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KotS character development into the futureUnexamined
Krystle - Dragonborn WarlockUnexamined
human fighter and human wizardUnexamined
A drow ranger: in need of backroundUnexamined
Able Hellschilde: Tiefling WarlordUnexamined
So my Lv4 Paladin's just opened a café...Unexamined
My First CharacterUnexamined
In depth character backgroundsUnexamined
"Jason" Riddance: Former OccultistUnexamined
Need ideas for a WarlockUnexamined
Tiberius CorvaxLawful Rogue (Work in Progress)Unexamined
Makaan of TymantherUnexamined
Dagoth Ur(yes morrowind) Tiefling WarlockUnexamined
A 15 LVL Fighter WightUnexamined
Need Help...Unexamined
My First spell.Unexamined
Halfling Warlordwith a twist.Unexamined
Help Required to Flesh out Warlock (Star)/RogueUnexamined
My Warlock (Suggestions?)Unexamined
My ideas for my future D&D character.Unexamined
Human Star Pact WarlockUnexamined
The Ten-Minute Background--Post your characters!Unexamined
My Blanket Warlock BackgroundUnexamined
Bolero. Shadar-Kai IllusionistUnexamined
D&D Game using MSN MessengerUnexamined
Warforged: the Gnome WithinUnexamined
A bard's descriptionUnexamined
im already confused about 4E buildingUnexamined
Warlock history helpUnexamined
Is it just meor is the Warlock popular here?Unexamined
Racial Growth?Unexamined
Paladin and their spell progressionUnexamined
Human WarlockUnexamined
WotC screwed up the Warlock fluffUnexamined
4E Wizard WeakUnexamined
name generationUnexamined
the Familiar gone the way of the Dodo.Unexamined
My Warlord: Tevin 'Silver' TothUnexamined
Ability ScoresUnexamined
Ok so im level 30 and i get... thats itUnexamined
Turok 'Ogre Slayer'Unexamined
Elf Ranger or Elf Rogue?Unexamined
Skritch the Goblin PaladinUnexamined
Clumsy but genius PC = high Reflex defenseUnexamined
Drow PaladinUnexamined
Re: Clumsy but genius PC = high Reflex defenseUnexamined
Bane of DragonsUnexamined
Character Concept: Anime Fanboy Turned Mad ScientistUnexamined
I can't wait to play my Gnome Druid!!!Unexamined
Elf-Raised HumanUnexamined
Lizardfolk statsUnexamined
I want to play an ex-pirate.Unexamined
Did anyone notice that Half-orc is missing in 4th?Unexamined
The Alchemist WizardUnexamined
Elf Fighter/Wizard Background?Unexamined
Why the Evil Pally hate?Unexamined
A Question about TieflingsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
"I Am Iron Mage!"Unexamined
Tieflings and pactsa bit of oddnessUnexamined
Life of a RangerUnexamined
Dragon breath and Divine strengthUnexamined
Okuninushi - feedback appreciatedUnexamined
Dragonborn: Paragon Path and Epic Destiny [PEACH]Unexamined
Dragonborn: Paragon Path and Epic Destiny [PEACH]Unexamined
Are you kidding me?!?! ONLY 4 ALIGNMENTS?!?!Unexamined
Rebuke Undead in 4.0Unexamined
How well does the pt. system work in 4th ed?Unexamined
Conundrum with Class Selections...Unexamined
Look its a birdits a planeno its a flying dragonborn? Or lack there ofUnexamined
Is there a scaling issue?Unexamined
Aiel Fighter for 3.5Unexamined
Funny way to kill someone.Unexamined
Human Warlock Bonus at will powerUnexamined
Character class powers ?Unexamined
Character GeneratorUnexamined
Playing a GnomeUnexamined
Eberron AccentsUnexamined
Fleshing Out a BarbarianUnexamined
Level up confusionUnexamined
Can't Find Information on Starting AgesUnexamined
Point-buy SystemUnexamined
Making Race Choice More ImportantUnexamined
Where to find more Elfen Names??Unexamined
Halfling boldness useless?Unexamined
attacks per round?Unexamined
Barbarian NeededUnexamined
Pictures please!!!Unexamined
Paragon Power Substitution?Unexamined
Skills and leveling upUnexamined
Say hello to my first 4th ed character Thisk!Unexamined
I don't get Two-Weapon FightingUnexamined
No more evil clerics/necromancer?!Unexamined
Wizard (again)Unexamined
Home Rules : Fluff skillsUnexamined
Shenzi The Gnoll Warlord/Fighter/ClericUnexamined
Starting Gold 4eUnexamined
Character Race Age?Unexamined
Power Reference List?Unexamined
Clerics: Haunting Strike & Punishing StrikeUnexamined
Question about defencesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Damage ?Unexamined
Who broke the database? Can post but not read threads.Unexamined
Developing my Cleric's storyUnexamined
Chlidhood Family RulesUnexamined
Intersting Characters?Unexamined
Salee Olatariel - BackgroundUnexamined
Starting money/equipment for characters above 1st lvlUnexamined
How Well Can a Tiefling Pass As A Human?Unexamined
My KotS Tiefling Warlord - Ailo bat Tamiel (short)Unexamined
Character Sheet (4th Edition)Unexamined
Werewolf Character Race (PEACH)Unexamined
Need Help Roleplaying a ClericUnexamined
I suck at Character Development.Unexamined
Raven Queen PaladinUnexamined
Kender WarlordUnexamined
Kender WarlordUnexamined
Do leader classes have to lead?Unexamined
Do leader classes have to lead?Unexamined
Do leader classes have to lead?Unexamined
A Kender WarlordUnexamined
Mortiky: Tiefling : WarlockUnexamined
Need help finding a powerUnexamined
My Dragonborn Paladin/ClericUnexamined
Help with genius non-caster characterUnexamined
1001 ideas for fixers/quest-giversUnexamined
Ordo ChimerisUnexamined
Do Leader classes have to lead?Unexamined
Character Concept Compilation (4E)Unexamined
Arjhan Dragonborn Paladin of BahamutUnexamined
Ecology of a DragonbornUnexamined
Ugly Dragonborn?Unexamined
Warlock pact fluff?Unexamined
Rate my Dragonborn Warlord's backgroundplease.Unexamined
Character Optimization+Development: Why do dragonborn and dwarves love Devils?Unexamined
Classing Tieflings?Unexamined
Pirate MageUnexamined
My Character and his countryUnexamined
Genes ImmonsA War Forced Wizard Blood-Mage/Demi-GodUnexamined
A journalUnexamined
Rate my character background (long)Unexamined
Do Ability Scores level?Unexamined
How Would The 4E Races Fit in A Modern Setting?Unexamined
1st level starting package/GPUnexamined
Cleric and Raven QueenUnexamined
A Heaping Helping of Fluff Please!Unexamined
Dwarven Paladin (Raven Queen)Unexamined
I've never played a DwarfUnexamined
Idea for "old-school" tiefling PCUnexamined
Need Help Characterizing Former Child Soldiers Turned VillainsUnexamined
my 1st 4ed Character (starlock)Unexamined
4e and featsUnexamined
Strange warlock ideaUnexamined
Need help on building from this concept.Unexamined
Monsters as PC Race? Where?Unexamined
Warlock Patrons?Unexamined
Rate my warlock's background (long)Unexamined
Need an ideahelp pleaseUnexamined
FREE artwork availiable for your adventures limited time!Unexamined
My Halfling Starlock (images)Unexamined
why to you like 4edUnexamined
A Character Creation Challenge for 4e ProponentsUnexamined
AfsharDragonborn Paladin. Help brainstormetc.Unexamined
Cheerfull theifling(succubus heritage)Unexamined
best fit for a swashbucklerUnexamined
2 4th Ed PC ideas...Unexamined
Divine Oracle looking for helpUnexamined
Warlord BattlecriesUnexamined
Character problemUnexamined
First ever characterfeedback apreciatedUnexamined
Starlock (Comments Wanted!)Unexamined
Sáwel Riftere, the Shadar-Kai RogueNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Level Up Ability BonusesUnexamined
Not your average wizard...Unexamined
Berserker CharacterUnexamined
Human Help (In reference to their extra at-will power)Unexamined
Need help with background for a Hexforged buildUnexamined
Drow Background Help PleaseUnexamined
Drizzt & ArtemisUnexamined
Tiefling TailUnexamined
Templates for teh massesUnexamined
Racial Fluff In Your CampaignUnexamined
Effects of the Wavea Call of DutyUnexamined
Changeling ProblemsUnexamined
Anyone tried their hand at creating a Barbarian rage ability?Unexamined
Vincente Etienne De'Sevigny- Human RogueUnexamined
begginer with a questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Roger DredgerRogue ExtrordinaireUnexamined
Undead PCUnexamined
Forgotten Realms Question (Hobgoblins)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Character creation from the inside outUnexamined
Human WarlockUnexamined
Developing Character the Right WayUnexamined
More indepth resouces for a backstoryUnexamined
How to RP the Warlords effect on other PCs?Unexamined
Developing my Odd Char!Unexamined
Doppelganger CultureUnexamined
A Druid/PriestessUnexamined
A relative of my 3.5 character.Unexamined
The Raven Queen - Any Info?Unexamined
Best Rogue Race?Unexamined
Paladin and Necromancer?Unexamined
Warlock -> Gunslinger? Help!Unexamined
Dragon DiscipleUnexamined
I can't possibly be reading this right...Unexamined
Playing A Character Who Wants to Revive Bael TurathUnexamined
Drow WizardUnexamined
Control Wizard/Tactical WarlordUnexamined
Secondary SkillsUnexamined
Warforged Wizard...Unexamined
Warforged wiz backstoryUnexamined
Determing Armor Class (The Noob Strikes Again!)Unexamined
What where the influences for these dieties?Unexamined
Ranger and Dual WieldingUnexamined
MM Race; longtoothUnexamined
Noob questionbut could use some help.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Character building 1 to 30Unexamined
Tiefling Dr. Jekyll/Mr. HydeUnexamined
The cosmic queen(yugioh monster based char)Unexamined
Lack of Roleplaying Content in the 4e PHB...Unexamined
Character Help RequestedUnexamined
Trouble with Unaligned PlayersUnexamined
Need help converting a 3.5 character.Unexamined
Non-combat abilitiesUnexamined
Entropythe beginning and ending of all cyclesUnexamined
31+ flavors of WarlockUnexamined
Character/Party BackstoryUnexamined
Nonbeliever PaladinUnexamined
Organization for my new character: The Order of the Platinum ShieldUnexamined
What AL do you think she should be?Unexamined
20 questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dragonborn/Half-Dragon/Dragonblood Help Needed.Unexamined
Converting my characterUnexamined
Barbarian prototypeUnexamined
Convincing Orcus (Wizard Cleric of Ioun and The Raven Queen)Unexamined
Warlock Flavor by way of the Wu JenUnexamined
Paladin of KordUnexamined
1st Time w/ High-Level creationUnexamined
Ranger - Undead HunterUnexamined
Hostile NPC Party - Do You Use This?Unexamined
Exploring MeloraUnexamined
Feat Selectionhelp?Unexamined
Blind Elf ClericUnexamined
Making AmendsUnexamined
Please Critisize: Ken'drykk Duskroc'ckUnexamined
Priest of Sehanine "I'm a lover not a fighter"Unexamined
Dragonborn NPC's and non combat uses of breath weaponsUnexamined
Picture for my characterUnexamined
Revisiting the Ol' Tiefling TailUnexamined
Medusa Bard EditingUnexamined
Githzerai Rogue in developmentUnexamined
need some help editing a bardUnexamined
101 Animal Character ThemesUnexamined
Raptorians in 4eUnexamined
Digital Character SheetUnexamined
No choices?Unexamined
Classes in 4EUnexamined
Need a name for my paragon path.Unexamined
Need help finding a trainer (ingame)Unexamined
Rate the PCUnexamined
A Kobold's Tale.Unexamined
Sylas Dayereth - LongUnexamined
Best class for a multi skilled DetectiveUnexamined
Tiefling Feylock BackgroundUnexamined
Not interested in the controller role...Unexamined
Thematic SwordmageUnexamined
whats the best way to make a BarkeepUnexamined
(4E) Cleric Who's Lost His Faith. Need Help.Unexamined
Character descriptionUnexamined
'Dreamer' ClassUnexamined
Character Prof: Dwarf ClericUnexamined
Warrior of the WildUnexamined
Background Opptimization?Unexamined
Dragonborn Cleric of simple upbringingUnexamined
GithilyakGnoll RangerUnexamined
Githyanki SwordmageUnexamined
warforged warlockUnexamined
Tales of Symphonia flavorUnexamined
Cool NPC NamesUnexamined
Help me with a Victorian Age warlord..Unexamined
Eberron backgroundsUnexamined
Advice on a character backgroundUnexamined
Guidelines for an Unaligned playerUnexamined
Hows the community-made Barbarian coming along?Unexamined
How do you...?Unexamined
Ebenezer the Ravenscared (background)Unexamined
Roleplaying low INTUnexamined
Difrent Race ConceptsUnexamined
Names of lesser known men from Arthurian LegendsUnexamined
Breaking the Mold: Be another kind of Paladin...Unexamined
Some characters and their backgrounds:Unexamined
1001 Character Background IdeasUnexamined
Gneehigh MeetsheeldGnome Paladin -- Initiate of the Illusory KnightsUnexamined
Challenge: How would one emulate a 2E Fighter/Mage/Thief?Unexamined
Mounted CombatUnexamined
Role Playing thoughts:Unexamined
Paladin of ... / Rangerneeds a deity!Unexamined
Joseph Silver's Character Name Repertoire - Let's compare notes!Unexamined
Race and alignmentUnexamined
Thoughts on this role playing situation?Unexamined
anyone miss pets/familiars/companions?Unexamined
Ascending Outcast - Non-optimal Minotaur Fighter/ClericUnexamined
Elven Ranger Rebel: Lyathryl ath'IlrahdythUnexamined
Chinese Dragonborn Paladin- Anyone have ideas?Unexamined
Githyanki Paladin-Ultimate Dark Knight?Unexamined
My First 4e Character: Hoping for FeedbackUnexamined
Tieflings: +2 Con+2 IntUnexamined
My first real attempt at backstory and roleplayingUnexamined
Please Delete this thread - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenUnexamined
Dragonborn in the world of Vikings?Unexamined
Rasputin | Kobold Wizard | Backstory & Crunchy NumbersUnexamined
Age/Level progressionUnexamined
Are there any pregenerated characters from Wotc?Unexamined
I'm Really Interested In A Swordmage: BuildsTipsAdvice?Unexamined
Cleric of the Raven Queen help.Unexamined
Male Marilith?Unexamined
Typhus Blackdawn | Tiefling Warlock / Swordmage | Background (THANKS SANDROCK!!)Unexamined
Web page/Software to create a Coat of ArmsUnexamined
"Disloyal" Dwarf ClericUnexamined
Attempt at Player's Request: is this Monk okay?Unexamined
How to use profession skills in 4eUnexamined
Advice on a 3.5 FR campaign backstoryUnexamined
Scyrithis the Half-FiendUnexamined
Name for a Warforged Rogue?Unexamined
Which class gets the most ranged Basic Attacks?Unexamined
Ski Lionheart ~Please Help Improve~Unexamined
Which Deity?Unexamined
What does a gensai Look like?Unexamined
Medusa BardP.E.A.C.H. - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Dragonborn class choicesUnexamined
4e warforgedUnexamined
Opinions on a character conceptUnexamined
Help with a Cliche lawful good samurai3.5 OA?Unexamined
Idea for my Feylock's Pact price...Unexamined
4e Paragon Path: Fang of Lolth (+equipment) [PEACH]Unexamined
Background Assistant PDFUnexamined
What Deities for a Hospitilar?Unexamined
How long do Tieflings live?Unexamined
Acharonim (the last ones - warforged assassins)Unexamined
Paladin speaking/fighting RPUnexamined
Liber Fanatica IIIUnexamined
Ilvelios - Elven Ranger - BackgroundUnexamined
"HogsEar Gorsnock" Goblin Sorcerer Character.Unexamined
The Voices told me to do it!Unexamined
The necromancer.Unexamined
godsprimordialsdemon princes and devil lordsUnexamined
Weirdest Character Concepts?Unexamined
Character Development FormUnexamined
not sure how multiclass feats workUnexamined
Background for a clericUnexamined
Character Development ProgramUnexamined
Advice for Half-Elf Paladin?Unexamined
paladin of the raven queen?Unexamined
Grade-A-Character: MathWarlock of DarknessUnexamined
Tiefling Starlocky GoodnessUnexamined
dwarf wizard background (P.E.A.C.H.) - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Backstory Rough DraftUnexamined
Convert a CharacterUnexamined
A Halfling more?Unexamined
What's your opinion?Unexamined
Need help with Build for Locksmith ConceptUnexamined
... i need an 'expert'Unexamined
Consept Idea: Deities: Life StreamUnexamined
Paladin Background/Story ArcUnexamined
31 flavors of Paladin (inspired by Angelus_Obscura)Unexamined
A Toast To EvilUnexamined
Roleplaying a WizardUnexamined
Minions and temporary hit pointsUnexamined
Custom PC RacesUnexamined
Libertas' Background (please rate)Unexamined
Elven Nerd MC into Cleric. Yesnerd.Unexamined
Letting the Dice Create Your BackstoryUnexamined
How to play?Unexamined
Dwarf petsUnexamined
Need help with 4E Necromancer flavorUnexamined
A warlock without a pact?Unexamined
Duskthe beast within with some revisionUnexamined
[Character Bio] Jak DerringerHalfling Rogue!Unexamined
Epic Lvl.1 BackstoryUnexamined
-4e- Blinded for life...Unexamined
Baldur's Gate 4e: Thoughts?Unexamined
Blind Oracle -- How to build it?Unexamined
Losing PaladinhoodUnexamined
Tiefling AgingUnexamined
RavingDork's Character GalleryUnexamined
Starting Money?Unexamined
How do you roleplay your mental dump stats?Unexamined
Im NEWUnexamined
For funplaying a bonster.Unexamined
help a noobUnexamined
Human With An Alien's MindUnexamined
The return of kits?Unexamined
4th Edition Editable PDF Character SheetsUnexamined
RPing CharismaUnexamined
character training! build...yourself!!!!Unexamined
Newbie at Character BuildingUnexamined
having a hard time getting into character in 4.0Unexamined
Using Skills to Build BackgroundsUnexamined
Which is better: Real life or fantasy stats?Unexamined
a delimaUnexamined
D'born paladin/clericUnexamined
Psychotic little eladrin girl (PEACH)Unexamined
Drow - Stereotypical StereotypesUnexamined
Need some help with a drow backgroundUnexamined
ArakDwarven FighterUnexamined
warforged insults for role playingUnexamined
Homebrew ChallengeUnexamined
Eidolic Mistraven the FeylockUnexamined
backgroundcurrent eventsand diabolical plans.Unexamined
Multi personality disorder?Unexamined
Tráth Féilire d'Asarlaí/Time MageNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A Paladin With A Cut-And-Paste Belief SystemUnexamined
Adin'Ren - A Drow with an inferiority complexUnexamined
Luna the half elf vampire lockUnexamined
characters building themselvesUnexamined
Do my motives make me a ranger or paladin?Unexamined
Where's my Necromancer?Unexamined
Tell us how you personalized your powersUnexamined
What do YOU think MY character looks like?Unexamined
Five techniques to Improve RoleplayingUnexamined
NPC or PC vaultUnexamined
Deity of...Unexamined
Build RP over time...Unexamined
UuputtaerHalf-Elf PaladinUnexamined
What class should this character be?Unexamined
Need Character for Living Realms ReleaseUnexamined
1001 BackstoriesUnexamined
Need help finding a deity...Unexamined
Helping to Improve a Player's Character ConceptUnexamined
Feylock: Who is giving them power?Unexamined
Needs help: Warforged CatgirlUnexamined
need help with a ganasi cleric of raven queenUnexamined
JudasDrow WizardUnexamined
YesAnother DrowUnexamined
Need help with names/deity for a gnome characterUnexamined
Dalvthe DraculockUnexamined
I want to play a blind character.Unexamined
How have your characters Evolved?Unexamined
How/Why -- how they differwhy they differUnexamined
Playing bonded labor.Unexamined
Help a pirate out!Unexamined
Back storylet me know what you thinkUnexamined
Help Needed: GuildPactand CharacterUnexamined
Character SheetUnexamined
Eye of a dragonUnexamined
Martha Stewart Casting: 1001 Ritual Recipes for the Everyday MageUnexamined
What about Pact DrawbacksUnexamined
Timid BarbarianUnexamined
Kobold barbarianopinions/ideas wanted.Unexamined
Help with my elf barbarianUnexamined
March prisonersMarch to war!Unexamined
MelisandeShadar Kai Holy knight of the Raven QueenUnexamined
Bugbear rogueUnexamined
necromancer class. V:1.5Unexamined
How does this work as a character concept?Unexamined
What are good out of combat shticks for a fighter?Unexamined
Gnoll WeaponsUnexamined
A Pelorite Who Learns SmithingUnexamined
Barbarian inspired by The Suffering; viable idea?Unexamined
Adventuring Shrink: Feedbackplease.Unexamined
1001 Fine Prints in Warlock PactsUnexamined
Looking for advise regarding RPing Lawful GoodUnexamined
GAME: Concept to Character!Unexamined
Awesomeness by ClassUnexamined
trying to make a SpellcarvedUnexamined
Looking for help on a background story for my GnollUnexamined
Watersoul GenasiReligion and ElementUnexamined
FR orc fighter needs a story.Unexamined
Spellscarred Base Class?Unexamined
Guide to playing the Good Alignments (Work in Progress)Unexamined
Vampire Minotaur Archer-RangerUnexamined
Gnoll Last NamesUnexamined
Why is The Raven Queen so popular?Unexamined
Character Idea: Split-Personality WarlockUnexamined
Advice on Backround for Dark Pact WarlockUnexamined
Divine KidsUnexamined
Valentan the Gnoll SlaveUnexamined
What is Your Char's Most Prized Possession?Unexamined
Designing a Puppet Masterneed flavor.Unexamined
Help with unnamed evil character...Unexamined
Character Idea: Man With a Living PuppetUnexamined
Critique my Dwarf Barbarian BackgroundUnexamined
This is a test. A what? A test.Unexamined
Re-fluffing: Design into ConceptUnexamined
Character helpUnexamined
Need Backstory (Done)Unexamined
Egyptian wizard?Unexamined
Need a ritualistic "Rite of Passage"Unexamined
David NorsonReluctant Adventurer and HedgemageUnexamined
Characters Without AngstUnexamined
warforged character questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Early Start on Next CharacterUnexamined
Kobold Paladin: From the Den to Holy Knighthood!Unexamined
Idea for my new character (need help)Unexamined
Concept/Backstory Critique NeededUnexamined
Kaironthe Fire/Stormsoul Genasi SwordmageUnexamined
Dragonborn Paladin/WarlordUnexamined
Quick QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Eberron Bio CritiqueUnexamined
Halfling and a Hat of Diguise.Unexamined
Profile Sheet: A simple way to record some info on your character.Unexamined
Where to find..Unexamined
Lylehe Eladrin SwashbucklerUnexamined
Optimized bugbear rogue Background StoryUnexamined
Tiefling FeylockUnexamined
Tenets of the Raven QueenUnexamined
RP QuestioneerNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help with reflavoring text for a lazer clericUnexamined
Help with my characters backroundUnexamined
not swordmage but a wizard with a swordUnexamined
Multiclass PP suggestions for an ArtificerUnexamined
Pushed with a spear and STILL ALIVE???Unexamined
Demonbinder - a Dwarf Warlock character ideaUnexamined
Some Character SketchesUnexamined
How do you SPELL your BLADE? ;)Unexamined
Wasting feats?Unexamined
How much does he hate tieflings?Unexamined
Warforged warlock character fluffing!Unexamined
Possessed Sword - Hoping to Avoid Cliche :$Unexamined
Can you give you opinion on this character?Unexamined
1001 Warforged activities!Unexamined
Exploring PelorUnexamined
Help with creatingUnexamined
How does one go about roleplaying a convincing member of the opposite gender?Unexamined
Need help with a FR characterUnexamined
non-weapon proficienciesUnexamined
Looking for good Punishment..Unexamined
Pseudodragon "Beast"master and its humanoid companionUnexamined
1001 things the Tiefling can do with their tail and hornsUnexamined
Wierdest CampanionUnexamined
Need background helpUnexamined
Idiot Proof SwordmageUnexamined
Question about Roleplaying low statsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
1001 Ways to for your Common Class/Race Combo to Stand outUnexamined
"I'm not a &%$*in' Paladin already!"Unexamined
Must all Barbarains look Norse/ Celtic?Unexamined
Barbarian Rages = Fighting Spirit?Unexamined
Laying it on a little thick?Unexamined
Reskinning the BeastmasterUnexamined
Backstory and a little fiction for a 4th edition monk I plan on playing...Unexamined
How would you do it?Unexamined
Let's build my fighter.Unexamined
When you wish upon a star...Unexamined
Questions of Conquest and CivilizationNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The followers of SehanineUnexamined
Converting From 3.5 to 4th.. What's My Next Move?Unexamined
Silent Laughter: Tarthasthe Mute FeylockUnexamined
A Color-based personality systemUnexamined
Paladin of YeenoghuUnexamined
1001 "Barbaric" Customs: SuperstitionsTaboosRitualsetc.Unexamined
first try at 4th edhalfling paladin.Unexamined
An Eladrin WHAT?!Unexamined
what do i add to make my cha modUnexamined
Victorian Age CampaignUnexamined
Pacifist character? Possible?Unexamined
How would you 4E some of your old conceptsUnexamined
Shadar-KaiRaven Queenand You!Unexamined
Power Gamer trying to change his stripesUnexamined
101 Rock Song CharactersUnexamined
Newsflash: GUY stops for DIRECTIONS!Unexamined
Beastmaster ranger character ideaUnexamined
The Ultimate SmugglersUnexamined
If you plan to play... You should read...Unexamined
Dwarf Fighter "I'm not who you think I am"Unexamined
Need help with a char conceptUnexamined
First 4e CharacterUnexamined
X-men meet D&DUnexamined
Pimp my DnD GroupUnexamined
Good options for running 4e over the internet?Unexamined
Drunk-Cursed Bard: Drihn FoolmakerUnexamined
Holy DaysHoly ItemsHoly Words: What Does your Character Observe?Unexamined
1001 bard archetypesUnexamined
Gnoll raised by elvesquestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dragonborn Smashy Fighter: Needs a Name!Unexamined
Looking for ideas for a Tiefling Feylock's backgroundUnexamined
Why a Bard can be part of an adventuring party without seeming out of placeUnexamined
Mercenary cleric ?Unexamined
[Help a CD rookie II] Building From A ConceptUnexamined
I want to worship "Steve" next game.Unexamined
"Doppelganger Syndrome"Unexamined
Naming my Tiefling Paladin--help me decide!Unexamined
Dragonborn rogueUnexamined
Gensai Character ConceptUnexamined
Eladrin outcast backgrounds.Unexamined
Artificer Background/Playstyle helpUnexamined
Wild Paladin Appears!Unexamined
questions about changes to classesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
RoguesCon Men and D&D: Any Help is Helpful!Unexamined
Inspiring WordsUnexamined
Building a PartyUnexamined
1001 Ways to Get Your Starting GearUnexamined
Paladin/Warlock Backstory; or 1001 patronsUnexamined
How much background do you write for your characters?Unexamined
Shadar-Kai Assault Swordmage (Umbriri)Unexamined
"Tell me who this is" #1 - A lighthearted necromancerUnexamined
Grade a Background: Joshu TabrisScion of Bael TurathUnexamined
a Gnoll Ranger's lifeUnexamined
Warlock Pacts: How did you sign yours?Unexamined
Levels and Upgrading question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Roleplaying combatUnexamined
Need Help with NPC DevelopmentUnexamined
Goldbeard: Dwarf MercenaryUnexamined
Roleplaying and TreasureUnexamined
Axum the Dragon SlayerUnexamined
Human Ruthless Ruffian Rogue BGUnexamined
Match a song to a bard powerUnexamined
They never did get multiclassing rightdid theyUnexamined
Character QuestionnaireNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
"One Last Drink!"Unexamined
FFT Character ThreadUnexamined
Leveling-up at a faster paceUnexamined
Orenthes' Background Writing Serviceneed a character?Unexamined
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Fun and Interesting Bases of OperationUnexamined
What is thy name? (1001 Funny Names)Unexamined
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Supporting CastUnexamined
Ristor Hyll; Dragonborn Knight WannabeUnexamined
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how to play: WIS 18but CHA 8?Unexamined
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Shadar-Kai Cleric - ?Unexamined
Halfling StarlockUnexamined
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Gilbert Shay: Slackomancer ExtraordinaireUnexamined
Fey or Infernal Lock! Help!!Unexamined
Sydney: The Infernal Warlord (Designing a BBEG)Unexamined
Dragonborn RequestUnexamined
Satyajit of Letherna (Shadar-Kai Invoker)Unexamined
Che/Obama style Tiefling FeylockUnexamined
Flannigan SteelbeardDwarven BattleragerUnexamined
Building a SummonerUnexamined
Building a SummonerUnexamined
Dragonborn Paladin: MeskanUnexamined
'Father' Abraham DevidicusUnexamined
The Clergy and the role of InvokersUnexamined
Whats it like to use a shield?Unexamined
Vampire Thrall PCUnexamined
Wizard Concept - Maybe a Better Swordmage?Unexamined
Character Art and Concept DesignsUnexamined
UGHHHHHH... im in desperate need of help!!Unexamined
What can you do with 125 gallons of oil?Unexamined
Drow Paladin- Long and in need of work.Unexamined
Cap'n Fang in 4e?Unexamined
Project : valkyrieUnexamined
Spirit companion and shaman... switched?Unexamined
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Bards in D&D NovelsUnexamined
1001 ways to add flavor to At-Will PowersUnexamined
dragonborn statsUnexamined
Reflavored CharactersUnexamined
Multiple Personalites/FormsUnexamined
remus rothwynUnexamined
The One Who Hunts In The LightUnexamined
FR Witchhunter Paladin. Which deity?Unexamined
How to mechanically account for an amputated arm?Unexamined
DregsThe Spider ChampionUnexamined
How to play up high charismaaverage intellectUnexamined
How to make a witchhunter?Unexamined
1001 Favorite Character ConceptsUnexamined
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My take on low Int charactersUnexamined
Questions to ask your CharacterNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Art Gallery?Unexamined
Looking for a good paladin example (TV/Movie)Unexamined
Paladins AnonymousUnexamined
Good-Aligned Prince(ss) of Hell?Unexamined
Dwarf Clan NameUnexamined
FR Warforged BarbarianUnexamined
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How to Role Play NPCsUnexamined
Concept - not sure if the rules can handle thisUnexamined
1001 OutfitsUnexamined
Need help with character classUnexamined
1001 Taunts for CombatUnexamined
Avenger FashionUnexamined
Character developmentUnexamined
Charred Blade Adventuring CompanyUnexamined
Name my RangerUnexamined
Shadar-Kai Crowing Moot- Looking for stories!Unexamined
What do you think of this villain?Unexamined
Help for My ConceptUnexamined
Questionnare for PlayersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Story of Barracuspart 1Unexamined
What should I play???Unexamined
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Human Wizard thoughts...Unexamined
Mekrial the Drow from AthkatlaUnexamined
Characters based on miniaturesUnexamined
Multiracial Moralityor What Is a Person?Unexamined
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A Question of Characterneed help for my dragonbornNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Wolves of MaldeenUnexamined
Elf in the City!Unexamined
Good Name for a Spider CompanionUnexamined
Dwarven Battlerager MC(dabbling) into barb or shaman...Unexamined
Charge speed of 20Unexamined
The Moderate DruidUnexamined
Gimme RP tips for a Githyanki ArtificerUnexamined
HE Paladin (Tempus): help needed pleaseUnexamined
how would you do this old favorite of mineUnexamined
What is your familiar going to be like?Unexamined
He has HOW many daggers?!Unexamined
Fun Reskinning for a ShamanUnexamined
Re-imagining a concept: Do I want Kord or Tempus?Unexamined
Names For A Knightly OrderUnexamined
Background Ideas for a Doppleganger BardUnexamined
What is your Avenger's Oath?Unexamined
The Unified Forum Character Creation no 1Unexamined
First BloodUnexamined
Random Background Generator based on PHB2Unexamined
Character apotheosis - changing class through ritualUnexamined
Any one ever play a deliberate liability?Unexamined
Upgrading Dragon Shaman (v3.5 to V4)Unexamined
Looking for Design Help for Cleric of Fertility GoddessUnexamined
Prince Nuada from Hellboy 2Unexamined
Bugbear Bat'leth Brandy-SnifterUnexamined
Martial is the only mortal power?Unexamined
Collection of LimericksUnexamined
What is in a name?Unexamined
What do Paladins of Kord do?Unexamined
How would one become a shade?Unexamined
First character development advice.Unexamined
Magecraft 101Unexamined
"These spirits; they guide meteach me."Unexamined
1001 Swashbuckler Quips and TauntsUnexamined
Eladrin Adventurers?Unexamined
What Would A Devil Worshipper Do?Unexamined
Feedback pls!!Unexamined
Avenger of Avandra Race/Weapon/ParagonUnexamined
Deva Avenger(s) for 2 character per player gameUnexamined
Avenger Concept - Love to hear your thoughtsUnexamined
Changing hair/skin color through magical meansUnexamined
Character background: FEEDBACK!! plzzUnexamined
More backgrounds than you can shake a schtick at!Unexamined
Cool Character Concepts...Unexamined
Demi-God come backUnexamined
Barbarian used for Pirate?Unexamined
1001 characters based on their Paragon Paths and Epic DestiniesUnexamined
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I'm so lost!Unexamined
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Evil-Fighting BandUnexamined
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My First D&D CharacterUnexamined
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First Character Background - Feedback PleaseUnexamined
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Alt. fluffUnexamined
Where's Gregor Mendel When You Need Him?Unexamined
Bardic Inspiration WantedUnexamined
Barbarian roll playing conceptlil help maybe?Unexamined
Playing ChildrenUnexamined
Countless LivesCountless Failures Part 1Unexamined
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Trying to decide on a godUnexamined
Legendary warrior helpUnexamined
I want to make an openly Gay Villian.Unexamined
A Question of HeightWeight and Body ShapeNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Foundations of Erathis ExpeditionUnexamined
Barbarian background PEACHUnexamined
Career Choices; or How can I not kill my party?Unexamined
Name a Doppelganger!Unexamined
Magi Conceptneeds Development and ExecutionUnexamined
Spear and shield A Lotro warden Inspired char ideaUnexamined
Name A SongPick A CharacterUnexamined
My first character everall over again....Unexamined
At a loss with character backstory...Unexamined
Class and Race Combo for HadesUnexamined
A Dwarf too harsh for a neutral campaign?Unexamined
Complete: A genasi pirate warlord conceptUnexamined
Background Randomizer?Unexamined
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Into the depths of insanityUnexamined
Developing an Avenger of TempusUnexamined
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Sir Father Donnovan: Invoker of the Silver FlameUnexamined
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Longest back story EVER!Unexamined
Playing An Ubemensch: "I Have A Destiny. It Is One That I Shall Forge Myself."Unexamined
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Build a robotUnexamined
Backgrounds to share.Unexamined
A Deadpool-esque characterUnexamined
Flavor questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
question about character born blindNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Rate my BackgroundUnexamined
Tenets of an Avenger of the Raven Queenincluding the Shadar-KaiUnexamined
How do you play a truly magical wizard?Unexamined
My Backgroundinput appreciatedUnexamined
Need help making my final decision on a direction for my half-orc rogue...Unexamined
Royalty Backstory HelpUnexamined
background helpUnexamined
How do you Calculate Age in Moons?Unexamined
Years awayUnexamined
Gotte catch them all! Shaman AnimalUnexamined
Devout of ...Sehanine?Unexamined
Darth Maul Ranger or Tempest?Unexamined
Help with a name for my character...Unexamined
Bard rapperneeds motivation for adv.Unexamined
I made my pact... With my god.Unexamined
Battlemage ConceptUnexamined
Cultist of Cthulhu (Tharizdun)Unexamined
Verbal components for wizard spellsUnexamined
Fun stuff for a generic drow rogueUnexamined
Kitsune character.Unexamined
Most Thematic Epic Destiny for a Summoning WizardUnexamined
Help with my LFR elven ranger?Unexamined
photoshopped a character portrait? lets see it.Unexamined
More info on the Raven Queen?Unexamined
Holy Symbol of Avandra?Unexamined
Ioun: any good sources of info?Unexamined
not sure if this goes here...Unexamined
Help for a reason why these characters met and are adventuringUnexamined
A different way to Roleplay a Warlock PackUnexamined
The spoilerful story telling threadUnexamined
Power reflavoring: Rock and heavy metal themUnexamined
What wording on a Wish could turn someone into an Arcane Eye familiar?Unexamined
Character Level UpUnexamined
Ideas for SuffixesTitlesSurnames?Unexamined
St. Cuthbert questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Kalani of the South: a female goliath wardenUnexamined
How Does Your Warlock Curse?Unexamined
1001 "Road Not Taken" Character ConceptsUnexamined
Random cultural quirksUnexamined
Character Portraits Compilation of ImagesUnexamined
"Emo" Dwarf?Unexamined
Goliath ShamanBackground critique please.Unexamined
What does your familiar look like?Unexamined
Multiple-Personality/Elemental FuryUnexamined
Drow Sorc?Unexamined
Half-Orc SwordmageUnexamined
J'DevrayHalf-Drow WarlockUnexamined
Forum minds are better than one ... hopefullyUnexamined
Half-Orc "Protector" need help with ideasUnexamined
Bluffingbull****and being caught.Unexamined
delete - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenUnexamined
What Class Am I?Unexamined
Sapphire- Deva Storm SorceressUnexamined
FR Background HelpPleaseUnexamined
Background Question... Two Worlds?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DEDEDE-01: Dwarven-Engineered Dual Eudyptula Death EngineUnexamined
Forging a God [PEACH]Unexamined
"Holy epic backstory!"Unexamined
I need help making 4th edition characterUnexamined
Old Gnome BardUnexamined
101 isolated humansUnexamined
An excercise in 4E-ing charactersUnexamined
Class Reference PointsUnexamined
World breakers and other catastrophes.Unexamined
Looking for a HawkUnexamined
New w/ No ClueUnexamined
Name for a Knight?Unexamined
Any art of the various Familiars?Unexamined
Duchess Margetta RondUnexamined
Wandering DevaUnexamined
AmisThe Deva AvengerUnexamined
Help with a Monkey King -MonkUnexamined
Gnome BackstoryUnexamined
AC for a blackguardUnexamined
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Eladrin Quadruplets?Unexamined
Human ClericUnexamined
Convert this Avenger of Lolth to the Raven Queen!Unexamined
Lt. Cmdr. DataUnexamined
New character - need help with class and other detailsUnexamined
What do you do in your rituals?Unexamined
making my concept into a realityUnexamined
My Character. How is he?Unexamined
Actual stats for ready-to-play charactersUnexamined
New player wants input on this charUnexamined
Doppelganger - How to pass off a shape change?Unexamined
3e to 4e conversionUnexamined
MtG Planewalkers as PC.... - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
list of wild shape formsUnexamined
Ice age wizardUnexamined
Hard time with AvengerUnexamined
Felix PriceDetectiveUnexamined
Eldritch Strike volleyball?Unexamined
NPC developement help: The NoblesUnexamined
Wild Magic Sorcerer's Daily LifeUnexamined
New Half-ElfUnexamined
Avenger BehaviorUnexamined
Need help making aUnexamined
[Eberron] Monk/Shifter/Ex-Pit Fighter SlaveUnexamined
I have a druid idea-Unexamined
Need a good Paragon class for Ranger/Rogue MCUnexamined
[DELETED] - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenUnexamined
a bladeling deserterUnexamined
A bard called by any other nameUnexamined
The Gods and Their WorshipersUnexamined
Questions on ClericsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
An idea for a Avenger....Unexamined
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let there be gnomesUnexamined
Warforged Warden - L1 and the LagrangiansUnexamined
Level 3 Dungeon Delve - Party Suggestions NeededUnexamined
Trying out some concepts before committingUnexamined
Help with creating toonUnexamined
My pactI need help figuring out what she has agreed toUnexamined
DDI Character BuilderUnexamined
Character Concept: White Lotus Student looking for a Co-opUnexamined
Invoker... need help figuring itUnexamined
Goliath: Leaving the tribeUnexamined
The Girl and the Ghost: A Reflavored Shaman ConceptUnexamined
Songs for a Bard....Unexamined
Conflict- A Warforged BackstoryUnexamined
Deva DramaUnexamined
High Dexterity Dwarf - what does it look like?Unexamined
"As if killing the Bard impresses us..."Unexamined
Roleplaying a Swashbucklerand how would you react to this?Unexamined
Relle Hellrazerthe Zealous AssassinUnexamined
I want to name my female Avenger of Bahamut "Seven but I can't figure out howUnexamined
Need help making a char!Unexamined
MalaciaDrow Avenger of LolthUnexamined
Intercharacter Relationships DiscussionUnexamined
Aramil and IneraUnexamined
A typical Race/Class/ConceptUnexamined
Hirelings/Other Characters as FamiliarsUnexamined
RPing a Goliath?Unexamined
Newb Question for character creationNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help! Avenger character concept and backround story!Unexamined
Looking for just the right mini...Unexamined
Azwraith the Phantom Lancer (is it possible?)Unexamined
Help with my dwarven shaman...Unexamined
Which class is more appropriate?Unexamined
What about AFTER the famous campaign?Unexamined
Chaos Sorcerer rolls for his personality...Unexamined
Changeling Sorceror conceptUnexamined
What's a good way to make names?Unexamined
The Lord of Bladesthe Mournelandand YOU!Unexamined
A new Race idea for a social intesive gameUnexamined
Need tips for my bipolar/split personality chaos sorcerorUnexamined
What drives your RP moreSkill scores or Attribute scores?Unexamined
Dhampyr PC DesignsUnexamined
need help creating a swashbucklerUnexamined
1001 things your party does not want to hear you say.Unexamined
Aging & diseaseUnexamined
Champions of Warfare (Where do I go from here? And what do you reccommend? striker?)Unexamined
Changeling Paladin of The TravellerUnexamined
What are the most roleplaying oriented feats?Unexamined
Warforged brothersUnexamined
Suggestions for companion's name?Unexamined
Character design/ Concept WorkUnexamined
Shenn Swiftstrike - The Story of an Eladrin WarlordUnexamined
Characters as Discrete EntitiesUnexamined
Elessar CalanorHuman NobleUnexamined
1001 Bardic PhrasesUnexamined
The Minstrel Knight's SongUnexamined
What's the best Class/Race for a DMPC?Unexamined
Warlocks Pacts (part II)Unexamined
Goliath Hero (Long)Unexamined
Some help with an idea pleaseUnexamined
New To 4th ED: Creating A Gnome PCUnexamined
Gracilea half?! dwarf battleragerUnexamined
adventur hooks for the DM in my backgroundUnexamined
Keira ShavaHalf-Elf WizardUnexamined
What does Primordial sound like?Unexamined
Playing a Lawful Good Paladin w/o The Stick Up ButtUnexamined
GarlMinotaur PaladinUnexamined
Aurendil Lithiriel - Dark Pact WarlockUnexamined
Shaman BackgroundUnexamined
Kazimír NicolauHuman RangerUnexamined
1001 Warforged Character ConceptsUnexamined
Minotaur HumorUnexamined
Dragon ComplexUnexamined
Who do you think this is?Unexamined
Question about retraining...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I'm having difficulty RPing as a Changeling...Unexamined
Blaster knock aroundUnexamined
Helping my Players DevelopUnexamined
Justify Me!Unexamined
What happend to the Monk CaracterUnexamined
Visualizing an Overwhelming ChargeUnexamined
Opinions: Warforged Warden storyUnexamined
ALL things Dwarven 4EUnexamined
Are Barbarians Barbaric?Unexamined
Life Siphon...Victim of its name?Unexamined
Rogues: Just thieves?Unexamined
Barbarian Goliathsand Paladins of Odin. O my.Unexamined
genasi Swordmage - why leave the City of Brass?Unexamined
What is this character's class? (Warning: Long Post)Unexamined
Familiar Quirks/PassivenessUnexamined
Alchemist vs. RitualistUnexamined
stumped on background...Unexamined
Aberrant/Flesh Shaper Swordmage: how to keep the theme with the spells?Unexamined
My Dborn Cleric of the RQ; Questionscommentsconcerns?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I Need Help Picking a Class.Unexamined
How would a world run by elves be different?Unexamined
1001 Good Character NamesUnexamined
FFT Character CreationUnexamined
Help Me With a Character Concept (Drow Rogue)Unexamined
What Personality Would Sigil Have?Unexamined
Thoughts for my NPC.Unexamined
requesting a brainstormUnexamined
Need advice on a personality for my character!Unexamined
Ideas for BBEG quotesUnexamined
Name A CharacterPick A SongUnexamined
First Character HelpUnexamined
Tiefling names: so hard to come by!Unexamined
Safe Haven For SlavesUnexamined
1001 Personal Favorite CharactersUnexamined
The Mechanics of MagicUnexamined
Need a last name for a dwarfUnexamined
Comics / Cartoons -> D&DUnexamined
back-story help!Unexamined
Hag tutelage equals which class?Unexamined
Party ThemesUnexamined
Refluffing something into 'smartness'Unexamined
Death in WinterUnexamined
Urbanizing a BarbarianUnexamined
Disney & DragonsUnexamined
Dark Six InvokerUnexamined
1001 hyms for paladins to sing in combat.Unexamined
HaelirinMy Drow PC Background: Help Wanted!Unexamined
Swordmaster and Character ViewerUnexamined
songs/rhymes for bardish RPUnexamined
Solar Enemy-Is this right?Unexamined
How's my Gnome Rogue's background look? Any holes?Unexamined
Disguise KitsUnexamined
Start posting your ideas for Dark Sun Characters!Unexamined
Gimme something to draw.Unexamined
Armor Proficiencies???Unexamined
Reflavouring adviceUnexamined
Spirit Companions for Athasian ShamansUnexamined
Archlich REALLY ruleZ so badly?Unexamined
Rosario+vampire char builds would like some helpUnexamined
Half-Elf Perscient BardUnexamined
Mounted WizardUnexamined
Villain: Kerethar Rikath Arathalethe Last Ruestli (PEACH)Unexamined
quick QuestionPlease helpNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Race Fluffing?Unexamined
Looking for the perfect miniatureUnexamined
Eladrindiana JonesUnexamined
Astrology in my campaign - the zodiacUnexamined
Need Help with a Character BackgroundUnexamined
MYOM: Make Your Own MiniaturesUnexamined
Question for you...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I want to play a CowboyUnexamined
Multiclassing without concept conflictUnexamined
Kalashtar ClericUnexamined
Genasi Personalities...Unexamined
Half-elf rogueUnexamined
skill challengesUnexamined
Grade-A-Character: Bhim The Unfallen (Atoner Extraordinaire)Unexamined
Fighter|Ranger build sugestionsUnexamined
Story Party Concepts!Unexamined
Any help would be much appreciated.Unexamined
Halfling from WheloonUnexamined
Kalashtarover motherly pacifist healer.Unexamined
Kalashtar Male DruidUnexamined
Deva Shaman character ideasUnexamined
Need help fleshing out a character...Unexamined
Error - User-ask-to-deleteNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
RP Question: Playing a Good Guy Who Thinks The Sith Had The Right IdeaNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
RP Question: Playing a Good Guy Who Thinks The Sith Had The Right IdeaNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What is your Warlock's Curse?Unexamined
Aspiring DM trying to flesh out villian details according to rulesUnexamined
My Barbadin (Barbarian/Paladin Hybrid) Lvl 15Unexamined
My Shadar-Kai Avenger/Warden Tank Lvl 15Unexamined
My Uber Rogue(Rogue/Ranger Hybrid)Unexamined
Deva Wizard (Controller)Unexamined
Could a deva be reborn at high level?Unexamined
Making a Vanhellsing esque Rangerneed help.Unexamined
Dancer in the Darknessmy BBEGUnexamined
Medium CavelryUnexamined
Ideas for party of WatchmenUnexamined
Classic character: Eladrin Wizard lv10 come take a lookUnexamined
To be or not to be a KalashtarUnexamined
Halgir HighpeakDwarven WardenUnexamined
radiant necrotic character needs to choose a class and a believable background!!Unexamined
4th Edition Alignment: What is it good for?Unexamined
Desperately Seeking ClericUnexamined
Human Paladin of Corellon in Returned AbeirUnexamined
Lets play the nemesis game!Unexamined
Knight CatchphraseUnexamined
4e noob: weapon proficiency featUnexamined
Hi. About HPsconstitutionand gain.Unexamined
The Crazy Cat LadyUnexamined
I'm a NinjaBELIEVE IT!Unexamined
Looking for a particular portrait please helpUnexamined
Divine Character of ArcanaUndeath& WildernessUnexamined
Background for an Elven Avenger of Shar?Unexamined
Your group compositionUnexamined
Scarecrow classUnexamined
Shards of Alara based charsUnexamined
The classic dwarven little clanUnexamined
Whats a druid to do?Unexamined
The adventuring moments you remember forever...Unexamined
Reincarnating from raksasha back to deva?Unexamined
Best class... Can You Really Determine That?Unexamined
Character Origin StoriesUnexamined
Character FlightUnexamined
Drow BarbarianUnexamined
Creating a character conceptUnexamined
Suggestions on how to improve the concept/What's fail about it/Why I should just end it nowUnexamined
kenku humorUnexamined
Bal'afae the SorceressUnexamined
Do my stats match my character? Aaaand...Unexamined
Party Optimization: Your Party & YouUnexamined
Cons and trickeryUnexamined
Let me see if I have this right....Unexamined
Help me come up with an Invoker concept!Unexamined
Fill out our evil party with a RevenantUnexamined
Bardic commentary: quotestauntsjokesetcUnexamined
Fighter w/ranged weapon helpUnexamined
An idea I hadUnexamined
Best support classUnexamined
3E Race needs 4E background.Unexamined
Am I bending to many of the rules for fluff?Unexamined
Playing an average characterUnexamined
I want to make a swashbuckler / pirate Human rogue?Unexamined
Psion = Wu-jenMonk = EgoistUnexamined
Ideas for Sorceror spell source origins.Unexamined
Bringing back the deadUnexamined
Need help streamlining my character's backstoryUnexamined
Paladin of Corellon. Help this make some kind of sense.Unexamined
player Wants Cthulu-esque characterUnexamined
Stat my CharacterUnexamined
Cultural Games of D&DUnexamined
Why I would NOT want to see a martial controller. (hear me out)Unexamined
RP ideas for half-orc barbarian.Unexamined
the goodthe betterthe flawedUnexamined
Changing from a Shifter Druid to Invoker ingameUnexamined
Need help with an organization's nameUnexamined
One step to the side.Unexamined
Drow Assassin Character Dev.Unexamined
Grrr! You dont get the Necromancer!Unexamined
Help identify this picture?Unexamined
(Female) Shifter ImagesUnexamined
Big Guy and RustyUnexamined
need some help with warlock fluffUnexamined
Pixie/Fairy race for 4th edition - Need help finding/buildingUnexamined
The Mercykillers: Reflavoured Into Agents of The Raven QueenUnexamined
Need some help describing a feat modified powerUnexamined
Looking for character builds that would compare to an MTG PlaneswalkerUnexamined
MC MonkUnexamined
Familiars and swordmagesUnexamined
Skill Fit for a Servant/BodyguardUnexamined
Zara: Property of Gadic ZaneUnexamined
Half-orc Tharashk Gatekeeper MONKUnexamined
The Witcher lookalike characterUnexamined
Blessed/Curse Dwarven FighterUnexamined
Question about character creation: Regional benefit & backgroundNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Vampire - A visual conceptUnexamined
Deva Wizard - Requesting CritiqueUnexamined
Firesoul Genasisleep outside?Unexamined
Need help fleshing out character.Unexamined
Thorgrim Tantalus (Warforged Warden)Unexamined
Koméa Kalashtar Pacifist ClericUnexamined
Rek AshmaneGnoll Hero (Assassin)Unexamined
Bard/MC Warlock backgroundUnexamined
Cheshire Cat - Changeling AssassinUnexamined
High Con + Low Str = ?Unexamined
Need (lots of) help to flesh out a concept - the dominatrixUnexamined
Ranger: BeastmasterUnexamined
Character Personality Development - blog and pollUnexamined
Character Development and Roleplaying: The FoundationUnexamined
Epic backstories for complete Badass characters.Unexamined
Concept: The Black LanternUnexamined
Shield Design & House CrestUnexamined
I want to make a character like DC Vertigo's The SandmanUnexamined
Berserk - Gatsu Based Character HelpUnexamined
ZaeGithzerai DruidUnexamined
Dragonborn EatingUnexamined
Anyone know any fun classes?Unexamined
Shaman Flavor helpUnexamined
Good tavern songs?Unexamined
undead character?Unexamined
noob ? on a class/raceUnexamined
Not sure what to do with dwarf barb - need help.Unexamined
Power Source Unity Group - need ideas!Unexamined
magical item to raise charisma?Unexamined
Need help with in-game character growth - long read aheadUnexamined
Where did the monk class go?Unexamined
Need help picking new class...Unexamined
Need help with conceptUnexamined
10000 Companions/Wildshape OptionsUnexamined
Difficulty CheckUnexamined
Voidsoul GenasiA Psychic ManifestationUnexamined
Ancient Warforged BackgroundUnexamined
Help with a Dwarf Geomancer(swarm druid)Unexamined
Dragonborn Chaos SorcererUnexamined
Tempest fighter feat questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Does a warlock outgrow his pact?Unexamined
help us with our group name!!Unexamined
Human Artful Dodger RogueUnexamined
Becoming a Dragon?Unexamined
my first ever pen and paper characterUnexamined
Need help with Hospitaler fluff!Unexamined
How to reflavor a Wizard into a Faustian?Unexamined
Watersoul Genasi Swordmage - background (long post)Unexamined
Whats your Backstory?Unexamined
Where is the psionic telepath threadUnexamined
Interested in making my own classUnexamined
new and lostUnexamined
Voidsoul Hybrid Swordmage|Wizard...Shielding or Assault?Unexamined
Reaper's ApprenticeUnexamined
Need some helpUnexamined
4th ED LVL 11 character equipmentUnexamined
Eberron DragonbornUnexamined
Straining character developmentUnexamined
The Dwarven Giant (Help Needed)Unexamined
New to the game need advice on a rogue buildUnexamined
assistance with an aspect.Unexamined
Revenent Dragonborn thunderborn barbarianUnexamined
Dual Wielding Medweaponsneed help plzUnexamined
Designing a female Dragonborn Rogue. Development Ideas?Unexamined
Nightmare Weaver and Warlock PactsUnexamined
Question about featsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Lovecraftian PactsUnexamined
How do I turn my character idea into a mechanically sound PC?Unexamined
NihilHuman Revenant Assassin (Backstory & Build)Unexamined
Mixed-up DwarfUnexamined
What does a longtooth shifter look like while in the shift?Unexamined
How would you build it?Unexamined
Druid gardensUnexamined
Need input : Infernal Pact Warlock's relationship to Devils and DemonsUnexamined
not completely understanding to OP that goes along with rangersUnexamined
Wizard With Connections to The MobUnexamined
Who was your homage character and why?Unexamined
How Does This Martial Power "Pull"Unexamined
Post a portraitget a character conceptUnexamined
Shaman Build QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Naztharune Rakshasa character suggestions.Unexamined
Useful Character Creation Link - Name WebsiteUnexamined
Weeping Mayflower: Half Elf Druid of the Western LeavesUnexamined
Punchinello: Curious JesterUnexamined
Looking for feedback on conversion from 3.5 to 4.0Unexamined
The "All for OneOne for All" MomentUnexamined
Elf Defender ideas?Unexamined
Self Forged?Unexamined
Ohthat guy is so veryvery bad at his job. . .Unexamined
Help Printing JournalsUnexamined
Can you tell me why character builder says this is houseruled?Unexamined
Can you not mix and match?Unexamined
Need Help Fleshing out Backstory - The StormsoulUnexamined
Suggest tells for a DeceiverUnexamined
trying to make a golden sun buildUnexamined
Player Character Adoption AgencyUnexamined
Dwarf Battlerager (Berserker Style)Unexamined
A player wants to be a werewolfUnexamined
Need help for an Egyptian Pharaoh Style Character .Unexamined
Odd invokerUnexamined
Destructive wizardry featUnexamined
A god Character................wait hear me out.....Unexamined
Help with backstory for a Dragonborn in FaerunUnexamined
Two personalities - one playerUnexamined
Elf RangerFollower of the Raven Queen - Any ideas?Unexamined
Spell cast at randomUnexamined
Help with a Willy Wonka BardUnexamined
[Workshop] GattsThe Black SwordsmanUnexamined
Drow pacifist healer cleric of SuneUnexamined
A gith in a Xenophobic world...Unexamined
Trickster rogue?Unexamined
Need help with a good-aligned warforged rogueUnexamined
Character Bio Ahoy! -Post your character!Unexamined
Creating a monkunsure...Unexamined
Non-Over used Drow Background?Unexamined
Idea: Desert druid?Unexamined
Swashbuckler: Rogue or....?Unexamined
Hybrid Druid/RangerBeast formUnexamined
Stealth shamanUnexamined
Tara: Helpless Herbalist Turned Amnesiac AdventurerUnexamined
Can't Find My VoiceUnexamined
Minotaur ArcherUnexamined
Deva Shaman (Stalker Spirit)/Disciple of the World Serpent/Fang of the World SerpentUnexamined
Looking for ideas for new characterUnexamined
character growth or storyline details?Unexamined
Beriah Spawn Of DagonUnexamined
Sailor Maiden (Moon): the InvokerUnexamined
A Razorclaw Shifter Storyline and Homemade DietyUnexamined
Fleshing out a Shield Dwarf FighterUnexamined
Fortune-tellers as charactersUnexamined
Cursed with a Dreadfulyet Wonderful ScarUnexamined
Yoda in DnD4E?Unexamined
Ideas for a Star Pact cultUnexamined
A Druid Background for an upcoming gameUnexamined
Flesh out this Pally - opinions and adviceUnexamined
Raised by GoblinsUnexamined
Knight of TearsUnexamined
What class should he be?Unexamined
some charator ideas from my groupUnexamined
The Alchemist/Witch (Seeker)Unexamined
Fey Wolf vs. Primal WolfUnexamined
Playing an Assassin using a Rogue cover storyUnexamined
Bluffing: AdviceTipsand StoriesUnexamined
fleshing out my sorceress can anyone helpUnexamined
paladin schoolUnexamined
Hat of Binding - a more traditional Arcane Implement for WizardsUnexamined
Rogue and related skills.Unexamined
Prescience Bards and their BowsUnexamined
Translating Stats into RoleplayingUnexamined
The Scrivener: A Lexicon of EvilUnexamined
Character Themes - Help requiredUnexamined
A Knightly CodeUnexamined
Kisame Hoshigaki - Aby ibdeas?Unexamined
The GatekeepersUnexamined
cutthroat rangerUnexamined
what you think?Unexamined
WrathMy bleach esc Character.Unexamined
Avenger of Sune Background Help: Love + Avenging = ??Unexamined
Wizard identity crisisUnexamined
Losing one's wayUnexamined
Quick Character Development IdeaUnexamined
Flavor story for a new characterwhat do you think? *long*Unexamined
party theme: the 4 horsemenUnexamined
Amoth Reborn (Development)Unexamined
Spirit's BladeUnexamined
The raven's voice: help with a concept?Unexamined
Terrathe Warlord|ShamanUnexamined
Which race is the most "hi tech"?Unexamined
Wilden Swarm DruidUnexamined
Starting Powers helpUnexamined
Honest to Goodness Reasons to Nerf YourselfUnexamined
Drow borthers adventuring on surface...Fleshing out backgroundUnexamined
Making Non-Humans Truly InhumanUnexamined
i cant remember where i found this paragon path.Unexamined
Need some help with a CharacterUnexamined
What is that beautiful woman doing with all the old witch's things!?Unexamined
The Fey-TeamUnexamined
Wanting to find out if there will be a Succubus PC class in 4th Ed?Unexamined
4e Half-Elf Two-Weapon Fighting Stormwarden RangerUnexamined
Choosing between two character ideasUnexamined
Bess the Landlord's DaughterUnexamined
Magic as TechnologyUnexamined
Help needed with getting my group to RP moreUnexamined
Tonk The Orc FighterUnexamined
Suggestions for an Ilidari Demon HunterUnexamined
The Field Medic: Dream or Plausibility?Unexamined
I need help charting basic infoUnexamined
Helpmy Character needs a retcon.Unexamined
Who's the crazy plant lady?Unexamined
Modifying a pictureUnexamined
First Character HelpUnexamined
Creating a Bard for the first time: RitualsUnexamined
Absolutely Stuck on a Character -- Help?Unexamined
Mary SueUnexamined
Rogue inspirationUnexamined
Language Suggestion for WarlockUnexamined
Walking armoury fighter - where to hold all the weapons?Unexamined
Lydiathe halfling paladin of LoveUnexamined
Looking for Mutt-race! (Elf-Orc Hybrids?)Unexamined
A Deva who's ready to leve the gods behindUnexamined
Build help? - A face stealerUnexamined
Requesting Assistance: 2 Characters1 ChoiceUnexamined
Just Curious How You All Start Making a CharacterUnexamined
If Julia Child were a D&D characterwhat class would you make her?Unexamined
Help group of 9 personsUnexamined
Seeking Lore on Razorclaw ShiftersUnexamined
Seeking Lore; Vistani & DevourersUnexamined
Colourful Character Art...Unexamined
Omitting an Epic DestinyUnexamined
Doomsday preacher type NPC ideasUnexamined
Anyone have a Changeling background story?Unexamined
Help with battlecries?Unexamined
Will we ever see Feats affecting 'Teleportation' powers?Unexamined
Looking for Gnome Lore/IdeasUnexamined
Need lore for grown human character...Unexamined
Saviors from the ShadowfellUnexamined
thinking about making a warden- a little confused on a power.Unexamined
Those darn half-orcs!Unexamined
What class should Rikku beFFXUnexamined
How do I roll play an ArdentUnexamined
I hate names.Unexamined
An all Drow party. How can we make this crazy?Unexamined
Need help combining a player's character concepts into one cohesive idea.Unexamined
Revenant Miniature?Unexamined
What does "Life Thane Rage" look like?Unexamined
Development question for Goliath Shaman and D&D lore on phoenixesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
4e PHB / Points of Light - pantheon inspired cursesUnexamined
Help me choose my character portrait/path for an elf invoker.Unexamined
The Ragman (title fixedsorry about that)Unexamined
How would you roleplay a Vistani?Unexamined
new to DnDUnexamined
Racial slurs neededUnexamined
Monk of KelemvorUnexamined
The HumanUnexamined
ideas for My FutureUnexamined
Deegan Fletcher - Lvl2 Human MonkUnexamined
Am I the only one that would use something like this?Unexamined
Random Funny City Goings onUnexamined
Racial Forge - Character Development QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
New PlayerHave Some Questions About CharactersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Name for my cannibalistic thri-kreen:Unexamined
Cleric Channel Divinity featureUnexamined
Need some help with a character concept- Divine insanityUnexamined
Runes and You!Unexamined
Fleshing out a GodUnexamined
Half-Orc & Orc Expressions/Phrases/Curses in Eberron.Unexamined
What IS psionic magic?Unexamined
Women Monk Pictures/PhotosUnexamined
Character-izing my ancestor?Unexamined
Gnome Paladin DeityUnexamined
Working out a Monastic OrderUnexamined
Character HelpUnexamined
Guardian of the Forest... Druid or Warden?Unexamined
What would this character be? (Race and Class)Unexamined
Kitzzk "Kick" - Goblin Assassin (Background)Unexamined
Chaos Sorcerer Origins- Need Help.Unexamined
Psionoic MinotaurUnexamined
Creative ways for a low-level bard to make money.Unexamined
THe mini projectUnexamined
Arcane Trickster backstory tipsUnexamined
Custom Character PortratitsUnexamined
Best class for a solo game?Unexamined
Deva Avenger MiniUnexamined
Critique my out-of-combat trickster. Level-6ChangelingHybrid Psion WizardUnexamined
Prevention of Optimization FocusUnexamined
Help on coming up with background information for East Asian Civilizations in D&DUnexamined
Lawful Good Paladin that still can deceiveUnexamined
What makes a character "fun"?Unexamined
Background and Flavour for the Averna HB RaceUnexamined
Samurai character conceptUnexamined
Racial heights and weightsUnexamined
What to multiclass into?Unexamined
A God With the Trickery and Arcane DomainUnexamined
A secret character motivationUnexamined
Young Goliath Chief/BarbarianUnexamined
What class is a wizard-hunter?Unexamined
Understanding your character by understanding yourself. Player Motivation Inventory.Unexamined
Free Character Concepts (pliz steal)Unexamined
Seeker concept?Unexamined
Need advice developing my concept...Unexamined
Monsters as PCsUnexamined
Dwarven expressionsproverbssayings and prayersUnexamined
I hope that one race and Goddess is readded!Unexamined
Creating and Developing Your Character's StoryUnexamined
Requesting some Role playing advice...Unexamined
Easy reference chart listing character's powers?Unexamined
Playing your character and not #$%@ing the partyUnexamined
Do you give races specific accents?Unexamined
Why do Devas have genders?Unexamined
Lady of the Labyrinth: A minotaur goddessUnexamined
What music do you associate a class to?Unexamined
Angel of start night (cant deside a class)Unexamined
BardicWizardlyand other forms of magic - Is there a difference?Unexamined
Need advice for a monk conceptUnexamined
Runepriest where art thou?Unexamined
Rewarding non-optimized buildsUnexamined
When do u think they we release the April update for the character builder?Unexamined
How does a Runepriests throw runes?Unexamined
How do you roleplay your Warlord?Unexamined
The Language AbyssalUnexamined
Naive Warlock Fey vs. DemonUnexamined
Making LightningUnexamined
Telling the difference between my human and a dwarf?Unexamined
Character Challenge: Playing as yourselfUnexamined
Character Concept: Cleric CallahanUnexamined
What do you think my character SOUNDS like? (Themesongs)Unexamined
My Gensei FighterUnexamined
Bad-ass things to say before killing peopleUnexamined
Custom Warforged bodyUnexamined
Half elf-dryadUnexamined
First character conceptneed helpUnexamined
Role-playing with a time limitUnexamined
Help with Swashbuckler concept.Unexamined
what do you guys think of tieflings?Unexamined
Forgotten Realms - City/town with vampire/undead problems?Unexamined
Questions About Changelings!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need help with my Paladin going DeathknightUnexamined
Mercenary Company - Players not limited to one characterUnexamined
My Dragonborn wants Wings and a TailUnexamined
A Deity for my InvokerUnexamined
Eladrin Warlock destined for LichdomUnexamined
Genasi Dual Elements?Unexamined
Want to create John Hartigan (Sin City).Unexamined
How to build a returned GodkingUnexamined
Druid and WitchUnexamined
Character Concept "The Crow"Unexamined
Advice for my sea faring Monk/Fighter hybridUnexamined
Barbarian BuildUnexamined
Deity DilemnaUnexamined
My Character Idea- Early Developement HelpUnexamined
Haunted One: A Psion/Shaman HybridUnexamined
Character Concept : "Riddick"Unexamined
A background for review.Unexamined
FR deity for an unaligned assassin?Unexamined
Avenger of SuneUnexamined
Bringing DeadPool to 4eneed suggestionsUnexamined
Ice-themed paladin ideas?Unexamined
My Wizard ConceptUnexamined
Is my Warden's background too vanilla?Unexamined
The Fey Messiah- Character ConceptUnexamined
Player's Handbook 2Unexamined
Who knows how to do the convert the Succubi to a PC race in 4th Ed D&D?Unexamined
question on assassins?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Feats for a Peter Lorre-like gnomish starlockUnexamined
Gray guard paladin who's lawful good - ideas neededUnexamined
Drow storyline help?Unexamined
What's in a nameUnexamined
How to roleplay an excellent leader?Unexamined
In need of a good conflictinner or outer (long post/story)Unexamined
Playing a chracter with multiple campaigns/Gm'sUnexamined
Custom Character PortraitsUnexamined
Suggest a 15th-level Arcane character to use in upcoming gameUnexamined
How do I facilitate character development in my players?Unexamined
Does this feat exist?Unexamined
Playing a 4th edition VampireUnexamined
The Self-Reproaching DevaUnexamined
Cryomantic Summoner Wizard - need help with flavoringUnexamined
Elf Life SpansUnexamined
assassin/warlock backgroundUnexamined
Playing as a dragon...Unexamined
Knight of the CrossUnexamined
Psion agent/spyUnexamined
My Half Elf Ranger: Need Help!!!Unexamined
Characters Based on Song LyricsUnexamined
Eladrin raised by HumansUnexamined
Want your opinion on my characterUnexamined
How to further develop my character?Unexamined
Swordmage/Warlock - Need helpUnexamined
Dragonlance original Trilogy in 4eUnexamined
help me expand a one-note joke into a real characterUnexamined
Are kalashtar indistinguishable from humans?Unexamined
Minotaur Barby HalpUnexamined
The DetectiveUnexamined
Role Playing Guid for Kalashtar?Unexamined
Comment on my CharacterUnexamined
Drow sorcerer western motifUnexamined
Substitute for Anubis?Unexamined
Need help making this character concept into a playable character.Unexamined
Religious GithzeraiUnexamined
Looking for help characterizing a DruidUnexamined
Avast! M'Pirate.Unexamined
Not your stereotypical DragonbornUnexamined
half-dragon backstory ideasUnexamined
Warforged BattleVigor Fighter buildUnexamined
Can a thrall ever be normal again?Unexamined
INT = Rational/Mathematical IntellectWIS = Communicative/Verbal Intellect?Unexamined
Replacing Alignment with Character ValuesUnexamined
Help! I suck at this!Unexamined
how do you role-play bard songs in combat?Unexamined
Seeking spells for a "Warlock" NecromancerUnexamined
Looking for a certain gnoll pic for a character portrait...Unexamined
serge from chrono cross any ideas?Unexamined
Would like some imput on my Character.Unexamined
Dragonborn Rage magelooking for some help.Unexamined
Paladin; PersonalityUnexamined
Which class for this character concept?Unexamined
Blind Monk CharacterUnexamined
Anyone familiar with Les Misérables?Unexamined
out of body experienceUnexamined
Malcolm Reynolds from the TV series "Firefly"Unexamined
Re-fluff bow propertyUnexamined
can i have a kobold character in 4th addition?Unexamined
Problematic vigilante changeling monkUnexamined
Another Elarin Raised by another race....opinions? Ideas?Unexamined
What does your weapon say about you?Unexamined
Roleplaying from Avenger|Cleric to Avenger/ClericUnexamined
Improving my backgroundstory: Githzerai Artificer|WizardUnexamined
4e Wild Mage TableUnexamined
Dragon rider.Unexamined
Silly BackstoryUnexamined
Help me find a mini!Unexamined
Opinions Wanted: Forces of Light/Dark CharacterUnexamined
Character Concept - Ichigo Kurosakifrom the anime BleachUnexamined
Lovingly Crafted Characters -- Post Your Background!Unexamined
The Doctor (Doctor Who)Unexamined
Looking for a suitable mini!Unexamined
Ironman - how to build?Unexamined
Help with Group of Shadowfell Antagonists and Group DynamicUnexamined
Drunken master warlordUnexamined
Power selection guided by Role PlayUnexamined
The Astral Dragon. (Kalastar Monk)Unexamined
Saint Seiya FansUnexamined
Little backstory about my characterUnexamined
Encounters charactersUnexamined
Tiefling Drow?Unexamined
Character Artwork (Image heavy)Unexamined
Tiefling WardenUnexamined
Sorcerer inspired by JAGS Wonderland: How to do it?Unexamined
Change Spellscarred to a theme?Unexamined
Help me choose my spirit companionUnexamined
Warlocks and their PatronsUnexamined
1001 reasons to make a bad choiceUnexamined
Warrior . . . Poet?Unexamined
1001 tricks for an evil-aligned DMUnexamined
A Dragonborn Cleric stands before you...Unexamined
About to start my first 4e campaign. Need to develop a background.Unexamined
"Did you see that?!?!"Unexamined
A Dark Paladin of a Lawful Good DeityUnexamined
Need help refluffing monk powersUnexamined
The Social-Engineer-Trickster-Lucky-Son-of-a-GunUnexamined
Vicious MockeryUnexamined
Characters and there WeaponsUnexamined
Dual Wielding Two Handers?Unexamined
Help to find a class for me...Unexamined
Skeak (from Player's Strategy Guide page 144)Unexamined
Hybrid Fighter/WizardUnexamined
Help w/ Background: Feywild / Nature AvengerUnexamined
What class am I?Unexamined
Goliath SorcererUnexamined
The PHB3 class concept/fictional character threadUnexamined
Trying to make a playable centaurUnexamined
How to Build: UrzaUnexamined
What should I call my characters weapon?Unexamined
Concept: The TricksterUnexamined
Arms of Unbreakable Armor SetUnexamined
Grizzthe Bugbear Barbearian - Background helpUnexamined
Project: AsuraUnexamined
Want to build a character based on Guilty Gear's Bridget; anyone know how?Unexamined
Where am I from?Unexamined
Sierra ir'Kheldian (Eberron Resourceful Warlord)Unexamined
No familiar fits with my idea :(Unexamined
An Eladrin Noble in the Winter CourtUnexamined
A slightly stupid questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Mr. and Mrs. Darkmagic were skeptical when their son James expressed an interest in the arcane artsUnexamined
Avid RPer With a Less-Than-Encouraging GroupUnexamined
Vadalis Griffen riderUnexamined
Character SongsUnexamined
dragonborn colors?Unexamined
Undead Wish ?????? 19th Level Wight Fighter was human.Unexamined
Opinions/Input on this Dark Sun PC Back StoryUnexamined
after 20 yearsI'm out of ideas- help?Unexamined
Coolest moment in my DND historyUnexamined
DnD newbie needs your help designing a social changeling striker.Unexamined
A Belief in Fate QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help pick my class/race!Unexamined
Sell me a cleric.... Inspire MeUnexamined
She's a WitchUnexamined
Race life spans...?Unexamined
Paladins and AurasUnexamined
What is Your Warlock's Curse?Unexamined
Raven Queen and Epic DestiniesUnexamined
Nature influenced Bard?Unexamined
My clerics background *its my first one*Unexamined
New player here and writing up a Gnoll's backstoryUnexamined
Need help with PC characterUnexamined
Foxface's Comprehensive Race/Class Combination Compilation project! Starting with the ClericUnexamined
The Man With No NameUnexamined
How are you handling Dark Pact Warlocks?Unexamined
Mechanics of Knife JugglingUnexamined
Best spells for a hybrid Artificer/SwordmageUnexamined
LFR Swordmage/Artificer ideasUnexamined
Roleplaying with a time limitUnexamined
Alignment Choice For "End Justifies The Means"Unexamined
Reflavoring the BarbarianUnexamined
New campaign starting - need a healer build with thievery - doable?Unexamined
Elven age timeline?Unexamined
Warforged Components and Standard Items?Unexamined
DW shields possible?Unexamined
Playing God(s)Unexamined
Help Warlord and Warlock TwinsUnexamined
genasi earthsoul monk backgroundUnexamined
Having trouble with a ranger in my group - advice pleaseUnexamined
Shardmind... Bard?Unexamined
A love connectionUnexamined
Need something....frustratingUnexamined
Fleshing It OutUnexamined
Bit of help with a MonkUnexamined
Character Background and ED reflavor?Unexamined
Twisted Quantum Leap CharacterUnexamined
Valenar "Jaeldira" BackgroundUnexamined
Siamese-twin ShardmindUnexamined
Help my GnomeUnexamined
Diclonus-style killer; how to make one?Unexamined
Souls for my Master -- Revenant Tiefling WarlockUnexamined
Please help me come up with a curse for my characterUnexamined
In-game Insults and SwearsUnexamined
Character Inmersrion TechniqueUnexamined
How do I gain spirit bond from seeker and keep my archer ranger's two wepon status at lvl 2?Unexamined
Embracing the Madness- Foulborn Kalashtar ArdentUnexamined
Hit girl?Unexamined
Deva Goblin?Unexamined
Making a Barbarian more interestingUnexamined
Pact Initiate helpUnexamined
Managing the "Prescience" of a Prescient BardUnexamined
Character Background Story - Using Narrative.Unexamined
Playing a warlock build as a monsterUnexamined
Need background helpUnexamined
Stairs to Siberys and other Eberron songsUnexamined
Re-flavored ES Warden...silly?Unexamined
Dead Gods (Dragon Article)Unexamined
The Darkness of CivilizationUnexamined
diety for a shepardUnexamined
Kobold quirksUnexamined
The druid that wanted to be a wizardUnexamined
What's the name of your adventuring company?Unexamined
The Twins (Need help with 4th edition FR character ideas)Unexamined
PC Twin background help neededUnexamined
New characterhelp to BG and personalityUnexamined
Help me with a Thri-kreen Druid in DSUnexamined
Firesoul Genasi Character PortraitUnexamined
Building Characters: What helps or hinders youUnexamined
Need help brainstorming NPC'sUnexamined
Legendary Sovereign ideasUnexamined
Assassin Backstory in DSUnexamined
what's an eladrin to do?Unexamined
What is your tool and why?Unexamined
Item for RPUnexamined
Making a dragonUnexamined
"Necromekanician" Artificer: Need advice on powersUnexamined
Character progression - Alternative RulesUnexamined
What class do You think this is?Unexamined
Replace MBAUnexamined
Need help picking a race and classUnexamined
vampire heritageUnexamined
How can I make a ninja from Naruto in DND 4e?Unexamined
Caller for the DeadUnexamined
Night angelUnexamined
Build that character!Unexamined
To mess with my character or not?Unexamined
Lost: Dwarven Artificerresponds to Adrikcarries handcannonUnexamined
CaelumRunepriest to the Stars (Character Background)Unexamined
How can I motivate my players?Unexamined
first char in a year want to build a witchUnexamined
I need mutations!Unexamined
Githzerai NamesUnexamined
How to build: NightcrawlerUnexamined
How would you make Galen Marek/ StarkillerUnexamined
Undead and Vampire HunterUnexamined
The story of Sarnokh Akamvyr (Background of my new Drow Monk)Unexamined
What literary or cinematic characters could be called an Ardent?Unexamined
New Player Looking for Some Background HelpUnexamined
Where to draw the line.Unexamined
Revenant's UndeadUnexamined
Need some help with a summoner's personalityUnexamined
Bonded BrothersUnexamined
Dynamic Flavors for Swordmage PowersUnexamined
ranged fighter?Unexamined
In The Name of the King: Optimizing a Sorcerer-Pact Warlock for use in EberronUnexamined
To take inspiration from Deadlands and make a Huckster; any advice?Unexamined
armor proficiencyUnexamined
Warforged MonkUnexamined
How to lawfulUnexamined
Sherlock-like characterUnexamined
Vampiric Assassin and Duelist RogueUnexamined
Kalashtar twins?Unexamined
Alchemist ArtificerUnexamined
Name for characterorganization.Unexamined
creating a thug type of characterUnexamined
My AvengerUnexamined
Dragon souled leader of BahamutUnexamined
4e Mass Effect PowersUnexamined
Challenge: Good Lore for a very complex character. WarforgedUnexamined
How to do this?? (1/3 god??)Unexamined
Ultimate character!Unexamined
Evil Poetry NeededUnexamined
Changeling Trader AlignmentUnexamined
How to play my goliath sorcererUnexamined
Roleplaying an Evil HeroUnexamined
Ideas for a RPing Half Elf/Fiend Paladin?Unexamined
Building a rogue - FeatsUnexamined
Kukri/dagger fighter need help with classUnexamined
Race for my War Wizard?Unexamined
Getting Started Creating A Custome Character?Unexamined
Name our party!Unexamined
Being badass goodUnexamined
What's a good opera language to sing in?Unexamined
Background tips for a Half-Orc Brutal Scoundrel/Warlock Evermeet WarlockUnexamined
making a character for eberroncan someone help me?Unexamined
If Jay and Silent Bob were D&D characters...Unexamined
Ability Test?Unexamined
Weapon Master Character - getting startedUnexamined
I can't get my Monk to be effective.Unexamined
"Masking" a Deity of a ClericUnexamined
How much GP to buy a tavern?Unexamined
The ArchfeyUnexamined
A very complex Alignment question. (What alignment is this character?)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Background and some interesting quotes for a wild chaos sorcererUnexamined
Seeing through a ChangelingUnexamined
Jenn - half-elf rogueUnexamined
Avenger: Roleplaying vs MechanicsUnexamined
Seeking opinions on half-elf warlockUnexamined
Epic Destiny VignetteUnexamined
Plaguesoul Genasi as a Plaguemaster; any suggestions for class?Unexamined
Ultimate VillianUnexamined
Rubbish with a Short Sword but would still use one?Unexamined
losing my religion or something like thatUnexamined
Resources for information on FR magical traditions?Unexamined
Cowardice or Bravery?Unexamined
Coloring a Psion/MC BardUnexamined
Psionic awakeningany ideas?Unexamined
MAGE/WIZZARD - totally confusedUnexamined
What class makes the best beautician?Unexamined
I need some suggestions for character changeUnexamined
Ephese - Character backgroundUnexamined
Looking for some visualsUnexamined
3.5 to 4EUnexamined
Dragonborn Fire AdeptUnexamined
Assassain's creed 3.0 what is the optimum class for such a charUnexamined
Who else uses songs as a source for character development?Unexamined
Illustriel - Character backgroundUnexamined
Character Design Help.Unexamined
First taste - MalbursUnexamined
Kalma - character backgroundUnexamined
"Bad Cop" Avenger of ErathisUnexamined
What Power is This? Mechanics to Roleplaying.Unexamined
Playing a Good-Aligned (Prospective) Dark LordUnexamined
Creation of a Death KnightUnexamined
Ravaaga Thansczil - Character backgroundUnexamined
A Dawn Obsessed DrowUnexamined
Shardmind shardslayer backgroundUnexamined
The Primal SpiritsUnexamined
Feedback Sought: Introduction of Dragonmarks into DarksunUnexamined
Hybrid-classed Warlock/Monk; what powers are most thematic?Unexamined
The Order of the Triad- Venture BrothersUnexamined
New player needs guidance to get a little closer to the dark sideUnexamined
So...I want to make Link from Legend of ZeldaUnexamined
"The Haft" I have to kill drow nowUnexamined
Looking for improved Battlemind fluffUnexamined
Dragonborn Hexblade ... need ideas for backstoryUnexamined
Soul reaversUnexamined
Limits on changing power flavorUnexamined
Advice on how to role-play a Solar.Unexamined
earwig lockpicker vs tasslehoff burrfootUnexamined
Need Back StoryUnexamined
Dark Sun + Genasi?Unexamined
Criticism on my "Cursed" Feyblade characterUnexamined
group project? katar rougeUnexamined
Hybrid ClericUnexamined
How to be the party's FaceUnexamined
crafting a Succubus themed Tiefling charUnexamined
Playing a physical coward...Unexamined
NihilasRevenant Infernal Hexblade (need your comments)Unexamined
Sophisticated GnollUnexamined
Our Current Partyand NPCsUnexamined
Help me fit a Defender concept: Bastard Knight from HellUnexamined
Dealing with evil party members o.OUnexamined
Dragon #394 article: Reflavoring PowersUnexamined
Character Idea: The Unwilling CainUnexamined
Some character concepts; want some help figuring out detailsUnexamined
Vampire featsUnexamined
Need help with background for a Shaman.Unexamined
What would be a good class for Scruffy the Janitor (from Futurama)?Unexamined
Character Picture FinderUnexamined
Spy related backgrounds?Unexamined
Yuki-onna Samurai(class help thread)Unexamined
Wild Shape - What Does My Druid Turn Into?Unexamined
Question on a specific creatureNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
annoyed with DMUnexamined
How do you deal with having killed your travel companion?Unexamined
How would you build a WoW enhancement style shaman in 4e?Unexamined
D&D movie Villain contest - Char Dev must win!Unexamined
Monks and mountsAn unusual request from a playerUnexamined
I happen to love RPing the Succubus and also anthro's, just wanting to know if Wizards will be makeing them pc race'sUnexamined
I'm new to D&D. Trying to build a Hexblade.Unexamined
race possible? shadar-kai/eledrinUnexamined
Am I asking for too much?Unexamined
Tiefling paladin or Tiefling avenger ???Unexamined
Just looking to see what people think..Unexamined
Need Help with workign on a Swordmage BackgroundUnexamined
Conjurer RPUnexamined
Backstory helpUnexamined
Lady of fateUnexamined
Any ideas for an interesting Humanoid?Unexamined
Looking for a Tinker or Gadgeteer classUnexamined
crafting SakuyaUnexamined
Stormwarden lore?Unexamined
Ursula from Breath of Fire?Unexamined
Ballet DancerUnexamined
Refluffing powers for Tiefling "Horror" DruidUnexamined
Interesting concepts for a Half Elf Starpact Warlock?Unexamined
Writing a DruidJournalsBackgroundsand HistoryUnexamined
Cleric with summon monster?Unexamined
Art Collection: Dragons that aren't silly :PUnexamined
Level 1-30 hexbladeUnexamined
'Super awesome background of win'Unexamined
Help needed: Evermeet Warlock/PaladinUnexamined
"Grim Reaper" type characterUnexamined
the alchemist in concept phaseUnexamined
ThorGod of ThunderUnexamined
Human Rogue with a Religious ProblemUnexamined
When You're Evil...Unexamined
Blind characterUnexamined
Halfling Ranger That Wants to Use a GreatbowUnexamined
Plot Hooks: The RightThe Wrongand The Whoa There!Unexamined
Character Builder CustomizationUnexamined
Player dealing with problem players (sort of)Unexamined
Not feeling my characterUnexamined
HEROE'S GALLERY: Gulmph Phus GulUnexamined
HEROE'S GALLERY: SnearUnexamined
HEROE'S GALLERY: NhaaqiUnexamined
Forging the horseman:WarUnexamined
City outside of the Nentir ValeUnexamined
Quin QuillUnexamined
DragonBorn WarlordUnexamined
Including old characters as NPCsUnexamined
Looking for help in developing a character (Half-Elf Rogue)Unexamined
Queens of the night(class sugestion request)Unexamined
Need help making this characterUnexamined
Can a Paladin be a GladiatorUnexamined
The sainted Knight-commander of CorellonUnexamined
Help optimizing a new character.Unexamined
Dwarven Summoner?Unexamined
Monk basic attack better than at wills?Unexamined
DS Character Concepts Needed!Unexamined
Bezerker how should i make one?Unexamined
Default Naming a characterneed help (20 int artificer/warlord)Unexamined
developing my exiled warlord's backgroundUnexamined
Mapping my character's home (please help)Unexamined
What is a dragon?Building to the perfect "dragon" pcUnexamined
Playing An Underdark NativeUnexamined
Fortune Cards and Role-PlayingUnexamined
not sure if this has been done yetUnexamined
A slow descent into madnessUnexamined
HEROE'S GALLERY: SierrahUnexamined
First 4e Campaign - Goliath WarlordUnexamined
Dwarven taleUnexamined
You Probably Haven't Heard of ThemThey're Pretty Obscure: In-Universe Band NamesUnexamined
A Goliath Artificer and worshipping the Raven QueenUnexamined
Shifter Druid mannerismsUnexamined
Thief turned Paladin. How to?Unexamined
Who is your Deva?Unexamined
How'd they get togetherUnexamined
Campaign Journal of a Wandering MercenaryUnexamined
hybrid wizard/sorcerer that thinks he's just a normal wizardUnexamined
Running a Longtooth WardenUnexamined
Need advice on background for human barbarianUnexamined
Need some Names here people!Unexamined
Vampire Player CharacterUnexamined
Dragon age type Dwarven barbarianUnexamined
Kalatash & Elan at odds?Unexamined
How to explain a Mul in a non-dark sun setting?Unexamined
Dark Sun Ranger BackgroundUnexamined
Help name my character!Unexamined
Flavouring the monk questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Familiar as a fighter?Unexamined
Equiping staff implements?Unexamined
A "what should I play" threadUnexamined
Help Requested: Fleshing out my Deva RoleplayingUnexamined
Character Creation Mixup... newbieUnexamined
Avenger of KelemvorUnexamined
difficulty creating a characterUnexamined
gnome in a mechUnexamined
So'Kath - Githzerai runepriest|psion/swordmade/dreamwalkerUnexamined
I have almost no idea what to play. Help please.Unexamined
How would you build?Unexamined
Sneaky Kobold protecting the group. But why?Unexamined
D&D character builder for shifters and goliaths? And wizard ?Unexamined
How to roleplay a Sorcerer|Paladin hybrid?Unexamined
Githzerai Monk|DruidUnexamined
Helping giving a Character a 'Biblical feel'Unexamined
In-game occupations for sorcerers?Unexamined
Need a build to go with my conceptUnexamined
Ice fairy of valorUnexamined
An evil pacifistUnexamined
reflavoring powers.Unexamined
Picture hunt!Unexamined
Roleplaying an InvokerUnexamined
My problem with Good and Eviland proposal for a Third Axis.Unexamined
need help with making Hawke from Dragon Age 2Unexamined
Storm Sorceress origins...Unexamined
Racial SlursUnexamined
Element based on Emotional StateUnexamined
Ovid11th lvl SeekerMC PP (Constructive comments only)Unexamined
Help with a Character Design based on this pic.Unexamined
How many arrows you allow your character to load?Unexamined
Help New to 4EUnexamined
So I died and am rebornUnexamined
The Lycanthrope ClassUnexamined
The Rivaini Duelist-shadow (dragon age 2)Unexamined
Personalty of a charactor type?Unexamined
NPC key character helpUnexamined
Questions about druidsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
In-World JokesUnexamined
Pirate Crew: What classes should we do?Unexamined
monks and armor questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
HEROES GALLERY: Borowen GreywolfUnexamined
Need Help Picking Skills for a Wizard.Unexamined
Bearer of an Heirloom...Unexamined
Horror groupUnexamined
Help me make a Djinni kin scimitar dervish type- l dream of jeanie with an attidudeUnexamined
Drawing the New Generations of HerosUnexamined
The phoenix of the sun and moonUnexamined
I need a 4e compatible characterUnexamined
Wizard typeUnexamined
Can't find shields in Character CreaterUnexamined
on reflavouringUnexamined
Naming helpUnexamined
Reflavoring a bard as a lichboundUnexamined
Dragon #397 article: Henchmen and HirelingsUnexamined
Converting the Silver Tarot Deck from Dragon Warrior/Quest 4Unexamined
Making a character to play and write abouthunting down background resources.Unexamined
Naming ProblemUnexamined
A Little Help NeededUnexamined
The Little Dragonborn That CouldUnexamined
Refluffing Guide/CollectionUnexamined
Simple request: names for a male minotaur battlemindUnexamined
Avenger DilemmaUnexamined
Character BackgroundUnexamined
Seeking Chain MiniatureUnexamined
Seeking Female Goliath MiniatureUnexamined
So a clericwardendruidavengerand mage walk into a bar....Unexamined
Brawny RogueUnexamined
Ideas For A Not So Holy MonkUnexamined
Josef Schwarz - Dwarven Leg-BreakerUnexamined
Best builds for a classic 4 player group?Unexamined
Class for Vigilante/Bounty Hunter Character?Unexamined
Dont Know What to PickUnexamined
Reflavoring to Adventuring MonstersUnexamined
Vampire in Insider character creation?Unexamined
Rate my Avenger!Unexamined
Slave or Former Slave CharactersUnexamined
Becibiess O'Vala - Halfling Bravura WarlordUnexamined
Synical Swordmaster? ;)Unexamined
Chaotic-Good Pirate?Unexamined
Talmorethe Hedge WizardUnexamined
Melletov - Vryloka PaladinUnexamined
Vampire Back StoryUnexamined
Disquising Arcane MagicUnexamined
Personality and how to roleplay a battle-cleric of TempusUnexamined
Bugbear Blackguard backstory?Unexamined
Strange backstoriesUnexamined
Kalashtar Dark Pact WarlockUnexamined
Non-hippy druid helpUnexamined
Vampire-vampire-vampires are old...Unexamined
Naming WeaponsUnexamined
Sergeant KarchWarlord/Paladin hybridUnexamined
Character PortraitsUnexamined
Changeling - Cleric/PsionUnexamined
Newbie Question about making a RangerNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Making an Assassin; This is NOT my strengthUnexamined
Hybrid for a new campaign.Unexamined
Vampire/Paladin SymbiosisUnexamined
Cleric of VecnaUnexamined
Genasi and a classUnexamined
Dragon 399 Article: Heroes of Nature and Lore -- new themes! (not just for Dark Sun)Unexamined
D&D Encounters Dhampire KnightUnexamined
Looking for a wizard specUnexamined
Looking for a wizard specUnexamined
Is this doable just for fun?Unexamined
Who in their right mind would fight like that?Unexamined
please help roleplayingUnexamined
background helpUnexamined
Changeling Vampire BackstoryUnexamined
ideas/advice : Cian the human fey hexblade...Unexamined
Str wizardUnexamined
Sneaky MageUnexamined
Mage Knight helpUnexamined
Developing a character with a Vistani backgroundUnexamined
epic teir helpUnexamined
Shifter Avenger in need of backgroundUnexamined
Warforged ArtificerUnexamined
Need Help with Racial Stats and PowersUnexamined
Making Characters from EarthBoundUnexamined
Tiefling -Cunning Brad LVL 1 and a few noob questions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Percival Shielheart of the Last Legion: Backstory (would love feedback)Unexamined
Error in Thead FileNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Deva to Rakshasa...Need SuggestionsUnexamined
Orc Leader; Get up you slug!Unexamined
Heskan the Devilborn: Half DragonbornHalf Tiefling Infernal HexbladeUnexamined
Need help...Unexamined
So my girlfriend has a butterfly familierUnexamined
What ya think about thisgive some advice please and tyUnexamined
Dragonmarked IntorductionUnexamined
Are these real?Unexamined
Asking the Hard QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need a bit of help with backstorymine sucks =-pUnexamined
Character Builder LimitationsUnexamined
Question about Half-Changelings?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Holy paladin of Bahamut turned blackguardbeing a leet dragon riderUnexamined
4E Character Builder - Missing Ambush Tricks ?Unexamined
Alignment HelpUnexamined
Player with a WhipUnexamined
Dexter in EberronUnexamined
I need Helppretty please.Unexamined
what's my name?Unexamined
Any 3.5 Character developments?Unexamined
Vampires and sunlightUnexamined
Need help with smoothing some rough edges on FR characterUnexamined
Monk with Two ReligionsUnexamined
Cold DMG CharacterUnexamined
Converting a 3.5 barbarian/fighterhelpUnexamined
A Bear in Athas?Unexamined
Some questions about drowNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Making Gold coin PropsUnexamined
Sneaky Kobold Thiefideas!?Unexamined
Can anyone suggest a resource to help me role play a cavalier?Unexamined
Help with a PC conceptUnexamined
I want supernal for my characterUnexamined
Well Intentioned Extremists - A villian you could get behind!Unexamined
The opening to a storyUnexamined
Female halfling rogue from the dessert... and clueless about halflings in general.Unexamined
Dragon 400 Article: Born from Shadow (two new Shadow-based themes)Unexamined
Class Decision Help for the Fifth ManUnexamined
What should I do with my character's Minotaur clan?Unexamined
Interesting and fun character builds?Unexamined
In Search of a Deity.Unexamined
Kinda curious to a good tank buildUnexamined
Stupid question sorry to post againNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
game stats and roleplaying...Unexamined
Need suggestionsUnexamined
Class change for character around 5th level...Unexamined
Personality changes from a N.D.E.?Unexamined
Would you consider stealing and conning evil or neutral actions?I'm having an argument with my DM about thisand i'd like to here you oppinionThanksUnexamined
What crime did my character commit?Unexamined
Need some help thinking of a character flaw/quirkUnexamined
Ideas on where to take my guy from here?(Revanent Executioner)Unexamined
How about a [Make this character] game?Unexamined
Opinions on which Class for my Character IdeaUnexamined
an Aztec-themed drow - how to AVOID the Drizzt cloneUnexamined
My FIRST 4e Character...Need help!Unexamined
Character Themes: Non-Dark SunUnexamined
Need something SILLYUnexamined
Can a DM dictate an alignment change?Unexamined
Alignment - Any point to it?Unexamined
A Half-Orc in Dublin!Unexamined
Rapunzel - comments?Unexamined
No transmuter wizards in 4th Edition?Unexamined
Need background help/ideas for Half-Elf WardenUnexamined
Suggestions on my current storyUnexamined
How to Make a Medieval Political Social Climber?Unexamined
Hey everyone, I'm stuck. I, for the first time in my D&D career, cannot think of a name for my character.Ideas
From Concept to Character Sheet: Wizard?Unexamined
Using combat based for non-combat purposes.Unexamined
Using combat based powers for non-combat purposes.Unexamined
Survey: Do any of your characters have kids?Unexamined
in need of an imageUnexamined
Why are drow evil?Unexamined
Wizard/rouge hybridUnexamined
Eye Tyrants-Who has used them in their game?Unexamined
Building a charactertell me what you thinkUnexamined
Turn shifting into teleporting?Unexamined
Telporting that turns you invisible?Unexamined
Background Development Help: 1 Character2 Settings (Eberron and Nentir Vale) Ideas Needed!Unexamined
Drow primal swarm druidworking for BahumutUnexamined
HelloI am a Dwarf Fighter with a Napoleon Complex...Unexamined
Mysterious CharacterUnexamined
Need help with the 2nd part of a hybridUnexamined
Any advice/help for a newbie?Unexamined
what feats should a low level vampire have?Unexamined
Looking for some help with my backstoryUnexamined
Character Concept for a Halfling Thief in an Essentials CampaignUnexamined
Rogues who don't fit the stereotypeUnexamined
Best class for a Goblin Sapper/Demolitions Expert?Unexamined
Does a Knight have to be a Knight?Unexamined
How to get lucky?Unexamined
Anyway to make this work?Unexamined
First time helpUnexamined
Need Help Filling in the last roleUnexamined
Neverwinter questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A little help with RPing?Unexamined
(PEACH) A Wizard did it: help us flesh out our party's back story!Unexamined
Favorite Power Sourceand Why?Unexamined
Striker as first classAvenger?Unexamined
War Forged VampireUnexamined
3e Duskblade to 4e? Swordmage or Bladesinger?Unexamined
Stories of my Feyish Exploits and Details of my FeypactUnexamined
Helping my newbie come up with a character storyUnexamined
Help with mechanics to support concept - Vengeful Succubus (Tiefling Pyromancer/Enchanter)Unexamined
Weirdest Character You'ved RolledUnexamined
Need an Idea for Pivotal EventUnexamined
The Cursed Floating SpheresUnexamined
Mordenkainen's Magnificent EmporiumUnexamined
Looking for a good epic destiny. RP not CharOpUnexamined
Need some backstory on Bard'sUnexamined
Living with the moonUnexamined
Timeline for Iliyanbruen?Unexamined
Need help with Jester insultsUnexamined
Anyone have the same RP problems as me?Unexamined
Character Development SheetsUnexamined
Roleplaying a MinotaurUnexamined
I need a (semi) elemental personaUnexamined
FR Deities for a Tiefling AvengerUnexamined
Half-Orc Outlaw backround.Unexamined
neverwinter partyUnexamined
Store Bought Flavor Text is for Chumps*Unexamined
Background help.Unexamined
Changeling ArtificerUnexamined
Flavoring a Vryloka Blackguard for Science-Fitction type game.Unexamined
Divine quotes for PoL Deities?Unexamined
Need Help with Tabletop PersonaUnexamined
Cultist of FearUnexamined
Help me find the right class.Unexamined
Dragonlance CharactersUnexamined
My Dilemma with WizardsUnexamined
Trying to make a detectiveUnexamined
Improving RoleplayingUnexamined
Help with name for a DevaUnexamined
Morninglords In 4E?Unexamined
Travels of an avenger - or "What have I been doing for past two years?"Unexamined
Knights with military ranged.Unexamined
Are Battleminds telepathic?Unexamined
Custom Mystic/Psychic classUnexamined
Which God?Unexamined
Need help choosing familiar for Tiefling EnchanterUnexamined
help with my monkUnexamined
Fleshing out a Human Artificer/Swordmage (Hybrid)Unexamined
Arcane DefilingUnexamined
Thief Level 1 Daily Power?Unexamined
Paladin RoleplayingUnexamined
What is typical Bladesinger RP?Unexamined
How would I go about making this kind of Character?Unexamined
Storm Sorc quirks!Unexamined
Dwarf bear rider wielding a 2 handed or versitile axeUnexamined
Implementing Flavor into Game Mechanics for HexbladeUnexamined
Eberron Elf Artificer|Warlord helpUnexamined
Dragonborn Lineage "Golden One"Unexamined
Question of the 'Who' behind a character with ... interesting complicationsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Pet Classes?Unexamined
Rucks from BastionUnexamined
Help me choose my class please!Unexamined
Schizophrenic character in my campaignUnexamined
Making a Character!Unexamined
Aloof Warforged MonkUnexamined
Building a hapless characterUnexamined
Hellboy - need some assistanceUnexamined
Need more ideasUnexamined
Quarion Alys'Mar - Invoker of Wee JasUnexamined
Dwarf Warden Background HelpUnexamined
"Richard Cypher"-inspired ScoutUnexamined
Passion Knight and Choir of Hadar flavour ideasUnexamined
Amp your RP with some visuals.Unexamined
Follower of Oghma (or other Knowledge Deities)Unexamined
Bladesinger as Ninjathe Eladrin Ninjutsu TraditionUnexamined
Role of the VampireUnexamined
Brainstorming Ideas: A Dual Pact Warlock ConceptUnexamined
Rogue tipsUnexamined
A simple questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How about my bard/warlord?Unexamined
CB feature- allowing additional powers/featsUnexamined
NixChangeling Rogue/AssassinUnexamined
can u do master of shrouds(hybrid)Unexamined
Need DwarvesHalflingsand ElvesUnexamined
Almost A Homebrew Request: Asking For A P.E.A.C.H. For This New Class Idea's Draft. - Downloaded from the Wizards Communityall coding removed by SolaurenHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Self controlUnexamined
Tales of unfortunate characters.Unexamined
Cindersoul Swordmage/Warlock: Needing IdeasUnexamined
Character ArtistUnexamined
Brand New to D&DUnexamined
Merchant follower of WaukeenUnexamined
Roleplaying Barbarian RageUnexamined
3-man party helpUnexamined
Looking for a model for my demon form!Unexamined
How to act "Good"...Unexamined
How dumb is 8 Int?Unexamined
Medium Owlbear Mini?Unexamined
Child CharacterUnexamined
Half-Orc BladesingerUnexamined
How Often are Your Characters Orphans?Unexamined
Tennants of TiamatUnexamined
Help on Constructing a 'Lovecraftian Swordmage in Eberron'Unexamined
Kitsune CharacterUnexamined
Looking for ideas - Mul BattlemindUnexamined
Ever played a Gnoll PC?Unexamined
Stirge PCUnexamined
Female SatyrUnexamined
Barbarian to BerserkerUnexamined
Help! I'm losing chunks of my consciousnessUnexamined
MBA featsUnexamined
Using Wizard's Character builder....Unexamined
Minotaur PacifistUnexamined
Shifty master helpUnexamined
Arkthadethe Dragonborn Paladin!( Assistance Please...)Unexamined
Needs lots of help! Just starting: race and convincing backstory?Unexamined
How should I go about creating a compelling story for a martial kobold?Unexamined
New take on the ShamanUnexamined
When is a Gnome not a Gnome?Unexamined
Looking for someone who likes drawing?Unexamined
Build ***Slippery *** The ultimate infiltrator Changeling Bard/Chameleon/LoremasterUnexamined
Looking for fun character not optimizedUnexamined
Fey warlock with a dark past how to mechanically reresent this.Unexamined
Dragonborn breath weaponUnexamined
Sandsoul GenasiUnexamined
going from one race to another?Unexamined
4E BatmanUnexamined
Need some help picking a raceUnexamined
Forest/fey pcUnexamined
Quick Character ConceptsUnexamined
Story: Captian LasheiraUnexamined
Another new take on the Shaman.Unexamined
noob tubeUnexamined
Complete D&D noob requires help on many thingsUnexamined
God-Country-Corps NOT a flame war!Unexamined
Reflavoring Runepriests and Worried WarlordsUnexamined
Revenant Fire Hell'lock Warlock needs some background incl a Dark SecretUnexamined
Cold Turkey mechanical interpretation.Unexamined
The tales of Spiro AgnewUnexamined
How would an adventuring/travelling Dragon go about protecting his hoard?Unexamined
Character TrainingUnexamined
Is this character background story worth finishing?Unexamined
character maker missing items?Unexamined
Druid: Diablo 2 LoD Style.Unexamined
Gnome Practical JokesUnexamined
The Tale of Tal (gnome bard backstory)Unexamined
Can't choose Encounter or Daily powers in the Character builder.Unexamined
vistani seerUnexamined
Best school(s) for an evil mage to specalize in?Unexamined
Background Questions and Setting InfoNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Cyric's Madness Help?Unexamined
Alston the Master TinkererHuman ArtificerUnexamined
Story of RolanHalf-Elf Avenger of BaneUnexamined
Dragonborn pali who wishes to follow all the god exsept the evil ones.Unexamined
Gnix the Siege Fortress(Gnome Paladin Using Throwing Hammers)Unexamined
Voidsoul Vistani?Unexamined
Practical character flawsUnexamined
About Orc RaceUnexamined
Background Story HelpUnexamined
Elf or EldarinUnexamined
Elf or EldarinUnexamined
Matador Class?Unexamined
Seeking Thoughts & Input: ShamanUnexamined
Pixie Party: Themed Fun for Everyone!Unexamined
Silver Dragon PCUnexamined
Background HelpUnexamined
Interpreting Scores into CharacterizationUnexamined
Need some Input: Satyr HexbladeUnexamined
Trouble with Divine Backstories..Unexamined
Looking for downloadable 'bard-like' music suggestionsUnexamined
Need an idea fast...Unexamined
I need an evil fey creature which I can make into a unique enemyUnexamined
can someone please helpUnexamined
Ideas on how to rp surges and surge value?Unexamined
help for my background for my ninja who was a fighterUnexamined
God/God KillingUnexamined
Dragonborn to Deva (Cleric)Unexamined
Help naming a Halfling BardUnexamined
Character Background RunepriestUnexamined
Can someone help me with my PC development lvl 13Unexamined
Need help with my Eladrin Wizard's name.Unexamined
Paragon path suggestions?Unexamined
Necromancer and a DruidUnexamined
Tumnus the TentuvusRoyal Bard of Tintamar (and Beyond)Unexamined
Constantine and Dr Who what class or hybrid class would he be??Unexamined
Advice on a new character-aimUnexamined
Help with Background for a cheerful spirit assassin.Unexamined
Seeking aid with Invoker of the Raven QueenUnexamined
Looking for Epic Destiny....Unexamined
Storm Giant evil hunter? Does it work background wise?Unexamined
Opinions on my second characterUnexamined
The Thinking Mans Chaotic NeutralUnexamined
Umeqorm HunbirdaqkTwo soulsone body (monk/barbarian)Unexamined
Theme for a PsionUnexamined
Stats into background?Unexamined
Looking for build help...Unexamined
The Thinking Mans Chaotic EvilUnexamined
'Arcane Duelist' needs a cooler titleUnexamined
Dagnir: [Gnoll] [Assassin/Warlock Hybrid]Unexamined
Yuan-ti killerplease help meUnexamined
Alignment to the godsUnexamined
Fluffing a WeaponUnexamined
Help my Assassin!Unexamined
Gnome Mage Enchanter (Renegade Red Wizard) Please help me make my back story less boringUnexamined
Languages help?Unexamined
role playing a Thri-KreenUnexamined
What would be an appropriate class/build for this?Unexamined
Elemental Pixie Name?Unexamined
So I've become a shadeUnexamined
Wilden (Monk) BackstoryUnexamined
Halfling Con Artist/Chaos SorcerorUnexamined
The Thinking Mans Lawful NeutralUnexamined
Starting up an ArenaUnexamined
Gnome Skirmishing Warlord PsionUnexamined
Katekyo hitman Reborn D&D styleUnexamined
Returning player: Looking to build a "Frost" MageUnexamined
Dark Sun Animal Companion/Spirit Companions - what should they look like?Unexamined
need help with backstory for my warlockUnexamined
need help making story for friends PC Dragonslayer!Unexamined
Character Art QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Thinking Mans Lawful GoodUnexamined
a character in our campaign i'm trying to understandUnexamined
Rathos D'Cannith -- Character BackstoryUnexamined
creative character quirksUnexamined
Magikarp manthe perfect ninjaUnexamined
Thoughts on a Seeker/WerewolfUnexamined
4e Rakshasa PCUnexamined
4e hybrid avenger/assassin helpUnexamined
Character help with a hybrid avenger/assassinUnexamined
Help with Ardent is primary healerUnexamined
Eladrin CourtsUnexamined
background half demonUnexamined
Winter MageUnexamined
Blind seer as a PCideas?Unexamined
should I... aquatic elfUnexamined
Need a good pic for my characterUnexamined
PC Riding a mounthow to ?Unexamined
Animal Companions?Unexamined
LFR Backstory for Eladrin Bladesinger from SilverymoonUnexamined
Advice for Warlocks and HexbladesUnexamined
Necromancy as a PC?Unexamined
Necromancy as a PC?Unexamined
A Butcher as a PCmechanical suggestions and fluffUnexamined
Looking for a theme songUnexamined
Character builder questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Whip using PCmechanics n such.Unexamined
Assassin/Rogue MC rangerUnexamined
FR - Avenger of Torm?Unexamined
Developing this character: Interdimensional IntroductionUnexamined
disney themed characters?Unexamined
Background Info for Assassin/Executioner ChangelingUnexamined
Dwarf Barbarian for Lair AssaultUnexamined
Where to go with this background?Unexamined
Baja's warforged fighter: CutsUnexamined
Any good backgrounds for characters?Unexamined
Help with a Ranger of the Night's WatchUnexamined
Becoming a better roleplayerUnexamined
Elves with crossbowsUnexamined
Need some imput from more experinced players on making a Fighter.Unexamined
A minotaur Paladin of BaphometUnexamined
Psion paragon path for a good alligned telepath?Unexamined
solo campaign WarlockUnexamined
Wizard (Mage)Unexamined
A Request For the WotC's Community's Entertainment.Unexamined
Dread Necromancer and Burning Necromancer Concepts and BuildsUnexamined
The Know-It-All BardUnexamined
Good Character Serving Evil God and Vice Versa?Unexamined
Help with background?Unexamined
Help me develop this characterUnexamined
Making A Paladin's List of Laws!Unexamined
Draconic AdoptionI need some help with this character.Unexamined
Motivation for a swarm of bugs.Unexamined
Looking for help with surnameUnexamined
PoL Cities of Intrigue?Unexamined
New player needs historyUnexamined
Help me with my WardenUnexamined
Quick BattlemindUnexamined
Ideas on creating a pyro/cryo/aceto/electro/sonomancerUnexamined
Classes from Player's Handbooks = Different classes from those of D&D Essentials?Unexamined
List of African Type RacesUnexamined
Need some photoshop help!Unexamined
Reskinning a Paragdon Path: Bard/Resourceful MagicianUnexamined
Shifter Warden/ClericUnexamined
Cleric of AsmodeusUnexamined
Character ArtUnexamined
Revanent WarlockUnexamined
Lorrick BaneUnexamined
Xark - Githzerai Avenger - Thoughts?Unexamined
When will howl at the moon material be in character builder?Unexamined
Help me make a Badass KobaldUnexamined
Question about CommissionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need help naming Mercenary OutfitUnexamined
KorgulHalf-Orc Mercenary.Unexamined
Pixie/Bard background helpUnexamined
Kitty Cat MonkSuggestions for back story?Unexamined
LansheeGoliath ExileUnexamined
Raven Knight doing Death's Reach moduleUnexamined
Unique character voicesUnexamined
What is oboulds armor stat-wise in 4e?Unexamined
Bard SongsUnexamined
Baja's warforged fighter: CutsUnexamined
Exalted Angel wings. (What would they look like?)Unexamined
Theme questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Artificer Creation ProblemsUnexamined
Building up a Wolfman (Not Werewolf or Halfling) and need some adviceUnexamined
Stories for PicturesUnexamined
The Bull Rush MageUnexamined
First Time Playeris Wizard a good choice?Unexamined
Infernal Pact patron aidUnexamined
Bad PixieUnexamined
Police inspector/constable characterUnexamined
Dirty Fighting questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Please Help flesh out an ideaUnexamined
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Chaotic Neutral WizardUnexamined
Goblin Barbarian Concept HelpUnexamined
Ranger companionUnexamined
Class CreationUnexamined
Spiked Chain fighter?Unexamined
Help me build my Study/LabratoryUnexamined
Just a dumb questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A few questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help creating a corrupted desert merchant characterUnexamined
I have the books and the DnD creators but curious about Pixie'sUnexamined
14th Level spellscarred characterUnexamined
Help Creating First characterUnexamined
Magic missle casting WHAT!Unexamined
Arcane missle whatUnexamined
PainWarforged BarbarianUnexamined
Ravnica Themed CampaignRole Play HeavyUnexamined
[Art] Forest War - Elven ArcherUnexamined
New to the Game and Some Questions About Making my First CharacterNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Two types of assassins?Unexamined
Need help with ebberon Goblin pc.Unexamined
Warforged Executioner: Needs some detailsUnexamined
Feywild questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Avengers of IounUnexamined
Thoughts on a background / feasible class for a one-armed characterUnexamined
[Art] Captain LehranUnexamined
Possible Minotaur Warlord?Unexamined
Hi. I'm new to D and D 4E and am having a difficult time figuring out how you calculate what your passive perception and passive insight areUnexamined
New to 4eneed help making a character suited to my RP style.Unexamined
Why am I a Lich?Unexamined
So i had some questions about possesion and character developmentNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Hybrid Sorcerer/DarklockUnexamined
My stone giant adventurer.Unexamined
My little black bookUnexamined
Evil PC"San exercise in righting interesting characters.Unexamined
Making a Celestial or Angelic Warlock (Pact)Unexamined
Raven Queen PaladinPlaying a StupidDitzy FollowerUnexamined
Brandis´ Initiative score?Unexamined
Mul SlaveUnexamined
Dragonborn or HumanUnexamined
Need advice for my Shardmind PsionUnexamined
Playing a Half-Drow / Half-EladrinUnexamined
Whoops - magically shape-changed myself!Unexamined
Neutral Good Paladin?Unexamined
Player dirty tricks and clever tacticsUnexamined
Warforged Wizard AlchemistUnexamined
Red box cleric ability helpUnexamined
Cleric implement damageUnexamined
Beginning player.Unexamined
3.5e character....SAND SHAPERUnexamined
What about Themes?Unexamined
Conceptual conversion?Unexamined
Fleshing out the Red AngelsUnexamined
Fleshing out a Human Swordmage.Unexamined
Race for my character's masterUnexamined
Storm sorcerer which Deity to worship?Unexamined
Dandy half-orcUnexamined
Fleshing out a hybrid Sentinel/ClericUnexamined
Character concept not evolving! Please help! (Lots of textbut could be worth it for you. :) )Unexamined
Opinions of the Monk and Psion classes?Unexamined
Elemental pact stuffUnexamined
Flavor/fluff terms for psionic usersUnexamined
Brainstorm for blue slaad character concept? [actually 3.5]Unexamined
Warlock QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
lending a creative helping handUnexamined
Very Newb Question - Level 3 PowerNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Trawling for IdeasUnexamined
Multiple Personality disorderUnexamined
Fey-touched and Half FeyUnexamined
Help me make Justicar from the Paul Kidd novelsUnexamined
Batman flavored leaderUnexamined
I made a journal for my Warforged Wizard. Please tell me if it is interesting!Unexamined
Weird Married CouplesUnexamined
Who is this guy?Unexamined
New D&D Player- Help with character Dev-Lvl 4 AssassinUnexamined
Asher (divine warforged invoker mc avenger)Unexamined
Stone Giant Half-Dragon Help (3.5)Unexamined
Background SuggestionUnexamined
Gates of MalsperanzeUnexamined
Companion Creature that can be reflavored as a "henchman"Unexamined
New artist to the D&D community: Tips?Unexamined
Suitable deity for a warlockUnexamined
DND best/funnest classUnexamined
Plot Points and RelativesUnexamined
Psion power Psychic Anomaly questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Ardent Multiclassing to HexbladeconfusionUnexamined
I need somone to draw my guys.Unexamined
Storm Dragon Paragon PathUnexamined
How to make a Necromancer?Unexamined
Relative D&D Newcomerneed some help with background. Help?Unexamined
Suggestions for Dwarf Battlemind BackgroundUnexamined
Skills and levellingUnexamined
Books advancing DruidsUnexamined
Issue with back story. Any ideas?Unexamined
Fallen Angel CharacterUnexamined
Superior Implement Training not working in Character Gen tool? or am I doing something wrong?Unexamined
Skill Power feat past level 2Unexamined
4E (Passive Support) Cleric of the Raven QueenUnexamined
Two characters from vauge statsUnexamined
base attack bonus in "DnD essentials" guidesUnexamined
Suggestions for my Svirfneblin DruidUnexamined
First time playing an evil characterUnexamined
Running a god's errands/original classUnexamined
Bioshock-Big Daddy CharacterUnexamined
Champion of the Parish Character BackstoryUnexamined
Shadar-Kai and ImmortalityUnexamined
To the Big CityUnexamined
4th Ed.Character Creation Help NeededUnexamined
Questions to spur character development and plot hooksNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
At What Point Is Too Much?Unexamined
Spirit Caller CharacterUnexamined
Power Ranger / Kamen Rider character ideas?Unexamined
Could use some help creating an darkmerciless good-guy (and acting like one)Unexamined
Making additional characters for/with the Red Box (for 12 year olds)Unexamined
Ideas behind creating a charactercan someone help :DUnexamined
Shadar-Kai (Avenger/Assassin/Rogue)Unexamined
How can i make my wizard an elemental wizard?Unexamined
how to build a high ad elementalist war-wizardUnexamined
Asmodeus-themed character helpUnexamined
Unique roleplaying...Unexamined
PC Monster Races?Unexamined
Name ideas for a Barbed Devil character? Help :(Unexamined
Making a New Monk (Crushing Ocean)Unexamined
Need help fleshing out a background for my Dragonborn Sorc.Unexamined
The Raven Queen and AnimismUnexamined
This Character seems too powerfuldid I do something wrongUnexamined
The Lawbringer versus Old FaithUnexamined
First Character EverUnexamined
GRAPPLE ENHANCEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!Unexamined
I need a PARROT!Unexamined
Party with a ClericPaladinand Avenger. Need help with RP differencesUnexamined
Toying with a pirate ideaUnexamined
Looking for a melee oriented leader: WarlordRunepriestor Ardent?Unexamined
High charismalow status. Can they be reconciled?Unexamined
Runepriest Runes vs. Artificer SigilsUnexamined
Gaze attacks?Unexamined
illithid and shardmindUnexamined
Creating SNES in 4EUnexamined
Most appropriate deity for a Berserker/barbarian?Unexamined
Deva become a ghost in DDM issue 420How?Unexamined
Dragonborn creationUnexamined
Drawing your Characters?Unexamined
Changeling Disguise: LimitsUnexamined
Void Genasi?Unexamined
Help with creating a Paladin?Unexamined
My Psion Swordmage Hybrid BuildUnexamined
Mandalorian warrior style?Unexamined
4e Tiefling deciding what class to choose. Help me decide!Unexamined
Insanity Chart?Unexamined
Any other options I missed for a more convincing 'succubus' PC?Unexamined
Looking for character ideas for new Greyhawk campaignUnexamined
Looking for Cool Pics of a Warmage/Bladesinger Type guy (NotUnexamined
Possible redeeming qualities for a know-it-all brat?Unexamined
mechanically inspiredUnexamined
Binder input?Unexamined
Not sure what Class to make. Advice please.Unexamined
One liners needed badlyUnexamined
Tempting an ExecutionerUnexamined
Never played Eberron... we all died prior to Last War... lost on character backgroundUnexamined
Paladin that can use his shield as a weapon?Unexamined
need a few more rp ideas for a female drow sniperUnexamined
Nentir Vale BackgroundsUnexamined
Combining Thief and ScoutUnexamined
[HELP WITH BG] Female human paladinUnexamined
Help with TWF HiDex Ranger / Rzrclaw ShifterUnexamined
Lyanthrope Playable characterUnexamined
Building an empireUnexamined
I want to play a heavily armored melee oriented holy warriorUnexamined
Flavor appropriate Themes for a Gnome Mage (Illusionist)?Unexamined
Playable Cadaver GolemUnexamined
Getting more into roleplayingUnexamined
Halfling Vampires: Do they enjoy food?Unexamined
Gnoll CE Ranger: JoryggUnexamined
12th level feat selection - Druid ProtectorUnexamined
Story ArchUnexamined
I am playing an Eladrin in a party full of elves...Unexamined
Pied PiperUnexamined
Multiple Personality Disorder ChangelingUnexamined
Half-elf Sorceror with rogue MCUnexamined
Character Stat Roll DescriptionUnexamined
Need help making a 4e characterbased around Sound.Unexamined
Dune CharacterUnexamined
Thoughts on my character :)Unexamined
Druid Wild Shape QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need Help Picking a ClassUnexamined
Help me choose a deity?Unexamined
Need help picking between Paladin and Battlemind for a Tiefling Infernal Prince.Unexamined
Need help with Lvl 50Unexamined
How to play a follower of Selûne?Unexamined
Picture editing help?Unexamined
Character backround roadblock-need ideasUnexamined
Eladrin Relationship AgesUnexamined
Bullywug BackroundUnexamined
How do I justify a Dragonborn Sorcerer that looks like a Human?Unexamined
How do you play your Deva?Unexamined
Drow personality developmentUnexamined
Who was your most fun/favorite character?Unexamined
Need help developing a character!Unexamined
Druid/Ranger HybridUnexamined
Is my "Vahar" a good Deva name.Unexamined
Any ideas story-wise and background-wise for a Thri Kreen warrior prince?Unexamined
Thoughts and suggestions on the back story/story of my Thri Kreen Warrior Prince Ranger? (long read)Unexamined
Sandman MercenariesUnexamined
NewHalfling CharacterUnexamined
Not sure if I'm doing it correctly :/Unexamined
Just your hands characterUnexamined
Celeb Class and RoleUnexamined
Character Help for Ex Pirate tunred a Cleric of KordUnexamined
Roleplaying based on character statsUnexamined
Pandora Hearts Protaganist HelpUnexamined
Hexblade Character Fluff? ;)Unexamined
Bob the MinotaurUnexamined
Drow SeekerUnexamined
Kalashtar paladin MC ArdentPath of LightUnexamined
HelpI want to start D&D but I have a specific hero in mind.Unexamined
[Help] Skyship Pirate CrewUnexamined
Is the Black guard limited in it's choices?Unexamined
Help me flesh out the backstory pleaseUnexamined
New player needs help making Character.Unexamined
have a conceptbut how do i create it?Unexamined
Evil Primal (Shaman) Goblin: Looking for execution optionsUnexamined
Psionic spy!Unexamined
2 Qs. most wizard PPmost generic PP.Unexamined
Essentials Ranger (Hunter) vs. other ControllersUnexamined
Help with creating a characterUnexamined
Race to reskin as Merperson in 4E?Unexamined
What Deity for a Cleric based on a Fire and Brimstone Preacher.Unexamined
Character Builder Crash?Unexamined
4e Weapon Roleplay QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Randomized Race + Class ChangeUnexamined
Help with character classUnexamined
Rogue Deity QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Warforged Paladin of RQneed adviceUnexamined
What do you guys think of a Rouge/Ranger HybridUnexamined
[Help] Chara sheet help.Unexamined
Little girl help ..sorry btwUnexamined
A Primordial 'Cleric' is that possible?Unexamined
Role playing a ShifterUnexamined
Please tell me what you thinkUnexamined
Need role play ideas for heresy(ish)Unexamined
Dragonborn PaladinTymanthergod(s) Worshiped?Unexamined
Battle Quotes Help!Unexamined
Killbot IdeasUnexamined
Roleplaying a MuteUnexamined
Tavern BrawlerUnexamined
What's Your Favorite Ten-Minute BackgroundUnexamined
Shadowhunter PCUnexamined
Mr. Calvertyou're well aware...Unexamined
My Masked ArtificerUnexamined
Trying to pick a class that would work with this backstoryUnexamined
Beta Character BackgroundUnexamined
Beta Character BackgroundUnexamined
Human Ranger/Seeker Hybridplease R&RUnexamined
Low level magic item for a melee ranger?Unexamined
Are the Character Design Guides Ever Going to be Fixed?Unexamined
Pixie miniature?Unexamined
Stats vs RPing (Charisma)Unexamined
Tak-Takformer Gladiator turned 'SargeUnexamined
Default Class Fluff turned on its ear.Unexamined
Where to go for cultural research?Unexamined
Races of the Past.Unexamined
Help with Character pathUnexamined
Help with Character DevelopmentUnexamined
Something cool for my old Cleric's OH?Unexamined
Drow backstory questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need Assistance from the Experts on a New Character BuildUnexamined
Net training (multi class net)Unexamined
Warlock patron: The Raven Queen?Unexamined
Diver fighterUnexamined
a god for an evil characterUnexamined
Need help with some ideas.Unexamined
Pre-Logging to Join GroupUnexamined
Changeling WarlockUnexamined
Shaping her up a little moreUnexamined
Please help me build my lever 6 characterUnexamined
FR/Moonshae backstory helpUnexamined
Vampire questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Multiclass questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
This should be easy but....Unexamined
New characterUnexamined
Dragonborn Bard...Unexamined
Hexblade RetoolingUnexamined
[Eberron] Drow AvengerUnexamined
Artificer FamiliarUnexamined
help trying to build a ent 4eUnexamined
Size issuesUnexamined
Building a Character - HELPUnexamined
Background story of Simone ForestiUnexamined
From Concept to RealityUnexamined
4e Dune Trader ThemeUnexamined
Convinced a party member tried to kill me. Need RP ideas.Unexamined
Fastest Possible Ground Mount movementUnexamined
Plague Doctor-Themed LeaderUnexamined
Help planning a dark sun characterUnexamined
Jekyll and HydeUnexamined
Trying to make a build work...Unexamined
Need help with creating a name.Unexamined
Help with a Changeling backstory?Unexamined
Moon Beam Sky Willow (Half-Orc Barbarian Fighter)Unexamined
Lore About GibbethUnexamined
How would I make an Eladrin Runepriest work?Unexamined
Which character should I play?Unexamined
Need help with a backgroundUnexamined
My first Hybrid ruleconform or broken?Unexamined
Pixie Assassin HelpUnexamined
I'm having a hard time creating a backstory for my character forUnexamined
trying to master at arms rogueUnexamined
Halfling/Merfolk Character?Unexamined
Best 4e class for an Earthbender/CoH Earth/Stone characterUnexamined
Example builds tiefling helllockUnexamined
Help building a Tiefling Archaeologistplease?Unexamined
Weapon with free action to change damage typeUnexamined
Fairie/Elf or human hybridUnexamined
Wanting to build a staff-wielding witchUnexamined
Weapon enchantment?Unexamined
Explaining Ironwrought's Elemental originUnexamined
A new BeginningUnexamined
Best way to make a Dragon Disciple?Unexamined
A heroic pious knight (Building from an archetypal idea)Unexamined
Rate my Barbarian/bard backstory.Unexamined
Excited about my new character!!Unexamined
Building a Character Race Based off a ShowUnexamined
d&d class based of personalityUnexamined
Making A New CharacterUnexamined
Need infoUnexamined
Skald MC Feat PP QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Human Bonus At-Will PowerUnexamined
New Characterweird groupUnexamined
Fitting into a random groupUnexamined
How does a spellscarred vampire work?Unexamined
Looking for a character sheet!Unexamined
Warden/Wizard... mc'ed FighterUnexamined
What do you think my character looks like?Unexamined