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chonjurer's D&D boards FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dictionary of TerminologyUnexamined
MM Board FAQUnexamined
WADMTD? FAQUnexamined
chonjurer's Classes Board FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Skills and FeatsCombat and Weapons board FAQ ***ready for archiving***Unexamined
PHB Board FAQ (reposted)Unexamined
chonjurer's Races FAQUnexamined
WizO Jedi's D&D Meta Board FAQ (Updated October 29th)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Psionics Handbook Board FAQ (Updated: 11-30-02)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Song & Silence FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Masters of the Wild FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Sword and Fist FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
chonjurer's Spells and Magic FAQUnexamined
chonjurer's DMG FAQUnexamined
FAQ linksVer. IIUnexamined
All things monstrous! (Sorted by name)Unexamined
All things monstrous! (Sorted by Author)Unexamined
Collection of Useful LinksUnexamined
Tome and Blood FAQ (Frequently asked questions)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Tome and Blood FAQ (Frequently asked questions)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Tome and Blood FAQ (Frequently asked questions)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Song & Silence FAQUnexamined
Song & Silence FAQUnexamined
D&D Boards General FAQUnexamined
DotF FAQ: Defending the Faith since 1980Unexamined
DotF FAQ: Defending the Faith since 1980Unexamined
DotF FAQ: Defending the Faith since 1980Unexamined
Useful DM LinksUnexamined
Playing Into The GameUnexamined
Dictionary of TerminologyUnexamined
Character Optimization Board 3.0 Build FAQUnexamined
The Seven Virtues of the PaladinUnexamined
Review: The D&D DVD Adventure-Scourge of WorldsUnexamined
The best way to roleplay?Unexamined
Regdar's FAQUnexamined
Add Variety to Your Fantasy CalendarUnexamined
It's Not What You Know...Unexamined
The role of the DMUnexamined
Greyhawk: A Classic RevisitedUnexamined
Rights and Responsibilities of Players and DM'sUnexamined
My Reputation SystemUnexamined
Psionics FAQUnexamined
Roleplaying AlignmentsUnexamined
Spells and Magic Items FAQUnexamined
Moral Alignments - Good and EvilUnexamined
Magic items and the economy.Unexamined
Variant: Level Adjustment for high statsUnexamined
The Lore of the BardUnexamined
Every NPC Deserves a Fair Chance (a primer for new DMs)Unexamined
Roleplaying and whether to do itUnexamined
Reduced Cost Magical Item ProductionUnexamined
Prestige Classes - Should you allow them or not? - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenRules Question Or Discussion
What's a DM to Do? FAQUnexamined
Rules and role-playingUnexamined
For DM's: The use of Voice.Unexamined
A proposed explanation of orc life.Unexamined
Fudging Dice RollsUnexamined
Railroading... (aka My Wayor the Highway)Unexamined
Confessions Of An Online Gamer...Unexamined
The Dice Monsters (FUNNY!!!)Unexamined
2E Wild Mage got a shock!Unexamined
Looking for info on Crystal DrakesUnexamined
Conversion of the Illithid Trilogy?Unexamined
What is your opinion of "In Search of Adventure" B1-9?Unexamined
Loopy's NPC Series: the BarbarianUnexamined
Zanzer TemUnexamined
A Stupid QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Sword and Fist FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Sword and Fist FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Are there still Endless Quest Books?Unexamined
Gaming Systems are a hinderance to roleplaying gamesHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
D20 vs Older Ed D&D and AD&D (nostalgic look at my own D&D experience)Unexamined
How did you use: B1 - In Search of the UnknownUnexamined
New OOP acquisitions! Please commentUnexamined
QualityUpdated2e sites.Unexamined
In the very first DnDUnexamined
Old Basic D&DUnexamined
Dragon Dice!!!Unexamined
Thac0 modifier for Composite BowsUnexamined
Balance: WhatWhy and HowUnexamined
I Need Cool Dice....Where? What??Unexamined
N1 - Against the Cult of the Reptile GodUnexamined
Spelljammer - Undermountain StardockUnexamined
D&D CyclopediaUnexamined
Playing w/ MyselfUnexamined
letting it dieUnexamined
Defending Towns from High-Level PCsUnexamined
FR products in release orderUnexamined
The final resting place of Lum the Mad?Unexamined
That *****ing CartoonUnexamined
Looking for old modules!Unexamined
The Not So GoodThe Bad and Plain UglyUnexamined
Looking for the original First Quest audio tapeUnexamined
Trying to remember title of old D&D moduleUnexamined
class specific challenges...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A Credit To What Came BeforeUnexamined
TSR 1070 The Box Basic SetUnexamined
What Edition?Unexamined
Prestige ClassesWhat Are TheyWhat Were Theyand What Will They Become? - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenRules Question Or Discussion
looking for a module with command over a strike force/army whatever !Unexamined
A Lawful Thief?Unexamined
[AD&D 2E] Size and Strength ModsUnexamined
Alignment: That Thing Your Mother Never Warned You AboutUnexamined
Genocide in D&DUnexamined
Character Building--A Counter-Intuitive ApproachUnexamined
I Wish I Could Afford This..........Unexamined
Using 3e in older editionsUnexamined
The Woefully Incomplete Guide to a Renaissance GunNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Favorite "house rules"Unexamined
Questions about 2nd editionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
You Don't Need Dice to Play D&DUnexamined
Ten Baseline Assumptions About How the Game is RunUnexamined
Questions and Answers from September's Sage Advice ChatNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Regarding ElvesUnexamined
Vecna - Lives? (possible Spoilers)?Unexamined
PC AlignmentUnexamined
Dragon MagicUnexamined
Buying Classic D&D Hollow World Modules [pdf's] OnlineUnexamined
Sith's Holocron - Epic Level D20 ModernUnexamined
Monstrous Compendium Appendix - MarvelNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
creating random encountersUnexamined
HELP on a 2nd ed problem . . .Unexamined
Charm questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
2nd EDITION ((THAC0 CHART))Unexamined
Battlefield Combat in D&D?Unexamined
Thieves' World Chaosium/BoardgameUnexamined
Free 2e MaterialsUnexamined
D&D *Misconceptions* that Drive Me NUTSUnexamined
Min/Max for BeginnersUnexamined
Weapon Damage OutputUnexamined
Props to PaperUnexamined
DMG inquiryUnexamined
Hirelings Inc.Unexamined
Night BelowUnexamined
How to Create one of the Most Powerful D&D Characters in ExistenceUnexamined
A Reminder Of The Ground Rules - Updated 04/26/04Unexamined
The Perfect WeaponUnexamined
2e Magic resistanceUnexamined
Does anyone have a list for special powers a new PC might have?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
2E Proficiencies: any master list out there?Unexamined
[AD&D 2e] Magic Item CostsUnexamined
Has Anybody read this??Unexamined
Break Even Points - comparing weapons by damage classUnexamined
Math for Average DamageUnexamined
2E AD&D: The Wizardslayer Kit?Unexamined
Old book good artnew book bad art . . .Unexamined
Original AD&D books...Unexamined
The SRD is Not for UsUnexamined
VERY OLD and very old of date!!!Unexamined
intellect devourerUnexamined
Old time AD&D addict getting back into itUnexamined
converting 2nd ed to 3rd edition characters?Unexamined
AD+D 2E: Do Rangers and Palladins get weapon specialization?Unexamined
Hanging up my DM cap. (long post)Unexamined
Polymorph Other + Locate ObjectUnexamined
Role-Playing Charisma-Based Character InteractionUnexamined
OrcsGoblinsand Bugbears oh my!Unexamined
AD&D: Your spellcasting method?Unexamined
OD&D CampaignsUnexamined
Has anyone rebound their 1e books?Unexamined
How Many Undead Can an Evil Cleric Control at a Time?Unexamined
The old character sheets?Unexamined
Card Info????Unexamined
2nd ed. Planescape PDF's?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Anyone interested in a 1E/ 2E game online?Unexamined
Loopy's NPC Series (a primer for new DMs): the BardUnexamined
Creating A NemesisUnexamined
Nightmare KeepUnexamined
Help! Looking for Mons. Compendium Artist!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
questions about simulacrumsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
2nd edition ElminsterUnexamined
Interesting uses for 1e/2e magic itemsUnexamined
Basic Guidelines for DestructionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dungeon and Polyhedron MagazinesUnexamined
The Legend of MikeUnexamined
interior movement---simple approaches?Unexamined
The Avatar Trilogy: Time of TroublesUnexamined
The SorcererUnexamined
Labyrinth of Madness for 3EUnexamined
Credo palatinusUnexamined
No WotC tributes to the classics?Unexamined
Return to White Plume MountainUnexamined
wizardly neuteringUnexamined
If Preserve and Permanency are cast on an item....Unexamined
Fighter's Handbook questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Efreet Sultan in the City of BrassUnexamined
Getting back into it.Unexamined
birthright battle HELP?Unexamined
good modsUnexamined
Core Rules and Expansion CDUnexamined
Does anyone have the core rules CD and can help me out ?Unexamined
Major Thread Topics to AvoidUnexamined
Character foldersUnexamined
So tell me about hollow world...Unexamined
2nd Ed Specialty Preist of HelmUnexamined
Time to Learn Spell?Unexamined
Monster MythologyUnexamined
The Complete Psioncists HandbookNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Where can I find.....Unexamined
Legends and Lore: Worth it?Unexamined
The Paladin Code of Ethics in an Absolute UniverseUnexamined
Variant Expanded Masterworking rulesUnexamined
Vintage D&D board gamesUnexamined
1 E. Players HandbookNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Tiefling Bloodlines of Faerûn!Unexamined
The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Starting D&DHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Making MagicUnexamined
Please Help Looking for Dragon Kings TSR 2408 Book or downloadsUnexamined
The Chance of a Critical HitUnexamined
25 hints for a better campaignsUnexamined
Harper Dress CodeUnexamined
Basic D&D appreciation threadUnexamined
Dealing with Ressurections and ReincarnationsUnexamined
Monster stats?Unexamined
Egg of the PhoenixUnexamined
A question for all DM'sNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How the Boards are ModeratedUnexamined
I need some advice on a characterUnexamined
Multi vs Dual-class.Unexamined
Looking for an OOP product about VaasaUnexamined
Firearms and Artillery for D&DUnexamined
Altering the Metamagic System to Make Metamagic Feats More Appealing to WizardsUnexamined
2E vs. RevisedUnexamined
Any benefit for using extra slots on a NWPUnexamined
Cartoon Character StatsUnexamined
Good DMing and Following the RulesUnexamined
Where to buy Adventures in NY?Unexamined
Prestige Class Creation Guidelines - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Realism and BelievabilityUnexamined
Just rolled this guy up...Unexamined
1st Ed. Collection LimitsUnexamined
NegotiationsMerchantsand ShopsUnexamined
Dragonlance Boxed SetsUnexamined
D&D Miniatures Organized Play Floor RulesUnexamined
D&D Miniatures Errata & FAQ (Dec 122003)Unexamined
Chessex Dice SetsUnexamined
Forgotten Realms Hardcover comic...Unexamined
Revival of Second Edition?Unexamined
Putting the "+" back in "+" magical itemsUnexamined
Low Level Wizards -- How ToUnexamined
Additional Use for SpellsUnexamined
Piety in SocietyUnexamined
Dear all 1st and 2nd Ed DM's.....?????????Unexamined
Alignment - What in the Nine Hells is it?Unexamined
Necessity & ChanceUnexamined
A Beginners Guide to Min/MaxingHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Diplomacy Skill vs. Role-play: does what is said actually matter?Unexamined
"Optional" ClassesUnexamined
AD&D Core Rules 2.0/Dragon Magazine Archive PricesUnexamined
Why bother with gold pieces?Unexamined
Difference between D&D 1983 and AD&DUnexamined
Old worldsUnexamined
The Favored Soul -- Pure SwissUnexamined
Loopy's NPC SeriesThe Cleric (a primer for new DMs)Unexamined
Intra Party Warfare: A DM's GuideNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to Turn 10LV PrCs Into 20LV Base Classes.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
tempus battleforger.Unexamined
Halflings and D&D 1st ed.Unexamined
The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron MunchausenUnexamined
Rokie question concerning modulesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Question about awarding Treasure....No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help Please!!!Unexamined
That sea voyage to a tropical island module = ?Unexamined
Modules List???Unexamined
What DnD do I have and Play?Unexamined
2nd ed. World Builder's Guide... map templates - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What are the limits of an Everfull Purse?Unexamined
Spell Point Based Magic-System?Unexamined
Surprises with Low levelsUnexamined
DUNGEON Index 50+Unexamined
Outdoor SurvivalUnexamined
Ideas for a new aproach to weapon speed in 2eUnexamined
An "invisible" mistakeUnexamined
A book of inventions?Unexamined
Discourses on VillainsUnexamined
Night BelowUnexamined
Character create helpUnexamined
content of Old Dragon Magazine issuesUnexamined
Unearthed Arcana - questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dice Question: Does anyone remember...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Undead Slayer class for 2nd editionUnexamined
How to get rid of too much items...Unexamined
Celestial Fury...Unexamined
D&D BasicUnexamined
Dice TIP!!!!Unexamined
Haunted Halls of EveningstarUnexamined
Ravenloft FearHorror and Powers checksUnexamined
Druidwhat good from it?Unexamined
Dungeon Adventure #3 Falcon's Peak--who has access?Unexamined
The Player's Guide to Better GamesHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
How good is 'ITyrant'Unexamined
Rate this PC...Unexamined
1978 Books ClarificationUnexamined
Oriental AdventuresUnexamined
Thief CampaignUnexamined
80's RoleAids Mods: How Good are they?Unexamined
Old D&D booksUnexamined
Player Character Ideas...Unexamined
Being a Compendium on the Lazy DM and the "Overpowered PCs"Rules Question Or Discussion
Hexagonal PaperUnexamined
Book of Wonderous... Machines?Unexamined
Name the non-TSR SupplimentsUnexamined
Nightbelow: The Underdark CampaignUnexamined
2e AbjurerUnexamined
Need some help...Unexamined
rangers in OD&D?Unexamined
First Quest d20?Unexamined
2e NecromancersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Expanded Physical Damage RulesUnexamined
Expanded AC rulesUnexamined
Old ModuleUnexamined
Does anyone have anything on Venger or the Zodar from spelljammer(IE) Stats?Unexamined
Alternate Concentration and Feint MechanicsUnexamined
Converting version 2 to version 3Unexamined
2e Necromancersreposted.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Chaos MagesUnexamined
"Queen of the Spiders" moduleUnexamined
The Perfect OverlordUnexamined
Common Flaws and Inconsistent RulesUnexamined
Spirits of Fire?Unexamined
Overhauling Rules vs. Finding a Gaming SystemUnexamined
Questions about a couple of itemsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Looking for The Egg of the Phoenix ConversionUnexamined
PC questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Looking for an AXEUnexamined
QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Looking for Planescape adventureNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Perverting wisheswhywhenand how.Unexamined
Looking for the 2e stats for the Lupin and Rakasta...Unexamined
Detecting TrapsUnexamined
Awarding XP - Question for DM'sNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
AD&D 2nd Ed Skills and Powers QuestionHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Nostalgia - early 80's TSR RPGsUnexamined
1st Edition Find FamiliarUnexamined
Birthright & bloodlinesUnexamined
PoisonGreen SlimeWoundingand YouUnexamined
Fireballs and Dragon MagazineUnexamined
The Great KhanUnexamined
D & D 2 edition Characters BalancesUnexamined
2E monks andd martial artsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Wild MagesUnexamined
New FlawsUnexamined
How Fast Can A Dwarf RunUnexamined
Listing of all old OOP PRoductsUnexamined
"Highest Level of All Fantasy Wargaming" Book 1981Unexamined
Multiclassing Idea (1st2nd Ed.)Unexamined
Stealth in the game: a user's guideHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
old modules aquired. need helpUnexamined
FAQ linksVersion 3.1415926535Unexamined
Rookie DMing issues/Night BelowUnexamined
The Moral Compass: Alignment of the Vices and VirtuesUnexamined
The Moneyer and MoneyUnexamined
Out Of Print But On The TableUnexamined
Slave Lords - need alternate introUnexamined
The old Fuddy-duddys guide to 1st edNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
help with tomb of horrors-returnUnexamined
I have one great need.Unexamined
Spell Slip?Unexamined
D&D MovieUnexamined
XSOLO LAnthan's GoldUnexamined
Small Unit Tactics: a user's guideHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
New Conversion Book from 3e to 1e/2e?Unexamined
Converting from 1st editionUnexamined
Loopy's NPC SeriesThe Druid (A Primer for New DMs)Unexamined
Variant Combat Rules - more dynamic battlesUnexamined
Essentials for 'Return to the Tomb'?Unexamined
D&D movieUnexamined
On BlockingUnexamined
OOP DND.comUnexamined
Psionics QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Can somebody help me with titles (AD&D)?Unexamined
OOP PollUnexamined
Counsel of WyrmsUnexamined
Comprehensive ListUnexamined
Favored ClassesUnexamined
Have conversionsneed maps..Unexamined
Getting my Daughter Involved in D&DUnexamined
Dark Sun Maps?Unexamined
Desert of DesolationUnexamined
Dungeon! Board Games rulesUnexamined
Ignore FlankersUnexamined
Spelljammer merged/converted into 3.5 EdUnexamined
Those were the days - what's it like now?Unexamined
Vision and Light - a work in progressUnexamined
A Star Frontiers CampaignUnexamined
Core Rules Expansion 2.0Unexamined
WOTC Star Frontiers?Unexamined
Need Handout from Old Adventure (B11) ASAP!! Help!Unexamined
Looking for old fansite...Unexamined
I need conversion helpUnexamined
Versatility and cleric penalty levels on outer planesUnexamined
Greyhawk Module progressionUnexamined
Twenty first century games AD&D mini rulebook reprintsUnexamined
looking for a psionic based corebookUnexamined
newbie ?s on basic/expert setsDMGPHMMUnexamined
Looking for ScentUnexamined
Chainmail mourningUnexamined
Hey allUnexamined
The Sons of Bhaal statisticsUnexamined
GunsMilitary and Related Matters semi-FAQUnexamined
Aspects - Subabilities updated from 2E Skills and PowersUnexamined
The "stealth kill"Unexamined
Why I Love Ebay.Unexamined
OD&D vs AD&DUnexamined
what version/edition rules are these?Unexamined
Need help finding what I'm missingUnexamined
The lost skillUnexamined
How do you understand this rule...Unexamined
eBay fun!Unexamined
How do Psionics work...Unexamined
The ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Complete Starter SetUnexamined
Interesting Experience Differentials between 1e and 3eUnexamined
2nd ed. Demihuman Deities questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Converting 1/2 ed to 3/3.5 ed.Unexamined
The DrowUnexamined
2nd vs 3rdUnexamined
My Alignment ChartUnexamined
Older D&D NovelsUnexamined
Why Do 3e Players Keep Coming To This Board?Unexamined
Question about 1e spellNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Thief Skills in Basic D&DUnexamined
Forgoten Realms = Greyhawk-yes indeedyUnexamined
Looking for an OoP CampaignUnexamined
Funny SurprisesUnexamined
Welcome to moderated and high quality OOP AD&D and D&D forumsUnexamined
"Wizard-only" Items and Non-Mage Spell CastersUnexamined
TSR Trading CardsUnexamined
Deities and Demigods scoreUnexamined
What was or is your favorite 1e2e Adventure and Player Character Please no 3e or 3.5Unexamined
For Any of You Who Used to Play Gamma WorldUnexamined
Elvish fighting men or wizardsUnexamined
I need help!!Unexamined
Terrain and How to Use it.Unexamined
Help me decide these spells levelUnexamined
Recharging the Staff of the Magi (1st Edition)Unexamined
Top Secret Tsr Rpg 1980Unexamined
Score #2Unexamined
Score #3 (last one hee hee)Unexamined
Wild Magic Question... again!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The 13 Indispensable Traits of a Great PlayerUnexamined
Monk Troubles.Unexamined
Game disc and Players wanted!!Unexamined
How many of you 2e & older have changed Magical Items? PLEASE NO 3.0 or 3.5Unexamined
Old Schoolers Taking 3rd ed Feats into their games.Unexamined
A Solution to the "Sorcerer Problem"Unexamined
D&D 3 or 3.5 conversionsUnexamined
Need Help/Question about N1 Mod....No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Identifying Magic Items in 1e/2eUnexamined
Where is a good place to pick up 2nd ed books cheap?Unexamined
The Deal With Planescape Stuff?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DwarvesGnomesand MagicUnexamined
Does anyone know where I can find...Unexamined
Ranking the Core Classes - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
[AD&D 2e] Dynamic Battle Rules?Unexamined
Value of old D&D board game?Unexamined
Leprechauns n' Giant Eagles...Unexamined
Funny Gnome Illusionist ThreadUnexamined
Masters of the Wild FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Masters of the Wild FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Where Did Character Points Originate?Unexamined
Solo Play: Tips?????Unexamined
Loopy's NPC Series: the Warrior (Reader participation!)Unexamined
Attack ProposalUnexamined
Artifacts of oldUnexamined
Hey WOTC: Moldvay/Cook rules on pdfUnexamined
Ask your DM.Unexamined
Kedi's "All about the Alignments"Unexamined
Tarrasque Help?Unexamined
?s about The Complete Book of HumanoidsUnexamined
energy drainUnexamined
OD&D adventuresUnexamined
OD&DITIES Twelve is out!!!Unexamined
Help a rookie DM out.Unexamined
Question for people who've gone from 2nd Edition to 3rd and vice-versaNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Wild Spell CritiqueUnexamined
Alternate Masterwork SystemUnexamined
old school DM needs a handUnexamined
Great D&D Moments (This thread may fail)Unexamined
Dungeon Compilation? Other resources?Unexamined
boot hill 3d editionUnexamined
Second Edition Multiclassing HelpUnexamined
Copyright & Using Other People's WorkUnexamined
Ground Rules For PostingUnexamined
So where can you find some of the stuff..Unexamined
Keep on the BorderlandsUnexamined
Whatever happened to Dungeons and Dragons?Unexamined
D&D Resurgence for 30-Somethings?Unexamined
bye bye 3.x...hello B/XUnexamined
{AD&D 2e} Serial Newb QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Opinions on Bloodstone books pleaseUnexamined
wild mage or sorcererUnexamined
Desert of Desolation: I3 Pharoah player's mapUnexamined
Useful DM LinksUnexamined
Random HeadachesUnexamined
The evil PC in a good groupUnexamined
Looking for a non-linear adventureUnexamined
Maximum Level...Unexamined
Wrath of the Immortals AccessoryUnexamined
Age of Heroes?Unexamined
Issuance Of Tome of Magic & Book of ArtifactsUnexamined
You know that OD&D is sooo much better than 3E when …Unexamined
Another Question For YahehehNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition AppreciationUnexamined
Classes from the Basic D&D GazetteersUnexamined
Human Dual Classing...Unexamined
Dual Classing and ProficienciesUnexamined
What commoners fearUnexamined
What is betterImmortals or Deities?Unexamined
looking for solo adventuresUnexamined
Names of lesser known men from Arthurian LegendsUnexamined
does anybody know where i can catch a peek at the "eldritch wizardry" cover?Unexamined
Fun in OD&DUnexamined
Oriental Adventures...why?Unexamined
Have you ever heard of a wand of Force?Unexamined
How many of you have built your own worlds?Unexamined
The "Feel" of D&DUnexamined
Old 2nd Edition ArtUnexamined
Older RPGA mods.Unexamined
How much of the 1st ed Combat did you use?Unexamined
GrapplingOverbearingand PummellingUnexamined
Spells Casting and stuffUnexamined
funny thing about edition elitesUnexamined
Tabaxi: OriginsSourceEdition?Unexamined
A letter for Wizo_ParadoxUnexamined
The Deck of encountersUnexamined
1E EncumbranceUnexamined
Galahad's Guide to Holistic HeroesHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
2nd ed. Greater Command spellUnexamined
Why no Al-QadimUnexamined
2e Dark Sun ClericsUnexamined
Advice on Slaver Series requested (A1-4)Unexamined
Deep gnomeUnexamined
The broken landsUnexamined
Cure Moderate WoundsUnexamined
A Treatise on Bard SpellsUnexamined
Frustrated Old Schooler!Unexamined
2nd multi classUnexamined
races helpUnexamined
A long commentary on edition fightsUnexamined
Searching for an old monsterUnexamined
DL8 Dragons of War questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Complete list of Forgotten Realms BooksUnexamined
1e ErrataUnexamined
missing a spellUnexamined
Congrats :)Unexamined
tiamat vs thakisisUnexamined
Back from the dead in 2e!Unexamined
What's up with the thief!?Unexamined
Double DamageUnexamined
ancient baatorian helpUnexamined
Animate Dead SpellUnexamined
Torching MonstersUnexamined
Converting Spheres to 3eUnexamined
Dragon and TSR?Unexamined
Dark Sun EncumbranceUnexamined
Multiple attacks in 2e!Unexamined
Al Quadim?Unexamined
Two HandsUnexamined
Melnibonean Mythos from D&DG posted.Unexamined
A wayward DM returns to the fold.Unexamined
In Search of the UnknownUnexamined
2Ed. Dual Class RulesProficienciesUnexamined
Use of NWProfs in CombatUnexamined
"Potent" Dispel MagicsUnexamined
Ameba-like undead from old versions...Unexamined
list of old modules and 1st edition stuffUnexamined
Newer Creatures...Older GameUnexamined
Dragonlance: I retract my previous commentsUnexamined
Gods with statisticsand other things I don't care forUnexamined
A1-4 What's up with Drachen Keep?Unexamined
Boxed Set QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Spellslayer (from Sha'ir's Handbook)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Gods and stuffUnexamined
Paladin's Holy Sword..Unexamined
Survivor All-Stars: The d'AmbrevillesUnexamined
i got the rules cyclopedia ^.^Unexamined
Immortals and Immortals?Unexamined
Anyone with Wizard Compendiums that can help?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
2ed Specialty priest of Helm questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What edition do I have?Unexamined
Complete Divine ClarificationsUnexamined
Looking for 2nd Edition DownloadsUnexamined
Oriental advertures 1st additionUnexamined
Couple of 2e questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Fantasy CitiesUnexamined
What does Knowledge Arcana have to do with OOP?Unexamined
about down loading books.Unexamined
Favorite character from an OOP game...Unexamined
1st Edition - PC multiple attacks???Unexamined
AD&D Software availableUnexamined
Oriental Adventures and Rokugan FAQUnexamined
Gods & DeitiesUnexamined
God KillerUnexamined
Still waiting......Unexamined
What do you do with 2e druids?Unexamined
maps on forgotten realmsUnexamined
An odessey of sortsUnexamined
2nd ed material componentsUnexamined
How do you rate the 2e adventures against those of 1e?Unexamined
D&D Magic Article (PRCs and Specialization)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Is Baldur's Gate a good representation of 2e?Unexamined
1st Edition Underwater City Module?Unexamined
2e Half-DragonUnexamined
1E modules2E rulesUnexamined
Keep on the Borderlands-any conversions out there?Unexamined
Magic Item Crafting with Skills?Unexamined
finding old books....Unexamined
the classic TSR Marvel Super Hero RPGNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
2E KenderUnexamined
Gods with stats ect.Unexamined
Were-rats infesting a mountain village that makes cheeseUnexamined
Intelligent Flying CarpetUnexamined
Dueling in 2EUnexamined
Saga: Marvel & Dragonlance RPGUnexamined
How diverse are the 2e Monstrous compendiums?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Hero MachineUnexamined
Creating a villian of sortsUnexamined
Healing is Poor in D&DUnexamined
Creating a 2.5e D&D game.Unexamined
OD&D: New DragonsUnexamined
Forgotten Realms Interactive AtlasUnexamined
HP in 2nd editionUnexamined
Half fiendUnexamined
Magic BowsMagic ArrowsUnexamined
Egg of the PhoenixUnexamined
Help me work out an idea.Unexamined
Vault of the Drow D3 Help!!!Unexamined
PCs Using NPC ClassesUnexamined
Legends and Loreanybody?Unexamined
Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun ConversionUnexamined
Creating a New WorldUnexamined
Question about the ToM spell: Random CausalityNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
1e Legends and LoreUnexamined
Kara Tur HelpUnexamined
Index of Monstrous CompendiumsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The ULTIMATE D&D Gallery Links List - Updated January 10thUnexamined
The ULTIMATE D&D Gallery Links List ~ Updated January 10thUnexamined
2e invisbility questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
D&D games nowadays are too fancy and DMs too lazyUnexamined
Questions about 1e?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Loopy's NPC Series: the Monk (a tool for new DMs)Unexamined
Creating a Protected Room (2e)Unexamined
PlanescapeDark Sun1st e questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
SPINAL Dungeons TAP DragonsUnexamined
Quality in the Gaming MarketUnexamined
The Recurring VillainUnexamined
Moving on the Cyclopedia!Unexamined
1e to 3e Monster statisticsUnexamined
2e and 2e revised differences?Unexamined
jungle-based modulesUnexamined
The many faces of OD&D - help!Unexamined
The ULTIMATE Fantasy/SciFi Portrait Gallery links list ~ Updated January 10thUnexamined
The ULTIMATE Fantasy/SciFi Portrait Gallery links list ~ Updated January 10thUnexamined
Level experience and yearUnexamined
B2 - Keep on the B'lands - Map troubleUnexamined
Anyone heard of Grimorea?Unexamined
codewheel for C64 pool of radiance?Unexamined
Justice and Honor: Guides for AlignmentHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Vintage TSR D&D Accessories Who's got What?Unexamined
Converting from 1 to 3.5eUnexamined
3.5ed monsters to 2edUnexamined
Problems with the D&D Magic SystemUnexamined
1st edition 1 on 1 modulesUnexamined
First BloodUnexamined
The Ties that BindUnexamined
The 3B System: an almost Zen approach to D&DUnexamined
Idea for LanguagesUnexamined
A Dissertation on RulesUnexamined
The DM/Player PactUnexamined
which one for a starterUnexamined
Basic D&D VariationsUnexamined
Fav SciFi World? TravellerGammaWldStarFrontiersUnexamined
fiend folio - quick questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
D&D 2nd ed Tactical advice wanted..Unexamined
Breaking the Mold: Be a PaladinUnexamined
D&D and Cliché: A GuideNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Good Dm WantedUnexamined
Lets talk OOP versionsUnexamined
Boot HillUnexamined
Kenetic BarrierUnexamined
Missing TalentUnexamined
egg of reasonUnexamined
Wizards Compendiums (2nd Ed)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
2 ed. and 2 ed. AD&D?Unexamined
character generation - 1eUnexamined
Cashin' in on 30 years?Unexamined
The Ask Keith Baker FAQUnexamined
Tomb of HorrorsUnexamined
Vintage TSR D&D Collectible FiguresUnexamined
It's Your Choice Concerning the Future of the OoP Board - Public Apology IncludedUnexamined
Do we want to keep the OOP board?Unexamined
Gnomes all around!Unexamined
Get LostUnexamined
Race/Class Separation in OOP D&DUnexamined
What exactly did I find in my basement?Unexamined
Got a question about Dragon Annual #5 for 2000No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
OOP Conversions forum. Thanks.Unexamined
Coming back from a HiatusUnexamined
system glitchesUnexamined
College of WizardryUnexamined
Can I get a recommendation?Unexamined
1E Percentile Strength - who was originally entitled?Unexamined
Where can I find this?Unexamined
Adapting "Dark Side" points to D&DUnexamined
2nd Ed AD&D: Rule check and how to fix a bad situation.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
old modulesUnexamined
I need info on an old moduleUnexamined
Old Dragon Magazine Articles Online?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Hey- Do you remember this guy???Unexamined
Old Dragonlance Map - Which Module?Unexamined
Top Secret\S.I. rightsUnexamined
Bring back Vagabond!Unexamined
2nd Edition ModulesCan you get them?Unexamined
I'm really interested in white-box OD&D (lots of questions).No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Night BelowUnexamined
New Board Look: Lost postsUnexamined
Old (OD&D) and related items for sale!Unexamined
[Revised] Alignments DefinedUnexamined
Riding The Wave: The Up and Down of d20Unexamined
Old modulesUnexamined
The Gobliniod Society (or other chaos critters)Unexamined
All Cure Wound Spells are BrokenUnexamined
Judges GuildUnexamined
Rate T1-Village of HommletUnexamined
Vance vs The World: Using Spell Points in D&DUnexamined
The B2 Keep on the Borderlands ThreadUnexamined
UnCon Events DirectoryUnexamined
Custom Avatar and Custom Title FAQNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
priest of war (2e)Unexamined
Custom ItemHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
DMG editionsUnexamined
Complete Book of Elves?Unexamined
UnCon 2005 OOP EventUnexamined
Dual weapons and specializationUnexamined
Battle System rules?Unexamined
Guide to Making a 1st Level WizardHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Outer Planes Compendium and Fiend Folio 2eNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Xychotic Explanation-Arcane MagicIdeas
JEM 88 Art?Unexamined
I got the 2e PHBDMGand MM for $30Unexamined
Fightera treatise on feat theory and class functionality.Unexamined
More Monsters?Unexamined
Obscure Psionics Question (1st ed)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Creating a Wizard TowerUnexamined
I'm Just a Humble Monk: Muddying the Waters with D&D TitlesUnexamined
AD&D 2nd Questions... help? pleeeaaase?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Horde CampaignUnexamined
Alternate Systems for Governance in CampaignsUnexamined
Core Rules 2.0 & Expansion patchesUnexamined
The LongHardRoad to Low Magic SettingsUnexamined
wheel of timeUnexamined
Dragon MountainUnexamined
Ghul Lord?Unexamined
lots of 1st ed. helpUnexamined
2nd. ed. AD&D Player's Option: Combat & TacticsUnexamined
Destroy the Cyclone of the Four Winds?Unexamined
Some Psionicist questions...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Some thoughts on nerfing.Unexamined
Iron Skin Druid Spell?Unexamined
Dunador & AndevarUnexamined
Martial ArtsKits and Class ChangeNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Exhaustion rulesUnexamined
Story help needed...Unexamined
Need pricing/publishing infoUnexamined
Helmets in Combat & TacticsUnexamined
Hello To ALLUnexamined
Cardcasting: A Supplemental Magic SystemUnexamined
On the translation ofUnexamined
Question about modsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Charm Person spell querryUnexamined
Two new modules for AD&D.Unexamined
Using Fear in CampaignsUnexamined
A WishUnexamined
Polygon's svgames and rpgnow questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Problems in Plot Planning: Flat-LiningUnexamined
What was the name of that one module ... ?Unexamined
Dragon Magazine Adventure from long ago...Unexamined
Is there an Ox Hengeyokai...Unexamined
Lankhmar expansionsUnexamined
Forgotten Realms (2nd Ed based): Reclaiming Jergal's powerUnexamined
I dunno what to think anymore.. (2nd ed)Unexamined
Fitting in is *Winning*Unexamined
Insane THAC0'sUnexamined
OOP Online RPGS ?Unexamined
How to play a fighterUnexamined
NPCs are no good.Unexamined
Power CreepUnexamined
2nd edition help pleaseUnexamined
Hold Person... too powerful?Unexamined
Painless KillUnexamined
Paladins and ReligionUnexamined
1st edition anyone???Unexamined
How do you come up with your PCs?Unexamined
Introductory Dungeon CrawlIdeas
Hamish's Very Simple MechanicsUnexamined
Legislative Rights and Personal Conscience: A New Look at Law and ChaosUnexamined
5 Powergamers + 1 Casual DM = DisasterUnexamined
Problems with undead spawn creation in D&DUnexamined
Multiple MonksUnexamined
1E AD&D Multi-Class Armor QUnexamined
RPGA Anti-OOP?Unexamined
Rule idea- slitting throatsUnexamined
Footprints#3 out nowUnexamined
D&D 30th AnniversaryUnexamined
Gateway ..does anyone know where I can find it ?Unexamined
Get awayUnexamined
Playing w/ Lead/Metal FiguresUnexamined
When Do You Determine Character Death....Unexamined
A Stupid Question.....No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Looking for the Bruce Cordell Sahaguin Trilogy of AdventurdeUnexamined
D&D for Kids???Unexamined
My own question...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
MArtial Arts in 2nd Ed....No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
review of Night of the Vampire?Unexamined
TacticiansGrunts and Everyone in between. A discorse on playing a good fighter.Unexamined
Giving Racial HD to all LA creatures?Unexamined
Left FieldUnexamined
Loopy's NPC Series: the Rogue (a tool for new DMs)Unexamined
Good Gaming Tales...Unexamined
Mechanical Magic: Steam Engines and SpellsUnexamined
Changing Classes: VisionMeet ViabilityUnexamined
PC Gold Box GamesUnexamined
Things to consider when making a complaint about your gameUnexamined
favorite mod anybody?Unexamined
2nd edition character sheets... where?Unexamined
Breaking Through Stereotypes Part I (the Barbarian)Unexamined
Alignment MisconceptionsUnexamined
drizzts 2e levelUnexamined
Birthright 2nd EdUnexamined
Advantages of Being the Role-player vs. The "Roll"-playerUnexamined
Dungeons & Dragons: Myth & Fairy Tale Handbook is OverdueNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Party level vs. Monster levelUnexamined
Obscure 1st ed. Psionics QuestionPart 2No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Troy films : AchillesUnexamined
Magic Item questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Just Say No to Elf-itis.Unexamined
What do I need?Unexamined
gaining levels - training or not?Unexamined
How to Score Roleplaying XPsUnexamined
1e ?s - can't find answersUnexamined
Concerning Massive CombatUnexamined
More 1e ?s - offensive shield usespell failureetc.Unexamined
Be one with the BugUnexamined
"Professor Claims Existence of Warforged Soul!"Unexamined
2nd ed. Opposition Schools ConflictUnexamined
Mummies/Disease!!!!!! Heellllppp!!!!Unexamined
Giving Magic Where Magic Isn't Due (Assassin)Unexamined
Lankhmar RPG LicenceUnexamined
Physical Ability Scores and Your Characters LooksUnexamined
Cursed swords anybody?Unexamined
Double Damage ?Unexamined
Energy Drain Heelp!!!Unexamined
Monster Reaction 1d12Unexamined
The Base Classes as Rated by YouHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Pirate themeUnexamined
A Council of Greyhawkers: All you Oerthiansunite!Unexamined
Organization against religious persecution http://www.har-tzion.comUnexamined
The witches of DiscworldUnexamined
Looking for something in Old Agains the GiantsUnexamined
T1 QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A Price QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Where is the Keep on the Borderlands?Unexamined
How heavy is gold?Unexamined
Al-Qadim ResurrectionUnexamined
Orcs RevistedUnexamined
2nd Edition Assassins skills?Unexamined
B5 HotHUnexamined
Aint' no school like the old schoolclass level "titles" in 1st edition PHBUnexamined
Wilderness Encounter Tables?Unexamined
Nonweapon Proficiency QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
TempleTower& TombUnexamined
Who Here Plays Solo??Unexamined
A Better Method of Class EvaluationUnexamined
Matching Familiars to a Wizards PersonaUnexamined
Back to the old...Because the new isn't working!?Unexamined
Using Total XP to Determine ECLUnexamined
Gamma World and Star FrontiersUnexamined
Cocky PlayingUnexamined
Urgent Help Needed!!!Unexamined
Stat Viability - A Discussion of Ability ScoresUnexamined
Complimation Threads Are Bad For the Boards.Unexamined
A Model of Crafting vs. Adventuring ChoiceUnexamined
Reprinting Old DND Modules for other systems?Unexamined
Which edition of classic D&D do you play?Unexamined
HackmasterHouserulesand ADD 1eUnexamined
The Good Traders List and FAQ (SWM - Backup copy)Unexamined
Return to Role PlayingUnexamined
FearHorror and Madness checksUnexamined
adventures for name level charactersUnexamined
I want to play AD&D 2e online... where?Unexamined
"invisible ink" module w/ pen missing??Unexamined
The Nature of EvilUnexamined
Mystara 2e AD&DUnexamined
Rewarding RoleplayingUnexamined
Chaosium 1981 Thieves World Setting QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Pointers to DMs on factors to consider regarding new feats/prestige classes/spells. - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Tell me about the Wilderness Survival GuideNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Why Powerful Races Haven't Killed all the HumansUnexamined
Critical Myths: House Ruling the Natural 1Unexamined
I need help finding this apparently obscure monster entry...Unexamined
"+n" Bonus for Weapons PreficiencyNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Alternate Realistic EXP SystemUnexamined
WANTED: old character sheets for projectUnexamined
Looking for info on TSR Trading CardsUnexamined
Is there a place to download the Immortals?Unexamined
DragonQuest module?Unexamined
Am I Intimidating Enough?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Improved Bloodlines for Planetouched and Feytouched.Unexamined
Basic D&D NPC SheetsUnexamined
1st e Character SheetsUnexamined
Need a little help from first edition fans or veteransUnexamined
Base Initiative and Tidal InitiativeUnexamined
SVGAMES is dropping AD&D/D&D pdf downloadsUnexamined
2 QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Q. re. elves in 1974 D&DUnexamined
Question for the mods:No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Aurora's Whole Realms CatalogUnexamined
TSR....The StoryUnexamined
The truth about THAC0Unexamined
BluffIntimidateand Diplomacy: Skills of Confusion!Unexamined
Help me choose a great adventure!Unexamined
The Easy Wayand the Hard Way: Diplomacy.Unexamined
D&D Only?Unexamined
DMing Dirty TricksUnexamined
DM Tool - Using Excel to Calculate XPUnexamined
Soanyone going to buy a copy of this:Unexamined
Question about thief/scout kit Core RulesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
War Made Easy (Part 1)Unexamined
CLass and level limits over timeUnexamined
Bargle...the manthe myth...the legend...Unexamined
Gods and Near GodsUnexamined
Holy! Knowledges and Castin' Divine MagicUnexamined
Your custom classes/kitsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Which setting do you prefer for your game(s)?Unexamined
Experience for Evading or Friendly ReactionUnexamined
Keep on the Borderlands or Return?Unexamined
AD&D 2nd Edition Race/Class restrictionsUnexamined
Defining RealismUnexamined
Star Frontiers questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What the He(ll)ck is This?Unexamined
What Do I Know?Unexamined
New general questiondidn't see in the FAQNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Half-Dragon Template Age Categories - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Your Favorite Old Edition CharactersUnexamined
Time to die in HommletUnexamined
Best 2nd edition classUnexamined
Night Below boxed set missing pages?Unexamined
2nd Edition Sorcerer?Unexamined
Return To The Tomb Of HorrorsUnexamined
Lankhmar & ConanUnexamined
Heartfelt DescriptionsUnexamined
30 Years Of Adventure BookUnexamined
Gates of Firestorm PeakUnexamined
Dragon Lance Status RulesUnexamined
PDF Charactor Sheets for WOTUnexamined
Player PointsUnexamined
A Paladin's Moral CodeUnexamined
Old-school D&D GamebooksUnexamined
What do you Gather here?Unexamined
Elves in OD&DUnexamined
AD&D 2n Edition Wizard TowerUnexamined
I miss old D&DUnexamined
1989 2e rule books vs. 1995 rule booksUnexamined
Demihumans in BECM D&DUnexamined
AD&D Source for Barbara Hambly's Darwath?Unexamined
D&D MemoriesUnexamined
D&D also-ransUnexamined
Dice PreferenceUnexamined
Why scary or monstrous PCs shouldn't be mobbed when they walk into town.Unexamined
Three Little Knights and the Big Bad DragonUnexamined
New Campaign Mod: Any SuggestionsUnexamined
Weapons of Preference!Unexamined
A Treatise on Creatures Demonical and DiabolicalUnexamined
Do you use skills / proficiencies ?Unexamined
Commentary Regarding LeadershipUnexamined
Bluff I say!Unexamined
2nd Edition Ranged combat concernsUnexamined
Need Help with 2nd ed booksUnexamined
OOP FAQ threadUnexamined
Thief or RogueUnexamined
Language LevelsUnexamined
2nd Ed Question - Fast TalkingNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
World Building: The Easy WayUnexamined
Humanoid Handbook DruidNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
AD&D Art Legend David C. Sutherland has passed away.Unexamined
Arcane Warden Class (Custom 1-20 class)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Multiclassing question (2e)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
new game todayUnexamined
Cost of Experienced Hirelings?Unexamined
How do PCs Spend Their Money?Unexamined
Missing pages from first edition booksUnexamined
Working on a new version of D&DUnexamined
'Cause Knowledge is Power! An Optional Rule for Synergy Bonuses from Knowledgeetc.Unexamined
The Psycho-Mythological Framework of Fantasy RoleplayingUnexamined
1st Edition Forgotten RealmsUnexamined
Preventing Paladin ProblemsUnexamined
Charisma Uber AllesUnexamined
So I finally failed my save...Unexamined
2nd edition: are there pdfs available of the core books?Unexamined
Original ToeeUnexamined
What fonts were used in most 2E books?Unexamined
Something DifferentUnexamined
Missing page in Lost CavernsUnexamined
TSR MemorabiliaUnexamined
A Spin on Creature SummoningUnexamined
Best 1st level ModuleUnexamined
Temple of Elemental EvilUnexamined
If TSR had produced 3ewhat would it have been like?Unexamined
1E D&D anyone?Unexamined
Increasing the realism of your fantasy world through "vanilla" animalsUnexamined
Knowledge SkillsDivinations and Progress Levels in D&DUnexamined
A new 1e AD&D/OD&D/BD&D website!Unexamined
Warlocks with MORE ClassUnexamined
Undead and Negative EnergyUnexamined
Sure the cream risesbut the scum rises higher.Unexamined
First Edition Dungeons & DragonsUnexamined
Where can I find original 1974 rules?Unexamined
Spoile please: The Well of SoulsUnexamined
1st editon dnd request!Unexamined
First edition dnd problem!Unexamined
Help with Basic D&DUnexamined
Magic Resistance vs a Summoned ElementalUnexamined
Favorite module?Unexamined
The Critical Fumble Variant FixerHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Help for the Poor DM: MiniaturesUnexamined
Old D&D BooksUnexamined
A Thief in the Tomb of HorrorsUnexamined
Improve your Grappling GameUnexamined
Avoid bady guy of the week syndrome.Unexamined
AD&D questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
List your 1st ed. AD&D houserulesUnexamined
Looking for 1st ed. fontsUnexamined
Duegar Mount?Unexamined
Drink like a Dwarf!: A Microsupplement on Alcohol in the D&D GameUnexamined
Old D&DUnexamined
No matter what a player does the DM should (almost) never change their alignmentUnexamined
Character Generation Methods' Impact on Tactical Combat: For Experienced DMsUnexamined
Enhanced Domain PowersUnexamined
Exploring Natural Caves & CavernsUnexamined
Different Styles of PlayUnexamined
2E spells onlineor pdf...Unexamined
DM's Power and DM's FallUnexamined
looking for Old D&DUnexamined
When Generic Classes get superceededUnexamined
Where did that come from?Unexamined
Monster huntersUnexamined
Sages and specialistsUnexamined
Dragon Mountain boxed set adventureUnexamined
Fooding UpUnexamined
The New Good Traders List & FAQ (SWM backup copy)Unexamined
Building a better masterwork.Unexamined
Vani from ROD OF THE SEVEN PARTS adventureUnexamined
Who's the man in the protrait?Unexamined
Collectable Price GuidesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A solo adventure.Unexamined
Old Novels listUnexamined
polymorph vs. shapechangeUnexamined
Planescape and 2e monster indexNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Roleplaying Bonus - an Alternative to Action PointsUnexamined
Defining magic and fantasyUnexamined
I love boxed sets!Unexamined
Why D&D is better without AlignmentUnexamined
Seasons ChangeUnexamined
Anyone play Thunder Rift?Unexamined
Prestige Classes: A Treatise - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenRules Question Or Discussion
Arcane Tricksters: Make the most of your magic.Unexamined
Encouraging Interaction with the Virtual EnvironmentUnexamined
Tinkering on my campaign...Unexamined
AD&D question plz helpNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Magical InfrastructureUnexamined
Catalog of all the OOP stuffUnexamined
Random DefenseUnexamined
Give Magic Items Staying Power.Unexamined
Infravision and fogUnexamined
Turn undead tableUnexamined
Diplomacy and price hagglingUnexamined
DC's Advanced Dungeons & Dragons ComicsUnexamined
Starting Magic-user spells rules?Unexamined
The Two Types of Flexibility: A pit trap for the unwary class builderUnexamined
Looking for info....Unexamined
Holmes: Fantasy Role Playing BookUnexamined
Magic: Arcane vs DivineUnexamined
A New and Expanded List of Gems and their ValuesPart I.Unexamined
A New and Expanded List of Gems and their ValuesPart II.Unexamined
A New and Expanded List of Gems and their ValuesPart III.Unexamined
help with tsr computer rpgdeath knights of krynnUnexamined
Can you download the original D&D boxed set bookletsas well as the source booklets?Unexamined
Pre-Alignment Decisions in Character CreationUnexamined
Suggested Reading for Better GamingUnexamined
Experience(ing) ProblemsUnexamined
D&D NovelsUnexamined
Re: Can you download the original D&D boxed set bookletsas well as the source booklUnexamined
Magical Economy (Part I)Unexamined
Melee Touch Spell SpecialistUnexamined
Al-Qadim forumUnexamined
Maztica and GreyhawkUnexamined
Napolean Dynamite D&D ReferenceUnexamined
Monster Rxn RolesUnexamined
Paperback errors!Unexamined
Stone to fleshUnexamined
Alignment: A PrimerUnexamined
Al-Qadim Reunion questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Myth of Metamagic InteractionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Animagus for D&D characters.Unexamined
Wondering about petrificationUnexamined
Designing Prestige Classes: Tips and Trips - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenRules Question Or Discussion
How different/similar are Tales of the Comet and Expedition to the Barrier Peaks?Unexamined
Is This archer class fair?Unexamined
Monks; Weak or WeakUnexamined
The Possible Effects of the D20 System on Player/DM Gaming ExperiencesUnexamined
Amazing Engine?Unexamined
"Backcompatible" CharactersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Importance of Being MediocreUnexamined
Spells of unknown origin…Unexamined
Building a Better RPGUnexamined
Demi-Human level limitsUnexamined
Battling Inflation in Your GameUnexamined
Dragon Breath DamageUnexamined
The Keep on the BorderlandsUnexamined
Runes: A New Form of D&D MagicUnexamined
REAL Roleplayers choose their own stats!Unexamined
Turning pointsUnexamined
Better Magic Item Description in 5 Easy StepsUnexamined
Battle System / Bloodstone PassUnexamined
Dealing with the God-Player-CharacterUnexamined
The IllithaidUnexamined
Does anyone have this?Unexamined
HR1 Vikings Campaign Sourcebook - 2nd ed. AD&DUnexamined
Incorrect AlignmentsUnexamined
Monk / assasinUnexamined
13824 adventure ideas: A random quest generation toolUnexamined
3rd Edition=Pokemon. D&D has lost its soul!Unexamined
Draconian HandbookNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Die yu gi moto!Unexamined
Hm... blast from the past.Unexamined
Run for your lives!Unexamined
Old SchoolUnexamined
Missle weapon speedUnexamined
Have you tried Castles and Crusades yet?Unexamined
Possible Trade for Core Rulebook I?Unexamined
Strange Adventure/Advice Please!!Unexamined
Everything I needed to know to run a pulp Eberron gameI learned from King KongUnexamined
Storytellingbut not RailroadingUnexamined
i miss THAC0 'sUnexamined
Closed Thread: Rules or Hypocrisy?Unexamined
Need help on 2 edition casting timeUnexamined
for those who remember moldvay/cook and mentzger~~Unexamined
character sheetsUnexamined
ALMOST free for the asking.....Unexamined
Question: Moldvay D&D Thieves abilitiesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
favorite campaign settinganybody?Unexamined
2nd ed. AD&D Elemental WizardUnexamined
Wizard Spells; More than once a Day?Unexamined
Divine Ascension SystemUnexamined
Help. with a 2nd edition oracleUnexamined
The Hostage Conundrum: For PaladinsDMsand all around good-aligned PCs.Unexamined
The Value of Ranged Weaponsor Lack ThereofUnexamined
Any website with 2E rules summary and tables?Unexamined
Fixing to start a 1ed AD&D campaign 1st time player of 1st ed help advice etc.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Gaming AtmosphereUnexamined
5 Simple Rules to Make Magic More SpecialUnexamined
BECM vs RCUnexamined
The End of Alignment: Harmony and DiscordUnexamined
Combat FacingUnexamined
Greyhawk DeitiesUnexamined
Old-school D&D questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
BECM DruidsUnexamined
Basic D&D?Unexamined
forgotten realms world mapUnexamined
OOP D&D compared to Castles & Crusades?Unexamined
Samurai 2nd EdUnexamined
Class restrictions. An articleUnexamined
Playing Evil Dumb and Evil SmartUnexamined
Wizards Finishes Sorcerer Stealth Fix?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
tm4 and tm5 ?Unexamined
Scene MatrixUnexamined
Damage Due to Non-magical Cold?Unexamined
Divine Overload: The Overabundance of Deities in Dungeons and Dragons CosmologyUnexamined
Loopy's NPC Seriesthe Arcane Caster (a tutorial for new DMs)Unexamined
Schools of MagicUnexamined
Blackdirge's Narratives CompiledUnexamined
what about birthrightUnexamined
Forgotten Realms atlasUnexamined
Voyage of the Princess Ark back in Dragon (Mystara)Unexamined
2nd AD&D booksUnexamined
the 1989 or 1990 ADandD 2nd edit. core rulebooksUnexamined
Dragon Magazine CDUnexamined
Just finished the 1st 1st ed. module saturday on to mod 2Unexamined
Clear Answers for PaladinsUnexamined
2nd ed. Nonweapon prof learning timesUnexamined
Invocation FeatsUnexamined
2nd Edition D&D Question - Help me solve a dispute! Please!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Psionics and the Warlock PrincipleUnexamined
Mask Alignment and Shadow AlignmentUnexamined
Put a Little Pictish Flavour into your GameUnexamined
A Reasoned Argument Against Min/MaxingUnexamined
Gonebut not Forgotten!Unexamined
How much answering does the Answerer really do?Unexamined
Missing D&D Gazetteer??Unexamined
Philosophy and Religion in Your CampaignUnexamined
1988 Dragonlance Board Game...Unexamined
Not Just Another Goblinoid Encampment.Unexamined
What is your Eddition?Unexamined
Dragon MountainUnexamined
XL1 - Quest for the Heartstone vs. AC1 - The Shady Dragon InnUnexamined
Just finished the 2nd module of my 1st ed campaign (its long get a snack)Unexamined
Back to Basics: AlignmentUnexamined
Set Snares NWP questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
[WotC's 2e Downloads] Is any of this stuff actually any good?Unexamined
AD&D 2nd Edition Fighter SuggestionUnexamined
Drow Raiding PartyUnexamined
Rewriting 2e PsionicsUnexamined
Hey Hey Hey... talk to me modsUnexamined
My Character Needs A Deity: HOW?Unexamined
Truenamers: Weaker as They Level?Unexamined
Just started the giants part of GDQ modules it was fun (get a snack its long)Unexamined
need help on pool of radience 2 pc gameUnexamined
A Treatise on AlignmentUnexamined
Dragon mountainUnexamined
If a paladin falls in the forestdoes it make a sound?Unexamined
Rules Question: Handling Lots of FoesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Regdar's moratorium on new alignment threads.Unexamined
How Do you handle 2nd Ed. Experience awards?Unexamined
Randal Morn Killer TrilogyUnexamined
whatever happened to 2nd ed.Unexamined
D&D White Cover questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
First CharacterUnexamined
Integrating Solo Adventures into Group CampaignsUnexamined
Lankhmar & CityscapeUnexamined
Want more role-playing? "THE TEN MEMORIES"Unexamined
Converting Third to Second EditionAnd Orc QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
weapon statsUnexamined
A rare Tome?Unexamined
Temple of Elemental EvilUnexamined
weapon speed helpUnexamined
Dungeons and Dragons (BEFORE AD&D)Unexamined
Determining HD/HP for undead NPC w/classUnexamined
Trying to find an adventure...Unexamined
AD&D Box set adviceUnexamined
StatisticsAbility Scoresand YouUnexamined
The Evolution and Devolution of my GameUnexamined
Make more mooks mighty by min/maxing them!Unexamined
Why should we care about another article discussing sorcerers? (Part 1 of 2)Unexamined
Why should we care about another article discussing sorcerers? (Part 2 of 2)Unexamined
greyhawk questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
PDF books legal?Unexamined
Do you remember...?Unexamined
Lance Duels SystemUnexamined
Three Big No-Nos of GMingUnexamined
Pool of radianceUnexamined
Chainmail PDFsUnexamined
Over the top characters.Unexamined
3e classes in 2e formUnexamined
Tomb of Horrors reprinted 3e?Unexamined
Weapon Damage: An Attempt At AccuracyUnexamined
AD&D magical fireUnexamined
A Single-Template Mass Combat Mechanic - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Solving the Truenamer ProblemUnexamined
Dark Sun and Complete PsionicsUnexamined
old schoolUnexamined
Less is MoreUnexamined
On-the-fly conversionsUnexamined
Favorite Dungeon AdventureUnexamined
Is There a Downloadable Dragon Mountain?Unexamined
Voyage of the Princess ArkUnexamined
Found This Old Audio Cd Game!!Unexamined
Ability BrokerageUnexamined
st ed. CavalierUnexamined
Ethics of Inventing a SuperweaponUnexamined
Regdar's resumes posting.Unexamined
A Suggested Shapechange AddendumUnexamined
Elemental Planes QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Attention to OOP settings?Unexamined
A question for WOTC (re: OOP pdfs)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
ODnD (Cyclopedia) QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Magical Items Ate my D&DUnexamined
2nd edition: Cantrip NWP?Unexamined
Out of Print List for 3.0/3.5Unexamined
DemogorgonOrcus and TenebrousUnexamined
Van Richten's Guide to Fiends Cover ArtNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
AD&D Core Rules and Expansion questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What is an RPG? orExplaining D&D to OthersUnexamined
Old School Art Festival - free clip artUnexamined
Brooch of Access?Unexamined
The Complete Ranger's HandbookNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Characters from the Time of TroublesUnexamined
Paladin Psychology and an Alternate ViewpointUnexamined
dual wield in first edition?Unexamined
Critique My House Rules Please.Unexamined
The Dragon and OD&DUnexamined
Someone give me the lowdown on Dark SunUnexamined
Second Edition EquipmentUnexamined
Rate my 2nd ed. Sorcerer KitUnexamined
Hollow WorldUnexamined
Combat Theory: Mounted CombatUnexamined
Populating Humanoid LairsUnexamined
Gary GygaxUnexamined
heilp with al qadim?Unexamined
mystara helpUnexamined
Providing HorrorUnexamined
Running "Desert of Desolation"Unexamined
Monks and Damage ReductionUnexamined
Arrow of Bone from 2e player option: Spells & MagicUnexamined
AD&D 1st EditionUnexamined
First-time DM making a 1st-Edition campaign?Unexamined
Help Remembering SomethingUnexamined
Dealing with "Overpowered" Wizards Through RoleplayUnexamined
monster questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Making Low Level Soldiers ScaryUnexamined
Is the downloadable out of print content Viable for use with a current ruled set?Unexamined
What Makes a Paladin Fall?Unexamined
2nd edition player's handbookNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Good Gods There were a lot of wizard types in 2eUnexamined
Feats: A Percieved Problem and Proposed SolutionUnexamined
Before the time of DragonsUnexamined
computer Core Rules 2.0Unexamined
You Can Play D&D *and* Video GamesUnexamined
R.i.p. RpgUnexamined
Downloads for Blackmoor/MystaraUnexamined
List of NWP's?Unexamined
Please Assist2nd Edition PC "retirement" questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
AD&D questions (weasel fierce help wanted!!)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Does anyone remember?Unexamined
ToM and HCLhow many printings?Unexamined
Q bout dual-wieldingUnexamined
kit questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Weak Player Character = Challenge!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Adventuring ArchitectureUnexamined
Alchemist in 2nd editionUnexamined
rules questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Cooperative work on OOP moduleUnexamined
Weapon ProficienciesUnexamined
[SAGA] House RulesUnexamined
Temple of Elemental EvilUnexamined
Training for MoreUnexamined
A Substitute for D&D miniaturesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A use for WraithformUnexamined
questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DMPC Debate Reference ThreadUnexamined
Does anyone haveUnexamined
does anyone know any 1e solo adventures ?Unexamined
Observations on the CR System (long)Unexamined
The Flavor of Critical FumblesUnexamined
the AD&D 2nd edit. FR Dwarves Deep bookUnexamined
2e Forgotten Realms Specialty PriestsUnexamined
what where is the barbarian (2nd Ed.)Unexamined
2e Meteor SwarmUnexamined
2e Opposition SchoolsUnexamined
Paperfold Models on Old DD SiteUnexamined
Realms spell question 1e&2eNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Adventure PLEASE HELP!!Unexamined
Help the Warforged of DDOUnexamined
A lot of old modules to sell ...Unexamined
monks in 2edUnexamined
Hypothetical 2e PartyUnexamined
Mystara: 3.5 or BasicUnexamined
Complete Handbook SeriesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
New Mystara Blog GameUnexamined
Immortals Rules - How many "levels"?Unexamined
fighter kitsUnexamined
Looking for the name....Unexamined
Q about dual-classed characters (2nd ed)Unexamined
Help with 2nd Ed. Specialty Priest of DumathoinUnexamined
How do you tell which 3e material is 3.5 compatible?Unexamined
PHBR seriesUnexamined
Resurrecting Great GamesUnexamined
Q about TelekinesisUnexamined
New or Old: which should i getUnexamined
Little help with the basicsplease?Unexamined
D&D Commoners Make Plenty of MoneyUnexamined
Drizzt's multiple attacksUnexamined
Dual Classed Proficiency QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need help to find some old 2nd edtion adventuresUnexamined
Blood Wars CCGUnexamined
Delete - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenUnexamined
Death LanceUnexamined
2nd Ed Psion' vs. Magic UserUnexamined
Polymorph OtherUnexamined
Playing Monsters Too Intelligently?Unexamined
Table of AD&D 2md Edition adventurer population by levelUnexamined
Why Scary or Monstrous PCs Have Nothing to Worry AboutUnexamined
Spellcasting LanguagesUnexamined
Looking for first and second editions for libraryUnexamined
help please...SPELLJAMMERUnexamined
AD&D Books (mini edition) - Does anyone know where to get them?Unexamined
Time Traveling for the DMUnexamined
Staff of MagiusUnexamined
Who painted my avatar?Unexamined
i need an old to hit chart/tableUnexamined
Complex Commoner MathUnexamined
Fast Forward Entertainment DownloadsUnexamined
Polymorphed Bronze Dragon in Human form?Unexamined
Council of Wyrms Meets 3rd EdUnexamined
Some old D&D and AD&D BooksWhat are they worth? Offers?Unexamined
Draxen's Corollary to the Stormwind FallacyUnexamined
Looking for the older gamers.Unexamined
OSRIC (an OGL for 1e)Unexamined
Let Magic Be ConsistentUnexamined
Vampire the MasqueradeUnexamined
Upgrades to v3.5Unexamined
The Keep on the BorderlandsUnexamined
Has anyone tried Diablo for 3rd edition?Unexamined
How the Boards are ModeratedUnexamined
Kara Tur?Unexamined
wrath of the immortals moduleUnexamined
errata for D&D Diablo II ?Unexamined
Paranoia! Who plays this game?Unexamined
My thoughts on 3rd ed D&DUnexamined
Dnd MiniUnexamined
Wanted: Eye of the Beholder CluebookUnexamined
When will the 3E'ers move to the D&D Out of Print Board?Unexamined
Wheel of Time ErrataUnexamined
I Need The GameUnexamined
Basic Set / Basic GameUnexamined
Out of print games for sale on EbayUnexamined
High level characters disrupt the world.Unexamined
Mithral & AdamantineUnexamined
need help! - regular dungeons and dragons video boxed setUnexamined
The giants plainsUnexamined
1st/2nd Edition NorseUnexamined
the d20 D&D 3.0 DMG?Unexamined
A Variant Paladin Core Class - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Mass Combat for D&D using Risk RulesUnexamined
The Oberoni/Qube and Stormwind/Qube FallacyUnexamined
I need some big help...Unexamined
Are there and ADnD gamers left???Unexamined
Looking for module titleUnexamined
What Number Of Dragon Magazine?Unexamined
Dragon Magazine(Need Help)Unexamined
Spells that Shake the World: a Low-Level Wizard versus a Non-magical City.Unexamined
Making the Most of Aging EffectsUnexamined
Temple of Elemental EvilUnexamined
Developing a Persistent World in D&DUnexamined
What level are they (Now)?Unexamined
For all 2nd Edition Players(READ)Unexamined
Looking for 2nd edition group to join.Unexamined
Quivering Palm RulesUnexamined
I Miss Al QadimUnexamined
D&D 2e Rules Cyclopedia'91Unexamined
A Dozen Pieces Of Gaming AdviceUnexamined
Desert of DesolationUnexamined
How to roll fewer dice but keep the game "rolling" ;)Unexamined
Old Settings Nostalgia and Current Industry TrendsUnexamined
Most memorial characterUnexamined
Wrecan's Variant Poison RulesUnexamined
AD&D 2nd Ed - Healing Potion Cost?Unexamined
Looking 4 various Older D&D booksUnexamined
HELP ME FIND Xiombarg?????Unexamined
Monster "adoption"Unexamined
1st ed. Barbarian conversion to 3rd ed.Unexamined
Wizards: Getting the Most Bang from Your BuckUnexamined
Warhammer 7th. ed and AD&D 2nd. edUnexamined
Temple of Elemental Evil: Moathouse ReduxUnexamined
Crafty AdeptsUnexamined
Helms in 2nd Edition AD&DUnexamined
2nd ed City of Lankhmar book on eBayUnexamined
OOP Maps and plotsUnexamined
Temple of Elemental Evil: Moathouse DungeonUnexamined
The Cultural BonusUnexamined
Play NiceUnexamined
Regdar on vacation until Jan 3Unexamined
Help my Ranger to surviveUnexamined
Longest Running Classic Campaign?Unexamined
Character HelpUnexamined
Good Vs. Evil CampaignUnexamined
Question about THAC0No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I am seeking Original AD&D ModulesUnexamined
Extraplanar psionicsUnexamined
Strength of Spells: Or why you don't abuse low level spells.Unexamined
Assassin's KnotUnexamined
The Ruins of Myth DrannorUnexamined
Low Magic D&D Made Fun and Easy For EveryoneUnexamined
Guns Should be Allowed in D&DUnexamined
Question on 1st edition cavalier (UA)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Temple of Elemental Evil: Maps ReduxUnexamined
Dragon Defense 101Unexamined
Rime of the Ancient Role PlayerUnexamined
Question regarding 2nd Ed. Ravenloft.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Above first level and starting wealth: how in 2.0?Unexamined
High Level Play is Realistic!Unexamined
Poisons for 2nd editionUnexamined
Temple of Elemental Evil PbPPlayers Wanted!Unexamined
3 ed FR OOPUnexamined
Need an easy mass combat system for 2nd edition AD&DUnexamined
Vampires as PCsUnexamined
Looking for Official Skills and Powers C.SheetsUnexamined
Monster Saving Throws....Unexamined
Council of Wyrms GodsUnexamined
Question on Magical Affinity from Celts Campaign Handbook (2E)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Better than reprints--reprints with commentaryUnexamined
IT CAN BE DONE!Unexamined
Opinions needed on 0-level character rules from Greyhawk AdventuresUnexamined
How parrying can improve your gameUnexamined
Campaign Ideas/ Need feedbackHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Rolling for Monster Hit PointsUnexamined
Against the Giants: The Liberation of GeoffUnexamined
Classic D & D GAZ 1 questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Soem Artifacts with 1e type statsUnexamined
Some (Relatively) Simple Mathematical Formulas and Tools for Use in D&DUnexamined
Musical DMsUnexamined
Just general old time knowledge.Unexamined
Para cuando un subforo en español?Unexamined
Not happy with my 2e wizard in 3x.Unexamined
Question About Psionics in 2nd editionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Jester Class?Unexamined
Old ability Score systemUnexamined
Stone skin vs magical weaponsUnexamined
Where can I find an old map?Unexamined
ClassesPrestige Classesand Internal Balance - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenRules Question Or Discussion
Analyzing the Fighter vs. The WarbladeUnexamined
Domains of Dread questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The "Player's Option" rules...Unexamined
How Illumination and Darkness Should WorkUnexamined
Detect invisibleUnexamined
The Hackmaster licenseUnexamined
The Priest ThreadUnexamined
A D & D 2nd EdUnexamined
Some extra eyes please...Unexamined
ad&d trading cards '91Unexamined
A Unique Way of Looking at NecromancyUnexamined
need help with title of old ad&d bookUnexamined
Tieflings from 2nd edition PlanescapeNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Banning Isn't the AnswerUnexamined
My theory for more realistic combat.Unexamined
Crafty Adepts II: Magic Item ComponentsUnexamined
A Different Way to Deal with "Overpowered" ClassesUnexamined
Evolution and Racial Charisma PenaltiesUnexamined
Lost Looking For ParkingUnexamined
Tiefling ClericUnexamined
Rahasia and Veiled SocietyUnexamined
Trying to find a picture in an older D&D book pt. 2Unexamined
Hockey Nights v. Valiant KnightsUnexamined
Self play campaigns?Unexamined
Origional archerUnexamined
GDQ1-7 Queen of SpidersUnexamined
Size of Sigil? (Planescape)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need help with an old gaming moduleUnexamined
On the Nature of the WheelUnexamined
AD&D 1st edition Items - HelpUnexamined
Anatomy of an Auto-CaptureUnexamined
[General] A Strange Houserule - Timed Defence BonusUnexamined
Running 1st Edition AD&DUnexamined
What Do the Astrally Projected Look Like on the Planes?Unexamined
critical strike house ruleUnexamined
Teleporting Through the Planesinto the AbyssUnexamined
A D & D: Collectors Edition (1994) CD RomUnexamined
21st+ level hierophant druids in 2nd editionUnexamined
Just started D&D on 3rdneed help!Unexamined
Coming HomeUnexamined
Changelings for AD&DUnexamined
Self made kitsecond ed. Be gentle!Unexamined
Identifying a 2nd planescape monsterNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Races ThreadUnexamined
Counter-spelling AugmentationUnexamined
Cross-Realm Training (orHow to Make a Half-Decent Map)Unexamined
Tinkering on my new oldschool message board...Unexamined
Myhriss's Holy SymbolUnexamined
Trap Detection and RemovalUnexamined
Classic D&DUnexamined
Monstrous ManualUnexamined
2nd ed D&DUnexamined
2nd Ed. SamuraiUnexamined
Ecology vs. MythologyUnexamined
The Unofficial Artificer Player's Guide 3.0Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Expedition to the Barrier peaksUnexamined
Hello and a questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What happened to Metamorposis Alpha?Unexamined
Vault of the drowUnexamined
Offshoot - Are there any ADnDers left?Unexamined
I did not seeUnexamined
An Alternative look at the wis-based monkUnexamined
Any 1st ed Mods converted to 3.5 ?Unexamined
The One-On-One Fight Game Balance Fallacy and Associated CorollariesUnexamined
Could 3.5 Warlock be converted to 1e?Unexamined
Q Re: 4th Edition Basic Sets (ExpertCompanionetc).Unexamined
Is there a...?Unexamined
How good a deal did I just makeanyway?Unexamined
Hypercubes Made EasierUnexamined
What Type of Game Do YouWant to Play? The Flavors of D&DUnexamined
Please critique my plot ideaUnexamined
Where can I find 2nd Char sheets?Unexamined
Unusual Weapon MaterialsUnexamined
With Six Wands of CLW You Get a Free Wand of Equal or Lesser Value...Unexamined
The fighter ... realistic?Unexamined
Getting back into DnD - 1E vs 3EUnexamined
Knight of the Living Dead Bookmarks??Unexamined
Copying BooksUnexamined
Weird questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Weapon LimitationsUnexamined
1st Ed AD&D with the "new" cover art?Unexamined
Technology in your gameUnexamined
Staff of the MagiUnexamined
2e saves?Unexamined
2nd edition SpecialationUnexamined
My sigUnexamined
3.5e Warlock Converted to 1e (peer rvw pls)Unexamined
Curse of the Azure Bonds.Unexamined
The Haunted Tower ConversionUnexamined
AD&D character concept - "Spellsword"Unexamined
Alternative Turn/rebuke Undead rules.Unexamined
Fond Memories of Dragon MagazineUnexamined
In Memory of Dungeon and DragonUnexamined
Classic D&D character generatorsUnexamined
The Definitive FighterUnexamined
Realistic Campaign Concept?/Graz'zt statistics?Unexamined
Compatability questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Old Game systemsUnexamined
Concerns on balancing the game per encounterUnexamined
Old school with a small groupUnexamined
Justicar series statsUnexamined
Council of Wyrms for 3.5?Unexamined
i was wondering....Unexamined
Linear vs Quadraticwith a side comparison to PsionicsUnexamined
A new Question?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Online BECMI/RC GameUnexamined
Conversion Guide 2nd Ed to 3rd EdNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Deamons/Devils dyingUnexamined
Checking for Overpowered ClassesItemsRulesetc.Unexamined
What adventure has a ring of Elemental Command (Earth)Unexamined
Topic moved -nt-Unexamined
Generally Overlooked Equipment DescriptionsUnexamined
Fencerboy's Variant Monetary System for the well-run CampaignUnexamined
History in a Magical WorldPart IUnexamined
Tale of the CometUnexamined
Wheel of TimeUnexamined
Player's Option rules for Krynn?Unexamined
Character Wealth and Encounter Level in AD&D 2ndUnexamined
Tree of life...old schoolUnexamined
Decline of the club sceneUnexamined
The Best Version of D&DUnexamined
looking for a pictureUnexamined
Transferring Old Magics to New Items or "Hennet Likes the Powers but not the Tiara"Unexamined
Dragon magazineUnexamined
2 books I dont remember help plsUnexamined
Grand Opening of the Wayfarer's Inn!Unexamined
Drow Posion On-Set Time (2E)Unexamined
what' the right forum??Unexamined
Need help finding a magic item?Unexamined
AD&D campaign in San DiegoUnexamined
AD&D Creature conversion (to 3.5)Unexamined
XP for Role-playingUnexamined
Relative Value of Spell Levels Measured Against the Cantrip (C.E.V.)Unexamined
STILL SPELL scrolls & spell failureUnexamined
Cormyr in the 2nd EditionUnexamined
2nd ed Zhentil KeepUnexamined
The fallacy of power creep and splat booksUnexamined
Artifacts in Your GamesUnexamined
GunsGermsand Steel... (or MagicMultiple Fortitude Savesand Mithral)Unexamined
Logic in DnDUnexamined
Dragon saving throws in AD&D 1st editionUnexamined
Age vs. Character LevelUnexamined
solo adverntures helpUnexamined
Alternate Illithid OriginsUnexamined
Is there a item that will allow you to be immune to a spell 2nd EdUnexamined
Nobility ChartsUnexamined
QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Looking to buy the big maps of FaerunUnexamined
Mordenkainen's Magical Manual: An In-Game Look at the Practice of MagicUnexamined
Recuperate: How to Adapt D&D to 1 Fight a Day or 20Unexamined
Suggestions for Playing a Character with a Mental IllnessUnexamined
What Type Is My Creature?Unexamined
Anyone know the artist?Unexamined
A Materialist History Of A Magical WorldUnexamined
Chainmail World SettingUnexamined
Which system for playing old modules/adventuresUnexamined
Castles and crusadesUnexamined
cant find one of the books in my waterdeep boxed setUnexamined
Basic D&D - Companion BookUnexamined
Rules Cyclopedia - Musings and questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Original Deck of Many ThingsUnexamined
Map(s) Needed for RttTEEUnexamined
Spell Name??Unexamined
Odd PhysicsUnexamined
Favorite low level moduleUnexamined
Question on Dispel Magic 2nd edition AD&DNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A comparison of Druids and FightersUnexamined
How to do "Low Magic" without low magic.Unexamined
Player's Option system?Unexamined
Roleplaying EvilUnexamined
My New PurchaseUnexamined
What Module are these Magic Items In?Unexamined
Majick's Character Depth GuideNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Running my first AD&D gameUnexamined
House rules for magic in OD&DUnexamined
OD&D rules available from RPG NowUnexamined
2nd Ed Fighters and nothing elseUnexamined
new monsters for older editions. - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
World Builder's GuidebookNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Key differences between editionsUnexamined
1989 PHB vs. 1995 PHBUnexamined
Solo gaming?Unexamined
Desert of Desolation issuesUnexamined
Sleep spell too powerful in OD&D?Unexamined
What isUnexamined
Eberronpsions and the rules of the game.Unexamined
early 2E AD&D rpgFR campaign settingUnexamined
Help finding old moduleUnexamined
Wanting to Get Into 2nd EditionUnexamined
Population numbers in FaerunUnexamined
2nd Edition Specialty Priests info needed.Unexamined
On the Tinctures of PotionsUnexamined
AD&D Core Rules 2 - where are the addons?Unexamined
A Mystical Approach To AlignmentUnexamined
Original D&DUnexamined
Saga of the Witch Queen to be released at GenCon 2007Unexamined
Alignment Definition for DMsUnexamined
Campaign - modulesUnexamined
Something of summoningUnexamined
Pacing of PC advancementUnexamined
"Discretionary" XP awardsUnexamined
Buck Rogers D20?Unexamined
Looking for a thread for "DieVecnaDie!"Unexamined
Suggestions for letting PCs know combat difficultyUnexamined
Sword of DoublingUnexamined
Using the Wealth By Level Guidelines to Empower Your GameNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
map a week gone??Unexamined
Rary's spell enhancersUnexamined
Dave Noonan & the 5-Minute D&D DayUnexamined
The fighter: Completely uselessor underestimated in the long run?Unexamined
How D&D Gets it RightUnexamined
Moving sale! Need to sell a few things.Unexamined
Why Believe in Magic?Unexamined
2nd ed FR Campaign Setting and Gaming ModulesUnexamined
updating Ravenloft to 3.5EUnexamined
Spikes01k's DnD 4e update rulesUnexamined
Advanced Dungeons And Dragons 2nd edition Mega Lot!Unexamined
When all the old is new again...Unexamined
A Semi-New Realistic Approach to d20Unexamined
New OOPUnexamined
Hello fellow 3/3.5e players!Unexamined
What did they take out of 0e that they put back into 3.x?Unexamined
I'm looking fur D&D bumper stickers!Unexamined
When do all the 3.5 texts end up here...Unexamined
My Conservative House Rules.Unexamined
Questions about 2e creative spellcasting and their effects.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
D&D Insider StatusUnexamined
New Home for 3.5?Unexamined
The 'Sweet Spot'Unexamined
PEACH: Hybrid edition - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Oriental Adventuresand the Silver Anni "mini books" reprintsUnexamined
Dungeon Design in 4E (With Homework Assignment)Unexamined
Vikings Historical Book 2.0Unexamined
Foreign Language Editions of D&D?Unexamined
NPCs gaining XP and the Small TownUnexamined
monsterous manual online?Unexamined
question on AD&D 1st edition weapon specialization (UA)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
In Praise of RandomnessUnexamined
I am sooo 1st EditionI just noticed that ...Unexamined
"Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Game" charactersUnexamined
Single 1st level player dungeon ??????Unexamined
Soback to basicUnexamined
Change Your Alignement Every DayUnexamined
The Fighter Fighting BackUnexamined
Your next NPC is in the cards...Unexamined
Is the thief worthless? (1st ed)Unexamined
Throw the Nonmagical People a BoneUnexamined
What are the Top 10 Best Campaign Supplements Ever?Unexamined
D&D 2nd Edition - Which Set?Unexamined
Dragon and Dungeonthe last paid for online news sources?Unexamined
AD&D players?Unexamined
Old Module DownloadsUnexamined
What part do actions play in being good or evil?Unexamined
You can't do thatyou don't have the featUnexamined
"Wrath of the Immortals"Unexamined
Post your House Rules.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The Fighter Fights BackUnexamined
Strong Greyhawk Characters?Unexamined
An editions half-breed?Unexamined
Critique My House Rules PleaseUnexamined
BonusesPenalties and Ad Hoc RulesUnexamined
Making broken rules worse by fixing them.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Undersea & the Shark-kinUnexamined
Question about AD&D Adventure UK5 Eye of the SerpentNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Two questions about proficiency gaining in 1st ed.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
HelloThe whole magic spell system thing ?Unexamined
The original Parkinson Great Red DragonUnexamined
book listUnexamined
Am I so evil? A reflection of Erythnul by ErythnulUnexamined
Converting Some old Modules into a Super CampaignUnexamined
Role Playing the Bottom ThreeUnexamined
The Oberoni Principle and the Rule 0 FallacyUnexamined
Paladins and detect evil ???Unexamined
Creating a Perfectly Balanced ClassUnexamined
Does Magic in History Require a History Major?Unexamined
Brief history of my world. AD&D 2nd EditionUnexamined
Arcane LibraryUnexamined
Am I the only one?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DnD Modern FAQUnexamined
Question about 1st edition weights.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Artwork in PHB(I think)Unexamined
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