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Practical Jokes!Unexamined
A CN as the 'party leader'...Unexamined
My character drive is missing? Has anyone seen it?Unexamined
So the Wizard has prepared for fast travelnot combat...Unexamined
acceptance into the partyUnexamined
Character Idea helpUnexamined
Druid's place to stayUnexamined
How can I get my dm to give me magic items???Unexamined
Greater Curse QueryUnexamined
What's A Koga to do?Unexamined
Another "My DMs GREAT" RantUnexamined
looking for limericksUnexamined
Players: What would you like to be asked?Unexamined
I need roleplaying help.....I think?Unexamined
Cohort for 8 person partyUnexamined
Hp regained?Unexamined
Paladin: dilema i thinkUnexamined
I wish to know more!Unexamined
DMing and the Case of the Impervious NPCUnexamined
My first time playing a published adventureUnexamined
Adding werebear template...Unexamined
I need help with ACUnexamined
Will my GM make me evil?Unexamined
What makes you Bored...Unexamined
Finally fought a red dragon!Unexamined
What Class to Take Next?Unexamined
I don't think my DM likes me.Unexamined
can anyone help a gnome out? (it'll be fun)Unexamined
Mind controls and killing your own partyUnexamined
Should I join an organisation?Unexamined
Druid featsUnexamined
I can't beat my rival.Unexamined
Getting rid of the Taint?Unexamined
ways to catch PC thievesUnexamined
Damage Reduction ?Unexamined
Rogue Suggestion and DevelopmentUnexamined
Player's corner.Unexamined
How did you find your party?Unexamined
Need some Players for my campaign!Unexamined
need a little adviceUnexamined
Is this reasonable?Unexamined
3.5 I'm the only character in my party with rogue levels...everyone expects me to...Unexamined
Charismatic QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
We're on the poor side...Unexamined
What's an Umbral to do?Unexamined
talking to a lycanthropeUnexamined
High/low IntChaWis - roleplaying strategies?Unexamined
OopsI shouldn't have given them that...Unexamined
Help me make a cool Cleric!Unexamined
A Few Spell QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Roleplaying ideas from your statsUnexamined
Shield on your backUnexamined
How can I do this in 3.5 combat?Unexamined
Evil acts upon my DMUnexamined
What kind of instruments can a bard use?Unexamined
Converting helpUnexamined
The Many and Varried Uses for Demon PartsUnexamined
Character Creation IdeasUnexamined
Misunderstanding the rules on casting Healing Spells?Unexamined
Alignment of the Punisher?Unexamined
Stupid (literally) DMUnexamined
Suggestions for a non-gory evil character?Unexamined
So...I lost my arm...Unexamined
DM problemsUnexamined
Wizard/Rouge help...Unexamined
poison whirlwindUnexamined
Sundering magic weaponsUnexamined
Polymorph Other...NymphUnexamined
Help equipping my bardUnexamined
How to roleplay a high or low attribute?Unexamined
Roleplaying a 500 year old ghost?Unexamined
Flat Footed or not?Unexamined
Blind/or Mute Bardhelp pleaseUnexamined
More sneak attack questions...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Is it just meor was that kindasortacompletely evil?Unexamined
Ex-clerics and convertingUnexamined
Problem partyUnexamined
How do I play a good char? Preferably PaladinUnexamined
Am I neutral?! Yes I am...Unexamined
Players HandbookUnexamined
A cool theory of why animate dead has the [Evil] tag. ^_^Unexamined
DnD's Funniest MomentsUnexamined
Bi-Polar Ranger?Unexamined
Character Sheet Design Needed...Unexamined
My druid and druid's dog died...Unexamined
"A good nights sleep"Unexamined
Best DMUnexamined
The party/dm decides my alignment on how I play?! Does it work?Unexamined
Irrelevant out-of-character agrumentsUnexamined
problem with Saving throw DCHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
problem with Saving throw DCUnexamined
Is anybody else scared to make a ranger that uses a scimitar???Unexamined
Pc/Npc character generator for 3.5Unexamined
Consent setting changesIdeas
Help me select a cohort!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
How do I get my DM to let me?Unexamined
HELP PLEASE: I am in need of some pictures for a campainUnexamined
Negate weapons of wounding?Unexamined
The "Demon" DMUnexamined
Need your opinionUnexamined
Great House RulesUnexamined
Need help developing some memorable NPCsUnexamined
Strategic thinking requiredUnexamined
general questionHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
creating a 5 level sorcerer [3.5 ed]Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
hep againUnexamined
A little help pleaseUnexamined
NEED HELP: defining Lawful GoodUnexamined
[Long but possibly interesting] Alignment questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Artic RangersUnexamined
Quick Question about "Caster Level"No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Online Alignment TestUnexamined
Character Development QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Another one came to mind....Unexamined
Alignment of Saddam...?Unexamined
Lame-o characters in your partyUnexamined
Alignment of the InsaneUnexamined
Ability scores - what are the chances? (Calculations!)Unexamined
Dragon magazine questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The DM's Probably Evil If...Unexamined
Character SheetUnexamined
Usless Party member is in the way!Unexamined
Size Matters?Unexamined
Astral Deva corrections.Unexamined
Can someone test me on PHBUnexamined
5-foot step and AoO?Unexamined
Cohort help!Unexamined
Sorcerer Q'sUnexamined
My DM and AOOsUnexamined
Need help with a friendUnexamined
Any good ranged classesUnexamined
Rping questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
getting abilitiesUnexamined
Group's main tank and melee dmg'erUnexamined
Character Sheet QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
More Strategic ThinkingUnexamined
So you want to become a warlord...Unexamined optimize my character...Unexamined
I'm having a small problem making a PCUnexamined
stacking ac bonuses???Unexamined
Whats a star crossed lover to do?Unexamined
(Woof) Encumbrance for body fat?Unexamined
1000 pages?Unexamined
Roleplaying a "Hannabil Lecter" like Necromancer?Unexamined
AC at lvl?Unexamined
Would this be considered wrong?Unexamined
Playing a character smarter than you are.Unexamined
help meUnexamined
Can you guys help me make...Unexamined
Some starting out helpUnexamined
PaladinsMounted Combat and usefulnessUnexamined
Need Help building Mage Guild and TempleUnexamined
The Art of Hiding without magical meansUnexamined
converting from 2.0 to 3.5Unexamined
Earthquake and an Earth Genasi.Unexamined
Fun CharactersUnexamined
Rules for vertical jumps in 3.5Unexamined
Was wondering were the website...Unexamined
The most frustrating encounter I ever had.Unexamined
Female Player NeededNo Immature ReasonsUnexamined
Help Help HelpUnexamined
What Do You Think?Unexamined
What happened to Groinhunter? (1st level character contest winner)Unexamined
What do I say to my DM and fellow players?Unexamined
Why Y'all Dice Hatin'?Unexamined
Character Sheet Q'sUnexamined
I like swords!Unexamined
Dragon hunting tactics?Unexamined
Not getting alongUnexamined
Questions in need of answeringNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I feel so... used...Unexamined
Hit first or be a nice guy and waitUnexamined
crossbow+melee=sneak attack?Unexamined
12th level ??????Unexamined
WANTED: PC's travel guide to ThayUnexamined
Question on ability scoresNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Player goes from LG to CENeed some advice.Unexamined
My character is too powerful and I feel dirtyUnexamined
Considering Multi-classing...Unexamined
Character portraits...Unexamined
Rant: Is It Too Much To Ask ...Unexamined
Rogue seeks helpUnexamined
Whoop-tee-doo. Probably seen it a hundred times.Unexamined
Are barbarians a dying class?Unexamined
3.5 Oops...we don't have a rogue in the what?Unexamined
Cleric spells: IllusionEnchantmentor Darkness descriptorUnexamined
Is Speed 20 bad?Unexamined
Starting New campaign: Need AdviceUnexamined
Building a better roadblock - how do I stop 150000 goblins?Unexamined
And it stoned me...Unexamined
Psycho partyUnexamined
Hypothetical Question about GoodIdeas
Making a CharacterUnexamined
Can't Decide... Too many cool posibilities... Please Help...Unexamined
Getting back into DnD - Lots to do!Unexamined
Jane! Stop this crazy thing!Unexamined
fighting with two weaponsUnexamined
Play a true neutral rogue/barbarian/rangerUnexamined
Staying AliveUnexamined
Would a character like this be fun to play?Unexamined
Races - so many to choose from!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Advice on playing 2 PCs in 2 halves of 1 campaignUnexamined
HELP! New DM I need infoUnexamined
How to tell A Dm that.....Unexamined
Does an evil party *need* a cleric?Unexamined
So it begins again...Unexamined
knightly-cleric typeUnexamined
an appropriate build please...Unexamined
My cowardly rogueUnexamined
Is this Evil?Unexamined
is my dm stupid?Unexamined
Naming a Flying CatgirlUnexamined
2nd edition player to 3rd editionUnexamined
makin archer....advice plz?Unexamined
When a DM kills PC charactersUnexamined
Magical "walkie-talkie" setup....Unexamined
What do you charge your friends?Unexamined
Getting time from the other players....Unexamined
The Most Unfair GMUnexamined
Blind Monk Character - Possible at low levels?Unexamined
My cleric/fighterUnexamined
My RangerUnexamined
Monte Hauler or a DM overlord?Unexamined
Wannabe Dungeons and Dragons PlayerUnexamined
Red Hot Opportunityhow to capitallize?Unexamined
What do I do now?Unexamined
What ever happed to Courtly Love Goes Wrong?Unexamined
Fighting two-handedUnexamined
Is this evil?Unexamined
Better life though crime!Unexamined
How to beginUnexamined
Gaining the services of a predatory outsider?Unexamined
More Lame House RulesUnexamined
Too Powerful?Unexamined
Am I spreading myself too thin?Unexamined
What's a Sorcerer to Do?Unexamined
Why can't fido talk?Unexamined
Humans (Epic & long life)Unexamined
Justification for an adventuring cleric?Unexamined
Quick QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need Druid Tips plzUnexamined
DM makes up values: thoughts?Unexamined
Going UndergroundUnexamined
What (useful?) gear do you have with you?Unexamined
I need to create a lvl 20 charUnexamined
Why? Why? (Or: defeating a lich at levels 3-4)Unexamined
HELP! I think i've boxed my character into mediocrityUnexamined
how do I modify a drow for a stubborn DMUnexamined
101 DM's to watch out forUnexamined
New RogueShape me!Unexamined
Would this chara work?Unexamined
3.0 vs 3.5Unexamined
Interesting prop from my DM! CR 25 char?Unexamined
My character needs a nameUnexamined
"Searching" for an answerUnexamined
Player in need of ideasUnexamined
How to RP a Dwarf BarbarianUnexamined
How do I make Half-celestial characters?Unexamined
What to choose...Unexamined
Arcane Engineer HelpUnexamined
Druid initiation testUnexamined
This thread ride's on the 'Janestop this crazy thing thread'Unexamined
sorceror help..Unexamined
Different Weapon Reach Question...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Casting while ProneUnexamined
Barbarian or Ranger?Unexamined
Life After Level 20Unexamined
Help! How to Roleplay a Devil?Unexamined
Enhancement BonusesUnexamined
Starting EquipmentUnexamined
Adventuring Company charterUnexamined
How to play a 20 wis and 4 int...?Unexamined
what is a misc. bonus??Unexamined
how to make a spear fighter (3.5)Unexamined
Necklace of missilesUnexamined
Changing alignementUnexamined
101 Really BAD Ideas...Unexamined
Ogres and Dragonsand Best Friends...Unexamined
Battling a Green DragonUnexamined
Need help deciding on a new character (fighter based)Unexamined
Perfect newbie need help with char creationUnexamined
Roleplaying help...Unexamined
Taking on a roper with a level 4 to 5 party?Unexamined
I am kender...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
new to ddUnexamined
Shapechange Nerfed by my DM?Unexamined
Manners on wanting to kill your character?Unexamined
Chaotic GoodUnexamined
I could use your advice please.Unexamined
Large-greatsword-wielding humanUnexamined
how does the attack colom work???Unexamined
Lil help?Unexamined
5/1 Ranger/DW-Sniper please helpUnexamined
how does point buy work?Unexamined
Uhhh... could use character creation advice please?Unexamined
DM is Allowing Special Items. HELP!Unexamined
Okayso what's spell save?Unexamined
Good Idea's from GM'sUnexamined
another 101 bad ideas ...Unexamined
5th lvl char...Unexamined
Help a Rogue...not doing so wellUnexamined
Favored Enemy: LycanthropesUnexamined
202 Player/DM TipsUnexamined
Mounted combatnot the featUnexamined
I wanna start playing too!Unexamined
Gnome Fighter- HELP!Unexamined
Need help with Weapon.Unexamined
So we're about to play an evil campaign and...Unexamined
DM FavortismUnexamined
Trapped in RokuganUnexamined
A good example of how to RP a PaladinUnexamined
What am I missing? So many odd things...Unexamined
Little Brother Wants to Play. What class?Unexamined
Good beginner lineup?Unexamined
Crusaders of self-righteous stupidityUnexamined
Need Help!Unexamined
Which prestige class should I use?Unexamined
Higher StandardsUnexamined
Help!!! New to the gameUnexamined
A moral questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Covering up after digging for treasureUnexamined
help me killing the BBEGUnexamined
Lawful Evil in a Neutral->Good PartyUnexamined
Underwater Adventuring Help?Unexamined
Rogue class changing questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Archer vs. Tower ShieldUnexamined
New gameUnexamined
What is a BBEGUnexamined
Non-Violent Cleric SpellsUnexamined
to kill or not to kill?Unexamined
best battle movesUnexamined
10th lvl Assassin GearUnexamined
Online RoleplayingUnexamined
Character analysis: My paladinUnexamined
Character is so toughI feel guilty gaining levels!!Unexamined
A druid in need of a bit of enlightenmentUnexamined
questioning problemsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Unafraid of Character DeathUnexamined
Rant: "Who has a bigger force field?"Unexamined
What to do....? Hmmmm....Unexamined
Creative Spell UseUnexamined
Problem with CWUnexamined
Good QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need help making a PC...Unexamined
Was this a reasonable action by the DM???Unexamined
A paladin's dilemma.Unexamined
3.5 Animal CompanionsUnexamined
Weapon Finesse or Improved Initiative?Unexamined
Cleric help?Unexamined
Kord be with me.Unexamined
Help building an odd 'Sage' concept...Unexamined
What is "Character Optimization"?Unexamined
Question: Should the DM be prepared? Should he fudge dice?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Encounter Distance Spot ChecksUnexamined
Question about tripNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Please Help...Unexamined
killing mr big "T"Unexamined
Faerun Books Only? No Core?Unexamined
technology can killUnexamined
When your new PC becomes an NPC...Unexamined
EhmMaterial component is impossible?Unexamined
Holy cow! I'm a problem player!!!Unexamined
To Davey Jones' Locker with the lot!Unexamined
How to help a fighter feel needed?Unexamined
Guild Balance IssuesUnexamined
Need Advice on making my first character.Unexamined
my friend- a first time playerUnexamined
Playing my cleric's (alignment) incorrectly?Unexamined
Free a town (without magic)Unexamined
Acid vs. Iron?Unexamined
rp adviceUnexamined
Player needs help with his DMUnexamined
MHB: Catfolk balanced by +1 EL?Unexamined
High level spellcasters compared to high level fightersUnexamined
extrademensional planesUnexamined
Lv 7 vs. Great WyrmUnexamined
In Char Problem (long)Unexamined
Druidic Dilemma (NG) - Help on RP'ingUnexamined
Incantatrix spell combosUnexamined
Please deleteNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Useful Player Links?Unexamined
A Noob questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
beating a red dragon and evil clericsUnexamined
alignment helpUnexamined
Familiar Class LevelUnexamined
In-Character emotions mixing with OOC onesand Vice-VersaUnexamined
To raiseor not to raise (kinda longish)Ideas
Brillock needs your help with this ordeal!Unexamined
über skills = FUN!Unexamined
three times 20 = instant kill?Unexamined
Incantatrix help?Unexamined
Evaluate this character's alignmentUnexamined
3.5 I'm in an evil campaign and want to be an Assassin...Unexamined
Spot the Difference! Min/Maxxer or Munchkin?Unexamined
Magic and the Mid-Level Party ProblemUnexamined
teach a new pet to do new things?Unexamined
Questions about playing a centaur....No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Int 6 PC meets Int 15 NPC HELP!Unexamined
3.5 Splitting Loot...OOC feelings strong about itUnexamined
3.5 Ways of keeping your character alive while sleepingUnexamined
cursed item helpUnexamined
summoned monster questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I keep dying....but that's not the real problemUnexamined
Best Marching order in dark tunnelUnexamined
Generalizing vs specializingUnexamined
Playing a LE BlackguardUnexamined
New class: Blade Enchanter (opinions please)Unexamined
One Gnomealmost certain death - any ideas?Unexamined
Items that all characters should have.Unexamined
the highest char levelUnexamined
Problems with a Stupid PCUnexamined
am i an evil munchkin?Unexamined
Party creation problemUnexamined
Role-Play before Class?Unexamined
losing the funUnexamined
From traits to a character classUnexamined
3.5 Lycanthropy and almost TPK weeks laterUnexamined
No listen or Spot check?Unexamined
bark at the moon...Unexamined
Please help me surviveUnexamined
DM dice fudgerUnexamined
Certain deathunless someone out there can helpUnexamined
3.5 GM rolls init on pregenerated encounters = FUN!!!Unexamined
The stone stands......(with help anyway)Unexamined
Correct CharacterUnexamined
Need something to work for...Unexamined
You know the DM is bad when...Unexamined
Hmm. What level 9 spell to take?Unexamined
3.5 DM is killing our characters too much...we're going bankrupt!!!Ideas
Favorite d20?Unexamined
Would this seem decent?Unexamined
end this caimpaignUnexamined
Loyalty to the party versus loyalty to a deitya moral dilemma. (longish background)Unexamined
Help mecreating a lvl 10 toonUnexamined
Alignment change and class restrictions?Unexamined
Question I should Probably be able to figure out lolNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What would you do if...Unexamined
Yet Another Paladin DelimmaUnexamined
Help! I've got to babysit a God!Unexamined
3.5 Kicking a PC from a party...OOC issuesUnexamined
Help! all the other players keep picking on meIdeas
What's a player to do when a "civil" war is about to begin?Unexamined
How to handel Chamrm spells (longish)Unexamined
help meNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How do you get a DM to stop using critical tables?Unexamined
Player wants an absurd character!Unexamined
Ranged AoOUnexamined
evil dmUnexamined
wish use?Unexamined
Oh greatthe sorcerer's snapped!Unexamined
3.5 Oops...I think we just pisssed off a god...Unexamined
Are there any good Cha based combat feats?Unexamined
Curse you honest alCURSE YOU!Unexamined
DM in his cupsUnexamined
Trouble with Sheets...Unexamined
A little problem of opinionUnexamined
Death Cleric needs adviceUnexamined
please help meUnexamined
Min/max Dm! Help!Unexamined
3.5 looking gift horse in the mouthUnexamined
oh manUnexamined
whats the bestUnexamined
More Paladin ProblemsUnexamined
Veteran player needs advice!Unexamined
ability modsUnexamined
Fighting a Taresquewhat do you think of this planUnexamined
Character CreationUnexamined
Monk's unarmed strikeeligble for Improved Natural Attack?Unexamined
DM! Release me from this character! (Warning: Rant ahead)Unexamined
Changing characters justified?Unexamined
Its time to leave your group when...Unexamined
Help my ranger out please!Unexamined
Need to teach a rogue a lessonUnexamined
need help with powergamerUnexamined
ok so what if iUnexamined
tell me pleaseUnexamined
The beginning of the Apocalyptic end times... Or something.Unexamined
Mages and FireballsUnexamined
Would youPLEASE read this thread! PLEASE!Unexamined
Advice in Constructing MonkUnexamined
a new DMUnexamined
Making a charUnexamined
I need Githzerai namesUnexamined
Familiars are now a little un-familiarcan you help?Unexamined
can any creaturemonster or other being be part of a teamUnexamined
Now come on....Unexamined
Nystuls Magic AuraNerfed by my DM :(Unexamined
the favored PLAYER problem... who else has experienced this?Unexamined
Requesting aid of the non-n00bsUnexamined
Two level 28 chars... need helpUnexamined
Need resource help (links)Unexamined
Suggestions Needed; How to DealUnexamined
Help with my sorc characterUnexamined
Specific type of character sheet...Unexamined
magic missle and targetingUnexamined
Good idea?Unexamined
Setting the bar for chaos a bit too highUnexamined
werelion barbarian pc ?Unexamined
A new DM is changing the sytem too much.Unexamined
You should never multiclassUnexamined
Its gonna be one of those games...Unexamined
How the...?Unexamined
most über/funniest quests?Unexamined
Alignment Question - quickieNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
No ClericUnexamined
Am I wrong?Unexamined
This player is starting to get on my nerves (kinda long)Unexamined
player DM conflictUnexamined
Which Ability Set? (lesser of evils)Unexamined
Not a ThreadUnexamined
Munckined DMPCUnexamined
Not a postUnexamined
A brief look at some recent rulings....Unexamined
Anime AlignmentsUnexamined
Help with my HexbladeUnexamined
Idea about making a wizard/rogue char....Unexamined
Seeking advice on getting started with online D&DNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
need help defeating a balorNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Fighter/Sorcerer Multiclass = Bad idea?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Can someone explain this pleaseNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Ranged Weapons Within 30 ftNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
problems with new character...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Other player likes too weird charactersHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
PC revengeUnexamined
cleric and persistent spell questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Total Defense during Surprise Round??Unexamined
What are my options?Unexamined
Air Genasi Gadgeteer Seeks AdviceCommentsUnexamined
A D&D...answering machine???Unexamined
Wizards' Purpose?Unexamined
New template and opposed inmunitiesUnexamined
Tired DM...what to do?Unexamined
BRAND NEW To D&D! HELP!Unexamined
Question about fighting with a bow?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
damage reduction questionRules Question Or Discussion
Dm Dictating Actions (Prologue)Unexamined
All bout foodwhats a player to do!Unexamined
Half dragon PaladinUnexamined
Caiusthe most evil 10 year old... ever!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
DM looking for your thoughtsUnexamined
What Am I Supposed To Do?!Unexamined
Courage the Cowardly BarbarianUnexamined
3.5 Fighter rich group...what to do?Unexamined
Role-playing high/Low stats questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Cleric Losing Half of Spell ListHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Skill Rankings?Unexamined
2nd edition character sheetsUnexamined
Addicted to Fireball?Unexamined
Starting XP idea...Unexamined
Help! I'm Surrounded by Crazy People!Unexamined
How much XP?Unexamined
A Dm's Mistakevery costly?Unexamined
Area effect spells and swarmsUnexamined
Can you charge as a readied action?Unexamined
The most broken combo everwhat to do?Unexamined
What should we do???Unexamined
Help with theurgeUnexamined
Can someone explain 3.5 damage reduction to meUnexamined
Buying a gift for a PaladinUnexamined
Help! My character knows more than me!Unexamined
Pc deathUnexamined
What to do when players fumble.Unexamined
The most overpowered feat combo ever and it's perfectly legal.Unexamined
My name is Cowdragon and I love DD. HELLO COWDRAGON.Unexamined
Character Sheet - Filling it outUnexamined
Help Required....Unexamined
Inner-party strifeUnexamined
Slavery Evil?Unexamined
Me lvl 1 + Party lvl 10 = Madness ?Unexamined
Crazy Dms!!!!!Unexamined
Ranger in a Full plate?Unexamined
3 + 3.5???? Help!Unexamined
Multiclass question from a newbNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
My DM might take away my sword....Unexamined
So we just killed DemiGorgon...Unexamined
Fighter BAB plus sneak attack?Unexamined
What to do with The Sword of KasUnexamined
help me kill a quicksilver golemUnexamined
Halfling Rogue/Fighter WoesUnexamined
Fighting Satan (need help with Devils)Rules Question Or Discussion
Friends Character needs BalancingUnexamined
How to make a Flying characterUnexamined
I need help!Unexamined
Shuriken throwing rogueUnexamined
Move over Mr McDuck...Unexamined
out of character argueing for an in character decisionUnexamined
Boring DM - how do we the players keep the game funUnexamined
What could I do about a ghostaholic character?Unexamined
Listen check to wake upUnexamined
Need help deciding.Unexamined
Outside Chatter Nazi???Unexamined
Humor: New Wild Magic Effects!Unexamined
first time being badhelp in creation neededUnexamined
Conversion Book....Unexamined
Free Will vs PlotUnexamined
Mr T Virus?Unexamined
Unarmed attack + TWF?Unexamined
Lower-Level Spells in Higher-Level SlotsUnexamined
Cruel Halfling Rogue?Unexamined
Legitimate RailroadingUnexamined
Anybody else...erm...confused with Mr.T???Unexamined
Help! Why a Necromancer ?Unexamined
Any Way to Stun or Hold Undead?Unexamined
Need ideas (Tired of being healing monkey)Unexamined
Help with character sheetsUnexamined
Flanked out my mindUnexamined
Breaking away from an empire....Unexamined
spellbook loss preventionUnexamined
Getting accused of murder!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Slap A Bishop!!!!!Unexamined
Need help with PC backroundUnexamined
monk with a limpUnexamined
How do you run your murder mystery adventures?Unexamined
Unjustly death???Unexamined
letting my DM run in my own homeUnexamined
Do you guys actually play D&D as a GAME?Unexamined
fighter PrC'sUnexamined player wants an advanced 30HD Dire Bear!!Unexamined
monk weapon with reachUnexamined
Melee heavy partyUnexamined
"An *evil* player character?" [touches pinky to corner of mouth]Unexamined
Wondering about players....Unexamined
Power level vs. Concept levelUnexamined
Another question about undead..No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The most cliched and overused thread topic...Unexamined
Clankin’ round town in Full Plate?Unexamined
A few questions for Dwarf going through some character changes. (dd prc)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Party Counseling.Unexamined
The Balor Wants Me DeadUnexamined
Underpowered WizardUnexamined
4-armed Monk! How does Multiattack work???Unexamined
Kicked out of the game after the first session.Unexamined
PvP Campaign - Advice?Unexamined
Women's strength scoreUnexamined
DM's who favors playersUnexamined
AC Stacking BonusesUnexamined
abilty scores?Unexamined
Wedding Gift...Unexamined
Advice for New PlayerUnexamined
Should I ram the roc?Unexamined
Stupid n00b QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
help with an old Flame!Unexamined
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Archer BuildIdeas
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Vlaakith?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
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Help With a Halfling...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
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ntNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
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I should be the scout; noI should be the scout...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
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Is this reasonable? (regarding retiring characters)Rules Question Or Discussion
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1 Myst. Theurge (ME) vs. a Red Mage!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Worst Case SenarioNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
3.5 What do you do with a guy will will ALWAYS mess with the shrine/altar?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I was TPKed!!!Ideas
Which Familiar to take ?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
lifesaving uses for misc items(nonmagic)Ideas
What should I do/say?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
im a CN rouge and my party is LG ( 2 pallies and a cleric)[in faerun]No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Should players play for themselves or for the group?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Cantrips and their importanceNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A Problem With another PlayerNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I'm I wrong in being upset with my DM ?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
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3.0 Iron Golem DR over 25 / +3No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
multiclassing human rangerHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
out of the campaign because of too much RolePlaying: it happened to meNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Character Creation Help Please!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Brand Spanking new to DnDHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
A rogue by any other name.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Not helpfulNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
3.5 GM put Contingency + Teleport without Error on BBEG!!! NO LOOTNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
To rest or not to restNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
rarys telepathic bondNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Rapid plus ManyshotNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Want to play but a little intimidated--help?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
pseudodragon for a bardRules Question Or Discussion
How to deal with overrestrictive DMHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
need helpNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
To destroy your GMs best laid plansNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help me please any dutch person live near nijmegen?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Handling prisonersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What is a conjurer to do?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Problems... oh babayHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Group mad for be playing ICmight have to make a new character!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Am I wrong to be mad?...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
looking for new playersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
flamelings-halfling subraceHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
ungreatful party with confused alignmentNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Calling All PlayersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Which spellcasting style is best ?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How do I not play myself?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help! I need a chaacter idea!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help to avoid a TPKNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
D&D NoobNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Personality for my NinjaNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What do you do with a guy who can't roleplay himself out of a paper bag?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Helpful advice in a good campaign?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Great DM experiencesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DM Being unfair?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Help a Cleric outsmart a Wizard!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Problematic PCIdeas
Interacting with illusionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
3.0 Help PPPLLLLLZZZZZZZNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Level Lost Problem (HELP PLZ)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need help Roleplaying a Kender (Dragonlance)Rules Question Or Discussion
How to get my dwarven cleric/dwarven defender the ability to use hammers...Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Who is in your party?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How do you roleplay becoming a Blackguard?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
ways to escape imprisonmentNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
2nd edition rangerNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
My group never plays anymore! How do I get them to play?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Character suggestions?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
whoopsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Trying to break away from thieving midgetsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What Character to play?!!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Level up QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Can anyone help me figure out how much 100gp wieghs?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Versatility of Barbarians and Half-OrcsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Ranger?!?!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
primary weapon discrepancyNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
AmbidexterityNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Good character for Sailing/Underwater Campaign?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Help with a RangerHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Subdual maybe lethal?Rules Question Or Discussion
Gestalt char in non Gestalt Campaign?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Uncertain...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need help with disturbing mageNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Assassins versus Players.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dead Not Dead?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Why do we do it(DMing that is)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Gold bricks.... now what???No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help in planning tactics for a hard upcomming encounter (long)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
DM house-ruling seems unfairHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
3.5 GM is letting our Mage turn copper coins into PLATINIUM coins with a spell!!!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
How to create a Druid Player from scratchHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Transmuter IssuesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
offtopic: need help with disturbing mageNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The quest for ultimate power (a long one)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Starting gold questionHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
can't decide what class to make a tieflingHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Fellow players screwed me over when I was goneNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Is this any fair? OpinionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Prop ideas?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
uh oh... I think I crossed the line.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Need helpNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
An Angry DMwho claims "it's just a game"but doesn't sound it.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Slight Problem =/No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
ReachTrippingand Sneak AttackNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dungeons and Dragons vs d20 Modern?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Best use of only 2 LA'sNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Shadow dancer with reach weaponNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Player/DM disagreement about Negative LevelsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to rolepaly a cleric of Wee JasNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need help w\some things on the character sheet...Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Help out on my 'special' Paladin.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
I'm a slightly concerned DM...Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
I need Names.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Turkey animal companion?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Human Paladin question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Worst party members ever...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How the Heck did I forget THAT?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
TheSilentFHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Should i leave or stay? (This is the same as my other one)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
newbie needs helpNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
help me pleaseNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Please AnswerHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
calling all math junkiesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need help with uber puzzleNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
3.5 My party doesn't think tactically and the DM takes advantage of thisNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What should I play?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
'How it should be played ...'No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
My big book of monstersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
spells prepNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The same DM as I mentioned beforeand another nerfed up situation.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Getting rid on an intelligent itemhelp neededNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help with a fighter creation.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
need help on my"mage thief"No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DC to Catch?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Mounts...Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
A combat oriented roguey-type character.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Avoiding railroading (long)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What divine spells to prepare for my cleric lvl4No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Uses for the Helm of Telepathy?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Deep Wood Sniper for 3.5?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Why do players get mad when...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Level adjustments for playing intelligent animals?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Looking for a change of styleHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Never had to deal with this before...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
3.5 Quagmire: So I seem to be a pawn for what?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
coolest. orc. name. EVER.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How do you deal with Gaseous Form?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Infiltrating the UnderdarkNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
help with half elf sorcererHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
A dragon ate my pegasus!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Sun BladeNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Advice for a Newbie?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Prince of Persia: Sands of Time CampaignHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Wings of FlyingNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How do you introduce D&D to your family?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Mounted Paladin Question: Sell a magic Greatsword?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DM-PC Problems. Which are now fixed.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Tactical advice wanted (2nd edition)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
PC conflict at its finestHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
My DM is restricting my Role Playing.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
La QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Problem with fellow playersHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
How would you have reacted?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Good DeedsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
3.5: NE mage in party steals/kills PCs...not fun to play with...should I kill him?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Drowned by DispelNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Yuffie read thisNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DM is upset because we play smartNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Bizarrely Ineffectual PowergamersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Is it evil to use farm animals to 'detect traps'?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
An interesting new campaignNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Spell ResitanceNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
half_elven ranger backstoryNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
And so she quit (quite long and ranty)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Where to put these ability scores...Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Wizardslayer?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Looking for a little adviceNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
This is insane!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
3.5 Our mage in our party is too powerfulNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Fort save from damage?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DM or Players in the Wrong? (Pretty Long)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help With TieflingNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Is Gnome Bard good first character?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What feats to take as a 1st level paladin?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Taking over anoher players character. Not sure how to go about this.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Ranger ProblemsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
confused about half dragon fighter level upNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Hit DiceNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I need help with.......Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Item SuggestsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
what kind of farmiliars can you have that are bugs?Ideas
is there anything equivelant to...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Lyle the Halfling Ranger needs YOUR help!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need some Help with an ElfNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Looking for PrCNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Playing with your childrenNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Books for roguesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
All people who play rogues answer this!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Ranger suggestions?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Great Last Words.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Horror [rant/lengthy]No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DM or Players in the Wrong? IINo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
help me decide on a char. for an underdark campaignNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
why won't my dm role play?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Crappy DMs!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Question about spellcastersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
There's no more room in the party . . .Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
3.5 official character sheet (editable)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
paladin levels allowed for chaotic?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
My PirateNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Players playing against each otherNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Forgotton realms vs D&DNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dividing lootNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Unusual party configurationsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I think I'm going to have a stroke....Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Cleric of Moradin & War DomainNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Nowwhat's a player to do. . . With a minor god?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to balance random spell-list?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
changing into a dragonNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
good guys are stupidbad guys are smartNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
/shrugNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Soa player wants to dieNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Vampire PCsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Pest ProblemNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
CR 18 Assassin vs. level 2-5 party...unbalanced?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Constructs/Golemseasiest?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Bard songs for special occasionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Multiclass Experince PenaltiesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Haven't played since 1st Ed. ... Can I be...Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Stealing their thunderNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Problems with a playerNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What's a rogue to do about traits?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Reasons for retiring PCsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
What's a Halfling sorcerer to do?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Basic low level strategy/tacticsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Level Adjustment QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What am I to do?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
need help with roleplayingNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need help with Roleplaying questionaireNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
advice for playing with inexperienced gamers?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Roleplaying problemNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Urgent Pc HelpNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Half-Giant Misc. Modifier in Skills???No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
3.5 Howexactlydo you repent evil if you're a cleric?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Creating a charater v.3.0No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Most Powerful CharacterNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Operation: DRAGONSLAYERNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Conflict between two players.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Advice on protecting this 18th level sorcererNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Luck and metagamingNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
creating a liarNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
please help me...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
PC stands for Player's CharacterNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Spoiled Players?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
good PC w/ evil PC roleplaying problemNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
ArcherHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
ArcherNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Armor HelpNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Online RoleplayingNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need Help Coming Up With Character Idea...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Helpmy DM screws up my characterUnexamined
Problematic PCUnexamined
Quick explanation neededUnexamined
What does it mean to be Lawful Evil??Unexamined
But your a terrible leader!Unexamined
Why do we have to start at 1st level again? Arg...Unexamined
The Fight of the century!Unexamined
DM Bias; How well-read players are hammered uponUnexamined
What would you people do if this was your campaign start?Ideas
BadgersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Lets make a character!Unexamined
DM does not allow readying for spells with an attackUnexamined
Getting frustrated!!!Unexamined
class placementUnexamined
Its like counting cards.Unexamined
DM (New) or DM (now player) in the Wrong?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Looking for a suggestionUnexamined
What instead of Touch of golden ice ?Unexamined
Never mind.Unexamined
Lost LambUnexamined
House rule suggestions for rolling ability scores?Unexamined
Signs of a bad DM?Unexamined
Why is a Rogue 1/XX 1 so much tougher than a XX 1/Rogue 1Unexamined
How to start off?Unexamined
Need help for my next levelsUnexamined
need help with lvl18 druid/shifter!!!Unexamined
Help DM useing encumberance vagueness to slaughter PCsUnexamined
Reach and AoOUnexamined
Tough choices to make (need advice)!!!Unexamined
How would a low wis character actUnexamined
Missing a key class/ability set...what do you do?Unexamined
Slow vs Fast Level GainUnexamined
Roleplaying? Why?Unexamined
Getting abused by Evil charactersUnexamined
Need Elegant House Rule for the Core Half-RacesUnexamined
Bonus SpellsUnexamined
Limited Campaign SettingsUnexamined
Rules-Lawyering the DM: Necessary?Unexamined
Simple ProblemUnexamined
My CharacterUnexamined
Missed the clue?Unexamined
character devlopment: Mystic TheurgeUnexamined
Systematic UnfairnessUnexamined
Best Ways To Fight UndeadUnexamined
Non lethal damageUnexamined
What race/class should i use?Unexamined
Any one else Roll up mule watchers?Unexamined
Role-Playing a CG PaladinUnexamined
Am I the only player that does this?Unexamined
Rounds in hours and daysUnexamined
Actions outside of combatUnexamined
help! need to avenge two character's deaths.Unexamined
Spellsword channel...Unexamined
I am in a horrible campaignlet's hear your worst story.Unexamined
Is this barbarian too powerful?Unexamined
help me...please..Unexamined
How much gold?Unexamined
Role playing characters of opposite genderUnexamined
Quintisintial ItemsUnexamined
tired of being called a cloner for having a drowUnexamined
Rant Rant Rant Rant RANT!!!!Ideas
go to orc town?Unexamined
Is this overpowered?Unexamined
How to Role-PlayUnexamined
How Does Speed StackUnexamined
Rules of D&DIdeas
I made a mistake...Unexamined
Need a Place to PlayUnexamined
Watching a game go bad (Kinda Long)Unexamined
The Best Archer BuildUnexamined
Character ConversionUnexamined
How Can I be a Good Scout for my Party?Unexamined
Newbie needs help creating a half-dragon characterUnexamined
My DM plays zombies too intelligently...and I called him on itUnexamined
Help me with my Personal War on Halfings and ShadowdancersUnexamined
How do you think I should handle this?Unexamined
New: Want to Create a Character.Unexamined
I NEED suggestionsUnexamined
Keep/change alignmentUnexamined
Creating a Battle mageUnexamined
Prestige Class QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Best lines everHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Best lines everHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Best lines everHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Best lines everHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Best lines everHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Best lines everHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Best lines everHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Best lines everUnexamined
Best lines everHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Best lines everHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Best lines everHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Best lines everHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Best lines everHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Best lines everHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Best lines everHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Best lines everHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Best lines everHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Best lines everHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Best lines everHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Best lines everHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Best lines everHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Best lines everHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
when is stealing/ripping people off evil?Unexamined
Is evil really a party breaker?Unexamined
Calling a DM on Blatant Rule Unbalancing?Unexamined
Can someone helpUnexamined
OA in FRUnexamined
What if no one lives around me?Unexamined
Are half-Orc/Elves too weakUnexamined
Strange rollsUnexamined
Wanted: Help building/balancing play-testable character for the Children’s CampaignUnexamined
Coming out of the D&D closetUnexamined
Suddenly dumb and mingingUnexamined
Swashbuckling anyoneUnexamined
LG Paladin in a Evil PartyUnexamined
Master Tools CD????Unexamined
New QuestionSame GameNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Can You Play D&D on-line?Unexamined
Archers in combat.Unexamined
If DMs want us to Roleplaywhy don't they give us XP to roleplay?Unexamined
Check out this crockUnexamined
Varient Paladin woes.Unexamined
A Question of LoyaltyNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help with FeatsUnexamined
Ignore this thread...Unexamined
Help! PC Emergency! Strategy!Unexamined
Character Sheet questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to build a pure Ranger - hunter/tracker/scoutUnexamined
Arms And Equpiment GuideUnexamined
ranger favored enemy bonusUnexamined
Need help on dealing with gamers of the other genderUnexamined
Supreme cleaveUnexamined
Spellsword planning adviceUnexamined
Character woesUnexamined
Favorite memoryUnexamined
lawful good or not?Unexamined
[Alignment] Neutral GoodUnexamined
Judge Dredd - What's his alignment?Unexamined
Firing into combat... and cover bonus...Unexamined
Cleric question...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Vassal of Bahamutt and dragonsUnexamined
Moralic dilemma with a paladinUnexamined
strangest characterUnexamined
Let's Overthrow an Evil KingdomUnexamined
What do YOU do when the DM cancels?Unexamined
character creationUnexamined
Player Refuses to fight - Mark of Justice?Unexamined
Whats In A Partys Name?Unexamined
Base Attack bouns.Unexamined
The Problem of the Indifferent PaladinUnexamined
About calling shots...Unexamined
Starting at 1st lv. in an established partyUnexamined
A problem in an adventureUnexamined
Multi Class Sorc/WizardUnexamined
Do you reimburse casters in your groups?Unexamined
Maximum melee damage? Help me with balance!Unexamined
Neutral good charactersUnexamined
Help!!! Bad DM! >< (a bit long)Unexamined
Elves and TreesUnexamined
Uncanny Dodge QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Ac stackingUnexamined
Help with a puzzleUnexamined
Character Creatrion Problems: MunchkinismUnexamined
Why I've quit DnD (warning: really long)Unexamined
Why do BBEGs always have 0 charges left on their items?Unexamined
I dont know why im asking this but...Unexamined
Would this KILL a Dragon - yes you like killing stuff look here :PUnexamined
DM AbuseUnexamined
How to handle poison drink/food?Unexamined
I hate to be a rules lawerbut...Unexamined
Any ideas for a good prestige Class for a Wizard16\Fighter2?Unexamined
How to keep your spellbook.Unexamined
About equipment...Unexamined
Blind characterideas?Unexamined
Character sheetsUnexamined
D20 Modern: Dedicated/Charismatic Missionary Priest/Missionary DoctorUnexamined
Access to prestige classes....Unexamined
Arcane user conceptsUnexamined
Gauntlets and being considered armed!Unexamined
double postUnexamined
Rogue's TalesUnexamined
Two-Handed Weapon and 12 STR?Unexamined
The Shadowdancers companion: The ShadowUnexamined
Trouble deciding what to playUnexamined
Acheiving Victory when Outnumberedand OutmatchedUnexamined
Order of the Scared ConflagrationUnexamined
My Anthropomorphic OwlUnexamined
Low level druids- do they suck as much as I think they do?Unexamined
My party almost killed mewhat should I do?Unexamined
Need help roleplaying and gaming as a rogueUnexamined
Playing a low level wizard..Unexamined
3.0 - how does being a monster affect your treasure?Unexamined
Skimming Found TreasureUnexamined
Where can I find gaming groups???Unexamined
Real life Drunken Master...Unexamined
Using 2 weapons but NOT Two-weapon fighting questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Going into the World's Biggest Dungeon (NO Spoilers)Unexamined
DM makes boring dungeonsUnexamined
Need help with familiar/cohortUnexamined
Do You Believe In Luck?Unexamined
Please Delete :)Unexamined
Tiny and Small PCsUnexamined
Outsider helpUnexamined
Need assistance making my Cleric...Unexamined
more Monk than DruidUnexamined
Not really about D&D but it is.Unexamined
The single best character I've ever made...Unexamined
A New RevelationUnexamined
question about rangers and feats3.5No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Chill TouchUnexamined
Who/what was your greatest PC(s) ?Unexamined
Veteran Player vs Newbie DMUnexamined
More importantUnexamined
Newbie Player vs Veteran DMUnexamined
Does this make sense?Unexamined
veteran DM doesnt know the rules?Unexamined
Recycled CharactersUnexamined
[Alignment] Buying ice creamsUnexamined
[Character Pitch] A "Mighty Warrior"Unexamined
Problem DMUnexamined
Low Wisdom... *very* low wisdomUnexamined
Best improvised weaponUnexamined
Need ideas on how improve player's role play ability!Unexamined
Need 20 Intelligence Solution For Sticky SituationUnexamined
DM needs YOU! (players)Unexamined
Intrigue and Allignment (SpecificallyCE)Unexamined
Harmless practical jokes for gnome characters to play on fellow adventuring comrads.Unexamined
Take this Quiz..Who Are YOU? EVERONE IS INVITED!!!Unexamined
Whadya think?Unexamined
Revenge - Paladin style?Unexamined
A sorcererUnexamined
New to the forumsUnexamined
Good Uses for Cursed ItemsUnexamined
Roleplaying Tips?Unexamined
Need help explaining LA to the DMUnexamined
Suggestions needed.Unexamined
king of thieves looks LGUnexamined
Characters You Have Utterly Ripped OffUnexamined
Tal Rasha: Sorcerer or Wizard?Rules Question Or Discussion
Recommend BooksUnexamined
Average 3D6 Character Stats?Unexamined
A new idea for my newest character...suggestions ?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The Worst PaladinEverUnexamined
Level advancement dispute.Unexamined
Metamagic Feats + Sribe ScrollUnexamined
Ring of telekinesisUnexamined
My DonkeyUnexamined
Need ideas on how to get my pseudodragon Cohort out of a jam he's in!Unexamined
Bow Range QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Container Limits? Belt PouchSacketc.Unexamined
My DM is a lazy bum...Unexamined
Is Disable Device important?Unexamined
Full Attack Action VS. Full Round ActionUnexamined
Do spell resistences stack?Unexamined
Help me save the soul of my child PC from the evil wizard PCplease?Unexamined
character rp ideas for...Unexamined
i need helpUnexamined
3.5 Newbie needs advice 4 Ranger buildUnexamined
Question on Damage ReductionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Several questions i need help answeringNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Advice on Character CreationUnexamined
My Advice to Players from a Veteran DMUnexamined
A Matter of Honor (RP problem)Unexamined
Roleplaying: In-characterIn-voice.Unexamined
Pause for a character idea.Unexamined
Experience Point Table for 3.5Unexamined
Responsibilities and Trust (Kinda Long)Unexamined
Character Creation Contest for October!Unexamined
Types of actionsUnexamined
Are you a tank or a finess oriented warrior?Unexamined
Sword smarter than me???Unexamined
Fair & Square DM... My ***!Unexamined
Does anyone have any PC sheet templates???Unexamined
What if you wrote the campaign?Unexamined
OK - Major Party StrifeHelp PleaseUnexamined
How is it so hard to find time to play?!Unexamined
Heycan soemone take a look?Unexamined
Is this funny or is my group just weird?Unexamined
My wings are like that of a chicken'sUnexamined
So what the heck do you do with a Dragon?Unexamined
Paladin - BlackguardUnexamined
Weapon-Master...the need to master the 'ki'...Unexamined
Lower levels = less fun??? Thoughts?Unexamined
unbalanced partyUnexamined
Help!; Dwarven PaladinUnexamined
1001 ways to make your party hate you...Unexamined
Character SheetsUnexamined
Undead PLayer CharactersUnexamined
How can a ranger resupply his own arrows?Unexamined
6 Playersno Divine MagicUnexamined
rogue/sorceror or ranger/sorcerorUnexamined
Creating conjoined twinsUnexamined
Creating new character-please help!Unexamined
Are you a whiney player ?Unexamined
4 Players3 SquishiesUnexamined
Of Law and PrinciplesUnexamined
help - 2 weapon fighting and sneak attackUnexamined
LE code of ethicsUnexamined
unfair dm'sUnexamined
Preparing for UnderdarkUnexamined
Ring of sustenance and daily powers...?Unexamined
LE Code of Ethics: Round IIUnexamined
need help building tankUnexamined
Wild Dwarf AccentsUnexamined
At my level...Unexamined
Three PC PartyUnexamined
'Sword Envy' problem with other PCUnexamined
Can you snap a neck?Unexamined
Question on what to do with other PCsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Damn Monks......Unexamined
Skill SpreadUnexamined
2 wep fightingUnexamined
Multiclassing XP penalty - 2 level differenceUnexamined
Worst thought out charactersUnexamined
Unfair odds?Unexamined
Best rogue combat style?Unexamined
Variant and Class Specific Abilities...Unexamined
A little help?Unexamined
Your most memberal Charater EverUnexamined
World Game DayUnexamined
Never awaken a sleepwalker...Unexamined
evil party member problemUnexamined
Guide for Chaotic Stupid AlignmentsUnexamined
Marshall PC progressionUnexamined
Desperate need of rollplay helpUnexamined
Proper Rollplaying?Unexamined
Which alignment fits this best?Unexamined
Rules Question: Touch SpellsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I've scored a town and I'm not sure what to doUnexamined
A DM's guide on how to nerf a player character. (rant)Unexamined
Please explain this?Unexamined
how many shots can i have?Unexamined
Questions about some Druid abilities and spellsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Can somebody help me out?????Unexamined
can you help me?Unexamined
Playing the same class after deathUnexamined
Funny avoidance of TPK (No concerns or questionsjust flaunting)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Falling behind in level in comparison with the rest of the group...Unexamined
Help me - new characterUnexamined
Level Vs. MoneyUnexamined
epic feat and damage reduction questions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Arggh! Player rantplease ignore.Unexamined
My Character needs a mount...Unexamined
Spell Specialization (Prohibited Schools)Unexamined
A disheartning D&D experience or why I am the only character having a rough timeUnexamined
so im married to a gnome...Unexamined
Which is better?Unexamined
Does my DM not like Newbies?Unexamined
cleric weapon questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Rules question: Coup de GraceNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Rules question: Coup de GraceNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Coping with senility... No waitplayer desertion.Unexamined
Custom Spell creation is it possible to mix elements or try to define a new one???Unexamined
TheftEvil or Unlawful?Unexamined
NeverWinter NightsUnexamined
Character QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
LA and Ability increasesUnexamined
Hexblade arcane spell resistanceUnexamined
whats happened to this game?Rules Question Or Discussion
Warhammer 40k-esque charUnexamined
Moral dilemma of interrogating a prisonerUnexamined
Having serious troubles finding a group of gamers in my area.Unexamined
my character's smarter than i am!Unexamined
How to slay a Lich?Unexamined
Christian PaladinUnexamined
Its Dragon Fightin' Time!Unexamined
Sneak attack and total concealmentUnexamined
Help me compose the woofy song!Unexamined
what makes a character evil?Unexamined
I need a dragon name generatoror at least someplace to go for inspirationUnexamined
Help Me Make a PaladinUnexamined
Miasma errata ...Unexamined
How to make playing an artificer not an exercise in tooth-grinding tedium?Unexamined
Top 10 mistakes fighters make.Unexamined
dwarven fighterUnexamined
dm problemsUnexamined
Getting old... seeking immortailityUnexamined
My new character: Annah BadenovUnexamined
WHich spell do i pick?Unexamined
my party just overthrew a kingdom and started a war. help me.Unexamined
Skill checks vs. PC'sUnexamined
Question about DMGNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DM FavoratismUnexamined
immune to stunning?Unexamined
Okso how do you make rogues good?Unexamined
Fellow Party member attacked me; Now what?Unexamined
Best Character Ever Rolled.Unexamined
Roleplaying against a Cha 2 party memberUnexamined
Got a wish... what to do?Unexamined
What is a crowbar?Unexamined
illogical party memberUnexamined
Advice on my monkUnexamined
New New PersonUnexamined
you want me to go Where??Rules Question Or Discussion
My group thinks that I'm a powergamerUnexamined
Need help with rampaging DMUnexamined
Advice for a possible newbie-to-be? :DUnexamined
That one thing that seems to make it in all of your characters...Unexamined
Dealing with a fight choreographer' PCUnexamined
Who is the true warrior-priest?Unexamined
Leveling UpUnexamined
"Why should I do this?"Unexamined
Tanky McTankytankUnexamined
Different CharacterUnexamined
Monks of a different sortUnexamined
Moments of GeniusUnexamined
What happened to Hack-n-Slash?!?Unexamined
Meta-gaming or Not meta-gaming?Unexamined
I stink at DnD.The Dms love Me.Unexamined
Need HelpUnexamined
I'm now playing XD&D!Unexamined
I got energy drained last night - HELP!!!Unexamined
Help Pixie StartUnexamined
Torn between characters... help neededUnexamined
Transferring items?Unexamined
Two-Hander In One Hand?Unexamined
Help with Character PortraitUnexamined
Question about Prestige Classes...Rules Question Or Discussion
Am I acting in allingment?Unexamined
I cant figure out armor classUnexamined
Bad SignsMan. Bad Signs...(minor rant)Unexamined
What Wonderous Item(s) should I ask for? [Cleric]Unexamined
Long Nails and red eyes...what da F?!?!Unexamined
Help my rogueUnexamined
My Soul is trapped in a Weapon! And I need a new Body!Ideas
Would any DM let me use this guy?Unexamined
HD questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
No cleric?? AAAHHHUnexamined
All good things....must end...blahUnexamined
Looking for Character artUnexamined
Pixie's QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Its a question of motivation...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Hypocritic players...Unexamined
Any help on this n00b?Unexamined
Our party needs a "blank"!Unexamined
Need help choosingHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The Monk and the MonkeyUnexamined
Player burn outUnexamined
How do you make an alignment for _____Unexamined
*D*R*O*W*S* - are there any other 'good'-align. ???Unexamined
People skills...Unexamined
Is the errata in the Spec. Ed. PHB useful?Unexamined
Politics and your Group. Help!Unexamined
My First CharacterUnexamined
4d6 drop the lowest is evilUnexamined
1001 Good Things About DnDUnexamined
PCs know they will die when...Unexamined
Character creation dilemmaUnexamined
This character worth playing?Unexamined
My dreams have been shattered...Unexamined
Eliminating the Fighter's Weakness...Unexamined
what is a player to do?Unexamined
What would you play in this group?Unexamined
Ruling about Rage and CON damageUnexamined
Vow of Poverty issueUnexamined
So...what was I doing again?Unexamined
Power CharacterUnexamined
All 14s. Race and Class PleaseUnexamined
Horrible Crippling ProblemsUnexamined
5 Wis17 Int... How to Role Play?Unexamined
I'm brand new to D&Dis there a way to play this online with others?...Unexamined
AC questions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help! Crazed DM!Unexamined
Just started outUnexamined
energy substitution?Unexamined
Can't Play D&DUnexamined
Monkey GripUnexamined
Low level druids.Unexamined
Animal Companion QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Rest of My Party is in JailIdeas
1on1 fight with old silver dragon (outcome posted!)Unexamined
Rationalizing EquipmentUnexamined
post a PC boardUnexamined
Saint versus Anti-SaintUnexamined
in name only....Unexamined
Your PCUnexamined
Fighter Prestige Classes?Unexamined
Paladin the Poor!Unexamined
Leadership-Strongholds-Personal GearRules Question Or Discussion
Favorite FeatUnexamined
3.5 player in a 3.0 world...(not to long rant)Unexamined
a class for my dragonRules Question Or Discussion
New to D&D want suggestions for Wizard.Unexamined
Help! Applications of the "Silence" SpellUnexamined
Helpfellows players driving me madUnexamined
Creating Contacks (non-psionic)Rules Question Or Discussion
Different takes on charactersUnexamined
Dragons ate our plotUnexamined
I need a decent barbarian character nameIdeas
lycanthrope HunterUnexamined
DM is meanunfairand ugly!!Unexamined
DM nerfing leadership problemsUnexamined
Turning undead and Silence Spell FeatUnexamined
How Dedicated Are You? (And Related Problems)Unexamined
Should I Retire This Character?Unexamined
Player concept; what do you think?Unexamined
Needed Help with a Rogue CharacterUnexamined
Power Gaming Party! Help!Unexamined
Item Creation and Request for HelpUnexamined
My DM keeps picking on my arachnaphobic drow.Unexamined
Tips about online campaigns?Unexamined
Saves for Multiclass?Unexamined
help me think of something fun to playUnexamined
Fun times with challenge ratings!Unexamined
Help with Tactics in climactic Encounter (long)Unexamined
In the name of KossuthI Smite thee!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
being shyUnexamined
Noob to Character SheetsUnexamined
How to play a Wizard??Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Please Evaluate My CharacterHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
What is "Spell Save" on the Character Sheet for?Unexamined
On Standard ActionsUnexamined
HELPI want my good Githyanki to live past level 17Unexamined
Killing a soldier of Bane: discussing ethics (help)Unexamined
Level up?Unexamined
New(ish) Player needs helpUnexamined
5 wishesyes i said 5.Unexamined
Wizards and school specialization...Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Is our party balanced ...?Unexamined
Dragon feats available to players?Unexamined
Help! Char died of old agenow what?Unexamined
Boredom strikes againUnexamined
Vampire PC??? Help!!!Unexamined
Help me! Im new to dnd!Unexamined
Monkey race?Unexamined
Alignment AxisUnexamined
Loss of limb Rules?Unexamined
I made my first charecter... How is he?Unexamined
Getting Revenge!Unexamined
Please pass commenti miss you all so much.....Unexamined
Dead for goodUnexamined
Can a lawful character have respect for chaosUnexamined
I NEED A decent 28 point by ranger for living greyhawkUnexamined
Need help with a Name!!! (Concerns getting a special thing).Unexamined
Real World and Christian Versions of D&DUnexamined
Anti-social playerIdeas
What Items?Ideas
DM hates my WeremasterUnexamined
Beginning Spell ChoicesUnexamined
The problem with reading the DM Guide...Unexamined
Building an Army with Cha 8...Unexamined
Virtual Role Playing Training: VRPTUnexamined
How to lure a VampireUnexamined
Evil Means to a Good EndUnexamined
out of character fightsUnexamined
SoHow did you lose your eye? Um...Unexamined
Need help thinking up a character that would be fun (and not too hard) to roleplay...Unexamined
What jobs should my (College-themed) Followers fill?Unexamined
Vampires PCs or NPCs ?Unexamined
Wizards and Spellbooks Continued....Unexamined
What is a defending trip modifier?Unexamined
Druid Advice saughtUnexamined
Help! My DM is addicted to EQII!Unexamined
Sorry if this has been coveredUnexamined
Classic Fighter?Unexamined
Mount's sizes?Unexamined
Grossly incompetent DM? Or just grossly different playing styles?Unexamined
Character suggestions requestedUnexamined
getting DM to disallow kenders? HELP!Unexamined
Ring of Dijin SummoningNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
New player needs helpUnexamined
Where Should I Take This Paladin?Unexamined
Cullinary Entrepreneur Needs HelpUnexamined
Multi-Classing Combos?Unexamined
Last Two Sessions of the campaign I'm currently in. Need Help.Unexamined
Hiding at the back.Unexamined
The "OK .. look what happened ^^" ThreadUnexamined
simple Q's to pro DMsUnexamined
Other Players CheatingUnexamined
Evil TroublesUnexamined
on screen characterUnexamined
A Wizard's Guide to Protecting their SpellbookUnexamined
Summoner/Thaumaturgist helpUnexamined
Incorporeal Creatures and Cure Wounds Attack?Unexamined
1001 ways to deal with that %!%#ed Kender.Unexamined
Need help choosing a spellcasting class.....Unexamined
8th Level Bard....Unexamined
problems with goldUnexamined
Searching for good online rp wepsiteRules Question Or Discussion
What's some of the funniest stuff your group(s) has ever done?Unexamined
Caster LevelUnexamined
Ranger just got 4th level questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
is complete divine worth getting for my playerUnexamined
Looting and AllignmentRules Question Or Discussion
Which race/spellcaster (DwarfHalfling or Gnome)??Unexamined
Question about Sublime Chord in Complete ArcaneNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I just have no IdeasHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
fey in 2.0Unexamined
Experiences with parties of mixed alignmentsUnexamined
Ranged Two-Weapon-Fighting?Unexamined
any advice would be welcomeUnexamined
DM only runs high level games! HELP!Unexamined
My DM thinks Rouges are overpoweredUnexamined
Animal Companion Stat SheetsUnexamined
We found a book of exalted deeds...suggestions requestedUnexamined
Prestige Classes for a Dark WizardUnexamined
Advancement of Animal CompanionsUnexamined
Quick question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Game Rule QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Ride checks for aerial creatures?Unexamined
Party BalanceUnexamined
Need help picking out some featsUnexamined
Party Tacticssuggestions?Unexamined
Umm . . . help?Unexamined
Help please. PC is stealing.Unexamined
Character NamesUnexamined
Sailing the Seas of Doom.Unexamined
The Paladin's Decision..Unexamined
Role-Playing Genasi?Unexamined
Help... I'm a Rules Lawyer!Unexamined
accused of being a munchkin... am i?Unexamined
Druid vs WizardUnexamined
Question About somethingNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Defiant Character now the DMhelpUnexamined
Places to playUnexamined
Concealing Arcane Magic as a BardUnexamined
A magicless wizard needs helpUnexamined
Just bad luck...Unexamined
Problem with DMhelp!Unexamined
Starting a new campaign soon: Need advice.Unexamined
Spell Resistancemodifiersetc...Unexamined
Puzzle HelpUnexamined
Party vs. Angry mob+ (How would you handle this?)Unexamined
creating an alchemistUnexamined
A little bit of troubleUnexamined
Weird Moment(s)Unexamined
An imortal charachter and quick regenerationUnexamined
HELP: Rules about initiative...Unexamined
is this the best choice to make?Unexamined
New To D and DUnexamined
new 3rd lvl char questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Questioning my DMIdeas
What are the rules for Railroading?Unexamined
Avoiding Backfire & an Illusionist's loss in the arenaUnexamined
Myth campaign: Need help choosing a spellcasting orientated characterUnexamined
wrong board.. NTUnexamined
Confused about bloodlinesUnexamined
Need help building my new character - mostly feat selectionUnexamined
Newbie in NeedUnexamined
Titles for characterRules Question Or Discussion
A change of paceany suggestions?Unexamined
How do I create a character?Unexamined
Not Thrilled with Current CharacterUnexamined
Psionic Prestige Class AdviceUnexamined
Ready Action. How to cancel?Unexamined
Thoughts about CohortsUnexamined
Most self-sufficient character?Unexamined
Extra skill points at 1st levelUnexamined
What to do with autistic balor?Unexamined
What to do with Use Magic Device?Unexamined
How do you figure out Attack Bonus?Unexamined
would you (as a PC that is;)) mind turning into a vampire?Unexamined
character's with elemental attacksUnexamined
fall damageUnexamined
trouble w/ thri-kreensRules Question Or Discussion
What's a girl to do?Unexamined
Dm being slightly Unreasonable? Give me your opinoinUnexamined
Must... resist... temptation!Unexamined
What to do with a village of people?Unexamined
Best Balanced groupsUnexamined
Player conversations from "in da pub"Unexamined
Suggestions on spending 3000gpRules Question Or Discussion
Protecting my daughter.Unexamined
Religious and Moral Issues in D&DUnexamined
prime theiving placesUnexamined
DnD Suppliment books.Unexamined
Level Adjusments...ECL.... IM LOST!! HELP please...Unexamined
New Player - suggestions for himUnexamined
An old (naked) chestnutUnexamined
Class Dilema (I can't spell!)Unexamined
disarmingquestions for the knowledgeable.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help in my roleplayingUnexamined
Wrongfully Accused of PowergamingUnexamined
Getting back into D&D and need a bit of adviceUnexamined
n00b question about caster levelsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
everybody wants to kill me!!!Unexamined
What to do when you've (possibly) incured the Wrath of your DMUnexamined
party members gonna take me out?Unexamined
Need help on starting/playing clericUnexamined
Working as a BarkeeperUnexamined
Character helppleaseUnexamined
Why does A Wizard Who Knows Continual Flame Adventure?Unexamined
How do you defeat a Black Dragon?Unexamined
Couple of questions about rulesand advice requested...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
UNCLE TRAPSPRINGER-Kender extraordinaire!Unexamined
creating itemsUnexamined
Wow did we get luckyUnexamined
Best Player Character level 10thUnexamined
DM HelpUnexamined
New Character-needs helpUnexamined
Please Explain Item Saving Throws to Me...Unexamined
Some questions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Druid wildshapeUnexamined
Gunpowder and musketsUnexamined
Noob questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
New Gametwo players one DMUnexamined
I need helpplease!Unexamined
Being blindedUnexamined
Dwarven Paladin: Needs a mountUnexamined
Does my DM want me dead?Unexamined
My Dm hates Gnomes...Unexamined
I try to be not the most powerfullUnexamined
should this cause an alignment shift?Unexamined
Need HelpUnexamined
blindsight ??Unexamined
cleric in the underdarkUnexamined
...say what?Unexamined
Is my DM afraid to kill us?Unexamined
Creating char but no rulesUnexamined
Mad Enchanter Combo ;)Unexamined
Gnome paladin mount?Unexamined
old gamer I need of new group rock hill scUnexamined
Followers vs MeUnexamined
SUMMIT COUNTY players - help!Unexamined
hitting specific body partsUnexamined
Lessening Attack Penalties?Unexamined
Need Help Deciding on character...Unexamined
New Char (fighter/Illusion) plz CritiqueUnexamined
Did I miss something?Unexamined
Multiclass Rogue / sorceror?Unexamined
Stopping the other players from fragging each otherUnexamined
Wish Spell WordingUnexamined
Point-Buy/Racial ModsUnexamined
My DM Wants to Turn me LGUnexamined
What class to use for a Witchfinder?Unexamined
a question on Natural AC and moreNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Companion Creatures-skill pointsUnexamined
Problem with complaining player in groupUnexamined
Running a character surveyUnexamined
Need help getting a grognard to use skills/featsUnexamined
Need help!!!; The SwashbucklerUnexamined
Character GeneratorsUnexamined
new to d&d where to go?Unexamined
*sighs* Helpplease.Unexamined
I don't want to grow up!Unexamined
Holy Necromancy?Unexamined
The downfall of a necromantic orderUnexamined
Beginner seeking advice..Unexamined
What are your group's average ability scores?Unexamined
Questionsquestions!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Destroying Liches - the EASY way.Unexamined
How would you feel if your DM...Unexamined
Good House Rules--Post here with some House Rules you enjoyedUnexamined
Whats a monk to do?Unexamined
Want to try Evil that gets redeemedUnexamined
Party Hates the WizardUnexamined
Effigy master and creating dragonsUnexamined
Looking for a place to play.Unexamined
Help me! I'm a bard!Unexamined
Damn Druid ruining my day.Unexamined
Ability drain (defenses/healing?)Unexamined
Ionthe Knight...Unexamined
Rogue Starting FeatsUnexamined
Player suffering from switchitisUnexamined
So you want an Armyeh?Unexamined
I could use some advice.Rules Question Or Discussion
New HereUnexamined
What stats are playable?Unexamined
Swashbuckler: Two-Weapon Fighting vs. Spring AttackUnexamined
The Chaotic And Lawful AlignmentUnexamined
Another "Problem Player" threadkind of longUnexamined
Hide in Plain Sight?Unexamined
hey help out a noob pleaseUnexamined
Quandry-Where do I go with my PC?Unexamined
Weapon buffs - the falx?Unexamined
Shifting party leadershipUnexamined
Seeking advice on how to play a PrCUnexamined
Wizards Help PleaseUnexamined
What's a Lillend to do?Unexamined
My house rulesare they okUnexamined
the goodthe bad and the large gray spot between themUnexamined
reach weapon help!Rules Question Or Discussion
Fighting style for PaladinUnexamined
Troublesome DM: Assistance with dealingplease?Unexamined
Greataxe QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
has anyone ever build a wizard based on touch attacks?Unexamined
Delete MeUnexamined
Fighter Tournament @ High NoonUnexamined
Converting from 1st edition to 3.5 editionUnexamined
Party Hates the Wizard IIUnexamined
[Retreat attitude] What is the difference among LGNGand CG?Unexamined
Moral Quandry for a LG clericUnexamined
Official Character Sheet?Unexamined
Bard idea I have. What do you think?Unexamined
DM cant concentrateUnexamined
Improved Rapid ShotUnexamined
How do I save myself from boredom!?Unexamined
Playing a Blind WIZARD!! Need help and suggestions on a lot of stuffUnexamined
Does anyone really play campaigns?Unexamined
Trouble RoleplayingUnexamined
Making a monster/characterUnexamined
Quandry with my group's playabilityUnexamined
Confused by DRUnexamined
"Practical" ways to deal with a companion's deathUnexamined
RttTOEE crit question.Rules Question Or Discussion
Alternate form and feat selectionUnexamined
Building a better ranger.Unexamined
What class should I play here?Unexamined
Level Ten Start AgainUnexamined
quest questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Staff of MagiusPossible?Rules Question Or Discussion
need help with a new characterRules Question Or Discussion
evil DMUnexamined
My group combines 3.5 with 3.0 with no set guidelines!Unexamined
DM doesn't careUnexamined
range combatUnexamined
PsionPsyWaror Soulknife?Unexamined
Party Hates the Wizard IIIUnexamined
Trouble with a Half-OrcIdeas
How does EL work? Trying a Frost Folk.Unexamined
Anyone in New York wanna play D&D with me?Unexamined
Gestalted Warlock helpUnexamined
Monks (Post Thought)Unexamined
Problem as the face of the party…Unexamined
Searching for games/campaignsUnexamined
Jack of All TradesUnexamined
Party doesnt like me stealing the show but I'm just doing my job!Unexamined
Starting character questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Quick QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
WizardsSpellcasting PrC's and their spellbooks questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What to do with a High Duck of Orcus?Unexamined
How do you kill an evil treant?Unexamined
Epic levels and prestige classesUnexamined
HP modifier from Intwhat?Unexamined
Thinking of Playing a Bard 3.0 is it worth it?Unexamined
SATYR as a bard? Good idea???Unexamined
Am I being illogical?Unexamined
Question about reincarnationNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dose anyone have any ideas on how a player can open a shop as a profession?Unexamined
In Best Intrest of the Group or You?Unexamined
leadership for the first timeUnexamined
I am the only evil pc in the grouphelp me infiltrate those I betrayed.Unexamined
Help! I'm a zombie!Unexamined
Working out our plansUnexamined
Need help dealing with a powerplayerUnexamined
Sneak Attacks and Spell ResistanceUnexamined
Oops :) [delete me]Unexamined
Running Jumps over pitsUnexamined
Succubus as player character in Forgotten Realms?Unexamined
karma points??Unexamined
Most important stat for necromancer cleric: CHA or WIS? Need some other help tooUnexamined
Rules on AgeUnexamined
Your thoughts on the Red WizardUnexamined
Request help bringing up stonechildUnexamined
no one to play withUnexamined
Paladin and briberyUnexamined
How useful/competitive are Rogues at higher levels?Unexamined
Help with my D&D ClubUnexamined
CG elf cleric help.Unexamined
Isn't Everybody a Powergamer?Unexamined
This may be a stupid questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help meI'm trapped!Unexamined
Are we being robbed?(exp problem)Unexamined
Help on a problem with the DMUnexamined
Monk AdviceUnexamined
A DM who needs to know what players want most...Unexamined
3rd edition made DMs suck badUnexamined
How do you build this?Unexamined
Character Backround/History?Unexamined
Fighting a godUnexamined
Smug NPCs boil my blood!Unexamined
Should this have happened?Unexamined
Is this evil?Unexamined
trouble with the TarrasqueUnexamined
spellbook stripped from 4th level illusionistUnexamined
more monster mayhem from tolkien(me)Unexamined
Rogue out of handUnexamined
Swashbuckler + ScoutUnexamined
Casting SpellsUnexamined
Need quick help/advice with large characterUnexamined
Help with my CharacterUnexamined
Quick QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Newbie Question on ClericsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
help with attack of opportunityUnexamined
Monster RacesUnexamined
Would it be rude to ask a friend if i could join his DnD game?- or should i wait fo..Unexamined
Do animal companions advance in size?Unexamined
Need Help Making SorcerorUnexamined
My DM must hate us...Unexamined
My Blind ArcherUnexamined
Baleful Polymorph is lame.Unexamined
Finding Online GamesUnexamined
101 Idiot PC ActionsUnexamined
Making a monkUnexamined
Losing a Level... Do I also lose the training?Unexamined
New party needs a little helpUnexamined
How do I deal more damage?Unexamined
The Dangers of ReincarnationRules Question Or Discussion
Question About New Bonus'sNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Your favourite characterUnexamined
Overpowered character?Unexamined
NBS(New Book Syndrome) ^_~Unexamined
How do I play a cleric who isn't just a healing wand?Unexamined
improvising in the fieldUnexamined
101 worst moments in D&D historyUnexamined
Playing a monkHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
DM's "plot hook"Unexamined
How should I play a character with wisdom of six?Unexamined
Scribing Scrolls=Why more as CL goes up?Unexamined
Female PlayerMale Character: Possible?Unexamined
Rules Question!!!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Full attack clarificationUnexamined
Alignment dilemmaUnexamined
Is my DM rightor just evil?Unexamined
PALADINS dilemaUnexamined
Killing JokeUnexamined
Reancarnation and number of attacksUnexamined
Clerics and Positive/Negitive EnergyUnexamined
Thinking of this for a new Character: OpinionsUnexamined
Sticky situationUnexamined
Precision Damage QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What makes this game so difficult?Unexamined
Help with my PC KillerUnexamined
Animal Companin & HDUnexamined
Creating my back up character!Unexamined
Having Some Fun In A Wierd SituationUnexamined
Weird Situation Last NightUnexamined
need sugestion...Unexamined
How much control should a Player have over his / her character sheet?Unexamined
Help with ambush'sUnexamined
The Shadowbane Inquisitor; your experiences and opinions.Unexamined
question on F.O.T.W. feat and SAsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
D&D OnlineUnexamined
new spell i made...Unexamined
Spell question:No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Can I use 2 Sheildsone in each hand?Unexamined
this test?Unexamined
I need help with an idea!Unexamined
Who wins? 15th level Fighter vs 15th level SorcererUnexamined
Playing Realistic Morality and ReligionUnexamined
Vampire a question????No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to manipulate a dm. (it's for his own good)Unexamined
Question on [Cleave] FeatNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Flameing Whip and Str. BonusUnexamined
Questions on Whirlwind Attack with dual whipsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
archmage questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Why did i get the boot from the Campeign?Unexamined
how can i stop my dm from being so reckless? (long)Unexamined
How much Wealth/Magic Items should we have?Unexamined
character helpUnexamined
Experience QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Best way to sneak attack??Unexamined
Raging fun!Unexamined
Sat Group vs. Sunday Groupwinner gets to keep playing.Unexamined
Okay Need Some IdeasUnexamined
Help Needed Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Unexamined
A question about feint and uncanny dodgeNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Death.. unfair or unlucky? (a little long)Unexamined
What's the highest level possible?:Rules Question Or Discussion
DND 3rd Edition Chara CreationUnexamined
Halfling PranksUnexamined
Yet another Vampire thread.Unexamined
Grappling and attack routines.Unexamined
Wild shapeMaster of Many Formsetc...Unexamined
Building a Character to 20th levelHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
I'm a noob =/Unexamined
Lawfullness and BluffUnexamined
A Rules QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Playing Lawful Good (Stupid)Unexamined
Question on Two Weapon FightingNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Druid ??Unexamined
Please help me put some cheese on my monkUnexamined
interparty ethics debateUnexamined
is my new DM too strict?Unexamined
Intriguing InquiryUnexamined
Dm is playing favorites and being a bit unfair...Unexamined
DM doesnt seem to care and is a bit lazy... what should i do?Unexamined
We're too damn fighter heavyUnexamined
Roleplaying and fairness quandry!Unexamined
Does anybody do Character Initiations?Unexamined
Character Creation Gone WrongUnexamined
Damage Reduction QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Protection racketUnexamined
Cold IronUnexamined
Need help with my wizard or other arcane casterHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
New Char QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Large Parties & SpellcastersUnexamined
What to play nextUnexamined
Need ideas filling out partyUnexamined
Armor Class helpUnexamined
Help with Other playerUnexamined
master of many forms and animal companions they loveUnexamined
Idiots stole my good DM and now I have to leave the groupUnexamined
D&D NotebookUnexamined
Four Great Wyrms and a Player Pickle.Unexamined
Underwater casting...Unexamined
What alignment does this PC have?Unexamined
Power Games (longreally long)Unexamined
Alignment questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
makin solo play more funUnexamined
The Quintessential MonkUnexamined
ok i want to play a rouge need a lil helpUnexamined
2-handedor 2-weapon?Unexamined
new to the board and in need of helpUnexamined
Grappling (the maneuvernot the Batgun)Unexamined
Feintam I missing something?Unexamined
Racial Levels and CreationUnexamined
Creating a playerUnexamined
1000000 Gold and level 70?Unexamined
Bard actual music suggestionsUnexamined
DM lowering xp because encounters are too easyUnexamined
Low Int vs High WisUnexamined
Sorcerer Without Control Of His PowersRules Question Or Discussion
Improved Toughness FeatUnexamined
So I'm finally leaving my current group.Unexamined
Scouting Ahead as a RangerUnexamined
Storyline classUnexamined
Misc. Modifier?Unexamined
Is my DM giving me the a$$?Unexamined
Class Creation HelpUnexamined
killing another players characterUnexamined
Need Allignment AdviceUnexamined
Rouge Suggestions Anyone?Unexamined
Monk Flurry of Blows and Stunnig FistUnexamined
DM not allowing class/race combosUnexamined
Stats"Roll Die" or "Roleplay"Unexamined
Role Playing a SvirfneblinUnexamined
Genasi Character CreationUnexamined
Acolyte of the SkinUnexamined
Turning a Riding Dog PurpleUnexamined
Quick question on bases for saving throwsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Statement of Powergaming.Unexamined
Question on attack bonusesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
dang that lich...lets get him!!Unexamined
LG "Goody Two-Shoes"--Alternatives? (RP Advice needed)Unexamined
Naming charactersUnexamined
Oversized weaponsUnexamined
Neutrality as an excuseUnexamined
Need some help brainstorming a character (Swashbucklereventually Dread Pirate)Unexamined
I need to know...Unexamined
sneak attackUnexamined
Name that alignmentUnexamined
Good vs. Lawful GoodUnexamined
Equipment RecommendationsUnexamined
Feint and Sneak Attack?Unexamined
Bows R usUnexamined
question about spellbook cover and how to read itNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Clerical QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Current Charactersn You're PlayingUnexamined
Players: Honor and Ridicule How to keep someone playing who misunderstands? (LONG)Unexamined
Druid's and WeaponsUnexamined
Dealing with Level AdjustmentUnexamined
First Character Creation...Help?Unexamined
How can you die in style?Unexamined
A Touch of InsanityUnexamined
The game is to easy...Unexamined
Doing actual 'good deeds'.Unexamined
Eldritch Knight vs. Dragon DiscipleUnexamined
What should I play?Unexamined
did i roleplay correctly?Unexamined
DM killfrenzyUnexamined
The concept's the thing...Unexamined
sonic the hedgehog speed!Unexamined
Whelp: I think I get itUnexamined
Level adjustment?Unexamined
Warlock Enlightened Fist helpUnexamined
Mindbenders and AngelsUnexamined
4 levels in one session!Unexamined
Ride check for Phantom Steed?Unexamined
stealing the Waterdhavian throneUnexamined
what skill would this be?Unexamined
Making cash in downtimeUnexamined
A rogues dreamand a Cleric's tough decision.Unexamined
cat men fighting stylesUnexamined
How many Gods can you Annoy?Unexamined
Advice on DM's ConditionUnexamined
Handling PrisonersUnexamined
Feats for an Eberron ClericUnexamined
101 ways to cash in on a dungeon crawlUnexamined
A player keeps whiningUnexamined
The Master PC Contest!!!/Sticky Situation(1)Unexamined
Some helpconcerning my DMUnexamined
Help encourging roleplayUnexamined
When to best use Power AttackUnexamined
What type of monster are we fighting?Unexamined
Defeating a high level monk?Unexamined
Role PlayingUnexamined
Role play a dwarven defenderUnexamined
Double Weilding Produce Flame?Unexamined
Magic vestment spell and bracers of armor?Unexamined
Paladin vs HexbladeUnexamined
Assassination MissionUnexamined
Throwing DaggersUnexamined
Stupid FighterUnexamined
Weapons sizesIs it necessary???Unexamined
I got bitten by a were-boar. Now what?Unexamined
Of Weapon Focus and SpellsUnexamined
druid wildshape abilityUnexamined
any ideasRules Question Or Discussion
I want....Unexamined
an ideaUnexamined
Anyone wanna help me take a jerk down a peg?Unexamined
Staying alive with high LA and explain it in-gameUnexamined
What Alignment Am I? [Q?]Unexamined
Writing a Paladin's CodeUnexamined
A Spouse?Unexamined
reeeeeely low scoresUnexamined
Help me equipNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
So I need help with some internal group problems...Unexamined
rogue helpUnexamined
Vampire in the Hizzhouse?Unexamined
Role Playing Drow IssueUnexamined
Disguise Ideas?Unexamined
Encouraging combat role-play among fellow gamersUnexamined
An evil codeUnexamined
PC mental blockUnexamined
Player to Player Kill - over a million dead worldwideUnexamined
The Master PC Contest!!!/My Life(2)Unexamined
in party fightingUnexamined
A More Wild WilderUnexamined
Can a Wizard in a solo campaign survive long enough to rule the world?Unexamined
Preferential treatmentUnexamined
ability score modifiersUnexamined
help me please!!!!Unexamined
Too Many PlayersUnexamined
New player needs help!.!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
How To Phrase A WishUnexamined
ghost fighting ghostUnexamined
Conversion CalamityIdeas
An issue on holy groundUnexamined
Need to update characterUnexamined
Bard Spells QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I'm a powergamerhow do i make the GM not cry?Unexamined
If there a feat for this?Unexamined
Sainthood yes or no?Unexamined
Warlock skill problemUnexamined
No Downtime - Compromises.Unexamined
Help on strange races and tactics.Unexamined
So there we were and in they walked...Unexamined
DnD Strangeness: Druids and FamiliarsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
DnD strangeness: Weird equipmentUnexamined
When should you multiclass (Wiz/Monk)?Unexamined
3 int...Unexamined
Lacking heavy elements due to DMHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Ghosts and Oath BowsUnexamined
Hextorian ScriptureHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Epic Play and skillful frustrationUnexamined
Bonus featsability score modifiersand LAUnexamined
7th red wizard vs 8th barbarianUnexamined
Need helpUnexamined
Trying to make a Dwarf clericUnexamined
Failureand how to respond....Unexamined
Do you think this character is too far over the top?Unexamined
26 int....Unexamined
Some good Domains and Portfolio aspects?Unexamined
Practical JokesUnexamined
spontaneus casting and the Mystic TheurgeUnexamined
I Need to Stop DyingUnexamined
Jail escape.Unexamined
3 int..3 cha..20 wiz?!? (its up to 6 int and cha now :) )Unexamined
Gold and tresure allocationUnexamined
The leser of three evils..Unexamined
DM Made my guy evilWhat do you think?Unexamined
30th level archmage v Fully grown ancient black dragonHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Telepathy & strategyUnexamined
120k at level 5?!?!Unexamined
Opinion about AlignmentUnexamined
Help: Animal CompanionUnexamined
Ohboytough situation/Decision:Unexamined
Character Concepts! (Which do I choose?)Unexamined
Grappling powerhouse (any objections?)Unexamined
Character optimization DilemmaUnexamined
Multiclass or noUnexamined
Must Sick lines everUnexamined
new playerUnexamined
Half Dragon Age QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Cleric of saint pleaseUnexamined
new playerUnexamined
How to make en elvan warrior?Unexamined
Impossible Riddle! Help!!!Unexamined
Take Aim stack with Ranged Precision?Unexamined
New PlayerUnexamined
Group is facing a DEXed out Dervish?Unexamined
Sowalked out on my first DM.Unexamined
Interesting NPCs you have encounteredUnexamined
Aasimar w/ Human Paragon Lvls?Unexamined
Confused on La and EclUnexamined
Modifiers for characters underageUnexamined
Sorcerer issuesUnexamined
Magicless BarbarianUnexamined
great stories in generalUnexamined
DM won't let me play a thief?Unexamined
When feats take a turnUnexamined
Bad Dice rolls ruin the fun(rantish)Unexamined
DM PC'sRules Question Or Discussion
knights issueUnexamined
Lionstigersand gods! Oh My!Unexamined
Curious about my characterUnexamined
Rurouni Kenshin?Unexamined
Complete Character SheetsUnexamined
problem playing characterUnexamined
OKI'm Curstnow what?Unexamined
Lich ProblemsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
hellonew to the forumplease help!Unexamined
Stupid Spellthief tricksUnexamined
Rules question: Large creaturesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
post your character deathsUnexamined
Complete Character Sheets problemsUnexamined
Yet Another Alignment QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Where do you think I should go?Unexamined
Cohort Level AdjustmentUnexamined
Taking over the worldUnexamined
Warforged Juggernaut/Paladin buildUnexamined
Was I wrong to walk out on this DM?Unexamined
I'm grappled... now what? (a question about SU abilities)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Blasted Powergamer!Unexamined
Your Input on a New Book for Players I am CreatingUnexamined
Can i be a ghost?Unexamined
Druid: STR 3DEX 3CON 18INT 3WIS 18CHA 3Unexamined
To Kill A Sorcerer...Unexamined
Drow elfUnexamined
Chaotic Leader?Unexamined
Stupid newbie question: ability modifiersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DM messed up on rules...Unexamined
Need some help!Unexamined
Helpful Hints for the Budding PaladinUnexamined
Psionics...........for the 3rd timeUnexamined
alignment helppleaseUnexamined
old school player trustUnexamined
Looking for opinions on my new charUnexamined
3 character partyRAWUnexamined
ARRGH I have a smart player help...lolUnexamined
My fighter/wizardwhat to do nextUnexamined
Wish questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How do I roleplay a character with Cha 18?Unexamined
IL. Wheaton. D & D Community startingcome joinUnexamined
Need advice/backup!!!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Arcane ArcherUnexamined
Does anyone else wish their group did more Role Playing?Unexamined
Player's Guide to Defeating WizardsUnexamined
Most Ridiculous PC everUnexamined
Wildshape weilding?Unexamined
Woof! Does Area Dispel work on something with total cover?Unexamined
What are some of the best high level druid spells for dungeoneering?Unexamined
post your succesful charactersUnexamined
I tried to plan. Didn't work out so well Now what?Unexamined
Monk HelpUnexamined
Redeeming someone who's been corruptedUnexamined
Looking for a class to add onto a Bard.Unexamined
Yet Another "Whats my Alignment?" Thread!Unexamined
Epic Monk adviceUnexamined
1001 PC ObituariesUnexamined
Quick questionRules Question Or Discussion
questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
About other playersUnexamined
Not shure where to put this What should I playUnexamined
Romancing the bad boywith Paladins watchingUnexamined
What would the CG guy do?Unexamined
Who is Drizzt.???Unexamined
Monster race PC creationUnexamined
loop hole in weapon sizes?Unexamined
Low level campaingUnexamined
Construct RulesUnexamined
A good mage killer...Unexamined
Help with LAUnexamined
Our super sweet partyIdeas
A playable PC?Unexamined
first charfirst campaign help neededUnexamined
Creating the best vault for a strongholdRules Question Or Discussion
CG Character and Creating UndeadUnexamined
Companion/Mount Character SheetUnexamined
Pirate/Wizard trying to make money!Unexamined
Undead & Lack of Con. question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Really OTbut.....Unexamined
Balanced or Cheated?Unexamined
Handling a vampire in the group.Unexamined
Heroic & Unforgettable DeathsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Heroic & Unforgettable DeathsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Heroic & Unforgettable DeathsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Elvish Nobility???Unexamined
Multiple Aleax Bonus QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Rogue BuildPlease HelpUnexamined
Snake's swiftness and Cleave?Unexamined
DM wants me to go evilUnexamined
Modern Lawful Good ExamplesUnexamined
Rule Clarification: Druid's Animal CompanionHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Just got the d&d Basic SetHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
1001 Things You Miss About 3.0Unexamined
Disscussion of TacticsUnexamined
House Rule ManiaUnexamined
Lawful Bard?Unexamined
Do You Think This Alignment Shift Is Justified?Unexamined
A Level 4 Trumpet Archon vs. A level 6 Half-fiendUnexamined
Fighter-Monk QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Part ConstructUnexamined
Ranged Attack DamageUnexamined
need the rules for Character Creation for an RPGA-Sanctioned GameUnexamined
How to kill a Psion/Psi-Warrior??Unexamined
How should I RP high wislow int+ AutohypnosisUnexamined
Need a technology obsessed cultistideas?Unexamined
Problem solving help needed! Split group and outnumbered.Unexamined
Help with Half-Elemental LA (3.0)Unexamined
Fighter progressionUnexamined
Order of The BowUnexamined
Falling Dmg...Unexamined
What is the best class from the PLayers Handbook3.0 & 3.5 Tell us your thoughtsUnexamined
Gestalt Psion/Wilderand a bloodthirsty DMUnexamined
Hi i'm a noob ranger seeking helpUnexamined
PLEASE take look at class...Unexamined
What's a good feat list for this fighter...?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Aging Undead???Unexamined
Damn! I need some ideas to other races and classes than a 16th winged githzerai monkUnexamined
Need Help playing a monkUnexamined
Expanding Sorcerors Knownledge?Unexamined
what IS a cleric of tempus?Unexamined
Hit DiceECLand ability increasesUnexamined
Traps and are they acceptable?Unexamined
Need help upgrading snakes - quickUnexamined
Brand New Player Help (character creation)Unexamined
Band of GnomesUnexamined
only 2 PCswhat classes?Unexamined
Cleric of MystraUnexamined
Nimble Bones: broken or fine as is?Unexamined
Weapon Special Abilites ProblemUnexamined
No class left behind.Unexamined
An Alignment DisputeUnexamined
Height/WeightnewPLEASE LOOK!!!!!!!!!!Unexamined
Create New Class?Unexamined
Magic Items (Not Enhancement)Unexamined
How many pcs of yours have been killedUnexamined
Guidelines for Determining LAUnexamined
Fellow players! We should make our Own online adventure!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Speed BonusUnexamined
"OH MY GOD! They killed nick!"Unexamined
What's a Paladin to do?Unexamined
Paladin an Sword nameUnexamined
How bad DMs can beUnexamined
House Rule - No MagicUnexamined
Newbie Spell Resistance QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Kinda stressedneed some helpUnexamined
How would you react to this? a.k.a. DM likes messing with my PCUnexamined
Questionplz help..No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Paladin and future Assasin in same group..Unexamined
PaladinsSurrenderingand Battle CriesUnexamined
Can a monk....?Unexamined
Indiana jones.. In DnDUnexamined
Battle Cries and Inspiring SpeachesHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Shifter FeatsUnexamined
First sign of a bad DM...Unexamined
How do you role-play this situation? (sorryits long)Unexamined
Time to PlayUnexamined
How do I RP? [edit: also Character Journals]Unexamined
Need template helpUnexamined
Materials needed to learn V3.5Unexamined
A Level 65 game....Unexamined
Bad situation...Unexamined
Needing help... allys and a loud mouth dwarf left to save them!Unexamined
A wizard traped! (Needing some help)Unexamined
Theft as an evil actUnexamined
Min/Maxing without dominating?Unexamined
Domain Problem: Rules Lawyer SoughtUnexamined
Version ProblemUnexamined
MultiClassing DisadvantagesUnexamined
Leadership + CohortsUnexamined
Friday Night Fight ClubUnexamined
Over whelmed i need help...Unexamined
Dont know where to put this but...Unexamined
What class should The Koga be?Unexamined
Need a cool 13th level evil PCUnexamined
Lich QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Flying Diving ChargeUnexamined
Monk QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dragon QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Quitting D&D is Becoming a Threat... Save MeUnexamined
Two CrossbowsUnexamined
My companions are crazy!Unexamined
Role-Playing a DwarfUnexamined
Weapon Proficiency - Race or Class???Unexamined
Mixed GameUnexamined
Need help with advancing animal companion in levelUnexamined
Greedy theifsUnexamined
My Wisdom goeth... Need help role playing..Unexamined
Need help creating wizard backgroundUnexamined
Should stupid players be banned from sessions?Unexamined
Looking for Illusionist ideasUnexamined
i got two Q'sUnexamined
Ahh! Help! I'm a bunny!!Unexamined
What can my paladin do?Unexamined
Ok yes this is my fault but still....Unexamined
Half nymph?Unexamined
Power/Arugist PlayerHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Roleplaying questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Which Class Should I Start with?Unexamined
Warlock WTFs (Complete Arcane)Unexamined
Should I make a new character?Unexamined
Druid Wildshape + Feral Template?Unexamined
Problems w/Mid-High lvl Characters...What to do?Unexamined
Missing starting goldUnexamined
Have you ever played as a pc commener????????????????????Unexamined
what to play in a pirate campaign?Unexamined
Damn The Luck!Unexamined
monks and races with natural attacksUnexamined
DM making wizards life impossibleUnexamined
My DM hates meUnexamined
Sowhat are you guys doing with your characters?Unexamined
Fighter/Sorcerer Feat Advice PleaseUnexamined
Neutral or Evil?Unexamined
My DM hates meUnexamined
101 Worst DM TraitsIdeas
There must be a DC on getting spell DCsUnexamined
Is a large bear...Unexamined
Monstrous monk's unarmed attack ?Unexamined
Whats the rule for long periods of time?Unexamined
Can a familiar gain levels???Unexamined
Full Metal AlchemistUnexamined
A Lawful Neutral Knight ProtectorUnexamined
Grrrr! Barbarian!!! Rambo Doesn't Like Being Angry!!!Unexamined
Where would one go to find a new GroupUnexamined
Oozes Run Forest!! Run!!!Rules Question Or Discussion
mordern to d20Unexamined
DruidsItems & Wild ShapeUnexamined
What characterized your best DM?Unexamined
Just how dexterous is a 5 dex?Unexamined
Well.......that's a bit of a twistUnexamined
Animal companion statisticsRules Question Or Discussion
undead with classUnexamined
Best "Free" Class for 1 level.Unexamined
Can you play a lawful good rogue that steals?Rules Question Or Discussion
Tactics and Strategies for Staying Alive!Unexamined
familer questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What's this Character's Alignment and Class?Unexamined
Is it possible to survive this?Ideas
Ultimate character.Unexamined
Problem Player Turns to PsionicsUnexamined
A question about immunities.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need tips in survivingUnexamined
ECL (yeahANOTHER one)Unexamined
What skill to navigate by the stars?Unexamined
New player need helpUnexamined
Help needed with an imbalance of items...Unexamined
Critical Hit QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help....mind FlayerUnexamined
building first clericDomain ?sUnexamined
how do you make a characterUnexamined
A DM DilemmaUnexamined
uses for prestadigitationUnexamined
Random NPC Generators Suck (rant)Unexamined
Where to begin? I wanna learn to play!Unexamined
Playing Monster for First TimeUnexamined
Dilemma seeking input on--CadreUnexamined
A wierd experimentneed opinions.Unexamined
Paladin of Wee JasUnexamined
A question of a mercenary ninja's alignmentNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Double Postplease delete.Unexamined
Please help a soft-hearted old foolUnexamined
Recomended way for charting Wizard spells?Unexamined
Necromancer with a conscienceUnexamined
Paladins and rewardsUnexamined
Cleric/Pious TemplarUnexamined
ringof limited limited wishUnexamined
Me againAGAin in a game-drought.Unexamined
How can I get my DM to be more realistic?Unexamined
House rules we don't hateUnexamined
0 StrengthUnexamined
Running rogueUnexamined
Lingua Arcana/DivinaUnexamined
Empower Spell/Maximize Spell ruleUnexamined
Pounce AttackUnexamined
"Spendable" Experience Points?!Unexamined
captured RPing and alignmentRules Question Or Discussion
D&D Cigarettes..?Unexamined
What's a player to buy?Unexamined
The Character TestUnexamined
how exactly does command undead work?Rules Question Or Discussion
So I made a Mini FortUnexamined
what parts of monsters are worth reselling?Unexamined
How important is Equipment?Unexamined
player need character helpUnexamined
Divine Grace outside PaladinhoodUnexamined
What makes a paladin become a blackguard? (LONG!)Unexamined
Have you created a "themed" party?Unexamined
Help getting a new player into the game.Unexamined
Bad DND JokesUnexamined
As a player I did nothing for 4 hours? Help!Unexamined
Your personal PC wish-ListUnexamined
Online Gaming?Unexamined
How a character that is not skilled in combat be usefull in the dungeonUnexamined
How can I make my party members see?Unexamined
Good D&D JokeUnexamined
Those games you remember...Unexamined
How we manged to beat an entire mod in under 3.5 hours and not realise it.Unexamined
Familiar or cohort?Unexamined
Why dont I ever see magicusers wearing armor?Unexamined
Players: Participants or Witnesses?Unexamined
Doomed! Doomed I say!Unexamined
Paying your DM.Unexamined
World Domination [Evil Cackle]Unexamined
Two PCsUnexamined
Help Playing a Barbarian--I Need More Options!Unexamined
Minotaur CharacterUnexamined
Am I hopelessly overmatched?Unexamined
Key inside a fire pit...why oh why oh why.....Unexamined
interesting party makeupUnexamined
Explain GestaltUnexamined
Do your character names have a theme?Unexamined
Need some help against BBEGUnexamined
1001 Worst Plot HooksUnexamined
1001 Best Plot hooksUnexamined
need help alignmentUnexamined
Cleric War Domain - what weapons are allowed if no deity?Unexamined
Tiny PC Race?Unexamined
Paladins and InvisibilityUnexamined
The "thought you were slick" thread.Unexamined
A Wizards' Skills...Unexamined
Help me convince my DM to let me play a DrowUnexamined
3rd Edition Rules - Improved Unarmed StrikeUnexamined
Were-baboon problem.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
805 Stupid DM ideasUnexamined
Fighting Invisible EnemiesUnexamined
Can't think of class for this character: Help PleaseUnexamined
Best way to construct a temple?Unexamined
How do you roleplay a Dwarf?Unexamined
Character classes and looksUnexamined
Please deleteUnexamined
Excaping a Theif's GuildUnexamined
How Do you deal with a vengeful DM?Unexamined
How would you play this character?Ideas
dragon fightingUnexamined
here it is- what parts of monsters you can resellUnexamined
Ack! Skills question!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
As the Fleshrakers Fly the Wizards DieUnexamined
Vampires in Gaseous form how do you kill em?Unexamined
HELP party without tanksUnexamined
1001 Times You Wish You'd Thought AheadUnexamined
When and how to use DiplomacyUnexamined
Feats for a Zhentarim SpyUnexamined
I need to make a Fighter...Unexamined
construct characterUnexamined
The Final Word on Divine Meta. (persistent)...Unexamined
The Final Word on Divine Meta. (persistent)...Unexamined
Buddy SystemUnexamined
Party StuckUnexamined
Party Dynamics with an Apostle of PeaceUnexamined
i am a newbieUnexamined
*sigh* how to approach my DM about this?Unexamined
PHB 3.5 October 2004 printing!Unexamined
1001 Famous Last WordsUnexamined
What class lets you shatter at will?Unexamined
Animal Companion Level-up questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Save the Blink dog!!!! Need input.Unexamined
Dragon Prestige Classes - Yay or Nay?Unexamined
Wondering if I am losing my mind...Unexamined
Question On ReachNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
My new DM WILL BLOW!!!!!!!Unexamined
Half-Dragon/Half-Phoenix with a twistUnexamined
My group turned against me...not unjustified I suppose...Unexamined
Losing a legUnexamined
Hiding behind a tower shield?Unexamined
Pirate CampaignUnexamined
Can you ever cast more than one spell in a round?Unexamined
TPK type 2Unexamined
Funniest CharactersUnexamined
Serious Dilemma (long)Unexamined
Help for a NewbiepleaseUnexamined
Question with a unique character....Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
genuine "whats a player to do" questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Improved Sundering with ShatterspikeUnexamined
Please help a new player!Unexamined
Low Charisma helpUnexamined
please help find my Challenge ratingRules Question Or Discussion
DMs who get defensive.. and offended.Unexamined
lycanthropyfun for everyone...Unexamined
Am I a bad DM?Unexamined
Smart OrcsUnexamined
does my dm hate me?Unexamined
Ideas for new characterHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
stopping incorporeal undeadUnexamined
Str Vrs Weapon Size?Unexamined
Power attack vs Greater 2 Weapon FightingUnexamined
Dragon PCUnexamined
Infinite animal companions?Rules Question Or Discussion
6d6 drop 3 stats? And a CR 10 mount? My DM has gone mad!Unexamined
Dealing With Summoning Multitudes...Unexamined
Ranger ... what happened?Unexamined
bear worrier problam..Unexamined
Paragon DemilichUnexamined
I need help getting started!Unexamined
What are your characters?Unexamined
Help with spell targetting.Unexamined
How to get spells at a decent price.Unexamined
Vampire QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need 2 feats for a Swash/FighterUnexamined
Gender specific........Changeling?! (a bit long)Unexamined
Alignmentdietyand domain helpUnexamined
Nonlethal options for an archerUnexamined
Awakened Animal?Unexamined
Is there an armor without Arcane Spell Failure?Unexamined
When you die...Unexamined
Party needs a tankUnexamined
OK6 hours of gameplayI was involved in game for one hour...Unexamined
Wizard is practically broke--what should I do!Unexamined
Ranger and Archery Combat StyleUnexamined
Looking for Character Flaw Reference MaterialUnexamined
Wizards and Bonus Spells...Unexamined
What to beWhat to be?Unexamined
Spirit Shaman...Good or Not?Unexamined
Rule Lawyers aren't really so badUnexamined
Prismatic spray: I think I did something wrong...Unexamined
Armor Class questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I feel like I take over the party...Unexamined
good vacation spots?Unexamined
Incorporeal HelpUnexamined
Having trouble finding a DM/People...Unexamined
DM PROBLEM: WHEN DM'S TREAT NPC'S LIKE THIER OWN & My DM hates high level charactersUnexamined
A need for gold. HELP! with a theiving jobUnexamined
When should I make my own character?Unexamined
What Do you do?Unexamined
what class should I take?Unexamined
executing a captured enemyUnexamined
How to Work TogetherUnexamined
Stat to attack & defensive feats/classes/etcUnexamined
My DM's Insane!Unexamined
Too many playersUnexamined
Barbarian Character sheetUnexamined
Night Masks Vs. PartyUnexamined
Alternate Summon Monster ListsUnexamined
Starting D&D 3.5Unexamined
How much can you carry at a time?Unexamined
Tongue gone.Unexamined
tauric template sunelf/griffonUnexamined
My character what???Unexamined
Help for a Cleric of Lovecraftian GodsUnexamined
Creating a new characterUnexamined
1001 wishes only crazy people would twist.Unexamined
Unsure how to get skillzUnexamined
Spell-Oriented Cleric-like Class?Unexamined
Half-Fiend ClassesUnexamined
Am I a poor player?Unexamined
Sadistic Dungeon Masters.Unexamined
Need help getting to grips on a new char...Unexamined
How do you afford D&D?Unexamined
Which Skill Is It?Unexamined
Trying to be "one of the guys"Unexamined
Balancing BlindnessUnexamined
A pickle of a predicamentIdeas
QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
First level Wiz help.Unexamined
How would one play a priest of Ilmater?Unexamined
roleplaying lost?Unexamined
Prevent goods you stole from being scried on.Unexamined
I need answersUnexamined
What do you think?Unexamined
LG views on incompetent GovernmentIdeas
Attn: Rules Lawyers..... HELP!Unexamined
Killing the other party members?Unexamined
Help Me Tweak this Cleric/Saint Character!Unexamined
Nature Vs Arcanethe world's longest running rivalry....wizard vs druid!Unexamined
character problemsUnexamined
Need ideas for approaching DMUnexamined
Creating a Thane.Unexamined
Converting my PC to a ghostUnexamined
God I want to PLAY!! (DM of 10 years rant)Unexamined
Help creating a character for brutal settingUnexamined
In need of Information..Please!Unexamined
I need helpUnexamined
How do you win a game of chance with a diety?Unexamined
Help: Rogue or Sorcerer?Unexamined
Looking to play onlineUnexamined
I want a ship!Unexamined
AttackHideAttackHide . . . Is this legal?Unexamined
How many of your PCs got to godhood?Unexamined
Here's an odd PC idea i might do.Unexamined
Help on Tactics for Epic Battle.. True Necro vs RangerUnexamined
Help with a druid.Unexamined
Class for the soldierUnexamined
Ring problemUnexamined
My First CharacterHELP!!!Unexamined
Please help save my Campaign: I'm at a lossUnexamined
Was this a bad idea?Unexamined
Help An Idiotic Newbie!Unexamined
choatic neutralUnexamined
Places to playUnexamined
New character: what to do?Unexamined
I need advice on Sailing. I have a picture of my modified keelboatany advice?Rules Question Or Discussion
LN Druid questions?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Mekilling my brother? (Player vs player advice here please!)Unexamined
DM & PC?Unexamined
Meaning of Life??? O_oUnexamined
Wizard/Sorcerer?! Is it worth it?Unexamined
Best Rolls EverUnexamined
Help To Build Up A Shifter BarbarianUnexamined
Would this PC work?Unexamined
fighter and Monk mini-maxUnexamined
is this balanced? high level druid featUnexamined
Dm being a sissyUnexamined
The full metall alchemistUnexamined
Back storyUnexamined
Need advice on a magic itemUnexamined
Changing CharactersUnexamined
help pleaseUnexamined
What is a Gestalt character?Unexamined
Really cool DM house rules.Unexamined
Paladin question????No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Tactics for beating a monster on your own...Unexamined
leadership worth it?Unexamined
I need some helpUnexamined
Vicious QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
2 simple questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Total Railroading?Unexamined
i need help with character developementHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Help I messed up my Faen Quickling Unfettered.Unexamined
Evil CampaignUnexamined
My Dm-first expierince too naiveUnexamined
I got Amushed by my own party...Unexamined
How do you recover?Unexamined
ranger questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Fourth Level Artificer and now i'm taking Sorc levels. is it worth it?Unexamined
Gladiator match questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Homebrew PC seems overpowered.Unexamined
Whats a Warlock to do?Unexamined
What to do when another player ruins everything?Unexamined
Help! My DM sucks!Unexamined
ways for a Demolitions Expert to take out structuresUnexamined
Charging: closest square?Unexamined
Quick info on the Forgotten RealmsUnexamined
There was a time....Unexamined
Need some character advice - Half Orc Rogue...Unexamined
Best TheifUnexamined
I need a name for a Sword...Unexamined
1001 funnest/stupidest actions a player has takenUnexamined
A-team wagon?Unexamined
Help Me Prove That 3 > 2Unexamined
Need a familar ?Unexamined
My DM had fun with a chaotic god...Unexamined
Help! DM is ITEM CREATION CRAZY!Unexamined
101 useless magical itemsUnexamined
Building an army (continued)Unexamined
Advancement options for a curious monk.Unexamined
My DM is very unbalanced when giving out magic items!Unexamined
A few questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
are these goodUnexamined
Favored Enemies?Unexamined
fighting monk?Unexamined
Would you play with such houserules ?Unexamined
Help My Paladin!Unexamined
Question For AllNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Background QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Same as the last oneUnexamined
Newer player looking for helpUnexamined
Greyhawk ConfusionUnexamined
How does this combat start?Unexamined
character generation on the PC?Unexamined
Does this make any sense to anyone??Unexamined
Where do i go from hereUnexamined
so i have this problem...Unexamined
What's a good start for an Egyptian themed character?Unexamined
Help me sort things out with my dmUnexamined
hot or notUnexamined
Anybody here have an ideaUnexamined
Help me defeat this fuzzy logic!Unexamined
+1 spellcasting class stacking rules.Unexamined
My weekly crazy DM topic/and things not to doUnexamined
Monk Speed for FlightUnexamined
role play thisUnexamined
Improved TripUnexamined
Crazy mounts?Unexamined
What is "Powergaming"and why is it bad?Unexamined
What is "Powergaming"and why is it bad?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
How Not to be a DrowUnexamined
Favorite equipment for a characterUnexamined
In need of sneaky adviceUnexamined
ECL and Monstrous HD? I am confusedUnexamined
DeathTrue Ressurection and a Barbarian.Unexamined
My CharacterUnexamined
Which class should I take?Unexamined
Background help...... um.. please?Unexamined
Weapon MasterUnexamined
Chaotic Characters.Unexamined
Is it just me or is our DM trying to kill us?Unexamined
party balanceUnexamined
Gahwhat do you do when the DM lets people get away with stuff like this?Unexamined
How would an XP split work in this case?Unexamined
prestige class book?Unexamined
Advice on my first Druid (long)Unexamined
New to D&DUnexamined
My character concept....advice please.Unexamined
Dear Lord! A story of awful luck turned funUnexamined
Tell us about your current adventuring party.Unexamined
Revenge of the PlayerUnexamined
Problems With Magic Item CreationUnexamined
A Problem With Level Adjusted RacesUnexamined
To kill a DragonUnexamined
PCs with LA'sUnexamined
Need a little help with a BackstoryUnexamined
A silly questionbut one I can't find an answer to in my books...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What makes a good sage?Unexamined
The Best Fighter?Unexamined
and I put this on the wrong boardUnexamined
Curosity Question...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Woops! Wrong board.. ignore this.Unexamined
Ideas on how to turn against my party??Unexamined
*Wishing* for the best. . .Unexamined
Help on what to playUnexamined
Need help with cash tables?Unexamined
I need help making this character work mechanically!Unexamined
Darn RoguesUnexamined
In need of a new character idea.Unexamined
Permanent changes or better changes?Unexamined
base saves and attacks: HELP ME!!!!!Unexamined
Running out of nichesany ideas?Unexamined
I've heard of Monty Haul... but good grief...Unexamined
help a fighterUnexamined
Favorite CampaignsUnexamined
Horrifying re-introduction to gaming! (rant)Unexamined
would you call this power gaming?Unexamined
please help me choose my next featUnexamined
monetary concernsUnexamined
1001 times the gamemaster used your background against youUnexamined
Neutral CharactersUnexamined
big man have problemUnexamined
Quick fleshwarper questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
My DM feels I shouldn't ask questions!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Is it reasonable to play characters with stats under 10?Unexamined
New player needing guidanceUnexamined
"on carpthats the ranger again..."Unexamined
DnD and [Insert alcoholic beverage here...]Unexamined
Have problems with DM - how to approach him about them....Unexamined
How "Hero" are your heroes?Unexamined
The boards make my character........Unexamined
Spells.... oww my brain!!!!!!!!Unexamined
Which Character sheet?Unexamined
Need outside OpinionUnexamined
Family and DungeoneeringUnexamined
How does one play CN?Unexamined
Create a character to show my freind how good us members are!Unexamined
Spell warped charactersUnexamined
Games Online ?Unexamined
Paladin slaying innocents!Unexamined
choo chooUnexamined
New character for a new campaign.Unexamined
Trickin' Out My RideUnexamined
Killing other players...Unexamined
Low wisdon RPUnexamined
need helpUnexamined
monk backgroundUnexamined
Im a newbie! Please help me :DUnexamined
Paladin CodeUnexamined
Warforged/gree star adept?Unexamined
House Rules in the Middle of a CampaignUnexamined
bards and multiclassingUnexamined
Counter-Balancing a 6-Armed FighterUnexamined
how needed is a Rogue in a party?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
PC Devils? Bloodthirster of Khorne...Unexamined
Wizard's SpellbooksUnexamined
Living in the Shadow of LegendsUnexamined
GMs who roll for you...Unexamined
Dealing with an over-zealous little girl paladinUnexamined
Permenant stone skin?Rules Question Or Discussion
Underwater RulesUnexamined
Attack bonusesUnexamined
okey dokey... let's build a sorceress..Unexamined
OMG i need help i am afraidUnexamined
LG Monk Commiting AtrocitiesUnexamined
DM ProblemUnexamined
Revenge is a dish best served...Unexamined
And The Munchkin Award Goes To...Unexamined
Great Party NamesUnexamined
Crazy Dungeon CrawlIdeas
the greater goodbut is it evil??!!!Unexamined
do i help the wrong peopleUnexamined
have i found a way out?!Unexamined
Would this character annoy you?Unexamined
Why is it that the most ethical people are evil?Unexamined
How to write a Good BackgroundUnexamined
Good game!! :) Bad players. :(Unexamined
Please help me make a level 20 paladinUnexamined
I give up: How do i find people to play withalready?Unexamined
Books to BuyUnexamined
Rogues vs. UndeadUnexamined
Insane Deitiy / DMUnexamined
problems with alignment.Unexamined
Question on alignment changesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dragon PC hd questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Best Ways You Have Foiled Your DM's PlanUnexamined
An aligment issueUnexamined
Using Addiction in combat?Unexamined
Kensai Signature Weapon Help!Unexamined
New DMUnexamined
Should my Dms Paladin lose his paladin abilities? :PUnexamined
Best Laid Plans That Have Gone AwryUnexamined
What Class?Unexamined
Improved Precise ShotUnexamined
Becoming immune to painUnexamined
Not foiled DMs plansBut made an interesting turn of events?Unexamined
Worst campaign you played in.Unexamined
gustalt druidUnexamined
Removing a playerUnexamined
salt waterUnexamined
Question about Natural WeaponsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
dex poblemsUnexamined
magic weaponsUnexamined
Shopping for a new weaponUnexamined
Roleplaying or getting along?Unexamined
pounce & rake ??Rules Question Or Discussion
How do you get to play onlineUnexamined
Looking for an interesting characterUnexamined
MMORGPers at the table (take cover!)Unexamined
1001 ways to drive your DMs nutsUnexamined
Which character will I play?Unexamined
Equipment QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How long does game play last? Dumb newbie question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
In-character emotionsUnexamined
Character Advice PleaseUnexamined
More of a rant but still help would be good (long)Unexamined
Wizards familiarUnexamined
boyfriend girlfriendUnexamined
Sneak and AoO on slowed npcs?Rules Question Or Discussion
When your DM is out for blood.Unexamined
Charisma = Dumping Abillity #1right?Unexamined
creating a spellthiefUnexamined
2749 Annoying Actions by Other PCsIdeas
Goliath druidUnexamined
Dragon Help.Unexamined
Whats in a Name?Unexamined
For those who like bards...Unexamined
How does falling damage from weight/height work?Unexamined
Further Army thoughts (part III)Unexamined
Am I evil? (no baby-killing paladins involved)Ideas
My Half-Dragon Needs Help!Unexamined
Maybe railroading maybe notUnexamined
Prestige Class RulesUnexamined
Ring of Animal FriendshipUnexamined
Trying to dieUnexamined
And then he slaughtered the Younglings..!Unexamined
Epic DuelistUnexamined
Hp rollsUnexamined
Am I going a little overboard?Unexamined
Evil Behavior?Unexamined
casting spells with weapons in your handsUnexamined
Rules questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
(newbie question) how do I fill out the skills chart?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Arcane Archer Woes!Unexamined
I'm a munchkin? Okaywell then you're a hypocrite.Unexamined
High strenght characterUnexamined
I think I care for her a little too muchUnexamined
Why the heck am I adventuring with these people?Unexamined
Suggestions for a Planar CharacterUnexamined
looting bodiesUnexamined
Full-Scale War HelpUnexamined
Newbie with ADDUnexamined
Are these a good set of stats for a durid?Unexamined
Point Buy SystemUnexamined
the bard is getting on my nervesUnexamined
My DM has apparently made Diplomacy useless -_-Unexamined
Craft Wondrous Item: Cost of XP and GPUnexamined
Illusion spells and disbeliefUnexamined
My DM Hates MeUnexamined
Party leadersUnexamined
What should I be? CAN ANYONE HELP!!!Unexamined
Help with Wand SlingerUnexamined
DM unwilling to change PC's alignmentUnexamined
funniest names everUnexamined
1001 funniest uses of Illusion spellsUnexamined
NG Cleric issuesUnexamined
Camping with castersUnexamined
Evil nation? Or just misunderstood...Unexamined
HUGEred DragonCorpsenow what...?Unexamined
What Good Combat Encounters Have You Had?Unexamined
Two two-handed swordsUnexamined
Inevitable Battle at Lv.5???Unexamined
What would be a good prestige class for meUnexamined
New to drowneed a handplease. =)Unexamined
'Fair' Fight? (Crazy campaign encounter)Unexamined
Problematic PC in a Campaign with friendsUnexamined
Thrown master questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Great DMbad ideasUnexamined
My character-rough draft- opinions?Unexamined
Game mechanic question!!!!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Sneak attackSneak attackSneak attack!!!!Unexamined
Being told that playing a paladin with a mostly chaotic good party won't work.Unexamined
Soulknife ShadowdancerUnexamined
Rogue HelpUnexamined
What we've got here is a failure to communicate...Unexamined
Need help with a Paladin....kindaUnexamined
Grabbing and TeleportingUnexamined
i am sooo scared of death!Unexamined
help with combat strategyUnexamined
Can stats be too high?Unexamined
Need Help with PaladinUnexamined
Need serious help with a background storyplease!Unexamined
Stupid QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Whee! Kender! Any suggestions?Unexamined
Hexblade prestige classUnexamined
Range Spells and Range Touch Spell questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Sorcerer ACUnexamined
Mage Armor?Unexamined
Hide in plane sight...with skill???Unexamined
something else to do with turning...Unexamined
I have a newbie question about creating a warrior...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Themed CharactersUnexamined
Vampiric WarlockUnexamined
Fire and Cold SubtypeUnexamined
This strikes me as odd...dex penalties on AC?Unexamined
Ability score clausesUnexamined
Stressing Problems...Unexamined
First time Epic LvlUnexamined
templates at 1st levelUnexamined
Occult Slayers and PsionicsUnexamined
Making a car/auto wagonUnexamined
Some questions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Damage reduction questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Item / spell to deal with high altitude?Unexamined
Bulding an Army on a BudgetUnexamined
Armor Spikes and Two Handed?Unexamined
Paladin's mount intellegenceUnexamined
Druid Wildshaping-worth it?Unexamined
Hiding From InfravisionUnexamined
Problems with rolling....Unexamined
Quest winding downUnexamined
Druid Help...pleaseUnexamined
Point Buy Vs. Roll MethodUnexamined
death brings new lifeUnexamined
protection against imprisonmentUnexamined
Point Buy AND Roll MethodUnexamined
Providing riches for the ChurchUnexamined
Frenzied berserker ate me!Unexamined
Finding a game in a new areaUnexamined
WE FIND A SILVER MINEnow what...?Unexamined
Advice for a jungle campaignUnexamined
Undead.. and rage..Unexamined
Question About BABNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I need a year of down time to take place in 1 day.Unexamined
Where is the rule located for lowering your caster level?Unexamined
Human Monk/Ranger.Unexamined
6th level rangerUnexamined
Party Kill (and I feel kinda bad about it)Unexamined
an item that protects against ability score damage etc.Unexamined
Help MinmaxingUnexamined
To be evil...Unexamined
Help with Ftr Will saveUnexamined
lame characterUnexamined
Evasion QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to best build a THUG!Unexamined
fly winged or not...Unexamined
A Veteran Player on the EdgeUnexamined
ROF QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Problem player and balance issuesUnexamined
Characters PicturesUnexamined
advice for future warlockUnexamined
Good err.. evil advise? (Check out the plotit's not all simple barbarism..)Unexamined
Cleric and # of turn attemptsUnexamined
Bonus spellsUnexamined
Mok the RoseHalf-Orc Swashbuckler extraordinaire.Unexamined
Knowledge ChecksUnexamined
Can anyone help settle a dispute?Unexamined
Additional two hand attacks????Unexamined
My DM(s) are moving....:(Unexamined
Total Cheese ExplosionUnexamined
Advice for a new player?Unexamined
Laughing Knives - organization helpUnexamined
dead character helpUnexamined
Tenser's Floating Disk!!!!!Unexamined
is our DM trying to kill us?Unexamined
CR questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Whats A Bard Without His Songs?Unexamined
Newbie needs helpUnexamined
D&D Character Gen DemoUnexamined
Any advice on where to start?Unexamined
Familiar helpUnexamined
1001 weirdest curses you've ever been afflicted withUnexamined
Sword CreatingUnexamined
Uses of a dead Giant BeetleUnexamined
Other player wants to play anti-party PC...Unexamined
Party compositionUnexamined
Any advice for Tiefling Ninja (5) / Ranger (1)Unexamined
Using Vampire Spawn as cashcowsUnexamined
Most embarrasing death (in paricular most embarrasing creature to kill you)Unexamined
Help with sniperUnexamined
Save my HexbladeUnexamined
Pearl of Power: Necklaceor held?Unexamined
lets go shopppingUnexamined
trying to get DM to do somethingUnexamined
101 best charecter deathsUnexamined
Which rules rule?Rules Question Or Discussion
Okaythis is irritating.Unexamined
DM Problem - Druid StatsUnexamined
Situation Simulation Simulacrum Bread (Roleplay Game)Unexamined
101 Unfair Deeds commited by a DMUnexamined
Weekly Roleplay Situation (sorry to post the same thread twice...)Unexamined
Monks with natural weaponsa flurry of blows questionRules Question Or Discussion
ECL 4 level adjustment: a template searchUnexamined
Making a Chaotic GOOD Assassin?Unexamined
Skill points disputeUnexamined
Turned into a vampire AND no more arcane spell: continueor roll up a new character?Unexamined
Jaimas... you still around? .. your PM box is full.Unexamined
Only one player?Unexamined
Annoying players!Unexamined
My comrades are mad at me...Unexamined
What should i do?Unexamined
Standard & Move ActionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Inter-Party RelationsUnexamined
Drawing the line with hatred for EvilPaladinUnexamined
Weapon Proficiencies -- How do they work???Unexamined
Teaching my group to roleplayUnexamined
An Annointed Knight with no downtime.Unexamined
weird charsUnexamined
Char Creation (have no idea what im doing)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Snick GrotsnackNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
help on character creation and getting started would be appreciatedNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Simple questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
In Need of a good Bodyguard build?Unexamined
Help with Level AdjustmentUnexamined
I feel myself NERFEDNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Definitions of TermsUnexamined
Q: Assassins death attackUnexamined
Character HelpUnexamined
Modern to Fantasywhat to do?Unexamined
What should i play?Unexamined
unfair dmUnexamined
Alignment QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
xp reward problemUnexamined
Creating a child...?Unexamined
Looking for Henchmen & Spell Tracking SheetsUnexamined
What makes a story good?Unexamined
What Damage reduction?Unexamined
Eating MonstersUnexamined
Sickened and ACUnexamined
Some Suggestions PleaseUnexamined
So Longand Thanks for All the Fish...Unexamined
Comments on this starting character conceptUnexamined
Progression of a 1/2 celestialUnexamined
Blindswordsman (Zatoichi) type characters.Unexamined
What book should I buy?Unexamined
Class DilemnaUnexamined
What alignment is this character?Unexamined
need a little helpUnexamined
Methods for rule memorizationUnexamined
Always write a background firstUnexamined
Question Regarding a WishNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Druid+VoP+Saint - your comments please!Unexamined
help...ive got a druid warriorUnexamined
Really stupid QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A friend of mine.............Unexamined
Warlocks with bucklersUnexamined
Should my Wizard hold watch too?Unexamined
TWF...extra attack uses what bab?Unexamined
How much is too much???Unexamined
What would be a good encounter for this party???Unexamined
Please help me develop my bard conceptUnexamined
10 lvl diffeanceUnexamined
Animate Dead and XPUnexamined
Attaining lichdom and natural fly speedUnexamined
Best/favorite playersUnexamined
Battle CriesUnexamined
help where stuckUnexamined
Coolest/Most memorable DuelsUnexamined
Medeval SongsUnexamined
Things Players have doneUnexamined
Argument about equpiment and alignment changeUnexamined
Bards in Combat?Unexamined
critique my buildUnexamined
What to do!!!!Unexamined
Player's rep might cause problemsUnexamined
Version debateUnexamined
Need help with double weaponUnexamined
How to tell if a DM is right for you?Unexamined
Any quick and dirty ways to transport largeUnexamined
How Many...Unexamined
Illusionist PrC???Unexamined
the newest newb ><Unexamined
A quick questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to be evil?Unexamined
Looking for Gamers in Naha Okinawa JapanUnexamined
Help With CharactersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DM ProblemsUnexamined
What can i do?Unexamined
Talk to me about 3.5 PsionicsUnexamined
How to be LawfulUnexamined
Game Pre-Planning with DM: Appropriate or Not?Unexamined
Whats a Limbless monk to do?Unexamined
1001 weird combat movesUnexamined
6 concepts and only enough game for 1Unexamined
Element Resistance problemsUnexamined
Help with clericsUnexamined
Poor forever! HELP!Unexamined
Is this a good char idea?Unexamined
Should I get a familiar?Unexamined
To curse or not to curseUnexamined
killed for playing my characterUnexamined
Balancing the Team?Unexamined
Question about a statNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I want rain and I want it now....Unexamined
How to kill the bad guyUnexamined
When to Ditch The OwlUnexamined
Party vs. Party-What to dowhat to do?Unexamined
HorsesUnicorns and Mounts - oh my!Unexamined
Character creation - Paladin or Cleric?Unexamined
Is my DM being to strict...or am I just being a little to annoyed :/Unexamined
Vow of poverty + powerful artifact = ???Unexamined
Alignment issueswhat do I do?Unexamined
Personality Perks/FlawsUnexamined
Apparently I am now a symbiotic creatureUnexamined
Player complaints hotlineUnexamined
What to tell/not tell the DM?Unexamined
Problem with a former DMUnexamined
Your most hated foe(s)Unexamined
CR 5 FamiliarUnexamined
Roguish Alignment?Unexamined
Need a little Poetic Help plzUnexamined
Sharing wealth and hurt feelingsUnexamined
Celebrities and Dungeons and DragonsUnexamined
Rapid Reload Feat/Arrows per AttackUnexamined
did my DM exagratedUnexamined
Is the Party going to KILL me?Unexamined
Th silent and sad warriorUnexamined
How to play a dragon ascendant?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Broken Back... Now What?Unexamined
New at Playing (A Character That Is)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
barding ?Unexamined
Advice NeededUnexamined
1001 uses for a familiar.Unexamined
Complete CompleteUnexamined
Need Character Background help...Unexamined
need good character ideasUnexamined
the worst class....everUnexamined
Complicated situation: Town with people ready to fight and nobody to lead.Unexamined
Noob needs help!Unexamined
Making a half vampireUnexamined
ability scoresRules Question Or Discussion
character out of a hatUnexamined
Charactor Crafting: Magus from Chrono TriggerHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Neutral ClericAnyone???Unexamined
Fighting UndeadUnexamined
New to gameI need some character creation questions answered.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
creating a kingdom of my ownUnexamined
Werewolf issueswhat do I do?Unexamined
Which Book is it?Unexamined
Bows and multiple armsUnexamined
Player drives me NUTS!!!!Unexamined
Nerf meNerf meNerf meUnexamined
Favorite Spells and/or Spell CombosUnexamined
Playing in character: where to find items she needsUnexamined
how to play the rogue?Unexamined
Revenge Upon My DMUnexamined
Am I under/overpoweredUnexamined
Magicnot the wizard kind.Unexamined
In a jam...well 3Unexamined
Aspect Of Diety.Unexamined
Samuraiyet not a samuraiUnexamined
What justifies leaving your DM?Unexamined
Couldn't be clearerUnexamined
Bard Bands?Unexamined
Help making Nicholas D. Wolfwood.Unexamined
Paladin Going Postal!!Unexamined
I need help to create an all powerful characterUnexamined
necromencer nameUnexamined
Why not evil?Unexamined
What alignment would you give this character?Unexamined
catch and release XPUnexamined
Better not post your DM woes to this fourm if your DM reads them.Unexamined
1001 ways to deal with big TUnexamined
Improved Familiar Help PleaseUnexamined
What's a non-player to do?Unexamined
Rogues in a partyNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Intimidate Not Lawful?Unexamined
Inane questions about making a were-fox or other small size class lycanthropes.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Problem with Geas....and other party greeters....Unexamined
player advice-how to build a good pcUnexamined
Dwarven Paladin Special MountUnexamined
Taking initiative and becoming a leader Part 2. (Paladin Style)Unexamined
Antimagic issues ( player side)Unexamined
Paladin CoC and Burial RightsUnexamined
Roleplaying prayersUnexamined
Keeping players from scavenging dead friendsUnexamined
Getting StartedUnexamined
What to do?Unexamined
Rediculous DM and why I quitUnexamined
spell thief problemUnexamined
Derail a Campaign!Unexamined
I need help making a stronghold for my character.Unexamined
The DMPC must be bannedUnexamined
Let's get physicalUnexamined
Sticky SituationUnexamined
1st Level Human Paladin *was Fighter*Unexamined
Do I just not know how to have fun?Unexamined
Monks and weapon finesseUnexamined
Help building a Dwarf CharUnexamined
Prestige RogueUnexamined
Prestige Class for Manipulative RogueUnexamined
Help for a future ninja?Unexamined
Help for a new prestige class playerUnexamined
The end of Roleplaying.Unexamined
Did i hijack another players PC?Unexamined
New DM helpUnexamined
So what can you tell me about your mother?Unexamined
Talk about dramaUnexamined
Rogue HelpHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Whats your best/funnest/funniest RP with a bad DM?Unexamined
Monk with Improved GrappleUnexamined
Steel Tower Shield?Unexamined
Dwarven Druid Needs PrC/Class/Alignment Adjustment?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Paladin 4 vs. MegaraptorRules Question Or Discussion
Player Kills Player... Vengeance?Ideas
DM hates spellcastersUnexamined
Specialist Mage QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
character questionaireNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
THE threadUnexamined
Is this meor my DM?Unexamined
Something I'm a little bit confused aboutUnexamined
My DM drinks too much during sessionsUnexamined
1001 minor magic itemsUnexamined
1001 minor magic itemsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Too complicatedUnexamined
Character deathsUnexamined
I'm Attempting to plan an heist...Unexamined
Making Out with the DMUnexamined
New playerUnexamined
I Hate This RuleUnexamined
Combat Expertise without Int 13+???Unexamined
My DM made me do itUnexamined
I need a New CharacterUnexamined
Life after 5 Paladin/10 Kensai ?Unexamined
Help me make my spellcaster effective?Unexamined
I have a question about AlignmentsRules Question Or Discussion
How To Effectively Play A Wizard Against A DM Who Knows More Than You DoUnexamined
Death from Massive Damage (A treatise)Unexamined
My first truly-bad D&D experienceUnexamined
Magic among other thingsUnexamined
Effective Human War MageUnexamined
Equipment CostRules Question Or Discussion
New Tactics for a WizardUnexamined
Any where on the internet to play D&D?Unexamined
Neutral Good?Unexamined
Contracts of NepthasUnexamined
Characters becoming nothing more than something to createUnexamined
Hp Vs. ACUnexamined
A soul beyond salvation...Unexamined
Question on possible evil acts and CN Player (Kinda Long)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Getting around lack of buff time?Unexamined
A Tradgedy... but whos fault was it?Unexamined
help pleaseUnexamined
I want that Template!Unexamined
Is this a good party?Unexamined
In search of some roleplaying assistance....Unexamined
AC vs. DRUnexamined
Damn FBUnexamined
Touch Spells questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Favorite thwartings?Unexamined
Do riding dogs fit in dungeons?Unexamined
A Rules QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help with a CharacterUnexamined
Vampire Minions: Kill em or save em?Unexamined
A Bards dilemmaUnexamined
Next characterUnexamined
Please deleteUnexamined
Any weapons that count as both double AND reach?Unexamined
A few good spellsUnexamined
is there magic powered uzi for mages?Unexamined
Player vs. PartyUnexamined
Book emergencyUnexamined
whats the best way for fighting etins/trollsUnexamined
New DM New PlayersadviceUnexamined
Poison lipstick for a bard?Unexamined
Chaotic Neutral in a Lawful Good party.Unexamined
Please Forgive My NoobishnessUnexamined
Confusing in character and out of character actionsUnexamined
What to do with this scenario?Unexamined
Dot dot dotUnexamined
Paladins and CG Robin Hood type roguesUnexamined
please deleteUnexamined
Another Noob Question About SizeNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Gnoll As A PC?Unexamined
Could Someone Explain ECL To Me?Unexamined
Dungeon Crawl obsessiveUnexamined
hey you guys im new....Unexamined
Question about Dragon MagNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
core rulebooks confusion!!!Unexamined
I Need Character Ideas!!Unexamined
Help creating my first 3rd ed CharacterUnexamined
deck plans for a keel boatUnexamined
news on spelljamer?Unexamined
combat styles optionsUnexamined
Freeport: Anyoe played? How'd you change it?Unexamined
Managing a SpellbookRules Question Or Discussion
Help get rid of my DM's evil Critical fumble ruleUnexamined
which book?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
PC Race Question (in line with my gnoll thread)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Closed Minded DMs....Unexamined
101 ways to get out of a Dragons stomachUnexamined
Encouraging my DM to RP?Unexamined
Some help with advancing (noob)Unexamined
Stone Golems how to kill 'emUnexamined
Need help with spellsUnexamined
Starting Gold?Unexamined
Bigannoying problem with ALCHEMY!Unexamined
2 D&D games I must pick oneor should I?Unexamined
did i make my druid to strong?Unexamined
Spellcaster Druid?Unexamined
Wild Shape! how in the #@$?Unexamined
Giant Owl PCUnexamined
Questionis it really a dual wield finesse item?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Advanced Animal Companion Mounts?Unexamined
-20 to get a sneak attackUnexamined
Does anyone think I SHOULD keep playing?Unexamined
Low INT-CHR / Above Average WisdomUnexamined
Gameplay ProblemsUnexamined
Help for a new D&D playerUnexamined
Adventurers almanac (rules for adventurers to follow)Unexamined
How to tell an overpowered 'player' to tone it down?Unexamined
1001 clever ways to use spell/skill/ability/etc.Unexamined
D&D Square Dance VersesUnexamined
The Difference Between a Sorceror and Wizard?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
determining possible wildshape formsUnexamined
Are Outsiders Immortal?Unexamined
Thief being a thiefUnexamined
Roleplaying My Character's Ability ScoresUnexamined
How Do I Convince My DM Not to Run a Particular Campaign?Unexamined
religon problems with another playerUnexamined
im off to fight a battleUnexamined
Staff & ManagementUnexamined
General - WimpMunchkinor Ok? My PC AzraelUnexamined
Outsiders......making my brain hurt....Rules Question Or Discussion
what do i do now?Unexamined
Help with reincarnation and Grey elfUnexamined
Multiple problems...Unexamined
Post your most Interesting characters - need some inspirationUnexamined
Name For High ElfUnexamined
A Paladin and briberywhat did I do wrong?Unexamined
Leadership 20 Succubus!Unexamined
How to deal with that annoying bard?Unexamined
Two Handed Weapon QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Attacks of OpportunityUnexamined
1st level favored soul spell selectionUnexamined
The way others play:Unexamined
Creative ways to handle a huge bag of coinsUnexamined
To commit suicide or not to commit suicide...Unexamined
Help with RexUnexamined
so many attacks! so little time!Unexamined
Help me make a new charUnexamined
Broken clerics?Unexamined
I Need help...Unexamined
the Munchkin threadUnexamined
We've lost him...Unexamined
does a fighter get seige engine weapon feats?Unexamined
How to get what you wish for?Unexamined
Your Latest Hero!Unexamined
FR -- Region Starting EquipmentUnexamined
Fighters as scoutsUnexamined
1001 Ways you know your character is weak when...Unexamined
Okquick question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
New Character - I need suggestionsUnexamined
32pt buy Paladin suggestions?Unexamined
Lawful Neutural Monk AttitudeUnexamined
How do you control a city?Unexamined
Do I get to do this?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Coating weapons in poison rules?Unexamined
RPing low wisdomUnexamined
WellNero is the subject... HE BURNS THINGS!Unexamined
creating mix character classUnexamined
If u were a characterUnexamined
Dealing with thievingmurdering roguesUnexamined
Quandry with DMs that don't know the rulesUnexamined
Future Tactics & Tips ArticlesUnexamined
help with wizardUnexamined
punch daggers and other wierd stuff........Unexamined
1001 Pick-up Lines for the Party FemaleUnexamined
Help- me pleaseUnexamined
Help with my animal companionHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Blind Wizard..Unexamined
Fun with druidsUnexamined
Character Images!?Unexamined
My group says that I’m a burden on the party.Unexamined
Be careful what you Wish for...Unexamined
I wanna play a fleshgrafterUnexamined
Help with monstrous humanoid PCHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Character DesignUnexamined
I'm new to D&D and need helpUnexamined
Animal Companion: MooseUnexamined
The aristocrat as a playable classUnexamined
ApparentlyI'm an evil sonnuva*****Unexamined
Tactic vs Gaseous Form?Unexamined
1001 Greatest/Strongest Items in D&DUnexamined
I'm new to D&D and need a little help making my first characterHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
What does a Paladin need to roll Ride for?Unexamined
rate my buildHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Suggestions pleasenew character.Unexamined
Your Favorite PCsUnexamined
Drowning in choices!!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Problems With My Latest CharacterUnexamined
Curse that glitterdust!Unexamined
Would you play under these house rules?Unexamined
New Character General Grevious meets PredatorUnexamined
Whats a Player to do....Unexamined
I just bought a goblin!?!?!Unexamined
rough group problemsUnexamined
How would you react to a DM taking away your feats?Unexamined
Player vs. Party ConflictUnexamined
Post your characters here!Unexamined
Is it worth playing a bard?Unexamined
Need Munchkin CharacterUnexamined
I can't seem to figure out what to doHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Bounty Hunter Concept. Help?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Alignment Woes!Unexamined
What to do with stupid players/pcsUnexamined
Createing Cursed objects?Unexamined
Non-human Paladins?Unexamined
How can I give poison immunity to my new character?Unexamined
Ranger's combat styleUnexamined
Possible to defeat a god??Unexamined
Need a CharacterUnexamined
some1 help plz.....Unexamined
Bringing a Flyer DownUnexamined
half golemHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Give me a good build..Unexamined
Best Lines and Short ConversationsUnexamined
How do you use Savage Species?Unexamined
How many fighter types are there?Unexamined
Punishing Characters?Unexamined
Bad RPers in GroupsUnexamined
The BBEG ProblemUnexamined
What should I play?Unexamined
crossbows vs longbowsUnexamined
Would this fit a CG character?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Arrgh! Which character to pick?Unexamined
Prestige ClassesUnexamined
Is Complete Adventurer ninja that unbalanced?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
3.0 extraordinary and supernatural abilitiesUnexamined
Cleric character backgrounds?Unexamined
Help with character backgroundUnexamined
Need some help creating a characterhelp meUnexamined
I really need some helpUnexamined
DM is playing Favorites? Help pleaseHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Taking overUnexamined
What would be...Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
a halfling learning aquanUnexamined
HELP sorry missed a rollUnexamined
barbarian hafling LOLUnexamined
opinions on alignmentUnexamined
Player competitionhelp needed.Unexamined
Aquan TeacherUnexamined
Vampiric WeaponsUnexamined
What now???Unexamined
1001 uses for a bag of caltrops!Unexamined
ok for an alighnment for meUnexamined
Falling off the wagonUnexamined
The Counter-OffensiveUnexamined
Pet peeve: too high of ability scoresUnexamined
Party balance problemUnexamined
Lucky BreaksUnexamined
newbiecreated race...critique/help?Unexamined
good things of being a rogue/druidUnexamined
divine druid spellsRules Question Or Discussion
Courage the Cowardly Dog *Groan*Unexamined
Master gamer competition #1 :Character description and backgroundUnexamined
Unusual Party Composition (help!)Unexamined
New animal companions?Unexamined
VoP Struggle - Please HelpUnexamined
A True Spontaneous Caster?Rules Question Or Discussion
Absent DMUnexamined
"You had that all along?" and "You bought what!"Unexamined
Party FormationsUnexamined
Did I break my code?Unexamined
The Finnese Ranger... lost in the forest of skillsUnexamined
Meta Magiced Ray of EnfeeblementUnexamined
Need some explanation on being a Mindflayer.Unexamined
A question on starting outHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Rule on beginning play with trained animals?Unexamined
Paladin ScaryUnexamined
Is Poison only for Evil?Unexamined
Frenzied Berserker - A little advice/help please? :)Unexamined
drows.... are their stats diff from reg elves?Unexamined
drows.... do they have specific gods?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
whats the best familiar for a drow wizard?Unexamined
101 ways to cause world apocalypseUnexamined
nube here with crushed nuts and -2hpUnexamined
RPing my clericUnexamined
Sahuagan Priestess CharacterUnexamined
Mount in dungeons/small cavesUnexamined
Character creation restrictionsUnexamined
Can my gnoll pc speak common?Unexamined
Armor classUnexamined
class choiceUnexamined
Starting at level 30!Unexamined
What is the Best Rogue Character Race?Unexamined
UnCon Character Creation Contests!Unexamined
10001 most unorthadox tacticsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
A clash of RivalsUnexamined
Stone Skin v.s. IlithidsUnexamined
Vow of PovertyDM quarel... Etc. Etc. I need reference material!Unexamined
Better character development. The KickerUnexamined
Two big chunks of metal?Unexamined
How to do a Cleric of Wee Jas well?Unexamined
how would i acquire a familiar?Unexamined
Attack of Op?Unexamined
Spell DCsUnexamined
how do i get an animal companionUnexamined
What weapons?Unexamined
Bull rush or charge BAD on a grid????Unexamined
Blackmail in Mage Academyhow do I fix it?Unexamined
Questionable Paladin conceptwill it work?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Paladins and undeadcan they co-exist?Unexamined
some help please???Unexamined
Please help!Unexamined
New PlayerUnexamined
No Evil PCs!?Unexamined
I would like to pick the brains of the board...Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
I need good Feat build for my character.Unexamined
Grappleing rules questions. need help please.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Starting Possesions of a Lizardfolk Cleric?Unexamined
TPK on the way. Players need to learn to plan better!Unexamined
Yuan-Ti Character HelpHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
True powerUnexamined
1001 Ironic StoriesUnexamined
Help A lonely Bird Find a Flock.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Useless featsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
my dm is stubborn!!!!!!Unexamined
Dragon PC'sUnexamined
Please help resolve problems with DM/Players!!!!!!Unexamined
Question of Alignment.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How any characters is too many?Unexamined
How to kidnap a wizard?Unexamined
New DM next game... a little nervous...Unexamined
Retart PalyUnexamined
Attacks Per Round:Unexamined
help plz w/ ranger creationUnexamined
Mindflayer + Cloak of Quills?Unexamined
DMs whichfranklysuck...Unexamined
Poetic WarriorRules Question Or Discussion
My Dm dosent play by the rules.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
What race/class would you be?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
StorylineHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
where can i learn the ways of a druidUnexamined
Return to the Temple of Elemental EvilUnexamined
a simple question about questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Game in 45 minutes-Need to know what to play!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Character Sheet Problem - Definition Required!Unexamined
Multiple TPKER!! What can we DO?!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Leading a resistance movement....Unexamined
If you could improve your DM in one way...Unexamined
13th level and lower party vs DemonUnexamined
Perferring creativity in race instead of classUnexamined
FlankingHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Free actions????Unexamined
Autofail on 1: No soft immunity?Unexamined
101 Funny Monster DeathsUnexamined
Theme SongsUnexamined
First Time Player - Advice on RoguesUnexamined
Ok I OldUnexamined
Tactical ProblemUnexamined
The Party Cleric Hates Me!!!Unexamined
My party calls me MunchUnexamined
How do you play a druid??Unexamined
what makes a char evil? mindset or actionsUnexamined
Keen + Improved CritUnexamined
silly ideas for a characters......Unexamined
The Anti-Munchkin Brigade!!!Unexamined
Ghostwalker PrC and Ghost Touch WeaponUnexamined
1001 most tear jerking momentsUnexamined
To disable a trap...Unexamined
1001 Odd Character HabitsUnexamined
pellets of death...???Unexamined
What would make me this?Unexamined
Party will vs own willUnexamined
My 1st character - is this concept doable?Unexamined
meat shieldtankwhatever you call it...Unexamined
Too Many ChangesUnexamined
Mind if I vent/rant?Unexamined
Money Money MoneyUnexamined
How to kill a powerful PC foe?Unexamined
Could someone explain how Level Adjustments work exactly?Unexamined
Hello can someone please help me I need to make a Elf Monk first time for me to makeUnexamined
Any suggestions?Unexamined
BASTARD Style NamesUnexamined
2 QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Searching for a choosen mountUnexamined
What do druids buy?Unexamined
Help with rogue 3.5Unexamined
1001 Ways to be a good teamUnexamined
Helpful advice 4 Mnted Halfling/Goblin'sUnexamined
Victim of a cursed itemUnexamined
I need help creating a character BAD!!!Unexamined
My first Paladin problem!Unexamined
What to do when your player complains about preparing spells?Unexamined
Help with AlchemyUnexamined
Which race fits this class or vise versa?Unexamined
Questioning being a dual-monster PC.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Paladin (going to have problems)Unexamined
My Challenge to You All...Unexamined
Fighter Feats/ConversionUnexamined
Swashbuckler prestige classes/progression?Unexamined
shifting ninjaebberon featsneed help.Unexamined
Multiclass Rogue/MonkUnexamined
1st level wizard in hand to handUnexamined
DM overcompensatingHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
health & modifersUnexamined
Help settle a disagreementUnexamined
ecl character lvl and feats and xp lvlsUnexamined
White hairs & rapid aging.Rules Question Or Discussion
Challenge rating / Encounter Level QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Question on PaladinNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
chacter helpUnexamined
Alignment Question!(relaxnot about pallys)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Samurai MadnessUnexamined
ok ok now what?Unexamined
My party is going to die!Unexamined
Does it Get Spoiled for You?Unexamined
Some Help With PrCs PleaseUnexamined
Flat footed and shieldUnexamined
Taking AOO during a withdrawlUnexamined
Things to Do in a CityUnexamined
To create a good character (personality)Unexamined
Gnome PranksterUnexamined
Odd Monk QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Surviving with(out?) a dysfunctional party...Unexamined
Playing Alignments: EXAMPLESUnexamined
Roleplay Help pleaseUnexamined
Planar Cohorthow should I go about it???Unexamined
Tips for playing?Unexamined
Advice for running a ClericUnexamined
please help! (character creation)Unexamined
Random question...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
what's your favorite build?Unexamined
i need help with my fighterUnexamined
Lower Lvl Character in a PartyUnexamined
How IntLow WishelpUnexamined
Do you charge extra for magic items you create for other team members ?Unexamined
Alignment Shift In-Game. (Examples Please)Rules Question Or Discussion
Stupid 3.5 newbie question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Synergy QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Do you charge party members for high level resurrections?Unexamined
Question about Intelligence boostsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Making a 4th level character for a 5th level adventure...Unexamined
Unusal SorcererUnexamined
Actor Bard questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Where can I play a dragon?Unexamined
improve on this in the same vain/artery.....Unexamined
Help with my character for 3 man partyUnexamined
Dragon as a PC (and ways to make it work) maybe?Unexamined
Plot Over RulingUnexamined
PrCs that give featsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Master Player Competition #2: Design an Outfit.Unexamined
Master Player Competition #2Unexamined
A "Master Player Competition" RequestUnexamined
How to deal with an overpowered character?Unexamined
Interigation helpUnexamined
Stacking QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Corwyn Haverson - My first characterUnexamined
Character Creation Software?Unexamined
Magic items for a rogue against undeadUnexamined
Getting StrongUnexamined
Your First CharacterUnexamined
AIM codeUnexamined
Charisma: What can it do for me?Unexamined
Help w/ Current PC - plans for the next few levelsUnexamined
Aiding others with creation feats.Unexamined
character conversionsUnexamined
Patron Deities-obscure rule questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Doubling the partyUnexamined
Lazy DM!!Unexamined
1001 player cursesUnexamined
tired of being manipulated! HELP!Unexamined
How Craft-Friendly is Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil?Unexamined
Has this happened to you too?Unexamined
The art of theftUnexamined
Any Suggestions???!??! PleaseUnexamined
Simulacrum PCUnexamined
Classes don't exist!!! (HELP!!!)Unexamined
Temple of elemental evilUnexamined
Worth playing? Or worth walking?Unexamined
DnD Poetry?(hey that rymed!)Unexamined
A not evil vampire?Unexamined
Two questions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What is the value of Spell Focus: Abjuration?Unexamined
Battle Sorcerer adviceUnexamined
need helping making characterUnexamined
1001 ways to us PerformUnexamined
Restricted Time on...Unexamined
YeahI know it's been asked before but...Unexamined
Paladin + poisonUnexamined
Persauding my DM to use MoIUnexamined
Smart arse playersUnexamined
Philosophical Question: Vow of PeaceNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
delicate cheating questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Magic of IncarnumUnexamined
How do I fight a vampire?Unexamined
Disappointing day for a lil D&Dr...Unexamined
How am I going to do any D&D?Unexamined
Psionics in a fantasy setting?Unexamined
Need Help With a Problem Please HelpRules Question Or Discussion
What to do with enemies who surrender and/or are incapacitated in the wilderness?Unexamined
New Greyhawk fighter need some advice (info)Unexamined
Berronar's ValkyrieUnexamined
A tricky gang of peopleUnexamined
Total beginer in need of lots of adviceUnexamined
Finish my BardHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Wild Elf & Their weaponUnexamined
Oy... house rules....Unexamined
Having problem with my half-black-dragon/half-humanUnexamined
Build me an army worthy of myself!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
infantile questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
101 Worst Campaign SettingsUnexamined
Is this Metagaming?Rules Question Or Discussion
Scribing SpellsUnexamined
Class quandry and finding games to play.Unexamined
Worst DM you've ever played with?Unexamined
Has anyone in your game ever pulled a Leeroy Jenkins?Unexamined
1001 Things for Rich Adventurers to Spend Their Money OnIdeas
Elusive Target and Expeditious DodgeUnexamined
Starting a Lvl1 Drow Sorcererplease help me make it right!Unexamined
New CampaignNew IdeaUnexamined
Group HostilityUnexamined
Questionable Ethics?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Request for fireball danger close.Unexamined
variant/improved animal companionsUnexamined
Getting Started in D&DUnexamined
Exalted RapscalionUnexamined
I'm newwhat is a gestalt character?Unexamined
what to do about my warlock ?Unexamined
fav classIdeas
Help us with our partyUnexamined
Bardic DmgUnexamined
Badass NPC opponent - what' the CR?Unexamined
Roleplaying a HobgoblinUnexamined
Help dealing with an immature meta-gamer.Unexamined
How does DR really works?Unexamined
Monk ProblemUnexamined
New character ideas and roleplaying out of your elementUnexamined
Help me roleplay my character betterUnexamined
Original group falling apartUnexamined
Help making my characterUnexamined
Two-Weapon Fighting HelpUnexamined
Is Dragon Tamer already a class?Unexamined
What would a character know?Unexamined
need monk suggestionUnexamined
1001 ways to escape from prison.Unexamined
Character knowledge vs. player knowledgeUnexamined
Return To The Temple Of Elemental Evil - Spell Help RequestedUnexamined
English players in NorthamptonUnexamined
Creating Undead?Rules Question Or Discussion
Most irritating things a pc can sayUnexamined
Natural Weapon/Incarnum/BAB QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Am I a powergamer!?Unexamined
Human bar1/druid5... looking for a prestige classUnexamined
Help a Druid outUnexamined
is this accurate? And allowed?Unexamined
Help with a ShugenjaUnexamined
Drow army!Unexamined
QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Suspected of cheating but not?Unexamined
VENT: DM favoring rogue.Unexamined
How to Land the PrincessUnexamined
Goodish DmUnexamined
One Armed Ranger?Unexamined
souls of the deadUnexamined
Bards With BoomUnexamined
Lookit da BirdieUnexamined
DM-Giving you your pcIdeas
Am i being unreasonable?Unexamined
Forced ClassUnexamined
Just got an Overpowered Weapon and BucklerUnexamined
My Dm Is Evil!!!!Unexamined
Familiar Attack questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help Creating a Kuo-Toa Fighter?Unexamined
OopsI Got Your Character KilledUnexamined
githzerai monk questionsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
REVERSE VENT: Best DM/GM Ever?Unexamined
tricks to play on other playersIdeas
Elven weretiger barbarianplease critequeUnexamined
Monks with Decent Weapons?Unexamined
Roleplaying lawful evilUnexamined
Fighter/Cleric QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
1001 ways to knock down arrogant GM's a peg or twoUnexamined
Anyone ever open a store?Unexamined
Template questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I need helpUnexamined
Two cheers for critical missesUnexamined
DM says I need to kill another player to be "In Character"Unexamined
Vent: Hypocritical DMUnexamined
Joining a group that is less rules/play savy.Unexamined
Games Based on GamesUnexamined
Reasons to hate your DMUnexamined
Arcane HierophantUnexamined
Spreading the Dojo MojoUnexamined
Here goeswish me luck!Unexamined
What's up from IraqUnexamined
Poisonous touchUnexamined
Barbarian paladinUnexamined
DM cant be originalUnexamined
DM might be loosing interestwhat to do?Unexamined
Pure sillinessUnexamined
Alcoholism and RP.Unexamined
What a player can do: Don't buy all booksUnexamined
Generic low-level tactics.Unexamined
Low Level Character CreationUnexamined
Familiar featsUnexamined
Hairy spiderUnexamined
Raptoran fighter...Unexamined
Barbarian PrCsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Beholdersoh god....Unexamined
My Critical Hit system - please critiqueUnexamined
At what point does the player override the PCUnexamined
Creation Feats in the PartyUnexamined
how do i make a paladin?Unexamined
I need help outsmarting this guy!Unexamined
stats for a monkUnexamined
Is this overpowered even for a Gestalt game?Unexamined
Can a whale capsize a row boat?Unexamined
Warlock build help?Unexamined
Help me create a mad mage!Unexamined
New Help with a BardUnexamined
Need a little help.Unexamined
Rules Fuzzy DmUnexamined
How to get the guy do the things you want him toUnexamined
Dagger thrower HELP!Unexamined
how can i take revenge?Unexamined
First Game RecapUnexamined
Caster level and PrCs???No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dealing with a goody two shoesUnexamined
?'s that should never be asked!Unexamined
Not-So-Textbook case of Player vs DM. (long but hopefully enjoyable read)Unexamined
Powerful Charge?Unexamined
Incarnum and Essentia Invesments questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
woohoo! the DM's a wish-granting genie!!!Unexamined
Sneak attack with glove of storing?Unexamined
Gnome Artificer/Effigy Master. Inventor. Need ideas!Unexamined
How to apply templates?Unexamined
Crushing SituationUnexamined
Assistance with a rougeUnexamined
Other people hogging gametime.Unexamined
monk-priest in a game?Unexamined
Lying for the sake of roleplayingUnexamined
Half-fire Elemental troublesUnexamined
ECL 16 character suggestions?Unexamined
Railroad to Certain DoomUnexamined
Base attack bonusUnexamined
Question?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I want to run this by you guys.Unexamined
Kensai QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Commanded Undead questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Creating Undead Part IIUnexamined
Two-Bladed Damage?Unexamined
I need some help from experienced assassins...Unexamined
Need help with STATS....Unexamined
Broken StuffUnexamined
Suggestions on lvl 1 character stats/etc...?Unexamined
Winged CombatUnexamined
Single-class partiesUnexamined
Wanna have some funbuild yourself a CentaurUnexamined
Dragonstalker and feats?Unexamined
Marruspawn as player charactersUnexamined
Durid and Monk Combo.Unexamined
stuck in the mouth of ...Unexamined
Dm/player conflictUnexamined
Making a New CharacterPLEASE HELP!Unexamined
no DMUnexamined
Rogueless Party of SixUnexamined
Character generator?Unexamined
I know it existsbut where?Unexamined
Possibility of having a Githzerai in a Medieval Fantasy Campaign?Unexamined
Awakened Dog Monk: Can I? How?Unexamined
level adjustmentUnexamined
Level adjustment questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need help with 3.5 and char genUnexamined
HELP! Elemental Savant HELP!Unexamined
Gestalt questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Flavor - WeaponsUnexamined
AoO QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A prestige class that has a bonus feat at 1st?Unexamined
Good or Evil?Unexamined
Quick question about base saves?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Animal companions and healingUnexamined
Potentially severely UNDERPOWERED characterUnexamined
Curst question and feat questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Beholder Results!Unexamined
new game glouraUnexamined
Gessie comboUnexamined
Wizard FeatsUnexamined
Question about WildshapingNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I need help with Hit Dice for Half-Dragons.Unexamined
Undead character - Save me!Unexamined
Changeling Drow or both?Unexamined
Third edition mishapsUnexamined
Should I play?Unexamined
I can't find how to get an Hp score!Unexamined
Help me with my first characterUnexamined
Pirates or Barbs?Unexamined
Help with first characterpleaseUnexamined
Reducing my weaknessesUnexamined
Here is a dilemma.Unexamined
My DM isn´t giving goldUnexamined
Name GeneratorUnexamined
Name generatorI need one.Unexamined
Questions on making a character.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Essential Classes in a PartyUnexamined
Need book purchase guidanceUnexamined
Scrolls! Why a base price?Unexamined
Im having Visions -- Help!!Unexamined
DM threw a curveballUnexamined
I dream of NightcloakUnexamined
I need some help on LA questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
My bro says noUnexamined
Lawful Evil Cleric being able to work with Good/Neutral Party?Unexamined
Question regarding feat & skill selectionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Gaming Problems (Feedback wanted)Unexamined
Gestalt Character... Need help choosing a second classUnexamined
My d20 is cursed! Who wants it?Unexamined
New player needs helpUnexamined
Need help with ECLUnexamined
D&D LondonUnexamined
Are you a dangerous DM?Unexamined
intresting character creationUnexamined
Bluff & Diplomacy against magicly "Calmed" foes.Unexamined
Spell save DCs as a playerUnexamined
Collections of Player-Made MaterialUnexamined
Just some questions for starters.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
sorrysome noob stuff...Unexamined
I need some helpUnexamined
1001 Things in D&D Touched by Modern Pop CultureUnexamined
Getting Bored With My Current PC...Unexamined
Size matters not? Or does it? Touch attack questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A Non-Group of AdventurersUnexamined
Awakened WolverineUnexamined
Pretty much new to D&DUnexamined
what is the meaning of timeUnexamined
:: useless characterUnexamined
Night Below charactersUnexamined
Character: Lich > Demilich QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Masterworking your arms as a warforged?Unexamined
noobish "?"Unexamined
Have you ever out smarted your DM with an unexpected tactic?Unexamined
Help: More Details/Info on Professions and CraftsUnexamined
Need help for a Powerful and Broken Warrior for an upcoming one-shotUnexamined
A betrayal? rantUnexamined
How much does it cost to put a feat into an itemUnexamined
Quite Literally "What's a Player to Do?"Unexamined
Dueling Crossbows?Unexamined
Kick a** characterUnexamined
Anti-Evil vs. Good. Orhelp me explain the differences to a fellow player.Unexamined
SOS - A Wizard's DilemmaUnexamined
Murphey's Law For RoleplayingUnexamined
I need some suggestions...Unexamined
Super Cool Awesome Neat Big Bang Character Idea Name ListUnexamined
Druid/Cleric multiclassUnexamined
no Dice! need help!Unexamined
Is it DM vs Players?Unexamined
Advice for a character to use in next gameUnexamined
How to play your stats?Unexamined
The Things we do for the Sake of Roleplaying!Unexamined
kill orc leaderUnexamined
Is there a cleric manual out there somewhere?Unexamined
I'm a n00b.Unexamined
Help with Feat SelectionUnexamined
new guy helpUnexamined
New Rogue characterUnexamined
Need resourcesUnexamined
Applying templates?Unexamined
help givingUnexamined
HELP: cleric domainsUnexamined
Any tips for world dominationUnexamined
Blade Caster ideaUnexamined
My party is rude... please readRules Question Or Discussion
New to gameneed help!Unexamined
New to the gameUnexamined
Character Creation in a group?Unexamined
My Druid and Animal Companion.Unexamined
Fear my zombie-mech filthy humans!!Unexamined
Cross-class house rule DisagreementRules Question Or Discussion
Lost CharacterUnexamined
Difficulty with character allignment...Unexamined
Monk's Belt and my Mystic TheurgeUnexamined
Need help with a RougeUnexamined
On Damage Reduction and and Arrows of Greater Outsider SlayingUnexamined
Wizard need help PLEASEUnexamined
an orginal build...Unexamined
idea to help not get caughtRules Question Or Discussion
How quickly do you gain levels?Unexamined
Help I need a clericUnexamined
Help fighting a Dread WraithUnexamined
How Many Spells In A Spellbook?Unexamined
The Viking BarbarianUnexamined
player helpUnexamined
Swashbuckler helpUnexamined
The Good Guy From Hell...Unexamined
Half-Dragon Spell casterUnexamined
DM Problems....? Rant and RaveUnexamined
Entering an enemy fort by stratagemUnexamined
DM asked me to play Evil (HELP!)Rules Question Or Discussion
Your Favourite Character!Unexamined
Dread Necromancer looking for adviceUnexamined
- new character needed -Unexamined
Chick GamersUnexamined
DM needs to ease upUnexamined
Joining a new GroupIdeas
i want my wife to playUnexamined
IC Argument goes to OOC Friend vs. Friend.Ideas
I feel an evil streak coming onUnexamined
need ideas for multiclass.Unexamined
Designing equipment - a chariotUnexamined
Int ModifierUnexamined
In Game Player InfoUnexamined
A little Help hereUnexamined
cant find scarlet corsairUnexamined
Class choice again...Unexamined
An Impoverished Incarnate - Is It Legal?Unexamined
How does being evil work out for you?Unexamined
i need help mentally and physicallyUnexamined
Question about Craft and Character CreationNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Exalted Lawful Good Aasimar PaladinUnexamined
Balors and maraliths!Unexamined
DM who wants creative control someone think they could help?Rules Question Or Discussion
Escape help!Unexamined
Spirit Shaman tips plzUnexamined
Metagamingand my lossesUnexamined
A Slightly More Fair QuizUnexamined
How do I get my DM to know the rules?Unexamined
What should I expectUnexamined
Gamer odorHumor
Low occurance of healing itemsIdeas?Unexamined
Feeling like the only good oneUnexamined
Is this armored paladin/monk/kensai legal?Unexamined
To all owners of FrostburnUnexamined
A not-so-valiant paladinUnexamined
To Prevent Paladial Conflict - Get It In WritingUnexamined
Warband of OrcsUnexamined
When is it OK for a Chaotic Neutral character to be badUnexamined
Warlock advice needed for City of Spider QueenUnexamined
How can I help our new Bard fit into our party?Unexamined
Evil Army gamewhat should I doUnexamined
Your Favortie Character SheetUnexamined
1001 most hilarious enemy killsUnexamined
Rules of Conduct for a PaladinUnexamined
Hey! I need some1 to play with!!!Unexamined
Ressurection Problems...?Unexamined
- whisper gnomeUnexamined
My friends have played for a long timebut i've never do i get started?Unexamined
How many skills???Unexamined
Effects of stats on my characterUnexamined
Half Human half brass Dragon input neededUnexamined
Ways my DM bugs me (but not a big deal)Unexamined
Artificers using persistent metamagic feat during Infusionshow does this work?!?!Unexamined
Fun uses/tricks for Mirror ImageUnexamined
Item Creation - Worth it?Unexamined
Railroading RidiculousnessUnexamined
How Many "Because I am the GM and I say so" statements should I take before walking?Unexamined
From a DM to Players everywhere (rolling six 18's)Unexamined
Being incompatible with your DM/playgroupUnexamined
DMs chnging rulesUnexamined
Core Character neededUnexamined
Are fighters dumbUnexamined
An Unusual Concern (longish)Unexamined
My character died off and what he has accomplished in 10 levelsUnexamined
The Evil of Being EvilUnexamined
Need help with my character IdeasUnexamined
Fontsfor the character sheet.Unexamined
How to talk about the House RulesUnexamined The AftermathUnexamined
DM Horror Storieslet's hear em.Unexamined
Playing a non-combative wizard... Help pleaseUnexamined
ALERT: What Happened to the Sticky?Unexamined
Need Info on bardic PrC....Unexamined
**RIDICULOUS House Rules - A Place to Vent About Your Crazy DM** PART IIUnexamined
**RIDICULOUS House Rules - A Place to Vent About Your Crazy DM** PART IIHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Character ConceptsUnexamined
Wizard Ranger or Arcane Archer XDUnexamined
Best fighter i can beUnexamined
SWFB (Single White Female Barbarian) seeks direction...Unexamined
fair uses of the DM screenUnexamined
What is it with women and rogues?Unexamined
Good House RulesUnexamined
Need help understanding Item Creation...Unexamined
help with a Paladin variantUnexamined
How do I make a Warmage?Unexamined
Proper care and feeding of a land grant (and its' people)Unexamined
Is chaotic evil MORE evil than nuetral evil?Unexamined
Spell components...Unexamined
I created this it alright?Unexamined
Irritating playerUnexamined
i need some help with feats for my characterUnexamined
Opinions wanted on my Draconic Sorcerer...Unexamined
Gaming DinnersUnexamined
Uncharismatic character with Charisma-based abilities?Unexamined
And what is YOUR age??Unexamined
Flying Ranged AttacksUnexamined
Mind magic is evil! No it isn'tUnexamined
We have a party conflict over reckess use of FIREBALLUnexamined
Starting gold at lv 8?Unexamined
I need advise on my Brass Dragon-Legasy Sorcerer.Unexamined
Half AngelHalf Daemon...Unexamined
Druid IdeasUnexamined
The Philosophy of NeutralityUnexamined
Template questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DM makes things too hard.Unexamined
4d6 Drop Lowest--Equivalent Point Buy?Unexamined
HEEEELP!! (Role-Playing a Kobold)Unexamined
I Can't Pick A Class! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Unexamined
spell fireUnexamined
confusions on the charcter record sheetsUnexamined
A player's gripesUnexamined
I need to kill a demigodUnexamined
In search of adviceUnexamined
need some help if possibleUnexamined
The thing how people have their race/class/alignment...Unexamined
tell me if you guys think this is fair?Unexamined
I need a hand - literallyUnexamined
need help building a character for 3.5Unexamined
Lots of classesUnexamined
need help building a characterUnexamined
Tactics to get into a tower?Unexamined
Quick Help with UndeadUnexamined
Is this character feasible?Unexamined
Summoner ideasUnexamined
Wizard feedback pleaseUnexamined
Help with a Centaur DruidUnexamined
Winged templateUnexamined
Is this an interesting character?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Any Tips Would Be Great...Unexamined
Alternate Move ActionsUnexamined
Monk helpUnexamined
Sundering- more then just the apparent uses?Unexamined
Alone in the underdark - help!Unexamined
Help with Ranger varientsUnexamined
Double check my character for meUnexamined
Simulating 2nd ed dual/multi classes with gestalt? Could it be made to work?Unexamined
Feats that Grant SpellsHelpUnexamined
Help with the character of a characterUnexamined
Best lines ever IIUnexamined
Help with Warmage featsUnexamined
Paladin multiclassing: Ranger or Bard?Unexamined
Magical WritingUnexamined
'Rules Lawyering'Unexamined
Tactical Help vs DevilsUnexamined
Ultimate Gap Fillerhelp wantedUnexamined
suggestions/ideas for char story/role playingUnexamined
Class ChoiceNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
1001 Things you wish your players/dm hadn't doneUnexamined
Barbarian HelpUnexamined
The 50 great escapesUnexamined
Kobold KonundrumUnexamined
make monk slay epic demons n' devilsUnexamined
Best Party Make Up?Unexamined
What to do? What to say? <Cheating player>Unexamined
Am I getting over my head?Unexamined
Do you kill your own?Ideas
Replacing a City Watch?Unexamined
I'm Out of Ideas....Unexamined
Where do you play?Unexamined
Plz HelpUnexamined
Whirlwind Attack Feat and 5' StepUnexamined
Should I Ever Play Again?Unexamined
Flurry of BlowsUnexamined
Energy Substition and AcideUnexamined
tactics with useing dragonsUnexamined
Prescision Shot and Many shotUnexamined
Lycanthrope ProblemUnexamined
Alignment change justified?Unexamined
Weapon Focus and Masterwork WeaponUnexamined
Str: 60Con: 30Unexamined
What should i do?Unexamined
New to rule set 3.5 - Need advise for new charUnexamined
No healer!Unexamined
Damage Reduction questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What should I do/be ?Unexamined
scout or ranger/rogueUnexamined
HELP! My DM has gone nuts!Unexamined
Magic item creation questions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I Need Advice About My Druid!!!!!!!!Unexamined
newb DMi am at a loss.Unexamined
Should I take some War Weaver levels?Unexamined
I.. I have a problemIdeas
Optimizing this 1st Level CharacterUnexamined
Advice for shapechangingUnexamined
101 ways to STOP a vampire...seriouslyUnexamined
Racial paragon without other classes?Unexamined
is controlling fire still druidic?Unexamined
A kobolda tieflingand a half-orc walk into a bar...Unexamined
Which skill would be best?Unexamined
Special Mount/ MaxUnexamined
Interesting Duel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Unexamined
Help with maxing a character outUnexamined
Lost In TownUnexamined
wrong place don't read SORRYUnexamined
Need help on a Master ThrowerUnexamined
I need help on a nameUnexamined
Mid-Game INSANITY: What is wrong with D&D Rules!?Rules Question Or Discussion
Mystery RoleplayUnexamined
La +1Unexamined
Hero Craftsmen: A player's challenge. Judges and general opinions needed.Unexamined
A little assistance...Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
animal companions. am I doing this rightUnexamined
Force wall vs Force cageUnexamined
Creation HelpUnexamined
My DeathUnexamined
AoO QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
HelpPlayer burnout?Unexamined
need help with my clericHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Playing InsaneUnexamined
Newb question about rulebooksNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Roleplaying stats over 18 !!!!Unexamined
needing a dmNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
To look or not to look?Unexamined
DM wants to run a viking themed game..with real Viking gods!Unexamined
Favoured SoulsUnexamined
Help! My DM is trying to kill me!Unexamined
D&d on internet... pleaseUnexamined
Damage Reduction - SpellsUnexamined
How to overcome those uber AC and saving scoresUnexamined
Ghost StepUnexamined
So I should just start a new character or what?Unexamined
Level 20Unexamined
Played myself into the proverbial corner...Unexamined
Is this a good LEVEL 3 SHIELD DWARF FIGHTERHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Worst death ever..Unexamined
Karate KidHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Working for the EnemyUnexamined
Dealing with a bizzarre campaign/houserule/DM? (Kicking the DM out is no good)Unexamined
POST YOUR FUNNY STORIES! lets make 1001...Unexamined
rate my weaponUnexamined
DM Vs. PlayersUnexamined
Alignment questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
PC ideasUnexamined
Character Defficient SettingUnexamined
Ranger vs DMUnexamined
help with my druidUnexamined
Storm Druid IdeasUnexamined
Deep QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Please Help A Total Newb ClericUnexamined
Is it worth the level adjustment?Unexamined
Druid HealerUnexamined
Incarnuim QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Your opinion on this DM pleaseUnexamined
Psionic Monk.......a dream come true?Unexamined
How to be a detective...?Unexamined
Stunning encountersUnexamined
Chugga chugga chugga... woo woo!Unexamined
Ritual of Gills plus Azer plus pyrokineticist equals what?Unexamined
Value of Black Onyx...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Opinion on DM?Unexamined
Shugenja with AttitudeUnexamined
MY House Rules and how you think they stack up...Unexamined
what is wrong with monks???????Unexamined
Greatest Prestige class?Unexamined
What would Indianna Jones do?Unexamined
First level fighter advice: long lead-upUnexamined
Need Help with my Rogue/WizardUnexamined
playing a low charismaUnexamined
Ranger w/o CompanionUnexamined
Nature CastersUnexamined
Two QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
100% Rules **** RetentiveUnexamined
Point buy???Unexamined
WishesRules Question Or Discussion
Need Help w/ Domains: MysticismRenewal and Wrath - pick 2Unexamined
Alignment QuestionPlease respond and consider!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Silent Tough GuyUnexamined
How to Run a Guard HouseUnexamined
Which abilities change your talking?Unexamined
Should I be in this game?Unexamined
Backed myself into a corner...Unexamined
Centaur Paladin question...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Evil half-ork druidUnexamined
Were'o'Were can I find a Werepanther?Unexamined
Is this railroading?Unexamined
An assassin to kill an assassin?Unexamined
Grumishly InsaneUnexamined
A question about my current character...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
spell thiefUnexamined
What is a paladin to do?Ideas
Battlegrid and AOE attacksUnexamined
1001 pranks to pull on your DMUnexamined
Level 1 character with Artifact "potions" What to do?Unexamined
Drow Lich?Unexamined
My DM is putting 4 Level 16s against Klauth (Great Wyrm Red Dragon)Unexamined
Noob wondering some stuff..Unexamined
What do I do?Unexamined
How many spells?Unexamined
Some Party Place HoldersUnexamined
i am looking for some helpUnexamined
Help a Paladin out... prestige classes?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Cohort INSANITY: Serious help needed with ECL and LEADERSHIP feat.Unexamined
argueing with DMUnexamined
Armor Class And InitiativeUnexamined
Anti-Psionics DMHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Simple question regarding critical hitsplease assist!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Does anyone else find this ridiculous?Unexamined
Spiked Chain questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Would you play this game?!Unexamined
Newb cleric spell questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Noob. Ranger lvl 7. What next (multiclass).Unexamined
Railroading?? DM controlling player through CHA skillsUnexamined
How to defeat True SeeingUnexamined
Druid limit to animal companions?Unexamined
Evil Things (suggestions)Unexamined
The best combination for a fighting classUnexamined
question about bear-warrior and bezerkerNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A good NecromancerUnexamined
Newb to 3.5Unexamined
Character NamesUnexamined
HP?!? O_oUnexamined
Character Creation QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Psionics and YouUnexamined
1001 things you learned the hard wayUnexamined
Barbarian is acting too Monk-ishUnexamined
Only 1 armUnexamined
Dnd FlamethrowerUnexamined
Character conflict?Unexamined
Morality by AssociationUnexamined
how do you kill a illithide???Unexamined
How to tell if your DM is Old SchoolUnexamined
How to be a SorcererUnexamined
The biggest big prob youll hear today (need serious help)Unexamined
not going over bordUnexamined
How much healing does a party needusually?Unexamined
New playerUnexamined
Diviner/Rogue: Melee or Missile?Unexamined
1001 lies a lvl 20+ Sorcerer with max rank in bluff can get away withUnexamined
Challange for all players: ReadUnexamined
Rate The GroupUnexamined
Undead as PCUnexamined
The heal skill - modifiedUnexamined
help with character?Unexamined
LA for LycansUnexamined
Character Background Generation.Unexamined
Hide in Plain SightUnexamined
How to tell if your DM is Old School part 2 (no trolls or flamers this time please)Unexamined
Playing lv4 module with level1 pcs: Temple of elem Evil2Unexamined
Edward Scissorhands CharacterUnexamined
Entice Gift - bleeping useless?Unexamined
1001 Get rich qiuck schemesUnexamined
Multiclass Cleric/Conjurer...spellsUnexamined
Mounts for LARGE paladins!?Unexamined
Druid Concepts...Unexamined
Paranoic DMUnexamined
Is there a limit to sneak attacks in a round?Unexamined
Cool Bard EquipmentUnexamined
Contracting LycanthropyUnexamined
Help! My DM has anti-magic resentiments!Unexamined
How to beat a crafty NPCUnexamined
Infernal lang?Unexamined
Character Creation questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Alex Staropoli as characterUnexamined
Building a Drow CharacterUnexamined
Best/favorite CharactersUnexamined
how to beat this vampire (please help me)Unexamined
monk and two weapon fightingUnexamined
How many feats stack together? (Monk Question)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
New Character Concept-Need HelpUnexamined
Does a set of bracers of armour +2stack with chainmail armour +2?Unexamined
Have you ever had this problem?Unexamined
Reconciling With A DMUnexamined
Argh! HelpI Just Can't Settle...Unexamined
our partyUnexamined
Summon Monster/nature'sUnexamined
druid variants and prestigeUnexamined
Personality For A TankUnexamined
complain about my SW GMUnexamined
Just an update . . .Unexamined
Do guns belong in fantasy?Unexamined
I have a question on a possible multi-class issueNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Wild ShapeUnexamined
A concernUnexamined
should i correct the dmUnexamined
Help with SUPERTANK Character???Unexamined
I got LycanthropyUnexamined
Paladin mountwant something specialUnexamined
stupid questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Roleplaying adviseUnexamined
Drider PC?Unexamined
Art DealerUnexamined
this covered by rule 0?Unexamined
Playing CN?Unexamined
cleric helpUnexamined
Frenzied berserker: conflicting abilities?!Unexamined
What classes allow a PC to gain wings?Unexamined
I would like some help/suggestions on creating a grapplerUnexamined
Best way to play a 'Jerk'Unexamined
Need help with character concept.Unexamined
Is it fair?Unexamined
Merchant PC???Unexamined
How convince the DM you're not cheatingUnexamined
Easy class for a newbie.Unexamined
What feats should a Fighter/Wizard that will stay in melee alot use?Unexamined
Aid another and improved combat reflexesUnexamined
Brand new gamers (fresh blood)Unexamined
Fencing Dervish?Unexamined
DC 30 Tumble Check?Unexamined
Favored weapon for Cleric of a causeUnexamined
Somy DM says to the party...Unexamined
Help my DM took my Druid powers awayUnexamined
Need Help: PolymorphHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Clarification on Spontaneous Healer feat(complete divine)Unexamined
Unlimited Arrows?Unexamined
The Werebear bunch...of questions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Mortal (K/C)ombatUnexamined
Was I in the wrongUnexamined
Rogue / BardUnexamined
Two-Handed melee weapon and armor spikesUnexamined
Base creature of two half templates?Unexamined
Edmonton Gamers NeededUnexamined
Stealing in Close QuartersUnexamined
What is with Spell resistance?????Unexamined
Lycanthropic level advancmentRules Question Or Discussion
7th level spell for Barbarian/Sorcerer/E. Knight.Unexamined
Wildshape/Alternate Form questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
With Spring Attack and Improved Tripcould you do this...?Unexamined
Unarmmed fighterUnexamined
My teammates are terrible!Unexamined
Epic advice ...Unexamined
merchant powerhouse characterUnexamined
Feeling outclassed.Unexamined
Sowhat are these broken player bulids I've heard of? :)Unexamined
Help me come up with a new Domain...Unexamined
Magical monsters imuune to anti-magic???Unexamined
ideas for a "savage druid"?Unexamined
1001 Last WordsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
1001 Last WordsUnexamined
Would a Druid be capable of getting drunk?Unexamined
What's a Player to Do - when you can't choose?Unexamined
Spellcaster feat choice dilemmaUnexamined
In need of schemes and consUnexamined
Rogue keeps becoming the tankUnexamined
Mounted and Dismounted MiniaturesUnexamined
Druid and wild/elemental shape queriesUnexamined
Magic VestmentUnexamined
My DM is Crazy...Rules Question Or Discussion
Hero Craftsmen: Final PreparationsOne judge needed!Unexamined
Killing a sorcererUnexamined
Has anyone considered killing their Character to roll up better stats?Unexamined
I need a Race!!!Unexamined
A Cleric With A Wisdom Of 8?Unexamined
Help with a Bard/Barbarian DrowUnexamined
Adding templates durring campainsUnexamined
:(:( does anyone care about a D&D player :(:(Unexamined
Rangers and vampiresUnexamined
Most Important stats for a Full 20 Cleric?Unexamined
What type of vampire spawn to choose?(Libris Mortis variant)Unexamined
Can a druid use wooden things?Unexamined
Okay so I just got the 3.5 rulebooks recently and..Unexamined
Cleric DilemmaUnexamined
When do Clerics evolve out of being anthropomorphic healingbags?Unexamined
I'm smarter than the DM...Unexamined
Drow JudicatorUnexamined
making a lvl 11 fighter/ +4 LA sand giantUnexamined
Requsting DM for a PC swapdue to dire circumstances- A Can or a Can't?Unexamined
General Ideaslooking for little extras to add onUnexamined
Warlock WorriesUnexamined
Pulling NPC's into the game...Unexamined
Starting a 10th Level Wizard - Spellbook GripeUnexamined
Animal CompanionUnexamined
My dark clericUnexamined
Dead men walkingUnexamined
Druid in wildshape as a mountUnexamined
Do you need two hands to cast a spell?Unexamined
need ideas about epicUnexamined
My character's dead... I need a new one. Any ideas?Unexamined
Difficult DM?Unexamined
I need a character!Unexamined
Fastest Walking speed 270+ ?Unexamined
Non-stated out ideasUnexamined
I need help...Unexamined
Help with a DruidUnexamined
Barbarian advice.Unexamined
Can't Stop Switching ClassesHelp Please!Unexamined
A Twin Knife-Weilding Dwarf.. Help Build.Unexamined
How to create an interesting characterUnexamined
Playing UndeadRules Question Or Discussion
20th level Druid combat tips!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Building a Luck based characterUnexamined
Alter self Question...?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
New PlayerUnexamined
Half Orc tips on Role playingUnexamined
What skills and feats to take as a dwarven mine warrior?Unexamined
Sneak Attack vs Uncanny Dodge???Unexamined
Ranger Halfingits great but I need helpUnexamined
Paladin advice?Unexamined
Dragon Domain anyone?!?!?Unexamined
Help with convershion from advanced to 3.5Unexamined
Warmind + Soulknife.Unexamined
Ironwood armor - how do I do it?Unexamined
How you RP a DragonBorn of Bahamut?Unexamined
Helping a wizard fill out her character sheetUnexamined
abused players against house rulesUnexamined
D&D Player needs help badlyUnexamined
Slim pickingsUnexamined
Character SheetsUnexamined
monk acRules Question Or Discussion
Animal companion bonus HDUnexamined
Need help on my CharacterUnexamined
Trouble with BlasphemyUnexamined
Huge-sized Greatsword...Unexamined
Starting outUnexamined
Warlock or Psychic WarriorUnexamined
Adventuring Group NamesUnexamined
To lead yon oafish loutsUnexamined
Help!! Can't find it.Unexamined
Fighter Suggestion?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
About cavaliersRules Question Or Discussion
Adding a Template to a PCHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Being the solo player in the solo campaign...Rules Question Or Discussion
Psionics ?Unexamined
IM DND campaign: any1 intrested?Unexamined
Player expectations vs DM expectationsUnexamined
Question on MulticlassingNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Question regarding Marshall ClassNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Is Tome of Magic any good?Unexamined
What would you do?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
How to RP a cleric?Unexamined
how often does you DM level you up?Unexamined
Help! My half-elf is now a vampire spawnUnexamined
1001 Things to do with Infinite PowerUnexamined
an evil character in a good groupUnexamined
Creating new spellsUnexamined
Reviving KasUnexamined
Commoner FeatsUnexamined
like the concepthate the class.Unexamined
Playing with intelligencebut not wisdomUnexamined
Archer (Bow spec Fighter) vs RangerUnexamined
Question about bow'sHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Hero Craftsmen: A players' competition. Round 1Unexamined
Help with breaking & enteringwizard styleUnexamined
Damn WizardsUnexamined
Help! I lost my gaming group!Unexamined
All that time in between?Unexamined
Too much?Unexamined
Terrible DMUnexamined
Whats a Paladin to do..Unexamined
Sending a message cross-country...Need ideasUnexamined
Just make up a bad wishand I'll wish for it.Unexamined
Really basic questions (would really appreciate help)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Crazy DM (Part 2)Unexamined
Fighter helpUnexamined
Nothing up my sleeve...Unexamined
Organic Character growth dilemmaUnexamined
I can't get back.Unexamined
Unfair Restriction by DM?Unexamined
From LG to CG in one level?Unexamined
My D&D group's dynamics. [Long.]Unexamined
Evil scenario in good groupUnexamined
It has been a long timeUnexamined
Worst game of battleship ever.Unexamined
Does Base Attack Bonus stack when you gain a level?Unexamined
Warlock characters after 8th levelUnexamined
Justify Spellfire?Unexamined
How much wealth does my character have at level 33?Unexamined
You Know You're Obsessed With DnD When...Unexamined
A little help in self discovery as a dragonUnexamined
Character Advice?Unexamined
Problem with TrainingUnexamined
Sneaky little tacticsUnexamined
How do you kill an evil monk with Magic!!!Unexamined
Could you accept these hp rolls?Unexamined
Question about standard action (feint)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I just want to playRules Question Or Discussion
Is my character too powerful for the campaign?Unexamined
Campaigns lacking directionUnexamined
What do you do when your cleric wants to play another class?Unexamined
Can a human ride a Riding Dog?Unexamined
Do actually keep track of the spells you memorized for the day?Unexamined
Questions on love.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Treasure and how to divy it upUnexamined
Character Concept HelpUnexamined
I'm...I'm...GOOD!? PARDON?Unexamined
1001 Hilarious SightingsUnexamined
Good Vs. Evil and StealingUnexamined
Bad DM Advice...Unexamined
Dumb Pc's? Judge plsUnexamined
planar travel for the high level druidUnexamined
OOC and IC ideas/knowledge helpUnexamined
RP Help!Unexamined
If you were to choose one none-core booK?Unexamined
yet ANOTHER alignment questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Spontaneous Cure spell from a non cleric spellcan it be done?Unexamined
Fellow party member assassination...Unexamined
I don't understand the rules for Animal CompanionsUnexamined
What to do when powerful clerics want you dead?Unexamined
Just Clearing somthing up about the Cleric class?!!Unexamined
Stronghold building - best guidebook?Unexamined
Map MakingUnexamined
PERSONAL CODE Puzzler... Can I Stump you???Unexamined
Shackled City Adventure PathUnexamined
Fly-by Attack and Charge Attacks...Unexamined
ECL/ LA questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed's an interesting situationUnexamined
Whats the best bow?Unexamined
Confessions of an indecisive playerUnexamined
32 point buy system?Unexamined
Human(?) Lycanthrope ClericUnexamined
Shackled City and Character DeathsUnexamined
Any Advice for a munchkin?Unexamined
equipment help for my fighter!Unexamined
So I was walking down the streetUnexamined
Dying and magic items?Unexamined
New cleric of tymoraUnexamined
sorcerer variantUnexamined
Having Friends Join CampaignUnexamined
Magic Item ValueUnexamined
The new character issueUnexamined
Anyone thought of a Satyr build?Unexamined
Thieves cant?Unexamined
Alignment change.Unexamined
Greater InvisibiltyUnexamined
Difficulty - Basic InformationUnexamined
Reviving an Old character (Rapid Responce Rider)Unexamined
Vindictive DM help pleaseUnexamined
The Ultimate Big Sword GuyUnexamined
Do you play in a low magic campaign? Do you like it? Why?Unexamined
What's a wizard to do?Unexamined
How can I get a raven companion?Unexamined
Min or Max hp by size?Unexamined
New Character IdeaUnexamined
Monk Lovers Unite!Unexamined
I have no idea what to do with my TWF Swashbuckler...Unexamined
1002 Awesome charactersList your's today!Unexamined
Critical Miss QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Can someone help me find the SRD?Unexamined
trouble being a meat shieldUnexamined
Multiple Differant Ability pricing in magic itemsUnexamined
There's more than one way to skin a Kobold. 1001 waysto be exact.Unexamined
extra cheeseUnexamined
i need some payback and i need you to help meUnexamined
Pull this offUnexamined
3rd level PaladinUnexamined
Best bonehead plays that turn funnyever?Unexamined
spending gold in a low-magic setting?Unexamined
Help! My DM is killing off every NPC I like!Unexamined
my crafty druidUnexamined
A waste of time....:(Unexamined
Power overwhelming!!!Unexamined
One of the greatest adventures...Unexamined
Interesting lil' scenariowhat would you have done?Ideas
Feat SelectionUnexamined
Paladin adviceUnexamined
Fighter rantUnexamined
1st level party suggestionsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Need an advice for a short campaignUnexamined
Whats a Kobold to do?Unexamined
It's been a long time...Unexamined
Chances of dyingUnexamined
Question on Concentration ChecksNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
paladin idea and need help on how to do itUnexamined
Does this make me a bad person?Unexamined
Basic Game Character SheetUnexamined
Worst. DM. Ever.Unexamined
Gotta fix a broken character. UrgentUnexamined
HELP! Dwarf player in need...Unexamined
Somy DM is a raving madman who banned my favorite class from the game.Unexamined
Powergaming isn't bad for roleplayingUnexamined
Buff SheetIdeas
Dragon Lance the KnaveUnexamined
Point BuyUnexamined
Feat questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Rich GoblinUnexamined
Skill Synergy QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Roleplaying tips!Unexamined
How out of character is it for LG characters to feel suicidal?Unexamined
weapon enchament bonus costsUnexamined
I ate elf. So what?Unexamined
Druid Vs. Wizard at pre-Epic and Epic Levels?Unexamined
Best. DM. Ever.Unexamined
paladin helpUnexamined
Movement speedUnexamined
Player TPK'sUnexamined
good starting equipmentUnexamined
need stats and equipment for my clericUnexamined
What's a player in ColumbusOH to do?Unexamined
player cheating player friend players homeUnexamined
Barbarians and RageUnexamined
Anti-Gamer Prejudice?Unexamined
On protecting on a spellbook/making a grimoire.Unexamined
Wild Shape and Equipped ItemsUnexamined
RPing monkeyUnexamined
Question on Shadowdancer: Hide in Plain SightNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
LG Cleric healing a NE Wizard?Unexamined
ADVICE: Rogues v. DragonsUnexamined
help meI'm not having funUnexamined
Sublime chord or Seeker of the song?Unexamined
How to find a phylacteryUnexamined
I screwed up - How bad can it be?Unexamined
Most memorable characterUnexamined
Hidden character class: anyone done it?Unexamined
Playing the most effective RogueUnexamined
Exalted Alignment ProblemsUnexamined
Where does one find the "Gamers Classified" style board?Unexamined
TN or CE?Unexamined
Ideas for playing a gnollHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Bardic music and fightingUnexamined
Spell Theif and captured SorcUnexamined
i need help with a ShadowcasterUnexamined
Distroying an Evil NodeUnexamined
Blind RangerUnexamined
PC ideasUnexamined
My CharactersNeed Help with OneUnexamined
New CharacterUnexamined
Rules on gamblingUnexamined
Gestalt CharactersUnexamined
Whatz your best plan (at the time) that almost backfired?Unexamined
Satyr Drunken Master?Unexamined
Druid+Vampire?! Oh my!Unexamined
what new feat would be best?Unexamined
Ya Don't Gotta Play (pout)Unexamined
OKMr. Bardmy theme song goes like this...Unexamined
Cheaters never prosper.Unexamined
Paladin woes.Unexamined
I didn't know where to post this so...The White WitchUnexamined
Paladin powers questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to get a warrior's full potentialUnexamined
Monkey grip hurts my head.Unexamined
how to approach a dm?Unexamined
Familiar list?Unexamined
What to buy?Unexamined
Backgrounds for Sorcerers...Unexamined
Immune to nauseaRules Question Or Discussion
Best ways to play a bard?Unexamined
darvision and mirrors?Unexamined
Hatred in the groupUnexamined
Lying to the DM (Put down the Neck Arrows and hear me out)Unexamined
The Woes of WulfdredUnexamined
Any advice on defeating werewolves?Unexamined
roleplaying suggestionsUnexamined
Character conceptUnexamined
Multiclass Monk/NinjaUnexamined
Vampire Help!!Unexamined
Help me please?Unexamined
Artificer metamagic spell trigger problemUnexamined
Playing Magic the Gathering in D&DUnexamined
The cleric that wasn'tUnexamined
Starting a Barbarian soontips appreciated!Unexamined
Options for a Support CasterUnexamined
Helpwith Wizard Spell ListsUnexamined
Fed up with babysittingUnexamined
Ghost TroubleUnexamined
Lycanthrope Pally Pros/Cons HELPUnexamined
All Magic-user campaign.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
lost preq skills for PrCUnexamined
substituting namesUnexamined
Suspicously fast responsesUnexamined
Wizard help please!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Whats a Rouge to do?Unexamined
I think my DM is trying to kill me.Unexamined
Seriously StupidUnexamined
DM Question!?Rules Question Or Discussion
Do you ever feel manipulated by your dm?Unexamined
It is spelled R-O-G-U-EUnexamined
Team Hate...Ideas
rebuke/command undeadUnexamined
Back in the days..........Unexamined
Sowhat to take as a cohort?Unexamined
Camp needs me to be a spellcaster...but which one?Unexamined
Need help regarding NPC and plansUnexamined
cleric help!Unexamined
Geomancer ideasUnexamined
Long time DMfirst time playerUnexamined
wall runningUnexamined
Think i am on norrowed time hereUnexamined
Multiple casting classes?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Question on Vampire TemplateNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DM problemsUnexamined
Goblin Hoard - Fight or Flee?Unexamined
My Genie needs ITEMSUnexamined
What should i do?Unexamined
Character Ability ScoresUnexamined
Alternative to Special MountpleaseUnexamined
Update: Soulknife in low-magic campaign.Unexamined
Building an Ambulitory Blender (Two Weapon Acrobat help?)Unexamined
Awesome DMs! (A place to tribute your FAVORITE DMs!)Unexamined
How much is too much?Unexamined
Got Tactics?Unexamined
Gathering InformationUnexamined
Final Fantasy InfoUnexamined
Creative uses for spells?Unexamined
-4 AC while using a Bow?Unexamined
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Rogue in a percarious situation :PUnexamined
Newbie with really simple questions... Help please.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
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Uses for followers.Unexamined
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Class pickingUnexamined
Has anyone made a character concept only for it radically change before you start?Unexamined
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Custom Character Sheets?Unexamined
1001 things to look at before creating a new 1001 threadUnexamined
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Running a group WITHOUT a divine casterUnexamined
Overpowered CharacterUnexamined
Repost: Question on VampiresNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
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The character of the game is...Unexamined
My Problematic PartyUnexamined
8th level wizard looking for protectionUnexamined
Needing Some Campaign Tips to slow the eager playersHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
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How can I be evil in a good campaignUnexamined
New Class - Race?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
my DM punked our party!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
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A Pally with 7 Int.Unexamined
newbie and D&D basicUnexamined
How to offset low damage output?Unexamined
What Makes a Mage?Unexamined
Another Paldin Ethics question/debate.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Playing a PaladinWhat should I do?Unexamined
Treasure distributionUnexamined
Why can't a multiclass monk level up?Unexamined
Dungeons and Dragonswhat to get?Unexamined
Protection from scrying?Unexamined
Brass dragon charmed my Char. HELP!Unexamined
Noob QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
help with werewolf charUnexamined
Paladin of Slaughter: allowed to kill innocents quicklyor must torture first?Unexamined
How does this work out?Unexamined
A stubborn DM:READ IT!Unexamined
Question regarding monks and TWFNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
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Party composition?Unexamined
The strongest emotion/action a session evoked from you?Unexamined
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Paladin of Tyranny: Allowed to let victims go?Unexamined
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Undead summoning ClericUnexamined
Master of Many FormsUnexamined
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leShay PCs (Uber-Epic)Rules Question Or Discussion
Magic ItemsUnexamined
Scrollswands and items: When to get eachUnexamined
Research Existing SpellsUnexamined
Good in Evil CampaignsUnexamined
power obsessed or power hungry DM'sUnexamined
Yeahyeah... it's another one of THOSE threadsUnexamined
Character screwed over! threadUnexamined
Bizzare DM PunishmentsUnexamined
whats a player to doUnexamined
Gods not with alignments of good or evilbut neutralitylaw and chaos.Unexamined
Children as PC'sUnexamined
The party abandons the rogue in an evil citadel.Unexamined
I feel like I'm cramping my parties style...Unexamined
What is a good wy to get players to get along?Unexamined
DM's "Pet" -- and don't want to beUnexamined
Stoopid new player/dm questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Experience for helping in combat(Please Post Quickly We Are Playing Right Now)Unexamined
Player Tales: The most impossible oddsthe seemingly hopeless battle and how you...Unexamined
im new and need helpUnexamined
Frikkin RoguesUnexamined
detect magic vs hide skillUnexamined
The right pathUnexamined
Ranged or Touch confusionUnexamined
newbie ?? Calculating Saving Throws ???Unexamined
Random Funny StoryUnexamined
Knowledge checks and in-campaign world prejudices?Unexamined
Stressful Situation Involving Queen of DragonsUnexamined
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Antifeats questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
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Reoccurring CharactersUnexamined
polymorph/wildshape clarificationUnexamined
how young ir to young?Unexamined
Dragon SlayerUnexamined
Is my NE goblin druid playable?Unexamined
arcane heirophantUnexamined
Newbie question - multiclassing as a fighterNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Roleplaying low intelectUnexamined
sorcerer rogue PrCHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Picking up an enemyUnexamined
how does....?Unexamined
Help me persuade my dm..Unexamined
Arachnid MountUnexamined
Monk helpUnexamined
Ability points for a monkUnexamined
Can a Warlock ...Unexamined
New campaignclass picksUnexamined
Bard Cleric PrCNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A Gnomish Philosopher/TinkererUnexamined
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Limitations on combining skills in one attempt...Unexamined
DM mess up leaves us at a lossUnexamined
Input for a Paladin type character in distressUnexamined
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Encyclopedia of Likeable charactersUnexamined
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Looking for a bit of help...Rules Question Or Discussion
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DM that gives TOO MUCH gold?Unexamined
HD questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Making a evil leaderplease help.Unexamined
Enchantments on weapons and items...Unexamined
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Magic Items and Arcane Failure %Unexamined
how do you like to infuriate your D&D friends (or enemies)Unexamined
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Psionic revivify and negitive levelsUnexamined
What your favorite D&D raceclassmonsteror equipment?Unexamined
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can someone help me outUnexamined
HELP!! My Cleric sucks when grappled.Unexamined
Arcane Trickster / Fochlucan Lyrist. Getting there fast and furious.Unexamined
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Cone of Cold or Empowered Scorching Ray?Unexamined
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We are kicking the DM out of our gameUnexamined
First 2nd Ed gameUnexamined
An Adenturer's Charter: Why party members trust each other.Unexamined
Breath weapons?Unexamined
Paladin Diety QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
We're in a two-player game; which role should I fulfill?Unexamined
Need ideas for a melee character (or why I'm annoyed by Faerun and my DM)Unexamined
Question on Mage of the Arcane OrderNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need help with my DMUnexamined
Non-human priest blessing a human ceremony?Ideas
Is a barbarian/wizard out of the question?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What's the BEST character sheet out there?Unexamined
Player ProbUnexamined
How to NOT gain levels but do...Rules Question Or Discussion
evasion rulesUnexamined
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Hmm Multiple AttacksRules Question Or Discussion
Opposite of a dark familiar?Unexamined
Looking for a gameUnexamined
Lawful EvilIdeas
I want to roleplay but they would rather hack...Unexamined
Holy Books of Boccob!Unexamined
1001 pranks to pull on fellow PC party membersUnexamined
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race and class compilationUnexamined
But it's in the module!Unexamined
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Playing an Exalted RogueUnexamined
Your opinion on my Exalted Kobold. Help wanted.Unexamined
DM ruling involving cohorts/thrallsUnexamined
disruptive player out of controlUnexamined
Dont call me mean'r I'll eat your heartIdeas
SoI've gained a weapon of Legacy...Unexamined
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First Level Skill Selection Confusion.Unexamined
Roleplaying a duergarUnexamined
Dwarven ranger variantUnexamined
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Casting in Combat and ConcentrationUnexamined
Picking a class and PC for my dwarfUnexamined
DarnI died . . . @#$$@! I died again . . . for the love of mercynot again!Unexamined
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DM's First time ever being a playerUnexamined
Alternate PC Stat Generation QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
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Is this a fair encounter?Unexamined
HELP! My Dm is being unreasonable!Unexamined
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Fun with the Deck of Many ThingsUnexamined
New to DnDhelp on making a characterUnexamined
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Poor DMingUnexamined
Why do you min/maxoptimize or (dare I say it) cheat?Unexamined
That taught em!Unexamined
Master player competition #1: design a backgroundUnexamined
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My favorite character idea LA +0Unexamined
Paladin questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
hide checks and sneak attacksUnexamined
Spell: sarcophagus? I can't find it...Unexamined
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Deities and DM'sUnexamined
Protect My Mage!Unexamined
spells and deathUnexamined
Aligned Damage ReductionUnexamined
ECL 4 and a SuccubusUnexamined
s.o.s. to all high level wizardsUnexamined
How can I convince my DM to let me use psionics?Unexamined
Sorceror known spells after level loss or regaining lost levelsUnexamined
Realy Anoying PlayerUnexamined
Making goldUnexamined
confused. help this newb!!!!Unexamined
Greatest Character Sheet?Unexamined
Reasonable Use Of Divine MetamagicUnexamined
Dm is being a jerkUnexamined
my old and new characterUnexamined
Blasting a Dead CharacterUnexamined
What should I expect?Unexamined
:) Party of 4... The EssentialsUnexamined
Controlling UndeadUnexamined
playing again and wanting some help.Unexamined
Deck of Many Things StoryUnexamined
Creepiest character you've ever played?Unexamined
Are there any online D&D campaigns out there?Unexamined
Problems convincing my DMUnexamined
All-Core Meat ShieldUnexamined
New Wizard QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
selecting skillsUnexamined
i need the cdUnexamined
In The Rogue's Shadow Of Doubt (Character Advancement Help)Unexamined
Fair trade for ranger's spell casting...Unexamined
multiple personalitiesUnexamined
I died... now what?Unexamined
A little help with a CharUnexamined
a mute wizardUnexamined
Colossal Scorpion RanchUnexamined
Product Key ProblemUnexamined
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[Rant] DM favouring sister & rotten players.Unexamined
Item list?Unexamined
Draegloth feat progression?Unexamined
hey..need some rogue helpUnexamined
bard/druid helpUnexamined
Needed: Creative solutions for lousy-at-undead-fighting rogue/shadowdancerUnexamined
Roleplaying the RollplayersUnexamined
Would like your opinion for my next levelUnexamined
flanking strategiesUnexamined
How do you keep record of your character ?Unexamined
Trying to create my own religionUnexamined
Grenade BardUnexamined
Undead Fighting RogueUnexamined
Betraying the partyUnexamined
starting new character(s) at level one or level N (where N > 1)Unexamined
any other role play sites?Unexamined
Ability Point AdvancmentUnexamined
Bard + Offense?Unexamined
A Deadly DM: Race/Class suggestions?Unexamined
Christian FanaticsUnexamined
Trumpet Archon multi-classingUnexamined
Is this a good character?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
extremely low attribute questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Xcrawl: Full cleric or rogue lvl 1Unexamined
what D&D book should i buy?Unexamined
1001 Most hated DM'sUnexamined
Creating TeamsUnexamined
Need help surviving the dragon's pursuit.Unexamined
Spell Save? Conditional Modifiers? Hope you can helpUnexamined
What's my party's real alignment? (Advice needed)Unexamined
making an interesting evil pc.Unexamined
Daggerspell ShaperHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
My DM screwed me over!Rules Question Or Discussion
Can this get better? PEACHHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
You Can Ask For One BoonUnexamined
Party conflictsUnexamined
My name is Edwindand I have SCC...Unexamined
Grappling (first step: Provoke AoO?)Unexamined
Something about a Wizard...Unexamined
Is this power gaming?Unexamined
Character power scaling problemsUnexamined
How to retrieve a massive bell...?Unexamined
Vassal of Bahamut..?Unexamined
Invisible! What do I do?!Unexamined
Swashbuckler with Elven long thinblade AND pistol.Unexamined
Question about converting spellsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Bushido and killing innocentsUnexamined
Help making a throwing charcterUnexamined
Any good gun lists/rules?Unexamined
Truenamers suckUnexamined
Making a dramatic exitUnexamined
10 ft stepUnexamined
Your most honorable player deathUnexamined
Warlock Scribing a ScrollUnexamined
need help..Unexamined
Useless SorcererUnexamined
Animal CompanionsUnexamined
A mute bardUnexamined
Diety change problemUnexamined
Unbalanced PartyUnexamined
Best Action-and-no-rest Party?Unexamined
Questions about play in generalNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What is Evil?Unexamined
Help...Hiding and Spring Attack?Unexamined
Druid in Forgotten RealmsUnexamined
Fast & Loose vs. Structured & SlowUnexamined
Vampire MonkUnexamined
What to buy a Druid?Unexamined
Warlock = Infinite Counterspeller?!Unexamined
What to do when your DM has lost his mind...Unexamined
Party Composition questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Victory seems so far away...Unexamined
The Forums Have Gone To Heck!!!Unexamined
Druid Class Feature: A Thousand FacesUnexamined
New Classeslack of money!Unexamined
Battle Sorcerer stats.Unexamined
Cool things DMs doUnexamined
The Odds of Dice?Unexamined
mindflayer thread MIAUnexamined
Question about Duskblade spell listNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Problem with my partyUnexamined
Yeah My dm thinks soUnexamined
Is The DM Right?Unexamined
Medusa and BlindsightUnexamined
Buying/Training/Riding a bear...Unexamined
Paladin problemsUnexamined
modify a SpellUnexamined
strategy vs homebrew constructsUnexamined
Starting characters with equipment they craftedUnexamined
Who drives the plot-bus?Unexamined
Can "Mage Hand" do damage?..........Unexamined
Casting at an invisible foe.Unexamined
Monk Weapons QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Questioning the DMNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
My little Rant: ClericsUnexamined
Finding Local GamersUnexamined
Help with a lesser tiefling dragon shamanUnexamined
Am I asking too much?Unexamined
Assassin character ideas?Unexamined
Whoa @ Ability scores.Unexamined
What's a player to do with a 2 PC party?Unexamined
Questions regarding 3rd and 3.5th editions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Noob QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
My party is out to get me... and they don't know itUnexamined
Need a little helpUnexamined
decanters as a water supplyUnexamined
What would you do?Unexamined
To lichor not to lich? That is the question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Metagaming accusation/questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Commanding UndeadUnexamined
Antimagic Field questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A few very noobish questionsmostly concerning Animal companionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
ki strike questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
431 Worst PC Deaths (and by worst I mean funniest)Unexamined
trouble with multiple atacks.Unexamined
Need stuff good for a warlock.Unexamined
Well. This is an interesting ruling. [Archmage]Unexamined
Show your fighter.Unexamined
Why do DMs hate mages???Unexamined
Half-Fiend NecroUnexamined
Help me become a better roleplayerUnexamined
Games/Groups in my area?Unexamined
N00b seeking help for character creation.Unexamined
DM's gone badUnexamined
Getting a DM to put down the Conducter hat and step away from the railroadUnexamined
Proper alignment?Unexamined
Cursed itemsUnexamined
Are Kir-lanan subject to str damage?Unexamined
Advice for my cleric and party CotSQUnexamined
Spell Resistance and Spell Save DCUnexamined
PSDM (players seeking DM)Unexamined
Help for the blind?Unexamined
Spell-like and power-like abilitiesUnexamined
Character helpUnexamined
mentaly not there playerUnexamined
Things you wish you hadn't noticed.Unexamined
the Limbless BardUnexamined
My player will not learnIdeas
Suggestions for spending 3000000gpHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Constantly Switching!Unexamined
dying too often?Unexamined
Broken NinjaHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Need a Wyrmling Copper Dragon.Unexamined
Great Wyrm ProblemUnexamined
Need Charactor HelpUnexamined
traps traps traps.......I expect hell difficultyUnexamined
Nice way to end my time hereUnexamined
Being part of a new gameUnexamined
My WolfUnexamined
I know this probably isnt the best place for this...Unexamined
Can a Blood Magus sorcerer scarify spells he doesn't know?Unexamined
Solo GamesUnexamined
A game so broken it makes Limbo look saneUnexamined
Help With Adding Template Through SpellsUnexamined
Stupid nymphIdeas
Vital Spells for SorcerersUnexamined
How do I determine an Effective Character Level for a party of characters?Unexamined
Impassable Obstacle?Unexamined
Playing as an Astral DevaUnexamined
Character art!Unexamined
starting a 5th level campaignUnexamined
(rant) im just playing an NPCUnexamined
HeyHey I'm a MONKee...Unexamined
need a little helpUnexamined
Most annoying party member (rant)Unexamined
entering the abyssUnexamined
What skills that EVERY character should have a few ranks in ?Unexamined
Things you don't want to hear in the game/out of the gameUnexamined
other player makes almost copyUnexamined
Weight of gold?Unexamined
Two (and 3/4s) Monk QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Can someone refresh me on challenge ratingsUnexamined
Magic tattoos anyone?Unexamined
what should i be if this is the rest of the party?Unexamined
DMs and WandsUnexamined
Problem with my friend's gamebut don't know what to do...Unexamined
blind charUnexamined
Worst party Combination ever...Unexamined
losing your gearUnexamined
Business ideasUnexamined
Is my DM unfair?Unexamined
"And then I killed the Party's Fighter..."Unexamined
book of exalted deeds...why the mature rating?Unexamined
dnd babes sucksUnexamined
Help me figure out enemies to populate in a Mine?Unexamined
Empasis on certain rulesUnexamined
Help with disguise spell ideaplease...Unexamined
Item classUnexamined
Starting Level In "Red Hand of DooM"?Unexamined
Hobgoblin Paladin vs Goliath PaladinUnexamined
I need some help with how this works...Unexamined
A rogue in an undead campaign: now what?Rules Question Or Discussion
My dm bet me 50 dollars I couldn't make a character he couldn't killUnexamined
Concerns about new DMUnexamined
Out Knighting a straight FighterUnexamined
The Best HealerUnexamined
Dungeons & Dragons Player’s KitUnexamined
One upset DM equals one punished playerUnexamined
How do I role play making bluff check forRules Question Or Discussion
How do you deal with spontaneous Wizards?Unexamined
Bad night=Bad FunUnexamined
Character concept help?Unexamined
DM problmesUnexamined
The most memrable charictor you ever madeUnexamined
Favorite battle cries or last wordsUnexamined
alingment issuesUnexamined
chaotic jackassUnexamined
Character CreationUnexamined
Roleplaying 4 WisdomUnexamined
Newbie questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Monk/Wizard -- Doable?Unexamined
Druid pet stats ?Unexamined
My DM hates psionics! HELP ME!Unexamined
the power of diceUnexamined
Constitution feats?Unexamined
couple questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
You know you've created an overpowered character when...Unexamined
Player question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Cleric's Magic Domain and Arcane Magic ItemsUnexamined
suggestions please.....rogue starting SCAP needs an idea how to progressUnexamined
A question about the Player's Handbook...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Roleplaying Angles for a bbeg turning goodUnexamined
Rping a char with high wis and low int. HELP!Unexamined
How do I build these crazy characters?Unexamined
Coup de Grace questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Confused on Appraise SkillUnexamined
Clarification on class skillsUnexamined
Solo MissionsUnexamined
IS he even a DM?Unexamined
Need Help Rounding Out PartyUnexamined
tell us about your awesome character!Unexamined
How to tell your DM he sucks (politely)Unexamined
Generating CharactersUnexamined
Shield Proficiency and armor check penaltyUnexamined
Has anyone ever stated up any mythological characters?Unexamined
Good charicter to bring to a unknown group?Unexamined
My DM is a foolplease help!Unexamined
I killed the anti-paladin in one blow and feel bad about itUnexamined
Genius DM FixesUnexamined
How can I support my party?Unexamined
How to 'fake' a paladin?Unexamined
wizards gaining exp in the down time.Unexamined
On a new level rule questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Any Idea how to overcome this challenge ?Unexamined
Does my character suck? Need advice.Unexamined
What do I do now?Unexamined
Class ChoiceUnexamined
Special Ability listUnexamined
Gorilla WarfareUnexamined
Is this character made right?Unexamined
Just a thought.Unexamined
Druidic BeatingsUnexamined
Favorite Re-occuring VillianUnexamined
spellthief steal spell effectUnexamined
101 things to do with brown moldUnexamined
Mercenary Company please help!!!!!Unexamined
Fanghurst the Skullcrusher Ogre BarbarrianUnexamined
Simple question~No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
D&D HATERSUnexamined
How to play insanely high int? Big words for big brainsUnexamined
Things We've Learned to AvoidUnexamined
Playing a werewolfUnexamined
Ghoul seeks itemUnexamined
Brand new player looking for group!Unexamined
Arcane EnvyUnexamined
A party without a "tank"?Unexamined
How do I make the best druid?Unexamined
bad dmUnexamined
How valuable is Favoured Class: Any?Unexamined
AhHalf-Dragon Template. Thusthe problems with Racial Dice begin.Unexamined
Are Orcs All That Bad?Unexamined
Wizard helpUnexamined
Effect of increasing Con Stat?Unexamined
Racial HD + class HD = CR?Unexamined
D&D and NerdinessUnexamined
How much DnD?Unexamined
LeadershipECLand FeyUnexamined
help me make a choice!!!Unexamined
how much is a headband of perfect self?Unexamined
I need some adviceUnexamined
QuestionI think I know the answerNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Where would something like this go?Unexamined
suggestions on how to role play this?Unexamined
the unbeatable gameUnexamined
What do you enjoy as a player?Unexamined
Leap Attack QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Rogue's Defensive RollUnexamined
When playing D&D becomes boring...Unexamined
How to go about this??Unexamined
Tips for an Undead campaign. . .Unexamined
code key for order of the stickUnexamined
Dungeons: tight spaces for larger creaturesUnexamined
Railroading DmUnexamined
Iron Flask problemUnexamined
A discussion on tactics...Unexamined
Handicapped gamer dilemmaUnexamined
Evil should be subtle...Unexamined
ghost paralyzed me- frustratedUnexamined
Need help with a Dark characterUnexamined
This doesn't seem fair.Unexamined
Rogue who doesnt use weaponsUnexamined
Dragon Shaman BackgroundUnexamined
Tsochar and LAUnexamined
Spot and listen checks...Unexamined
Help this Bard...Unexamined
if you played this D&D session?Unexamined
Lying to my DM about my character's alignment - too far out of line?Unexamined
Paladins questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
realy coolor just lame?Unexamined
Help My Case - Group Being UnreasonableUnexamined
I'm turning into a rules lawyer.Unexamined
Making a rogueUnexamined
Spikes and Brambles flawed? Or is my DM nerfing unfairly.Unexamined
Problem with the DM and why i OptimizeUnexamined
Trick House RuleUnexamined
Psionics issues - from a player who likes psionicsUnexamined
You did WHAT?!? and how it led to your PC's (near) deathIdeas
Character Sheet or what?Unexamined
Charachter HelpUnexamined
Rogue/wizard suggestionsUnexamined
Moving in the Elem Plane of AirRules Question Or Discussion
Need help with a character ideaUnexamined
alternate class namesUnexamined
What to do with action pointsUnexamined
Individual adventuresUnexamined
Self-centered playerUnexamined
rogue special abilities?Unexamined
Wizard StrategiesUnexamined
Mutlitclass character optionsUnexamined
Help me...Unexamined
Night Sticks - Increase Turning Attempts?Unexamined
Evil Campaign on the HorizonUnexamined
Combining PH2 Fighter Variants?Unexamined
HELP!! I Need Stats for custom made demon.Unexamined
Accidents happen...Just can't figure out howHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Human FighterUnexamined
Yay! Wait...I should be dead....Unexamined
I knew you'd say that...Unexamined
Whats BAB?Unexamined
Uber-Characters and Rolls StatsUnexamined
Some more questions about charactersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Make me a scion of hellUnexamined
Problem at tonights session.Unexamined
yet another what alignment? threadUnexamined
NewbieLookin' for helpUnexamined
Best Race for Druids?Unexamined
Duskblade any good?Unexamined
Quick QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Newbie HelpPleaseRules Question Or Discussion
Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!Unexamined
Chaotic Neutral (typo)Unexamined
Wizard Starting SpellsUnexamined
Somewhat 'noobish' question (please don't kill me)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Advice on Source material for a new playerHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Need help with character backgroundUnexamined
How do I get out of this one?Unexamined
Why no dogs!?Unexamined
How to do Alignmet quandries right or....Unexamined
I need some RPing ideas for my hellspaun.Unexamined
Presteige ClassUnexamined
Any easy ways to get Telepathy?Unexamined
Seeking advice on animal companionRules Question Or Discussion
Is this correct on tumble?Unexamined
Immaturity at the table.Unexamined
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