLUBUnexamined
3.0/3.5 ranger lvl 7Unexamined
Melee Bard: I can't find him in the Bard Handbook... so here's a try.Unexamined
Powerful non-core spellcasting classes?Unexamined
Fourth Edition optimizable?Unexamined
Possible to Get Improved TWF or Improved Crit with a 1 level dip?Unexamined
Is there a 4.0 CO board? Anyone have a link?Unexamined
3.5 DruidUnexamined
Sir Keldorn Firecam (Divine Dispeler of Torm)Unexamined
Bruce Banner on a 40 pt buy?Unexamined
Artifical LimbUnexamined
Need help beating a fighter in archeryUnexamined
Brick wall cohortUnexamined
Assistance with VoP Druid Saint feat selectionplease.Unexamined
Archer BuildUnexamined
Characters with animal characteristicsUnexamined
Soulknife "Problem Solver" OptimizationUnexamined
Cleric / BinderUnexamined
Ascetic Druid feat?Unexamined
FR The Elemental ArchonUnexamined
Requesting help with a monk buildUnexamined
Requesting assistance with a monk buildUnexamined
Unlimited Persistant Spell use with Spelldancer?Unexamined
Doc Ock; Assistance NeededUnexamined
level 50 optimizationUnexamined
ECL 9 Archivist GishUnexamined
Dervish OptimizingWhat Went Wrong?Unexamined
Level 10Archer CommandoUnexamined
The Dragon - An effective Dragon Disciple buildUnexamined
Optimizing Unarmed Warforged SwordSageUnexamined
Help with Psywar/ElocatorUnexamined
A Solid Sword and Board MeleeUnexamined
Dungeons And Draons 3.5 Build Competition 10$ insideUnexamined
melee destroyer scoutUnexamined
Is anybody here even interested in 4E?Unexamined
Equipping a 20th lvl Wizard from scratchUnexamined
shield fighterUnexamined
Optimize my Swift Hunter please!Unexamined
Help optimize my necromancerUnexamined
Devish 20Unexamined
Hulk Smash!Unexamined
Building a wishlist....Unexamined
Rogue HelpUnexamined
Someone Pump My Spell DC's.Unexamined
Help me design challenges for 18th level twinks!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Warblade Archer of Doom!Unexamined
Optimal Campaign Difficulty?Unexamined
Gnome ArtificerUnexamined
How can I boost my INT as a grey elf?Unexamined
Changeling Warshaper RKV for use in Savage TidesUnexamined
Soulbow Undead SlayerUnexamined
Brutal Surge activationUnexamined
Help me boost my DEX without Items/classes/racesUnexamined
Help with a half-celestial gishUnexamined
FR two character comboUnexamined
Need an 8th level knife-fighter!Unexamined
Earth Glide or Burrow in the rock for a mountUnexamined
Gestalt Favoured Soul // Paladin Spell SelectionUnexamined
Ways to increase spell save DCs?Unexamined
Factotum/Erudite Gestalt build helpUnexamined
Dumb QuestionSorry I have to ask...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
spelldancer questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Please help my Scout/Rogue Crossbow build.Unexamined
Best Spellfire WielderUnexamined
Help with my Dagger-Using Swash!!Unexamined
Help with MonkUnexamined
Help with a Crossbow wielding KoboldUnexamined
Gestalt weirdness and caster levelUnexamined
archer/divine caster buildUnexamined
What's SO Broken About the Druid?Unexamined
Character(s) for Conjurer's ChessUnexamined
help with a sorcerer/barbarian buildUnexamined
Crossbow SniperUnexamined
Need help with a Turn Undead MasterUnexamined
Core only druid assistanceUnexamined
Ultimate Combat Trapsmith?Unexamined
Character Continuity NotesUnexamined
Savage Species question by the RAWNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Pouncing Feral Shifter Frenzied Berserker HelpUnexamined
Soulbow build help needed!Unexamined
Pimp mine Airship [Help with a Windwright Captain]Unexamined
Sacred Fist Prestige Class EntryUnexamined
The Handbook HandbookUnexamined
Critical DamageUnexamined
Hexblade4/Paladin of Tyranny4/Drow Judicator 1 Now what?Unexamined
Best spells for variant Arcane Disciple to steal?Unexamined
Anyspell and MetamagicUnexamined
My first epic game!Unexamined
Psionic/Order of the Bow Initiate QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Warforged Artificer. Comments?Unexamined
Cooking With Gas - Infinite Damage at Level 1Unexamined
Deciding on a buildUnexamined
What do you consider 'broken?'Unexamined
Dark Sun optimizationUnexamined
Help! Powerful Shapechanger at Lvl 9Unexamined
Rogue Help NeededUnexamined
"Practiced Spellcaster" for wildshapeUnexamined
D&D meets ... cookery?Unexamined
What next?Unexamined
Druids and TurningUnexamined
New Characterwhat should I make?Unexamined
Overcoming that Pesky DRUnexamined
Paladin's Really Really Special "Special Mount"Unexamined
Marvin the Paranoid...Bard?Unexamined
Need Help with low (3rd-4th level) Healing optimizationUnexamined
Need help with 5th level char choice + optimizationUnexamined
Alternative means of acquiring wizard spells?Unexamined
Morphic Changeling - Abusing PsionicsUnexamined
Ways to become a Magical Beast?Unexamined
Soak - The Whipping Boy WizardUnexamined
Old School AscensionUnexamined
Potencially Endless Attacks in a Single Full Attack ActionUnexamined
TG's Pun-Pun Challenger: "The Terminator" (Finalized?)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dumb QuestionSorry I have to ask...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Hulking Hurler buildUnexamined
The most powerful character. EVER.Unexamined
[3.5]Forms for Alter SelfUnexamined
The Final 3.5 Project: Destroying the CoreUnexamined
Looking for a specific build...Unexamined
Saga Edition: Help me build my Togorian damage machineUnexamined
The Combat Medic: Optimized Healing for Star Wars SagaUnexamined
Imperial Knight "Hit Me!"Unexamined
SWE Optimization Challenge! KRYAT DRAGONNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
solo gamejediDawn of DefianceUnexamined
Officer Build HelpUnexamined
[SAGA] Jedi Sentinel Optimization?Unexamined
Wellthey've done it at last...Unexamined
Good 1st-3rd abusable Divine SpellsUnexamined
Dwarven Defender - it has to work!!Unexamined
Death From Above (in need of help)Unexamined
Stumbling upon endless loops happens..Unexamined
Yet another idea from the bug's ramblings...Unexamined
Help with choosing PrCs for a wizardNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Unusual Divine GishHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
most out of a Gestalt.Unexamined
Saga Character Optimization Forum?Unexamined
Need help findinga PrC - MoAO FinishedUnexamined
Paladin of SuneUnexamined
Looking for a specific build...Unexamined
SWSE: SotG: Citadel Cruiser: Tractor BeamUnexamined
Officer Build HelpUnexamined
The Combat Medic: Optimized Healing for Star Wars SagaUnexamined
[SAGA] Jedi Sentinel Optimization?Unexamined
Saga Edition: Help me build my Togorian damage machineUnexamined
solo gamejediDawn of DefianceUnexamined
Gestalting A Dragonfire AdeptUnexamined
Prove my friend wrong! He thinks he is better than you!Unexamined
how do you build RuRoKen Misao Makimachi? or at least uber archer with core and PH2?Unexamined
HELP US!!!Unexamined
Help overcoming this MonsterUnexamined
Defend the ColonyUnexamined
SoI need a rules lawyer again...Unexamined
Rogue/Assassin Optimize helpUnexamined
Swordsage - Combining "style" and strenghtUnexamined
Wizzy Specialist Mystic Theurge restriction questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How would you do point buy with a WizardUnexamined
Somewhat unique druid queryUnexamined
TWFighter 3.5Unexamined
Tanking with a Psion?Unexamined
occult warriors / infused warriorsUnexamined
Optimizing a Nagaika Fighter?Unexamined
Gestalt Warblade Archivist AdviceUnexamined
Stupid question maybe but I gotta ask!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Ranger - Champion of the Wild - 3.5Unexamined
Thrower Tweaking. Thank'sUnexamined
Suggestions for a Rogue/SwordsageUnexamined
Planning ahead for a dwarf WarbladeUnexamined
Changeling ... transformation thing?!Unexamined
Char Op Rule QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A little druid advice neededUnexamined
Range touch attacks feats 3.5Unexamined
Wizard sacrificing being a specialist question 3.5No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A different incarnation of Richard P RiddickUnexamined
13th lvl rogue with blink ringUnexamined
Help with a PixieUnexamined
Sun and MoonUnexamined
Changeling questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Prestige class for ninjaUnexamined
Druid/Cleric GestaltUnexamined
War Weaver Dispeller helpUnexamined
Weapon of Legacy - Help Building MineUnexamined
The Whole Truth...Unexamined
Final Decision - Op RogueUnexamined
Help with a build pleaseUnexamined
Half-Orc BardbarianUnexamined
Perfecting Sublime ArcherUnexamined
Tainted Scorcerers are Gods!Unexamined
Opinions and Suggestions on my WarbladeUnexamined
Making an alien from a cartoon... ideas please...Unexamined
Being Chaotic Evil as well as another alingmentUnexamined
Anti-magecounterspelleror the likeUnexamined
unusual (?) gishUnexamined
Help with a Beast Heart Adept? please?Unexamined
Warlock/Sorcerer optimizationUnexamined
Looking for help with Necro Cleric buildUnexamined
Seism slamLeap attackland shockmoving whirlwindUnexamined
Creating a Magic and Outsider bane characterUnexamined
Initiate feat helpUnexamined
Fell Spell?Unexamined
Ranger/Lock Striker on Striker Love?Unexamined
E8 Dungeon Keeper Campaign - How to spend 45000 gold?Unexamined
Need help with my CohortUnexamined
Old argumentUnexamined
Help with a melee Wizard.Unexamined
Cleric of ErythnulUnexamined
Frenzied Berzerker Sharkman w/ A Giant AnchorUnexamined
Gestalting an incarnum characterUnexamined
Need help deciding on a characterUnexamined
Need help with a Character.Unexamined
Non-Core Optimization?Unexamined
CO Silliness: The REALLY Focused AbjurerUnexamined
Carnivores WorkshopUnexamined
Orog Bard BarbarianUnexamined
Crazy thoughts on the feat "Song of the Dead".Unexamined
Oldschool Question - 3.0 and Polymorph Any Object - Damned errata lackNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Burning Spell Slots For Great Justice..Unexamined
DnD's Jason ToddUnexamined
Storm MageUnexamined
Best weapon for coup de graceUnexamined
Something new with the Spiked ChainUnexamined
Pixie rogue optimization neededUnexamined
Simian Wizard/Rogue ConceptUnexamined
CO Diaries: Paladin of TyrannyUnexamined
Optimizing a Warlock/Bonder?Unexamined
Powerman vs Crasherman vs BouldermanUnexamined
Best weapon for a coup de grace 1.2Unexamined
Golden Protector Cleric suggestions?Unexamined
[3.5e] Fighter->Master Thrower->AssassinUnexamined
Suggestions and Critiques for a Telflammar Shadowlord BuildUnexamined
PEACH my Build: MT + SotDIdeas
Is it possible to make a Goblin Gnome Warforged?Unexamined
Cleric Turning Spell?Unexamined
Fire Seeds+Sanctified Lord of KordUnexamined
Rogue Wizard with SkillzUnexamined
Help with a Fighter/KnightUnexamined
Gamma World D20 editionUnexamined
Best Spells for a Sorcerer/Prestige BardUnexamined
Crazy Spontaneous CastingUnexamined
Wu Tank?Unexamined
Kobold ConundrumUnexamined
[Complement] Filling the holesUnexamined
Boosting Spell DC?Unexamined
rubbing my hands together in anticipationUnexamined
Psionics + Incarnatesviable?Unexamined
The Yellow Musk Necromancera Non-EvilAll Natural Substitute to the Undead.Unexamined
Rog/Brb/FB/Bgd/Rgr/Asn build needs helpUnexamined
Fighter/Barb/Warforged Juggernaut: any good?Unexamined
Versatility vs AntimagicUnexamined
Another Sublime build(warningpoorly executed)Unexamined
The Warrior PoetUnexamined
Pleasebe gentlyi need an opinionUnexamined
Fatespinner and Luck feats?Unexamined
A Dire(Weasel) PlightUnexamined
dragonfire adept Build advice?Unexamined
Help optimising a metalhead bard!Unexamined
Puppet MasterUnexamined
"Best" race "Most fun to play" race for 'scouts'rogues and sneaky peopleUnexamined
Overcoming Anti-MagicUnexamined
Requesting ideas for new ClericUnexamined
Choosing Spells to PersistUnexamined
A strange optimization caseUnexamined
Ninja of the Crescent MoonUnexamined
Teamwork feats and the Nightsong guildUnexamined
Swift Hunter Throwing BuildUnexamined
Can someone help me with my TWF fighter?Unexamined
Ray CasterUnexamined
Asking too much from a stealth type?Unexamined
A Mindbender Challenge..I could reallly use some helpHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Good familiar substitutions and Gish advice...Unexamined
Combat Brute and Improved Power attackUnexamined
Level 7 Gestalt Campaign - Dungeon Crasher Help!Unexamined
Precocious ApprenticeUnexamined
Bouncy RogueUnexamined
Fighter that can survive any encounterUnexamined
Shadowcraft Mage - Arcane or Divine?Unexamined
The Dragon ShamanUnexamined
Gestalt tankUnexamined
Ms. One Man Bandseeking helpUnexamined
Chameleon Prestige Class Info NeededUnexamined
Gestalt Elf Fighter/ Mage CO ChallengeNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Song of World Undone(PEACH my build)Ideas
An Alternative World Undone(PEACH ME)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
How to make an effective Master of the Unseen Hand?Unexamined
Elf Wizard + Wild Magic = 7 HD DracolichUnexamined
Reach and Fist SwordsageUnexamined
im new and i need help makein a classUnexamined
Love is all you needUnexamined
Warmind build troubleUnexamined
Breaking EpicUnexamined
Let's try this againUnexamined
A Kobold's Talerequesting suggestions for improvementUnexamined
Rogue/Ranger/Shadowblade build (with extras)Unexamined
Where is my Ranger going?Unexamined
One-hit WonderUnexamined
Please Help! TyphusHerald of NurgleUnexamined
A big reason to love HelmUnexamined
An attempt at a different aspect of the SupermountUnexamined
Gestalt SCM // Rogue advancement options for beyond level 11Unexamined
Need some help deciding on a characterUnexamined
Optimize this!Unexamined
Is there a list of ways to improve Fast Healing or DR?Unexamined
help with gestalt characterUnexamined
The D&D machine gunUnexamined
My Wild CohortUnexamined
Need help with character.Unexamined
Red Wizard HandbookUnexamined
Dread Necromancer GestaltUnexamined
Multiple swift actions?Unexamined
Auto-Confirm Criticals?Unexamined
Bookless Anima MageUnexamined
Need a bit help with COing Rogue/DervishUnexamined
Beguiler Spell list limitationsUnexamined
Need a bit of help with this Wizard build...Unexamined
Optimization Challenge: Make the Best Assassin's Creed HeroHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
[Gestalt] Ideas requestedUnexamined
Spellwarped ... a new way to break some records?Unexamined
Link pound Rogue/FighterUnexamined
Want to include D&D 4e powers into your 3e games?Unexamined
Help with Charger BuildUnexamined
Arena Druid 20Unexamined
Rules Question: Thrikreen and Two Weapon FightingNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
magic item questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
addition of crit multiplierUnexamined
Help equip my 10th level character!Unexamined
3.5e Caster/WarriorUnexamined
Help me with a melee in low magic landUnexamined
Wand ModulationSiphonand ????Unexamined
Lightning MacesUnexamined
Looking for some Cleric Feat helpUnexamined
Druid - Level 20 Animal companion choiceUnexamined
Please help!Unexamined
Death by Posion charaterUnexamined
Could use some help with a caster biuld.Unexamined
How to PolymorphUnexamined
Thrikreen Dervish/EWMUnexamined
Sylar build?Unexamined
SoWho's the New Wiz_O hereanyway ??Unexamined
LoP's OmniscificerUnexamined
What if you rolled all 18's?Unexamined
Best Incarnum What Now?Unexamined
Putting forth a TOB questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Kobold TrapmakerUnexamined
.50 CalUnexamined
Teleporter/Conjurer GishUnexamined
Pimp My Necromancer (3.5)Unexamined
Best way to detect rogues?Unexamined
Fighter/Monk Build help 3.5Unexamined
Transmuter ExtraordinaireUnexamined
Feindform:any good?Unexamined
Tripping + DebuffingUnexamined
Starmantle + Evasion ?Unexamined
Please help with an arcane skillmonkey build:)Unexamined
Gonwar KidfogUnexamined
Grappler BuildUnexamined
Ashworm Dragoon buildUnexamined
Building a bounty hunter- help wantedUnexamined
Feats to increase levels for fighterUnexamined
I need help with an ideaUnexamined
A little psionic assistancepleaseUnexamined
Death From Above! (???)Unexamined
A Kobold's Diary (a CN Kobold Sorc Diary)Unexamined
Lightning Mace AssassinUnexamined
Abjurant Jade Phoenix Champion Build Help!Unexamined
An odd bloodlines questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Plea For Help: The Gestalt Quadruple Casting Duo for Every OccasionUnexamined
This might be a stupid question...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Fell Drain questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Gestalt class helpUnexamined
Arcane Disciple (Luck Domain) = insta-cleric?Unexamined
Trobles with rulesUnexamined
Assassin the profession vs. Assasin the PrC PART IINo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help with race for roguish characterUnexamined
Alternative PlanetouchedUnexamined
Need help creating the campiest warforgedUnexamined
More "rogue" damage. (SADex to damageetc.)Unexamined
Maximizing Arcane Spellcaster FeatsUnexamined
a better druid featUnexamined
Holding a weapon with more than 2 arms?Unexamined
Channel the StormUnexamined
A tricky warlock build optimisation.Unexamined
Vermin Lord cheeseUnexamined
Various takes at an elven bladesingerUnexamined
I need the best 1st level spell (or power) for 1/dayUnexamined
TWF Dwarf SkirmisherUnexamined
Lizardfolk DruidUnexamined
Ordained Bone Knight (PEACH)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Most of you talk about optimizing one characterbut how about a duo??Unexamined
18th level Gestalt DervishUnexamined
4 Character Party OptimizationUnexamined
Need help with a BBEGUnexamined
8th level Ravenloft characterUnexamined
20-Level MultiClass Char?Unexamined
Attempt at a translationUnexamined
Question About Rogue's Magic DaggerNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
rogue half way doneneed help with finishing touchesUnexamined
FOOM FAH! a swordsage d'LyrandarUnexamined
Monk/ PsionUnexamined
Help - 2nd lvl CharacterUnexamined
Pure Eldritch Blast Damage help neededUnexamined
I need help building a warforge !!!!!Unexamined
warlock Gestalt for speed!Unexamined
Secondary Class for Gestalt?Unexamined
The Immovable ForceUnexamined
Blue Escalation Mage (PC Optimization)Unexamined
Best Spells per level. (Sorc Optimization)Unexamined
A Master CraftsmanUnexamined
VoPwith every weapon in the gameUnexamined
Need to get Large. Help?Unexamined
I think im in love with this character idea !!! Warforge + Dryad partnersUnexamined
Melee build in overpowered (mostly 3.0) campaignUnexamined
Warblade DirectionUnexamined
"able learner"whats the hype?Unexamined
Question about the wildshape amuletNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Immortal Shapechanger HelpUnexamined
alternative clerical powers?Unexamined
Optimizing a CasterUnexamined
ThrallMart the One Man PartyUnexamined
Druid OptimizationUnexamined
Monk/wujen/druid gestaltUnexamined
How to optimze a Sorcerer lv4 ?Unexamined
Level ajustement for an awakened animalUnexamined
Ultimate 20-level Assassin?Unexamined
[3e] Seeking Approxamate Template LAUnexamined
Diehard as a spell?Unexamined
Rules on explosive spellUnexamined
Need for speedUnexamined
Need for speedUnexamined
Archivist - Reasons for playing?Unexamined
two-weapon fighting tiger-monk suggestionsUnexamined
Baron Munchausen in D&D 3.5Unexamined
Lvl 14 Invisible Blade Death DealerUnexamined
Aerial AvengerUnexamined
Osteomancer PrCUnexamined
Need help with a gestalt Sorcerer/WarmageUnexamined
Paladin WizardUnexamined
Warforged Monk 2\Druid 4\Sacred Fist 7\???Unexamined
My brain baby(Suel Archanamach)Unexamined
Horizon Walker: How To Maximize ItUnexamined
Where are these feats foundUnexamined
Barbarian Optimization (Primeval/FrostRager)Unexamined
Using Poison helpUnexamined
Level 3 Artificer1 Adventure.Unexamined
Optimized Blue Mage?Unexamined
A DM's RequestUnexamined
The Dark Knight 3.5 Edition StyleUnexamined
Desert SpellcasterUnexamined
Please Help Optimizing for 3rd lvlUnexamined
Does this work?Unexamined
Something that gives CHA mod for AC?Unexamined
Mystic Theurge realizationUnexamined
Gestalt Barbarian/DruidUnexamined
We need a fourth.Unexamined
The big battle!Unexamined
Eye of LlothUnexamined
Dwarven GishUnexamined
Initiative Spells?Unexamined
Summoner build with demonologistUnexamined
Best FLYING Melee Combat Form for MOMF?Unexamined
Death Knight Template:Trying to OptimizateUnexamined
The random builds threadUnexamined
Character Suggestions requestedUnexamined
What Prestige Class Should I TakeUnexamined
Help with a Gypsy flavored buildUnexamined
Building/Playing a high level Shadowcraft Mage - any advice?Unexamined
Master of the Unseen HandUnexamined
Bone CreatureUnexamined
Sowho's the New-new VCL herenow ??Unexamined
Ideas for optimizationUnexamined
Item Granting Extra Bard Song(s)?Unexamined
Halruan Elder or Red Wizard of ThayUnexamined
Uncanny Trickster and Fiend of BlasphemyUnexamined
To Wrap or To Double-Tap?Unexamined
Artificer uses cantrip to bestow -1 lvl @ first levelUnexamined
Feral DruidUnexamined
Turn Undead and Improved LevelUnexamined
Dual-Wielding Bloodstorm- How to do this?Unexamined
How many colossal melee weapons can you wield?Unexamined
Building a CentaurUnexamined
Mystic Theurge and lowlevel Campaign - making it work asapUnexamined
Dwarven Runesoul Smith (Soulcaster Idea. Pls Help)Unexamined
Ultimate MulticlassingUnexamined
Opt'd Monsterous classUnexamined
Anti-Precision Damage Types & SubtypesUnexamined
Mystic Theurge with only one ClassUnexamined
Arcane Trickster HelpUnexamined
Lolth-touched presumptive assassinUnexamined
Streetfighter ACF's "Cleaving Charge"Unexamined
Level Adjustement for a spellstichedUnexamined
Halfling Gish helpUnexamined
Semi-BBEG For My CampaignUnexamined
Simple Lockdown BuildUnexamined
Short Sorcerer HandbookUnexamined
Title Change: Are 8th lvl spells at ECL 7 Good?Unexamined
Divine Crusader w/Substitute DomainUnexamined
New Spellcaster ClassUnexamined
Optimizing quick potion and delay potion for party rogueUnexamined
Two Weapon Rogue/FighterUnexamined
Beguiler - Silent but deadlyUnexamined
My "EPIC" Level Ordained Champion/Ruby Knight Vindicator BuildUnexamined
Help with pyrokineticistUnexamined
Lernaean LumiUnexamined
A paladin gish - please help me optimize him further.Unexamined
I'm a 7th level Wizardwhat should I be doing?Unexamined
Would Love Some Help in Building a Crusader (Flanker/AoO'ist)Unexamined
Deadly sniper..Unexamined
Help me with a zen archerpleaseUnexamined
Need some help with an archer-ish buildUnexamined
dealing with a Balor at 17th level ?Unexamined
Grappling RogueUnexamined
Paladin/Cleric Building. Help PleaseUnexamined
Warblade 20....and three more levels of something else....any ideasUnexamined
DMM DruidUnexamined
Optimizing to +12/+12/+12 Base SavesUnexamined
Ultimate Erudite ChallengeNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Optimized Melee (no tob/barabrian/gish)Unexamined
Optimized Fighter for X-Crawl?Unexamined
Help with buildUnexamined
3.5 Monk BuildUnexamined
Warforged Juggernaut... how to make it better?Unexamined
Please Help Make An Underdark Druid Summon Ally ListUnexamined
Evil Outsider questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
spell thief needs adviceUnexamined
Help w/ lvl 10 Factotum/WarbladeUnexamined
Master Specialist/IotSV route beginning 3rd level?Unexamined
Fatespinner/Assassin (3.5)Unexamined
Help optimising my Warlock Blaster (3.5)Unexamined
Builds for an almost core only rogue/clericUnexamined
General case skill optimizationUnexamined
Optimizing turning attempts - PrCsmaybe?Unexamined
SWSE Jedi DuelingUnexamined
3.5 Warrior Type NeededUnexamined
Help with a fighter feat.Unexamined
Fighter / Wizard / Spelldancer / Incantatrix / Magelord?Unexamined
Partial Charge?Unexamined
Optimizing a VampireUnexamined
Help with a sorc-based gishUnexamined
Danny the Thayan DogUnexamined
how can i help in this party?Unexamined
Best Assassin spells?Unexamined
Gestalt rogue build--need a second sideUnexamined
Feats and their Book Locations (The Gamers: Dorkness Rising)?Unexamined
Optimal Mind Controller (3.5)Unexamined
Intelligence to Damage and things like that...Unexamined
[3.5] noob need help for fighter Creation!Unexamined
character pair optUnexamined
Immortality and ProfitUnexamined
What to take after Pal5/Cler3/Fist10?Unexamined
question about rebuking and commandingNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
help optimizing belkarUnexamined
Neanderthal Dragon DiscipleUnexamined
non-Ranger access to Ranger spells?Unexamined
Lockdown 3.0Unexamined
Bard itemsUnexamined
Need some directionUnexamined
Paladin Salvage.Unexamined
Help my Suel ArcanamachUnexamined
optimizing the groupUnexamined
3.5e Warforged WizardUnexamined
looking for a way to not lose an itemUnexamined
frightful pressenceUnexamined
Daggerspellmage threads?Unexamined
I need help with my GISHUnexamined
Help with picking spells for Sublime Chord at epic levelsUnexamined
Help With a Shadowcraft's SpellsUnexamined
Which goddess should reign over the Red Hand of Boom?Unexamined
Question about extended Tome of Battle maneuverNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Wizard SuggestionsUnexamined
Need help with Archivist.Unexamined
Warblade Gish Abuse?Unexamined
Getting our Lycan onUnexamined
Give my guy a once over?Unexamined
Gishtalt characterUnexamined
Social SmugglerUnexamined
Optimizing Domains OR...Unexamined
Be honest...optimized or not?Unexamined
Easy Warlock QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Possessing parasiteUnexamined
Variant ChainingUnexamined
Non Personal Range spells that grant natural attacks?Unexamined
Most languages known at ECL1?Unexamined
help with duskbladesUnexamined
LVL 12 GestaltUnexamined
statting KratosUnexamined
Help Me Defend Against A HordeUnexamined
Werewolf PCUnexamined
Secret Page: The only wizard spell I need?Unexamined
Gnome PaladinUnexamined
Blue Mage questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
3.5 Artificer Build HELP!Unexamined
Help with a Half-Elf Barbarian!Unexamined
Glaive-lock question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Kick-arse Animal companionsUnexamined
Ring of Theurgy + UMD + Incantarix: Possible?Unexamined
Building things for money?Unexamined
Contingency + "Conj(teleport)" spell Abuse threadUnexamined
I need clarification on a Class Feature from CMUnexamined
Dwarven defender a decent PrC?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Best 3.5 Class FeaturesUnexamined
question about the iron heroesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Gestalt OA Shaman Paladin Ruby Knight VindicatorUnexamined
Crusader attemptUnexamined
Most bang for your buck...AC...DR....SR ?Unexamined
is there a PrC that continues the paladin 'smite' ability? (no FoR)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Taking a Dragonfire Adept into epic levelsUnexamined
New feats for a rogue characterUnexamined
Army BuildingUnexamined
help with arcane buildUnexamined
The InHathrantrix: Because wizards make the best spontaneous casters!Unexamined
Bugbear CrusaderUnexamined
Drow Psychic WarriorUnexamined
Inspired-Quori - Soulbow - Eberron.Unexamined
(Su) Abilities for Shapechange in 3.5Unexamined
Is a level of monk worth it?Unexamined
CO Diary: E6 Pathfinder Cleric ArcherUnexamined
Sorceror optimization?Unexamined
I need general opinions and advice for a Sacred FistUnexamined
Player New to the GamePlayer New to a ClassUnexamined
my fighterUnexamined
Help me build a 7th level Cleric of BaneUnexamined
cleric prestige classesUnexamined
Can someone help optimize my Warforged?Unexamined
Spell SelectionUnexamined
Need help to build the worlds fastest elf!Unexamined
Swordsagemeet Red Hand of Doom!Unexamined
bludgeoning immunity?Unexamined
Core CastersUnexamined
best magicsssUnexamined
Walker in the Waste (Help)Unexamined
LA buyoffUnexamined
Warlock Invocations lists...?Unexamined
[3.5] 1st level Humand Warblade (Review please)Unexamined
OkI keep confusing myself...Unexamined
ToB GestaltUnexamined
Help with a Halg Giant Dungencrasher/ToB build (long)Unexamined
Ultimate Divine Spells?Unexamined
Least optimized??Unexamined
Working a core druid at low levelsUnexamined
Nova Flurry: A sorcerer combo to make a big novaUnexamined
Spell Resistance thread.. How to get it?Unexamined
Level 8 build seeks EquipmentUnexamined
The road to AC 100Unexamined
Help with a 3.5 wizard buildUnexamined
Hide in plain sightUnexamined
Ultimate Magus [3.5 Complete Mage]Unexamined
Wizardry Templates.. come have a lookUnexamined
????? of EberronUnexamined
Warmage Spell save DCs increase?Unexamined
Duskbladelvl 16remakingUnexamined
Dragoon SteedUnexamined
Dwarven Armored Mage [3.5]Unexamined
How about them Dragoons?Unexamined
best core+phb2 Sorc?Unexamined
SWSE: OfficerUnexamined
Looking for a featand how would it work with....Unexamined
3.5 PaladinUnexamined
Greatsword + TWFUnexamined
Help with making a gestalt characterSorc//?Unexamined
Swordsage question (quick)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help me with 3.5 female Lolth's clericUnexamined
Mineral Warrior Dwarven Fighter (ECL 5)Unexamined
Arcane Trickster w/ mod levelsUnexamined
An assassin but not oneUnexamined
Crit BenefitUnexamined
Church InquisitorUnexamined
[3.5] A Sacred Assassin?Unexamined
Bone KnightUnexamined
The Broken StuffUnexamined
Rate my FB buildplus advice how to continueUnexamined
Help With Factotum BuildUnexamined
Dwarf Fighter 7 / EWM 3 / then what?Unexamined
Explain Abyssal Training AKA The Abyssal ShuffleUnexamined
Ranged Specialist AssistenceUnexamined
3.5 - Shifter & Razorclaw traitUnexamined
The EvangelistUnexamined
The Focused Specialist Necromancer/Ultimate Magus Ultra-DebufferUnexamined
Creating a divine swiftblade- need help/adviceUnexamined
Optimizing a PsionUnexamined
Core Only Handbook?Unexamined
[Help] Lowering Level Adjustment (LA)Unexamined
3.5 Druid 6th lvlUnexamined
Need help Maxing a object destroyer (Not Sunder)Unexamined
Help optimizing a Binder (3rd level)Unexamined
can i have a list of good Skellies/ZombiesUnexamined
Optimizing an Elemental Savant/Arc. Hieroph.Unexamined
Optimizing a Generalist WizardUnexamined
A psionic monkUnexamined
Familiar-centric CharacterUnexamined
feats for this paladin/cleric/fist: possibly for smitingUnexamined
Psuedo Fast Healing For All UndeadUnexamined
Dextrous Pirate-like Character AdviceUnexamined
Drawing a blankUnexamined
Lloyd's Beacon: Unintentionally Abusable?Unexamined
How many doses is 1 cubic foot?Unexamined
Dvati Duo of Deadly DistractionsUnexamined
Help with a Sublime Chord...Unexamined
Cheesy Arcane SpellcasterUnexamined
Monster of Legend - can you make it work?Unexamined
Looking for suggestions for a character build (Meat shield?)Unexamined
Dual Wield w/ a Two HandedUnexamined
PHB1 3.5 Only?Unexamined
Improvisation optimizationpart 2Unexamined
Can't Find LoP's Dirty Tricks #1Unexamined
Need official reference naming whips as touch attacks.Unexamined
need help blding a "Champion of Gwynharwye"Unexamined
Spell Focus Question...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
New Toy: Magic of IncarnumUnexamined
3.5 fighter handbook?Unexamined
[3.5] How well does Feint work in later levels?Unexamined
Any tank builds out there that don't have Paladin?Unexamined
Magic Item (or feat maybe) that stops aging (like Timeless Body e.g.)?Unexamined
the Ancestral PvP fight: wizard vs clericwho's gonna win?Unexamined
[3.5] Help with Gray Guard Build?Unexamined
Challenge: an effective VoP Psionic Monk ... can it be done?Unexamined
Can't Find LoP's MontyUnexamined
Help with a weird ArtificerUnexamined
Prestige classes for an Ame WarashiUnexamined
EPIC level Warlock: What Feats should I take?Unexamined
Exploit legality- Ultimate Magus 10/Archmage 5 in 20 lvls via Practiced SpellcasterUnexamined
[3.5] Bard extra specialUnexamined
I pose a challenge to you... {Dragonlance 3.5}Unexamined
Optimized AssassinUnexamined
Primeval(Barbarian Prc)-Primeval form - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need help with a few build ideasUnexamined
Arcane Hierophant toned downUnexamined
CO Challenge: Pimp My warforgeUnexamined
Weapon and Armour Optimization?Unexamined
[3.5] Seeking Help on the Crafting of a PaladinUnexamined
Maxing out a skill check with a "fighter"Unexamined
Any classes that get non-specific bonus feats?Unexamined
Shifty Does Everything (Master Transmographist)Unexamined
Max Crit Non-evil Warrior.. Preferably a divine warrior(Paladin)Unexamined
[3.5] Power Attacking on Turns but not on AoOsUnexamined
[Challenge] The Transported ManUnexamined
melee/ranged rangerUnexamined
Armor Upgrading?Unexamined
Red Wizard BBEG BuildUnexamined
[SAGA] Unarmed WarriorUnexamined
[CHALLENGE] Finish What You Started3.5Unexamined
Need to make a self reliant & powerful buildHelp me!Unexamined
Trying to fix my BinderUnexamined
Help for a massive powerbroken campaingn characterUnexamined
Level 20 Human ArchivistUnexamined
need help making Deckard Cain(diablo series) with a melee angleUnexamined
Qualifying for DeepwardenUnexamined
Stealthy or Arcane?Unexamined
XPH temporal acceleration question (possible lurk abuse)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Max number of turning attempts per day?Unexamined
[3.5] Trying to remember an old broken PsyWarrior buildUnexamined
ECL 70 dragon Worm that Walks in need of uberfyingUnexamined
New campaignnew groupcustom paladin...Unexamined
Grappling & ManaclesUnexamined
Help building an Evil CrusaderUnexamined
Please put your "Game Breaking" hats on...Unexamined
Help me character optimizationyou're my only hope...Unexamined
Javelin ThrowerUnexamined
A Challenger Approches (the two book chalenge)Unexamined
Wellthis is interesting.Unexamined
The Odd CoupleUnexamined
A bit of help optimizing myself on short noticeUnexamined
Playing as a FamiliarUnexamined
Wondering: What should the stats of 20 level characters look like?Unexamined
Fire Giant Mount/Conpanion help?Unexamined
best way for an anthropomorphic octopus to get air breathing?Unexamined
Help with the crunch on my Kobold SorcererUnexamined
Circle Mower: Deadliest Warrior Without Magic Items?Unexamined
Gimmie a FIGHTER Illusionist *not* some flamboyant ponce..Unexamined
Quick and dirty way to get cold immunity?Unexamined
Character assistUnexamined
How many points for a true 4d6 stat generation?Unexamined
4th level Gray Orc Cleric Build(3.5)Unexamined
Ascetic RogueUnexamined
Favored Soul-Zilla 2.0Unexamined
Ghost build - reallystuck for ideasUnexamined
Ultimate Utility Wizards (3.5)Unexamined
Any advice for a high charisma eldritch disciple glaivelock?Unexamined
3.0 Polymorph OtherUnexamined
CO PodcastUnexamined
Ways to Coup de Grace from a Stun?Unexamined
Need Help with a Book-Wizard (literal)Unexamined
Need help for a cleric!Unexamined
Feat for the sneak attack against creature immune sneak attackUnexamined
trying to optimize a buffing/arcane bardUnexamined
Maximize crit'sUnexamined
Sniper BuildUnexamined
3.5 Wade Wilson - DeadpoolUnexamined
Live forever as a Ghola! (possible infinite stat combo)Unexamined
Augment Healing feat?Unexamined
Low-level spell/power to create small wall for dungeoncrasher?Unexamined
Need Advices as a new ClericUnexamined
Need help with items to buy and feats for Dwarf Knight/Dwarven Defender/DeepwardenUnexamined
Mostly core monk (PfRPG + Psionic SRD + ECS)Unexamined
Coin SoulknifeUnexamined
Can I accomplis this somehow?Unexamined
Idea for a good dragon?Unexamined
Help me finnish another build would ya?Unexamined
Loss of a HandUnexamined
Halfling Outrider and extra animal companionsUnexamined
Sorcerer Spell picksUnexamined
Cleric PrC w/full spellcasting/turn progression? - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help tweaking Eternal Blade buildUnexamined
Too many PrCs?Unexamined
Pally optimizationUnexamined
Rogue + Heavy Armor How to make it workUnexamined
Little Red Raiding Hood: A Tale of & Guide to the 3.5 DragoonUnexamined
Polearm Gambit ParadoxUnexamined
[3.5]Lycan Min/Max: Melee with Natural AttacksUnexamined
Bull Rush!Unexamined
What makes a good epic Wizard?Unexamined
Thoughts on a Raptoran Cleric buildUnexamined
Archivist archer adviceUnexamined
Warmage prc choice?Unexamined
Master Thrower - Dex and Int basedUnexamined
190d6 damage from a first level spell (before metamagic or items)Unexamined
You Are Entering: C.O.- HalloweenUnexamined
Methods of Keeping Your StuffUnexamined
Polymorph Forms for Dragoons?Unexamined
Help With Paladin MountsUnexamined
Pimp My Ranger20Unexamined
Dex Based Whip Tripper?Unexamined
Optimise a MaugUnexamined
Flying lynx move for a warlockUnexamined
A little druid helpUnexamined
optimize my group plzUnexamined
Help me Optimize the Dread CommandoUnexamined
Need help with my Rogue / monk characterUnexamined
Looking into Optimizing Lightning Mace [Style] (CW)Unexamined
Able Learner Over Powered?Unexamined
Sorcerer on a themeUnexamined
Taking input for a core barbarianUnexamined
Flickthe Flaming Dagger FlingerUnexamined
Optimize: Miss ChanceUnexamined
Gish GithyankiUnexamined
Soul eating BarbarianUnexamined
Monster as raceUnexamined
AzurtHammer of MoradinUnexamined
Alter self list?Unexamined
Crit fighter neededUnexamined
Starting Race (with LA)Unexamined
Alter self + Warforged = Realy broken?Unexamined
This is what happens when Nobody wants to be a rogue.Unexamined
Destroy My Class!Unexamined
9th level spells9th level maneuvers and 16+ BABUnexamined
AD Presents: The MasochistUnexamined
The S.S. TimewarpUnexamined
Help with Lurk builds and ideas.Unexamined
AD Presents: The most powerful character. AFTERUnexamined
Pimp my Kobold!!Unexamined
were otter?Unexamined
Ghost Pal/Bard Cohort helpUnexamined
Cleric Archer Build?Unexamined
Crackdown Build?Unexamined
Need help making a Clerical AssassinUnexamined
Type: HumanoidMonstrous Humanoidor Giant?Unexamined
Beholder Mage helpUnexamined
On making a magical rogueUnexamined
Arcane + sneakneed opinionsUnexamined
Psion-Warmage buildUnexamined
Help with Bard Feat SelectionUnexamined
Kenku RogueUnexamined
Jumping Not Limited By Height?Unexamined
Advice for Swashbuckler/duelistUnexamined
Jumping vs FallingUnexamined
Deepwood Sniper builds?Unexamined
Highest Strength Possible (without infinite loops)Unexamined
3.5 Warforged Artificer MC Help WantedUnexamined
Sudden MetamagicUnexamined
The game of Black JackUnexamined
Red Hand of Doom BC Goddess: Which feats?Unexamined
Crafting vs. FallingUnexamined
Spells which buff skillsor are versatile?Unexamined
Optimized perform skillUnexamined
Need some perspective on balancing druid wildshape?Unexamined
Regaining My Old Record -- X+Y=Unexamined
A Large Creature's ArmorUnexamined
A Paladin That Doesn't SuckUnexamined
Fighter/Wizard/Cleric GishHelp PleaseUnexamined
Im so lost on feats for an eldritch glaive using warlockUnexamined
My first Warlock...Unexamined
my first D&D 3.5 characterUnexamined
Warblade/Warlord Test (need help)Unexamined
Newbie builds a rogueUnexamined
my fire whip specialistUnexamined
Warblade into Eternal Blade (Build Help)Unexamined
Further Arcane Swordsage Abuse?Unexamined
Best Possible Skeleton with Animate dead spellUnexamined
Warhulk Bloodline abuse?Unexamined
Rogue/Monk help! Please!Unexamined
Ability Damage Sorcerer
The problem with Animate DeadUnexamined
Factotum (EX) ListUnexamined
Psionic Character OptimizedUnexamined
C'MonPeople! SAGA Edition Still Exists!: SAGA Build Compendium (NOT ALL WORK MINE)Unexamined
Trap the soul gem=Escapable?Unexamined
Noob Artificer QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Specializing Magic item question! Please helpNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Consumptive Field: Need explaination.Unexamined
Campaign Smashers III: The stuff that completely breaks the gameUnexamined
BG forum?Unexamined
[D&D 3.5] Help Building Epic SpellcasterUnexamined
Ways to reduce the cost of powersUnexamined
Maximum Favored Enemy CoverageUnexamined
Help Optimizing a SniperUnexamined
knowledge skill optimization helpUnexamined
Are you allowed to take a classand then its variant in the next level?Unexamined
I keep hearing people talking about Font of Inspiration for the FactotumUnexamined
[3.5] Improved Diversion feat?Unexamined
Slayer or Cerebremancer?Unexamined
stacking weapon enhancementsUnexamined
The Very Best of COUnexamined
couple of questions on dragon pcNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Brave Cavalier of CorellonUnexamined
Lightning Bolt and Mirror ImageUnexamined
Druid/Barb helpUnexamined
Liche helpUnexamined
critical undead and constructs?Unexamined
THE ultimate super natural abilityUnexamined
Two handed attack with a single weaponUnexamined
Warforged Fighter/Juggernaut/BarbarianUnexamined
[3.5] Level 8 VoP Saint Incarnatewhere do I go from here?Unexamined
A DM's list of Spell ChoicesUnexamined
PGtF: More money for all in the Realms?Unexamined
3.5 lvl 3 PaladinUnexamined
Chameleon CohortUnexamined
Help with two different charactersUnexamined
Variant Ranger\Master of Many Forms\Warshaper Build - Need Help!Unexamined
Variant Ranger\Master of Many Forms\Warshaper Build - Need Help!Unexamined
Items Casting Metamagicked SpellsUnexamined
Arena WardenUnexamined
Potential Fine-tuning (Duskblade/Cleric/M.Theurge)Unexamined
good duoUnexamined
Making a Dragon out of a HumanoidUnexamined
Expanding on Haunt ShiftUnexamined
Is a Flaming Flaming Flaming sword RAW legal?Unexamined
Ranger help plzUnexamined
Odd question (Unarmed combat)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
God Of War buildUnexamined
Overpowered game! Help!Unexamined
need some ranger or rogue helpUnexamined
Useful Body EnchantmentsUnexamined
Level Bonuses and PolymorphUnexamined
Ultimate assassinUnexamined
Just a little help rounding out the groupUnexamined
Carnivore's Core DragonslayerUnexamined
Trying to help a firend with a Rogue-ish buildUnexamined
Need help with wizard (somewhat gishy)Unexamined
Making itemsUnexamined
Is there a ruling that I can't...Unexamined
Tweaking a Psycho Master-at-armsUnexamined
Need help making a (Stealth) Handbook!Unexamined
3.5 Core ElfUnexamined
anyone ever look at the zern?Unexamined
necropolitan questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Bard into Dirdge signerUnexamined
Help optimizing a characterUnexamined
Can I choose to jump less than my check?Unexamined
Ulimate Uttercold?Unexamined
Turning A Party Member Into A Mount Via A Bag of HoldingUnexamined
Dragonfire ChannelingUnexamined
My Gestalt True NecromancerUnexamined
Half-Ogre Fighter 6/War hulk 10Unexamined
Totemist vs Totem RagerUnexamined
Can you determine damage from weight?Unexamined
Paladin w/ Spell Compedium Uber-ChargerUnexamined
Battle Jump and CleaveUnexamined
help becoming a lichUnexamined
Gestalt Ur-Priest build help (feats)Unexamined
Help with 3.5 Ranger buildUnexamined
Battle Blessing with geomancer for unlimited QuickenUnexamined
Wizard HelpUnexamined
Breaking the Metamaind: Font of Power + Temporal ReiterationUnexamined
Hexblade 7+ Challenges Cleric 15Unexamined
3.5 Core Challange - best core character?Unexamined
Multiclassed Psion AdvancementUnexamined
Gestalt Psion/WizardUnexamined
Gestalt Rogue/Sorcerer or WizardUnexamined
Need help with Cleric "Healbot"Unexamined
ManeuversCritsand Double DamageUnexamined
Double-checking ValidityUnexamined
A bit of anti-railroadingUnexamined
Were-Rhino Crusader? (Gestalt)Unexamined
Shhhdid anybody notice ...Unexamined
Low-level themed character buildUnexamined
Powerful Melee Warrior NPC Build NeededUnexamined
Warmage useful? Enter Geomancer...Unexamined
Need feat & stance ideas for L12 warforged warbladeUnexamined
How do I make a Lycanthrope a Magical Beast?Unexamined
Assassin/Rogue and Wizard OptimizationsUnexamined
Insight on Insightful Strike?Unexamined
Warmage's Edge CastingUnexamined
feat ideasUnexamined
Help Me! D:Unexamined
Pimp/critique/steal my level 10 builds!Unexamined
Overpowered or Fair game? Power within reason...Unexamined
Cleric ReassignmentUnexamined
Problems with a MoMFUnexamined
Help needed with Warblade/Rogue or Warblade/ScoutUnexamined
What do you think about this build..Unexamined
Help for an assassin\bladesinger buildUnexamined
First build of mine!Unexamined
What Classfeat and items should I choose??? with 40 k to spendUnexamined
D&D PHII Knight Character Optimization?Unexamined
Items and feats to optimize a spiked chain tripper gish ??Unexamined
thrower dex to dmgUnexamined
Rogue Build - Plz CommentUnexamined
Tweaking a cleric.Unexamined
Level 1 campaignprobable combat cleric(3.5)Unexamined
Simple Wizard Builds?Unexamined
Prestige Class entry by magic itemUnexamined
Final Boss help!Unexamined
Help me!I want to make a good bard...Unexamined
How your wizards protect themselvesUnexamined
Gestalt Factotum build wantedUnexamined
Help with Dragon GishUnexamined
3.5 my group and a core settingUnexamined
Optmize Sub-ZeroUnexamined
Looking for help building a assassin party (Hand)Unexamined
Riposte Scout?Unexamined
How exactly does Decisive Strike work on an AoO?Unexamined
Optimized feats for an animal companionUnexamined
Vermin Keeper Viable?Unexamined
Need Help: Whip based characterUnexamined
HELP!!!!! Bard!!!Unexamined
The Gamers II:Dorkness RisingUnexamined
Help optimising a sorcererUnexamined
Making a lvl1 rangersuggestions?Unexamined
Negative AC buildUnexamined
Late entry FB build for Key of DestinyUnexamined
Adoration of the FrightfulUnexamined
Full Druid or MoMF for shapeshifting?Unexamined
Help me set up this "Tank"?Unexamined
Unbroken D&D BanlistUnexamined
Need little more help for my ClericUnexamined
HELP Shapeshifting/fighterUnexamined
Eberron's Magewright NPC class - anything ?!Unexamined
Bardic Music?Unexamined
Help with a Shadow Template Rogue/Cleric build plzUnexamined
1st Level CommonerUnexamined
3.5edFeral Melee combatant helpUnexamined
Sanguine Master????Unexamined
Trying to make WolverineUnexamined
Battle Jump and RaptoransUnexamined
Highest AC by level 20Unexamined
SWSE Level 10 Character - Sith options?Unexamined
Questions about Psychic Warrior optimizationNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A Cohort with Level Adjustment Buyoff: Optimal?Unexamined
Help with an arcane fighterUnexamined
artificer "necromancer"Unexamined
3.5 Race bonus list!Unexamined
Lv 20 lich going into epicand demilichdom?Unexamined
help with a fighterUnexamined
[3.5] Arcane spells as a psion?Unexamined
age effectsUnexamined
Soul machineUnexamined
Stinking goodUnexamined
Challenge: Ultimate BowUnexamined
Subsitituing attribute bonuses for spell-like abilities?Unexamined
Queens of the Elements - IceUnexamined
pyrokinetist questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
[3.5] Faster Intimidate checks?Unexamined
is LAs to high?Unexamined
help with a thiefUnexamined
20th level Wizard vs 20th level fighter 3.5Unexamined
perfect multiweapon fighting and extra main hand attacksUnexamined
Spellthief Gestalt Advice neededUnexamined
Shadow Sentinel DiscussionUnexamined
Mild dweomerkeeper abuseUnexamined
Alter Self + Druid ShapeshiftUnexamined
Arrow storm + exit wound = 20 attacks against 1 target?Unexamined
Gestalt buildneed help min/maxingUnexamined
I've got my classes pickedbut not sure about progression - any thoughts?Unexamined
[Miniatures] Optimizing The Healer ClassUnexamined
Is this optimized or abuse or just silly?Unexamined
Need a little helpUnexamined
Spell clearificationUnexamined
How does each tanking class tank best?Unexamined
Why two weapon fight sucks?Unexamined
Deoptimizing myself: Am I making it sound harder than it is?Unexamined
I hate to do itbut I have no idea what I want to play ~Now with more Haiku.Unexamined
Creating the Lich KingUnexamined
What roles are each class best at? And which class is best at which role?Unexamined
A template for a DruidUnexamined
Break the Jackflash! (Custom Class Optimization)Unexamined
Spellcasting Prestiege Classes w/o skill requirements?Unexamined
Age of Worms...Unexamined
Where to go to from here?Unexamined
Feat question?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Fighter20 vs WizardX: How low can the wizard go yet win?Unexamined
Protection against will effects..Unexamined
Abyssal Specialist + Planar SpellcastingUnexamined
A Question of Rules: Readied actions and WallsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Is there a way for a Fighter to beat a Wizard?Unexamined
Another Wizard 20 vs. Fighter 20 threadUnexamined
Mage/Archer lvl15Unexamined
Phase Cloak (shoulder bind) and Flyby AttackUnexamined
Where are guides for building arcane rogues?Unexamined
Is there a way for an artificer to get extra infusions per day?Unexamined
Ranger HybridUnexamined
Help mi ninjaUnexamined
Help with a frenzy berserker buildUnexamined
Where's the Paladin class guide?Unexamined
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Fighter 20 V. Wizard 20Unexamined
Late level casterUnexamined
Builds from level 5-15Unexamined
Caster Spellfire helpUnexamined
Class HelpUnexamined
Need help filling the group!!Unexamined
Dual-Progression preparationUnexamined
AD Presents: Ice Assassin Xtreme CheeseUnexamined
something diffrent: Wizard 20 vs fighting characterUnexamined
"not" wiz 20 vs fighter 20Unexamined
Magic items that grant archery feats / bonus to ranged combat?Unexamined
To create an Altered Beast...Unexamined
3.5 Death knight and rebuking help ?Unexamined
Looking to build a dwarven tank. Suggestions?Unexamined
Lycanthropes hit points and constitutionUnexamined
Help with a Warlock?Unexamined
Feats for a Ghaele EladrinUnexamined
ECL 6 Character Optimization neededUnexamined
Need some feats for my HexbladeUnexamined
How do i find traps w/o trapfinding?Unexamined
Dreaming of a good build...Unexamined
Unseen cleric?Unexamined
Archivists in CoreUnexamined
Suggestions for a trapfinding mageUnexamined
Ideabut no idea how to employ itUnexamined
Wizard20 vs Cleric20 vs Druid20 vs Psion20Unexamined
Need help with an imortant NPCUnexamined
So... I may be kind of a jerk (Magic Missile Specialist)Unexamined
Eldritch Disciple (first time on the boards)Unexamined
Speed Fighter BuildUnexamined
Optimise my Ninja..Unexamined
Whisper Gnome DruidUnexamined
Best Optimization of CORE ONLY help please!Unexamined
Working on a lycanthrope.Unexamined
Dragonfire Adept helpUnexamined
Ghost Vs Ghost - weird things happenUnexamined
can you make a ghost pixie wizard optimized???Unexamined
Bringing back the *Bamph* FighterUnexamined
When LA doesn't matterUnexamined
ECL8 Hide-based pixie help?Unexamined
I Don't Think So... Maybe?Unexamined
Caster player trying out a tripper buildUnexamined
True-Problem: TruenamerUnexamined
Wizard equipmentsUnexamined
Critique my dragon hunting spell listUnexamined
Which School to Drop for Specialists?Unexamined
Divine Magician spellsUnexamined
A fire master(warrior type)Unexamined
necrotic cyst/tumor optimizationUnexamined
Barbarian Build helpUnexamined
Best way to get dodge/mobility?Unexamined
A More Amusing Duel: Fighter20 vs Bard20Unexamined
I hope this is the right board...question about Polymorph and ability damageNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Into the frying pan: Fey'ri Shapeshifter RangerUnexamined
A Battlejump-thingUnexamined
Changling Specialist WizardUnexamined
Unarmed Damage stacking?Unexamined
A better way to fight drunk?Unexamined
Optimized Teleporter AssistanceUnexamined
Optimizing/breaking LV 6 (E6)Unexamined
Optimisation RequestUnexamined
Ghoul Monster ClassUnexamined
Good feats for a Gnome Paladin?Unexamined
Undermountain Adventures Wizard OptimizationUnexamined
Balanced Bloodlines Interpretation & ImplementationUnexamined
manyshot archer maxin'Unexamined
The Diabolical Suel GlaivelockUnexamined
3/4 BAB and Full Arcane Casting besides Sacred Exorcist?Unexamined
Need some inspiration for a gestalt gameUnexamined
aptitude weapon stylesUnexamined
Poison Spell (feat from Drow of the Underdark)Unexamined
Dread Necro GestaltUnexamined
Super-fighting RobotUnexamined
another L A creature optimization problemUnexamined
How to make Santa Claus...Unexamined
Need magic items with non-enhancement bonuses to hit for my glaivelock. Please help.Unexamined
Swashbuckler TypeUnexamined
Off-beat Caster Class tricksUnexamined
Geomancer GishUnexamined
Need Advise: Spells for Presistent Spell featUnexamined
how about this???Unexamined
Druid Builds.. I need one for 16th LvlUnexamined
Any help with Crossbow material?Unexamined
A challengeUnexamined
Help optimize my BARD plz?Unexamined
7th- 9th level Divine Magician choices for a spontaneous variant TN NecroClericUnexamined
Choosing the spell immunities on a MagisterUnexamined
The Hour of Power: Using Heroics to gain stances & maneuversUnexamined
Cleric: melee or ranged? Suggestions?Unexamined
Bear Warrior PrC?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
time efficient wizard?Unexamined
Help!! Suddenly I need a new character!Unexamined
Bugbear Optimization TimeUnexamined
Changling Rogue/ChameleonUnexamined
stuck and need ideasUnexamined
Real Optimization: Frequently-Played Character LevelsUnexamined
Blood Wind + Animal CompanionsUnexamined
Soam I completely insane?Unexamined
3.5 tome of battlecrusaderUnexamined
Kobold Dread necro what now?Unexamined
How a DM Kicks Butt and Chews Bubblegum - Challenging Gamers - Ideas?Unexamined
Need help with a few different things.Unexamined
Goblin Illithid HunterUnexamined
choosing between godhoodsUnexamined
3/4 BAB weapon enhancement??Unexamined
Need help for Feats for Wizard8/Abjurant Champion5/Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil 7Unexamined
How to use Cleric spells?Unexamined
A character that doesn't kill?Unexamined
Can CO critique my Warblade?Unexamined
Totemist optimization.Unexamined
AC Dumpbarian.Unexamined
The JokerUnexamined
Help with my PALADIN TANK ideaplz?Unexamined
Warchanter/Dervish BuildUnexamined
Help with a long-term characterUnexamined
How to negate a Phaerimm's LA?Unexamined
Help with Gargoyle Character neededUnexamined
3.5 Psionic/Gambit Like characterUnexamined
Need help with Soulbow//Swift hunter gestalt buildUnexamined
Warblade Help RequestedUnexamined
Wild Elf - Battle Druid [PEACH]Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The Mailman: A Direct Damage SorcererUnexamined
Conjurers: Incantatrix and Mage of the Arcane OrderUnexamined
Low-level Swift Ambusher OptimizationUnexamined
your bestUnexamined
Mystic Theurge QualificationUnexamined
Druid Build HelpUnexamined
Chicken Infested?! Basket Weaving!? BAH! Try Henchman!Unexamined
Help Playing a SharnUnexamined
Psion helpUnexamined
A Different Kind of OptimizationUnexamined
Questions about planar bindingNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need a Gosu Feat for my Wizzard...Unexamined
The Paladin as he should have been (PF unfortunately contained within)Unexamined
i need to surviveUnexamined
help with warlockUnexamined
Mixed and miss-matched 'caster.Unexamined
SoWe Captured the Tarrasque...Now What?Unexamined
How viable is Wiz1/Druid3/MTX/Arcane HierophantX?Unexamined
Designating yourself as an allie for Spells? SongsongUnexamined
so ive got these 10 levels to play with.....Unexamined
hack n slash characterUnexamined
Spells for a changling wizard.Unexamined
Asking for help on a DnD 3.5e level 9 druidUnexamined
help with my sorcerer pleaseUnexamined
Tanking 101Unexamined
Break me a character!Unexamined
Shadow Clock Mount (Paladin Perils)Unexamined
Spellcasting and Services?Unexamined
Building a Crossbow characterNeed help!Unexamined
PvP Lvl 8 vs 6/7 sugg. neededUnexamined
Largefour-leggedtwo-handedwingedplayable race with lowest ECL possible ?Unexamined
General purpose swift hunting Ranger/Scout/Shadow dancer/monkUnexamined
hydra stat blocksUnexamined
The NeKobolitan: Making Sorcery WorkUnexamined
optimize the forsakerUnexamined
Clerics and Nether EvilsUnexamined
Necesary Inconvenient BuiltUnexamined
That Rare Bit of Inspiration (Psigish Time)Unexamined
Optimizing daring outlaw with maths (Warninglots of maths)Unexamined
Optimising the Flux Adept? (Dragon 317/Dragon Compendium)Unexamined
IM a halfling. Iajutsu Master taken to a new low.Unexamined
How i can get an extra metamagic feat?Unexamined
Low Magic Campaign ideasUnexamined
Incantrix Info and wisdom!Unexamined
Looking for Archer OverpowerUnexamined
Building a Pale MasterUnexamined
Shapeshifting Berserker?Unexamined
Feral Mineral Warrior barbariansUnexamined
Endarire's Incantatrix Handbook: Being a GOD Among GodsUnexamined
[Diary] Master Specialist Conjurer GODUnexamined
How to finish my wiz?Unexamined
Bear Warrior helpUnexamined
On Complementary Energy Types for Fighting MonstersUnexamined
Best protection against mindstuffUnexamined
+2 will save dip for MoS?Unexamined
something not clear with divine metamagicUnexamined
Energy Substitution + Initiate of AmaunatorUnexamined
spell domain anyspellUnexamined
Wizard/Psion-buildneed help/suggestionsUnexamined
Thoughts on the MalconvokerUnexamined
Kolbold NationUnexamined
Arcane Hierophant - opinions?Unexamined
character fightsUnexamined
Testing of the banlist - First CombatUnexamined
Building a dual class Dread NecromancerUnexamined
I want to be a Cosmic Horror.Unexamined
Thri-Kreen Thrower (WarbladeFighterBloodstormHorizon Walker?)Unexamined
scorpion clawsUnexamined
feat for funny flat footingUnexamined
need 3.5 spells that set attributes to certain valuesUnexamined
A Build: Learn Basically Every Divine SpellArcane Spell and Psionic power.Unexamined
Taint and Corruption from Heroes of HorrorUnexamined
A Ray Specialist Sorc...Unexamined
Two handed/weapon Warrior - help needed!Unexamined
Armored Fighter/WizardUnexamined
critique my red wizard.Unexamined
Questions about my party...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A Spellsword's Cohort... Bard / Marshal / Sublime Chord / VirtuosoUnexamined
drunken master damageUnexamined
Party compositionUnexamined
optimizing druid spell-list.Unexamined
Question on grappleNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Thrown Weapons vs. Damage ReductionUnexamined
How to get more spells per dayUnexamined
Merry Christmas CO Board!Unexamined
rogue/scout helpUnexamined
The Ki Warrior; or how to be a SaiyanUnexamined
High powercompletes and phb only campaignUnexamined
Dragonborn Primeval Breath MasterUnexamined
Dragonheart Mage KoboldUnexamined
Let's talk about Shadows (no Str damage herefolks)Unexamined
Guides to Spells Beyond What's Been DoneUnexamined
Any creature. any template. one class levelUnexamined
Variant Classes and FeatsUnexamined
Bit of a challenge for you...Unexamined
What physical qualities does 'Metamorphosis' (XPH) grant you?Unexamined
Critique my hexbladeUnexamined
Savage Tide - Pathfinder BetaUnexamined
Dust of *flop*Unexamined
Help for a roleplayerUnexamined
Critique my spiked chain tripperUnexamined
Q: Wildshape and Bite of the werewolfUnexamined
Dragonblooded Dragon Shaman ...Unexamined
Undead friends - any tips?Unexamined
Help me design a BBEG(team)Unexamined
selling what you don't have.Unexamined
[3.5] Making something fun with LA?Unexamined
No Somatic Component Spell ListUnexamined
Ur-Priest of the AtharUnexamined
Help with master traveler bow user buildUnexamined
Monkish rogue (not monkey related)Unexamined
Good dual-wield builds?Unexamined
Help break my campaignUnexamined
Epic Eldritch Archer Equipment/build help lvl 21Unexamined
Need a Powerful Melee BuildUnexamined
Nature warriors wilding stacking with Master of Many FormsUnexamined
Hidden Blade Skill trick versus Flick of the wristUnexamined
New Rogue ChO SpecialUnexamined
Paladin Suel Arcanamach HelpUnexamined
Help with a warlock/spellthiefUnexamined
Feats for a planar dragonUnexamined
Heaven and Hell One-Shot Sure-Kill CannonUnexamined
Skill Monkey BuildUnexamined
Gearing up a psion-type...Unexamined
Duskblade/Wizard/Eldritch KnightUnexamined
Access to every spellUnexamined
PHB Only ChOUnexamined
New idea(best mage armour around!)Unexamined
Question Regarding Item FamiliarsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Ramping up Spellcraft Skill for Epic Spell DCsUnexamined
Which one is better?Unexamined
Artificer half optimizationUnexamined
Fochlucan Lyrist questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Arcane Archavist?Unexamined
tonka tankUnexamined
Umber Hulk character?Unexamined
3.5 Bone Knight / Nasty Steed assist?Unexamined
Greenbound Summoning: Where's a list?Unexamined
Several things (Polymorphology Drag280 and Secrets of Sarlona)Unexamined
Southern Archivist Progressed By Incantatrix?Unexamined
ways to amplificate magic damageUnexamined
Iron ManUnexamined
Lich ClericUnexamined
Optimizing an unholy scion?Unexamined
Paladin-esque melee characterUnexamined
Stealthy Dragonfire AdeptUnexamined
any good 5 or 10 full CL cleric Prc's for a 1/2 ogre war cleric?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Is Eldritch Glaive weapon finesse-able?Unexamined
one hell of an archerUnexamined
Healing HymnUnexamined
Any way for Druid to get Divine Power or BAB = Charater Level?Unexamined
ToB MONKUnexamined
Optimization In a VERY Mixed Campaign SettingUnexamined
Greenbound SNA Summoning ListUnexamined
Turn+Rebuke PrC'sUnexamined
What would you do?Unexamined
optimizing a deadly dancer's spell listUnexamined
Outsider type in Core?Unexamined
Stunning Ammo (HoB)Unexamined
Familiar optimization with Obtain FamiliarUnexamined
Skill Points per level...........helpUnexamined
Some advice on a vanilla L6 fighter.Unexamined
Which Construct to... construct?Unexamined
Correct me if i'm wrongbut.Unexamined
Help w/ Epic Dragon PCUnexamined
Undead +0 race/template?Unexamined
-2 La make an effective Construct...Unexamined
Hero Lab 3.0 & Authoring Kit releasedUnexamined
Need some help with a characterUnexamined
Grappling and AoO's in 3.5...or 'the Purple Worm Debate'Unexamined
Help with a "Healing Monk"Unexamined
high bab dip for "frost of forest"Unexamined
Heroes campaign: Sylar buildUnexamined
Chain Contingency as a Reason to Keep EvocationUnexamined
Neep Help with Skill Character?Unexamined
Need Help with Halfling Ranger!Unexamined
Animal Companion optimization questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Lich Evil mage ...Unexamined
How to get Hide in plain sight?Unexamined
Changeling Cleric Help???Unexamined
Help Me With My MonkUnexamined
initiate of the sevenfold veil?Unexamined
Skillmonkey buildUnexamined
Spell DC optimization?Unexamined
Unusual situation: low level party with an epic weapon.Unexamined
Sha-Ir: Diverse Spellcasting with Little Need for Optimization Outside of SkillsUnexamined
Feats running outbow userUnexamined
Wizardsready to try the CT challenge?Unexamined
Dragonborn Raptoran Dragonfire Adept buildUnexamined
Cleric blaster?Unexamined
PrC's for a Cleric of Bane. - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Littlest Fremen - looking for feats and weaponsUnexamined
no ac barbairianUnexamined
[3.5] Warblade / WarshaperUnexamined
Any way for a socercer to get bardic music?Unexamined
JaronK threadUnexamined
A little conundrum.Unexamined
Need help... with a... build.Unexamined
My Factotum Chameleon Build. Suggestions?Unexamined
Epic spellcastingUnexamined
The Mage Hunter (an experiment)Unexamined
Improve ranged attack rolls or get spells with no ranged attack?Unexamined
Sowho has outshone their tier?Unexamined
Knowledge Devotion: Best uses? (skills/builds)Unexamined
Entropomancer Exploit (can I do this?!)Unexamined
Causing MadnessUnexamined
Enchantment Unarmed TWF Kensai QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Weapons and Natural Attacks with charge and pounceUnexamined
Campaign Idea Seeks CO Perspective: A Party of All Wizards!Unexamined
How to gain regeneration ability?Unexamined
Lich HelpUnexamined
Need invulnerability sort of spellUnexamined
Archery: Cleric vs Fighterlevel 14Unexamined
Looking for help on Kobold Dread NecroUnexamined
Feat that grants a Familiar?Unexamined
Life-style change: cleric multiclassingUnexamined
Paladin Building...Again.Unexamined
Dwarf Crossbow specialist.Unexamined
shapeshift rangerUnexamined
DnDthe Musical... DruidUnexamined
Awakened animalUnexamined
Odd idea: Rocket Punch Gestalt MonkUnexamined
Tattooed MonkUnexamined
Warblade buildUnexamined
Advice on sneaky melee build.Unexamined
Spells for a wizardUnexamined
Anima Mage or Walker in the Waste?Unexamined
The cheapest way of getting a race with Vampire-like abilities?Unexamined
Looking to build a bodyguard for my...Unexamined
Kobold sorceror for high level campaignUnexamined
Optimizing the MarshalUnexamined
I can't seem to decide please helpUnexamined
Shadowcraft Mage Questions: Beyond the MiracleNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
fighter build - how to get DR iron and silverUnexamined
Trixie the Party BoosterUnexamined
Druid Gestalt build.Unexamined
Help me with my buildUnexamined
Kerslam! Bull Rusher ChallengeUnexamined
Help Please. Warlock optimization.Unexamined
Archivist seeks to Plunder Druid GrovesUnexamined
Tripple Cheesebuger with Onions (3*9th Caster)Unexamined
Extensively houseruled sorceror optimisation helpUnexamined
Playing a solo conjurer at low levels - Tips?Unexamined
Free +4 LAUnexamined
PvP duel characterUnexamined
Lockdown 2.0 repostUnexamined
Swift Hunter using Travel DevotionUnexamined
On the verge of a Shadowcraft Mage early qualification breakthrough!Unexamined
New nations GameUnexamined
Need some ideas for a gestalt classUnexamined
Touch of Healing vs. Rod of AbsorptionUnexamined
Magic of Incarnum... Worth it?Unexamined
lv 1 clericUnexamined
Kobold Warrior..Unexamined
Ideas for a Mage in a Snow-bound settingUnexamined
Recommended classes/prcs for my monk? - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Knight Optimization?Unexamined
Recommendations for Psion gestaltUnexamined
The Fifth (eighth) ManUnexamined
TG's Darth Vader link?Unexamined
How can I be an effecive crowd controller without arcane spells?Unexamined
Two Bad = good?Unexamined
Are flaws considered cheesy?Unexamined
Stylish Unnarmed Striker BuildUnexamined
[3.5] Wizard optimisation help?Unexamined
Optimize the Ever-Loving God out of my MonkUnexamined
[3.5] Anyone have some Advise?Unexamined
Low-Magic/High feats: optimizing my style of playUnexamined
Gunslinging Warblade GestaltUnexamined
Petrification helpUnexamined
air genasi monkUnexamined
Undead Wizard + BoVD (lvl 8)Unexamined
Ensure Ardent victory over ToB classes?Unexamined
I am a daemon on the windUnexamined
preparing for battleUnexamined
Making the most of a edition changeUnexamined
Need help finding "treasure hunter" stuff.Unexamined
MonksPsions and Gestalt oh my!Unexamined
Wizard BFC spellsand when to use them.Unexamined
A Little Help with a Shadowcraft Sublime Ultimate MagusUnexamined
D&D 3.5 Big PvP Battle Soon! (Need help!)Unexamined
Warforged WizardUnexamined
3.5 Op Help Needed: Mage AssasainUnexamined
Spring AttackerUnexamined
"Desert Samurai" optimizationnaginata/polearm buildIdeas
Drunken ChargerUnexamined
Ghostfaced KillerUnexamined
Fastball SpecialUnexamined
Random Gestalt Build (mostly Barb.)Unexamined
Shadow Sun Ninja heal ability?Unexamined
Dagger in Your Eye ...Knife FighterUnexamined
Space-based Weaponry in D&DUnexamined
[3.5] Ways of getting extra attacks?Unexamined
Level 9 VoP Monk vs Flesh GolemUnexamined
A Successful Tripple 9's BuildUnexamined
Cleric Opt help!Unexamined
Mark the Mad MonkUnexamined
Stop my spellthief from getting killedUnexamined
How else can I improve my Clerical "God?"Unexamined
Help with sorcerer spell selection..Unexamined
A Rouge with a Fullblade? :OUnexamined
RemovingLesseningor Preventing Fatigue from ECL1Unexamined
Someone tell me how this works.....Unexamined
Spellstitchinga CO challenge.Unexamined
Fighter for a hardcore 3.5 game!Unexamined
Playing the unbeatable wizard?Unexamined
[3.5] 7th Level Cleric ArcherPrestige SuggestionsUnexamined
Need some twisteddemented help w/NPCs!Unexamined
The orginal warforgedUnexamined
[3.5] Using e-tools.. huge greatsword?Unexamined
Soul EaterUnexamined
Evil Campaign Optimization IdeasUnexamined
Small-Gnome-Rogue Optimization pleaseUnexamined
Prestige Class Ideas for an Ultimate MagusUnexamined
Causing ChaosUnexamined
Hulking Hurler/Bloodstorm blade Rock questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Intimidating Rouge.Unexamined
Druid optimizationUnexamined
Optimize MegamanUnexamined
Totemist Grappler! Help?Unexamined
another scout-dervish buildwith chiliUnexamined
D&D 3.5 Character pVp ranger lvl 15 Huge pvp battleUnexamined
What would you say is the best Wizard Domain?Unexamined
Any ideas ?Unexamined
I need some help..Unexamined
Weapon Focus + SwarmUnexamined
Svarokmy BBEG fire elementalUnexamined
Requesting Evil Smash and Bash buildUnexamined
Wizard QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help a brotha master tha forc.....Psionics as a Shaper or Telepath!! :DUnexamined
Dragon Familiar - Feat SelectionUnexamined
Artificer VS WizardUnexamined
Help with Cleric buildUnexamined
The REAL fighter V wizard threadUnexamined
Help meCO!Unexamined
Odd RKV entryUnexamined
2H weapon fighter without Power Attack?Unexamined
Sorcerer + Arcane Preparation = Ultimate Magus?Unexamined
Sovereign Speaker 101: DomainsBenefitsRequirementsand ReviewUnexamined
FEAT ASSISNTANCE PLEASE...........Unexamined
Cleric of Tyranny?Unexamined
Do these spells work the way I interpret them?Unexamined
CO Paladin/Binder plzUnexamined
Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil optimizationUnexamined
bonus feat switchingUnexamined
NiteCyper's last-night-brainstorming (some builds)Unexamined
Multiclass/PrC Monk HelpUnexamined
The Tripoholic (Requesting Advice on the Fighter)Unexamined
Dwarven Weapon MasterUnexamined
Thoughts on ECL = Classes+LA without racial HDUnexamined
Optimize my lvl 9 spell-casterplease (3.5)Unexamined
Greater Visage of the DeityUnexamined
Acrobatic-Roguish SwordsageUnexamined
Halfling Ruby Knight build: Fresh idea on old conceptUnexamined
Dealing with Spell ImmunityUnexamined
3.5 Wizard duoUnexamined
Charging FighterUnexamined
Rough terrain what?Unexamined
how to create a demiplane?Unexamined
Advice on my Nightmare Spinner?Unexamined
Shelock HolmesUnexamined
Double PostUnexamined
Traits and flawsUnexamined
Suel Arcanamach Build (Please comment!)Unexamined
Dwarven Barbarian--Unexamined
Suggestions on Sacred Fist build?Unexamined
3.5 Iron KingdomsUnexamined
optimizing harpoon/sharktoothstaff on low lvlUnexamined
Got bored... which resulted in a new AC record.Unexamined
considering starting bonusesUnexamined
Expelliamus: Optimizing DisarmUnexamined
Combining UA race variants with other racesUnexamined
Optimize Holding a Prisoner - How?Unexamined
Increasing StatsUnexamined
Wizard-Based Arcane Gish: Conjurer or Transmuter?Unexamined
what role to play?Unexamined
The Bard/Paladincan we do it?Unexamined
*NEW* X stat to Y bonusUnexamined
Vampire optimizationUnexamined
Please help me optimize a solamnic knightUnexamined
Limit on sneak/death attacks?Unexamined
Ways for Druids to overcome SR?Unexamined
help boosting CL for items.Unexamined
A little duskblade helpUnexamined
Simple monster HD question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Simultaneously healing undead and livingUnexamined
Opportunity Knocks: Building an AoO miesterUnexamined
Help optimize Gestalt WarlockUnexamined
Prestige classes for Shugenja?Unexamined
nonstandard iaijutsu master help requestedUnexamined
monster manual 4 templateUnexamined
Help Optimizing a Gestalt ClericzillaUnexamined
AOO pwr-atker wants to spring attackUnexamined
prevent mind-affecting spells as a clericUnexamined
Help for an "old-school" barbarian-esque character...Unexamined
Permenant PaO?Unexamined
Divine Metamagic + Quicken Summon Monster?Unexamined
Optimizing a soulbowUnexamined
Master of all forms of magic?Unexamined
Optimizing Team SynergyUnexamined
CO Cleric Archer with DM restrictionsUnexamined
Reducing metamagic slot costsUnexamined
critique this clericUnexamined
Free weapon bonusesUnexamined
1 magic school invulnerability & special spell like abilityUnexamined
Unarmed Arena FighterUnexamined
Where do I go from here? (cleric detective)Unexamined
Metamagic SLA reducers.. worth it?Unexamined
Dwarf brothers build helpUnexamined
Ways around racial light blindness?Unexamined
Optimizing an army of (effective) Commoner 20swithout magic itemsUnexamined
Best Persistent Spells for 5th level clericUnexamined
+x to spell dcsUnexamined
create undead - whats the point?Unexamined
Help with a charger buildUnexamined
The most broken epic spell you can make.Unexamined
Thinking of making a 10 || 10 Master of Shrouds GestaltUnexamined
Imbue True-ItemsUnexamined
Sreet fighter COUnexamined
Optimized TransmuterUnexamined
Need feat help for a GishUnexamined
Evil assassinUnexamined
Help optimize a soulknifeUnexamined
Debuff with no saveUnexamined
Optimized DragonUnexamined
What are the hardest classes (Base or Prestige) to optimize?Unexamined
war troll optimization?Unexamined
Crazy Squirrel Herder / Original Fun Builds HelpUnexamined
Druid 20 in PVP matchUnexamined
Fist of Raziel BuildUnexamined
Master Transmogrifist QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Feat help for a Singer of ConcordanceUnexamined
Critique my Sword KnightUnexamined
Whirling Frenzy Barbarian GishesUnexamined
Buffing wiz/sorc as bard?Unexamined
Help Assassin's Death Atk with PolymorphUnexamined
Boomerang ricochet and two with one blowUnexamined
Gestalt Psychic Warrior//Artificer - Workable?Unexamined
+2 LA half ogre still worth it for a cleric of war?Unexamined
Generic Classes?Unexamined
Master Abjurer optimizationUnexamined
Gish + controller wizard at the same time!Unexamined
CO Diary: Jermlaine Cleric of TyrannyUnexamined
Druidshiba protectorfist of the forestshepardUnexamined
Scout optmizationUnexamined
Anthropomorphic Albatross Sea Druid (mild optimization)Unexamined
New Campaignexpedition to UnderMountainUnexamined
Oddity: Rod of Withering + Duskblade | SwashbucklerUnexamined
My First Rogue/ArtificerUnexamined
iron heart surge vs mind affecting spellsUnexamined
I need help optimzing a Shifter WizardUnexamined
Giant Fighting Gnome - Dodge Bonus Ussues?Unexamined
Template or race LA+1 or LA0 for a LE Paladin (variant from UA)Unexamined
Base Class alignment listUnexamined
Int to hitUnexamined
Sniping FeatUnexamined
Penetrating Strike + Death Attack?Unexamined
Eldritch Disciple help...Unexamined
Optimizing a War EconomyUnexamined
11th level Warrior buildUnexamined
create spawn optimizationUnexamined
Possible Arcane Focus (MoI) cheese?Unexamined
Mini-Handbook: Non-animation Ways To Exploit CorpsesUnexamined
party optimizatinUnexamined
Small Partywhat to playUnexamined
A Practical Marshal 20 ....Unexamined
Henshin! Kamen Rider optimizationUnexamined
Looking for some helpUnexamined
Super Ninja (some cross-class sillyness)Unexamined
Best Save-or-Die spells vs undeads?Unexamined
Horizon Tripper - surpasing magicUnexamined
Please Help me.. >.<Unexamined
Help With Melee CasterUnexamined
Mute Bard: Crazy Idea?Unexamined
Spells Known: BardUnexamined
Tactical Optimisation Handbook - brainstorm threadUnexamined
arcane spellcaster what one to pick....Unexamined
Need an optimized anythingUnexamined
Infilct priest....Unexamined
A DM's Dilemma - IIIUnexamined
Ulti-Conjurer=Summon spells as a swift actionUnexamined
Sorcerer help.Unexamined
Help with Wis-synergy ranged combat characterUnexamined
Half-Orc Battle Cleric [Core Only]Unexamined
Newbie Player BuildsUnexamined
10 level wizard builUnexamined
Character Build Help (templates in use)Unexamined
The best wizard nuker?Unexamined
Warlock Escalation Mage HelpUnexamined
Countering Shapechangers.Unexamined
Need ways to boost wildshaping levelUnexamined
Crusader 8Unexamined
Psion Shaper HelpUnexamined
Frost KnightUnexamined
Just For Fun: Warlock/Hexblade/Eldritch TheurgeUnexamined
1 or 2 WeaponsUnexamined
Core Item to Change FormUnexamined
Gestalt Illithid (feats+finishing up)Unexamined
Templates for WizardUnexamined
Battle Blessing feat work with Silver Pyromancer ClassUnexamined
Illusions and their Infinite PowerUnexamined
Iajutsu Master tips?Unexamined
Was going for Frenzied Berzerkernow don't know what to do.Unexamined
Master of Many Forms + Planar Shepherd. Help pleaseUnexamined
Azurin swiftbladeUnexamined
Is this a horrible idea?Unexamined
Rebalanced Barbarian: Can an old dog learn new tricks?Unexamined
Need some help with enumerating the optionsUnexamined
Critical hitsUnexamined
Rate these abilitiesUnexamined
Belt of the Dread Emperor: Help me optimize my victims.Unexamined
Beguiler/Mindbender suddenly feeling gishyUnexamined
DuskBlade TimeUnexamined
help with rogue/warlockUnexamined
creating a gimmicky mageUnexamined
Different settings?Unexamined
Battlefield Control Options...Unexamined
house ruling Summon Monster spellUnexamined
Best Domain Granted Powers for Wizards?Unexamined
Redundant Conjuration Redundancy?Unexamined
Archivisthelp me optimize.Unexamined
Everybody loves drow!Unexamined
Scout ability score placement and ideasUnexamined
Barbarian Throwerhelp wantedUnexamined
ECL 6 OpUnexamined
Help with my gish!Unexamined
Uses for 0th level caster and 9th spells.Unexamined
Ways of getting around SR?Unexamined
Simple class ideas for multiple opponentsUnexamined
Getting around Shadow Sun's Con damageUnexamined
Dwarf Fighter 4Unexamined
Centaur Shenanigans: Building a Centaur CohortUnexamined
Elite Array Sorcerer HenchmanUnexamined
So....I need to pwn in a tournamentUnexamined
The Soulknife HandbookUnexamined
New Gish game helpUnexamined
gestalt CoDzillaUnexamined
Ninja DiaryUnexamined
The ultimate DebufferUnexamined
Hammer of Moradin featsUnexamined
Making an Optimal "Monk" - My Greatest Challenge YetUnexamined
Largest threat range possibleUnexamined
Need help in a necromancer build.Unexamined
How to survive Melee?Unexamined
Half-Fey base raceUnexamined
High Levels summons and ShapeshiftUnexamined
Official booklist for 3.5 (CO)Unexamined
Help with lvl 9 Artificer feats/itemsUnexamined
Beating Celerity?Unexamined
Crazy Con mod to AC...possible?Unexamined
New AC record at ECL1 record atempt!Unexamined
Cleric buff spellsUnexamined
The Thumper of EvilUnexamined
Help with Cleric level 4Unexamined
Gettign the ability to turn/ rebuke undeadUnexamined
Prince Nuada (from Hellboy 2) build?Unexamined
Best way to bypass armor to ACUnexamined
Lurk/Chameleonjust a thoughtUnexamined
necropolitan control characterUnexamined
Warlock ItemsUnexamined
Help! restricted to "Complete..:" booksUnexamined
Tome of Battle classes OptimizationUnexamined
Critique my characterUnexamined
Raptoran FighterUnexamined
"For Player Character" Monsters from MM4 & 5... Any thoughts?Unexamined
Trying to Optimize the Heck out of a 5th level PsionPossibly Feat HeavyUnexamined
Criticism on this duskblade?Unexamined
Realize the pole-arm wielding machine!Unexamined
Focused Specialist Transmuter HelpUnexamined
Warmage building beyond level 8?Unexamined
Playing in a 3.5 pit battle later this week and want a powerful gish character!Unexamined
Help. Stuck with an NPC LevelUnexamined
Help with Archivist/True Necromancer buildUnexamined
Cleric Archer BuildUnexamined
[3.5e] Indirectly Optimizing a FighterUnexamined
[D&D 3.5 + 1E & 2E] Converting and optimising a gishUnexamined
The Best Curses in your game!Unexamined
What do you think of this Character?Unexamined
3.0 Drow Fighter/RogueUnexamined
Blood-magusany ideas?Unexamined
Need Help with WildshapeUnexamined
Help with a 3.5 level 1 SorcererUnexamined
WotC's Prereq PhilosophyUnexamined
Does anyone know of the Ur-priest/TN build?Unexamined
Rogue ItemsUnexamined
Create THE perfect PvP fight arena!Unexamined
Dungeoncrasher help please...Unexamined
Dual Urgrosh Wielding Dwarf (lvl 12)Unexamined
Dragon Character (3.5)Unexamined
Dannar's Guide to Enchanters (Supplement)Unexamined
Spiked Chain Wielder or other suggestions?Unexamined
Kobold Bearwarrior Build; suggestions?Unexamined
Old Ball and ChainUnexamined
Soulknife issuesUnexamined
Adepts Item Creation ListUnexamined
Duskblade GestaltUnexamined
man this guy is evilUnexamined
Best way to round out Chameleon?Unexamined
ignore disUnexamined
"Push" based characterUnexamined
Sneaking Around In Full ArmourPart IIUnexamined
LA+0 Pseudo-Half Ogre [Core + Iron Kingdoms Only]Unexamined
UA Legendary Weapons?Unexamined
Druid helpUnexamined
Dwarf cleric that wants a career change.Unexamined
Beatstick DruidUnexamined
Optimized necromancer buildhelp.Unexamined
Gestalt Jack of all TradesUnexamined
Criticism on Wizard BuildUnexamined
help with Frenzied berserkerUnexamined
Optimizing a wut?Unexamined
Mini Optimization: 1 level of Druid in an Ur Priest/Fochlucan Lyrist buildUnexamined
Ways to increase reachUnexamined
Geomancer and Natural WeaponsUnexamined
Can you optimize this Blaster?Unexamined
Dread Fang of Lolth / Iaijutsu Master buildUnexamined
Elder Evil-Style BBEGUnexamined
noob needs help for elf scout/wizardUnexamined
CO Project: CoreLow-Powered TeamUnexamined
No topicUnexamined
To Optimize a Tibbit for BattleUnexamined
Early entry with Wizard into Mystic TheurgeUnexamined
Diabolical Mêlée-Gish Help WantedUnexamined
Help Optimizing a MalconvokerUnexamined
Optimizing a Rogue build from level 1Unexamined
Optimizing Savage Progressions:Werewolf LordUnexamined
Dvati BuildUnexamined
What should a wizard do vs undead?Unexamined
Critique my DuelistUnexamined
Can't decide on what to go forUnexamined
Please help with a tob lockdown and mage slayer buildUnexamined
Why "Phrenic" + Magic in the Blood is awesome-sauce...Unexamined
rules help and character suggestionUnexamined
Fighter helpUnexamined
Dwarven RangerUnexamined
Stormwrack Ship WeaponsUnexamined
Possessed characterUnexamined
Optimizing SunderUnexamined
CO Project: Gestalt TeamUnexamined
Playing in the mudnow for half-golems!Unexamined
Need help with an archer build.Unexamined
Wizard Gish: Spellgifted and Specialty SchoolUnexamined
Very Low Constitution Help!Unexamined
Rogue with 2 Crossbows [3.5]Unexamined
Things you should know when starting outUnexamined
In need of inspiration...Unexamined
Help with Fochlucan buildUnexamined
The perfect cohort [3.5]Unexamined
PrC that scores Craft Homonculus? - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Crusader 2 for Thicket of Blades?Unexamined
Multiple Exotic Weapon Thrower?Unexamined
Issues w/ Hulking Hurler buildUnexamined
have your cake and eat it tooUnexamined
Walls and the likeUnexamined
Looking For Spiked Chain HelpUnexamined
Most overpowered/usefulUnexamined
Purpose of reach weapon?Unexamined
Factotum Equipment/skill selection reccomendationUnexamined
Effigy Master goodnessUnexamined
Cleric- Face of the PartyUnexamined
Looking for a huge humanoidUnexamined
Fighter WarhulkUnexamined
Dozen domain Madness (CO Challenge)Unexamined
The swave gentleman thiefUnexamined
Looking for a stat blockUnexamined
Best melee class and best race for it?Unexamined
A Healer's GuideUnexamined
Critique my CoCo Druid! Or: An Beginner's Core Coliseum Diary.Unexamined
A hand crossbow masterUnexamined
[3.5] Weapon Finesse Leap Attack Air Goblin BarbarianUnexamined
Wanted: help with a monk/druid buildUnexamined
Getting the Most from my GearUnexamined
Turning spells into... (Question)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
TWF Swift HunterUnexamined
Necroramo's Soul Eater handbookUnexamined
(New) Master of Shrouds HandbookUnexamined
Personal ranged spellsUnexamined
Quick: Need a +1 LA TemplateUnexamined
Split personality characterUnexamined
New to RoguesUnexamined
Enheightened DemonologistUnexamined
karsite buildUnexamined
Crazy Monk?Unexamined
(Repost) Archer of Wee Jas -- rgr 3/psywar 2/h-walker 1/ftr 2/clr 1/crusader 1/RKV 10Unexamined
Flanking BuddyUnexamined
creating a psycopathUnexamined
8th level chain fighterUnexamined
Soulknife/Soulbow weapon and feat issuesUnexamined
Equip for a wizard...Unexamined
Looking for a Solid DomainAny Ideas?Unexamined
Good magic equipment from 100GP - 2k (ish)Unexamined
Sorcerer questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Swordsage and the Tome of Battle...Unexamined
Charger BuildUnexamined
Looking for Epic CO helpUnexamined
Where should I go from here...Unexamined
Need LA for a raceUnexamined
Need Alter Self help...Unexamined
Help optimizing a sorcererUnexamined
Help with Items and feats for a Warforged ArtificerUnexamined
Caster 20 vs. Gish 20Unexamined
The Totemist HandbookUnexamined
it's a TRAP!Unexamined
INTO HELL lvl 21 campaignUnexamined
Monk Build - Looking for InsightUnexamined
Shadowlord HelpUnexamined
Need help for an Eberron mad scientist.Unexamined
sorcerer or wizard for gishUnexamined
Large charactersUnexamined
Comments on my Arcane Archer buildUnexamined
Need Help lvl 30 Arena Team MatchUnexamined
Challenge: Topple the UntrammeledUnexamined
Sneak attack races?Unexamined
Some ideas to expand my progressionUnexamined
The Smoking FingerUnexamined
Artificer 3.5eUnexamined
Help? Luck based buildUnexamined
Bardic BattlegroundsUnexamined
mounted combat build v3.5Unexamined
Good Item Creation Feats for a Warlock?Unexamined
Pokemaster wannabeeUnexamined
Meleethe traditional way - viable or not?Unexamined
Need help with an epic campaign character conceptUnexamined
Divine Spellcaster10th levelUnexamined
In-combat HealingUnexamined
Artemis Entreri and JarlaxleUnexamined
The HulkUnexamined
Please help with warblade 12 buildUnexamined
11th level gish helpUnexamined
Help me with a SCMUnexamined
Kobold Killing CompetitionUnexamined
Needing help with plotting a pathUnexamined
Some help with a Cavalier BuildPleaseUnexamined
Need help forging my sword...Unexamined
Abjurant Champion + Kensai...does this work?Unexamined
Advice on optimizing a FIXED daggerspell shaperUnexamined
Faith Caster Build.Unexamined
CO chalengeUnexamined
Vow of Poverty QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
need help equipping a warlock.Unexamined
build perspectives tattooed monk early entryUnexamined
5th levelanything goesUnexamined
Getting DR 5/-- for three feats: too powerful?Unexamined
building a animal companionUnexamined
Halfling Grappler?Unexamined
D20 Modern Optimization Mecha OptimizationUnexamined
need a cohort for a military campaignUnexamined
Level Limits: Breaking Points of 3.5Unexamined
3.5 Need help Optimizing a SpellthiefUnexamined
Electric wizard helpUnexamined
Oh CO godshelp thy wayward follower...Unexamined
lvl 5 monkUnexamined
White raven cheese has this been done before?Unexamined
Reaping Mauler build ECL 11-12Unexamined
What's the fastest way to earn money?Unexamined
Dwarven Waraxeone or two handed weapon?Unexamined
Anti-optimizing DM - 15 level build (plus 5 LA) to rival 20 levelsUnexamined
Help with making a bodyguardUnexamined
A no/low magic grenade launcher?Unexamined
Sneak Attacking Skill MonkeyUnexamined
3.5 Tweaking a war bladeUnexamined
Need Help Choosing Assassin SkillsUnexamined
Undersanding the incantrixUnexamined
illusionist / jade phoenix mage -- viable?Unexamined
FUN Builds!! Post them here!!Unexamined
Question on Armor class Rogue/MonkNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
help building a favored soul need some help on feat choicesUnexamined
questen regarding Telflammar Shadowlord's ShadowjumpUnexamined
Optimizing fighter damageUnexamined
Could use some help with a DoublyUnexamined
Sword and Board Pointless?Unexamined
Leadership And healingUnexamined
Some blaster advice - Fire styleUnexamined
Mounted WarriorUnexamined
Got Jester?Unexamined
Cleric OptimizeUnexamined
Ultimate SneakerUnexamined
Mongrelfolk + Racial Substitution Levels + Racial Feats = ?Unexamined
Help with WandsUnexamined
Help Optimizing BardUnexamined
Optimizing Punpun (no really)Unexamined
Help building a diplomacy centered buildUnexamined
Can one optimize the Shugenja?Unexamined
Help with ArcherUnexamined
Optimized Slumlord BuildUnexamined
Help Optimizing Fighter.Unexamined
Spellwarp SniperUnexamined
Optimizing a ninjaUnexamined
Dragonwrought kobold greatworm dracolichUnexamined
Throw the world (How to deal 300d6 in one shot)Unexamined
Help with epic leadership characterUnexamined
Abusing AbuseUnexamined
Optimizing the Spymaster for level 30?Unexamined
Lasertag: Warlock vs. Spellwarp Sniper vs. SoulbowUnexamined
Templates that are worth it.Unexamined
Spells for an Ordained ChampionUnexamined
Bear With MeOptimizing a ThemeUnexamined
d20 Modern Martial ArtistUnexamined
Optimized warlockUnexamined
Help with altrenate class featuresUnexamined
Crazy Wizard OptimizationUnexamined
Help me with this characterUnexamined
The HallucinatorUnexamined
Warlok / PaladinUnexamined
noob spellthiefUnexamined
1 player gestalt game?Unexamined
10th level Whisper Gnome buildUnexamined
Optimizing a gun mage (See within)Unexamined
Optimizing a DervishUnexamined
Ghostwalk? Is there really anything worth it in this book?Unexamined
The 20/20 Vision challengeUnexamined
Spell-less Bard?Unexamined
9th-level Eberron Bard: Must Optimize!Unexamined
Cheater of Mystra 12 Spell Selection and EquipmentUnexamined
Warlock Grapple HelpUnexamined
Examining The Angry Little ClericUnexamined
need help for a friend characterUnexamined
Expansion buildUnexamined
Help finding cost of a magic itemsUnexamined
mmf counter antimagic fieldsUnexamined
10th Level Cleric/Prc Build Anybody?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Converting Spells to AoEsUnexamined
Optimizing a PoliticianUnexamined
Arena TeamUnexamined
Equipment for this guy... making my shopping listUnexamined
Is a Centaur considered mounted?Unexamined
Optomizing a Warlock with a bad start.Unexamined
Ancestral relic for a casterUnexamined
Build: Johnny Doesn't-Come-HomeUnexamined
Warlock / Binder RebuildUnexamined
Help with a Binder/ToB tankUnexamined
Increasing halfling speedUnexamined
CO Diary: MitB Phrenic Binder w/ 3rd party supporta.k.a. Captain WeirdoUnexamined
gblegah! fast help pleaseUnexamined
Optimizing CavalierUnexamined
3.0 Underworld + Resident evil + Diablo 2(assassin). Rogue/monk/????Unexamined
Generallywhich roles are best as cohorts?Unexamined
Is there a class with evasion and full BAB?Unexamined
Best Ranger Archer buildUnexamined
Help with a Factotum/ChameleonUnexamined
The Guide to Sovereign Speakers and Other Domain UsersUnexamined
Ruby Reaver: 3 Ruby-Shadow-Alikes.Unexamined
Slaying a Hecatoncheires in one roundpre epicno attacking.Unexamined
The Skeletal Familiar CohortUnexamined
How does the record diplomacy build work?Unexamined
Polymorph any Object forms for my WarlockUnexamined
Optimizing a Blue Mage[Help with a build]Unexamined
Caster cheese just got shredded A must read for COersUnexamined
The Hellfire ArchivistUnexamined
Crossbow Users Mini-Handbook (work in progress)Unexamined
Are cohorts and followers played by the DM or the PC?Unexamined
Optimal path?Unexamined
Your Cohort is A BatteryUnexamined
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Animate DeadUnexamined
Good ClericEvil GroupUnexamined
Need suggestions for feats and spells for a Sorcerer of the Sevenfold Veils.Unexamined
Help building hi level characterUnexamined
3.0 help. i have good scores. questioning lycanthropyD2 conversionRogue/[_______]No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Using panthenon worship to access more than one relic powerUnexamined
LBBEG 6th level NecroUnexamined
Kobold MarshalUnexamined
Not The Bees! Silly Builds ThreadUnexamined
Creatures to fuse withUnexamined
Control Water: More Money Than You Can Swim In!Unexamined
Help optimizing tankonly SRD allowedno psionicsUnexamined
question about 3.5 bardNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Advice for Gestalt FTR/SS//Sorc CharUnexamined
Racial Spells into Spellwarp Sniper???Unexamined
Good PrC for a cleric?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Optimizing GhostwalkUnexamined
Daerns Instant Fortress QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Best use for this artifact?Unexamined
Thug(UA)Streetfighter BuildUnexamined
Help with RogueUnexamined
Non-Combat 3.5 RogueUnexamined
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Kick down the door campaignUnexamined
Im buying a Zepplin... Now What?Unexamined
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Best Forgotten Realms PrC?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Human rogue dagger build?Unexamined
Base Stats in Age of wormsUnexamined
Fighter/Barb TWO-shield fighter. huh?Unexamined
Wolverine-inspired 3.5 BuildUnexamined
Shadowlord Rogue Build3.5Unexamined
Warlock Mindbender build3.5Unexamined
Best feat/item/spell for Jade PhoenixUnexamined
Dual-wielding Spiked Chains?Unexamined
Tiger-themed Battledancer... Ideas?Unexamined
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CORE: Wizard Vs Anything else sustained damage outputUnexamined
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Two Weapon Fighter buildUnexamined
War Weaver's HandbookBlack Tactica EditionUnexamined
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Rogue Ranged/MeleeUnexamined
Mindless Undead to PossessUnexamined
Flying Death from the Shadows..Unexamined
My Favorite Build/ How to throw the world!Unexamined
LV 20 Human wizard help neededUnexamined
Killing Gods--How hard is itreally?Unexamined
Record 3.5 damage in one round?Unexamined
Defeat the army of Red hand of DoomUnexamined
Wizard wealth and spellbookUnexamined
Druid Balance AttemptUnexamined
Help me build a 20 - Level PC 9 - Level Divine and Arcane caster. ThanksUnexamined
35 rogue/wizard poison userUnexamined
[3.5e] Optimizing Attack RollsUnexamined
Duskblade 5/Abjurant Champion 4/Wizard 1 pit battle build for tonightneeds work!Unexamined
Marshal Build HelpUnexamined
Undead Master TypeUnexamined
Epic Character Ideas - Por FavorUnexamined
optimizing critical hitUnexamined
Grug the Half-Orc / Half-Ogre WizardUnexamined
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Ideas for a GithyankiUnexamined
School of Wizardry campaignUnexamined
Rules Check: Infinite in one featUnexamined
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Mithral WeaponsUnexamined
[3.5] archer gish-advice pleaseUnexamined
Apologiesand wrecking-machine Fighter buildUnexamined
Rogue LasherUnexamined
What am I missing? (a new kind of monk)Unexamined
Space Mount?Unexamined
Mystic Ranger - The ultimate gish?Unexamined
Psicrystal Psionic Focus??Unexamined
BobThe crossbow hurler.Unexamined
Powerful Sorceror build?Unexamined
C&C Please: very weird build.Unexamined
Shadow EvocationUnexamined
Leaping into battle (literally)Unexamined
need some help being useful.Unexamined
[3.5] Rogue in VERY low magic settingUnexamined
Sneaky SneaksterUnexamined
100th level 1-shotUnexamined
Yu Yu HakushoUnexamined
Help Optimizing Character.Unexamined
low caster healingUnexamined
Core: Wizard vs. MonkUnexamined
prestige classes that meld with dread necromancer?Unexamined
C&C: Infinite Stump-Knife ThrowerUnexamined
Fighter variants that lose armor/shield proficiency?Unexamined
[3.5] Sacred Fist PaladinUnexamined
Arcane Archer-Weaver GishUnexamined
Lowest PrC entiesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Ranged Rogue AlchemistUnexamined
Help! My Party is being overshadowed!Unexamined
Evil Intentions (Assassin Build)Unexamined
Question about my WizzardNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Increasing AC: 24 isn't enoughUnexamined
AC optimization!Unexamined
Anthropomorphic creaturesUnexamined
Rogue Equipment!Unexamined
Magic Carpet-Mounted Religious WarriorUnexamined
AC 54??Unexamined
My current rogue/assassin build. would love helpUnexamined
Need Help with Druid/Cleric Spell Combos and IdeasUnexamined
Two questions in one: Flat-Foot and Quick draw Queries.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help making a heavy cavalry Binder?Unexamined
Kicking Down the Door: The JournalUnexamined
What's the most speed you can get in a round?Unexamined
forum appearance problemUnexamined
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Gish SpellbookUnexamined
Your Assistance with a 16th level Knight please?Unexamined
My Magic Missile WizzardUnexamined
Canon "Closed" - What Now ??Unexamined
Ways to Move and Get Full-AttacksUnexamined
Ultimate MagusUnexamined
Can't decide on my cohort...Unexamined
Advice on CoC(Champion of Corellion) buildUnexamined
Master of Many formsUnexamined
Arcane-Assassin optimizationUnexamined
Planar Shepherd duoUnexamined
Maximum Fly Speed at Level 8Special RequirementsUnexamined
3.5 HALF-ORC She-monk. i need ideas. critical stike build. AC advice?Unexamined
Golem King ArtificerUnexamined
Rage Gish RisingUnexamined
Druid/Wizard/Arcane Heirophant AdviceUnexamined
the alchemistUnexamined
cleric/ordained champion/fist of raziel optimizationUnexamined
10 Easy Steps For Calculating Caster LevelUnexamined
Wild Shape and Natural Abilities - an explorationUnexamined
ECL 10 Warblade Spiked Chain FighterUnexamined
Factotum/Psion build help?Unexamined
Throwing helpUnexamined
Cleric 2-man CampaignUnexamined
Good Warlock PrC?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Changeling Rogue.Unexamined
Illusionist Ideas?Unexamined
Character for 2 man campaignUnexamined
Wizard flexibilityUnexamined
Early spell-level spell access?Unexamined
Ways of gaining Telekinesis as SLA/SU?Unexamined
Transmutation OptimizationUnexamined
Buildfest 2009Unexamined
Please help me making my favored soul a bit better.Unexamined
useful signature spellsUnexamined
Focused GishUnexamined
2-30 Build help please?Unexamined
Multipouncing optimizationUnexamined
Finished War Weaverwhere should I go now?Unexamined
Impure Prince+Planar Sheperd?Unexamined
fun monksUnexamined
Factotum helpUnexamined
Ancient Earthen Cleric?(3.5)Unexamined
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A Legacy of Abuse: Breaking the legacy championUnexamined
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Archer Built (Using Rogue as a base)Unexamined
Kobold Sorcadinspell selection optimizationUnexamined
Help my wizard kick assUnexamined
What do you do with a Dragonborn Blue?Unexamined
Duskblade helpUnexamined
Maximum Knowledge ReligionUnexamined
Kobold Sorceror Builds..Unexamined
Walker in the Waste Help NeededUnexamined
polymorph questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Beastmaster in Gestalt?Unexamined
Obtain Familiar -> AC?Unexamined
Kestral the Pixie Swordsage. 3.5 build. help crossclassing? or not at all...?Unexamined
War Weaver + Favored Soul - Collaborative OptimizationUnexamined
Broken Super Symmetry in an Advanced Theoretic General Relativistic Interpretation ofUnexamined
Beginner to the CO forums and d&d in generalquestion about a rogueNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Mythal building and abuseUnexamined
Weeding Out the Wee FolkUnexamined
How do I get domainscheaply?Unexamined
Star Wars d20Unexamined
path to ultimate power: fetal position editionUnexamined
Spellcraft/Bluff (for Ur-priest)Unexamined
What books are necessary?Unexamined
ECL 10: Looking for a museUnexamined
Rules have been changed. I need a new character!Unexamined
New player with some questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Best schools and spells for an Initiate of the Seven Veils??? Please helpUnexamined
Early Way to Qualify for Malconvoker?Unexamined
Hexblade/Bone Knight HelpUnexamined
Deep Impact/Decisive Strike?Unexamined
super quick and easy questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
+2LA Template to make a creature LargeUnexamined
Help optimization BarbarianUnexamined
Paragon CreatureUnexamined
Initiate of the Seven Veils build questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Critique my Pixie Rogue Skill Monkey PleaseUnexamined
Silver Pyromancer Full Caster level!Unexamined
What spells would you take if there were no spell caps?Unexamined
divine vs arcane magicUnexamined
Xeph Flurry Throwing Soulknife BuildUnexamined
PW 20 Tripper - comments and help neededUnexamined
Divine Caster / WitW Help with overall build and spell selectionUnexamined
what can I do with a medusa?Unexamined
Help with an Anima Mage buildUnexamined
Street Fighter Builds: Ken/Ryu CHALLENGEUnexamined
Conjurer build up for critiqueUnexamined
Optimizing Baleful PolymorphUnexamined
Maximum ImmunitiesUnexamined
Optimizing Druid/Arcane gestaltUnexamined
Feat advice for CHA based gish?Unexamined
Summoning clerecUnexamined
Understanding the counterspell-dispellUnexamined
Crusader and Turn UndeadUnexamined
Help creating tank.Unexamined
help me with my psychic warrior plz!!Unexamined
Core Monk with a twist Build questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Combination needed for uber charger character?Unexamined
Building my first Artificer!Unexamined
What's a familiar Worth?Unexamined
Need some help with a soulknife buildUnexamined
A little help with a little Kobold..Unexamined
Need help with a manhunter buildUnexamined
Administrator for strongholds?Unexamined
Abjurant Champion questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
ways of gaining divine rank.Unexamined
Paladin Sorc questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dealing with the Mailman . . .Unexamined
Help Optimize Duskblade with PHB I&IIUnexamined
Killing as a god wizardUnexamined
Alternative to Cragtop Archer??Unexamined
Help with Renegade MastermakerUnexamined
Precocious ApprenticeUnexamined
Building ConstructsUnexamined
Frenzied Beserker Charger Build OptimizationUnexamined
Master transmogrifist ideasUnexamined
Shivering TouchUnexamined
Longsword ChuckerUnexamined
New Artificer on Construct Army IdeasUnexamined
Barbarian / Paladin of Slaughter: Please HelpUnexamined
Three Characters in OneDopplegagner/SpymasterUnexamined
shapesand help neededUnexamined
Theme: Taxman buildsUnexamined
Help with a Potion Thrower buildUnexamined
4th Edition Cha-ladin OptimizationUnexamined
question about full attack (begging for answer :) )No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
CO Challenge and Campaign HelpUnexamined
My Divine WarlockUnexamined
Help creating a plant characterUnexamined
Question on D&D Library ExpansionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Fun DM and a Druid questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
List of circumstance bonuses to skills?Unexamined
Inflict wounds ClerecsUnexamined
Cleric of The Blood of Vol (Eberron)Unexamined
Creation of the Mountain KingUnexamined
Pimp my Imp (Deviled bling thread)Unexamined
Is this viable?Unexamined
Cleric/archer stats. Where to put the 5?Unexamined
Monk GrapplerUnexamined
Warforged Artificer... broken item creation?Unexamined
where do I find itUnexamined
d20 Modern vs. 3.5 monstersUnexamined
Paragon Creature....Unexamined
The Uses of PoisonUnexamined
Duskblade GladiatorUnexamined
Need help turning skill Bard into semi combat BardUnexamined
Need help with Thri-kreen buildUnexamined
Ways for a Druid to gain Domains...Unexamined
Duskblade/monk/enlightened fist?Unexamined
Infinite Damage made easyUnexamined
Help me char op boardsyou're my only hope ^^Unexamined
Help required with stealthy killer buildUnexamined
Gish Lyric Thaumaturgebroken?Unexamined
Unconsciousparalyzed / Maximize the damage from coup de graceUnexamined
How to progress my clericis the prestige paladin worth anything?Unexamined
The Arcane Assassin\BodyguardUnexamined
One ShotOne Kill (3rd Party used)Unexamined
5 Man Arena Team (Need Constructive Ideas/ Opinions)Unexamined
1st round dagger killUnexamined
Crusader HelpUnexamined
Trickster/Alchemist the Non-Casting wizardUnexamined
Minion Master BBEGUnexamined
Planning ahead... optimizing characters for an upcoming duelUnexamined
Rogueish Cleric HelpUnexamined
Anything on the Savant?Unexamined
need help playing a wizard (3.5)Unexamined
Best class with full martial proficiencies?Unexamined
Warlcok and spell resistance problemsUnexamined
The VanquisherKing of 100 SwordsUnexamined
Stunning fist with weapon?Unexamined
Sublime Chord Ideas please :)Unexamined
Question: SUperior Unarmed Strike/Adaptive...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Swordsage help?Unexamined
Neat healing trick for Bard/Cleric comboUnexamined
I need some Wizard AidUnexamined
What to wish for and how to word it.Unexamined
Help with Manuveurs!Unexamined
Ways to get non-domain Cleric spells for an arcane caster?Unexamined
Optimizing a wereratUnexamined
Binder Help???Unexamined
turn or rebuke undeadUnexamined
Binder idea'sUnexamined
The Sha'irUnexamined
I HATE them.. ALL of them..Unexamined
Searching for a featUnexamined
Capping a WarlockUnexamined
The Devil Went Down to Georgia: The (Arbitrarily Large)th Level Spell SlotUnexamined
Mounted Cleric - Suboptimal?Unexamined
Dread necro prc needed!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A Little Retro Challenge (and my entry)Unexamined
Multiple classesUnexamined
Reducing Power CostUnexamined
Drain style charactersUnexamined
Factotum/Archivist build?Unexamined
Optimizing a Devoted Performer that will be level 20!Unexamined
Diplomacywhy it is not broken.Unexamined
Captain Falcon build.Unexamined
Ways of gaining Detect ThoughtsUnexamined
A smashing good timeUnexamined
Sneak attack monk class?Unexamined
TRUE necro that isnt a 'true'necromancer (as the PrC)Unexamined
Tome of battle - Book of nine swords (opinions)Unexamined
Build numbers verification please.Unexamined
i need 1 more feat for my Divine WarlockUnexamined
Sorcerer Help!Unexamined
Telflammar shadowlord *Warblade*Unexamined
Optimization for fun and absolutly no profit.Unexamined
Optimized level 7 GishUnexamined
Spells/Feats/Items to soak up damageUnexamined
Wis Synergy ArcherUnexamined
Assorted oddities of battleand The Ruby Knight VindicatorUnexamined
Once More With Feeling: Attacking the problem of decidability in DnDUnexamined
"Ready" SpellcasterUnexamined
Monkadin viability?Unexamined
Critique my build (gestalt)Unexamined
A whisper is all I need.. That is if I WANT you to hear death coming..Unexamined
Imunity to fatigue?Unexamined
Can you help me make Dr. WhoUnexamined
Need advice for support characterUnexamined
Gestalt Charisma CasterUnexamined
Lizardfolk Druid PIMPITUnexamined
Hierofant CohortUnexamined
High Str BuildUnexamined
Looking for build.Unexamined
need help not overtly min maxingUnexamined
Help making a War WeaverUnexamined
Help optimize my Favored SoulUnexamined
Sharn monster character build.Unexamined
"yes master" said the man to the robotUnexamined
Making the sole cleric for an 8 player campaignUnexamined
Gestalt sorcererUnexamined
trying to decide between a druid and a clericUnexamined
Secondary Character-Build HelpUnexamined
Action Character build helpUnexamined
I reroll itthe threadUnexamined
Real Life Character OptimizationUnexamined
Options for a Semi-Core Elven Cleric ArcherUnexamined
Aberrant Feats? Or something completely different?Unexamined
Changeling Ultimate MagusUnexamined
Please help make my rays hitUnexamined
The Problem ChildUnexamined
Serene GuardianUnexamined
Help make a Bloodguard from Covenant the UnbelieverUnexamined
Rogue build for my wifeUnexamined
Swashbuckler / Artificier NEED HELPUnexamined
Adventuring Wizard's Impact on His WorldUnexamined
Bard Build Needs Some Help (And Yes I've read the Bard handbooks!)Unexamined
Ota the Human Dragonblood SorcererUnexamined
Making AmeliaUnexamined
3.5e Warlock Invocation help?Unexamined
Tensions Running HighUnexamined
CO Diary : Return Of The SpoonUnexamined
Telecinetic Explosive Barrage Thrust! (d20 modern -ish)Unexamined
Assistance needed with Divine GishHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Succubus optimisationUnexamined
Drow Warlock Build - Suggestions AcceptedUnexamined
Ardent Archer Gish suggestionsUnexamined
I need help with a Marathon MageUnexamined
Hail the victorious dead. To Dave Arneson!Unexamined
Monster Races that don't suck?Unexamined
Master of many forms may have just gotten a lot better.Unexamined
need help optimizing a character in established campaignUnexamined
Alternative effect(s) for pounce?Unexamined
Archmage not worth itUnexamined
Help with Half-Ogre Warblade2/Barb10?Unexamined
Sorcerer- what should I doUnexamined
Sorcerer's Guide. Your help wanted.Unexamined
90 billion gold shopping spree. Need advice!Unexamined
And in this slum...I shall build my templeUnexamined
3.5 Shadowdancer build.Ideas
Help with a bufferUnexamined
Hathran Ruby Knight of Mystra: Help please!Unexamined
9th Level Spells and Maneuvers...Unexamined
Dex-Based Telepouncer?Unexamined
Making a Cloistered ClericUnexamined
Maximizing the AC on a Iajutsu masterUnexamined
Two-weapon Gish Help (3.5)Unexamined
Fiend of Possession helpUnexamined
Psionic Ur's and SC'sUnexamined
3.5 lvl 9 npc optimization helpUnexamined
Fastest wizardUnexamined
Iaijutsu Trickster: Old Man KeplerUnexamined
+cha to xUnexamined
Multiple same item abuseUnexamined
Sneak AttacksEnergyand VulnerabilityUnexamined
Help Choosing Feats and Spells for my ClericUnexamined
Making A SwordsageUnexamined
Spellthief/Favored soul - mage hunter/party face?Unexamined
Post your optimized parties!Unexamined
Mystic Theurge Smite theeUnexamined
3.5 MMA Fighter buildUnexamined
3.5 MMA Fighter buildUnexamined
Invisible spell with solid fog?Unexamined
3.5 Ranger lvl 9Unexamined
War Weaver helpUnexamined
record damage buildUnexamined
Evil Imposter to Champion of GwynharwyfUnexamined
wheel of time d20 threadUnexamined
Initiate like defensesUnexamined
Spontaneous Divination ACF & Ultimate Magus interactionUnexamined
Ultimate Magus help required!Unexamined
Yellow Ivy - The Necromancer in the Vines [Naturally Cheesy Build]Unexamined
Making a dragonwrought koboldpun pun-likeUnexamined
Feats for a buffer SorcererUnexamined
Druid or Wizard LA+1 RaceUnexamined
Silk WormBuffer Extraordinaire!Unexamined
Paladin and Pounce (a dinosaur question)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Ulek Winterveina Dwarven Joan of ArcUnexamined
Centaur Druid need some helpUnexamined
Warmage Base Build +++Unexamined
Question about Shapechange?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
PoT/Fighter/Bg build for 1 on 1 challengeUnexamined
Is this legal? (templates question)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help with Mystic Theurge buildUnexamined
Warshaper + Fuse Armscould this work?Unexamined
staying aliveUnexamined
Help tweaking one-man partyUnexamined
Rage Mage optimizeUnexamined
Metamorphic Spellcasting - TimeUnexamined
Shugenja HandbookUnexamined
Elemental savant CO plzUnexamined
Cleric buildUnexamined
Great Leap. and jump distance discussionUnexamined
a little advice pleaseUnexamined
Half Ogre build suggestions needed. Got 10 levels to burnUnexamined
ranger buildUnexamined
How does a Swordsage get 9th level stances with only 6 at 20th level???Unexamined
Looking for help with a few fighter buildsUnexamined
3.5 dragoon build. Scout/Duskblade/Blade Dancer Comments and advice apreciatedUnexamined
Dwarf Barbarian build?Unexamined
Wheel of Time d20 OptimizationUnexamined
Methods to add scores other than DEX to your AC?Unexamined
Maxing out Diplomacy for a Forgotten Realms 3.5 Mystic TheurgeUnexamined
Natural Weapon dmg buildUnexamined
3.5 Charisma based primary combatantUnexamined
Equipping a Succubus Fiend of PossessionUnexamined
Caster Build for ArenaUnexamined
Transformist PrC - can i do thisUnexamined
Long termnon-persistent buff spellsUnexamined
Valorous Weapon Damage QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
8th Level ArtificerNeed to Beat a Party of FiveUnexamined
Duskblade//Wizard Gestalt Questions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
D20 Future Build NeededUnexamined
Optimized entry into a low entry build; Lucky halflingUnexamined
Thrown weapon opti with a boomerang.Unexamined
Upping Charisma on a Commanded Undead with Unholy ToughnessUnexamined
Summoner/Army Generating WizardUnexamined
Stormlord help?Unexamined
Need BEST 8th level char [3.5 FR]Unexamined
Need help with cleric build.Unexamined
build of utter uselessnessUnexamined
Swarm fightingUnexamined
optimized item crafting - artificer buildUnexamined
Tattooed Monk tattoo questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Poor Pacifist Build suggestions?Unexamined
Changling + warshaperUnexamined
The Strangest Class of AlltimeUnexamined
ranger questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Time WalkerUnexamined
When the Fist (of Raziel) comes a knockin'Unexamined
SWORDSAGE old school multi-class???Unexamined
Frenzied Berserker - Suggestions for a BuildUnexamined
Suggestions for a circle magic wizardUnexamined
Help with Pathfinder wizardUnexamined
some perspective on dumb/stupid/broken rules (akagrab a snickers)Unexamined
Optimizing thematic groupsUnexamined
Broken Stigmata?Unexamined
A Wizard who acts like a SorcererUnexamined
Optimizing a CORE only SorcerorUnexamined
20 point system but +1 to any stat every lvlUnexamined
Balancing gestalt characters with standard charactersUnexamined
Bo9 helpUnexamined
Gestalt Character helpUnexamined
Advice on a Ur-Priest/Swordsage build?Unexamined
4e Theoretical OptimizationUnexamined
Help with optimizing GishUnexamined
Archmage SLA and Ice AssassinUnexamined
Character Optimization Generic ProcedureUnexamined
Wildshape Focused DruidUnexamined
Master Spellthief help?Unexamined
Need a Help with making a 8th lvl Thrallherd build!Unexamined
Need help finishing this off...Unexamined
Buffing Wizardwith an Animal CompanionUnexamined
Archer specific equipmentUnexamined
Optimizing MusicUnexamined
CO Help: My War WeaverUnexamined
Epic CampaignUnexamined
If you had a HAMMER?Unexamined
Is a Prc Paladin considered a Paladin for all intents and purposes?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help with a Scout/Swashbuckler ComboUnexamined
The Divine OracleUnexamined
Dread Necro HelpUnexamined
Netherese Myrmidar Build!!Unexamined
Help with some builds for a Multi Character GameUnexamined
Pimp my Knight!Unexamined
Geslat campaign character Post modemUnexamined
Best Cherry Pick Spells for a wizardUnexamined
So.... I may have 12 free LA...Unexamined
Need help for extremely competative Archer in Level 15 ArenaUnexamined
[3.5] swa / ftr / dervish optimizationUnexamined
My "Rage Mage" BuildUnexamined
What monsters have you always wanted on the summon monster list?Unexamined
Spontaneous Druid Optimized Spell Selectionplease help.Unexamined
+1 LA template with Int bonusUnexamined
Critique the Ascetic AmbusherUnexamined
Need Optimized cleric build(3.5)Unexamined
On the delightful use of mid-combat rituals (Cast True Res for Free Mid-Combat!!!)Unexamined
A Debate on Permanency and Magic ItemsUnexamined
Lady's GambitUnexamined
Ur priest + Prestige paladin + Mystic fire knight + Sword of the arcaneUnexamined
How to complete my Magic Missile machine...Unexamined
Sheild wall from Hell type questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Lurk Build Guide & Compendium(saved from Closed thread)Unexamined
how can I make the assassin interestingUnexamined
Dungeon Crawling Psionic needs help!Unexamined
Quarterstaff MasterUnexamined
Best 10 feats for your typical gishall things being equal?Unexamined
Domains for SorcsUnexamined
A little help with a Ranger RebuildUnexamined
Death from DarknessUnexamined
Need Spell Advice for a Dnd + Future Tech campaign.Unexamined
Where's my fellow Gameologists?Unexamined
Need help with cleric build.Unexamined
Melee Caster/Range BuildUnexamined
Buying Invocations (Warlock Options)Unexamined
How Heavy this Axe or why Disciple of Thrym rulesUnexamined
Born of the Three Thunders Question!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help with soldier cohortUnexamined
Doubt: Quicken spell-like(Dimensional door)Unexamined
How a wizard can be a Detective?Unexamined
Best Cleric/Sorcerer?Unexamined
Max 4 Class/PrC Build ThematicNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
advice on rounding out this party.Unexamined
Fluffy Beasts of Doom - The campaignUnexamined
Duo GameUnexamined
Need some advice with a Swift Hunter build... levels limitedUnexamined
Wizard vs Wizard....Unexamined
I diedI need help...Unexamined
Dragon MountainUnexamined
Battle Sorcerer Abjurant Champion Spell Selection Help!Unexamined
Help! Gestalt Game L6/7 healer neededUnexamined
Questions on Erudite and Convert Spell to PowerNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Druid Questions need adviceNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need help with My Conqurer buildUnexamined
WTF Shapechange Grants Spellcasting?Unexamined
HOw to buff intelligenceUnexamined
Rogue help.Unexamined
Mage killer?Unexamined
Mad Airship HelpUnexamined
3.5 Mage of the Arcane Order build helpUnexamined
[3.5] My Dervish build ( tweaked )Unexamined
Some Dragon help neededUnexamined
Help with a favored soulUnexamined
Help with Outfitting Epic SwiftbladeUnexamined
Help make a build for hardcore DMUnexamined
HELP tattooed monkUnexamined
An interesting character...Unexamined
Help me "break" this rogue to fit my DM's gameUnexamined
New 40-Point Build For 1st Game Tonight.Unexamined
Rate my Swift Hunter buildUnexamined
Help my Blaster to find what he needUnexamined
Halfling Grappler?Unexamined
Alternate Form and its Variants: A CO IndexUnexamined
[3.5] Where is my Scout heading?Unexamined
Mini-Gestalt + Regular AdvancementUnexamined
Help with a monk/druid/clericUnexamined
Need help trapping a housefrom the player's perspective.Unexamined
Feat that increases max ranks limit? (orI want an ECL10 7th-level Ur-Priest)Unexamined
Cloistered Cleric - Where to go from hereUnexamined
Gnome Illusionist/Cleric to spellcasters HELP!Unexamined
"Accurate" Weapon EnhancementUnexamined
Help with DervishUnexamined
Sword of the Arcane Order + Master SpellthiefUnexamined
Now for something really challengingUnexamined
Using Will in place of Fortitude or ReflexUnexamined
How can I Eternal Charm a Erinyes?Unexamined
Optimizing My Character.Unexamined
Good +2 LA races for Druid?Unexamined
Cleric build help.Unexamined
Daggerspell Mage + Master Thrower BuildUnexamined
build Help for Arcane-ish Cleric Summoner??Unexamined
Mindflayer PC?Unexamined
Walker in the Waste HandbookUnexamined
Barbarian ACUnexamined
Looking for someone's fighter build...Unexamined
Equipping a Favored of the FiendsUnexamined
Semi optimised warlock/clericUnexamined
Reserve feats for gish-lightsUnexamined
GishIllumian Aeshkrau Swiftblade?Unexamined
What are the age effects of IllumiansUnexamined
Items and spells projects...Unexamined
[3.5] Transmuter/Red W. OptimizationUnexamined
Checking feasibility...Unexamined
Need Help Optimizing Iajutsu Master BuildUnexamined
Solo Wizard Question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help with my soulknife buildUnexamined
Quick ways to get into the Master Transmogrifist Prestige Class?Unexamined
Help! Greatsword Fighter 20 Leader of a nationUnexamined
Scout & imp skirmishUnexamined
To Feat or Not To FeatThat is The....Unexamined
To Feat or Not To FeatThat is The....Unexamined
Snow Tiger Berserker Rogue - possible PrC's/builds?Unexamined
three extra bow attacks a round at -7? or only 2 at -5?Unexamined
Question of the weekNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need Help making up with a custom summon monster listUnexamined
Help With A Dual-Wielding ClericUnexamined
More Druid Weapon Proficiencys?Unexamined
Uncanny Blow vs Two-Handed WeaponUnexamined
to break a 8th summonerUnexamined
Getting most out of Avalanche of BladesUnexamined
Ardent Dilettante-See it AgainUnexamined
Arrow Swarm Archer: A Different Swift Hunter BuildUnexamined
How does Share Spells work?Unexamined
Best Cleric Buffer/Healer?Unexamined
Flaws from UAUnexamined
Special Help for an Archivist War WeaverUnexamined
How do you feel about Arcane Spell Failure?Unexamined
Polymorph at will?Unexamined
Building Deadpool level 11 for upcoming campaignUnexamined
Houseruled cleric to the maxUnexamined
Dragon FamiliarUnexamined
Whacky DM is innundating me with Feats! Help me pick one more!Unexamined
bard/druid dilemmaUnexamined
wanted: spellshelp with spell list for gestalt cleric/wizard buildUnexamined
Odd rules questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Retraining featswould this work?Unexamined
Optimising the Dungeon LordUnexamined
Planar BindingUnexamined
Why no love for the true necro?Unexamined
[3.5] Aoo / movementUnexamined
3.5 end gameUnexamined
How to protect my Eternal Charmed slavesUnexamined
Help building an Eberron/Core only CharacterUnexamined
Black Blood Cultist Handbook: A Grappler's ManualUnexamined
Highest Leadership Score PossibleRebootedUnexamined
Don't touch me! ...or elseUnexamined
Sword of the Arcane order + Battle Blessing requiem for a Paladin?Unexamined
Most Annoying PC builds?Unexamined
Sorcerer with a Spellbookoh yeahUnexamined
Cataclysm MageUnexamined
3.5 Barbarian Build - starting upUnexamined
Cleric going into StormlordUnexamined
De Fact-o Itums (Factotum Items)Unexamined
High base caster levelincludes room to grow.Unexamined
Need help with Gestalt Pixie Warlock build.Unexamined
I'd like to play a barbarian...Unexamined
Solo's Stupendously Superior Sorcerer StratagemsUnexamined
Poisoning (needs some ruling)Unexamined
Elocater ?Unexamined
Question on the Order of the Bow InitiateNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Fast questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
An optimal gish (who is also a fish!)Unexamined
Outfitting my totemist mobility expert!Unexamined
build contestUnexamined
DM LF Help for a "Natures" NPC for War Campain ..Unexamined
Improving Swarm attacksUnexamined
Succubus OptimizationUnexamined
Horizon WalkerUnexamined
Need Help with Build Optimization!Unexamined
How to build eviiil...a truly vilemean SOB!Unexamined
Scout / Ninja buildUnexamined
Optimizing an NPC classUnexamined
I need help with a necromancer buldUnexamined
Help me Optimize a Bard!Unexamined
Anybody play a Skulk? ...any potentialUnexamined
Dragonwrought Kobold = Epic Feats?Unexamined
[RHoD] Sudden Influx of CashUnexamined
Ignore this...Unexamined
Help with a Dwarven Fighter buildUnexamined
Advice on the optimal character build for this campaignUnexamined
Help with Gestalt Swordsage/Swashbuckler buildUnexamined
ignore force effects?Unexamined
My DM has lost his marbles!Unexamined
Arcane Prc with Uncanny dodgeNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
which is better with a rogue divine magic or arcane?Unexamined
question on damage.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help me make a DruidUnexamined
Gargantuatan and DuskbladeUnexamined
Duskling QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Eternal Revenant of ValenarUnexamined
RogueSwashbucklerFighter build questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Limited Items - BSFUnexamined
DMing and The Barbarian CruxUnexamined
Need help with a Core Gish/DruidUnexamined
The king of multiclass prestige classesUnexamined
"Do what the wizard says a melee recipeUnexamined
Factotum Thrower (ToB and OA 3.5 content)Unexamined
Gestalt nauseumUnexamined
Daggerspell mage build needs helpUnexamined
I need a hand with an arena teamUnexamined
Gestalt Dread NecroUnexamined
Character Regeneration or Fast Healing (3.5)Unexamined
Optimize core only warbladeUnexamined
Unarmed CombatUnexamined
How to turn fire into sonic dmgUnexamined
Infinite spell DC.Unexamined
Trying to make some kind of Bullseyelooking for a feat or featsUnexamined
Building a Utility & Combat "Rogue"Unexamined
Aurorum Ammunition... recycle indefinitely?Unexamined
Dual-sword wieldingdagger-throwing ranger suggestionsUnexamined
How to have a modern soldier transfered into a D&D setting?Unexamined
War Weaver Gish with Arcane and Divine...Unexamined
Is not a full built But...Unexamined
A Satire of BalanceUnexamined
starting a 12th gestault campaignnever started at this high of levelUnexamined
In Search of Spock: RAW New SpellsUnexamined
Throwing Rogue/TricksterUnexamined
Wizard help neededUnexamined
+1 LA Half DrowUnexamined
Fastest crafting.Unexamined
Advice on a Gestalt to survive the Zombie Apocalypse?Unexamined
gestalt master thrower dagger spell mageUnexamined
Airing out a few ideas.Unexamined
Help with a sneaky skirmisherUnexamined
Good cleric through all levels?Unexamined
Please Help: Refining/Tweaking Psion/Illithid Slayer build for PvP (3.5e)Unexamined
Need advice for on a TotemistUnexamined
PVP CharacterUnexamined
I can make any 1st or 2nd level permanent...what to choose?Unexamined
Optomization of the UA Generic classes?Unexamined
optimizing my friends buildUnexamined
Leader of a NationUnexamined
The GamblerUnexamined
Div Prs with SA and straight casting?Unexamined
Spell like abilitiesUnexamined
Core-Only Fighter-TypeUnexamined
Tomb of Horrors... Worth looking at?Unexamined
Bear Warrior SuggestionsUnexamined
Optimizing Chr. only Phb12 and DMG1.Unexamined
Help me with that.Unexamined
Gestalt Help: Sorc/Favored SoulUnexamined
when does 3.5 start and end for dragon magazine...Unexamined
Cleric PirateUnexamined
Ranger / PaladinUnexamined
OGL-only Gish BuildUnexamined
Get a character into space!Unexamined
Help me figure out my animal companion?Unexamined
Of Spell Lists and Versatility...Unexamined
core only partyUnexamined
Help building a dual-shield dwarfUnexamined
How did you turn a fighter into a casteragain?Unexamined
Everchanging Animal CompanionUnexamined
Gestalt Djinni?Unexamined
So its come to thisits our braggart psion vs our alleged "lowly' sorcererUnexamined
3.5 SpectreUnexamined
Help with a SoulbowUnexamined
Half celestial template classUnexamined
Need gaze attacks for my WizardUnexamined
[Savage Species] Masochist : Involuntary ragepain masteryUnexamined
Frenzied questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A question about weapon selection.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Under Construction-Generic Gear Mini-GuideUnexamined
Deepac the MercilessUnexamined
Question about Uncanny Trickster from Complete ScoundrelNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dual Flame Blade Help NeededUnexamined
Common House Rules and Ways to Take Advantage of ThemUnexamined
Help with a Psion/Beguiler/Cerebremancer Build.Unexamined
need some help in finishing a characterUnexamined
Where to go with my PDK (Purple Dragon Knight)??!Unexamined
Dragon Compendium bloodlinesUnexamined
Help my Dragonfire Adept BuildUnexamined
Silly Commoner 20 BuildUnexamined
Mage Killing GishUnexamined
Question about destruction devotion from CChampNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Epic vs. 10th level spellsUnexamined
CO Build ECL IndexUnexamined
Help with Eternal Blade build ideaUnexamined
Master of Many Forms conundrumsUnexamined
Help optimizing the saves on an objectUnexamined
Help Optimizing a PaladinUnexamined
Are there any pyschic/initiator classes or PrCs?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Chosen templates and how to make your ownUnexamined
fighting prowess+sorcerer+metamagic.Unexamined
plz help optimize my character conceptUnexamined
Making a Sneaky Little SOBUnexamined
Obtain a temporary evil alignment or subtypeUnexamined
Gestalt helpUnexamined
Optimizing a custom class.Unexamined
Quick question regarding sneak attack and skirmishNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Skirmish and movingUnexamined
Ranger/Rogue combinationUnexamined
Thinking about playing a noncaster...Unexamined
Multitasking and MultivoiceUnexamined
Anima Mage HelpUnexamined
d20 Modern SwordMaster HelpUnexamined
Optimizing Yuan-tiUnexamined
desicive strike W/ sorcererUnexamined
Trying to make a Barbarian Wizard teamUnexamined
Swiftblade..........anyone.............. anyone...........BuellarrUnexamined
36 seconds (no) wonder boy - Swift Hunter ThrowerUnexamined
Badguys from movies conversions?Unexamined
Highest Con scoreUnexamined
help with fight club teamUnexamined
Optimising my character without unbalancing my girlfriends campaignUnexamined
Optimal gear for a 10th level DivinerHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Weird thing.Unexamined
Mage Killing FighterUnexamined
Optimizing Anti-Caster CharacterUnexamined
Charging Death A-Dragonback for Septuple DamageUnexamined
legit feat to qualify for dbl spell casting classesUnexamined
Extra SpellWar Weavers best friend?Unexamined
What to play...Unexamined
Optimizing Bard / Dread Pirate (updated)Unexamined
Aptitude Ranged WeaponsUnexamined
ClericDruidand Wizard Spell Lists - Access 2003Unexamined
Maximized the reach and numbers of limbsUnexamined
2 weapon fighting optimization?Unexamined
Psychic Reformation item abuseUnexamined
Followers and class levels?Unexamined
Community Surveywhat should be stressed?Unexamined
rouge helpUnexamined
Gestalt Two Weapon Fighting Builds?Unexamined
Good news for wow playersUnexamined
Hengeyokai (Sparrow) Psion + ? GestaltUnexamined
newb requires expert opinion on balancing a custom swift hunter.Unexamined
pyrokineticst trip buildUnexamined
Telekinesis weight limits?Unexamined
Building a Supporting Case: UMD as caster level for stavesUnexamined
Vow of Poverty MonkUnexamined
The Energizer PartyUnexamined
Psion guy in our group now says Elocater has some hidden advadsUnexamined
Controlling the minds of othersUnexamined
Seven Levels to Play With...Unexamined
Lvl 10 Axe ThrowerUnexamined
[3.5] 9th level spells7th level character - Does this work?Unexamined
Optimizing a Martial Archer - Seeking AdviceUnexamined
TWF or Natural AttacksUnexamined
Master spellthief making a case to steal and store higher level spellsUnexamined
Skill Monkey ClericUnexamined
Need advice opinion and constructive advice.Unexamined
Optimizing my ArcherUnexamined
Looking for feat suggestions (Lizardfolk Bard/Swashbuckler)Unexamined
Looking for a little assistance with a MoTUHUnexamined
Unlimited Spells for SpellcastersUnexamined
Check my character for legality please!Unexamined
need help with crusader/RKV build plsUnexamined
Recreating the Namek Saga: DBZ StyleUnexamined
SorcererSublime ChordUltimate Magus...Unexamined
Incandescent Champion + Incarnum BladeUnexamined
Trying to find a suitable base class...Unexamined
Psion schmionthe sorcerer moped the floor with him.Unexamined
Help with an assassin build (not the PrC)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
New help making a char! Pls :)Unexamined
Unending SCM Fun - liberal DM reqUnexamined
Evoker/UM build for considerationUnexamined
Rogue TricksTrapsand IntrigueUnexamined
Build for a new campaignUnexamined
The ChampionUnexamined
Druid CohortUnexamined
HumblyI come before you seeking wisdom...Unexamined
Halfling Dino Charger!Unexamined
Energy Charge and Positive Levels?Unexamined
Optimizing Inspire CourageUnexamined
Optimizing a Debuffer BardUnexamined
Grab the wizardthrow him out the windowland on him.Unexamined
How does a Sorcerer get protection and/or immunity from energy/level & ability lossUnexamined
Silly Optimization... check it out.Unexamined
In search of PRCNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Beating the Reincarnated Gary GygaxUnexamined
Forced into Gestalt madness HELP!Unexamined
Is Slashing Flurry worth it?Unexamined
[3.5] Martial Ghost Huntera la SupernaturalUnexamined
Need help with a new Charakter (WoW d20)Unexamined
Help please?Unexamined
Gestalt classes and red wizardsUnexamined
Rogue / Psion / Shadowmind / Shadowdancer buildIdeas
Some help with a 3.5 Artificer WarforgedUnexamined
Converting RETURN to the tomb of horrors.Unexamined
Help With Ranged Cleric (lots of restrictions)Unexamined
Character Co-dependancy (rp centric character optimization)Unexamined
Help w/ 3.5 pls - Wild Shaping into a SolarUnexamined
Help me build a nobodyUnexamined
Gestalting craziness....Need some helpUnexamined
Cavalier buildUnexamined
Optimized GrappelerUnexamined
Prestige Paladin by Level 5?Unexamined
Trio of Pallys (and nothing else)Unexamined
Getting dragonblood subtype (on a wizard)Unexamined
Cleric/Eye of Horus-re in a W40K gameUnexamined
Need Help Optimizing my Gnome IllusionistUnexamined
Assassin's Creed; living by the creed.Unexamined
To Hit BonusesUnexamined
best way for a party to vanish from scrying?Unexamined
2 part thread1st about BoED spells2nd maxing caster attribute and how to work itUnexamined
Dread Witch OptimizationUnexamined
DungeonGeek17 calls out Khan the Destroyer!!!Unexamined
Michael JacksonUnexamined
(3.5...ish?) Item suggestions for an ArcherUnexamined
Help with an Changeling AssassinUnexamined
Martial Adept Magical itemsUnexamined
The Feeder: Infinite StrengthConstitutionand Natural ArmorUnexamined
Suggestions for Spellwarp + arcane Trickster build (limited books)Unexamined
Making a great healer betterUnexamined
Solo Gestalt CharacterUnexamined
Blood Magus and Osteomancer- Cool idea?Unexamined
Natural WeaponsUnexamined
quick character concept3.5 books onlyUnexamined
True necromancer tips.Unexamined
Dual player.Unexamined
Drow Rogue/Cleric buildUnexamined
First ECL character... need help building a nightmare.Unexamined
Non-magic villians neededUnexamined
Your Own First-Level Jesus...Unexamined
Lvl 5 Druid w/o Magic?Unexamined
One Tank to go.Unexamined
Scorching Ray builds (3.5e)Unexamined
Holy LiberatorUnexamined
Kineticist Advice?Unexamined
Building a Tier 1 Party of Gishzilla'sUnexamined
Archivist Build CritiqueUnexamined
Help with Dervish.Unexamined
Help with bizarre archer buildplease!Unexamined
What if touch spells were Persist-able?Unexamined
Half-Dragon Barbarian/EWMdon't know where to go next...Unexamined
Combat Reflexes + MOTUS + Grey Area = Hilarity?Unexamined
Optimizing Survival Checksuncharted territory or plain silliness? RawrsUnexamined
coolest/funiest/strongest first-level characterUnexamined
Drow FighterUnexamined
Bard Assassin?Unexamined
looking for help with warforged necromancerUnexamined
Ray Specialist EvokerUnexamined
Sorcerer PrC HelpUnexamined
Kensai imbuing unarmed strikesUnexamined
Need Advice for 3.5Unexamined
Gestalt Artificer//PsyWarUnexamined
Where can I find More on WH OptimizationUnexamined
Bring me your (mostly honest) Game Shattering (10th level) BuildsUnexamined
low level optimizationUnexamined
Saint Monster of Legend CentaurUnexamined
D20 Future optimization threads/info?Unexamined
How to make Nightcrawler in D&D?Unexamined
Hellfire WarlockUnexamined
Powerful warlock build?Unexamined
Help with psychic warrior lvl20Unexamined
Gestalt E6Unexamined
Could use help optimizing a few encountersCR 11-15 range.Unexamined
Deepstone Sentinel/Higher ground and Prone opponents optimizationUnexamined
Help spend 35k gold on a level 10!Unexamined
Señor Vorpal Kickass-o: A Challenge for the forum!Unexamined
An Idea requiring help..Unexamined
Need help building 4-man party! Harsh Adventure.Unexamined
Whirling Blade + Blurstrike Yay or Nay?Unexamined
Gestalt DefenderUnexamined
stick fighting ardentUnexamined
Could use some advice. Hex/Pal/Rog/BlackguardUnexamined
Pistol OptimizationUnexamined
An Extremely odd and possibly challenging RequestUnexamined
Increasing trip chanceUnexamined
Help me with this insanityUnexamined
What comes after 3 lvl cloistered cleric/ 3 lvl church inquisitor/ 10 lvl RSoP ???Unexamined
Character CreationUnexamined
A different sort of caster...Unexamined
10th lvl idea for my rogue? (munchkin)Unexamined
Fighter BuildUnexamined
Help with level 12 druid pleaseUnexamined
Strike (from) the ethereal plane?Unexamined
Complete ScoundrelUnexamined
Need some help with a ToB arcane gishUnexamined
8th level Gnome Wiz ClericUnexamined
Commander RatingsUnexamined
More Feats Than You Can Shake A Stick AtUnexamined
Help with Necrocarnate[3.5]Unexamined
Need a piece of advice.Unexamined
Where Do I Go From Here? Level 12 Invisible Blade Build (3.5)Unexamined
Halfling SwordsageUnexamined
Designing yet another gish!Unexamined
Underdark CampaignUnexamined
help with a level 10 clericUnexamined
Dread Necro GishUnexamined
(SAGA) Classic Jedi 'Guardian' (WIP)Unexamined
building a fiend of corruption succubusUnexamined
So a gnomean elfand a kobold walk into a tavern...Unexamined
ECL 8 Transmutation WizardUnexamined
On Action Speeds and the Functioning of Immediate ActionsUnexamined
Invincible Character (not Pun-Pun)Unexamined
Cleric (Healer) helpUnexamined
Need help Optimizing a level 15 ArtificerUnexamined
Storing MinionsUnexamined
The Unending HordesUnexamined
Enchanter vs. TelepathUnexamined
Maxing out the ArtificerUnexamined
Need help for a friends characterUnexamined
What spells should my 1st-level wizard have?Unexamined
They want: Low Magic. I want: Optimized SorcererUnexamined
I need to know how not make crappy characters.Unexamined
Peculiar RequestUnexamined
Paladin of wee jasUnexamined
How to stack the elephant and shivery hind? Paladin/Leader/Demon handler ECL13.Unexamined
Looking for help with Druid focused on SummoningUnexamined
Want an alternative to ThrallherdUnexamined
Maximum Rebuke->Commanded Undeadfeaturing Neutral Flavor!Unexamined
Tome of Battle Tank Build Threads?Unexamined
Help me with my Rogue plzUnexamined
I need the C-OP's worst SOB!Unexamined
2 optimized builds: 2 questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help with a 22 level fighterUnexamined
Effecting Undead with Mind-Effecting spellsUnexamined
Shifter Crusader...How can I improve?Unexamined
Building a challenging encounter...Unexamined
Ridiculous bow and arrow combo (DMG+EPH)Unexamined
Druid ShillelaghUnexamined
Need help with a character from a book seriesUnexamined
Witch Hunter?Unexamined
Optimized playing in the "One City" campaignUnexamined
grappling and power attack?Unexamined
Need advice on Illumian warmage...Unexamined
Druid Wildshape buildUnexamined
Which caster is more powerful / playable at all levels?Unexamined
monk in the front line in a overpowering battleUnexamined
The Revamped Core Four from ECL3: ClericWizardArtificer?Unexamined
Need help dealing with some odd house rules.Unexamined
Jade Phoenix/Abjurant Champion GishUnexamined
Mr CharismaticUnexamined
Could a Beguiler Gish work?Unexamined
A tank for the lactose-intolerant?Unexamined
Ten Levels of Black Flame ZealotUnexamined
monk questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Feats for Enlightened Fist build.Unexamined
Help in Optimizing a Chaos MageUnexamined
Epic Casting for Ultimate Multi-Threat?Unexamined
Need help optimizing half-dragon 2h fighter type.Unexamined
999 build?Unexamined
Help for Making a Wheel of Time CharacterUnexamined
leftover levels @.@ (hulking hurler)Unexamined
Best Druid 3.5? ~ Shapeshift Druid 20 advice wanted. Arcane Hierophant as wellUnexamined
Help with a Goliath Barbarian/CrusaderUnexamined
white dragonspawn and eldritch thergueUnexamined
Rogue/Fighter/X help. Core Classes Only - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Illumian PowerhouseUnexamined
PrC's granting 7th level or better arcane spells? - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
With Limited Means...I Must SurviveUnexamined
I hate spell resistanceUnexamined
ranger buildUnexamined
Help with Super OP Gestalt HealerUnexamined
Mage-killingharpoon-chuckingswift hunter buildUnexamined
Help with old Stalker Build.Unexamined
New to 3.5Need Some Favored Soul HelpUnexamined
Feats for Nar Demonbinder / UMUnexamined
Any ideas to nerf a Shadowcraft mageUnexamined
A bit more than a WallopUnexamined
3.5 Cleric/Prestige Paladin - Glaive or Halberd?Unexamined
Help with optimizing a swashbukler-based buildUnexamined
A little help with an idea and a query.Unexamined
Elven Crusader AoO Optimization HelpUnexamined
Gestalt Druid // SomethingUnexamined
So a few pc's walk into a bar...Unexamined
Reach Trip FighterUnexamined
Decisive RogueUnexamined
Master thrower tripperUnexamined
Non-zilla Cleric HelpUnexamined
The longer the fight goes the stronger he gets.Unexamined
optimise a 3man partyD&D 3.5Unexamined
How would you do a Mime BardUnexamined
Optimized Critical CharacterUnexamined
help w/ riposte scout optimizationUnexamined
Anyone know a decent 3.5 Melee Cleric Build?Unexamined
Optimizing a FR Setting Gestalt Fighter/Sorcerer using Pathfinder RulesUnexamined
6.4-19.5 Million attacks in one roundUnexamined
I think I just died and went to Factotum HeavanUnexamined
Feat progression for a MoMF?Unexamined
Prestige Classes at 1st Level!Unexamined
War Weavers and wands?Unexamined
Need help! Suggestions/Insiration!!Unexamined
The One-Punch "Assassin"Unexamined
question on PrC rulesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Elfen Paragonis Int the holy grail for wizards or a trapUnexamined
help optimizing the wierdest chocker ever...Unexamined
Sylph Sorceress as Planar CohortUnexamined
Choice between wildshaping..Unexamined
Illumian Mage with limited booksUnexamined
Druid Power: Is it really still there?Unexamined
Need help with this artificerUnexamined
the Octo-Mom dilemmaUnexamined
Shapeshift Druid17/Monk1/Warshaper2Unexamined
Traveling with the speed of arrowUnexamined
Half-Elf DervishUnexamined
Warmage on the Fly...Unexamined
feat choicesUnexamined
Best form for a Primeval?Unexamined
Treasure hunter campaignUnexamined
Role of Healer rendered moot for time beingCODZILLIA TIME! (3.5)Unexamined
Not a cleric healerUnexamined
Wild Dwarf BarbarianUnexamined
Angel of DeathUnexamined
Paragon creature.....Unexamined
Gestalt 3.5 Mele helpUnexamined
Tank Build AdviceUnexamined
3.5 Master ThrowerUnexamined
The Shadow Lab: BBEG optimizationUnexamined
[Diary] Warblade in Low Magic CampaignUnexamined
Eldritch Theurge - CE and loving itUnexamined
Running a Sword sage whisper gnomeUnexamined
Epic spells: Origin of speciesUnexamined
Hellreaver BuildUnexamined
Something very Broken?Unexamined
Dice rolls verses point buyUnexamined
Raptoran diveand charger barb/fighter/primal mechanicsUnexamined
Stormguard Warrior THF/TWF QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Odd Optimazation QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Not sure what to think on this.Unexamined
Mundane Treasure Hunter ChallengeUnexamined
Practical Demonkeeping (A Summoner's Guide to the Lower Planes)Unexamined
Identifying spells with spellcraftUnexamined
optimise from 8 to 13th levelUnexamined
Fist of the ForestUnexamined
Kell's Rainbow Warmage Holy Serpent...The REAL Batman.Unexamined
Rouge Build! Please CritiqueUnexamined
Druid QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A VERY lethal Artificer build.Unexamined
Assassin's Creed (and more!)Unexamined
Bard questions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Divine Metamagic BuildUnexamined
The Wizard Who Thought He Was An ElfUnexamined
Statting the Black AcademyUnexamined
Shuriken of adamantineUnexamined
Useful monsters/races/templates for use with free LAUnexamined
5th man buildUnexamined
Super RobotUnexamined
Swift Hunter InquiryUnexamined
Chosen of MystraShould I?Unexamined
Need a Minotaur or CentaurUnexamined
Trapmaster critqueUnexamined
Building a character around a pictureUnexamined
Natural Attacks/ Unarmed strikesUnexamined
Creating Anton ChigurhUnexamined
Help with a Possibly too Powerful. BossUnexamined
Non-ToB Human Swashbuckler?Unexamined
As many feats as you like!Unexamined
Help me build!Unexamined
Core Gnomish WizardUnexamined
four feet of epic powerUnexamined
[Gestalt] Help needed creating a tiny (or smaller) "God" (wizard)Unexamined
ArchivistWizTrue Necromancer build helpUnexamined
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