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Welcome to Dungeons & Dragons!Unexamined
Frequently Asked QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Campaigns You Never StartedUnexamined
Magic Item Creation AdviceUnexamined
Forgotten Realms or homebrew world?Unexamined
Character SheetUnexamined
"Evil" Domains for World CreationUnexamined
PLaying with rationscarrying capacity and lifestyle...Unexamined
Basic rules pregenerated charactersUnexamined
advice on teaching D&D to a childUnexamined
Hombrew or EberronUnexamined
Starter Set Map for players (link included)Unexamined
Starter Set First Session: Ooookayyy...Unexamined
5th edition monsters vs playtestUnexamined
Survival IslandUnexamined
Determining AdvantageUnexamined
Mixing playtest with Starter SetUnexamined
New to D&D but some how a DMUnexamined
Campaign Planning - anyone want to help?Unexamined
The Task Resolution ToolUnexamined
Help with player mishapUnexamined
Anyone made a DM screen yet?Unexamined
DM 2 page info PDFUnexamined
5e Combat CardUnexamined
What year?Unexamined
Creating VilliansUnexamined
Phandalin Groups *Minor Spoilers*Unexamined
Critique this 5e itemUnexamined
Starter Set Pregen Character sheetsUnexamined
Am I Building Encounters Right?Unexamined
Forgotten Realms Pantheon for Basic Set ClericsUnexamined
Actual Play: Dead in ThayUnexamined
Party TrackerUnexamined
Monsters for 5thUnexamined
Lost Mines of Phandelver: 10% Share of MineUnexamined
Smaller PartiesUnexamined
Smaller PartiesUnexamined
Player knowledge vs. character knowledgeUnexamined
Do your monsters heal themselves overnight?Unexamined
Starting a businessUnexamined
What would you expect in 'The City of Winds and Waves'?Unexamined
Any tips on how to build my first and highly hostile Hexcrawl?Unexamined
[House Rule] DaggermasterUnexamined
PHG Classes/RacesUnexamined
1e to 5e Combat TrackerUnexamined
My Starter Set experience: Treat it like its 3e re: starting at level 3Unexamined
DM Tools and Resources Thread.Unexamined
A friend wants to play a Pathfinder summonereveryone agrees but...Unexamined
Amber's Economic Help ThreadUnexamined
character generatorUnexamined
A Dungeon Master toolUnexamined
Fantasy Biology: Bypassing Biology Based Sexism in Your GameUnexamined
Stats for starter set adventure.Unexamined
Surf's D&D 5e Monster AnalysisUnexamined
Thieve's CantUnexamined
Creature Building HelpUnexamined
Fifth Edition CR and XP ratingUnexamined
Homebrew Giant raceUnexamined
Javelin's Light?Unexamined
Homebrew ProjectUnexamined
how might monster customisation work ?Unexamined
4 PC Lost Mine of Phandelver?Unexamined
Additional Background for Lost mines?Unexamined
Tips for populating dungeons with variety?Unexamined
Ideas for fun Magic ItemsUnexamined
Where to find MonstersUnexamined
Siege Weapons and Explosives HelpUnexamined
Pregen HelpUnexamined
Where is Faerie Fire in the Starer SetUnexamined
Fantasie MathUnexamined
New "Skill system" module - feedback welcomeUnexamined
Balls in our court DMsdon't screw it upUnexamined
Help Me Design A Wood Elf FestivalUnexamined
Outside The Tower - The Broader World Of MagicUnexamined
Could 3 people get into the Starter Set?Unexamined
Help creating an itemUnexamined
Class: The Pocket SummonerUnexamined
"Being Everything Else"Unexamined
I Like Your Attitude! - Replacing AlignmentUnexamined
The role of the 'Gods' in your campaign?Unexamined
Hedge Wizard?Unexamined
Starter set DM reportUnexamined
Quick Reference: Spells with GP component costsUnexamined
Mines of Phandelver one-off and impressionsUnexamined
The Western Core- Ravenloft in the United StatesUnexamined
How can I integrate a "Save or Sacrifice" recurring feature on a campaign?Unexamined
Negotiating with the Nothic - Phandelver questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Downloads for "Lost Mine of Phan­del­ver"Unexamined
Questions about your favorite Monster MechanicsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Phandelver - the Halfling Rogue's SecretUnexamined
Monster Creation for 5eUnexamined
Starter set Monster ArtUnexamined
Nation CreatorUnexamined
Phandelver Organizations / FactionsUnexamined
Starter Set to 2 book adventure?Unexamined
Publishing 5e adventuresUnexamined
Guidelines for running playtest adventures with basic rules?Unexamined
5th edition DM screens: What do you put on it?Unexamined
Transformation ability questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DM Notes From Session #1 of LMOPUnexamined
CR and ExhaustionUnexamined
Assassination plot helpUnexamined
converting from 1e to 5eUnexamined
Level advancement "loose sheet" rules in Starter Set?Unexamined
Map of Moonstone MaskUnexamined
Monster Stat Block ?Unexamined
LMOP Thundertree (Spoilers)Unexamined
Running the Starter Set soon.Unexamined
Getting Phaeselis ready for 5eUnexamined
Help on avoiding "hit youhit me" boss battles?Unexamined
Thaulmaturgy AbuseUnexamined
Wanna help with history of the Forgotten RealmsUnexamined
What will happen if a player wants to play a dnd next drow?Unexamined
Background HelpUnexamined
My god!Unexamined
Getting young players to work together?Unexamined
Forgotten RealmsHomebrewor a Mixture for Your 5E Setting?Unexamined
LMoP: Lost in the Wilderness EditionUnexamined
Using Personal Characteristics?Unexamined
Help me build my campaign! Tying main Plot Hooks and Player Goals.Unexamined
Forging the RealmsUnexamined
Determining SurpriseUnexamined
Player wants to stay playing a tenguUnexamined
Monster DCsUnexamined
How are you planning your campaigns?Unexamined
So is four goblins a normal encounter?Unexamined
Not an Original Pantheonbut a homebrewed oneUnexamined
Is my campaign idea good?Unexamined
Is my campaign idea good?Unexamined
Lost Mine of Phandelver pointersUnexamined
Looking for a good webservice to host campaign infoUnexamined
How to not give things away in failed checksUnexamined
Redbrand Attack HelpUnexamined
Starter Set MapsUnexamined
1st timer DM and players running Starter Set gameUnexamined
Deal with a devil!Unexamined
Beginner DM questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Modern Zombie apocalypse class issues.Unexamined
FR: TimelineUnexamined
Appendix A: Backgrounds from Hoard DQ EncounterUnexamined
Unseen targetsUnexamined
NPC CR / XPUnexamined
Did Venomfang Escape in Your Campaign?Unexamined
What do you let your players know about monsters?Unexamined
The Crypt of IstarisUnexamined
Bioorganic ItemsUnexamined
Spending Hit diceUnexamined
DMing without DMG?Unexamined
Using a turn timerUnexamined
Some new (old) Magic ItemsUnexamined
Some new magic itemsUnexamined
Make the maps available onlineUnexamined
Planning helpUnexamined
Questions of a new DM (long post).No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Encounter Building/ScalingUnexamined
First Campaign DMing - please help!Unexamined
Rings that do weird thingsUnexamined
New BackgroundUnexamined
PC balance within the partyUnexamined
Treasure - Loot & Magic in 5eUnexamined
Best way to scale down for not enough players?Unexamined
Roleplay a Wise but not Intelligent NPC?Unexamined
Clerics - Cantrips KnownUnexamined
Finishing Lost Mine of PhandelverUnexamined
Math-magician neededUnexamined
A few questions...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
4 to 6 Player Conversion ChartUnexamined
Digital Mapping Tools?Unexamined
Hoard of the Dragon Queen encounter difficultyUnexamined
Hoard of the Dragon Queen1st SessionUnexamined
Lost Mines QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
New DM needs a little helpUnexamined
Lair actionsUnexamined
Opinions on a Faerie Dragon buildUnexamined
A Few Magic ThingsUnexamined
Unforseen Issues with Vitality/Wounds VariantUnexamined
Horizontal DM Screen Inserts!Unexamined
Triboar Trail Noncombat Events: random encounters for Part 3 of PhandelverUnexamined
Comedy Adventure InspirationUnexamined
Help on feature swap: improved critUnexamined
Intelligence Rules! (Rough houserule concept)Unexamined
Sidekicks for everybody!Unexamined
Lost Mines of Phandelver1st Session Worries (spoilers!)Unexamined
A little video I put togetherUnexamined
What was the official canon ending for Murder in Baldur's Gate?Unexamined
looking for feedback on this race/classUnexamined
Legendary ActionsUnexamined
Pathfinder Monster Conversion ThreadUnexamined
Traps in 5eUnexamined
monster CR helpUnexamined
One Roll Party Ability checksUnexamined
New feat for explorationUnexamined
Rolling for attributesUnexamined
Readiness in Hoard of the Dragon Queen?Unexamined
Creative Feat creationUnexamined
Transitioning from Starter Box to Hoard of the Dragon QueenUnexamined
Domains and Evil GodsUnexamined
Help Creating CharactersUnexamined
Tumbling FeatUnexamined
Going from Phandelver to Hoard of the Dragon Queen (some spoilers)Unexamined
Ring of Elemental CommandUnexamined
mass combatUnexamined
Airship CombatUnexamined
Parry rulesUnexamined
Homebrew GenasiUnexamined
Thinking through house rule for Advantage/DisadvantageUnexamined
New MonstersUnexamined
Point Buy pointsUnexamined
Converting Proficiencies to 2nd EditionUnexamined
Creating New Background BenefitsUnexamined
Moonsea Map?Unexamined
Improved Animal Companion FeatUnexamined
Critical Hit House RuleUnexamined
Sorcerous OriginsUnexamined
Instant DeathUnexamined
Starter Set to Hoard of the Dragon Queen transitionUnexamined
[House Rule] Exhaustion Level on 0hpUnexamined
Thaumaturgy to enhance Command range ?Unexamined
Swarm of StirgesUnexamined
Hazardous EnvironmentsUnexamined
Combining phandalin and greenest? Lost mine to dragon queenUnexamined
VillageTownCityMetropolis: What's the Geographic Scale?Unexamined
Running HotDQ player wants to play a dragonborn paladin need help.Unexamined
Spell AdviceUnexamined
DuergarSvirfneblinand ShiftersUnexamined
Inspiration = disadvantage on a saving throw?Unexamined
LMoP Thieves GuildUnexamined
Death DomainUnexamined
Disappointed with Hoard Of The Dragon QueenUnexamined
DM's web app (support mobile) 5edUnexamined
Building Combat Encounters QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Forgotten Realms - where to find source material?Unexamined
Hoard of the Dragon Queen -- Encounter DifficultyUnexamined
Advice on Managing a D&D GameUnexamined
Switching Damage TypesUnexamined
Awakening a Familiar?Unexamined
Question about Murder in Baldur's GateNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How high of level do you expect your game will actually go?Unexamined
A few Helpful links!Unexamined
Creating ExcaliburUnexamined
Looking for Hoard of the Dragon Queen AdviceUnexamined
Horde of the Dragon Queen in Nentir ValeUnexamined
New feats and backgrounds listUnexamined
Why do Kobolds get a +2 on their damage?Unexamined
5E Update for siege weapons - what do you think?Unexamined
How do you deal with a Halfling Lightfoot Thief?Unexamined
How do we role-play Hit DIce useUnexamined
Hermit DIscoveriesUnexamined
How do you deal with passing time?Unexamined
Is a cleric a must-have for a group?Unexamined
Revamping prayer beads for 5EUnexamined
House rules to expand player optionsUnexamined
Questions on the water whipNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DragonbornLarge Size?Unexamined
Playing Hoard of the Dragon Queen after Starter SetUnexamined
Newbie question re: mapsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DM Notes From Session #1 of HotDQUnexamined
Playing Horde with characters from Lost MineUnexamined
Critique My MonstersUnexamined
Updated Bracers of ArcheryUnexamined
Should masterwork weapons and armor return?Unexamined
D&D Encounters Kits for Home Play?Unexamined
eliminating negative modifiersUnexamined
low (restricted?) magic settingUnexamined
House Rules: Whip Master FeatUnexamined
GithzeraiKalashtarand Warforged PC racesUnexamined
CR value for rolled character sheetsUnexamined
Adapting 5e to BirthrightUnexamined
Handling fast travel (flightteleportationetc.)Unexamined
How to start a thieves guildUnexamined
convert and DM - Drow & Giant seriesUnexamined
Instant Help for Faerun Loreplease!Unexamined
How much do you bend the rules to keep players alive?Unexamined
Custom background for a War WizardUnexamined
First time dmUnexamined
Passive Perception in Hoard of the Dragon QueenUnexamined
Pantheons of DnDUnexamined
New weapon and featUnexamined
Hoard of the Dragon QueenUnexamined
My 4 house rulesUnexamined
Adapting 2E material for use with 5E (Al-Qadim Campaign Setting)Unexamined
Death and Dying HouserulesUnexamined
Mechromancer style class?Unexamined
House ruling featsUnexamined
What is happening with magic items?Unexamined
What is happening with magic items?Unexamined
How does one flee an aggressor?Unexamined
Things to do with a Hit DieUnexamined
D&D Next monsters to 5eUnexamined
Druid - Wild Shape QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Homebrew ship combatUnexamined
Horde of the Dragon Queen too deadly or just right?Unexamined
The finesse and the artUnexamined
Trying not to kill my wizards and sorcerers...Unexamined
pulling punches/teaching roleplayingUnexamined
Rituals For AllUnexamined
New to FR need advice.Unexamined
New background - EngineerUnexamined
Forgotten Realms HelpUnexamined
Cleric and allignmentUnexamined
How does the XP work in 5.0?Unexamined
Looking for a DM to run a game for disabled playersUnexamined
Your House Rules regardless of editionUnexamined
Problem with Horde of the Dragon QueenUnexamined
Quivering Palm?Unexamined
low prep actual play with QelongUnexamined
All the world is a stageUnexamined
5ed Magic MIssile at Level 3Unexamined
Transitioning from one published adventure to anotherUnexamined
5e - Complete random 1st level character generator (version 5)Unexamined
Some new DM questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I have a cleric joining my game and had to make a deities table for him to create his characterUnexamined
Riddle/puzzle based dungeonUnexamined
Encounter Calculator for 5EUnexamined
Rebuilding and/or Construction CostsUnexamined
Farmer and Tinkerer BackgroundsUnexamined
Armor VariantUnexamined
Ways to "buy" thingsUnexamined
5e Roper monster statsUnexamined
New Warlock PatronUnexamined
looking for a guide to update modules to 5eUnexamined
Hoard of the Dragon Queen NPCsUnexamined
I like the ranger. Have any of you DM'd for one?Unexamined
Customizing NPC questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Hoard Of The Dragon Queen (Spoilers)Unexamined
Spelljammer 101Unexamined
faerie dragon familiar?Unexamined
Wants to play a Necromancer - Help!Unexamined
New Adventures in Lost Mine of Phandalin?Unexamined
Another Forgotten Realms Question from a new DMNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help with Tyranny of Dragons: concept?Unexamined
Extra PC for PhandelverUnexamined
New Races for Custom CampaignUnexamined
Pacing RestsUnexamined
Tools for remote gamesUnexamined
Playing with criticalsUnexamined
Cloak of elvenkind in Hoard of the dragon queen.Unexamined
Ability Scores - Points Buy vs. RollingUnexamined
Legen... wait for it... dary!Unexamined
I Need Help with A Couple RulingsUnexamined
Non-Magical Rangers and PaladinsUnexamined
Actions on your turn cheat sheetUnexamined
What are your house rules for REPLACEMENT characters?Unexamined
house rules to fix the sorcererUnexamined
Player is thinking about weapon strapsand I could use some feedback.Unexamined
We got crits. How about fumbles?Unexamined
D20 mechanic to random for my playersUnexamined
Do you like Tyranny of Dragons?Unexamined
Sage Advice LinksUnexamined
WarlocksSpell Power Increase?Unexamined
Frenzy BarbarianUnexamined
[Campaign Log] Tyranny of DragonsUnexamined
'Old school' blog/podcasts suggestionsUnexamined
Your magic items ?Unexamined
disruptive proneUnexamined
CR for NPCSUnexamined
Encounter difficulty calculatorUnexamined
Need help structuring a campaign where anybody can come and go as they pleaseUnexamined
useful threads for DMsUnexamined
Using HirelingsUnexamined
I want to change multiclassing for games I runUnexamined
Issue with famiarUnexamined
Temporary DM for EncountersUnexamined
Helping with class selection.Unexamined
Help with Hoard of the Dragon Queen maps.Unexamined
Them boss fite feelsUnexamined
Chris Perkins Old "Dungeon Master Experience" ArticlesUnexamined
Masterwork in DaggerfordUnexamined
New DM needing tipsUnexamined
Of rituals and wizards.\Unexamined
Little bit of help please?Unexamined
Presenting options to playersUnexamined
Oh boywhat have I gotten myself into?Unexamined
Ghost of Dragonspear SequelUnexamined
Starting gold for non-level 1.Unexamined
What would interfere with an Identify spell?Unexamined
New DM looking for some adviceUnexamined
Converting 3.5 Gods into 5th Edition?Unexamined
Initiative Count 20Unexamined
The numbers aren't adding upencounter helpUnexamined
Random vs Placed TreasureUnexamined
Which Tool Kit & Proficiency?Unexamined
A few thoughts on hit pointsUnexamined
Do Rogues get bonuses for trap searching?Unexamined
PC Death and Returning without XP LossUnexamined
Converting CampaignsUnexamined
Solo XPUnexamined
What is Slam?Unexamined
Let's Apply Lucky Feat to MagicUnexamined
Damphyr/Vryloka/Daywalker RaceUnexamined
Legacy of the Crystal Shard stats?Unexamined
"Expected" TreasureUnexamined
Help with a campaign structureUnexamined
Pregen charactersUnexamined
Dispel Magic and magic itemsUnexamined
Regarding Hazirawn (Legendary weapon in HODQ)Unexamined
help building a bloodlust mechanicUnexamined
Mediating A Group. Red vs Blue.Unexamined
NPC generator (web appmobile friendly)Unexamined
Lost Mines AdventureUnexamined
Lost mines of phandelver: Banshees bargainUnexamined
Lost Mine of Phandelverrogue backstory questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A starting point.Unexamined
Horde of the Dragon Queen for a 2 PC groupUnexamined
Are we loosing XP budgets?Unexamined
My groups first impression of D&D5Unexamined
HotDQ in Eberron?Unexamined
Undead hunterUnexamined
Hamun Kost- LMoP spoilersUnexamined
What 5th Ed adventure would you run a new party through?Unexamined
Hoard of the Dragon Queen: chapter 2-3 transitionUnexamined
[House Rule] Damage Reduction from ArmourUnexamined
4th edition Players Handbook vs Dark Sun monstersUnexamined
Question about a program and an out of date systemNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Multiclass and Extra AttacksUnexamined
Script Fonts.Unexamined
Post Your House Rules HereUnexamined
Multiclass and ArchtypesUnexamined
Magic Items?Unexamined
Help me with adventure designUnexamined
One Hour Rest Intention?Unexamined
5e ranked skill systemUnexamined
Wartorn Landsa homegrown campaignUnexamined
New Skills via TrainingUnexamined
When players come to blowsUnexamined
Map toolUnexamined
my game took an unexpected turn - any advice?Unexamined
[WIP] Variant skill system.Unexamined
Find Familiar... many issues.Unexamined
good omensUnexamined
That “magical feeling”Unexamined
What is a good way to share adventures we create?Unexamined
Musings on Worlds: Varying Magic/Tech LevelsUnexamined
magic items for my campaign.Unexamined
How do you handle being lost?Unexamined
Doctor/Vet BackgroundUnexamined
3 man party for HoardUnexamined
Cultist FashionsUnexamined
Building Adventure AreasUnexamined
Help with Encounter BuildingUnexamined
Do you track your rulings?Unexamined
New DM needs helpUnexamined
Exchanging CurrencyUnexamined
Clerical domainsUnexamined
Setting Trap Detection DCsUnexamined
Active vs Passive SearchesUnexamined
Spicy Magic ItemsUnexamined
Would you allow a Fighting Styles feat?Unexamined
What Stuff Are You Keeping From Previous Editions?Unexamined
MM lacks wild shape formsUnexamined
question for DMsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
5th edition houserulesUnexamined
Newbie DnD DMUnexamined
[Springdale AR] Need more DMs for growing D&D Encounters programUnexamined
Level 0 SessionsUnexamined
too many actions?Unexamined
handling a grappleUnexamined
Hammerfast and Hoard of the Dragon QueenUnexamined
Downside to Sneaking?Unexamined
To kill a vampire...Unexamined
Custom Monsters?Unexamined
different shieldsUnexamined
Questions about SpellsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Multi class Druid/Fighter Wildshape issueUnexamined
Defensive Duelist vs. Ranged AttacksUnexamined
Crafting ScrollsUnexamined
Speeding up 5E CombatUnexamined
What makes a great NPC great?Unexamined
D&D 5e: AasimarUnexamined
Help - Starting HotDQ at level 7Unexamined
Hoard of the Dragon Queen Chapter 3 questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
5th Edition Control Water Spell QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Coping with a Troublesome PowergamerUnexamined
Forgotten Realms Gods?Unexamined
Situations without good decisionsUnexamined
converting a 4e game to 5eUnexamined
How complex should your Antagonist beUnexamined
Dice Role Score?Unexamined
Help Further My Intrigue and Treachery!Unexamined
Excel Spell DatabaseUnexamined
Tying PC Backgrounds TogetherUnexamined
Higher CR versions of MonstersUnexamined
House Rule: Wine For The Blood God!Unexamined
New DM adjusting the Lost Mine of PhandelverUnexamined
How do these spells work exactly ?Unexamined
INSPIRATION REDEEMABLES - Homebrew Advantage redeemable cardsUnexamined
⇲ Rules Clarification (Sage Advise) v1 [september 2014]Unexamined
hidingbefore and during combatUnexamined
Isle of the WeirdUnexamined
Succubus corruptionUnexamined
Mini-games for PC'sUnexamined
Hoard of the Dragon Queen Villain InformationUnexamined
PC want to go shopping!Unexamined
Very Handy Encounter Builder Helping ToolUnexamined
Bone ArmorUnexamined
Help with Custom CampaignUnexamined
How to Calculate experience for NPCUnexamined
Moon Druids??Unexamined
Red Hand of Doom 5eUnexamined
How should I do an Arena? (PvE)Unexamined
list of valuable spell componentsUnexamined
HotDQ - Chapters 1-2 - Cyanwrath Introduction?Unexamined
Casting from a Scroll of Higher LevelUnexamined
Monster ManualHow to Calculate experience for NPCUnexamined
[House Rule] Perception as a Stand Alone statistic.Unexamined
Ideas to increase the difficulty of HotDQUnexamined
Letting Players Do The WorkUnexamined
I need a warlockUnexamined
Getting playersUnexamined
Druid-Large creature helpUnexamined
Changing my DM paradigmUnexamined
Getting Feats via TrainingUnexamined
Does a Ghost's possession ability make it immune to damage?Unexamined
In your encounters how often do characters get KOedUnexamined
Favorite Nemesis?Unexamined
What Do You Want To Know?Unexamined
Nerath SettingUnexamined
Ancient Green Dragon's MEGA CLAWS OF DOOM THAT KILL LIKE DEATH IS DRIPPING FROM THE DEADLYNESS... you get the point!Unexamined
Lair Action on Initiative Count 20Unexamined
Spell ListsUnexamined
How do I add a pic to the page?Unexamined
Spore Servant ChallengeNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
NPC Pre-BuildsUnexamined
Campaign setting idea - It’s full of stars - A world building exerciseUnexamined
Advice for a „Expedition to lost land” storyUnexamined
Making a Challenge 30 Undead MonsterNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Converting Cult of Dragon Quests to EberronUnexamined
D&D 5e DM ScreenUnexamined
Houseruling Potion ConsumptionUnexamined
Honouring a fallen playerUnexamined
Converting Previous Editions Spells and Magic ItemsUnexamined
Skeleton and Zombie TemplatesUnexamined
No Druid companions?Unexamined
passive perception questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How do I get this guy to role-play?Unexamined
Gamebreaking spellsUnexamined
New Player set on RPing a dragonUnexamined
Goober's Random Monster Generator (Alpha)Unexamined
A rogue at long range from hiding.Unexamined
Setting DC's for Monster Knowledge ChecksUnexamined
Lost Mine of Phandelver (LMoP)Unexamined
Help with combat tracking?Unexamined
LMoP chase sceneUnexamined
Encounter for large group.Unexamined
Character Sheets for GodsUnexamined
Rhenny's Ghost of Dragonspear Castle 5e CampaignUnexamined
PC's Identifying Potions?Unexamined
How does H. K. knows where Wave Echo Caves are?Unexamined
Dex based paladinUnexamined
where to adventure nextUnexamined
Jumping from 4e to 5eUnexamined
Vrocks and Dance of RuinUnexamined
Quest Rewards?Unexamined
Werewolf PCUnexamined
Undead Campaign / AdventureUnexamined
Single Player Adventure?Unexamined
Lack of monster skills (Athletics and Acrobatics)Unexamined
Monster Feedback - Blazing WraithUnexamined
What Went Wrong?Unexamined
Need Some Story HelpUnexamined
White Plume Mountain - 5e Legacy WeaponsUnexamined
Encounter Guidelines are to easyUnexamined
Restingdifficulty and immersion.Unexamined
High Starting StatsUnexamined
Arcane/Nature/Religion Check to "ID" a monster?Unexamined
[House Rule] Better Land DruidsUnexamined
Troublesome player or bad DMing?Unexamined
Module Conversion Help (3.5 to 5th)Unexamined
Monster Feedback - Icebreaker SharkUnexamined
One-shot session helpUnexamined
Campaign Setting Shift: Fantasy Post-ApocolypseUnexamined
New Podcast for DMsUnexamined
HotDQ Episode 3 Help please!Unexamined
need help with ancient red dragonUnexamined
Working virtual tabletop for 5e?Unexamined
Desert of Desolation conversionUnexamined
Adjudicating trapsUnexamined
Breaking Game BalanceUnexamined
Help making a low-level magic Instrument:Unexamined
What world do your play? Campaign Setting? Advices?Unexamined
How do you run stealth and surprise?Unexamined
Hord of the Dragon Queen... selling the eggsUnexamined
Dark Sun HomebrewUnexamined
New to DnD - would like some material on Neverwinter and the forgotten realmsUnexamined
being a better DMUnexamined
Suggestions for Converting the GDQ series to 5E?Unexamined
AD&D Style MulticlassingUnexamined
thanks to all of the contributosand Halloween Quickie.Unexamined
Alignments are CEUnexamined
Old adventuresnew rulesUnexamined
Advice to fix thisUnexamined
Brainstorming a prophecyUnexamined
Monster Feedback - Gaping MawUnexamined
Material Components. Do You Use Them?Unexamined
Upcoming villains in 4e adventureUnexamined
Reoccurring villains in my 4e campaignUnexamined
Uninspiring InspirationUnexamined
Help with HotDQ Magic ItemUnexamined
Converting the GhostwalkUnexamined
how would you run this?Unexamined
Where's Monster Treasure?Unexamined
Rolling appUnexamined
Monster Feedback - Sand KrakenUnexamined
Help with HotDQ episode 4?Unexamined
ISO DM [Toms RiverNJ]Unexamined
New EASY race and feat creation rules under constructionUnexamined
DM Screen layout -- now in a usable stateUnexamined
HotDQ Realmsdate?Unexamined
DM Homebrew Game TemplateUnexamined
Random World Map generator?Unexamined
After HotDQ -- what's next?Unexamined
Share your houserules and homebrewUnexamined
Scarecrow token for HalloweenUnexamined
Bronze AgeUnexamined
Monster Building in 5e...Unexamined
Plot help. Freefall into Darkness...Unexamined
Rhenny's Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle 5e CampaignUnexamined
Red Box Set Redux or Ideas on Imbuing Replay ValueUnexamined
5e in a card sleeveUnexamined
Encounter GuidelinesUnexamined
Wizard subclass: MageUnexamined
Hamun Kost and Lost Mine of PhandalinUnexamined
Imposing a time limit on an adventureUnexamined
Encounter Building Guidelines.Unexamined
How to deal with McguyveringUnexamined
Mind-Control Bug TemplateUnexamined
In a corner - demonic ritualUnexamined
Blade Ward improvementUnexamined
Brainstorming: Inspiration CardsUnexamined
An unofficial D&D 5e Bestiary...Unexamined
Human with Sharpshooter feat in darknessUnexamined
New Campaign: Sinbad Style!Unexamined
Keep on the BorderlandsUnexamined
Level AdvancementUnexamined
Fun PointsUnexamined
We had our first character death yesterday...Unexamined
[Campaign Setting] D&D... IN SPAAAAACEUnexamined
Need a Hand with ThundertreeUnexamined
PEACH Slightly beefier ZombieUnexamined
Awesome House Rule for Druids (Wild Shape)Unexamined
DM Screens?Unexamined
What Do You Think Of These Warlock Houserules?Unexamined
Tomb of Horrors-ConversionUnexamined
A World Without Locks (help)Unexamined
Devil/Aberration HybridUnexamined
Alt. Multiclass ABIUnexamined
New Races created using PHB evidenceUnexamined
Gaining Spells of Higher Level from a Spellbook?Unexamined
Shooting Ranged Weapon into MeleeUnexamined
New to DMingUnexamined
do you telegraph your "social traps"?Unexamined
Four HorsemenUnexamined
Monster "Type" (Constructs)Unexamined
Help making an interested storyUnexamined
HOTDQ MonstersUnexamined
SciFi Inspired Magic ItemsUnexamined
Lightning BoltUnexamined
Are PC's effectively 'immortal' in 5th ed?Unexamined
Decent floor patterns or PDFs?Unexamined
DM Combat/Traveling Descriptions...New DMUnexamined
I have less than two weeks to become a DM.Unexamined
Can a Dungeon Master have a character?Unexamined
"Level 2 Donkey"Unexamined
25 new trinketsUnexamined
critique for after Phandelver campaignUnexamined
Question about Phandelver monster stat blocksNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
how can I spice up my next session?Unexamined
Wish spellUnexamined
Are HD ever relevant?Unexamined
Conflict between characters/players – what to do?Unexamined
New Monsters in a PDFUnexamined
Designing dungeons like a proUnexamined
DM refs at the tableUnexamined
Magic Item ShopsIdea how to price +1 itemsUnexamined
Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle - Party made a complicated decisionUnexamined
finding a familiarUnexamined
Want to play a half drow? or a half wood elf?Unexamined
1e and 2e Modules with 5eUnexamined
What to charge for a house?Unexamined
How do Dragonborn breed?Unexamined
After Phandalin (specific campaignnot general advice)Unexamined
South CharlotteNC Store: Looking for Dungeon MastersUnexamined
Just noticed in the 10/28 DM Basic Rules...Unexamined
Legacy of the Crystal Shard in 5eUnexamined
I'm having trouble improvising plot twistsUnexamined
SooooWhy Isn't the Death Knight A Legendary Monster?Unexamined
Scroll distributionUnexamined
Determent Ability ScoresUnexamined
DM HELP! Epic fail Hoard of the Dragon QueenUnexamined
5e Starter Campaign. What to do with the Dragon?Unexamined
Critical probabilityUnexamined
Need assistance: HotDQ Esp 3 for Level 13 PCsUnexamined
Bypassing Factions in 5th EditionUnexamined
Crashing Skyreach CastleUnexamined
Candyland: A One Shot D&D Adventure.Unexamined
Breaking News: Chosen of Torm Corrupted By Lycanthropy!Unexamined
Setup for a 4 person arrest and workhorse questions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help with a player request and a Realms Newbie DMUnexamined
Adventure Idea Help - Riddle(Maste)rUnexamined
Taming and befriending helpUnexamined
Did Moradin go AWOL?Unexamined
Are Dragons all breath and no bite?Unexamined
where can I learn more about fey?Unexamined
House Rule to "fix" Ability Score Watering DownUnexamined
Suggestion for a Custom Magic Weapon?Unexamined
Scaling damage on traps?Unexamined
Players want to build a city need helpUnexamined
Recommendations for party unity from the outsetUnexamined
Wild Shape OP FixesUnexamined
Quick draw attack on the unpreparedUnexamined
Rise of Tiamat request for aid.Unexamined
How muchand whendo you inform your players on mechanics?Unexamined
Homebrew: Feats RevampedUnexamined
On ConcentrationUnexamined
The Orthodox Approach to Rolling InitiativeUnexamined
Need some help with some mathUnexamined
I need an idea for a creepy forest...Unexamined
Changing the pace/styleUnexamined
Help with two magic itemsUnexamined
resurrection artifactUnexamined
Campaign SurveyUnexamined
The Buckler and the Great SwordUnexamined
Question - can a wizard or cleric have prepared several slots of the same spell?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Overpowered for Rise of Tiamat?Unexamined
Cultural Traits (please help me to make em balanced)Unexamined
Redbrands hideout climax - spoilerUnexamined
Questions from a new Dungeon MasterNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Adjudicating IllusionsUnexamined
Slaad'sGhosts and other nastiesUnexamined
HotDQ QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Older books to read to help supplement 5E?Unexamined
New campaignthoughts on Shadow?Unexamined
Expanded Ability traitsUnexamined
Homebrew: Called ShotsUnexamined
Lemorian Golem Challenge 10?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help Fleshing Out More ScenesUnexamined
Questions about magic itemsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Group BackgroundsUnexamined
Theather of the mind and crowd control spellsUnexamined
Savage Tide 5eUnexamined
Paladin Double Smite?Unexamined
Fury Magic: A Hombrew Sorcerous OriginUnexamined
Help! There's a Modron in Our Midst!Unexamined
Help with a monsterUnexamined
Being Everything Else Ep. 6: Don't Hate the PlayerUnexamined
Fuel Recovery in CombatUnexamined
LMoP Actual Play HelpUnexamined
Adventure Ideas - Follow the CoinUnexamined
D&D on Facebook?Unexamined
The SunderingUnexamined
Christmas D&D specialUnexamined
When You Need a Quick Villain...Unexamined
Catastrophic Dragons in 5eUnexamined
Player Trampled by OxenUnexamined
I have a gambling problemUnexamined
Clarification on CR System in Relation to XP BudgetUnexamined
Downtime LogisticsUnexamined
Wandering Players...Unexamined
HotDQ Episode 4 QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What is this funny little mountain next to Baldurs Gate?Unexamined
Monsters QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Has anyone converted Reavers of Harkenwold to 5E?Unexamined
Phlan's Current State "Denlor's Tower"Unexamined
Players rolling badUnexamined
Level PacingUnexamined
Warlock Imp Pet Game Breaking Issue?Unexamined
Earthquake Dragon from 4e to 5eUnexamined
AREENA II – Flat screen mappingUnexamined
HOTDQ Episode 6 questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to make magic itemsUnexamined
planescapeDark SunSpelljammer conversionsUnexamined
HotDQ: Run Away!Unexamined
Need help with trap ideasUnexamined
Lazy DM adventure designUnexamined
Adjusting Hoard of the dragon queen to six playersUnexamined
Handling characters' death and new PCsUnexamined
Bronze Wyrmling ArmorUnexamined
Sohow do you create an interestingfun and compelling Mega Dungeon?Unexamined
HOTDQ what did you do with black dragon eggs??Unexamined
How do you feel about armors?Unexamined
Possible Lingering Wound OptionsUnexamined
Héroes are winning encounters pretty easily!Unexamined
Monster stenchghouls/troglodytes/etcUnexamined
House Rules for Evil DiceUnexamined
Question about pregen wizard on lost mines of phandelverNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
HotDQ and that Roper... help?Unexamined
Mapping softwareUnexamined
Need help with Temple of Elemental EvilUnexamined
Scenario Time: Lair DefenseUnexamined
Rise of Tiamat question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Valley MapUnexamined
Volcanic Dragons from 4e to 5eUnexamined
Out of combat healing - NPC's and Townsfolk.Unexamined
healer featOP?Unexamined
Died horridlyUnexamined
New PCs and Motive to Join GroupUnexamined
DM Best Practices / TipsUnexamined
Player Idea: Halfling SupremacistsUnexamined
Enchating. a homebrew rule. opinions?Unexamined
Skill/Ability check terminologyUnexamined
How do you premanently kill an NPC?Unexamined
Vitality and Wound PointsUnexamined
Campy Horror Fantasy Game IdeaUnexamined
Material Component Cost -- does the magic care?Unexamined
D&D 5e Encounter DiffucltyUnexamined
What Spells does Magic Resistance Cover?Unexamined
Foreshadowing VenomfangUnexamined
First time DMUnexamined
Lifestyle Expenses & BonusesUnexamined
5th Starter set AdventureUnexamined
Switching cantripsUnexamined
List of Challenges or Non-Combat EncountersIdeas
Drake Skin Armor / Creating Magic ItemsUnexamined
HotDQ - HazirawnUnexamined
Alternative initiative.Unexamined
Scaling Mobs to Party LevelUnexamined
DMGHealingand Lasting DamageUnexamined
Free Encounter Difficulty CalculatorUnexamined
New scene for Lost Mine of PhandelverUnexamined
Encounter plus treasure assistance.Unexamined
Roleplaying an NPC from a Player's BackgroundUnexamined
Magic Items Crafting/Buying/SellingUnexamined
Scaling AdventuresUnexamined
How to use Marking in 5e (DMG option)Unexamined
Encounter XP rewardsUnexamined
Adamantine WeaponsHotDQUnexamined
New to D&D and I need to DM in 5 days.Unexamined
Flametongue overpowered?Unexamined
Conversion of small earth and water elementalsUnexamined
Planescape 5eUnexamined
Typhoon Dragons in 5eUnexamined
How OP are deities??Unexamined
Side adventures in-between sessions?Unexamined
What to do about Warforged...?Unexamined
Finding magic items!Unexamined
Help Needed (Creature Related)Unexamined
Revenge of the CultistsUnexamined
What about your campaign?Unexamined
Monsters and challenge ratings!Unexamined
Tool for generating treasure?Unexamined
Starter Edition gear questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Any Suggestions?Unexamined
Tornado DragonUnexamined
Magic Items from the Starter Set not in the DMGUnexamined
Get the Party Started RightGet the Party Started Quickly... Right?Unexamined
Skype or Google Hangouts for out of town player at table?Unexamined
Help with a harpyUnexamined
Spells Invented by Players?Unexamined
DM and PC at the same time?Unexamined
Homerule ideas for tumbleUnexamined
How Should the Game Be StructuredGenerally Speaking?Unexamined
Awarding XP in 5eUnexamined
need help creating monster list for Great Old One observatoryUnexamined
Steps for converting monsters from 4e to 5e?Unexamined
Did recommended horde treasure roll. What do you think.Unexamined
Last Night Was My First Player Character DeathUnexamined
FR location for my campaignUnexamined
Monster Statistics by Challenge RatingUnexamined
Help! I Have An Indecisive PlayerUnexamined
Fixing Episode 8 of HOTDQUnexamined
4e Catastrophic Dragons in 5eUnexamined
Is it me or has the mystery been lost?Unexamined
Enhancing Hoard of the Dragon QueenUnexamined
Shield Guardian QsUnexamined
Enhancing Rise of TiamatUnexamined
Incorporating sci-fi elements?Unexamined
Any really tough L30+ solo monsters around?Unexamined
That Feeling When DM SucksUnexamined
The Gorgon from Birthright Campaign SettingUnexamined
NPC villains and combat balance.Unexamined
Rezmir RIP (HotDQ Spoilers)Unexamined
Cost to Create SpellsUnexamined
Creating a GuildUnexamined
Perception While AsleepUnexamined
Monsters' HP DisparityUnexamined
Where are the potions?Unexamined
Story Items and Useful Items as TreasureUnexamined
Divine Spell Creation.Unexamined
Buying spells from NPC'sUnexamined
On Blocking Othersor "Yesand ..." vs "Noyou can't/I won't do that."Unexamined
Players not thinkingUnexamined
Military force of the New Neverwinter: Mintarn WarriorsUnexamined
Companion NPCs: Monster or PC stats?Unexamined
Downtime Days?Unexamined
Converting Neverwinter 4e to 5eUnexamined
Pact WeaponsUnexamined
Help! Ranger Shaming FighterOvershadowing PartyUnexamined
Eliminating ability score requirements for multiclassing?Unexamined
Converting 3E to 5EUnexamined
Fire! The town is on FIRE!Unexamined
Posted Ranger modification in player sectionUnexamined
Certified dmUnexamined
DCs: 3.5 to 5?Unexamined
how to stop lootersUnexamined
Faerun Locations?Unexamined
Where to send the players next?Unexamined
Druid: Circle of the ThornUnexamined
Monster Creation QueryUnexamined
New DM. Prepare for the most noobish of questions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Monster Stat Adjustments in the DMGUnexamined
Types and subtypes gone?Unexamined
Should wand of the war wizard be attunedUnexamined
Magic Items QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Pilot BackgroundUnexamined
Dungeons & Dragons 5th and Sword & SorceryUnexamined
Rot Domain feedback requestUnexamined
Some racial options for my playersUnexamined
How to manage combat better?Unexamined
HOTDQ question...spoiler alert!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Handling a Dragonborn PC in Tyranny of DragonsUnexamined
Social "combat" ?Unexamined
Previous Edition ConversionsUnexamined
Spicing Up Dialogue and Enlivening NPCsUnexamined
Dumb DM problemUnexamined
Warforged HackUnexamined
Opinions on a campaign idea.Unexamined
5e New DM and new grouphelp startingUnexamined
New Automated Tools for 5EUnexamined
Random 'nothing happened' chart?Unexamined
Elemental warlock pactUnexamined
New Paladin Oath helpUnexamined
New Background - Legendary LineageUnexamined
Half-Ogre as a Playable Race. "Comment plz"Unexamined
Classic D&D Art: Making My Own DM ScreenUnexamined
5th Edition Gunslinger Archetype Comments are welcome!Unexamined
Homebrew Background - Magic AssociateUnexamined
Converting Homebrew Setting's Races to 5e... Halp?Unexamined
Newbie Help?Unexamined
Half-Minotaur playable race. Looking for feedback.Unexamined
12 Homebrew Races Revealed for yOur BenefitUnexamined
A Ranger Without Spells (A Fighter By Any Other Name)Unexamined
Player wants to use a homebrew raceUnexamined
Spell Scroll Houserule. What do you thinkUnexamined
Monsters and ClassesUnexamined
First Dungeon Delve - Need PointersUnexamined
Homebrew Kobolds: Wyrm PriestGuardDragon Shielddo the CRs look right?Unexamined
New Feat; Looking for Peer ReviewUnexamined
I need some helpUnexamined
Good adventure/module for 2 players?Unexamined
Time Travel - How Do You Handle It?Unexamined
Homebrewing a Conan Campaign. Need Help Balancing Races.Unexamined
Problems I'm seeing with HotDQ SPOILERS!!!Unexamined
Working on a new Feat to run.Unexamined
Campaign Setting - A Song of Ice and FireUnexamined
Quick and Dirty Conversions from Previous Editions HelpUnexamined
Limiting Great Weapon Master and SharpshooterUnexamined
Party Immersion and Inspiration VariantUnexamined
DM-ing remotely w/ all players together in one place?Unexamined
Guides to Homebrewing Races and ClassesUnexamined
Choosing the "right" campaign setting...Unexamined
Home Brewed Unseen Seer Rogue SubclassUnexamined
Making Secret Doors SecretUnexamined
ThunderLightning and Electricity?Unexamined
Radiation Poisoning QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
NPC/PC interaction in PhandalinUnexamined
Please help me with a puzzle/riddle in this undead encounter...Unexamined
Encounter Difficulty GuidelinesUnexamined
converting from 4 to 5 considerationsUnexamined
Feedback on first adventureUnexamined
Weapons vs Armor TypeUnexamined
Old DM looking to return after 8 years awayUnexamined
Dragon NamesUnexamined
Converting Spells to Newer VersionsUnexamined
Logic Puzzles - Help WantedUnexamined
Homebrewed divination cantripUnexamined
Built a version of Warforged. Would like peer review.Unexamined
Ranger Fixes - Beastmaster & Primeval AwarenessUnexamined
win d&d spell...?Unexamined
Monsters / NPCs with Class LevelsUnexamined
Blinding PowderUnexamined
Should I Use Obsidian Portal?Unexamined
Demons versus DevilsUnexamined
Faction QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Players are breaking my game!Unexamined
Initiative countUnexamined
Players Want to Take a Short Rest in Middle of Cragmaw CastleUnexamined
Specialty ArrowsUnexamined
Castle wall HPUnexamined
Bedrolls - how do I make them relevant?Unexamined
WaitWhat? Is there 360 or 361 spells in the PHB?Unexamined
Need help??Unexamined
Combat Encounter Difficulty calculatorUnexamined
Creating New MonstersUnexamined
Lost Mine of Fandelver (spoilers)Unexamined
A RidiculousBroken Situation to Which I Look ForwardUnexamined
Player going rogueUnexamined
Help with HelpUnexamined
Hellion: CR 8 Quasi Deity Encounter - please reviewUnexamined
Defensive CR: how do you factor resistances/immunities into the equation?Unexamined
Could use some help fleshing out an ideaUnexamined
[LMoP] Beefing up KostUnexamined
Xonthal's Tower - How do you get in?!Unexamined
Converting to 5th editionUnexamined
Encounter ManagerUnexamined
Forgotten Realms Time lineUnexamined
In worlds with undeadwhy have tombs?Unexamined
blessings be upon this chosen oneUnexamined
Weapon/armour material rulesUnexamined
Virtual map program?Unexamined
Think it would be unfair if...Unexamined
Making an Interesting LabyrinthUnexamined
Help with 5th Edition Player Housing !Unexamined
Need help with noble factionsUnexamined
Need a Monkey Pls assistUnexamined
1 HP health potions. Yes or no?Unexamined
New DM - Starting With 5E Starter SetUnexamined
List of Monsters by TypeUnexamined
Monsters with Class Levels & Multiattack...Unexamined
Sandbox CreationUnexamined
Vault of the Dracolich: Too Lethal?Unexamined
Campaign arcs for 5e (not HOTDQ)Unexamined
New Wondrous ItemsUnexamined
Reflavouring fire spells to frostUnexamined
Digging the Quick Monster Stats table...butUnexamined
Medicine skillkind of useless?Unexamined
DMG optional rule a Hero PointsUnexamined
Dwellings and magic item crafting as class featuresUnexamined
A Collection of Homebrew ItemsUnexamined
Simple grapple houseruleUnexamined
Multiple UniversesUnexamined
Defeating VenomfangUnexamined
Troglodytes and Ghast stenchUnexamined
Convert ToEE to 5EUnexamined
Houseruling polymorphUnexamined
How to handle a silent rogue (PC)?Unexamined
new humanoid creationUnexamined
Creating Pregenerated Characters similar to the starter set.Unexamined
How to you deal with a wizard’s spell acquisitionUnexamined
beyond the starter-set...Unexamined
Help me break apart a kingdom!Unexamined
I wanted a second opinion...Unexamined
Lost Mine of Phandelver TimelineUnexamined
Break my Magic Item: Staff of the ChronomancerUnexamined
Pocket Summoner Mk.2Unexamined
New To DMing OnlineUnexamined
Bringing my group togetherUnexamined
Advice Sought - Campaign IdeaUnexamined
Keeping watch: Passive and active perceptionUnexamined
Tabletop DM accesoriesUnexamined
Does this dragonborn variant play well with other races?Unexamined
Challenging the 5th edition BarbarianUnexamined
Tiering FeatsUnexamined
Level 20 adventure - tips?Unexamined
New DM: Struggling to keep inventive (but flawed) player engagedUnexamined
11 New Magic WeaponsUnexamined
World-building: Why are there half-elves?Unexamined
skill challenges5e styleNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dungeon Travel QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DMing for a 6 and 9 year oldUnexamined
Is the Guard Challenge rating correct?Unexamined
Weird Mystara 5EUnexamined
Creating a Shadow-Lock NPCUnexamined
What kind of daily EXP budget would this stat set up be able to handle? (Dark Sun question)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Problem with "yesand..."Unexamined
Average wealth for a character above 1st level?Unexamined
9 New Magic Armors - FeedbackUnexamined
How to deal with Wild Shape?Unexamined
Stat generationUnexamined
Monster Creation Using the DMGUnexamined
Combining Optional Rules: Hero Points & Plot Points with InsperationUnexamined
Single session adventureUnexamined
NPC Races in DMG: What about a Lizardfolk Barbarian?Unexamined
Foreshadowing adviceUnexamined
Modifying Divine StrikeUnexamined
Thoughts on the Warforged?Unexamined
Dungeons Built by AliensUnexamined
Faerun Location Help neededUnexamined
Premade adventures with maps - suggestions?Unexamined
Campaign ConstructionUnexamined
I Can't Grok the Interior Layout of Tiamat's TempleUnexamined
Leeeroy Jenkins!!!! vs Mr Spock (in character)Unexamined
How To Carry 4000 pounds of goldUnexamined
Custom Ursus Race (need feedback)Unexamined
favorite unit of time substitutionsUnexamined
Cursed Bag of Holding Ideas?Unexamined
Looking for suggestionsUnexamined
Magic item that cause dmg to attackerUnexamined
Encounter MathUnexamined
Here's a question regarding Roll20 and 5ENo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Crit/fumble tablesUnexamined
Canoe/skiff speed & mechanicsUnexamined
New DM needs adviceUnexamined
Restrained (and Gagged)?Unexamined
Possible New DM Seeking Advice?Unexamined
Creating party backstory and unityUnexamined
Intellect DevorerUnexamined
Who can name this module?Unexamined
Trickery DomainUnexamined
How to keep players in universeUnexamined
[PEACH] Wand of CindersUnexamined
New Staffs and WandsUnexamined
Limits of Charm in 5EUnexamined
Converting on the fly - (Return) to Keep on the BorderlandsUnexamined
The “Suggestion” SpellUnexamined
Genasi Race for 5e (Need help)Unexamined
Starting PC's as 'teenagers'. Can it work?Unexamined
Understanding Challenge RatingsUnexamined
Commonly used tablesUnexamined
Player Characters as VampiresUnexamined
Forgotten Realms CalendarUnexamined
Atoning for Past MistakesUnexamined
The Forgotten ForestUnexamined
Hill/Mountain terrainClimb DCsand a Narrated VideoUnexamined
Minotaurs & Mazes...Unexamined
New DM needs some help with a quest ideaUnexamined
A New Way To Award InspirationUnexamined
Creating NPCs and Monsters with classUnexamined
Mordenakinen's Sword vs Spiritual HammerUnexamined
What's the best way to print artist's maps?Unexamined
Modern World ScenarioUnexamined
Hoard of the Dragon Queen Starting LevelUnexamined
5e Diabolic TransformationUnexamined
Lost Mines of Phandelver - The Cave Treasure Split?Unexamined
teleportation circle trap helpUnexamined
Advice request - taking a walled town from an occupying force of hobgoblinsUnexamined
5th Edition Lore/Background HelpUnexamined
NPCs and companionsUnexamined
New DMtips on town creationUnexamined
Adaptations to 5eUnexamined
Best way to make maps?Unexamined
Could there be a science fiction D&D? Let me explain.Unexamined
Crowd sourcing ideas for greed based crunchUnexamined
Looking for a DM to start 5E groupUnexamined
Bioarcane Items - A New Category of Magic ItemUnexamined
Character Actions? (official and common)Unexamined
How to deal with player conflictUnexamined
HotDQ - Paladin of BahamutUnexamined
How to calculate CR for a classed NPC?Unexamined
Playing with FirearmsUnexamined
Non-Combat XPUnexamined
Player wants to run as a GolemUnexamined
Coming up with pre-gen charactersUnexamined
House Rule: Crit damageUnexamined
Homebrew Warforged for 5eUnexamined
New Artifact WeaponsUnexamined
Evil Campaign & ExtrasUnexamined
Magic Item cost variant systems?Unexamined
Quickly Adding Levels to NPCSUnexamined
Druid archetype: Circle of the PlagueUnexamined
Players feel AverageUnexamined
Alchemy jug 'clarification'Unexamined
Barbarian OP?Unexamined
Anyone with Dungeon Painter Online Experience?Unexamined
Party Tracking AidUnexamined
NPC FeaturesUnexamined
Wizardsstill glass cannons?Unexamined
LMOP: Chasing Glasstaff (Spoilers)Unexamined
Basic World BuildingUnexamined
Mask worship - How does it work?Unexamined
Handling lack of encountersUnexamined
Vampire HalflingUnexamined
ancient greek and roman inspired settingUnexamined
New Firearms and BombsUnexamined
How do your players abuse magic items?Unexamined
Regarding Random EncountersUnexamined
Middle Oerd: Campaign WorldUnexamined
Enhancing Scourge of the Sword CoastUnexamined
Help with Warlock & PatronUnexamined
5th ed Premade Characters - Individual SheetsUnexamined
First Custom NPC Stat BlockUnexamined
How do I effectively run a dungeon?Unexamined
Cleric DomainsUnexamined
New DM Campaign Help!!Unexamined
Some stat blocks for my new campaignUnexamined
Questions about starting D&DNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Magic Guns and Bombs?Unexamined
[Custom] Soul Warrior HelpUnexamined
Rock and A Hard PlaceUnexamined
Story/Villain thoughts?Unexamined
Encounter Building QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help with a back storyUnexamined
DM Pet PeevesUnexamined
Undead ConversionUnexamined
Creating player guild/organizationUnexamined
Home rules for business?Unexamined
Half Troll and "Ponytaur" RacesUnexamined
Earthshaker vs the TarrasqueUnexamined
Desert/Tribal Soundtrack Inspirations?Unexamined
Gauging interest: Council of Wryms (and other dragon realms)Unexamined
Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Episode 4Unexamined
Using treasure hoard table for low magic campaignsUnexamined
Carrionette for 5th EditionUnexamined
Best FR edition for usUnexamined
DM PVP HelpUnexamined
Kicking off a CampaignUnexamined
Monster Stat BlockUnexamined
Tracking PC resourcesUnexamined
Sundering Weapons/ArmorUnexamined
Ruling HelpUnexamined
CR 14 vs 6 level 5 characters?Unexamined
Role playingquestions and DM memoryNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Re-sizing maps for printing on one big paperUnexamined
Druid QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Escaping a Volcano and timeUnexamined
How much for NPC Spellcasting ServicesUnexamined
82 New Magic Items in a Free PDFUnexamined
Current State of Affairs in WaterdeepUnexamined
Porting Shadow conjuration to 5eUnexamined
Template for the Chosen of KelemvorUnexamined
Character sheet?Unexamined
rescue mission scenarioUnexamined
Zombie Beholders: Broken?Unexamined
Bat familiar disproving illusionsUnexamined
New DMswhat are the stumbling blocks in the rules?Unexamined
New player problemsUnexamined
Was i wrong in my ruling? Involves CDGUnexamined
First starter box sessionUnexamined
Political Intrigue??Unexamined
New DMUnexamined
Do you allow a short rest?Unexamined
Hex and hunters markUnexamined
Need help to learn pretty much everything about DMingUnexamined
How do I add towns to official worlds?Unexamined
Phandelver Idea - Discussion RequestUnexamined
Random potion effectsUnexamined
stats for Sea WraithsUnexamined
Earning InspirationUnexamined
Darkest Dungeon rules in 5e?Unexamined
Half-Ooze RaceUnexamined
Spamming DodgeUnexamined
14th Level AdventurePlayerUnexamined
3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Bring Your D&D Game to LifeUnexamined
Another crazy swords and sorcery style encounterUnexamined
DM screen tables.Unexamined
Handling Spell Research as DowntimeUnexamined
Blade WardTrue StrikeResistanceUnexamined
CR QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Advice Needed for Afterlife AdventureUnexamined
Should I allow a Quarterstaff to act as an Arcane Implement?Unexamined
How to deal with a party of all mages?Unexamined
How to deal with a party of all mages?Unexamined
Need advice: Giants in 5e FaerunUnexamined
warlock relationship between their archfeyUnexamined
Ranger Spell FocusUnexamined
New Planes and Planar Overlap ZonesUnexamined
Background Personal CharacteristicsUnexamined
Alignment Y/N?Unexamined
Visage (Conversion Help)Unexamined
New DM Looking For AdviceUnexamined
Brainstorm - Demon PossesionUnexamined
Chase RulesUnexamined
A player wants to cast spells without being pegged as the caster...Unexamined
Boss Fight for 3rd level PCsUnexamined
Does anyone know what program made this map?Unexamined
theater of the mind and youUnexamined
Need help in personalizing hooks: transitioning from Lost Mines to Hoard of the the Dragon QueenUnexamined
Placing treasure hoardsUnexamined
Racial CantripWhat's It Really Worth?Unexamined
Rise of Tiamat: Mask of the Dragon QueenUnexamined
Encounter BuildingUnexamined
Spell Slot Replacement/Channeling SpellsUnexamined
Speed Factor Initiative - how strict should I be?Unexamined
Syndicated Charectar BuildUnexamined
Mace vs. quarterstaffUnexamined
Creating AdventuresUnexamined
Wizard Arcane Tradition: Mage of LearningUnexamined
5e Adventures League for DM'sUnexamined
hofDQ or open sandbox?Unexamined
Feywilds Manual?Unexamined
New player questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Encounter mathsUnexamined
Monsters by EnvironmentUnexamined
So I've been reading the Monk...Unexamined
episodic campaign ideaUnexamined
Speed Factor (Initiative Variant)Unexamined
Balancing humans?Unexamined
Beast Master as "Monster Catcher"Unexamined
Mo' MoneyMo' Problems ?Unexamined
Forgotten Realms Canon LoreUnexamined
New MountsUnexamined
What classes are currently the strongest in your campaigns?Unexamined
Converting Sunless Citidel to 5eUnexamined
Substituting Class Features/ArchetypesUnexamined
Encounter AdjustmentsUnexamined
Digital note passingUnexamined
One-handing 2 handed weapons?Unexamined
Opinions on homemade class?Unexamined
Monster Creation Table in DMG and HP ColumnUnexamined
New Zombies!Unexamined
&D at Wizards - The Rise of Tiamat stream.Unexamined
Cooperative CastingUnexamined
Spell Focus Alternatives?Unexamined
Help with FightsUnexamined
My Take on a 5e Warforged - Thoughts?Unexamined
Spellcasting while deafenedUnexamined
Legacy CampaignUnexamined
Rise of Tiamat EndfightUnexamined
Character SheetUnexamined
On TrialUnexamined
conjure woodland creatureUnexamined
conjure woodland creatureUnexamined
Bard College BrainstormUnexamined
ONE SHOTSUnexamined
ideas/help for crashing castleUnexamined
Setting Recommendations?Unexamined
Versatile Finesse - Homebrew fighting style [PEACH]Unexamined
Help and Advice Designing a Solo Adventure?Unexamined
No Spell Ranger - Feedback PleaseUnexamined
Worldbuilding: Advice on NPC/godsUnexamined
Quick Technical Question regarding Travelling.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dragon scale help?Unexamined
Feat Suggestion Shield BashUnexamined
Gridmapper: free dungeon mapping toolUnexamined
Tome of (not so) Ancient LawUnexamined
Help with the creation of an NPC/monsterUnexamined
A scenario you can insert into your gamewith madmen and forbidden lore.Unexamined
[PEACH] Bariaur Racial ConversionUnexamined
Ability score optionsUnexamined
Giving PCs Superpowers - Free PDFUnexamined
two games heros vs villainsUnexamined
Quickling statsUnexamined
Homebrewed Tactical Options: In Depth Flanking RulesUnexamined
Hombrew: Addiction MeterUnexamined
Need help on Missing body partsUnexamined
Help me Create a monsterUnexamined
Help Starting DM in FR and HotDQ.Unexamined
My Game TableUnexamined
Rate My AdventureUnexamined
Party Level VS OrcsUnexamined
How to Build A GodUnexamined
Custom Weapon helpUnexamined
Help flush out some 1PC ideasUnexamined
how would you challenge this party?Unexamined
Help Me Come Up With Creatures for the Elemental Plane of Air!Unexamined
In town mechanics?Unexamined
Avariel SubraceUnexamined
Fun with the Fiend PactUnexamined
Campagn creationUnexamined
5e Riddling Contest - HotDQ additionUnexamined
Say Who Again?Unexamined
Lucky and DM diceUnexamined
Crafting specialized gearUnexamined
Thy Game-Mastering CommandmentsUnexamined
Variant Class: No Spell RangerUnexamined
Pact of the MachineUnexamined
Spicing Up PotionsUnexamined
How to create concise yet rich sessionsUnexamined
CRs for PC ClassesUnexamined
Make me the most bizzare character!Unexamined
DnD 3.5e to 5eUnexamined
5E conversionsUnexamined
Neverwinter justiceUnexamined
Price of spell scrollsUnexamined
Need advice for mansion elements and encountersUnexamined
Noooooob DM question Help!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Forsaken Race Needing ReviewedUnexamined
For 5Eshould I buy old 4e or 3e sourcebooks?Unexamined
New DM looking for advice on Charisma ChecksUnexamined
New monstersMonster Manual templateUnexamined
New DM: Questons and QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Running a Barbarian CampaignUnexamined
Loot QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Is it a rude player?Unexamined
"Players R Stupid"Unexamined
D&D Map makingUnexamined
bard questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
GunsRiflesand Cannons oh myUnexamined
New DMUnexamined
Keen Mind & Linguist Alternate VersionsUnexamined
Elementalist Wizard Sub-classUnexamined
Deciding between 4E and 5E for my group with 2 new playersUnexamined
Challenge RatingUnexamined
Magic Item as Early Reward QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Hoard of the Dragon Queen balance questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
My take on Hiding in CombatUnexamined
updating Murder in Baldur's GateUnexamined
Individual Armor Pieces & IntegrityUnexamined
Thieves' Guild CampaignUnexamined
How to rule on Polymorph?Unexamined
Rust Monster PowerUnexamined
Rust Monster PowerUnexamined
DM in need of mapsUnexamined
Stone RaceUnexamined
Using Factions in Hoard of the Dragon QueenUnexamined
reinforced chainmailUnexamined
I need a prophecyUnexamined
Podcast for DMsUnexamined
DM Help with Original MonsterUnexamined
The Red Dragon Mask of TiamatUnexamined
Looking for a group of DMs to Skype with once in a whileUnexamined
scout encounterUnexamined
Homebrew Race - requires CritiqueUnexamined
Mass Combat RulesUnexamined
Bahamut & Tiamat alignment views?Unexamined
new equipmentplease critiqueUnexamined
Need help with a rapid CR calculationUnexamined
illusion of darkness?Unexamined
How would you rule a bear trap?Unexamined
Would like some inspiration/help connecting my plot to the villianUnexamined
Help Building Elder-God (Cthulhu)Unexamined
Surprise round queryUnexamined
Interrogation troublesUnexamined
New Charms in a PDFUnexamined
One Page Dungeon Contest 2015Unexamined
Ideas for Making AmendsUnexamined
Speak with Dead spellUnexamined
5e Tomb of HorrorsUnexamined
Poisoned condition and effects separate? Perception DC for poisons?Unexamined
Designing dungeon/building layout critique.Unexamined
Level 1 Adventure Ideas?Unexamined
DC vs ContestUnexamined
Challenge Ratings too easyUnexamined
Levitate and life-saving heroicsUnexamined
10 Actions In One Round?!Unexamined
Fifth edition foesUnexamined
D&D wizard quest campignUnexamined
Current Firearms stance in Forgotten Realms 5th EditionUnexamined
Vigilantism and its repurcusionsUnexamined
Intruder Alert!Unexamined
5e Evil RacesUnexamined
Saving throwsUnexamined
Soundtrack AdviceUnexamined
Ice Paraelemental [Custom Monster Help]Unexamined
A Boatload of Races I ConvertedUnexamined
Ideas for fog or mists enviromentUnexamined
Interrupting actions of other playersUnexamined
New DM :)Unexamined
[Homebrew] Monk Archetype: Way of the Demon ArtsUnexamined
Anyone made a printable random spell scroll sheet?Unexamined
Magma Paraelemental [Homebrew Monster]Unexamined
Questions for Temple of Tiamat chapterNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
5e conversion of Colossal Red DragonUnexamined
New Chase Complications in a free PDFUnexamined
A ranger's Animal CompanionUnexamined
A ranger's Animal CompanionUnexamined
DM with little timeUnexamined
ended on cliffhangerlooking for suggestions (HotDQ Ep. 8)Unexamined
Smoke Paraelemental [Homebrew Monster]Unexamined
Pickpocket NPCsUnexamined
Managing Different Styles of PlayUnexamined
To Catch a Thief PlotsUnexamined
Please evaluate my [new] human and elf subraceUnexamined
How is hex scale measured?Unexamined
Need input on a murder mystery module I wroteUnexamined
A different kind of dungeon crawl - the dungeon brawlUnexamined
Is this item broken?Unexamined
Building a Half-Dragon Fire GiantUnexamined
Homebrew - Short RestUnexamined
Divination And Divine SpellsUnexamined
Homebrew Class Arcane EngineerUnexamined
Creatures That Grapple and BurrowUnexamined
Wild shape Druids as mounts + PC riderUnexamined
4e based Melee Tiefling variant. Help?Unexamined
Epic One ShotsUnexamined
Homebrewed Smite Spell for PaladinsUnexamined
5E Help - Confused about creating custom BBEGsUnexamined
Armor Degradation and RepairsUnexamined
Whats the price of a Potion of Vitality? Very rareUnexamined
peach my beastmaster tweaksUnexamined
Rakshasa mini/side quest suggestions?Unexamined
Reflavored Races for Indian-themed SettingUnexamined
Post LMoP AdventureUnexamined
Rolling death saves behind a screenUnexamined
"can I" VS "I'm gonna"Unexamined
Advantages and Disadvantages StackUnexamined
Favoured Enemy... traditionalUnexamined
Monk stun Boss fights?Unexamined
7 New Creature Summoning Spells in a PDFUnexamined
Simple Magic Item CreationUnexamined
[HELP]: Creating Intresting Boss BattlesUnexamined
Emotional Blow Out! What's a Dm to do?Unexamined
DM help requiredUnexamined
New DM Help: Setting up an assassination encounterUnexamined
Hi! I'm new and was looking for some adviceUnexamined
Need some ideas and inspirationUnexamined
Prison Escape Suggestions?Unexamined
Aarakocracombat and youUnexamined
New to the DM roleUnexamined
new spells and races in on going gameUnexamined
pick-pocketing Guide and thieving in a major cityUnexamined
Digital Battle Mats?Unexamined
RL Items to spice up a session?Unexamined
Homebrew Crafting RulesUnexamined
Is this OP? Twin Wands of ShirinUnexamined
Bardic RiddleUnexamined
Character DeathsUnexamined
5E Encounter LengthUnexamined
Magic Item Idea: Cantrip WandsUnexamined
Dungeonscreaturesand lightingUnexamined
Time and Tabletop GamingUnexamined
Porting a 4e adventure to 5eUnexamined
Advice Question: A Session Gone SouthNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Alchemist WiPUnexamined
Encouraging Roleplay/Character DevelopmentUnexamined
Punishing a not-so-devout ClericUnexamined
NPC's and Challenge RatingUnexamined
Personality Traits as Aspects (FATE)Unexamined
Homebrew Rules for Fantasy Narcotic and AddictionUnexamined
Disappointed in the 5E GoliathUnexamined
Could the Halflings rebuild the Shires in 5e era?Unexamined
Multiple tablesimultaneous play tournament?Unexamined
Princes of the apocalypse - milestones?Unexamined
Lighting RulesUnexamined
Help with silent playerUnexamined
Eberronlevel 1Need a bad guy.Unexamined
I may have written myself into a corner - Help pleaseUnexamined
Loot IdeasUnexamined
Drow with 10 foot reach?Unexamined
Even Wilder MagicUnexamined
Starting at level 20Unexamined
Spicing Up CombatUnexamined
"I can take it"Unexamined
A Strange Game Night ... And Second GuessingUnexamined
New Dungeon Master HelpUnexamined
NPC loveUnexamined
Creating a new class input from fellow DMsUnexamined
Reward HelpUnexamined
How do you describe combat vs full plate armor?Unexamined
Scales of War -> 5eUnexamined
Mapping / Drawing A SettlementUnexamined
Cleric Domain of MagicUnexamined
VegepygmyThorniesand Russet MoldUnexamined
On InsightUnexamined
Kender build and Paladin mount?Unexamined
Giving xp base rulesUnexamined
Splitting my group for rise of TiamatUnexamined
Some Weapon IdeasUnexamined
5th Edition Rules Quiz #1Unexamined
I need a ruling on thisUnexamined
[PEACH] The Mists of Ira Mesolithic Campaign SettingUnexamined
Anybody miss Tower Shields?Unexamined
modifying races for dragonageUnexamined
Adventure League DM question...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Modern Interpretations of 5E ClassesUnexamined
A Variation on the Point Buy System for Character Creation.Unexamined
Minimum lvl to fight hag covenUnexamined
Your DM CommandmentsUnexamined
Paladin using wisdom instead of charisma?Unexamined
Feedback on Campaign OpeningUnexamined
Hero's Feast ?Unexamined
Netherese AmbushUnexamined
Homebrew Race -- feedback appreciatedUnexamined
Celestial Archons for 5eUnexamined
Simple HazardsUnexamined
Make your own simple dungeon tilesUnexamined
Messing with InitiativeUnexamined
Dark Souls/Bloodborne'esque campaign modifications?Unexamined
Monster Knowledge ChecksUnexamined
THOTDQ The Hatchery questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Any Ideas For This Game?Unexamined
Counterspell: Divine Defiance with Dispel MagicUnexamined
Helmed horror spell choiceUnexamined
heavy 2handed finesse weapon at cost of feat. Balanced?Unexamined
ISO: AdviceUnexamined
Making the game more accessibleUnexamined
Wild Wild West WeaponsUnexamined
Additional entrance to Temple of Elemental Evil?Unexamined
foresight on my house rulesUnexamined
NPC cardsUnexamined
Healer drops Damage bombUnexamined
help with major NpcUnexamined
Flameskull RejuvenationUnexamined
Lordship and running a kingdom help?Unexamined
Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Baldur's Gate adviceUnexamined
How would you handle aging?Unexamined
Sword of Speed and Dual WieldingUnexamined
Wanting to Make a Miniature DatabaseUnexamined
Need to manage a Cleric of St. CuthbertUnexamined
PCs want to play as dogs.Unexamined
D&D Ocarina of TimeUnexamined
Question about a curseNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What happens when the PCs fail?Unexamined
Help Me Build a Know Direction CantripUnexamined
Npc xp totalUnexamined
Dead people grow stronger?Unexamined
My HotDQ IntroUnexamined
Inspiration! Use it or loose it!Unexamined
Werespider Stats and Side View Battle MatUnexamined
XP clearificationUnexamined
Need some ideas for Waterdeep!Unexamined
Players cancelling: Side questsUnexamined
Final Battle Against TiamatUnexamined
Mines of Phandelver Side QuestUnexamined
Goblinoids and Orcs as refugeesUnexamined
Homebrew Race ConceptUnexamined
Damage Resistance RulingUnexamined
thoughts on homebrewing psionics?Unexamined
Dungeon Painter and Roll20Unexamined
Maps for Roll20Unexamined
Ability Score Increases vs. FeatsUnexamined
silk armor?Unexamined
Spending your Gold on ?Unexamined
DM ScreenUnexamined
DM: What to bring to the table.Unexamined
Shapeshifting Monster Feedback RequestUnexamined
Multiple problems for a DM! Plz Help!Unexamined
Thay - What's it like to you?Unexamined
5E Factions in EberronUnexamined
How Would You Convert This Undead?Unexamined
Feats as rewardsUnexamined
Mercenary Guild UpgradesUnexamined
Campaign Idea: Needs developmentUnexamined
Tiamat questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
RA Salvatore's The Wubba WubbaUnexamined
Story ideas for a witchUnexamined
Opportunity Attacks for Ranged CharactersUnexamined
Brand new playersUnexamined
Need help designing a 'Joust to the Death'Unexamined
TPK end of HotDQthoughts for restart in RoT?Unexamined
Magic items for players starting at level 8Unexamined
Need help devising system for adjusting monstersUnexamined
Non-combat solution?Unexamined
Adventures in the Ardeep ForestUnexamined
Perception QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Homebrewing a Gnoll PC for a playerUnexamined
Need help on undead campaignUnexamined
Laserguns and D&DUnexamined
Diablo 3 in 5eUnexamined
Critical FailureUnexamined
Convincing a PC to join the partyUnexamined
A Few New Magic ItemsUnexamined
Second Two-Weapon FeatUnexamined
Rewards for exceptional character creationUnexamined
No Periapt of Wisdom in DMG?Unexamined
Jumping and body slam?Unexamined
Would you allow a player to become Queen?Unexamined
Final Fantasy D&DUnexamined
[HELP] Strategic BattlesUnexamined
Very new. Am I taking on too much? Realistic?Unexamined
Urban setting adviceUnexamined
Random Magic Item TablesUnexamined
Cartography helpUnexamined
Running combats for GrapplersUnexamined
When to use Tides of ChaosUnexamined
Custom Fighter SubclassesUnexamined
Beefing up a Lamia as the BBGUnexamined
Spell cross-reference listUnexamined
Players fascination with NPCesUnexamined
New Siege Weapons and AmmunitionUnexamined
Does anyone have a thread of NPCsUnexamined
NPC as opponents & CRUnexamined
Itens and Roleplaying HintsUnexamined
Opportunity Attacks after target casts 'Greater Invisibility'Unexamined
Big Bad Evil GuysUnexamined
Having Multiple Background FeaturesUnexamined
How to Adjudicate Actions in D&D 5eUnexamined
Twin Race?Unexamined
Mechs for 5eUnexamined
Which adventure for new DM?Unexamined
Hall of Wonders Heist...Unexamined
Hoard of the Dragon QueenUnexamined
Fun Times - Some Adventure HelpUnexamined
5E Character Sheet/Index CardsUnexamined
Fillable monster blocks?Unexamined
Player-Style NPCsUnexamined
Imp and wolf combo as PCUnexamined
Tiefling Subraces - Homebrew FeedbackUnexamined
Ideas for Underdark side/main quest?Unexamined
5e Pantheon Adviceplease?Unexamined
what does it break if I ignore hand management during combat casting?Unexamined
Need a San. Check in the Darkest DungeonUnexamined
Embrace DeathUnexamined
Undead Lycanthrope?Unexamined
Finally started running HotDQUnexamined
Rules for how sound carriesUnexamined
Ideas for a Bag of Tricks v2Unexamined
Useless Magic ItemsUnexamined
[FIX?] Agonizing BlastUnexamined
What PC know about NPC??Unexamined
Dungeon Idea - A Prison for DragonsUnexamined
How to handle Flying?Unexamined
Would you allow...Unexamined
Poor-man's alchemyUnexamined
[Fix?] Druid Wild ShapeUnexamined
HotQ: Hermit Discovery HelpUnexamined
Need Ideas for next Session.Unexamined
Monk Attacks with versatile weaponsUnexamined
Looting 5EUnexamined
Orc Aggressive?Unexamined
Upset players when they don't agree with a DM rulingUnexamined
Fail FTW!Unexamined
Dealing with a Lump of a PlayerUnexamined
Tracking multiple adversaries.Unexamined
A Question About Stacking and Calculating Armor ClassNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Could use some suggestionsUnexamined
Concerned about a Moon Druid vs. a Fighter.Unexamined
Dragon Queen Help....Unexamined
PC's will be put on trial for murders...Unexamined
Princes of the Apocalypse HelpUnexamined
I think I have fixed the Beast MasterUnexamined
Awaken a Beast Companion (beastmaster)Unexamined
Fey is the lowest elemental planteUnexamined
After the Starter Set?Unexamined
Crits and Magic WeaponsUnexamined
Bored with Content Need HelpUnexamined
Kitsune - Help Creating a New Race TemplateUnexamined
Designing A CoutnryUnexamined
Creating the Nithorian Tales Campaign: Help?Unexamined
Simple House Rule Evaluation: Con Score to HPUnexamined
Barbarian\ Sorcerer ACUnexamined
Sorcerer/Barbarian ACUnexamined
PC AC ScalingUnexamined
Magic Items and Challenges: A new way of looking at themUnexamined
What a crazy night... (Recap of our latest HotdQ session)Unexamined
Assault on the Capital - help with combat encountersUnexamined
Are Displacer Beasts smart enough to value their own mortality?Unexamined
Retreating NPCsUnexamined
East of Eden -- Campaign HelpUnexamined
Character as lycanthropeUnexamined
Vault of the Dracolich NPCsUnexamined
D&D 5e classUnexamined
Elemental Evil: PotA HelpUnexamined
Wild Magic SurgeUnexamined
Wild Magic Sorcerer QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A collection of HouserulesUnexamined
Need Help Balancing a Hombrew ClassUnexamined
Doing Everything 5 TimesUnexamined
[HELP] Creating a CampaignUnexamined
Monster Building and CRUnexamined
Sleeping char questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Advise on HotDQUnexamined
please helpUnexamined
Alignment and Morality QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Creatures and climbingUnexamined
Stat Block: OrganizationUnexamined
constantrepetitive Perception checksUnexamined
Expected Wealth Per LevelUnexamined
expanding on inspirationUnexamined
Stunning StrikeUnexamined
Pre-Made Insane Actions Table?Unexamined
Way of 4 Elements MonkUnexamined
T-Rex eggs--or not? What should I do?Unexamined
Are planes requiredUnexamined
Are planes requiredUnexamined
Are planes requiredUnexamined
Changing Warlock's Awakened MindUnexamined
Looking for book and adventures dedicated to handling player deathsUnexamined
Surprised - Free Action?Unexamined
What to do when a party has lots of healersUnexamined
Reminding the playersUnexamined
Deep Imaskari to 5eUnexamined
Help me build a bossUnexamined
Revealing the MapUnexamined
Conjure SpellsUnexamined
Sticky RequestUnexamined
LF DM 5eUnexamined
Mod for standard humans: stats to 22?Unexamined
Running Hoard of the Dragon Queen with higher level charactersUnexamined
are feats op?Unexamined
Annoying PlayerUnexamined
Rookie 5E mistakesUnexamined
[SPOILERS] Princes of the Apocalypse - Scarlet MoonUnexamined
Mummy Rot BluesUnexamined
Witcher Campaign Setting Tips and Ideas?Unexamined
Gritty Campaign and level capUnexamined
Homebrew plant enimiesUnexamined
Help with Players recognizing MonstersUnexamined
Wizard Player Help - Polymorph Adult DragonUnexamined
Homebrew Feats: Insight RelatedUnexamined
Adding a monster feature thats not on the table in DMGUnexamined
Way of the Drunken Fist SubclassUnexamined
Question about coming back to lifeNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Pop Fly!Unexamined
Vision - initiative questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to spice up combat?Unexamined
HotDQ - What happens to Jamna?Unexamined
What to do next? Campaign adviceUnexamined
Blindness doesn't affect movementUnexamined
Magic Item Creation in a 5e Campaign ?Unexamined
Need help adjudicating this action.Unexamined
The Throne WarlockUnexamined
Curse of the Azure Bonds campaign?Unexamined
Lets create your Ideal DM screenUnexamined
Things to do at a Carnival/Circus!Unexamined
Phandelver Mechanics QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
PC BetrayalUnexamined
D&D 5e bowsUnexamined
Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Hunting LodgeUnexamined
AD&D module Night of the sharkUnexamined
Rules on Hiding & SnipingUnexamined
5E Dark Sun Homebrew and Conversion Stuff!Unexamined
Creating a Gorilla Player RaceUnexamined
Help! Conjure Minor Elelmental SpellUnexamined
book of dragon lore propUnexamined
Alternate ways to gain shield proficiencyUnexamined
Warlock/Wizard multi-class questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Magic Arrows creation?Unexamined
Advice: Making a Masquerade Ball kick assUnexamined
Advice for DM'ing a group of 6?Unexamined
Feathergale Spire HelpUnexamined
Protection from evil ?Unexamined
Stirge leach questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
My players are confused! Help!Unexamined
Rule Ideas for Magic Users stretching their capacityUnexamined
Four new diseases in a free pdfUnexamined
Player Rewards in Princes of the ApocalypseUnexamined
Your experience with the basicsUnexamined
tinker featureUnexamined
EE Dungeon Map Idea/Advice?Unexamined
Nerfing/balancing ideas for wild shapeUnexamined
A Very Ambitious Warshaper HomebrewUnexamined
Help me work out this backstoryUnexamined
Rebalancing Monsters and HPUnexamined
Buying power of a gold pieceUnexamined
Training an armyUnexamined
Legacy Weapons in 5EUnexamined
Planning preference?Unexamined
Season 5 Episode 8 : Game of ThronesUnexamined
A newbie with some questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
My 5e house rulebook (more crits!)Unexamined
Escape from ShadowfellUnexamined
High Level PregensUnexamined
Conversion from 4EUnexamined
Basilisk Eggs...How Much?Unexamined
My first campaign notes.Unexamined
Rules on being DrunkUnexamined
Divine MonkLower Magic Monk traditionsUnexamined
HELP! 1 DM and 1 player campaignUnexamined
ranger sub-class: tactician scoutUnexamined
Lich time...Unexamined
Dealing with players feeling ineffective.Unexamined
Recurring Villain: What Would He Do Next?Unexamined
Wild Shape Overhaul: Version 0.2Unexamined
Masterwork itemsUnexamined
The Mature DragonUnexamined
Red Hand of Doom - 5e ConversionUnexamined
Ice/Mountain/Northern Waste type campaign.Unexamined
Doppleganger questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Character hook loose ends in the starter box.Unexamined
Cavalier Custom Fighter Martial Archetype (PEACH)Unexamined
New Monsters - Lots of UndeadOgre Chieftainand more!Unexamined
Crit poison and cure spell under poweredUnexamined
Help me create a Warhammer 40k inspired D&D NPC.Unexamined
Scroll activationUnexamined
Hex Miles to Square Miles ConversionHALP!Unexamined
CR of a monsterUnexamined
Custom sorcerer feat - change spell elemental typeUnexamined
DM'ing for childrenUnexamined
Level 20end of campaign TarrasqueUnexamined
Wizard Archetype - Arcane archerUnexamined
Investigator rogue sub-classUnexamined
Hirelingsfollowersand lieutenants.Unexamined
Was all the early concern about ranger overblown?Unexamined
PotA Manticore Hunt using Chase Rules PEACH/SpoilersUnexamined
Let's make some NPCsUnexamined
Alternative RewardsUnexamined
Forgotten Realms HelpUnexamined
Need a fire god for Lankhmar for Princes of the ApocalypseUnexamined
How to manage PCs?Unexamined
Player guessing HPUnexamined
New DM treasure questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Question about Shocking Grasp through a swordNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Making a more robust stealth systemUnexamined
New BlogUnexamined
Is Changling the most broken thing in 5eUnexamined
Help me out pleaseUnexamined
Fighter sub-class: tacticianUnexamined
Have I gone too far as a DM?Unexamined
Player controls multiple charactersUnexamined
How to extend a Chapter of your storyUnexamined
Creation 5E MonstersUnexamined
Homebrew feats: Arcane StrikeArcane archerUnexamined
Outsiders and hard vacuumUnexamined
DMG City StatsUnexamined
Magic Item CreationUnexamined
Looking for help in learning about GreyhawkUnexamined
5 New Downtime Options in a PDFUnexamined
XP in PotA....issues?Unexamined
Spy rogue sub-classUnexamined
princes of the apocalypse linking trouble in red larch to the main storyUnexamined
Versatile Explorer featUnexamined
Creating BlibdoolpoolpUnexamined
Thunderspire Labyrinth 4th to 5thUnexamined
How does the lair of a Phoenix look like?Unexamined
Take a look at a class?Unexamined
(LMoP spoilers) Map found in Wave Echo Cave as next adventure hook suggestionsUnexamined
Making Sweet CatacombsUnexamined
Designing a campaign on a tablet ?Unexamined
Ideas for side effects FlawsUnexamined
How many Magic Items?Unexamined
Princes of the Apocalypse Help (Keeping Players from Delving Too Fast)Unexamined
Spell-less PaladinUnexamined
Dragon Mountain Issues?Unexamined
How do you manage your spellcasters?Unexamined
Halp! 10 hours to plan big session!Unexamined
Ideas for a party of "animal" PCsUnexamined
Help Me Finish This AdventureUnexamined
I miss the 4E DMG: Encounter designUnexamined
Maps for Village of HommletUnexamined
adjusting XP in Princes of the Apocalypse?Unexamined
Fleshing out Princes of the Apocalypse - Help PleaseUnexamined
a reasonable suggestion?Unexamined
Barbarian Arcana Skill Check RulingUnexamined
Items to add flavor to the gameUnexamined
Campain Rules/GuidlinesUnexamined
Aberration familiars?Unexamined
Free map making applications?Unexamined
Stats for Kost in LMoPUnexamined
level 17 Fighter/Necromancer helpUnexamined
Player hp hidden?Unexamined
Player cheatingUnexamined
Monster Stat Block TemplateUnexamined
Formians (Monster Stat Blocks)Unexamined
Hoard of the Dragon Queen : Spellcasters Rest ?Unexamined
Idea for future session/campaign ideaUnexamined
G1 Steading of the Hill Giant ChiefUnexamined
Ravenloft-Grand Conjunction.Unexamined
Mother Yalanthas / Princes of the apocalypseUnexamined
What's in an Alchemists Workshop?Unexamined
Sneak attack and two weapon fightingUnexamined
Akward playerUnexamined
Help me make my players want to be together!Unexamined
Encounter in Waterdeep for evil partyUnexamined
On Fireballs & Narrow SpacesUnexamined
Help - Beginner: Father with kidsUnexamined
Prison Break!Unexamined
Jurrasic World Has Ruined My CampaignUnexamined
IF you could have any Game Tiles...Unexamined
City IdeasUnexamined
First time DMUnexamined
Cleric Domain SpellsUnexamined
Need help on Final boss fight for an adventureUnexamined
One on One - Introductory SessionUnexamined
DM ScreenUnexamined
Shocking grasp as a melee weapon attack?Unexamined
Spell researchUnexamined
Ranger's Companion QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
New DM: tips for currency?Unexamined
XPs for 'routed and captured' enemiesUnexamined
Intervening in combat questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Two-manning RavenloftUnexamined
Expanded Options for Lingering InjuriesUnexamined
No giant spider in the Monster Manual?Unexamined
Effect status after dyingUnexamined
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Modern and Sci-fi settings with D&D5Unexamined
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PC's Spending CurrencyUnexamined
Resources for everyone!Unexamined
POA Story FlowUnexamined
Quick question regarding WarforgedNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Haunted Farm/Farmhouse IdeasUnexamined
Berserk Manga Campaign (Help Requested)Unexamined
Split movementUnexamined
Boring CombatUnexamined
Players exempt from lifestyle expenses?Unexamined
Help Creating (or re-flavoring?) an Attack CantripUnexamined
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Goatball... in 5e?Unexamined
Ability drainsUnexamined
Space-based RPGsUnexamined
Monotheistic Religion in D&D: a successful attemptUnexamined
Random Monster Generator: Beta!Unexamined
Out of whack HotDQ encounter (spoiler)Unexamined
Genesai Barbarian QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Favored Soul questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Victims of a MurderUnexamined
Faction rank benefit ideasUnexamined
Any Issues With Faster Level Pacing?Unexamined
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Rise of Tiamat: Chapter 8 - Misson to ThayUnexamined
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Need Help Integrating a New Player in the Storyline [Tyranny of Dragons]Unexamined
New PCs Incoming: Potential Fairness IssueUnexamined
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Pretend You're A Red Wizard and ...Unexamined
A Kuo-Toa god?Unexamined
I have a free resource. Where can i put it?Unexamined
Prewritten\Published Adventures for New DMUnexamined
Dire AnimalsUnexamined
help with an ideaUnexamined
D&D - LOSTUnexamined
Spending gold at higher levels can be toughUnexamined
Note cards for my party?Unexamined
Elven secret door.Unexamined
Anyone experience with beamers/projectors?Unexamined
Forged as a race.Unexamined
Help! I've taken another group of PCs prisoner! *HotDQ spoilers*Unexamined
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Monster stat block helpplease?Unexamined
A new kind of virtual battlemat: Welcome to the City Sewers!Unexamined
3.5 to 5 editionUnexamined
magic dragon scale amuletUnexamined
Potions: There seems to be a problem here...Unexamined
Role-playing in the city of the damned.Unexamined
How much encounter can a solo adventurer really handle?Unexamined
1st time DMUnexamined
What's considered "too powerful" for 1st tier PCs?Unexamined
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Kenku as a Player Race: Seeking FeedbackUnexamined
Monk monastery questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Anyone else like smaller dungeons?Unexamined
Caster Customization Options: Looking for feedbackUnexamined
True Polymorph Body ModificationsUnexamined
I plan on making a tournament for my playersare there any classes I should avoid?Unexamined
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CO-DMing with downtime activitiesUnexamined
breaking the stalemateUnexamined
Module Balance QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Please help to inspire our GMUnexamined
Adventure Idea HelpUnexamined
What is Larrakh's Special Ceremonial Sacrifice?—Spoiler AlertsUnexamined
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Out of the math Cave: Fey PCsUnexamined
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(Arcane) Familiars in 5E?Unexamined
From backgrounds to starting the game?Unexamined
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character transferUnexamined
Dead PC rescue mission ideasUnexamined
Dead in Thay prep helpUnexamined
Half-Dwarf [Not Mul] Custom Race: Player ResourceUnexamined
Leveling up monstersUnexamined
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Magic Items for lvl 6 partyUnexamined
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Microgaming in the Dead Zones: Odd Trends in 5e DMingUnexamined
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Undead Save vs. Poison Cumulative?Unexamined
Anybody feel like going whaling?Unexamined
Rogue perception questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Clerics and GodsUnexamined
Race creation rules and examples final versionsUnexamined
Homebrew Class for Dungeons and Dragons 5e: Runic WarriorUnexamined
Cormyr 1489 DRUnexamined
Downtime and Rules VariantsUnexamined
Tips for DMing to big groupUnexamined
Skyreach Castle in PC HandsUnexamined
magic item giftsUnexamined
Non-evil PC Gnoll RaceUnexamined
Can You Convert Call of Cthulhu RPG to 5th Edition D&D?Unexamined
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Termen: An Insect RaceUnexamined
Need an intro to current Forgotten RealmsUnexamined
I may have missed something...Unexamined
Letting a Player GoUnexamined
Spell Research: Variant of Mage Armor spellUnexamined
Mass suggestionUnexamined
Determining the CR of SpellcastersUnexamined
(PotA Spoilers) - Babygating the monasteryUnexamined
Good world to start with?Unexamined
Need advice on transition from HotDQ to RoTUnexamined
Time travel and other misc questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Monsters Height and WeightUnexamined
100 "Common" Magic Weapon Properties in a PDFUnexamined
Lowering the CR of a CR4 Monster?Unexamined
So called shots came up in a game session... 5EUnexamined
Firehose Spell/Spell Database?Unexamined
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Magic OutlawedUnexamined
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adventurers' guildUnexamined
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New D&D Player and Potential DMUnexamined
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City Map Creation SoftwareUnexamined
A Ravenloft QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
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Monster sheetsUnexamined
instead of coffer corpses?Unexamined
Making a Monster into a VillainUnexamined
Of Warlocks and FightersUnexamined
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Help Needed with Hold Breath ability in PotAUnexamined
ChromeCasting battle mat?Unexamined
Aboleth/Cthulhu mutant helpUnexamined
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Pisky (a new monster/potential warlock familiar)...Unexamined
Regaining WishUnexamined
Custom Baddies?Unexamined
Intimidate instead of attackUnexamined
Feedback Requested: 5e Homebrew ItemsUnexamined
Need help finding the other "downtime" tables...Unexamined
100 "Common" Wondrous Items in a PDFUnexamined
Lost Mine of Phandelver Help they want to go to neverwinterUnexamined
Impactful Choices and ConsequencesUnexamined
Taking "cover" behind an illusion (minor or silent)...Unexamined
Moving a minor illusion (or relativity and illusions)...Unexamined
Epic level Monster-CthuluUnexamined
Modern day d&dUnexamined
Wave Echo Cave profits?Unexamined
reverse engineering templatesUnexamined
Guide to the DM UniverseUnexamined
Alternate XPUnexamined
PC-turned-Enemy Challenge Rating QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Conjure Minor Elementals QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
doing more with inspirationUnexamined
Flucuating party size...Unexamined
Rise of TiamatUnexamined
need help fleshing out some campaign ideasUnexamined
ravenloft background ideasUnexamined
Web + Scorching Ray Double-WhammyUnexamined
Do any of you have problems with Magical Secrets?Unexamined
Combat resolution: speed or accuracy?Unexamined
Level 20 Party - D&D 5e BreakdownUnexamined
I made a tool to help DMs make monstersUnexamined
3.x stat conversionsUnexamined
NPCs and CRUnexamined
Some advice for novicesUnexamined
Stealth ChecksUnexamined
Feeling overwhelmed by itemsUnexamined
High GroundUnexamined
Critical Failure Optional Rules and a Crit Miss TableUnexamined
4e to 5e wealth conversionUnexamined
Who would you want to be your DM - Alive or Dead?Unexamined
Ramblings of an Insane MageUnexamined
building a force missile mageUnexamined
need some ideas for players to store their goldUnexamined
Mobile Sound Effect Apps!?Unexamined
Tougher Fights?Unexamined
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The Architect's MazeUnexamined
Messing with classes...Unexamined
Almost time for Rise of requestedUnexamined
How can I help my players to be more creative?Unexamined
New DMwhere to start with published adventuresUnexamined
Introducing 4e players to 5EUnexamined
Sorcerer Bloodline helpUnexamined
Need helpTrial of Faithpuzzle for my PlayersUnexamined
The Believers of Red LarchUnexamined
Investigation to find an informant.Unexamined
Tarokka DeckUnexamined
5e Epic Monster UpdatesUnexamined
Adventure ideas needed for my wife!Unexamined
New DM in the WorksUnexamined
Looking for Ice/Winter lairUnexamined
Critical Hits Effects TableUnexamined
Managing a campUnexamined
Homebrew Spells and Ritual CastingUnexamined
Upgrading Hellenrae (PotA)Unexamined
teamwork testsUnexamined
Dagger of Venom vs PoisonUnexamined
Subduing a partyUnexamined
Classic Dungeon TropesUnexamined
Elven and Dwarf FontUnexamined
Looking for Feedback on New Custom CampaignUnexamined
How far do you go to help players?Unexamined
In need of an interesting blood spell 5e (HotDQ Spoilers).Unexamined
Post Campaign Player SurveyUnexamined
When should a Dungeon Master have a Wild Magic Sorcerer roll on the Magic Surge table?Unexamined
Campaign PacingUnexamined
Challenge Rating helpUnexamined
Half-baked: setting specific xp rewardsUnexamined
Forgotten Realms 5e questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Abstract Combat... One "issue"Unexamined
Pseudodragon BondingUnexamined
Suggestions for Incorporating outside items into D&D mission.Unexamined
WOW meets D&DUnexamined
The potential for Two Major Villains Is it overkill?Unexamined
Help completing a set of magic itemsUnexamined
NPC Abuse: Broke My Own RuleUnexamined
More Cleric Domains Needed!Unexamined
How to help my DMUnexamined
Racial spellcasting componentsor "Can a Drow cast darkness while silenced?"Unexamined
Inkarnate - Map DesignerUnexamined
Gotcha or not?Unexamined
Received Some Constructive CriticismUnexamined
Homebrew (Fae races as Player characters)Unexamined
Monster SummoningUnexamined
map of the worldUnexamined
Rules for outrunning hazards (explosionsriversetc.)Unexamined
Adding in a FeatureNeed Advice/CriticismUnexamined
Ravenloft- FirearmsUnexamined
LMoP: Magic Item OpportunitiesUnexamined
Ranger Animal Companion CR?Unexamined
Question by a newbie.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Homebrew Turtle RaceUnexamined
Astronomical MathUnexamined
Orc & Elven historyUnexamined
Underdark Map Creation (livestream)Unexamined
Needed: Down to earth tips for a new DMUnexamined
Passive Perception CalcUnexamined
D&D Problems with traps.Unexamined
Evocation Wizards and Magic MissileUnexamined
Looking for Things to Do in Baldur's GateUnexamined
Difficulty with Providing Players Challenging EncountersUnexamined
The Ultimate Guide to Helping Your Players Role PlayUnexamined
Lucky Halfling Rogue ClassUnexamined
Double edged sword type magic ItemUnexamined
Crafting materialsUnexamined
Cursed Magic Weapon PropertiesUnexamined
Map for for siegeUnexamined
Need Help with HotDQ - Episode 4Unexamined
Fill this Dungeon! Theme: IceUnexamined
Warforged in Forgotten Realms?Unexamined
Looking for DrakesUnexamined
Tricky trap threadUnexamined
SOP (or Standard Operating Procedure)and how it can be good for your game.Unexamined
100 Cursed Item Properties in a PDFUnexamined
How much should I charge for this?Unexamined
Wizard school themed encounters needed!Unexamined
Magic Weapon HelpUnexamined
On the drawing of maps - and some mapsof courseUnexamined
Air Domain for ClericsUnexamined
Village of Forest Green - free resourceUnexamined
Adjudicating StrengthUnexamined
Climbing Enhancement OptionsUnexamined
Surprise attacks during interactionUnexamined
Help with sea battleUnexamined
Looking to set up a gamewhat do i need?Unexamined
Critical Spell HitsUnexamined
New DM Looking For Advice!Unexamined
Sewer MapsUnexamined
Shield FighterUnexamined
New Feat ProposalsUnexamined
One Shot adventure for a new playerUnexamined
Dealing with LycanthropyUnexamined
Need Adventure Advice - Ship EncountersUnexamined
Feat: Binding NegotiationsUnexamined
The Master SwordUnexamined
Anybody tried Haunted Hamlet?Unexamined
New DMlooking for advice and help to create an interesting campaignUnexamined
How to make intrestingbalancedmagic itemsUnexamined
Just a recent anecdoteUnexamined
I've been thinking about enforcing harder healingUnexamined
Question: Beasts on Athas; Tigers?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Players With LycanthropyUnexamined
Forum ShutdownUnexamined
Parent BackgroundUnexamined
Where are the Living Statues?Unexamined
WOTC closing the forums?!Unexamined
5E necrotic damage has me a little confused.Unexamined
Help with a LabyrinthUnexamined
Vicious Mockery and SkeletonsUnexamined
Shadow strength drain questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Favorite Forums/Community SitesUnexamined
Pure Improv3 DMsFinal DestinationUnexamined
Feedback WantedUnexamined
Rules for a Fiend Summoning RitualUnexamined
Advice on involving the players in a warUnexamined
Quest line helpUnexamined
Adapting Princes of the Apocalypse to a Party with more PCsUnexamined
Any fun reoccurring things/themes in your campaigns??Unexamined
Comparison to 3rdUnexamined
Catoblepas > input requestedUnexamined
Familiar reincarnationUnexamined
Simple Houserule to Make Death ScaryUnexamined
Ritual for summoning high level celestialsUnexamined
Need Ideas for Vampire One-Shot.Unexamined
New DM looking for advice on sword coast loreUnexamined
Retired Adventurer Background - Feedback PleaseUnexamined
class i designed (feedback wanted and welcomed)Unexamined
Challenge Rating - what am I missingUnexamined
Spell immunityUnexamined
Nightmare on Sesame streetUnexamined
Need ideas for a Quest a Sphinx would Test a party withUnexamined
Custom campaign to follow 5th edition starter setUnexamined
First time DMplayers deadneed some adviceUnexamined
Fog CloudUnexamined