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Thread Name + LinkContent Found?
Living Greyhawk Compilation 597Unexamined
Hexblades in LG?Unexamined
Level 6 Warmage feat/spell optimizationUnexamined
Feat Path for an interesting Drunken Master?Unexamined
Dwarf rogue two-weapon fighter build (new player)Unexamined
Looking to trade out Color SprayUnexamined
I'm a 5pld/2templar....Unexamined
Kobold Fighter/CorkUnexamined
Spells for a Sublime Chordpart DeuxNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The "Cleric" Of OlidimarraUnexamined
GHR Divine Crusader CuthbertineUnexamined
Rogue 4/Fighter 2/Nightsong enforcer1Unexamined
Rogue 4/Fighter 2/Nightsong enforcer1Unexamined
Planar Ally?Unexamined
Natural Bond QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Kobold Bard/SorcererUnexamined
Kobold Build Ideas?Unexamined
Wanted: Advice on marshal's cohort growthUnexamined
What 2nd level Sorc spell should I take?Unexamined
Cleric of MoradinUnexamined
Is there any good prestige classes for combat clerics?Unexamined
Not Yet Converted PCUnexamined
Lizardfolk Cohort AdviceUnexamined
Fighter AdviceUnexamined
Divine Magician Spells in Living GreyhawkUnexamined
Greyhawk Ruins Tank / TrapfinderUnexamined
What are some good melee Cleric spells? Feats? Items?Unexamined
Fun Barbarian HelpUnexamined
Beguiler feat problemsUnexamined
Need more help with my sorc's spells/feats...Unexamined
tank cohort - where to go frome hereUnexamined
New Rogue Chain Tripper - Any adviceUnexamined
Blaster bardUnexamined
Favored Beguiler of Al'AkbarUnexamined
Things that ALL characters need:Unexamined
Dire Lion Mount - Advice pleaseUnexamined
Frostburn Spell choice for ClericUnexamined
Medic / Turning ClericUnexamined
Shapeshitfing Druid?Unexamined
Kobold Fighter/Dragon Disciple - Feat choicesUnexamined
From wizard to what?Unexamined
Half-Elf Bard/Sorcererneed to run this byUnexamined
Monk Sorcerer buildUnexamined
my crazy wizardUnexamined
My sorcerer/seeking adviceUnexamined
first pally last char request helpUnexamined
Unseen Seer buildand general advice...Unexamined
Daring Kobold for Greyhawk RuinsUnexamined
Best way to optimize a centaur.Unexamined
Amulet of Mighty Fists vs Reins of AscensionUnexamined
Advise for a levelling SorcererUnexamined
Elemental mageNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Arcane TricksterUnexamined
a question that doesn't get asked a lotNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
So what's next? Paladin 5/ Templar 6 (almost 5/7)Unexamined
So what's next? Cleric/Radiant Servant Cohort Level 9Unexamined
Equipping my healing Cleric...Unexamined
Help me design a ranger / wizard / archerUnexamined
Spellcaster Cohort Advice RequestUnexamined
Wizard Question - From 'touch' to 'short'No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Draconic SorcererUnexamined
Natural Bond and the Lizardfolk DruidUnexamined
Master Thrower WhisperknifeUnexamined
Mounted Charger BuildUnexamined
Domain Spontaneity and the RSOPUnexamined
Spear-fighting cohortUnexamined
Anatomy of a Sorceror - kobold editionUnexamined
Twilight cheeseUnexamined
Help me level my sorcerer up!Unexamined
The Ideas we HadUnexamined
Character retirements and goodbyesUnexamined