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Thread Name + LinkContent Found?
Layers of the AbbyssIdeas
Far Realm Gods/God-like BeingsUnexamined
Deity Stats - Avatars and all levels of DeitiesHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Layers of the Far Realms of InsanityUnexamined
1001 New Salient Divine AbilitiesHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Compilation of the Far Realm materialsIdeas
Important Deities and Planes Thread IndexUnexamined
Wizard Community Member DeitiesUnexamined
The lost demiplane: AtlantisUnexamined
Make your own cool deitiesUnexamined
You know you're a cultist of an evil god when...[Humor]Humor
Jargon/Slang of various D&D religionsUnexamined
Lawfull good goddess of the negative energy planeUnexamined
Deities of MagicUnexamined
Any info on the 7th layer of CelestiaUnexamined
Fiendish Codex IIIUnexamined
The Far Realm...Ideas
Gods of the Mirror-verseUnexamined
Best Books for Creating a Religion/PantheonUnexamined
Kyton (Chain Devil) advancement questionUnexamined
Heironeous v. HextorUnexamined
Letters from the Blood WarUnexamined
Opening the Can of WormsUnexamined
Hellish Hierarchy (revised)Unexamined
Possible monk deity besides PHBUnexamined
I don't "get" GehennaUnexamined
Moon Goddess'Unexamined
planar equivalents of...Unexamined
A Christian D&D settingUnexamined
ripvanwormer's Timeline2 Planesand a Ringer ... Q'sUnexamined
The Little People in D&D?Unexamined
Blood War logisticsUnexamined
Looking for info on the Mind's EyeUnexamined
Generic DemonsUnexamined
Kord data pleaseUnexamined
pictures from Expedition to the Demonweb PitsUnexamined
Demigod of Spite Worth It?Unexamined
SigilThe Lady of Painand DeitiesUnexamined
Elemental WarUnexamined
Unfinished Goddess Template : Empress TyoraHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Deity with a KatanaUnexamined
Something stirs within the Abyss. (P.E.A.C.H.)(Feedback Pls)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Warforged on the PlanesUnexamined
God & Goddesses campaignUnexamined
HELP!! Need a reference page information please!Unexamined
Death of the Hag CountessUnexamined
Obeiscient acts. even LG creatures go to Baator?Unexamined
The chinese Zodiac as deities ?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Deities and DemigodsUnexamined
Primus? Mordrons? Where are you?Unexamined
Fiendish Codex IIUnexamined
CR's for Orcus and Tiamate on the their home planesUnexamined
Archfiends banished from Material Plane for 100 years?Unexamined
Which DnD novel is about the Blood War?Unexamined
demons summoning demons while in the abyssUnexamined
Umarmed strike as preferred weapon of deity?Unexamined
Where do people go when they die?Unexamined
What gods?Unexamined
old threadsUnexamined
Death and the planesand idea for my new worldUnexamined
i need a god!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Guesstimate the stats for the Lady of Pain?Unexamined
Can i become a god in a normal campaign?Unexamined
Wouldn't a Paladins Mount be an Outsider?Unexamined
Getting around Hell?Unexamined
3.5 Stats for Dabus and Cambion?Unexamined
Politics of HellUnexamined
portal creationUnexamined
I Request the Experts' Aid for Tanar'ri Lord StatsUnexamined
Book of Vile Darness vs Fiendish Codex I/II?Unexamined
My indulgent yugoloth woesUnexamined
Not-Rilmani Neutral Exemplar ruinsUnexamined
What Does An Astral Projector Look Like on the Outer Planes?Unexamined
Modron StatsUnexamined
The most powerful being in the universeUnexamined
Only philosophical clerics?Unexamined
Modrons March AgainUnexamined
the 4 elementsUnexamined
Demon princes and ArchdevilsUnexamined
best orientation for Blood War and yugolothsUnexamined
An elf in Corellon's CourtUnexamined
vorpal vs. Damage reductionUnexamined
Advancing the NycalothUnexamined
Genocide of the tieflingsUnexamined
RenbbuuSlaad lord of colorUnexamined
The Path of Planar Mediumship -- a non-necessarily-religious cleric "religion"Unexamined
Mechanical dreamsUnexamined
Origin of the ElvesUnexamined
Fiendish Flies??Unexamined
best sacrifice?Unexamined
Need some help....Unexamined
Multiple FaithsUnexamined
Wicca in my Campaign??Unexamined
What are the Basic Rules for DnD Deities?Unexamined
Help....Iuz StatsUnexamined
Slaying Vecna at level 20?Unexamined
Seafaring cleric in search of a god...Unexamined
Need help incorporating Angels and Demodands into my cosmology.Unexamined
Eberrons gods?Unexamined
power level of IoHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
planar exotic materials in 3.5Unexamined
Attn Ripvanwormer: Lost Deity FileUnexamined
Magic in the OutlandsUnexamined
Terminology QuestionUnexamined
What is the closest plane to "The Void?"Unexamined
12 Gods - The basic PantheonUnexamined
Demon Lords and ArchdevilsUnexamined
The Fat Devil (But Not the Female One)Unexamined
Nonevil SacrificesUnexamined
Far Realm?Unexamined
Worshiping multiple Dieties...Unexamined
can the follows of a god increase its powers ??Unexamined
Who is Tharizdun?Unexamined
Local GodsUnexamined
Possible ways to attain divinity.Unexamined
Mount OlympusUnexamined
Broodmotherthe Eighth Queen [PEACH]Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
I just need helpUnexamined
visiting relatives in ArvandorUnexamined
What do I offer Wee Jas?Unexamined
A Demon Lord Rules Solania! (Fun ConspiracyRL Info)Unexamined
5 more evil lords for my patheonUnexamined
Demi-plane of Imprisonment and LoveCraft's main bad.Unexamined
heironeous ritualsUnexamined
Creating an 80th Level DeityUnexamined
My friend's Hades CampaignUnexamined
Dogma/Doctrine of Hextor?Unexamined
Need help getting rid of my deities affectionsUnexamined
midgard serpentUnexamined
Fiendish Codex II: Devils QuestionsUnexamined
Create a deityHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Challenge Ratings for DeitiesUnexamined
A pantheon of pantheonsUnexamined
The Lady of Pain.Unexamined
Demographics of a Planar MetropolisHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
summoning on the planesUnexamined
Godly Encounters (My Campaign)Unexamined
A Nugget for RipVW's TimelineUnexamined
The Dark Lord NerullUnexamined
Encounters in Xaos neededUnexamined
Who is/was the Queen of Chaos???Unexamined
A Campaign where the Players are Gods...Unexamined
Raidengod of thunderUnexamined
Gaining alignment subtypes--specificallyOutsider(Evil)Unexamined
Greater V.S. IntermediateUnexamined
How to become a godUnexamined
Who's your favorite god! :)Unexamined
The Lady but without her powersUnexamined
cold iron vs. HellfireUnexamined
My Idea for Erinyes...Unexamined
Gods need to be smarterUnexamined
Slaughter Domain?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Question about Mortal AscensionUnexamined
Gods of the LizardfolkUnexamined
Anyone ever seen a Tyranny Domain?Unexamined
Avatars *Unexamined
MusicHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Do you remember the afterlife once you've been resurrected???Unexamined
What are the Portfolios of...Unexamined
eye and hand of vecnaUnexamined
Power of DietiesUnexamined
Heironeous' nick namesUnexamined
The Inner PlanesIts elemental my dear watsonUnexamined
Troglidyte of PelorUnexamined
Diety Description FormatUnexamined
"Need" of divine ranks?Unexamined
Fallen CelestialsUnexamined
Demiplane Design: Spatial SoupUnexamined
A new Inner Planes cosmology: 146 inner planes!Unexamined
Ah nahl nathrackuthebebethuttedoth el enveyUnexamined
Moradin's archenemeyUnexamined
A question about race/plane interactionUnexamined
Interplanar Mercantile ProjectsUnexamined
Creating a planeUnexamined
hi question about Compleate godnessUnexamined
Search function?Unexamined
Pantheon of SaintsUnexamined
Looking for information on the Gray SistersUnexamined
Mortal to DeityUnexamined
Dwarven Cleric of PelorUnexamined
Bwimb II?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
what is this thing?Unexamined
Salient Divine AbilitiesUnexamined
Mortal to Deity? BORING!Unexamined
Chaos Language ArticleUnexamined
Oriental Dieties for GreyhawkUnexamined
Upping Graz'zt back to lesser god...Unexamined
Mayfair Games: DemonsUnexamined
alliance of lolth and vecnaUnexamined
My Pantheonsyour views? (Totaly finished)Unexamined
Asgardian CosmologyUnexamined
Mr. DeityUnexamined
3rd layer of ArcadiaUnexamined
Extraplanar deserts?Unexamined
Extraplanar DessertsUnexamined
The Hellbreaker from Fiendish Codex 2Unexamined
Artifacts of LolthRules Question Or Discussion
Plane of ShadowUnexamined
Across the 'LandUnexamined
The God Of PortalsUnexamined
layout of hellUnexamined
Planescape ConsiderationsUnexamined
Immersing players into a new dimensionUnexamined
Kord and OrcsUnexamined
The rain of planes is a pain!Unexamined
Sun SingUnexamined
Damage Reduction: Divine ranksUnexamined
Tiamat - By Any Other Name?Unexamined
Lucifer the Bringer of LightUnexamined
Moradin and Metal domainUnexamined
Run with me on this one: Your god may or may not exist.Unexamined
A Far Out RantUnexamined
In need of Godly artifacts.Unexamined
How do you adjudicate divine rest requirements?Unexamined
Dieties & Massive DamageUnexamined
The Giant GodsUnexamined
Religion in a villageUnexamined
Dukes of HellUnexamined
First layer of hellUnexamined
Illithids & Giths in the context of FRPS and SJUnexamined
City-sized god.Unexamined
Erythnul cult initiation pledgeUnexamined
Need help quickUnexamined
Item crafting on a timeless plane?Unexamined
Far Realm TheoryIdeas
New Elven Pantheon with a TwistUnexamined
3 New planes!Unexamined
Einherjar template?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Question about sigil?Unexamined
yeenoghu and others?Unexamined
BOVD And BOEDUnexamined
Carceri InfoUnexamined
How many Quasi/demielemental Planes are there?Unexamined
Minotar dietiesUnexamined
Informations on CelestianUnexamined
The cult of...Unexamined
Oddest Planescape art?Unexamined
greyhawk gods? two points.Unexamined
The *Other* Default Gods.Unexamined
Define "Deity" For MeUnexamined
Seven Heavens (Celestia) info?Unexamined
Content Management System?Unexamined
Alternative Elemental Planes!Unexamined
Planar Art&imagesUnexamined
Planes and cleric spellcastingUnexamined
Demonicon/Dragon MagazineUnexamined
lords of hell & their respective courtsUnexamined
New God: Zhuud (Please Comment)Unexamined
[NoZwolle] Fancy a visit to the nine hells?Unexamined
Overgod SDAUnexamined
Say a deity undergoes a big alignment shift: do clerics follow him or switch deities?Unexamined
Expedition to the Demonweb PitsUnexamined
In what source did Lolth kill Zinzerena?Unexamined
Seeking Info Regarding the Slaad LordsUnexamined
Cl for powerful entitiesUnexamined
DV ability score modifiersUnexamined
Invent a Layer for the AbyssUnexamined
Domain questionUnexamined
[PEACH] Tell me 'bout the good old days...Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Info for Norse cosmologyUnexamined
Razor Throne only 2.000 years old?Unexamined
My CosmologyUnexamined
Gods of Fire!Unexamined
Sacred TraditionsUnexamined
Where do all the evil petitioners/souls come from?Unexamined
Outer Planar (non-monstrous) wildlife?Unexamined
Efreeti dietyUnexamined
Favored Weapon: Longspear?Unexamined
The Gods and the ImmortalsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Need gods of creation and of artificealso gods of theiverygluttonyUnexamined
what's the god templar simbol?Unexamined
Talos clericUnexamined
where is HruggekUnexamined
Hruggek is in PandemoniumUnexamined
Word up with Ysgard?Unexamined
The Secrets of TiamatUnexamined
A story of Sun SingIdeas
Can a Neutral God have the Law Domain?Unexamined
Deities of Trin: Pantheon of my HomebrewHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
UroborosGates of WisdomUnexamined
Planar Scavenger HuntUnexamined
Summoning on the Outer PlanesUnexamined
How to obtain Godhood/ what happens after?Unexamined
Demigods - granting/casting spellsUnexamined
Druids in the immaterial (planes)/spellsUnexamined
Ethergaunt ResourcesUnexamined
Planes/Forgotten Realms and EberronUnexamined
Possible route to minor divine statusUnexamined
Elder Evils in the Lords of MadnessUnexamined
Paladin HelpUnexamined
Pantheon of Gods [PEACH]Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Where to find Celestrial Bureaucracy?Unexamined
Fighting an avatar?Unexamined
Tactics of the SacrecidalNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Expanding Lucid DreamingUnexamined
The Hinterlands EffectUnexamined
Favored Weapon: Greatclub?Unexamined
more than one material planeUnexamined
The Life-Cycle of a SoulUnexamined
Deity Artifacts.Unexamined
Divine Campaign Idea?Unexamined
D&d Gods Walk Among Us!!!Unexamined
Redemption domain -- thoughts?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
god of the skys?Unexamined
Is It As Hard As It Looks...?Unexamined
Help needed in Legend of Creation conceptUnexamined
Any Deities of Dreams?Unexamined
New Cosmology: One Outer Plane; Thoughts?Unexamined
Oculus Demon redone as obyrithUnexamined
Eberronian cosmology in other settingsUnexamined
What about Celestial Planes and descriptions?Unexamined
A rod of seven partsUnexamined
deities immunitiesUnexamined
~Equivelent Gods for Relics?Unexamined
My settings pantheon. Need a few ideas on things. Mostly undisguised cameos.Unexamined
Where does a Fharlanghn priest go?Unexamined
One Hundred Sigil EncountersHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
1001 Planar Campaign HooksIdeas
What do you do when your cleric can beat up his/her God?Unexamined
Information on Penumbra/Nautiloids?Unexamined
I need a good aligned God that is also extremely generous.Unexamined
Kalashtar in the Great Wheel/TreeUnexamined
The new layer rulerUnexamined
Daoist Clerics and DomainsUnexamined
Develop these deities!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Gods of NethackUnexamined
New God- Evening Glory + Nerull?Unexamined
Time Travel Adventures?Unexamined
Role o' the Fey?Unexamined
If you could redecorate a plane...Unexamined
I know this is probably asked alotbut...Unexamined
Cold Gods and GodessesUnexamined
Gzemnid's realmHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Me so confused.Unexamined
Sweating the Small StuffUnexamined
Strength and Planning domainsUnexamined
Evil gods Demons and DevilsDo we need them both?Unexamined
the thread of many things.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Manaul of the planesUnexamined
Is there a creation mythology for Greyhawk?Unexamined
Lord Kas?Unexamined
Demogorgon vs. AsmodeusUnexamined
Theological DilemmaUnexamined
Wee-jas what is her niche? her Theology?Unexamined
Steal my Fluff!Ideas
Was Zanassu the son of Miska the Wolf Spider?Unexamined
The serpent?Unexamined
To bind the planes themselves...Unexamined
The Original 9 Circles of HellHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Vestiges? (may be newbish)Unexamined
I need Asmodeus' divine StatsUnexamined
History of the "History of the Planes"Unexamined
Over-deity house rules.Unexamined
I Just Gotta Ask...Demogorgon....Unexamined
Singe the Ashbringer of Torch!!!Unexamined
What happened to Geryon?Unexamined
The madness Domain...Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Miss Multiverse Pageant 2007Unexamined
Peter Panthe GishUnexamined
Looking for a LadyUnexamined
Glory DomainUnexamined
Divine Ranks vs Challenge Rating...Unexamined
elemental plane of bloodUnexamined
Plane of DungeonscapeUnexamined
Positive and negative energy and aligment.Unexamined
Teachings of AngelsUnexamined
Need Help Finding a PC Lost In The PlanesUnexamined
Boccob V. Lady of PainUnexamined
Moradin fanaticsread here!!!Unexamined
Questions about Overdeities.Unexamined
The River StyxUnexamined
who are the maelvi?Unexamined
Controlling Abyssal LayersUnexamined
Tha Man of WarUnexamined
evening gloryUnexamined
Greater Deities in CombatUnexamined
Anyone do rules on becoming a God?Unexamined
Does anyone know how divine ranks affect a characters ECL?Unexamined
Where is Kostchtchie on Thrym's radar?Unexamined
Princes of Hell in Kobold QuarterlyUnexamined
DvR: 20; Commoner: 1Unexamined
Top 12 Planescape productsUnexamined
Native Outsiders: The Little Subtype That Wasn't. (NOT A RANT!!!!!)Unexamined
Shout out to my Jasites!Unexamined
Making a custom deityand an association thereof.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Awesome Game!Unexamined
The Were-MarrasqueHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The Gods of RomeHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Memories in HellUnexamined
heironeous judgement callUnexamined
Demon lords and plane travelUnexamined
Heironeous and Hextor's other brother?Unexamined
New Salient Divine Abilities (PEACH)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Good Planesin a senseUnexamined
What would it take to unite the outer planes?Unexamined
Aasimon and ...?Unexamined
Math and Mechanus IIUnexamined
Where can I find 3rd edition stats for Rao?Unexamined
Concept Of Divinity?Unexamined
Help Me Repopulate the Outer Planes!Unexamined
Sigil factionsUnexamined
DvR 0 -> DvR 1Unexamined
2nd ed. Gods converted to 3.5 ed.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
who would win?Unexamined
The Spirit WorldUnexamined
lords of the continuumUnexamined
dispaters favored weaponUnexamined
Need to flesh out a cosmologyUnexamined
"What is a soul?" Theories and observationsUnexamined
a way to connect barbarians to Fire planeUnexamined
Where can I find information on "The Cat Lord"?Unexamined
upper planes "cold war".Unexamined
flowing time trait planesUnexamined
Divine Theme SongsUnexamined
Baelus the Wheel (require critique)Unexamined
Has Sardior appeared in any offical D&D material?Unexamined
Promotion in place of level advancement?Unexamined
Elishar and Toldoth as D&D pantheon deities?Unexamined
silver cord?Unexamined
Comprehending the IncomprehensibleUnexamined
a game centered on DemogorgonUnexamined
Tiamat - Why is she lawfull evil?Unexamined
Rejecting a deity and aquiring a new oneUnexamined
Giants and their DeitiesHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Dream Plane...Unexamined
Archon and Angel advancementUnexamined
Non-LG Hound Archon in the Blood WarHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
IlsidahurHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Information on Boccob : personality and suchUnexamined
Questions about Lady of PainUnexamined
The Arbiterthe Light of the Far RealmUnexamined
Please ID 80s Demigods-like BookUnexamined
1st or 2ed Half God templates anyone?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Greater or Equal to CorellonUnexamined
LIzard man godUnexamined
Aspect of Demogorgon?Unexamined
Have any one heard of Valarian?Unexamined
Frith and the Black RabbitUnexamined
Is Tiamat in love with Bahamut?Unexamined
Details on the Githyanki?Unexamined
War Domain and Exotic weaponUnexamined
Where will Sardior's followers go when they die?Unexamined
Negative Elemental Deity QuestionUnexamined
Where can I find out about Modrons?Unexamined
Formians? Slaadi? Modrons?Unexamined
Pride Domain?Unexamined
The Seelie & The UnseelieUnexamined
How do the gods affect your world?Unexamined
Any info about ships of chaos?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Rallaster the MadUnexamined
God Shards [PEACH]Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
CourageWar and Planning DomainsUnexamined
"Fairy" Planar traits ?Unexamined
Dream within a Dream: DietyUnexamined
Why Cant Wizards be Healers??Unexamined
Problems with DualismUnexamined
Idea:Deities of the Shadow PlaneUnexamined
Erharidu: The Faith-KillersHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
God as a Subtype?Unexamined
Is there a name for Lawful and Chaotic Outsiders?Unexamined
General of GehennaUnexamined
If you were designing the return of Sigil and the planes....Unexamined
Death on YggdrasilUnexamined
Domains: A Complete List?Unexamined
The Left-Kidney of Vecna.Unexamined
Battle of Beliefs...Unexamined
Save the Elemental Plane of Water!Unexamined
Heironious is on what plane?Unexamined
Funny (to me) planescape idea:folks who say reality's objective: beliefs don't matterUnexamined
Cleric of Aoskar HelpUnexamined
Are LN clerics of St. Cuthbert permitted to cast spells with the [evil] descriptor?Unexamined
demi-god powers for PCsUnexamined
list of epic fiendsUnexamined
New to Planar CampaignsUnexamined
Dragon Ascendant Divine RankUnexamined
Orc and Goblinoid DeitiesUnexamined
Of Players Planes and SurvivalUnexamined
SusanooThe God of Chaos and StormsUnexamined
Jungle Dwarf GodUnexamined
in home planeUnexamined
Does Pelor have a beard?Unexamined
Cleric questionUnexamined
Killing the Gods...Unexamined
life force blastUnexamined
Info on the lesser known demon lords?Unexamined
frostwind virago and AurilUnexamined
Building A PantheonUnexamined
HIstory of the godsUnexamined
Test of Bahamut (Secrets of Sarlona)Unexamined
Power InteractionsUnexamined
The SeldarineNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Deity Index?Unexamined
Celtic MythosUnexamined
Fharlanghn and the sentient undeadUnexamined
The Great Modron MarchUnexamined
Worshiping a Pantheon and Deity’s favored weapon?Unexamined
Any gods with the Spiked Chain as a favored weapon?Unexamined
One sided coin?Unexamined
Chuck Norris as a god?Humor
Monetheistic Religion for my campaignwhat do you think?Unexamined
Saint CuthbertLG?Unexamined
Are all evil gods gods of evil things?Unexamined
New Domain: Dark Elements / CatastrophesUnexamined
Realizations about Githyanki and "Timeless" PlanesUnexamined
Creating an avatar from scratch - help much appreciated!Unexamined
Dreamlands gods? (PEACH)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
What happened to Amauntor?Unexamined
MummRa as a deityIdeas
Evil Still Seeps ThroughUnexamined
A Godless World... Can it be done?Unexamined
Describe the Planar Handbook please...Unexamined
Trying to find an fr godUnexamined
A question about ErinyesUnexamined
Positive and Negative EnergyUnexamined
Rank progression for gods?Unexamined
Melee out of the Ethereal PlaneUnexamined
Which Came First?Unexamined
BaernolothHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Arson - Divine WarlockUnexamined
1001 new planar races and monstersHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Taint: So evileven evil doesn't want anything to do with it.Unexamined
The Divine Wrath TableUnexamined
Pimp my level 0 DietyUnexamined
question about st. cuthbertUnexamined
Quick traveling questionUnexamined
Torment: And then it hit me....Unexamined
Mak Thuum NgathaHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
3 quick questions: skeletons in Subjective GravityUnexamined
Question about remote sensingUnexamined
Diefic StatsUnexamined
plane shiftUnexamined
Planescape- Monster PCsUnexamined
A Custom PantheonHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Salient divine powersUnexamined
Divine portfolioUnexamined
Making ZeusUnexamined
Aztec PantheonUnexamined
?? The "New" Deities & Demigods ??Unexamined
Your prefered paradise?Unexamined
How do I roleplay Yugoloths?Unexamined
Dieties' agesUnexamined
Norse landsUnexamined
Malcanthet's PalaceUnexamined
Question re: a homebrew godUnexamined
Help with some homebrew Drow Gods.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Goddess of Noble SacrificeUnexamined
Three quick questions: deitiesUnexamined
Hetifianthe Curse of UncertaintyIdeas
Thunderbolt as a minor ArtifactUnexamined
Is Chtulu in D & D?Unexamined
Divine SensesUnexamined
Question about the planes...?Unexamined
Looking for a thread on "DieVecnaDie!"Unexamined
Faiths & Pantheons and Favored WeaponsUnexamined
badass villains and godsUnexamined
Some good godsUnexamined
sigil and the realmzUnexamined
Planes questionsUnexamined
The Tri-Fold Proxy!Unexamined
In the Eternal BattlefieldUnexamined
Wrath of the Immortals?Unexamined
Infinite Layers of the AbyssUnexamined
Maskarran ThingsUnexamined
Alternative Deity TemplateHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
stealing the divine powerUnexamined
Heironeous cultists in Hextorian theocracy: survival without compromising principles?Unexamined
Planar CitiesUnexamined
KardumLord of the Balors?Unexamined
Advice on making gods mortalUnexamined
Planar Lords?Unexamined
The Planar TrainstationUnexamined
Questions About the DraedenUnexamined
the Gods vs the Arch-devils vs Abyssal lords who's more powerfull?Unexamined
Various DomainsUnexamined
Need a Bit of Sigil Help- Which Magic Fails?Unexamined
Earth and Strength DomainsUnexamined
12 deitiesUnexamined
How to destroy MystraUnexamined
Questions About Forgotten RealmsUnexamined
Wee JasUnexamined
Who wins: The Spelljammer vs. AoUnexamined
Casthe demigod of spiteUnexamined
Other Demon LordsUnexamined
How to make an Anti-Sigil?Unexamined
Deific Ability ArrayUnexamined
Vhaeraun and summoningUnexamined
Asmodeus with Divine Ranks?Unexamined
Cross-Posted: Ashen Centurions (Dustmen Servitors)Unexamined
shadow deitiesUnexamined
What deities can we expect to see back in 4edand how will the multiverse change?Unexamined
Question on Shadow plane use.Unexamined
Clerics of Tharzidun the Elder Evil?Unexamined
4E and the Planes - Will the Great Wheel Be Default Cosmology?Unexamined
Planar CalendarsUnexamined
Lost Lands of Carnos (in develupment)Unexamined
Asmodeus being Promoted to GodhoodUnexamined
needs improvementUnexamined
World Serpent Inn & EbberonUnexamined
Shaktari's escape from the Wells of Darkness in Dragon 349Unexamined
Is Arcadia a 'Higher Plane'?Unexamined
When a God looses its worshipersUnexamined
The AnemoiUnexamined
outer planes and the shadow planeUnexamined
Diven rank 0 and CrUnexamined
traveling through the transitive planesUnexamined
The "True Story" of Tulket nor AhmHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Pondering Upon the PlanesUnexamined
Lunar Eclipse Ritual!Unexamined
Do Deities need Word of Creation/Dark Speech Feats to speak them?Unexamined
Chrisitan GodUnexamined
A possible backdoor into Sigil for those gods that are interested.Unexamined
What's the opposite of the Plant of Shadow?Unexamined
multiverse vs. far realmUnexamined
Carceri: What's the point?Unexamined
Wee Jas and UndeadUnexamined
Ditching the Great Wheel?Unexamined
Devil history and other changes in 4E (from Richard Baker's blog)Unexamined
Shameless self-promotionbut it's about TedUnexamined
Lack of Information on DeathUnexamined
The Great Wheel and Moral Ethical RelativismUnexamined
To trap a demigod?Unexamined
DeitiesTrue Dweomersand damage caps...Unexamined
Alternate History of the Codex of the Planes and its Tie to TharizdunUnexamined
A question and a link.Unexamined
temperatures of the planesUnexamined
Arcanaloth info?Unexamined
Deities of knowledgegoodneutraland evilUnexamined
DragonMech: Why the Moon FallsUnexamined
Elemental Lords and other deity-like creaturesUnexamined
Not enough love for transitive planes?Unexamined
SaoirseLady LibertyGoddess of Freedom...any thoughts?Unexamined
Aspect of Lolth?Unexamined
Ancient BaatoriansMephistophelesand suchUnexamined
How does one kill.... a GOD?Unexamined
Pimp my BBEG quasi-powerUnexamined
[Deity & Domain] The words of the prophets are written on the restroom walls...Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Undead WorshipersUnexamined
Draconic PantheonUnexamined
Turning and others...Unexamined
The Knowers of Cania and the Ancient BaatoriansUnexamined
why does lolth have a divine rank and demogorgon doesnt?Unexamined
A fight against VecnaUnexamined
The Queen of Air & DarknessUnexamined
The Simurgh (PEACH)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
An Object as a God? Help!!!Unexamined
question regarding dimensional lockUnexamined
Vecna's secret.....BoccobUnexamined
How does Dispater act?Unexamined
the plane of trashUnexamined
What has Orcus done lately?Unexamined
Tharizdum: What is a check toee?Unexamined
Deity listUnexamined
Moon and Summoning DomainsUnexamined
Gods of necromancy.Unexamined
Please critique and help develop this godUnexamined
What is the Primordial Pact?Unexamined
AraganomaitneHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Why no deities with prestige classes?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
My New Pantheon--Please Examine and Offer Advise!Unexamined
Religious Power... LiterallyUnexamined
slaying a demonlord on its home planeUnexamined
The gods of Arethmy campaign settingUnexamined
What happen if you merge whit the "The Node"?Unexamined
Five fiendishfreakyand fun planes and deities.Unexamined
Rifts of water and airUnexamined
elemental planes of air and waterUnexamined
Potential Adventure Setting: The Violet SeaUnexamined
How does Divine Rank work?Unexamined
Giving a PC Divine Level ZeroUnexamined
Idea for a campaign against a god.Unexamined
Ancient BrethrenUnexamined
God templateHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Filling the plane of VacuumUnexamined
Come help some low-level PC's survive Cania!Unexamined
Tiamat groupies?Unexamined
More 4E cosmology changes: elemental planes (Chris Perkins' blog)Unexamined
The Goddess Lolth?Unexamined
Looking for ideas...Succubus on the run...Unexamined
A new cosmologyPEACHHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The New Design& Development (Monsters)Unexamined
Mephistopheles stats?Unexamined
Changing the Great Wheel: more of the same?Unexamined
Iuz was such a great arch-villain who provided so much adventure potential...Unexamined
The ArchitectUnexamined
Divine Fast Healing and losing one's headUnexamined
Design&Development: CosmologyUnexamined
Silent Hill: Which Plane?Unexamined
adventures in the new 4e cosmosolyUnexamined
Can you eat dead gods?Unexamined
Abyss LayersUnexamined
Elemental Princes?Unexamined
Alter Reality CL?Unexamined
what pantheons are in the deities & demigods?Unexamined
questions regarding death throesUnexamined
Details on the Olympic PatheonUnexamined
The Guardians (PEACHplease!)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Info on St. Cuthbert.Unexamined
Creatures that are from the inbetween...Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
A thought about evil.Unexamined
The Chaos of LolthUnexamined
Various Epic Adventures - Canonical Endings?Unexamined
Where the divine stats come fromUnexamined
Is Asmodeus Lucifer by another name?Unexamined
Bullet in the head of guardinals.Unexamined
Where's info on the Chaos Sphere/Sphere of Chaos?Unexamined
Psionic godsUnexamined
A God of Pestulence and DiseaseUnexamined
Elven Deities with healingUnexamined
True Names and the PlanesUnexamined
DietiesAvatarsDemi gods?Unexamined
Orsa: The Land Before TimeHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Who is Sun Sing?Unexamined
An interpretation of Tolkien's ValarHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
how to to become a godUnexamined
Why Demons and Devils? why the division?Unexamined
Quasielemental PlanesUnexamined
The Old GodsUnexamined
Evil in Three Flavors (Or Four?)Unexamined
Gods of Light.Unexamined
Divine classes and deitihoodUnexamined
Goblinoid gods and loreUnexamined
Permancy through Alter Reality...Unexamined
DnD book of the deadUnexamined
My Psionic Templates and DeitiesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Dukes of HellUnexamined
Pantheon SuggestionsUnexamined
St. CuthbertUnexamined
The troglodyte god LaogzedUnexamined
Planning to go to Carceri...Unexamined
Why don't Yugoloths have thier own language?Unexamined
Was there any published info on Chernavog?Unexamined
Anyone else think Demogorgon needs a power boost?Unexamined
What does the Strongly-aligned penalty apply to?Unexamined
Munchkin DomainUnexamined
Domiel: dogmas and pathsUnexamined
How does one create REASONABLE stats for thier gods/goddesses?Unexamined
deities with multiple personality disordersUnexamined
Chaotic mythologyUnexamined
Graz'ztson of Asmodeus?Ideas
What lies 'outside' of the Great Wheel?Unexamined
Archfiend Templates?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
So a Lv27/Rank 10 Lesser Deity finds a way to slaughter three pantheons...Unexamined
Wee Jas and Dragons?Unexamined
...Can someone be devoted to two deities?Unexamined
What god is right for me?Unexamined
Any info on Meriadar?Unexamined
Favored Weapon of TharizdunUnexamined
God of CourageBeautyCommunity and Monsters!!???Unexamined
One pantheon to rule them all! One cosmology to bind them all!Unexamined
Want help about AsmodeusUnexamined
The Town of Walpurgis (Happy Halloween!)Unexamined
Why does Kord not like dragons?Unexamined
Please comment on my Divine Sun Mastery SDAUnexamined
Whats the proper name of the Iron WastesUnexamined
Animal Lord DeitiesUnexamined
Whats your favoirte demon lord?Unexamined
Whats your favorite archdevil?Unexamined
Praying to OlidammaraUnexamined
(Question) What is The Cerulean Sign?Unexamined
Moradin cleric alignment???Unexamined
My own god.Unexamined
New to religious characters...Unexamined
Boccob versus NerullUnexamined
Invasion from the Far RealmsUnexamined
ChineseJapaneseBabylonian etc. gods?Unexamined
NonCon-Upper Planar Locales ContestUnexamined
My Pantheon (work in progressfeedback appreciated).Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Faith and the Evil GodsUnexamined
NonCon-Upper Planar Locales DiscussionUnexamined
Gods of RockUnexamined
4 Hours to Escape the Maggot PitUnexamined
Cabiri and beholders?Unexamined
Old Deities/New ClassesUnexamined
Nekogami TemplateHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
How to excelerate TimeUnexamined
The Divine Dragon (PEACH)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Are there any half-elf or half-drow deities?Unexamined
Epic Aspects?Unexamined
Big 'T' as a quasi-deity?Unexamined
Infernal Advancement PathImp Beats Barbarzu?Unexamined
Gods of the Random Number GeneratorUnexamined
The Demiplane of CockaigneUnexamined
3.5 River Styx - Conflicting Rules in Fiendish Codices?Unexamined
The Martyr: Prodigal of the Demented (Props to Shemmy)Unexamined
Chosen TemplatesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Nothing wrong with worshipping two deities right?Unexamined
Absurd PantheonHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Planescape: Torment MonstersUnexamined
The Population of DisUnexamined
Planetouched questionsUnexamined
Cities of the PlanesUnexamined
Alignment of Evening Glory's Undead?Unexamined
God of heroesUnexamined
Babylon and the Books of DarknessUnexamined
Hell's petitionersUnexamined
(Holy) Symbol for Levistus (cult)Unexamined
Dicefreaks Stats for GodsUnexamined
A non-cannon but wierd and semi plausable idea involving Geryon.Unexamined
Timeless PlanesUnexamined
Is there even a point to the eternal war between good and evil in D&D?Unexamined
Poll:Favorite Race+Class?Unexamined
Hextor's DomainsUnexamined
Favored weapon: Lance?Unexamined
How could you dismiss or banish a native outsiderUnexamined
St. Cuthbert and Lawful Good alignments?Unexamined
Can Chaos and Law be reconciled?Unexamined
The "Vecnish" Pantheon?Unexamined
Van Ritchen's Guide to Fiends?Unexamined
Aslan (Peach)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Question about a domainUnexamined
About the AC of Greater Deities...Unexamined
Why Ice and not Vapor?Unexamined
A Pantheon I've Been Working On...(PEACH)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
"Modern" PantheonHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Thor's domains?Unexamined
Non-standard ReligionsUnexamined
A Variation of the core DnD PantheonHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Sea Gods???Unexamined
Ancient Brethren/Primordial EntitiesUnexamined
My Inner PlanesUnexamined
Yalvian Pantheon (Work in Progress)Unexamined
Fluff of BahamutUnexamined
Hide in plain sight: Extraplanarly?Unexamined
Dragon Deities.Unexamined
Infernal Aristocracy continued…Unexamined
Festivus(Holiday Related)Unexamined
Looking for a Diety/Domain list.Unexamined
The Cave of Wonders and the demiplane called DewonUnexamined
What abou Nerull?Unexamined
What Demon Lord do you hate the most?Unexamined
Coincidence? I'm not sure...Unexamined
Abyssal Layer 77! - The Gates of HeavenUnexamined
Orcus's Last WordUnexamined
Human Sacrificing for Nerull?Unexamined
Elder Evils and the PlanesUnexamined
Deitiesnew ones created for world settingUnexamined
Help with statting an entity?Unexamined
Quick QuestionUnexamined
Complete DivineUnexamined
Planar Invasion from HellUnexamined
The OutlandsUnexamined
Spelion- My First Cosmology (PEACH)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Pantheon Conversion ThreadUnexamined
Board after 4eUnexamined
Zuabmar the ApostateUnexamined
Mu-Tahn LaaUnexamined
Planar effectsUnexamined
Levistus and StygiaUnexamined
Thor vs Moradin?!Unexamined
Variant rules for divine and cosmic entities.Unexamined
Info on the Heavens and everything Celestial?Unexamined
Confused as a Nun in a *****house.....Unexamined
Apollo Information PleaseUnexamined
Grazz't has a new plan....Unexamined
Ancient BeingsUnexamined
Effects on a world with no active gods?Unexamined
Effects for a world with no active gods?Unexamined
Ecology of the Fire ArchonUnexamined
Revising one's homebrew.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
God with greataxe as favoured weaponUnexamined
Olman DeitiesUnexamined
Deity ContactsUnexamined
Age of the Current Multiverse?Unexamined
Do gods who haven't been reprinted in 3.x still exist?Unexamined
Good Or Nutral God help.Unexamined
What game problems could happen if I kill off only one race's pantheon?Unexamined
GrundarFlame of the Forge (new deity - PEACH)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Strange GodsUnexamined
Is the Far Realm usable for a campaign?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Death as a godand the Plane of shadow?Unexamined
Mind Flayer vs Aboleth conflict influences Giths vs 'Thids dynamicUnexamined
Yugoloths in 4E.Unexamined
divine rankUnexamined
Hastur the UnspeakableUnexamined
worlds and monsters cosmosUnexamined
Liches and PetitionersUnexamined
God SlayingUnexamined
Behold... The Dark Power!!!!Unexamined
Aboleth-revering religionUnexamined
Back Door to ParadiseUnexamined
Gods and consequenceUnexamined
Custom Pantheon CriticismUnexamined
greek gods?Unexamined
PIT FIEND!!!Unexamined
What would you call the "religion" of ur-priests?Unexamined
Could a mortal character conquer a layer of the abyss?Unexamined
How would you incorporate Death/The Grim Reaper into your cosmology?Unexamined
Patron God of DriftersAdventurersTravellers& ScavengersUnexamined
Has Vorel ever been stated/published?Unexamined
Space TripUnexamined
GodsGoddessesand EntitiesHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Planescape outside pen and paperUnexamined
Tanar'ri & Baatezu QuestionUnexamined
The Prisoner of Ice and SteelUnexamined
Greek-based DeitiesHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The Pact PrimevalUnexamined
Is there anyway to attack from the Ethereal Plane?Unexamined
My Pantheon (PEACH)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Any Tips for Panteon Creation?Unexamined
Raise Dead in Sigil?Unexamined
Disciple/Thrall of Yugoloth lords?Unexamined
Is there a chance Bhaal will return now that Cyric is imprisoned? Can dead gods returUnexamined
Brassberg in Ysgard..?Unexamined
What can you tell me about Dalt?Unexamined
Gods of vengenceUnexamined
Saint Evans in Dungeons and DragonsUnexamined
Why Not Frey as God of the ElvesUnexamined
KrorshCleric of GruumshUnexamined
Was Vorel the creator of the OrangePurpleand Yellow dragons?Unexamined
Is there any information on the other gods in the Seldarine?Unexamined
Atlas CrumblesUnexamined
races & worship (cross-posted)Unexamined
toliet god?Unexamined
Is there even a god out there with these Domains?Unexamined
Divine Spellcasting and PrCs...Unexamined
god with fire and healing domains?Unexamined
All demons are really Chaotic Evil?Unexamined
Disciple of Fierna and Thrall of MalcanthetUnexamined
Ethreal on the plane of ShadowUnexamined
What's your destiny? Immortal by age?Unexamined
Evil gods don't make long term plans?Unexamined
[Aligned] deities withough [alignment] domainsUnexamined
Is Hercules Missing A Salient Divine Ability?Unexamined
Maintaining contact with Outer PlanesUnexamined
Yugoloth Info (Project)Unexamined
Opinion on my pantheon idea.Unexamined
PC Control over the planesUnexamined
My Death GodsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Krisheck'saneThe Half HellUnexamined
Divinely sponsored warUnexamined
Infiltrating the Fugue Plane to rescue the FaithlessUnexamined
In memory of E. Gary GygaxHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Retribution DomainWhere?Unexamined
Post your Cosmology!Ideas
Origin of the Divine Ability ArrayUnexamined
Ignore this postUnexamined
How can anyone kill a god?Unexamined
Planar vestigesUnexamined
Favored Weapon of TiamatUnexamined
gods in the year -31000 DRUnexamined
Tiamat QuestionUnexamined
Do you have to be an Elf to worship an Elf god?Unexamined
How does this sound as a way to run gods?Unexamined
PEACH ; Alternate Divine TemplateHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
A few q. on angels...Unexamined
Faiths and pantheonsUnexamined
Fire Elemental and Water Elemental = ? ParaelementalUnexamined
Eberron Deities-- Stat'd?Unexamined
Who do the Azer worship?Unexamined
Request a link to the "Choosen of ..." templatesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Location of GODs?Unexamined
Time and the Astral PlaneUnexamined
Tagani Pantheon & ex.deity (work in progress)Unexamined
I did it for the lulzHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Clarification of PolicyUnexamined
Divine Immunities vs Mortal Immunities.Unexamined
Do Archfiends and Archdevils grant their clerics spells?Unexamined
New Cosmology ideas?Unexamined
Abyssal Layer 666Unexamined
Differentiating the HorrorUnexamined
Forgetfulness in the Eternal CityUnexamined
Couple of "What-if" question about planesUnexamined
3.5 update for Deities and DemigodsUnexamined
Wishes on a gods planeUnexamined
Divine CursesUnexamined
Worshipping your shoesUnexamined
Telephoning God?Unexamined
Can a rock gain a divine spark?Unexamined
Unprotected objects in Negative Material Plane would begin to deteriorate right away?Unexamined
Identifying DeityUnexamined
The True Story of Graz'ztUnexamined
Twin Gods of War (P.E.A.C.H)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Can someone please explain to me what is portfolio?Unexamined
The Last Shot BarUnexamined
Alternate domain powersUnexamined
Lots of domainslimited pantheons - looking for guidelinesUnexamined
Planar Economy?Unexamined
The Primal OrderUnexamined
Archdevils SymbolsUnexamined
Spirit-Cosmology without outer planesUnexamined
Information on SigilUnexamined
More Info on IoUnexamined
Acheron: a possible pastIdeas
How do Norse gods fit into D&D?Unexamined
Alter Reality QuestionsUnexamined
Devil's GambitIdeas
Erinyes as Celestials?Unexamined
Creating a Dead godUnexamined
Abyss - Prison of the Mad GodUnexamined
Divine Dilemma!!! (Help Wanted)Unexamined
Can Petitioners Die?Unexamined
How are lemures and larva created?Unexamined
Is Hoar turning evil?Unexamined
Eleron Loreshonthe HermitHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
angels excerptUnexamined
Gods and Ranking systemsUnexamined