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Are Jedi more monk or sheriff?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Character QuirksUnexamined
Tripping over your own feet...Ideas
Roleplaying disaster!!!!!!!!Unexamined
Half Orc Paladin of SuneUnexamined
Codes of Conduct for Lawful CreaturesUnexamined
Hacker MotivationUnexamined
How to make a scorpionUnexamined
A dwarf from the silver marchesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
My Halfling rogue is now a squire!!!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
RolePlaying Tips for a Orcish TieflingNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
High CharismaLow WisdomHigh Intelligence.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
mute sorcererNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Cthulhu characterNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Confession: I have a thing for evilNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Trick's and PranksNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Where are all the ROLEplayers?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Drow BlackguardNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Please help me fleshout a ChronomancerNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I have a strange thought.................No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The character/class debacleNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
"Is two really better than one?"No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Zenmuron the BlackNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Barbarian/rangerNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Blind SorcererNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
No more OrcNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Story Help!!!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Human RogueBasics DownNeed Help On DetailsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
At a loss for stereotype coresNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Half-celestial Paladin&TemplarNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A nice background I thought i would share.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need some opinions...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
My character backstoryNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I need help to flesh out this charachterNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
AylaNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I need help figuring out a character class/conceptNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dell Kallyan- The characterIdeas
Shadow Mage char backgroundNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Versitility vs. SpecializationNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How do you role-play: An Elf?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Random backgroundsgood or bad?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Fey'ri background?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Post your character(s) here!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
An idea with an background for a smith????No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need help again!!What background for a vampire slayer???No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
New Cleric CharacterNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need Help: New Elven Sorceress IncantrixNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Krynn Minotaur on Torilneed comments plzNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Purple Dragon BardNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Air Genasi Wizard/FighterNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How do i play a female drow?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help with a Ninja Spy's backgroundNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
need advice on a certain conflict..(long)....please readNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to flesh out a Red SlaadNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
revised shadow mage backgroundRules Question Or Discussion
Halfling Wizard needs a storyNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Suggestions to increase RoleplayingNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A question on starting ECL and level adjNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I don't like singing!Unexamined
A quick questianUnexamined
need help with background storyUnexamined
He He He OoopsUnexamined
A Psionic character in a non-psionic worldUnexamined
Shadow Adept PoliticianUnexamined
Party Wizards... wahoooooo!Unexamined
What are you doing to convert to 3.5?Unexamined
The Penultimate Guide to Being a NecromancerUnexamined
need some direction for a mid level charUnexamined
Elves & NecromancyUnexamined
What do you think of this Background?Unexamined
The 5-Paragraph Character Writeup?Unexamined
Personality and Quirks for a Kobold SorcererUnexamined
Fey'ri developementUnexamined
We need sea-legs...Unexamined
Interesting Character Vs. Interesting Role PlayingUnexamined
Better roleplaying through writing?Unexamined
Some help with the background of an Elven ArcherUnexamined
WooHoolooks Like I get to play a Gith!Unexamined
Samuel VimesA paragon of Lawful Goodness?Unexamined
Dwarven Ranger/Barb/DruidUnexamined
How do you want your character to die?Unexamined
Druid+Monk = Buddhist?Unexamined
Male or female?Unexamined
paladin of Selune (FR)Unexamined
need help for a backgroundUnexamined
I'm boredso come listen to a story =PUnexamined
DM DilemmaUnexamined
getting strong and uncommon serventsUnexamined
Characters that made you say "You want to play what?!"Unexamined
A charisma dilemmaUnexamined
Nanuk The Paladin!Unexamined
Conflicting backstory?Unexamined
Ugly girlfriends!Unexamined
How to satiate a Troll's hunger? Also: Troll BardsUnexamined
I thought everyone...Unexamined
Making a KingUnexamined
music with rocks inUnexamined
Cleric that likes to drink and fight.Unexamined
How to play a halflingUnexamined
Character EmblemsUnexamined
Developing a Character ConceptUnexamined
Deity symbol?Unexamined
The cleric that drinks is angered!!!!!!!Unexamined
Kenshin background neededUnexamined
A PC without a voice...what is equitable to compensate?Unexamined
Shadowlord of TelflammUnexamined
Anyone here play a vampire?Unexamined
Justifying a cleric joining the rest of the groupUnexamined
Roleplaying a druid?Unexamined
Drow fighter!Unexamined
Escape from the 7th Layer of Hell.Unexamined
Avariel Level Adjustment +3???Unexamined
Playing a Voodoo clericUnexamined
Human Fighter: D&D's Little Black DressNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Roleplaying a SpellcasterUnexamined
Hamming it upUnexamined
Killer Stats... Now what?Unexamined
Help playing a swashbuckler requested :)Unexamined
Halfling Rogue/Telflamma shadowlordUnexamined
questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Forgotten Realms Ranger PC needs Deity helpUnexamined
please ignoreUnexamined
summoning snake wizardUnexamined
FR rogue needs a personalityUnexamined
High ACUnexamined
Name?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Based on?Unexamined
wolf creationUnexamined
how would you justify this?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Devil Hunter with a slave.....Unexamined
Paladin/Dragon Disciple: What Cohort should I get?Unexamined
Critique Eamnonn's background!Unexamined
Background for investigative reporterUnexamined
Gnome Rogue who is now going Druid.. need RP ideas..Unexamined
Help roleplaying a DruidUnexamined
How to roleplay a Fremen (Dune)Unexamined
The Bard musicUnexamined
BackgroundhelpNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Template or Prestige classUnexamined
Half CelestialsUnexamined
Elf cleric of a non-elf deityUnexamined
There's a worm living in my abdomenUnexamined
A NightcrawlerUnexamined
RPing Really High IntUnexamined
Witty remarks & quotes :)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
100 Good Character Backgrounds!Unexamined
3.5 castingUnexamined
Dark/anti-hero characterHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Thin Blood: Makarios DonovanIdeas
Devil be gone! or How to stop acting like a teiflingNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Calling All PC'SUnexamined
Need help developing TN Elven Cleric of BoccobUnexamined
Help on concept / background pleaseUnexamined
FR Dwarven BarbarianUnexamined
Would a Hobgoblin hate Drow?Unexamined
Help w/RPing a bad guyUnexamined
AmythestThe Storm SorceressHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Cleric of Moradin vs Cleric of BaneUnexamined
Silver MarchesUnexamined
PoorPoor AllyUnexamined
Cleric of KurtulmakUnexamined
The Last Hurrah?Unexamined
How should "racial clerics" act towards other races?Unexamined
Blind spellcasterUnexamined
my charicterUnexamined
The Birth of DoomhammerUnexamined
The Silent Bard...Unexamined
Trouble with a charecter conceptUnexamined
Let's hear YOUR non-draconic sorcererUnexamined
Language learning dilemmaUnexamined
Comments and suggestions for story behind Half-Ogre bodyguardUnexamined
Aliatra Needs a Past...Unexamined
Help on Background PleaseUnexamined
A Terrible Duo of Frightening DoomUnexamined
bastard sword specialistUnexamined
Background of a young trollUnexamined
Raven characterUnexamined
saying the truth...Unexamined
Getting in characterUnexamined
A DM Needs Character Building Help- Pirate SpeakUnexamined
Opinions about character idea requested...Unexamined
Bleaker monk-playing an insane characterUnexamined
I need a Char history!!!Unexamined
Critique my Sorceror BuildUnexamined
ideas for once-evil sorceressUnexamined
Never try to mix good and bad (Advice for my Chara?)Unexamined
Good pranks.Unexamined
Tribal paladinUnexamined
Group dynamic motivation questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I'm bored. Pick a character and I'll share his background.Unexamined
I'm bored. Pick a character and I'll share his background.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
to Role-play or Roll-playUnexamined
Appropriate Swear Words?Unexamined
Help name my magic items.Unexamined
ideas to play a drow PaladinUnexamined
Adventuring group names..Unexamined
What are some appropriate animal companions for a swamp druid in various situations?Unexamined
Help please!Unexamined
Read my Story- 10 Pages of Character Goodness!Unexamined
Roleplaying Drow GenderUnexamined
Roleplaying a PallyUnexamined
Here's a thought...Unrepentant member of an evil race. Anyone tried it?Unexamined
Something suitably roguish......Unexamined
Fey'ri Rogue into bardUnexamined
pre-made pc relationshipsUnexamined
My 2E Wild Mage just got a shock!Unexamined
My characters bio/backgroundUnexamined
Need help with background: Gnome battlerager!Unexamined
Baltazar. The monk with soulUnexamined
Have a concepthow do I translate it to the rules?Unexamined
Hobgoblin character-need help developing backgroundUnexamined
kender like halfling needs something to doUnexamined
How do I portray the religion/motivation of a druid?Unexamined
Looking for a diety of Brewing/ BeermakingUnexamined
Troll NamesUnexamined
Playing a Character smarter than yourselfUnexamined
need help with half orc characterNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
braking stereotypes in AlignmentUnexamined
Help with PC motivations:Unexamined
evil party motivationUnexamined
background- feasible or not?Unexamined
UnCon Design ContestsUnexamined
a old character in the works for 3rdUnexamined
help me with dwarves personalityUnexamined
Spoiled Princess complexityUnexamined
3000 Year old PC/NPC's. Effects of Stasis.Unexamined
When making up a characterUnexamined
Creating a character conceptUnexamined
Unique Characters/anyone else had this problem?Unexamined
Need some help with a kobold characterIdeas
Which items for a sonic caster?Unexamined
Roleplaying a child characterUnexamined
Wizard Sun elfs personalityUnexamined
Where's the PC stats for the UnCon contest?Unexamined
Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Evil?Unexamined
Wood Elf archerNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Less than 10 int & wis charactersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Character Biography HelpNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The ROLE-Player's GuildNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
back from the dead quircksNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How do I get ppl to understand i'm a noble?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The ever-present problem of the game in a day with no character and no books around.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need help with Bard DevelopmentNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
LN Assassin/Family BodyguardNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
just how ugly is cha 8?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Anarcho-capitalist in a medieval fantasy worldRules Question Or Discussion
Roleplaying an intelligent half-orcNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Half-Orc BardNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to turn Holy?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
LanguagesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
ROLE-Playing Idea (Feedback Appreciated)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Good and Neutral..............Rules Question Or Discussion
A couple of Questions from a newbiethnxNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Sick of Stereotypes: The MonkNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Sick of Stereotypes: The Half-orcHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Sounding board for druid conceptNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
High Wisdom Insanity?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Oriental Adventures history streamliningNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
(Modern) WWII Greek resistance fighterNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Suggestions about roleplaying a druid?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Good Undead Characterprobably a ghoulHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Character statsneed suggestions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
No place like Home!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Needing some help filling in a character conceptNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Playing as an intelligent weaponNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Roleplaying an air genasi rangerNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
my archnemesis weaselNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Entries for the Contestplease comment!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Drow Ooze DruidNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Ideas on playing Prince CharmingNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Druid BackgroundNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need help with players charsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Iconic Realms & Grayhawk partiesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Sick of Stereotypes: Psychic WarriorNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Thoughts wanted for elven cleric of SeluneNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How would you roleplay a dragon wyrmling?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Why I Hate Undead ...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Spell book for 11 level SORNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Any Ideas for a Depressed halfling Rogue?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dwarven "barbarian"No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Loremaster Concept...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Role playing a Hobgoblin Tactical Genius.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How would you build this fighter?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I'm not a Bard!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Why is this little gnome going to kill the TarrasqueHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
so how would you go about creating a revenant PC?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
swordNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I'm not that! I'm THIS! (An inspired thread)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need help making BG for a Gnome Barb.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need Help Fleshing Out A Cleric/Wizard Who Disguises Himself As A FighterNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
So you stole a town....No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Okwhat is absolute Law?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to create a role-playing characterNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help With a Changing AttitudeHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
as a inexperienced....Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
How do i roleplay 4 charismaNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Can someone help me come up with a few good character names?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
You know your character's been busy when...Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Critique a character concept?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Evil Clown NPCHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
a Psycho fighter/BarbarianNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Han Solo and ChewbaccaNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Roleplaying Light Psychosis?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Questions on point assignmentNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Post a D&D charachter hereNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Whaddya think?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
From commoners to heroes: in game transformationNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Divine DiscipleNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Carnal Guide to Rolle Playing!?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How has the Charactrer Development board enchanced your RPG experiance?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Am I nuts?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The House of Next TuesdayHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Class for a trollNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Inspiration for an Evil Modern-day WizardNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
role playing kaleb?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
PaladinHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
My assassinish rogueNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Character ideasplease adviseHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Viking BerserkerNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Ally AgainNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Any thought on this Ftr Character?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Epic character needs sense of styleNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Good source material for bardsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help Needed with Monk StorylineNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
savage/sophisticate?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Backstory involving 2 tiefling rogueshelp!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
'he's a freakin demon... nice guy though..."No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
mystic theurge flavor- please advice!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
help with character backgroundNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Newbie needs help with a character backgroundHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Help with a NE fey'ri bardNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Arcane WISDOM spells??Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Need ideas for a slightly unusual F Realms characterNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need help with a "mortal demon" background! (long)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
contrakt killer helpNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
High wisdomlow intelligenceNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
how do i lay a samuraiNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
how do i play a samuraiNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
harper mageNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
is it too much?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dwarven rogueNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Roleplaying a F. Realms Barb. worshiper of Selune AND TempusNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Fleshing out a Jedi's motivations and personalityHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Background helpHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Help with a Background (go figure?)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Thoughts please....No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help translating background into game termsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
looking for advice on an interesting topic (please help)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Advice on roleplaying an epic ninja (Long)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Black Mage son of...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Evil WizardNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Ideas on Aasimar Paladin BackgroundHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
ECL assistanceNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
High Level Campain Demon Player!!!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What alignment is this character?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Well balanced partyNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Suggestions for a half-orc wizardHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Need quotes for Barbarian characterNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
a cleric without a diety...Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Any ideas for a character welcome.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help I have a cookie cutter!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
is this story any good?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Help with a Bard enemyNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Backround ideas for a wild elf ranger/bard... Please!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Some fun...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
is my glammered armor unlawful?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
need race for my wizardNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Picking a characterNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Some ideas for my bardNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
ideas for a Rogue hideout.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
building a druid on ErnaNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Drow?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Incarnating PowersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
if you min/max itthey will roleplayHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
HellsingNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Comedy in a Campaign?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Prune-- Please ReadNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Legolas or Silvanestiis that the best I can do?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Ideas for a Ftr/SorNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The pure illusionistNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Roleplaying an elven druid archerUnexamined
What alignment am I?Unexamined
WRITER'S me find the cureUnexamined
That Pixie RogueUnexamined
Roleplaying Abilities --> Need DescriptionsUnexamined
What Alignment is Communism?Unexamined
Desperately seeking info on CG and NE - Please HelpUnexamined
Inferno "Dragon Hero or Myth"Unexamined
How do you play a Rogue???Unexamined
Legends of the Knightmare - need helpUnexamined
How would you rp this half-elf?Rules Question Or Discussion
Roleplaying a ring of sustenenceUnexamined
Help a Semi-educated orc outUnexamined
RP harf but coolUnexamined
The Bar in HellUnexamined
Help with a new character idea.Unexamined
i need help with my characterUnexamined
trouble with alignment?Unexamined
Need help on my Illusionist...Unexamined
Legacy of KainUnexamined
Dungeon Delver or Outlaw of Crimson Road?Unexamined
best god for paladin arcane caster?Unexamined
Help role-playing a half-celestial!Unexamined
Problems: I want to play a paladin...Unexamined
Evil Elf Archer Story HelpUnexamined
Fantasy Version of Spike from Cowboy Bebop?Unexamined
Human Archer Background help neededUnexamined
A rather difficult dilemma…Unexamined
Need some help on this characterUnexamined
Undead character with unrealistically large swordUnexamined
I'm a newb...I need help on Hit PointsUnexamined
holy warrior?Unexamined
New campaigni have NPC ideasplease helpUnexamined
Help with LE fighter/cavalierUnexamined
Pre-Generated CharactersUnexamined
A Quick Sharing of TamuriMy Pirate.Unexamined
how to play wisdom 7Unexamined
I need a GodUnexamined
Cade-Wanderer of Finger-lickin'Unexamined
Spanish warriorUnexamined
help with evil monk...Unexamined
Background for my Cleric. Does it make sense?Unexamined
How's this sound for a bard?Unexamined
My New Char- AmunUnexamined
Killer's Code of Conduct: playing a lawful assassinUnexamined
need help with new characterUnexamined
Psychology to DnDUnexamined
The Essence of Character DevelopmentUnexamined
Pop Quiz - please give the allignment that that this scene represents.Unexamined
Roleplaying a Succubus?Unexamined
Roleplaying a level 7 Trumpet ArchionUnexamined
Having trouble coming up with a solidinteresting backgroundUnexamined
Nonevil follower of an evil godUnexamined
Monk's Teachings: Knowing One's SelfUnexamined
need backstoryUnexamined
Reinald Twinklefoot needs YOUR helpUnexamined
What alignment is this?Unexamined
Combat Medic?????Unexamined
Character Motivation Tips NeededUnexamined
help with storyline/motivations....Unexamined
Sorcerer Spells per day: How does the sorc know his limit?Unexamined
Need ideas for character backgroundUnexamined
How to incorporate 'free' Extra Spell feat?Unexamined
Finding 'character voice': A CN as the 'party leader'...Unexamined
Looking to detail a character's background?Unexamined
Realistic Ability DevelopmentUnexamined
weapon finesseUnexamined
Elven MonkUnexamined
Bad Psionic Thief... BAD!!!Unexamined
Help me with my rogueUnexamined
How do I get players to develop their characters?Unexamined
RPing a Good character in a Chaotic WorldUnexamined
Cool wizard roleplaying ideas neededUnexamined
50 platiumum pieces worth of fluff.Unexamined
Pestige classes - Opportunity for roleplaying or for power?Unexamined
Need ideas for a background and personalityUnexamined
Help make the one-winged angelNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need help roleplaying Outsider CharacterUnexamined
Roleplaying low CharismaUnexamined
Shy yet Charismatic--Is it possible?Unexamined
Playing a sympathetic evil wizardUnexamined
Character stats for Ayanami Rei?Unexamined
Agent of SharessUnexamined
Drizzt wannabe qeustionsUnexamined
moon elf rangerUnexamined
To Everyone on the Character Development Boards: Please ReadUnexamined
Can Somebody help a gnome out?(it'll be fun)Unexamined
Inja OsirisUnexamined
Help with Low Cha CharacterUnexamined
Lost CN Dragon in a Good party...Unexamined
Help making a cool bard!Unexamined
Your thoughts on a background for my character. (Lengthy read)Unexamined
Looking for a Hin Wandermage!Unexamined
Reckless Force SensitiveUnexamined
helpful tips for your neighborhood blood thirsty berzerker.Unexamined
Cany anyone tell me what they think of this...?Unexamined
my players won't roleplay!Unexamined
Help with Druid ProgressionUnexamined
Need ideas for a history for my fighter.Unexamined
Jumbuck the Black (help me play this character)Unexamined
Help with starting skillsUnexamined
Need help with how I should play thisUnexamined
Need some help with refined evil. . .Unexamined
Adding Spells to a Sorcerer’s or Bard’s RepertoireUnexamined
SR granted by classUnexamined
First time as ExaltedUnexamined
How to Roleplay a 500 year old wizards ghost?Unexamined
Incubis backgroundUnexamined
What class do you think this guy should be?Unexamined
Druid TN is Evil?Unexamined
can the gate spell help you time travil.Unexamined
How do I role-play these stats?Unexamined
whats a gnome to do? noreallywhats a Gnome to doi have no idea!Unexamined
chaotic neutral fire genesai cleric helpUnexamined
need advice for a personality for this character... (something fun )Unexamined
Questions on Drow Back StoriesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Psionic origin???Unexamined
can air gensai smell?Unexamined
orog/werewolfbut how did he...Unexamined
I need ideas on what to do with this situation.Unexamined
Can someone help me develop a personality from these stats?Unexamined
How to create and roleplay characters post.Unexamined
Updated infoopinions appreciatedUnexamined
Leung Tze (Cohort)Unexamined
How can a NE assassin become good?Unexamined
A lot of people seem to be meeting their deity!Unexamined
Shinji Ikari (YesI'm an anime nerd)Unexamined
Dark AngelUnexamined
Help with backround and rping characterUnexamined
Dwarven sailor help with backroundUnexamined
Friendly neighborhood murdererUnexamined
A DM looking for some memmorable NPCs.Unexamined
Can soemone just give ame a good npcUnexamined
need help! hobgoblin paladin fanaticUnexamined
Vampire hunter...Unexamined
how about adding a little personality?Unexamined
Copper Dragons: Jokes and RiddlesUnexamined
Need a good name...Unexamined
Drow Language??Unexamined
Help coming up with a good backstory (set in forgotten realms)Unexamined
Lich Bard BBEG.Unexamined
My gnomeUnexamined
Lawful BeautyUnexamined
In need of a history and future directionUnexamined
Help Needed With SuccubusUnexamined
Roleplaying an evil clericUnexamined
Online Alignment TestUnexamined
Character Development QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Ranger here.Unexamined
Of Being a DruidUnexamined
a Code for St. CuthbertNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
help with my air elemental characterUnexamined
Coming up with a good name.Unexamined
Gaining skills and HP during play...Unexamined
Roleplaying an Ageless Character...?Unexamined
Role-playing a nut caseUnexamined
barbarian or fighterUnexamined
Chad Fennix the LancerUnexamined
How to play a LE Sorcerer?Unexamined
Help me choose my SpellsUnexamined
Char Dev is slow...Unexamined
Help with Elf Archer/Thief/Wizard PleaseUnexamined
Hound Archon as character?Unexamined
all out war!Unexamined
My Drow Wizard...Unexamined
Character SimilarityUnexamined
i need alignment help!Unexamined
Moral problem & Falling into alcoholics? Help thxUnexamined
Help me with hallucinating anthrobat clericUnexamined
(WOOF) Fat encumbrance?Unexamined
Playing a Hannibal Lecter?Unexamined
Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderUnexamined
Can a true neutral be a good(nice) guy?Unexamined
Backstory neededUnexamined
LG -> CE -> LG?Unexamined
How to roleplay an Elf Duelist?Unexamined
what to do with a dragon....Unexamined
Army charactersUnexamined
Half-Elf Druid - Need help with a character historyUnexamined
101 RP QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Converting a 2nd Ed. characterUnexamined
Bladesinging issue.Unexamined
Roleplaying a half-fiendUnexamined
Need feedback on a Cleric of KelemvorUnexamined
please helpUnexamined
Half-Orc Ranger ArcherUnexamined
I've been working on the...Unexamined
From the Diary of Martain TenbonesUnexamined
Need Paladin quotesUnexamined
more help with characterUnexamined
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Not ANOTHER alignment thread.Unexamined
if you mother was a angel and you father was a demonyou'ed be constapated too.Unexamined
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Character Background "20 Questions"No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
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being an expertUnexamined
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Cat FolkUnexamined
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Bio : The inner struggles of Razvrekkobold Kensai.Unexamined
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Bloodthirsty but neutral?Unexamined
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Evil Characters offer more flavor?Unexamined
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Seabound AdventureUnexamined
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plz help me bash my pc.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
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HELP: "So you want to play as yourself in D&D?"- the most realistic character ever!Unexamined
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Popular Fiction Characters as D&D Characters!Unexamined
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Character developmentlack thereof...Unexamined
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Name for Reccuring NPC partyUnexamined
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Steps taken to create an interesting character?Unexamined
History query.Unexamined
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My character creation process.Unexamined
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Former Atheist shopping for a religion!Unexamined
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Half celestial/ half black dragon HexbladeUnexamined
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Keeper of the Universal Balance = what deity ?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
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LG 'MaulerNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
dajemmaNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
[Advice] Atonementand a Kensai...Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Human SorceressNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
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Commoner PC story.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Human Paladin of BahamutNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
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wanting to make a chaotic monkNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
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Firefighter surviving the Dawn of the DeadNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
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Human sorcerer in FaerunFRNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
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Perfect WizardNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Where’s the Role in Role Playing?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
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Calo Nord character build.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
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War Time and AlignmentsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
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a 3500 year old elfHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Mage-Killer helpNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
DM Question - How to roleplay a NPC King who is a manic depressive andHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Ranger developmentNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Who are you? Post you in d20 modern terms!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Could use some helpNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
1/2 Orc Fighter/SorcererNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Spell names and individual wizardsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
FR newbie needs help with a Cleric of Mystra background that makes senseNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Role-PlayingManifest yourselfNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
(Exalted/ Psionics related): One Man's Lonely quest for waging Peace - any tips?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
3.0 Holy LiberatorNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to be a better rolepalyer? (Kinda long)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Atheist Cleric with Time and MetalNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
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need info on deep wood elvesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dwarf Wizard BrainstormNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
When good people go really really badHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Lathander Paladin/ClericNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Critique CoC CharacterNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A bit of help fleshing my character out...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help with character goals...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
need character critisismNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
hunting spell castersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help fleshing out a neutral human conjurerNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to play MerfolkNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Elves........ please adviseHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Up for a challenge? Seeking master list (or even partial) or rogue-type abilities.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
My Doppelganger - Flan (it's moldable!)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Character build Help!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help fleshing out an unsual class combinationNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
help with venerable Druid RPNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Looking for help with a Red Wizard of ThayNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help with background for a Lycenthrope Hunter barbarianNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
lycanthrope hunter background need helpNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Lawful Neutral Hexblade CodeNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Grimlockdevelopement help wantedNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
So does my Drow Killer have a Hole in his Story?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Prophet of Peace (The Nine Virtues)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Un Ex Paladin Blackguard slayerNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A side note for a great bookNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Elan Wizard (kinda long)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Notes on my character so far - thoughts?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
that damn samuraiNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Background for my new SoulknifeNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Guardian of NatureNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Alignment Changed (Cursed)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Growing Characters?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need help with character past for IllusionistPlease HELP! (Kinda long)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How can i give depth to a stealthy killer?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Wise as SolomonDumb as a BrickNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
ideasaNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Dragon Blooded HeroNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What can i do to interest a player?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Roleplaying a longslow fall to evilNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What would be a good explanation for..No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Unique character conceptNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I need inspiration for a "manipulative bastard" as I put it to my dm...Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Help get my occidental Sohei/paladinNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Not so dumb barbarianHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Need advise for the character development of a certain BBEG...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Brainstorm a birdie-druidNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
An interesting Rogue/Paladin backgroundNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help me make this warmage interesting!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
D20 Modern military character ideas.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Physical Deformities = Stat Penalties?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Professions and a quick question about ClericsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What *IS* a Paladin?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Cult follower!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
So... I've met my Goddess...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
History for my Elf characterNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Do you affect a character voice when roleplaying?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Looking for input on my first PsionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Entropamancer historyNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Playing an evil elf rogueNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Picking a flawNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
My crazydrow slaying barbarianNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Creating a characterfollowing existing guidesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
To Specializeor not to Specialize-that is the question that my character faces.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
You are fit for a...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Seeking advice on CohortNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Post your character related fiction here!!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Sponsorship in the Dalelands?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Help w/ history for a Elven Paladin in EbrronHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
What's a Paladin to do?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What would make a paladin question their code?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Shugenja HometownHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Hexblade/Cleric of Besheba StoryNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help me with a helf-elven rogueNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Give me a hand with my one armed cleric? (Zin!)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Druid out for Revenge on SocietyNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What is the Alignment for this Character?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
My chars last one session...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
monk plot ideasHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Help with world dominatorNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Disguised rogue casting spellsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need backstory/history help with new characterNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Chaotic neutral vs neutral evil - HELPNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
what is good?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What Would Cause a Lawful Samurai to go Chaotic Ronin?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to get other PC's to actually play?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help making a gun toting merc not just another thugRules Question Or Discussion
Lookin for a few ideasNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
elven rogue backgroundNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Evil Half Ogre helpNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help on Evil Psycho Chick Background!!!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Good Dwarf Last Name?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
double postNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to roleplay a cleric of Wee Jas?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
barbarian backgroundNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
grappler wanting to become tattooed monkHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Need help giving drow a name! Pleasemore knowledgable peeps help a fellow geek out!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Name Search: Bloodless EnchanterNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Would you read...?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Nicolas Codswallop: Goblin Wizard ExtraordinaireHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Looking for a good PrC...Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Help Me With My Druid Personality And Power - Thanks!!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Above Averagebut not exceptionalHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
1001 ways to be annoying (in game) *Druid StyleNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What alignment is this NPC?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
HalfOgre Monk With Vow of PovertyNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Breaking the cliche (dwarf)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Comments on an ideaHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Two Half ElvesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help with dwarven druid's backgroundHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Help with ravenloft wizard background!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Anatomy of a Charactor sheet...Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
1001 Character NamesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Half-elf Thief & AssassinNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
ImmortalityNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Samurai of a lost clanNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help critique my char background...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Roleplaying an Elf . . .No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Playing 2 PCs on the Shaar: Human Barbarian and Dwarf ClericNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Oopsdouble post. ignore.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Human MonkHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
alignment question/problemHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Cleric of HeironeousNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I'm a Lycanthrope. What can I do?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
can't speak the languageNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
do i have to be an eco-terrorist?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
PLaying a Elf rogueNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Playing Elf rogueNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help me fill in the gaps for my drow characterHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
New Player having trouble with role-playingNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Unique CampaignsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help with Character Path...(take two!)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dwarf Character concept - Mage HunterNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How does one play Chaotic Good?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Lvl 20 Character.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Allignment for ThievesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Critique My Upcoming PCNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Interesting Character QuirksNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help with backgroundHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Son of the AbyssNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Svirfneblin background helpNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Question about the Thayan KnightNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Military ranks for a dwarfNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Jean Claude the Wanderer (Please Review Concept)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need suggestionsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Elven Barbarian raised by OrcsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Feedback on my Spirit ShamanUnexamined
Help with fleshing out charUnexamined
Party Behavior and Racism.Unexamined
Please critique/help on playing with a Anthropomorphic TigerUnexamined
A Pacifist BardUnexamined
Need some character development pro's with some assassin XP to helpUnexamined
Goliath Barbarian background (please critque) - new race in Races of StoneNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How many of you have characters like this?Unexamined
What are some good ideas for a new underdark characterUnexamined
Pirate pallidinHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The con-artist!Unexamined
Eberron Shifter Artificer BackgroundUnexamined
Eberron Warforged Barbarian 1/Fighter X BackgroundUnexamined
need help with backstoryUnexamined
Some ideas for a backstory for a cleric of FharlaghnUnexamined
Need help playing an Alignment.Unexamined
Eberron non-evil Necromancer PCUnexamined
Half Dragon PC HistoryUnexamined
Help my Charecter name backround pleaseUnexamined
Help a guy with too many 'cool' ideas?Unexamined
Help for a Cleric!Unexamined
Half-elf Rogue HelpUnexamined
Need a good last name for PCUnexamined
Need help w/ rping this charUnexamined
Githyanki Renegade...Unexamined
Born Again Noob seeks commentUnexamined
Castlevania-style characterUnexamined
Renegade KnightUnexamined
Need idea for the leading member of "anti-PC" group.Unexamined
Communist Necromancer for good?Unexamined
Shifting AlignmentUnexamined
Feats that I want vs. Feats that I needUnexamined
What is in a name?Unexamined
The first of my Psionic Bounty Hunters...Unexamined
Mistakeposted in the wrong forumplease delete.Unexamined
A Progression of CharactersUnexamined
Insane ScribeUnexamined
Fey'ri backgroundUnexamined
Need help with a few different chars.Unexamined
Barbarian wants reason to be barbaricUnexamined
Another Evil NecroUnexamined
Victor GrimmUnexamined
Wizard VS. Sorcerer A new conflictUnexamined
Roleplaying a religious characterUnexamined
Reasons a PC would take Vow of PovertyUnexamined
Warforged namesUnexamined
Help for a RangerUnexamined
I need a good story (NPC character development)Unexamined
Need help with a Paladin :)Unexamined
Further Development of Goblin PaladinUnexamined
Good and Evil in the same PartyUnexamined
New to D&D and learning how to make a char.Unexamined
Help give this cleric a historyUnexamined
In need of some help with a characterUnexamined
moderately new rper/writer needing ideas for a dwarf clericUnexamined
DarkBornor "I never thought Id Post Here!"Unexamined
Giving a build a storyUnexamined
A thief named DanteUnexamined
Party DevelopementUnexamined
UnCon Game: Winners Announced!Unexamined
The Binder UniverseUnexamined
Woman troubleUnexamined
My character was a paladin and now he's a psychopath...againUnexamined
An elf raised by humans in human society.Unexamined
NPC Stat Assignment. A bit stuck...Unexamined
Using wings for Dramatic Action FlavorUnexamined
A Were-Coyote Samurai. Lawfulyet rejected by society. Why?Unexamined
Swashbuckling D&D IdeasUnexamined
On recycling character- Wanted: help balancing character for play-testingUnexamined
Good background (in french)Unexamined
Quick character concepts...Unexamined
Vote for the best incorporation of the 5 critera!Unexamined
Vote for the best developed character!Unexamined
Low Intelligencehigh WisdomUnexamined
a vampire's problemUnexamined
I think my character is insane - but I don't want that!Unexamined
Circie lvl 13 half-elf wizardessUnexamined
Alignment for character conceptUnexamined
Background for a fallen heroUnexamined
UnCon Feedback!Unexamined
Build a ThugUnexamined
half orc barbarian classic eh?Unexamined
Background Story CompilationUnexamined
amnesiac goblin sorcerorUnexamined
The big mean grown-up took away my wicked cool new knife.Unexamined
Character in need of a nameUnexamined
My own drow house I made take it easy on me ;)Unexamined
Barbarian Dervish HelpUnexamined
Super Hero in D&DUnexamined
Paladin:a scarred war veteranUnexamined
need help with a tiefling paladinUnexamined
Fallen KnightUnexamined
Help me pls!Unexamined
Ideas for Cleric in Worlds Largest DungeonUnexamined
Pirate-ish PC - my background ideaUnexamined
Need Races w/+2 wis or moreUnexamined
Creating a dynamic partyUnexamined
Need help of Wild Elf Animal CompanionUnexamined
Evil Telepath BackgroundUnexamined
Background for Eberron CharUnexamined
Karm Hundredfists (Gestalt Cleric/Monk)Unexamined
The single best character I've ever madeUnexamined
PC namesUnexamined
higher level tahn 20Unexamined
higher level than 20Unexamined
Gnome that thinks he is a DwarfUnexamined
Check out McGuyver's Story V2.0!!! (Warning: Long)Unexamined
Link for those that need namesUnexamined
Wolverine in D&DUnexamined
need help with swashbuklerUnexamined
Prestige Class for my Priest of TempusUnexamined
Need some detailing for a Tethyrian Paladin of Tyr/KensaiUnexamined
Rogue to bardUnexamined
How do I delete this?Unexamined
Two 18's and not a clue what to do with them ...Unexamined
Help me brainstorm some ideas for my Warforged DruidUnexamined
Backgroundfor duelistUnexamined
Rhamden BlackUnexamined
20 Charisma...hmm.Unexamined
Strange Domain CombinationsUnexamined
This statthat statevery where a stat statUnexamined
Help with name (Chinese speakers come here)Unexamined
what do you think of this plot angleUnexamined
Can a character storyline justify 'munchkinism'?Unexamined
Can a Cleric with the War Domain want peace?Unexamined
Orphanhood - All the Cool Kids Are Doing ItUnexamined
Shadowdancer - Plane of shadowsUnexamined
Amonnath Ardinorya: The Moon Elf Bladesinger ApprenticeUnexamined
Character Names Master ListUnexamined
Can somebody help me with this background?Unexamined
Paradox it paladin-like?Unexamined
hmmm...... to Worlfbrother or not to Wolf BrotherUnexamined
Half Dragon PaladinUnexamined
Slightly Pyromaniacal Wilder Elf..Unexamined
Roleplaying versus practicality in Living GreyhawkUnexamined
Kaledram StoutheartUnexamined
Albino DrowUnexamined
Can Apostles of Peace use spellbooks?Unexamined
Help with an undead undead hunter's backstoryUnexamined
Kensai CharacterUnexamined
Evil Half-Ogre.Unexamined
Gestalt dwarven Ftr/Bbn RP advice?Unexamined
RPing an iconic DwarfUnexamined
Gnomish pranksUnexamined
Gnomish pranksUnexamined
Reincarnated trans-gendered!!!Unexamined
My favorite character concepts.Unexamined
Critique my half-ogre barbarian in FaerunUnexamined
Wacky character ideasUnexamined
Need background story for DweomerkeeperUnexamined
need Tech warrior background ideasUnexamined
Roleplaying a 'young' elven wizardUnexamined
Odd character idea based on a Marilyn Manson lyricUnexamined
Angelic Bard HelpUnexamined
Little help with a Goliath Favored Soul CharacterUnexamined
A really nifty idea for characters that focus on role-playing.Unexamined
Elven paladin-to-be with sorcerous tendenciesUnexamined
RPing and background story ideas needed for a Druid/ShifterUnexamined
Need ideas for an Oriental KensaiUnexamined
Need help with a background story for a pladin of freedomUnexamined
background for dwarven clericUnexamined
Evil Drow -> Good DrowUnexamined
How should i play an Arabic like BanditUnexamined
Never awaken a sleepwalker...Unexamined
Looking for in-depth flavor stuffUnexamined
Fleshing out an NPC conspiracy and an unorthodox NPC.Unexamined
Half-Obsidian DragonHalf-GiantFeral: Psychic WarriorUnexamined
Which alignment fits this best?Unexamined
Anime-style monkUnexamined
How is this story? Is it too cliche?Unexamined
Character for d20 modernUnexamined
Mad Scientist/Alchemist Template?Unexamined
First time playerUnexamined
wild elf female barbarian - needing bg quick ideas.Unexamined
Malsvir HaurachUnexamined
Looking for a musical motif/theme...Unexamined
Ten TipsUnexamined
Good or Evil? The TestUnexamined
A random thoughtUnexamined
Halfing approach...positive critisism welcome.Unexamined
Character Background help pleaseUnexamined
Frost Rager/ Deepwarden Build.Unexamined
Personality for a Half-Gray ElfUnexamined
A Good Fighter?Unexamined
Help Develop my Spirit ShamanUnexamined
Character consept: Dragon student (Wizard)Unexamined
What would a Tony Montana-esque (Scarface) character look like?Unexamined
Half-elf Bard / PaladinUnexamined
Need help for an Elven PaladinUnexamined
The Story Behind the Race: Developing Lizardfolk PCsUnexamined
City-Based character concept ideas!Unexamined
A legend of Solmara: Braede of Vyrebramde (NPC spotlight)Unexamined
My character conceptUnexamined
A few questions concerning my BarbarianNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
you decideUnexamined
History of Methwood?Unexamined
Awakened wise monkeyUnexamined
Need some help fleshing this character outUnexamined
Concept: Epitome of LazinessUnexamined
Devloping a psion in eberronUnexamined
Need help with Drow/Half DragonUnexamined
LG RogueHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Cleric of Kord...Unexamined
one-armed charecter traitsUnexamined
Tell me what you think of the non-Red Wizard Thayan WizardUnexamined
How would YOU role play these stats?Unexamined
Challenge - Characters based on song lyricsUnexamined
Need a name for a Bard/SorcererRules Question Or Discussion
A cursed character...Unexamined
Hellsing's Alucard build?Unexamined
Cleric HelpUnexamined
Need two interesting level 1 commoners...any cool ideas?Unexamined
Feats and Skill selectionsUnexamined
From Heaven to HellUnexamined
half-giant challengeUnexamined
Cross-dressing in the Relms...Unexamined
Breaking the Fighter stereotypeUnexamined
Need help assigning classes to this idea....Unexamined
i need pictures of a bard-drowUnexamined
Blind RogueUnexamined
[Article] A Developmental view of AlignmentUnexamined
Favors for FavorsUnexamined
In need of helpUnexamined
Need ideas for NPC Gladiators (with an Eberron feel)Unexamined
Character dilemma - any IG suggestions?Unexamined
Roi - A ShapeshifterUnexamined
Moral delimaUnexamined
Half-Ogre Half-Dragon BackstoryUnexamined
The SorcUnexamined
What do you think of this for a back round?Unexamined
Hey I'm New To D&D Any Advice?Unexamined
The Joys of a Great Character NameUnexamined
what do you think?Unexamined
im new to d&dUnexamined
need to find 2nd edition character sheetUnexamined
Character conceptany tips?Unexamined
Exalted pathbecoming a saint.Unexamined
Ranger/Horizon Walker helpUnexamined
I Need Spell HelpUnexamined
Warforged Psychic Warrior helpUnexamined
I need a name for a Warforged Paladin of the Silver Flame.Unexamined
whatcha think?Unexamined
Sorc/Dragon disciple help plz!!!Unexamined
Lawful or Chaotic? The TestUnexamined
Exalted and Unhappy about itUnexamined
Need a cool weapon to complement my dervishUnexamined
Favored Enemy HelpUnexamined
A Warlock in Ebberon.Unexamined
Hobboddynock Dimble: Half-Fiend GnomeUnexamined
100 questions regarding character historyNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Trying To create a psychic WarforgedUnexamined
A Warlock in the Forgotten RealmsUnexamined
How's this lok for a potential Warlock History?Unexamined
Soulknife/Cleric BackgroundUnexamined
help: how to play a problematic gnomeUnexamined
Human Cleric Archer Cohort who worships Elven Pantheon in FaerunIdeas
Link ??? Little help in a conversion please all imput is invitedUnexamined
lizardfolk druid character--Help!Unexamined
Help with background for rog/hex/ib slaverUnexamined
Cryptic Warlock Namesplus I need a couple of good lies...Unexamined
Middle Aged FighterUnexamined
Evil Heart in Search of Redemption- thoughtssuggestionscriticismsUnexamined
warlock conceptUnexamined
Looking for advice on Wheel of Time characterUnexamined
Touv Ex-Slave?Unexamined
Kobold Druid character need helpUnexamined
The Story of a Werecat...Unexamined
Cleric of Silvanus speak druidic?Unexamined
Warlock/Rogue lovinUnexamined
Roland of GileadUnexamined
Quick NPCs needs Backgrounds!Unexamined
A Very Atypical PaladinUnexamined
Tryin to cross class my rogue with a druidUnexamined
Help! Favored Enemy issues!Unexamined
Need a resource for sidhe namesUnexamined
Traitsmannerismsand sayings of a necromancerUnexamined
I can become a sea turtle (or raven?) (or dog?)Unexamined
Enhanced Role-Playing: The Player's PerspectiveUnexamined
I must become a sea turtle!Unexamined
flavorful necromancerUnexamined
Ranger/Cleric helpUnexamined
Spell Thematics... Need a Theme!Unexamined
Psions to strong?Unexamined
barbarian rageUnexamined
Ways to play a high wisdomUnexamined
looting and being a saint Dilema.Unexamined
Funny Character Idea (at least to me)Unexamined
i need helpUnexamined
Personality of Hexblader/fighter/spellswordUnexamined
Corrupt characterUnexamined
Please helpUnexamined
A little help?Unexamined
blind characterUnexamined
Half Drow Archer Spider Rider (It rhymestoo)Unexamined
Character TitleUnexamined
Character Personality & traits (long)Unexamined
Underdark Elan - A BackgroundUnexamined
Help with a Royal RumbleUnexamined
Feats recomidation for a war mageUnexamined
Magical Swordplay character concept!Unexamined
Background for a "Not Quite Paladin" Neutral Good humanUnexamined
A blind Druid archerUnexamined
Looking for a character portraitUnexamined
Disfigurement effect on CharismaUnexamined
please help meUnexamined
Your people will not see past my face... Mine cannot bear what they see there...Unexamined
Quote you characterHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Quote you characterHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Quote you characterUnexamined
can somone help me outUnexamined
Githyaki MindbladeUnexamined
True Necromancer who worships what remains of MyrkulUnexamined
FOUNDING an order for Fists of
Name for a weretouched characterUnexamined
Suggestions on wandering sage/keeper of the peace (LG werebear)Unexamined
some good characteristics and funny onesUnexamined
Being Evil and getting away with it.Unexamined
War Troll ideasUnexamined
Developing a Person for the PersonalityUnexamined
Cleric and background helpUnexamined
Stereotype or not?Unexamined
OH those Thread's...Unexamined
master of light and darkUnexamined
Personality Problems - RogueUnexamined
Need help creating a distinct villain...Unexamined
Difference between NE and CE - societyUnexamined
Seperating self from Copyright InfringmentUnexamined
Ebberon Secret Agent Wizardwhat do ya think?Unexamined
Would this character be unbearable to RP with?Unexamined
Learn skillUnexamined
Undercover AgentUnexamined
What would happen if 2 approaches to life collide in 1 character?Unexamined
We can Build him/we can make him magical/silent/deadly... but we don't know why...Unexamined
Large DervishUnexamined
Half-Elf Ranger/Wanderer/Mystic needs some substance...Unexamined
How does A LG Paladin/Rogue Think?Unexamined
Evil but not a villianUnexamined
What is my alignment? Tough one...Unexamined
Where does he go from here?Unexamined
An entire party created for a new campaign.Unexamined
Follower of Sharess (Now a Favored Soul)Unexamined
Character NameUnexamined
Need Ideas for Eberron PC in SharnUnexamined
[B]Good storylines: balancing stereotypesvanillasand oddballsUnexamined
Half elf Psych 101Unexamined
Homebrew Prestige Class - Any Pointers?Unexamined
Tieren BrundlebushUnexamined
Another of those 1001 postsUnexamined
Aeron (Faerun)Unexamined
What to multiclass into?Unexamined
Making a BLIND wizard - developing new spells and solving problemsUnexamined
My Character's Background - any suggestions?Unexamined
In need of some help with a characterUnexamined
Playing a prankster sorcerer need tips.Unexamined
i need a 3 ecl class for a druidUnexamined
Shakespeare name for character and other suggestionsUnexamined
The Easiest Way to RoleplayUnexamined
Chosen of ZarusUnexamined
new programUnexamined
paladin with A.D.D.Unexamined
My Swashbuckler Artist.Unexamined
Changeling BarbarianUnexamined
Help chosing NPC classesUnexamined
in need of inspiration for a Forgotten Realms DMPCUnexamined
Half-Vampire AvengerUnexamined
{FR}Fey'ri RogueUnexamined
Reinterpreting classesUnexamined
Where is that test at ????Unexamined
How to Basically Develop a Character in 5 Easy Steps...Unexamined
Help with my 9th level Druid/ RogueUnexamined
Human brought up by Thri-KreenUnexamined
Help choosing sorcerer spells...Unexamined
i need help developing a character backgroundUnexamined
Creed/Door: Psionic WarriorUnexamined
Favorite NPCsUnexamined
Erebus "The Wyrm" BlackwyrmUnexamined
Character Concept Solidarity: Exalted VoP Druid+ChaoticUnexamined
The barbarian wizardUnexamined
Help with my Paladins codeUnexamined
On actively creating a PCUnexamined
Need help with Dwarf backgroundUnexamined
Help with Class Selection ^^Unexamined
Help with "Aged" BackstoryUnexamined
Inspiration for CharactersUnexamined
Roleplaying a thri-kreenUnexamined
Need helpUnexamined
New character I'm a little stumped onUnexamined
Two character concepts: help and opinionsUnexamined
Help 1/2 Vamp. Dwarf fighterUnexamined
Frost Mage anyone?Unexamined
Please help with a thrallherd and his thrall(s)Unexamined
Characters Inspired By SongsUnexamined
Sorcerer.... somthing!?Unexamined
How to RP a character that's been frozen in time for a century?Unexamined
Need some ideas - character with blanketed pastUnexamined
character sheetUnexamined
Dwarf Psion/Rogue/ShadowmindUnexamined
Help with roleplaying Int 21 Wis 10Unexamined
the pretenderUnexamined
need help to bring this one aliveUnexamined
Check my character background please?Unexamined
Creating a Fey Enchantress; Any tips?Unexamined
City of ShadeUnexamined
Fighter backround for reviewUnexamined
help my with my historyUnexamined
Help with a Arcane Archer!Unexamined
ROLEplaying a Scout...Unexamined
The many facesUnexamined
Inspiration for a Cleric...Unexamined
Valen Moonwhisper - Elf Ranger/RogueUnexamined
Epic Level character developmentideas?Unexamined
Tone-deaf Bard?Unexamined
Rogue/Psion history helpUnexamined
powerful ancestry unleashed...Unexamined
Playing a Incantatrix?Unexamined
a character development delemaUnexamined
RP tips for a Pale MasterUnexamined
Becoming a Red WizardUnexamined
Blind ArcherUnexamined
How to write an interesting backgroundUnexamined
The Druidic StereotypeUnexamined
Roleplaying a gadgetmasterUnexamined
Krug Smash Squishies!Unexamined
Nebin the gnome illusionist!Unexamined
Personality and Sayings of an Insane Wizard?Unexamined
The Prince Of PersiaUnexamined
Hawk and FisherUnexamined
The Tank/Chainer... And Roleplaying?¿Unexamined
Making a Half-Orc Wizard (Evocationist)Unexamined
trying to get a jelled characterUnexamined
Build a divinerUnexamined
Former dark knight turned inventorUnexamined
Vaelon - Good/Neutral Tiefling RogueUnexamined
Rakshasa culture?Unexamined
Evil GroupUnexamined
Help me create a compelling character background for a human warlock.Unexamined
Assistance with half-orc rogue background and suchUnexamined
Gnome ConjurerUnexamined
Playing an IllusioninstUnexamined
warforged character conceptsUnexamined
Need help developing a background story.Unexamined
help with this quest/backstoryUnexamined
Funniest Character NamesUnexamined
Ranger/Swashbuckler Character Story - HELP!Unexamined
Help for making a background for a Bound Elementalist(not sure about the name)Unexamined
Help with Craft (Biography)?Unexamined
Double personality?!Unexamined
Half-drow with low wisdomUnexamined
Need help on a Shadow Hunter type character...Unexamined
Shield Dwarf Cleric of Dumathoin Level 1 and beyondUnexamined
Need some help brainstorming a character (Swashbucklereventually Dread Pirate)Unexamined
Help with Dwarf characterUnexamined
Yo might be a half-orc if...Unexamined
Names of SvirfneblinUnexamined
HELP with Human SorcererUnexamined
elemental savant with two non opposite element?Unexamined
need some help with a kobold Bard!Unexamined
I dunnoUnexamined
I need advice as a DruidUnexamined
Rogue typesUnexamined
Help needed to choose alignment of Benevolent NecromancerUnexamined
Custom Summon ListUnexamined
Name for Goblin SamuraiUnexamined
Ideas for a Goblin Ninja..Unexamined
Generic WizardUnexamined
Kensai Oath helpsUnexamined
Vigilante RogueUnexamined
Should I include this or not?Unexamined
Magic is evil!Unexamined
cursed characterUnexamined
Having trouble with new characterUnexamined
Help me with my boring paladinUnexamined
Help Me figure out a way this will workUnexamined
Antipaladin Demon WoesUnexamined
anyone notice theres no role playing hapening?Unexamined
Roleplaying a Thri-KreenUnexamined
RPing certain classes and alignmentsUnexamined
need "to hit" bonusUnexamined
Divine Oracle BackgroundUnexamined
Edwin the 1/2 Orc ShifterUnexamined
A Fighter/Barbarian multiclassUnexamined
Sayings of a PaladinUnexamined
lizardfolk poison duskUnexamined
Ideas for a palyUnexamined
Devine Meta-Persistant ClericUnexamined
My CharacterUnexamined
Stuck with Background (long)Unexamined
Help With a ClericUnexamined
Help for Epic character to play BloodstoneUnexamined
Insane goblin Necromancer (help w/ background)Unexamined
Here's an alignment conundrum for youUnexamined
Elans and GhostwalkUnexamined
greyhawk tavern namesUnexamined
Need help building a hunterUnexamined
Optimizing a Character with Development in MindUnexamined
Beneath the Surface of CharacterUnexamined
Fun Familiars/Compaions/Mounts?Unexamined
Central CastingUnexamined
Vow of povertyUnexamined
Rent Darkwintera Warlock StoryUnexamined
AranicTiny Size Rabbit Riding CavalierUnexamined
Need Help with Mon Calamari Jedi ConsularUnexamined
[Party Adversary] Fallen PaladinUnexamined
Assassin motivation/alignment helpUnexamined
The better Bandito (Warlock or Warmage)Unexamined
Funeral RitesUnexamined
The Necro who hates undead?Unexamined
Calling All Good Artists! I Have A Challenge!Unexamined
Am I going to appear insane?Unexamined
Help With Mind-Flayer characterUnexamined
Godly Rouge.Unexamined
Development for Spymaster guildmasterUnexamined
Druid or Cleric????? choosing is hard!Unexamined
need story feedbackUnexamined
Drow names how evil =)Unexamined
New to this..Unexamined
Kobold WarlockUnexamined
The canny warriorUnexamined
Fremen RangerUnexamined
artificer adviceUnexamined
Bardic StoriesUnexamined
Forgotten realms PCUnexamined
Paithian Shadowwalkercleric of PelorUnexamined
Looking for some ideas on how to RP a character.Unexamined
Need help role-playing an Evil BardUnexamined
Help on a DruidUnexamined
Help RPing a TN ClericUnexamined
Angel characterfallenagain (ClichéI know)Unexamined
transient aimless soldierUnexamined
Character Creation higher than lvl 1Unexamined
need help with half drow scoutUnexamined
Monk / Ninja (Moral Code or Code of Honor)Unexamined
Problems with character motivationand fleshing out backstory (longwinded)Unexamined
Background for BigTallScary and Nice.Unexamined
What Are The Chances? (Half-Ogre Slave)Unexamined
What Are The Chances? (Half-Ogre Slave)Unexamined
Where to go from here?Unexamined
How should I?Unexamined
Battlesmith (kinda long)Unexamined
Drow BackgroundUnexamined
Half-Vampire Help (don't worryhe's evil!)Unexamined
Please help me improve my characters back story = )Unexamined
Renaming Warlock powers for a Fey Warlock - Help?Unexamined
Entering a current campaignUnexamined
Help with my character's backstoryUnexamined
Directionless- Dread Pirate BuildUnexamined
Converting a paladinUnexamined
Rags to richesa slaves storyUnexamined
Paladin -> Musketeer?Unexamined
Evil Elemental Demons! need suggestionsUnexamined
What if...Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
fun with this campaignUnexamined
ideas wanted for causing strife. trickerychaos and mischiefUnexamined
The life of a con artistUnexamined
Vampire character developmentUnexamined
Stay away from this guyhe's bad luckUnexamined
Story Line HelpUnexamined
Barbarian - Armor TattoosUnexamined
Paladin Assassin... WHAT!?Unexamined
need help with wood elf scout history FRUnexamined
Roleplaying evilUnexamined
Aging for PlanetouchedUnexamined
I need a picture.Unexamined
Swashbuckler - Dreadpirate HistoryUnexamined
Rangers HandbookUnexamined
Detect Evil Bane... Need HelpUnexamined
Character Background GuideUnexamined
Help choosing a tattoo for my characterUnexamined
been looking for a picUnexamined
Not Cowardly... CautiousUnexamined
1001 character namesUnexamined
Blackguard backgroundUnexamined
My Wizard BuildUnexamined
Is there a good program to make charectars?Unexamined
Viking Bardnonheroic sagasUnexamined
Elven Full Plate Description IdeasUnexamined
Background in progress. Commentsquestionscriticism?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Cleric of Lathandor...SaintUnexamined
Need ideas for sorc backroundUnexamined
Help flesh out my drowUnexamined
March Madness and the LG Aasimar ClericUnexamined
Ninja character ideaUnexamined
First time playing a RougeUnexamined
Doppelganger RoleplayUnexamined
Standard Deep Imaskari = Ok backgroundUnexamined
Sin City AlignmentsUnexamined
playing insanity (warning: kinda long)Unexamined
Need help with themed-spell list for sorcererUnexamined
Names for familiars/animal companionsUnexamined
The greatest trick.Unexamined
Fun with Half-DragonsUnexamined
My character ideas over the past few years...Unexamined
an odd classUnexamined
aahh help me a real challenge for those interestedUnexamined
You're so Vain...You probably think this post is about you....Unexamined
Need Help with Background & Motivation for Star Wars characterUnexamined
Ice Themed SorcUnexamined
A compelling StoryUnexamined
2nd Edition Bladesinger questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Character Construction help RakshasaAk'chazar + Paragon Ceature + Monster of legendUnexamined
Human WarlockUnexamined
Got boredphotoshopped a character pic. A little backstorytoo. Opinions?Unexamined
Mathan (monk/druid) - Character DescriptionUnexamined
Story of an Avariel WarlockUnexamined
Grundor's diet (warning: evil character)Unexamined
A good Nemesis?Unexamined
Dashade Soldier needs story (StarWars)Unexamined
Rent Arndt (Background)Unexamined
Life on the RoadUnexamined
9 CharactersUnexamined
Alignment question for an... unusual swashbucklerNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Lawfull Good Kobold SamuraiUnexamined
Halfling + sling?Unexamined
Aerzis EnórionUnexamined
Odd race in FaerunUnexamined
Human Druid in a Planar CampaignUnexamined
Need help with Soul Eater backstoryUnexamined
Arcane Schooling - TeachersUnexamined
The Grassy GnollUnexamined
The Gitaruman...The Baker's Bane.Unexamined
Comments welcomerough draft 1Unexamined
Rough draft 2Unexamined
Psicrystal turned CharacterUnexamined
Panzer - Warforged backgroundsuggestions welcomeUnexamined
Untouchable Monk?Unexamined
Dwarven Ranger/DruidGestaltBounty hunter...Unexamined
Help - Druid background storyUnexamined
Goliath + Mineral Warrior TemplateUnexamined
High charisma buildsUnexamined
Elven necromancer description - critiqueUnexamined
"Scary" character ideaUnexamined
5 charisma psychic warrior goliathUnexamined
underdark paladinUnexamined
The Way of the BowUnexamined
Vampire TemplateUnexamined
Need help with character Background FRUnexamined
Mind Flayer NamesUnexamined
How to make a characterUnexamined
Musings over a dwarf paladinUnexamined
101 Distinguishing Traits for a Changling?Unexamined
Killoren barbarianUnexamined
Good backstory. No nameUnexamined
lacking Background- Killoren PsionUnexamined
Developing a character within a game?Unexamined
Thoughts on the history/backstory of a Giant-Kin Barbarian.Unexamined
Shield Bash?Unexamined
A Lucky CharmUnexamined
Vaelon and the 'Sword of Hope'Unexamined
Help - Gnome BackstoryRules Question Or Discussion
Somebody help me name my WarforgedUnexamined
Warforged SoulknifeUnexamined
Iconic PC's for my setting...Unexamined
When life comes back to haunt youNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Cleric Flavoring for new campaign. Help?Unexamined
Some help: At a Crux for a saintly sacrificeUnexamined
Help with druid. --> Me VS other PCsUnexamined
Arcane FamiliarsUnexamined
Help with RP for Valenar Scout OutcastUnexamined
Tactical FeatsUnexamined
Psion background story...Unexamined
gnome who thinks he is a halflingUnexamined
ideas for a lv4 fighter blacksmithUnexamined
Looking for comments on some character ideas.Unexamined
Cleric of St. CuthbertUnexamined
What alignment would someone like this be?Unexamined
HELP... for SW.Unexamined
Help: Playing a Paladin is tougher than I expected...Unexamined
naming weaponsIdeas
Need help with Frost mageUnexamined
Deities in the RealmsUnexamined
Whack-A-Mole and MonologuesUnexamined
Gestalt Character ConceptsUnexamined
help designing a cute Reality-Warping Little Girl!Unexamined
your help is requestedUnexamined
Background to human saint healer ECL 20 (character 18).Unexamined
Paladin/goliathdoes it make sense?Unexamined
Perfect Ninja?? staring lvl 17 ninja helpUnexamined
Background for my char... suggestions and criticism neededUnexamined
Druid pirate afraid of water!Unexamined
Help me find an appropriate animal companion for my lvl 1 druidUnexamined
Rogue-like ClericUnexamined
Pulling together disparate party aims. Help me!Unexamined
Villain - Aurion súl-VecnaUnexamined
Helpin putting notes into a storyUnexamined
Playing a BugbearUnexamined
Help WantedUnexamined
Character Creation as Creative WritingPt. 1Unexamined
Character Creation as Creative WritingPt. 2Unexamined
My Dwarven Earth ElementalUnexamined
Background & motivations for Tiefling bard.Unexamined
Karn BrightforgeEarth Gensai Fighter (2nd edition) PlanescapeUnexamined
Wanting to play a Chaotic Neutral CharacterIdeas
Gestalt Class namesUnexamined
Unusual Languages To KnowUnexamined
brutal world need a burtals guyUnexamined
Character ConceptUnexamined
Playing a crazy characterUnexamined
Onion layers backgroundUnexamined
Why play a Druid?Unexamined
Help With Story LineUnexamined
Establishing relationships between PCsUnexamined
dragoon personality?Unexamined
insane pc helpUnexamined
Extremely weird PC and NPC ideasUnexamined
Race for Paladin of tyranny/slaughterUnexamined
Jedi KnightUnexamined
Background help for my thiefUnexamined
New (epic) character conceptusing Harrow-blades guideUnexamined
Help a DMUnexamined
Which evil?Unexamined
My name is Sir Thomas RAAAAARGH!Unexamined
Need a little help with my NPC's.Unexamined
Corruption of a wizardUnexamined
First attempt at writing a character background: Good or not?Unexamined
How would you play him?Unexamined
How would a paladin treat this magistrateUnexamined
Character who thinks they're something elseUnexamined
Dorn Stonar- Monk of the Order of the Old OrderUnexamined
Looking for some ideas to develope this fighter.Unexamined
Need Help with a NPC...Unexamined
Warforged help please :)Unexamined
Making Jedi in D&d 3.5Unexamined
Your character's an INSECTILE THRI-KEEN. Really?!!!!Unexamined
Inigo Montoya+Man in Black+Setzer GabbianiUnexamined
The WarlockUnexamined
Bob the Pyromaniaca Villain NPC.Unexamined
A Swashbuckling SuperheroUnexamined
Help make my very shy character.Unexamined
Barbarian Savant...Been donebut...Unexamined
The Barbarian of the BeastlandsUnexamined
need hlp starting a good PC historyUnexamined
The Landstrider Society ~ WIPUnexamined
Question For All¿?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Gnome Illusionist?!?!Unexamined
101 Reasons for PCs to adventure together?Unexamined
I'm going to make an attempt at a background for a half Dragoncomments appreciated.Unexamined
Looking for feedback on Fochun LyristUnexamined
A World beyond the Mind and Body- A World with no Soul (Psionic Undead Character)Unexamined
If you where this character how would you feel?Unexamined
Help with gnome cleric of st cuthbertUnexamined
Creative MindUnexamined
Evil religious leaderUnexamined
Kid . . . (Half-Vampire/Changeling Bard in Eberron)Unexamined
ShadowTiefling wanderer and KrisSpiteful WarlockUnexamined
Colorful LanguageFun Phrases& Local SlangUnexamined
story idea please help- long postUnexamined
New characterhas to be funUnexamined
My first druidUnexamined
Dwarven HunterUnexamined
Making a Hitchhiker (HGTG) for D&D 3.5Unexamined
star wars to D&DUnexamined
Psychic Warrior's backstoryUnexamined
dose this sound good for a dwarfs storyUnexamined
CN Wizard/Ranger Wussy Gnome....Unexamined
The nature of alignmentsUnexamined
What is justiceanyway?Unexamined
Dragonstar - Dark spellcaster background help neededUnexamined
Paladin with low wis scoreUnexamined
Tutorial Player Character selection!Unexamined
proper way to roleplay this?Unexamined
Random Character Background TablesUnexamined
Goddess of Magic in Modern SettingUnexamined
Warlock Feat questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Lvl 5 Oriental Adventures Crane Warmage Tactician/LeaderUnexamined
Roleplaying a Barbarian In TownUnexamined
Best starter adventure ever?Unexamined
Improvised "Fighter"Unexamined
Hound ArchonUnexamined
How would you develop this character?Unexamined
Unsure How To Develope This Character Further..Unexamined
Creating first char bioUnexamined
what god would want this characterUnexamined
Halfing Rouge/Wizard/Arcane TricksterUnexamined
RP tips for Thri-Kreen warriorUnexamined
Trying to build a frat wizard.Unexamined
Need a little help with personality of a good guy turned BBEGUnexamined
Character Development help...Unexamined
Blink Dog Bard??Unexamined
Intro story for my half-fiend rogueUnexamined
Cleric of Wee JasUnexamined
Warlock Shifter Need HelpUnexamined
Background (help me back my fighter)Unexamined
Orc spell caster pcUnexamined
Help my kobold on his way to a good background!Unexamined
Need help developing background......Unexamined
help build half-elf monkUnexamined
Need some help with an unusual character...Unexamined
Why we're a team?Unexamined
"Spirit Vault"Unexamined
VoP soulknife how i explaine?Unexamined
What should I play?Unexamined
history of gnome rogue for my brotherUnexamined
Squeaky cleanwhat a sheen!Unexamined
Half-Orc orphan wizard?Unexamined
GrixHalf orchalf wizardall FURYUnexamined
Half-Orc orphan wizard?Unexamined
Prince of Persia char?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Need help with backstory for my tricky cleric!Unexamined
Too many consciencesUnexamined
Character description needs a littel helpUnexamined
Help for a goal for my fighter/Wizard(transmutation) see insideUnexamined
I was just hit with a plot point....Unexamined
Boriscleric of ouch...Unexamined
Air Genasi Planar RangerUnexamined
Need someones opinion... (SWRPG)Unexamined
i need helpUnexamined
Would I survive roleplaying this??Unexamined
i made this picture of my characterUnexamined
any ideas for a interesting "warrior"?Unexamined
2 Character Set-up (more character's in party)Unexamined
Need a suggestion for a familiar.....Unexamined
Can anyone help me with crossbreeding species?Unexamined
Are these a good set of Stats for a druid (D&D)Unexamined
Background help for a Sun Elf Cleric of ShevarashUnexamined
I need help!Unexamined
Help with a Character ConceptUnexamined
Lynyrd "Sparks" of RaableUnexamined
Intro for my PCUnexamined
Lifelong surface drowUnexamined
Last Name (or title) for Cleric [Wee jas]Unexamined
Backstory of a VOP dragon?Unexamined
Looking for help filling out my warlockUnexamined
New Backstory [long]Unexamined
Character Personality/BackstoryUnexamined
changing alignmentUnexamined
Help with making a nice backgroundUnexamined
Drunken Master Needs an Animal Companion...Unexamined
Okayneed help on picking a class and storyUnexamined
My Lawful WizardUnexamined
Gnome druid/wizard/arcaneheirophant/fighter gestaltUnexamined
Idea's for some race and class picksUnexamined
Autobiography of a Drunken Kender...Unexamined
Weapon Choice?Unexamined
Lover not a Fighter...Unexamined
Developing an interesting paladin RPUnexamined
Assist me please.Unexamined
Backstory for an Evil Character?Unexamined
Barbarian from the North!Unexamined
Knowledgeable Warrior-typeUnexamined
Does anyone have a personality tipUnexamined
The Paladin Without a SoulUnexamined
Githzenia Monk HelpUnexamined
It's not paranoia if they're really after you.Unexamined
Monk9 / Shadowdancer1Unexamined
A PC in search of a godUnexamined
Help With Jensaari History and Character (Star Wars)Unexamined
My most insane character ever.Unexamined
Do monks have to be hardasses?Unexamined
Fey'ri WarlockUnexamined
the Paladin of Slaughter: a roleplaying challengeUnexamined
Barbarion helpUnexamined
Incorporating my BackstoryUnexamined
101 ClichesUnexamined
6th level ranger FRUnexamined
Personality and Cultural Traits of the DrowUnexamined
What can your lvl 20 do? Can he rule hell?Unexamined
Looking for portraits for NPCsUnexamined
Need some help with spiritual connection and motivation...Unexamined
Building animelike characters of with animeflavorUnexamined
A Leaders MountUnexamined
Does this seem realistic?Unexamined
Draconic Heritage Sorcerer and Lawful Good ScoutUnexamined
Evil wizard backgroundUnexamined
Unique Ways of Following Your AlignmentUnexamined
Illithidskarmic backgroundread and help!Unexamined
Evil KnightUnexamined
I need Creative Ideas for half orc traits.Unexamined
Artificer/Smith type characterUnexamined
Need a backstory for a DragonUnexamined
How to roleplay a cohort ?Unexamined
Exalted Gnome ConjurerUnexamined
mithic hero background (working on details)Unexamined
Defender HexbladeUnexamined
Lengthy.. more or less a question at the end.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I couldn't be happier!Unexamined
1001 backgroundsUnexamined
Help! "my brother just sacrificed himself"Unexamined
interesting job...Unexamined
Help Developing Character ideaUnexamined
Question pertaining to a character ideaNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to fight a roper?Unexamined
Idea for a character: good/bad/needs improvement/ect.?Unexamined
Ok...I need help with character information.Unexamined
My Character's backstoryUnexamined
Where to go next with this concept?Unexamined
Fleshing out my Vassal of BahamutUnexamined
I could use some helpHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
SlavesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Character concept using the Weapons of Legacy bookNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Rules for True Dragons?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
where can i find...Unexamined
Garrick DornKarnnathi Soldier (long background)Unexamined
Starting CashUnexamined
Monk doctorUnexamined
Oriental Monk Fighting Style ideasUnexamined
How would the phenomenon of disassociation affect a char's development?Unexamined
My starting for character developmentUnexamined
Scout on team with aristo-bard and wizardUnexamined
Playing a char with no heartUnexamined
Drow RangerUnexamined
Dragonic CharacterUnexamined
Greedy HealerUnexamined
human rogue throwerUnexamined
"Developed" would you say?Unexamined
New Uses for old ArchetypesUnexamined
Half-Dragon Changeling Ranger - Eberron Story Help?Unexamined
how could I play this scenario? [long]Unexamined
Druegar nameUnexamined
few pointers to help develop halruaan cleric of mystraUnexamined
Grim Reaper character conceptUnexamined
Illmater Cleric HelpUnexamined
My first character backgroundUnexamined
Grapple MasterUnexamined
Twists to Character ClassesUnexamined
Sneaky FellaUnexamined
Kyros DevantoUnexamined
Background Story -- does this char make sense?Unexamined
Backstory NPC's History: please reveiwUnexamined
Halfling Rogue Thrower (with a difference)Unexamined
To tame the beast within... (druid avenger touched by utter evil)Unexamined
Name for Exhaulted Paladin OrderUnexamined
Repented noble turned Paladin?Unexamined
My first character ever. Need help witht the background info.Unexamined
Playing In Character: The Face ManUnexamined
Redeemed Blackguard? Please Help flesh this out.Unexamined
Good Guys Always Win... right?Unexamined
Kensai OathUnexamined
Deleteaccidental postUnexamined
Charatcter BlogsUnexamined
Making a Ranger Archer who isn't Robin HoodUnexamined
Ultimate MageUnexamined
Background help for a hexblade/warlockUnexamined
help w/ background illusionistUnexamined
Gestalt Barbarian/Wizard?Unexamined
Helping to creat a leader out of this character.Unexamined
Drow classUnexamined
Awesime CharacterUnexamined
My first character!Unexamined
First CharcterUnexamined
Raith TikarisUnexamined
Need help with a new characterUnexamined
Ur Theobrand: Former Slave (Faerun)Unexamined
never mindUnexamined
Mystic Theurge interventionUnexamined
Interesting Drow ConceptUnexamined
Help me roleplay my ranger to do more ranger-esque thingsUnexamined
Minotaur ex-gladiatorUnexamined
Story for Ghostly Human WarlockUnexamined
Lawful Evil Paladin Code of ConductUnexamined
A slightly odd concept for a drow.Unexamined
Half-Orc Barbarian "realism"Unexamined
Creative WritingUnexamined
Chaotic Evil code of conduct?Unexamined
Character evolving into a leader - Part 2.Unexamined
BG Story 4 U 2 Critique?Unexamined
Help on rules for the Archmage prestige classUnexamined
Have you tried this (sorc/rogue)Unexamined
Catfolk TrinketsUnexamined
Kobold Wu JenUnexamined
I need some help.Unexamined
Help with a Gestalt Rogue/WizardUnexamined
*Goofy* DruidUnexamined
ranger troublesUnexamined
FR - Background and future questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
my monk .. need helpUnexamined
Need help for bacground to my rogueUnexamined
Ghostwise Halfling Druid of MalarUnexamined
need some advice on this crossbow archerUnexamined
A stealth rogue warforgedUnexamined
Central Casting: Character Background GeneratorUnexamined
Evil do-ers need things to doUnexamined
A party to adventure in D&D or Forgotten Realms Please help adjust.Unexamined
Suggestions for roleplayingUnexamined
Feral Psychic ShifterUnexamined
A different Sacred ExorcistUnexamined
Need help for evil assassin pastUnexamined
playing a half-elementalUnexamined
Ancestral RelicUnexamined
Goblin Druid StyleUnexamined
Esther Sfacciato - I care for feedback though I realize I cannot spellUnexamined
Alarich Von Zarovich - your opinion?Unexamined
A Helpful Guide to Playing the Other GenderUnexamined
character questionaireNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help developing a Geometer/war weaverUnexamined
Seeking opinions on Eberron character biosUnexamined
Character Developmentin GameUnexamined
Evil Characters in a generally Good CampaignUnexamined
Drow rangerUnexamined
Neanderthal MonkUnexamined
Could use some help with my SorcUnexamined
Paladin of Torm Titles.Unexamined
Need help visualizingUnexamined
Monk WarlockUnexamined
Wild Elf BackgroundUnexamined
Darvin Tallcastleyour opinion?Unexamined
Elf questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Searching for Fireballs...Unexamined
Opinions on this background pleaseUnexamined
seen a random personality selector anywhere?Unexamined
Good Feats For Low Level?Unexamined
little help with character flavorUnexamined
Need Help for a SorcerorNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How to create a character portraitUnexamined
The me outUnexamined
Swashbuckler backround helpUnexamined
X-Plosion - CG Warforged ArtificerUnexamined
Picking up Magic midway through campaignUnexamined
The Lady of Death (Forgotten Realms)Ideas
Hmm i wonder where this will go?Unexamined
Loosing my religion...Unexamined
Party Development (Finding the glue that binds them together)Unexamined
Suggestions for an ancestral weapon for my hex blade/warlockUnexamined
I Don't Really CareUnexamined
When are rolls to high?Unexamined
Any Ideas for me? (Ftr2/Sor3 of Mystra)Unexamined
L/E Cleric of Bane - char ideasUnexamined
A Paladin for all the wrong reasonsUnexamined
Adding the last pieces...Unexamined
Druid/Barbarian in need of featsUnexamined
Lord of the DanceUnexamined
Comments on ZrethGoblin ranger's backstoryUnexamined
My first serious characterUnexamined
Making Magus: SpellsUnexamined
Vile Darkness or Exalted Light?Unexamined
Bizarre/novel ways of developing character ideas (share yours)Unexamined
Need a DrowUnexamined
Dwarven Bounty HunterUnexamined
Warforged Warlock?Unexamined
Ravenloft feat question...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
what do you thinkUnexamined
Character FeedbackUnexamined
help with turning a fighter into a killer archerUnexamined
Personal Character RP- Any Ideas?Unexamined
Drow Asassin background reviews neededUnexamined
Ajey LourtopaUnexamined
Help me Trick the Party into thinking I'm useless!Unexamined
Need help with character's storyUnexamined
non-chaotic evil ...destroyer-type character?Unexamined
My new characterUnexamined
Looking for ideas on Ghale meets Edgar Allen PoeUnexamined
Acolyte of the SkinUnexamined
ECL for Tiny Ice MephitUnexamined
Need advice for Cleric of Life & DeathUnexamined
carry on with the life?Unexamined
Forgotten Realms CharacterUnexamined
This is a requestsadly lol. Gloura BardUnexamined
Less than 60 views? I must need a better title!Unexamined
What to chooseUnexamined
Non-Barbarian Half OrcsUnexamined
Maxwell Ectorius GilraethPaladin of Wee-JasUnexamined
Hooray for zeal!Unexamined
Oopsposted on wrong board.Unexamined
Start PC as child/youngUnexamined
Trying to convert an old favorite from 2nd edition.Unexamined
This is a Call to Arms!Unexamined
Warforged Cleric Backstory HelpUnexamined
Help me make a tough decision into a fun decision!!!Unexamined
Backstory for a gypsy psychic rogueUnexamined
Developing a new base class (input please): SwordbreakerUnexamined
Hey guys I'm new and need some help!!!Unexamined
Short Story.Unexamined
Backstory and character concept: Comments wantedUnexamined
Please ignore.Unexamined
Help with a new characterUnexamined
So I want a cleric not a druid....Unexamined
I'm new to D&D and need helpUnexamined
Darfellan Druidic Avenger / Snow Tiger Lodge backstory desiredUnexamined
Help flesh out my halfling druidUnexamined
Explain Lytho'sUnexamined
making a barbarian/fighter more specialUnexamined
water shugenjaUnexamined
Hey I'm new to D&D and need a little help making my first characterUnexamined
My character History[please critque]No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
first drowUnexamined
Un-named Female Bard.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
HELP!! Leveling UpUnexamined
Barbarian and multiclassingUnexamined
Warforged ArtificerUnexamined
Rogue/Sorc buildUnexamined
Kobold PaladinUnexamined
multiclassing helpUnexamined
a suggestion.Unexamined
Help with my DwarfUnexamined
Characters for novel - need ideasUnexamined
alignment questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Wife needs help with fighterUnexamined
help with background?Unexamined
Centaur EnslavedUnexamined
Damon KharnUnexamined
Need help with my new characterUnexamined
Help with an my epic wizardUnexamined
ok new characteterUnexamined
Background helpUnexamined
Taking OverUnexamined
Players with handicaps......Unexamined
NPC BackgroundUnexamined
Cool?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Need some advice on a race/feat/or PrC for my paladinIdeas
tough character decisionUnexamined
Hmm... a few background decisions (long)Unexamined
alignment troubleUnexamined
the background of my deepwood sniper id like opinions on it.Unexamined
Help working my back-story (warning: long) [updated]Unexamined
Transmuter Or Illusionist?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The point of backgroundsUnexamined
Help With Dirgesinger MusicUnexamined
Abandoned Angel?Unexamined
Silver Dragon backgroundUnexamined
Elf and Half-elf problemsUnexamined
Shifter Spirit Shaman background (Eberron)Unexamined
Astral DevaUnexamined
Uncon Event: Flash Character DevelopmentUnexamined
This might seem a little odd(Gestalt)Unexamined
New Character IdeaUnexamined
Starting at level 30!Unexamined
Alignment questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help Me Find My Parents! (Long)Unexamined
Avatar Character (Incarnated god)Unexamined
Some help with my biggest challange yetUnexamined
Bard out of your skull.Unexamined
Code of HonorHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Evil Eberron Gnome?Unexamined
Help me brainstorm an anime-esque background...Unexamined
Help with backround for a Totemist?Unexamined
Oooh! New PC story four-pack!Unexamined
Need help with a background for an EwokUnexamined
Militant ElfUnexamined
Worshiping the one eyed... (drow; forgotten realms)Unexamined
Trying to find list of questions for characterHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Background for Kenku's?Unexamined
Dwarven Barbarian; The How and WhyUnexamined
BushidoUnexamined's a character idea that will make you laugh.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Need a backstory:Unexamined
Need unusual character for an unusual campaignUnexamined
Backround for a PsionUnexamined
what do i need to do to prove myselfHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
PRC suggestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help with elf to drow transition and a messed up game. its long get a snackUnexamined
Warforge Monk Pic and BackgroundUnexamined
Questions on templatesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How do I age a character?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Working on a BlasterUnexamined
Min/max to character Development.Unexamined
Elven rogueUnexamined
New Level 12 Ecl Cahr BuildUnexamined
complete lich storylineUnexamined
need help on somethingUnexamined
Rate my char's backgroundUnexamined
Increasing ability scoresUnexamined
~~CONTEST~~ Picture To StoryUnexamined
Cool Pirate Ideas?Unexamined
Uses for Charisma?Unexamined
Help for a Changling CharacterUnexamined
Terran. A Chaotic VOP druid. Feedback Please? Its a long story.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
help with char conseptUnexamined
lawful good elf?Unexamined
Creative descriptions of the relatively simple.Unexamined
Warforged Artificer creation help!Unexamined
Elven WeaponsUnexamined
Improv Character storyUnexamined
Player Character RepositoryUnexamined
Justifying a ninjaUnexamined
My WizardUnexamined
i got misc modifyer for saving throws and idk whyUnexamined
Irytha the Blade QueenUnexamined
My character backround(help a little)Unexamined
Help with a warlock backgroundUnexamined
Lawful Evil Dragon Samurai helpUnexamined
Lawful Neutral Halfling ClericUnexamined
A Warforged Character in NeedUnexamined
Ideas for a Cleric of VecnaUnexamined
Does Lawful Good mean I can't be playful or have any fun?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Half orc Ranger/Druid.Unexamined
Clerical monk of the elementsUnexamined
Backstory help for a half-copper dragon.Unexamined
Eberron: an abolitionist ex-soldier and a scholar with a dark backgroundUnexamined
Half-Orc Monk helpUnexamined
I need I ideas to make a Character.Unexamined
Cleric of Peace HelpUnexamined
Artificer questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help for a Female Norse paladinUnexamined
Must Love Blades!Unexamined
Alphonze ElricUnexamined
LG assassin ??Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Drow Elf PsionUnexamined
what do you think of my gnome artificer?Unexamined
Byron GreyDirge SingerUnexamined
Ambiguous Evil BardUnexamined
Char Ideas I have no clue what to do withUnexamined
Prestige class for Barbarians?Unexamined
Confusion over Fleshwarper and the Graft Flesh Feat...Unexamined
I need help on make a dworc Character?Unexamined
Davin DeepdwellerDwarf Monk/FighterUnexamined
Fire Gnome Artifacer - Looking for ideasUnexamined
Elf WizardUnexamined
Help! Does this work? o.O;Unexamined
need help on calculationsUnexamined
Help with a decision on where next to go!Unexamined
Dragon blood characteristicsUnexamined
Warlock or NecromancerUnexamined
Need some ideasUnexamined
Complete Character Creation From ScratchUnexamined
Need some directionUnexamined
Paladin of HelmUnexamined
zhentarim rogue-ideas anyone?Unexamined
Pholtan HereticUnexamined
Tiefling FriendsUnexamined
Male Kobolt Warlock (lvl 6)Unexamined
Male Kobolt Warlock (lvl 6)Unexamined
twins PC's?Unexamined
combined spellcasting classesUnexamined
Winning Initiative 101 studentUnexamined
Alignment Question..No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
changeling chameleon tell me what you think.Unexamined
Wolfe: A New Take on a Cliche with a LycanthropeUnexamined
Where is fractional saves/babs?Unexamined
my first gameUnexamined
How to Build a Prince Of Persia CharacterUnexamined
Need help with an Eberron character backgroundUnexamined
sketchy background likes ideasUnexamined
What is Gleemus to do? (long post)Unexamined
Guardian of SeluneUnexamined
This probably gets asked a lot...Unexamined
Abberant FeatsUnexamined
Images for male ChangelingsUnexamined
Gestalt Warlock//Psion/Thrallherd roleplaying ideasUnexamined
My Character's history [double postplease remove]Unexamined
Animate Dead and AlignmentUnexamined
My Character's HistoryUnexamined
Who guards the guards?Unexamined
Looking for artists!Unexamined
New Character Background.Unexamined
Freaky archerUnexamined
How to build a Saint Seya character?Unexamined
Please help with a wacky inventor!Unexamined
Help with Freaky DwarfUnexamined
i need help makeing a human clericUnexamined
VoP Druid (with a twist)Unexamined
My Dancer's (Core class) Background---Help?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Derranged preist of BoccobUnexamined
10 High Maesters of GrimdolfUnexamined
Drow WarriorUnexamined
Halfling RangerUnexamined
Eberron Paladin Background: Comments?Unexamined
Evil DruidUnexamined
ARG Character Creation EngineUnexamined
Help with a Telepath (Psion)Unexamined
Drow Male WizardUnexamined
Critque a Sorceress' BackgroundNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Wolf namesUnexamined
On a Character's "Force of Personality"...Unexamined
Warforged Cleric HelpUnexamined
Fully Evolved Undeadat 42300 years; Now what?Unexamined
Nature charactersUnexamined
Trying to make a changeling of House Phiarlan...Unexamined
Help creating a psionicistUnexamined
Sorceress/Favored SoulUnexamined
Want some advice and help in playing/leveling a PaladinUnexamined
Character thoughtsUnexamined
Goliath Harpoon ThrowerUnexamined
A Paladin without his mountUnexamined
Recently Blinded Cleric-Now what?Unexamined
Personality ideas for ClericUnexamined
Have look...Unexamined
help me flesh out my Eberron PaladinUnexamined
A Short History for my Cleric.Unexamined
A Gentleman BardUnexamined
Tell me what you think of this trickUnexamined
Any suggestions for my dwarf ranger/barbarian?Unexamined
1001 Character NamesUnexamined
***wrong boardapologizes***Unexamined
Evil Gnome Bard - need help with background...Unexamined
Looking for background feedback [Long]Unexamined
Concept OpinionsUnexamined
Got great background...but ned a name!!! please help me with a name for a dread necroUnexamined
Monk Code helpUnexamined
Cool Way to Acquire a DogUnexamined
Sadora background story written for my current character [long?]Unexamined
Low level monk AC woesUnexamined
Crazed psionUnexamined
Diseased CharacterUnexamined
npc woesUnexamined
Would like feedback and suggestions for character backgroundUnexamined
Help me Populate a Thieves Guild!Unexamined
Animal Companions & WildshapeUnexamined
Amnesiatic Avenger: The Further Adventures of Sorin StarkeUnexamined
Werewolf Cleric of Sune or SeluneUnexamined
A man of shadow and smoke...Unexamined
Halfling clericUnexamined
Developing ButtercupUnexamined
Gladiator retiariusUnexamined
help playing in epic game need ideas.Unexamined
Bad Guy Development (Long and kinda mature)Unexamined
outline for pirate.Unexamined
Make a characterstep right upcome intake a gander5 GP only (just kidding)Unexamined
HELP! I will be a Wizard!Unexamined
The Playable Taeassque!!!Unexamined
Need help with a friends character.Unexamined
Charecter Background StoryUnexamined
Archivist in the RealmsUnexamined
The Right Thingsthe Wrong ReasonsUnexamined
Rolling up Offspring of 2 PC's...Unexamined
Ignore thisUnexamined
Brainstorming for a Mouse Paladin/Samurai of MayaheineUnexamined
Blind characterUnexamined
Silver Flame ritual signs of outward holiness and feudal backgroundsUnexamined
Villianous CharactersUnexamined
Background for a Mage Hunting Paladin (Long)Unexamined
Pirates and MandaloiansUnexamined
A moral question...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Self Banished DwarfUnexamined
Help with changing class: Ftr -> SorUnexamined
Halfling of the NorthUnexamined
psionic monkneed ideas for chars storyplz helpUnexamined
Devil hierarchiesUnexamined
SoI've been thinking about this a whileUnexamined
Half-Orc RogueUnexamined
Fill in the BlanksUnexamined
Elven Goth Rogue ChickUnexamined
I need an idea!Unexamined
LN Rogue in a LN/CG party Building a GuildUnexamined
Journeymaps and D&D Wiki'sUnexamined
need ideas for a derro assassinUnexamined
Shapeshifter Needs a Name.Unexamined
Need Help For Jester Character!Unexamined
New Character Bio (Long)Unexamined
Help with Satanic PriestUnexamined
Nature Artificer development help!Unexamined
Neron's storyUnexamined
Evil Elan TelepathUnexamined
Monk/Druid/Lion of TalisdUnexamined
Animal companion into a familiar?Unexamined
Playing a monster characterUnexamined
Ranger looking to the futureneeds helpUnexamined
Needs storyUnexamined
Know it all BardUnexamined
Eberron: House Phiarlan bard background - please commentUnexamined
Background bonesUnexamined
What are the justifications...Unexamined
Yet Another Character Background ThreadUnexamined
Character Background BankUnexamined
Need help for Eberron campaign characterUnexamined
helloI'm new here and have a question about my paladinNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
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Just delete thisUnexamined
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i need helpUnexamined
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Zelthron Thamugh Destroyer of Wizards at your serviceUnexamined
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LoTR CharUnexamined
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Plz i need a little helpUnexamined
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Orc General + Large sum of money = ???Unexamined
Help MeUnexamined
Help MeUnexamined
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A story for my Venerable Exalted Jermlaine DruidUnexamined
Help?!!? Is this Background any good? How can it be improved?!?!?Unexamined
Awwwisn't he such a doll?Unexamined
Favorite CharacterUnexamined
Songs to addapt for the HobgoblinsUnexamined
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Massive Exp BoostUnexamined
Female PirateUnexamined
Character BackstoryUnexamined
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Reason to adventure?Unexamined
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My problemUnexamined
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A tielfinga paladinand a slaver walk into a bar...Unexamined
How would Pun-Pun work in rp?Unexamined
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Stumped with Names...Unexamined
Willing TransformationUnexamined
Mulhorandi taking a trip to Silverymoon?Unexamined
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Eternal LoversUnexamined
Leomund Jr.Unexamined
Aasimar Favored Soul - why would he be picked by Onatar (Eberron)?Unexamined
There's been bloody murder!Unexamined
Strong Silent TypeUnexamined
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My character's background for first offline D&D gamewhat ya think?Unexamined
Gauthal Longstrider Voaikagani - GoliathUnexamined
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Eberron Character Development (PEACH)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Ancient Greekesque RogueUnexamined
It's a Questionaire for PCs (part duex)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Thoughts/Suggestions Regarding my Character Description?Unexamined
Developing my PCs personality based on statsUnexamined
Vorelthrae the Draconic SpellscaleUnexamined
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1001 exponations to why a character adventureUnexamined
Role-Playing Character Sheet (RPCsheet)Unexamined
Half-Dragon quirks please helpUnexamined
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Roleplaying Warforged...Unexamined
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1001 Disturbing traitsUnexamined
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Human SummonerUnexamined
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101 Sayings to Shock the NativesUnexamined
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Mounts for LARGE paladins!?Unexamined
Background history for a kalashtar psion/quori nightmareUnexamined
Hello all newbie to the boards. Trying to flesh out this background.Unexamined
Drow Champion of Corellon Larethian?Unexamined
obtaining LV.2Unexamined
Fitting in.Unexamined
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My Eberron Character - honest critique pleaseUnexamined
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Point Buy ??Unexamined
Background and Sample PostUnexamined
Any chance of a non elf blade singer?Unexamined
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Bounty HunterUnexamined
Barbarian/Totemist Background HelpUnexamined
Domineering SorcererUnexamined
Eniavol ClearsongMystic Keeper of Corellon LarethianUnexamined
Help me with my warforged cleric of VolUnexamined
Unemotionaljaded mercenaryUnexamined
1001 Relationships Between ThrallherdThrall & BelieversUnexamined
Hybrid Soulknife/Varied Gestalt Character - Input Please!Unexamined
Moon Singer Prelude...Unexamined
IDEAS for gnome non-bards please?Unexamined
Planetouched BackgroundUnexamined
New FR character backgroundUnexamined
find your characters personalityUnexamined
Cleric IdeasUnexamined
awful Evil Halfling Dread Necromancer (critique)Unexamined
Changeling character! w00t!Unexamined
Fire Fetish Goblin WizardUnexamined
[Eberron] Help with Paladin characterUnexamined
Some assistance requestedUnexamined
I will seduce her!Unexamined
Character Background IdeasUnexamined
A little helppleasein finding motivation for this RogueUnexamined
More a post to keep my char background in one placeUnexamined
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Deep Orc PaladinUnexamined
The beginnings of a great accidentUnexamined
Does this "fit" into Eberron?Unexamined
How to Roleplay a WizardUnexamined
Background StorysUnexamined
Help with Halfling ClericUnexamined
need help make a unique character?Unexamined
Halfling NecromancerUnexamined
Need help for backstory.Unexamined
Character Development & RP HelpUnexamined
Trouble picking an alignmentUnexamined
Cleric of Mystra from Raven's BluffUnexamined
To Be a Paladin...Unexamined
Dwarf Fighter Background.Unexamined
Tyrannic Drow Pc roleplay ideasUnexamined
help making a part of my historyUnexamined
Paladin roleplaying point.Unexamined
Need help and feedback on my character: Twibbledorf SkullcleaverUnexamined
Spice Things Up!Unexamined
Backstory FeedbackUnexamined
Wizard help: Nexus'- XP loss vs Bonus Is it worth it?Unexamined
Nicholai son of EltrusUnexamined
Bohdi LeafStrider: Halfling DruidUnexamined
Greiz Kirstall: the blood of heroesUnexamined
aventi swashbuckler needs development helpUnexamined
Reaping mauler ideysUnexamined
Feedback on my Character's Background Please.Unexamined
Creative help for a BardUnexamined
Time for a change?Unexamined
Paladin Raptoran in the Realms?Unexamined
Fiddlewheels background-storyUnexamined
Grey Elf Barckround Ideas Plz HelpUnexamined
Name opinionsUnexamined
Kobold Bard - need help with flavour.Unexamined
Shadywithout being an annoyanceUnexamined
Living Greyhawk meets Wild WestUnexamined
Knightly Orders of Lathander?Unexamined
Monk in dire need of helpUnexamined
Psion/Elocator HELPUnexamined
How does one play Neutral Evil good?Unexamined
Mental DisorderUnexamined
Ideas for playing a "non-good" cleric-rogue character?Unexamined
Agog I [PEACH]Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Horror Character Sheets?Unexamined
Non-Bard DiplomatUnexamined
Help with story for elven wizardUnexamined
Imagine the Possibilities...Unexamined
Drow origins?Unexamined
Need help with spellcaster!!!Unexamined
Am I on the path to evil?Unexamined
Name for a goblin artificerUnexamined
Help a traveling scoutwon't you?Unexamined
Power Gaming and Character DevelopmentUnexamined
Need RP Input: Gnomish ClericUnexamined
Ebberon starting location developmentUnexamined
I'm building a char.Unexamined
A Warforged far from homeUnexamined
Background for a mineral warrior?Unexamined
Siddharth Bhattacharya -- Riedran Elan Archivist/ShaperUnexamined
warlock variantsUnexamined
Yorrin Rayvari - Outcast nobleUnexamined
Brainstorming for a SorcererUnexamined
Heir of Siberys/ Cataclysm MageUnexamined
What do you like to play and not playUnexamined
General Advice for Playing a Mysterious CharacterUnexamined
Hiding crimes against humanity from PaladinsUnexamined
Gen’garo’golax’zaraUnexamined killing machine...Unexamined
Looking For An Interesting Evil Template And PrCNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Half-elf druid has no personalityUnexamined
Paladin: Character Development WorkshopUnexamined
The ComposerUnexamined
Expanding the Paladin Code of ConductUnexamined
Worshiping BlibdoolpoolpUnexamined
It looks like a puma... (need name)Unexamined
Revenged feuled Paladin to fall to evilUnexamined
looking to finish a back story abd create a character.Unexamined
Need help proofreading a backstory for setting consistencyUnexamined
I'm unbeat... owie...Unexamined
I'm Just not EvilUnexamined
Name wantedUnexamined
what do you thinkUnexamined
Comments on backstoryUnexamined
More detail to a character conceptUnexamined
Paladin's with Flavor?Unexamined
how to flesh out a dragon-wrought KoboldUnexamined
character history/storylineUnexamined
Living Greyhawk Madness ClericUnexamined
Starting outUnexamined
Need help to add more depth to my half elf bard (Eberron)Unexamined
What Now?Unexamined
Demetrius Valentine: cyberpunk detectiveUnexamined
Anyone Know?Unexamined
THiefCatcher WizardUnexamined
Guardian SoulsUnexamined
Werewolf BackstoryUnexamined
Dwarven BarbarianUnexamined
what makes a sorcerer magicaland monk sayingsUnexamined
half giant storyUnexamined
Valenar Patron Ancestor?Unexamined
The Necromancer and the PaladinUnexamined
NE Warsinger: Help playing the conceptplease?Unexamined
Elven WizardFenix Niato (good stuff)Unexamined
Half-Orc PaladinUnexamined
A Cataclysm Mage with ClassUnexamined
need help refining a backstory for a gnome mage bladeUnexamined
help with cleric backgroundUnexamined
Ok yes this is my fault but still....Unexamined
Flavor: Drow ex-House SoldierUnexamined
Help with new fighterUnexamined
Developing a Druid of MiellikkiUnexamined
Eloquence without pomposity?Unexamined
Need Help (ergent)Unexamined
i need flavor to savor!Unexamined
Character Help!Unexamined
A short questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Marrulurk HexbladeUnexamined
crazed flowerist wizard 6000 year old lich?? (( Detailed ))Unexamined
LG Elven Rogue / Slayer of DomielUnexamined
Life direction on eldrich knight bard plz helpUnexamined
Vow of Poverty Monk (Dragonlance)Unexamined
just starting rpg.Unexamined
Does This NPC Background Sound Kosher To You?Unexamined
A Way to Make My Telepath SpecialUnexamined
Your opinion on this please...Unexamined
Dwarven Barbarianwould like adviceUnexamined
The Chaotic Rogue DwarfUnexamined
The backstory of bard1/warmage1Unexamined
Personality ProblemsUnexamined
Newbie Needs HelpUnexamined
Fallen Paladin IdeasUnexamined
Which (FR) Diety is for me?Unexamined
Help with NPC storm giantUnexamined
Dwarf Fighter/PaladinUnexamined
help wiht my rogue/wizUnexamined
New Changeling character (Eberron)Unexamined
Background and style for Shadowbane StalkerUnexamined
Class HelpUnexamined
monk ideasUnexamined
Paladin/Pious Templar.Unexamined
Arcane process. (A concept story)Unexamined
Delete This Thread PleaseUnexamined
Need a Background for a Jermlaine DruidUnexamined
Bacground Story of my Half Drow. What do you think So far?Unexamined
Psiforged: motivation and nameUnexamined
SpellforgedConcept and personalityUnexamined
Aasimar Sorcerer Name?Unexamined
Is this a good background to work on?Unexamined
Fleshing a Character - Tips on Style over Mechanics.Unexamined
Backstory for the Reformera (FR) TelepathUnexamined
How to do an ingenue in a film-noir campaign?Unexamined
Jean-Paul of Alvegny -- Aundairian Half-Elf Paladin/Bard of the Silver FlameUnexamined
How would violence warp teen adventurers?Unexamined
Cailetthe Fire GenasiUnexamined
Help with RogueUnexamined
Give back story for this Eberron CharacterUnexamined
Need BBEG2 for Eberron CampeignUnexamined
Optimize my Trip MonkUnexamined
help with Tiefling ClericUnexamined
Cleric of OlidimarraUnexamined
Realistic Alignments (P.S. also very good for DMs)Unexamined
draconic sorc needs a storyUnexamined
Alton Lardona Human BinderUnexamined
Forgotten Realms Time of Troubles (for me)Unexamined
My First Story PostHelp PleaseUnexamined
My cleric needs a religion ...Unexamined
Backround in Need of Critique...Unexamined
Beliefs/philosophy etc....?Unexamined
Chameleon Background.Unexamined
Doesnt get along with other PCsUnexamined
Twin Greatsword Fighter need help.Unexamined
Magic and spell verbal RPG realisationUnexamined
breathe life into this guy!!! help me!Unexamined
Advancing my charactorUnexamined
Half Celestial Character-P.E.A.C.H.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Arcane Heirophant storyUnexamined
a... good illithid?!Unexamined
Lillianthe tiefling PaladinUnexamined
Help me develop a backstory for a gestalt pixie/cleric/rogueUnexamined
Do you retcon your character backgrounds much?Unexamined
Monk AssistanceUnexamined
Making a Paladin NPC to challenge non-Evil players?Unexamined
Duggy (new character)Unexamined
Thay and the lizardfolks...Unexamined
Dwarven BattleragerUnexamined
August IIIthe Favored Son of IasisUnexamined
a good illithid (~revised~)Unexamined
Issue with ageUnexamined
Spells for possessionUnexamined
Tiefling Rogue/Fighter Help!!Unexamined
A formal philosophy for my CharacterUnexamined
I am building a Tiny (Literally) MeleeAny ideas?Unexamined
Lurk Backstory Critique RequestedUnexamined
A Paladin's codeUnexamined
PC levels past 20Unexamined
Story of the Old Druid from the woodUnexamined
HElp me develop this more completely...Unexamined
My first character everplease helpUnexamined
d20 Modern Poker Player/FencerUnexamined
Any flavor ideas for my gnome bard?Unexamined
Need humorous battlecries and catch phrases for my Samurai...Unexamined
Female barbarian archer...Unexamined
Unarmed Strike Rogue's Thieves GuildUnexamined
The Puppet MasterUnexamined
Looking for a cool Weapon Profficency (mild Age of Worms spoilers)Unexamined
The Most Cleched Wizard BackgroundUnexamined
Halfling caster????Unexamined
Looking to express a character conceptUnexamined
Need help with a unique character.Unexamined
Fox KitsuneUnexamined
Half-Drow or DwarfUnexamined
"The Keychain" organizationUnexamined
tips for playing a NE clericUnexamined
Why would these work together?Unexamined
Battlefield mageUnexamined
Player's Handbook IIUnexamined
The Brutal BarbarianUnexamined
Sky Jedi and the world of two weeks agoUnexamined
Opinion PleaseUnexamined
How should I roleplay this character?Unexamined
Concept HelpUnexamined
Campaign IdeaUnexamined
Duskling IdiomsUnexamined
Trying to find th right class for the partyUnexamined
Steet MageUnexamined
Change or Standard Personality; Dwarf ?Unexamined
what build should i use to make Save DC's INSAINLY high?Unexamined
Helpthematicallywith a deityUnexamined
Druid/Paladin (don't ask)Unexamined
Tiefling Wizard bg help please?Unexamined
Call to hexbladesUnexamined
I need help thinking of a crimeUnexamined
Kobold PersonalityUnexamined
A Ranger that wants to be...Unexamined
[PEACH] Eberron BackgroundHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Dragonwrought KoboldUnexamined
Story for a Halfling Druid going into the WLD. Need detail help.Unexamined
Noble namesUnexamined
Cleric/Wizard of Chaav.Unexamined
Know-it-all SpellthiefUnexamined
Entire Party's BackgroundUnexamined
Purple DragonUnexamined
Need help roleplaying a characterUnexamined
A player seeking advice...Unexamined
dragon shamanUnexamined
changling spyUnexamined
Egyptian-like character...sort ofUnexamined
So... what should my character concept be?Unexamined
Party/DM helpUnexamined
Changling Artificer?Unexamined
Villian names...ugh.Unexamined
The lying mechantUnexamined
1st character; P.E.A.C.H.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Help me make my nontalented bard coolUnexamined
Astral BardUnexamined
Developing a rival characterUnexamined
Kronark The ForgottenUnexamined
Paladin and dragon steedUnexamined
vampire shadowcasterUnexamined
I need help with a kobold character backgroundUnexamined
Grizzeld the KoboldUnexamined
The Dwarven ChefUnexamined
Iron Kingdoms Ogrun Tanktrying to make one interesting.Unexamined
Just what alignment is this?Unexamined
Help fleshing out a Duskblade in FaerunUnexamined
please help with character concept.Unexamined
Standing up for yourself...Unexamined
Need ideas for a short background for a Gnome Bard in SigilUnexamined
Human Binder. Help!!!!Unexamined
Evaluate my NPC backstory!Unexamined
The Far RealmUnexamined
Any tips for creating an interesting character?Unexamined
NPC backgroundsUnexamined
The Quest For PowerUnexamined
which kind of desertUnexamined
Crafting HelpUnexamined
New WF Artificer - how would she talk?Unexamined
101 reasons why lawfull sucksUnexamined
Help evaluate my characterUnexamined
A Few Characters to Flesh Out for EberronUnexamined
Looking for an ArtistUnexamined
Missing Personality Traits from PHIIUnexamined
Breathing some life into a gnomish druid.Unexamined
Kobold Rogue Background (fairly long)Unexamined
Ghostwise Dread NecromancerUnexamined
Elf Binder's MotivationUnexamined
Body guardUnexamined
Vampire that wants to be good...Unexamined
So I'm taking the vow of peace....Unexamined
Background for a Kalashtar psionUnexamined
Background for Rasheman Barbarian/ForsakerUnexamined
Jean grey Phoenix buildUnexamined
RolePlay AND PowerCAN co-existUnexamined
New Jedi Order JediUnexamined
Cloistered Cleric?Unexamined
Archivist = ???Unexamined
Yet another Magus buildUnexamined
Military-flavored Mage PrC?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Gangster fighter!Unexamined
Gruff Ranger Bandit HunterUnexamined
okay having a small problemUnexamined
Character helpfirst Forgotten Realms campaignUnexamined
Advancing WemicUnexamined
Dragon Shaman Help pleaseUnexamined
Help with Thri Kreen wandererUnexamined
please helpUnexamined
How much backstory is appropriate?Unexamined
LG Aasimar Paladin of TyrPEACHHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Describing an anthropomorphic owl?Unexamined
A man of scienceUnexamined
Shepherd Book?Unexamined
do you like necros check out this classUnexamined
Need help developing my characterUnexamined
vile to the coreUnexamined
VAMP-like character ideaUnexamined
Roleplaying Low Charisma.Unexamined
Xen'Drik GuideUnexamined
Vile characterUnexamined
Playing a tolerable evil bastardUnexamined
Paladin Archer of the Silver Flame?Unexamined
NPC Aasimar BlackguardUnexamined
Planetouched MongrelfolkUnexamined
Newer player looking for helpUnexamined
playing a merchantUnexamined
Tips for RPing a DruidUnexamined
Elan Council Motives and Goals?Unexamined
Making an Iron Golem.Unexamined
How to play this BlackguardUnexamined
defining contemporary characters alignement/atributesUnexamined
My Psychic WarriorUnexamined
Ten years!Unexamined
Gnome or Halfling Druid in Forgotten RealmsUnexamined
Kobold in lifekobold in partyUnexamined
need help playing a elan psionUnexamined
How develope this gal...Unexamined
Building Characters using the 7 Deadly Sins/Heavenly VirtuesUnexamined
Playing a Pale masterUnexamined
Where to go from here...Unexamined
Tips for a someone with a demon insideUnexamined
Where'd I learn so many languages?Unexamined
Help me with an interesting characterUnexamined
Help with changling statsUnexamined
Stats for swashbucklerUnexamined
Clerics and Vows?Unexamined
Need help fleshing out this villainUnexamined
Animal CompanionUnexamined
Doubt on a cavalierUnexamined
Playing HextorUnexamined
help for me and my partyUnexamined
racial namesUnexamined
Playing high charismaUnexamined
Wizard quotes/sayingsUnexamined
Designing a Raven(Teen Titan)-esque CharacterUnexamined
HumanFemale Monk - ?????Unexamined
Luckstealer Suggestions...Unexamined
Druid Personality -> need helpUnexamined
Bail Bondsman/Bounty HunterUnexamined
Help with a Devoted PerformerUnexamined
Help for a Frenzied BerserkerUnexamined
Does this sound reasonable?Unexamined
Veldrinthalasa past lost & a bloody futureUnexamined
I need a reason to staysort of.Unexamined
figuring out alignmentUnexamined
Plots for Anthromorphs. . .Unexamined
Druid animal forms.Unexamined
Eberron - Whisper Gnome AssassinUnexamined
hmm.. cant quite decide. advice?Unexamined
Initiative Issues whi8le sneak attackingUnexamined
MEga combo on weapon throwingUnexamined
Casca MasiffSoldier of FortuneUnexamined
performer of the yearUnexamined
Half-wraith or wraithtouched template/race?Unexamined
character questionablesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Storm Based CharacterUnexamined
High level wizard with max 1 hp!Unexamined
Dragon creation problems.Unexamined
Elan Character Background: Comments? (LONG)Unexamined
Inanimate animationUnexamined
Ancient elf?Unexamined
Red Hand of DoomUnexamined
Help me outDIG!Unexamined
Rupert Hitchins Esquire(l) ~ homeless bum (Druid) living in the parkUnexamined
Help fleshing out this character and avoiding the stereotypeUnexamined
What has your 110 years old level 1 been up to till his advanture begins?Unexamined
How to become a druid in an urban campaign?Unexamined
Party namesUnexamined
What would you name this character?Unexamined
I need a name to go with my SymbolUnexamined
LF Divine/Psionic classUnexamined
What would make a paladin decide to turn her back on her god and become evil?Unexamined
How can you be a compeletely mean person while having a good alignment?Unexamined
Player Characters under 15?Unexamined
Aasimar SorcererUnexamined
Conceptualizing a LE knight - comments and help appreciatedUnexamined
RP Antifeats in fantasy settingsUnexamined
Justifcation for changing your animal companionUnexamined
Need some geographical specifics to flesh out my character's backstoryUnexamined
Jayne Cobb & Malcolm ReynoldsUnexamined
Rowan Crescent-Heart: Dervish of the Moon.Unexamined
Veteran SoldierRules Question Or Discussion
Dragon Shaman BackgroundUnexamined
an interesting npcUnexamined
warforged questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Alth ShrenanUnexamined
DailanHalf-Elven Warrior - Thoughts on Bio?Unexamined
I just don't know what to do *Druid creation help*Unexamined
Dangers in the woods.Unexamined
Just a simple questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
circus troopUnexamined
Evil Druid of Aberrations??Unexamined
Masks the skeletonUnexamined
Draft of paladin codeplease commentUnexamined
Emerald Enclave InformationUnexamined
Give your characters titles!Unexamined
'plz' HelpUnexamined
make up story for characterUnexamined
Rick The pladianUnexamined
Need Help With NecromancerUnexamined
Help Choosing a character classUnexamined
Orc Druid in EbberonUnexamined
My first ninja Help meee!Unexamined
Rogue marinerUnexamined
Need help with character bio...Unexamined
Please read bio & give suggestions...Unexamined
A small problem with twins...Unexamined
need advice on a character concept that at first might seem contradictory...Unexamined
Duskblades in Eberron?Unexamined
Little halfling.. Mighty Pirate?Unexamined
Ptolus campaign: Druid (halfling?)Unexamined
Jack and CairnUnexamined
Dragon Shaman BioUnexamined
Healing cleric PC for "Against the Giants"Unexamined
Desert Elf Half-Janni WarlockUnexamined
Gnome Potion BrewerUnexamined
11'th level rogue wants some Sorcerous magic - how?Unexamined
Help fleshing out a backstoryUnexamined
A Barbarian's role in Eberron?Unexamined
Ex-mount of a dead paladin as a PC?Unexamined
Help With 2 Character's StoriesUnexamined
Cleric Build Opinions/Ideas?Unexamined
A different kind of necromancer?Unexamined
Arcane trickster against all odds?Unexamined
A Changeling Rogue with a bit a grit.Unexamined
New character ideaUnexamined
Help with my Rogue/FighterUnexamined
Lack of substance in my Cleric's backstoryUnexamined
What would a blind person be doing adventuring?Unexamined
Creating a continent. Need feedback.Unexamined
suggestions for an evil characterUnexamined
Andorra Hausdorffneutral human Karrnathi Cleric of Kol KorranUnexamined
Help with this builds background EberonUnexamined
Need help with a druid bio...Unexamined
A Rogue With a TwistUnexamined
Roleplaying with new party membersUnexamined
This one is a challengeUnexamined
Druidic backgroundUnexamined
Putting edge into character.Unexamined
war forge ninja background help :DUnexamined
Help me flesh out my character with a backstoryUnexamined
Tiefling DuskbladeUnexamined
Writing the background of a BBEG... suggestions/advice if you have it.Unexamined
Dragged into it...Unexamined
Question regarding characters with lack of free willNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
dwarf fighter/truenamerUnexamined
Suggestions for magic item componentsUnexamined
The Dry LichUnexamined
Hulk build.Unexamined
Elven Ranger backgroundis it any good?Unexamined
My name is Inigo Montoya You killed my father Prepare to DieUnexamined
Background HelpUnexamined
Help with my Psion.Unexamined
Ponderings on a new worldUnexamined
Shifter MonkVoP... NEEDS HELP!Unexamined
Barbaric PaladinUnexamined
My Modern/Future werewolf problemsUnexamined
Suggestions for a Kobold Ninja.Unexamined
Dragon Shaman Background. Sound Ok?Unexamined
Half-Elf Druid backgroundUnexamined
Level 1 fighter-EberronUnexamined
Non-evil necromancerUnexamined
Cold Mage From The SpineUnexamined
Help with my Human Fighter!Unexamined
World of Warcraft WarlockUnexamined
Young BeguilerUnexamined
Alrighti could use some class advicemy customs are getting difficult to do.Unexamined
Arvuis and FriendsUnexamined
Half-dragon paladin of freedom backgroundUnexamined
Playing a sorcererdon't want high CHAUnexamined
Angel(David Borandez)-esk character.Unexamined
Warlock build help (non-evil)Unexamined
Blackguard backstoryUnexamined
D&D 3.5 Con Artistneed suggestionsUnexamined
Character Development Hall of Shame: The worst backgrounds you've writtenUnexamined
Looking for a good tragic flawUnexamined
Practical JokerUnexamined
Alignment issues - barbarian dwarfUnexamined
Ranger elfUnexamined
New Player Seeks HelpNon-Smoker PrefferedUnexamined
Backstory for Elven WizUnexamined
pirate wizard??Unexamined
Eberron Gnome.Unexamined
Nercopolitan archivistUnexamined
Need help with ideas for Warforged Jade Phoenix MageUnexamined
Need Background Critique: Mechanatrix Samurai?Unexamined
CE dwarf barbarian werewolf (17th char. level)Unexamined
Plz review my BackgroundUnexamined
Dark Play ThingsUnexamined
changling sorcerorneed helpUnexamined
One More Time..... And I Don't Mean Daft PunkUnexamined
Dragon Shaman background v2Unexamined
Link's alignmentUnexamined
Galiana DvaelenUnexamined
History of a WarforgedUnexamined
Magician title?Unexamined
Brevik Dragonchild and the Class of the DragoonUnexamined
a challenge for thosewho are crazy like meUnexamined
Help with backgroundUnexamined
Smile for the... anachronism?Unexamined
Cleric/Auspician development.Unexamined
What does one have to do to get help here?Unexamined
Epic character in need of helpUnexamined
Need help for a true necromancerUnexamined
true necroUnexamined
Reasons for choosing a favored enemyUnexamined
I need a Dragon Disciple pictureUnexamined
Dragonborn Dragon ShamanUnexamined
Halus"the Ironarm".Unexamined
Artificer... QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Super Mount Feats & QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Please critique this halfling's backgroundUnexamined
Paladin of Wee Jas?Unexamined
superstitions. . .Unexamined
Tiefling Illusionist/ Rogue concept helpUnexamined
Non-Eberron Warforged KnightUnexamined
Son of Bahamut is a KoboldUnexamined
Neutral Good "Necromancer"Unexamined
Half-elven Non-samuraiUnexamined
Kobold SorcererUnexamined
Help: New character for Grey HawkUnexamined
Mortalbane for the purposes of flavorUnexamined
Third Level SwordsageUnexamined
gahele eladrin in Forgotten RealmsUnexamined
Calashite Sorcerer Backstoryneed some ideas!!!Unexamined
Getting into character...Unexamined
Character Background Problems - PsionUnexamined
Trouble with ConceptsUnexamined
Anti-Drow DrowUnexamined
Is this character possible?Unexamined
Post ure Character Background´s / Personality hereUnexamined
gnome gnamesUnexamined
More than shattering glassUnexamined
Mysterious Stanger From the EastUnexamined
Name my Airship contestUnexamined
Help Finding a new CharacterUnexamined
Just rolled up a character...Unexamined
Everyone's Favorite Character Concept?Unexamined
Where to go from here?Unexamined
Need help creating character...Unexamined
Need ideas on a druidUnexamined
Principles as guidelines for alignment?Unexamined
Monk Build IdeasUnexamined
1/4 Orc ScoutUnexamined
Making a summonerUnexamined
How to play a paladin.Unexamined
Gnome ArtificerUnexamined
Low ScoresUnexamined
Help with character background....Unexamined
Honor-bound barbUnexamined
Fresh Ideas for Desert RodentsUnexamined
No past concept for my character...Ideas
The Brothers DrakusUnexamined
Human Paladin/1 Marshal/4Unexamined
Need help with name/background for GunBladeUnexamined
Sorcerer Who Cares About His HeritageUnexamined
A Sorcerer and a Scholar?Unexamined
Please help a poor power-gamer? =)Unexamined
Where to take my converted Cleric of HextorUnexamined
Fleshing out my Changeling WarriorUnexamined
Why would a Thranish Wizard be at Kennrun 2 weeks pre-mourning?Unexamined
Mage Hunter (Grey Hawk)Unexamined
redoing my clericUnexamined
The Master MerchantUnexamined
Wannabe Windwright CaptainUnexamined
Orc NPC roleplay (Honorable OrcsWarcraft III style)Unexamined
Hengeyokai Shapechanger Roleplay?Unexamined
My blind monk. Little help?Unexamined
i have a ?Unexamined
How do you roleplay a 7 intelligence?Unexamined
Greek Fighter!Unexamined
Really old elven wizardUnexamined
Manifesting/casting from Hit Points?Unexamined
Character Portraits?Unexamined
help me with minor dwarven fighter roleplayingUnexamined
The Hessian PCUnexamined
Ardent story helpUnexamined
Rate this Background - Magic Jar VillainUnexamined
Overall thoughts on player to player conflict in storyUnexamined
For fame and gloryUnexamined
Help deciding on a class.Unexamined
Ogre Mage Binder/IncarnateUnexamined
playing a woman characterUnexamined
which oneUnexamined
Why should my Tiefling Scout Exist?Unexamined
Two characters in need of backstories...Unexamined
Champion of Gwynharwyf in the RealmsUnexamined
Evil Great Renoun Calling CardUnexamined
Post your characters SMART ASS remarks!Unexamined
RP TipsUnexamined
What to do with my devil.Unexamined
Seeking a new reason.Unexamined
Level 3 to 20 wizardUnexamined
help with koboldUnexamined
Rant: Anyone else find the idea that flawed heroes are innately interesting tiresome?Unexamined
Back Story Ideas/Tips for a BardUnexamined
Back Story IdeasTips for a BardUnexamined
What sites do you get your pictures fromUnexamined
Code of conductUnexamined
Background Tips for a Thri-Kreen WarriorUnexamined
Need Help: Designing a Persian Prince BackgroundUnexamined
The Blue MageUnexamined
What do you think of a Devil-Human CharacterUnexamined
Can bards have familiars?Unexamined
Looking for suggestions - Gestalt tankUnexamined
Lizardfolk rangerUnexamined
Need Dwarven Rogue character sketchUnexamined
Non-cliche background for a PsionUnexamined
Werewolf-Vampire hybrid and looksUnexamined
Master of Shrouds thoughtUnexamined
Stroy/Flavor Dwarf ArchivistUnexamined
Developing a Half-dragon Dragon Shaman (Red)Unexamined
Cleric of the DevourerUnexamined
Warforged Paladinwork in progressUnexamined
Changing alignment from neutral to lawful neutralUnexamined
A good well rounded back round for a ninjaUnexamined
Help with my backstoryUnexamined
Flesh Golem going for... what? Help!Unexamined
Big PlansUnexamined
Believeable NamesUnexamined
Getting strange with the bard.Unexamined
Character me pleaseUnexamined
Fun Little Things to do With Ninjas Ki Outside of Battle.Unexamined
First-Time Player... Need Advice With A RogueUnexamined
How to play internal conflict?Unexamined
Anyone have a link to a good character development thread?Unexamined
Artist WantedUnexamined
The Beast (Need help with backstory)Unexamined
Survey: Which Arcanist do you prefer?Unexamined
What to make of this?Unexamined
Saint BrideiWarforged ClericUnexamined
A believable background storyUnexamined
Advice on developing my character conceptsUnexamined
Pirate with flavorUnexamined
Foul dealingsUnexamined
Epic Character ConceptUnexamined
Obsidian blades and songs...Unexamined
Greyhawk Noble family namesUnexamined
Zealot of the Silverflame. Opinions appreciated!Unexamined
Human Effigy?Unexamined
Mohrg BackgroundUnexamined
How to come up with new things?Unexamined
A lawful/Nut shadow Wiver?Unexamined
Wizard Netheril-esqueUnexamined
Monk dedicated to FharlanghnUnexamined
Need help fleshing out backgroundUnexamined
help flesh me outUnexamined
Prayer to patron deityUnexamined
NoDachi Samurai HelpUnexamined
Good ability scores?Unexamined
Gestalt Fighter/MonkUnexamined
Little help with self-controlplease?Unexamined
lawful nuetralUnexamined
Check My BackStory Plz!Unexamined
Never mindUnexamined
please help desighn an evil enemy.Unexamined
Wheel of Time Character BackgroundUnexamined
Zayl Raven- Human RogueUnexamined
Half-Ogre Werebear Barbarian?Unexamined
What about this cleric?Unexamined
dervish hustlerof sort...Unexamined
Human RogueUnexamined
primitive/savage mannerismsUnexamined
blade schoolUnexamined
fist fighter star warsUnexamined
Guidence pleaseUnexamined
Building a builder PCUnexamined
Sorc BackgroundUnexamined
My new Gestalt Characters History. (EXTREMELY LENGTHY!)Unexamined
FR: Aasimar Paladin/Monk of IllmaterUnexamined
UnCon Event: Dragon's Landing PodcastUnexamined
Why does my goofy Tiefling exist?Unexamined
Roleplaying magic items?Unexamined
101 Warforged personalitiesUnexamined
Anime Style DNDUnexamined
character conceptsUnexamined
Gnome sorcererUnexamined
An Ascetic Fighter?Unexamined
Reasons why one would be send to a prison plane?Unexamined
Good necromancers?Unexamined
How's this concept sound?Unexamined
Demonblooded SpellthiefUnexamined
Downtime in writingUnexamined
Why should I listen to Dragon's Landing Podcast?Unexamined
UnCon Event: Dragon's Landing Q & AUnexamined
Machine Race backgroundUnexamined
Help acting lawful neutralUnexamined
Does this jive with Ravenloft?Unexamined
Can fantasy and horror mix? (a Dragon's Landing question for UnCon or general use)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
My first serious 3.5 characterUnexamined
Table of Personality TraitsUnexamined
Bicentennial ManUnexamined
What races do you associate with Schools of Magic?Unexamined
Garidas IltiamarUnexamined
optimization vs roleplaying predicamentUnexamined
My back story for my sor3ftr2Unexamined
Help create tribe leaderUnexamined
Critique This BackstoryUnexamined
Does the "character with amnesia that appears naive but has a dark past" suitable...Unexamined
A Seafaring DervishUnexamined
Trandoshan Fringer- Needs a background.Unexamined
Websites for Character Journals?Unexamined
Hebobo: Primative Archivist (PEACH)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Terrifyingly neutralUnexamined
Who the heck is Chtulu?Unexamined
Paladin of Tenebrous?Unexamined
Role-Playing a DruidUnexamined
Chaos Incarnate: Kender WarlockUnexamined
Help in creating a Brawler...Unexamined
Roleplaying an Extremely Low Charisma CharUnexamined
Gonna play a roguewhich direction?Unexamined
Need help with backstoryUnexamined
Continuing a Cleric Build...Unexamined
Cleric project!!!Unexamined
Some roleplaying advice as a mad wizardUnexamined
Backstory needed for unique villainUnexamined
New character plot idea?Unexamined
building of a random charecter?Unexamined
Character Concept:ghost paladinUnexamined
is there any more classes????Unexamined
Alignment DiscriptionUnexamined
Name this sword?Unexamined
Barbarian backgroundUnexamined
Changeling Dragon Sorcerer! It is messed up!?!Unexamined
NPC Roleplaying Advice/IdeasUnexamined
Malor Vedaness: Changeling WarlockUnexamined
Alignment issuesUnexamined
no elves for miles and mil- waitwhere's mom?Unexamined
Getting along with the good guysUnexamined
A lawful neutral Cleric who doesn't like the lawsUnexamined
Lawful Code of conductUnexamined
Changeling Chameleon. Tribe of One. History suggestions?Unexamined
Curropting the partyUnexamined
Yin Lin character backgroundcritique pleaseUnexamined
Gilan the RangerUnexamined
Orphan ArtificerUnexamined
Gimick characterneed helpUnexamined
My character and his party got separatedUnexamined
Anointing Armor: Holy Ceremony of HanseathUnexamined
Is 20 levels of any PC/PrC class really realistic?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Role Playing a human with the "Feral" TemplateUnexamined
Please critique this backstoryUnexamined
PrC for WarmageNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Story for my characterUnexamined
Nun of JoramyUnexamined
Hopefullyan interesting concept for a backstory.Unexamined
Character Creation Diliema Warning: Long PostUnexamined
enchanting monk fistsUnexamined
Need some help with my characterUnexamined
Swashbuckler/Bardish type charUnexamined
Low INT catchphrases!Unexamined
Help w/ Development/Play of my Evil DruidUnexamined
Roleplaying a Barbarian..... with 16 IntUnexamined
Help with new character personaUnexamined
I need help building backgrounds.Unexamined
Playing a Half-Orc monk...Unexamined
My Backstory - Critique pleaseUnexamined
Cool inscriptions for armor or weaponsUnexamined
Warlock power sourcesUnexamined
Inspiration for... a koboldUnexamined
Elven brothers who follow Eberron godsin search of their father.Unexamined
Rhen Varrus Starwars D20 P.E.A.C.H. (Background included)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Playing the heroUnexamined
Fun with PaladinsUnexamined
Developing a LizardfolkUnexamined
Help me with my Soulknife...Unexamined
Developing a Drunken masterUnexamined
Playing a stupid but wise or charismatic characterUnexamined
Ideas for a younger'maturing' hero?Unexamined
Comic Relief (ie: 100 phrases.)Unexamined
Help with a story arcUnexamined
Help with a story arcUnexamined
Hi! New to SWRPGdeveloping Characters and suchneed help!!Unexamined
Playing as a Child Character.Unexamined
Harssaf Druid?Unexamined
200 phrases for a cocky WizardUnexamined
Of Mystic theurges and other conceptsUnexamined
Vheddan Van Kaithehalf-elven wizardPEACH!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The Paladin Antagonist... what would he do?Unexamined
Cleric of Tyr backgroundUnexamined
Please help with story connection betweeen my two charactersUnexamined
Help for Avariel!Unexamined
Undead Cleric?Unexamined
Ice Ice BabyUnexamined
Stoned ElfUnexamined
Ignoreposted on wrong boardUnexamined
Japanese Pop Star?Unexamined
My ideas for my first character...Unexamined
A failed servant of PelorUnexamined
Background story for Dwarven Cleric?Unexamined
Bayushi manipulatorUnexamined
Need help with playing/writing strange characterUnexamined
Your charater's storyUnexamined
NE SadistAlso Known As 'The Psionic Messiah'Unexamined
Gnomish Giant-SlayerUnexamined
Mystic Theurge BackgroundUnexamined
"Noble" dwarf cleric backgroundUnexamined
Half-orc outcast shaman.Unexamined
Street rat backgroundUnexamined
Reason for 2 Adventurers To Be Travelling TogetherUnexamined
Arcane Caster RunawayUnexamined
Holy ScriptureUnexamined
My Quest!!Unexamined
Forest Gnome background Help?( Antagonist Blightlords)Unexamined
Otherworldy Sun-Elf BeguilerUnexamined
New character backstory.Unexamined
A very brainy half-ogre...Unexamined
Male Drow Names?Unexamined
A dark Elf backstoryUnexamined
House Vadalis Servant of the Silver FlameUnexamined
What is an appropriate way to role play an alienist's insanity?Unexamined
Help: the Exotic WarriorUnexamined
Xenhareth the KalashtarUnexamined
Starting new gameneed help with back story for two charactersUnexamined
Gestalt charactersUnexamined
Portrait Database?Unexamined
101 BackstoriesUnexamined
Spellscale Sor/Dragonheart MageUnexamined
Gutter Mage?Unexamined
Book of Vile Darkness...Unexamined
William the WordePaladin in the shadows.Unexamined
Kobold SwordsageUnexamined
Nita the Shifter Monk: High WISlow INT and low CHAUnexamined
Swordsage helpUnexamined
Tribal Spirt-SeerUnexamined
101 dark catchphrasesUnexamined
Vampire/Half-vamp PaladinUnexamined
Need help narrowing down a Lyrander charUnexamined
New RangerUnexamined
Berthold Eisenkern: bitterdisillusioned old ex-cleric of the Blood of Vol sorcererUnexamined
Beastmaster backstoryUnexamined
To kill or not to kill (or possibly enslave)Unexamined
help me im despriteUnexamined
I am tired of counter-stereotypes!Unexamined
more in-depth backstoryhelpUnexamined
101 phrases for a sarcastic druidUnexamined
Challenge: Half-orc druid/sorc/AHUnexamined
My First D&D CharacterUnexamined
Nontraditional AssassinsUnexamined
Backstory Templates?Unexamined
Battle scars?Unexamined
Please post your sorcerer conceptsUnexamined
Please post your wizard conceptsUnexamined
Cleric of PelorUnexamined
Requesting help to flesh out my dragon disciple.Unexamined
Dread PirateUnexamined
The "Foreigner"Unexamined
Help fixing party relationsUnexamined
Most exotic storys? Anyone?Unexamined
Anime style D&DUnexamined
1st Level Human WizardUnexamined
Looking for some story ideasUnexamined
Incarnum in need of constructionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Drow sorcererUnexamined
LG Changeling Ro/Cl/SSUnexamined
The DemonswornUnexamined
From Generic to Characterful?Unexamined
Adventuring Dwarven Cleric/SmithUnexamined
Dwarf/Cleric Background?Unexamined
My vermin lord backgroundUnexamined
Backstory help needed: Neutral Evil IncarnateUnexamined
If Your Next Character Was From A MovieWho Would It Be?Unexamined
Fine tuning a character ideaUnexamined
What to do with the prisonersUnexamined
Age and levelUnexamined
Blackguard conceptsUnexamined
Building a DragonpactUnexamined
Need input for a dwarven defender backgroundUnexamined
Lgbt DndUnexamined
Character Art HelpUnexamined
Lost for a Character BaseUnexamined
Incarnum Character QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Memorable Magic ItemsUnexamined
How to RP an alignment change: LN --> CEUnexamined
How to rp a certain demon hunterUnexamined
Wonderboy: Playing a 'weak' character like a 'strong' one.Unexamined
Mount for a small palladinUnexamined
The Wii & D&D: The Link EffectPart DeuxUnexamined
An 'all wizard' gameUnexamined
Rogue Barbarian?Unexamined
Rouge/Bard Fighter = PseudoSwashbuckler?Unexamined
Character CrisisUnexamined
Interesting Roleplaying-based character.Unexamined
Forest Black Op Gone City Boy ...Please HelpUnexamined
Ghaele believing Tymora (Forgotten Realms)Unexamined
Gemini saint SagaUnexamined
Making a PixieUnexamined
Half-Orc DruidUnexamined
Becoming a Demi-God?Unexamined
Half Orc Emancipator; Need suggestionsUnexamined
Half-Drow FighterUnexamined
Help! My character is a jerk!Unexamined
1st time wizardUnexamined
Duskling ReligionUnexamined
it's a story of a rogueUnexamined
An elfa druid none the lessraised by dwarves.Unexamined
Chaotic Neutral Cleric of Erythnul?Unexamined
Neutral or evil?Unexamined
Goliath backstoryUnexamined
Mad Scientist (Wizard)Unexamined
Cohort Assistance (PEACH!)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Druid Pirate?Unexamined
How would you play 6 wisdom?Unexamined
A contradiction?Unexamined
How can one explain multiclassing?Unexamined
Faithful Duos: Clerics and PaladinsUnexamined
The Shroud sagaUnexamined
Looking for help with introducing my character.Unexamined
looking for help with my backgroundUnexamined
How do you play a swashbuckeling adventurer?Unexamined
The half-dragon kobold...Unexamined
Is vengence a viable futurebuild wise?Unexamined
RP'ing Dread NecromancerUnexamined
help with a soilknifeUnexamined
Archvillains and minionsUnexamined
Drow: A Few QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
half orc barbarian need help role playingUnexamined
Lawful Neutral High elfUnexamined
White Dragonwraught Arctic Kobold Subzero Sorcerer Supreme!Unexamined
Bad a-$$ paladin?Unexamined
What class would he be?Unexamined
Help with Assasin Backstory and RPingUnexamined
Would he fit?Unexamined
Help Rebuilding Frenzied Berzerker!!!Unexamined
Racial History - JanniUnexamined
Lines for cat ninja.Unexamined
Out-Drizzt DrizztUnexamined
Help me to find a last name for my characterUnexamined
Half-Ogre raised by halflingsUnexamined
Help with kobold characterUnexamined
Needs to be more Eberrony - New CharacterUnexamined
Help with evil cleric background and storyUnexamined
Background of my Waterdeep Rogue/BardUnexamined
Help with Hitman style RangerUnexamined
Halfling MonkUnexamined
How to: Lvl1 Human ClericUnexamined
Succubus anyone?Unexamined
Opinions on This Character's AlignmentUnexamined
Hmmmhow should i play this?Unexamined
Need help about roleplaying thisUnexamined
RPing an ECL 16 LG Gold DragonUnexamined
Need help with backstoryUnexamined
***** in BootsUnexamined
Darkwing Du-- Raven?Unexamined
Dragon ShamanUnexamined
1001 Practical JokesUnexamined
I need some help creating a rougue characterUnexamined
Jaron Sunglassthe birth of a paladinUnexamined
Playing a CE CharacterUnexamined
Backstory help (why evil would turn good)Unexamined
Piphtrip: Awakend Dire Weasel Warlock/RougeUnexamined
Fat Monkthe Sumo Spellslinger!Unexamined
Noah WindsongIllusionist WizardUnexamined
Need backstory for this dude.Unexamined
general roleplaying questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Level 15 Priest of MoradinUnexamined
Opinions regarding alignment examples and challenging newbies' alignmentsUnexamined
Background Help needed.Unexamined
Help with my Character Story?Unexamined
Help with cleric of Wee JassUnexamined
ANY Possible Character Backgrounds AppreciatedUnexamined
Mr. Tibbs - suggestions and feedbackUnexamined
Defensive Fighter...Unexamined
character DevelopmentExalted Radiant Servant of PelorUnexamined
also in need of background help / ideasUnexamined
Character Critique - Gnome BeguilerUnexamined
necro story help wantedUnexamined
Please need some tips roleplaying this characterUnexamined
Re: Average AbilitiesUnexamined
help playing characterUnexamined
NPC background needed: Pirate KingUnexamined
Superior Unarmed Strike and Swordsage QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Minotaur character and other questions.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need some help with an Orc Caster BackgroundUnexamined
Is this a bad idea?Unexamined
Creating a Paladin CodeUnexamined
Background help needed for a NE RogueUnexamined
Character IdeasUnexamined
Two PCs with Opposing views? Possible? Maybe?Unexamined
Githaikai-man MonkUnexamined
LE BeguilerUnexamined
Minions help...Unexamined
Need some help on my Fighter's personality.Unexamined
How to roleplay him?Unexamined
How to roleplay him?Unexamined
Critique CharacterUnexamined
Roleplaying Drastic ChangesUnexamined
Help with an Eeeviil Character StoryUnexamined
Druids???? i Neee HELPUnexamined
Death defying?Unexamined
RP/Backstory Cleric of KelemvorUnexamined
A Druid Ok?Unexamined
Any catchy lines for a monk?Unexamined
Turn and face my righteous wrathUnexamined
A Question of DarfellansNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A quick question on Night Mask DeathbringersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Character Background- Saul- Elan KineticistUnexamined
Adrias the Priest of Lathander - I require assistance on his characterizationUnexamined
lines for a sparrow rogueUnexamined
I'm at your mercy!!!My ranger needs a background as soon as possible...Unexamined
Kobold TwinsUnexamined
spiked chainUnexamined
A bit of a conundrum...Unexamined
Eberron PC Background Help Pls.Unexamined
Advice on a character needed.Unexamined
New player requesting asssistance for an Eberron character.Unexamined
Eberron: Artificer backgroundUnexamined
Please help with building Tezla: The Prime Prognosticator of BretnaeUnexamined
Translating a backstory from FR to EberronUnexamined
Help developing ...Unexamined
DM's first timeneed helpUnexamined
Can I get some help with a Cowboy Warlock?Unexamined
The antiparty...Unexamined
Twisted Good or Lawful Evil - could go either wayUnexamined
Lawful Nuetral Cleric of St Cuthbert needs backroundUnexamined
Neutral Druid 10Backstory HelpUnexamined
Pyro Sorcerer Anyone?Unexamined
would like some help with a backstoryUnexamined
Building an Interesting WarmageUnexamined
Arcane DecisionUnexamined
Half-Orc Evoker Background Ideas..Unexamined
Fear of deathUnexamined
Got the what?Unexamined
Aasimar and Tiefling adventuring together?Unexamined
Help me tie to the rest of the groupUnexamined
Atheist ClericUnexamined
Cleric Caster FlavourUnexamined
Playing an Emo DruidUnexamined
Remember Pretender?Unexamined
Making my vanilla Cleric interesting- Help me with the details.Unexamined
Little Help NeededUnexamined
Charmed by a character......Unexamined
Prestige Paladin of OsirisUnexamined
New breed of fighterUnexamined
I have a challenge on my handsUnexamined
Rogue AlignmentUnexamined
Have trouble bringing character to life...Unexamined
Gnoll Rogue's StorylineUnexamined
Son avenging fatherUnexamined
Calimshan Thief Needs More WorkUnexamined
making a mediatorUnexamined
Need BackGround Suggestions/inputUnexamined
Searchy no workyUnexamined
Need some ideas for a backgroundUnexamined
elven noble bard needs reason to leave homeUnexamined
Any ideas for a wanna-be samurai?Unexamined
Please deleteUnexamined
Vigilant Ambition - A Force for GoodUnexamined
Should I bother Multi-classing?Unexamined
In character knowledge of int/skills...Unexamined
Need help with demonic/evil creaturesUnexamined
Help fleshing-out my Binder's backstory...Unexamined
Gnoll Ninja Background?Unexamined
Giving my PC a personality.Unexamined
Which Alignment Would You Call This? (Neutral vs Evil)Unexamined
Help on New Class: Necromantic SummonistUnexamined
Exotic rituals for savage druidUnexamined
half- orc prince of Storm GiantsUnexamined
Backstory for seafaring Half-Orc BrothersUnexamined
Best Bard?Unexamined
ragemage orcUnexamined
Please HelpUnexamined
Bard BackstoryUnexamined
Roleplaying unexpected character development.Unexamined
Editing a Character Backstory for Setting (FR)Unexamined
Trying to decide on what path my bard should take(roleplay focused)Unexamined
Ratel or American Honey BadgerUnexamined
Unwilling servant of the Seldarine--advice soughtUnexamined
does anyone know...Unexamined
Garthe Racist WarforgedUnexamined
Centaur's BackgroundUnexamined
Scout on Isle of DreadUnexamined
Rosengurtle BaumgartenerUnexamined
AntinaThe Dark Daughter of PelorUnexamined
Please help flesh out my exalted DruidUnexamined
Evil Aasimar!!!! RAAR!!!!Unexamined
Background ideasUnexamined
Half-giant and gnomes... friends?Unexamined
lines for a comedian bardUnexamined
I need some advice...Unexamined
Mad scientist storyUnexamined
Tamuril - Valenar elf swordsageblademage of the Desert WindUnexamined
Rogue/Bard Operating within House LyranderUnexamined
The story behind the
PC VampirismUnexamined
The combat optimist.Unexamined
My Rogue/Swashbuckler's fluffwhat do you think?Unexamined
Kobold battle sorcerer-advice wantedUnexamined
Help me please.Unexamined
Help with an AvariellUnexamined
Dwarf barbarian background helpUnexamined
Roleplaying advice: IncantatrixUnexamined
Corvus Corone- The Wandering Crowthe Eyes of DeathUnexamined
Stupid InventionsUnexamined
need a little help 20+Unexamined
Character Time breakUnexamined
At what point can I kill this Drow?Unexamined
Domain Choice JustificationUnexamined
A fork in the road.Unexamined
Songs and PoemsUnexamined
Basic Multiclass Description GuideUnexamined
Necromancer and Swordsage... need a reason for two to be travelingUnexamined
Ranger/ Ex-DruidUnexamined
Make Me Believe This Guy ExistsUnexamined
Character creation worksheet?Unexamined
What would Guts' (from Berserk) character progression beUnexamined
Help with a Viking WizardUnexamined
Please help with Mage/PriestUnexamined
So my character died...Unexamined
Rogue BuildsUnexamined
Toturi Naoko Age 10Unexamined
Killing Mind Flayers for fun & profitUnexamined
Some help with backstory...Unexamined
Need backstoryUnexamined
Need a BackgroundUnexamined
Help with an Evil WarlockUnexamined
Pyromanic Gnome SpellcasterUnexamined
A knight-to-befirst level fighterUnexamined
Dwarven ClericUnexamined
Need help with Deity and Domain choices...Unexamined
Princess PCUnexamined
Necromancy that isn't evilUnexamined
A Cleric and his pet TroglodyteUnexamined
figuring out playstyleUnexamined
Introducing New CharacterUnexamined
Undead PaladinUnexamined
Half elfUnexamined
Naruto in D&D?Unexamined
Cleric prayersUnexamined
True neutral druid/wizard turning neutral goodUnexamined
New Artificer to get your mits onUnexamined
Need Backstory Ideas for an AssasinUnexamined
A character in need of reconstructionUnexamined
A Dwarf Divine Mind/ Dragon Shaman...Unexamined
Need help with Backstory for Chinese Advisor/Monk-like ThingUnexamined
Character Fiction - A Short StoryUnexamined
I'm Not a RogueNot Yet a Wizard.Unexamined
Help with flareUnexamined
creating a 'person'Unexamined
Tiny little seamstressUnexamined
Need inspiration for a GnomeUnexamined
Best Base Class for Lucky?Unexamined
Emory Linwoodthe Silver Bolt of HeironeousUnexamined
Killoren DruidUnexamined
Counte of Monte Cristo... or Hellbent on VengeanceUnexamined
Arazarim Darest And Eric StoneheartUnexamined
A Cleric tasked with a considerable challengeUnexamined
NPC Backstory help anyone?Unexamined
Character Background- Aust- Half-Elf DruidUnexamined
Devout Follower of Pelor RP IdeasUnexamined
Help with Arcane Swat TeamUnexamined
What to do next. Need HelpUnexamined
Pvp suggestionsUnexamined
Artifact-searching spellcaster drow girl with a whip?Unexamined
How to play a realistic Glutton...Unexamined
ghost riderUnexamined
Feedback on this Tiefling [in Eberron]Unexamined
Backstory for an aristocratic Warforged detective...Unexamined
I am Toon Ginyo. Yu killed my motherprepare to die!Unexamined
I am Toon Ginyo. Y0u killed my motherprepare to die!Unexamined
Golaith Barbarian BackstoryUnexamined
Crazed halfling monk/thief... would this work?Unexamined
Fantasy insultsUnexamined
Level 3 wizardUnexamined
playing a goblinUnexamined
"Perfect Party"Unexamined
Help With Development of this character.Unexamined
101 phrases for the self-absorbed atheistUnexamined
Can gnomes be evil?Unexamined
Trying to tie it all togetherUnexamined
The infamous and somewhat cliche Gnome IllusionistUnexamined
Funnest Short-Campaign Class?Unexamined
Gormthe Half Orc SwordsageUnexamined
LF suggestions on how to rp a paladin who discovers sorcerer abilitiesUnexamined
Multiple personality Changling-EberronUnexamined
Arcane Heirophant - Familiar Companion ProcessUnexamined
A Character Concept Dwarf (Monk)?Unexamined
Female Gold Elf PsionUnexamined
helpI'm a bad RPer :(Unexamined
Fist of Torm: A Divine Crusader buildUnexamined
ArcanusHarbinger of DestinyUnexamined
Warlock or Battle mageUnexamined
A little help on a LG cleric aasimarUnexamined
hexblade warlockUnexamined
50 Bard personalitysUnexamined
Character Questionaire?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
1001 Bachgrounds for the forgotten realmsUnexamined
Gerick SwifttongueGoblin SorcererUnexamined
backstory for my new chameleonUnexamined
AIM //rollUnexamined
Dwarf Pirate...Unexamined
Is poison legal?Unexamined
elven handbook?Unexamined
Draethen The human PsycomancerUnexamined
New to the RPing aspect of D&D HELP!Unexamined
Help with a rolePlayign problemUnexamined
Charecter Disfigurement MoMFUnexamined
Belisarius Iscarothuman RangerUnexamined
Can't love my characters for long...helpUnexamined
Ael'azair VandethAdventuring scholar mage - but why?Unexamined
Looking for an ECL +2Unexamined
Can anyone help me out?Unexamined
Cleric of ElestreeUnexamined
Character boost neededUnexamined
Psychic WarriorNemisis... a blank has been drawnUnexamined
Ranger backstory TroubleUnexamined
Non-evil DirgesingerUnexamined
Familiar PossesedUnexamined
okay an annoying help requestUnexamined
Iz'kixkthe Aquatic Kobold RogueUnexamined
Attaining respect for my "girly" bard?Unexamined
Warforged IdeasUnexamined
Roleplaying Dex without ranks.Unexamined
Background Story Required.Unexamined
A REAL IllusionistUnexamined
Developing "Super Bard"Unexamined
Einar Eriksonlvl 8 Warmage NPCUnexamined
change my feats...Unexamined
The Gnomes of GreyhawkUnexamined
Poor Nessa! The evil gnoll took her hands todaynow the little children run away.Unexamined
Roleplaying a Wizard from Forgotten RealmsUnexamined
Ideology for a Lawful Evil Dwarven KensaiUnexamined
Eneko Psychic warrior Background and personality HelpUnexamined
Gain the best of all the Extraordinary Abilities. EVER.Unexamined
Characters based on players?Unexamined
Crod SmashUnexamined
Two CreaturesUnexamined
A question of linking...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Character background help neededUnexamined
Warlock Origin Story IdeasUnexamined
Need a bit o' help with a d20 Future character~Unexamined
Pirate + elf + wizard + druid --- can it be done?!?Unexamined
Rouge helpUnexamined
Mixing Complex and Flat characters?Unexamined
Character PersonalityUnexamined
Shadow Artificer!?!Unexamined
Forge of Remaking?Unexamined
Help picking a background (noncore race and class + odd heritage)Unexamined
Warcraft warlockUnexamined
Background Writing for Fun.Unexamined
Background for my characterUnexamined
Nice & pleasent Evil char who favors Good and believes in Neutrality (confused char)Unexamined
Motive and method for a Necrocarnate BBEGUnexamined
I'm looking for an interesting character background story.Unexamined
[Need Help] Brawler Character from Berlin :-)Unexamined
Background help neededUnexamined
Psion Background HelpUnexamined
crack open a cold oneUnexamined
My DM wont pay attention to my background!Unexamined
Looking for Legal information on rokuganUnexamined
any swordsages out there?Unexamined
Character Devolopment ChallengeUnexamined
My character is a
Critique/Expand my backstoryUnexamined
Character Generator that will do Epic LevelsUnexamined
Making a ClericPlease Help!Unexamined
Veteran needs some adviceUnexamined
Creating a GitP VillainUnexamined
Another characterUnexamined
Need Non-Stereotypical MonkUnexamined
Suzumiya Haruhi no Cleric!!Unexamined
Creating ToB characters above level 1Unexamined
From NG to LG...Unexamined
Atrocious evil deedUnexamined
The Hulk-How would you do it?Unexamined
Backstory-What do you think?Unexamined
Colbert nationUnexamined
Sudden Strike and Stunning FistUnexamined
LG and LE together.Unexamined
Ideas for a VERY Old NinjaUnexamined
Old master.Unexamined
Please help - Female Elf BeguilerUnexamined
Character Background/MechanicsUnexamined
Forgotten Realms PirateUnexamined
Help with a GishUnexamined
Rogue BuildHelp A Newbie?Unexamined
FR PranksterUnexamined
Warforged Fighter Background HelpUnexamined
Werewolf backstoryUnexamined
Character Background- Kalas- Human Bronze Dragon ShamanUnexamined
A Knight's TaleUnexamined
His story...?Unexamined
Traits and mannerisms for monkUnexamined
Choosing extra languages - EberronUnexamined
Help with undead build-newb of courseUnexamined
Albino GnomeUnexamined
Blue Psychic RogueUnexamined
Creating Elven FighterUnexamined
Horse Thief/Spice MerchantUnexamined
Out of ideasUnexamined
Looking for a good picture.Unexamined
Gorgi the DragonkinUnexamined
Creating a spyUnexamined
werewolf background-part 2Unexamined
Creating New Rogue Character Need AdviceUnexamined
Half Giant ClericUnexamined
The Church of AffluxUnexamined
Help refining backstory!Unexamined
[Eberron] Suggest Hellboy-ish character ideasUnexamined
Elf paladin to HellreaverUnexamined
Half-Ogre MonkUnexamined
Classes that work well togetherUnexamined
Character Profile: Vice KlightervusUnexamined
I have desc and class/race.. no bgUnexamined
Redeemed 'Heretic' Ideas.Unexamined
Need help w/ Tragic Hero conceptUnexamined
Need Help with Class for Milliardo Peacecraft/Zechs MarquiseUnexamined
item optimizationUnexamined
Half-Giant/ Vampire FighterUnexamined
Need help making personalityUnexamined
Help* Designing Ex-Special Forces CharacterUnexamined
Its for the first time this happenedUnexamined
Noble WitchUnexamined
Dwarf Reaping Mauler- Help PleaseUnexamined
Very very scary Blood Knight.Unexamined
Is that Bard tune deaf?Unexamined
Psiforged FemaleUnexamined
My character wants to be the next Steve WynnUnexamined
Ideas for Cleric prayersUnexamined
PC vs PC conflict. Ever help you develop a storyline for later portions of the game?Unexamined
Eberron Shifter monk background need helpUnexamined
nOOb In need of help!Unexamined
Help with my Half-DrowUnexamined
Donovan Mirinik needs some fine tuning in the personality department.Unexamined
Can an Archer have Personality?Unexamined
Help with developing the story of a fallen PaladinUnexamined
Incarnate Construct personality/background?Unexamined
Help with backstory on a d20 Modern PCUnexamined
Long Ge's (brother dragon's) storyUnexamined
Dreamscape GameUnexamined
Help with my Human Ninja backstory and alignmentUnexamined
Ideas for an Clan Avatar PC in an Asian SettingUnexamined
MISC modifiersUnexamined
Shopping onlineUnexamined
Ideas for a Fallen Paladin/BlackguardUnexamined
So I was inspired...Unexamined
Samurai anime based- Rurouni KenshinUnexamined
Any ideas of a BAND of heroes?Unexamined
Thalsènethe warrior poet [Eberron]Unexamined
If You Could Insert Your Own Character Class What Would It Be?Unexamined
Tiefling wizard personalityUnexamined
Bard/Palemasterneed some second opinions.Unexamined
help with minorUnexamined
help me with minor dwarven fighter roleplayingUnexamined
Background HelpUnexamined
Critique my backstory please!Unexamined
Rebuilding TankUnexamined
A Wizard's Past (background advice please)Unexamined
Thri-Kreen namesUnexamined
Concept: Forgotten Realms DruidUnexamined
Plot IdeasUnexamined
Mute Wizard w/ no spellbook?Unexamined
Shadow userUnexamined
Trials of the AngelswornUnexamined
Background for a swiss army rogue?Unexamined
Rogue/Monk new characterUnexamined
Edit and Critiqueoh ye masters of character!Unexamined
tiefling rogue ideaUnexamined
False EvangelistUnexamined
Draco bardUnexamined
Heroic deeds for a paladinUnexamined
Half-Orc Ardent in the RealmsUnexamined
Please help me motivate my newest villian...Unexamined
Band of Heroes needs Company nameUnexamined
Trying to help my DMUnexamined
Character QuestionnaireNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Halfling Bard/Dragonmark Heir of JorascoUnexamined
half mind flayer half dopplegangerUnexamined
Big roster I need to convert.Unexamined
How to make him good....Unexamined
What should my class be.Unexamined
Anybody ever try to play an Apostle of Peace?Unexamined
Alternate Reality - Alternate Popular Character BuildsUnexamined
ZOMG! Unassuming farmboy becomes unlikely hero!Unexamined
Quirks for a Quirky CharacterUnexamined
Druid vs Cleric of natureUnexamined
XP Penalty?Unexamined
An agent of Cannith and his khyber-touched sisterUnexamined
RoleMaster character to DandDUnexamined
Culinary WizardUnexamined
Traveling the Great Wheel as a 'Guide'Unexamined
Halfling in the big cityUnexamined
Help with FeatsUnexamined
Building a PairUnexamined
NPC Level ProgressUnexamined
NPC Inter-Faith Marriage QsUnexamined
Excercise That CreativityUnexamined
Please help me pick a race and classUnexamined
Dwarwen CrusaderUnexamined
Brother Cattle Prod of Reasoned DiscussionUnexamined
Born to be a soldierraised to follow ordersdestined to killUnexamined
Tome of Battle character conceptsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Druid HelpUnexamined
alignment testUnexamined
History for a Psionic Drow.Unexamined
Fire SorcererUnexamined
The Merovingian as an archetypeUnexamined
New CharacterUnexamined
Wizard Help Please[PEACH]Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
School of FeatsUnexamined
Changeling Place in Society?Unexamined
Warforged quest for a nameUnexamined
Avast! Time for some Clichés!Unexamined
need inspiration for a one off characterUnexamined
Unbalanced character?Unexamined
Need some Background HelpUnexamined
Whispers of the BardsUnexamined
Traits or quirks for a bigtough dummyUnexamined
I wanna play Link! :DUnexamined
new character help!?Unexamined
Ghent Lanweaver (Story inside)Unexamined
Fiendish druidUnexamined
Please Help Me Flesh Out A VillainUnexamined
Hastur - the moderatly confused hexbladeUnexamined
The last of his Clan...Unexamined
Drow PaladinUnexamined
Goliath Monk/Drunken MasterUnexamined
Characters that seem familiar somehow...Unexamined
Traveling the planesUnexamined
Lizardfolk RangerUnexamined
barbarian with amnesiaUnexamined
Help with a Human Wizard that specializes in serpent themed spells.Unexamined
Help with a fun conceptUnexamined
TeiwazMistress of the WindsUnexamined
Help me find alternative Paladin codes?Unexamined
Help Nothings workingUnexamined
Task ForceUnexamined
A Communal Character - the fast wayUnexamined
AssisstanceS'il Vous Plait?Unexamined
Dwarf Barbarian (FRThe North)Unexamined
Mounts & FeatsUnexamined
Haile Selassie made for D&DUnexamined
New playing a sorcerer......Unexamined
First time herelooking for a little help.Unexamined
Hit to Charisma = ParanoiaUnexamined
1001 hard rockin' backgrounds!Unexamined
Partial Character BackgroundUnexamined
Courage the Cowardly...Rogue?Unexamined
LN Pirate-esque Code of ConductUnexamined
Turning EvilUnexamined
Druid BBEG who wants to rid the world of man and man's influence.Unexamined
Oaths of Valour & Speechcraft for Warlords; Paladin.Unexamined
DarkBut Good PaladinUnexamined
Warforged AssassinUnexamined
Learning exotic languagesUnexamined
I need some zingUnexamined
Tiefling Warbladesee insideUnexamined
Help with my historyEvil ClericUnexamined
Awakening Sorcerous powers!Unexamined
Killing for the Good of it.Unexamined
Drow houses and the nine swordsUnexamined
Arabian KnightsUnexamined
Caelvertha the Cleric ArcherUnexamined
BBEG Crafting...Unexamined
Half-Orc becomes... a bear?Unexamined
Interperating statsUnexamined
Lawful Evil with a Hero ComplexUnexamined
Pumping Up Necromancy SavesUnexamined
Half-orc druid of the seaUnexamined
Seeking advice on stat interpretation for a character "raised by wolves."Unexamined
airship goalsUnexamined
Help with getting the Character going...Unexamined
Elf SniperUnexamined
Perfect fighterUnexamined
how could I make this work?Unexamined
A question about a blind manNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Summoner ideasUnexamined
Need Help with Playing a Half Ork Female RangerUnexamined
Need help for character.Unexamined
A Druid of the Aquatic SortUnexamined
Developing a character on MSNUnexamined
Character Background - Knight's orders? - Little help please?Unexamined
The Half-Troll ComethUnexamined
Problems with the city GuardUnexamined
Need help on not quite all there character.Unexamined
Half-Orc with a Twist...backstory and personality.Unexamined
"The Mysterious Stranger"Unexamined
The Build A Character Thread!Unexamined
Beginning of the UniverseUnexamined
Elocator QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Fire Mage QuotesUnexamined
Need help on a Drow Fighter's BackstoryUnexamined
LonelyGirl15 saga as an inspiration for a D&D character?Unexamined
Dwarven James Bond?Unexamined
NN clericUnexamined
A human fighter becoming...something.Unexamined
I need help making my character well-hated.Unexamined
RPing a Elven Wizard.Unexamined
Playing a human Rage Mage.Unexamined
warforged artificerUnexamined
Design personalities & appearances for followersUnexamined
For the love of hats...Unexamined
Poisoner- type character. (Humor Campaign)Unexamined
Freestyle RP character to D&DUnexamined
Paladin Problem (Please help!)Unexamined
Pirate JargonUnexamined
Starlight Chronicles: A tale of 9 shipmatesUnexamined
Need help :/Unexamined
too much of a prickUnexamined
Need a long term goal for my DwarfUnexamined
Jhapalla (ha-PAH-lah) the world of water's CG Pirate LordUnexamined
Sky Pirate backgroundUnexamined
Half-Drow PsychoUnexamined
Help with Build progressionUnexamined
Ogre-mage problemsUnexamined
Machiavellian Half-orcUnexamined
Loremaster suggestionsUnexamined
Angel-Devil StoryUnexamined
Help me enjoy my fightermageUnexamined
Too fanatic for my alignment?Unexamined
Help me Maximize My Damage PotentialUnexamined
Sorcerer's Pivotal DreamUnexamined
LE Dragon Shaman / Knight (Gestalt) ideaUnexamined
A force and abjuration specialist needs some flavorUnexamined
Poll (sorta) For Idea about Adventure PublicationUnexamined
How do Ghaele act when they are young?Unexamined
Need Help to Choose SpellsUnexamined
Scientist-like Ghoul character.Unexamined
Eva Serania Selana Adriana Elena Dalma Lari AdinUnexamined
Necromancer paradox (spicing up needed)Unexamined
Looking for good sources to build withUnexamined
Forgotten Realms RangerUnexamined
What is a good goal for my Star Elf Sorceress?Unexamined
Dwarven Astrologer background?Unexamined
Arron MacDermotStudent Turned AgentUnexamined
Character Backstory HelpUnexamined
Who are your favorite Characters?Unexamined
Gimble's Personality?Unexamined
Swordsage monkUnexamined
Weapon NameUnexamined
1001 Choatic Evil QuotesUnexamined
Help with background storyUnexamined
Post your Characters HereUnexamined
I need help with my necromancer's history.Unexamined
Feel free to come whit ideasUnexamined
Ultimate Big bad Evil GuyUnexamined
Help with Character BackgroundUnexamined
Critique my druid's historyUnexamined
Identical twinsUnexamined
Looking for reasonsbefore I build my story.Unexamined
Have a background - need some rulesUnexamined
Notes on a Catastrophy (long character background... help needed)Unexamined
The Ol' Light Side / Dark Side
Blood for Gruumsh! orHow Can a CG Half-Orc Get Through Church With The Family?Unexamined
Robo copUnexamined
20 LvL's to play withand a background to help.Unexamined
The KurganUnexamined
Mania's EpilogueUnexamined
What Gestalt for Non-Good FunUnexamined
Dark Sun CharacterUnexamined
VOP Diplomancer needs crazy story to explain multi classingUnexamined
Druid (Lightly Based off Celtic Mythos)Unexamined
[Ravenloft] Unintentional Evil Charachter DevelopmentRules Question Or Discussion
High Int and Low WisUnexamined
Something you haven't seen before.Unexamined
Where will my Tainted Bard end up?Unexamined
Good Background?Unexamined
Vampire hunter.Unexamined
evil palUnexamined
Do you know about Moon Elven Surnames/Clan names?Unexamined
What kind of people wind up with mercenaries?Unexamined
Warblade in the Purple Dragons needs backroundUnexamined
Mr Selfless Good Guy Needs Inspiring Words and Nice Comforting Things to Say.Unexamined
RP'ing TN with an evil brotherUnexamined
What the heck is a bard?Unexamined
Post your characters - Who is he? edition.Unexamined
Urban Labourer -> Berserker -> Blackguard CandidateUnexamined
Things that in elden times were considered signs of demonic possion?Unexamined
How do you roleplay a shift from CG to CN?Unexamined
Street Dancing CharacterUnexamined
The best way of playing a split personality?Unexamined
Help on Char FlawsUnexamined
All's fair in Lock and WarUnexamined
Greatest King EverUnexamined
Psicrystal CharacterUnexamined
Lurk ideas?Unexamined
My B-ground storyUnexamined
How to role play cleric spells and TurningUnexamined
How would this idea translate into game terms?Unexamined
Retraining feats - DM wants perfect explanations - Help please !Unexamined
Unique Eberron CharacterUnexamined
BBEG Ur-Priest Eldritch Disciple.Unexamined
Portrait of my Astral DevaUnexamined
How to add religious flavorUnexamined
Writer needs your help with character backgroundUnexamined
Gnomish air-raider in need of nameUnexamined
players blockUnexamined
Life of a part -red- dragon Nixie Sorcerer?Unexamined
need info on Thay SocietyUnexamined
have Shar as deity while being GoodUnexamined
This one is complexUnexamined
Savage SorcererUnexamined
Human Barb/Sorc BackgroundUnexamined
NG Clr to LN clrideas?Unexamined
Lines for a Mercenary CrossbowmanUnexamined
Songs for a tragically hateful vampiric bardUnexamined
I need villains themesUnexamined
A playable (and interesting) evil character.Unexamined
Bard/Cleric Prestige ClassUnexamined
I have no pigments. I need sunscreen. Against undead I use sunbeam.Unexamined
Elven Sorc / Dragon DiscipleUnexamined
Complicated Paladin progression.Unexamined
Lines for a Cleric of DeathUnexamined
Villain infosUnexamined
Picking a dragon affinity for Swift Wing PrCNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I need a powerfulshameful curse for my character's family...Unexamined
A summoning SorcererUnexamined
machine gun monkUnexamined
Druid DescriptionUnexamined
Roleplaying a tragically low Charisma score.Unexamined
Help me roleplay my changeling rogueUnexamined
Hey guysUnexamined
Help for a Warlock in EberronUnexamined
How could a fisherman's child gain martial training?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Relationship advice?Unexamined
Human Illusionist HelpUnexamined
A solo game.Unexamined
Traits and quirksUnexamined
Quotes for a smart-asselven fighterUnexamined
Self: Warforged artificer has a wishUnexamined
Urban Druid's CompanionUnexamined
An alienist?Unexamined
Warforged WarlockUnexamined
twist on light and darkness characterUnexamined
A follower of Olidammara ....Unexamined
Ideas for charactersUnexamined
Antihero concpets and ideasUnexamined
Aberration BloodUnexamined
How to RPG a Half-Dragon / BeguilerUnexamined
Trio of familial villains/antiheroesUnexamined
Chara picsUnexamined
Help me with the story of this ElfUnexamined
A Forgotten Realms Centaur?Unexamined
Half-??? dragon minotaurUnexamined
One Armed Soulknife/Phycic WarriorUnexamined
Villainous DepravityUnexamined
What are your feels about alignments?Unexamined
Constructive Criticism & Alignment Help Needed: Half-Orc Cleric of PelorUnexamined
Kyle Damarre: InquisitorUnexamined
NaveedGnome BeguilerUnexamined
Dan the WarmageUnexamined
Half-fiend back storyUnexamined
Spellthief BackstoriesUnexamined
spartan themed characterUnexamined
How necessary is it to play "in-character"?Unexamined
Divine KnightUnexamined
suicidal character....Unexamined
Dwarven Bounty Hunter PEACHHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Shadowmaster of Telflamm?Unexamined
'Feral' Warforged.Unexamined
I have a character that I need help developing.Unexamined
Zelrathwarforged warlockUnexamined
Elan Kineticist in Forgotten RealmsUnexamined
How to play CEUnexamined
Adventure undergroundUnexamined
Drow Paladin :oUnexamined
Tormented WizardUnexamined
Information About ElvesUnexamined
Choosing a Name?Unexamined
LE Cleric of Vol... helpUnexamined
background/personality ideas for my swift hunter/dervishUnexamined
Druids and UndeadUnexamined
Born-again GishUnexamined
Horizon Walker Story HelpUnexamined
Name my Gnome!Unexamined
Feats and help for a "professor" character.Unexamined
Elvish StereotypeUnexamined
warlock story in need of help pleaseUnexamined
Need help with CG binder backstory/personalityUnexamined
Human Paladin/Kensai - The beginningUnexamined
Need help for a snow elf rangerUnexamined
"Die Hard" inspired character - help appreciatedUnexamined
Life of the wandering clericUnexamined
Fighting Evil on my own termsUnexamined
Lines for Monk/ShadowdancerUnexamined
Pragmatic vs fluff decisionUnexamined
Tiefling BardUnexamined
Quotes for my Warforged characterUnexamined
Character Types is ToughUnexamined
Bill the paladin. (most unusual D&D paladinever. Critique needed)Unexamined
Duskblade FR DeityUnexamined
Artficer without action pointsUnexamined
Gestalt Wizard-DruidUnexamined
Warblade bounty hunterUnexamined
Options and Opinions.Unexamined
Gray elf wizard in aquatic settingUnexamined
Where to go with three Paladins?Unexamined
assassin or shinobi???Unexamined
YouThe Chracter.Unexamined
Jack SkellingtonUnexamined
Need a awsome ranger build?Unexamined
HorikHuman Paladin of..... Olidammara?Unexamined
PrometheusBane of MeatbagsUnexamined
Ideas for dwarf fighterUnexamined
What new Direction for Factotum/ Swashbuckler?Unexamined
An npc like SkipUnexamined
Character concept: The uber-good healer typeUnexamined
drug addiction and how you play it?Unexamined
QuintessaThe Lady of DesiresUnexamined
New raging fist-fighterUnexamined
Alignment Conflictneed help.Unexamined
Grey AssassinUnexamined
Poison UserUnexamined
OA: Scorpion Clan RogueUnexamined
Duergar history anybody?Unexamined
Background story for an abjurant championUnexamined
If you could be a GodUnexamined
Background critique needed please :)Unexamined
Do you have questions for a developer you have always wanted to ask?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help me with this please!!!Unexamined
How would you all play a....Unexamined
RP a ScoutUnexamined
Get Big!!!Unexamined
A character in work. His class? Don't bother asking him.Unexamined
Help my Gnome's BackgroundUnexamined
Help with my Mountain Orc paladin.Unexamined
I'm not sure if this is the right forum for thisbut...Unexamined
Help with my character's directionUnexamined
Background...of a city?Unexamined
Is it good RP to embrace a weakness?Unexamined
Fun character idea for a PC or NPC.Unexamined
Whren KehrsynUnexamined
A Not so good Paladin of Freedom?Unexamined
Character history (swift hunter)Unexamined
Paladin of Freedom backstoryUnexamined
turning evil to goodUnexamined
Weapon Prof. ReplacementUnexamined
The RunesmithUnexamined
Fleshing out my familiarUnexamined
Un-Entreri-like assassinUnexamined
A Warblade's backstoryUnexamined
Help NPCing a Mentor PaladinUnexamined
Needing scars - maturing appearanceUnexamined
Going postal.Unexamined
Adrèfein Taedre (drow assassin)Unexamined
The TarrasqueUnexamined
Evil aspiring to become a dragonyet hates dragons.Unexamined
IncarnumNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
New campaignnew characterfirst time in faerunUnexamined
Show me the Link Please (waring: poorly worded)Unexamined
Eberron elven eldritch knight background/motivation?Unexamined
Twin brothers from FRUnexamined
Need Advice Regarding A Semi-Psycho PsionUnexamined
Eberron character class adviceUnexamined
'Terribly Mysterious' Enforcer of neutralityUnexamined
character testingUnexamined
Pessimistic PaladinUnexamined
Draconic bloodlines and sorcerersUnexamined
Kobald challengeUnexamined
The Four Horsemen?Unexamined
Homebrew Race SorcererUnexamined
Who Is That?--Illustration ChallengeUnexamined
Why would this guy use a spiked chain?Unexamined
Any Online Groups to Join?Unexamined
How do you explain LA in Game?Unexamined
Unique Rogue personalityUnexamined
the next oddest dwarf next to thimbledorf pwent(hope i spelled that right)Unexamined
Dwarven Mace... NoI mean a REAL Dwarven MaceUnexamined
Xenophobes Guide to Chivalry please?Unexamined
The "Genetic engineer"Unexamined
Non-deity clerics... uhwhat?Unexamined
Backstory for my "Paleror"Unexamined
Indiana jones and the lost personalityUnexamined
Fantasy Art that is not so comic-book or anime?Unexamined
Not sure where to go nextUnexamined
Opinions on "Good" driders...Unexamined
Druids and their personalities.Unexamined
Hero/Villain ideas?Unexamined
How do you make character personalities *click*?Unexamined
Ideas for character quirksUnexamined
How to roleplay a character afflicted with Lyncanthropy?Unexamined
Tips about Lion of Talisid in Forgotten RealmsUnexamined
Looking for a ProphecyUnexamined
Dread NecromancerUnexamined
Help with backdrop for my PsyWarr/DruUnexamined
Villianous nobleUnexamined
What is this NPC's alignment?Unexamined
Trappings of a spellUnexamined
Can't find a good deity.Unexamined
Destruction Domain Vs. CG alignmentUnexamined
Need some help with characters backgroundUnexamined
Ideas for a juggler characterUnexamined
Group ConceptsUnexamined
101 Antiheroic QuotesUnexamined
Chosen of LlirraUnexamined
I request your assistance.Unexamined
Brothers in armsUnexamined
Your combat stunts!Unexamined
death knightUnexamined
Neutral Party turns evil!Unexamined
Derry the Cherry [Character Backstoryhelp me improve it]Unexamined
Beshabas most devout follower...Unexamined
A neutral evil warlockUnexamined
Eberron Character HelpUnexamined
2nd background need for one characterUnexamined
Aaron WrightHuman DruidUnexamined
Bard lvl3could use feedback.Unexamined
How much adventuring pre level1?Unexamined
Old Man New Game HelpUnexamined
What Class For This Personality?Unexamined
need a mage buildUnexamined
Surf's Up Ye Elven Pansy!Unexamined
Lawfer Griffith - Noble hating VigilanteUnexamined
a firepot waiting to explodeUnexamined
Followers of Evil Gods/DevilsUnexamined
How to roleplay this...?Unexamined
Storm Focused CharcterUnexamined
Elvish Name Help Needed!Unexamined
some Char design feedbackUnexamined
Really! They took me into the forest and had drunken revelries!Unexamined
And then a level of Cleric Happens....Unexamined
Need a name for a Wolf Animal Companion!Unexamined
eberron clericUnexamined
Awakened animals with class levels?Unexamined
Thayan refugeeBlessed of HelmUnexamined
A Chaotic Good thiefUnexamined
HiveMind Help with DMRules Question Or Discussion
Wizards and Spellbooks and Multi-classingUnexamined
Thurt D'DeneithUnexamined
Build A CharacterUnexamined
Multiclassing and how it affects your charicter.Unexamined
Liesje SweetwaterUnexamined
How's a party form?Unexamined
A lucky Scoundrel.....Unexamined
Paladin in an odd party?Unexamined
Making an evil organizion. yaysUnexamined
Urza and Mishra for D&DUnexamined
Kobold Cleric of LendysUnexamined
Need some help to create the villain's villain's.Unexamined
Need help with Torianmy Kobold Sorcerer.Unexamined
What alignment would this character be?Unexamined
Where did that evil twin come from?Unexamined
Describing Divine Grace & Smite Evil in action?Unexamined
Nomad deprived of a shamanUnexamined
Anti-Hero Monk IdeasUnexamined
"Snaw"the Human Swordsage of the Two-Finger Strikes!Unexamined
Former Circus Act.Unexamined
Well then lets try this:Unexamined
help with party?Unexamined
101 Combat StylesUnexamined
Edgar PlainstriderHalfling DuelmasterUnexamined
Follower of KordUnexamined
Creepy Ways to Gain Divine and Arcane AbilityUnexamined
Tossing together a character at work...Unexamined
Need a Little Help with a Character ConceptUnexamined
Shifter backgroundUnexamined
How to make a character Meaner/ DarkerUnexamined
Can I do this?Unexamined
Help me put some meat on my character's backstory.Unexamined
Rate my back storyUnexamined
help needed--looking for PICUnexamined
I am a newbie DM who needs help in char alignment decisionsUnexamined
Tough Alignment DecisionsUnexamined
Can a lich be in love? Love and relationships with evil charactersUnexamined
A Character Concept (LONG POST)Unexamined
Scale this story from 1(bad)-10(great)Unexamined
True love in liches/evil charactersUnexamined
Starship Captain Ethen McArdalUnexamined
Not Another Drizzt! I Promise! (Besidesshe's a girl)Unexamined
Background For Bo9S Build in Q'barraUnexamined
Character Psych profileUnexamined
blindsight or tremorsenseUnexamined
Planning an alignment shiftUnexamined
Need help with the Personality of a NE druid of Malar!Unexamined
spells for a spellsword ranger(cg)Unexamined
d20 Blade conversionUnexamined
Kathris Terallthe Ripper.Unexamined
Bounty Hunter Character?Unexamined
How would you make a deadpan snarker?Unexamined
manifester vs casterUnexamined
Roleplaying Aid: Story Trait LotteryUnexamined
Eberron Dragonfire AdeptUnexamined
alignment helpUnexamined
Looking for honest criticism on backstory. WOTUnexamined
Ur-Priest in Eberron?Unexamined
becoming half-dragonUnexamined
RolePlaying Lawful NeutralUnexamined
A monestary on every mountainUnexamined
Old guy comin' back.Unexamined
Flavor Builds: When Min/Max and RP collideUnexamined
Trying something newUnexamined
Help in Developing this CharacterUnexamined
Arahel Korlisim Rilynrae (character background)Unexamined
Factotum Vs SavantUnexamined
What do you think of my Story!Unexamined
Concerning an Item FamiliarUnexamined
Help Me Create the Most Cliché Party Ever!Unexamined
Hiya. I could use some help making backstorythanks!Unexamined
Ideas wantedUnexamined
Story I dug up...Unexamined
Tell me what you thinkUnexamined
LG and NG vs. prisonersany guidelines? Help with situationUnexamined
need a phrase in common translated into draconicUnexamined
which one ...Unexamined
Sneaking into FoPa better wayUnexamined
Help me play a Druid with car 8Unexamined
Memorable VillainUnexamined
Sonicor a super super quick charcter need to be madecna you help me with it?Unexamined
Character Growth.Unexamined
how to play as a drowUnexamined
Psionic ideasUnexamined
What do you think of this guy? Any ideas welcomeUnexamined
Why would these two be friends?Unexamined
Shifter Barb/Druid:Comments Welcome!Unexamined
Interesting and yet funny adventure storiesUnexamined
Werewolf TroublesUnexamined
Best Backstory TwistsUnexamined
lingering evil in a good man.Unexamined
Captain Whurvin: A pc with amnesiaUnexamined
Tactician's OathUnexamined
Gorbaz Terullhobgoblin shaman of IgnusUnexamined
what book is Troll Form in???Unexamined
Making a cool PaladinUnexamined
Drow AgesUnexamined
Help with building a L6 Warforged Artificer.Unexamined
Good deity supporing mage-killing?Unexamined
Making a sorcerer "unique".Unexamined
Corben MacEoinUnexamined
Raeus of the House Omar (human Rogue -1)Unexamined
Clerics-Weapon FocusUnexamined
alignment and roleplaying an occult slayerUnexamined
role playing for a dragon shamanUnexamined
Iejirastrix Sirakton Mokor -- Irsvern Kobold Cloistered Cleric of the Dragon AboveUnexamined
Mindlayer helpUnexamined
Rightnew Partynew DMCore-only ... and now?Unexamined
Eberron Character BackgroundUnexamined
Meta KnightHands Needed Please!Unexamined
Players on a StageUnexamined
What race am I? - a challenge.Unexamined
Never had to do this as a mandatory thing...Unexamined
Roleplaying an Angel (Archon)Unexamined
I want to be a information-broker: how to do this without being unbalancing?Unexamined
random odditiesUnexamined
please help in char buildingUnexamined
Simon Augustino (Dread Necromancer/warlock) - PEACHHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Best names for Dwarven trade Guild ?Unexamined
Fitch the GravekeeperUnexamined
Half-Drow Character backgroundUnexamined
Redeemed VillainsUnexamined
Gravemind-like Plant EntityUnexamined
Thri-Kreen with Abberant BloodUnexamined
need help with character conceptUnexamined
Middle-aged AdventurerUnexamined
Ideas to nerf frenzied berserkerUnexamined
Monk on Core Books buildUnexamined
Olrik Darkbeard - Dwarven RangerUnexamined
Actual Bard SongsUnexamined
Finalizing character conceptUnexamined
Diran MrorUnexamined
The Development GameUnexamined
Question about Shadovar.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
How a half-drow rogue finds religionUnexamined
Chaotic/Evil Wanna-be GoodUnexamined
Dwarven wizard with a lot to live up toUnexamined
Brensyr NimblecloakStoutheart Halfling SwordsageUnexamined
Catfolk Shadow Witch Background Ideas?Unexamined
Champion of the Fey PaladinUnexamined
Female Paladin/CrusaderUnexamined
Dorian Lancasterlostdevastated and wastedUnexamined
Vulkorran d'VoleUnexamined
Artificer BackgroundUnexamined
Just aquired the tome of battle... ¿How can I make to fit into the new classes?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Back storyUnexamined
What would fit...Unexamined
Explaining a Low CharismaUnexamined
Elvin Dread Necromancer?Unexamined
Flit the Faerie DragonUnexamined
Need a group name...Unexamined
A Healer defends others?Unexamined
Aristocrat with issuesneed helpUnexamined
What spellcasters have you played?Unexamined
Non-Hippie DruidUnexamined
Pimp my story.Unexamined
Playing the headstrong HeroUnexamined
Psion Uncarnate Backstory?Unexamined
Maenad Paladin of IlmaterUnexamined
Adaka'tur Wyrmbornalias Virlym Di hawi Irthos (kobold Archivist)Unexamined
Malcom Mccahandread necro without the "I be lichlordI like" apporach - PEACHHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Quori NightmareUnexamined
Cade - Halfling Transmuter - seeking opinions/adviceUnexamined
Background for Kenku character?Unexamined
Dread Necro HelpUnexamined
Pimp My HobgoblinUnexamined
help creating a cg drow that's not DrizztUnexamined
Need Goblin nicknamesUnexamined
Help me make a non-cliche` that even possible?Unexamined
Abjurant Champion and Mage ArmorUnexamined
Personality peculiarities and problemsUnexamined
NPC personality and motivations - help pleaseUnexamined
Introducing Firearms via different rule set....Unexamined
Paladin speech-habits and religious sayingsUnexamined
Fleshing up a Gold Dragon that adopts orphansUnexamined
Toulin Zenith: Character thoughts critiques and opinions requested and appreciatedUnexamined
Kaulter Wellwrightcritique/assistance pleaseUnexamined
Sarena "Man-Eater" Swiftblades (work in progress any suggestions will help)Unexamined
Tibias Jethro ZelkovUnexamined
Aereni Ninja (Eberron)Unexamined
Brainstorming: pirate with asperations of lichdomUnexamined
Necro backgroundUnexamined
Megalomaniacal WarlockUnexamined
in character description of how magic works.Unexamined
Chameleon from the get goUnexamined
Help on gender reversalUnexamined
Grey GuardUnexamined
Need Songs!Unexamined
Ibixian ExileUnexamined
A wolf in sheep's clothing...Unexamined
My favorite ROLEING-PLAY characterUnexamined
Help develop a dystopia!Unexamined
Child Prodigy!!Unexamined
Lantanese Gnome Artificer of GondUnexamined
Zhaokugen the Jade Phoenix Blade (Work in Progress)Unexamined
Older Sisterthe ProtectorUnexamined
Karrus ZephrecSword for Hire (PEACHif that term is valid here. :P)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Warlock PirateUnexamined
Halfling Undead hunterUnexamined
Pirate Ship NamesUnexamined
AD&D Pun assistanceUnexamined
Rare Race with Rare Template: How can I make it work?Unexamined
Need help developing character...Unexamined
Half-Orc RangerUnexamined
Help me cheat on getting this feat PLEASEUnexamined
I wana be a RobotUnexamined
Human Duskblade....Templar of St. Cuthbert?Unexamined
CerkalKobold Guide.Unexamined
Cleric of FharlanghnUnexamined
Quote game charactersUnexamined
Sundancer MonkUnexamined
Is This Story to Cliche?Unexamined
Helpful Ideas for a complicatedlimited campaign settingUnexamined
What is innocent?Unexamined
Testing shock value - first impression on this wall-of-text monologue?Unexamined
A good character?Unexamined
Help my sorcererUnexamined
Warforged DragonshamanUnexamined
Need help with my Shadovar.Unexamined
Flight RulesUnexamined
Human DruidUnexamined
Who let the kobold in?Unexamined
My rogue characterUnexamined
Simple Question: Monk1/Druid19???No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help on rping my clericplease.Unexamined
Help with a Shadow SentinalUnexamined
Evil PC idea: Gary OldmanUnexamined
Secret Agent Man d~Unexamined
Help with Lawful Aligned rogue[Archive]Unexamined
Red Wizard of Thay Backstory HelpUnexamined
Possible Motivations For Catfolk Fighter/Warlock?Unexamined
Need help naming some crime bossesUnexamined
noble entourageUnexamined
Earth Genasi back ground helpUnexamined
Alexi Faustin of KarrnathUnexamined
Developing My Cleric without Hampering My PartyUnexamined
Golem Master character?Unexamined
Character ConceptNeeds Refining: Changeling Chameleon with MPDUnexamined
Magical DetectiveUnexamined
Looking for Specific Oath Ideas for KensaiUnexamined
Shugenja BackgroundUnexamined
Fey Rouge=GoUnexamined
The man behind the curtain? Need a backstory...Unexamined
Savage Progressions: How do they play out?Unexamined
True WarriorUnexamined
Clerical IdealsUnexamined
Dvatti Shadowsun NinjaUnexamined
Gnome beguiler as 'Dark Fey': need some extra ideas for this 'Rumplestilsken'Unexamined
Cleric to warlock... how?Unexamined
Kalashtar Dragon DiscipleUnexamined
Amaril NailoUnexamined
Fleshing out a warforged wizardUnexamined
Pitspawned EquipmentUnexamined
SilasThrall of EltabUnexamined
Evil Bard NPC (Vile Pied Piper)Unexamined
Dwarven Clerics Are Always FunUnexamined
Druid help PleaseUnexamined
Need help with NecromancerUnexamined
Hellbred Hellfire WarlockUnexamined
Himo Treadwell - WarmageUnexamined
Shuriken Thrower backgroundUnexamined
Tibbit WarlockUnexamined
Mystic Theurge + Apprentices/AcolytesUnexamined
Ilikan the Kinless (Goliath Druid)Unexamined
Evil Game: How did I get here?Unexamined
Need help with Thri-keen dervishUnexamined
Half-Orc / ApelordUnexamined
Runaway royalty?Unexamined
Backstory Sheet?Unexamined
The Test of LolthUnexamined
Feedback on backstorylv1 Soulknife SamaelUnexamined
Gerald Weavera rogue with a mission.Unexamined
Druid Swordsage Gestalt Build helpUnexamined
Custom AvatarsUnexamined
101 BotchesUnexamined
Dark Ranger Plot HelpUnexamined
The enlightened. A (hopefully) tempting challenge.Unexamined
Does this guy seem cliche/stupidor does he work?Unexamined
Fallen Paladin (now LN) backstory - suggestionsUnexamined
Bard backstoryUnexamined
Does Neutrality have a true enemy?Unexamined
Fleshing out my (hopefully interesting) PaladinUnexamined
Roaring Rado The DuskbladeUnexamined
Quirky wardings for my Spirit Shaman!Unexamined
Need help with Expedition to Castle Ravenloft characterUnexamined
civilized totemist bakgroundUnexamined
13th level RogueUnexamined
Soren StarfellUnexamined
Owlbears and DruidsUnexamined
"savage" character in a modern settingUnexamined
Need help finding a race for a WarlockUnexamined
Character Backstory...good or bad?Unexamined
Lawful Good BeguilerUnexamined
Ordained Champion of Heironeous?Unexamined
Eberron Elf?Unexamined
Non-evil Warlock BackstoryUnexamined
Lawfull Neutral HexbladeUnexamined
Knight with an evil split personality - roleplaying suggestions?Unexamined
Help with two characters... =XUnexamined
Beguiler/Mindbender: To charm/dominate the party or not?Unexamined
Dwarven Prospector – Traditional w/o Cliché...?Unexamined
Critiscisms? Applause? Suggestions?Unexamined
Retta Pingel: lich who'sliketotally not a ripoff of Miss HavishamI swear!Unexamined
GolrickMercenary WarriorUnexamined
Help roleplaying a LE Dwarven clericUnexamined
... HELP!!!Unexamined
Liberalist DruidUnexamined
Looking for Some CritiquingUnexamined
Wee JasUnexamined
Drow Duo of DeathUnexamined
I'm at a loss...Unexamined
Run away Royal HeiressUnexamined
Insane ClericUnexamined
RPing the Opposite GenderUnexamined
Technicallyit's possiblish.Unexamined
Master_Vega's Challenge Thread (Challenges so far: UnwelcomePrisoner)Unexamined
Backstory help for GM'sUnexamined
i need help with a character ideaUnexamined
Playing the Green Machine ( Druidic Warforged )Unexamined
(Talenta) Halfling phrases?Unexamined
Fire Gnome Arcane Hierophant - Advice?Unexamined
Traveling entertainers?Unexamined
Quixotic Paladin/KnightUnexamined
A survivor of the Mourning? Depends on your point of view... (Eberron character)Unexamined
Heir to BlackcloakUnexamined
deep halflingUnexamined
Would you allow this backstory? alsonew roleplayer in need of adviceUnexamined
Half-Dragon(Draconic Character)Unexamined
Which one should be the better bonus?Unexamined
Could use some help coming up with a back story...Unexamined
Roleplaying TroubleUnexamined
Water Halfling Wild Mage/FatespinnerUnexamined
Bard musical choices for spellsUnexamined
Help me out to make sense of this character ideaUnexamined
1/2 ogre druid/barbarian rp helpUnexamined
roleplaying Int 15Cha 13and Wis 8Unexamined
Drizzt clone to be proud of?Unexamined
Character Creation Questionnaire?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
help with charactersUnexamined
Melreth "Freeblade" RoanUnexamined
Party FitUnexamined
Background Help for an AssassinUnexamined
Delete this threadplease.Unexamined
Optimized character needs a bit of help.Unexamined
How does turning work?Unexamined
Long Warmage backstory - P.E.A.C.H.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Need to see if background is decent PEACHHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Is a Sneak attack Ranger A Posibility?Unexamined
To make a PC (an experiment)Unexamined
Clothing choices for Factotum variantUnexamined
Undead rangerUnexamined
Confused with CharismaUnexamined
A unique problemUnexamined
Need to flesh out druid backstoryUnexamined
Help with my enchanter...Unexamined
Bookworm with a SwordUnexamined
background for necromancerUnexamined
creating a lycanthropeUnexamined
Vampire Mob-FatherUnexamined
Backup character opinionUnexamined
Wizard named Von _________Unexamined
Star Wars RP problem *Some spoilers for the Dawn of Deciance campaign*Unexamined
Long backstory critiqueUnexamined
How to be friends with a Drow...Unexamined
KrorshCleric of GruumshUnexamined
MuninMagician and Prophet ExtraordinairePilgrimand Part-time BeggarUnexamined
True NeutralUnexamined
Suggestions for playing a druidUnexamined
Rough backstory outline. (ideassuggestions?)Unexamined
For the Sake of AffluxUnexamined
How to play a LNhumorouswee jas cleric?Unexamined
Psion Nomad + Beguiler RoleplayingUnexamined
Help Needed: Mongrelfolk BackgroundUnexamined
A Guide To CharismaUnexamined
Shadowsun Ninja nameUnexamined
Playing an elderly character?Unexamined
Former ninja rokuganUnexamined
Undead HunterUnexamined
A Cleric FiendbinderUnexamined
Help with new conceptUnexamined
Illumian Dread NecromancerUnexamined
WHO is he!?Unexamined
Spell Thematics! (oh and fleshing out a character too I guess)Unexamined
To Brilliant for me!!Unexamined
The WandererProbably a Beginning MentorUnexamined
Backstory decentjust need an unusual weaponUnexamined
Calen Dalobrand Halfling Bard.... Or not.Unexamined
Level 11 Monk character (3.5)Unexamined
Ranger of the WildernessUnexamined
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