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Welcome to Dungeons & Dragons!Unexamined
Frequently Asked QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Are DCI Numbers Needed For Home/Online Play?Unexamined
What rules should be used when building our own characters for the starter set adventure?Unexamined
D&D Adventurer's League: D&D ExpeditionsUnexamined
What should I expect on Wednesday Night at my FLGS?Unexamined
Adventurer's League Vs Living Forgotten RealmsUnexamined
Need a quality adventure for ConventionUnexamined
Is there a form-fillable version of the AL Character sheet?Unexamined
Lost Mine of Phandelver - An Adventure League TaleUnexamined
Printing Encounters / Expeditions AdventuresUnexamined
DM Levels?Unexamined
Level Ranges of the MaterialsUnexamined
Lost Mine of Phandelver question (spoilers within)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Get Involved in the D&D Adventurers LeagueUnexamined
Realms update document?Unexamined
Delving in PhlanUnexamined
DM Rewards for D&D Adventurers LeagueUnexamined
D&D Encounters Preview LinkUnexamined
Calendar Date in RealmsUnexamined
Still confused about home playUnexamined
D&D Expeditions and public playUnexamined
DnD 5e Online Organized Play RecruitmentUnexamined
Encounters Start DateUnexamined
Can I start encounters a week late?Unexamined
Player consistency in Hoard of the DragonUnexamined
Running D&D ExpeditionsUnexamined
Kobolds *SPOILER*Unexamined
Murder in Baldurs GateUnexamined
D&D Adventurers League Player's GuideNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Adventurer's League Players Guide ReleasedNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
gencon adventures and pc creationUnexamined
D&D Adventurers League Regional Coordiators wanted!Unexamined
Who's Your League Adventurer?Unexamined
Lost Mine of Phandelver AwardsUnexamined
Alignment Restrictions by FactionUnexamined
Starting an Encounters game one month inUnexamined
Certificate Identification Code?Unexamined
DMing and rewardsUnexamined
Can someone please add forms to the Adventurer's League Character Sheet?Unexamined
AL Credit in a non AL TableUnexamined
Expeditions - Character QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Will DragonCon have Adventurer's League?Unexamined
Looking for Expeditions cant find hosted games at conventions.Unexamined
Is there any advantage for a PC to not join a Faction?Unexamined
Help fitting Character to campaignUnexamined
An article about how I think AL is philosophically different than PFSUnexamined
Custom BackgroundsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I need some monsters!Unexamined
What's an old GM on the fly to dono pre made adventures?Unexamined
[DMs] [D&D Encounters spoilers] Question about Hoard of the Dragon Queen for D&D EncountersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Printer friendly pdfsUnexamined
Gods not in PHB and legal AL cleric charactersUnexamined
Defiance of PhlanUnexamined
Adventure League and variant rules from PHBUnexamined
Adventure League moduleshow to obtain?Unexamined
Character Rebuilding & Starting EquipmentUnexamined
Adventurers League pregensUnexamined
Bringing new stores into the foldUnexamined
Inspiration and ALUnexamined
Roleplaying vs. Mechanics: need help with a character concept.Unexamined
Downtime between Encounters episodesUnexamined
Cleric of Kelemvor in ALUnexamined
Fillable PDF Sheet for Adventurers LeagueUnexamined
Confusion About Expeditions vs. EncountersUnexamined
Shocking GraspUnexamined
So is this the new Organized Play?Unexamined
Adventure League FactionsUnexamined
Faction Secret MissionsUnexamined
A couple questions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Pre-generated Characters for Adventurer League adventuresUnexamined
Preparing for AL rules lawyers...Unexamined
certificate verificationUnexamined
DM rewards for running XP & ?????Unexamined
Character Story Origins?Unexamined
crafting magic itemsUnexamined
crafting magic itemsUnexamined
D&D Expeditions AvailabilityUnexamined
Awarding XP during the module?Unexamined
log sheetUnexamined
Looking for a game.Unexamined
Hoard of the Dragon Queen Encounters MaterialUnexamined
What is Baldman Games relationship to AdvLeague & con games?Unexamined
question on xpNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
EXP Cap per EpisodeUnexamined
Which faction would best fit a flamewalker of Kossuth monk?Unexamined
Adventure AvailabilityUnexamined
Expenses during a moduleUnexamined
Capto one magicla item per personUnexamined
XP Caps for Lost Mine of PhandalinUnexamined
Horde of the Dragon Queen: Max XPUnexamined
The Tome Show: Round Table 30 - D&D Adventurer’s League with Chris Tulach and Chris LindsayUnexamined
Downtime - What's the point of "Practising your Profession"Unexamined
D&D Expeditions Adventures 1-3Unexamined
Hoard and healingUnexamined
Encounters and the AL SeasonUnexamined
leagueand encounterUnexamined
Can you spend downtime days to craft Potions of HealingUnexamined
Trouble Registering DCI for D&D ALUnexamined
Player's Handbook ErrataNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Hoard of the Dragon Queen printer-friendly versionUnexamined
D&D Adventurer's League GroupsUnexamined
General Encounter QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Character GoalUnexamined
NPCs in ALUnexamined
NPCs in ALUnexamined
Not selecting a backgroundUnexamined
Gencon AL PlayUnexamined
Can I play the same character?Unexamined
DCI Support for home gamesUnexamined
Does downtime 'reset' if you switch from LMoP to HotDQ?Unexamined
Do player's have to own the PHB?Unexamined
Faction Character SheetsUnexamined
Error in Dues for the Dead?Unexamined
Outlander + DowntimeUnexamined
Spell ScrollsUnexamined
PSA ATTN: Wizards and Clericson DarknessUnexamined
Are you using DCI #?Unexamined
missing classes(races)Unexamined
Hoard of the Dragon Queen: the whole thing in one night?Unexamined
The Rise of Tiamat (possible spoilers)Unexamined
DM Expeditions thread: Defiance in PhlanUnexamined
DM Expeditions Thread: Secrets of Sokol KeepUnexamined
DM Expeditions Thread: Shadows over the MoonseaUnexamined
Future optional rulesUnexamined
Do Expeditions DMs get a folio?Unexamined
Making a character - question on backgroundNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Animate Dead in ALUnexamined
Arcane Focus: Staff as quarterstaffUnexamined
Find mount spellUnexamined
Encounters SessionsUnexamined
Mod difficulty scalingUnexamined
Purpose of DCI registration?Unexamined
Irregular play & rewardsUnexamined
Awaken (Spell) in ALUnexamined
What year does Hoard of the Dragon Queen take place?Unexamined
Review - Hoard of the Dragon Queen(spoilers)Unexamined
Pteranodon beast companions?Unexamined
Home Play - Adventurer's LeagueUnexamined
Using Hoard of the Dragon Queen in Organized Play?Unexamined
D&D Encounters - XP RewardsUnexamined
How important is timelineUnexamined
Gloves of Swimming and Climbing?Unexamined
Seeking a DM (Online Game)Unexamined
Shield MasterUnexamined
After Lost Mine of PhandelverUnexamined
DM Basic Rules optionsUnexamined
Adhering to RAW and subdual damageUnexamined
No Story Awards?Unexamined
Monsters looting PlayersUnexamined
TactiCon (Denver)Unexamined
How Does Replay Work In Encounters?Unexamined
Rebuilding characters: No name change?Unexamined
Clarification of Dueling rulesUnexamined
Character Legality and factionUnexamined
How to Fix the Encounters ProgramHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Custom backgrounds in Adventure LeagueNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
ALRules Question regarding multi session episodesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Renown in home gamesUnexamined
Can You Use the Customized Background Rules in Organized Play?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Problems currentlyUnexamined
Players and down timeUnexamined
Encounters: Expected party levelUnexamined
Factions and Magic ItemsUnexamined
Recommended RulingsUnexamined
Expeditions Target LevelsUnexamined
Help Required - Partial Completion of an EpisodeUnexamined
Question regarding Lost Mines of Phandelver Home PlayNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Downtime usesUnexamined
Missing an Encounters SessionUnexamined
LE Palandin In AL Possible?Unexamined
Magic InitiateUnexamined
Exotic languagesany way to learn them?Unexamined
Native TongueUnexamined
Level advancement timingUnexamined
Log Sheet Session #Unexamined
Defiance in Phlan issueUnexamined
Harper's Pin - Real Metal Pin for RPUnexamined
DEFIANCE IN PHLAN Chapter 3Unexamined
AL in tavern with lightning tooth = go to jailno question askedNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Adventurers League and the Monster ManualUnexamined
[Springdale AR] Need more DMs for growing D&D Encounters programUnexamined
How to convince local shops to play D&D?Unexamined
Crafting Potions of HealingUnexamined
How to find the contact info for the regional coordinator for Arkansas?Unexamined
Next 3 Expeditions EpisodesUnexamined
D&D Next ModulesUnexamined
How do we view our DCI recordUnexamined
DDEX Appropriate LevelsUnexamined
Expeditions Adventures for private use?Unexamined
World Travel Guide for Phlan?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Problem with Dues for the DeadUnexamined
Help in Adventures League.Unexamined
Record DM EXP rewardsUnexamined
Ring Side Report- RPG Review of the First three DnD 5e Expeditions AdventuresUnexamined
Magic Items in Tier-1 AL (minor spoilers)Unexamined
A Request From An Encounters DM - MapsMapsMaps!Unexamined
Factions in the HoardUnexamined
What level am I?Unexamined
New Encounters GM: Questions and AdviceNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
spell and scroll avabilityUnexamined
Forgotten Realms Novels for ExpeditionsUnexamined
Inspiration pointsUnexamined
Downtime and life style and time between adventuresUnexamined
D&D Adventurers League FAQ update 10/3/2014Unexamined
Chain Warlock with Variant Imp Familiar?Unexamined
Problem with HotDQUnexamined
Compiled List of Phlan PersonalitiesUnexamined
The Courting of Fire questions/comments (spoilers)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
D& D Encounters and Players HandbookNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Character choice dilemmaUnexamined
Faction downtime activitiesUnexamined
DM Expeditions Thread: Dues for the DeadUnexamined
DM Expeditions Thread: The Courting of FireUnexamined
DM Expeditions Thread: The Scroll ThiefUnexamined
Trading magic items to my other characters?Unexamined
Modules by Recommended Character Level (Spoiler-Free)Unexamined
Balance between encounter and daily classesUnexamined
PCs and DeitiesUnexamined
Looking for a game in Washington DC November 17 or 18Unexamined
Changes I want in the ALUnexamined
Home play join Store play?Unexamined
Need some advice - Glyph of Warding SpellUnexamined
Factions in Moonsea Area?Unexamined
Questions about Dragons(Possible spoilers)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Division of end game treasure.Unexamined
Catching Up rulesUnexamined
Expeditions need to be divided into Episodes or be shorterUnexamined
Scourge of the Sword CoastUnexamined
Character 'Rerolls' for D&D EncountersUnexamined
Factions - Secret MissionsUnexamined
Changes to LMoPUnexamined
Encounters - Hoard of the Dragon QueenUnexamined
Next Encounters SeasonUnexamined
The Future of ALUnexamined
Encounters on Weekends?Unexamined
AL rules for editing characters.Unexamined
DM Expeditions Thread: Drums in the MarshUnexamined
Dungeonscape: No longer part of 5th eds futureUnexamined
How do I set up a home game? ALUnexamined
First AL GameUnexamined
Zhent and Welcomers?Unexamined
DDAL in ChicagoUnexamined
DM Expeditions Thread: Tales Trees TellUnexamined
new racesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DMG class optionsUnexamined
Basic DM Rules updated for missing magic itemsUnexamined
HotDQ Encounters: How lethal have your tables been?Unexamined
Reward Inequality in ALUnexamined
Clerics and AlignmentUnexamined
Downtime and Faction Renown GuidelinesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Imizael is the dumbest NPC name everUnexamined
Winter Fantasy 2015Unexamined
[AL] DM XP questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Stuff from the Mike Mearls Reddit AMA that's good news for ALUnexamined
Gamicon DM HelpUnexamined
Expeditions at a non-public location?Unexamined
Why the dearth of magic items?Unexamined
HotDQ Ep.3 issuesUnexamined
Dues for the Dead ShortcutUnexamined
DM Running his PC as an NPC in an Encounters GroupUnexamined
Magic Items and Certificate Identification CodesUnexamined
[HotDQ Campaign] The Adventures of Homicidal VagrantsUnexamined
Where do I find this infoUnexamined
DM Expeditions Thread: Tyranny in PhlanUnexamined
Need a numberUnexamined
What is the point of lifestyle?Unexamined
HELP ME! (HOTDQEp. 1Save The Mill)Unexamined
Spell Scrolls in Hoard of the Dragon QueenUnexamined
AL at home startupUnexamined
Scheduling events in the WER and the output on the Store LocatorUnexamined
Starting a module mid-seasonUnexamined
Elemental WeaponUnexamined
DM Expeditions Thread: Outlaws of the Iron RouteUnexamined
No Expeditions in January & FebruaryUnexamined
Downtime activities and the DMG ExceptUnexamined
AL Module AvailabilityUnexamined
Quality of modulesUnexamined
Encounters & Renown/Downtime AwardsUnexamined
Thankful for TiamatUnexamined
DMG use for ALUnexamined
Online supplements and Basic RulesUnexamined
PvP in Adventure LeagueUnexamined
Tyranny of Dragons D&D Expeditions blurbs updatedUnexamined
How far can we go in HotDQ?Unexamined
Harizawn (spoiler)Unexamined
Question about the use of AL adventures in ExpeditionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Crossbow Expert in ALUnexamined
Multiple Faction MembershipUnexamined
Advice on DMing HotDQ's "No Room at the Inn"Unexamined
Time for EncountersUnexamined
LARPing MonterreyUnexamined
Christmas vacation and ALUnexamined
Request: Add Gaining Renown to ALPGUnexamined
The DMG and Adventurer's LeagueUnexamined
The TrollclawUnexamined
Cert for Death domain vs. DMGUnexamined
Help: My DM is making dumb rulings!Unexamined
Not crazy about certificatesUnexamined
An idea for letting players trade magic itemsUnexamined
Should I be 'rules lawyery' in AL?Unexamined
Druid Armor in ALUnexamined
Monk with "Acolyte background"Unexamined
Magic items not listed in adventure?Unexamined
noble background in adventurers leagueUnexamined
organized playUnexamined
Where's the line between DM ruling and House Rules?Unexamined
Open Call for Adventure DesignersUnexamined
Winter Fantasy - Magic Item Trading PostUnexamined
Open Call for D&D Adventurers League Adventure DesignersUnexamined
Questions about Paperwork and GameplayNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Personal Thoughts on the Expeditions 1-4 scenarios of the Tyranny of Dragons SeasonUnexamined
Answering players Questions on Setting in ALNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Factions/Renown in HotDQ (Home Play)Unexamined
enbicon gaming conventionUnexamined
DM rewards: gold?Unexamined
Downtime: catching upUnexamined
Un-Official Adventure ErrorsUnexamined
Adventure League modules??Unexamined
DM Expectations in ALUnexamined
Learning to say 'No'Unexamined
What is the INT of the magic sword in HotDQ?Unexamined
Selling magic items to NPCsUnexamined
Elemental Evil and the D&D Adventurers LeagueUnexamined
WizardsSpellbooks and Story OriginUnexamined
Customizing a backgroundNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Reminding of ranged attack and melee disadvantageUnexamined
AL and Pregen'd CharactersUnexamined
Going Old School with Magic ItemsUnexamined
DDAL at PAX East?Unexamined
Player/DM Tracking in Adventure LeagueUnexamined
Why not combine an MMORPG with AdventurersUnexamined
Can exarchs be used in ALUnexamined
[Rant] AL rules need to be revised!Unexamined
is this considered player versus player?Unexamined
TV Series or a Movie?Unexamined
retro-tradeable magic itemsUnexamined
separate or joined EXPUnexamined
Death ClericUnexamined
Making Poison in ALnow and in the futureUnexamined
No Magic Item Certs in AL ExpeditionsUnexamined
EPIC AL AdventuresUnexamined
Sadbut gonna have fun with it.Unexamined
First Unearthed ArcanaNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Herald's Guild for DMs!Unexamined
Faction Downtime ActivitiesUnexamined
Magic Items in AL vs. Party SplitsUnexamined
Wasted TreesUnexamined
Disappointed by the ALUnexamined
Rights as AL DM?Unexamined
How to get a missing item cardUnexamined
What exactly are the requirements to DM an Adventurer's League GameUnexamined
Hoard of the Dragon QueenUnexamined
My first D&D playthroughUnexamined
Continuing Lost Mines Adventure to ToDUnexamined
Next seasons AL special mission mods for factionsUnexamined
Winter Fantasy Report?Unexamined
WF Q&A recap?Unexamined
AL Resurrection Cost work around?Unexamined
Replaying adventuresUnexamined
Can a single PC impact the campaign?Unexamined
Character Perma Death & Magic Items.Unexamined
How rigid is AL re: custom equipment?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Winter Fantasy ScenariosUnexamined
List of Genuine Certs?Unexamined
Looking for GroupUnexamined
What about randomizing Expedition magic items?Unexamined
Sage Advice and the Adventurer's LeagueUnexamined
Are Nat 20 & Nat 1 Disallowed from AL?Unexamined
Rise of Tiamat Treasure QuandryUnexamined
Qualifications for Special MissionsUnexamined
Special permission (or merchant?) for silvering a weapon?Unexamined
Season 2 start date and adventure availabilityUnexamined
Possibly Disruptive AL Player: Suggestions?Unexamined
Back from the ConventionUnexamined
Results of first Epic?Unexamined
Requirements to run 'legal' Expedition gamesUnexamined
In Store Season 2 Kick-Off Party - Would these ideas be allowed?Unexamined
Confused on Encounters vs. Casual PlayUnexamined
Cleric of Kelemvor player - disruptive?Unexamined
Issue for first time D&D PlayerUnexamined
Online playUnexamined
concern about the surveysUnexamined
Missing Item CertUnexamined
AL Character creation rules for future seasonsUnexamined
Tyranny of Dragons NPCsUnexamined
Dark Pyramid of Sorcerer's IsleUnexamined
PC Large SizeUnexamined
Date for Start of Season Two?Unexamined
AL Storylines Discussion (FR SPOILERS)Unexamined
What's in it for a DM for this compared to other OP's?Unexamined
DM EXPEDITIONS THREAD: DDEX 1-14 Escape From PhlanUnexamined
Split DM XPand player preferenceUnexamined
Available GodsUnexamined
HotDQ and TiersUnexamined
New Player's Guide for Elemental Evil is outNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Recommended Rulings v2.0Unexamined
New Players Guide to Elemental Evil CompanionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Length of AL seasons?Unexamined
Exploring MulmasterCity of DangerUnexamined
Eladrin and AasimarUnexamined
Season 2 EncountersUnexamined
ddex1-4: dues for the deadUnexamined
[R20/Skype] DDEX1-1: Defiance in Phlan (Level 1-2) Friday March 20th @ 8PM CDT (UTC-05)Unexamined
Charlatan and False IdentityUnexamined
rise of Tiamat potion & belt of giant strengthUnexamined
DDEX1-6 Scroll Thief: Whisperer?Unexamined
Minor issue with starting packagesUnexamined
New character required for EE?Unexamined
Any update on a MyRealms modelUnexamined
Character concepts gimped by requiring Starting PackagesUnexamined
where is the download???Unexamined
Get Involved!Unexamined
Princes of the Apocalypse is LiveUnexamined
Looking for NW D&D PlayersUnexamined
Would "Designing D&D AL Sessions" supplements for full retail adventures be feasible?Unexamined
DDEX1-6: The scroll thiefUnexamined
PotAPart 1Section 2 [Spoilers in Thread]Unexamined
I Need Dungeon Masters!Unexamined
Multiple CharactersUnexamined
My First AL D&D session-D&D faction stuff missingUnexamined
PbP adventuresUnexamined
Anyway to Help?Unexamined
Monster appendix allowedUnexamined
Correcting a DM mistakeUnexamined
PotA Loot Question [Spoilers]No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
[R20/Skype] DDEX1-5: The Courting of Fire (Level 1-4) Saturday March 28th @ 6PM CDT (UTC-03)Unexamined
When can we dl the season 2 adventures?Unexamined
Need help multiclassing warlock rouge?Unexamined
Wish Me Luck!!Unexamined
Alignment QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Banned from factionUnexamined
Out levelling DDEX1-1 (and DDEX2-1)?Unexamined
Captured SpellbooksUnexamined
Starting EquipmentUnexamined
DDEX1-12: Issue with Velvet [Spoilers]Unexamined
dragon mask and mask of the dragon queenUnexamined
why trap new players?Unexamined
Typos in the Player Companion?Unexamined
Roleplay informationUnexamined
Intro mod for AL?Unexamined
First AL session tomorrowUnexamined
New AL DM. Soliciting advice...Unexamined
Adventures for level 5+Unexamined
PotA Appendix A and BUnexamined
Appropriate In-Game ConsequencesUnexamined
DM going to be a player for the first timeUnexamined
[R20/Skype] DDEX1-4: Dues for the Dead (Level 1-4) Wednesday April 1st @ 8PM CDT (UTC-05)Unexamined
Cannot download DDEX2-02Unexamined
Expeditions: new vs. experienced playersUnexamined
Buying ScrollsUnexamined
DCI #Unexamined
Suggestions for Witch DoctorUnexamined
Horn of blasting?Unexamined
Fan Made Adventure Hooks for Princes of the ApocalypseUnexamined
Attunement to magic stavesUnexamined
multiple potion effectUnexamined
So who actually beat Tiamat?Unexamined
Visitor's Guide to Red Larch [Brochure]No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
First time playing ALUnexamined
New D&D AL Organizer QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
AL April Fool's pranksUnexamined
Updates to Official AL FAQUnexamined
Spellcasting in MulmasterUnexamined
Rules questions?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Official List of AL legal creatures for Spells/AbilitiesUnexamined
Disruptive player and how to proceed.Unexamined
When can we make this legal for AL play?Unexamined
DM Guidance (SPOILER HEAVY): Mayhem in the Earthspur MinesUnexamined
Lords' Alliance Downtime Activity (Poss. Spoilers for 2-32-4)Unexamined
DM AL rewardsUnexamined
Elemental LanguagesUnexamined
Question on Item CertsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How does Casual Play transition work?Unexamined
Expedition XP for split sessionsUnexamined
XP/ Level Cap PotAUnexamined
What year does the new Adventurers League season take place?Unexamined
Which Certs Have the Wrong Rarity?Unexamined
Playing as a follower of Bane?Unexamined
discarding magical itemUnexamined
Languages and PoisonsUnexamined
Aarakocra change when > level 5Unexamined
New SeasonOld CharactersUnexamined
Race for Cleric of SuneUnexamined
Adding Spells to my BookUnexamined
Not normally taken DeitiesUnexamined
Digital Adventure LogsheetUnexamined
PotA encounter balance question (**SPOILERS**)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Mulmaster Backgrounds AL Legal?Unexamined
Spellcasting and material componentsUnexamined
EE; Random EncountersUnexamined
Origins Game Faire & Adventures LeagueUnexamined
FAQ Update today - Hazirawn!!Unexamined
Visiting other settings?Unexamined
More DM guidance in AL adventuresUnexamined
Idea: Work around for adding treasureUnexamined
Filling In Details when Running DDEXUnexamined
Religons in MulmasterUnexamined
AL FAQ PDFUnexamined
LE Paladin in Adventurer's LeagueUnexamined
Faction/DM folders and magic item certs for cash?Unexamined
Why do we have logsheet and cert?Unexamined
is refluff legal?Unexamined
Session Number on Log SheetUnexamined
Disjointed sessions.Unexamined
Custom backgrounds in AL?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Intraparty ViolenceUnexamined
non intentional PvPUnexamined
XP in session 1Unexamined
High Level Characters in Princes of the ApocalypseUnexamined
Haggling over price in ALUnexamined
evil godsUnexamined
A little behindUnexamined
Rules familiarityUnexamined
DMs - The Dessarin Road etc part of POTA: How did you find it?Unexamined
Trickery DomainUnexamined
House Rules in ALUnexamined
State of MulmasterUnexamined
Ring of EvasionUnexamined
ROLL CALL : A List of the Handless and Burned in MulmasterUnexamined
Rewards QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Encounters: Small Store WoesUnexamined
DM Needs Advice - PotA Chapter 1 (***SPOILERS***)Unexamined
Advice for a new playerUnexamined
April Sage Advice and Adventurers LeagueUnexamined
Joining the CloaksUnexamined
Custom BackgroundsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DM rewards for PoTA side questsUnexamined
Raiders of Twilight Marsh **possible Spoilers**Unexamined
Finding online AL gamesUnexamined
HOTDQ XP rewards caps? Link? URL?Unexamined
Origins Item Trading PostUnexamined
Joining the cloak or not?Unexamined
Half Dragon Moon DruidUnexamined
Half Dragon Moon DruidUnexamined
Tiers in the Campaign BooksUnexamined
Custom Background questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
New item systemRules Question Or Discussion
Pickpocket in MulmasterUnexamined
Curse of Lycanthropy in the AL: Embracing the curse legality? Determining phase of moon?Unexamined
POTA - some prep for an early Sacred Stone expeditionUnexamined
Clerics and their DeitiesUnexamined
Missing CertsUnexamined
Class to learn D&D?Unexamined
[For DMs] What is feathergale spire up to?Unexamined
Few Questions about MulmasterNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Gen Con 2015Unexamined
non mandatory magic Item?Unexamined
Character RebuildingUnexamined
Circumventing resistance/immunity to non-magical weapons in Adventurer's LeagueUnexamined
Find SteedUnexamined
Can a bard give bardic inspiration to themself?Unexamined
Haven't done Organized play in a long time; questions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Unhygienic playersUnexamined
other realmUnexamined
Al magic itemsUnexamined
SPOILERS - Flame of Kython/Breath of Yellow Rose questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Adventure-specific play reportsfeedback & DM tipsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
[Spoilers] Feedback: DDEX2-8 Foulness Beneath MulmasterHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Hillsfar next season expeditionsUnexamined
How would you set up these skill checks? *PotA Feathergale Spire spoilers*Unexamined
Trading RulesUnexamined
DM only: Orcsplitter and spellcasterUnexamined
Wednesdays only? RatsUnexamined
Reluctant LeaderUnexamined
Sage Advice required?Unexamined
So what do you think is the word on destroying mundane PC gear?Unexamined
[Spoilers] Feedback: DDEX2-1 City of Danger: Love Like a Raging FlameHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
POTA: Looking at the hurricanes spellsUnexamined
How do you do monster spells at the table?Unexamined
Matthew's game reports: SPOILERS HEAVYUnexamined
April Survey Feedback and ALHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Sorcerer/warlock multiclass questions in ALNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
SPOILER: LichUnexamined
DMPCs/Companion characters in AL?Unexamined
Players leaving earlyUnexamined
Phandelver and beyond.Unexamined
Limited time only DDEX2-6 XP steal for a 1-4 mod!Unexamined
When will the mods for today be added?Unexamined
Game Table Noise & EtiquetteUnexamined
Couple New Player (sorta) QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DM Expeditions Thread: Eye of the TempestUnexamined
Expeditions for higher levels?Unexamined
Magic in MulmasterUnexamined
Permanent Magic ItemsUnexamined
Magic Item permananceUnexamined
Advance payment on spellcasting servicesUnexamined
Elemental Cult SurveyUnexamined
Adventurers League ResourcesUnexamined
DMing from ToD to PotAUnexamined
Best Expeditions?Unexamined
DDEP2 at OriginsUnexamined
DM Rewards: Recording and Application Examples?Unexamined
Applying DM RewardsUnexamined
Updated map of Mulmaster?Unexamined
Spellcasting and multiclassUnexamined
Mulmaster UndoneUnexamined
HELP!!! Rewards and Absent PlayersUnexamined
PHB ErrataUnexamined
FR Accessories: Character Ideas: Where to find them and how to update themUnexamined
What is a 'house rule'?Unexamined
List of Conventions?Unexamined
Dragon+ and AL pre-gensUnexamined
Making the move from Lost Mine to Princes of the ApocalypseUnexamined
Cloaks of Mulmaster: The Future?Unexamined
When Certs and PDF differwhich takes precedence?Unexamined
Any resolution of the 'dropping in/out of adventures' issue?Unexamined
Diagonal movement/distanceUnexamined
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season 3 coming in quicklyUnexamined
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Sword Selfaril magic item questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
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