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FAQ for Eberron NewbiesUnexamined
Prestigious artificeUnexamined
how *do* they make those wonderful toys?Unexamined
My PCsUnexamined
1001 Mournland HorrorsIdeas
The Houses (2nd House Update)Unexamined
The Comprehensive Eberron Art ThreadUnexamined
[humor] 1001+ Things that the worst party in Eberron is forbidden from doing...Ideas
Important Threads Index and Announcements as of 11/28Unexamined
NPC: The Black DragonUnexamined
Ecologies of EberronUnexamined
Non-WotC Eberron ResourcesUnexamined
UnCon 2006 - Eberron Pulp-Action Encounter CompetitionUnexamined
homunculushow useful are theyUnexamined
Warforged NamesUnexamined
[Humor] Internet Memes in Eberron.Unexamined
1001 movies that represent Eberron's styleIdeas
Eyes of the Lich Queen errata [Spoilers]Unexamined
Khorvaire StatisticsUnexamined
The Eldeen Reaches (1001 Druidic CustomsRitesand NPC's)Ideas
Eberron ISN'T Steampunk?Unexamined
Githyanki InvasionUnexamined
Fleshing out Q'BarraUnexamined
Jorda's Encyclopedia of Living SpellsUnexamined
Artificer/Spellthief PrC: the Crafty PurloinerHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Forge of War and the Silver FlameUnexamined
Craziest Eberron experienceUnexamined
4E EberronUnexamined
Cities of KhorvaireUnexamined
Increasing the Population figures for Eberron in 4eUnexamined
Eberron Motivational PostersUnexamined
4e consistency vs existing setting consistencyUnexamined
FR fan thats thinking about switching over to Eberron!Unexamined
The New Eberron Campaign Setting BookUnexamined
Top 5 Questions from the CommunityNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Crucible's LegacyIdeas
Dragonborns in eberron ?Unexamined
Most/Least Usable D&D Books in EberronUnexamined
The next generation of ArtificersUnexamined
Which Eberron fiction books do you recommend me?Unexamined
4e Dragonmarks SuggestionUnexamined
Eberron Paragon PathsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
15 versus 16 godsUnexamined
Divine Magic in EberronUnexamined
More Eberron Expanded?Unexamined
Red Hand of Doom in Eberron?Unexamined
Where is the female woman/elf/whatever from that appears on the Eberron icon for thesUnexamined
Blood of Volas the good guys?Unexamined
New template: Siberys-blessed [P.E.A.C.H.] - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Good sources for Khyber and the Daelkyr?Unexamined
Eberron Alchemical Price ChartUnexamined
Eberron Super VillainsUnexamined
Weretouched Monk PRC PEACH - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
ToB classes in EberronNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Whisper Rock and its seecrets.Unexamined
Favorite Nation Or NationsUnexamined
New DragonmarksUnexamined
Day of Mourning...Unexamined
Excoriation and the Multiple CannithsUnexamined
master craftingUnexamined
The Forgotten ForgeUnexamined
War in Q'barra!Unexamined
Warforged Commandos.Unexamined
[Adventures] Grasp of the Emerald Claw - Tips?Unexamined
The Brelish Crown's FutureUnexamined
So... How 'bout those tieflings?Unexamined
The Mark of DeathUnexamined
Domains for the Shadow in the FlameUnexamined
Horrid and magebred temp QNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Eberron and magic guns....Unexamined
I hope Reynolds comes back...Unexamined
Frostfell and Xen'drik EncountersUnexamined
Eladrin and Elves...Unexamined
Famous sword-smiths of Eberron?Unexamined
The insulting nature of the current WotC books.Unexamined
daelkyr and thier ares of specializationUnexamined
Rod of many wands & metamagic spell triggerUnexamined
Xen'Drik Adventure Idea for 1st levelUnexamined
Mark of Death Trilogy - Bloodwing SymbiontUnexamined
Building a gestalt artificer.Unexamined
Question about clerics in Ebberon from a Non-Ebberon player...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Warforged questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Karia Naille QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
4e artificerUnexamined
Elves/Eladrin 4EUnexamined
Living SpellsUnexamined
DroaamNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
New to this **** ...Unexamined
Gasslak: His loyalties?Unexamined
Pixie - Outsider?Unexamined
Are there puritan-esque groups in Eberron?Unexamined
Khorvaire's Points of LightUnexamined
Which Books?Unexamined
Player's Guide to Ebberon ErrorNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What is shifting called now that shifting is being used for something else?Unexamined
Can someone tell me more about the 13 planes of Ebberon?Unexamined
New PHB races & EberronNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Tieflings in 4E and how do we use them while we wait for 2009.Unexamined
Khyber Shards and the Big Bads imprisoned in Khyber.Unexamined
How much do Dragon Shards go for a market?Unexamined
Componant questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Assault on ArgonthUnexamined
Where did the Githyanki go?Unexamined
Healing Surges in The MournlandsUnexamined
New Rune Circle Idea PEACH - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Drowbards& LolthUnexamined
The Barrister's BackroomUnexamined
Merrix d'Cannith's Alignment?Unexamined
Another Small QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
House CannithUnexamined
Got Sharn: City of Towers today . . .Unexamined
Thri-Kreen? Gray Elves?Unexamined
Eberron via Bryce.Unexamined
Warforged in 3D?Unexamined
LA for Half- GolemsUnexamined
So how is your Eberron?Unexamined
Survivors of the MourningUnexamined
Eberron vs. Alien Invaders:Destroying Delusions of Being UniqueOne Troop At a TimeUnexamined
Dragonshard Bound Template - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Artificer's Items DC questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Daelkyr Half-blood; Yuuzhan Vong?Unexamined
Balayan Rakshasas: Spawn of the Lords of DustUnexamined
just curious- TransforgedUnexamined
Background Music for EberronUnexamined
Eberron elf questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Warforged with futuristic weaponUnexamined
The Sublime Way in EberronIdeas
Help me create a player vs playerPbPturned based strategy game in Eberron.Unexamined
Where to find Khyber details?Unexamined
Artificer Pic & blade of flame novelsUnexamined
Eberron and Points of LightUnexamined
Warforged Cleric/Shifter Drunken MasterUnexamined
What EXACTLY is copyrighted to Warforged?Unexamined
Qestion about keith bakerUnexamined
Eberronian PactsUnexamined
Five Nations/House hair & skin typesUnexamined
Warforged healingUnexamined
Warforge Heritage FeatsUnexamined
Warforged Creation PolicyUnexamined
Eberron in Civilization 3Unexamined
some laws in eberronUnexamined
The Classic DragonNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
So how bad is Karrnathreally?Unexamined
Noldrun DwarvesUnexamined
Timeline Question - Re: New CyreNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
trying to get started the the eberron settingUnexamined
Thinking of Getting EbberonUnexamined
Favored in HouseUnexamined
Aberrant Khyber progression?Unexamined
Help: I'm DMing an ArtificerUnexamined
Soldier variants for the Five Nations (4E)Unexamined
Some 4E Eberron solider stats...Unexamined
Question about the gods in EberronnNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Turning of the tide:Unexamined
Reincarnation...?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
point me in the right directionHigh lvl adv ideasUnexamined
Changeling disguise self questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Sinister Eberron ProjectUnexamined
Changeling Rogue Skill PointsUnexamined
Drow in Sharn?Unexamined
Vol after return mark of deathUnexamined
Female personality warforged?Unexamined
Eberron WallpaperUnexamined
weapons and equipment for my warforgedUnexamined
Who Tought humans Arcane magic?Unexamined
Snag a free character sheet with cool art.Unexamined
Eberron Fan-fictionUnexamined
Warforged and Ability Damage??Unexamined
Daelkyr(sp) half bloodUnexamined
Dark Cabinet?? Karrnath Spy Agency?Unexamined
Help with plot directionUnexamined
Psionic NPC AdvancementUnexamined
Eberron horror campaignUnexamined
v3.5 Eberron Forums after 4eUnexamined
Incorporating Incarnum into EberronIdeas
Styles of Eberron's monarchslordsclergyetc?Unexamined
Major Plotlines in your EberronUnexamined
How to Disable the "Now Leaving Wizards" Splash PageUnexamined
The Original WarforgedUnexamined
Shifter Druid Racial SubstitutionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Origins QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Githyanki Invasion of EberronUnexamined
Question:No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Heavy armor-liteUnexamined
Scorpion Drow combat enhancersUnexamined
Planning an early 4e Eberron - my conversionsUnexamined
Renegade InspriedUnexamined
Famous Music Schools?Unexamined
Voyage of Golden Dragon: Extra NPCs?Unexamined
Quori Monolith in the Cogs of SharnUnexamined
What have you done with the Giants of Xen'drik?Unexamined
Far out NPCsUnexamined
Orien PrCs?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Which books have you used the most?Unexamined
can warforged swim?Unexamined
Map recommendationsUnexamined
About to run "Desolate Endeavor - advice for campaign twist.Unexamined
Qs about Warforged graftsUnexamined
Escape from DreadholdUnexamined
Death Curse and Hideous StrengthUnexamined
SymbiontsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Xendrik: Any Ideas?Unexamined
A Circus on the outskirts of Sharn...?Unexamined
Info on Prince Gaius of Karrnath?Unexamined
Can i get help plzsUnexamined
Creepy Take on the Daelkyr's Baleful PolymorphUnexamined
Can anyone recommend a miniature for an elf artificer?Unexamined
Crafting a warforged outside Eberron?Unexamined
An Open Letter to the Designers of 4e EberronUnexamined
Open Letter to the Designers of Eberron 4e: Appendix (Quori)Unexamined
Interesting Rakshasa IssueUnexamined
Uses for a 6' long Dragonshard?Unexamined
Healing surges and House JorascoUnexamined
Melysse Miron: The Anti-Keeper of the FlameUnexamined
Fight For Your ForumsUnexamined
Formal reviews of Adventurer's Guide to Eberron?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
War of the MarkUnexamined
help in the forgoten cities of Xen'drikUnexamined
What to summon?Unexamined
Campaign worlds will have only 3 books publishedUnexamined
4e Campaign Setting Books: 3 and outUnexamined
Brelish holy warUnexamined
4e Eberrononly 3 books total?Unexamined
armor goop with psionic attachmentsUnexamined
DM looking for opinions on Eberron campaign plot.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The NewNew CyreUnexamined
Sothe PCs have destroyed the ring of Syberys...Unexamined
Elves hunting elvesUnexamined
question about Scarab of AradrosNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Silverflame - Warforged QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Can Phiarlan elven members become DeathlessUnexamined
What book do you suggest me to get?Unexamined
tooth and nailUnexamined
New Race: YunquHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Is this unreasonableUnexamined
Is there a "little Talenta" in Sharn?Unexamined
Why The Love For Eberron?Unexamined
AccentsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Shadow Elemental BindingUnexamined
House Umbrix; The 14th House/14th MarkUnexamined
Changelings and Hiding:Unexamined
Eberron=Core in 4E?Unexamined
4E Eberron will be GreatUnexamined
Star Wars Characters in EberronUnexamined
The 4E Artificer: Brainstorming and DiscussionUnexamined
Suggestions for pre-made adventuresUnexamined
Elven armsUnexamined
Concern over ArtificersUnexamined
4th Edition Eberron CosmologyUnexamined
4th Edition Eberron CosmologyUnexamined
In need of a LyrandarUnexamined
If Eberron's Planes can be found on DDI then I am all in!Unexamined
The origins of daelkyr: Wanderers of the Infinite WorldsUnexamined
Eberron Wild Mass GuessingUnexamined
necromancer in The Twelve/dragonmark houesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
House ThuranniUnexamined
how to be chased by a T-rex (encounter idea).Unexamined
Valenar Elf Favored ClassUnexamined
Changling Rogue SubsitionUnexamined
Different Daelkyr take and other strangenessUnexamined
favorite good and bad guysUnexamined
imbuing a constructUnexamined
Plot hooks during Travel Sharn-Adar?Unexamined
Legality of Aberrant Marks?Unexamined
Sarlona/RiedraNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
which should way sould my story goUnexamined
4e Keep on the ShadowfellUnexamined
Renegade MastermakerUnexamined
Cloak and Dagger: take twoUnexamined
DuegarNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Field-Expedient AirshipUnexamined
Incorporating "Keep on the Shadowfell" with the City of Stormreach?Unexamined
My Campaign Idea (looking for opinions)Ideas
Eberron and Epic DestiniesUnexamined
Seats in parliamentUnexamined
Eberron Content in Dungeon and Dragon magazines?Unexamined
A Village at the Demon WastesUnexamined
New Eberron Adventure by Nicolas LogueUnexamined
New CampaignNew PlayersSuggestions?Unexamined
3.0 prestige classes in Eberron - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Binding an elemental to youUnexamined
What do you guys thinkUnexamined
Comic Book Characters in EberronUnexamined
Undying and The Blood of VolUnexamined
Tairnadal elf proficienciesUnexamined
ConvergenceNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Planar Shepherd -- What SHOULD it do?Unexamined
asking for helpUnexamined
a little help hereUnexamined
new kingdomsUnexamined
Eberron Calendar for easy referenceUnexamined
Epic Destinies in Eberron?Unexamined
Succubi in EberronUnexamined
Converting Hollywood Blockbusters for EberronUnexamined
A small request to the Hell-CowUnexamined
Mark of DeathUnexamined
Mark of DeathUnexamined
FYI: The Future of the Eberron Boards!Unexamined
Timeline?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Pre-War Maps?Unexamined
Daanvi Manifest ZonesUnexamined
Can Shifters be Cute?Unexamined
an unexpected bonusUnexamined
Advice on a MeleeficerUnexamined
Residuum and ArtificersUnexamined
Eberron Specific Exalted FeatsUnexamined
Race Summation Help?Unexamined
Samus Aran/Metroid -Warforged ComponentsUnexamined
Stolen Campaign IdeasUnexamined
Incarnum Airship Help NeededNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DiplomaticPsionicand Path of Shadows..y :DUnexamined
Kaius and VolUnexamined
Indiana Jones?Unexamined
[Spitball] Dragonmarked Feats "Proposal"Unexamined
Best Novels?Unexamined
Chris Perkins on 4E EberronUnexamined
Chris Perkins on 4E EberronUnexamined
ShifterDoppelganger (not changeling) and Warforged stats scooped!Unexamined
Eberron GiantsElves and DwarfsUnexamined
the dragonmark spell levelsUnexamined
Encounter Help!Unexamined
Phases of the MoonsUnexamined
Need help fleshing out a Xen'drik adventureUnexamined
Whispers of the VampireUnexamined
challenging overlordsUnexamined
new world--> transition to 4edUnexamined
What did pre-Dreaming Dark Quori look like?Unexamined
This sucksUnexamined
3.5 Artificer: Epic progression?Unexamined
Shifter DruidUnexamined
Opinons of my storyUnexamined
Holed upunder attackUnexamined
Assassination of a lizardman-any suggestions?Unexamined
'Iconic' Elven WarriorUnexamined
Shifter NamesUnexamined
Artificers and Spell Points?Unexamined
Warforged stats on GRZUnexamined
In (Hob)Goblin times...Unexamined
Roleplaying the Emerald ClawUnexamined
Adapting Eyes of the Lich Queen to Xen'drik [Spoilers]Unexamined
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull *POSSIBLE SPOILERS*Unexamined
Reincarnating a Dragonmarked character as a different race - what happens?Unexamined
the giants of xendrikUnexamined
Male Eberron Gnomes: Where Are They?Unexamined
How to Get the Eberron Boards Split Up AgainUnexamined
ValdalisNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Valdalis V.s ValenarUnexamined
worship of the Dragons AboveUnexamined
What are these Artificer Gloves?Unexamined
Campaign DiectionUnexamined
fist time D&D person want to know what a bard isUnexamined
Daughters of Sora KellUnexamined
The Eldeen Reaches?Unexamined
Druidic sectsUnexamined
Eberron from 3.5 to 4eUnexamined
Valenar nobles?Unexamined
Calendar for EberronUnexamined
Gurren Lagann In Eberron?Unexamined
Artificers Guide 2.0No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Last War Mercenaries and Dwarven OlympicsUnexamined
Who will winUnexamined
Dragons and SarlonaUnexamined
Artificer & Eldritch MachinesUnexamined
Sports in KhorvaireUnexamined
What the world needs...Unexamined
Why the quori attacked and the reason for warforgedUnexamined
No KoTS update yetUnexamined
Cyrulian survivorUnexamined
What's the best?Unexamined
Morgrave University campaignsUnexamined
what with the Dragonshards and Sharn InquisitiveUnexamined
Date of the Day of MourningUnexamined
Savage Tide and EberronUnexamined
The Moons of EberronUnexamined
royal CrestUnexamined
Free Weapon Proficiency FeatUnexamined
The Korranberg ChronicleUnexamined
Vampires in sharn but notUnexamined
Challenges in Xen'drik BESIDES the drow and the giantsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Half-celestial professor?Unexamined
Warforged Dragonmark?Unexamined
Undead Warforged Plot?Unexamined
Digging up AdarUnexamined
House Jorasco is no longer a religious sect!Unexamined
Eberron's 2 boardsUnexamined
New campaignUnexamined
Sharn: home made areas of interestUnexamined
Warforged nerfedUnexamined
Iggwilv's LegacyNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Change of Pace Question; Dragon PCsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
4E: Rituals and DragonmarksUnexamined
palaces of VermishardUnexamined
Eberron and 4EUnexamined
Kalashtar babiesUnexamined
Kalashtar's quori spiritsUnexamined
Guild of Starlight and ShadowUnexamined
Ruins and their historyUnexamined
Hostility of dragonsUnexamined
The Demon WastesUnexamined
islands off the coast of The demon WasteUnexamined
4e Dragon MarksUnexamined
Good Storyor Cruel TPK?Unexamined
4e Druid conversion for EberronUnexamined
Nicolas Logue's Viktor Saint-Demain adventure trilogyUnexamined
No Dinos in 4e MMUnexamined
Allegiance vs. AlignmentUnexamined
Prophecy other then Draconic ProphecyUnexamined
AbominationsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
House d'Dhakaan and the Dragonmark of Blood.Unexamined
Githsmindflayersand eberronUnexamined
Adventurers' agent turned adventurerUnexamined
Eberron & 4.0?Unexamined
Is 4e getting rid of Eberron?Unexamined
Whispers of the Vampire Blade Help (Spoilers)Unexamined
First tower:Unexamined
Drow PC TraitsUnexamined
Forging The WarforgedUnexamined
Breed Leech's pregnancy infectionUnexamined
Your Eberron and other overlordsUnexamined
Sovereign Host Name ChangeUnexamined
Dragonborn in Eberron!Unexamined
Whom do Dragons worship?Unexamined
WtFR happened to craft!?Unexamined
Please Delete this thread - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenUnexamined
4e EberronUnexamined
Looking for help with astheticsUnexamined
Whoa...this is different.Unexamined
The Noble Chamber of the Brelish ParliamentUnexamined
The Commons Chamber of the Brelish ParliamentUnexamined
Hellcow help! Eberon 4e?Unexamined
Your Eberron Book CollectionUnexamined
Adapting Sovereign Speaker For Faerun?Unexamined
E4 fluffUnexamined
Shifter Fighter ideasUnexamined
Order of the Emerald Claw Gruntworthies?Unexamined
Q'barran CycloneUnexamined
Healing surges in the MournlandUnexamined
Shifter Race QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
FAN Eberron 4e! (compilation)Unexamined
Taer ValaestasUnexamined
4e ArtificerUnexamined
Shadowfell is in EberronUnexamined
4th edtion eberron.Unexamined
Where do Warforged PCs come from?Unexamined
KotS: appropriate monsters? (spoilers)Unexamined
Powerful Npcs in Eberron?Unexamined
Power CreepUnexamined
4e Shifter racial power ideasUnexamined
New Power for Eladrin (Aerenal Elves)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
dragons of eberron?Unexamined
How do the DragonBorn fit in Ebberon?Unexamined
4E Making my Eberron Collection Obsolete?Unexamined
Eberron Predictions for 4th Ed.Unexamined
Attempt to Horrid Animal Template - PEACH - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Eberron Quiz/Trivia?Unexamined
Where does the warlock fit into Eberron?Unexamined
converting the Divinity Feats for Eberron flavorUnexamined
Names of House members?Unexamined
Another use for EladrinUnexamined
Where to get hi res eberron art?Unexamined
How does Karrn the Conqueror appear to you visually?Unexamined
Shifter Racial Ability suggestions?Unexamined
4e Emerald ClawUnexamined
Orcus and the Blood of VolUnexamined
Planer TheoryUnexamined
Can Eberron coexist with 4e?Unexamined
4e Talenta Dinosaurs and Valenar WeaponryUnexamined
Kalashtar - 4E ConversionsUnexamined
Valenar WarhorseUnexamined
Skill challenges in EberronNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Now that Goblins are actually playable.....Unexamined
The nerfed WF in the MournlandUnexamined
the gathering stone in darguunNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How big do people think the 4E Eberron Player's Guide will be?Unexamined
Is Sharn supposed to have indoor plumbing?Unexamined
Gaming in the District?Unexamined
Any word on the release of 4th edition ECS?Unexamined
Religion and EladrinUnexamined
Character Concept: Fey WarlockUnexamined
[3.5e] Lair of the Keeper?Unexamined
Compare your Eberron 3.5 vs 4th experiencesUnexamined
Curious about Eberronbut..Unexamined
Razorclaw shifterUnexamined
Random Shifters interrogationUnexamined
Knight Phantoms?Unexamined
Dragonshard Item for a SoulKnifeUnexamined
Warforged 4eUnexamined
What is Darguun and the Ghal'daar like?Unexamined
4E Eberron Bestiary - TaalgrotUnexamined
Fallcrest in EberronUnexamined
Elf AdventurerUnexamined
Shifters and 4e...Unexamined
What to have in the 4th ed ECSUnexamined
When are you setting KotS?Unexamined
Information/fluff about Knights Arcane and Knight Phantoms?Unexamined
One more question regarding namesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What sort of plots do you run?Unexamined
ok so can i get a little helpUnexamined
Has the wind left our sails?Unexamined
Your ready-to-steal plotlines!Unexamined
AberrationsVampiresor...something ELSE?Unexamined
4E thoughts for the artificer?Unexamined
Humans were the first inhabitants of Eberron?Unexamined
Fleshing out DroaamUnexamined
Raven Queen - Lady Vol - Thelanis - Shadar KaiUnexamined
Need help with a Druid PC.Unexamined
KotS Spoilers - DMs only. (Was: Starting a 4e Eberron Campaign)Unexamined
Are we going to have to wait for the ECS to get 4th ed. Dragonmark rules?Unexamined
4E Eberron EnemiesUnexamined
Anyone using KOTS for EB? *Spoilers inside*Unexamined
3rd edition Eberron Forum?Unexamined
Silver Flame Cleric as Merc?Unexamined
How to introduce players to EberronUnexamined
Using/Converting 4E Deities to Eberron ("PEACH") - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
4e InfoUnexamined
Eberron Character artUnexamined
To ir' or not to ir'?Unexamined
how does gold translate?Unexamined
NKUY news reportUnexamined
Lycanthropes are Dopplegangers?Unexamined
Lycanthropes are Dopplegangers?Unexamined
New Dragon Article: Keith on Mordain the FleshweaverUnexamined
Tome of Battle in EberronNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Anyone have a good picture of a ...Unexamined
4E Eberron Bestiary - HoldhauntUnexamined
Why are there different giants?Unexamined
The FOOLS!!!Unexamined
What will 4e Eberron be like?Unexamined
Changelings change self question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Greensingers InformationUnexamined
Eberron in OotSUnexamined
LycanthropesSilver Flameand 4th EditionUnexamined
Fitting Kobold Manor in to EberronUnexamined
A question on 4e Dinosaur MountsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Artificer in the Dragon MagUnexamined
Artificer in the Dragon MagUnexamined
4E FR before 4E EB: a mistake?Unexamined
Eberron's influence on DnD is profoundUnexamined
Dragonborn and Eberronwhere do they fit?Unexamined
Character FlavorBook storeUnexamined
Musing on "Gods are real" option....Unexamined
Do goblins age the same as humans?Unexamined
Fafhrd and the Gray MouserUnexamined
Hey EdymnionUnexamined
Portales House RulesUnexamined
Dragonmark plotUnexamined
The Demon WastesUnexamined
Mark of DeathUnexamined
4E Eberron Bestiary - Infernal PlaywrightUnexamined
{3.5 e} Alter Self and the WarforgedUnexamined
4E stuff in DDIUnexamined
Dying in EberronUnexamined
Vecna in EberronUnexamined
How do you run Karrnath zombies?Unexamined
Orcus vs. VolUnexamined
[Map] Eberron... RedoneUnexamined
Other Artificer BuildsUnexamined
Help me find a Princess!Unexamined
C&C needed for a couple of NPCsUnexamined
How Big is Sharn?Unexamined
Xenomorph in EberronUnexamined
Erandis D'VolUnexamined
Gods of the DhakaanUnexamined
Dwarfs in EberronUnexamined
The Demon Wastes Pt2Unexamined
The Architecture of EberronUnexamined
What's a docent?Unexamined
4E Eberron Bestiary - Lady Erandis d'VolUnexamined
4e professional vs elite spell castersUnexamined
Watchmen Spoilers and the MourningUnexamined
Half-Life 2: EberronUnexamined
Rescue at RivenroarUnexamined
[3.5 Template] Dragonmarked - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
What Information We Can Expect in the ECSUnexamined
Golems?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
[Edition-Agnostic] Two QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Jorasco Healer (class) w/ Touch of Healing FeatUnexamined
Can I? Please? [Adventure conversion; Steel Shadows]Unexamined
[4E] Elite Organisations of KhorvaireUnexamined
4E MournlandUnexamined
4e Shifter Trait RevelationUnexamined
How do you run/describe Thelanis?Unexamined
Village of Blood CrescentUnexamined
The FR Player's Handbook Preview and Eberron.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
4E Eberron Bestiary - Animated ForgeUnexamined
[4e] Thunderspire Labyrinth in EberronUnexamined
4E Eberron Campaign GuideUnexamined
High-level Eberron adventure hooksUnexamined
Tiefling in EberronUnexamined
Where to find a level 7+ caster in N-Breland?Unexamined
Eberron Campaign HelpUnexamined
Victor Saint-Demain (et allfrom Dungeon)Unexamined
Darguun goblins: more than just dumb hicks standing in the way of Heirs of Dhakaan?Unexamined
Eberron name generatorUnexamined
Lost Mountain RangeUnexamined
Lich Queen Campaign Derailed...Help NeededUnexamined
Dollurh's DawnUnexamined
Will Secrets of Sarlona & City of Stormreach be released in PDF?Unexamined
Thaliost to Fairhaven how did it happenUnexamined
The Dreaming Dark in 4e; how to work it?Unexamined
History on Khorvaire?Unexamined
Why do the Aerenal and the Dragons fight?Unexamined
House of ir'IthenUnexamined
Goblin Article!!Unexamined
Goblinoid Racial Feats for 4E?Unexamined
Goliath in EberronUnexamined
Dark Flame-cults?Unexamined
Challenge rating for possessed vesselsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Eberron June 2009Unexamined
Any plans to provide adaptation modules for the Scales of War Adventure Path?Unexamined
A little help for youUnexamined
Who would build this?Unexamined
Where are the demons? Shavarath or Khyber?Unexamined
Argonnessen campaign/adventureUnexamined
Ikar's SalvageMournlandsUnexamined
Agents of ArtificeUnexamined
Kalashtar Names?Unexamined
Appearance & position of the moonsUnexamined
artificer armor check penalityUnexamined
Introducing Casters: Firearms in 4E-berron (looking for a PEACH/some balance help)... - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
So is the Eberron Novel line cancelled?Unexamined
DM New to Eberronany advice?Unexamined
Dragonmark 4edUnexamined
Atur AcademyUnexamined
Eberron adventure conversionsUnexamined
The warforged Bastion?Unexamined
Making a Homunculus -- ArtificerUnexamined
My 4e partyUnexamined
Sixty families of SharnUnexamined
ir'WynarnNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Your PartyUnexamined
Servants of the Scarlet BladeUnexamined
Old Basic D&DUnexamined
Stormreach 4EUnexamined
Anyone actually use the Hellcow as an NPC?Unexamined
Seminar: Secrets of EberronUnexamined
Dragonmarks 4e StyleUnexamined
Devils in EberronUnexamined
How much of Sharn Floats?Unexamined
New cosmology in Eberron 4th?Unexamined
So about the party that Hellcow DM's for...Unexamined
Your SharnUnexamined
4e Eberron and a New PlayerUnexamined
Airship Landing Pads?Unexamined
Am I the only one who wants a Dragonhawk mount?Unexamined
Climates on KhorvaireUnexamined
4ed Starting Location MapUnexamined
Has anyone made up a 4E version of the dragonmarks?Unexamined
Eberron and PathfinderUnexamined
Followers/minions/undead servants?Unexamined
Article: Figurines of Wondrous PowerUnexamined
LakesideKarrnathNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
3.5 half-daelkyr questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Warforged Artificer Racial Substitution Levels Class Features Questions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Red Hand of Doom [Story]Unexamined
Eberron Web or PodcastUnexamined
Eberron TattooUnexamined
4E Xoriat symbiont encounterUnexamined
[3.5] Help! I need a 4th level adventure for tonight!Unexamined
If the tieflings and dragonborn were to be given an already existing mark...Unexamined
Dream Pact (4E warlock)Unexamined
The Draconic Prophecy and Heroes (TV show)Unexamined
Eberron Demographics GlitchUnexamined
101 Mournland CreaturesUnexamined
DesolateNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Paladins of "Evil" Deities?Unexamined
Sovereign Host = Dolurrh?!Unexamined
Why did this board hate the Players Guide to Eberron book so much?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help a newbie out?Unexamined
Information on KalazartCyreUnexamined
So who is playing 4E eberron and what is your party made of?Unexamined
The Giant GodsUnexamined
What is Queen Aurala planNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
[4E/Eberron] Curse of the Crimson ThroneUnexamined
[3.5 Edition] Airships: how do they fly?Unexamined
Doom of Kings (spoilers allowed)Unexamined
The SixtyUnexamined
No H2 conversion?Unexamined
Dark Heart of ... Stormreach?Unexamined
1st Time DM needs helpUnexamined
Dhakaani BlimpUnexamined
So will Eberron be playtested??Unexamined
Eberron previewsUnexamined
4e EberronUnexamined
Why are FR fans being treated better than Eberron fans?Unexamined
Where is Eberron?Unexamined
Eberron in Dragon #367Unexamined
Githyanki/Githzerai in Eberron.Unexamined
Eberron First Timer - WF Wizard???Unexamined
Earlier Sourcebook Value?Unexamined
Dragonshard Prices.Unexamined
Forums to be Reorganized. Make Your Opinions Known!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What do you want to see in the 4E Eberron books?Unexamined
trade in EberronUnexamined
Eberron novel questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
New uses for Dragonshards (Eberron3.5)Unexamined
Silvereye Marauder 4e conversionUnexamined
New Campaign: what can I do with this ugly party?Unexamined
Inheritance...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
GenasiNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
soures book PCUnexamined
Stormreach in 900YKUnexamined
4E Eberron update information?Unexamined
Humans in Droaam.Unexamined
What would you add to Eberron?Unexamined
Warforged Titan [conversion for 4e]Unexamined
A Bugbear with an aberrant dragonmark...Unexamined
Marruspawns in Khorvaire ?Unexamined
LakesideKarrnath (New Map)Unexamined
Help with new Sharn campaignUnexamined
~Accents? Importance of said accents? Eek gads!Unexamined
Eberron WebsitesUnexamined
4th ed Mournland:Unexamined
wayne reynolds artUnexamined
National Paragon Paths - Ideas?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Eberron Goodies I've made!Unexamined
Quick question on Darguun.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Grand History of Eberron Available NowUnexamined
Qabalrin and drowsUnexamined
Eberron - List of ResourcesUnexamined
Grand History of EberronFan-Made Chronology Available NowUnexamined
No regional benefits in 4e Eberron please.Unexamined
Icetop MountainsUnexamined
Eladrin and Elves - Eberron 4eUnexamined
Drow Spiked Chain FighterUnexamined
Freaked out by FRPGUnexamined
TargathHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Eberron CalenderUnexamined
Using spellscarred in EberronUnexamined
FR Players Guide In EberronNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Can magewrights use magic missile?Unexamined
Help with a Stormreach campaign!Unexamined
Genies in EberronUnexamined
How can I run 4E in the Empire of Riedra?Unexamined
The five nationsUnexamined
Dragonmark Heir Confusion!Unexamined
Dragonmark Heir Confusion!Unexamined
The Greatest Show on Eberron: Cirque du Elephasi!Unexamined
Help the TV Tropes Eberron Article!Unexamined
Eberron on TV Tropes.Unexamined
Eberron books useful in a Forgotten Realms gameUnexamined
Magic Items in Eberron QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Rulles on posession:Unexamined
[3.5e] Non-Psionic Kalashtar/InspiredUnexamined
Mythic Sovereign destiny in EberronUnexamined
Shifters - razorclawsUnexamined
Six Stones?Unexamined
trying to keep a story going when you are just startingUnexamined
Eberron Regional BenefitsUnexamined
Give me some Gladiators.Unexamined
Spellscars as a template for Dragonmarks - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Are All Gods Are Unaligned?Unexamined
Heroes and eberronUnexamined
StromhomeNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Riedra vs. KhorvaireUnexamined
Quick Question:No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help me Out: Ideas!Unexamined
How To Make the Mourning FrighteningUnexamined
Dragonmarks and SpellscarsUnexamined
4E HalflingsWhat Do They Ride?Unexamined
No Valenar LoveUnexamined
Level 1 Emerald Claw enemiesUnexamined
Emerald Claw AdventuresUnexamined
Psionics and the DragonmarkedUnexamined
Death Knights & The Order of the Emerald ClawUnexamined
Backdrop: GraywallUnexamined
what house do you fit inUnexamined
Eberron-flavored Divinity FeatsUnexamined
what does your party look like???Unexamined
The TravelerUnexamined
WoW Tauren in Eberron?Unexamined
Putting the 'Pulp' Into EberronUnexamined
Game meltdownUnexamined
The Queen of StoneUnexamined
The Destiny Armsfor Fourth.Unexamined
Goblinoids and dragonmarksUnexamined
4E Eberron book covers.Unexamined
The Grand History's Grand CampaignUnexamined
Culan Silvereyes and the Thri-KreenUnexamined
Karnnathi Martial ArtsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
kobolds in EberronUnexamined
Names of the Dark SixUnexamined
Spellscars and the MournlandUnexamined
Saint in the HostUnexamined
What Warlock Pact should be in the 2009 PG?Unexamined
Lord of Blades 4E StatsUnexamined
Lot's of Eberron 4E info leaked...Unexamined
Kalashtar and sexUnexamined
I need all the information I can about the Daelkyr - Suggestions?Unexamined
Changeling PsionsUnexamined
SadNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Talenta Halfling Weapons...Unexamined
4E Race DisputesUnexamined
(Vignette) In Cardinal Krozen's ApartmentUnexamined
How would Orcus fit into EberronUnexamined
Need help/ideas to design this minor artifact...Unexamined
Riedra and "This Perfect Day"Unexamined
A fun Eberron clue you might like...Unexamined
The Grand History's Grand CampaignUnexamined
Are these pictures of Sharn legit?Unexamined
Dreamscapes: The Definitive D20 Guide to Worlds Beyond SleepNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Because someone had to say it...Unexamined
Eberron netbooksUnexamined
Some questions about ChangelingsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
City of Stormreach DDI support?Unexamined
New Quori TheoryUnexamined
Qaltiar Drow WeaponsUnexamined
Question about the nature of MagicNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
D&D classics in EberronUnexamined
So what's Riedra's beef with the dromites?Unexamined
Secrets of Sarlona now available on PDFUnexamined
Knight of Thrane (PEACH) - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
city-state in the Lhazaar PrincipalitiesUnexamined
Handing out :Unexamined
An Idea for Dragonborn in EberronUnexamined
Scales of War in Eberron. Where?Unexamined
Regional BenefitsUnexamined
Were Titans still used in the Last War?Unexamined
Building a Demon Castle. [4th]Unexamined
Daelkyr Half-Blood Feats & New Symbiont! - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
More 3.5 to 4e conversion questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What are your thoughts on the appearance and cultural style of the Umbragen?Unexamined
Elf/Dragon WarsUnexamined
All Around the Five Nations Campaign WikiUnexamined
Just how powerful is a Raksasha Raja?Unexamined
Dragonshards in 4th ed:Unexamined
Workshop: Darguun AdventureUnexamined
Stillwater Station HavenUnexamined
Kalashtar vs. the Drow of FRUnexamined
PrC Knight but without the Valor?? - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Barbarians of the demon wastes:Unexamined
FashionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Is getting more Eberron Suppluments smart?Unexamined
Creepiest interpretation of the Lords of DustUnexamined
Forging a Dragonmark ?Unexamined
Lords of DustUnexamined
Running 3.5e - Limited MaterialUnexamined
Ebberon Moons. HELP!!!Unexamined
Need Help With Many Moons Issue!!Unexamined
Sky Whales in EberronUnexamined
Living Construct?Unexamined
Lake Dark (Karrnath)Unexamined
Darkwalker from FRPGUnexamined
Mockey prestige class... Tell me what you think - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
3.5e General Grievous as a PC?Unexamined
Keith Baker Eberron FictionUnexamined
The mechanical role of the spellscars (aka Aberrant Dragonmarked)?Unexamined
Help me update my intro-to-Eberron guide for 4E?Unexamined
Good 4E intro-to-Eberron adventure?Unexamined
New ideasUnexamined
House Cannith and the Cults of the Dragon BelowUnexamined
So if Clerics don't get their power from gods...Unexamined
Wizard FairesUnexamined
Your post-war KhorvaireUnexamined
Khorvaire's ClimateUnexamined
Writing Fiction for your Players?Unexamined
Yet another book thread:Unexamined
My theory on dragonborn Eberron originUnexamined
Changeling Telepath (N)PCUnexamined
Eberron expressionsUnexamined
A Cannith Heir and the CotDBUnexamined
Consequences of failing KOTS(spoilers)Unexamined
Eberronian news papers:Unexamined
Talenta tribesUnexamined
Are there racial ethnics in Eberron?Unexamined
Epic destinyfight a Demon lord of pain...Unexamined
So my players are thinking too hard.Unexamined
Titan 3.5Unexamined
3.5 DragonmarksUnexamined
[Humor] Greatest threats facing WarforgedUnexamined
Daelkyr Half-bloods in 4EUnexamined
Languages of the world:Unexamined
4E: Forgotten Forge (PEACH) - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
4th ed Eberron starting adventure:Unexamined
Mordain the Fleshweaver... in more than a thousand wordsUnexamined
Eberron isn't "D&D" enough/too "bright"Unexamined
Manual of the PlanesUnexamined
Impure PrinceUnexamined
Help me populate Volaar DraalUnexamined
Random thought: An Eberronian compass:Unexamined
1001 Epic Encounter IdeasIdeas
Aberrant CampaignUnexamined
Any good pictures on the Last War?Unexamined
Specific incidents of the Last War:Unexamined
Talenta Hafling Animal Mount: Cat or Lizard mechanics?Unexamined
Eberron PaperworkUnexamined
Queen of Stone by Keith BakerUnexamined
Waitif Lord Surasek "guides the nation"...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Eberron in Space...Unexamined
Help with Eberron campaign details?Unexamined
4e Dragonborn in EberronUnexamined
Litter of ShiftersUnexamined
Eberron NovelsUnexamined
Need help with Eberron campaign ideaUnexamined
Impact of Eberron shards on Rituals?Unexamined
Ex-Droam colonistUnexamined
Adventuring in SarlonaUnexamined
the Spider LordsUnexamined
The Ir'Martel familyUnexamined
What is the symbol of Cyre -- Colors ?!?!?Unexamined
Camellia Khan?Unexamined
MistbladesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Calendar of Sarlona?Unexamined
Single White Elf Seeks Animal Companion.Unexamined
Any more Eberron Comics in the Works?Unexamined
Help with a 3.5 Skill Challenge [SotLW]No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What if the Mourning was averted?Unexamined
Aberrant Marks tied to the 13 PlanesUnexamined
Yarghgris ShardsUnexamined
FR Players Guide vs. Eberron Players Guide 4th editionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Mindflayers in novels.Unexamined
Infernal warlocks in Eberron: Pact with whom?Unexamined
Will there be psionics in the 4E Eberron books?Unexamined
Anything good from Expeditionary Dispatches?Unexamined
Help and opinions needed with the Comprehensive Art threadUnexamined
Dark Ages of EberronUnexamined
Karrnathi Musical InspirationUnexamined
4E Eberron HelpUnexamined
Dragonmarks - 4eUnexamined
The Eberron FalloutUnexamined
DevilsRakshasa and Planar TravelUnexamined
3.5 warforged questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Memorable VilliansUnexamined
[Help a CD rookie I] Fleshing Out An Eberron RangerUnexamined
Running the entire Forgotten Forge adventure pathUnexamined
Eberron's 4e Cosmology (as written by a fan)Unexamined
Can Fans Shape 4E Eberron?Unexamined
Pyramid of Shadows in EberronUnexamined
Dark Elves of EberronUnexamined
Riedra without Psionics at 4E???Unexamined
If you could pick one place...Unexamined
Redwave: Axe of MalleonUnexamined
4E Eberron HelpUnexamined
Running the entire Forgotten Forge adventure pathUnexamined
Confused on Sarlonan timelineUnexamined
Need Warforged Phalanx IdeasUnexamined
Favorite Eberron novel seriesUnexamined
Throneport question:No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Stealing a Khyber ShardUnexamined
Invokers in EberronUnexamined
Eberron in the futureUnexamined
Asimov's Foundation in EberronUnexamined
Eberron Comic: Jaela's TroublesUnexamined
How big will Eberron get?Unexamined
Warforged by Mike Krahulik (Penny-Arcade guy)Unexamined
Soulknife training at Rekkenmark AcademyUnexamined
Hellcow-Would Raavastas (4E Manual of the Planes) be allied with Rakshashas?Unexamined
The Keepers (4E Manual of the Planes)Unexamined
4E Syrk CampaignUnexamined
Flesh to SaltUnexamined
Flesh to SaltUnexamined
Warforged + Resurrection = Memory Wipe?Unexamined
Forgotten Forge LocationsUnexamined
Where can I find a picture of an elemental galleon?Unexamined
Eberron 4th ed still coming out?Unexamined
Monsters in AerenalUnexamined
Inspiration for the aspiring DMUnexamined
Eberron NPCsUnexamined
Out and About in Eberron - 4E VehiclesUnexamined
Mark of Deathan interesting conundrumUnexamined
Let's homebrew some Epic DestiniesHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Thinking about adventuring in EberronUnexamined
Eladrin in EberronUnexamined
Dragon Dusta theory on Residuum and EberronUnexamined
Demographics (literacylife expectancychildren born per womanetc) in EberronUnexamined
Eberron dragonshards as spellshards...Unexamined
Just why is the Dreaming Dark... the Dreaming Dark?Unexamined
Heir of Siberys a Paragon PathUnexamined
New DM running Age of Worms in Eberron - Advice?Unexamined
"Slumdog Millionaire" in EberronUnexamined
DMing questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Razorclaw Shifter 4edUnexamined
Very Important QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Adamantite BodyUnexamined
(Warning: maybe offensive) The Liberation Tigers of Thaliostan EmancipationUnexamined
I need info on : The Ascended Host and Goblin deities.Unexamined
Are the novels canon?Unexamined
101 Sharn EncountersUnexamined
Drow weapon trainingUnexamined
4Eberron CampaignUnexamined
Eberron and superheros.Unexamined
First time using a campaign setting...Unexamined
Keith Baker: Wandering Eberron DMUnexamined
Converting the old Adventures from 3.5 to 4EUnexamined
Eberron Previews in DragonUnexamined
Mindflayer's in Eberron do they exsist??Unexamined
Looking for illustration - bound RajahUnexamined
101 Eldrich machinesUnexamined
Drow in EberronUnexamined
Warforged ComponentsUnexamined
WAR updates gallery: Unobstructedhigher res Eberron 4E coversUnexamined
4Eberron CampaignUnexamined
I need info on : The Ascended Host and Goblin deities.Unexamined
Eberron 4th ed still coming out?Unexamined
Drow weapon trainingUnexamined
Trolls of Eberronpart 5 (now with 4E!)Unexamined
Dragons' Boneyard: wrong scale of mapUnexamined
LE EnchanterEberron WorldUnexamined
Minor races of Eberron?Unexamined
Changelings confirmed for EPG?Unexamined
Exorcist of the Silver FlameUnexamined
Kobolds in Ebberon?Unexamined
I need some minor helpUnexamined
Finally Launched my Karrnath Campaign (First Session) - 2nd and 3rd to followUnexamined
Eneko in 4EUnexamined
CompendiumsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Elf subraces and region of originUnexamined
New Map - Lhazaar Principalities looking pretty chilly!Unexamined
Sharn Watch jurisdictionUnexamined
Avengers of the Silver Flame...Unexamined
Undying Court PrCNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Adventure SuggestionsUnexamined
Undead WarforgedUnexamined
Help with creating a battleUnexamined
Revised Grand History of Eberron Posted!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I need help finding an ItemUnexamined
Which way to take my campaign?Unexamined
Eberron Drow and Eberron Halflings (4e)...Unexamined
Names of the Rakshasa RajahUnexamined
Cover art for Eberron books?Unexamined
I'm looking for a feat...Unexamined
What is the village under the Arcane College called?Unexamined
NewThroneNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A question of monneyNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Quirks of the World:Unexamined
Kicking Off an Eberron CampaignUnexamined
Looking for an old character BG post. Paladin Warforge.Unexamined
Do Dragonmarked Houses have share investers?Unexamined
Is Spiked Chain Mastery the model for 4E Dragonmarks?Unexamined
Shadar-Kai in Eberron (4E)Unexamined
Courts in EberronUnexamined
Kicking off a 4E Eberron game - need an openerUnexamined
Which city in Eberron is closest to...Unexamined
Q'barra: Riedra's overseas protectorateUnexamined
Mordain the Fleshweaver and new Eberron philosophiesUnexamined
Khorvarian/Sarlonan accents/real-life nationsUnexamined
Another pictureUnexamined
schism in House JorascoUnexamined
Prestige Class Conversion 4th edition rules - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Most "bishi" race in Ebberon?Unexamined
Planning for the future of my campaign (eberron 3.5)Unexamined
Religion popularity in your groupUnexamined
You know what I noticed about FR and Eberron?Unexamined
Devas in Eberron (4E)Unexamined
Emerald Clawas a people-placeUnexamined
D&D Online QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Mordain the Fleshweaver and new Eberron philosophiesUnexamined
2e Eberron?Unexamined
4.0 DragonmarksUnexamined
True to canon or something different?Unexamined
Dealing with Gods in EberronUnexamined
Homebrew shifters for 4e - covers all traits from 3.5!Unexamined
Ethnic Variation among humans in EberronUnexamined
How would Thrane/Church of the Silver Flame treat a Messiah-like PC?Unexamined
Reasons for a fight with thrane/silver flameUnexamined
Khorvaire in a broken economy?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What brings them together?Unexamined
Thora TavinUnexamined
Eberron Lifepath GeneratorUnexamined
Warlords...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The giants are back(to the future).Unexamined
4E Artefact - Legacy of Six KingsUnexamined
Can some change Races of Ebberon from 3.5 to 4e for me?Unexamined
Sources useful for a 4e Eberron campaign?Unexamined
Opinons: Which is the better lizard folk?Unexamined
4.0 DragonmarksUnexamined
Sources useful for a 4e Eberron campaign?Unexamined
Dealing with Gods in EberronUnexamined
Ethnic Variation among humans in EberronUnexamined
The House Cannith FactionsUnexamined
Surviving the Day of MourningUnexamined
Marriage ceremony in The Sovereign Host?Unexamined
Vulkoor and the spiked chain...Unexamined
Eberron 3.5eUnexamined
4e Campaign DirectionsUnexamined
Looking for fluff--eldritch machineUnexamined
Just being curious...Unexamined
What's it like being 'adopted' into a house?Unexamined
Naval BattlesUnexamined
Eberron meets Alias? Design Help requested!Unexamined
Adding on More 3rd Party Stuff (Horde Player's Guide)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Final boss:Unexamined
Experiences with population densityUnexamined
Coterminus & remote planes in 4E?Unexamined
Final boss:Unexamined
Surviving the Day of MourningUnexamined
Eberron material given away at Free RPG DayUnexamined
Hellbred in EberronUnexamined
Adventure IdeasUnexamined
Do I have the correct impression?Unexamined
more QuoriUnexamined
Eberron + Savage WorldsUnexamined
Eberron and the new material on the PHB2Unexamined
2 questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Great Lord of Blades influenceUnexamined
Skyship GalacticaUnexamined
Races of Eberron QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Was Eberron always 4th edition?Unexamined
Dream monolith in Q'barraUnexamined
Watchforged - Inspired by Skyship Galactia (Not those Inspired)Unexamined
Warforged in the EPG?Unexamined
Kalashtar 4E (PEACH) - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
[3.5] Unique Eberron Encounters for level 11-19Unexamined
The giants are back(to the future).Unexamined
Coterminus & remote planes in 4E?Unexamined
Hellbred in EberronUnexamined
Moons of EberronUnexamined
Best Warforged Novel?Unexamined
Need help on a new Eberron campaign.Unexamined
[3.5]Clerics completely contradictory to a faith's alignmentUnexamined
The Silver Flame and Aundair.Unexamined
Diabolus EberronUnexamined
[Game] *Something* in EberronUnexamined
Help! Does the dreaming dark get revisited ?Unexamined
Binders in EberronUnexamined
Suggested Eberron reading?Unexamined
4E Conversion of "Forgotten Forge"Unexamined
4th Edition and the Coming Eberron CampaignUnexamined
Need help on a new Eberron campaign.Unexamined
[3.5]Clerics completely contradictory to a faith's alignmentUnexamined
Oriental Adventures in EberronUnexamined
Khorvaire Politics and The Last WarUnexamined
Warforged Druid PrC?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Sir Father Donnovan: Invoker of the Silver FlameUnexamined
Introduction to EberronNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
No More Warforged?!Unexamined
Proper Eberronian Shifters.Unexamined
At a Loss... Need Help...Unexamined
How come Keith couldn't write the Eberron mod?Unexamined
My version of the Shifter.Unexamined
medusa riding a gorgon?Unexamined
The 3.5 Adventure PathUnexamined
Lady VolUnexamined
The Lord Of Blades' origin.Unexamined
No bard prestige classes? - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Eberron ArguementUnexamined
Warforged Druid PrC?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Oriental Adventures in EberronUnexamined
Where are the Eberron previews?Unexamined
An analogue for the Raven Queen?Unexamined
World mapsarea mapsUnexamined
The Elves of AerenalUnexamined
Tsunami crashes on SharnUnexamined
No bard prestige classes? - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Eberron ArguementUnexamined
Where are the Eberron previews?Unexamined
Lady Vol and justiceUnexamined
Activating a DragonmarkUnexamined
Need help with an Eberron Campaign Story ArcUnexamined
World mapsarea mapsUnexamined
Dollhouse in Eberron?Unexamined
Rolling a new characterUnexamined
Dragon Sorcerors in EberronUnexamined
Nobility's RoleUnexamined
Film/Music Scores for EberronUnexamined
Running Eberron: 3.5 vs 4e (A question)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Non-mournland Map of cyreUnexamined
Dilemma; Kobold PC and Eye of the Lich QueenUnexamined
Epic Eberron CampaignUnexamined
The return of House VolUnexamined
A Kalashtar style "The Departed"Unexamined
Star Spawn in Eberron?Unexamined
humorous questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Blades of the Talenta.Unexamined
Please give me news!Unexamined
Is WotC releasing the Eberron books backwards?Unexamined
Teleportation circles and House OrienUnexamined
drow in eberronUnexamined
Let's Pl- Design an Eberron videogame.Unexamined
Xen' Drik CampaignUnexamined
Magic Item Laws?Unexamined
Administrative divisions of the Silver Flame (Dioceses? Eparchies? Vicariates?)Unexamined
Wilden in EberronUnexamined
Prince of Frost: Court of StarsUnexamined
The Lords of Dusthelp neededUnexamined
Essential Eberron Novels?Unexamined
Time Travel in EberronUnexamined
Earth NodesUnexamined
Did humans systematically conquer goblins of Khorvaireor intermittantly dispossess?Unexamined
Dragonborn of Argonessen and Khorvaire? *SPOILERS*Unexamined
Rebooting 3.5 into 4eUnexamined
Lightning Rail Conductor StonesUnexamined
Another Eberron novel QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
4e Daelkyr Half-BloodUnexamined
I Highly Recommend City of Stormreach for 4e DMsUnexamined
How would Eldred's Pool in Stormreach work in 4th ed?Unexamined
Looking for musical themes for my game...Unexamined
Self Forged in the EPG?Unexamined
The moons of EberronUnexamined
I Highly Recommend City of Stormreach for 4e DMsUnexamined
Rebooting 3.5 into 4eNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Eberron 4e focus switch?Unexamined
PG and CG in two months?Unexamined
complete compilation of the Prc's for 3.5 - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
MM2 Warforged PreviewUnexamined
Campaign HelpUnexamined
Wakfuand other stuff that inspiresUnexamined
Eberron Player's GuideNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
4e Scorpion Wraith [PEACH] - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Eyes of the Lich Queen 4e *Spoilers*Unexamined
Sharn: MafiaMurderand MysteryUnexamined
Psionics in 4e Eberron...Unexamined
Time-frame / in-game year of 4e Eberron...?Unexamined
3.5 Question: Conanwhat is best in life?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Think Eberron Player's Guide might have warforged scouts as a race?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Kaius in Eberron 4e *Spoilers*Unexamined
Forge Of War / Last War questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Everybody hates WarlocksUnexamined
The Mournland ExpressUnexamined
Campaign Idea-Final War (PEACH) - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
War-Made: Is it real?Unexamined
Warforged confirmedUnexamined
[4E] LamanniaUnexamined
Campaigns in Eberron: a godless endeavor?Unexamined
Eberron 4e release date pushed back?Unexamined
Urban Adventure: MafiaMurderand MysteryUnexamined
EPG Preview Tonight!!!Unexamined
Excerpts from the Draconic ProphecyUnexamined
Place this race in Eberron!Unexamined
Eberron ForumwatchUnexamined
Eberron ForumwatchUnexamined
Anyone play Attack of the ClawUnexamined
The Sum of All PreviewsUnexamined
No high level characters in Eberron? Hard to believeUnexamined
Which book should I buy?Unexamined
Ok Expert Eberron DMs - I need some help!Unexamined
Book with Small-scale conflict?Unexamined
Keith Baker: Upcoming ConventionsUnexamined
Books I should buy for a 4th ed Eberron campaignUnexamined
Eberron Warlord/Wizard Hybrid Background...thoughts?Unexamined
Will the 4e Eberron Campaign Guide be a "must buy"...?Unexamined
Need Plot HelpUnexamined
Neanderthals in EberronUnexamined
MM2 and EberronUnexamined
Kalashtar are in!Unexamined
Psionics and EberronUnexamined
Bunk for Hideous Laughter in EberronUnexamined
Blood of VolUnexamined
Dragons of Eberron & City of StormreachUnexamined
[v3.5] Crime and Punishment by Keith Baker in Grand OGL WikiUnexamined
Really excited about EberronUnexamined
[Eberron] Monk/Shifter/Ex-Pit Fighter SlaveUnexamined
Rebooting a campaignneed helpUnexamined
Dragonshards and DragonmarksUnexamined
Good maps of the Shadowmarch?Unexamined
Keith Baker: Upcoming ConventionsUnexamined
Something odd with the Self-ForgedUnexamined
Anyone feel like DMing for me?Unexamined
Strange Beers!Unexamined
Eberron Campaign Guide (4e)Unexamined
Book of Nine SwordsUnexamined
Jaela's PortraitUnexamined
Young Black Dragon too much?Unexamined
Rebooting a campaignneed helpUnexamined
Good maps of the Shadowmarch?Unexamined
"Our of my wayflesh bags!"Unexamined
Symbol: The 13 Blades of The Lord of BladesUnexamined
What did they used to use for dates?Unexamined
Maps of Sharn?Unexamined
Design & Development: Dragonmark and ArtificerUnexamined
Mind SeedsUnexamined
Book of Nine SwordsUnexamined
a bladeling deserterUnexamined
Someone has the book...Changelings confirmed!Unexamined
Eberron 4E ModulesUnexamined
Offline For AwhileUnexamined
Xen'Drik GiantsUnexamined
Super Secret PreviewUnexamined
What did they used to use for dates?Unexamined
Dragonmark sneak peak in today's preview.Unexamined
Eberron Players GuideNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Spider Lords of False Presage - 4EUnexamined
Dhakaani goblin vocabulary dictionaryUnexamined
Animated SeriesUnexamined
"Nothing can stop you. You were born for this. It's who you are."Unexamined
Eberron helpUnexamined
Known Daelkyr and sourcesUnexamined
HeyAustin folks!Unexamined
Super Secret PreviewUnexamined
The Revenant - new character raceUnexamined
Information on Creation ForgesUnexamined
[Humour-ish]d n' d greg is a fanapparently.Unexamined
on Facebook- Cannith Mastermaker and Artificer powersUnexamined
Question on Demons in EberronNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Forbidden Forge adventure in DungeonUnexamined
The Forgotten Forge conversionUnexamined
Shifters in Cyre?Unexamined
(4E) Healing in the MournlandUnexamined
The Coffers of GalifarUnexamined
Warforged "armor"?Unexamined
Dragonmarks Changing?Unexamined
Correlation between liking 4e and Eberron?Unexamined
No Lesser and Greater Dragonmarks anymore? Lets fix that!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Eberron DrowUnexamined
Warforged and LivewoodUnexamined
Encounters you're looking forward to running in EberronUnexamined
A Dancing Warforged?Unexamined
A thought about the Mark of DeathUnexamined
Causes of the MournlandUnexamined
Warforged Great and SmallUnexamined
All Dragonmarks for all races = Epic FailUnexamined
EPG Art Gallery is up!Unexamined
Warforged "armor"?Unexamined
"Our of my wayflesh bags!"Unexamined
"Tripple cross with a flourish"-campaignUnexamined
a changeling druid impostorUnexamined
Explanations to look forward to in 4E EberronUnexamined
Treaty of Thronehold QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Enhancing Dragonmark Rituals (House Rule)Unexamined
Question About Stormreach's PopulationNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
No mention of the Drow in the EPG.Unexamined
No EPG in Australia until JulyUnexamined
It's finally hear.Unexamined
Dragonmark FeatsRitual MasteryLevel QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Travel papers and Letters of Marque from EPG?Unexamined
More educated PCsUnexamined
The Dread Traveler RobertsUnexamined
Common Dragonmarked Eladrin?Unexamined
Leaellynasaura don't work as FastiethsUnexamined
Eberron 4E: It's goodyah?Unexamined
Dragonmarked Services Have Dropped in Price!Unexamined
ROLL CALL: EPGUnexamined
So I've got a Talenta Plains Halfling Barb...Unexamined
Opinions of DragonmarksNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Where would you locate these adventures?Unexamined
This is a Sirius business ...Unexamined
Questions from the Eberron PlayerNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Depicting the AurumUnexamined
NPC Dragonmarked Ritual ServicesHouseruleUnexamined
please delete - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenUnexamined
Sky Captain & the Logs of EberronUnexamined
Changes in the Setting from 3E-->4EUnexamined
How do I unite my players?Unexamined
Byeshk in EPG?Unexamined
Help with Merrid d'CannithUnexamined
So what Eberron characters are you dying to play...Unexamined
Get your Eberron adventure tomorrow for free.Unexamined
Eberron Planar Cosmology in 4th ed: Opinions?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Living Eberron...Unexamined
Help with Quori & the Dreaming DarkUnexamined
Running Eberron with another system...Unexamined
No Pretty Weapon Pictures?Unexamined
daelkyr half-bloods and symbionts - 4e rulesUnexamined
Player's Guideany good?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Okayso I did a CarverUnexamined
Dragonmarks for dragonmarked races...Unexamined
...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
No Love for The Blood of Vol?Unexamined
Are those Alphonse Elric and genderswapped Edward Elric on the Eberron PG cover?Unexamined
4E plot lines.Unexamined
Elf of CyreUnexamined
ECG Previews! *SPOILERS*Unexamined
Khyber's Harvest adventure from Free RPG Dayor "Am I just a bad DM?"Unexamined
Drow on KhorvaireUnexamined
Is it just me... or do we *really* need more than three books?Unexamined
Infernal WarlocksDevilsand EberronUnexamined
Eberron NovelsUnexamined
Talenta Halflings: -0 Str+1 DinosaurUnexamined
Little Plains and Smoky Towers in SharnUnexamined
Warforged Life Span and the Silver PurgeUnexamined
Nitpicking for funUnexamined
Does anyone else miss some of the other shifter types?Unexamined
Your Message from the ChamberUnexamined
Help for Lyrander Warlord/Cleric buildUnexamined
4E Eberron Bestiary - Ancient ExasUnexamined
Mordenkainen[Sp?]Master artificer?Unexamined
Changeling Chameleon Paragon Path?Unexamined
Dragonmark FeatsUnexamined
Perfect 3rd party fit for Eberron: Wraith ReconUnexamined
Sentinel MarshalsUnexamined
Slang in Khorvaire and other parts of EberronUnexamined
Running Sea Reavers of the Shrouded Crags in Lhazaar Principalities?Unexamined
PRINT MOAR BOOKZ WIZARDS!!11oneone!1Unexamined
Sky Captain & the Logs of EberronUnexamined
Revised Grand History of Eberron Has Arrived!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Union of Exceptional Fellows (A Campaign Idea)Unexamined
Xen'drik Drow and Yuan-tiUnexamined
Having the PCs be well-known even at low levelsUnexamined
a little help for an old veteranUnexamined
4e: Talenta Plains Halflings and mounts. How do they work?Unexamined
Dragonmarks and PolymorphUnexamined
Help in EberronUnexamined
Brelish settlers in Darguun in 969YK?Unexamined
Questions about monkschangelings and eberronNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What's in the Player's GuideNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Sharn ElevatorsUnexamined
"Shadows of the Last War" Conversions?Unexamined
Favourite (Fan-)Art?Unexamined
What War Crimes Shall I Commit?Unexamined
Xen'Drik... Giants... and Giant Undead?Unexamined
EPG Pg 130Unexamined
Devine Exerpts in the EPGUnexamined
Water sources in Sharn?Unexamined
Humanizing the Emerald ClawUnexamined
Working on Eberron SorcererUnexamined
Devas and character historyUnexamined
4e: Costs for Magical Transportation in Sharn?Unexamined
Tweak Fort Dolor Adventure for EberronUnexamined
Street date for ECG?Unexamined
Revising SotLW: Making the ending not suck?Unexamined
What is the symbol for one of the gods? *SPOILERS*Unexamined
Mass Effect Storyline for epic level Eberron game? (Mass Effect spoilers)Unexamined
The Stats for Lady Vol!Unexamined
Holy Uldra of the Talenta Plains?Unexamined
More symbionts in Eberron Campaign Guide?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Sowe'll get a DoE and Stormreach updateUnexamined
Siberys Marks - an idealikely in need of tweaking.Unexamined
Share Your Eberron Fiction!Unexamined
Swordmages in Eberron?Unexamined
Where were you when the Jewel of Galifar was sundered?Unexamined
Summary of my 4th ed Eberron Campaign *SPOILERS*Unexamined
Eberron Airships and the astral planeUnexamined
Living Eberron Campaign?Unexamined
Tasker's Dream Come TrueUnexamined
Converting Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil to 4E EberronUnexamined
Eberron Campaign Setting bits in D&D CompendiumNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dragonmarked ClassesUnexamined
Challenge: background for criminal artificer in StormreachNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Mark of Making & Alchemist FeatUnexamined
Sharn Sidequest IdeasUnexamined
Lyrandar Shipyard: Building Elemental VesselsUnexamined
Custom Dealkyr StatsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Shadar-kai in Eberrron?Unexamined
Mark of Warding...Unexamined
Dragonmarked Drow?Unexamined
Mark of DeathUnexamined
Eberron Articles We Want to See in DragonUnexamined
The Qabalrin Wheel & Galifar CalendarUnexamined
Introducing the Abolithic Sovereignty and Xxiphu into Eberron...Unexamined
Eberron 4e Single PC games thread...Unexamined
War crimes from the Last WarUnexamined
Adventure IdeasUnexamined
The True MarkUnexamined
Alternate stats for Lady VolUnexamined
Mark of Warding...Unexamined
Dragonmarked ClassesUnexamined
Mark of Making & Alchemist FeatUnexamined
What's in the Player's GuideNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Running Eberron for first time playersUnexamined
Karrnathi Death KnightUnexamined
Converting a Campaign - The Chimes Trilogy and others; Prologue finishedUnexamined
My group wants to switch to Eberron. I am a new DM.Unexamined
Lords of Dust vs. DaelkyrUnexamined
Dragonmarks and more!Unexamined
Terminator: The Eberron InvasionUnexamined
Khyber's Harvest (2nd post)Unexamined
The Blood of Vol's Sinister ReputationUnexamined
Dragonmarks and Their Respective RacesUnexamined
Background for House MedaniUnexamined
Skyship: SerenityUnexamined
4e Dragonmark?Unexamined
Punkificers? Artipunks? Baker Meets Gibson?Unexamined
Help with an Eberron adventureUnexamined
An ECG reviewUnexamined
"Wrong" races with Dragonmarks.Unexamined
Lords of Dust/ Khyber Cults QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Khyber's Harvestalmost wiped at encounter 2!!Unexamined
House Reactions to Marks on Other RacesUnexamined
Prisons of the Overlords?Unexamined
Podcast interview with Keith Baker!Unexamined
Draconic mindset and Dr. ManhattanUnexamined
Mourning the ECGUnexamined
Running published adventures in EberronUnexamined
3.5 Eberron Questions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
For Eberron fans in AustinUnexamined
New booksUnexamined
Roleplaying possibilites with Warforgedor other Eberron racesUnexamined
Seekers of the Ashen CrownUnexamined
Lightning Rail & the WarUnexamined
Some books up for auctionUnexamined
Splat BooksUnexamined
Spellscarred in Eberron?Unexamined
What did it cost to make the warforged?Unexamined
PC Concept - The Emissary of the Undying CourtUnexamined
DaelkyrXoriat and the day it become coterminousUnexamined
Accusing KaiusUnexamined
Accusing KaiusUnexamined
Divine Domains and EberronUnexamined
Khyber's Harvest in Character Builder?Unexamined
EberronI Love You SoUnexamined
Eberron Campaign Guide:WOTC got it RIGHT!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Do Gods that don't exist make pacts?Unexamined
Reviews on Seekers of the Ashen Crown?Unexamined
ROLL CALL: ECGUnexamined
Planning an episodic Eberron CampaignUnexamined
Talanta halflings really need some love...Unexamined
Does Eberron have a sun?Unexamined
EberronI Love You SoUnexamined
"Wrong" races with Dragonmarks.Unexamined
House Reactions to Marks on Other RacesUnexamined
PC Concept - The Emissary of the Undying CourtUnexamined
SoMark of Making and Master Crafter?Unexamined
Whispers of the Vampire Blade 4th EdUnexamined
Living Spells Template - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
What WotC did wrongUnexamined
A Potentially Silly QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Were templars a typo?Unexamined
What role did the Talanta Halflings play in the Last War?Unexamined
Please PEACH this "Clawfoot Master" feat for Beastmaster Talanta Halflings: - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Cheap House Orien portalsUnexamined
Where would you put WinterhavenUnexamined
i need your help Eberron VeteransUnexamined
Ugggh... one thing WotC does (in regards to Eberron) is really bothering me...Unexamined
Question for Kieth Baker: Opinion on Talanta Tangats (lore and stats)...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Has anyone found a company that sells a good talanta halfing miniature...Unexamined
classes in EberronUnexamined
Earliest age of adolescent tinkers?Unexamined
Ideas for converting P1 Death's Reach to a 4e Eberron CampaignUnexamined
Bosnian War conflict in EberronUnexamined
Looking for a pic of a Talanta Mask...Unexamined
Tell Me About Your Eberron NPCs!Unexamined
New to DMingNew to Eberron: a few questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
An idea for a campaignUnexamined
Playing the UndyingUnexamined
Cool name for DragonbornUnexamined
Kundarak marks: How do they *really* work?Unexamined
My Talenta Ranger's Backstory: Share Your Backstories!Unexamined
Speaking StonesSending StonesUnexamined
adventure in campaign book any good?Unexamined
Using the dragon prophecyUnexamined
PEACH: Dreamlily - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Demographic and Scale QuibblingUnexamined
Adaptations( Draconic religion discussion included)Unexamined
Spirit Shaman and the Quori (3.5 question)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Mournland Magebred (Spoiler?)Unexamined
Inspired/Dreaming DarkUnexamined
Scepter Tower of Spellgard in EberronUnexamined
Help me design the perfect Sharn EncounterUnexamined
Domains (Divine Power) and EberronUnexamined
Campaign idea inspired by Divine PowerUnexamined
How would you handle Thranes civil war?Unexamined
Second Treaty of ThroneholdUnexamined
The Shadow in the Flame.... Before the Flame?Unexamined
Player character possessed by evil spiritUnexamined
Artificer template. - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Change in cosmology - change in moral implications of elemental binding?Unexamined
Political Intrigue in Eberron: How is it done right?Unexamined
Raven Queen material in Eberron: Is this even possible?Unexamined
Automataor the Swangee Warforged Knows His PlaceUnexamined
Dragonmarked SurnamesUnexamined
The FrostfellUnexamined
Seekers of the Ashen Crown - Typo (No Spoilers)Unexamined
Urge to Run a Kitchen Sink Eberron Campaign Nearly Overwhelming!Unexamined
Urge to Run a Kitchen Sink Eberron Campaign Nearly Overwhelming!Unexamined
Counterfeiting a MarkUnexamined
Valenar SwordmageUnexamined
Treaty of Thronehold - ClarificationUnexamined
How to engage a LG Cleric in my morally ambiguous Eberron campaign?Unexamined
An Idea for GensaiUnexamined
Blood of Vol InovokerUnexamined
Help with Creating a complete heavy Eberron adventure!Unexamined
An Offhand Idea for TieflingsUnexamined
Music in EberronUnexamined
Shadows of the Last War - Conversion by EscherEnigmaUnexamined
Escape From DreadholdUnexamined
Escape From DreadholdUnexamined
What are the names and roles of the royal family of Cyre on the day of Mourning?Unexamined
Conversions to 4E via Monster BuilderUnexamined
How to create Tira Miron in 4E?Unexamined
Am I the only one having this problemNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Eberron Campaign Log: An Invitation and a ReunionUnexamined
Cyran NamesUnexamined
Exposition NPCs in the party: Good or Bad?Unexamined
Paragon Paths with an Eberron spin (Martial Power)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
PVP+Eberron?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Paragon Paths with an Eberron spin (Arcane Power)Ideas
Paragon Paths with an Eberron Spin (Divine Power)Unexamined
Catastrophic Dragons in EberronUnexamined
Keith Baker: GenCon PlansUnexamined
Changeling IllusionistUnexamined
Does it snow in the Talenta plains?Unexamined
The Aurum as "good"Unexamined
Tira Miron relicsUnexamined
The Search for the Ashen Crown is ... disappointing.Unexamined
New DM to the World of EberronUnexamined
4ePropheciesand the Mark of DeathUnexamined
The Mark of Death for 4eUnexamined
Picking Your Brains: Tell Me About GnollsUnexamined
Valenar's EncountersUnexamined
Swords of LibertyUnexamined
Cultural rituals and traditiosUnexamined
Future Eberron novels cancelled?Unexamined
House Phiarlan & House ThuranniUnexamined
Quick QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Minor Beef: 4E Sahuagin languageUnexamined
Questions about Schema in 4e... New to EberronNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Finding examples of Eberron Flavoralso Resident Evil: EberronUnexamined
Eberron House Rules and HomebrewHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Shadar-Kai Children of Winter?Unexamined
Eberron comic in Dragon or DungeonUnexamined
House Jorasco... Cleric of the Silver Flame?Unexamined
4e Vulkoorhelp me fine tune this.Unexamined
Blood of Vol Stat BlocksUnexamined
Critique my first skill challengeNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Changelings and DragonmarksUnexamined
Eberron ID PapersUnexamined
Improving the "Riding the Rail" AdventureUnexamined
Eberron Novels Out-Of-Print????Unexamined
Info about Thronehold and ThroneportUnexamined
MeMyslefand SymbioteUnexamined
120% Ritual Prices for House Casters--Who said that?Unexamined
Eberron Shipbuilders...Unexamined
Mournland CampaignUnexamined
BackgroundsLanguagesand third party conversionsUnexamined
Dudewhere's my druid sect?Unexamined
Idea: Call Of The Spirit Knights (Or: Humongous Mecha In Eberron)Unexamined
New Campaign(1st Eberron): Where to Start?Unexamined
Warforged question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Bound elementals and locomotionUnexamined
Vol's PhylacteryUnexamined
Dragon Article Domains in Eberron and the Forgotten RealmsdisappointingUnexamined
What are Thir's analogs for the Sovrign Host?Unexamined
What did the White Arch Bridge look like?Unexamined
Assassins in EberronUnexamined
What to do next n my campaign? Anti-Keeper and Dreadhold SalonUnexamined
4e Monster Builder Creations - Eberron StyleUnexamined
Balors in EberronUnexamined
House Lyrander WarlockUnexamined
4e Mark of Making & Master MixerUnexamined
Eberron Wiki page up.Unexamined
Kalishtar Holiday questions ...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Old west style Eberron Plot hook.Unexamined
Overcoming thematic similarities between the Daelkyr and the QuoriUnexamined
Re-skinning Demon Queen's EnclaveUnexamined
Couatl Encounter help pleaseUnexamined
Who could be behind the Mourning? Read this.Unexamined
White Lotus Academy: Where Did You Put It?Unexamined
What's happening to Thelanis?Unexamined
So... we ever getting that City of Stormreach update?Unexamined
Destiny Arms 4.0Unexamined
Ethnic Garb of KhorvaireUnexamined
My Game: readstealhelpUnexamined
How does the thirteenth month change the CalendarUnexamined
I'm casting Lady Vol as....the good girlUnexamined
Daelkyr AppearanceUnexamined
Eberron Player's GuideNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The KhyberforgedUnexamined
Sharn murder mysteryUnexamined
Doesn't Lady Vol want to be resurrected?Unexamined
House TarkannanUnexamined
My Karrnath CampaignUnexamined
know anything aboutUnexamined
Your LibraryUnexamined
Eberron's planesUnexamined
What's the Difference?Unexamined
Would this make a lick of sense? Concerning a character background.Unexamined
[3.5] Replacing DR/byeshk and DR/targathUnexamined
Warforged RunesUnexamined
Names of the Dragon SovereignsUnexamined
Creating an Ancient Society Based On Organic TechnologyUnexamined
Is there anywhere I can find details online?Unexamined
Anyankathe Darkchylde (tiefling with dragonmark) PEACH - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
[4E] Homebrew alternate dragonmark benefitsUnexamined
Jobs for a small detective agency in Sharn?Unexamined
A little confused about The Bloody Shadows and House Thuranni...Unexamined
Expanded languagesUnexamined
Enslaved Elementals?Unexamined
House Phiarlan and Assassins (both concept and new shadow class)...Unexamined
Metal Gear Eberron: "Quatl? QUAATLLL!"Unexamined
Using a Drow to represent a shadowmarked elf...Unexamined
Eberron using GR's A Song of Ice and FireUnexamined
Animism and the Drow CultureUnexamined
Search for the Ashen Crown Advice?Unexamined
The Moons of EberronUnexamined
Need help with Eberron campaign ideasUnexamined
Pulp Encounter Location GeneratorUnexamined
Revenge of the Giants in EberronUnexamined
Last War Heroic CampaignUnexamined
Novels Checklist?Unexamined
Diet Eberron - Picking and Choosing Elements?Unexamined
Underwater Adventures?Unexamined
War of the Mark adventureUnexamined
Keeper of the Flame SelectionUnexamined
God of Love?Unexamined
Seekers of the Ashen Crown: Illegal ItemsUnexamined
war of the markUnexamined
Any details on the planes yet?Unexamined
Zilargo and You - Cyran Refugees in Gnome CountryUnexamined
Healing the MournlandUnexamined
A Little Miffed With the Phiarlan Phantasmist...Unexamined
Pictures of the MarksUnexamined
Dreaming Dark world control via the Dragonmark houses? (Campaign idea help plz)Unexamined
Anyone used the Coat of Eyes?Unexamined
Help! Need relics from the War of the MarkUnexamined
Orbital SkyshipsUnexamined
Origins of Dragonmarks?Unexamined
About dwarfsUnexamined
New Eberron CharacterUnexamined
Campaign Help...Unexamined
What information is there on the Gloaming? *SPOILERS*Unexamined
If Sharn is the City of Towerswhy are there so few modules with towers?Unexamined
Fallen Aasimar in Eberron?Unexamined
The Children of Winter are on the wayUnexamined
Article 13 (Campaign)Unexamined
What makes an encounter pulp?Unexamined
Campaign Needs Kick Starting !Unexamined
Guulenthe Rod of KingsUnexamined
Any use for Swarm Druid outside of Children of WinterUnexamined
Adventure below the Citadel of ThroneholdUnexamined
Sharn Map?Unexamined
Our Ideas for triadsUnexamined
Eberron DrowUnexamined
undying courtUnexamined
Kundarak Ghorad'din Assassin (build help)...Unexamined
Quick-start guide for a new playerNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What happened to "Death Comes Easy"?Unexamined
Changelings and Doppelgangersone and the same?Unexamined
Silver ArrowUnexamined
Races of Eberron Alternate CoverUnexamined
Paladins of BoldreiUnexamined
Keeper's Fang ?Unexamined
What is the Finest tavern/inn in Sharn?Unexamined
Anyone know of some good dwarf assassin pics to represent Ghorad'din?Unexamined
Are these the only rituals the Dragonmarks give you?Unexamined
Thoughts about Khyber Shards.Unexamined
Primordials in EberronUnexamined
Dragonmark powers.Unexamined
3.5e: What are Merrix d'Canniths classes/prestige classes? - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Some Questions about Overlords and the LoD.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
4e Dragon polymorphed ?Unexamined
[4E] Siberys Mark of Storm - PEACH - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
More Eberron products?Unexamined
Where can you find gladiatorial arenas?Unexamined
Traveler WhoUnexamined
Living SpellsUnexamined
I wrote a back story to a character would like some feed backUnexamined
Landscape pictures from XoriatUnexamined
Eladrin expected life span?Unexamined
The Great Druid OalainUnexamined
Prophecy-heavy campaigntrouble with the MacGuffinUnexamined
What qualifies as an "elemental"?Unexamined
Ebberon Drow questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Should I start a war between Aundair and the Eldeen Reaches?Unexamined
Statted Daelkyr?Unexamined
Anyone consider running a campaign in Thrane using divine classes only?Unexamined
Starting an Eberron campaignUnexamined
Magewrightscommon magicand you...Unexamined
need help designing a paragon big bad ("How I Stopped" DO NOT READ)Unexamined
Non-standard dragonmark racesUnexamined
Kalashtar child heroUnexamined
Living FrostburnUnexamined
Keith Baker/ DDO QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Gods in EberronUnexamined
Eberron Sandbox campaign.Unexamined
Printing maps?Unexamined
Non traditional dragons in EberronUnexamined
Eberron Dwarves in 3.5Unexamined
Help me find Eberron AdventuresUnexamined
Where is/was Saerun?Unexamined
Lanternlight FilesUnexamined
How has warforged resilience impacted your game?Unexamined
3.5 Changeling and Racial Emulation Feat questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Another DDO/Eberron questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
4e Syberis marks?Unexamined
Adaptations for EberronUnexamined
undead Inspired?Unexamined
Vol's PortraitUnexamined
Rhesh Turakbar and his eponymous FistUnexamined
Drow and Silver FlameUnexamined
Modifying Eberron - Bear with me...Unexamined
Dragons of Eberron ConversionUnexamined
Help! Where Are All The 4E Eberron Adventures?Unexamined
How many Tairnadel does it take to screw in a light bulb?Unexamined
Help with Eldeen Reaches CampaignUnexamined
Droaam Questions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Running a Monster MashUnexamined
The veracity of the Blood of VolUnexamined
Naming conventions for the Five NationsUnexamined
Eberron Isle of Dread - Corsairs players stay out!Unexamined
The Finch FamilyUnexamined
Planar Citites in EberronUnexamined
Draconians and EberronUnexamined
Eberron and Revenge of the GiantsUnexamined
Stonespeech and The Mark of ScribingUnexamined
Just venting some frustration about dwarves and illustrations...Unexamined
Dragonmark Symbolism?Unexamined
Sky-High Betrayal - Need advice on campaign elements.Unexamined
Is there a proletariat in Eberron?Unexamined
Strengthening and Diversifying Aberrant MarksUnexamined
scorpion wraith'sUnexamined
AngelsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Demon WastesUnexamined
3.5 Adventures + the new 4E ones?Unexamined
How much 4th edition eberron fluff in the new novels?Unexamined
Making A Villain Who Wants To Create World Peace By Any Means RequiredUnexamined
Advice on How To Turn Jaela Into a Villain RealisticallyUnexamined
New born Deva in my Campaign needs papers...Unexamined
Aerenal and classesUnexamined
Eberron Time LineUnexamined
"Classic" dungeon crawl through the district of FallenUnexamined
Looking For A Particular Bit of Eberron ArtUnexamined
What's up with Glyphstone Keep?Unexamined
What Eberron Elements Are Must Haves For Your CampaignUnexamined
Expanding Eberron's MagicpunkUnexamined
Elves and Eberron (question about culture)...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Eldritch Groves in AundairUnexamined
Campaign Idea: A Topsy-Turvy EberronUnexamined
"Unique" units of the Last WarUnexamined
Melysse Miron: Keeper of the Shadow in the Flame or Victim of Bad PressUnexamined
Eberron Novel QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Keith Baker's Son of Khyber novel - Book Club discussion with author!Unexamined
Does anyone have any custom dragonmark 4E material?Unexamined
Some campaign idea ?Unexamined
The Sharn Inquisitive as a propUnexamined
exarchs in Eberron?Unexamined
Need mnemonic enhancementUnexamined
Playing a Wizard With Connections to TarkananUnexamined
Airship flying through the MournlandUnexamined
Forge of WarUnexamined
Let's build a Kundarak VaultUnexamined
Mark of Healing QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dragonborn Paladin questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to bring back the Lycanthropes?Unexamined
How much magic is in your Eberron world?Unexamined
Names of the pre-Galifar Five NationsUnexamined
Soarsled ritualUnexamined
Eberron rail questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
New to Eberronbut it sounds intruiging.Unexamined
Aberrant MarksWhats the dealio?Unexamined
Eberron 3.5 Adamantine Body Featspecs. verification in order? (DR 2 or DR 3)?Unexamined
Eberron 3.5 Warforged - Living Constructs - Fast Healing vs Improved Resiliencyetc.Unexamined
Eberron 3.5 Warforged - Reincarnation & Favored Soul wingsUnexamined
Eberron 3.5 Deluxe Character Sheets Illustration: Dual Light Saber & Blaster?Unexamined
D&D Eberron Campaign: S.P.I.R.E.Unexamined
Draming Dark and Thorn of Breland (possible spoilers)Unexamined
Priest from Cyre and the MourningUnexamined
The Next War (P.E.A.C.H.) - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Intervening EmpiresUnexamined
Day of Mourning TheoriesUnexamined
Running an Epic Tier Eberron campaignUnexamined
Brainstorming: Plots in FairhomeUnexamined
Alternate TimelinesUnexamined
Silver Purge Historical CampaignUnexamined
Taking OverUnexamined
Where the heck is the elemental land cart?Unexamined
Fight to the Death? Kalashtar vs. the InspiredUnexamined
Can House Kundarak create anti-magic fields for warding in 4e?Unexamined
Eberron-flavored encountersUnexamined
Arcanix?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dal Quor Campaignneed helpUnexamined
And then there were two...Unexamined
Preventative Changeling OptionsUnexamined
Artificer Healing InfusionsUnexamined
Morgrave University Maps and FluffUnexamined
Mournland perils and monstersUnexamined
Question about AirshipsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Undead outbreak...where and how?Unexamined
Kill the King!Unexamined
Thri-Kreen in Eberron: Where do you stand?Unexamined
Mark of Passage and Extended TeleportationUnexamined
Some ideas for my Eberron campaign - reviewconstructive criticism appriciaedUnexamined
Cthulhu in EberronUnexamined
Twelve (nothirteen!) hobgoblin priestsUnexamined
Eberron Campaign concept: Mark of WarUnexamined
How do you solve a problem like Baator?Unexamined
Who is your favourite Dragon of Eberron?Unexamined
Ebberon's place in 4eUnexamined
Cyre Lore - Where?Unexamined
What Do You See as THE Mournland Damage TypeUnexamined
Questions about The Son of Khyber (SPOILERS)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help with some ideas with an encounter involving a relic of the age of giants.Unexamined
Constructing Eberron AirshipsUnexamined
Help with a campaignUnexamined
1001 unique WarforgedIdeas
Heart of the Forbidden Forge Pros & ConsUnexamined
Eberron HaikuUnexamined
Recommended Eberron ReadingUnexamined
1001 Eberron Encounter Ideas (both combat and non-combat)Ideas
Domains of Dread: CyreUnexamined
Manifest Zones & Interaction?Unexamined
Eberron without Bane. Why?Unexamined
Secrets of the Ashen Crown advice and HelpUnexamined
Replacing the Warforged - A House Cannith challengeNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Just a little Scarrow experimentUnexamined
The Traveller as change for goodUnexamined
Dreaming Dark trilogy Spoiler/Easter Egg in Races of EberronUnexamined
The Sewers of Sharn?Unexamined
1001 NPC Ideas for your Eberron CampaignIdeas
Kalashtar PopulationUnexamined
Dragonshards & AberrantsUnexamined
City of Towers datestamping?Unexamined
Eberron-Themed Lizardfolk and Goblinoid PPs - any ideas?Unexamined
What to Write for 9th-Level...?Unexamined
Eberron ChronologyUnexamined
Seekers of the Ashen Crown MapsUnexamined
So much Lore . . .Unexamined
Assassin as an Inquisitive?Unexamined
Tiamat in EberronUnexamined
Lightning Rail; Possible ExpansionUnexamined
Kalashtar Are Accidentally Obstructing Their Own GoalUnexamined
Why is Kaius III evil?Unexamined
Bouncing around Ideas for my new Eberon CampaignUnexamined
Sharn layout explanationUnexamined
Zuggtmoy & Juiblex in EberronUnexamined
Thousand Yard StareUnexamined
Brainstorm Solo CampaignUnexamined
What were the coin names?Unexamined
Dragonshards as Ritual Components...Unexamined
Brainstorm: MonotheismUnexamined
the Brelish ParlimentUnexamined
How do you handle when PCs go to Deneith for help?Unexamined
Bahamut in EberronUnexamined
Running My First Eberron Campaign: Help With PlotUnexamined
What can the Inspired offer to Droaam?Unexamined
Quori Cause and EffectUnexamined
Converting Shadows of the Last WarUnexamined
Orcus in EberronUnexamined
Heroes for Hire ContractsUnexamined
My new campaign - Five NationsUnexamined
New Eberron campaign - too grim?Unexamined
3.5 Eberron material helpUnexamined
Brainstorm: Bones: Sharn.Unexamined
Ashurta's FigurineUnexamined
Eberron Quick start guideNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Noir in SharnUnexamined
Taer Valaestas entrance by sea and famous Valenar.Unexamined
Eberron of the Nineteenth Century and Suspension of DisbeliefUnexamined
Help creating Manifest Quori spiritsUnexamined
Vampire clans in Karnnath (possible spoiler)...Unexamined
Moonstair in EberronUnexamined
House Jorasco Memory wipeUnexamined
Primary imports/exports of Riedra?Unexamined
Coffee and CocoaUnexamined
Running 'The Mark of Prophecy'Unexamined
Theory: Sarlona is not native to Eberron.Unexamined
Are Darguul Chainmasters Prominent?Unexamined
Tips for funning Khyber's Harvest with a group of first-timers?Unexamined
Thinking about a Darguun Campaign and looking for some help or ideasUnexamined
4E conversion of Forgotten forgeetc?Unexamined
Eberron NovelsUnexamined too many changes - and what to do about it.Unexamined
Adapting Scales of War to EberronUnexamined
Aberrant Dragonmarks as random mutations?Unexamined
Stillwater Statiion NPCUnexamined
Eberron MapsUnexamined
New Droaam CampaignUnexamined
House Tarkanan and the Son of Khyber. Questions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
what are some Cyran names?Unexamined
Complicated Shadows: The Githzeraithe Quoriand the DaelkyrUnexamined
Urban vampires in Khorvaire (possible spoiler)...Unexamined
Warforged in Frostfell...Unexamined
Atur: City of NightUnexamined
White Lotus Academy in EberronUnexamined
No Love for the Gnomes [2.0]Unexamined
Any conversions of the Ak'chazar Rakshasa out there?Unexamined
Help me design a dragonmark artifactUnexamined
Eyes of the lich queen map help.Unexamined
Breland - Eldeen - Droaam BorderUnexamined
Rakshasas are boring [3.5]Unexamined
Darguun structured a long the lines of the Edo or Tokugawa period of JapanUnexamined
DDI Eberron Updates!Unexamined
So why Fairhaven?Unexamined
[Adaption; 3.5] Raptorans in Eberron?Unexamined
Tool for Tracking Planar MovementUnexamined
Shardminds as Psiforgedanyone?Unexamined
Fishing for Siberys Dragonshards: Casting Nets for CorellonUnexamined
House Orien: teleportation versus shipUnexamined
Which "core" deity would The Devourer most resemble?Unexamined
Socializing ChangelingsUnexamined
(3.5) Eberron. I would appreciate some ideas :DUnexamined
Keith Baker at UBCon 2010Unexamined
Elementals and airshipsUnexamined
Prophecy PointsUnexamined
Dragons and Aberrant Dragonmarks (3.5)Unexamined
Lazy PlayersUnexamined
DDI Eberron Content SearchUnexamined
So we promised a dragon his own nation....Unexamined
Warforged DemographicsUnexamined
Who were the Giant Gods?Unexamined
Cool Ideas for PHB 3 materialUnexamined
Dragonmarked House RhymeUnexamined
House Deneith Info (for Blood of Vol Cleric)Unexamined
What is an Eberron native called?Unexamined
Artificer Power CardsUnexamined
Tell me your campaign ideas!Unexamined
Thoughts On This VillainUnexamined
Quori in Dungeon tomorrow?Unexamined
Cannith Possible Plot IdeaUnexamined
Ashen Crown QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Q's about DDO and Wizards?Unexamined
Running Eberronneed some helpUnexamined
OverlordsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Eberron for Round 3 of D&D encounters?Unexamined
Monastic Training and Knight Training (3.5 Core Rulebook)Unexamined
After Ashen Crown?Unexamined
[3.5] Eberron + PlanescapeNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Mixing High Level Enemies and Lower Level PCsUnexamined
Confused on how to stat the Inspired/Quori (3.5)Unexamined
Warforged+Symbiont (3.5)Unexamined
A strange sort of RantUnexamined
Who do you think the gods of Eberron are?Unexamined
Droaam Mercenary CampaignUnexamined
Let's write the Serpentes FragmentsUnexamined
Outrageous things by enemies!Unexamined
1st level Eberron Adventures in 4thUnexamined
Warforged ModelUnexamined
Sharn Adventure: Falling Skyway RestaurantUnexamined
Paragon path adventuresNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Inspiration for a Warforged AuctionUnexamined
Adapting MonstersUnexamined
Skycoaches outside of Sharn?Unexamined
Warforged Creation Process/Schema ?'sUnexamined
Superscripts in Eberron Campaign SettingUnexamined
And thenhe was crowned kingUnexamined
Sarlona themed songsUnexamined
Sentinel MarshalsUnexamined
Fullmetal Enchantress: Binding Elementals using Khyber shardsUnexamined
What is dark about Eberron?Unexamined
Breland's answer to dragonhawksUnexamined
Product Wish List-Unexamined
Campaigns Set in SarlonaUnexamined
A whole new foe... (Playerskeep the hell out!)Unexamined
Eberron in a Zombie/Undead ApocalypseUnexamined
Paragon play and the gods of EberronNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Shamelessly ripping-off action movies for EberronUnexamined
Have I dropped myself in it? (My players stay out)Unexamined
Is there any rule regarding the number of Dragonmarks a char can posess? (4th edition)Unexamined
[4E] The Race of Eight WindsUnexamined
Erandis d'Vol (how do I build her)?Unexamined
Prices in Sharn - 4E conversionUnexamined
Favourite intro to Eberron one-shots?Unexamined
Second half of the year good for Eberron?Unexamined
Qabalrin?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Mixing Eberron with the Modern DayUnexamined
Warforged Deva (Mark of Prophecy spoilers)Unexamined
Mark of Storms questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Crime and punishment in Sharn.Unexamined
Eagle KnightsUnexamined
My campignUnexamined
Whisper of the blade - suggestionUnexamined
Interesting Dreaming Dark campaign ideaUnexamined
Libri et Deus ApparatusUnexamined
Next set of D&D Heroscape announced - Warriors of EberronUnexamined
Idle Curiosity: DragonmarksUnexamined
Cardinal Krozen: Martyr or Monster?Unexamined
King Kaius: Evil or Unaligned?Unexamined
Jaela Daran statsUnexamined
Docent componentstranslators only?Unexamined
Eberron recourcesUnexamined
Incorporating the Shrouded Lands into Eberron *SPOILERS*Unexamined
Storm Tower in Eberron?Unexamined
Order of the Broken BladeNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dragonmarked BondUnexamined
mark of deathUnexamined
Set in Eberron (My players stay out!)Unexamined
Map of FlamekeepUnexamined
4e Psiforged FeatUnexamined
A Vignette MysteryUnexamined
Becoming a Warlord in DroaamUnexamined
Campaign start helpUnexamined
Soundtrack for Eberron?Unexamined
Completed my first DnD campaign!Unexamined
New Twist on 4E Action Points for EberronUnexamined
Siberys marks!Unexamined
Question about dragonshardsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
New Campaign for me!Unexamined
Aberrant Heir of SyberisUnexamined
Map of Graywall?Unexamined
Name for the 13th Moon...Unexamined
Need help finding "The Korranberg Chronicle"Unexamined
Keeping Dragonmarked Houses relevant at epic levels?Unexamined
Legacy of Dhakaan (wrath sword) 4EUnexamined
Favorite Eberron resource?Unexamined
The Slaying Stone adventure in EberronUnexamined
Need some campaign idea help.Unexamined
Dragonmarked PCs upholding Korth-bound neutrality during the Last WarUnexamined
Converting Eyes of the Lich Queen to 4E and the Masterplan program.Unexamined
Quari Society-Explain It To MeUnexamined
Eberron and Our World: Cultural Parallels?Unexamined
Biological Warfare In EberronUnexamined
Party of Aberration huntersUnexamined
The Comprehensive Eberron Art WikiUnexamined
Dwarves Uber AllesUnexamined
Drow PCs in Eberron?Unexamined
Future releases for Eberron ?Unexamined
Novel Question...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Want to have a campaign where PCs get caught up in Sharn's gangsunsure how to startUnexamined
looking for a good Eberron gameUnexamined
SyrkarnNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
CB file for EberronUnexamined
Deathless = Revenants?Unexamined
Are there "skiffs" in 4e Eberron?Unexamined
Bourne Identity style campaignUnexamined
Random 'Son of Khyber' novel question...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Overlord loreUnexamined
Vampire questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What is the Heart of Siberys?Unexamined
3.5 Edition InquisitivesUnexamined
NovelsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
An alternate fate for the Thirteenth Moon (Warning: RandomPointless.)Unexamined
Keith Baker's GenCon GameUnexamined
July errata and Static ShockUnexamined
Running: Whispers of the Vampire's Blade 4eUnexamined
Favorite Eberron PCUnexamined
Running a homebrew superspy: Need adviceHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Need a Eberron campaign?Unexamined
Pre-Mourning Map of Cyre or KhorvaireUnexamined
Player wants to use a homebrew raceneeds a place for it to come fromHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Help Me Create a Firefly-esque Eberron Paragon CampaignUnexamined
Anyone help please?Unexamined
Primal SpiritsUnexamined
Lyrandar Elemental Airship QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Speculation - Dragon's MourningUnexamined
The Geopolitical Stability of Khorvaire after the Last War: Status?Unexamined
Conflicts between Depiction of Daelkyr imprisonment in Novels and Sourcebooks.Unexamined
Vor Rukoth and devils in EberronUnexamined
The Moons of EberronUnexamined
Eladrin in Eberron MusingsUnexamined
What does a Warforged wear to a fancy party?Unexamined
Are the Talenta Weapons Chinese?Unexamined
How big is the world of Eberron?Unexamined
About ArcanixUnexamined
Elemental Chaos in EberronUnexamined
Droaam Fortress 2Unexamined
Keith Baker's GenCon GamesUnexamined
Sharn Watch CampaignUnexamined
Eberron DM - Surprise and Well Done!Unexamined
Tasker's DreamKrona Peak?Unexamined
Dragonmarked RacesUnexamined
Time and the Far RealmUnexamined
Epic 6th in Eberron...Unexamined
First 4e Quori!Unexamined
What new Eberron 4e books would you want?Unexamined
[Draconic Prophesies Books] Spoilers: What did Gaven do?Unexamined
Last War Art?Unexamined
Ashbound prestige classes - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Flying an airship...Unexamined
Is half-elf a pejorative or racist term?Unexamined
Paladin of the Undying CourtUnexamined
Listing of all 4e Dragon and Dungeon Eberron articles (by issue)?Unexamined
Campaign Idea (System Universal) -- the Knights of the NineUnexamined
Emerald Claw and Zombies?Unexamined
Junkie StuffUnexamined
Campaign (System Universal) -- the Knights of the Sovereign HostUnexamined
The Mournland thought experiment...Unexamined
King in Yellow adventure in Sharn?Unexamined
How to bring a generic adventure into EberronUnexamined
Structuring A Murder MysteryUnexamined
Need Some Ideas for an odd campaignUnexamined
Where is your favorite place to start a level 1 party in Eberron?Unexamined
Campaign Idea for Eberron: Need OpinionsIdeas
How big across is Sharn?Unexamined
Mror Holds InfoUnexamined
Quickquestion about the Emerald ClawNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Travelling in EberronUnexamined
Converting E1 - E3 for EberronUnexamined
Eberronthe Hollow EberronUnexamined
Inspiration for Daelkyr?Unexamined
Memorable Chase ScenesUnexamined
Help me! (Daelkyr and the Inspired)Unexamined
How to add suspense to my game?Unexamined
Characterizing Elaydren d'CannithUnexamined
Looking for XMH-2 Fallen of SharnUnexamined
Dark Sun themes for Eberron Dragonmarks and other things.Unexamined
Mercury's weird and at best marginally useful Artificer gadgets!!Unexamined
Question regarding the Dragonmarked Houses and Foundlings.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Sharn Index missing?Unexamined
Eberron DeitiesUnexamined
Introducing the Dragonmarked Houses to new playersUnexamined
Exactly how rare is each type of Dragonshard? What is the average amount they are sold for?Unexamined
Legal Status of Warforged TitansUnexamined
Roanapur?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Blood of VolCommon knowledge ?Unexamined
Undead of KarrnathUnexamined
Eberron - Thirty Xanatos Pileup CampaignUnexamined
Who's your mark?Unexamined
Need insight into The Blood of VolUnexamined
Kalashtar questions...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
[3.5 Eberron] Looking back at Action PointsUnexamined
New Eberron Campaign - looking for feedback (long)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Who's Dowron?Unexamined
Your best guess on the approximate age of King BoranelUnexamined
Eberron general story line. and side note question about OrksNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Stormreach campaignUnexamined
Retain essance contsruct?Unexamined
Using item rarity rules in EberronUnexamined
Eberron and I am the DM..HELPUnexamined
Let's try this... let's jump forward ten years.Unexamined
The Sharn WatchUnexamined
Age of Demons Game: Be a RajahUnexamined
Revealing ChangelingsUnexamined
Inspired of KhorvaireUnexamined
Identifying DragonmarksUnexamined
Warforged Attachments in 4EUnexamined
Xendrik Expeditions: FactionsUnexamined
Caverns of Carnage - A massive encounter worth a whole level - Can it be done?Unexamined
PC wants to become an Elemental High BinderUnexamined
Can I "safely" use 3.5e Eberron material (e.g. "fluff") for a 4e campaign?Unexamined
Published adventurers and the "feel" of EberronUnexamined
Mror Holds CampaignUnexamined
Adding Darkness to a CampaignUnexamined
Running a Xen'drik CampaignIdeas and Players Wanted!Unexamined
Air ship/galleon questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Reflavoring Nentir Vale as New CyreUnexamined
Draconic ProphecyUnexamined
Warforged Mouths?Unexamined
Eberron writes LifeUnexamined
Running Eberron with Essentials onlyUnexamined
Argonth's ElementalsUnexamined
War CrimesUnexamined
Invoker in EberronUnexamined
Map of the City of PassageUnexamined
Need ideas for story arc related to the Day of MourningUnexamined
D&D Novel Survey -- Support Eberron!Unexamined
Having trouble with distances/travel timeUnexamined
SharnRhash'mhaacand AdventureUnexamined
Intrigue in DroaamUnexamined
Bound Elemental WeaponsUnexamined
Holy Crap! Death Comes Easy is released next month!Unexamined
Ideas for Cannith West?Unexamined
Morgrave University Course list???Unexamined
Amphibious landing airshipsUnexamined
Question about the Caldyn FragmentsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Revenge of the Giants Eberron styleUnexamined
Excited about ParagonXen'drikNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DM looking for suggestions for Mournland encountersUnexamined
A Flowchart of the thought process of the PCs I DM in EberronUnexamined
Dragon SovereignsUnexamined
Black FreighterUnexamined
The Fading Dream by Keith BakerUnexamined
Drow Sting BladeUnexamined
Seekers of the Ashen Crown Question (Spoilers)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Missing Artifact : DocentUnexamined
Re-igniting the Last WarUnexamined
Druid in an urban gameUnexamined
Dropping the Chakat Race into EberronUnexamined
war machines/siege engine types in Eberron?Unexamined
Theory on the Prophecy of SarlonaUnexamined
Dragonmarked genocideUnexamined
Sentinel MarshalsUnexamined
Turning Undead/Invoking the Gods in Eberron/Paladin ordersUnexamined
Suggestions on running this.Unexamined
Novels infoUnexamined
Warforged TypesUnexamined
Elton's Review of Eberron PG (4th Edition)Unexamined
Eberron Lore in the House of EltonJUnexamined
Sharn - 4e Eberron Chat GameUnexamined
The Next WarUnexamined
Treaty of Thronehold provisionsUnexamined
Uniting DoppelgangersUnexamined
The Future of CyreUnexamined
Dragonshard caratsUnexamined
New Campaign for my players - Sharn Film Noir esqueUnexamined
Ancient CastlesSupervillainsSchemaand WarlordsUnexamined
Eberron's Martial ArtsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Plot Coupons for Saving The WorldUnexamined
Tone of the Dragonmarked HouseUnexamined
Kalashtar HeadgearUnexamined
Each of the Five Nations have their own languageUnexamined
Dragonmarked Houses and the Second WarUnexamined
Sharn Encounter Maps?Unexamined
4e Eberron Hobgoblins and OrcsUnexamined
What Do You Do With a Dragon's Corpse?Unexamined
House Deneith structure/ranksUnexamined
Explore: Q'barra Part 2Unexamined
Elf bloodlines and family namesUnexamined
Mecha Suit Darguun [adventure/campaign idea]Unexamined
"Old" Karrnath ArticlesUnexamined
Penetration of House Sivis Teleportation CirclesUnexamined
Red Hand of Doom in Marguul Pass (possible spoilers)Unexamined
Path of Light / Kalashtar encountersUnexamined
Karrnathi Princess in BrelandUnexamined
Need advise for my eberron scenarioUnexamined
Marguul Pass in Red Hand of Doom?Unexamined
I can't find this anywhereso I'll ask hereUnexamined
What can aberrant marked people *do* potentially?Unexamined
Mission: Impossible? - Infiltrating House Phiarlan -Unexamined
Society of Darkness - Levels 1-3 (Player made adventure)Unexamined
A Very Karrnathi Khybersef - Reprint from Last YearUnexamined
How the Lich Stole KhybersefUnexamined
"Tron: Legacy" in EberronIdeas
Lycanthrope PurgeUnexamined
1st adventure in Eberron for a new playersUnexamined
Tira Miron dream sequenceUnexamined
Adapting DMK Adventure to EbberonUnexamined
Written Into A Corner...Help Me OutUnexamined
New Campaign - "Urban Anti-heroes"Unexamined
Jurisdiction in the Five NationsUnexamined
Order of the Broken BladeNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Paladins of the Sovereign HostUnexamined
Facelift for the Races (Racelift!)Unexamined
The Knights Terror of Taer Lian Doresh and Other Things That Go 'Bump' in the NightUnexamined
Yet More Crap About Eberronian WarfareUnexamined
Help with Campaign Pace?Unexamined
Where to find information about Aturthe City of Night?Unexamined
What is a Lord Major?Unexamined
Getting the players to Xen'drikUnexamined
Alternate Dragonmarked abilitiesUnexamined
The Underdark in EberronUnexamined
Help me quickstart an Eberron gameUnexamined
Talenta Western?Unexamined
3d Map of Sharn?Unexamined
Changing EberronUnexamined
Dwarves from Dragonshard.Unexamined
Help The Dragons of Argonnessen Kill My CharacterUnexamined
Race of Eight WindsUnexamined
Khyber's Nose: Deadwood in EberronUnexamined
New Campaign IdeasUnexamined
Submarine ArtificeUnexamined
Daelkyr trapped with KyberUnexamined
Civic Magic in EberronUnexamined
Boranel's Kids?Unexamined
Names of Military UnitsUnexamined
Need a badass to round out an encounterUnexamined
Finding an Animal CompanionUnexamined
A CREATE THEN PLAY CHALLENGE FOR A PLAYER.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A CREATE AND PLAY CHALLENGE FOR A PLAYERNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
From the ShadowsUnexamined
New to Eberron (and new to 4E)needing some guidance on running campaignUnexamined
Who to Trust with the Mark of Death?Unexamined
Two Question on the Militaries of the Five NationsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
My first Eberron campaignUnexamined
How have you blown up Eberron?Unexamined
A warforged walks into a bar...Unexamined
My version of ValenarUnexamined
War MagesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Educate mepleaseon the eladrin of EberronUnexamined
So making a 1-20 campaign in 3.5 eberron.Unexamined
WealthNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dwarf appearance in EberronUnexamined
The Changeling LifecycleUnexamined
CurrenciesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Lei & Pierce: Are they ever seen again?Unexamined
Dice that look like dragonshards?Unexamined
Problem with Aerenal in 4eUnexamined
Just Another Preposterous Real World Eberron AnalogyNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Themes for Eberron (need idea)Unexamined
Late-War Karrnath vs. Cyre - what exactly was going on?Unexamined
Karrn and Cyran Secret Service?Unexamined
Tiny bit of lore today - Racial Ability BonusesUnexamined
What caused the mourning in your campain ?Unexamined
After the Ashen crownUnexamined
Units of the Last WarUnexamined
Ideias for Kalashtar MadnessUnexamined
Help for an Exploration CampaignUnexamined
DM Needed for 4e Eberron Campaign!Unexamined
Campaign Guide vs Player's GuideNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Why are warforged hated? And do they wear pants?Unexamined
Just how big is Khorvaire?Unexamined
Eberron Map with DM screenUnexamined
Kaius- grandson or great-grandson of Kaius?Unexamined
Mini Map for SharnUnexamined
Campaign TwistUnexamined
King's Citadel of BrelandUnexamined
Against the Becoming GodUnexamined
War on DaelkyrUnexamined
Eberron Paragon PathsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Eberron Scales of War - plot overview advice (spoilers)Unexamined
ASNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A darker Breland is possible?Unexamined
Paragon Campaign Help Requested - Not for my player's eyes!Unexamined
EotLQ: Help me not TPKUnexamined
Who You Gonna Call?Unexamined
Kalashtar and PsionsUnexamined
Running Dreaming Dark campaignneed adviceUnexamined
(Player) Conveying the "tone" of Eberronor what does Eberron mean to you?Unexamined
Little Changes to make Eberron yoursUnexamined
Eberron Campaign GuideNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How much power does the patriarch have?Unexamined
How did Karrnath not steamroll everybody else?Unexamined
1001 Droaam Encounters (Combat and Noncombat)Ideas
Mark of Justice / TruthUnexamined
The perfectionist in me demands an answer: Forms of habitation in Sharn and how land ownership worksUnexamined
Need Advice on New Cyre campaignUnexamined
The Era of PulpUnexamined
Before the Lyrandar Elemental SkyshipUnexamined
Using a SchemaUnexamined
Class+Race+Dragon Mark+ThemeUnexamined
My Eberron Campaign - Paragon to Epic TierNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Running a Chosen campaign (keep outMr. F)Unexamined
Eberron Favours Heroic and Paragon Tiers?Unexamined
Eberron BeastiaryUnexamined
Eberron DM Block - Dreaming Dark Campaign - Help!Unexamined
A new novel from the "Dungeons and Dragons On-line Eberron Unlimited" line...Unexamined
Eberron books?Unexamined
Level 8 Eberron Campaign Intro - Based on Recent Current EventsUnexamined
Introduction To a Dragonmarked HouseNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Suggestions for Sharn investigation plotUnexamined
Help me "get" the Eldeen WolvesUnexamined
Mark of Death for players?Unexamined
Any good Eberron podcasts?Unexamined
Make a Destiny Truly "Epic"Unexamined
Sixblade Stats?Unexamined
Gearforged in Eberron?Unexamined
So what did the Giants call themselves?Unexamined
Daelkyr and XoriatUnexamined
Dawn War?Unexamined
Eye on Eberron: Zarash'akUnexamined
Last War Assassination Plot Adventure IdeasUnexamined
Crime syndicates of Eberron?Unexamined
Crime syndicates of Eberron?Unexamined
Warforged HelpUnexamined
[3.5] Raptorans in EberronUnexamined
Whither Dragonmarks in 4e? Inviting Hellcow's and everyone else's thoughtsUnexamined
Names of the other Draconic Soverigns?Unexamined
Rough guidelines for wealth and power of Aurum members?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Children of the WarforgedUnexamined
Secret Languages in Eberron?Unexamined
4e Skill ChallengesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Changeling QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Open discussion on DMing style in the Eberron setting3.5 rulesetUnexamined
What is the Initial Cost and Time in Building the Warforged Body?Unexamined
Archons in EberronUnexamined
Need a good one shot game ideaUnexamined
How to Keep the Players from Getting Lost? (in a web of lies)Unexamined
Kyrzinthe Prince of SlimeUnexamined
Project FeystepUnexamined
Ideas for ongoing bad guyUnexamined
Zone Flow by Player LevelUnexamined
Who dies at the Tain Gala?Unexamined
Underused or Overused Elements of EberronUnexamined
Flags and UniformsUnexamined
An Eberron adaptation: The Cult of the Elder Elemental EyeUnexamined
My Eberron Campaign: C&C and Suggestions RequestedUnexamined
Dragonmark on wrong race?Unexamined
Eye on Eberron: LostThe Shapeshifting VillageUnexamined
Eberron Bounty HuntersUnexamined
Help choosing/fleshing out a PCUnexamined
Art I am looking forUnexamined
Political Phrase from EberronUnexamined
Eberron ThemesUnexamined
The role of Karrnathi WarlordsUnexamined
Vryloka and Revenants in Eberron - ideas?Unexamined
House Jorasco family names...Unexamined
Question on running EbberonNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
EssentialsEberronand the great silenceUnexamined
Eye on Eberron : DaaskUnexamined
So, I need help to "Eberron Up" my campaign idea.Unexamined
Looking for help with Dreamspace ideasUnexamined
The Shard AxeUnexamined
Kaius Control over the undeads of Karnath army?Unexamined
My Eberron CampaignUnexamined
Eberron Lunch in London?Unexamined
Adventure Adaptation: Madness at Gardmore AbbeyUnexamined
New Eberron Campaign on YouTubeUnexamined
How Far is Frostfell? (Hellcow or other Eberron know-it-alls totally welcome)Unexamined
FYI: Forum Reorganization May Affect YouUnexamined
FYI: Forum Reorganization May Affect YouUnexamined
Famous Last War conflictsUnexamined
Eyes on Eberron: Fort BonesUnexamined
Ship Pilot QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Elemental GalleonUnexamined
Eye on Eberron 2012: Requests?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How many people in a dragonmarked house?Unexamined
Lightning Train MapsUnexamined
Need Some Last War Military Campaign Themed Moral DilemmasUnexamined
Updating Eyes of the Lich Queen to 4th ed.Unexamined
Eberron Mini-Campaign (My players stay out!) (Also minor adventure spoilers)Unexamined
The King in The Iron MaskUnexamined
Eberron ComicUnexamined
Kalashtar spirits/reproductionUnexamined
New EOE out.Unexamined
Seeking Elvish Word ListUnexamined
The Hengeyokai in EberronUnexamined
Are there any couatl left in Eberron?Unexamined
Journey TimeUnexamined
Khorvaire without BrelandUnexamined
Eberron Artifacts - what can I give...Unexamined
Prince Ryger's MapUnexamined
New Homebrew Eberron ThemesHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Eyes on Eberron: The TrustUnexamined
the war comethUnexamined
Other Keith Baker's MaterialUnexamined
Organization of the Galifaran Army circa 893 YK ("The Shadow of Thronehold" players KEEP OUT)Unexamined
Eberron IDW ComicsUnexamined
Talenta Halflings and the Last WarUnexamined
Stormreach Size?Unexamined
"Person of Interest" in EberronUnexamined
Advice for Moving to Ebberon?Unexamined
Take a look at the calender for this months Dragon....Unexamined
Karrnathi Spy Campaign (My Players Keep Out!)Unexamined
Warforged variant weightsUnexamined
Some confusion with Seekers of the Ashen CrownUnexamined
Excoriates and surnamesUnexamined
Where do you suggest I put the Stargate in Eberron?Unexamined
adapting a premade campaignUnexamined
Eberron 5eUnexamined
What are the mechanical differences between Changlings and Dopplegangers from a DM prospective?Unexamined
Seekers of the Ashen Crown denouement and falloutUnexamined
Possible Mournland OriginsUnexamined
Help with an Eberron article pitchUnexamined
The New EoE: Elves are pretty cool.Unexamined
Jhonen Olain's/ downUnexamined
Sentinel Marshal theme!Unexamined
seekers of the ashen crown maps missingUnexamined
Understanding KhyberUnexamined
What do students at Morgrave University protest?Unexamined
Any upcoming Eberron novels?Unexamined
roleplaying revenants in eberronUnexamined
An airship questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Aboleths IN your Eberron gameUnexamined
The noble ir' prefixHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The Legacy of The Raven QueenUnexamined
EoEBaatorNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A background problem (Why would children be sent to Dreadhold ?)Unexamined
kalashtar and soulknives - bringing it back to 4eUnexamined
Information about Thronehold?Unexamined
Specific Dates in Eberron's HistoryUnexamined
Urban Stealth Skill Challenge! Hot or Not?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Ebberon themed weapons?Unexamined
Aundair/Eldeen Reaches second language? (4e)Unexamined
Pixies in EberronUnexamined
Can someone explain Q'Barra to me?Unexamined
what race is she and where can i find her?Unexamined
Sneaking around DreadholdUnexamined
Eberron and politicking (3.5)Unexamined
Awesome LocationsUnexamined
Whare are the must see places/ must do things for Ebberon?Unexamined
[Home campaign]I'm sorrybut you're not playing Eberron anymore!Unexamined
The Devourer (deity) vs. the Devourer of Dreams (quori)Unexamined
What should I read next?Unexamined
Eberrron Q&AUnexamined
Eberron NPC Race Generation ListsUnexamined
Deneith Warden and Sentinel MarshalsUnexamined
Starting an Eberron game after 10+ years of FRUnexamined
Introducing Guns to EberronUnexamined
Quick QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Royal Connection in EberronUnexamined
Elvinor d'PhiarlanUnexamined
Campaign Advice Needed PLEASEUnexamined
The Planes/MoonsUnexamined
How did the Quori use the warforged (Quorforged) and did they make other constructs ?Unexamined
Help ...after Whispers of the Vampire Blade [contain spoiler]Unexamined
Thir and the 16th SovereignUnexamined
Eberron novels...Unexamined
FR to Eberron Concept TranslationUnexamined
How does Thrane actually fight?Unexamined
Portraits of The PowerfulorDoes Erandis Need To Be Ugly?Unexamined
Creating Tira Miron's Sword (3.5)Unexamined
Need advice on which Eberron source books to use for my 4e gameUnexamined
What If This Happened: Alternate Reality EberronsUnexamined
Starting A Stormreach/Xen'drik CampaignUnexamined
The Church of The Silver FlameUnexamined
Framing the PCs for the death of the King of BrelandUnexamined
Destabilizing a Nation (or Five)Unexamined
Thunder Guide themeNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Player wants to be a sorcerer-king pact warforged warlockUnexamined
Tairnadal gone wild! Mournland editionUnexamined
An Introduction to Eberron? Anyone has one?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Incantations for Vol Necromancy RP?Unexamined
Mark of Warding mechanically speaking...Unexamined
Considering Starting an Eberron Pathfinder gameUnexamined
Psionics in EberronUnexamined
Oh boy!!Unexamined
Mindlinks and TelepathyUnexamined
Eberron and GURPS IlluminatiUnexamined
The Caves of Chaos and the Keep of the BorderlandsUnexamined
Origins of the Double ScimitarUnexamined
Dragonmarks... how do you handle them?Unexamined
Eberronizing "City of the Spider Queen"Unexamined
Language & Culture of the Five NationsUnexamined
This is My Errandis d'VolUnexamined
Eberron 1010 or "Twelve Years Later in the Setting"Unexamined
Aerenal and the CourtUnexamined
Metrol MapUnexamined
Breland-Droaam escalationUnexamined
Defeating the Dreaming DarkUnexamined
Getting an Eberron campaign back on track (Mark of the Prophecydraconic prophecy based game)Unexamined
How Do You View The Intelligence Groups Of Eberron?Unexamined
[3.5/pathfinder] playing throughh the old adventure chain.Unexamined
Cyre as the "Jack of All Trades"Unexamined
So all of the undead in Karrnath are destroyed at once...Unexamined
The House that Galifar BuiltUnexamined
Dueling in the Five NationsUnexamined
Ideas for an Evil Eberron CampaignUnexamined
Extinguishing the FlameUnexamined
The Size of SharnPhysical and PopulationUnexamined
Eberron tech. post yours here with appropriate fluffUnexamined
Information on Xen'drikUnexamined
Homosexuality in EberronUnexamined
Does anyone remember?Unexamined
What's Thuranni up to?Unexamined
The Emerald Claws - Heroic Tier ArchenemiesUnexamined
Reflavoring Races for EberronUnexamined
Artificers and magic dust addictionUnexamined
Carcass Crab for 4e?Unexamined
Eberron Paper MinisUnexamined
Inspirational pictures.Unexamined
Eberron DnD 3.5Unexamined
Seeker of Ashen crown maps?Unexamined
Puzzels and Riddles in Eberron? (SoT players: Keep Out!)Unexamined
deathlessNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Anyone read The Moon Breaker Novels?Unexamined
Passive Aggressive Against the CotSF?Unexamined
Eberron and 2E: after Gen ConUnexamined
Idea for a campaignwould like inputUnexamined
Playtest DnDNext in Eberron (are there online campaigns?)Unexamined
Starting a new Eberron campaignlooking for feedback (very long)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
New campaign in Karrnath; what are the nation's more endearing elements?Unexamined
Dragonmarks in EberronUnexamined
Medani Inquisitive ... Monk?Unexamined
Banner Colors of the CotSF?Unexamined
[3.5] Cleric of the Dragon Above?Unexamined
Dragons and the Dreaming DarkUnexamined
Seren Barbarian WorshipUnexamined
Adventure Conversion Advice (Long)Unexamined
[3.5] "Mark of Heroes" scenariosUnexamined
Eyes on Eberron: The AurumUnexamined
Looking for IdeasUnexamined
[3.5] Improved Natural Attack Feat and MonksUnexamined
Astral Devas in Khorvair?Unexamined
Tiamat and the Dreaming DarkUnexamined
Eberro campaign advice (4e9th-30th)Unexamined
Parables of the Silver FlameUnexamined
Aundairian JobUnexamined
Parameters for Artifact SpellsUnexamined
Eberron campaign arc - paragon to epicNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
New Edition Original LoreUnexamined
Kalashtar Gender and Spiritual LineageUnexamined
Help with an Eberron CampaignUnexamined
[3.5] Heir of Siberys -- Story versus MechanicsUnexamined
Looking for an excerptUnexamined
D&D 3.5e - Warforged Juggernaut BABUnexamined
Writing a Book (That Will Never Be Read)Unexamined
Why do the Daelkyr look humanoid?Unexamined
Culture of the HousesUnexamined
Emerald Claw CommunicationUnexamined
The Survival of Taer Lian DoreshUnexamined
The Inspired in SharnUnexamined
shifters and their mating ritualsUnexamined
The Arcane Congress during the WarUnexamined
Eberron 3.5 non core class help - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
[3.5] "Dragonmarked" book - "Blade of Orien" prestige class - "Orien's Fury" - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need a good name for a warforged nation!Unexamined
SlangNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Relative D&D Newcomerneed some help with background. Help?Unexamined
help with NPCsUnexamined
Epic levels in EberronUnexamined
Heir of Siberys outside of the HouseUnexamined
Need adventure ideas for a trek into Darguun.Unexamined
Help with an encounter to bring the PC's from 10 to 11. DEMISE MK2Unexamined
The next great war has begun !Unexamined
The Last WarUnexamined
Minions of khyber?Unexamined
Need Name for Eberron DrugUnexamined
Google Maps EberronUnexamined
Looking for Dragon/Dungeon article featuring the Children of WinterUnexamined
How many elementals are bound in a lightning rail?Unexamined
Celia d'Cannith and the Five Progenitor psiforgedUnexamined
To Feed a DemonUnexamined
kalashtar dreamwalkersUnexamined
What have you done with the Mark of Prophecy?Unexamined
About a threadů.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Mark of Deaththe War and the Blood of VolUnexamined
Xoriat & the Far Realm?Unexamined
What was happening on Khorvaire during the age of giants?Unexamined
Help with an Artificer (3.5)Unexamined
4e Iron DefenderUnexamined
City DesignUnexamined
The Blood of Vol: Theological QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Fleshing Out Some Characters and Plot PointsUnexamined
Rise of the Runelords "conversion"Unexamined
Feyspires in 3.5Unexamined
Thelanis and LamanniaUnexamined
are there black people in eberron? Where?Unexamined
Xen'Drik Expeditions and Mark of HeroesUnexamined
Novels focusing on Artificers?Unexamined
Unit Rivalries from the Last War?Unexamined
Xoriat (How's it workIdeas on how to run)Unexamined
Divine Agents [3.0 PrC] on and around EberronNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Playtesting in Eberron? Deities of the playtest and the Silver Flame?Unexamined
Help with "episode" ideas?Unexamined
Pattent wars:Unexamined
New Eberron Adventure Coming in Dungeon 214Unexamined
Lawyers and legal thrillers in EberronUnexamined
Help pleaseUnexamined
No PDF love (Madcowthoughts?)Unexamined
[3.5PEACH] Affiliations: Ghaash'kala Tribes - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Assault on Karnnath - Breaking Fort Bones and Killing KaiusUnexamined
How do I pronounce...Unexamined
Eberron Homebrew Mournland CampaignHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
[3.5] Changeling Rogue/Paladin/Cabinet TricksterUnexamined
Looking to DM an Eberron GameUnexamined
shifter multi attack with two natural weaponsUnexamined
Eberron Aventure: Vol's Last Flicker.Unexamined
Eberron unsupported?Unexamined
Eberron Fansite KitUnexamined
So I know that in Forgotten realms the change in how magic worked from 3rd edition to 4th edition was explaned as being caused by the collapsing of the weave, but is it every explaned in Eberron?Unexamined
Off site campaignUnexamined
Character roleplaying advice: Anathi d'PhiarlanUnexamined
Answers from Mike Mearls on Eberron support in dndnextUnexamined
The Sharn DeneithUnexamined
Eberron ComicsUnexamined
Cyre in my EberronUnexamined
Valanar Elf skin tone?Unexamined
Eberron according to T.V. TropesUnexamined
Custom Siberys Shard Items helpNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Shadows in Breland Campaign WebsiteUnexamined
New Eberron Adventure In D214!Unexamined
Warforged next [PEACH] - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Writing some Eberron Fiction of my ownUnexamined
PlanesTrainsand Lightning RailsUnexamined
Some Music to go with SharnUnexamined
Campaign blurb on Paizo.comUnexamined
Releases of Eberron productsUnexamined
From Warforged to ReplicantUnexamined
Why is Fernia and Risia evil aligned?Unexamined
Artificer Infusions (3.x/Pathfinder)Unexamined
dndnext rules and Eberron: races (gnomes)Unexamined
DnD next wishlist: for eberron fans.Unexamined
Using "Cast as Ritual" in Next makes Eberron better (IMO)Unexamined
Calendar ConfusionUnexamined
Google+ CommunityUnexamined
Recruitment For A For Level 16 PC's PbP DnD Game Here At The WotC.Unexamined
Betrayed by the Emerald Claw!!Unexamined
Merrix d' Cannith - PortraitUnexamined
[PF] First Brawl was a success!Unexamined
What is the Tain scion up to?Unexamined
Rogue Dragon in Seekers of the Ashen CrownUnexamined
Strange places for DragonmarksUnexamined
Paragons I would love to see...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Renegade Red Wizard character theme questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Conquerer RulesUnexamined
Alchemical Wrath?Unexamined
Visualizing Fallen in Sharn...Unexamined
Eberron novels by Keith Baker on AmazonUnexamined
Epic lightning rail:Unexamined
New Dragonmark Q&A up: DaelkyrUnexamined
Eberron Races Attempt - 5EUnexamined
The Mind and Soul.Unexamined
Good Q'Barra Adventure?Unexamined
Lost Posts?Unexamined
Establishing a Connection between Eberron and LamanniaUnexamined
Helpfull ideas:Unexamined
looking for 4e-style city mapUnexamined
Eberron using Dungeon World or D&D4e?Unexamined
Need Help: Eberon's Illegal SubstancesUnexamined
Eberron product (re)releasesUnexamined
Eberron Q&A: The GatekeepersUnexamined
Attitude towards Vampires in Eberron?Unexamined
Seeking players for an Eberron dndnext play by post!Unexamined
1st Level "Last War" Adventure IdeasUnexamined
DM Aid - To repair an Airship:Unexamined
Abeils and the Du'raksha TulUnexamined
Xen'drik Ruin TrapsUnexamined
3.5 UnCon Quori ContestUnexamined
Eberron Character ThemesUnexamined
Do you have a flag?Unexamined
For I have amnesia!!!Unexamined
philosophy of a bored DM: druidselementals elemental bindingUnexamined
What makes for a good Eberron adventure?Unexamined
Eberron with True20 rulesUnexamined
warforged titan representationUnexamined
Eberron CampaignBlade of VolUnexamined
Eberron Stories And DiceUnexamined
Expanding the Qaltiar PantheonUnexamined
My warforged titan:Unexamined
The planes of Eberron.Unexamined
Artificer in NextUnexamined
New Q&AUnexamined
1001 Secrets and Traditions of the Dragonmarked HousesIdeas
Daine's vision of Dal QuorUnexamined
Face of the Moon in EberronUnexamined
Creating My EberronUnexamined
The Krogan LoBstrUnexamined
Purchasable PDF of Eberron 3.5 Campaign SettingUnexamined
Good Eberron Introduction for New PlayersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Orcs and the Shadow MarchesUnexamined
Temple of Elemental Evil -> EberronUnexamined
Elemental Airship PricingUnexamined
Merrix d'Cannith IdeaUnexamined
Legal question concerning Artifact SpellsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Operating a creation forgeUnexamined
Eberron via AD&DUnexamined
Mounted weapons on airship & galleonsUnexamined
What Is/Was Yarkuun Draal?Unexamined
Blood of VolUnexamined
How to take down a Lord of Dust?Unexamined
3.5/PF Eberron VestigesHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
PF Eberron Planetouched RacesUnexamined
PF Eberron Character TraitsUnexamined
Forge Of War - Time TravelUnexamined
Airship encounters:Unexamined
New Eberron Q&AUnexamined
Giant ReligionUnexamined
Elemental AirshipsUnexamined
WarforgedUndead and the MourningUnexamined
DhakaanNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Bombards in Eberron?Unexamined
Running The Forge of Fury in EberronUnexamined
Using the 4e Eberron Player's Guide to run a 5e Campaignloose and fastUnexamined
Talking About Eberron At Gen ConUnexamined
Any GenCon news for 5e Eberron?Unexamined
Recruitment during Last WarUnexamined
Dragon Marks Houses 5eUnexamined
Do Warforged Produce Body Heat?Unexamined
Eberron 5e Campaign Character - Ranger or Barbarian?Unexamined
Speaking with Steve PrescottUnexamined
warforged and plane of madnessUnexamined
Our 5e Eberron Game Has Started!Unexamined
Novel reading orderUnexamined
Eberron Map from Dragon MagazineUnexamined
Some Thoughts On Eberron 5EUnexamined
My PbP campaignUnexamined
Question about House KhundrakNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Eberron lycanthropes and the 12 moonsUnexamined
Lord Darro and Knight PhantomsUnexamined
Lightning Rail AdventureUnexamined
Quori questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Civilian Travel During The Last WarUnexamined
5E Eberron for Charity!Unexamined
RhashaakHaka'torvhakand Faiths of EberronUnexamined
It is... inevitableMr. Anderson.Unexamined
Fleshing Out Karrn The ConquerorUnexamined
Eberron Q&AUnexamined
Limiting Spells or Books in a 3.5 Eberron CampaignUnexamined
Code of Galifar and Dominate PersonUnexamined
Feedback on my take on the 5e Warforged.Unexamined
Eberron Fan MagazineUnexamined
Eberron Forgotten Realms CrossoverUnexamined
Blueprints of an Eldritch MachineUnexamined
Fleshing out YrlagUnexamined
The 13th House: An Eberron FanzineUnexamined
Converting Hoard of the Dragon Queen & Rise of Tiamat to EberronUnexamined
Dragonmarks for 5eUnexamined
Magic Item Economy Heavily RegulatedUnexamined
Offiical Eberron 5e Rules added!Unexamined
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Droaam at WarUnexamined
Warforged for 5eUnexamined
Jungle Secrets pdfUnexamined
Korranberg Chronicle questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
ElvesSleep and Dol QuorUnexamined
Lost Mines for EberronUnexamined
Starting a 5e campaing.Unexamined
Early human and elf interactionUnexamined
Mind Seed MechanicsUnexamined
Eberron NewbieUnexamined
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Positive Energy Necromancy - What Is It & How Does It Work?Unexamined
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Please archive your content at the Eberron forum at The PiazzaUnexamined
Warforged Template - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed