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Best Rogue Weapon?Unexamined
A pox on this board!Unexamined
I love this new location for the Char Op forum!Unexamined
Dragonborn Fighter First attemptUnexamined
Dragonborn Fighter First attemptUnexamined
first debate (lets see if we can be civil)Unexamined
New form of optimization: Group OpUnexamined
Fighters in 4eUnexamined
Fighter + PaladnUnexamined
Epic ManeuversUnexamined
DelayTimingand Power AttackUnexamined
Which role to double up on?Unexamined
Dwarf Dual Shield FighterUnexamined
Dex FighterUnexamined
Suggestion: Use D&D Skin for CO ForumUnexamined
Multiple Attacks at Higher BABUnexamined
Need Help with WarHulk plzNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Triple multiclass in 3.5Unexamined
3.5 where is itUnexamined
Break My E6 GameUnexamined
Ok time for a challange (two person opt group)Unexamined
Gish via 4thUnexamined
Optimization NomenclatureUnexamined
Unarmed damage for a large human?Unexamined
Best Class to Multi with a FighterUnexamined
3.5 Mindblade BuildUnexamined
Optivert this GroupUnexamined
Mad Max/ Post Apocalyptic warriorUnexamined
THIS IS THE 4e CHAR OP FORUM. To go to the 3.5 Char Op forumclick here ...Unexamined
I need the help of "The Masters of the Game" asap.Unexamined
[Help] Raise monk attack bonusUnexamined
Dex: help salvage the Wizards dump statUnexamined
Need help on an optimized dragonborn paladinUnexamined
My BeguilerUnexamined
Lvl 8 Build Help...Unexamined
Ability Scores Usefulness.Unexamined
Human Rogue - Tentative Build in Need of CritiqueUnexamined
Undead Leadership - Help Optimizing Please!Unexamined
Lvl 4 Dwarf cleric 3.5Unexamined
The swift catfolk-dragonborn with animal companion problem. help!Unexamined
Monk-like character? D&D 4EUnexamined
optimizing my Dragonborn Warlord buildUnexamined
Cloud of Knives SorcerorUnexamined
Boomerang ricochet and Two with one blowUnexamined
help making an Eldritch Theurge 3.5Unexamined
No third class confirmedUnexamined
Warlocks and DamageUnexamined
Optimize my Goatball GoliathUnexamined
+5 Metamagic?Unexamined
Character Optimization AbbreviationsUnexamined
Party Optimization: An Issue to Start?Unexamined
A first attempt at a WizardUnexamined
Command - Good or Bad?Unexamined
Rogue/Fighter or Fighter/RogueUnexamined
Does Steel Grace Let Me Do This?Unexamined
List of Potentially Useful Multiclassing PowersUnexamined
Are bugbears and minotaurs now THE race for melee guys?Unexamined
Best Multiclass FeatUnexamined
Making the control wizard in 4eUnexamined
What CO Needs to Reconsider About D&DUnexamined
Can we break intimidate?Unexamined
Two-Blade Bugbear Ranger/rogue DaggermasterUnexamined
Rogue/Warlock tenth lv example.Unexamined
Blade Cascade - Potential ranger one-shotter?Unexamined
The Witch-Knight (like hell you can't make Gish!)Unexamined
Can the LASER CLERIC (tm) give the warlock and the wizard a run for their money?Unexamined
Warlocks and the search for synergy!Unexamined
Working on a FighterUnexamined
My first 4e challenge: make me a Bard.Unexamined
Fighting while perma-bloodied - worth it?Unexamined
Why take Skill Training...Unexamined
My Minotaur fighter for the win.Unexamined
4e nice ranger build alterationsUnexamined
Best Great Weapon Fighter Dailies--2925and 19Unexamined
Your Favorite 4e Weapon?Unexamined
The Warlord HandbookUnexamined
Does this concept still exist?Unexamined
The Supreme Character OptimizerUnexamined
Attempt at a WarlockUnexamined
Various RagesUnexamined
how to select the best feats for a (human)wizardUnexamined
Do the Striker marks stack?Unexamined
Noncombat OptimizationUnexamined
CO Diary: Back-line ClericUnexamined
A wizard versus thisUnexamined
Am I doing this right?Unexamined
Shape Magic + Arch Spell = awesomeUnexamined
Talk to the Hand (Optimized use of Conjurations)Unexamined
My take on the wizardUnexamined
Sunmaster of Amaunator FR 3.5eUnexamined
Undead Weapon Selection for Ranger vs. UndeadUnexamined
Is it possible to build a death fire cage?Unexamined
The Wizard HandbookUnexamined
"Monk" buildUnexamined
KoboldsMelee GuysShiftingScimitarsand YouUnexamined
Optimize PaladinUnexamined
Critique My Warlock (please)Unexamined
Gish Weapon/Implement: Staff or Longsword?Unexamined
Criticals & exploitsUnexamined
Optimizations/Builds/Handbooks Requests and LinksUnexamined
Sword & Sorcery: Gish HandbookUnexamined
A Str-focused wizard/fighter: can this be done?Unexamined
Opportunity Attack HandbookUnexamined
[Cleric] Healing BuildsUnexamined
Weapon OptimizationUnexamined
Thinking about Polearm FightersUnexamined
6th Level Psion (Telepath Domain) 3.5eUnexamined
Req: Help with a 5 person party for KotS?Unexamined
Class/Race Optimization MatrixUnexamined
Hexhammer GishUnexamined
Paragon Path OptimizationUnexamined
Hit Point OptimizationUnexamined
The Use and Abuse of TimestopUnexamined
Opt infoUnexamined
Ranger: Melee vs RangedUnexamined
Infinite Minion Bamfing?Unexamined
CO Diary: Halfling Warlock (Fey Pact)Unexamined
A random rogue build.Unexamined
Rogue/Ranger comboUnexamined
Stat Arrays help requestUnexamined
Healing Font lvl 12 Hospitilar questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Looking for help fixing my Warlock.Unexamined
Some thoughts on speedUnexamined
Sweet Warlord combo at first levelUnexamined
Half-elf and multiclass featsUnexamined
Non-multiclass Elf Ranger archers?Unexamined
Ranger pit-fighter buildUnexamined
The Defender-MageUnexamined
Any way to get a weapon to do 1d2 damage?Unexamined
heavy blade fighter buildUnexamined
staff issues.Unexamined
Build Review for Eladrin Arcane Spear KnightUnexamined
A 4e Character Optimization PrimerUnexamined
Rod of Corruption: A Love StoryUnexamined
Elven Fighter?Unexamined
Are Half-Elves the Perfect Multi-class Race?Unexamined
Optimizing a Human Rogue's ACUnexamined
Attack Stat?Unexamined
Basic Stat review pleaseUnexamined
Help Me Optimize My Party!Unexamined
Rougeless thievery?Unexamined
Critique My Dump-STR Dragon PallyUnexamined
4e Handy Links for Character OptimizationUnexamined
4e ask a simple questionget a simple answerNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Optimal equipment (core only) for 13th level greatsword fighterUnexamined
Rogue Feat ChoicesUnexamined
On Gishes.Unexamined
Will the backstabber feat be upgradeable?Unexamined
Karma: The Elf Control WizardUnexamined
The Orcuslayeror how Cascade of Blades broke 4.0 even 3 days before it was releasedUnexamined
3.5 + 3e Help needed (rogue/barbarian)Unexamined
Danger Sense vs Improved InitiativeUnexamined
Guide to maximum possible values(ACFortRefetc.)Unexamined
Any way to get more skills?Unexamined
A few silly questions...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Treantmonk's guide to Wizards: God 4e styleUnexamined
Invisible = Invincible?Unexamined
Dwarf Cleric/Iron Vanguard/Eternal StalkerUnexamined
Class Keystat ChartUnexamined
Power Ranger: archer/pitfighterUnexamined
Optimized Starting CON for ClassesUnexamined
Hot to maximise my ranger's to hitUnexamined
BBEG: Magnificent ManipulatorUnexamined
Critique my 4 man team.Unexamined
Weapon Mastery and YouUnexamined
Doomsayer's Trap - a one-hit wonder and bizarre design choiceUnexamined
Arcane Gate Warlock - The Atomic BombUnexamined
Defeating armiesUnexamined
Fey Pact Warlock?Unexamined
What Kind of Rogue?Unexamined
Multiclassing and armorUnexamined
Hobgoblin paladin/radiant servant of KordUnexamined
Nifty level 1 gimmickUnexamined
ClericMelee vs. LazerUnexamined
How best to represent the Swordmage until it's release?Unexamined
SleepyTimethe 4ed save-or-die masterUnexamined
The Solo KillerUnexamined
Challenge: Make a solo characterUnexamined
Gnome Warlock - the invisible strikerUnexamined
Where can I find a blank 4th Edi. Charecter sheet?Unexamined
Optomizing The DefenderUnexamined
Not-quite-untouchable Fighter?Unexamined
Optimizing a 3Unexamined
Warlord/Fighter or Fighter/WarlordUnexamined
How about some Rogue guides?Unexamined
Seal of Binding - Breakable?Unexamined
All things not being equal ... couplet balancingUnexamined
Show your 4E Characters! (Critiques & Errata Welcome)Unexamined
Ask a simple questionget a simple answer!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A 4th ed. newbie's queries about Gish viabilitybuilds welcomeUnexamined
Ferocious Bugbear Heavy RangerUnexamined
UBER Dragonborn Fighter or Pslsdin Defender...we can build him!Unexamined
Eladrin warlock/rogue?Unexamined
Kobold Wizard/WarlockUnexamined
half-elf at-will per encounter...RAWUnexamined
Buddy Holidaythe Intimidatomancer / Intimidate GuideUnexamined
Warforged optimization?Unexamined
Can you trade out paragon path powers when you gain higher level powers?Unexamined
Ranger question for utility powerNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help optimize demigodUnexamined
Economics of Magic ItemsUnexamined
Elf Controller Wizard (pro bono :)Unexamined
Fighter Utility 2 - Boundless Endurance vs. UnstoppableUnexamined
Caelic's 4e Optimization DiaryUnexamined
Fighter striker?Unexamined
List your 1-30 builds here!Unexamined
Single Weapon fighting.Unexamined
3.0/3.5 RangerUnexamined
MC Hammer (Minotaur maul fighter build)Unexamined
Careful AttackIt's a trap!Unexamined
Hybrid Ranger BuildUnexamined
Mathematics of Optimization?Unexamined
Flash Lads and Gallow Birds: A Guide to the RogueUnexamined
Now THATUnexamined
Optimizing PolearmsUnexamined
Eladrin Tactical WarlordUnexamined
Frost Weapon + Lasting Frost + Wintertouch.Unexamined
Quick thought on a hybrid ClericUnexamined
Feat based damage bonuses...Unexamined
Far shotUnexamined
Gambling Man (Longtooth Shifter or Bugbear Polearm build)Unexamined
Dilettante [Half-Elf Racial]Unexamined
Question about preparing spells (Wizards)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
dex stat for a wizard?Unexamined
Warlock pact comparison?Unexamined
Help needed on swashbucklerUnexamined
Math for Init Improvement feats (eg Danger Sense)Unexamined
Wizard Controller (Optimization Analysis)Unexamined
A-List PowersUnexamined
Pleasecritique my buildUnexamined
Ability Optimization- isn't it obvious?Unexamined
Is shield/spear viable?Unexamined
Coup de Grace funUnexamined
In dept analysis of Cleric and Wizard Epic Tier Area of Effect damage producing PowerUnexamined
Staff of defense with two weapon fighting?Unexamined
Halfling fighter?Unexamined
JoaT - BardsChameleonsFactotietc. . . . can it be done?Unexamined
Group without a rogue?Unexamined
Do Not Go Gentle Into that Good NightUnexamined
Share SpellUnexamined
Magic Missile: What's the point?Unexamined
Trickster RogueUnexamined
Rogue: Dagger or Rapier?Unexamined
Pleasecritique my "Bard" buildUnexamined
Cause FearUnexamined
A Challenge: 4E Elite OptomizationUnexamined
Hungry Dead RaceUnexamined
Improved Initiative vs Danger SenseUnexamined
Party OptimizationUnexamined
Optimizing a particular Half-Elf Warlord ?Unexamined
Broken first level charactersUnexamined
Positioning and StrategyUnexamined
Double or Triple ClericsUnexamined
Optimizing 1st LevelUnexamined
Defender Fighter Build advice neededUnexamined
Are Eladrins just better?Unexamined
How do I optimize a human Paladin?Unexamined
Who is the best glass-cannon?Unexamined
This needs to be fleshed out: Warlocks vs. WizardsUnexamined
Battlefield Control FighterUnexamined
first 2 strikers not shure how to pull of there themesUnexamined
ranged roguehelp me at optimize that!Unexamined
Resistance (Wiz 10): Great spellor the greatest spell?Unexamined
Fighters and Weapon GroupsUnexamined
Fey Pact Warlock multiclassed into Paladin (Divine Challenge Monster!)Unexamined
4th ed Cleric Prayer Combo QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Godforged armor?Unexamined
Dealing with a Paladin's MADnessUnexamined
Familiars & Animal CompanionsUnexamined
Perma-Stun (or near Perma Stunning) - at level 20+Unexamined
Swordsage WarforgedUnexamined
A Bugbear Brutal Scoundrel for critiqueUnexamined
Optimizing a Rogue / WarlockUnexamined
Wizard of the Spiral Tower and Magic WeaponsUnexamined
Kill orcus in less than 10 seconds!Unexamined
Quick Question Re: Shield SpecializationNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Doppelganger Wizard/WarlockUnexamined
Epic wizard damageUnexamined
Fighter / Warpriest Paragon = Uber?Unexamined
Fighter/Cleric Opportunity GishUnexamined
Ideas on Optimizing a Quick Draw Rogue concept (or Minimizing Uselessness)Unexamined
My First Cleric; Thoughts?Unexamined
The Handymanaka When to Play a Staff MageUnexamined
How Badly Have I Screwed Up My Ranger?Unexamined
Great Defensive Halfling FighterUnexamined
Tactical Considerations: 1-1-1 DiagonalUnexamined
Paladin without STR viable?Unexamined
Is the Shield Push feat any good?Unexamined
ironvanguard+vorpal tornadoUnexamined
Melee/Blaster Cleric - possible to optimize?Unexamined
Effective Tiefling Classes + BuildsUnexamined
Warlock -Epic featsUnexamined
Two Fighter Op QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help with SwordSage Build 4.eUnexamined
Double Dragon ... Cold Style WhoopassUnexamined
Warforged Fighter Hammer & Board Build HelpUnexamined
Optimizing a Warlock's Attack RollsUnexamined
Infinite Damage... sort ofUnexamined
Thoughts on the PHB/DMG/MM updatesUnexamined
[Question]Optimal UtilityNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Vorpal Weapons and YouUnexamined
axe murder ranger buildUnexamined
Wizard/Warlockthe spellbookand youUnexamined
Suggestion on organizing Builds and compiling information-Please Read.Unexamined
Warlock/Wizard multiclass featsUnexamined
Human Fighter / Warpriest / DemigodUnexamined
Red Hands- Githyanki Warlock/Wizard/BloodmageUnexamined
Melee Weapon Damage Output ComparisonUnexamined
another insane buildanother siblinganother headacheUnexamined
Help Me Multi-Class my Paladin ... ThanksUnexamined
Multi ClassingUnexamined
omniscients by simply readyingUnexamined
Multi-Role Ranger BuildUnexamined
More new stuff from DragonUnexamined
Squirrelloid's build and concept threadUnexamined
Please Help me!Unexamined
Dwarf Cleric/Combat Vet/DemigodUnexamined
Ice magesUnexamined
Dwarves: Are they best at anything?Unexamined
Elven RangerDid I do it right?Unexamined
Overall-optimized first level buildsUnexamined
Half-Elf Warlord buildingUnexamined
4e Preliminary Item HandbookUnexamined
Dragon 364: Ashen Covenant- new magic itemsUnexamined
Team OptimizationUnexamined
Human cleric optimizationUnexamined
Champion of Corellon4E styleUnexamined
Ziana's ArcherUnexamined
Party Optimization: Slay Orcusminimize riskUnexamined
Build for a Rogue/WarlockUnexamined
Gnomish ArtificerUnexamined
Human Paladin/Cleric Radiant ServantUnexamined
Race/Calss RelationsUnexamined
Medical Sniper - Cleric/Ranger or Ranger/Cleric?Unexamined
Am I screwing myself over?Unexamined
Striker Wizards?Unexamined
The Socttsman buildUnexamined
Human Paladin for game soonUnexamined
Iron Vanguard + Push + KnockdownUnexamined
Dr. MindbenderWarlock/Divine Oracle (optimizing the "roll 2x vs. Will")Unexamined
An army vs 3 peopleUnexamined
Question about Bloodmage abilityNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dragonborn Ranger/WizardUnexamined
Implements - necessities?Unexamined
Heavy vs light armoran examinationUnexamined
okok... whos NOT going demigod? :PUnexamined
Half-Elf and DilettanteUnexamined
Optimizing a Dwarf RangerUnexamined
The Tactical Warlord - a mini-guideUnexamined
Optimal armour for a defender?Unexamined
Confused about Wisdom while optimising a WizardUnexamined
Why the Wizard still outdoes the Laser Cleric.Unexamined
Is there any point in building a two-weapon PC with any class other than ranger?Unexamined
Dwarven Fighter Needs Help!Unexamined
dwarveselves and eladrin starting profUnexamined
Point-Buy Ability Array OptimizationUnexamined
Is Frost Weapon + Lasting frost viable for Spiral Tower Wizards?Unexamined
Stating the Obvious: Easy Builds that Just WorkUnexamined
Abusing "Come and Get It"?Unexamined
4e: Boosting My Attack BonusUnexamined
Paladin [TankDebuffHeal] BuildUnexamined
Ranger/Wizardpretending to be a druidUnexamined
Would this workInvisible Tank...Unexamined
Shining paladin could do with a boostUnexamined
DreaonidasDragonborn Warlord--looking for inspirationUnexamined
Rod of Corruption and Reaving=Auto-Minion Clearing?Unexamined
Beatdown Pally?Unexamined
Is there any reason to be a Wizard/Fighter?Unexamined
The Cleric's Bible (Making a 4e Cleric)Unexamined
Ranger IdeaUnexamined
Optimising 4E is not 3.5Unexamined
Dragonborn Warlock QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What if I can't get what I want?Unexamined
Catharsisor The Ranger HandbookUnexamined
Questions on Fey step: eladrin abilityNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Min/Maxing a Fire BlasterUnexamined
Builder's Tools: skill acquisition through multiclassingUnexamined
Bulwark - a Fighter/Warlord/Combat Veteran/DemigodUnexamined
Infinite(Okay as long as you can hit)stunning?Unexamined
Dragonborn Warlock; looking for dragon breath synergy.Unexamined
Optimization Library (4E)Unexamined
Best Spellfire WielderUnexamined
Healer: Paladin or Cleric?Unexamined
Roguesdaggersand rangeUnexamined
Infernal Wrathhow good for a warlord?Unexamined
Shadow Assassin's Repost and a TankUnexamined
Dragonborn FighterUnexamined
Ranger/Warpriest; optimizing OA featsUnexamined
Orc Ranger helpUnexamined
Elf Cleric/Radiant Servant/DemigodUnexamined
Human Devoted ClericUnexamined
Warlock Pact Initiate Multi-class feat does not make sense.Unexamined
Ranger: Eladrin vs. HumanUnexamined
Math Help - Rain of BlowsUnexamined
Sniper - Ranger/Divine OracleUnexamined
Fighter - WarlordTaking the heat off the LeadersUnexamined
Most Powerful Build at LVL 15 for Each ClassUnexamined
Non-Gimped QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The bast-erHalf elf Star Warlock/JusticiarUnexamined
Increasing ability scores as you level...Unexamined
"Monk" conceptUnexamined
Paladin statsUnexamined
Wizard of the Spiral TowerUnexamined
Sir Marks-A-Lot (a Defender/Controller gish)Unexamined
Warlord Weapon Mastery... Impossible?Unexamined
Stat help-Dragonborn Fighter/PaladinUnexamined
I want to build an Eladrin Rogueneed helpUnexamined
Damage CalculatorUnexamined
Help me with a Warforged PaladinUnexamined
Optimizing Longswords for TWF RangerUnexamined
Underestimate CON and Toughness?Unexamined
The HellraiserUnexamined
Expanded SpellbookUnexamined
Ability Point Maximization Challenge!Unexamined
Question about multiclassing into RangerNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Optimization is Boring?Unexamined
Optimize this Multi-Role Build! [Ranger/Warpriest/Demigod]Unexamined
Help with optimizing my warlock- blend of hexhammer and dr mindbenderUnexamined
Hexblade4/Paladin of Tyranny4/Drow Judicator 1 Now what?Unexamined
Tradiitional tanking impossible?Unexamined
Is CON a dump stat for fighters now?Unexamined
which attack is best (vs. willvs. reflexvs. AC...)Unexamined
Eric Lockheart (Please Critisize)Unexamined
Pytor Stabbinskythe Titantripper?Unexamined
Ironeyes the Heavy BloodlockUnexamined
Is Str/Con the superior Fighter build?Unexamined
Illusions now available!Unexamined
Dwarf Ranger TWF/Archer lil Cleric Mixed in?Unexamined
Hitting stuffUnexamined
The Cascading ranger's best friend...Unexamined
Dual-Wielding Warlock -- Possible?Unexamined
dex and your warlock.Unexamined
Maw Looping (the other Portal abuse)Unexamined
Dwarf paladinUnexamined
Character classes and powers confusionUnexamined
Pact Blades; ignore melee minions?Unexamined
Illusionist/Divine OracleUnexamined
Help optimize my Dwarf Battle Cleric.Unexamined
The best broken charactersUnexamined
Warlord/Combat Vet/DemiUnexamined
Party Synergy: orHow To Hit ThingsUnexamined
My party is missing a defenderwanna make one?Unexamined
A theoretical look at speed optimizationUnexamined
Balance question for a homebrew ability.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Minotaur FighterUnexamined
Concept: Mobile Elf FighterUnexamined
Stay back! The joy of OAs--starring Glen "The Glaive"Unexamined
Evaluate FighterUnexamined
Thicket of blades full of win?Unexamined
Maximize my Tactical Warlord!Unexamined
Half-Elf Warlock/Wizard for commentsUnexamined
Ranger-Rogue : Ranged archetypeUnexamined
CustServe and Bolstering BloodUnexamined
first character (practically)Unexamined
Arcane caster melee hybrid.Unexamined
new use for arcana skill!(maybe)Unexamined
Why Character Optimization Is RoleplayingUnexamined
Heavy Blade Mastery viable for a Wizard of the Spiral Tower?Unexamined
Adding Bards and Druids (and the challenges DMs have in doing so)Unexamined
Does a rogue need STR for anything besides featsUnexamined
Racking up DamageUnexamined
Keep CO on topic - no house rules in this forumUnexamined
Relative value of primary attack statsUnexamined
Paragon Tier MulticlassingUnexamined
Dread Necromancer helpUnexamined
Dread Necromancer helpUnexamined
2e Elven BladesingerUnexamined
optimizing the suboptimal warlord.Unexamined
Delayingand how it can benefit YOUUnexamined
New Dragon article: Wolves of MaldeenUnexamined
Legions hold and critical optimizationUnexamined
3 Party Composition AdviceUnexamined
Ranger's Weapon of the GodsUnexamined
Warforged GishesUnexamined
Optimizing Defenses ... are people stuck in a 3.x mindset?Unexamined
Is Rapier worth the extra feat?Unexamined
Cleave At-WillUnexamined
Some numbers on control wizard optimizationUnexamined
Do you dare take the Final Fantasy Challenge!?Unexamined
Tielfing Starlock Building?Unexamined
Rate my battle clericUnexamined
Lightning Drums - Abusing Lightning ArcUnexamined
Fixing my fighter.Unexamined
Help Optimize My LockUnexamined
Seal of Binding + damaging effects (not attacks) = good says CustServeUnexamined
Divine Recovery + Elven Accuracy = infinite rerolls?Unexamined
Half elf optimizationUnexamined
CO Theory: How broken are the "broken combos"Unexamined
Here's my new Lock - please suggestionsUnexamined
Swordmaster: Unlimited Recharges?Unexamined
Divine arrow - death by rangeUnexamined
Rules are strange...Unexamined
Yet another 'lock build - looking for review/advice/etc.Unexamined
Longsword vs. ScimitarUnexamined
Breaking Reaping StrikeUnexamined
Come and Get It Kensei synergiesUnexamined
Mettle and evasion: not worthwhile yetUnexamined
Lvl 2 Tief-Lock: Power and versatilityUnexamined
Hammer Rhythm / hammers in general -why so good?Unexamined
Advice: Half-Elf Warlock Sword-GishUnexamined
Is this broken or accurate?Unexamined
Tips for my group set upUnexamined
oh noesdivine miracle again...Unexamined
Rogues and Two-weapon fightingUnexamined
Is multiclassing worth it?Unexamined
Help me Optimization my Eladrin WizardUnexamined
Level scalingUnexamined
Why Separate Feats by Tier?Unexamined
Fighter wizard multiclassUnexamined
Human BS Rogue - Help pleaseUnexamined
Warlord / Wizard GishUnexamined
A better wizard than a Wizard?Unexamined
Something weird...infinite damage.Unexamined
4e core - Lvl 1 char - rogue or ranger ?Unexamined
Wizard vs. Warlock at-wills: Some Surprising CalculationsUnexamined
Blood Thirst or Devastating Critical?Unexamined
4e Leadership Feat - idea's anyone?Unexamined
Paladin Stat BlocksUnexamined
Warlocks/Wizards "to hit"and help needed maxing it.Unexamined
Questions about 4e OPNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Eladrin PaladinUnexamined
Eladrin PaladinUnexamined
I may be tiny but...Unexamined
Dragonborn guardian fighter: 1st lvl feat choice?Unexamined
To Hit vs Damage questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
TWF RangerUnexamined
TWF Ranger - Need advice.Unexamined
The Off-Tank: An attempt to optimize a fighter for varying group compositionsUnexamined
Constitution and Axe-type weapons.Unexamined
Most powerful combination of class and race?Unexamined
Cleric advice?Unexamined
Advise on Multi-Attribute CharactersUnexamined
A Wizard's GripeUnexamined
Help with WotSTUnexamined
Feylock Dex vs. IntUnexamined
Introduction to StatsUnexamined
Infinite Daily Spells at Epic with Battlefield Archer?Unexamined
Half-Elf Witchknight VariantUnexamined
Dwarf Fighter vs Warforged FighterUnexamined
A Brace of Wands - Extending Wizard enduranceUnexamined
Simple Party TacticsUnexamined
Optimizing your xp budgetUnexamined
Doomsayer and the Wand of Howl of DoomUnexamined
Rogue ability scoresUnexamined
seal of binding. make it hit orcusUnexamined
How does our party look?Unexamined
group op discussionUnexamined
Cleric/Oracle/Demigod: crit buildUnexamined
Commander's Strike/Furious SmashUnexamined
5 Man Party considerationsUnexamined
Ranger TWF action point optimizationUnexamined
Doppelganger Lock.Unexamined
Protecting Paladin build questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
TWF Ranger - Please critiqueUnexamined
Paladin/Cleric Needs Helppretty seriously.Unexamined
Elf Heavy Blade Fighter/Kensei/ Deadly TricksterUnexamined
Enlarge/Righteous Might?Unexamined
Feedback on this build?Unexamined
Rogue + Battle CaptainUnexamined
Bag o' Tricks: Initial ImpressionsUnexamined
RPGA - Universal optimizationUnexamined
Warlock Packblade MasterUnexamined
Rank the classesUnexamined
Stats for Human Artful Dodger (Help Please)Unexamined
Optimize Deathstroke 4.0Unexamined
4.0 Party Conversion (level 66 players)Unexamined
Urban RangerMultipurpose StrikerUnexamined
Fighter's Handbook: Taking it to the Face and Loving ItUnexamined
Mounted Combat for FightersUnexamined
Critique/fix this Paladin buildmake him stronger!Unexamined
Request: Typical Monster Defenses at EpicUnexamined
Holding the Linea Glaive Fighter BuildUnexamined
A reach 2 spear or a reach 3 longspear? Maybe notbut it can cause lots of pushback.Unexamined
Orcus-SlayingWarlord StyleUnexamined
Optimization Potential? Warlock/Blood MageUnexamined
help with warlord/warlockUnexamined
The Orc. Really?Unexamined
The Astral Demigod: How to kill Orcus with one basic melee attackUnexamined
Spell track sheetUnexamined
Warforged RogueUnexamined
dual wielding two-handed weapons?Unexamined
MC Arcanist (Wiz/Lock) QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
(Twin) Blade Storm and Stealth -- slowly bleed them to deathUnexamined
Halfling Fighter - Ultimate TankUnexamined
Warlock/ Assassin/ DemigodUnexamined
Opinions on Shadow AssassinUnexamined
Spare the rodspoil the warlock?Unexamined
Storm Vanguard - Aoe StrikerController... and a really tough guyUnexamined
4e General DiscussionUnexamined
Fine tune this 6 level partyUnexamined
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Come and Get It = awesomesometimes just okshould be in most builds.Unexamined
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anything already broken in 4E?Unexamined
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Leveling up Questions/BuildsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
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Multiclassing HandbookUnexamined
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Why don't I see any wizard optimization threads taking advantage of keyword staves?Unexamined
Half Elf Fighter/RogueUnexamined
Half-Elf - Diletantte questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Warlords (Handbook) - How to make the grunts be the best they can beUnexamined
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Interactive Character Sheet PDFUnexamined
Need help with a self-sufficient defender.Unexamined
Dragonborn Paladin - level 1Unexamined
Epic Wizard power selectionUnexamined
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Stacking Bonuses (Feats)Unexamined
Pimp My WarlockUnexamined
Optimizing Perception - Why It's the Best Skill Now!Unexamined
The handbook handbookhyperbole in the world of 4EUnexamined
Halberd wielding Dwarf cleric feasible with a reach weapon?Unexamined
The artificer (or at least the playtest beta) is out! A whole new class!Unexamined
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Power AttackUnexamined
Fighter/Wizard multiclass - Wizard of the Spiral Tower any good?Unexamined
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Unwritten Rules (and how to break them)Unexamined
Lifedrinker Weapon + Dark FuryUnexamined
Tiefling Weapons - 4EUnexamined
Already waiting for PHBII 4.0 nowUnexamined
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OAs for Fighters?Unexamined
Optimization Help: Elf Cleric/RangerUnexamined
What's a Gish?Unexamined
The Damage Per Round ThreadUnexamined
Lvl 30 Fighter DwarfUnexamined
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Paladin for SundayUnexamined
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Paragon Path qualificationsUnexamined
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Lotr builds my 4E take on Gimli and AragornUnexamined
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Dwarf RangerUnexamined
[Tactical] Level 30 Lockdown RangerUnexamined
Warlock + Stealth = Overpowered?Unexamined
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Low Level Con Lock...Suggestions?Unexamined
Artificer Handbook (Updated as we get info)Unexamined
New threads don't seem to be working.Unexamined
The 4e Artificer Handbook (In progress)Unexamined
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The Feyknight of Corellon- Warlock/Paladin/Justicar ComboUnexamined
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Illusions keyword?Unexamined
Spear fighterUnexamined
Wizard to hit mathUnexamined
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The Power of the Readied ActionUnexamined
Gestalt simple?Unexamined
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Optimization Challenge: Build a charicter that doesn't suck!Unexamined
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Prestidigitation questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Two questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
FredDisciple of PainUnexamined
Linguist Feat - BluffDiplomacyand IntimidateUnexamined
Party Op - Strikers and More StrikersUnexamined
Single Player Game Character Help NeededUnexamined
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Party Op: One Race PartiesUnexamined
Little Drummer Boy - Minion/Orcus Slayer with a minor action at 11th levelUnexamined
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Heavy Flail Fighter?Unexamined
Self-Healing DefenderUnexamined
Bastard Sword VS GreatswordUnexamined
Magic Item Optimization?Unexamined
Wis Cleric > Str & Str/Wis ClericsUnexamined
Rogue help - quickly please!Unexamined
4th ed. already unbalanced?Unexamined
House Rule: odd statsUnexamined
Powers that target each saveUnexamined
Casters and ArmourUnexamined
demi god +divine fortune. never miss againUnexamined
Potential Infinite Attack Loop?Unexamined
This Isn't The Thread You're Looking For.Unexamined
Drow rogue stat analysis requested.Unexamined
Melora's Tide or Raven Queen's Blessing?Unexamined
Think this would work?Unexamined
Broken (in a good way) at low levels -- Good class/build combos?Unexamined
Warpriest Challengebroken or not?Unexamined
Best Rogue?Unexamined
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4th Edition Bonus DatabaseUnexamined
Dwarven Warlock (1st level looking to expand)Unexamined
Best complement to this partyUnexamined
Help with a dwarven clericUnexamined
A few Dual-Wield QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Would I actually do this much damage?Unexamined
Newbie Creating A WizardUnexamined
A Shifty PCUnexamined
Multi-classing and Primary AttributesUnexamined
Items for a 2nd level dwarf fighter?Unexamined
Are - «Classes - » obsolete ?Unexamined
Challenge: Shield Fighter with Ranged prowess. Fighter/Ranger? Ranger/Fighter?Unexamined
What would be a good character for thisUnexamined
The Halfling Inquisition (Paladin multi-role)Unexamined
Riddick. Human rogueUnexamined
Pallock the Feyladin - A New 5th Man Utility BuildUnexamined
Secondary ability benefits - why the wizard inconsistency?Unexamined
Money for PCs?Unexamined
Going for the 20Unexamined
CO Challenge: Break a Classless Rules VariantUnexamined
Is mage hand invisable?Unexamined
Any way to be a demigod archmage?Unexamined
Jack of all tradesMaster of some.Unexamined
what is the best party?Unexamined
Encounter Power Combos >>> Basic / At-Will Average DPRUnexamined
Melee Warlock BuildComments PleaseUnexamined
Consecrated Ground questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dragonborn or Longtooth Shifter Paladin?Unexamined
Help me Optimize My Party?Unexamined
Heavy Blade Opportunity + Wolf pack TacticsUnexamined
Mini Guide to MountsUnexamined
Puppet MasterUnexamined
Updated FAQ and keywordsUnexamined
Optimizing a Three PC PartyUnexamined
Arcane Archer helpUnexamined
Lazer Cleric - Which way to go?Unexamined
Mounts & Movement PowersUnexamined
The Cleric's HandbookUnexamined
Warlock Exploit (thanksnew FAQ!)Unexamined
The Righteous BrothersUnexamined
Lasercleric Robopopesilly character looking for imputUnexamined
Optimizing Ken'drykk the RogueUnexamined
Back to the wallhow good is it?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Help with a warlockUnexamined
Invisible PaladinUnexamined
CustServ on "What is an attack?"Unexamined
Feylock teleportUnexamined
Suggested party composition to enjoy new class featuresUnexamined
Fun with staves...Unexamined
Artificer OptimizationUnexamined
At willEncounterDaily optimizationUnexamined
Party RolesUnexamined
Can Wall of Fire and Thunderwave be abused like this?Unexamined
Fighter Stat ArrayUnexamined
Sneak Attack and blastsUnexamined
Starting stats for Wizard....Unexamined
On putting spells into pointy sticksUnexamined
Time StopUnexamined
Warlock Dilemma - A surveyUnexamined
Selling thy soul for the promise of power: A Warlocks handy guideUnexamined
Defense PercentagesUnexamined
reducing damage die sizeUnexamined
20 charisma--too expensive?Unexamined
Paragon Multiclassing and Power Retraining; Customer Service doesn't know the answer!Unexamined
PC's and templatesUnexamined
Sweet spot buildsUnexamined
SneakytoothFang of the Red Dragon (Warlock Build)Unexamined
Wizard multiclassing Artificer?Unexamined
The ConstitutionUnexamined
Artful/Arcane InitiateUnexamined
Help: Dual Wizard OptimizationUnexamined
Hexhammer of the GodsUnexamined
Dragonborn Zeal - is it worth it?Unexamined
I wonder ...Unexamined
AC vs HPUnexamined
Terrain Effects: Phantom Structure + OthersUnexamined
Skill ValuesUnexamined
Bloodhunt vs Dragonborn FuryUnexamined
Fighter/Warlock GishUnexamined
Optimizing a WarlockUnexamined
Choice of StaffUnexamined
Kobold Mystic BladeUnexamined
Help: Getting the most out of my TWF Rangers good abilities.Unexamined
Requesting help with last 2 featsUnexamined
Tank: How to Build an Unstoppable ForceUnexamined
Errata Updated 7/16Unexamined
Challenge: Why are kobolds too good?Unexamined
Stealing Ranger Immediate ActionsUnexamined
Optimization Problem: 4E requires houserules for basic functionalityUnexamined
New PvP KingUnexamined
Need help asap.Unexamined
Anyone got any good human tank builds ?Unexamined
Ranger: High DEX Scimitar Stormwarden or High WIS Bastard Sword Pit FighterUnexamined
The Damage GameUnexamined
Any good stiker powers + no-damage power combos?Unexamined
Probably a silly questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Group insightUnexamined
PvP - Best Level 1 Character....Unexamined
Dex/Wis Cleric/Battlefield Archer/Demigod version 2Unexamined
Introducing the B-TeamUnexamined
Asking for help with a paladinUnexamined
2 man teamUnexamined
Eladrin Warlord HelpUnexamined
Astral Demigod questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
WotST And mage handUnexamined
The Value of a "20" StatUnexamined
Optimizing Wealth - Problems and PossibilitiesUnexamined
Rate my groupUnexamined
Character Creation ChallengeUnexamined
What doesn't scale appropriately?Unexamined
Cleric Combo... works for any cleric.Unexamined
Fighter QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Most Versatile Character...?Unexamined
An Observation on "Master" ClassesUnexamined
Springer McGee: Infinite Damage in 4eUnexamined
Demigods and their level 30 featuresUnexamined
Need help mechanically developing a conceptUnexamined
Tiefling Infernal Warlock StatsUnexamined
Teifling FeylockUnexamined
Shadar-Kai Cleric/Roguea waste of time?Unexamined
The Intimilock; "Fear me Orcus!" [intimidate optimization]Unexamined
FR stuff: Genasi race (+2 Str/Int)levels 1-3 of the Swordmagebackgroundsetc.Unexamined
Himy name is Orcus and you Strikers can't touch me!Unexamined
My Infernal Warlock/Wizard thread and questions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Needs help building a wizard.Unexamined
Lasting Frost - QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Sustain Actions: Everything is fineNothing is ruinedUnexamined
Draeven Marauder and Luckbringer of Tymora: Opinions?Unexamined
Help with a swordmageUnexamined
Most Powerful Low level BuildsUnexamined
List of viable paragon multiclass combinations...Unexamined
Defense Arms raceUnexamined
Every Level 30 Character Optimization Thread SummarizedUnexamined
StunnedThe most broken effect in the gameUnexamined
Steel Grace revision - a way for non-Fighter Swordmasters to access Fighter at-wills?Unexamined
Financing PowerUnexamined
Sneak attack for a ranged rangerUnexamined
cleric paragon multiclass rangerfeasible?Unexamined
What Stats Start is Better?Unexamined
The New SlayerUnexamined
Paladin BuildUnexamined
Artful dodger going warlord...Unexamined
HeyParagon Multiclassers! Remember How You HATE Replacing An At-Will?Unexamined
Ranger into DaggermasterUnexamined
Yet Another Divine Miracle Exploit?Unexamined
Another 4E rules inconsistancy (needs clarification)Unexamined
Knights of Unyeilding Valor - Great or not?Unexamined
4th edition hit points and constitutionUnexamined
Rogue Handbook:Unexamined
2 & 3 Character Party OptimizationUnexamined
First impressions of the Swordmage preview?Unexamined
Chaimail vs Leather+18IntUnexamined
Warlock IdeaUnexamined
Eldarin BladeCurseUnexamined
Encounter OptimizationUnexamined
Artful Dodger vs. Brutal ScoundralUnexamined
Tactical Warlord Stat QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Swashbuckler/Dervish problemUnexamined
Weapon for balanced cleric?Unexamined
Help equip my 10th level character!Unexamined
Custom classes allowed?Unexamined
11th level ranger helpUnexamined
Expanded Spellbook = Instant RetrainingUnexamined
Advice for a 21st level RogueUnexamined
Warforged: Attached Item SlotsUnexamined
Tweaking needed please...Unexamined
lowbie Wizard helpUnexamined
Help Me Tweak my FighterUnexamined
First Attempt at a Rogue - Tweaks AppreciatedUnexamined
The Complete Collection of Character Build LinksUnexamined
Ranger/Stormwarden buildUnexamined
Solo PC build: WizardUnexamined
Ranger + Warpriest (the Sticky Striker)Unexamined
Making the RoleUnexamined
3.5 Half-Drow BlackguardUnexamined
Rogue/?....what to choose?Unexamined
Multiclassing: Focus or Diversify?Unexamined
Fighting With More than one type of weaponUnexamined
Help me make a 4th level Darven wizard with sucky stats.Unexamined
Dragon Magazine #365's Character Concepts: Masterful optimization advice by WotC.Unexamined
GnomeOrcor Shadar-Kai?Unexamined
4E samurai build (ranger/warpreist)Unexamined
Help on Warforged fighterUnexamined
Dual Hammers? (Hammer Rythm)Unexamined
Possible MaximumsUnexamined
Resist/Immune/Vulnerable counts from MMUnexamined
Nothing to see hereUnexamined
Charicter Concepts: Submitting a Dragon Magizine ArticleUnexamined
Wraithbladewhy the hype?Unexamined
Sly Flourish vs. Piercing StrikeUnexamined
Halfling Paladin - Arena Style - Help RequiredUnexamined
Sticky HalflingUnexamined
Flail Fighter BuildUnexamined
Where are the Genasi?Unexamined
Ebon Blade presents: Fighter powersUnexamined
MY take on a Fighter/WizardUnexamined
Challenge: All Arcane PartyUnexamined
Combat Advantage OptimizedUnexamined
Stormsoul Genasi SwordMage with Raging Storm?Unexamined
Wizard RaceUnexamined
Aegis of Assault Swordmage + FeytouchedUnexamined
An item and a question of pathNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Minotaur OptionsUnexamined
Dogpile OptimizationUnexamined
MM Human MageUnexamined
Wizard Wand OptimizationUnexamined
Heavy Blade OpportunityUnexamined
Oddball Class PowersUnexamined
Does this guy (Graden) look like a decent wizard?Unexamined
First 4th Edition Character (Wizard/Ranger)Unexamined
Infernal Warlock: A bad (sub)class?Unexamined
Eberron SwordmageUnexamined
"Can't finish its action..."Unexamined
Warlord Multiclassing Rogue EvaluationUnexamined
Steady Sanguine CrossbowmanUnexamined
Witch doctor...Alchemist?Unexamined
Broken: Is a PerspectiveUnexamined
Building the best Tiefling Infernal WarlockUnexamined
3.5 questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Why does everyone love the damage on a miss feats?Unexamined
Umber Hulk = WinUnexamined
How do dwarven ranger/pit fighters fight MAD?Unexamined
Wizard/Rogue = Massive Battlefield ControlUnexamined
DEX Fighter?Unexamined
Wizards and Combat Advantage: How to Obtain CAUnexamined
The Art of Shredding: The Ranger Build HandbookUnexamined
Defenses: Your Weakest LinkUnexamined
Maximizing the benefits (and freq) of CritsUnexamined
Nownow can we optimize the Reborn Champion Epic Destiny?Unexamined
New Epic destiny in DragonUnexamined
New Swordmage maneuvers in DragonUnexamined
Attack rolls: An analysisUnexamined
Good way to get High Crit?Unexamined
Reaping Strike Plus Hammer Rhythm?Unexamined
Things which need to be errataedUnexamined
Ironfell weapons: Free damage for Str/Cha-based paladin/Star Pact warlocks in FR?Unexamined
Damage: Ranger or Rogue?Unexamined
Increasing Crit Range With LongbowsUnexamined
Dwarf in full plate and a weapon in each handUnexamined
Maximizing Tactical ChoiceUnexamined
AoA swordmage/paladin/Champion of Order = ultimate 1 monster/encounter debuffer?Unexamined
Replacements for Epic CapstonesUnexamined
Swordmage wizards the peak of current optimization?Unexamined
How is Archmage Broken?Unexamined
What Swordmage doesn't love a Bastard...Unexamined
Fixing Sure Strike and Careful AttackUnexamined
Radiant Blaster ClericUnexamined
Dwarf Helllock Build: Str or Int Secondary Build Style?Unexamined
Paragon Multiclass: Dwarven DominatorUnexamined
Any interest in vetting homebrew material?Unexamined
Rogue questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Fixing Multiclassing (MulticlassingCOand you)Unexamined
WotC Stealth changes/clarificationsUnexamined
Eladrin "Arcane Archer"Unexamined
3rd at-will for a fighter?!?Unexamined
Help with optimized ranger archery buildUnexamined
Swordmage/Wizard of the Spiral Tower... Help?Unexamined
The New Stealth Q&AUnexamined
Paragon Multiclass: The Reactive ForceUnexamined
PC templatesUnexamined
Prismatic tricksters- Elf/Wizard/Divine Oracle/Deadly TricksterUnexamined
a rogue/stormwarden questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Would you quit Thunderspire Labyrinth and run off if your minotaur char found this?Unexamined
Is the Doppelganger overpowered?Unexamined
How best to go about Warlock/clericUnexamined
paladin optimizationUnexamined
Group Optomize my DefenderUnexamined
Dragonborn Healer optimizationUnexamined
Ending your movement...Unexamined
Wizard/Blood mage/Archmage best race? + feat selectionUnexamined
Wizard/Warlock MulticlassUnexamined
Help me with my D&D 4e character please!Unexamined
Favored Classes for MM RacesUnexamined
Party Optimization: How Important is Perception?Unexamined
Augment: Divine Miracle just got more broken for warlocks and wizards.Unexamined
Buckler houserule from CO perspectiveUnexamined
Random thought before workUnexamined
Wands of destructive salutation?Unexamined
Terrifying Insight + Prismatic Spells: How would this play out?Unexamined
Does the New Stealth Rules Completely Nerf It?Unexamined
Staff wizard interaction with light shield?Unexamined
Orb Implement - Better in Paragon?Unexamined
Arcane Trickster OptimizationUnexamined
The Invisible ManipulatorUnexamined
The Elegant SwordsmasterUnexamined
Paragon Multiclassing - Confusion/Possible Typo/House RuleUnexamined
The Willzard-I'm in your headzstealin your brainz.Unexamined
Complete Dragon 365Unexamined
Why Reliable is a feel-good keywordUnexamined
Drow Feylock w/ Stealth training...Unexamined
Can Non-Paladin Half Elves use Lay on Hands as an Encounter Ability?Unexamined
Serra Angel of bahamut pally buildUnexamined
Challenge: Outdo the Character Concept Article!Unexamined
4e Shifter Longtooth Ranger / Pit-fighter Build - Please CritiqueUnexamined
Some maths for the Staff of Fiery WrathUnexamined
Help with planning a RogueUnexamined
Ability Scores over Features?Unexamined
Artificer ExperienceUnexamined
List of Future updates found in D&Di compendiumUnexamined
Alertness vs Skill Focus (Perception)Unexamined
Human vs Elf - Control Wizard's DelightUnexamined
Warlord Multiclass: Convince me either wayUnexamined
Wizards and Stealth = Is it still viable?Unexamined
Pact Boons don't work anymore!Unexamined
Question about Stealth vs. Multiple OpponentsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help my Multiclass Battle Cleric BuildUnexamined
Trying to get the most DPR out of my FighterUnexamined
Building a FighterUnexamined
Warlord vs. Cleric?Unexamined
Summons of Khirad - My new favorite Daily PowerUnexamined
Ability score advice neededUnexamined
[LFR] Living Forgotten Realms Wealth ManagementUnexamined
A bunch of crunch in new Dragon articleUnexamined
Couple Issues Concerning My New Elven WizardUnexamined
Free Actions - Can they be used during other actions?Unexamined
Constitution and HPUnexamined
Any weapons worth using with non-proficiency?Unexamined
Two Weapon WFT?Unexamined
Rogue Talk: Focus or Backstabber?Unexamined
Talk to me about Rogues - daggers good even from L1?Unexamined
Mad Skillz?Unexamined
Optimize my homebrew classUnexamined
Advice for lvl 1 wizardUnexamined
Tiefling Cleric - can it be done (well)?Unexamined
CO DiariesUnexamined
Half Elf WarlockRanger MulticlassPaladin ChallengeUnexamined
Relative strength of conditionsUnexamined
How can you break this houserule...(if at all)? Help finding any kinks in my idea :)Unexamined
Please help me to build a Fighter + Wizard with some houserulesUnexamined
Proofor at least compelling evidence that you can indeed teleport some one else up.Unexamined
Dwarven Fighter/Warpriest/Demigod BuildUnexamined
Bugbear Spear FighterUnexamined
Most of you talk about optimizing one characterbut how about a duo??Unexamined
Optimization Help - RogueUnexamined
Rogue Talk: I'm doing it wrong!Unexamined
Longspear - Viable at last?Unexamined
How badly am I screwing myself over?Unexamined
Dwarven Fighter helpUnexamined
Attempt at Dexterity Fighter Opt. PEACHUnexamined
Paladin -> Pit Fighterbeen done yet?Unexamined
Ranger 29 attack power "Follow up Blow" questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Orbizard vs non wis based Wizards.Unexamined
Any Balance Issuse with House ruled Race..Unexamined
Glaivethe warforged tactical fighter.Unexamined
best channnel divinityUnexamined
A level 29 Dark Pact warlock dailya 1d14 greataxeand a Bag of Tricks.Unexamined
Howother than being humando I get an extra at will?Unexamined
Discussion: The Panglossian Fallacy and Ipse-DixitismUnexamined
Crossbow proficiency worthwhile for rogues?Unexamined
Draw Pardner: All about Sniper RoguesUnexamined
Am I missing somethingor is there no reason to use 2 handed weapons?Unexamined
Longtooth Shifter Pit FightersUnexamined
Can I dump Str as a Paladin?Unexamined
Fighter/infernal warlockUnexamined
I'm a me be fun and sticky.Unexamined
Best Paragon Path for Str Pally?Unexamined
Warforged Paladin - ImmunobotUnexamined
An AOE Rogue (rogue/paladin)Unexamined
Getting your Third Wind (Divine Vigor + Dwarven Blood Mages)Unexamined
4e warblade rebuildUnexamined
Party Optimization - Power AND FlexibilityUnexamined
Half-Elf Starlock....builds?Unexamined
Getting the most out of Dragon BreathUnexamined
Joseph Silver's Optimization JournalUnexamined
Attempt at rogue/ranger PM characterUnexamined
Just Letting Everyone KnowUnexamined
Turning Point vs Inspiring War CryUnexamined
Eladrin Artificer build- thoughts?Unexamined
PushPull and Slide OptimizationUnexamined
Immortal Shapechanger HelpUnexamined
Darzi- New Race balenced/broken?Unexamined
Control-Oriented Human WizardUnexamined
clerical alternative power??Unexamined
Looking for a Cool Progression for Warrior mage(need help)Unexamined
Bugbears and Minotaurs are dumb -- please commentUnexamined
Party Op: Eladrin NinjasUnexamined
Party Op: Tiefling FirestormUnexamined
Looking for the best array for a TaclordUnexamined
Genasi Ranger - Question and OptimizationNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Fighter Opt QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Divine Bodyguard (Paladin Utility 6)Unexamined
Party Optimization--What's your perfect party?Unexamined
Drow OptimizationUnexamined
Fix redundant abilities? Str/ConDex/IntWis/ChaUnexamined
Having a tough time deciding on a class...Unexamined
My ClericUnexamined
Warforged Paladin/Wizard Optimisation Help.Unexamined
Optimizing my Swordmage for LFRUnexamined
Rain of BlowsUnexamined
Sneak AttackCurse & QuarryUnexamined
Orb fixUnexamined
Warlord optimization (polearm gamble and more)Unexamined
Wizard/Ranger - Tough to hitUnexamined
The basic balance problem with attacks that impose conditionsUnexamined
Lugritor (hobgoblin starlock) please critique my buildUnexamined
Eratta Update 8/11Unexamined
Shadar-Kai for LFR gameUnexamined
Dark Pact WarlocksUnexamined
"Pool" RuleUnexamined
[Build] Warforged Fighter/Iron Vanguard/DemigodUnexamined
Tactical Warlord - Sword and Board or Polearm?Unexamined
Warforged paragons and "role" pre-req's?Unexamined
List of Stun effectsUnexamined
Best way to build an Arcane Trickster-style characterUnexamined
Triple classing?Unexamined
Celtic CreationUnexamined
Creating a character for a 3-person party.Unexamined
Questions about Opportunity AttacksNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Arcane ReachUnexamined
Fighters gone wildUnexamined
Mr Versatility for critiqueUnexamined
Here's a stupid questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
RPGA living FR optimizationUnexamined
Fighter lvl 7have a look plzUnexamined
more than one score at 8???Unexamined
Alchemy: A non-magic character's refuge or an expensive meh power?Unexamined
New alchemical items to burn your finances onand a somewhat underwhelming wizard PPUnexamined
Demigod is a trapUnexamined
SwordmageStat and Multiclassing help.Unexamined
Paladin + Fighter good?Unexamined
Sub-Optimal vs. BadUnexamined
Daggermaster ED choices: Deadly Trickster or Reborn Champion?Unexamined
Analyzing Crucial AdviceUnexamined
As I'm going off to collegethe DM wants my character to fight the partyUnexamined
Aegis of Assault + Glaive + Water GenasiUnexamined
Screwing around with ritualsUnexamined
So what's your favorite optimization?Unexamined
Rose Keep: Enclave of red wizardsUnexamined
A new type of MulticlassUnexamined
Elf ranger/sneak of shadows... bow with a dagger (question)...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
4e PvP: How do I make Rogue a viable option?Unexamined
Basic Attack questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Promise of StormUnexamined
Half-Elf Dilettante + Multiclass?Unexamined
the doppleganger wizardUnexamined
+10% to hit or Elven Accuracy?Unexamined
Chameleon4th EditionUnexamined
Old mounted combat forumUnexamined
Theretical optimization vs Practical optimization The anti "Its broken" threadUnexamined
Hellfire BloodUnexamined
Radiant WarlockUnexamined
How good are the interrupt powers if you don't know if they will succeed?Unexamined
Optimize my level 3 PaladinUnexamined
Usefulness/Effectiveness of many WandsUnexamined
The "Not Good" Race/Class CombosUnexamined
Optimize my Human Warlord (levels 1-10)Unexamined
Ideal initiative orderUnexamined
The Human versus Non-Human Contestsgeneral discussionUnexamined
The art of Offensive as a DefenseUnexamined
The Offensive DefenseUnexamined
Armor anguishUnexamined
Half VampireUnexamined
4 new magic itemsplus 3 new FR rituals.Unexamined
Rating the best feats for shield fighters.Unexamined
Initiative Master!!Unexamined
Rogue/Paladin: Where is it?Unexamined
New Staff Wizard questions...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
When does damage from Divine Challenge occur?Unexamined
Maximizing a Minimized PaladinUnexamined
Best Race for Tactical Warlord: a community discussionUnexamined
Meet the Goblin Totem: the new uber magic weapon from the FR Campaign GuideUnexamined
Melee WarlockUnexamined
Recharging your daily powers indefinitely...would this work?Unexamined
Tactical Warlord AdviceUnexamined
Swordmage Guide: V.5Unexamined
great statsUnexamined
Half-Elf Paladin: What Dilettante?Unexamined
A Challenge: Two-Man PartyUnexamined
Optimal Usage of Power AttackUnexamined
Excerpts from FRPG and Adventurer's VaultUnexamined
LFR cleric - Archer or Laser?Unexamined
Fighter with a VICIOUS petUnexamined
Warforged Resolve+Reparation Aparatus?Unexamined
Ranger/Rogue - Backstabber/LethalHunterUnexamined
New Feat?Unexamined
4e Q&A: list of Questions and answersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Training in new skills?Unexamined
The Chicken or the EGG?Unexamined
Sword Marshall's boon + Defy DeathUnexamined
Star Pact Dragon ArticleUnexamined
Ignore or delete meredundant thread - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenUnexamined
The archmage. An example of stunlocks.Unexamined
Optimally Unproficient?Unexamined
Questions: Elven Stormwarden Point Buy and Attacks on the RunNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Spellstorm Gish (PEACH)Unexamined
Warlock: how many at wills do you get?Unexamined
PbP character optimizationUnexamined
Flailing Around - STR/DEX Fighter StrikerUnexamined
An Orb Wizard Build (Please Advise)Unexamined
Wizard DailysSave ends vs automatic effects.Unexamined
Improving My Cleric (PEACH)Unexamined
Build advice needed for my tactical warlord/wizard...Unexamined
Ideal 3v3 PvP teamUnexamined
How do wizards use walls?Unexamined
Sly Flourish & Piercing StrikeUnexamined
Optimizersis this houserule broken?Unexamined
'New' Fallacy: The Munchkin FallacyUnexamined
Ughthis is so broken.Unexamined
Is there a standardized format for posting builds?Unexamined
Rogue Talk: Stats - Extremely Urgent!Unexamined
Unorthadox Style: Crazy Concepts Working Well!Unexamined
New ExcerptsUnexamined
The Dreadlockor Dark Lord of the Sith reduxUnexamined
Help me build a Warforged Ranger TWFUnexamined
Human TW Ranger Pit Fighter for critiqueUnexamined
Build Me A: Student of Caiphon PaladinUnexamined
Starlock Op ChallengeUnexamined
Simple question. Highest armor?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Hard as a Rock: The Fighter's HandbookUnexamined
could I get help with a deathstorm Wizard here?Unexamined
Wizard/Warlock buildUnexamined
The Combo ThreadUnexamined
Creating your own unique abilities.Unexamined
Help Me Optimize My Defender...Unexamined
Anyone playing a Dwarven Staff Wizard/Blood Mage?Unexamined
Githyanki Warlock/Wizard -> Blood MageUnexamined
Most broken PP?Unexamined
4th Edition and 30 years of D&D (long)Unexamined
Boots of TeleportationUnexamined
Perfect ranger build?Unexamined
Wrong turn at AlbuquerqueUnexamined
Rod of Reaving + Rod of CorruptionUnexamined
New Excerpt to pick apartUnexamined
Tashalatorastill trying..Unexamined
The Paladin Bros - Two Pallies taking on Orcus without breaking a sweatUnexamined
The power creep. DelevelingUnexamined
Mathematical Findings on Large Vorpal Exectutioners AxeUnexamined
Paladin/Archer Hybrid buildUnexamined
How would you build...Unexamined
Mummies = Earliest Save-or-Die (... yawn ...)Unexamined
Backgrounds: "Power-gamers beware! You’ll search in vain for significant advantage!"Unexamined
New Feat ... Monkey GripUnexamined
Radiant Critical PaladinUnexamined
Human Cleric seeks pimpingUnexamined
Optimal multiclass for ...Unexamined
Two-Weapon DefenderUnexamined
Making the Ideal Triple Dwarf 3v3 teamUnexamined
Fault values?Unexamined
Dragonborn Paladin OpUnexamined
New Paragon Paths (Playermade) Balance Help =DUnexamined
Name the designer who makes stuff which looks cute but is horribly brokenUnexamined
Op a Crossbow BuildUnexamined
Quick build adviceUnexamined
Human Swordmage QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Which do you think is the best weapon for this warlock?Unexamined
Deus vult! The Battle Cleric's HandbookUnexamined
Rogues w/ Crossbows?Unexamined
Improve my 7th Level Paladin for a 1 shotUnexamined
Archer Ranger - Greatbow + Quick Draw?Unexamined
...... uhhrmm. Sois there a reason to use two handed weapons?Unexamined
Guan Gong - Glaive weilding Warlord. Impossible?Unexamined
Improved Fate of the Void and multiple killsUnexamined
16s are better than 18s--Things that make me MADUnexamined
Help please : Warforged fighter build? (4th edition)Unexamined
Lets maximize WotST.Unexamined
Great Fortitude/Iron Will/Lightning Reflexes Best Feats in 4e?Unexamined
Wizard + Wand of Accuracy + Warlock MC + Corellon's Implement = Fun Times?Unexamined
Buidling a 7th leve wizard or warlockUnexamined
Fighter Build: Falchioneer OpportunistUnexamined
Infernal pact WarlockUnexamined
Prince Nuada the Impossible?Unexamined
Arcane Archer Paragon Path [PEACH]Unexamined
I want YOU to help me tweak my wizard.Unexamined
The Deontology Rule: When RAI supercedes RAWUnexamined
The undying party. A low level comboUnexamined
Fyra the Tiefling Champion of Fire-swords.Unexamined
Brothers in Arms - help me build a Warlord and a PaladinUnexamined
3.5 BuildUnexamined
Pimp my Dragonborn Warlord/CasterUnexamined
How would you go about building a Paladin/Feylock?Unexamined
Arcane Archer (RAWnot homebrew)Unexamined
The Knight PaladinUnexamined
Build a party of only race XUnexamined
New Excerpts.Unexamined
Help with a dwarf artificerUnexamined
Possible New Wand Trend Horribly Broken?Unexamined
Character Optimization - Misnamed forumUnexamined
[Tome of Battle] Shadow Sun ninja : ConversionUnexamined
Practical Optimization: How optimized are the characters that you are playing?Unexamined
Soulforged Armor + Sunburstimmortality?Unexamined
Dwarf Pally StatsUnexamined
Point Buy CalculatorUnexamined
Effectiveness of a Fighter ArcherUnexamined
Elven Spear fighter using Dragon powers and paragon pathUnexamined
Where's the "Charismatic Blademaster" feat?Unexamined
Dwarven vs. Eladrin RangerUnexamined
Twofold Pact: Best Combination?Unexamined
Good low level Wizard-ing?Unexamined
Low Heroic DefenderUnexamined
CO challenge: SplugUnexamined
Dragon 366 full pdf is up. Let's see what changed...Unexamined
Guess the Adventurers Vault - new weaponsUnexamined
Let's build an all warforged party!Unexamined
Human Starpack Warlock build.Unexamined
Eladrin FeylockUnexamined
Illusionary wallstill an encounter power?Unexamined
Can you make a bad character in 4e?Unexamined
Best Healer...or are those not needed anymore?Unexamined
Stormwarden or Ranger -> pitfighterUnexamined
Playtesting the Artificerhelp me optimize!Unexamined
Character RealizationUnexamined
Adventurer's Vault: New ArmorUnexamined
Don't need demigod for SoB madness.Unexamined
Throwing weapons Artificer?Unexamined
A question of rules (wizard spell memorisation)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Orc and mountrunning charge.Unexamined
Warforged Fighter stat questonUnexamined
Spear Fighters: Cleave or Reaping Strike?Unexamined
Everyone better get ready to optimize two-weapon fighters.Unexamined
New Excerpt: Purple Dragon KnightUnexamined
The Rave'lockUnexamined
Artificer Q'sUnexamined
is CON being underrated nowadays?Unexamined
Need guidance in upcoming power selection for PvP teamUnexamined
Thoughts on a stormy dragonborn greataxe fighter?Unexamined
New Two-Weapon Fighter optionsUnexamined
Paragon Multiclassing granting full-blown Class Features -- Would it actually be OP?Unexamined
The fascination with TWFUnexamined
optimization hang-ups: things you just can't sacrificeUnexamined
Help me build a super Striker pleaseUnexamined
Dragonborn Zeal vs Strike Me InsteadUnexamined
Doom of Delbannow with 50% more doom!Unexamined
So is Scale the best heavy armor?Unexamined
Torn between fighter PPsUnexamined
Carrion Crawler = Earliest Stunfor everyoneUnexamined
fey'lock face?Unexamined
Encounter Duration PowersUnexamined
Optimizing class and race.Unexamined
WintertouchedLasting Frost and Frost WeaponsUnexamined
Oversized+Tide of Iron+Heavy Blade Opportunity+Polearm gambit= :)Unexamined
Homebrew Item (Tattoos) - PEACHUnexamined
Will my character suck if I don't take class feats?Unexamined
Genasi ArticleUnexamined
Party OptimizationUnexamined
FeyWild - The Eladrin Build HandbookUnexamined
question about saving throws and a wizard powerNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Genasi: Now with even more power!Unexamined
3.5 Warforged WizardUnexamined
Warlock's Curse and AoE Powers: Monday Night RAW!!!!Unexamined
Critique A New Rangers' Build?Unexamined
Killing the Tanklock conceptUnexamined
Monster defenses and hit points by levelroleand tierUnexamined
First time making a homebrew anythingUnexamined
Party optimizationUnexamined
Dragonborn Breath WeaponUnexamined
ignore thisUnexamined
Need help from the Experts on Rogues/Rangers and Tanks!Unexamined
Warlock with star pactUnexamined
Three powersThree usesOne question...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Wizard/Divine Oracle OptimizationUnexamined
Some fun Optimizing a Rogue & Warlock for a new playerUnexamined
Optimal feats + order for wizardsUnexamined
Blood Mage and Blood PulseUnexamined
gishtalt characterUnexamined
Human SwordmageUnexamined
Help with an unlucky tiefling star pact warlockUnexamined
Fun with SwordmageUnexamined
Wizard "binder of Blood" Build?Unexamined
Adventures in Misusing Vorpal WeaponsVol. IUnexamined
Are Drow too powerful?Unexamined
3 Unanswered Wizard questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Good and MadUnexamined
Dungeon mentions Pun-PunUnexamined
Best Large Weapon: Adventurer's Vault editionUnexamined
homebrew point buy system optimization helpUnexamined
Striker Vs Leader?Unexamined
Changing Powerswap feats?Unexamined
Does this 4th level ranger look optimized-ish?Unexamined
Force Weapon and Solid SoundUnexamined
The Straight Jacket Fallacy-Do we have this?Unexamined
Warlord+Wizard+Paladin + ??? help me choose an optimal strikerUnexamined
Gnolls make good ... what?Unexamined
Blade Storm / Twin Blade StormUnexamined
Paragon path action point benefitsUnexamined
Help Build me a Warforged JuggernautUnexamined
The Cold DrakesUnexamined
Just a quick fighter question...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Unknown optimization hybridUnexamined
Darth Rogue strikes in the night!!!Unexamined
Changing keywords overpowered?Unexamined
I'm at a total losshelp with my characterUnexamined
Scaleor Chain and Light ShieldUnexamined
Nightcrawler (Fey-Knight Swordmage)Unexamined
does droping a stat give you point?Unexamined
Help with a Sub-Optimal Build: Dwarf OrbizardUnexamined
Power selection for Con-based StarlockUnexamined
New Feat: Improved Comanders StrikeUnexamined
The Art of Combat Advantage: Tactical or Reckless?Unexamined
Rate my PaladinpleaseUnexamined
Cunning Blade and WotST?Unexamined
Great Spear vs. Spiked ChainUnexamined
Bloodclaw Weapons: Must have?Unexamined
Adventurer's Vault thoughts here!Unexamined
Gem from FRPG + Blood PulseUnexamined
Forgotten Realms Player's Guide: The OptimizingUnexamined
Help pushing for high accuracyUnexamined
Wild Elf Luck stacks with Elven Precision. Elves are awesome.Unexamined
Question about "extra damage" and named bonusesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Genasi Swordmage goodnessUnexamined
Still a reason to play a high strength rogue?Unexamined
What class would synergise well with a Spellscarred/Savant GenasiUnexamined
The Pushy WizardUnexamined
Give me the Perfect Dwarf Fighter per favoreUnexamined
Optimizing the Double Blade Brutal Scoundrel RogueUnexamined
Some pointers on a Rogue build?Unexamined
windsoul/???? swordmageUnexamined
(Shielding) Swordmage + plate armor???Unexamined
Warlock/Swordmage helpUnexamined
Orbizard: Orb of Ultimate Imposition + Orb Mastery and killing Orcus (yet again...)Unexamined
Are Bugbears too powerful?Unexamined
Which parangon path for an Artificer?Unexamined
Stacking vulnerabilityUnexamined
Attack of the RogueUnexamined
Elemental GenasiUnexamined
Warforged Paladin/WarlockUnexamined
Eladrin swordmageUnexamined
Khopesh = AwesomeUnexamined
Parrying dagger + Spiked ShieldUnexamined
Mega HealUnexamined
Magic Item DepartmentUnexamined
Theory: Double Weapons Optimised for BeastmastersUnexamined
Stat Optimization for WizardUnexamined
Myam LightBringer - Drow Paladin of CaiphonUnexamined
Customer Service Optimization - Asking things right to get complete answersUnexamined
Best armor for: Ranger?Unexamined
Resounding Thunder optimizationUnexamined
Shadar-kai Swordmage Build (Opinions sought)Unexamined
Tratnyr rangerUnexamined
Charge optimizationUnexamined
Veteran's Armor. Any reason not to take it?Unexamined
Breaking lighning arc?Unexamined
Please erase this threadUnexamined
Teh Haxxor - The +66 to hit Glamor Blade Cascade Dupe ExploiterUnexamined
What's the highest AC possible with Adventurer's Vault items?Unexamined
After a night with my new paladin...Unexamined
Warlock - Umbriri?Unexamined
Transposing bow+boots of zephyrUnexamined
Help fitting into new partyUnexamined
Build Challenge [Healer/Controller]Unexamined
Radiant Build PPUnexamined
Does repulsion armor look overpowered to anyone else?Unexamined
Optimized to-hit for 4th level Warlock?Unexamined
Warforged overpowered?Unexamined
Comments on battle cleric build.Unexamined
Healers Lore + Healing Keyword + ruling?Unexamined
Best Deity Feat for Forgotten Realms?Unexamined
Highest possible fort defense?Unexamined
most powerful in pvp?Unexamined
Genasi Warlord Tips?Unexamined
Champion's Armor is rediculous brokenUnexamined
Agile Armor vs Bloodthread ArmorUnexamined
Why feats for OA:s that never happen?Unexamined
Maximum range?Unexamined
What's the vB Code for the special power card blocks?Unexamined
Swiftshot Weapon w/ modified Alchemist ammunitionUnexamined
coverstealth and combat advantage.Unexamined
Vampire lock what 2 pactsUnexamined
Fighter/Wizard (PMC)Unexamined
Help me flesh out my Warlord/Spellscarred DragonbornUnexamined
Elf Laser Cleric - Help neededUnexamined
Fullblade Damage OutputUnexamined
Khopesh question for swordmagesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Feat Optimizer SpreadsheetUnexamined
Whirlwind Genasi Tactical WarlordUnexamined
Dwarven Ranger(Battlerager/Berserker)Unexamined
STR Melee Human Cleric of KordAdviseUnexamined
Optimize this build... (cleric/controller)Unexamined
Eladrin Rogue: Daggermaster or Stormwarden?Unexamined
11th Level Warlock Curse botUnexamined
Fighter assistance?Unexamined
Stormwarden Blade Storm QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
pit fighter vs kenseiUnexamined
The Ultimate Balanced ClericUnexamined
Looking for a good Wizard/War Wizard BuildUnexamined
Swordmage Optimization BrainstormingUnexamined
Fighter/Student of Caiphon + Radiant Weapon?Unexamined
Radiant Damage Paladin PPUnexamined
What's the difference between Pun-pun and Natural Spell?Unexamined
Craghammer RangerUnexamined
Optimizing Speed through Skybound ArmorUnexamined
How would one go about optimizing a wizard?Unexamined
Highest Damaging WeaponUnexamined
Blade Cascade back to insane amounts of damage again?Unexamined
Penalties to SavesUnexamined
Meliorating armor goofinessUnexamined
Epic Faerun article up; THE POWER!Unexamined
Best Purchases For a Low Treasure CampaignUnexamined
Dilemma with Genasi SwordmageUnexamined
Solid Sound feat and Force Weapon magical ability abuseUnexamined
PMC: Power wording not updatedUnexamined
Party Optimization: The Most Disposable Role?Unexamined
Best Weapon for an Artful Dodger?Unexamined
Help for a Rogue..fighting as a DefenderUnexamined
Dragon 366 and encounter powersUnexamined
Maximizing CritsUnexamined
Grabing from a distanceUnexamined
Wizard/Swordmage/WoST buildUnexamined
Elf High MageUnexamined
LFR OptimizationUnexamined
New Optimised Orb Wizard?Unexamined
Cunning Longsword + WotST = Broken?Unexamined
Best point buy for Battlefield Archer?Unexamined
Value of Human extra at-willUnexamined
so far so good? (peach)Unexamined
First 4 ed gamehelp optimize my first characterUnexamined
Switching PlacesUnexamined
Magic item theoryUnexamined
Best character for an intrigue-focused solo game?Unexamined
How to houserule Glamor BladeUnexamined
Optimizing Darth Maul?Unexamined
Eladrin Warlock (Swordmage)/Swordmage (Warlock)Unexamined
LFR TWF RangerUnexamined
3.5 - Shifter & Razorclaw traitUnexamined
Playing GnollsUnexamined
Radiant ArcherUnexamined
Dwarf Cleric Build [PEACH]Unexamined
Lightning DragoonUnexamined
The HammermageUnexamined
4e The BatmanUnexamined
Spamming Sudden Assault for potentially limitless damage.Unexamined
Party Optimization: PaladinFighterWarlord and two Reach WeaponsUnexamined
Warforged Hammer fighterStat arrayUnexamined
Cunning VorpalityUnexamined
Mr. ResistanceUnexamined
Looking for tips on Genasi FighterUnexamined
Genasi TWF Ranger?Unexamined
Best Starting NumbersUnexamined
Why take any multiclass skill feat?Unexamined
Storm Themed MageUnexamined
Need someone to please take a look at a Level 20 Gith Shielding Wandering SwordmageUnexamined
The CHA to HP background?Unexamined
The Blackest Heart: Darklocks and SpellscarredUnexamined
Access to cantrips for non wizards?Unexamined
Swordmage SillinessUnexamined
Two-man party optimization questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
So... About that Dark Pact...Unexamined
Stormsoul Shielding Swordmage/Elemental TempestUnexamined
class acts: swordmagesUnexamined
Damage DealingUnexamined
Swordmages and dual-wieldingUnexamined
Character Gallery (PEACH)Unexamined
Rangers detailed examinationUnexamined
Bastard Sword or Fullblade for Assault Swordmages?Unexamined
So... KukrisUnexamined
Swordmage -> Wizard MC feasibilityUnexamined
Unseelie dark/fey lockUnexamined
The Bad Touch - Optimizing the 4ed Mancatcher in 4edUnexamined
Blade Cascade each encounter after errataUnexamined
Thoughts on a Tiefling Shielding Swordmage / Paladin / Champion of Order buildUnexamined
Ranger/Hospitaler ThoughtsUnexamined
I want to use my bow to shoot swords.Unexamined
Tac OpsUnexamined
Could use some help with building my InfernalockUnexamined
The Gish 4.0Unexamined
Optimization Challange: Lord Majestros and Lady ZannahUnexamined
Party OptimizationUnexamined
Optimized Genasi Swordmage?Unexamined
Making the most of my swordmageUnexamined
The Dynamic DuoUnexamined
Opinion on a level 6 Storm Genasi Shielding Swordmage.Unexamined
Genasi Tac Warlord HelpUnexamined
Darth Maul- The Non-Dagger Brutal RogueUnexamined
Theoretic Darklock?Unexamined
"You all look the same to me."Unexamined
PastPresentand Future: A ReflectionUnexamined
Children of Drow article up.Unexamined
Any way for non-dwarves to use second winds quickly?Unexamined
The Damage over Time MageUnexamined
Reckless Weapon: THE reason to use a spiked shield/parrying dagger?Unexamined
MindShredder Warlock OptUnexamined
Party Optimization -- all races / classesUnexamined
The Solo SlayerUnexamined
Max Charge / Run Character Speed is Non-Ranger 32 Ranger 44 - Max Shift 41?Unexamined
Twofold Pact questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need Help building A Dwarf Melee ClericUnexamined
Intelligent items article upUnexamined
Brutal + Weapon Size Increases ...Unexamined
Looking to make a super save characterUnexamined
Meet Fenric the Azuresoul: opinions?Unexamined
Viable Swordmage/Rogue Multiclass?Unexamined
Argument: Party Optimization Threads Are Bad For The GameUnexamined
Jedi SentinelI meanFeylock/Swordmage [PEACH]Unexamined
Silly Optimization: 9 Class Ninja Group!Unexamined
Eladrin Shielding Swordmage Help?Unexamined
Dragonborn Cleric/Warlock HybridUnexamined
Wraith Recon just came out; optimize for the setting/jobs?Unexamined
Help with "Teh Lazor Cleric" buildUnexamined
Axe or Hammer?Unexamined
Prey on the WeakUnexamined
Sune's Heartbreaker - Warlock BuildUnexamined
Invisible leaping flame abuseUnexamined
Need help with my Warforged WarlockUnexamined
Is the Brooch of Vitality overpowered?Unexamined
Knight of the Burning Blood (Swordmage/Bloodmage Gish)Unexamined
Doublesword Pactblade? - Enchanting Double WeaponsUnexamined
[More Elven Demigod Brokenness] How to do infinite damage on every hitUnexamined
The Black HoleUnexamined
Regeneration MadnessUnexamined
Sir Shrinkalot and the angry shadowUnexamined
Adventurers Vault - Mage's WeaponUnexamined
Three ManUnexamined
Defense Oriented Tactical WarlordUnexamined
Rediculously Theoretical Optimization - Rules ContradictionUnexamined
Hypothetical Question - Spiked Chain as a Light BladeNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Incredible "Trap Fighter"Unexamined
The Barbarian is up!Unexamined
Barbarians- so they ARE strikers!Unexamined
Dark Oracle of [insert creepy dark deity here] PEACHUnexamined
Illusion/ice Contro WizardUnexamined
Barbarian's Pressing Strike + Glaive + Heavy Blade Opportunity + Polearm Gamble = ???Unexamined
Making a Ranged RogueHelp!Unexamined
Any good Cleric/Wizard build ideas?Unexamined
Dual wielding shields?Unexamined
I'm Batman!!Unexamined
Fighter Offtank 2hUnexamined
[Decision paralysis]2nd level feat for my fighter - help me choose!Unexamined
Barbarian Juggernaut! (suggestions?)Unexamined
A spellscared swordmage - does it measure up?Unexamined
How to Build A Nuclear BombUnexamined
[Multiclassing] What Warlord powers are worth it for a Fighter to pick up?Unexamined
Own the PlagueUnexamined
Barbarian -> Warlock: Reverse Hexhammer?Unexamined
Feat Questions - PA and HBONo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Cleric help needed: "Magus" themed buildUnexamined
Help! Requesting discuss of wizard AV itemsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Barbarian COingOrLet's Stop Arguing About Balance For A Second And Make SomethingUnexamined
Help making control wizard for Melee PartyUnexamined
Elf or Eladrin TWF Ranger for Melee Party?Unexamined
Help me make my elf barbarianUnexamined
Crush: How to Build a Truly Unstoppable Force (Barbarian Concept Build)Unexamined
On powers..Stacking?!Unexamined
Warforged Battle ClericUnexamined
Shielding Swordmage At-Will OptimizationUnexamined
Dwarf Rogue transforming to BarbarianUnexamined
What are some of the overpowered things in Adventurer's Vault?Unexamined
Eberron: Hobgoblin (cha) StarlockUnexamined
Average Damage CalculatorUnexamined
I know we don't have the Barbarian MC feat yet but Rogue/Barbar scares meUnexamined
Spellcasters can crit on 18-20 nowUnexamined
Path of least Resist-anceUnexamined
Do Frozen Whetstones add the Cold keywordtriggering Lasting Frost + Wintertouched?Unexamined
Theoretical Optimization: The SuperchargerUnexamined
Discussion: Damage Resistance or High Defenses?Unexamined
Final Confrontation = Karate Kid Drum Technique [video]Unexamined
Bugbear Barbarian- Overreaching the CompetitionUnexamined
The best way to build a ranger...?Unexamined
Eladrin BarbarianUnexamined
Orc barbarianUnexamined
group composition questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Bloody PaladinUnexamined
The Handy Gishor having your cake and eating it tooUnexamined
Leaked Martial Power Class FeaturesUnexamined
Longtooth Shifter BarbarianUnexamined
Proposed Cleric Build: The Razor ClericUnexamined
No love for dancing weapons?Unexamined
Barbarian vs Fighter a Damage ComparisonUnexamined
The Silly Barbarian (or Emo Bob)Unexamined
Subjugating OrcusUnexamined
Fighter // PMC BarbarianUnexamined
NEW FEATUnexamined
what do we know about druids?Unexamined
Need help with Minataur Barbarian buildUnexamined
Orc WarlordUnexamined
The best of….Unexamined
Garrotte grip optimisationUnexamined
No love for Agile Armor (AV)?Unexamined
new pp: polearm master (martial power)Unexamined
Fighter/Wizard? Please Help.Unexamined
Feat RequirementsUnexamined
Damned or doomed - how to use Aegis of Shielding with Glamor BladeUnexamined
Repulsion ArmorUnexamined
Help with a level 11 laser clericUnexamined
Help / Advice for L6 Radiant cleric?Unexamined
2 types of optimizationUnexamined
Power gaming help needed making a 4E characterUnexamined
Player KillingUnexamined
Sweeping Blow OddnessUnexamined
A Guide to Paragon PathsUnexamined
Kobold charactersUnexamined
STR Cleric Optimization HelpUnexamined
Interesting items from the AVUnexamined
Optimizing the UrgroshUnexamined
How much is 5% hit in DPRUnexamined
Gensai Barbarian good or bad idea?Unexamined
Gnoll- BarbRangerLock?Unexamined
Optimizing a Ranger\ClericUnexamined
Voorhees BloodgutterUnexamined
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optimal barbarian paragon path?Unexamined
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Opt. Cha Pala HalfelfUnexamined
Genasi Anarch of ShyrUnexamined
No more HPUnexamined
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The game just balanced (Eternal Defender)?Unexamined
Gladiator article upUnexamined
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DM/Player optimization advice regarding Bloodclaw WeaponUnexamined
Gnoll Boss-KillerUnexamined
Need help please with Warlord buildUnexamined
Question about "Called Shot" feat from gladiator articleNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Eternal Defender; New Martial Power destinyUnexamined
Halfling warlockUnexamined
Polearm Gambit ParadoxUnexamined
Human bonuses homebrewUnexamined
Lil' Hammer: A New High-DPR BuildUnexamined
Level 30 playtestUnexamined
A tough as nails wizard.Unexamined
Half-Elf DilettantesUnexamined
Lich PCsUnexamined
Craghammer vs MordenkradUnexamined
Beastmaster ranger leaves room for improvementUnexamined
Is a primary stat of 20 worth the sacrifice?Unexamined
Super Healers Away!Unexamined
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LawrentGnoll rogue Level one (PEACH)Unexamined
Building defender barbarianUnexamined
Glue Shot Sling Bullets balanced?Unexamined
The Ninja Paradigmâ„¢ (PEACH)Unexamined
Rescue the reporter from the red dragonUnexamined
Asside from that one Holy Symbolways to re-use Channel Divinity?Unexamined
Simbarch of Aglarond P.E.A.C.H. - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Building a Warlord/WizardUnexamined
Dark pact warlock...Unexamined
Equipping GordofanUnexamined
How to make a good Darkpact Gish...Unexamined
plate armor questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Starpact Warlock optionsUnexamined
My Thunder Empress (Swordmage Spec)Unexamined
The bionic Shanker.Unexamined
Does this build have potential?Unexamined
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Whip fighter brainstormingUnexamined
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Warlord Build QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Please help me build a Cleric/Paladin.Unexamined
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New MP excerpt: Feral SpiritUnexamined
Primary Stat ComparisonUnexamined
Lvl 11 Wonky StatsUnexamined
Weapon choice for an Angelic Avenger cleric...Unexamined
An Old Dwarf... who can kick you assUnexamined
TacLord WeaponsUnexamined
Optimal twf ranger magic weapon w/ no AV errata?Unexamined
Githyanki Wandering Swordmage (Glaivemage?)Unexamined
What would you make?Unexamined
Heal Theory: SurgeBonus and PureUnexamined
Weekend in the Realms homemade 'pregens'Unexamined
brutal weapon mathUnexamined
Prepare for Glory!: The Warlord's HandbookUnexamined
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10th Level Rogue Build ThoughtsUnexamined
Crit on every Hit?Unexamined
Possible "4e gestalt" builds?Unexamined
Swords and Sorcery: A Swordmage ManualUnexamined
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Swordmage/Warlord Opp. Help Please?Unexamined
clean template for posting charactersUnexamined
The mechanical role of the spellscars?Unexamined
Feat bonus to damage rolls for force powersUnexamined
The optimized mountUnexamined
Arena partyUnexamined
Khopesh vs. Bastard SwordUnexamined
Can't subscribe???Unexamined
A Wand-using Control Wizard? It can be done! Please help.Unexamined
ZeingeistWarforged battle cleric (A.K.A. living smashing pumpkins reference)Unexamined
Weapon FocusNimble Blade and the Pact BladeUnexamined
My swordmage and damaging potentialUnexamined
The Leech - how to heal to full HP with a single strikeUnexamined
Battle vs Devoted Cleric... Balanced?Unexamined
Help with Rogue Rain of Blows average damage math.Unexamined
Tempest Fighter?Unexamined
Are Iron Will etc worth it now?Unexamined
Swordmage ItemsUnexamined
Level 30 Playtest with unoptimized characters?Unexamined
Looking for advice on Bugbear RogueUnexamined
Optimized 4 player Party?Unexamined
Optimization help on Halfling BarbarianUnexamined
LFR Eladrin "Darth Maul" rogueUnexamined
Half Elf WarlockUnexamined
The new cheese- help optimise?Unexamined
My first D&D CharacterUnexamined
Kensei for Two-Weapon RangersUnexamined
Subtle Weapon - great potentialUnexamined
Tactical Warlord ItemizationUnexamined
Early Stunlocking IdeaUnexamined
Wizard+MC Cleric or Cleric + MC Wizard?Unexamined
dragonborn swordmageneed helpUnexamined
the best fighter/mageUnexamined
Getting the most of Melee Warlock'ingUnexamined
Full Dragon Release: Any changes?Unexamined
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Optimizing TWF without RangerUnexamined
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Dragonborn Fighter PMCUnexamined
November Editorial Calendar Is Up...Unexamined
Righteous Rage of Tempus+Lightning Arc? Good powers for combo?Unexamined
Help with converting an old characterUnexamined
Movement modes with Deft StrikeUnexamined
When is the best defense a total defense?Unexamined
LFR Elven Barbarianideas please!Unexamined
Lord_Ventnor's Build CompendiumUnexamined
RPGA LFR range ranger w/equipmentUnexamined
Minotaur article is up!Unexamined
Dwarven BarbarianUnexamined
"Wolf Girl" BarbarianUnexamined
Ways to keeps mounts safe and healthy?Unexamined
I challenge CO to make an optimized build for social encounters.Unexamined
Optimization challenge: Multiclass maniaUnexamined
Opening ShoveUnexamined
Warforged Artificer.Unexamined
Bloodclaw vs. Vanguard WeaponUnexamined
Solo Adventure - Optimizing for no alliesUnexamined
Gestalt ECLUnexamined
Daring AcrobatUnexamined
Pimp my Starpact Dragonborn (or Warforged) PaladinUnexamined
The Psychology of Power AttackUnexamined
Frenzied Blood QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
He loves spidersand he killed OrcusUnexamined
Vote the Vote...Gamers UniteUnexamined
DPR Calculator Project [Updated Nov. 72008]Unexamined
Trying to decide between Bastard Sword and FalchionUnexamined
Whats a good magic item for a TWF ranger?Unexamined
Whirling Dervish for 4thUnexamined
Martial Power Feat Index PreviewUnexamined
Optimize the 'Mental Man'Unexamined
Soloing the TarasqueUnexamined
An Opposite of Power Attack?Unexamined
Basic Attack EVER worth it?Unexamined
The Ultimate Charge BuildUnexamined
Drow Swordmage... viable?Unexamined
Gladiators: Fighting Style FeatsUnexamined
Is Opening Shove great for a Glaive Warlord?Unexamined
Implements and Weapon FocusUnexamined
Class Acts: WarlordUnexamined
What's the best gear loadout for new minotaur?Unexamined
Tough SOB 4th Level Fighter.Unexamined
Get Your War OnUnexamined
Bringing down the fliers.Unexamined
Divine miracle: Still no errata?Unexamined
Wizard of the Spiral Tower (Weapon Discussion)Unexamined
Starlock focusing on will attackUnexamined
Equipment Load for Urban Ranged RangerUnexamined
Optimizing to hit? (Minotaur Barbarian)Unexamined
Which reach weapon for a Warlord?Unexamined
Jack of All Trades -- A Bard ExperimentUnexamined
What good are marks not made by class features?Unexamined
Belt OptimizationUnexamined
"TownPortal" gimmickUnexamined
LFH/PEACH Gnoll BarbarianUnexamined
Martial Artist (PEACH)Unexamined
Intentionally provoking opportunity attacks?Unexamined
The HappyBox: 13d6+4 damage + fireball at 1st levelUnexamined
Pit Wizard - Who Said Wizards Can't Do Damage?Unexamined
Two-Weapon Fighter/StrikerUnexamined
Minotaur Leader QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Skill Challenge Skills by Class or RoleUnexamined
How come RoB/BC/HoB get so much guff and stuns do not?Unexamined
Tiefling Roguegive me some input.Unexamined
Warforged JuggernautUnexamined
TWF or Archer rangerUnexamined
Ranger QuestionsRules Question Or Discussion
Warlock Pact BladeUnexamined
Keeping the party aliveUnexamined
Destructive Salutation: Overrated (a little)?Unexamined
Sliding a creature through a hazard multiple times=legitUnexamined
dwarven Beowulf norrisUnexamined
Magic and Dragons The GatheringUnexamined
Dark Pact gishUnexamined
Paragon Path for my Elf Paladin (Str) of Tempus?Unexamined
Maximizing party damagereckless weaponsfrozen whetstonesand Lasting FrostUnexamined
Even More Implement Fun?Unexamined
When Optimization Goes WrongUnexamined
Best race/outfit for this Barbarian?Unexamined
Ranger MC Fighter Heavy BlademasterUnexamined
The InquisitorUnexamined
Hellish Rebuke + Hellfire wandUnexamined
Gnoll Infernal SwordmageUnexamined
Cleric of KelemvorUnexamined
Ridiculous Characters: The Running ManUnexamined
Cleric Archer vs. Dirty ArcherUnexamined
Dwarven Weapon TrainingUnexamined
[Logic] Tempest Fighters are going to be better strikers than TWF RangersUnexamined
How many encounters a day should you optimize for?Unexamined
Which to choose durability or Toughness?Unexamined
Barbarian: Great Cleave better than Blade Sweep?Unexamined
Orcus? Who's that? New ultimate challengeUnexamined
Paladin/Warlock - Players Handbook OnlyUnexamined
Char Op Challenge: Party of MisfitsUnexamined
Multiclassing - From an optimization standpointUnexamined
Elven Archer RangerUnexamined
Optimizing a Cleric's saving throwsUnexamined
Best Characters to Kill RangersUnexamined
What do people have against CharOp? Be honest...Unexamined
Bows and HQC-bows and SAUnexamined
Why are strikers are constantly fending off encroachments to their role?Unexamined
DELETE THIS THREAD! - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenUnexamined
Get Over Here Utility PowerUnexamined
Some powers from Martial Power for your viewing pleasure.Unexamined
Righteous Brand vs. Furious SmashUnexamined
Warforged Sniper Warlock/Superior CrossbowUnexamined
Random commentsUnexamined
Demigod has a rival now.Unexamined
Starting Halfling RogueUnexamined
Beastmaster OptimizingUnexamined
Maximum HealthUnexamined
Compare: Fey-Defender vs. Witch Knight vs. Feyknight of CorellonUnexamined
Cliff guard party challengeUnexamined
Is it wrong to beat epic level DCs at 1st-level?Unexamined
Orc barbarian/FighterUnexamined
Optimizing Bard's Multiclass VersitilityUnexamined
Level 14 Wizard vs OrcusUnexamined
Party Optimization- Gnoll RaidersUnexamined
Ding Dongthe Kensei and Ranger have died!Unexamined
Build Check - Level 5 FighterUnexamined
Ongoing DamageUnexamined
I'm an archer; why not be a beast master?Unexamined
Battle Captain still the best PP?Unexamined
Legendary General or Warmaster?Unexamined
A fullblade fightermodelled after MC HammerUnexamined
Can someone explain the point of a Beast Master Ranger?Unexamined
The HexninjaUnexamined
The Dark RogueUnexamined
Amazing Martial Power Feats (first look)Unexamined
Optimizing Beastmaster?Unexamined
Resourceful = Ranged Warlord?Unexamined
dread reaper and pit fighterUnexamined
Rogue & Shock TrooperUnexamined
2 Infinite Loops are better then one!!Unexamined
Tempest Fighter + Rakish SwashbucklerUnexamined
The Apocalypse Twins: How the world is going to endUnexamined
Eladrin Rogue/Swordmage MC Feat helpUnexamined
Prime Shift.... sounds better than it plays?Unexamined
The pet phylacteryUnexamined
Average character wealthUnexamined
Hammer DweebUnexamined
Codex Creep: Strictly Better PowersFeatsand EquipmentUnexamined
Mini-Guide: Bravura WarlordUnexamined
Killing Tiamat in one round without infinite loops. With just three L27 warlords.Unexamined
Ranged Opportunity AttacksUnexamined
Highest Attack roll optimization?Unexamined
Penalty Party!Unexamined
AC Optimization: Above and Beyond Armor / ShieldUnexamined
Battle Captain no longer a no-brainer for Tac-Lords?Unexamined
New level 3 damage king?Unexamined
Forget Battle Captain novas--here's how you SUPERNOVA!Unexamined
Marked Scourge feat + Fighter => Super Striker DamageUnexamined
Paladin Build AdviceUnexamined
Abusing the UrgoshUnexamined
Tempest Optimization Guide (in progress)Unexamined
Immortality in one splat book - for 5 minutes anywayUnexamined
Help deciding EDUnexamined
Help with warlockUnexamined
Getting Kicked in the NADsUnexamined
Shielding Swordmage as a secondary defenderUnexamined
Quicksilver StanceUnexamined
Eladrin Barbarian/Rogue Charge Monster (thanks MP)Unexamined
Bloodclaw users: You are psychos!Unexamined
Seeking Advice - Archer/Beast Mastery BuildUnexamined
Footwork Lure + Tricksters Blade + Polearm Momentum + Polearm GambitUnexamined
KenseiShocktrooperand Blade DancerUnexamined
Dwarven Rogue?Unexamined
Fighting CharOpUnexamined
Ignore this post (double post)Unexamined
Do you want to see the new best polearm wielder?Unexamined
Sooohas it happened yet?Unexamined
Need help for some minor optimizationUnexamined
Tank (v2.0): When Push Comes to ShoveUnexamined
Spellscarred Power GuideUnexamined
Dragonborn Paladin/Polearmmaster/ethernal defenderUnexamined
Fleeting ghostchameleonand shadow strideUnexamined
UNTOUCHABLE WARLORD (or simply: a taclord with social phobia)Unexamined
Fighters should get their stances counted as part of their base DPR.Unexamined
Optimized rogue with MP?Unexamined
Whats the absolute best class/build for a halfling?Unexamined
The '+hit is god' fallacyUnexamined
Battle AwarenessUnexamined
Quicksilver Stance - I haven't seen this mentionedUnexamined
Do double weapons count as two weapons?Unexamined
Fighter Powers that grant Combat AdvantageUnexamined
Beastmaster - Doesn't use beast?Unexamined
Does a two-handed weapon with spiked gauntlets count as "wielding two melee weapons"?Unexamined
HackorI think Dual Strike is the largest problemUnexamined
Optimization: Rogue SniperUnexamined
Dragonborn Feat Hurl BreathUnexamined
Optimization of Spears Post-MP?Unexamined
Guide to the Utility Belt Wizard: Batman 4E-styleUnexamined
Immortality -- 20 or higher vs deathUnexamined
Gnoll Beastmaster- DPR please?Unexamined
Power I Haven't Seen Abused Just YetUnexamined
Sohow optimized is Shock Trooper?Unexamined
Is there any reason why a party SHOULDN'T have a Battle Captain?Unexamined
Beastmaster rules Heroic and Epic TiersUnexamined
the need to encourage optimizationUnexamined
Weapon QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help me optimize my RPGA Eladrin RogueUnexamined
Closing Spell BuildUnexamined
Dragonborn Paladin - Optimization HelpUnexamined
Kobold Rogue love!!Unexamined
TWF ranger that digs the bowUnexamined
Best PP for Archer Ranger?Unexamined
How to level up mounts in 4eUnexamined
Ideasadvices for a warlock party ?Unexamined
A Rock and a Hard PlaceUnexamined
A Leader of ThievesUnexamined
NEED HELP! I have no idea what to make!Unexamined
Warforged Battlerager + Reparation Apparatus = Wow?Unexamined
Would any wizard not use the Opal Ring of Remembrance?Unexamined
So... the CharOp challenge... the 3 Person Party?Unexamined
Warlord/Fighter w/ Glaive looking to get all of this to work...Unexamined
Proficiency and Weapon PropertiesUnexamined
Paragon Path for a Battle ClericUnexamined
What good is Acrobatic Stunt?Unexamined
Choosing powers for a dwarf rangerUnexamined
Optimal Races for Tempest FighterUnexamined
Proposed 4E Tactic: Crossbow JunkyardUnexamined
Use Rain of Blows 5-7 times in an encounter?Unexamined
Help my Ruffian!Unexamined
IT'S A TRAAAAP!Unexamined
My Eladrin Blender-Fighter. PEACH?Unexamined
Paladin Help?Unexamined
increasing swordmages close attacks damageUnexamined
Paragon Barbarian rage swappingUnexamined
The Ballistic TankUnexamined
Melee-MajorRanged-Minor Ranger buildUnexamined
Unlimited Standard Gear when starting at level 2+Unexamined
Dragonborn Fighter (STR/CON)Unexamined
Dnd for DummiesUnexamined
Brave Horizons - Infinite Attacks?Unexamined
Rogue Crossbow SniperUnexamined
Best Paragon for STR+CON based FighterUnexamined
Fun with Martial Archetype: The ConcussorUnexamined
The Fey Charger (Eladrin/Fighter/Rogue)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Kobold Beast Master?Unexamined
I Am NinjaUnexamined
Maximum Insubstantial StatusUnexamined
Could a very high-level Cha-Warlord achieve Striker-like damage?Unexamined
Help Optimizing a WarlockUnexamined
Devomaster of whip and tridentUnexamined
(lvl 30 cleric) Sealing OrcusUnexamined
Following OssandryaUnexamined
Approaches to the fighter classUnexamined
What builds has the best DPR for each class?Unexamined
Which builds haves the best DPR for each class?Unexamined
How to kill anything using only two charactersHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Items to enhance Polearm MomentumUnexamined
Beastmaster Feats and Powers from outside MPUnexamined
Vistani rogue - not sure if I've got her rightUnexamined
Whats the absolute best class/build for a Half-Elf?Unexamined
The Elemental Shield-TempestUnexamined
Stuck on a rogueUnexamined
Help with stereotypical Drow Rogue?Unexamined
Rogues and macesUnexamined
Arena Fighting Style making certain at-wills obsolete?Unexamined
Leader optimized for damageUnexamined
Ranger optimization: Bugbear (no oversized) still the best?Unexamined
Kobold Bola MasterUnexamined
Dragonborn BardUnexamined
Mobility Build (Magic Item/Feat Build) PEACHUnexamined
Please help me with a ranger build.Unexamined
Optimizing flash-attack of a artful dagger drowUnexamined
who would you pickUnexamined
Making a Warlord for a Martial Party.Unexamined
Wizards - Walls & WaveUnexamined
Entombing creatures with a wall of iceno savedamage input per round!dUnexamined
How to build a sneaky groupUnexamined
The Feylancer (my Fey Step Charger experiment)Unexamined
Puzzling Character BuildUnexamined
Human Bleeder Wizard thoughts pleaseUnexamined
Minotaur Fighter HelpUnexamined
Nobody expects an Axe to the Face!Unexamined
Debating Warlock build for a campaign in a month.Unexamined
Fun with Tunnel StalkerUnexamined
Tunnel Stalker QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Perfect Storm... of FrustrationUnexamined
Batter Up! The Vortex WarlordUnexamined
Going soloUnexamined
Optimize Save Ends for a WarlockUnexamined
Cleave vs. Dual StrikeUnexamined
Dwarf Bearlord: A striker in defender clothingUnexamined
Sois there ANY way for a non-MC fighter to recover dailies?Unexamined
Most Optimal way to make a dual-wielding rogueUnexamined
So. Druids are a Rogue's best friend?Unexamined
Need help planning a LFR RogueUnexamined
Unarmed character?Unexamined
Outfitting an level 11 Elf ClericUnexamined
Dwarfen Fighter/Earthfast BrigadierUnexamined
DPR Optimization Thread: FightersRangersand More! :DUnexamined
The possibility of a healadinUnexamined
Melee Rangers and MPUnexamined
Viability of a Dwarf RogueUnexamined
Okso let's say I wanted to roll up a...Unexamined
Battle Rager TankUnexamined
Outshined's Build ThreadUnexamined
Crossbow Savant alternatives...Unexamined
Silly but versatileUnexamined
My D&D 4e Character Sucks! How Do I Fix It?Unexamined
Optimalwellrace for startersUnexamined
[URGENT] Building a RangerHelp NeededUnexamined
Optimization Bump for Humans?Unexamined
Recommend Gear for Warlord 4Unexamined
A PC becoming a vampire suggestionsUnexamined
The Black Hole (2.0)Unexamined
Party of 6 Bravura warlords...5 melee basic attacks per action point...Unexamined
Bard build helpUnexamined
Eladrin Taclord for LFRUnexamined
Monster hunter rangerUnexamined
Good Warlock Powers for a Kobold Fighter/Warlock?Unexamined
Reach Weapon & Rangedbetter than advertised - A Paradigm Shifts on OAUnexamined
Wizard Build for 5 PC PartyUnexamined
Rogue PMCRanger vs FighterUnexamined
More Level 1 Optimizations - LV 1 DPR?Unexamined
Docentthe overlooked gemUnexamined
Racial Handbooks?Unexamined
Where is this Ultimate Stun Lock Orb Wizard?Unexamined
Highest possible save penalty attainableUnexamined
Eladrin Fighter/Rogue? Help!Unexamined
Adventure for Power Gamers! Best 3 man team!Unexamined
Opinions on Guildmaster ThiefUnexamined
Optimize CA (for SA)Unexamined
Dragons and Flying...Unexamined
Zone of DarknessUnexamined
Nature's Rage- GEnasi Barbarian!Unexamined
4E Q&A: Compilation of 'ask a simple questionget a simple answer'No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Swordmage Multiclass AbuseUnexamined
A Treatise on Battlefield ControlUnexamined
Gnome Warlock/Ranger Optimization... with restrictions.Unexamined
Optimizing the dwarven battlerager through retraining.Unexamined
Simple Radiant ClericUnexamined
Kriv the Critmonster - Paladin/Cleric/Divine Oracle/DemigodUnexamined
Primal Avatar Epic DestinyUnexamined
Please tell me I'm missing something; AKA Tieflings Fighters now gods?Unexamined
Warforged are immortal!Unexamined
Beastmaster DPR: 116.5 (30th level)Unexamined
Rogue/Commando Captain/???Unexamined
Wrath of the Gods: Slaughtering Tiamat by party of Paladin mc warlocks.Unexamined
Bek -Human SwordmageUnexamined
Best solo build?Unexamined
Follow-Up BlowUnexamined
Precise Shot (An elf feat to sneak attack with bows)Unexamined
Easy Way to never get hit for 2WF RangersUnexamined
Earthshock and Earthshock MasterUnexamined
Optimized Drow Rogue - Please CritiqueUnexamined
"In Your Face": a Ranger melee-archer build - Please CritiqueUnexamined
Forceful Weapon + Iron Vanguard = Bow Fighter?Unexamined
Do PCs get enough gold?Unexamined
AC DisparityUnexamined
Equipment for a Lvl 4 WizardUnexamined
Prophet Blade of Tempus - Crit Optimized PaladinUnexamined
DDXP - Beyond the Door - 15th levelUnexamined
Stabby (v1.0) - a PHB Heroic Tier Damage MonsterUnexamined
Dragonborn Ruthless RuffianUnexamined
New hexhammer buildUnexamined
starlock optimization?Unexamined
PALADIN/rogue or ROGUE/paladinUnexamined
Mage's dagger + arcane initiate/Flame Wand = lots of encounter power usesUnexamined
PEACH: Flanker/Lock-Down RangerUnexamined
Thoughts on Chuck - Ranger experts welcomeUnexamined
Hexhammers: sequel to HexhammerUnexamined
Dreadnought Paragon Path is the most powerfulUnexamined
A Question on RecklessnessNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Optimization All-StarsUnexamined
Halfling GiantSlayerUnexamined
Warlock/Ranger DoT Mage?Unexamined
Ranger - the new lichUnexamined
Building a dragoon [picture]Unexamined
Son of Mercy PPUnexamined
Can you explain what Irresistible Flame means?Unexamined
Optimization Challenge: Tempest FighterUnexamined
Quickly! Sword n Board Fighter AdviceUnexamined
Human Bravura warlord Optimized level 7 (abusing Lend Might)Unexamined
A slightly different way to kill everything in the worldUnexamined
AC Dump BarbarianUnexamined
Dragonborn Glaive Gambler (please critique)Unexamined
Dragonborn Hexhammerviable?Unexamined
Dwarf Bravura WarlordUnexamined
Son of Mercy; Viable Alternative to Pit Fighter?Unexamined
Gnoll ClawfighterTempest or Battlerager?Unexamined
Feral Armour - Great Rogue Armour?Unexamined
Help a newbie optimize his first 4e character...Unexamined
How good is the Dreadnought PP for a TWF fightercompared to Pit Fighter or Kensei?Unexamined
Bow Ranger kite + beast pet chewing enemies behindUnexamined
Toughness vs. Two-Weapon Defence (Tempest Fighter)Unexamined
Epic Seeker getting better and better?Unexamined
Githyanki Silver Swords = Awesome in a canUnexamined
Chaining a Godforged Colossus to the floorUnexamined
Brutal vs d12 for an archer rangerUnexamined
Ranger/Pit Fighter/DemigodUnexamined
Wealth-By-Level guidelines for high-levels characters are totally wack.Unexamined
Bionic commando sillinessUnexamined
The Teleporter (need help)Unexamined
Can Minions be Bloodied?Unexamined
Stealth Bomber of Tempus - Crit Optimized Cleric/RogueUnexamined
Double Weapons for a Beastmaster Ranger?Unexamined
Bow FighterUnexamined
Any hope for a Multiclass Feylock/Ranger?Unexamined
Optimized Brawler RogueUnexamined
Melee Rangers stop getting credible mobility powers after level 10.Unexamined
Any way to switch At-WillsUnexamined
Best Combo?Unexamined
BattleRage Vigor OptimizationUnexamined
Simple question:No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
FeyLord - Tactical Polearm WarlordUnexamined
Morninglord or Pit Fighter?Unexamined
Quarterstaff specialistUnexamined
Beasthammer build?Unexamined
Help me make my Pally better.Unexamined
Char Op for Forgotten HeroesUnexamined
help with hammer formation pleaseUnexamined
Need 1-shot 18th level Character feedbackUnexamined
Minor Action Attacks better than 4W attackUnexamined
Approximate Encounter Durations and Number of Encounters Per DayUnexamined
Filling two roles [help needed]Unexamined
Dragonborn Barbarian/WarlordUnexamined
Regions of the RealmsUnexamined
How to HitUnexamined
Average weapon damageUnexamined
Keep Em DownUnexamined
Pure Numbers Question--ProbabilityNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Optimizing a level 6 Brutal Rogue. Please Help.Unexamined
Tempest Fighter Offhand Weapon QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Whip Wielder?Unexamined
Making Human Warlord for All-Martial PartyUnexamined
Martial Multiclass FeatsUnexamined
Cha Paladin Stat questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Forgotten Heroes Char OpUnexamined
Optimizing 4th level Cleric(Healer)Unexamined
Ultimate Tiefling FighterUnexamined
Long Battle Tattoo + Rain of Steel = Awesome?Unexamined
optimizing my dwarven battle clericUnexamined
Battle Captain vs. Blood MageUnexamined
Leaving a MarkUnexamined
Ultimate Tiefling FighterUnexamined
Retraining FeatsUnexamined
Highest melee damage characterUnexamined
Swordmage in a two man groupUnexamined
Recharge Encounter and Daily PowersUnexamined
Super Combo Discovered: Paladin and WarlordUnexamined
Community brainstorm: Optimizing a pure DefenderUnexamined
eladrin swordmageUnexamined
4e Gestalt Rules (for small groups)Unexamined
Some Help in Optimizing a Dark Pact WarlockUnexamined
Lay out the math pleaseUnexamined
Greatbow vs Superior CrossbowUnexamined
Melee Leaders ComparisonUnexamined
Interesting Drow Combo.Unexamined
The Fifth Man: A guideUnexamined
Invoker power creepUnexamined
Please help optimize my Laser Cleric ArcherUnexamined
Barbarian extreme damage combo (with Helm of the Flamewarped)Unexamined
Which combositems and feats grant auto-crits?Unexamined
Is a (dwarf) fighter with Str 16Con 16and Wis 16 a viable choice?Unexamined
Planeshifter + Orb of Sequestered Conflict = guaranteed enemy separation?Unexamined
A math questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Reckless Scramble + KoboldUnexamined
Mace Expert (debuffing Rogue/Fighter)Unexamined
Dwarf Barbarian AdviceUnexamined
Making Orcus cry for his mom: an intimidate maxing guideUnexamined
Human Tempest Fighter // Pit Fighter // DemigodUnexamined
Stacking charging bonusUnexamined
HP for GoldUnexamined
How useless is this character?Unexamined
How Best to Milk SlaughterUnexamined
Crazy SwordmageUnexamined
Unleashing Feywild: Feysword and Feyblade - a hardcore teleporting damage combo!Unexamined
Guide to Stacking Ability Scores Onto DamageUnexamined
Initial Spread for an Infernal StrategistUnexamined
Flashstep Rogue P.E.A.C.H. - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Optimizing for Skill ChallengesUnexamined
Best DPR... at 5th?Unexamined
A challenge to the Char-op boardUnexamined
Rogue weapon masteryworth it?Unexamined
Deft Hurler Style + CleaveUnexamined
Shock to the System: Gnoll Rogue/Shock TrooperUnexamined
Rate this PartyUnexamined
Trying to decide between 2 Warlord powersUnexamined
Which is better?Unexamined
I Need Help with a New ClassUnexamined
42d8 to 1 targetas a rogueUnexamined
HeyLookI'm Back. And With New Brokenness!Unexamined
Go team!Unexamined
The PusherUnexamined
Starfire womb triggered by Divine ChallengeUnexamined
Introducing: The RoninUnexamined
Looking for input on Str ClericUnexamined
Radiant Servant or Morninglord?Unexamined
Party Optimization helpUnexamined
Greatest expected damage in a standard action you can make (non-epic)Unexamined
Coward's Reward: Worst Power Ever Published?Unexamined
The Twin Whip Cyclone Ranger... Viable?Unexamined
End Game DPR optimizationUnexamined
How to get your daily action on every encounter.Unexamined
Tiefling Warlock (Paragon MC Wizard)Unexamined
Blade Cascade/Assassin's Point are waaaaaay overrated.Unexamined
Interesting class pairingsUnexamined
Please review my Human InvokerLevel 4dealing 2d6+1d10+12 damage in 80 squaresUnexamined
Already made up charctersUnexamined
Teleporting and Shadow StepUnexamined
Paladin(Rogue)/Rakish Swashbuckler Advice NeededUnexamined
Slaying/Predatory Action Optimization helpUnexamined
Making ongoing damage stickUnexamined
Polearm Momentum + rushing cleats + spear + come and get itUnexamined
Please review my dragonborn tempest fighterUnexamined
Optimizing a half-elf Martial ArchetypeUnexamined
4E Digital Character Conversion ThreadUnexamined
Con or Wis?Unexamined
Planestrider Boots - Manual of the PlanesUnexamined
Multiclassing Polearm Warlord with Paladin?Unexamined
What's the most OP build you can come up with with 18 in every stat (before racials)?Unexamined
Racial Feats compendium?Unexamined
Elven Spear + Shield Control Fighter - Where to next?Unexamined
Deity of Plague and FlameUnexamined
LFR Warforged Tempest TankUnexamined
LFR Warforged Tempest TankUnexamined
Racial Feats compendium.Unexamined
Holy Lumberjack - Longtooth Shifter - Cleric/Ranger Crit OptimizedUnexamined
Dagger wielding Strength Cleric?Unexamined
Stunning Smite + Mobile Warrior = Broken?Unexamined
Need Help with 8th lvl 4e Control WizardUnexamined
Firesoul Genasi RogueUnexamined
Elven Battleguard of TempusUnexamined
challenge: fastest partyUnexamined
Opinions wanted (Paladin)Unexamined
Does "tanking" really work?Unexamined
Martial Controller Rogue build- (Need Epic Tier)Unexamined
Want to build a defender: Elven Paladin?Unexamined
Re-Hashing a 3.5 favorite- Cleric ArcherUnexamined
Roman Legionare / OfficerUnexamined
Shadow Turncoat shenanigans.Unexamined
Morph Footwork Lure into Hardcore At-Will Control for Tempest/Pit Fighter/Demigod?Unexamined
Optimal arraysUnexamined
Greatreach Gauntlets + Reaching Stance?Unexamined
The Perfect Storm Dragonborn Warlord(Fighter)/BattleLord of Kord/DemigodUnexamined
Gnome Feyknight of Corellon; A revision of a now out of date buildUnexamined
Eladrin Taclord - Looking for criticismUnexamined
Help make this work!Unexamined
Is it possible to make a Dark Spiral Knight?Unexamined
Best dragonborn breath damage type in terms of immunities?Unexamined
optimizing the unoptimizedUnexamined
Artful Drowlock - Drow - Rogue/Warlock Martial ControllerUnexamined
Paragon Multiclasssing Optimization ConceptsUnexamined
Radiant Drow Ranger... competition with Battlefield Archer? (please Critique)Unexamined
Needs a Paragon PathUnexamined
Bugbear Avalanche FighterUnexamined
Is My Tiefling Rogue Too BAWW?Unexamined
The Thiefadin: A Different Sort of DefenderUnexamined
Bards - Making a better slider?Unexamined
Artful Dodger Drow Daggermaster - An archetype fully statted outUnexamined
Swordmage/Blade of CendrianeUnexamined
Any feats that affect/damage a prone target?Unexamined
Hired Goon - Bugbear - Fighter/Rogue Martial ControllerUnexamined
For the DoomguardI strike a blow!Unexamined
Twofold pact: Star and DarkUnexamined
This is not the thread you're looking for.Unexamined
Killer TeamUnexamined
Ideas on warlord.Unexamined
The Poor MerchantUnexamined
New to 4e and want to make a balanced melee caster hybridUnexamined
Another Build Question: Lord of the RingsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Fighter + Warpriest: DefenderHealerDevoted LoverUnexamined
Warforged Barbarian/Warlock/Student of CaiphonUnexamined
Ranged burst affects self?Unexamined
Max Wizard to hit at level 15Unexamined
Reaching Charger Concept (RCC)Unexamined
Customer Service's Response about Warforged and Reparation Apparatus glovesUnexamined
Warlock questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Magic Items for an Archer BuildUnexamined
Help me choose a class for best DPR.Unexamined
Human Rogue - Mobile Debuffer/Artful DodgerUnexamined
Full metal alchemistpossible?Unexamined
Magic Items for an Inspiring WarlordUnexamined
Filling Out my PartyUnexamined
Dragonborn Battle Cleric of TempusUnexamined
My First shot at an optimised WarlockUnexamined
"I don't want to think!"Unexamined
What is optimal for a Bravura WarlordUnexamined
Isn't it hard to make a character who is bad?Unexamined
First post!...Eladrin Roguewith bad str and cha?Unexamined
Why Swordmaster is the best choice for a Tempest FighterUnexamined
Defender Theory and Group DefenseUnexamined
Defensive Wizard. Optimal? Worth It?Unexamined
The Armor-Plated Glass Cannon (P.E.A.C.H.) - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Dragonborn Nova BravelordUnexamined
The three most broken thingsUnexamined
DPR for DummiesUnexamined
Why is the Tempest Fighter Good?Unexamined
Optimized at Heroic TierUnexamined
Knock-Back Swing + Polearm GambleUnexamined
Bugbear RougeUnexamined
Shielding Swordmage - from the "statted out archetype" seriesUnexamined
Brad Pitt - Warforged Fighter/Dreadnought/Undying WarriorUnexamined
Halfling Artful Dodger/Shadow AssassinUnexamined
3 Items for a BattleragerUnexamined
Isn't Marked Scourge kind of overpowered?Unexamined
Optimising ShieldmageUnexamined
Discoveries & discussionUnexamined
Tiefling Warlord - Need FeedbackUnexamined
The difference between broken and overpowered.Unexamined
WIS-Tempest Fighter: Best All-Around Offense/Defense balance?Unexamined
Critique my Eladrin TaclordUnexamined
Hexhammer Feat SelectionUnexamined
Dragonborn Barbarian/Inner Dragon BuildUnexamined
Which Warlord is best?Unexamined
Wand toting eladrin wizard help please.Unexamined
A little help (rogues).Unexamined
Warlord Ultra BuildUnexamined
Dual Wielding Paladin?! Help my player out please!Unexamined
Tempest fighter vs TW RangerUnexamined
Statting out my rogueUnexamined
Has anyone ever bought a 18 in a stat?Unexamined
Dual Waraxe FighterUnexamined
Bugbear Polearm Momentum Gimmick Fighter:Unexamined
Drow Paragon PathUnexamined
My Elven Cleric of Pelor and The GangUnexamined
A BardUnexamined
Anybody done anything cool with the Bladeling?Unexamined
Cloud of Darkness Rogue?Unexamined
Defeat anything (level appropriate) in single roundUnexamined
Optimized Paragon Tier characters game-breakingly powerful?Unexamined
Optimize this WardenUnexamined
Dwarf-like Dwarf FighterUnexamined
Draconic Battlerager wielding a khopeshUnexamined
Spiked Gauntlets and WeaponsUnexamined
Discussion of WardenUnexamined
Tempest Fighter / Daggermaster / Deadly TricksterUnexamined
Looking for help on my artful dodger rogue.Unexamined
Critique my FighterUnexamined
Critique my Shifter Battle/Balanced Cleric of TempusUnexamined
Thundering motif Warlord/Wizard...need help!Unexamined
Optimizing 'Found Magic Item' Selection in Living Forgotten Realms [long!]Unexamined
Defendersthe best of the fourUnexamined
The New Dwarven PartyUnexamined
Is it just meor are heroic-tier warlocks underpowered?Unexamined
Antipathy gloves abolish shifts ?Unexamined
Looking for the biggest power creep in 6th levelUnexamined
Highest DPR for 4th-level Fighter?Unexamined
At a glanceis my party okay?Unexamined
Fix my FighterUnexamined
Eladrin Glaive FighterUnexamined
Chipthe Halfling BattleragerUnexamined
Making a Hexhammer warlockUnexamined
ruby scabard + polearm Gamble?Unexamined
Knockback Swing and Mobile Warrior with Polearm GambleUnexamined
Can someone look over this and add comments - Dwarf Fighter BuildUnexamined
Your thoughts on a "strange" RogueUnexamined
Cleric helpUnexamined
Advice Needed: 3.5 Fighter ConversionUnexamined
Little Concept SoulknifeUnexamined
Saving or Tactical Inspiration?Unexamined
Stabbing Your Opponent in the Eye With The Power of The FeywildUnexamined
Some timing issue questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Duo OptimizationUnexamined
Eldarin Fighters?Unexamined
Eladrin Ranger Paragon Paths: Which works better?Unexamined
Any resolution on the Pact Hammer double-curse property?Unexamined
Dark Pact Warlock FeatsUnexamined
Halfling FeylockUnexamined
Optimal Duo - help?Unexamined
What is the highest consistent single target DPR Wizard build for paragon and epic?Unexamined
Are Parry Techniques worth it?Unexamined
Warforged WardenUnexamined
Dwarf Devoted Cleric of Moradin... Please critiqueUnexamined
Isn't dwarf actually a somewhat optimal race for an Orblood Mage?Unexamined
Working with what I've got. Care to help?Unexamined
Optimization tips needed.Unexamined
The Ultra Orbizard: Lock enemies out of the game AND deal strikeresque damage!Unexamined
Optimized level 8 charger?Unexamined
Dragonborn: Wings and TailUnexamined
Dhampyr Builds?Unexamined
Half-Elf Guild Lord (Warlord / Guildmaster Thief )Unexamined
Best blodknightUnexamined
Optimize the Inspirer (8th level)Unexamined
Barbarian helpUnexamined
Help/Give advice on Tempest BuildUnexamined
Fun with DhampyrsUnexamined
Human BS Rogue20/14/11 or 18/16/12/12Unexamined
Unarmed OptimizationUnexamined
Elemental TempestUnexamined
Best Handbook?Unexamined
Party OptimizationUnexamined
fun with the triple headed flailUnexamined
Defender Gish fine tuning?Unexamined
Horned Hold Optimization - Taking Over and Establishing an EconomyUnexamined
The DB Bros part 2 - Help me up the attack!Unexamined
Covering All Fronts: The Human Shaman (P.E.A.C.H.) - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Genasi Swordmage (Am I defenderor a controller?)Unexamined
some ideas on a Martial Controller type: GadgeteerUnexamined
What is the general opinion on swordmage multiclassing wizard?Unexamined
Testing out the Dhampyr with a buildUnexamined
Need help with Genasi Tempest FighterUnexamined
The Holy Stoplight: OA focused PaladinUnexamined
help with my drow chaladin/rogue?Unexamined
Help: Optimizing DMPC Warlord for Solo STRaladin Player!Unexamined
Human Sword and Board Fighterideas for optimization?Unexamined
Warforged Dhampyr's as both a character concept and allowable character in the RPGAUnexamined
Beast protector rangerarchery or melee.Unexamined
Rogue/Ranger PMC archerUnexamined
Is it meor is Intidimate pretty much useless in combat?Unexamined
Does Wrath of the Gods Affect CurseQuarryand Sneak Attack Damage?Unexamined
Neat BS Rogue Combo: Sly Lunge/Low Slash/Slaying Action.Unexamined
Help me Optomize a Khopesh FighterUnexamined
Arcane ReachUnexamined
Dragonborn Warlockhelp plsUnexamined
Optimization Challenge - 2nd Level Battlerager One-ShotUnexamined
Comparison: Twinstrike vs [Sure Strike + feat]Unexamined
Arcane MasterUnexamined
Dwarven Battlerager - KriegUnexamined
Good power-swaps for a Swordmage with MC into WarlordUnexamined
Mystic Theurge 4.0?Unexamined
Requseting help for a Cleric buildUnexamined
List of various premade lvl 1 chars for newbs?Unexamined
Any builds to watch out for?Unexamined
Suggest and opinion on my swordmage buildUnexamined
Multiple wizard bluesUnexamined
Critique on my Warforge BarbarianUnexamined
Cha based high damage fighterUnexamined
Stats for a half-elf bravelord... versitility worth it?Unexamined
Githyanki Swordmage / WarlockUnexamined
Level 7 Brovolord heading to level 8 need opinionsUnexamined
Barbarian Optimization helpUnexamined
Fighter: Reach Weaponsare they worth itUnexamined
Tiefling Ranger/Rogue helpUnexamined
I got to roll 18/17/17/16/16/13. What class?Unexamined
Race-class combinations that just don't work (but should)Unexamined
Another tankUnexamined
Push optimizationUnexamined
Useless Lvl 3 + 7 Barbarian Encounter powers for ParagonUnexamined
Looking for answers in regards to progressionUnexamined
Help me make an 11th level Drow Artful DodgerUnexamined
Stormwarden - 2x Dex damage at the start of your turn?Unexamined
Highest DPR Build?Unexamined
Flurry of axe crits?Unexamined
Help fleshing out Dragonborn Fighter (with Bursts of Flavor!)Unexamined
PREEMPTIVE STRIKERa Ranger/Cleric buildUnexamined
Has anyone tried this yet?Unexamined
HumanFighter/Cleric WarpriestUnexamined
Trying to create a WarlordUnexamined
DM BBEG neededUnexamined
OA optimization choiceUnexamined
Updates for Handbooks?Unexamined
Acererak Article is Up!Unexamined
Eladrin ArmorUnexamined
Optimization Help - Paragon Genasi WizardUnexamined
Human StraladinUnexamined
Optimizing Assassins PointUnexamined
Shield fighting + Two Weapon Defense + Spiked ShieldUnexamined
Any hope for a Dwarf Rogue? (LFR)Unexamined
Highest possible DPR HeroicUnexamined
Need help with bow based ranger.Unexamined
Healing Factor- Human Self-Resurrection by level 9Unexamined
Frost Weapons still the best?Unexamined
Hey guysAdvice on Crossbow Rogue Builds?Unexamined
Help me build and optimize fighterUnexamined
[W] - and the optimization thereofUnexamined
Tiefling Fighter QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Adventurer's Vault Errata- Veteran's Armor and Pact HammerUnexamined
The Character Optimization WikiUnexamined
Elemental Tempest is GOOD now!!!Unexamined
LvL 1 Double Bladed RogueUnexamined
Errata on Swordmage MC Feat: hit or miss?Unexamined
STR-Paladin more incomplete than the barbarian?!Unexamined
Dwarven Battle ClericUnexamined
Lancethe Eladrin Cavalryman: Galloping through CheeseUnexamined
Another Paragon Multi-Class Build - Dwarf Warlock/RogueUnexamined
Retraining powersUnexamined
Spellstormsoul Genasi WizardUnexamined
Barbarian / Berserker HelpUnexamined
Frost with Blade Storm and Scimitar DanceUnexamined
The Paladin Sniper - 1k damage made easyUnexamined
Fighter/Polearm Master/DemigodUnexamined
Swordmage Tanking implications of the Soldier of Faith?Unexamined
Help optimize glave/greatspear rangerUnexamined
Beastmaster (PEACH)Unexamined
Anticipating a +Int/+Wis DevaUnexamined
Opped GishlockUnexamined
Tiefling Dark WarlockUnexamined
3 OA's per enemy?Unexamined
Crazy statsplayable?Unexamined
+2 Str or elven accuracy...which is better?Unexamined
-MAD stats- Optimization challangeUnexamined
Who is best to whip it? (Whip it good.)Unexamined
Warforged Optimization - Sword & Board?Unexamined
The Best "to hit" bonus possibleUnexamined
Any good Drow ranger builds?Unexamined
Newbies Approaching Level 2and have some questions...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Elemental Tempest ErrataUnexamined
What class and race with this grup? help meUnexamined
Melee wiseis this class type unbeatable ?Unexamined
The Rogue/Warlock - Warlock/Rogue ThreadUnexamined
Optimization Help: Halfing WhiplordUnexamined
Question on Goblin Totem weaponsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Mini-dragon PCUnexamined
Gnoll vs Elf (Unofficial Poll)Unexamined
Best Path for an Inspirelord?Unexamined
Highest ACs and Attack BonusesUnexamined
Best Paragon Paths for the BarbarianUnexamined
Rogue/Fighter PMC/Perfect AssassinUnexamined
What type of Leader would you recommend for my party?Unexamined
Which race for a fighter/rouge?Unexamined
kobold warlord/swordmage?Unexamined
What class can best ignore the rest of the party?Unexamined
Warlock level 1 at-willshalf elf dilettanteand multiclassing.Unexamined
Rate my lvl 11 AD Drow Dagger Master with 65900 GP to spend and 26 stat point buy:Unexamined
Best Channel Divinity ?Unexamined
Dragonborn _______ Fill in the blank.Unexamined
Help me optimized Warforged ArtificerUnexamined
Rate these classes in (1)DPS (2)Survivabilty (3) Optimizing with MCUnexamined
Ultimate Leader: Viable?Unexamined
Spitting Cobra Stance Power Swap for AllUnexamined
Help optimizing warforged artificerUnexamined
Dragonborn Warlock?Unexamined
Defenders drawing EVERY attack is neither desired nor required.Unexamined
Feat - Longsword Finesse - Any benefit?Unexamined
Fighter/Rogue as a DEFENDERUnexamined
Last Session the Defender was ignoredUnexamined
Stat Optimization: Maxing Primary?Unexamined
Arcane Multiclass Options: Ranger vs. RogueUnexamined
Rogue item wish list (and feel free to critique my character)Unexamined
Must I use a "Build" when creating a PC?Unexamined
Reckless vs. Bloodclaw vs. FrostUnexamined
Does this phobia make my character unplayable?Unexamined
Stormsoul Gensai + Staff of StormsUnexamined
Interesting Dual strikeRoB analysisUnexamined
Feats your characters can't live without?Unexamined
Battlefield Experience and Peerless HunterUnexamined
Rakish RuffianUnexamined
Need PP & Equipment Recommends for new 11th level Githyanki SwordmageUnexamined
To-Hit and Defensive Bonusesand How to Compare to Dmg/Dmg ReductionUnexamined
Elf Fighter - The Defender ControllerUnexamined
Power creep: The SorcererUnexamined
Optimum Ability scores for Warforged FighterUnexamined
Optimize not hittingUnexamined
Charging Urgrosh build?Unexamined
Rogue Build: Multiple Attacks and Max Static DamageUnexamined
Check this Dwarven Cleric about to go WarpriestUnexamined
Sorcerer / Daggermaster - why wouldn't you?Unexamined
Pure healing buildUnexamined
GISH!! Finally!Unexamined
Sorcerer AC Optimization - Leather Armor or Hide Armor?Unexamined
Dark Pact melee 'lockcan you improve it?Unexamined
Help with a Tiefling Rogue.Unexamined
Staff Wizard -- Need Armor ClassUnexamined
Go with me- Drow Brutal ScoundrelUnexamined
An easy system for class-race combo ratingsUnexamined
Da Bleeder - 96 ongoing damage without needing to-hitUnexamined
Sorcerer buildneed helpUnexamined
Nooby - Rogue can help me to build on?Unexamined
The Ladies Man! (Drow Wild Mage Sorcerer)Unexamined
Soloing Tiamat: Dragonborn Battlerager Fighter/mc warlock/Inner Dragon/DemigodUnexamined
Righteous Rage of Tempus and Symbol of Divinity?Unexamined
Party Opp and Ranger Help. (NEED HELP BY TOMORROW!)Unexamined
new to 4th ed: broken or BROKENUnexamined
Doppelganger - Warlord or Swordmage..??Unexamined
Best Elf dule-weapon classUnexamined
Any thoughts on Eldarin Rogue?Unexamined
can you HELP me build an ARCHER RangerUnexamined
Bard build: Master of Sound and Illusions - PEACHUnexamined
Most statisticaly optimial character?Unexamined
What would be the best build?Unexamined
Sir Ardi Vault: The Holy Hit HarderUnexamined
Building Jaya Ballard for funUnexamined
Optimizing my FighterUnexamined
An exercise in melee party optimizationUnexamined
Fey/Infernal decisionany ideas ?Unexamined
Markingthe hard wayUnexamined
Arcane Archer (22 Elf Warlock/Ranger... Works much better than it sounds)Unexamined
HELP! Halfling Ranger wants to use HammersUnexamined
Dwarf brawlerUnexamined
Compare these two Drow RoguesUnexamined
Tanque: A Different Sort of FighterUnexamined
help making my wizard betterUnexamined
specializing in frost as a wizard worth it?Unexamined
Swordmage/Anarch of Shyr/Eternal seeker?Unexamined
avoiding being dazed and stunnedUnexamined
Sneaky Accuracy: Auto Hit?Unexamined
Help: Warlock/Warlord/Shadow CaptianUnexamined
Rogue exploits in Martial Power (Heroic Tier)Unexamined
Blade Dancer vs. PMing in RangerUnexamined
Flail Fighter OptimizationUnexamined
Suggestions anyone?Unexamined
Paragon Multiclassing does grant clase features and non 1st lvl at-willsUnexamined
Advice on 14 Eladrin TaclordUnexamined
Hit and run Drow RogueUnexamined
Best OfPHB-onlyUnexamined
3PC Party optimization... help neededUnexamined
dragonborn battlerager / iron vanguard ??Unexamined
Martial Archetype 30th Power.Unexamined
Archetype series: Solo ready dragonborn battlerager / iron vanguard.Unexamined
Let the ranting begin!Unexamined
Warforged Helladin?Unexamined
Critique: Dwarven Battlerager Vigor BuildUnexamined
Human swordmage Need your opinionsUnexamined
Tempest Warforged Son of MercyUnexamined
Wazat's Laws of Practical OptimizationUnexamined
FeystormA Fighter-Wizard BuildUnexamined
Pick OptimizationUnexamined
Siblings of slaughterUnexamined
Devas: the greatest orbizard race of all time?Unexamined
Implement Expertise and Weapon Expertise: Blatant signs of power creep in the PHB2?Unexamined
Venger The Weatherman and Righteous Rain of TempusUnexamined
Does your GM allowed dragon magizine?Unexamined
What Paragon Path would be good for this Swordmage?Unexamined
Distinction between Optimized and Munchkin?Unexamined
Living for the Hunt: The Ranger's HandbookUnexamined
maximum DPR buildsUnexamined
What Rogue paragon path should I take?Unexamined
Rod of Reaving/Rod of Corruption MisinterpretationUnexamined
Party OptimizationUnexamined
drow paladin P.E.A.C.H. - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Help with non-wizard controller?Unexamined
Optimizing Non-Obvious StatsUnexamined
Is Hide worth it for Wizards?Unexamined
Sub-Optimal Build Help: Starlord DoppelgangerUnexamined
Optimizing rogue critUnexamined
Dragonborn Rogue ?Unexamined
Combo: If attack hitstarget is pushedknocked proneslid backand grabbedUnexamined
Read it and weep: Orcish Barbarian WizardUnexamined
Swordmaster PP Optimization: better when you don't use a sword?!!Unexamined
Tempest Fighter OptimizationUnexamined
Two Staff One Shield - Logic FlawUnexamined
Wizard's wizard staffs and stavesUnexamined
2 handed fighter vs tempest fighterUnexamined
Psychic warriorreach weaponsUnexamined
Help in Re-creating a 1e F/T character?Unexamined
RROT -breaking 4EUnexamined
Is chain worth it for a tempest?Unexamined
Help me build an Inquisitor?Unexamined
Optimal Bash CharacterUnexamined
Avenger OptimizationUnexamined
Orbizard Healer?Unexamined
Helpplease! Optimized Drow specific feats for an Artful DodgerUnexamined
Building characters...Unexamined
Ann archetype statted out: Dwarf BattlemasterUnexamined
Beastmaster Builds?Unexamined
Rate my build Eladrin Fighter - Mage - Wizard of the spiral towerUnexamined
Maximum Marking Fighter/ClericUnexamined
Edit never mind delete - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenUnexamined
Complaining over Implement/Weapon Expertise just proves what a sham 4E feats are.Unexamined
Sorcerers and the StaffUnexamined
Swordmage/Evermeet Warlock InvisiblityUnexamined
Can you make my Swordmage better?Unexamined
Hammer & Tongs - a fighter/warlord duoUnexamined
The Jerk: Tanking by BuffingUnexamined
Footwork lure optimized with reach.Unexamined
Dwarven Orb WizardUnexamined
drow darkhole rangerUnexamined
The Arcane Chainguna Planetouched (Tiefling / Deva) Wizard buildUnexamined
Halfling Wizard?Unexamined
DM's and OptimizationUnexamined
Backgrounds not balancedUnexamined
How are monsters constructedUnexamined
Level 1 Orc BarbarianUnexamined
Orb Wizard Revisited!Unexamined
Replacing 2d4 with different diceUnexamined
Need a Char Idea (Group Synergy)Unexamined
tempest technique/two-blade warriorUnexamined
Maximize your Surge ValueUnexamined
Sharpshooter vs. Battlefield ArcherUnexamined
The Fey Spartan -- optimizing for Spear & ShieldUnexamined
Driven before you: Huraththe glaive-wieldingprone-pushing Barbarian DreadnoughtUnexamined
Looking for a leader classUnexamined
How do Tempest Fighters and Two Weapon Rangers compare?Unexamined
SuperAbove Average and Average Builds made easyUnexamined
Just how unoptimised is she?Unexamined
Help with Ranged RogueUnexamined
The PHB is perfectUnexamined
Infernal/Dark Pact lock adviceUnexamined
Pit Fighter with high dexare the armor feats necessary?Unexamined
optimize my swordmageUnexamined
Optimization to go with an idea for a party composed entirely of half-orcsUnexamined
Int or Cha for Infernal Strategist?Unexamined
Vampire Hunter D-esque characterUnexamined
Rules Clarification - Clever RiposteUnexamined
Drow Chaladin multiclass recommendationsUnexamined
Masters of the PlanesUnexamined
Drow Rogue (Artful Dodger) / Dread Fang / Perfect Assassin -- DiscussHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
What is your Attack bonuses and Defense at 11th level?Unexamined
lvl 10 human fighter/rangerUnexamined
Reach 5Unexamined
rate this swordmage build: level 18Unexamined
Is the power separation being squashed?Unexamined
Artful Dodger - Parrying Dagger and Two Weapon Defense?Unexamined
Which class have the highest damage potential?Unexamined
defense for a rogueUnexamined
Why do 4E humans blow rocks so badly?Unexamined
Optimize my Dragonborn Bravura Warlord/FighterUnexamined
Bard Optimisation..?Unexamined
Two-Blade Ranger OptimizationUnexamined
The Fall of the Double Sword?Unexamined
Help with Tiefling RogueUnexamined
Fire Dragon Soul + Irresistible FlameUnexamined
Delve PartiesUnexamined
So will half-orcs be the new favored RRoT-er's?Unexamined
maximum damaging warforgedUnexamined
Enfeeblor the Paladin/Fighter - Str/ChaUnexamined
The Bouncer: Optimizing a Resourceful WarlordUnexamined
A question about Ranger featNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Genasi Tempest Fighter: Kensei or Pit Fighter?Unexamined
PHB FAQwand masteryUnexamined
Pimp my WizardUnexamined
Help me build a SwordmageUnexamined
Faq UpdatesUnexamined
Lockdown Wizard Optimization Help -(PHB only)Unexamined
Watersoul Tempest Pit FighterUnexamined
Holy Cow: A super sticky Minotaur Paladin/Warpriest/Chosen of TempusUnexamined
Question about Tempest Fighters and Double WeaponsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Manual of RakesSneaks and Thugs (a.k.a. The Rogue Handbook)Unexamined
Why Battlefield Archer?Unexamined
Wand of ray of enfeeblement vs flame wand need adviceUnexamined
Looking for Expert Advice4E (battle flow)Unexamined
Wardenator - The Half Elf WardenUnexamined
How to make a Human Dhampyr Ranger or Fighter.Unexamined
Total Concealment. Every time.Unexamined
Help for PC Idea!Unexamined
Piercing Strike vs Sly FlorishUnexamined
ShadowFey - Concept P.E.A.C.H. - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Polearm Pushing/Sliding/Proning at it's best: Fighter Warlord Paragon MCUnexamined
Help with Eladrin SwordmageUnexamined
Fun with orbs-for-warlocks and holy symbols-for-wizardsUnexamined
Ruthless Ruffian Rogue - Crackin' Heads with Two-Handed Macey GoodnessUnexamined
Ideal Level One Party for a One ShotUnexamined
best Halfling Melee weaponUnexamined
Good Shielding Swordmage Multiclassing Options?Unexamined
Elf Tratnyr Pusher instead of Dragonborn?Unexamined
Best Partnerships?Unexamined
Bulldozer: The Minotaur Spear and Shield Guardian Push FighterUnexamined
Hammer and Stone: A Dwarf HandbookUnexamined
What is the easiest class to run competently?Unexamined
raising accuracy/damage as a wizardUnexamined
Fighter Feat: Victors Confidence...Unexamined
Fighter - Dragonborn/Prestige Ability?Unexamined
Genasi TacLord BuildUnexamined
Optimizing a 6-man GroupUnexamined
Secrets of the City Entombed- Necromancy powers for everyone from Avenger to WizardUnexamined
Genasi Windwalker comboUnexamined
Fighter Optimization Request - PHB Only!Unexamined
Basic Eladrin Warlord PEACHUnexamined
Eladrin Rogue with Longsword Finesse!Unexamined
Gnoll Ruthless RuffianUnexamined
Dwarven Cleric / DreadnoughtUnexamined
Skill OptimizationUnexamined
The AvengersUnexamined
Help with a WarlordUnexamined
Adroit ExplorerUnexamined
The Spiked Chain is useful now!Unexamined
Playing Shadar-kaiUnexamined
Adaptable Breath + Wyrmtouched AmuletUnexamined
Spiked Chain >= Double Sword ?Unexamined
Optimization Request: Healing FocusUnexamined
Elf Bravura Warlord Party Cheese?Unexamined
Reaper's Touch: Ranged Magic Isn'tUnexamined
Highest 3 AC'sUnexamined
Ideal Four-Person Party?Unexamined
Reckless Weapons vs. Bloodclaw WeaponsUnexamined
Best two man teamUnexamined
Artificer optimized PEACHUnexamined
Warlord/Warlock: Is it a viable combination?Unexamined
Tiefling/fighter/pmcwarlord/martial archetypeUnexamined
Random CL Character IdeasUnexamined
Tiefling Paladin WarfiendUnexamined
footwork lure vs opening shove combo question?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
20-int nukey WizardUnexamined
powes for Chaladin & LazerCleric at 5thUnexamined
The Tempus Archer ClericUnexamined
Static save penaltiesUnexamined
LFR Balanced Staff --> Orb Wizard PEACHUnexamined
Mikkel the "Monk" ReturnsUnexamined
The Crit Hunter Drow (Ruthless Hunter/Two-Fisted Shooter/Swiftshot Synergy)Unexamined
Dragonborn Arrogance + Iron VanguardUnexamined
The dwarf who soaked to much... a tale of soloslowbroken combat...Unexamined
Errata'ed Promise of Storm - lightning/thunder attack?Unexamined
The Immaculate Interrupter - My DPR is nearly as high as yours...Unexamined
Optimize my Chain Tempest FighterUnexamined
Regaining Utility PowersUnexamined
Spiked-Chain Fighter or Rogue?Unexamined
Nightstalker the Insubstantial (Doomwalker Warlock Build)Unexamined
how to make a witchhunter?Unexamined
Warforged Strikers ?Unexamined
Optimize my Goblin Paladin.Unexamined
Increasing burst powers...Unexamined
Filling Out A Paladin ResuméUnexamined
Tempest Fighter/ MC Two-Weapon Ranger/ Martial ArchetypeUnexamined
Time Smash Wizard (Wizard/Spellscarred Savant/Archwizard megadamage combo)Unexamined
Tempest Fighter with ReachUnexamined
My Battlerager. Critique please :DUnexamined
Uhhh... whos marking all recent threads as one star?Unexamined
How your Martial Half Elf gets an extra encounter power of his classUnexamined
Elf Fighter HelpHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Finished "Critical Mass" BuildUnexamined
Radiant Build - Warlock/Paladin MorninglordUnexamined
Polearm Gamble + Heavy Blade Opportunity + Glaive = monster can never attack youUnexamined
Draconic ArcherAlternative to the Polearm-Push ComboUnexamined
Optimizing a Windwalker Genasi to make people fall to thier deaths?Unexamined
Is this feat combo viable?Unexamined
Help me get the most from my feats! (2H Fighter)Unexamined
CO: The Void InterloperUnexamined
Two-Fisted ShooterUnexamined
Minotaur Dhampyr PaladinUnexamined
Help me make a walking siege engineUnexamined
Creating a 5th lvl character. I need help with options!Unexamined
Collective Minds: 4ed Jedi?Unexamined
Plz help me build a Swordmage/PMC WizardUnexamined
Anyone notice the update on Blood Mages?Unexamined
Is there a better way to compare initiative? (Looking for Math Formula)Unexamined
Optimizing for 5th and beyond.Unexamined
Do Lend Might and Improved Tactics stack?Unexamined
Ask R&D ArticleUnexamined
bloodclaw vs battlecrazedUnexamined
The Tiefling AvengerUnexamined
The "16 is good enough" fallacyUnexamined
Highest dpr ranged build?Help pleaseUnexamined
The new background rules-Unexamined
Avenger vs Ranger: Who's the damage dealing king?Unexamined
Oh! blame not the bard. - The Bard HandbookUnexamined
X-Bow-Ranger/MC RogueUnexamined
Could I Please Have Help Optimizing my Swordmage?Unexamined
Human Flying-Blade Adept (with MC Ranger)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
So my Charisma-Din got an interesting item... how do I make the most of it?Unexamined
AlrightCharOpWhat do you have to deal with an... undead problem?Unexamined
Advice for a spiked chain bladeling tempest fighter?Unexamined
Starfire Womb+Cleansing ChallengeUnexamined
Danger Sense vs. Imp InitiativeUnexamined
optimized 2 character group?Unexamined
Attacking While Running?Unexamined
Teleportation OptimizationUnexamined
Rogue Build: Halfling Giantslayer (Provoker)Unexamined
Oddity of the frost weapon property.Unexamined
Build vs. teleporting baddies?Unexamined
Looking for CharOp help with my Eladrin Artful Dodger!Unexamined
Swordmage ImplementsUnexamined
Curious if this would lead to abuseUnexamined
Infernal StategistUnexamined
Optimizing StealthUnexamined
Opt. of Stats and paragonpath of a hafling cha paladinUnexamined
Frenzied Beserker (OLD NEWS)Unexamined
Weird optimization concept: tempest/daggermasterUnexamined
Mage's WeaponUnexamined
I almost beat the StormwardenUnexamined
Genasi Wizard build advice (links?)Unexamined
PARTY POWER: Tactical Optimization by INIT ClusteringUnexamined
Cleric vs. Paladin and Healing efficienceyUnexamined
Paragon Starlock for extended crawlUnexamined
Archer's Glory: Better Than We Think?Unexamined
Bard - initial concept scratched... where to go from here?Unexamined
Pimp my LFR fighter?Unexamined
Help - building L6 starlock alchemistUnexamined
Help with my LFR lazer Cleric.Unexamined
Optimizing Party MakeupUnexamined
Optimization Challenge: Critical AbuseUnexamined
Pimp this StraladinUnexamined
The Bard: Multiclassing Nova Machine?Unexamined
B'hrian Bloodaxe: Dwarven Axe/Heavy Blade TempestUnexamined
Extremely simple saving throw cheese (and suicide!)Unexamined
Font of Radiance OptimizationUnexamined
optimizing Riposte Strikebut not reallyUnexamined
Help optimizing a strange warlordUnexamined
Burning the Plagued Bellows of CaiphonUnexamined
Bargains for my Wizard and his PartyUnexamined
Barbarian (Moo Cow) PEACH!Unexamined
Help with a starting PartyUnexamined
Optimize my Greatspear FighterUnexamined
Toughness or Primordial Surge?Unexamined
Withering WeaponUnexamined
Help with Wild Elf Luck & Elven Precision math?Unexamined
Opinions on a Build ConceptUnexamined
Warlock lvl 13261 pts of damageis this correct?Unexamined
Lvl 6 Minotaur Barbarian - How to improve?Unexamined
Hitting things at really high levelsUnexamined
Help me optomize Ongoing damage and minus to savesUnexamined
Newbie. Would I be asking too much?Unexamined
Epic Rangers: Greatbow vs DaggerUnexamined
Battlefield Archer: "Now we are become as gods."Unexamined
Does Pit Fighter add to static damage?Unexamined
Optimize thisif you canUnexamined
Paladin questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The super defenderUnexamined
mounts and spaceUnexamined
Archer PaladinUnexamined
So you think you can multiclass; Examining Multiclassing from a CO perspectiveUnexamined
Minotaur Shaman/Kinspeaker BuildUnexamined
Bugbear Kensai with Executioner's Axe?Unexamined
Crusader's vs DisruptionUnexamined
Toughness: relative value as you levelUnexamined
Pact or Not A Pact? Dwarven BarblockUnexamined
CHAladin (drop Str+Dex) | Group SetupUnexamined
Best addition to the partyUnexamined
Archer damage feats?Unexamined
The best archery build I have seen (lvl 16)Unexamined
Barbarian optimization helpUnexamined
Help me build a Goblin WarlordUnexamined
Rogue MC to Fighter FeedbackUnexamined
Good Paragon Multiclassing BuildsUnexamined
Help with dwarven wardenUnexamined
Warden: Nature's Wrath ConfusionUnexamined
Two-Fisted ShooterUnexamined
Teleporter based on FeyswordUnexamined
Wizard HelpUnexamined
Sticky BattleragerUnexamined
Optimizing for InvisibilityUnexamined
Tiefling Shielding Swordmage/Warfiend (PEACH)Unexamined
Swordmage/Whirlwind GenasiUnexamined
Bloodclaw and Reckless not so good in NovasUnexamined
healing shaman help (also what is "shared healing spirit")?Unexamined
thoughts on Bugbear Tempest FighterUnexamined
Gone Forever: A Wizard BuildUnexamined
Is avenger a power sunk class?Unexamined
Warforged BoxerUnexamined
Building a Drow DaywalkerUnexamined
What would you do with permanent CA?Unexamined
The San Diego Super Charger (216 DPR)Unexamined
weapon expertise? what is it?Unexamined
CheapNo-Surge Healing (Sunburst Abuse)Unexamined
The Class/Race with Highest Hitpoints?Unexamined
Distance Chaladin MC Rogue Halfling build : need help to optimize it please :)Unexamined
Designing the Party of Ultimate ManoeuvrabilityUnexamined
Opting a party of three for heroic levelsUnexamined
Wait...seriously? (Warforged Warlock)Unexamined
"Does this work by RAI?" - Character Builder confirmationUnexamined
Speculative Avenger BuildsUnexamined
Looking for a Pure DPS Melee Rogue BuildUnexamined
How viable are non-optimized builds?Unexamined
Taking PowersUnexamined
Battlefield ArcherUnexamined
Swordmage/Wizard of the Spiral Tower/Eternal SeekerUnexamined
Saint of Killers: Tempest/Student of Caiphon/Punisher of the Gods (311.65 dpr) buildUnexamined
4 Armed Monk?Unexamined
Highest DPR build: Weapon Talent FighterUnexamined
Multiclass Wizard Cheese: Does it work?Unexamined
ranger TWF: Rapier's+Swift blade style vs Scimitar danceUnexamined
Two Weapon Fighting WizardUnexamined
Best Bladeling EverUnexamined
Best tempest buildUnexamined
Regaining Encoutner PowersUnexamined
Battlerager/kensai/adamantine Soldier. The Perfect DefenderUnexamined
The character with the Biggest NADsUnexamined
A perfect PvP Party.Unexamined
Archer RangerUnexamined
Rogue: Knockout -> Lowslash -> Two fisted Shot?Unexamined
Swordmaster DPR: 21st - 168.35 - Burst: InfiniteUnexamined
DnD Char Builder HelpUnexamined
What sources are canonical for optimizing?Unexamined
Best Magic Weapon for a lvl 30 Tempest Spikedchain FighterUnexamined
Ur - Or how to get a single adventurer to fit all roles (PEACH)Unexamined
Half-Orcs: Their stat bonuses revealedUnexamined
Weapon Expertise: The New Must-HaveUnexamined
Shifter Feats...or here's your spine sir.Unexamined
More fun feats for optimizers to think aboutUnexamined
Wizard pit fighter question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
New cross-class implement cheeze.Unexamined
Marked Scourge is finally nerfed!Unexamined
Nerfing Adventurer's VaultUnexamined
Optimizing Race/ClassUnexamined
Half Elf Versatile MasteryUnexamined
Cross post: Help Create Colbert the Defender of Justice!Unexamined
Howling at the Moon: A Beastmaster build.Unexamined
Jumpa move action attack?Unexamined
Optimizing the dice?Unexamined
Intelligent Blademaster Obsolete?Unexamined
Brutal weapons?Unexamined
Ranged rogueboostedUnexamined
Expertisenot a typed bonus?Unexamined
Two-weapon Threat Feat: 'cause they needed more damageUnexamined
Does this work?Unexamined
Dillenete + Star of Corellon?Unexamined
A Genasi SorcererUnexamined
Critique this WizardUnexamined
Exhibition: Fighter/warlord/sorcererUnexamined
Distant Advantage and Melee Training chaning 4e Forever!Unexamined
Weapon balanceUnexamined
Bonus for Two handed WeaponsUnexamined
Optimization: A lot easier from here on?Unexamined
Best PP for Half-Orc Tempest Fighter?Unexamined
Sunblade avenger build- Too MAD to live?Unexamined
Paladin Arcane OracleUnexamined
Beastmaster Rangers and MountsUnexamined
Punisher of the Gods + Unveiled Visage = huh?Unexamined
A little help with this FighterUnexamined
Half-elf Rogue/daggermaster - A dilettante mastery optUnexamined
Versatile Master/Martial Controller build: Radiant GunslingerUnexamined
Help! I am trying to make the fastest character ever made!Unexamined
Shadar Kai Swordmage leveling soon - Help pleaseUnexamined
Avenger Multiclass FeatUnexamined
Fighter level 3 powerif Rain Of Blows nerfed?Unexamined
Build commentary: fighterUnexamined
Shielding SwordmagePeach PlzUnexamined
Art of the KillUnexamined
Optimization Exercise: The GauntletUnexamined
Half-elf Paladin/RangerHarlequin StyleUnexamined
reckless weapon / spiked gauntlets questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Cruel Cut HalfelfUnexamined
Half-Orc Garrote RogueUnexamined
Bloodclaw weapon on close burstsUnexamined
Deft Hurler + Cruel CutUnexamined
The Beastmaster Archer RangerUnexamined
Called Shot + Prime PunisherUnexamined
Need some help on a Tempest fighter... with a twistUnexamined
Adding psychic to Cursegrind/biteUnexamined
Are you bored?Unexamined
Best avenger weapon?Unexamined
My Human Infernal warloack could use some help.Unexamined
Cruel Cut Cleave+Ruthless Punnisher PP=2x wis mod ongoing damage at-will!Unexamined
New power to get to sync with rogue/ranger?Unexamined
Spitting Cobra Stance + Combat SuperiorityUnexamined
Half-elf Warlock/Strong-Arm enforcer - A ruthless warlock buildUnexamined
Bugbear Paladin - dual-wield or two-hand?Unexamined
Is this weak?Unexamined
Catch 22 - Half-elf Paladin BuildUnexamined
Half Elf Invoker With a HammerUnexamined
Feylock Multiclass RogueDaggermaster with Pact BladeUnexamined
Ranger druid multiclass question (possible catch 22)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
stat priority - heavy blade great weapon fighterUnexamined
Melee Training for the Dwarven Fighter?Unexamined
Quick Question about StackingNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Ok am i reading this right Versatile Master..Unexamined
Half-elf Warlock MC'ed to Rogue (some basic questions)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Racial Power BalanceDragonbornand Minotaur. Help would be much appreciated.Unexamined
Recursive Criticals! GO!Unexamined
how to calculate avg damagedpretcUnexamined
Prime Shot in a 3 player party?Unexamined
How does this Rogue look so far?Unexamined
Dire RadiancelordUnexamined
Any recommendations for the defender of this party?Unexamined
Max HealthUnexamined
Dwarven BattleragerDreadnoughtUnexamined
anyone have info on the upcoming goliath race?Unexamined
Polearm Gamble confirmed by the FAQ to hit 2 squares awaythus stopping movement.Unexamined
HE Warlock/Nightmare Weaver - the ruthless warlock control freakUnexamined
Spiked Chain Dwarven Fighter?Unexamined
Should rogues give up on DPS and go for status effects?Unexamined
Drow sword-chuckUnexamined
2 hammers are better than 1right?Unexamined
Half-Elf best 3 at-wills?Unexamined
thecasualoblivion builds a Battlerager FighterUnexamined
Blade Cascade and Rain of Blows obsoleted...Unexamined
Paladin Flamethrower conceptUnexamined
Trying to make a Samurai Build PLEASE HELP ME PIMP IT!Unexamined
Help Me Optimize within my flavor? (RogueMCCleric/Flying-BladeAdept)Unexamined
Destruction Manifest: The Barbarian's HandbookUnexamined
Warlord and Swordmage markforce attack then port trickUnexamined
Mathcraft! Roll twicetake the higherUnexamined
Hellish FeyswordUnexamined
Worldwide D&D Gameday - March 21stUnexamined
Reconsidering the BarbarianUnexamined
Why do we have that +CON No. of Attacks Barbarian Encounter 13 power? Favoritism.Unexamined
Ranged Ranger/Cleric Build-- Thay InfiltratorUnexamined
Sorcerer/Fighter Versatile Mastery combosUnexamined
Divine Challenge + Eyebite TrickUnexamined
druid with "quick wildshape" feat is fastest being in existence?Unexamined
Highest Sorcerer DPRUnexamined
Fishing for critsUnexamined
Righteous Wrath: The Avenger's HandbookUnexamined
Radiant crit blooper - Hahaoh wow.Unexamined
Half-Elf Avenger/DaggermasterUnexamined
Threatening ReachUnexamined
Why not lvl 16 snapshots?Unexamined
Flamethrower of Amanautor (Statted through 16)Unexamined
Two Characters Designed to be Played TogetherUnexamined
Vampiric Half-Elf Twin Strike Rogue/ Daggermaster / mc warlock /Punisher of the GodsUnexamined
Archery: Up Close and PersonalUnexamined
Spiked Chain EnchantmentsUnexamined
What's Too Powerful?Unexamined
Is anyone else working on a sorcerer guide?Unexamined
Any Disadvantages to Strength as a Dump Stat?Unexamined
What would make high-W powers competitive?Unexamined
Barbarians are a new striker class right?Unexamined
Bouncy DragonballUnexamined
Dwarven Sharpshooter - First approach ...Unexamined
Rogue using Spiked Chain & Adroit Explorer PP; PEACH if you pleaseUnexamined
Outrageous RogueUnexamined
Aglie Opportunist - WHAT!?Unexamined
Question for the Math typesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Polish my Dragonborn Glaive FighterUnexamined
Jack of All TradesUnexamined
Optimize TacLord to support kidsUnexamined
Optimizing The Common Source PartyUnexamined
Save my Dragonborn Swordmage (if possible)Unexamined
One Character to Rule Them All... (T.O. challenge)Unexamined
More Two-Weapon loveUnexamined
Half-Elf Fighter help...Unexamined
The Mime: Half-Elf Bard/Versatile Master PMC/Eternal SeekerUnexamined
A New Perspective (PvP)Unexamined
Rage+Stance+Polymorph all day (4 encounters)Unexamined
Weapons-as-implements: You can use weapon powers now.Unexamined
16+ attack rolls per round18+ critUnexamined
New Polearm Gamble cheese: Horned ChampionWarden PPUnexamined
Avengers: The more you ignore your classthe stronger you become.Unexamined
The Avenger Handbook: Because nobody expects the Divine InquisitionUnexamined
Adroit Explorer -> Defender PP??Unexamined
PHB2 Notes and ObservationUnexamined
PHB2 feats to jump on.Unexamined
Weapon/Implement Expertise either fail at designed roleor are broken.Unexamined
Joseph Silver's Mini-Guide to Sorcerer Damage TypesUnexamined
Suggestions for Druid builds?Unexamined
Warforged Barbarian Juggernaut DemigodUnexamined
Polearm Wardens!Unexamined
Valor Bard ~ Warlock/Druid/Warden MCUnexamined
Avenger rollsUnexamined
The Tenacious TroubadourUnexamined
furious assasult + divine miracle = infinite damage loop?Unexamined
Automatically make death saving throwUnexamined
One more Punisher Build: at will DPR: 1700+Unexamined
Stormlord SorcererUnexamined
4e biased towards weapon users?Unexamined
Advice on the optimal multiclassUnexamined
Grand OpeningGrand Closing: War Chanter + Battle Captain = NovaUnexamined
Melee reach 6you say?Unexamined
Ranged GrabberUnexamined
My Half-Elf Paladin: Review and critique requestedUnexamined
Advice on maximizing attack rolls (fighter-kensai?)Unexamined
Weapon and implement expertise: Power Creep Ahoy!Unexamined
Help optimize my Avenger!Unexamined
Is anyone working on Invoker handbook?Unexamined
The Frozen Bolt: Ranger/Pit Fighter/DemigodUnexamined
PH2 Handbook Role CallUnexamined
Oh Crud! Weapon Expertise can stack with itself!Unexamined
Interesting idea for a Dragonborn SorcererUnexamined
The charming knight 4E VersionUnexamined
Warlord + Bard = Lots of pseudo-Minions?Unexamined
Dragonborn classUnexamined
Bard 'Super-Mentalist' Build Advice NeededUnexamined
Half Orc Brutal Scoundrel Rogue-Critique Build PleaseUnexamined
simple sorcerer feat comboUnexamined
Low Magic Optimization ChallengeUnexamined
Super Druid Paragon Feats!Unexamined
Half-elf Fighter potential?Unexamined
Character OptimizationUnexamined
War Chanter/Fatesinger novaUnexamined
Earthwarden Dwarfender Paragon?Unexamined
Let's Critique a Druid build through HeroicUnexamined
OMG rerolls!Unexamined
Heart of the Wild: A Druid HandbookUnexamined
How to Bump up Druid's AC?Unexamined
A Wand Wizard who uses Twin Strike?Unexamined
Min/Maxed Bard (Request)Unexamined
DPR FailureNeeds to be deleted. - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenUnexamined
A Bard multiclass questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Wild Oracle - massive Sorcerer damage comboUnexamined
Sorcerer (Roll even number) / Avenger MC (roll twice)Unexamined
Dragonborn Barbarian PusherUnexamined
race/class optimization chart...input requestedUnexamined
Avenger/Pit Fighter/DemigodUnexamined
negative scaling AC fpr some builds in PHP2Unexamined
Slaying a Hecatoncheires in one round.Unexamined
Need something clarified on damage stackingUnexamined
Clawing your way to the top: The Intelligent Druid's GuideUnexamined
Which Source Based Party?Unexamined
The shaman is the weakest class in 4e.Unexamined
Sorcerous FluxUnexamined
Bilton the SorcererUnexamined
Drow Wild Sorcerer + hide in plain sightUnexamined
Chaos Sorcerer/Divine OracleUnexamined
Barbarian BruiserUnexamined
Eladrin Swordmage based on Runreallyfast's SM>BoC buildUnexamined
Need some advice for 4E druid classUnexamined
I am Thor!Unexamined
First 4E Character (Staff Wizard)Unexamined
Anyone Revisit the Classic...Unexamined
Circle of BindingUnexamined
Judgement Has Arrived: The Invoker's HandbookUnexamined
DPR King candidates?Unexamined
Stormwarden Beast Druid?Unexamined
How Controllery are beast form powers?Unexamined
Infinite damage trick at level 13 with Blood pulse shenanigansUnexamined
24th lv Sorcerer vs OrcusUnexamined
Highest Overall Defense ThreadUnexamined
The Snow Queen (Sorcerer/Fighter/PMC/Winter Sovereign)Unexamined
New to 4e - 3 PC Campaign. Build help requestUnexamined
Ranger Idea: Erza Scarletthe Polearm Super GamblerUnexamined
Half Orc SwordmasterUnexamined
Bloody Hell!Unexamined
Angel of Wrath - Avenger Paragon tier build (equal damage to a Stormwarden)Unexamined
Archetype series: Halfling Chaos Sorc Daggermaster and a Dragonborn Dragonsoul HeirUnexamined
New to leader role! I need help in the optimization department (bard)Unexamined
Is this the right Defender for this Party?Unexamined
Fear the Gods: The Invoker HandbookUnexamined
Daggermaster for dagger as implement classes.Unexamined
The Dashing Swordsman: A Bard/Rakish Swashbuckler buildUnexamined
Fighter/Stoneblessed/Eternal Defender Glaive DefenderUnexamined
Non-Avengers Regaining Oath of Enmity?Unexamined
Extra Rage4e styleUnexamined
possible sorcerer feat combo?Unexamined
Human Warden/Wildrunner (Cannot Fail Saves)Unexamined
No More Punisher?Unexamined
The Unhittable LorekeeperUnexamined
Sorcerer Q&A from Customer ServiceUnexamined
Brutal BamferUnexamined
Pure Power: The Sorcerer's HandbookUnexamined
How to jump on the Bandwagon: My Own HandbookUnexamined
How's my Goliath Earthstrength Warden?Unexamined
How many times could I get RoB in the same encounter?Unexamined
Barbarian HamstermasterUnexamined
Draconic Arrogance GreatspearUnexamined
Build advice? Half-orc Avenger/Ranger ("Ravenger?")Unexamined
205 at-will DPR with... chill wind?Unexamined
QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Building a BattleragerUnexamined
Best Party face character?Unexamined
FR vs PHB2 BackgroundsUnexamined
Half-Elf Avenger/Daggermaster/ *Any Epic* (101.69 dpr At-Will)Unexamined
A possibly new comboUnexamined
Another feat for Dragonborn Sorcerer/Fighter with Draconic ArroganceUnexamined
What PHB2 classes are broken?Unexamined
Mages Spiked sheild?Unexamined
New MC rules+ ArchmageUnexamined
Is there a way for non-divine classes to gain channel divinity?Unexamined
Permanent Threatening ReachUnexamined
How CharOp saved RoleplayingUnexamined
Avenger PMCing into BarbarianUnexamined
Drow Stormwarden Archer - DPR DukeUnexamined
This Dragonborn Barbarian build viable?Unexamined
Bloodiron Weapon - how does it work?Unexamined
Optimized Spellscar?Unexamined
Gnome HillbillyUnexamined
I hate the search functionUnexamined
Save My Table: Help Me Retool This WizardUnexamined
Half-Orc Barbarian/Draeven Marauder build - opinions?Unexamined
Elven avenger help!Unexamined
Fullblade RangerUnexamined
Dwarf ressourcefull warlordUnexamined
My 1st Character! Did I Get It Right?Unexamined
Advice on making a character.Unexamined
Weapon Expertise for dual-type weapons?Unexamined
How to be a Gishy Squishy: A Sorcerer HandbookUnexamined
Somebody build a Half-Orc Shaman!Unexamined
Sorcerer Optimization NotesUnexamined
Boulder - Warden Defender/Controller/LeaderUnexamined
Best burst or dpr output for a leader at heroic and paragon tiers not using RROT?Unexamined
Druid Wildshape + Belt of the BrawlerUnexamined
Can someone help me out...Unexamined
Bastion of the Boondocks: A Warden's HandbookUnexamined
Shaman MC feat questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Highest ACbut viable character?Unexamined
Elven Druid Twilight Guardian buildUnexamined
Highest Ranger DPR: Axes or Swords?Unexamined
If the Spirit Moves You: A Shaman's HandbookUnexamined
Ranger/Cleric/BAPEACH and an equipment questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need a Shadar-Kai Rogue/Spike Chain MasterUnexamined
Tweek my Concept ShamUnexamined
Bloodthirsty HunterUnexamined
Dwarven WardenMC DruidUnexamined
YesWeCan: Shaman/Flame of Hope+11 to Hit/+24 to Dmg for Allies at 30Unexamined
Hey folks can we minimize the posting of incomplete work?Unexamined
help build a moonstalkerUnexamined
Wild Sorcerer Fluxing DPRUnexamined
Martial Power 2 playtest articleUnexamined
Reborn Champion- Ultimate Assassin?Unexamined
Optimize: Tiefling Bard Warlock/WarlordUnexamined
BardArcane Duelist. Advice welcomeUnexamined
Need help understanding when to add mods to rolls.Unexamined
best fighter/mage - SM/Wiz or Wiz/SMUnexamined
Revered Visage (avenger build)Unexamined
Illegality of TWO/Reaper's Touch combo?Unexamined
Punisher of the Gods hypothetical changeUnexamined
Bringing down the House (Orcussolo)Unexamined
general multiclass questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Joe's Sorcerer Guide: AP update 5-15-09Unexamined
Battlerager Lockdown: Shifting is Futile!Unexamined
Cleric Spells for the Wrathful InvokerUnexamined
What to complete this party?Unexamined
Playtest: Martial Power 2Unexamined
Noob Q: "Action Surge" why Ice Blue ??Unexamined
Lets have a talk about a Starlock [read: is this guy playable?]Unexamined
Twin Strike + Surprise Knockdown + CAUnexamined
New top damage contenter!Unexamined
How to get Radiant added to melee basic?Unexamined
Race-based Dragonborn & IcemageUnexamined
Hammer it HomeUnexamined
Vestige PactUnexamined
The validity of a wacky idea...Unexamined
Party CompositionUnexamined
One shot 30th Level Druid:Elemental styleUnexamined
Is it always a bad idea to...Unexamined
War chanter/MC Paladin squishynessUnexamined
Agile Armor +1 vs Piecemeal Armor +1level 4 equipmentUnexamined
Bard Multiclassing: how does it work?Unexamined
Gnome bard - 1st 4E game - help!Unexamined
Extra basic attacks from criticals plus follow-up blowUnexamined
Avenger/Vestige/Student of CaiphonHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Balduran KalaskScion of the StormUnexamined
To critor not to crit: that is the questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
holy power creep...Unexamined
In a world where some stuff was fixed...Unexamined
Ice Queen BuildUnexamined
Half-elf Crossbow Warlock/Student of Caiphon/DemigodUnexamined
Coran Thorngage-Halfling AD Rogue fully stated outUnexamined
My Stupid Invoker - How badly did I mess up?Unexamined
Dwarven Khopesh Two Blade Warrior / Swordmaster / DemigodUnexamined
I'm looking to play a Witch Hunter from Warhammer in 4eUnexamined
Help for Druid Combat TacticsUnexamined
The Inescapable FishermanUnexamined
Elven Druid Advice!Unexamined
Grasping Tratnyr = Mortal Kombat?Unexamined
Druid Tank....possible?Unexamined
Stat-based featsUnexamined
Looking for "Fight Club" adviceUnexamined
Tag Team Combo - Agile OpportunistUnexamined
Feats for fort ref and willUnexamined
How do I calculate DPR?Unexamined
Warforged Barb/ Fighter Defender Need advice!Unexamined
Half Elf Barbarian/Warlord/Battlelord of Kord/Mythic Sovereign: The Horde WarbringerUnexamined
is versatile master the most powerful ability since save penalties?Unexamined
Seeing if there is anything i should changeUnexamined
Confused Controller BardUnexamined
Teach a man to calculate DPR with a Rending Weapon..Unexamined
Push & Knock Prone: Barbarian? Fighter? Dragonborn? Shifter? Goliath?Unexamined
Razorclaw Shifter - Avenger (Pursuit) QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Max DPR BARBARIAN? Please provide inputUnexamined
Avenger Master of DefenseUnexamined
[Warden] Help my first Defender!Unexamined
Bloodlust; Half-Orc RangerUnexamined
Should we settle on standardized guidelines for DPR numbers?Unexamined
Laser Clericwhich Paragon?Unexamined
Secondary damage rolls gain ZERO Modifiers!Unexamined
Help me pick a character :)Unexamined
Rogue FeatsUnexamined
Striker Build around Executioners Axeplease helpUnexamined
DPR King (without Magic Equipment)Unexamined
Barbarian helpUnexamined
My Fix for Endless AcidUnexamined
Fun avenger trickUnexamined
PEACH: level 12 chaos sorcerer with some melee tendenciesUnexamined
Master list of underpowered stuff? (PHB I)Unexamined
Attack Bonus Optimization QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
SorcerorTwo Weapon Opening BuildUnexamined
Sketchy avenger planUnexamined
Math Assistance NeededUnexamined
Brawler Ruffian builds?Unexamined
Rogue/slayer's songUnexamined
Morninglord/Revered OneUnexamined
Zealous AssassinUnexamined
10 Rules of Party OptimizationUnexamined
Archetype series: Dragonborn Bruiser BarbarianUnexamined
Soliciting opinions for my fey warlockUnexamined
Elf (wand) wizard/PMC ranger/Radiant OneUnexamined
Censure of Retribution Versus Censure of PursuitUnexamined
Optimizing a 1-on-1 arena fighterUnexamined
Best builds for arena-style game?Unexamined
Combining Leader and Defender RoleUnexamined
Speed Demon and the Practical Applications of SpeedUnexamined
My shot at an Avengeradvice please!Unexamined
Level 16 Melee Sorcerer Optimized?Unexamined
Avengers - Leather Armor Proficiency Needed?Unexamined
Chilling with the Half-elf BandUnexamined
Invoker MC Avenger help plsUnexamined
Druid/shaman racial choiceUnexamined
"Party Building" race/class calculationsUnexamined
Sorcerer with Hide in Plain Sight?Unexamined
The Swashbuckler - Eladrin Tempest FighterUnexamined
Are strikers the best one-on-one?Unexamined
Race/Class Combination AnalysisUnexamined
Help out a newbie BardUnexamined
Race/Class Combination AnalysisUnexamined
Sneek Attack and Wizard?Unexamined
The Barbarian - THE multiclass for everyone!Unexamined
Items/PPs/etc.that add to slidespulls& pushesUnexamined
Eladrin ChargerUnexamined
Balanced Party - any ideas on builds or tactics ?Unexamined
Guide to the Khopesh: The Versatile Crit MasterUnexamined
opinions on this sorcererpleaseUnexamined
Help make my Pally Healer better please!Unexamined
Multiclassing and epic destinies revised?Unexamined
4EDefenders and the MMO mentalityUnexamined
Maximizing action points/bonus actionsUnexamined
Half-elf Darklock/Wizard Necro-PsychicUnexamined
Heart of the Dragon: A Dragonborn's HandbookUnexamined
Statting out GodsUnexamined
Call me Redwill you? Gnome Avenger!Unexamined
The Flame of Olorin (Deva Invoker advice)Unexamined
Human + Spirit Shield = ?Unexamined
The Predator - Druid Controller/StrikerUnexamined
How do you play a Warlock?Unexamined
The 5th Man: Hybrid DefendersUnexamined
create the best single race team! Yay! i beat the edit feature!Unexamined
Need help with the Pew-Pew Lazers (cleric)Unexamined
Critique my level 6 Razorclaw Druidplease!Unexamined
Party creation challenge!Unexamined
Multiple attack Master of WarUnexamined
Archetype series: Half-Orc Brutal Scoundrel DaggermasterUnexamined
Help me optimize my Super Robot.Unexamined
Question about Inner Dragon Adamantine WarriorNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Please Help Optimize my Chainfighter RogueUnexamined
Deadly Psychic JesterUnexamined
what is the minimum attack bonus you should haveUnexamined
Review this party of 3rd level pregens for a "primal" themed oneshot.Unexamined
Adroit Rain: Breaking Avenger MCUnexamined
Yet another tool for WarforgedUnexamined
Would I gimp myself if I did this?Unexamined
MultiClass Synergies ToolUnexamined
Weapons for rogue?Unexamined
Optimized Rogue Charger (120.9 At-will DPR)Unexamined
Dwarven Battleragerlooking for optimized builds.Unexamined
Need a dagger master buildUnexamined
Warforged Warden PP and ED ideasUnexamined
Avenger/Moonstalker: A Twist on the Dragonborn Push FighterUnexamined
Eladrin TacLord (Greatspear): ability scores?Unexamined
Reserve Maneuver Discussion - Please ContributeUnexamined
Fighter / Sorcerer?Unexamined
Spinning elf carpet of doomUnexamined
28 point buy:Unexamined
Limited Choicesneed some input pleaseUnexamined
Building a Longtooth Wildblood WardenUnexamined
Eladrin GISHUnexamined
Bard mc machine:(158.55 DPR) & (AC 49) Half-Elf Bard/Ftr/So/Rng/Wk/Rge/SOC/LoremasterUnexamined
broken powers/combos...Unexamined
What are the optimal starting stats for a Gnome Fey Pact Warlock?Unexamined
Tiger's Leap vs SlowUnexamined
Building An Effective Tiefling PaladinUnexamined
Is there any Avenger builds that involves a 2 hander?Unexamined
Accurate BarbarianUnexamined
Shaman Area HealingUnexamined
Barbarian Build: Bloodied Stormer!Unexamined
simple fighter combo= dread reaper + impending doom styleUnexamined
Arcane Power - Cosmic MagicUnexamined
Help me Choose between silly Avenger conceptsUnexamined
Adding hp to a surge?Unexamined
Best picks for Versatile MasteryUnexamined
Pimp my Build: Dwarf InvokerUnexamined
interesting Cust Serv response to Sorc attack questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Looking for a effect to dpr conversionUnexamined
Optimize my build: Dragonborn Sorcerer/Fighter!Unexamined
Am I harming my Avenger?Unexamined
Can u help meUnexamined
Self-Made Man: A Human HandbookUnexamined
Most Durable Party?Unexamined
Dragonborn Sorc/Barb PMC -- PEACH neededUnexamined
Bardic Polearm Momentum shenanigans!Unexamined
DPR based off...?Unexamined
Does DPR Matter?Unexamined
April playtest: dual classingUnexamined
Open Season on Martial ArchitypeUnexamined
sources for multiple uses of daily powerUnexamined
Break this House Rules: Swordmages aren't restricted to blades.Unexamined
The Assassin: PEACH my homebrew classUnexamined
Seda - Avenger/DivOra/Demi - Crit Dmg MonsterUnexamined
A-ling of Doom - Halfling Crazed Sorcerer LunaticUnexamined
Are any of the classes (PHB1PHB2ect) underpowered/overpowered?Unexamined
Optimized Sacred Flame!?Unexamined
Pargon Multiclass and Martial ArchetypeUnexamined
A list of Cheese Feats.Unexamined
the unofficial complete cleric guideUnexamined
Extra striker or extra defender?Unexamined
Crit Fisher OptimizationUnexamined
Help with a shaman healer.Unexamined
Epic large execution axe goodnessUnexamined
Unusual buildUnexamined
Optimizing usage of "Dual Arrow" ammunitionUnexamined
Avenging Ghostporter - 156/276 DPRUnexamined
Blazing Starfall + Gravity of Moment?Unexamined
The fey of darkness: A drow handbookUnexamined
What to Add? A party building question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Weaponizing a Ritual and a Harmless UtilityUnexamined
Thrash my WizardUnexamined
Thrash my buddy's Inspirational Warlord!Unexamined
Best magical items for low level tanks.Unexamined
Flame of HopeFatesingerand Action Point OptimizationUnexamined
Dumb question about "party roll" optimizationNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A suggestion for the "hand books"Unexamined
Deciding on a Swordmage Paragon PathUnexamined
Two Questions About the Pit FighterNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
which class would be best... undead slayerUnexamined
Lukh-Tar: Earth+Watersoul Genasi Reach TaclordUnexamined
The Perfect TargetUnexamined
Cold Sorcerer DPRUnexamined
Death Laser: the new prime choice for Dilettante and Versatile Master?Unexamined
Figuring Out Critical Hit DamageUnexamined
Monk player classPEACHUnexamined
Is the Greatspear crap?Unexamined
Help Building My PC: Kylar SternThe Night Angel from Brent Weeks book trilogyUnexamined
Worst party everUnexamined
Optimizing the WitchalokUnexamined
Party Synergy Compilation ThreadUnexamined
Fear the Mighty Bard! (287.678 DPR)Unexamined
Holy Shmoly! You can't charge with reachUnexamined
Can you recommend a class for this party? Thanks!Unexamined
Optimizing a Greatweapon Goliath Battleragerhelp please.Unexamined
best Storm CharacterUnexamined
Rain of Blows explainedUnexamined
'Ware the WerewolfUnexamined
Rogue defenderUnexamined
Is reactive damage legit in DPR calculationsUnexamined
Power stacking Question Barb/ multi warrior featNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Twin Rogue Party formationhelp!Unexamined
Keeping it Simple... 113.9927_ DPR (drow varient)Unexamined
Drow Pursuit AvengerUnexamined
Unleashing the Beast: A Shifter's HandbookUnexamined
Good party combos?Unexamined
The Thorny Bear - Half-Elf Shaman?Unexamined
2 hand crossbow Drow Ranger/ Rogue?Unexamined
Is there a point to Tempest Fighter?Unexamined
Bard/Fighter/Barbaran/Ranger Nova 1435+ dmgUnexamined
What could you do with this?Unexamined
Changing Leaders and DefendersUnexamined
Query on creating playtests.Unexamined
Reaper's Touch: FAIL.Unexamined
The Power of FluxUnexamined
The Charging SorcererUnexamined
Half-Orc lockdown FighterUnexamined
Checkmate Shaman - Half-Elf Bear Shaman/DruidUnexamined
Lilu DallasMulticlass: Half-Elf Bard DilemmaUnexamined
Dwarf AvengerUnexamined
help with tempest fighterUnexamined
Making a Half-Elf Martial ArchetypeUnexamined
Arcane Power Feat PreviewUnexamined
Bard feat to use CHA for MC powers in ArcanePowerUnexamined
Advance these characters (LFR)Unexamined
DPF (Damage Per Fight) -- Ranger 10 DPF = 141Unexamined
Advice with 2 rogue key choicesUnexamined
Conan the ArchetypeUnexamined
ES Goliath WardenUnexamined
Barbarian BuildingUnexamined
gnome illusionistUnexamined
Optimized charge damageUnexamined
Half-elf Bard -- 4e's "Wizard"Unexamined
lvl 11 Pursuing Avenger GearUnexamined
Ranged avenger... 48 DPR at level 16?Unexamined
Genasi feat Elemental EmpowermentUnexamined
Leave the squishies aloneyou should fear me more!Unexamined
The Lockdown/Banisher Warlock (Stop any BBEG cold!)Unexamined
Optimize this! LS Warden / Moonstalker / ED?Unexamined
Statting Problem... Need Advice/HelpUnexamined
Eladrin BardUnexamined
MarsGod of War (Tempest Fighter -> 388+ avg DPR vs AC 44)Unexamined
Two questions: Dragonborn Sorcerer breath/element choiceDrow Chaos Sorcerer skillsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Trying To Make a Dwarf ShamanUnexamined
What class would you suggest to add to this party?Unexamined
Drow palidanUnexamined
Optimizing ... Balance.Unexamined
I want to use a spearUnexamined
Feats for a teifling hell-lockUnexamined
Bardic Super NovaUnexamined
Five round burst: A Drow crossbow Ranger/Sharpshooter/Punnisher of the GodsUnexamined
Bookmarklet to expand all sblocksUnexamined
Dragonborn Dagger Sorcererplease critique.Unexamined
Eladrin FeychargerUnexamined
AvengerGood or Bad?Unexamined
When do you think Combat Virtuoso will be worth it?Unexamined
Dragon Grabbing + Pinning: Longtooth Fighter/SpellmageUnexamined
Help! Highest-damage rogue build?Unexamined
Balasar the Lunging Snake of Justice! Critique please.Unexamined
Human Invoker- Please take a lookUnexamined
Qualifying for an EDUnexamined
Xambrian Wizard HunterUnexamined
Infernal Wrath: The Tiefling's HandbookUnexamined
Dual-Classing/Hybrid Classes are out!Unexamined
nothing to see hereUnexamined
Fighter or Barbarian for damage?Unexamined
Tome of Readiness = Freakin' AwesomeUnexamined
Axe Mastery Avenger?Unexamined
The Art of Grabbing Dragons - Earthsoul Genasi Fighter/Spellmage Paragon MCUnexamined
Build: Dragonborn Opportunist - Glaive Barb/FighterUnexamined
Presenting the Hybrid Two Weapon FighterUnexamined
Send 'em to hellUnexamined
Artful Dodger Feats & UtilitiesUnexamined
Max DPR without extra-attack 2WF effects or bloodclaw+reckless?Unexamined
Realizing Character ConceptUnexamined
Pimp a Hybird!Unexamined
Hybridization - Hybrid Talent phrasing wrong?Unexamined
RazorClaw Shifter Avenger....... any ideas?Unexamined
The A Team: A Party Building GameUnexamined
Guardian Sorcerer (Healing Defender/Striker) - Half-Elf Paladin/SorcererUnexamined
Need build suggestions to compliment partyUnexamined
Two Daggers vs. Dagger+Handcrossbow for Drow rogueUnexamined
Advice on my Bard - shield vs. bow? MID? MAD?? Grr....Unexamined
The Warrior Skald: A melee Bard buildUnexamined
Hybrid Class Balancing - Discussion and SuggestionsUnexamined
Shadar-kai AvengerUnexamined
A Comparison Between A Multiclass Warlord/Wizard And A Hybrid Warlord/WizardUnexamined
Weapon Expertise and 18 cha bardUnexamined
Hybrid Rogue/RangerUnexamined
Hybrid Wizard/Ranger buildUnexamined
EmminGnome Hybrid Swordmage/WarlockUnexamined
Thunder-Burst Sorcerer (help needed)Unexamined
Twofold Pact the best feat ever for hybrid tiefling warlocks?Unexamined
Shaman armor class (should it be fixed?)Unexamined
Low-LossUltra-Fast Party LevellingUnexamined
Versatile Master and Hybrid classes featuresUnexamined
Is there a wayUnexamined
Bard->Horizon Walker->Warmaster (Another infinite combo)Unexamined
Fey Wild CaptainUnexamined
The Big Handbook of Power CombosUnexamined
Help...Rogue buildUnexamined
Arcane General - Human Taclorc|Swordmage/Wizard PMCUnexamined
A matter of difficulty (CO edition)Unexamined
Overwhelmed and standing alone[almost]Unexamined
Question About Swordmage WardNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Newb questions about fighters and rulesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help me fill the gap!Unexamined
Infinite loop ?Unexamined
The Stealth 'Lock: consistant stealth despite errataUnexamined
Rogue|Ranger lvl 6 novaUnexamined
PEACH Level 12 "White Wizard" (Wizard|Cleric / Invoker)Unexamined
Average roll of brutalsUnexamined
Half-elf polearm fighterUnexamined
Build challenge: V for VandettaUnexamined
Hybrid Optimization BrainstormingUnexamined
Headache: What leader best for solo.Unexamined
Can a Shaman create multiple spirit companions?Unexamined
16 Bard Gravedigger (117 DPR)Unexamined
Deva Vs. Human for Wiz-HoV-AMUnexamined
Knight of the SunUnexamined
eldritch strike: more polearm funUnexamined
Fighter SnB and Two handed weapon?Unexamined
The Storm DancerBard/Luckbringer (+7 to attack and +56 dmg for allies)Unexamined
Rogue/Fighter Hybrid ComboUnexamined
Some quick hybrid sketchesUnexamined
Gotta Protect 'Em All: A Bear Shaman's HandbookUnexamined
Dragonborn Hybrid Warlord ClericUnexamined
Getting a 19-20 crit range as a ruthless ruffian...Unexamined
Avenger/Invoker Divine GishUnexamined
A band of 5 Dwarves fighting for money and gloryUnexamined
Brother in needUnexamined
Polish my warden.Unexamined
Dominus BellumHalf-Orc Warlord (20 Str Build)Unexamined
Optimized PartyUnexamined
updated rogue handbooks?Unexamined
Help me tweak my 4e guardian fighter!Unexamined
Help with Dwarf InvokerUnexamined
Spiral AvengerUnexamined
Barbarian Sorceress - any way to make it work?Unexamined
Notation standard: Hybrid|Hybrid / MulticlassUnexamined
paragon defenses vs. combat anticipationUnexamined
Fighter & Druid-Will It Blend?Unexamined
High DPR characterUnexamined
Triple Threat: Bard Multiclassing for Fun and ProfitUnexamined
2*STR + CHA damage on a Sorcerer PowerUnexamined
Need help with SLIDE itemsfeats and powersUnexamined
No Beast Form Powers druid feasible?Unexamined
Archie the Darkmage and his Insubstantial ProclivityUnexamined
Building an Eladrin SwordmageUnexamined
Tempest Fighter - MC Ranger (Two-Blade Warrior)Unexamined
Is there ANY fighter variant that people don't complain about?Unexamined
Archetype series: Inspiring WarlordUnexamined
White Lotus AcademyUnexamined
Valorous Bard/Sorc (PMC)Unexamined
Arch Lich stinksUnexamined
A race questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Solution for Phylactery - Arch LichUnexamined
PEACH Goliath Glave FighterUnexamined
Not Seeing What Isn't There: A Handbook for GnomesUnexamined
Tempest Fighter or Two-Weapon Ranger?Unexamined
"Thunderglaive" - swordmage|wizard controllerUnexamined
Shields for Bear Shamans?Unexamined
Staff Wizard/Fighter/Kenseior Sorcerer/Fighter/Kensei: Is it kosher?Unexamined
Lasting frost +twf vs two weapon fighting + two weapon openingUnexamined
Arcane Implement ProficiencyUnexamined
Missile Madness - 242 At-Will538 Nova DPRUnexamined
Arcane Fisherman (Fighter|Swordmage/Warden)Unexamined
All Your Squares Are Belong To Us (ranger|wizard/shaman)Unexamined
Half-elf Emissary and number of "allies"Unexamined
A Truly Infinite Number of AttacksUnexamined
Atrocious Two Handed DamageUnexamined
Bravelord Advice and OpinionsUnexamined
Wintertouched for Dragon Sorcerers?Unexamined
Irc Channel for character optimization?Unexamined
Half-elf bard with polearm gamble and Eldritch StrikeUnexamined
Lord of the Frozen StormUnexamined
Cold Sorcerer DPR (181.025 Single TargetAt-Will DPR)Unexamined
Any sample avenger builds out there?Unexamined
Sorc optimisation for a picky DMUnexamined
Bravura SpearlordUnexamined
PSA: The Character BuilderUnexamined
ZedStriker Leader Ninja Arcanist: (Ab)using Combat VirtuosoUnexamined
Bladeling anything?Unexamined
Hybrid Feature StackingUnexamined
Interesting combo needs perfectingUnexamined
Axioms of Striker ConstructionUnexamined
Best third member for a party with a battle cleric and shielding swordmage?Unexamined
Need Math Help: dual wield Battlerager/Shock Trooper/Eternal DefenderUnexamined 20 str ever worth it?Unexamined
Building a 16th level tankUnexamined
Kill Orcus by 11thUnexamined
Theoretical: KotS with two characters?Unexamined
Spiked Shields and Dual Wield Defence?Unexamined
Best ARCHER ever?Unexamined
Overpowered Paragon Paths - How Overpowered?Unexamined
Duel Wielding Magical weaponsUnexamined
Race/Class SynergiesUnexamined
The Dragonslayers: A Level 6 Team Warlord NovaUnexamined
Optimizing a 16th Level Cleric for a single session gameUnexamined
The new 'half-orc' partyUnexamined
Cultist of Cthulhu: Help Me Build It!Unexamined
Hybrid Beastmaster Ranger|ClericUnexamined
Human Barbarian helpplease...Unexamined
Random Optimization Thoughts: Archmage vs. DemigodUnexamined
Wanted: Two characters who can do anything.Unexamined
Perception & Initiative vs DPRUnexamined
Best leader/defender combo now?Unexamined
QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Shadar-kai ???Unexamined
Does everyone frown on Reborn Champion?Unexamined
4e Character Optimization for Mac?Unexamined
The Fort discussionUnexamined
Damage-Math ChallengeUnexamined
BarbarianStudent of Caiphonwhat did I miss?Unexamined
Drow Artful Dodger (Spiked Chain)Shadow AssassinDemigod...Unexamined
Bardic Dilettante (Bard multiclass) vs Student of Battle (Warlord multiclass)Unexamined
Nightmare Weaver - tripple threat attempt - PEACHUnexamined
Critique my longtooth shifter WardenUnexamined
Draconic Arrogance + Iron VanguardUnexamined
Hard hitting lowbiesUnexamined
I need help choosing/optimizing a character for a low-level 3-person groupUnexamined
Sword Mistress? Build Help!Unexamined
Vegaa Clawfighter build (Avenger/Moonstalker/Choosen)Unexamined
Chaladin - Help AppreciatedUnexamined
The Classesand where they standUnexamined
Help! Great Unconventional Primal!Unexamined
Dwarf Wildblood WardenUnexamined
Divine Fury - 2H Shifter Paladin / Pitfighter / Eternal DefenderUnexamined
What went wrong?Unexamined
Crazy Powerful Hybrid for the number crunchers to droll over.Unexamined
The BattleRanger (Battlerager Fighter Ranger)Unexamined
Lord of Fate: Best Meat Tank AroundUnexamined
How a Level 9 Party Kills Most of the Monster ManualUnexamined
DPR Per Class at 11121 and 30?Unexamined
Half-Elves Multiclassing into Bard for Combat VirtuosoUnexamined
Comments on Genasi earthsoul TacLord - Uluru aka "Indiana Stones"Unexamined
The Pit WizardUnexamined
Blaster partyUnexamined
Best Healer ?Unexamined
Martial Gauntlet User ChallengeUnexamined
brutal scoundrel/daggermaster whats the best way to max dprUnexamined
There will never be an arcane twin strike?Unexamined
Non-Ranger Archer?Unexamined
Books-A-Million confirmed selling Arcane Power this morning.Unexamined
Rogue/Bard/Daggermaster - Skillmonkey DPR KingUnexamined
Power Attack worth it for an Avenger?Unexamined
More damange in a attack!Unexamined
Eladrin ChargerUnexamined
Ultimate Shield: Swordmage (Sorcerer)/Coronal Guard/LoremasterUnexamined
Need help with a Rageblood Barb. What race and weapon to take.Unexamined
Getting a High ACUnexamined
More damange in one round!Unexamined
The Importance of Each Role in the PartyUnexamined
Melee staff caster conceptcan it work?Unexamined
Elf + Avenger + Twilight Guardian evaluationUnexamined
Half-elf Glaive Controller BardUnexamined
Drow Artful Dodger (Spiked Chain)Shadow AssassinDemigod Part II...Unexamined
Level Prerequisites on Power Swap Feats...Unexamined
Party full of strikers. I hate them so much.Unexamined
Laser AvengerUnexamined
Double Flail Tempest Fighter - Where to Go From Here?Unexamined
Tiefling Rage! (a little bit of hybrid cheese)Unexamined
Paragon Defenses vs Combat AnticipationUnexamined
3.5 edition warlock questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
More effective Polearm combatant?Unexamined
at-will slide 8 + push 9 + knockdownUnexamined
The unkillable: most 0 hp interrupts/reactions possibleUnexamined
3+ Attacks with Rain of Blowstalk me through itUnexamined
7x7 at-willWhat would you do with it?Unexamined
Druid or Wizard?Unexamined
Best use/abuse of heartwarder + healing surgeUnexamined
Swordmage Optimization/Idea/QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Arcana skill optimizationUnexamined
Fighting VecnaUnexamined
Shielding Swordmage/Academy Master/Arcane SwordPlease give me some adviceUnexamined
Please Try to Break ThisUnexamined
What Oath of Enmity is Worthor Why Avengers RuleUnexamined
Shocking Flame feat...Unexamined
Arcane Feycharger (345dpr all day)Unexamined
Immortal Skill/Resilience/Prowess feats- crazy goodUnexamined
Goliath warden - how to make the most out of my reach?Unexamined
Utterly broken power in APUnexamined
[COMPETITION] Highest damage for levels 1510?Unexamined
Jump Monster: Powers that Synergize with Jump?Unexamined
The Art of OptimizationUnexamined
Help my optimize my druidUnexamined
Lvl 8 Fighterhelp neededUnexamined
Deva+Shared Channeling+Righteous Rage of TempusUnexamined
Cunning Weapons and RAIUnexamined
Wrathbringer: a Tiefling Hybrid buildUnexamined
Optimized Dueling and Group BattlesUnexamined
Illusory wall mistake?Unexamined
Wizard Paragon MCUnexamined
Maximum TeleportationUnexamined
lvl 4 cleric advice needed pleaseUnexamined
Seeking Advice: Invoker (LFR)Unexamined
Level 14 Arena Party OptimizationAdvice Needed PleaseUnexamined
Eladrin Rogue Feycharger Ideas/AdviceUnexamined
Best 5 character party?Unexamined
Building a Battlefield ArcherUnexamined
Unarmed Combat Build?Unexamined
Most sub-optimal character/class.Unexamined
AP: A counter for the 300DPR Defender?Unexamined
Eladrin Tactical Warlord PPUnexamined
Superawesome at-wills in PHB Heroes.Unexamined
MP eat your heart out...Unexamined
Hillairious RAW trick with Steal Time and Academy MasterUnexamined
How bad can you make it?Unexamined
Need help with lvl 4 half-orc rogueUnexamined
Wrestler BuildUnexamined
Sorcerous Blade Channeling: What's the point?Unexamined
111 DPR AOE Sorcerer - Chime KillsteinUnexamined
Bladesinger build (Bard+Swordmage) pls halpUnexamined
Dragonborn got Draconic Arrogance in MPand now they're even more broken in AP.Unexamined
Game Changing Feat - Multiclass MasteryUnexamined
Group of 3 still valuable?Unexamined
CustServ feedback on various CharOp QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Questions on a few new powersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Gensai Storm Sorceror Vs Drow Storm SorcerorUnexamined
Maximizing insubstantiality / phasing for an Eladrin Ghost Blade?Unexamined
Why Optimize?Unexamined
Need help optimizing swordmageUnexamined
Kharn II - Hobgoblin Bard level 3Unexamined
Is This Valid???Unexamined
Optimizing a race?Unexamined
Eladrin Swordmage Crit Boost?Unexamined
Fighter Barbarian?Unexamined
Tempest fighter + daggermaster?Unexamined
Avengers stealthUnexamined
Minotaur Warden for LRPGAUnexamined
Defender for a Party of 7Unexamined
min-maxing rogueUnexamined
Help optimize Avanger|BarbarianUnexamined
The WarlockUnexamined
A Gnome BarbarianUnexamined
Best Divine Multiclass for a Deva ShamanUnexamined
paragon path / epic destiny advice for an invoker?Unexamined
to hit optUnexamined
Spellseer Familiar FeatUnexamined
Hybrid Optimization: Assault Swordmage|Infernal WarlockUnexamined
Too much Defender!Unexamined
Warlord paragon pathsUnexamined
Unlimited healing at level 6?Unexamined
How do I optimize damage for a predator druid?Unexamined
Gingerbread Man Sorcerer?Unexamined
Heavy Artillery(Hammer or Bow): PaladinBard MC Ranged ThreatUnexamined
Give me your best optimized goliath Earth Warden buildUnexamined
Melee Sorc Help/IdeasUnexamined
Best Build for Minion-Army NecromancerUnexamined
Anyone remember the 3.5 Battlejumper?Unexamined
Class with the best "Effect on a Miss" abilities?Unexamined
Anyone up for building a Storm(xmen) clone?Unexamined
Is an ability score of 16(+3) enough for an attack stat?Unexamined
The Usefullness of RerollsUnexamined
Need some Avenger Paragon Path adviceUnexamined
Half Orc Dagger Throwing Rogue (Lv1-30)Unexamined
David Gemmell's Waylander the Slayer at Level 1 (Help me build him!)Unexamined
Need Advice for Human WardenUnexamined
Any way to cast ranged or area spells in melee?Unexamined
Feat suggestion for a gnome cunning bardUnexamined
Did anyone discover this combo...? (Avenger PP + Arcane Power)Unexamined
Need help deciding what I want for one of my Bard Daily Powers...Unexamined
Q:About Guileful SwitchUnexamined
If you had to play a group of 3it would be:Unexamined
Is there any way to turn a Warlock Ranged attack into a Melee attack?Unexamined
Genasi WizardUnexamined
Avenger/Warlock? Am I missing something?Unexamined
Char Op RulesUnexamined
critique me: heroic cleric/paladin hybridUnexamined
All in one Defender/Leader/Striker/ControllerUnexamined
Help me build thisplease!Unexamined
Dual Ranger-Cleric/PaladinUnexamined
Getting a Ranged Weapon as an Implement Via Arcane Implement ProficiencyUnexamined
Swordmage | Warlock - "you can't fight me"Unexamined
Sorcerer/Death Dealer/Dark Wanderer HelpUnexamined
Sword of Kas and Hand of VecnaUnexamined
unplayable (mostly) proof of concept 237.964 DPRUnexamined
Best use of Student of Caiphon?Unexamined
Quick Analysis of my Fighter/Druid DefendtrollerUnexamined
Called Shot?Unexamined
The True Fey-ChargerUnexamined
Storm SorcUnexamined
Hunt and Slap Down: Nature's AvengerUnexamined
Stoneblessed Chainfighter: A Very Threatening RogueUnexamined
I need help cutting feats for my melee bloodlockUnexamined
genasi->wizard|sorcerer/bloodmage/radiant oneUnexamined
Human Rogue laying down statesUnexamined
Help with tactics! Warlock!Unexamined
spartan type spear fighterUnexamined
The CharOp Fight Pit 1: Displacer Beast!Unexamined
Getting the Most out of Goring ChargeUnexamined
What to pick?Unexamined
New Sorcerer UtilitiesUnexamined
Anyone have a good level 10 controller build?Unexamined
Anyone have some ideas for a Avenger + Daggermaster?Unexamined
Dominant WindsAbusable?Unexamined
Highest DPR without TWF?Unexamined
Optimizing teleporting at willUnexamined
Thunderlock lvl 15 without a future?Unexamined
I am making a drow chaos sorcererUnexamined
Getting the most melee stunsUnexamined
Stealthy Bard for covert campaignUnexamined
Dragonborn Warlock/Sorcerer ideaUnexamined
Elf Archer Ranger/Warlord MulticlassUnexamined
Metaworld 09'Unexamined
Building a Genasi WizardUnexamined
barbarian questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Core ColiseumUnexamined
Avenlock - The Eternal Wrath of CaiphonUnexamined
The Highest Melee Attack Rolls?Unexamined
Wintertouched & Lasting FrostUnexamined
And for my necki'll choose...Unexamined
Where'd that new Char Op Links post go?Unexamined
at-will DPR 'rules'Unexamined
Swordmage Level 7 Encounter PowerUnexamined
Halfling head-scratchingUnexamined
Arcane Fire and Wintertouched?Unexamined
Need help with AvengerUnexamined
Weapon of the gods and Daggers as implements?Unexamined
Deva Wandering Swordmage help/critiqueUnexamined
Bardic Implement ExpertiseUnexamined
Sorcerous VisionUnexamined
Be the Bull: Minotaur Optimization HelpUnexamined
Aqueous WarriorUnexamined
Thunderstroke - Is It Really This Good?Unexamined
Martial Fey ChargerUnexamined
Spot the SynergiesUnexamined
Help making Characters for 4e!! :)Unexamined
How's my Swordmage?Unexamined
Reviewing Tome of Binding/Summoner BuildsUnexamined
sigil carver goodnessUnexamined
Builds for Human Wizards - the Summoner and the Versatility WizardUnexamined
Ideas for a Swordmage/Ranger hybridUnexamined
need help with conceptUnexamined
AshaDeva Prescient Bard of TymoraUnexamined
Battlecrazed Weapon + Scales of the DragonUnexamined
totally new to 4th!! help mageUnexamined
Thorgrimm the Dwarven Devoted Cleric/Morninglord/Demigod Close ControllerUnexamined
Feat Selection for Eladrin Shielding SwordmageUnexamined
Help optimize and PEACH my Human FighterUnexamined
PC Warrior/Wizard becomes NPC Warrior/LichUnexamined
Simply CharmingUnexamined
The Bow Paladin (Half-Elf Paladin/Bard/Hospitaler/Demigod)Unexamined
Human Hexglaive build...Unexamined
Improved Tome of Readiness: broken?Unexamined
Assigning Average Damage Values to Conditions. Is it possible?Unexamined
The best enchanter build?Unexamined
The Outcast and The SocietyUnexamined
Infernal Rager (Fighter/Warfiend/Demigod) PEACHUnexamined
Dragonsoul Heir vs. Dragon GuardianUnexamined
Half-Elf AvengerUnexamined
Character Archetype Series: Gnome IllusionistUnexamined
Deva Demigod sillinessUnexamined
Half-elf Dilettante Resource.Unexamined
Gnimsh: My Invisible Gnome ThiefUnexamined
Student of Malediction + Pact Initiate (Vestige): Curse 2/encounter?Unexamined
Half Orc Garrote wielding RogueUnexamined
newbie clericUnexamined
Vade Mecum: White Lotus Academy HandbookUnexamined
One-Trick Genasi Wizard/Sorcerer: Help wanted!Unexamined
New "just in case" character for party synergyUnexamined
Is there any way to max dmg or force criticals on all attacks of a multihit attack?Unexamined
Optimizing for enemy attack penalty.Unexamined
Help me with a Swordmage LvL 21 build plzUnexamined
Literally the worst ED power ever?Unexamined
Introducing The Combat Effectiveness IndexUnexamined
Gomez Adams *ClickClick*Unexamined
How should we quantify LeadersDefendersand Controllers?Unexamined
Drow Artlock Op please.Unexamined
Help! Optimizing another Non-Avenger Avenger(Arcane Sword)Unexamined
Hinto: Warden/fighter - Lvl 11 Monster MagnetUnexamined
Power choices for a Level 4 Gnome WizardUnexamined
Close Combat Wild SorcererUnexamined
Break this: Quad-wielding as if smallUnexamined
Help with a Tempest Dual-Wield Minotaur.Unexamined
A Little Help with an Optimized Champion of Order BuildUnexamined
PEACH my Melee BloodlockUnexamined
Just a little question about bard´s weaponsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
AoE damage master helpUnexamined
Bard MC Swordmage/Wizardbit of helpUnexamined
Theren SilvereyesUnexamined
The stupidity of the Multiclass Mastery featUnexamined
Sage of AgesUnexamined
Agile OpportunistUnexamined
Deva Glaive Swordmage/Wandering Swordmage/Arcane SwordUnexamined
Pimp my Hybrid- now with Arcane Power!Unexamined
Best race for each class that doesn't have a bonusUnexamined
Seeking Feedback on Deva Orb WizardUnexamined
208 DPR Swordmage (132 if I can't gaurentee immediate reaction attacks)Unexamined
an interesting thought...not sure if it works thoughUnexamined
Archetype series: Tactical Warlords--Genasi and EladrinUnexamined
Magda the WarderianUnexamined
Knowledge Skill ChecksUnexamined
Healing Musical Fisherman - all-in-one BardUnexamined
Freezing White Lotus Fisherman - Swordmage BuildUnexamined
Level 1 Wizards should use Waraxes for OAs.Unexamined
Rebuilding a memoryUnexamined
Avenger with the Power Attack feat?Unexamined
Half-Orc Fighter BuildLvl1-30Unexamined
Sword of Vengeance thoughts/concernsUnexamined
Executioner Axe vs FullbladeUnexamined
205 at will DPR tempest fighter (218 if shocking flame is +8)Unexamined
159 at will DPR ranger wielding one weapon onlyUnexamined
Suggestions on a Warden?Unexamined
Knock-Back SwingUnexamined
Is a warden/fighter PMC worth it for Battle Acumen?Unexamined
Delaying your turn as a Rogue?Unexamined
The Peacekeeper: A brief optimization of Total DefenseUnexamined
Heroic Series: Bard ArcherUnexamined
homebrew Warlock paragon pathUnexamined
Deva Ret. Avenger - any tips?Unexamined
longsword and shieldUnexamined
Best SwordMage MC feat for upping damage?Unexamined
Epic NADs +4 or +2 NADs & +2 Saving ThrowsUnexamined
Party Optimization - Level 4Unexamined
Help with party compositionUnexamined
Unlimited healing (out of combat)Unexamined
Recommend me a leader for my group!Unexamined
The Chosen OneUnexamined
Need Help Optimizing the Prescient BardUnexamined
Dragonborn Barbarian starters!Unexamined
Warforged Fighter - Guardian BuildUnexamined
Cowardly WizardUnexamined
Rogue EquipmentUnexamined
Optimizing my Rageblood BarbarianUnexamined
Basic Melee AttackUnexamined
Lvl 11 Wizard - Maximizing DamageUnexamined
Using Character Builder's Import functionUnexamined
Some thoughts on Frost/Fire Wizard optimizationUnexamined
Wild DefenderUnexamined
Beastmaster - Ranger/Druid SummonerUnexamined
A few questions about Urgrosh and Tempest FightersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Ultimate Sticky Shifter - Warden/Fighter PMCUnexamined
5 at-will attack powers via hybrid ?Unexamined
Lvl 21 Ranger / MC Avenger / P Oathsworn / E ChosenUnexamined
170 at will DPR ranger. 183 with bloodclaw.Unexamined
Tuluk ES Warden: "I will break you" (PEACH)Unexamined
In Spirit Of The Shrunk Lead Wizard HatUnexamined
Increasing fey step rangeUnexamined
Dwarven rogueUnexamined
Generic gear DPRUnexamined
Eladrin Fey Charger RogueMC fighterwith a new twist I hopeUnexamined
Avenger neverending crit factoryUnexamined
Living between the lines: a Hybrid handbookUnexamined
The Frozen Summoner (PEACH)Unexamined
Can an interrupt force enemies to attack their friends or to provoke OAs?Unexamined
Elf or Shifter Druid?Unexamined
Dragonborn InvokerUnexamined
Suggestions for a melee Storm Sorcerer?Unexamined
The Disembodied Hand FamiliarUnexamined
Eladrin Ice Wizard (Level 5) CritiqueUnexamined
Elf vs. Razorclaw ShifterUnexamined
I need some optimization advice for a fighter!Unexamined
Ranger buildUnexamined
The "I can do it all" Bear ShamanUnexamined
Creating A Warlock KnightUnexamined
The Primal Summoner (Critique): A rough shaman BuildUnexamined
Party Buffing BardUnexamined
Living Death Strike (Avenger lvl 5 Daily) questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
FAQ Update- Battlefield archer and multiple quarries.Unexamined
Radiant Power + Student of CaiphonUnexamined
The Gnome Entrancing Locker - a bard tale of controlUnexamined
Granite Jumpster - Goliath Ruthless/Stoneblessed/Primal Avatar Jump BuildUnexamined
Sorcerers + Frost Weapon + Wintertouched + Lasting Frost?Unexamined
Rain of Blows 4 attacks?Unexamined
Bonded Summoner indirectly grants minor action teleport 2 at-will.Unexamined
Creating A Warlock KnightUnexamined
Optimize my players' partyUnexamined
Advice for Gnome FeylockUnexamined
RIP Stun-lock orb WizardUnexamined
Nimble and MobilityUnexamined
Ranger Archer - what does a Beast Companion offer?Unexamined
Pointers on Hit Points (Help with Warden build)Unexamined
Dragonborn sorcererPolearm gamble+momentumUnexamined
Retvenger PP OptionsUnexamined
Has anyone ever seen Fey Step Trailblazer in action?Unexamined
SA against all adjacent for 1 encounter a dayUnexamined
Maximize My Rituals!Unexamined
Chaos Bolt + Lord of Fate -> hit everyone in sightUnexamined
Tempest Fighter/Ranger BuildUnexamined
greatspear vs. staggering vs. songblade.Unexamined
What was your first 4th Ed. Party?Unexamined
Building a Nuke (Fallout 3 Fat Man Style) ?Unexamined
Arcane Automaton (Necron)Unexamined
Blades of Arcane Fury: A Swordmage HandbookUnexamined
Scary CharactersUnexamined
New avenger build optimizationUnexamined
Warden HandbookUnexamined
"Shoryuken!" -The unarmed/Spiked Gauntlet fighterUnexamined
Hybrid Paladin | Two-Weapon Ranger?Unexamined
P.E.A.C.H. 11 warden - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Anyone done a Warden -> Iron Vanguard yet?Unexamined
Optimizing Gimmicky PartiesUnexamined
Bard - RiposterUnexamined
Behold the Battlelock?Unexamined
monster optimizationUnexamined
Fey StepUnexamined
Are you skilled enough - Strikers CompetitionUnexamined
Bravo MCUnexamined
WF Staff Wizard tweaking?Unexamined
The Machine - Warforged Warden/Dreadnought/DemigodUnexamined
Implement Proficiency: Cheese?Unexamined
Optimizing a not so optimized character.Unexamined
The Pacifist ... or "I really don't want to hurt you"Unexamined
Race Selection for Spellscarred Savant BuildUnexamined
The Gyre of Tempus (Urgrosh-Wielding Paladin | Fighter / Ranger)Unexamined
can the swordmage kill everything at level 24 1/day?Unexamined
Rogue > PP - Stormwarden?Unexamined
Barbarian with 350+ DPR w/o PunishUnexamined
Critical Hit RogueUnexamined
MAD ROBOT: a long look at the Polearm wielding Gish-WarlockUnexamined
PEACH - Control-Staff Wiz - Blood MageUnexamined
Choosing the right filler for this party?Unexamined
Combat Virtuoso + Versatile Master = What's the best at-will?Unexamined
Unseen MageUnexamined
Arcane Master: A Wizard's HandbookUnexamined
Building a Dwarf SummonerUnexamined
Am I doing something wrong?Unexamined
Delete me - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenUnexamined
Warforged Artificer Help PleaseUnexamined
Best met for a necortic/poison damage mage?Unexamined
Whiy Is The Khopesh Ignored???Unexamined
Nailing the Arcane Archer (Bard|Ranger)Unexamined
100th cleric build questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Tempest or Ranger?Unexamined
Mordenkainen's Lucubration.Unexamined
Broken combo?Unexamined
Maximizing Wizard Save PenaltyUnexamined
My Cleric BuildUnexamined
My Fighter BuildUnexamined
Divine Miracle fix!Unexamined
Party OptimizationRules Question Or Discussion
Multiclass Mastery not so good?Unexamined
new to 4th ed plz help!Unexamined
Help my sword mage level upUnexamined
Weapon/Implement Users Expertise FixedUnexamined
Radiant Fist (Monk Playtest)Unexamined
Advice on my tiefling bardUnexamined
Spider Technique... HOLY CRAP!Unexamined
ok so here is my devoted clericUnexamined
Monk Playtest: So farlooks to be really weak.Unexamined
Half-Elf Spiked chain Ranger build.Unexamined
The invisible monk and the monk who... turns into a weapon?Unexamined
Trading a paragon path and a multiclass for RRoT.Unexamined
Would like help/comment 7th Halfling SorcererUnexamined
Elf Rogue - Please help critique and give suggestions.Unexamined
Need help with my WardenUnexamined
Assaulting SwordmageUnexamined
Quick Party Optimization helpUnexamined
Wish listRecomend items for an Heroic tier partyUnexamined
"Best" striker at levels 1-3?Unexamined
Monk QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Brief Question: Paladin Alternate Divine ChallengeNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Sit enemy sit! Good monk.Unexamined
Mazinger Z: The Warforged MonkUnexamined
Goliath WardenBear WarriorUnexamined
MonkFlurry of Blowsand Frost EnchantUnexamined
Arcane Implement Prof and Implement Mastery featsUnexamined
I want help with my SwordmageUnexamined
How To?Unexamined
The Blinder (Concept)Unexamined
Im a survivor!Unexamined
Bardic Defender? Or rather a full bardic party!Unexamined
Monk BuildsUnexamined
Overpowered Things!Unexamined
More broken featsUnexamined
The Whirlwind FighterUnexamined
2 Turn Imprisonment (During combat: Banish for eternity)Unexamined
Maximizing Save Bonuses and AttemptsUnexamined
Long JumperUnexamined
Pairing Warlock Combo (Star and ???)Unexamined
Twinking The UnTwinkable: "Red Mage" Versatility-focused Bard BuildUnexamined
HelpI can't decide my Race and Ability Scores.Unexamined
CharOp's Monk Playtest Questions and Comments.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Avenger/Unveiled Visage/Punisher of the GodsOver 500 DPR?Unexamined
Gygax's Guitar Heroes - Breaking the Economy at Level 3Unexamined
Party is set - I'm the gnome!Unexamined
Sorting out the Glaive FighterUnexamined
Arena Style + Assassin Style Feats by Power AugmentedUnexamined
Monk Grapple Cheese: 4E StyleUnexamined
First PostStorm SentinelUnexamined
Help with Bard/Wizard/Bonded Summoner and maybe warlockUnexamined
Character Concept: Chaos Bolt Avenger...?Unexamined
Sigil Carver vs. Coronal GuardUnexamined
Half elf Hex BuildUnexamined
Halfling PaladinUnexamined
Encounter powers usable at will?Unexamined
Compel the CravenUnexamined
maximise my penalty to hit (you read it right)Unexamined
Any build that makes Sorcerous Power feat worth it?Unexamined
Giving all weapons Reach: How many Perks does Reach CostUnexamined
Help critiquing my paladinUnexamined
Critique my 10th-level shadar-kai swordmageUnexamined
Party Optimisation Challenge: The All Small-SizedMartial-Only Party (A.S.S.-M.O.P.)Unexamined
Storm Sorcerer - Optimizing Lighting StrikeUnexamined
Wizard Fire Shield overpowered?Unexamined
Optimized all arcane party...Unexamined
Invoker of Preservation or Wrath? Level 11 buildUnexamined
Does this work?Unexamined
What can Arcane Implement Proficiency Select?Unexamined
More Than One Off-Hand Implement?Unexamined
PEACH Swordmage|WarlockUnexamined
The Complete Collection of Party Build LinksUnexamined
New Combo?Unexamined
optimized 3-player partyUnexamined
Bard Mind controlUnexamined
Any build that makes Implement Master worth it?Unexamined
Finish my party!Unexamined
Help w/ my Wrathful InvokerUnexamined
Creating a master poisoner - Darklock or Dragon Sorcerer?Unexamined
Difficult to Determine Party ThemeUnexamined
Bravura Laser Cleric of CaiphonUnexamined
Build Draft and Idea CollectionUnexamined
What's so great about the orbizard?Unexamined
New Players Charisma ClericUnexamined
Siren: Nearly Inescapable Fighter BuildUnexamined
Half-elf starpact warlockUnexamined
Control Based ArcherUnexamined
A Curious Kitty Wants to Know...Unexamined
Help Opt my Eladrin SM for 16 levelsUnexamined
Making the most out of the daggermasterUnexamined
At Will Burst 2? 3? I'll take two pleaseUnexamined
Hell's Implement and Polearm Momentum?Unexamined
Having our first epic-level session ever (level 27). What's different?Unexamined
Pimp my Swordmage!Unexamined
Illusion Control WizardUnexamined
After MM2mettle worth it yet?Unexamined
The Power of the Dark Side: The Warlock's HandbookUnexamined
Bloodlock optimazationUnexamined
Genesai blaster: Wizard Build for comparison vs sorc.Unexamined
Jinx Shot and Dragging FlailUnexamined
Party Op: What do we needand what will do it best?Unexamined
Opinions on striker playstyle?Unexamined
Shocking Flame + Elemental Empowerment + Reaper's touch?Unexamined
Is there anything interesting in Adventurer's Vault for Clerics?Unexamined
Character concept: Frosty McColdheartSwordmage|WarlockUnexamined
Best paragon path for tiefling starlock?Unexamined
Can your off-hand weapon prereq a power?Unexamined
Power of additional at-willsUnexamined
SpearsReach and PowersUnexamined
Question on Flurry of Blows (New ones)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Character Concept in need of fleshing out: Frosty McColdheartSwordmage|WarlockUnexamined
New StrengthadinNeed Some Advice (Rough Draft Included)Unexamined
Possible to get a +60 or more Arcana bonus?Unexamined
best rogue daggersUnexamined
My lvl 1 Dwarf Battleragerplease comment.Unexamined
New playable races in MM2Unexamined
Potential in a half-elf Valor bard/fighter/Iron Vanguard with a Forceful Greatbow?Unexamined
Bugbear Weapon QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Needed: Most ridiculous level 30 buildUnexamined
Simple question: Rain of blowsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What would you do with this set?Unexamined
Swordmage: Githyanki Silver Weapon + psychic lock // at-will -2 hitburst 2Unexamined
Help with my SwordmageUnexamined
Chaladin vs Straladinbuild suggestionsUnexamined
Build me an Orcus KillerUnexamined
Improve my vestige warlock!Unexamined
3e to 4e conversion suggestionsUnexamined
Maximizing skillsUnexamined
This works?Unexamined
Black GuardUnexamined
Holyroller of Lathander (Level 16)Unexamined
A half elf Bard issue.Unexamined
Dwarven Weapon TrainingUnexamined
Half Elf (Twin-strike) Avenger/CaiphonUnexamined
Resistance: Nerf to casters (Char op)Unexamined
4E Kir-LananUnexamined
1/2 Elf+Sigil Carver+Eldritch StrikeUnexamined
Halfling Charisma Paladin (lvl 14)Unexamined
Strategies for a Party of 1 Controller and 3 Strikers in "The Black Hand of Doom"Unexamined
Evaluate my defender: Rapid ShephardUnexamined
Delaying Ongoing DamageUnexamined
Help me keep up the paceUnexamined
DPR sensitivity analysisUnexamined
PEACH - Barbarian/Kensei/Demigod (28)Unexamined
Building high defenses for a STR/CON raceUnexamined
What about Multi-Classing?Unexamined
Warforged battle cleric for L4WUnexamined
Dual Implement SpellcasterUnexamined
Stat choice for level 5 Gnome WizardUnexamined
longest run-hit-run?Unexamined
The Sword BlasterUnexamined
Kenku - the most accurate race?Unexamined
Help? - Two-Fisted Thrower - Sarmanger the Half-Orc RangerUnexamined
What characters would fit this party?Unexamined
What's the strongest possible charger in paragon?Unexamined
Racial Paragon OptimizationUnexamined
Am I the only one ....Unexamined
Optimizing the community - CharOp IRCUnexamined
Level 9-10 Push!RangerUnexamined
Paths for a strong Hell'lockUnexamined
Paladin Tanking Advice at Heroic LevelsUnexamined
Drow Rogue HelpUnexamined
skill silliness with ArcanaUnexamined
The One-Man Party: Beastmaster Ranger + Spirit TalkerUnexamined
Multiple Role Characters?Unexamined
The Man for all SeasonsUnexamined
MC dips - what to MC into if you've got nothing better to do.Unexamined
swordmage-> horizon walker->arcane sword helpUnexamined
My character needs 2 things to spice him up!Unexamined
PEACH Nemeses of the Raven Queen (Shadar-Kai Chain Avenger)Unexamined
Swordmage: opportunity action attacks vs. marked target.Unexamined
The PorcupineUnexamined
Laser Cleric + Pit Fighter ?Unexamined
Dagger sorcerer featsUnexamined
Character Design QueryUnexamined
rate this partyUnexamined
The Reaper - reflections on Reaper's Touch WarlocksUnexamined
To allow or not to allowHybridsUnexamined
target defencesUnexamined
Conjurations - Friend or Foe?Unexamined
Non-hybrid fisherman lockdown at level 12Unexamined
The "Martial Bard" - Because Warlords don't use bowsUnexamined
The Terminator Models - Updated Fighter|Barbarian HybridUnexamined
The Inevitable: (Half-Elf Rogue / Bard / Daggermaster /Dark Wanderer)... Its Awesome.Unexamined
stacking bonusUnexamined
Couple sorcerer questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Best bow for my archer?Unexamined
Is the Deva feat Radiant Power any good?Unexamined
Human Ranger Speed DemonUnexamined
Drow Artlock Op please.Unexamined
'Generalist' wizard needs an EDUnexamined
PCs less accurate at high level?Unexamined
Abililty Score OptimizationUnexamined
The Shielded PunisherUnexamined
Conscript of Melora: Deva RetangerUnexamined
Mega MulticlasserUnexamined
Avenger PP buildUnexamined
Not adding to fixed damage unfair?Unexamined
White Lotus DPE Engine for Int CharactersUnexamined
Heroic Optimization: EncountersUnexamined
Warden Weapon problemUnexamined
Half-Elf Rogue/Bard/Daggermaster/Demi=> M DPR: 158.82R DPR: 130.66alway invisibleUnexamined
Request to you Char Oppersbreak my homebrew vestigeUnexamined
White Lotus Bravo?Unexamined
Duel-weapon/warlord/dpr Please help.Unexamined
Build for a confidence trickster-esque fellowUnexamined
Human Faylock Gish - What are my options?Unexamined
quick draw for shieldsUnexamined
So I heard you liek "Godlike Stature" ...Unexamined
Longtooth Shifter Tempest Fighter review/ questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Monstrous Bloodsucker (Hybrid Rogadin/Bloodknight/Demigod) - Suggestions?Unexamined
Starting at LVL16: Bard MC Fighteruseable?Unexamined
The Orbizard using a Cunning Dagger... but how?Unexamined
"The Chicken" - Gith Shielding Swordmage|Infernalock (Ranger)/Hellbringer/DemigodUnexamined
Little Sweet Poisona level 16 dragonborn warlock/Master of the Starry Night build.Unexamined
Help Me Balance My Game: Which Feats (and other things) Go?Unexamined
Invoker getting Spellscarred... what to choose?Unexamined
Longtooth Strangler build thoughts...Unexamined
Retraining paragon multiclassing powersUnexamined
Storm Stabber: A Melee Sorcerer BuildUnexamined
Swordmage Possibility?Unexamined
Fighter Shield helpUnexamined
Dilletante Power for a level 10 Half-Elf BardUnexamined
Want some adviceUnexamined
Best Single Target damage power for Wizard?Unexamined
Need Help With My Deva AvengerUnexamined
Some numbers on OoI BalancingUnexamined
Creating a Witch Doctor (Warlock / Shaman hybrid)Unexamined
Hybrid Classes Mk. II: Electric BoogalooUnexamined
Delete please - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenUnexamined
Imbalanced attacksUnexamined
Eladrin Druid Advice.Unexamined
Drow RogueUnexamined
Looking For Suggestions: Defender/LeaderUnexamined
The Shielding Hexforged: Trying to be the Ultimate TankUnexamined
Want PEACHes without tedious typing? now exports to D&Di Forums!Unexamined
Ranger/Barb Possible?Unexamined
Ritual CombosUnexamined
Krush: A Critical View of HybridsUnexamined
Help with my Defender!Unexamined
Optimizing a control wizard (lv7)Unexamined
Spellblade: Between a Flaming Rock and an Eldritch Hard Place (Swordmage|Warlock)Unexamined
Pact boons as free actionat-will powers ... what does this mess up?Unexamined
Need suggestions on the 4th member of a 4 person partyUnexamined
[PEACH] My attempt at a Hybrid build.Unexamined
Charge Optimization!!Unexamined
The Swiftblade (A Reimagining for 4E)Unexamined
Hammers for Swordmages?Unexamined
Swordmage sorcerer PMC?Unexamined
Armor for RoguesUnexamined
Happy 1st Birthday 4e CO - DemogorgonUnexamined
Need help from The CollectiveUnexamined
Giving out vulnerbility 10 cold?Unexamined
What race/class is best at level 1?Unexamined
throw rouge auto CAUnexamined
The Penalizer (Stacking attack penalties on your enemies)Unexamined
Tactical Cantrip Usage 101: A Fey TricksterUnexamined
The WarriorUnexamined
Deva Vestigelock?Unexamined
Call him SPIKE: Goliath Spiked-Chain buildUnexamined
Oso the Amazingly Overpowered FamiliarUnexamined
The Gnome Crafter (Illusionist/Life Singer/Parable) [PEACH]Unexamined
Hear Me Roar: Dragonborn battlefield controllerUnexamined
Offhand staff of ruin bonus?Unexamined
Defense please.Unexamined
Acidic Weapons with Eldritch StrikeUnexamined
focused chaos extremely powerful?Unexamined
Level 11 Mega Doom Battle of Doom and BattleUnexamined
"weapon" + "implement" = DO NOT MIX?Unexamined
Can somebody check this for me? (Swordmage+Glaive+Implement Expertise).Unexamined
Hybrid best option for Str PaladinUnexamined
New to 4e need help with ClericUnexamined
8th level Hybrid Warlock/SwordmageUnexamined
[PEACH] Genasi Shielding SwordmageUnexamined
5 level Drow Artlock op.Unexamined
Goliath mountian pusherlevel 6 - Imput wantedUnexamined
Help me make my Big Damn Hero!Unexamined
Threatening Reach?Unexamined
Half Elf Bard MC RoguePP Euphonic BowUnexamined
Feycharger Shielding SwordmageUnexamined
"Feeling cold? That is okyou will stop feeling soon."Unexamined
Dwarf Paladin/Fighter hybrid. Insane AC that works (v2.0)Unexamined
Optimize Attack Bonuses for 26th level characterUnexamined
War Ring+Vorpal+RRoT=PainUnexamined
Having trouble with my AC (Tempest Fighter)Unexamined
End of encounter powersUnexamined
Wannabe "Samurai" - Need Advice?Unexamined
Tough striker for a tough nightUnexamined
Feat for a battlefield control WizardUnexamined
The Immortal: Highest AC (without total defense or similar)Unexamined
Help with Dwarven WizardUnexamined
The Reaper - A Reaper's Touch Warlock handbook - updated 06/19/09Unexamined
Wizards Fury + Lightning Daggers = PainUnexamined
ES Warden w/ polearmUnexamined
Dragonborn Cold/Push Sorcerer...please critique.Unexamined
The Hell-Forged Cannon: A Warlock that IS a StrikerUnexamined
I am leaving... but the show must go onUnexamined
Help me pick a Paragon Path for me ES Warden!Unexamined
Warforged Juggernaut or Warforged Juggernaut - Which is better?Unexamined
Dual-sword wieldingdagger-throwing ranger suggestionsUnexamined
Playing with a Bard buildhelp and suggestions?Unexamined
Deva Ret Avenger/SimbarchUnexamined
Help with a Munchkin SorcerorUnexamined
Ferocious Charge questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Level 9 fighter... what's the most damage I can do?Unexamined
Hybrid Attribute & Race List for OptimizersUnexamined
Hammer Paladin/Cleric Hybrid - Ability ScoresUnexamined
Goliath "sword-mage" Fighter|WarlockUnexamined
Echoes of Thunder helpUnexamined
Highest average damage for level 6?Unexamined
Hybrid Barbarian/StarlockUnexamined
Suggestions for my Avenger buildUnexamined
What's the best solo play build?Unexamined
Swordmage Arcane Fire CheeseUnexamined
Avenger/Undying WarriorUnexamined
[Eberron] The Iconic Talenta BarbarianUnexamined
Download of Power-Infinite damageUnexamined
Best damage dealerUnexamined
Please help with Hybrid Swordmage|Rogue conceptUnexamined
Help me optimize this ranger.Unexamined
party optimization where 3 members are deadUnexamined
Genasi Wizards BuildUnexamined
Dungeon Delve: A Party for TwoUnexamined
Expanding my Encounter RepetoireUnexamined
Extended Rest as a Standard ActionUnexamined
white lotus riposteUnexamined
Cleric At-Will PrayersUnexamined
Tempest question on Paragon PathsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Bardic DefenderUnexamined
Help with swordmage optimizationUnexamined
Optimizing a Sorcerer: ThunderLightningDaggermasterUnexamined
Help me make a feasible Avenger|WarlockUnexamined
Dwarf Ranger OptimizationUnexamined
Longtooth or Half-orc?Unexamined
Does this Storm Pillar combo work?Unexamined
Infinite Damage Reliable attack?Unexamined
Shootyfacethe Battlefield Archer/Cleric HybridUnexamined
Avenger helpUnexamined
Swordmage: An Improved Fey Step vs Generic Swordmage ChoicesUnexamined
AC 68 Swordmage|Avenger (Sorceror)Paragon HybridLorekeeperUnexamined
Need Feedback on my teleporting Wizard|SwordmageUnexamined
human fighter build...?Unexamined
Unreasonable Scenarios: Fun with Wild SpellfuryUnexamined
Need help optimizing my Cleric m.c. barbUnexamined
Prime ShotUnexamined
Quickcurse RodUnexamined
Swordmage|Warlock PP EvermeetQ about prioritiesUnexamined
Go Speed Racer Go!Unexamined
Please Test Critique My Bugbear RangerUnexamined
Great Dragon War Cry+Eyes of the Vestige+Vestige of the Queen of Nahar?Unexamined
Critique my self-sustaining build for level 12 deathmatchUnexamined
Please Critique Back-Up Lv 5 Elf MonkUnexamined
The PestUnexamined
Will this work?: Hellbringer's Flames of Empowerment + Coldfire VortexUnexamined
The Fairest of Them All: The Elven HandbookUnexamined
Lorekeeper of CaiphonUnexamined
Hit me with your wackybizarreoff-the-wall concepts (that are optimized)Unexamined
Help with an Ill-Fated Rogue/WarlockUnexamined
Heroic Human Polearm FighterUnexamined
Assassin's Creed-Style Avenger Build IdeasUnexamined
The Blind Archer: A PreBardUnexamined
Question about using weapons as implementsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Combat Superiority or Heavy Blade Opportunity + Knockdown AssaultUnexamined
Chains of Unity group optimizationUnexamined
Focused Expertise: weapon+implement?Unexamined
DPR: Deadly Axe vs Hammer RhythmUnexamined
How important is Secret Stride to stealth characters?Unexamined
Wild Mage Armor & ImplementsUnexamined
Looking for some help with a characterUnexamined
Eladrin Swordmage Advance + Fey ChargeUnexamined
Level 11 Avenger Encounter Nova damageUnexamined
Lasharra the storm queenUnexamined
What would be a good 3rd for this partyUnexamined
Paladin/Sorcerer/Essence Mage/FeyliegeUnexamined
Help w/lvl 12 Eladrin SM|Rogue ->MC FighterUnexamined
Critique my 25th level fighter and bard for Delve NightUnexamined
Bard: Level 3 Build Tips (for upcoming Delve)Unexamined
Multiclassing/Dilettane + Wizard's Fury?Unexamined
Most ability score damage in single attack?Unexamined
Need Help Building a Fearless WarlordUnexamined
Best build for a (human) offensive Warden?Unexamined
advice neededUnexamined
Help with SuperHyperMultiMulticlass half elf bardUnexamined
Best magic items for drow rogue?Unexamined
How much damage can YOU do?Unexamined
Arcane Familiar - Uses?Unexamined
Best backgrounds for each role?Unexamined
You: Between Your Enemies and Your AlliesUnexamined
MADness and the Star PactUnexamined
Permanent DominationUnexamined
Details in the Devil: the Tiefling Infernal WarlockUnexamined
Shaman Level 3: Second Feat & Equipment SuggestionsUnexamined
Gnoll Wizard- Paragon Path discussionUnexamined
White lotus - Wizard's Fury... Broken?Unexamined
When to add static damage modsUnexamined
Hybrid Class HelpUnexamined
Death Dealer PP + Deep Gashbut how?Unexamined
Eladrin Feycharge TaclordUnexamined
Requesting advice on a Hybrid Warlord|Wizard BuildUnexamined
Don't hurt me?Unexamined
Combo: Eyes of the Vestige+Called ShotUnexamined
Assassin ChallengeUnexamined
Group of two - make it viable! (Rogue)Unexamined
New character for tonights gameneed feedbackUnexamined
Archetype Series: Eladrin Wandizard "Blast firstBlast hardBlast many."Unexamined
EPG has an off-hand heavy blade!Unexamined
Adam500's LFR Character BuildsUnexamined
Three Pacts...AlmostUnexamined
Yet another ret. Avenger DevaUnexamined
Best Hybrid class for Barbarian Polearm user?Unexamined
Polearm ArtificerUnexamined
Level 5 Orcuslayer (2 rounds)Unexamined
Bringer of Doomsa Punisher of the gods issue.Unexamined
Hack and Lash: Whip+Khopesh Tempest|Ranger ShocktrooperUnexamined
Leader/Controller hybrid?Unexamined
Looking for help optimizing a leader to wield an Avenger.Unexamined
My Druid wants a badger!Unexamined
Str-based Cleric needs a PPUnexamined
New Player to D&D - Looking For Advice - Half-Orc Fighter/???/DemigodUnexamined
Non-broken playable orb wizardUnexamined
Two Weapon FightingUnexamined
Arena Challenge: Build the best lvl 8 gladiatorUnexamined
Halfling Wild Sorc-- What At will's do I take?!Unexamined
Bravura Pressence + Storm of BladesUnexamined
Deva Ret Avenger + Wizard of the Spiral Toweryes/no?Unexamined
When to multiclass into Barbarian as ES WardenUnexamined
All Elf optimized partyUnexamined
A Question for the Pros - Concering Ability ScoresNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Readjusted Question. human 3rd at will choice w/ Multi-classNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Racial Bonus: Str or Con initially with ES Warden?Unexamined
Optimizing Teamwork: The 3 Man(Woman) UnitUnexamined
[PEACH] Drow Storm SorcererUnexamined
LVL 13 Party of 5: Take 35 standard actions in round 1Unexamined
Staff Wizard questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
PEACH: An Elven Spear Fighter for speed?Unexamined
Revenant article is up!Unexamined
Arcane Implement ComparisonUnexamined
Optimized Gambit clone?Unexamined
Is there a swordbursting Swordmage/Wizard build I can look at?Unexamined
PEACH my Revenant Keeper of Souls (shaman)Unexamined
Fey Charge for Shadar-kaiUnexamined
[Ignorefound an error]Unexamined
what is the lowest acceptable ability score at 30th levelUnexamined
Nightmare Weaver/Prince of Hell: Yay? Nay?Unexamined
Ways to expand an Avenger's crit range?Unexamined
Is this series of attacks legit?Unexamined
How can I make my Dwarf Fighter BetterUnexamined
"The Needle" Drow Ranger/Rogue-Assassin (PEACH)Unexamined
The validity of chargingUnexamined
How can I improve my Avenger/RS/PotG build?Unexamined
Suggestions for my Wildblood WardenUnexamined
The UndyingUnexamined
Coming Back Dead - A Revenant Pocket GuideUnexamined
The difference between Powergamers and Munchkins explained!Unexamined
PoleArm momentum kinda usless till Lvl11Unexamined
Charging Half-Orc FighterUnexamined
So... can I get away with 16 Wisdom on an Avenger?Unexamined
I challenge you to break Chameleon!Unexamined
Tools of the Trade: An Artificer HandbookUnexamined
Dream healerUnexamined
Which magic weapon to use for a flash-rogue?Unexamined
Revenant and Iron VanguardUnexamined
Invoker CoW AdviceUnexamined
Should I swap Double Sword for Spiked Chain Training?Unexamined
Spellscared Spear FighterUnexamined
Battle Staff: Great monk weaponor the greatest monk weapon?Unexamined
New to 4eneed helpUnexamined
whats so good about warforge?Unexamined
feat bonus questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Half orc ranger/ stormwarden/ Demigodwhat do you think?Unexamined
The Unstoppable WarriorHexhammer Hybrid MadnessUnexamined
4E screws over the shorties: no Polearm Gamble/Master for you!Unexamined
Aelar Winterleaf my 4th level feral DruidUnexamined
Building a Healadin: Kalashtar Paladin/ClericUnexamined
4e Mystic Theurge Build - Need HelpUnexamined
Holier Than Thou: A Cleric's HandbookUnexamined
Hybrid Fighter/Cleric Tempest TechniqueUnexamined
Just how important is to-hit?Unexamined
warforged artificer...Unexamined
Magister + Adjure = Pet Tiamat?Unexamined
Maxing Out AC?Unexamined
Horizontal Bop: List of PushPullSlideUnexamined
Welcome to Bunko'sUnexamined
Heavy Blade Opportunity+Full Discipline=Win?!Unexamined
Hybrid Swordmage/Wizard build adviceUnexamined
A few questions...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
paladin / son of mercy / demigod / barbarian multiclassUnexamined
Can anyone suggest a maximum crit Avenger build?Unexamined
Best L11 1-on-1 PvP Build ChallangeUnexamined
Wizards and SpellscarsUnexamined
Ingenuity Unleashed: An Artificer ManualUnexamined
Way of the Fist - prelude - charop helpUnexamined
RRoT what does that mean?Unexamined
What are Eladrin/Elves good for?Unexamined
Revenant Invoker?Unexamined
Character Archetype Series: The Crafty Artificer [PEACH]Unexamined
Area Damage "Enemy Only" CONTROLLER build. Swordmage/wizard/Blood Mage/Raven ConsortUnexamined
The Un-Paladin: A Divine FrontlinerUnexamined
CHA-based gish for the gamer on a budget.Unexamined
Eberron GriffonriderUnexamined
warlord buildinUnexamined
Most survivable PCUnexamined
No new ideas herejust wondering about Feycharging critfishersUnexamined
requesting opinionKensei or Adroit explorerparagon path for a barbarian...Unexamined
CustServ clarification of Barbarian Fey Charge questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Sigh... Class Acts: Bard contains no new bard powers.Unexamined
Daring Blade: Cha-based martial combos?Unexamined
Suggestions for a Wizard|swordmage /BloodmageUnexamined
Ethelion's Char Op Math ThreadUnexamined
Cha Fighters - Daring Blade (Paragon+ Builds)Unexamined
Max DPR?Unexamined
First level ES Warden buildUnexamined
Resourceful MagicianUnexamined
Human Roguewhich paragon path should I take?Unexamined
dpr evaluation an average lvl 4 rangerUnexamined
[PEACH] Human MonkUnexamined
You can make him fasterstrongerbetter in every way.Unexamined
Help me build an angelUnexamined
So I was thinking about making a Warlock|Swordmage feychargerUnexamined
Sowhat *are* the prominent gish builds these days?Unexamined
The Bard-barian: Every 5 through Level 30 (PEACH?)Unexamined
Spray of (Firestorm) ArrowsUnexamined
Indomitable SageUnexamined
Best option for a controller artificer? (Warning: photo included)Unexamined
Eberron Player's Guide Weapon - Battle StaffUnexamined
Always Invisible (wellalmost)Unexamined
Shieldmage (PEACH)Unexamined
Fighter to Artificer Battle EngineerUnexamined
Most Optimal Heroic PC?Unexamined
4E's Daggerspell Mage...on a budget.Unexamined
Is this viable?Unexamined
Build me an optimal fullblade fighter!Unexamined
Quick rules question: Sorcerous Blade Channeling a basic attack?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Ensaring Swordmage - Sky KillerUnexamined
Demigod doesn't seem to be all thatUnexamined
Dpr charUnexamined
Eyes of the Vestige and Student of Malediction clarificationUnexamined
Charging AvengerUnexamined
Dungeon Delve dream teamUnexamined
So... Mark of Warding.. crazy good?Unexamined
Plz Critique my Shifter Balanced Cleric of TempusUnexamined
The Wild One - Longtooth Shifter Warden/Son of Mercy/DemigodUnexamined
Just how much damage is to hit worth?Unexamined
zealous assassin or dagger master for a pursuit avenger...Unexamined
Pursuit Avenger: Goal: Moderate CustomizationUnexamined
Blessing of Silvanus or RRoT: which one is better for a balanced cleric?Unexamined
3xBattle Engineer + vorpal Glaive = infinite damageUnexamined
Charging RogueUnexamined
Dilletante For My Chaos Sorc Half Elf?Unexamined
Level / hour analysisUnexamined
Melee Training. Do you like itwhy/why not?Unexamined
Dwarven Gryphonrider OptimizationUnexamined
Can You Optimise ReachUnexamined
16 in primary stat after racial mods...Unexamined
Help on Twin Strike Half Elf Valorous BardUnexamined
Participation on the Char-op Boards does not grant one special consideration!Unexamined
Help Me Optimise This Item (And my Char)Unexamined
Fear the Reaper! (PEACH)Unexamined
Damage calculator sheet for ExcelUnexamined
Dwarf wizard? (PEACH)Unexamined
trying to make a shifter artificerUnexamined
The Emo-Angler (level 21)Unexamined
Question on augmenting NADsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Oath of Enmity DPR?Unexamined
Suggestions for a Griffon RiderUnexamined
Ooze Incarnate totally BROKEN!Unexamined
Genasi Ranger|Wizard : Thunderous Magic Missile MadnessUnexamined
Fighter or Warden: Who Makes The Best Bodyguard?Unexamined
Having Four Elemental manifestaions active at once.Unexamined
Orbizard Basics?Unexamined
Help with Bard MulticlassUnexamined
Sorc/Barbarian Hybrid critique needed.Unexamined
Dilettante Feat For Half-Elf Laser Cleric and FeylockUnexamined
Solo play Swordmage|Paladin Hybrid [PEACH]Unexamined
maximise prismatic strikeUnexamined
Potent Rebirth more powerful than it at first appears?Unexamined
Swordburst boosting and aegis of ensnarementUnexamined
The Minstrel KnightUnexamined
How I tried to make a controller out of a sorcerer/bard.Unexamined
Can you help me build a main defender Revenant Swordmage|Warlock?Unexamined
Windrise Ports BackgroundUnexamined
Potent Rebirth Epic build ideas wantedUnexamined
Warlord FeychargerUnexamined
Please Critique this BardUnexamined
Unstoppable Juggernaut - Warforged Defender BuildUnexamined
need help creating a swashbucklerUnexamined
Hybrid Swordmage/Taclord viabilityUnexamined
Optimal Stat Block for Kobold or Revenant Ruthless RuffianUnexamined
Choosing a character to compliment the partyUnexamined
Warforged Defender-ish Artificer [PEACH]Unexamined
Spiked Chain better than Double Sword for Rogues??Unexamined
Hybrid ClassesUnexamined
Toughest SOB around?Unexamined
Searching for the right defenderUnexamined
Why is Warden a good hybrid fit?Unexamined
4 Skill Checks for Intimidate Optimized legal?Unexamined
Healing Support Items For A Cleric?Unexamined
Taking multiple multiclass feats: Possible?Unexamined
Self-Forged: Embedded Rods for Everyone!Unexamined
Dwarven Rogue quick QUnexamined
Two Revenants (Fighter and Barbarian)[PEACH]Unexamined
The Scent of Blood: A Panther Shaman's HandbookUnexamined
Help me with my Wardenplease?Unexamined
Avenger/Cleric Build?Unexamined
Bard - Need some helpUnexamined
Best defender for my party?Unexamined
Avenger/Student of Caiphon Dual Katar buildUnexamined
Half-Elf Fighter/Barbarian bruiser hybrid. Which halve should shine?Unexamined
Help Mike's NetizardUnexamined
gnome rogue invisibilityUnexamined
Fighter - it needs some workingUnexamined
Rust Monster Breeding SchemeUnexamined
I Dare You to Attack Meor the Joys of Paladin/Bard/Versatile MasterUnexamined
How to change thread title. Maybe useful for guide writers.Unexamined
Drow Crossbow Sniper!Unexamined
Swordmage - Aegis of ShieldingUnexamined
Handcrossbow RogueUnexamined
Basing yourself on Wisdom possible?Unexamined
Divine Bodyguard: How good is it?Unexamined
Bard Critique - To Multi-Class or Not Multi-Class?Unexamined
Bard Question?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
CharmedI'm sure... (all charms by class)Unexamined
Half Elf Barbarian - Dilettante PowerUnexamined
Revenant Deva trickUnexamined
Adding Damage Typesa question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Choice: Control vs shortlasting extra damageUnexamined
Technical Shooter - Artificer HelpUnexamined
The Guinness Book of 4th EditionUnexamined
Valorous Bard or Paladin?Unexamined
Revenant(Half Elf)/Rogue/Artificer/Self-Forged/ *Which Epic* ?Unexamined
SoI've been invited to a 3v3 DnD tournament...Unexamined
Deva Cleric refinement wantedUnexamined
Bard Versatile Master PMCUnexamined
3.5e moving into 4eUnexamined
Looking for a Jack of all TradesUnexamined
July 2009 UpdatesUnexamined
Eberron Archetypes Series: Lyrandar HeirUnexamined
Wild vs. Dragon - Sorcerer Critique?Unexamined
Speaking with a Thousand Voices: The Vestigelock's HandbookUnexamined
il-Yannah and the Architect's StaffUnexamined
Eladrin - Tactical Warlord (Critique Needed)Unexamined
best use of RoB with new errata?Unexamined
Estranged Fey: An Elf HandbookUnexamined
Barbarian/Cleric concept - Armor Class concernsUnexamined
Longtooth Wildblood Warden - sword & board or polearm?Unexamined
Arcane Agent Modeling: How do we test out a build?Unexamined
Viable? Halfling Dragon SorcererUnexamined
Let's talk about Feycharger PPsUnexamined
spell immune ?Unexamined
Teleporter madnessUnexamined
My 4th Level Healing Swordsman!Unexamined
Guileful Switch and Savings ThrowsUnexamined
was wondering what about the highest def.Unexamined
The Eternal Seeker's Guide to the GalaxyUnexamined
Cosmic sorcerer /essance magician lv11Unexamined
Please tweak this guy for a 1-off game being played tonightUnexamined
Party optimizationUnexamined
Pimp My Tiefling Feylock :)Unexamined
A few observations on the post-update BattleragerUnexamined
UDD Warlord|Cleric power questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Factotum Half-ElfUnexamined
Optimising UselessnessUnexamined
Has it been discovered/abused?Unexamined
Best weapon for a wizard | fighterUnexamined
CharOp Rules check: Deft Hurling Magic Missile?Unexamined
Human Melee WarlockUnexamined
Massive number of attacks critical recyclingUnexamined
Mage weapon power power trade goodnessUnexamined
Is warlock curse 1/encounter worth the trouble?Unexamined
Advice Needed on First Barbarian BuildUnexamined
Two Weapon Rogue buildsUnexamined
Using At-Will powers on a chargeUnexamined
More Than Half a Man - A Half-Elf's HandbookUnexamined
Dwarven Tempest FighterUnexamined
Highest Speed1 Round and Long TermUnexamined
Longtooth Shifter Glaive Fighter [PEACH]Unexamined
Assault Swordmage AOE BuildUnexamined
Longtooth ShifterGlaive FighterPit Fighter [PEACH]Unexamined
Eberron Archetypes Series: Warforged JuggernautUnexamined
Party AdviceUnexamined
Extra long encounter optimizationUnexamined
A collaborative project: MM2 statistical breakdownUnexamined
Optimizing a Gnoll DruidUnexamined
Fighter (Battlerager)|Barbarian AdviceUnexamined
Pushing. Lots.Unexamined
Working on a new char: Drow Fighter !?Unexamined
Kobold AvengerUnexamined
Optimizing dyingUnexamined
Waitis this right?Unexamined
Pillars of Faith (and Facestabs): The Paladin's HandbookUnexamined
Stay away and down - the unreachable dragonbornUnexamined
Weapons and Implements used as Implements and Weapons: ResearchUnexamined
Psion up-ish...Unexamined
Exploiting Coordinated ExplosionUnexamined
What are some PPs that impede your target at-will?Unexamined
How common are thunder and lightning damages?Unexamined
Rain of blows vs Low slash (heroic tier)Unexamined
Breaking DiplomacyUnexamined
Mind Thrust: The New Eladrin TacLordUnexamined
Looking for some advice (first 4e char)Unexamined
human Psion-Warlorddesigned to take Villains downUnexamined
Making Disarm abstract enough for 4eUnexamined
The True Speaker of the Gods: Exploiting Channel Divinity for Fun and ProfitUnexamined
Whats your opinion of my Demonic Paladin...Unexamined
Artificer powerUnexamined
The best dragon is a dead dragonUnexamined
Stacking expertise?Unexamined
Diceless lockdown with orbs of Inescapable Consequences and Karmic ResonanceUnexamined
Hybrid questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I Can Kill You With My Brain: The Psion's HandbookUnexamined
No-Frills Guide to Psion At-WillsUnexamined
The Psion...Unexamined
Avenger/Ranger Build QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Queen MabFrost SwordlockUnexamined
Mark of Storm + Polearm = MurderUnexamined
All-radiant Avenger/Caiphon (glowy OAs and Chargestoo!)Unexamined
Wildblood Warden/Ranger multiclass: a viable option?Unexamined
Self Forged OptimizationUnexamined
Wizard At-Wills: Why are they considered weak?Unexamined
h4xing skill checks- Bard not the best option?Unexamined
Draeven Marauder? Bwah?Unexamined
Tweaking a tempest fighterUnexamined
Hybrid Cleric|Paladin ... Better or worse than straight Clr?Unexamined
New to 4th EdWhere is the Wrecking Ball ?Unexamined
Anyone found a way to break dragonmarks yet?Unexamined
The Precontrorcher - Ranger|DruidUnexamined
Rootbeard - Warden|Barbarian / Fighter DreadnoughtUnexamined
11th level INT/CON ArtificerUnexamined
The Forever Warrior (orwho needs extended rests, really?)Unexamined
My Shadar-Kai Psion 8Unexamined
Help me make a Defender/Striker or Defender/Controller HybridUnexamined
Weapon Training - Grab a Basic Attack?Unexamined
Khopesh neo-BattleragerUnexamined
Sorden Warchester - "The Unhittable" Sorcerer DefenderUnexamined
Where Is He? - Gnome Psion/Bard Life SingerUnexamined
Dragonborn Warlord CritiqueUnexamined
The Undying Ranger and Undying Warlord...Unexamined
Paladin of Garl Glittergold (Pal/War)Unexamined
Swordmage|Avenger 'Defender of Death'? [PEACH]Unexamined
Focused Fury any explots?Unexamined
Please critique my MeleeificerUnexamined
3v3 combat - need broken teamUnexamined
Double Dip Your Striker: Sorcerer-Warlock SwirlUnexamined
Conan buildUnexamined
Help creating Vampire/Werewolf CampaignUnexamined
Sorceror Build 37 base damage trying for 40 without CA HELPUnexamined
Valorous bard in a trhee player group?Unexamined
Shadar-kai rogue.Unexamined
The Charming Bastard from Hell - Tiefling Fighter/Daring Blade (PEACH)Unexamined
A Dashing Swordsman?Unexamined
Stormtroopers - Builds abusing Mark of StormUnexamined
Life Singer: The ultimate paragon path for a level 16+ psion?Unexamined
Syberis Shard of the MageUnexamined
Kerrus' Whiplement casterUnexamined
Critique Please: Avenger BobUnexamined
Hybrid Rogue/Ranger WeaponUnexamined
a party DPR thoughtUnexamined
Human Hybrid Ranger/Rogue PEACHUnexamined
Versatile WeaponsUnexamined
You Don't Be Marking Me!Unexamined
Storm Pillar + Mark of Storm?Unexamined
Landslide Will Bring You Down (hopefully)Unexamined
My 4th ed preliminary Char ops questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Shifty Kobold Barbarian/Ranger abusing Mark of PassageUnexamined
The Light WithinUnexamined
What is the expected AC at different levels?Unexamined
Psion optimizationUnexamined
Gambit (Wizard/Swordmage Hybrid) Magic Missile ManUnexamined
Hybrid Shielding Swordmage/Bard/Coronal Guard/ArchlichUnexamined
Best WeaponsUnexamined
Skeleton idea for a WarlockUnexamined
Eldritch Strike Solution?Unexamined
How to Overcome Line of Effect?Unexamined
For critique: Polearm Barb on a BudgetUnexamined
Dwarf Fighter|Barbarian buildUnexamined
Defense against DominationUnexamined
For Critique Please: Dragonborn SorcererUnexamined
Highest DamageNO MAGIC ITEMS!Unexamined
To build a Healer...Unexamined
Saves in 4E - why bother?Unexamined
Shifter Barbarian|Fighter|Avenger|Exorcist of the Silver FlameUnexamined
Lightning WeaponBlazing StarfallDamageand YouUnexamined
What class should I be for my upcoming campaign???Unexamined
[Cleric/Avenger] "I Hit Him With My Faith"Unexamined
Barbarian Ragesplease explain.Unexamined
Help with my Warforged Fighter/Dreadnought/Undying WarriorUnexamined
Chance To HitUnexamined
Drow Long Knife WielderUnexamined
Is a weapon proficiency worth it for my wizard/thiefUnexamined
High DPR Sorc|Fighter- +59 static dmgUnexamined
Warforged ES Warden Lost in the Weapon ShopUnexamined
Most damaging intelligent striker...avenger or warlock?Unexamined
Help with Druid/PaladinUnexamined
Warlock Minion Killer (Rod of Reaving/Corruption)Unexamined
Optimizing Outside of CombatUnexamined
Skeleton idea of a Bard|Warlock that wants to be a two-weapon RangerUnexamined
4 rolls for arcana?? (expected die result = 16)Unexamined
Need a hand with Sorcerer feat decisions...Unexamined
Rangers and Bravo: A Good Idea?Unexamined
DPR Nova Bard- Kritzkreig the Chainsaw of CheeseUnexamined
Large Weapon FeatsUnexamined
Swordmage|Wizard hybrid buildUnexamined
Human artificer?Unexamined
Which race for chaos sorcerer? Halfling or Drow?Unexamined
So2h beastmaster...Unexamined
Reach Warden Optimization HelpUnexamined
the new avenger Pp's are not bad.. phewUnexamined
Fighter|Warden Build AssistanceUnexamined
Reaching Non-Reaching Polearm MadnessUnexamined
New to 4.0 need advice on Char creationUnexamined
Druid Wild Shape +Dragonmark +Items = At-willMinor actionShift 2 +1ACUnexamined
Posting anew playing 4.0 1st time need powerful striker build pleaseUnexamined
Help a Hafling Out?Unexamined
The Lion Tamer(Half-Elf Whip Bard|Ranger) Help needed!!Unexamined
The Glass Bully: A 213.37 DPR Sorcerer|SwordmageUnexamined
How to optimize for Shifts?Unexamined
Party Optimization for LFRUnexamined
Question on Martial Archetype - Perfect Warrior abilityNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
optimizing my felockUnexamined
Focused ExpertiseUnexamined
optimizing my feylock?Unexamined
Wail of Anguish OptimizationUnexamined
Sacrifice of Caiphon & fadeawayUnexamined
Rogue Duel-wielding KatarsUnexamined
Best Optimization Archery ranger (6th)Unexamined
Finding the Right Balance - SwordmageryUnexamined
Dwarven Battle ClericUnexamined
Cleric Lv 7-11 HelpUnexamined
Help needed with Optimization/ConceptUnexamined
Optimizing a fighter for a groupUnexamined
Toughness or Durable? Which is better?Unexamined
Playing Dominos: The 63% Crit ChanceUnexamined
Plate MageUnexamined
Breaking BluffUnexamined
+1 damage vs +1 hit and -1 damageUnexamined
Ekko's Exotic Elementals Emporium: A Guide to FamiliarsUnexamined
Divine PowerUnexamined
Optimization Challenge: The Dwarf MonkUnexamined
Divine Domainssorted by PowersUnexamined
Domain power discussionUnexamined
Best non-Defender defender?Unexamined
Half-Orc Fighter + Rogue - The Best Route?Unexamined
Bastard Sword to Double SwordUnexamined
Warden MC BarbUnexamined
Wild Thing - The Warden / Barbarian HybridUnexamined
Blowing Everything Up: L24 Wizard/Battle Engineer/Planeshaperarea damage machine.Unexamined
Stupid pet tricksUnexamined
Kill my PartyUnexamined
DP Seldarine DedicateUnexamined
Dragonborn Fighter Build (PEACH)Unexamined
Novice PowerUnexamined
A Guide for the Warrior's Best Friends: MountsUnexamined
Killer Team 2.0Unexamined
ardent champion holy ardour redundancy.Unexamined
Pimp my ClericUnexamined
Ritual Optimization & Creative usesUnexamined
Ranged Bard: Hand Xbox or Greatbow?Unexamined
Moradin's Templar - A different type of Dwarven FighterUnexamined
Divine extra damageUnexamined
Any divine multiattack powers?Unexamined
Mixing Marks (Fighter|Warden)Unexamined
Holy Speech+Emmisary of the Gods=half a skill challenge?Unexamined
Religious Dabbler vs. Versatile Master?Unexamined
Possible Saint Save Trick (Divine Power)Unexamined
The War Mage: A Wizard HandbookUnexamined
Virtuous Strike potential...Unexamined
Reverse Optimization? I wonder....Unexamined
Broken Sorcerer Dagger MasterUnexamined
Psion + MC Warlock + Entrancing Mystic=WinUnexamined
Polearm Fighter: Blade Cascade+mobility+sliding movementUnexamined
A Brief Statistics of Druid PowersUnexamined
Where are the Indexes?Unexamined
The bookworm - an exercise in optimizationUnexamined
Gaining Marks as a Non-DefenderUnexamined
Punisher of the Gods cheese ... at rangeUnexamined
Gaining Channel DivintyUnexamined
Oath of Enmity + Reroll + Tricker's Control = Profit?Unexamined
The White Mage (L24): Cleric/Artificer/Compassionate Healer/Chosenultimate healbot.Unexamined
Artificer cheese with resistive formula?Unexamined
Them Fight'n Words! Sorcerer TankUnexamined
Am I crazy?Unexamined
Heart of the Blade - A Swordmage ManualUnexamined
Dual Implement--why wait til paragon? Put your best implement in your off-hand...Unexamined
CharOphelp me maximize my warlord.Unexamined
Can a character carry 2 impliments and choose which too use?Unexamined
The Ultimate PartyUnexamined
Aid Another Combat OptimizationUnexamined
Psychic DamageUnexamined
Vampiric Heritage FeatUnexamined
Unusual Fighter Build?Unexamined
MC Barb/WarlordUnexamined
Wizard|Swordmage [PEACH]Unexamined
Implications of Battle HealerUnexamined
Goliath Barbarian OptimizationUnexamined
Resistance ItemsUnexamined
Plays well with RevenantsUnexamined
Silly Monk question...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Looking for Defender/Striker optimization suggestionsUnexamined
martryn's 11th level defense challengeUnexamined
Cleric equipment helpsaving throws...Unexamined
Lord of the Dance - Antsy FighterUnexamined
Resource ToolUnexamined
Level 6 Half-elf Chaladin of Pelor (PEACH)Unexamined
How to Have a Godslaying Super-pet in Three Easy StepsUnexamined
Question regarding the new battlerager vigorNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Virtuous Strike PaladinUnexamined
Ranger/Avenger DPR build (180.21 At-Will DPR)Unexamined
Feats for Storm SorcererUnexamined
Garrote Master SinUnexamined
Cleric Handbook?Unexamined
Help with scholarly wizard who's tread down a dark pathUnexamined
Heavy Shield questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help me with my summoner wizard build pleaseUnexamined
Pushy Fighter: Footwork Lure + Polearm Momemtum Doesn't Work?Unexamined
CBCSand Character Creation Guide 1.9Unexamined
Dragonborn Chaladin- Wis for LOH or Con for racials?Unexamined
Wizard|Swordmage Hybrid BuildUnexamined
Help with a stubborn drow.Unexamined
Ninja (leader of any type)?Unexamined
Building a functional Red MageUnexamined
Quick Barbarian QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DnD Calculator ToolUnexamined
Viability of a Paladin/Sorcerer Hybrid?Unexamined
Frostghost-a feylock/wizard M-classUnexamined
New Powers with MiniaturesUnexamined
Non-Combat Warlord?Unexamined
Flail RidersUnexamined
No love for the Invokers?Unexamined
Warforged Cleric/Invoker Hybrid HelpUnexamined
Bar fighterUnexamined
Disrupting Bola and Astral Seal?Unexamined
Riposte Strike OptimizationUnexamined
Shall we dance? The Footloose Custodian.Unexamined
Need a Hand with an Avenger Power DecisionUnexamined
Need an OP class that can both Dish it out and Take it well (Besides Battlerager)Unexamined
Help with Drow BardUnexamined
Help with a new Avenger CharacterUnexamined
Negitivie DamageUnexamined
The PacifistUnexamined
Cleric|InvokerIntimidating Pacifist...Unexamined
Damage Profiler v1.0 (Character Optimization Software)Unexamined
Avenger's magic weaponUnexamined
Hybrid Rogue/Ranger Knife ThrowerUnexamined
Soon I will be Invincible - The new battleragerUnexamined
Help making a battle angelUnexamined
BattleSager - Wisdom WarriorUnexamined
Making sure this works.Unexamined
Avenger / Cleric HybridUnexamined
Multiple-usage Channel Divinity tricks?Unexamined
New backgroundUnexamined
Optimizing Re-rollsUnexamined
Seeking Balance Advice for Character Creation House RuleUnexamined
Help me Optimize a Gnome Psion>Fey Beguiler>Deadly Trickster for roleplaying!Unexamined
Making a Wizard of the Spiral TowerUnexamined
The BardLord - 18+ Crits for EveryoneUnexamined
Chimera Mage: Dragonborn Sorcerer|Cleric mc Paladin.Unexamined
Holy WarBard Batman!Unexamined
How much HP worth 1 point of AC?Unexamined
Savage Sun: Longtooth Shifter Paladin (Barbarian)/Morninglord/Chosen of AmaunatorUnexamined
Shall we play a game? CHALLENGE: Welcome to the Arena!Unexamined
Putting Ranger/Pit Fighter into a divine levelUnexamined
Invoker/Divine Oracle/Punisher of the Gods...radiant scouring...Unexamined
RPGA-LFR Pallr Defender HelpUnexamined
Long-range SorcererUnexamined
Lightning Kurosawa!Unexamined
Optimization Challenge: Awesomeor Awful? Awe-fuls!Unexamined
Shadar-Kai Primordial Channeler improvementUnexamined
I need the exact wording for a couple of thingsUnexamined
Need Advice for a Dragonborn Cosmic Sorcerer BuildUnexamined
Crossbow Hybrid Rogue/RangerUnexamined
Optimizing for a two man partyUnexamined
The God-slayer of Kord: 3300+ DPR Nova without Bloodclaw or RecklessUnexamined
Rogue/Ranger HybridUnexamined
Stun-lock minimum level?Unexamined
Tiamatslayer (L28): Bard/Anointed Champion+45 init1689 dmgno loopsno crits.Unexamined
My level 1 Halfling barbarian PEACHUnexamined
A 1 Player GameUnexamined
Recommendations for my Eladrin Taclord... Party of 2Unexamined
Muscle and Faith - A Guide to Strength-Based Paladin BuildsUnexamined
Request:An optimized leader for solo playUnexamined
Halfing Storm Sorc with non combat usesUnexamined
PEACH my Bard/Paladin/Blessed PsalmistUnexamined
Optimizing a Sub-OptimalConfused and Directionless Half-Elf Resourceful WarlordUnexamined
Help me optimize my Taclord...Unexamined
Boundless Bloodlust: A Half-Orc HandbookUnexamined
Help finalizing lvl 13 Puppetmaster WizardUnexamined
Warden Build HandbookUnexamined
The Primal Hammer (Build Needs Help)Unexamined
Steel Soldiers: A Warforged HandbookUnexamined
Highest Level 1 dpr.Unexamined
Is this legal?Unexamined
Orb of Imposition + Planeshifter = Black HoleUnexamined
Who does Poison damage alot?Unexamined
Dwarven battle RagerCity Campaign.Unexamined
Paragon MulticlassingUnexamined
Rogue: Superior X-bow or Hand X-bow?Unexamined
Iron Vanguard w/o Tide of Iron?Unexamined
Help With: Half-Elf Paladin of the Raven QueenUnexamined
PEACH: Shielding SwordmageUnexamined
Looking for help with building Uber SorcererUnexamined
How powerful are powers that remove creatures from the battlefield?Unexamined
Controlling Defender; Swordmage|Wizard / Fighter / Polearm MasterUnexamined
Mark of Passage + White Lotus EvasionUnexamined
Revrent BuildsUnexamined
campaign optimization - who's better where?Unexamined
Armor. Is it all that and a bag of chips?Unexamined
Critique my Fight/StormSentinel/StormSovereign BuildUnexamined
Too diverse; need help focusing 4 classes!Unexamined
Avenger|Swordmage helpUnexamined
LF a good chaladin/hospitaler buildUnexamined
The Hybrid 5E - Push EnforcersUnexamined
"Must have" Skills?Unexamined
Milk Juggs - My Minotaur WarlordUnexamined
Beast-focused beastmasterUnexamined
Knockdown Assault + Dragging FlailUnexamined
Lowest level character to be reasonably able to *solo* Keep On The Shadowfell?Unexamined
Holy Smoke! A Cleric's HandbookUnexamined
Help flavor an Invoker of the Raven QueenUnexamined
First time with 4th ed. looking for help with melee rangerUnexamined
Avenger/Ardent Champion/Demigod1st pass.Unexamined
Knock em down Tempest Fighter (PEACH please)Unexamined
PPs with damage comparable to Sorc+daggermasterUnexamined
Optimization for party benefitUnexamined
Avenger/Ardent Champion/Eternal SeekerAttack Avalanche!Unexamined
Cleric's DismissalUnexamined
Paladin Striker of WISUnexamined
Stunning Thunder-glaive Immo-bola-zerUnexamined
optimizing a character in an unoptimized party.Unexamined
Summoner WizardUnexamined
Dwarf Ranger/PitfighterUnexamined
Paragon Path for fey charging swordmage.Unexamined
Hospitalier: Optimizing for Attack PenaltyUnexamined
The Wise Wolf: Fighter|Warden/Pit Fighter/Chosensingle-target defender/striker.Unexamined
Laser cleric with wrong partyUnexamined
Avenger + Divine Oracle PP = ?Unexamined
Revenant BinderlockUnexamined
Does the feat Mighty Challenge augment divine sanction?Unexamined
Red Mage! Or as close to as possible.Unexamined
Githzerai Rrathmal PP: Lots of potentialUnexamined
Multiple Style/Technique feats on one power?Unexamined
The Pusher: Half-Elf Polearm FighterUnexamined
Party op challenge: Can't Touch This!Unexamined
Numerical gain of rolling damage twiceUnexamined
Rage MageUnexamined
Trying to make a decent non-cheese avengerUnexamined
Peach my invoker for a divine party...Unexamined
Polearm Gamble and Uncanny DodgeUnexamined
Warforged Fighter//Swordmage sortaUnexamined
Radiant ArchangelUnexamined
Paladin Build - Radiant CrusaderUnexamined
Neon Orange Marker - Fighter/Bard/Paladin/Daring BladeUnexamined
Guess where I'm going with this Drow Darklock/Rogue...Unexamined
Highest HP Total Possible? I got 285.Unexamined
Optimizing IntimidateUnexamined
Optimize my AssaultmageUnexamined
I'm not wearing any armor!Unexamined
Is there a forumla for desired Attack? (Fighter|Warden Build)Unexamined
Half-Orc Rogue/PMC Ranger: How optimal is it?Unexamined
Critique my post-Divine-Powerlevel-6half-elf Paladin/WarlockUnexamined
Heavy-duty Dragon sorcererneed helpUnexamined
changling rogue w/ constant CAUnexamined
Sorceror HelpUnexamined
AV2 Excerpts: Throne of DominionUnexamined
Finally playing my first 4E gameneed help with minotaur fighterUnexamined
Swordmage Sigil Carver + Heavy Blade OpportunityUnexamined
First go at 4ed: need help creating a WardenUnexamined
Retribution Avenger/Pit Fighter/Radiant One?Unexamined
Help making the JusticarUnexamined
Sage of Ages math - needs confirmationUnexamined
which of these avenger builds is better?Unexamined
Knock-Back Swing with polearm?Unexamined
Wrath of Balinor: a paladin|fighter/avenger buildUnexamined
Advice on a buildUnexamined
Shieldmage Help?Unexamined
What At-Will would you give a Warlock?Unexamined
Walking DeadUnexamined
Wizard/Invoker vs. Wizard|InvokerUnexamined
Warden|Fighter (Seventeenthe Protector)Unexamined
Dragonborn of EverHell (swordmage|warlock)Unexamined
Deft Strike vs Clever Strike: Fight to the deathUnexamined
What should I play?Unexamined
Plate on a FighterUnexamined
Optimize my Sorc!Unexamined
A new new crit God ?Unexamined
Sneaky Warlock/Divine OracleUnexamined
Life Transference or Return from Death's DoorUnexamined
need help for a Defender/Leader or Leader/DefenderUnexamined
Univengers and BeastmastersUnexamined
Are Channel Divinity Feats Generally Worth it for Clerics?Unexamined
Sneaky PartyUnexamined
PC Necromancy: What's a 4e Drow Wizard to do??Unexamined
Poisoner RogueUnexamined
half-elf avengerUnexamined
Wotan - Paladin|Bard/Hospitaler/Mythic Sovereign - PEACHUnexamined
Warlock|Wizard BuildPEACH.Unexamined
Resounding aegis…Unexamined
The Armory of PassageUnexamined
What is the best starting stats for a drow wizard?Unexamined
The Tondo SuperchargerUnexamined
Fighter Essentials is up!Unexamined
Getting yer kick(back)s -- Hybrid Swordmage/WizardUnexamined
Pacifist Paladins. (A guide to an odd concept.)Unexamined
Need some quick help with chosing a PP for my Shaman!Unexamined
Niobea tricky changeling rogue. (AD / Daggermaster / Chosen / 69 DPR At-will)Unexamined
Competition is FuriousUnexamined
My lil' koboldUnexamined
Elemental Manifestations- are they worth it?Unexamined
Barbarian|Sorcerer 18AC@LVL1 47@LVL28(PEACH)Unexamined
"Spear" and Shield Spartan/BaneUnexamined
Warlord/Beastmaster Ranger. optimization help please?Unexamined
What weapons Implements should I choose for Artificer?Unexamined
Heavy Ice Sword Mage/WarlockUnexamined
Help optimizing an elf fighter/avenger.Unexamined
Grasping Javeling - Best ranged weapon for a melee character?Unexamined
Being the Beast: My Notes on Beast Form DruidsUnexamined
To the crit-cycle!Unexamined
How good is this? Oversized + Kukri + Dagger Master PP = I win?Unexamined
Initiative Optimization (+55best of two rolls)Unexamined
Ranger/Warpriest/Deadly Trickster PHB only -- advice welcomeUnexamined
At-will melee basic attack with reach 5slide 5and prone at level 12?Unexamined
Swordmage|Warlock Striker OptimisationUnexamined
Umbriri Swordmage Combination - How effective?Unexamined
The Avenger Sword - 124 at-will DPR with vanilla equipmentUnexamined
Hybrid fighter/avenger mc daggermasterUnexamined
Peach my illusionist for a wierd party...Unexamined
The Optimized Grappler - Does it exist?Unexamined
Classical Conundrum: Net and TridentUnexamined
Devastating Deviants: A Drow HandbookUnexamined
Voldemonte - "The Most Powerful" Ranger-LichUnexamined
Peach my Party: Gencon Dungeon DelveUnexamined
Wandering Swordmage - Which Aegis?Unexamined
Best armor. Striker?Unexamined
By the Light of the Starsa Drow Ranger buildUnexamined
Uber HealerUnexamined
Help me in character Design plzUnexamined
Avenger Primal MC HelpUnexamined
Another Bardcharger - Resourceful Magician - to PEACHUnexamined
SAD PandaUnexamined
Swift Spear - the poor man's HBOUnexamined
Background and Worship Featspargonand epics?Unexamined
"Striker" DPR benchmarks by level or tier?Unexamined
Hypothetical: Take ANY at-willUnexamined
Hybrid Dwarven Tempest Fighter/Battle ClericUnexamined
Half-Orc Barbarian RangerUnexamined
Dwarf - Pursuing the Avenger [P E A C H]Unexamined
Of maddening lightUnexamined
At-Will TeleportUnexamined
Hybrid Cleric/Invoker (stats and implement troubles)Unexamined
Glorious Spirit?Unexamined
Polearm defense?Unexamined
Bard + Agile Opportunist = WarlordUnexamined
Infernal Strategist Ability Bump ProgressionUnexamined
Help from the probability experts that live here?Unexamined
LFR - best leader or controller for SPEC 1-2?Unexamined
Lay On Hands vs the restUnexamined
4E Controllers (& Utility)Unexamined
Making the most out of Lay on Hands - Grant 3 Saves3 Surges57 additional HPsUnexamined
Radiant This! Solar Enemy.Unexamined
is there a crit fisher handbook?Unexamined
I hate Hammer Rhythmbut do I have a choice?Unexamined
Have you seen this item? Looking to boost defenses for lvl4 charUnexamined
Eternal Defender worthwhile archer ED?Unexamined
The Better WizardUnexamined
Eberron Campaign Guide = Zombie ApocalypeUnexamined
'Must-have' feats list by class/build/race: planning!Unexamined
Need your ideas for shadar-kai avengerUnexamined
Vulnerability stackingUnexamined
Dual implement spellcasterUnexamined
[Contest] Build a divine party (RPGA rules).Unexamined
Item recommendations for fighters?Unexamined
Calculating Brutal AVG damageUnexamined
Newbie question about character buildingNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How many d20s?Unexamined
The Hybrid 5P - The ProtectorsUnexamined
Quick Query: wizardsUnexamined
Best Buffer / Group Support? - variant rulesUnexamined
recharging encounter powersUnexamined
Optimization Basics: Power SwapUnexamined
Old Builds Updated: Eladrin Charge RogueUnexamined
Weapon DPRUnexamined
Conditional Triggers for InterruptsUnexamined
"I'd Hit That" Perscient Half-Elf BardPEACHUnexamined
Archlich REALLY ruleZ so bad?Unexamined
Building a Battlefield Control WizardUnexamined
Playing Githzerai!Unexamined
Yet another Ninja-venger.Unexamined
Pit Fighter vs. Storm Warden TWF RangerUnexamined
Help me optimize my InfernaBladeUnexamined
The Best of the Adventurer's Vault 2Unexamined
4e Book of Heavily Debated TopicsUnexamined
Thunderwave - the optimized versionUnexamined
Hero of the Faith (Avenger MC)Unexamined
Noli Me Tangere - Annoying PaladinUnexamined
Theoretical BuilldUnexamined
Arcane Admixture Combo (Plenty of Cheese)Unexamined
Avenger Weapon selectionUnexamined
Jesus Christ I'm Behind. (Build Help)Unexamined
Skill Monkey Rogue?Unexamined
Guys!! I have a database of all monster roles/defenses/HP!! Let's do math!Unexamined
Attacking Yourself with No or Little Damage?Unexamined
Cleric/Avenger who knocks prone on charges and OAUnexamined
Most damage from a single hit?Unexamined
PEACH my Paladin build (4e noob)Unexamined
Maximize Phasing/InsubstantialUnexamined
Wiki-fy the index?Unexamined
Ok we're back. Time to wiki up?Unexamined
New AV2 goodness!!Unexamined
CD: Bahamut and Paladins - Too much love?Unexamined
What Does Our Group Need?Unexamined
Crossbow-sniping "assassin"Unexamined
CharOp Community Group!Unexamined
The Complete ShakaUVM CollectionUnexamined
Reaper TouchUnexamined
Scion of ArkhosiaUnexamined
The sword that cleaves evil!Unexamined
Pit Fighter ClarificationUnexamined
Blood Mage vs Divine Oracle for OrbizardsUnexamined
At-Wills as Ranged Basic AttacksUnexamined
Rebalancing: Deva'sUnexamined
New to 4e - Ranger Beast Master questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
PEACH: Dwarf Tempest conceptUnexamined
The Tondo SuperchargerNon-Budget VersionUnexamined
Is this how to build a Fast Zap Cleric?Unexamined
PEACH: Ranger|Invoker lvl 5Unexamined
Build a STR Paladin?Unexamined
How Valuable is pyschic resistUnexamined
Suggestions on CharacterUnexamined
Character IdeasUnexamined
Source of rerolls?Unexamined
Sword Burst Optimization QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Expanding my Character's Critical RangeUnexamined
Fighters: Urgrosh/Double Sword Tempest vs. Executioner/Fullblade GreatweaponUnexamined
Swordmage for a FriendUnexamined
Which non-striker can make a good striker?Unexamined
AV2 Darkspiral Rodhow broken is it?Unexamined
Radiant Chaladin Striker Secondary (PEACH)Unexamined
What am I missing?Unexamined
Optimized DevaUnexamined
HeyI exist somewhere else nowUnexamined
Optimized for Versatility?Unexamined
Feat SwappingUnexamined
How do I build a good Beastmaster Ranger?Unexamined
Storm SwordUnexamined
Heal yourself on a hit?Unexamined
Barbarian with a double weapon?Unexamined
Editing old guides in new forumsUnexamined
Private Pyle "My Warlord" PEACHUnexamined
Punisher of the Gods got nerfed in Dragon AnnualUnexamined
Minotaur Barbarian Doomguard Marauder Demigod Nova Help Requested!Unexamined
Fire-based wizard damage boostUnexamined
Drow Rogue Concept FeedbackUnexamined
Mini-Swarm: The most pets in play.Unexamined
Thunder/Lightning Storm Wizards?Unexamined
Tempest mc ranger or hybrid?Unexamined
Optimization and role versatilityUnexamined
Always Hidden at 2nd level?Unexamined
An old thread in this forum..Unexamined
All Treasure in RPGA adventuresUnexamined
-2 to hit penalty only useful 10% of the timeUnexamined
is there a Crit Fisher's Handbook?Unexamined
Skill Powers now in the D&Di Compendium.Unexamined
Shielding Swordmage using a Shield?Unexamined
Ardent TemplarUnexamined
Epic Destiny choice for Bow Ranger?Unexamined
Radiant Servant or MorninglordUnexamined
Building a Deva Invoker for RPGA/Living FRUnexamined
help optimize my rogue/warlock hybrid!Unexamined
Avenger DPRUnexamined
Fun with Corner Casesepisode 1: Maximizing ACUnexamined
Shifter Druid -- Unfamiliar with optionsUnexamined
A Simple Question of Infinite CashNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Trying to make a really good L8 Healing Elf ClericUnexamined
Focused ExpertiseUnexamined
Optimal builds for recuriing villiansUnexamined
Eladrin Rogue Fey Step ChargerPlease improve this if you can.Unexamined
I am lost when it comes to Paragon Paths for my Gnome Illusionist.Unexamined
Lvl 7 Barbarian helpUnexamined
Optimizing My Artful Dodger RogueHelp Needed!Unexamined
Click on the red number next to the thread to go to unread posts :)Unexamined
Can Someone Make This Work?Unexamined
The Headmaster. (a wip)Unexamined
So... Arcana Checks.Unexamined
How Broken do you think this is?Unexamined
Bonuses for Beast Form DruidsUnexamined
Sorc build recommendationsUnexamined
Large Maul or Large Executioner's AxeUnexamined
Ranger (Beast Mastery) melee builds?Unexamined
Drow Wild Sorceror PoisonerUnexamined
Human Ready WizardUnexamined
Paladin|Darklock (PEACH)Unexamined
Evaluate and improveWarforged ArtificierUnexamined
PEACH: Can this guy be built to put out decent dps in the late game?Unexamined
Incomplete Minotaur Charge BarbUnexamined
Halfling Classes?Unexamined
Free non-surge healingUnexamined
Making a LichUnexamined
Argument for lightning magic missile vs. thunder magic missileUnexamined
Dragonborn Fighter/WarpriestUnexamined
Feycharger with Eldritch StrikeUnexamined
Polearm Gamble Barbarian?Unexamined
Help Creating a WardenUnexamined
What Is The Most Powerful Power?Unexamined
Multiple implementsUnexamined
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