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The Warforged Puppet TheaterNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
WHohooo .... Thanks Wizos!Unexamined
Krannath RuinsUnexamined
The Goblinoid KingUnexamined
Clarification on "People"Unexamined
Spelling error(s) in forum descriptionUnexamined
Adventure Ideas and characters for the shadow marches?Unexamined
NationalityNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
PC - Hazir d'CannithUnexamined
Index of "People"Unexamined
Gath, the lich living in the City of the Dead in SharnUnexamined
Taer ValaestasUnexamined
The Lords of False PresageUnexamined
People, Groups, AdventuresUnexamined
On apparent thematic incongruities in the "Sharn Inquisitive" web articles. Unexamined
Dungeons like Undermountain and "World's Largest Dungeon",...are they Eberronish?Unexamined
"Stare? I'll ask her."Unexamined
So what are/is the "sharaat'khesh?"Unexamined
Manifest ZonesUnexamined
Naming the FaithfulUnexamined
We must rush to see the puppet show!!Unexamined
Karrnathi BloodforgedUnexamined
Lord of Blades will he lead Khorvarine in to another War?Unexamined
Handmaidens of the FlameUnexamined
advice for adventureing in The MournlandsUnexamined
101 Random Encounters in SharnUnexamined
Adventuring in DroaamUnexamined
The top 10 learning institutions/places of knowledgeUnexamined
Drow, and thier bugs. A link in character.Unexamined
Eberron version of harpersUnexamined
Adding to EberronUnexamined
The Spider Lords part 3Unexamined
Valenar and Dragonmarked HousesUnexamined
Need help starting new campaignUnexamined
Chyrassk- Statted OutUnexamined
the last warUnexamined
Stats for novels?Unexamined
How are they going to top SharnUnexamined
My PCsUnexamined
Apprentice WordsmithUnexamined
Cops: Sharn, City of towersUnexamined
Starting afresh...Unexamined
The Grand Observatory of Xen'DrikUnexamined
Sharn's GoldUnexamined
Index, Zone, and SkymageUnexamined
Pulp Noir PeopleUnexamined
They should make new books about the other continents.Unexamined
Is Sharn Underpopulated?Unexamined
Valenar Elves. LG or CG?Unexamined
Tavern/Temple to OlladraUnexamined
Information Question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Opposition PartiesUnexamined
Tash, Son of Valtash (Character background, and a story)Unexamined
Droam=Afghanistan?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
looking for ideas and places for Mine blue prints Wizards Community > Eberron > Eberron HQ > People & Places > looking for ideas and places for Mine blue prints -------------------------------------------------------------Unexamined
Stormreach, what would it be like?Unexamined
Cyre's Lost Subaquatic Colony: Site description/mini-adventureUnexamined
Who is Sora KellUnexamined
King Boranel vs. Droaam's Champion--Your theories? Wizards Community > Eberron > Eberron HQ > People & Places > King Boranel vs. Droaam's Champion--Your theories? -----------------------------------------------------------Unexamined
The Daggerspell Guardians of EberronUnexamined
Changeling Cleric of the TravelerUnexamined
Warforged BlackguardUnexamined
Sarlona, Xen'drik, and ArgonessenUnexamined
High Level AdventuringUnexamined
Lord Nedryvyn Ir'DanaanUnexamined
Cyre prideUnexamined
Heirs of Dhakaan Encounter HelpUnexamined
The Size of KhorvaireUnexamined
Mournland Wild magic zone?Unexamined
Feats for Valenar?Unexamined
Shrines and TemplesUnexamined
Adderport, Q'barraUnexamined
1001 Mournland HorrorsIdeas
Organization for Druid BBEGUnexamined
Dress code in Sharn?Unexamined
So what do we know about Cyre?Unexamined
Child of Winter BBEGUnexamined
should have been posted hereUnexamined
The Nycter...Unexamined
The Inspired in London ??Unexamined
Question about Erandis d'VolNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
can't people just be special?Unexamined
The Blade DesertUnexamined
Olian the GreatpineUnexamined
Remains of the Last WarUnexamined
@No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Valenar FuneralUnexamined
Help me bring the Cogs to life!Unexamined
MoH: Desire for a DragonmarkUnexamined
Wealthy NPC gearUnexamined
Blade Desert (?)Unexamined
Mournland QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Spider Lords of the False PresageUnexamined
Thundercities of the Talenta PlainsUnexamined
Pirates in EberronUnexamined
Vangradaun the BlackUnexamined
Order of IlluminationUnexamined
Eliott ChartoUnexamined
Dave Duncan's Blades?Unexamined
1001 Xen'drik Excursions and EncountersIdeas
Lord of Blades campaignUnexamined
Urnthazgarshuul, the Sage WyrmUnexamined
Secret Character Background (Elan)Unexamined
Mapping Sharn - ConfusionUnexamined
DragonMarked HousesUnexamined
ghostwalk in eberronUnexamined
Finding Trouble in SharnUnexamined
Morgrave University SealUnexamined
Eberron made into something more...Unexamined
The Loch Galifar MonsterUnexamined
Different NationalitiesUnexamined
What did the Giants do to the Quari?Unexamined
Where is this?Unexamined
Inspirational image for the CogsUnexamined
I need a non-corrupt cardinal from ThraneUnexamined
Characters you suggest for Sharn's Defense ForceUnexamined
Warforged of House DeniathUnexamined
Soserath's AvatarUnexamined
Broken Anvil Inn owner, male or female?Unexamined
Brelish Economics--Sales tax in SharnUnexamined
1000 Causes of the MourningUnexamined
Touch of Vol (Vol's Weapon)Unexamined
Building a new dragonmarked house...Unexamined
Trying an Eberron JournalUnexamined
Campaingn People and Places[Adapating the Temple of Elemental Evil to Eberron] Unexamined
Shops and Shopkeepers of SharnUnexamined
My 1st RoE generated characterUnexamined
Archmages of NetherilUnexamined
Calibim's Character Ideas and BackgroundsUnexamined
Welcome to Ardev! Western Breland awaits discovery.Unexamined
The Gala of Thomas Tinselwick: brainstormingUnexamined
Music to lands : MournlandUnexamined
Charecter IdeasUnexamined
Race of the Eight Winds: Make Things CrazierUnexamined
1002 Valenar AncestorsUnexamined
the best day in Hilmerits lifeUnexamined
changeling and warforgedUnexamined
Eberron and D20 Modern HelpUnexamined
"Don't worry guys... it's just a Kobold."Unexamined
CC2 map rerenderingUnexamined
Fleshing out character's backgroundUnexamined
Where have all the Undying gone?Unexamined
The Thirteen Assassins of House TarkananUnexamined
Psychic WarforgedUnexamined
Fleshing out the BoneyardUnexamined
Random NPC/Hooks for Airship crewUnexamined
Riedra = Feudal Japan?Unexamined
How Do You Pronounce "Cyre?"Unexamined
Elves of Aerenal and Summoning undeadUnexamined
Kobolds of EberronUnexamined
The MournlandUnexamined
Forgewraith - the perfect Von Neumann.Unexamined
Kalashtar namesUnexamined
CyreNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Cult of the Machine God of SharnUnexamined
Help me with a Sharn-related projectUnexamined
Eldeen Wolves?Unexamined
Home for a ShifterUnexamined
Livery of the Dragonmarked HousesUnexamined
A warforged in Morgrave University?Unexamined
Character ConceptsUnexamined
Alakashtai: Character Background, interestsUnexamined
Where in Eberron?Unexamined
Help with the city of SharnUnexamined
Khyber & Siberys?? WHAT?Unexamined
Contestants for the Contest of CupsUnexamined
Lords Of DustUnexamined
Military uniforms of KhorvaireUnexamined
Character Ideas Unexamined
-1.500.000 Dragons vs. DemonsUnexamined
Where does Vol keep her phlactery?Unexamined
Sharn Street Politics ScenarioUnexamined
Who's in charge here (and who signed the Treaty?) Wizards Community > Eberron > Eberron HQ > People & Places > Who's in charge here (and who signed the Treaty?) -------------------------------------------------------------Unexamined
Xen'drik: Common MonstersUnexamined
Replacing the Guards in WotVBNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
My Oddball PlayersUnexamined
The Targath MinesUnexamined
Eldeen reaches climatoalogyUnexamined
Idea for a campaignUnexamined
Xen'Drik Warfarged Campaign (need ideas)Unexamined
Lord of Blades, EliteUnexamined
Player Character's BackstoryUnexamined
Changeling and shifter origens?Unexamined
Princes of Wind and FlameUnexamined
Cleric Vestments of EberronUnexamined
Mystery Cults of Syberis?Unexamined
A Location for Critique/Use: The Voice of KhyberUnexamined
Am I the only one who...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Masons TowerUnexamined
Cardinal KrozenUnexamined
Is there anyplace in eberron where the Kukri is prevolant?Unexamined
Pre-generated character backgrounds.Unexamined
Patrick the Anti-Plot (long)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Sharn Apartment FloorplansUnexamined
Cyre Statistics Anyone?Unexamined
Lord of blades question!!!!!!!!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The last Spider Lord articleUnexamined
My first attempt at a character backgroundUnexamined
Non-marked house members?Unexamined
Waterdeep in eberron??Unexamined
Undying P-CouncilorUnexamined
Cyre???No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Sharn: Goblin Uprising!Unexamined
Eberron Touchstone SitesUnexamined
Arena anyone?Unexamined
Sharn: A question of ScaleNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Sharn > Where are the offices of the Sharn Inquisitive?Unexamined
Scarred Lands City-States in Eberron?Unexamined
Number of Dragonmarked IndividualsUnexamined
Sky's TreasureUnexamined
Playing a cleric of the Blood of VolUnexamined
Where is the Eldeen Reaches' Observatory?Unexamined
Istvin and CauldrenUnexamined
Saltmarsh from DMG2 in old Cyre landsUnexamined
Bored and writing a backstoryUnexamined
bringing the mournland to lifeUnexamined
Playing a cleric of the Undying CourtUnexamined
Xor'Chlic - Psion LevelUnexamined
Help with Mordain The FleshreaverUnexamined
Creating StormreachUnexamined
Airship Operation in Stormreach.Unexamined
Building Proper Character DepthUnexamined
Inside the Towers of SharnUnexamined
how far can you fall in one combat round(the first one, anyways)?Unexamined
Sharn: (and other places) Interesting building ideasUnexamined
The Black Dragon: NPC for your reading pleasure (Inspired by Batman)Unexamined
Cyran Funeral ChantUnexamined
Who is Lord of Blades?Unexamined
Valenar Trained HumanUnexamined
The Changegate where does it lead??Unexamined
Aaren d'Cannith - Mad Scientist?Unexamined
The Faceless Twenty-fiveUnexamined
Ranger Working For House OrienUnexamined
Route of the Race of Eight WindsUnexamined
PC backstory with plot-line connectionsUnexamined
Seren Sorcerer on the loose !!!Unexamined
XenDrik Archaeological FindsUnexamined
PersonalitiesHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
An expedition into the wildernessUnexamined
Griffons in Sharn!Unexamined
Queen Aurala is supposed to be NG?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Giants, many or one subtype?Unexamined
Healing in the MournlandsUnexamined
Sharn rulebook questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Kiaus shouldnt be evil???Unexamined
we know where Whitehearth is, but...Unexamined
Luca SyaraNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Your Favorite NationUnexamined
Stormreach: My VersionUnexamined
Ettin Bard Playwright (Yah, wierd I know...)Unexamined
Adventure in Firelight (Sharn)Unexamined
Character Art RequestNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
1 sentence descriptions of the NationsUnexamined
Maps and floorplans -- I could use a few * My players stay out *Unexamined
Aereneal and ArgonessenUnexamined
Karrnathian NamesUnexamined
Karrn's Analects of War and Sun Tzu's art of war ? Wizards Community > Eberron > Eberron HQ > People & Places > Karrn's Analects of War and Sun Tzu's art of war ? -----------------------------------------------------------Unexamined
NPC party for Sharn. (or, I'm sorry, TV made me do it)Unexamined
Adventurers Needed (apply within)Unexamined
Adventurers Needed (apply within)Unexamined
Wildlands of Khorvaire sourcebook?Unexamined
Names from CyreUnexamined
Erandis d'Vol Illustration?Unexamined
ThroneportNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Can Kaius go out during the day?Unexamined
Help me flesh out my character, and I'll send you an e-cookie!Unexamined
Cyran Words and SongsUnexamined
Affiliations for ECS OrganizationsUnexamined
mournlands explanation?Unexamined
Whos Who for eberronUnexamined
Erandis d'Vol by the RAWUnexamined
Your Erandis d'VolUnexamined
Making Sharn come aliveUnexamined
Working room for a mageNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
dragon disciplesUnexamined
How do you see the towers of Sharn?Unexamined
Post your favourite PCs in order to include them in a campaign as NPCs Unexamined
Shifter subraces and classesUnexamined
Military Rank structure across KhorvaireUnexamined
Getting Nowhere fastUnexamined
What are the oddsUnexamined
Physical descriptions of people from various placesUnexamined
What would happenUnexamined
Trouble in GraywallUnexamined
Dorasharn TowerUnexamined
The Knights Arcane.Unexamined
Lord of Blades, the Ra's Al Ghul of Eberron?Unexamined
Non-Kalashtar PsionsUnexamined
Berland Heir?Unexamined
Gregory, Chef de Cusine (Otyugh)Unexamined
"The White King", Warforged Leader opposed to the Lord of BladesUnexamined
Thoughts on the Daelkyr WarUnexamined
Ka'rhashan or Zarash'ak?Unexamined
Stormhome info in 5N?Unexamined
Daelkyr, Xoriat and the GatekeepersNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Kaius and the sunUnexamined
Converting other settings characters into Eberron equivalents (Version 2.0 Up!) Wizards Community > Eberron > Eberron HQ > People & Places > Converting other settings characters into Eberron equivUnexamined
The Port city of Ernear (Homebrew city project)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Xen' Drik Only CampaignUnexamined
Weather, Daelkyr,and the GatekeepersUnexamined
Dragon Prophecy Campaign?Unexamined
Travel timeUnexamined
Looking for a place to liveUnexamined
1001 Expendable GoonsIdeas
Sharn: Almost entirely indoors, right?Unexamined
Full moon over the Crying Fields [Five Nations]Unexamined
Is Flamekeep where Tira Miron died ?Unexamined
Anime and Manga Characters in EberronUnexamined
Need help designing a Reidran AmbassadorUnexamined
Feast of the Traveler?Unexamined
The Musketeers in Eberron:Unexamined
who woulda won the warUnexamined
Where oh where shall the academy be?Unexamined
Rekkenmark Academy?Unexamined
Has anyone gone to Argonessen?Unexamined
What sort of reward would the Pontiff give a paladin?Unexamined
Eberron NamesUnexamined
Sourcebook NPC Errata ThreadUnexamined
King Jarot's Five Soul fragmentsUnexamined
1001 Sharn RumorsIdeas
Critique my backgroundHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Sharn - closest comparable Forgotten Realms city? Wizards Community > Eberron > Eberron HQ > People & Places > Sharn - closest comparable Forgotten Realms city? -------------------------------------------------------------Unexamined
About Sharn!Unexamined
Horseback Chase though GraywallHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
My PC'sUnexamined
101 Encounters for Areas Yet FleshedUnexamined
What's your Xen'drik like?Unexamined
Warforged fictionUnexamined
Karrnathi Undead criminals....Unexamined
Where, oh WHERE?!?Unexamined
Haka'torhvakNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Inspired and Exorcist of the Silver FlameUnexamined
Drow Slaves?Unexamined
Callling all those of the House CannithUnexamined
Tilbor, Goblin Cleric of the Dragon BelowUnexamined
A theory about the giants, xen'drik, the drow and the umbargen.Unexamined
Create or adapt a Knighthood for Eberron threadUnexamined
help for newbie dm in ebberonUnexamined
Songsabers in EberronUnexamined
Temples to the Dark SixUnexamined
A new villain from my campaigns; Mr. XUnexamined
The Djinn in EberronUnexamined
Advice needed for my adventure ideaUnexamined
Eberron LingoUnexamined
The Incursion in EberronUnexamined
The Lords of DustUnexamined
Looks like those ExH travel tables are wrongUnexamined
enter the boromarUnexamined
The Dock Survivors of CyreUnexamined
A chase through Sharn, Escape from Sharn, (insert cleche' #3).Unexamined
Taxi!!!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Blackcaps?Unexamined
Nowhere squaredUnexamined
Journey to the Demon WastesUnexamined
How does Lord Darro qualify for the Knight Phantom PrC?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help with character!Unexamined
Sora TerazaUnexamined
How can WarForged Survive in the MournlandsUnexamined
Who Is That Warforged???Unexamined
Twilight LizardfolkUnexamined
Sentinel MarshalsUnexamined
The Wolf's HeadUnexamined
Sailing the Thunder Sea, pt.1: Naventi, Isle of the FeyUnexamined
The Brelish ArmyUnexamined
Blood Blade Arena Company (useful for all DMs!)Unexamined
The size penalties to Hide make no sense...Unexamined
Dark Cabinet of KarrnathUnexamined
Animal Companions in EberronUnexamined
Races of Eberron in a non-Eberron gameUnexamined
What time period do patron ancestors come from?Unexamined
Founding Dragon of the Gatekeepers: ColorUnexamined
Sharn the city of... where are the roads?Unexamined
Valenar adventurers?Unexamined
1001 Recurring villainsIdeas
Yo!, give me WF Rogue names... I'm lazy!Unexamined
Last ride into MetrolUnexamined
Did any one notice this?Unexamined
StormreachHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Rikkenmark AcademyHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Name My MonsterUnexamined
WroatHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Blood Blade Arena Company Part 2- The TruthHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Lord Of BladesUnexamined
Mini QuestionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What about the Aurum?Unexamined
Which Weapon to Base a WF Around?Unexamined
DemographicsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Published adventures + S:CoT?Unexamined
Kaorti vs. The MournlandUnexamined
Ideas for using Order of Emerald Claw as main villainsUnexamined
Name suggestionsUnexamined
Does anyone know how far anyplace is on KhovaireUnexamined
Valenar + Moonblade + Samurai?Unexamined
Who's he to you?Unexamined
Llamrei Elfbane, Keeper's HandUnexamined
"I offer you refuge aboard the Crimson Ship..."Unexamined
Shrouds of AdarUnexamined
new cyreUnexamined
Nezumi (OA) in the Shadow Marches?Unexamined
Starilaskur HeisenbergUnexamined
Hilt and PommelUnexamined
Frostfell locationsUnexamined
UnCon: "Pirates of Eberron - Ye votes, mateys"Unexamined
"Best Eberron Character" Comments, Questions, and Discussion Thread [Archive] - Wizards Community Wizards Community > Eberron > Eberron HQ > People & Places > "Best Eberron Character" Comments, Questions, and Discussion No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The UnCon Comments & Questions "Pirates of Eberron" ThreadNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
UnCon: Rules and Submission Thread for "Best Eberron Character"Unexamined
Travelers aboard the airship Fortune's FlightUnexamined
UnCon: The Best Eberron Villain Rules and Submission Thread [Archive] - Wizards Community Wizards Community > Eberron > Eberron HQ > People & Places > UnCon: The Best Eberron Villain Rules and Submission Thread ----Unexamined
UnCon: The Best Eberron Villain Comments and Discussion ThreadUnexamined
The UnCon: Best Eberron Patron ContestUnexamined
UnCon: Best Eberron Patron VotingUnexamined
1001 Frostfell WastesIdeas
Pyrates: books and namesUnexamined
Ghaash'kala character.Unexamined
Houses Phiarlan and ThuranniUnexamined
For your convenience/Plea for help: Listing of Eberron NPCs [Archive] - Wizards Community Wizards Community > Eberron > Eberron HQ > People & Places > For your convenience/Plea for help: Listing of Eberron NPCs ----Unexamined
Mimic Mansion in Ebberon?Unexamined
Non-Dragonmark Heir adventurer role in houseUnexamined
Week of Present your Eberron characters ContestUnexamined
Best Eberron Character Voting ThreadUnexamined
Best Eberron VillianUnexamined
No Healing in Mournland - Where's it Mentioned?Unexamined
Black and White Sharn Maps?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Economics and True CreationsUnexamined
Where are the Dhakaani?Unexamined
where's the glitterdustUnexamined
Eberron smugglingUnexamined
Tira Mirron Bloodline?Unexamined
Operation: "Leviathan"Unexamined
Korrenberg?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Where did all the high level NPCs go?Unexamined
Stats for Merrix d'Cannith???Unexamined
Dhakaani Culture and Fighting StyleUnexamined
Mounrland Research: Spells and Infusions.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Life on Argonnessen?Unexamined
Race of the Eight WindsUnexamined
Drow in EberronUnexamined
NPCs and dragonmark prestige classesNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Thorngate Write UpUnexamined
Knowing SharnUnexamined
Define 'High Level'Unexamined
Inspired LichesUnexamined
CalderusNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Sharn Inquisitive reporters sleeping?Unexamined
Sewers of Sharn?Unexamined
Drow and Elves of Xen'drikUnexamined
Demenses of House PhiarlanUnexamined
Emerald Claw negletionUnexamined
Red Owl in BrelandUnexamined
The Windspinner, airship resturant in SharnUnexamined
A Changing of the Guards in Karranth (spoiler)Unexamined
Eberron NPC/Organization Master IndexUnexamined
Aerenal Outpost DefenseUnexamined
Kaius' HaremUnexamined
Skin colour?Unexamined
Travel time?Unexamined
Uniform colorUnexamined
What inhabits the Karrnathi dead?Unexamined
Vathirond?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
npc statsUnexamined
Gatherhold: Encounter Ideas?Unexamined
Evil Good GuysUnexamined
What is Storm Reach Like?Unexamined
Heraldry for Cyre image?Unexamined
What is Beneath the Blackcaps?Unexamined
Medani's been left out for a long time?Unexamined
NecroNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dhakaani CavernUnexamined
Dragonmarked naming question...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Good Map Source?Unexamined
Eberron MapsUnexamined
A character I thought would be cool/help develping him.Unexamined
Idea for warforged NPCUnexamined
Comment the backstory for my Shifter charUnexamined
Karrnath's and Emerald Claw's Battle History in the Last War.Unexamined
Mixing Stargate with Eberron: Designing and Populating SarlonaUnexamined
DandraNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Aaren d'Cannith + Renegade Mastermaker PrC = Lord of Blades [Archive] - Wizards Community Wizards Community > Eberron > Eberron HQ > People & Places > Aaren d'Cannith + Renegade Mastermaker PrC = Lord of Blades ----No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Scion Sound? Where is that?Unexamined
Xen'drik infoUnexamined
Sharn - Running a Successful BusinessUnexamined
Gatekeeper Druids..Unexamined
VillainsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Last WarUnexamined
Kalashtar/Inspired OutlookUnexamined
Anime & Manga Charater StatsUnexamined
Need info on the Tyrants organizationUnexamined
Boromar and Dreaming DarkUnexamined
"Danger Areas" Map of Khorvaire?Unexamined
Healing in the MournlandUnexamined
My character, and the trustUnexamined
The Map PerilousUnexamined
Populating an NPC organizationUnexamined
Mercantile Houses in EberronUnexamined
Blade SoldiersUnexamined
The Cabinet of Faces?Unexamined
Tomb of HorrorsUnexamined
Ruus Dhakaan and Mograath Stat IdeasUnexamined
Where is Vol?Unexamined
Tainted Locations in EbberonUnexamined
Shackled City locations in EberronUnexamined
Sahuagin of Thunder Sea: Undersea Ship Campaign IdeasUnexamined
"Shulassakar" Tainted Ones and BroodguardsUnexamined
MoE Version of Muroni for GotEC?Unexamined
I need a NPCUnexamined
Interplateau travel in SharnUnexamined
NPCs pleaseUnexamined
Mournlands encounter tableUnexamined
Countries growing/exporting soarwood?Unexamined
Pay to the Order of Blackstone Church: Fallen, Sharn.Unexamined
Standard Drow Vs. Umbragen DrowUnexamined
Rose Quarry: Cannith Refinery Floor Map?Unexamined
who are the Red WatchersUnexamined
Reversing the MourningUnexamined
Eberron NovelsUnexamined
Stables in SharnUnexamined
Why would he go?Unexamined
Korth's governmentUnexamined
Batman in EberronUnexamined
Dark Heros...Unexamined
Library of KorranbergUnexamined
Gallic-style feudal burghs? Thrane? Aundair?Unexamined
Lord of Blades miniaturized?Unexamined
So who is the US Civil War buff in the Eberron dept?Unexamined
Dhakaani goblins and the War of the MarkUnexamined
Merrix D'Cannath (Brent stay out)Unexamined
Desert of Desolation SeriesUnexamined
The MournLand is RAVENLOFT right? right?Unexamined
Eberron Holidays and EventsUnexamined
ARGONESSEN, only if you dareUnexamined
I have a question about recharging my staffNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Questions on back groundsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Cyran Military colors?Unexamined
moons of eberronUnexamined
Vorastrix, Draconic feats, and Seren...Unexamined
Pictures of the Church...Unexamined
Baron's KeepUnexamined
Vol's DragonmarkUnexamined
Phiarlan & SharnUnexamined
Geth: Barbarian or Fighter?Unexamined
The Mosaic CommitteeUnexamined
Mordain the FleshweaverUnexamined
Statting thoughtsUnexamined
Friends of Jaela DaranUnexamined
Inside The Artificer's Studio: Merrix d'CannithUnexamined
Xen'drik Adventure Site: The Buried City of XelotathUnexamined
Arena in EberronUnexamined
Sporting Events of KhorvaireUnexamined
Warforged treatment in the 5 nationsUnexamined
What's common knowledge about Sarlona?Unexamined
WF librarian help!!Unexamined
Noticed a weird thing...Unexamined
Character Background: Nilo NG Zilargo Gnome IllusionistUnexamined
The "Most annoying/disgusting/funny character in your eberron group" AWARD Unexamined
Character Bio: Nolan TaisharUnexamined
Sharn's Manifest ZoneUnexamined
How do you figure out if someone is an Inspired?Unexamined
Maug Grafts for warforgedUnexamined
Eberron Party, revisedHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Sharn Shifter ShankingsUnexamined
Aha! Narnia helps line it upUnexamined
Countess Kehrlique????Unexamined
Journeyers - conclave of masters - or zuzrin Tellun Info help needed... Unexamined
When was White Arch blown up?Unexamined
Dust-stuffed agent - ideas?Unexamined
The Truth Behind the Night of BloodcloaksUnexamined
D&D stats of Lady MarrynUnexamined
Alternate Sarlona Monoliths [My players keep out!] Wizards Community > Eberron > Eberron HQ > People & Places > Alternate Sarlona Monoliths [My players keep out!] -----------------------------------------------------------Unexamined
The Root of Evil (Dungeon 122) and the Daughters of Sora Kell.Unexamined
Khyber DevelopmentUnexamined
Librarian in KorranbergUnexamined
What Named NPCs have your players killed so far?Unexamined
101 Consequenses of entering the MournlandUnexamined
The Seven Wonders of KhorvaireUnexamined
Warcraft-esque Acknowledgements.Unexamined
Good Phobia for a non-evil Dread NecromancerUnexamined
Historic Storms?Unexamined
Oops, Sharn fell down?Unexamined
Daask NPCs, StattedUnexamined
NPC to be born !Unexamined
Book the Warforged "Wizard"Unexamined
Contribute to Zook Tower's many Gnomish InhabitantsUnexamined
Enchanting Entire CitiesUnexamined
Skybridge Ambush MapUnexamined
Thelanis. Ideas?Unexamined
the cabinetUnexamined
What do humans of Eberron look like?Unexamined
Other places for the Race of the Eight Winds ?Unexamined
Nomadic CulturesUnexamined
An interesting invitation in SharnUnexamined
Date of The Day of Mourning???Unexamined
The Frostfell: Who's used it and how?Unexamined
First TowerUnexamined
World knowledge tipUnexamined
An Eberron druid adventure...Unexamined
New Cyre: The Wild West of EberronUnexamined
please help me creating my warforged character!?!? Wizards Community > Eberron > Eberron HQ > People & Places > please help me creating my warforged character!?!? -----------------------------------------------------------Unexamined
Favorite Characters PlayedUnexamined
Character CritiqueHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
HatherilNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Eberron and the Rod of Seven PartsUnexamined
Sharn: Calcutta or Clean?Unexamined
House of Cannith questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Backstory help...Unexamined
The PartyUnexamined
Size of Sharn?Unexamined
Lhazaar InformationUnexamined
PETA in EberronUnexamined
A Valenar TourneyUnexamined
Sharn questions, Help!No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Exciting Eberronian EncountersUnexamined
Brelish Royalty ?'sUnexamined
Droaamite Races?Unexamined
Cool/Super BBEG'sUnexamined
Xen'drik stormreach maps?Unexamined
ArgonnessonNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
1001 Ruins of Xen'drik IdeasIdeas
The floating tombs of Xen'drikUnexamined
Help Design some PCs!Unexamined
Inspired vs. Dreaming DarkUnexamined
Sides of the Last WarUnexamined
Decorations of the five nationsUnexamined
Where to place the Witchfire series in Eberron?Unexamined
A Cyran city in a coinUnexamined
The Lord of BladesUnexamined
1000 interesting NPCs in EberronUnexamined
My Eberron group, how's yours?Unexamined
FallenNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Question about cuisine in ThraneNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
House TarkananUnexamined
Fleshing Out NPCUnexamined
Fort BoneUnexamined
Tourism in KorranbergUnexamined
Where'd these fit in Eberron?Unexamined
Who killed Chaseva ir'Wynarn?Unexamined
Sharn mapUnexamined
Asa d'VadalisUnexamined
SigilsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
NPCs on an AirshipUnexamined
Shadowmount Forest of Karnaath, anything written? Wizards Community > Eberron > Eberron HQ > People & Places > Shadowmount Forest of Karnaath, anything written? -------------------------------------------------------------Unexamined
Sharn, City of CommerceUnexamined
Open NPC Cast Call - Floating Towers of ArcanixUnexamined
1001 missions (adventure seeds)Ideas
Ebberon novels? Are they official events in Ebberon History?Unexamined
Pulling an Orsen Well's on Sharn?Unexamined
the lord of blades is...Unexamined
Are my party all going to die?Unexamined
Rose Quarry ConflictUnexamined
Fort Bones Floorplan (or other suitable fort)Unexamined
Sharn: CoT errata - Mod Help NeededUnexamined
Do Droam citizens know about Daask?Unexamined
Does having a Dragonmark raise your status within that house?Unexamined
Xen'Drik deep jungle encountersUnexamined
Does Eberron have a sun?Unexamined
Lifts in Sharn... againUnexamined
The Eldeen Wolves: A colaberationUnexamined
Thuranni + Phiarlan = Love?Unexamined
Quick ? - Wynarn U.Unexamined
Whos the ruler of Ashkatala?Unexamined
A Unified Galifar under One King, "The Rightful Heir to the Throne" [Archive] - Wizards Community Wizards Community > Eberron > Eberron HQ > People & Places > A Unified Galifar under One King, "The Rightful Heir to the TUnexamined
Fleshing out Sigilstar(in Thrane).Unexamined
Darro ir'Lain doesnt qualify for his prestiege class?Unexamined
Something that's been bothering me for a long time...Unexamined
ThroneholdNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Only 200000 people in Sharn?Unexamined
My semi-random NPC'sUnexamined
Mox the Cyran changeling Bard. Multi lvl NPC.Unexamined
Check this out, sweet A/V aidUnexamined
Real world culture of the GiantsUnexamined
I'm sorry I killed Kaius. Now what?Unexamined
Full Sharn MapUnexamined
Who is Sora Kell?Unexamined
The great Book of Eberron CookingUnexamined
Kaius III, Erandis and the Emerald Claw.Unexamined
Unusual Aberant Dragon Mark and CRUnexamined
Anyone been in Whisper Wood? My players stay out! Wizards Community > Eberron > Eberron HQ > People & Places > Anyone been in Whisper Wood? My players stay out! -------------------------------------------------------------Unexamined
the Malevanor Encounter...CR?Unexamined
The Du'aliUnexamined
What's the most "Basic D&D" region in the Five Nations?Unexamined
Names for Cyrean CharactersUnexamined
Shadow Marches NPC - Quick helpUnexamined
Need more information on The Thousand EyesUnexamined
how bad can i make thisUnexamined
The House Orien Waypoint to Xen'drikUnexamined
Advancing the Lord of Blades ?Unexamined
Please Help!! Need MapsUnexamined
Metrol = Lord of Blades HQ ?Unexamined
Places: I need a MapUnexamined
Lightning Rail station mapUnexamined
The Gloaming Dark effectsUnexamined
Mordain?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Character CritiqueHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
What does Vol look like?Unexamined
The Burning WoodUnexamined
Katashka and the Qabalrin: Who are they?Unexamined
Lord of Blades....good guy?Unexamined
quick questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Site: Temple at Draz'adun (need suggestions for Xen'drik Dungeon crawl) Unexamined
What are the creatures in the House symbols?Unexamined
House outposts in Sharn?Unexamined
Enemies of the Lord of BladesUnexamined
Age of Worms in EberronUnexamined
Pirates of Scion SoundUnexamined
Undead and the MournlandUnexamined
In your campaign which is stronger race or nation? Wizards Community > Eberron > Eberron HQ > People & Places > In your campaign which is stronger race or nation? -----------------------------------------------------------Unexamined
The Official Manifest Zone threadUnexamined
Some short stories, just because I feel like it.Unexamined
Sharn is over a mile high?Unexamined
Blade dessertUnexamined
Bigger PGtE Xen'drik Map?Unexamined
Where did the Glass Tower fall from???Unexamined
Golan Dol's warforged companions.Unexamined
Views on How Necromancers, thier arts and black Magic are viewed in Khorvaire No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What's in Olath?Unexamined
Xephs in EberronUnexamined
Where is the Dorasharn tower???Unexamined
Stupid thought...but, yeah. Dragon Below compared to Covenant.Unexamined
Harmattan from The Shattered Land (statted out)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Full Map of Sarlona (Now in Common -or- Riedran!) Wizards Community > Eberron > Eberron HQ > People & Places > Full Map of Sarlona (Now in Common -or- Riedran!) -------------------------------------------------------------Unexamined
Memorable OppositionUnexamined
Argonth The Mobile Fortress... need info!Unexamined
Aerenal Elves w/ Phiarlan DragonmarkUnexamined
The Lost Land of EberronUnexamined
An Emeral claw ShieldUnexamined
Where do I confirm this Xen'drik fact?Unexamined
Details of GalethspyreUnexamined
The Monster's Eye?Unexamined
Can anyone tell me where in Ebberon is DDO?Unexamined
Need help detailing the Court of BrelandUnexamined
What if the party finds out...Unexamined
Sharn : Cross-ward travel?Unexamined
The Code of GalifarUnexamined
Mror HoldsUnexamined
What size Mark of Death>Unexamined
Rose QuarryUnexamined
What really happened to Cyre?Unexamined
what do you think of this.Unexamined
Silver Flame and QuoriUnexamined
Chaos in Mror HoldUnexamined
A story of Worms...Unexamined
Yet another Sharn ThreadUnexamined
Fist of Onatar - quick questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Rivers in Breland?Unexamined
Valenar inconsistency.Unexamined
KyberNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
About StarilaskurUnexamined
Mordain The Fleshweaver?Unexamined
What lurks in Cazhaak Draal?Unexamined
Pre Last War MapUnexamined
Where would I live?Unexamined
Between Breland and Cyre...Unexamined
post mourning day survival gameNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Borrowing from OblivionUnexamined
Family names that make up the dragon marked houses.Unexamined
Any gladiator arenas/cities like Rome?Unexamined
Group base - what do you do?Unexamined
Renegade vampire looking for allies.Unexamined
If you were to put this city in Eberron, where would you place it?Unexamined
Looking for the "Where in Eberron" threadUnexamined
Political InstabilityUnexamined
An unlikely alliance.Unexamined
RiedraNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Need help with a Tarkanan assassinUnexamined
Saltmarsh: Where would it be?Unexamined
First Public Back StoryUnexamined
Why 2 stat blocks for Jaela ?Unexamined
Realistic Eberron Dialogue?Unexamined
Treassure Island/Monkey IslandUnexamined
Psionic Healing in the MournlandUnexamined
Talentia And ElvesUnexamined
Maps of eberron ?Unexamined
DM help for SharnUnexamined
Ideas for a Trust agent?Unexamined
Monastery of the Mournful Minds, a psionic communityUnexamined
Aereni druids-The snake charmersUnexamined
Who can depose a Thrane theocrat?Unexamined
Iconic Eberron-ians?Unexamined
Naming resources for Eberron elves?Unexamined
How do you pronounce 'Cyre' ?Unexamined
What really happened to CyreUnexamined
The L'Vaen Golhyrr (The Last Binders)Unexamined
The Angel's View InnUnexamined
Okay, so you own a casino ... what's the worst that could happen?Unexamined
No wonder the Five Nations fell apart...Unexamined
Please help with a Flamewind riddleUnexamined
Please help with Race of Eight WindsUnexamined
Order of the Emerald Claw gets Vol's LaundryUnexamined
PRA XI REK, help neededUnexamined
Mournland effect question.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Ghostwalk & EberronUnexamined
We don't go to Ravenho- er, QuartzhavenUnexamined
Ghalt in AundairUnexamined
Who leads the Dark Lanterns now ?Unexamined
Shattered Land, non-standard WarforgedUnexamined
Inspired masquerading as a kalastarUnexamined
Q'barraNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
LhazaarNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dragonmarked Houses and the CitadelUnexamined
Hunting Talenta Halflings.Unexamined
Arturo d'CainithUnexamined
Come up with members of the Deathsgate Guild!Unexamined
Tira's Rest, a small hamlet in ThraneUnexamined
Tesla in Eberron ?!Unexamined
Who are the Six KingsUnexamined
Eberron Desert?Unexamined
The lesser of two evilsUnexamined
Help me brainstorm: Orgev and XendrikUnexamined
Quick and Easy Maps ??Unexamined
Help me give a quick peek at pre-Mourning MakingUnexamined
Merrix d'CannithUnexamined
Published info on undersharn?Unexamined
Dragonmarked House RunesUnexamined
Kalashtar Martial ArtsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Map of Khorvaire with distances between placesUnexamined
First Eberron character: Warforged.Unexamined
Population of LhazaarUnexamined
Dreadhold feature in Dragon #344Unexamined
Affiliation: Order of the Emerald Claw (PEACH)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Ideas for Characters can come from the Strangest PlacesUnexamined
Demon Wastes: what's the deal?Unexamined
Duskblade BackstoryUnexamined
Mordain as a Cult of the Dragon Below leaderUnexamined
? on time lineUnexamined
Do you think this Dragon would work?Unexamined
Excuses to send players into DreadholdUnexamined
Unnamed IslandsUnexamined
Rogue Dragons, Demons, Daelkyr, Quori... It has it all!!!Unexamined
Adapting "3 Days to Kill" to EberronUnexamined
Affiliation: the Korranberg LibraryUnexamined
Bypassing the LabyrinthUnexamined
Xen'Drik AmbienceUnexamined
Kennrun Mountains????????Unexamined
Community List of Eberron VillainsUnexamined
WotC plans to ruin XENDRIK!!!Unexamined
Karanthi Undead... Where are they now? +Unexamined
An overzealous GatekeeperUnexamined
AGE Of Worms AdaptationUnexamined
One Shot Adventure in EberronUnexamined
Wynarn and other institutes of learningUnexamined
Expedition to Xendrik AdviceUnexamined
World QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
I'm Lost!!!Unexamined
Gyrderi?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dragonshards in Aerenal or.... in the seas?Unexamined
Atur, City of NightUnexamined
Knight of ???Unexamined
Pronunciation Key?Unexamined
Party HookUnexamined
stats for volUnexamined
? on the gates that stop the demons from coming to EberronUnexamined
? on the unknown warforges from the novelsUnexamined
King Kauis vs Standard DaelkyrUnexamined
How does divine magic work on Mournland?Unexamined
Eldeen ReachesUnexamined
Into Khyber (KL Gruppe raus!!)Unexamined
Pronunciation QueryUnexamined
Eberron and Yuan-tiUnexamined
using Underdark as a substitute for Khyber...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Megaman inspired 'forged?Unexamined
Where to begin a campaign?Unexamined
Why is Mournland the way it is... ?Unexamined
Cyran names?Unexamined
Help me plan a Dreadhold escape?Unexamined
geographyNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Adamantine Needle Seamstresses [PEACH]Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
there's a hole, there's a hole...Unexamined
The Lords of DustUnexamined
Eldeen Reaches GatesUnexamined
Desert setting?Unexamined
Building up fear for the MournlandsUnexamined
Cardinal abberationsUnexamined
Help load my abandoned lighning rail car.Unexamined
@No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Creating a patronUnexamined
How big is Sharn?Unexamined
The Priests of TransitionUnexamined
Was Droaam always called Droaam?Unexamined
Tain GalaUnexamined
The Sharn Skyrail (new title, same thread!)Unexamined
Background for Gatherhold?Unexamined
Cyre Royal LineUnexamined
Populations in EberronUnexamined
Humans of AdarUnexamined
Sarlonan Campaign HooksUnexamined
Admantium BodyUnexamined
Eberron mapsUnexamined
What does a blacksheep Deneith scion do when he becomes famous?Unexamined
help me with hypothetical political scenario (my group stay out)Unexamined
Cold War in EberronUnexamined
Elaydren d'Vown... or d'Cannith?Unexamined
Secret of Xen'Drik UnrevealedUnexamined
AccentsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Flamekeep Questions...No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Against the Giants!Unexamined
Politics in Breland and jobs in Sharn- Help!Unexamined
Organizations and the PHB2Unexamined
difficult to translateUnexamined
Eldeen RebelsUnexamined
Who's who on the supplement covers?Unexamined
prison breakUnexamined
Xen'drik Map LegendUnexamined
Yet another quick questionNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Is everyone a member of a dragonmarked house?Unexamined
New Map of KhorvaireUnexamined
weird landmassUnexamined
Q about the Mourning...Unexamined
Greywall - Tourist InfoUnexamined
Stormreach; SoXUnexamined
Where do we discuss the plots in the novels?Unexamined
SPOILER: Romance in the Dreaming Dark TrilogyUnexamined
Furnish the Great CragUnexamined
Middle-class clothingUnexamined
Secrets of Sarlona!Unexamined
Hostelhome District of SharnUnexamined
Darguun: Rise of a NationUnexamined
Events with a world impact in your campaign?Unexamined
King's Forest Adventure IdeasUnexamined
Blood of Vol adventuring party. Help!Unexamined
Looking for Rekkenmark infoUnexamined
1001 Useful Eberron NPCsIdeas
If You Were Making The Eberron Mega-Adventure...Unexamined
Good quori during the ancient battle giant vs dal quor?Unexamined
Church of Silver Flame's Keeper... 11 years old?Unexamined
So what's in Droaam?Unexamined
Dragon Magic: fitting for Argonnessen?Unexamined
Human ethnicities?Unexamined
Where to put this mini were-war?Unexamined
Where is New Cyre?Unexamined
Little Plains?Unexamined
Xen'drik Expeditions: Crimson CodexUnexamined
Playing a dragonmarked character outside the housesUnexamined
Sharn: the really cool stuffUnexamined
Minor mechanical question: is Darro ir'Lain proficient with all martial weapons?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Dark, mysterious sites in KhorvaireUnexamined
Dragons of aragonessen and the dreaming darkUnexamined
Casting EberronUnexamined
The Slave Lords Saga, Location?Unexamined
Cardinal Krozen's AC?Unexamined
The Quest to Unlock the Draconic Prophecy (need help designing please!) Unexamined
1001+ Attractions at the Carnival of ShadowsIdeas
Inspiration neededUnexamined
Introducing/Describing Sharn from afarUnexamined
Who is Kelas or Ir'DarrenUnexamined
1001 Crewmembers of the Stolen Shards [Humor]Ideas
Draconic PropheciesUnexamined
Galifar prideUnexamined
Non-Human EthnicitiesUnexamined
Green Spire in Shadow MarchesUnexamined
Sharn: Businesses and EstablishmentsUnexamined
Death Rate in Sharn?Unexamined
Armies of KhorvaireUnexamined
Crown and House?Unexamined
The exodus: a 40000-years-old tradition brokenIdeas
Cyre before the MourningUnexamined
Cardinal Kronzen and the PontiffUnexamined
Khorvaire army uniformsUnexamined
Pirate Islands and Seas of BloodUnexamined
Dragonmarked houses naming conventionsUnexamined
Yarkuun DraalUnexamined
Church and House?Unexamined
Dragonmark BreedingUnexamined
NEW CYRE (A Comprehensive Guide to the town)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Another pair of quick questionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Eberron AffialiationsUnexamined
Sharn: City of Intrigue and Betrayal.Unexamined
Noble families of BrelandUnexamined
Fairhaven slum district concept.Unexamined
Aquatic elves& the allies?Unexamined
Language Question: Reference to "Old Common" ?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Zareeg Lorakus: Explorer, genius, and a little mad Wizards Community > Eberron > Eberron HQ > People & Places > Zareeg Lorakus: Explorer, genius, and a little mad -----------------------------------------------------------Unexamined
House Cannith - SouthUnexamined
Casinos? ...In the Eldeen Reaches?!...Run by Gnomes?!!Unexamined
Help me make this npc pleaseUnexamined
D'marked bloodline namesUnexamined
Public Works Commission in AundairUnexamined
Organization: The Brightstar KnightsUnexamined
POWs anyone?Unexamined
Lance's MonologueUnexamined
Queen DianiUnexamined
1001 Eberron PlotsIdeas
Boranel's childrenUnexamined
Irontown, KarnathUnexamined
The Seven Caves, DarguunUnexamined
Why would a Thranish Wizard be at Kennrun 2 weeks pre-mourning?Unexamined
Thieves of Blood statsUnexamined
The Ignored NationsUnexamined
Where to put this adventure?Unexamined
Rose QuarryUnexamined
Real World: SharnUnexamined
Breaking in to (and then out of) DreadholdUnexamined
Ak'chazar Rakshasa in DroaamUnexamined
Help filling in the blanks for some iconic NPCsUnexamined
New GM in EberronUnexamined
Sharn campaignUnexamined
yet another sharn maps threadUnexamined
Healing in the Mournland . . .Unexamined
Do Greyhawkian Dungeons belong in EberronUnexamined
All things eldeenUnexamined
Five Nations circa 500 YK MapUnexamined
Lhazaar PrincipalitiesUnexamined
Frostfell yo.Unexamined
Eberron Map for FM7Unexamined
Sharn Verification: FlyingUnexamined
Kalishtar Vs. Dreaming DarkUnexamined
Missing a NameUnexamined
The Gray TideUnexamined
Rakshasa Rajahs in Dragon?Unexamined
Ptolus in EberronUnexamined
The Ghaash'kala (KB Welcome!)Unexamined
StarilaskurNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Places to fight in GraywallUnexamined
The Lady of the Plague…?Unexamined
What culture is Karranth like?Unexamined
Regions of originUnexamined
Keep On The Boarderlands in EberronUnexamined
BackstoryNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
the Devourer's churches (the Dark Six)Unexamined
The faces of my Eberron - flash intros to some of my upcoming NPCsUnexamined
Dragonshards: Serens, Part Two?Unexamined
Need help naming a placeUnexamined
Karnathi WildlifeUnexamined
A rank transfer issueUnexamined
The Swords of Liberty in Detail (PEACH!)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Drow Clans of Xen'drikUnexamined
Building ArdevUnexamined
Sharn City of TowersUnexamined
Adventuring in DroaamUnexamined
Background: Kadaash of the Maruk Ghaash'kalaUnexamined
Dragonmarked HousesUnexamined
Lord of Blades adventure seeds ?Unexamined
Galifar's HeirsUnexamined
Lucan, the Dark LanternUnexamined
Any info. on Wroat, Sterngate, Margul Pass, or Rhukaan Draal?Unexamined
Character Concept [Just take a Look, If you Could] Wizards Community > Eberron > Eberron HQ > People & Places > Character Concept [Just take a Look, If you Could] -----------------------------------------------------------Unexamined
Zilargo : The trustUnexamined
Weather Generator for EberronUnexamined
Xen'drick, anyone?Unexamined
Other settlements not on Khorvaire mapUnexamined
Massacre of CyransUnexamined
Sharn PDUnexamined
what are the kobalds doing?Unexamined
Baba Yaga as a hag in Eberron?Unexamined
Do the Rose Quarry Map Images Exist?Unexamined
Thrane (Silver Flame) burial ritesUnexamined
The Not-So-Evil Keeper, How Common?Unexamined
Low-Mid level in the Demon Wastes?Unexamined
ArcanixNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
House of PhiarlanUnexamined
Spring Heeled JackUnexamined
Anything on the Horizon for the Reaches?Unexamined
Dreaming Dark recurrent villenUnexamined
how to catch an Assassin?Unexamined
Firefly in EberronUnexamined
More Details on Northwestern AundairUnexamined
Employment with the HousesUnexamined
Gelisha Marns, the black angelUnexamined
Dragonmarked PaladinsUnexamined
Artificer--More Houses?Unexamined
Dragonmarked PopulationUnexamined
Am I reading the map correctly?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
1001 Horrors of the Demon WastesIdeas
Lucent Moras, Weaver of FleshUnexamined
Captain Nemo in EberronUnexamined
Sulatar and other Drow racesUnexamined
Demographics DragonshardUnexamined
The Organ Trade of Eberron, Common Race GraftsUnexamined
d'Vol's Mission AccomplishedUnexamined
Goings on at The TwelveUnexamined
Karzan, Merchant of WondersUnexamined
Gearlock, Guardian of the nightUnexamined
Cyre's Coat of Arms/ColorsUnexamined
Red Dawn in Eberron?Unexamined
Some Kalashtar QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Character Creation problemUnexamined
Mess'in with VolUnexamined
What motivates the average Emerald claw goonUnexamined
Skycoaches in SharnUnexamined
SpiritgearNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Seafaring GameUnexamined
Murals of Eberron -- Who are these guys?Unexamined
Stormhome in your campaign?Unexamined
Bulwark and the LoBsterUnexamined
Suggestions for Inquisitive recurring foeUnexamined
Plans for reclaiming the Mournalds for a New Cyre Wizards Community > Eberron > Eberron HQ > People & Places > Plans for reclaiming the Mournalds for a New Cyre -------------------------------------------------------------Unexamined
How to fit an egyptian culture in Eberron?Unexamined
Special DragonshardsUnexamined
New CyreUnexamined
Name for a Small Brelish TownUnexamined
Help me give an Arteficer an Aundar flavor.Unexamined
Stating up a Goblin Vilage.Unexamined
Kundarak Real Estate in SharnUnexamined
Who to make the main pawn of the Dreaming Dark?Unexamined
Who Would Cyre Blame?Unexamined
NPC Variant Sora TerazaUnexamined
Famous NPCUnexamined
Families of the HousesUnexamined
NPC Variant Sora KatraUnexamined
NPC Variant Sora MaenyaUnexamined
Vol and the abberant marksUnexamined
High-Level Shifter Arttificer NPCUnexamined
Improved Kaius?Unexamined
My sharns shopsUnexamined
1001 Reasons why Cyre blew upIdeas
Need Help Filling War CouncilUnexamined
Five Things Every Thranish Knows?Unexamined
Valenar AlignmentUnexamined
NPC: Knight~Marshal of the Citadel Sir Banarak Tithon as a knightUnexamined
Warforged name idea...come here if you lack some! Wizards Community > Eberron > Eberron HQ > People & Places > Warforged name idea...come here if you lack some! -------------------------------------------------------------Unexamined
Silver Flame and the Last WarUnexamined
MapsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Merrix's MapUnexamined
Half-Goblins, need ideasUnexamined
Lothar of Sharn?Unexamined
Sharn & IUnexamined
Mournland and the UndyingUnexamined
Our Lady of Plagues and the Lost HeirsUnexamined
Encounter: Between A Rock and a Hot PlaceUnexamined
Devourer of Dreams & Dal Quor's CenterUnexamined
Seren Island's climate?Unexamined
Mournland Healing Limitation on Monsters?Unexamined
House Tarkanan, where would it be?Unexamined
Character choices for new PC?Unexamined
Aereni Elf with Dragon-based cohort?Unexamined
It's keep time.Unexamined
The Swords of LibertyUnexamined
Anna Zolotas Half-DoppelgangerUnexamined
Distances in EberronUnexamined
Criminal GangsUnexamined
Shadows of the Last War facility locations?Unexamined
What is the place in this pic?Unexamined
Kandler and Burch statsUnexamined
Mordan'statsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Talenta Warforged Scout...Unexamined
Middle EastUnexamined
Travel from Rekkenmark to ThaliostUnexamined
Skool CampaignUnexamined
True DistanceUnexamined
Please Delete - I am noob! :(Unexamined
Clan Mroranon - where is it?Unexamined
Adar or Riedra?Unexamined
Any printed info on Lorghalan?Unexamined
I need help in Describing Cragwar.Unexamined
Afiliation Data The Twelve.Unexamined
The Five Nations before Galifar?Unexamined
Q about the City of GoldUnexamined
The Mror HoldsUnexamined
KyberNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Villas and Summer HomesUnexamined
Question on whitehearthNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Merylsward, Eldeen ReachesUnexamined
A question of pronunciationNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Edymnion, Your PC's...Unexamined
Cities of KhorvaireUnexamined