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Orcus: Demon Prince of the Undead (with great appreciation to Serge!)Unexamined
Summon MonsterUnexamined
Halfling gods - where's the chaos?Unexamined
no devotion -clericUnexamined
Q: A Few QuestionsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
My idea for a cosmology (LONG...)Unexamined
New cosmologyIdeas
Cosmology Ideas neededUnexamined
Elemental Plane of SoundUnexamined
A world of darkness...Unexamined
Outer Inner Planes --Unexamined
Pantheon of PtahUnexamined
Plane of ForceUnexamined
I'm not quite sure on this plane border thingy!Unexamined
New fun plane! includes chaos and destructionUnexamined
Patron Diety Of the SarliHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Meloscania: Plane of necromancy and sarliIdeas
New Planar Alignment TraitsUnexamined
The 'Enis Cosmos' - Adventure threadUnexamined
Prince TalisidHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Sun Wu Kong (The Monkey King)Unexamined
New Deities rulesRules Question Or Discussion
4068%?88E IŽ! Far Realms encounters.Ideas
The Wood Between the WorldsUnexamined
Demi-Plane: Innards. (Neth meets Osmosis Jones?)Unexamined
Of Gods and Donuts.Unexamined
The revival of make your own abyss layerUnexamined
a weasle?Unexamined
Question about Melif The LichlordUnexamined
Some planer sects I thought up......Unexamined
Gods based on you...Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Suicide and the PlanesUnexamined
Help me in playing a god! :(Unexamined
Gaining worshipers?Unexamined
The Lich Queen of GithyankiUnexamined
Imhotep needs to be removedUnexamined
Vecna!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Quick QuestionUnexamined
divine advancement & abilitiesUnexamined
Deitys and Antimagic shell?Unexamined
Planar Maps?Unexamined
The elemental lordsUnexamined
Cthulhu MythosUnexamined
Do dragons and centaurs have thier own religionHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Modron PicsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
height, weight etc of PelorHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The Gods of PokemonHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Looking for books about the Nords MythologyUnexamined
Wee Jas Paladin?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Deity 3e stats please??Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Tso and GherelethUnexamined
Divine build, need help distributing featsUnexamined
Devine Ascension Methods....?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
how many gods is really needed for a perfect patheon?Unexamined
Ahar (Homebrew Deity)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
A little help here?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Opinion about non-epic characters going into Planes.Unexamined
Dieties with Outsider levels?Unexamined
In loving memory of Jo Kyun YunHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
God of PsionicsUnexamined
Trap a Lower Ranked Gods Soul?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
NamesHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Type-o In Manual of the Planes FAQHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Divine rankHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Corellon Larethian, Coronal of Arvandor, First of the SeldarineUnexamined
Far Realms versus, or with LovecraftUnexamined
Need a deityUnexamined
random thoughts on evilUnexamined
Annihilating Strike Broken???Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Looking 4 Corellon info & researchUnexamined
Erevan Ilesere, The Trickster, the ChameleonUnexamined
is Ao worshipedUnexamined
Red Knight?Unexamined
Fiends or evil gods[explanation needed]Unexamined
Divine Senses VS idisplacementUnexamined
Got a cosmology I want to convert to D&D...Unexamined
Does Self Concealment stack with the Divine Dodge SDAUnexamined
High AngelsUnexamined
Divine Rank 0?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Slaad lord stats??Unexamined
New plane typesUnexamined
Linqua as PCs?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
what is a good....Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Deities & Demigods for 3.5Unexamined
Manual of the Planes for 3.5Unexamined
Magni the MightyHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The Plane of Shadow - help please!Unexamined
Drow's deities SRUnexamined
Chosen's SRUnexamined
Need some help coming up with deities.Unexamined
Monster Gods forgotten in Deities and Demigods?Unexamined
Ashardalon stats helpUnexamined
Devine reserved....Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
idea for campaign creation myth - looking for feedbackUnexamined
Question for Homebrew CosmologyUnexamined
summoning a deity/avatar?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Wars... Demons vs. DevilsUnexamined
Question from a newbieUnexamined
Divine Rank 2Unexamined
Chosen TemplateNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Rez the Evil One! Huh?Unexamined
Minotaur God(s)?Unexamined
Granting Self SpellsUnexamined
Help me make my godUnexamined
Domain spellsUnexamined
God CampaignHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Forces and PhilosophiesUnexamined
How do you achieve a Fantasy atmosphere with the medieval Christian feel?Unexamined
Demi Planes?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Alter Reality Caster Level?Unexamined
Avatars or GodsUnexamined
What's a berk?Unexamined
Mist {paraelemental} Creature template neededHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Combining Faiths and Pantheons and Deities and Demigods.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Demiplane Reward?Unexamined
Devine Ranking 0 for Chosen PCs??Unexamined
~1001 Planar adventure ideas~Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Divine Rank?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Star Wars as an alternate plane????Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Is it worth buying?Unexamined
Old DDG board?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
what are the hazards of the elemental plane of earth??Unexamined
Incantifer TemplateHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Zuggtmoy, Lady of Fungus?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Please DeleteUnexamined
Explain The Lady's BehaviorUnexamined
Identify portalHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Other Demon LordsUnexamined
Which plane should I use?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Orcus and MaanzecorianHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Remaking BahamutUnexamined
Where to begin?Unexamined
Half-ParaelementalsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Divine Rank 11Unexamined
The Harmonium World of OrthoUnexamined
Overgods and Salient Divine AbilitiesUnexamined
Deities with Leadership?Unexamined
Overgods: yay or nay ?Unexamined
Rilmani and the SpireUnexamined
Maybe someone here can help me with this...Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Weapons from the Astral Plane - why?Rules Question Or Discussion
Io's DeclineRules Question Or Discussion
Quasi-deity Q'sRules Question Or Discussion
Gods Divine Ranks and levelsUnexamined
Playing with GodsUnexamined
Poor Vecna!!Unexamined
Half-Dragons on the PlanesUnexamined
Where can I find further information on the Planes?Unexamined
Massive power of destruction and constructionUnexamined
worshippers=power: NOUnexamined
The "gods" as NPCsUnexamined
The rest of the Greyhawk pantheonUnexamined
Re Stating the DeitiesUnexamined
God character sheetsUnexamined
Ghosts in the PlanesUnexamined
Planes, Layers...whateverUnexamined
Vucarik ?? Who is this guy ?Unexamined
Elemental plane adventure ideasUnexamined
Post your homebrew cosmologies here!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Question: Plane of AirUnexamined
Help me rememberUnexamined
Planescape History PleaseHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
"Planar Leaders"Unexamined
Subjective Directional GravityUnexamined
Divine AgentUnexamined
Travel ? Similarity between Limbo and Regions of Dreams ?Unexamined
CR increase for Divine Rank Zero?Unexamined
Help with making a "dungeon" in Fire Elemental Plane.Unexamined
The home of Heironeous.Unexamined
Power of you gods; how do you descide that?Unexamined
3.0/3.5 Version of the Celtic Panteons et al.Unexamined
Rat demons: Variations on a themeUnexamined
The gods are dying!!!Unexamined
Lich QueenUnexamined
celestial paragon?Unexamined
Deity for a Neutral Good SentinelUnexamined
Positive and Negative Energy PlanesUnexamined
Undead and the energy planesUnexamined
If this was you...Unexamined
New Gray Waste Sites / The Oblivion CompassHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The Omniversal Rings: thoughts and opinions desiredUnexamined
The Least Number of PlanesUnexamined
Planning Domain?Unexamined
half elemental?Unexamined
New Sect: ShadowseekersUnexamined
i need some ideas...Unexamined
Water DomainUnexamined
Ysgard InfoUnexamined
Aztec PantheonUnexamined
Characters-Gaining Divine Rank?Unexamined
An Essay on the Birth of the MultiverseIdeas
Multiverse creation threadUnexamined
The WormholeUnexamined
Locations in Gehenna InformationUnexamined
Question: Servant of WeeJass?Unexamined
Cat in the Hat & the Far Realms: It's a Thing ThingUnexamined
Deites Choices for ClericsUnexamined
Stats for godsUnexamined
Dealing with Archdevils and Demonlords.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Even, Azrine, Jokke, bippy -VS- ThirsrilanythrilUnexamined
Gods tales...Unexamined
Planar Handbook: A Player's Guide to the Planes in JulyUnexamined
question for the planescapersUnexamined
Tapheon and the Despoiler of FleshUnexamined
Tapheon and the Despoiler of FleshUnexamined
New Gehenna Site: The Vale of Creeping AshesUnexamined
Far Realms Planar TraitsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
New Acheron Site: The Copper GrottoHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Who could ever beat Jesus up?Unexamined
Who Would an Incubus Worship?Unexamined
Primus' worshippersUnexamined
Writeups on the AltrolothsUnexamined
The Plane of Shadows and movementUnexamined
Gods of H&LUnexamined
Weapons to Kill the GodsUnexamined
The First OnesUnexamined
Ilkkool RremUnexamined
Gods of humanityUnexamined
i want planescape!Unexamined
Creating Deities and DemigodsUnexamined
Sacreligious WeaponsUnexamined
New Dragon has PS infoUnexamined
A question of LocationUnexamined
whats a portfolio?Unexamined
Wiccan PantheonUnexamined
About LolthUnexamined
Ishidurba GodUnexamined
A few Questions on the MotPUnexamined
Low-level planar contactUnexamined
The deep reaches of the Prime Material PlaneUnexamined
Plane of LycanthropyHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Another Planar TemplateHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
(d20Modern/Dragonstar) Demiplane of Cyberspace?Unexamined
Elemental Plane of air : The Ironraven HoldUnexamined
Sigilian newspapers!Unexamined
Converting 1E/2E Deities to 3E/3.5E...Unexamined
Using the Norse, Greek, and Egyptian pantheons in Deities and Demigods.Unexamined
Information on SigilUnexamined
New Mechanus Inahbitants...Unexamined
Just a very Plane postUnexamined
more Cthulhu-ian funUnexamined
Reproduction and diminishmentUnexamined
Code of Conduct for St. Cuthbert ClericsUnexamined
Interesting problem re. going to DR 0Unexamined
Stats for Elric's Gods in his worldUnexamined
dragonlance deitiesUnexamined
Conception on the Astral PlaneUnexamined
General Question for Planescape DMsUnexamined
Getting to the different layersUnexamined
Material Planes one plane with several layers?Unexamined
Grantable SpellsUnexamined
Noob Astral Plane QuestionUnexamined
Need some domain clarificationsUnexamined
An idea for a "pantheon" of gods..Unexamined
WOTC should make Bibles!Unexamined
Giving gods a faceliftUnexamined
Deities with multiple alignmentsUnexamined
i have a easy question (i hope)Unexamined
Shadow templateNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Combining Deities and Demigods and the ELHUnexamined
Outsiders' corpsesUnexamined
Deity OrganizationsUnexamined
Planescout GilleleidUnexamined
Pleasing the GodsUnexamined
Planescape Boxed SetsUnexamined
Need help with Deity statisticsUnexamined
Taking another God's Divine Rank?Unexamined
Stratis, God of WarUnexamined
Elemental Plane of Magic, as given to the GuvnersUnexamined
Ability Scores for DeitiesUnexamined
Deities and the Harm spellUnexamined
The Blood Wars?Unexamined
Help Creating a God of MagicUnexamined
The Layers of the Abyss and their rulers...Unexamined
Faiths & Pantheons Demigod DomainsUnexamined
Infinity of PlanesUnexamined
if a slaadi met a far realm creature...Unexamined
so what happens if...Unexamined
Another Astral questionUnexamined
swapping planesUnexamined
Slaadi thoughtsUnexamined
Fraz-Urb'luu - Update From 1EUnexamined
Limits of Lucid Dreaming?Unexamined
New pantheon and cosmology help nededUnexamined
What are the paraelements?Unexamined
Two Ideas...Unexamined
Mythos-inspired DeitiesUnexamined
need help with upcoming planar campaignUnexamined
Lady of Pain and Loss of PowerUnexamined
The creation story for my worldUnexamined
Can a God defeat a higher ranked God?Unexamined
How to kill a godUnexamined
CR for gods?Unexamined
Things Not to Say to an Archfiend...Ideas
Pox of the Planes: AltralothsUnexamined
Please Delete wrong place. Epic DragonLance howto?Unexamined
Scepter of EphelemonUnexamined
The Archangel SystemUnexamined
What is the Far Plane?Unexamined
The Phoenix as a DeityUnexamined
Help me kill a playerUnexamined
Become a godUnexamined
Lords of EvilUnexamined
Has anyone made Fenris yet?Unexamined
Bloodwar on Faerun?Unexamined
A question on Modrons...Unexamined
Let me mercilessly pimp my 3.5 Planescape conversionUnexamined
Elemental Plane of TimeUnexamined
Draconic Pantheon (Please, reply)Unexamined
time gensai?Unexamined
Fehej the Binder, God of MagicsUnexamined
What should they pay?Unexamined
Yugoloth / NE familiarsUnexamined
The Blood War and the YugolothsUnexamined
Mesopotamian PantheonUnexamined
2 questionsUnexamined
The Chosen of Every GodUnexamined
Primes and travellingUnexamined
Quasi-deity 3.5Unexamined
Best way to destroy an evil dietyUnexamined
HD: 1d4 and virtually unkillableUnexamined
What is the Best Plane?Unexamined
Questions about deities, demon lords and planes...Unexamined
Jubilex/Ghaunadaur: Seperated At Birth?Unexamined
Looking for...Unexamined
Planar Power SpellsUnexamined
Mortals dying on the planesUnexamined
Paladins and Pelor ConflictsUnexamined
God of TitansUnexamined
Native-american style pantheon help neededUnexamined
Undead of the far realmsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
What faction would you be?Unexamined
God-kings and other such beingsUnexamined
Gravity Question.Unexamined
Ability Scores for Ascended DeitiesUnexamined
Divine Rank StuffUnexamined
Tome Archons and GodsUnexamined
Two monotheisms in a polytheistic worldUnexamined
A few gods I made..Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
[game] where would go the adobe poster on dead?Unexamined
Deities CompediumUnexamined
Elemental DeitiesUnexamined
the Last Word?Unexamined
Deities and DemigodsUnexamined
I need a new godUnexamined
3e Sigil Guide for PS3eUnexamined
DSA Item creationUnexamined
Needing help with rising to God-hood (Homebrew rules)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Plane of necromancy and sarli, MenoscaniaUnexamined
Half-Elemental Level Adjustment?Unexamined
New Demiplane: Nothwylde, the Bubbling Void of EntropyHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Planar Cities - How big is too big?Unexamined
Misadventures in the Lady's MazeUnexamined
Angels and demonsUnexamined
Planar Magic Fabouring Caster Type?Unexamined
Stats for Al' Akbar?Unexamined
Fiends as of 3.0Unexamined
Alignments as DeitiesUnexamined
So what is known about the Observatorium?Unexamined
an incorpeal godUnexamined
Petitioner GameUnexamined
Free Will and moreUnexamined
Sworddancer: Sword SongUnexamined
Religious sayings - Need moreUnexamined
Universal deitiesUnexamined
Chosen of ThorUnexamined
Survival on the Plane of FireUnexamined
Positive and Negative Energy planes just exploded. Results?Unexamined
Proxies: Any templates/ideas?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
what does the deck of many things doUnexamined
Help first time making a god help neededUnexamined
Xanxost has missed his appointment!Unexamined
Can you tack on Aasimar as a template.No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Deity, not a God: The Red Circle of KimbruuHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Quick help from PS peopleUnexamined
The inner planesUnexamined
Magni ThorsonHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Divine blastUnexamined
The ReckoningUnexamined
Concept: The God PlaneUnexamined
30 000 free xp / week for a deity... Can I have some options from you?Unexamined
Tiamat and BahamutUnexamined
Am I the only one who does not like the Great Wheel?Unexamined
The plane of feyUnexamined
Going to GehennaUnexamined
Questions on the more powerful creatures of the planes.Unexamined
Far Realms: Consistency?Unexamined
Far Realms: Features and CreaturesHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Lesser Deities & Killing DeitiesUnexamined
Need help with my PantheonUnexamined
Bytopia. What is there besides Gnomes?Unexamined
hunter of the dead in the negative energy plane?Unexamined
semi godsUnexamined
windswept depths of pandemoniumUnexamined
Variant Rules: ProxiesUnexamined
Quasi-Deity Template ClassHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Barbarian BerserkUnexamined
If you were a God...Unexamined
Creatures for Regions of DreamsUnexamined
Summoning ModronsUnexamined
help bit god balancingUnexamined
Floorplans for Infernal structuresUnexamined
Why MotP is better than Planescape!Unexamined
I want to create a mojor artefactUnexamined
D20 Modern planesUnexamined
Blue LightningUnexamined
divine rogue too much?Unexamined
manual of the planes and 3.5Unexamined
Please Help. I need alternate ideas for Hell.Unexamined
Mining the Surface of the Plane of FireUnexamined
Deity Challenge RatingsUnexamined
Orcus & Gruumsh?Unexamined
Deity ChildrenUnexamined
List Of non Players Guide DomainsUnexamined
What if there were no gods at all?Unexamined
Vecna and NerullUnexamined
Greek god's complaintsUnexamined
Location of Vecna and Kas?Unexamined
On Hallowed Ground? Where to get it?Unexamined
Tha dark of layersUnexamined
Home-made PantheonUnexamined
'loths seem too weakNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
most powerful godUnexamined
Divine Rank and LAUnexamined
Help with an all new cosmologyUnexamined
"Y'know, having two hands would be nice..."Unexamined
20d8 OutsiderUnexamined
Nessus and MalsheemUnexamined
How does Divine Rank work?Unexamined
Manual of the Planes (3.5)Unexamined
PlaneShifter Demi-Planes and Energy Traits clarification neededUnexamined
A paradox of being?Unexamined
Bringing the fight to AsmodeusUnexamined
how diferent is imhotep??Unexamined
Isis & osirisUnexamined
Githyanki Allies?Unexamined
Help with a homebrewed CosomologyHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Help on the axiomatic templateNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
ignore this.Unexamined
New DeitiesHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
the reaperUnexamined
Anyone have Info on Merrshaulk?Unexamined
Deity Adventures? Please Help!!Unexamined
What determines if pronouns referring to deities should be capped?Unexamined
Demon PrincesUnexamined
Self-mutillation and the positive planeUnexamined
Dead Magic Zones and The GodsUnexamined
Numerex TheoryUnexamined
Playing the BaatezuUnexamined
What are the lawful and chaotic...Unexamined
Shattering the PlanesUnexamined
Elemental Plane EarthUnexamined
Where is Sigil?Unexamined
Planescape terminology helpUnexamined
Four Horseman of the ApocolypseUnexamined
Help with a typical Sigil characterUnexamined
Maps of SigilUnexamined
Worshippers alignment?Unexamined
Names for OutsidersUnexamined
Howlers Crag on PandemoniumUnexamined
What is the CR adjustments for the Divine Templates?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
(Half) humor - Domains granted by billboards from a previous ageHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Possiblity about mysteries of the planes (and maybe a campaign seed)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
New SDA - Divine RunningUnexamined
What i difftrent between oreth and fae'runUnexamined
Githzerai worshipping Anubis?Unexamined
Astral ships help?Unexamined
?/day abilities on the AstralUnexamined
mages and postive energyUnexamined
Who is Aoskar?Unexamined
1001 DemiplanesHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
CR for Paraelementals...Unexamined
the elemental lordsUnexamined
info on demogorgonUnexamined
Most Powerfull ClericsUnexamined
Versatility and cleric malus levels on outer planesUnexamined
Enigmatic Order (long)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
What Are Moradin's Class Levels?Unexamined
Making a deal with the... Daemon? (Yugoloth questions)Unexamined
Twilight of the Slaad LordsUnexamined
MotP spell infoUnexamined
Q. on the Hospice on the + Energy plane, would this work?Unexamined
Gruumsh's eye and Tyr's handUnexamined
Githzerai Wizard-KingUnexamined
Should Gith return?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The Cordant PlanesUnexamined
Dieties for 3.5Unexamined
Homebrew Cosmology. Any thoughts?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Chosen of TalosUnexamined
Weapons of the gods?Unexamined
Kord informationUnexamined
Kord informationUnexamined
Stats for Primus?Unexamined
Possible solution for Time Travel Problems?Unexamined
a few questions abotu GodsUnexamined
My DeitiesUnexamined
Plane of Dreams (looking for ideas)Unexamined
Ancient Baatorians?Unexamined
Deity StatsUnexamined
A Mercane's WaresUnexamined
Planar adventure by WotC MarkUnexamined
Hellbound: the blood warUnexamined
help with a dead pantheonUnexamined
ECL and Divine Ranks?Unexamined
Alternate sources of divine spells?Unexamined
Custom Deity ChangesUnexamined
Visiting Mount Celestia!Unexamined
Genesis: How flexable?Unexamined
Other JumpersUnexamined
New goddess of Psionics???Unexamined
Thoughts: Re: Life and DeathUnexamined
logical fallacy?Unexamined
Plane Shift SpellUnexamined
Greek TitansUnexamined
What is a petitioner?Unexamined
Overthrowing the Deities!Unexamined
Fiendishness, a bit too much for here thoughUnexamined
Who is the Troll God?Unexamined
Clerics PrayersUnexamined
The FarsiderUnexamined
True FarsiderNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
A thoght on the Lady's powerUnexamined
Deity questionsUnexamined
Prestige class abbreviation?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Celestial Inhabitants!Unexamined
Taking the place of a dead deityUnexamined
dnd game planningUnexamined
Iuz the OldUnexamined
question on effects of aligned planesUnexamined
Magic effects around portalsUnexamined
What are ALL the 18 Inner planes?Unexamined
On YugolothsUnexamined
Far Realms/Multiverse Cosmology Theory!Unexamined
the gods that do frolic in the airUnexamined
Sigil=a really big portal?Unexamined
An interesting note on fiends from 2EUnexamined
Divine Rank 0?Unexamined
Help with a Custom CosmologyUnexamined
The True Secret of PlanewalkingUnexamined
What happens to petitioners that die?Unexamined
Blood Wars?Unexamined
The OverlayUnexamined
Schitzo DietyUnexamined
The Lady of Pain...Unexamined
Why far realms cannot be purely lovecraftIdeas
Lords of the Nine and archdevilsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Ahriman and Jazirian, the Serpents of Law, the strongest entities in the mulitverseUnexamined
Poetry of the PlanesUnexamined
history of the the Great WheelUnexamined
Ultroloth GeneralsUnexamined
Divine ability scores?Unexamined
Possible Elements for the End TimesUnexamined
Blacklash I nEed help!Unexamined
Opinions, please.....Unexamined
Looking for an interesting high level pirate crew for a spelljammer shipUnexamined
Uberdeity theory!Unexamined
Gate KeysUnexamined
Planar RP Opportunities in the Guild HouseUnexamined
slaad actionsUnexamined
Illithid DietiesUnexamined
Death Question...Unexamined
Berserk Prestige ClassNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Creator of the CosmosUnexamined
Petitioners to the Elemental PlanesUnexamined
Lady of Pain:from the far realms?Unexamined
New plane of canyons, storms, and mysteries.Unexamined
slaad alignment?Unexamined
LoP originsUnexamined
Sigil, Gatekeys, and other questionsUnexamined
Homebrew cosmology --- help?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The OutlandsUnexamined
The story of the KaortiUnexamined
Kord's First Edition stats (as seen in Dragon #87)Unexamined
Help with Modrons and Psionics, please...Unexamined
New DietiesUnexamined
How have the gods changed since 1st ed?Unexamined
Prestige ClassesIdeas
Q&A -Gods and powers that could destroy mortalsUnexamined
Angel ? Deva ? Archon ?Unexamined
Psionic DeitiesUnexamined
Home-Made dieties?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Portfolio Elements Thread!Unexamined
Looking for a GodUnexamined
Divine Blast & Mass Divine Blast?????Unexamined
I'll try here...can someone help me with this?Unexamined
Half Ogre Cleric of ?Unexamined
the fallen, risen, and rogueUnexamined
Homebrew cosmologyHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Dark ServitorsUnexamined
Deity that provides Sun + Travel domain?Unexamined
Krynn GodsUnexamined
Half Ogre Cleric of ? (VOL. 2)Unexamined
Young GodsUnexamined
Kossuth's AmbitionUnexamined
Homebrew Cosmology - Advice WelcomeHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The Location & Key of a Gate between our world and SigilUnexamined
At the beginning of Infinity?Unexamined
12+4 deitiesUnexamined
quest for the truthUnexamined
Gaining the successful servitude of an efreet?Unexamined
the serpentUnexamined
Pantheon of OppositesUnexamined
Pantheon of OppositesUnexamined
Hindu/Vedic pantheon, homebrewing, no statsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Do Arrows of Slaying work on deities?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
What's the Rule of Three?Unexamined
Help with new clerical domain.Unexamined
Arch Devils & Demon PrincesUnexamined
The great roadUnexamined
Question: Origins of the Celestials?Unexamined
Planescape GoodnessUnexamined
The oh-so-inevitable "Let's kill a diety" discussion"Unexamined
Soon, I will start my first planar adventures, any advice?Unexamined
The Last WordUnexamined
City of Brass MapUnexamined
Crystal Spheres sharing planes?Unexamined
Eros, Seraph of LoveHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Molydeus / Guardian Tanar'riUnexamined
Wait... Did I miss something?Unexamined
The Lady of Pain...what gives?Unexamined
can anyone give me a brief rundown on whats happened on the planes?Unexamined
Why stats for deities?Unexamined
Literary question ...Unexamined
Super powerful beings that are not deitiesUnexamined
Aleph and the True WordsUnexamined
Portfolios and ControlUnexamined
Rectifying"DeitiesAndDemigods" with"EpicLevelHandbook" via"UnearthedArcana'Unexamined
3.5: Astral time catches up now!?Unexamined
Selective planar traitsUnexamined
Combining Cosmologies?Unexamined
Again VecnaUnexamined
Payment for an Earth ElementalUnexamined
Prayers for the LadyUnexamined
What are the Far Realms of InsanityUnexamined
Elemental Merc'sUnexamined
"Petitioner" Template?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
The Planar Handbook.Unexamined
Home of the Gods vs. Abode of the DeadUnexamined
hmm Psionic Gods hmmmUnexamined
Another questionUnexamined
Vampire Gods...Unexamined
LA for deities of rank 1+Unexamined
Most feared diety.Unexamined
AMF and Time StopUnexamined
Diablo- Destroyer of DeitiesUnexamined
What is better, Immortals or Deities?Unexamined
Loki, Loki, LokiUnexamined
how does wish work?Unexamined
Strange thoughts about the LadyUnexamined
Deities and Shapechange? Some ruling here?Unexamined
Alter Size SDAUnexamined
Tiamat by WARUnexamined
Which fiends are... 'fertile?'Unexamined
Demi-Deity Template ClassHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Weird Celestia QuestionUnexamined
The Races of GithUnexamined
Chosen of Erevan IlesereUnexamined
Combining Cosmologies?Unexamined
Planeborn in SigilUnexamined
Planeshifter PrCHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Are the stats of Bahamut or Tiamat in the Complete Divine?Unexamined
Template Level AdjustmentsNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Post new Salient Divine Abilities HereUnexamined
Book of the RighteousUnexamined
Gruumsh is a cyclops!Unexamined
CR of GodsUnexamined
Mercanes- anything but the bare minimumUnexamined
Need Info on RazielUnexamined
Plane Shift Ambiguity....Unexamined
I need help :(Unexamined
Balors and Pit Fiends - the next level...Unexamined
Soooo.... It only works on "mortals"? That's kind of vague...Unexamined
BIZZARE dreamUnexamined
Demiplane size questionHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
A call for assistance...Unexamined
Suggestions for granted powersUnexamined
Um....I think it's been confirmed that Sigil's gonna be in the Planar Handbook...Unexamined
Summon monster used on planer humans.Unexamined
Divine SRDUnexamined
Rilmani, and moingos, oh myUnexamined
HELP! HELP! HELP! help!Unexamined
A New Take on the Ethereal Plane?Unexamined
Deity gamesUnexamined
There are too many gods!Unexamined
Pelor who?Unexamined
Overdeity StatsUnexamined
Unique outsider stats requiredUnexamined
New deitiesUnexamined
Info on TharizdunUnexamined
Santa ClausUnexamined
About the Great Old OnesUnexamined
Galaderos, Lord of all Psionics (Dragon God)Unexamined
Tricky metamagic questionUnexamined
Clerical Scarf-thingies?Unexamined
Critique My Epic SpellUnexamined
Howling At The Moon (God)Unexamined
Elder GodsUnexamined
I need ideas..Unexamined
New Planar Campaign idea, Any suggestions?Unexamined
Life and DeathUnexamined
On the Ethergaunts (goob is me)Unexamined
Rakishis Elemental summoning...Unexamined
Dating on the Planes, and the intricacies therein...Unexamined
Help with Dieties and # of domainsUnexamined
Solonor ThelandiraUnexamined
Modron castesUnexamined
Rotating great wheelUnexamined
Lolith questionUnexamined
Another ogrish scheme.Unexamined
Martinet, Constable of Nessus (Gates of Hell teaser)Unexamined
Martinet, Constable of Nessus (Gates of Hell teaser)Unexamined
Bast Vs. ApepUnexamined
Choosing a Tiefling's heritageUnexamined
Earth and D&D cosmology?Unexamined
Life and Death?Unexamined
Realms of HadesUnexamined
Question about the planes and alignmentUnexamined
Odin NG????????????Unexamined
Alter reality...makes it pointless to have levels as castersUnexamined
Automatic Actions?Unexamined
Halberd, anyone?...Unexamined
Deities and Epic FeatsUnexamined
Question about pc's defeating deities.Unexamined
Barbarian Berserk (4 questions)Unexamined
Core Concepts for PantheonsUnexamined
Planeshifters and PortalsUnexamined
Polymorphing into a dabusHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Is WotC going to release a novel about Aos son?Unexamined
Multipolar Cosmological ConflictsUnexamined
Githyanki Silver SwordsUnexamined
Multiaspected deitiesUnexamined
Elder Elemental EyeUnexamined
On Deities and Portfolios, Part 1 of 4Unexamined
What to Expect From the Chia God?Unexamined
Spontaneous Arcane SpellcastingUnexamined
Planar info in the new DragonUnexamined
Deity ability scoresUnexamined
epic lvl feats vs salient divine abiltiesUnexamined
My game's cosmology - any noticable holes?Unexamined
An interesting confrontation....Unexamined
Need a unique Carceri outsider...Unexamined
Unified Planar TheoryUnexamined
Domains: Choose your FavoritesUnexamined
Deity of the Fall?Unexamined
City of GlassUnexamined
Moradin and war domain?Unexamined
What's Dumathoin's alignment?Unexamined
Question about GodhoodHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Making the Alter Reality SDA less powerfulUnexamined
Mortals Vs. DeitiesUnexamined
Multiple quickened spells on the astral plane?Unexamined
what are all the good deitys/demi gods for druidsUnexamined
river styxUnexamined
So if I want to know more....Unexamined
Death Heart adventure helpUnexamined
Cost of a 20th caster level scroll in SigilUnexamined
Thor rulesUnexamined
Planar Area swap.Unexamined
Verus...The RilmaniUnexamined
Does Tharizdun know about Ahriman?Unexamined
Fell's True Purpose, the Lady's TrumpUnexamined
Heironeus VS hextorUnexamined
Deity of VampiresUnexamined
ST. CuthbertUnexamined
Neraphim and Planar Touchstones.Unexamined
Making Worlds?Unexamined
More Info on Planar GuideUnexamined
DR 1, exactly what can they do?Unexamined
Shadow Plane PC races?Unexamined
Kurtulmak VS. Garl GlittergoldUnexamined
The City Of The GodsUnexamined
New extra-planar templateHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Homebrew Planar TravelUnexamined
Creating the Heironeous analects.Unexamined
Organization NamesUnexamined
planar dragonUnexamined
The Dark EightUnexamined
Alternative Good and Evil planesUnexamined
My Homebrew CosmologyUnexamined
LA for Shadow template?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Nerull dvr and Heironeous dvrUnexamined
Best method for creating Deities - DvR 0+?Unexamined
Enough SR in order a deity could not affect you.Unexamined
Deities and the UndeadUnexamined
"Concordant" templateHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
What is your favorite plane....and why?Unexamined
Darkness DomainUnexamined
Why deal with Baator?Unexamined
purpose of the DVRUnexamined
Yin and Yang for the inner planes suggestions anyone?Unexamined
Yin and Yang for the inner planes suggestions anyone?Unexamined
Layers of Baator...Unexamined
Name a Devil gods Divine Realm?Unexamined
Xill Origin QuestionUnexamined
Let's do something together...Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Formation of DeitiesUnexamined
Book of the planesUnexamined
What's a good "sickeningly cute" place in the planes?Unexamined
Ghosts, ethereal solidity, and plane shiftingUnexamined
The divine dealUnexamined
Sumerian DeitiesHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Devastating criticalHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Help Pls. I have a question about Devastating CriticalHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
So, can somebody explain Ahriman to me?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Celtic PantheonUnexamined
CR adjustment for a Quasi-Deity?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Why don't we have compnaions? Please take a lookUnexamined
What do you think of my Pantheon?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The Far Realm and PlanescapeUnexamined
On Demons and Devils.Unexamined
Quasi-Deity powersUnexamined
chosen templateHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Homebrew planesUnexamined
coterminous planes?Unexamined
Help with building a pantheonUnexamined
Outsiders moving to the Material PlaneUnexamined
Planar Scavenger Hunt??Unexamined
Orcus - Demon Prince to DeityHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Legends and Lore, anybody?Unexamined
Humor: A Topsy Turvy Multiverse!Unexamined
planar handbook interviewUnexamined
Seasons of the Spawning StoneHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Art gallery for Planar HandbookUnexamined
Craft Artifact?Unexamined
Planar Handbook ExcerptUnexamined
Ether, the plane of magicUnexamined
Layer 27^8, the Hopes and Dreams of NothingHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The "real" Material PlaneUnexamined
Elemental Alignment PlanesUnexamined
Question about Cavitius, suggestions for its current situationUnexamined
BAH! Lady of Pain has a stat!Unexamined
Gundwar ArgrimHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The Cubes of AcheronUnexamined
Someone explain the Rule of Three to me...Unexamined
My Two Patheons for my Steam-Punk Victoria settingHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Christianity in DnD TermsUnexamined
Bargaining with the God of Death eg. Hades.Unexamined
What's an avatar?Unexamined
Planar Handbook questionsUnexamined
Air Heritage FeatUnexamined
Who is Vathris?Unexamined
Planescape for dummiesHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
deities and demi-godsUnexamined
Americanized godsUnexamined
What plane are giants from?Unexamined
The best Undead god.. for an evil cleric? I need help. THANKS!Unexamined
Substitutional goodness.Unexamined
denominations in a D&D world viewUnexamined
Psionic Deities?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
PlHB worth getting?Unexamined
Question on PlHBHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
New Magic based Salient Divine AbilitiesUnexamined
Dragon #322 devoted to ShadowUnexamined
Help me work on my new Gods/Domains?Unexamined
How...Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
QuestionsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Legally Dwarf?Unexamined
Creatures of the Planes of Light and ShadowHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
A Paladin in Hell... Level questionUnexamined
Domains: Is there a limit to how many domains one god/goddess can have?Unexamined
Divine Ascension.Unexamined
PlHB: Mephlings' Fast HealUnexamined
How does a PC become a god?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Lolth and CorellonUnexamined
Alternate dimensionsUnexamined
Has anyone else noticed this......Unexamined
Ignore this thread-it is no longer neededUnexamined
TheSilentFHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Outsider ScienceHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Sealing a Planar Breach...need a goal for PCsHumor
exigo meets farrealms?Unexamined
Planar theme songs!Unexamined
Should I buy Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil?Unexamined
The Triad: What do you think?Unexamined
Githyanki Silver Sword vs MozokuHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Kender Deity?Unexamined
Divine Rank 0 Template (for 3.5)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Visionary Seeker, no caster lvl.Unexamined
Planar Handbook necessary?Unexamined
Where are the Bleakers?Unexamined
Half-Elementals and RepeatUnexamined
In search of an Elven deity.Unexamined
Lloth is LN!!Unexamined
Aligment for my new godHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
fate makerUnexamined
Beyond Countless Doorways PreviewUnexamined
Legal QuestionHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Preview of a little something I'm working on...Unexamined
Planar Campaign Woes.Unexamined
widening gyreUnexamined
The Gates of Hell Chapter OneUnexamined
The Gates of Hell Chapter OneUnexamined
A thread About the Planar HandbookHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
LA and ShadowUnexamined
Planar Handbook Chat??Unexamined
Blood War?Unexamined
What direction?Unexamined
Favored Plane QuestionUnexamined
Neraph trick vs Uncanny DodgeUnexamined
Another FR cosmology gaff...Unexamined
planar serpentUnexamined
2e to 3e fiend conversionUnexamined
Need HelpUnexamined
planar handbook errataUnexamined
A new Trend?Ideas
Still no Alu-fiends/CambionsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Phiuhls / Vaporous Horrors of GehennaUnexamined
Making DemiPlanesUnexamined
divine warsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
If a God dies...Unexamined
More Planar Touchstones -- Planar Handbook Web EnhancementUnexamined
The Quasielemental planesUnexamined
Factions and ModronsUnexamined
Faction Domains?Unexamined
uhm...Dustmen?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Gatecrashers & various portalsUnexamined
running a planar champaighn (w/ no material plane in site)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Tiamat 2nd EditionHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Lower Spell Resistance vs Spell VulnerabilityUnexamined
Planar campaign idea HELPUnexamined
Low-Level Sigil AdventuresHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
1st level planar adventuresUnexamined
Planar Interview with Monte Cook & Co.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Planescape at GenConUnexamined
Questions about Lucid DreamingUnexamined
Newbie questionUnexamined
Those Elusive RilmaniUnexamined
Ghetto GodUnexamined
Why does everyone hate Pelor?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Strongest GodUnexamined
Berserk BAB progression.... What?Unexamined
How much time between the end of 2nd Ed and the beginning of 3rd ed?Unexamined
Block Sensing...only 2 locations???Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
3E Cosmology vs Planescape Cosmology - Inner Planes & Transitive PlanesUnexamined
Need input on a demi planeUnexamined
Deity Interaction with mortalsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The Realm of MaanzecorianUnexamined
Maanzecorian's Realm on GehennaUnexamined
The Gates of Hell: Chapter Two!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The Gates of Hell: Chapter TwoUnexamined
Something which has always bothered me...Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Looking for planar spell ideas!Unexamined
Planar Champion RequisitesUnexamined
Living Astral SkiffUnexamined
Hypothetical Githyanki question.Unexamined
Planar Handbook ErrataUnexamined
Good Deity for a RogueUnexamined
Githyanki still capped at 16 in 3.5?Unexamined
Fleshing out the slaadUnexamined
Clerics of ThorUnexamined
City of UnionHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Why Not?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
New semielemental planeUnexamined
Positive & Fire PlaneHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Goliath GodsUnexamined
The missing deities from Legend & LoreHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Chariot racing on the planes.Unexamined
Greek GodsUnexamined
Cipher AdeptUnexamined
Quick question on KurtulmakUnexamined
Contests between Deities and mortalsUnexamined
Using Abyssal LordsUnexamined
Small Race Dieties - Preferred WeaponsUnexamined
My New GodUnexamined
Looking for opinions on my homebrew Divine Ascencion rules.Unexamined
where's GithUnexamined
What if the Lich Queen was Destroyed?Unexamined
Question about the Etheral Plane...Unexamined
The Gates of Hell PrCs!Unexamined
How many inner planes are there?Unexamined
The Gates of Hell PrCsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Land costs in Sigil.Unexamined
Planar Fiction storyUnexamined
New to DMing the PlanesUnexamined
Oh, yeah, that's reeeal useful while traveling the planes (rogue substitution levels)Unexamined
Could anybody out there give me the names & descriptions of all fifteen factions?Unexamined
Planar Handbook Question...Unexamined
More Buomman AbilitiesUnexamined
"TV" in SigilIdeas
LA of EinherjarUnexamined
Astral & Ethereal based spells in the Planes?Unexamined
Gods ant magic dead zonesUnexamined
Blood Wars CampaignUnexamined
Summoner PrCHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Avoral Guardinal questionUnexamined
Planar Monsters in MM IIIUnexamined
what do you want to seeUnexamined
Building a stronghold with the church...Unexamined
Blade of the AtractorUnexamined
chasm of the marutsUnexamined
Deity providing Earth and Death domain.Unexamined
Divine Rank, ECL and CRUnexamined
Time difference between planes(days=years). Does it exist?Unexamined
So the Powers got lumped in here with us planars eh?Unexamined
Greek Demigods (too little)Unexamined
101 or so Planar TouchstonesHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Races of Stone DeitiesUnexamined
The Gates of HellUnexamined
The nine hells of ChardunUnexamined
Spellcasting in the planesUnexamined
In the Air Elemental Plane...Unexamined
Lost factions, lost avatars?Unexamined
Cornugon/Gelugon AgainUnexamined
Divine Rank 0Unexamined
Elemental Plane of TimeUnexamined
Planescape is Misc?Unexamined
Who killed Cantrum?Unexamined
Manual of the Planes & Planar HandbookUnexamined
Favourite DeityUnexamined
101 Way to survive traving the planes.Ideas
Deities and Divine SpellsUnexamined
The racial gods are way too powerUnexamined
Divine Dodge and Transdimensional SpellUnexamined
What power level are your deities?Unexamined
Ascended MortalsUnexamined
New Pantheon conceptUnexamined
Outlands: Center or Rim of the Great Wheel?Unexamined
To Kill a GodUnexamined
Planar Dragons?Unexamined
Leonard GuardinalUnexamined
HELP! Faction Wars?Unexamined
What makes the Material so great???Unexamined
Outlands Gate-townUnexamined
Greyhawk deities and home planes ?Unexamined
Eternity's Doorstep (new planar site)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
George, the commoner deityUnexamined
planets and the planesUnexamined
How do I explain to my players that my world is not connected to the Great Wheel?Unexamined
A tool for generating gods?Unexamined
What's the point of Precipitate Breach???Unexamined
Religions of CunctusHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Dream Plane?Unexamined
Let's make some planesUnexamined
Ecology of the Night HagUnexamined
Limbo and Gitzherai citiesUnexamined
Fallen CelestialUnexamined
Kord's descriptionUnexamined
Limbo and Shadow Conjuration/EvocationUnexamined
An idea for a planar campaign (needs feedback)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Plane of shadows questionUnexamined
What books to read?Unexamined
Joining Planes?Unexamined
Astral AdventuresUnexamined
Dimensions and PlanesUnexamined
UnCon: Most Interesting (and Useful) Demi-Plane Rules and Submission ThreadHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
UnCon: Demi-Plan Contest Question ThreadUnexamined
Where do dead petitioners go? aka Is the soul immortal?Unexamined
Plane of Dream and Plane of MirrorsUnexamined
3E Ravenloft deities and the PlanesUnexamined
UnCon Demiplane contest comment threadUnexamined
Delwar, God of Harps, A Bardic DemigodUnexamined
Those wacky FaeruniansUnexamined
Post to the Contest!Unexamined
3 stupid questions about magic in the planes of standard cosmologyUnexamined
Shuffling Planes Around the Wheel...Unexamined
plane of lycanthropyUnexamined
Question about the faction warUnexamined
A tavern in the Hive (economy)Unexamined
Creating portalsUnexamined
God hatching from a PC's soul...Unexamined
DeitiesHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Deities o' 2ndUnexamined
Do native outsiders become petitioners?Unexamined
Song Lyrics for the Planes!Unexamined
UnCon: Demi-Plane Contest FinalistsUnexamined
No smoking zone and gehenna or gray wasteUnexamined
murder the statlessUnexamined
Aurorum: How to obtainUnexamined
Visiting your God- Experiences or advice?Unexamined
New Divine Salient AbilitiesUnexamined
New Planar MaterialUnexamined
Mount ClangeddinUnexamined
Question about an original pantheon of gods...Unexamined
Best of the Worst GodsUnexamined
Planescape: Umbra Stupid QuestionUnexamined
Prometheus and KaliHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Demi-Plane Contest Finalists: Archiving?Unexamined
help needed.......i'm looking for chosen of...Unexamined
Corellon Larethian, the frippery or not?Unexamined
Alternatives to the great wheel?Unexamined
PC Races of BuddismUnexamined
Is There A Deity of Luck??Unexamined
please delete thisUnexamined
Mortal bonding with diefic powerUnexamined
Can your soul be rescued?Unexamined
Exalted AasimarUnexamined
Mydianchlarus, Oinoloth of the Wasting TowerUnexamined
Little question about Berserk PrC (D&Dg's)Unexamined
Looking for specific Portals in SigilUnexamined
Demi-Planes of MagicHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
who fights the blood war? and what does that really mean?Unexamined
Planar Champion seeks Atonement, Stat!Unexamined
The Gates of Hell: Powers of the Pit!Unexamined
minotaur godUnexamined
Proxies getting worshipedUnexamined
altraloths--who what where?Unexamined
Plane of Fire and the SultanUnexamined
Er... garbage in SigilUnexamined
The top 10 deities ever!Unexamined
Fiends as gods?Unexamined
Ebollix the AltralothHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
can an undead become a god??Unexamined
In your opinion, which is which?Unexamined
Deity alighnment dependant on worshipers?Unexamined
Elementals becoming Dieties...Unexamined
When PCs become godsUnexamined
Starting Pantheon ConceptUnexamined
Mixing Gods of FR and GreyhawkUnexamined
Home planes for the greyhawk dieties?Unexamined
Outlands: Purpose or Pointless?Unexamined
The Demonic Demon List (home-brew welcome)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Spirits and Gods - a idea for a homebrew pantheonHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Laughing SocietyUnexamined
The devils not the first on Baator?Ideas
Divine RanksUnexamined
Altering magic weapon and armor "a la Planescape" on the planesUnexamined
Rate this Diety Please: XeluneUnexamined
Complete Divine errata?Unexamined
Birth of a PantheonUnexamined
ecology of the night hag?Unexamined
Who holds the Staff of the Lower Planes?Unexamined
Two Omnipotent GodsUnexamined
onward archfiends!Unexamined
lizard king deityUnexamined
The Earth Dragon, mistake or am I missing something?Unexamined
The Origin of D&D's Fiendish monsters *help*Unexamined
'loth(yugoloth) list (homebrew welcome)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Default ability score array for deitiesUnexamined
Help Creating a Planar Ally, a PrC, and an ItemHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
My Universes and PlanesUnexamined
The plane of MagicUnexamined
God of Twilight development (need help with bizarre premise)Unexamined
1rst Ed deity powersHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
who is the lady of painUnexamined
help with THE GODSUnexamined
What to Put in the Great Bazaar?Unexamined
The Wizards of My OzUnexamined
Trying to do a 3.5 Elric of MelniboneUnexamined
The Gates of Hell: The Dark Eight!Unexamined
1001 interesting minor planar itemsIdeas
Adapting words from In Nomine….Unexamined
Baatezu AdvancementUnexamined
1 of 13: The Dire Shepherd, Baernaloth of The DementedIdeas
Confounded Conjurer: Why is there only one Summon Monster feat?Unexamined
Amber-Skin Evershining, Patron Deity of Thra' QuellUnexamined
Speaking in TonguesUnexamined
(planar) rumor time!Ideas
remember the titansUnexamined
planar familiars? (i dont think there are many cats on the outter planes...)Unexamined
Some beings' definitionsUnexamined
Arcadia x3Unexamined
rakshasas vs Vedic godsUnexamined
Beyond Countless Doorways First ImpressionsUnexamined
Fusion PlanesUnexamined
tripping down the endless staircase...Unexamined
Proselytizing. How to?Unexamined
2 of 13: Severeth Na'Halastrian, 'The Wanderer', Baernaloth of The Demented (teaser)Unexamined
Does the afterlife seem sucky to you?Unexamined
The Blood Wars... Why all the fighting?Unexamined
How to determine attack bonus [Deities and Demigods]Unexamined
Norse material?Unexamined
Kėrkues I Dėmshėm Menēuri, The seeker of the BaernUnexamined
If there's no mechanus, than where do all the good warforged go when they die?Unexamined
Evil AutumnUnexamined
Heart of the Void/Death HeartUnexamined
Getting PC's into SigilUnexamined
Planar Wierdness in The Book of Bad LatinUnexamined
Infinite ...Unexamined
Angry AvoralsUnexamined
Value of a greater diety's curlUnexamined
gods of sleep/dreamUnexamined
Dark ElvesUnexamined
The Astral Plan - help please..Unexamined
Gnomish delightUnexamined
Gods work in mysterious ways?Unexamined
Githzerai? Githzerai!Unexamined
planar mortisUnexamined
Messing with the Great WheelUnexamined
My Cosmology/pantheon: A work in progressUnexamined
Planar HomeUnexamined
Troll dieitiesUnexamined
Archfiends, or Evil Gods?Unexamined
Lady of Pain QuestionUnexamined
God PC?Unexamined
Moorcock's Lords of ChaosUnexamined
What about Ishtar ?Unexamined
Modifying Pelor and NerullUnexamined
Dieties and demigods onlineUnexamined
Dragon Gods, Racial Gods and Divine RanksUnexamined
Beholders= LE; Great Mother = CE; Why?Unexamined
Damning the StyxUnexamined
Erythnul's ChoosenUnexamined
Biography of the GodsUnexamined
Putting the Great back in Greater Gods.Unexamined
the eyball of gruumshUnexamined
Scorpionfolk in the City of BrassUnexamined
Planeshift QuestionUnexamined
Plane of Fire CampaignUnexamined
Some input requested:Unexamined
tso stats?Unexamined
Medium-sized PantheonUnexamined
Source(s) of Divine PowerUnexamined
Mortality Radio #67: LIVE: Monte Cook, Wolfgang Baur, and Colin McComb TONITE!Unexamined
Ehlonna's Favored Weapon???Unexamined
Enigma the BaernalothUnexamined
Creating A DietyUnexamined
Plane of Mirrors QuestionUnexamined
SectsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Loths and the blood warUnexamined
Validity of /planar binding/ in PlanescapeUnexamined
Early AbyssalsUnexamined
Fu Hsing?Unexamined
Deity offspring question.Unexamined
Foes of HellUnexamined
Physical Incarnations of the FactionsUnexamined
dogma St cuthbertRules Question Or Discussion
American Gods in Dragon?Unexamined
Pure ChaosUnexamined
Elistrae - please tell me about herUnexamined
The Sigil Factions: Order vs Chaos? (also, prestige classes for the factions)No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
league of planar heroes?Unexamined
Greyhawk Gods' ShortcomingsUnexamined
What do ancient baatorians look like?Unexamined
Who is Zaaman Rul? And where do I find More about him?Unexamined
Gods & Enhancement ItemsUnexamined
ilmatter wtf?Unexamined
And 'The Awakening'?Unexamined
Mutating SlaadiUnexamined
Bodak CreationUnexamined
The Dukes of Hell!Unexamined
Archdevils and Archdemons...Unexamined
Faction Conventions?Unexamined
Deities and DemigodsUnexamined
Postive Energy "Leak" ?Unexamined
Battlefields of AcheronUnexamined
Questions regarding the 3.5 Greyhawk religionsUnexamined
The Book Binder, Baernaloth of The Demented, 3 of 13Unexamined
Original Inhabitants of MechanusUnexamined
God & npc generatorsUnexamined
New Plane OrderHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
What should my evil cleric pay?Unexamined
Drow goddess of Sun and Earth?Unexamined
Monster Deity QuestionsUnexamined
Petition to change the name of this board to "Powers and Planes"Unexamined
Group Collaboration - Plane of BloodUnexamined
There's something about PrimusUnexamined
The Heirarchies of Yugoloths?Unexamined
Order of the Planes?Unexamined
Magicless divinityUnexamined
How do you pronounce Pholtus?Unexamined
How do you pronounce Iuz?Unexamined
D&D with 1 GodUnexamined
Planar DomainsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Divine ContactUnexamined
Planar charactersUnexamined
ascending to deityhoodUnexamined
Summon Material Creature I ????Unexamined
Question about OutsidersIdeas
Plane Theme HelpIdeas
Planar Handbook QualityIdeas
Arcanaloth - Sigil questionIdeas
PC GodsUnexamined
altraloth jamboreeUnexamined
(the smarter) undead on the planesUnexamined
God StatsUnexamined
Lolth, demoness or goddess...Unexamined
Half-celestial/Half-fiend templatesHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Self-Made GodUnexamined
Loooooooong ThreadUnexamined
Deities, Archfiends, and Celestial ParagonsUnexamined
Half-Elven PantheonUnexamined
hound archonUnexamined
Yugoloth questionsUnexamined
Planar MadnessUnexamined
Planar PartyUnexamined
Return of George, the Commoner DeityUnexamined
planer humanoidsUnexamined
The Grove of St. BrandywineHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
An Egg Shaped WheelUnexamined
necromancer SDAUnexamined
undeath domainUnexamined
a blood war campaign concept and choosing sidesIdeas
Orc Deity who is good?Unexamined
Why do you like the planes.Unexamined
What kind of neighbors are outsiders?Unexamined
Rakarth: The Overlord of MagicHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Lovecraft-inspired deities - pretty weird.Unexamined
Bodyguard of the GodsUnexamined
My proposed pantheonUnexamined
Severeth Na'Halastrian, The Wanderer, Baernaloth of The Demented (2of13)Unexamined
Essence of a GodUnexamined
Corellon Larethian, he.. ooh.. she.. ohh?Unexamined
Favorite god...Unexamined
stat one of my gods!Unexamined
How do you create Celestial Paragons?Unexamined
Outsiders And LifeUnexamined
Korean Legends/Lore?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Some planescape questionsUnexamined
more sources?!Unexamined
Astral Plane, Timeless trait?Unexamined
Sigil resources / ideasUnexamined
LA of Anarchic and Axiomatic creatures from PlHBUnexamined
Ultimate Creation Myth for my campaignHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Need Demiplanes. . .HiUnexamined
Planes and PlanetsUnexamined
Spell ComponentUnexamined
Labyrinth generator?Unexamined
Encounters in Nerull's Domain?Unexamined
Question - Time on the PlanesUnexamined
Ethereal -> MaterialUnexamined
schools of magic?Unexamined
Faces of Balance: Saint-of-SinnersUnexamined
New Campaign - Duality pantheon, with misunderstandingsUnexamined
quick MotP - Planar Handbook questionUnexamined
The material plane and outerspace?Unexamined
Planes and Dimensions - Difference or No?Unexamined
Can a familiar become a God?Unexamined
Codex of the Infinite PlanesUnexamined
Finnish Mythology?Unexamined
Faces Of Balance: Riv GalastUnexamined
Barackus: Lord of BattleUnexamined
Middle Earth GodsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Retribution domainUnexamined
Feats for deitiesUnexamined
The Hesitant Beginnings Of An IdeaUnexamined
Sciborg2, the time is nowUnexamined
weapons of the planesUnexamined
Need new ideas!Unexamined
Deity CasterlevelUnexamined
The Arch-Devils!Unexamined
My Eladrin MusingsUnexamined
Plane of Force?Unexamined
Doresain (Ghoul God)Unexamined
The Origin of FiendsUnexamined
'Twas the Darkness of Nessus (poem)Unexamined
Vecna, Iuz and Graz'ztUnexamined
What was Vecna's name when he was mortal?Unexamined
Any books with deity stats?Unexamined
Searching for hardcover D&D manual- late 1980sUnexamined
How Many Deities?Unexamined
Random StuffUnexamined
can anyone help me create a deity?Unexamined
Modern Planes?Unexamined
Wastri clerics...Unexamined
The final battle - advice neededUnexamined
River Styx - Help neededUnexamined
Brahmaloka (Brahma's realm)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Wastri The Hopping ProphetUnexamined
god-huntin' seasonUnexamined
new planescape factions?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
A Death-god with nine alignments?Unexamined
Antimagic and divinityUnexamined
Diety Ability ScoresUnexamined
Dwarven pantheon helpUnexamined
Setting w/o evil godsUnexamined
Time DomainUnexamined
Reconciling the Wheel & EberronUnexamined
Hourglass MultiverseHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Goddesses of CharmUnexamined
Celestial CraftmastersUnexamined
Help With MY PantheonUnexamined
Bard's Casting Epic Spells (oops, wrong board)Unexamined
A Map of Ribcage?Unexamined
The Abyss and HellUnexamined
Lloths realmUnexamined
Greek GodsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
New Diety idea, good?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Gate Town CampaignsUnexamined
What is the real difference between Plane of Shadow and Ethereal plane?Unexamined
Information on Io?Unexamined
The Four Gods of ChaosUnexamined
quick questionUnexamined
Cities of Shadows... Balefire and Istivin.Unexamined
Yugoloth "Gods"Unexamined
The Red Knight and PaladinsUnexamined
A (possibly hopeless) attempt to reconcile all the various cosmologiesUnexamined
Whats the most powerful deity you've ever created using the book?Unexamined
Unique creaturesUnexamined
how to marry a god/goddess?Unexamined
lol, gods are just dudesUnexamined
Baatorian campaignUnexamined
TN RacesUnexamined
Spells and Magic ItemsUnexamined
Flowing Time and Timeless on the same plane?Unexamined
Why does Vecna Need Ambidexterity?Unexamined
Creating a demigod/dessUnexamined
Centaur Ranger godsUnexamined
PSCS: Chapter 6 ReleasedUnexamined
OOPS, MispostUnexamined
Seed of HristeUnexamined
'The Blind Clockmaker', Harishek Apt Thul'Kesh, Baernaloth of The Demented (4 of 13)Unexamined
Night Hags FluffUnexamined
Stats for powersUnexamined
Looking for Dragon Deities?Unexamined
Proxy template?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
the story of Lolth, Corellon Larethian, and GruumshUnexamined
how powerful is a D&DG demi-god?Unexamined
"Dimensional Idol"Unexamined
looking for snake deitiesUnexamined
Campagin idea helpUnexamined
Those monsters that hurt godsUnexamined
Ogre God?Unexamined
astral plane and timelessUnexamined
Archon Background?Unexamined
inner planesUnexamined
Goddess of Luck and other dieties.Unexamined
Alternate planesUnexamined
Plane of dreams as the chaos planeUnexamined
Former ThreadUnexamined
Avorals as charactersUnexamined
petitioner go homeUnexamined
how would one depict this?Unexamined
What happens to dead/destroyed outsiders/undeadUnexamined
Weird Exemplar SituationUnexamined
Drider Deity?Unexamined
help with outsidersUnexamined
Stranded on the Plane of ShadowUnexamined
Newbie Questions - Astral PlaneUnexamined
the planes of the celestialsUnexamined
Elemental SwarmsUnexamined
Question about Demon PrincesUnexamined
werewolf the apocalypse cosmologyUnexamined
The Gray???Unexamined
The Lady of Pain & SigilUnexamined
101 Silly Planes and DemigodsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
buhamats relicsUnexamined
Fiendish GraftsUnexamined
Urban Soul in SigilUnexamined
questions about HextorUnexamined
Sigil Q:Unexamined
Help with the Beastlands...Unexamined
making 2.3 trillion gp... no lemonade stands hereUnexamined
How do Carceri's layers work?Unexamined
Squidqueen and AlliesUnexamined
question about LolthUnexamined
Death in an outerplaneUnexamined
going to school in hell...Unexamined
empty after livesUnexamined
Legions of the Abyss and Armies of Hell BooksUnexamined
Salient Divine Abilities and Psionic God/dessUnexamined
Making new godsUnexamined
Are there any non-outsider godsUnexamined
Talos, the triple golemUnexamined
player-made splatbook-need planes/deitiesUnexamined
Jesus's saves ... making a strange pantheonUnexamined
Longsword and FlailUnexamined
Getting a leg up ...Unexamined
RW godsUnexamined
Yugoloths and the purity of evilUnexamined
Fiends and CelestialsUnexamined
2 most despicable gods help ^^Unexamined
On the Nature of the WheelUnexamined
Wee Jas's Tests in the Cabal MacabreUnexamined
the demonslayerUnexamined
What DR is Ilsensine?Unexamined
Halmyr: lack of infoUnexamined
When the gods dream...Unexamined
Deconstructing a MortalUnexamined
amazing planar weapon!Unexamined
Yugoloths & Divinity: Help me make sense of my campaign!Unexamined
Modrons - QuestionsUnexamined
the English pantheonUnexamined
Question about LolthUnexamined
A Christianity Inspired Religion in a D&D WorldIdeas
Need help.Unexamined
precious & rare magicUnexamined
Is there a Sword Mother?Unexamined
Rilmani precursor?Unexamined
Denizen of the negative energy planeUnexamined
Critters by planeHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
ValarianHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
A Rogue/Ninja Diety?Unexamined
Calculating Stats for Deities?Unexamined
wait a minute, what about the illithids?Unexamined
Draconic Deities, and their favored weapons.Unexamined
Planar Stuff in Sandstorm ExcerptUnexamined
Is Planar Handbook, a Replacement for Manual Of The Planes, or simply an add-onUnexamined
True Beings of the PlanesUnexamined
Deities for PaladinsUnexamined
People who hate Corellon Larethian ClubUnexamined
Dream domain?Unexamined
Number of PlanesUnexamined
Determining Divine RankUnexamined
A way to beat D&DUnexamined
Diety listUnexamined
Random Deity QuestionsUnexamined
Ignore this thread...Unexamined
Need some ideas for bizarre elemental planes...Unexamined
Gods granting spells questionUnexamined
Jezifreth Na'Harsindrian: The Inquisitor, Baernaloth of The Demented. (5 of 13)Unexamined
Alter Reality questionUnexamined
Looking for Any Info on Wee JasUnexamined
Greek God QuestionUnexamined
Positive and NegativeUnexamined
Cleric of Baccus?Unexamined
More touchstones... what are they thinking?!?Unexamined
Anyone have Dragon #330?Unexamined
I need help re: Saint Cuthbert and HeironiousUnexamined
Changing GodsUnexamined
Natives of the Transitive PlanesHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Question: Who are the 7 Gods of Chaos? (Hellboy Inspired)Unexamined
Gods and the PlanesUnexamined
planar memoriesUnexamined
on becoming an AvatarUnexamined
Thrithereon HelpUnexamined
Evil BeastlandsUnexamined
The Winding Road cosmologyUnexamined
From Abeir-Toril to Scarn: Asking here as well as on the FR boardsUnexamined
Is Celestia a god ?Unexamined
morrowind gods?Unexamined
nature vs nurtureHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Divine Gifts, any idea?Unexamined
Please show me about QuetzalcouatlUnexamined
Demon Prince of UndeadUnexamined
Rilmani LordsUnexamined
Godly RelationshipsUnexamined
Way to become a demon deityUnexamined
Alter Reality?Unexamined
Compitum CosmologyHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Where can i find information about Tempus?Unexamined
can demons love?Unexamined
Baatorians, Help with infoUnexamined
Gzemnid -Info on him.Unexamined
How many in a Pantheon?Unexamined
Feeling evil?Unexamined
New PlanescapeUnexamined
more sources?Unexamined
what book is....Unexamined
Two Dietic QuestionsUnexamined
Plane creation!Unexamined
Desert GodsUnexamined
Celtic pantheonUnexamined
The Seelie CourtUnexamined
Are there Planar Touchtone Prestige Classes?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Shemeska, I got a 'Loth QuestionUnexamined
Dragon 330: faaaarrr reeaaallmUnexamined
Reckoning History?Unexamined
Zariel, former Lord of the 1st of BaatorHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Help a noob!!Unexamined
Water DeitiesUnexamined
hell of choice?Unexamined
The most terrifying of planes...Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
How would an angel rule a city?Unexamined
Heaven of ChoiceUnexamined
H. P. Lovecraft godsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Narla, the goddess of hunt (need comments and suggestions)Unexamined
Gods of ErranHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Make your own Domain.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The Gods Updated?Unexamined
great wheel creation?Unexamined
Limbo=all possible?Unexamined
Question about Divine Paladin DSAUnexamined
Properties of the River StyxUnexamined
Shinto LandsUnexamined
Help! Why would someone slay a deity?Unexamined
Planar Creation Myth (Elan and the Dark Mirror), Feedback wantedHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Contest: Win a free copy of Tales of the Outer PlanesUnexamined
More Dragon DeitiesUnexamined
Whats the difference between Set and Sseth ?Unexamined
the Infinity CorporationUnexamined
Help, character dead. How to get him alive.Unexamined
3e FR cosmology and implications for certain fiendsUnexamined
Help Role-Playing a newborn NE fiend?Unexamined
What is the Ether Gap?Unexamined
History of the SlaadsUnexamined
Cleric seaking a DeitieUnexamined
yet another absurdUnexamined
The History of Channelers (Compitum Chapter)Unexamined
How to get there without a pet spellcaster?Unexamined
Random Outsider QuestionsUnexamined
Twin Paradises of Bytopia question.Unexamined
Good Storm Deity APBUnexamined
Why can't fiends invade the Material?Unexamined
Demiplane qualities and creationUnexamined
Far Realms info, pleaseUnexamined
Knowledge: The Planes neededUnexamined
ethereal jaunt questionUnexamined
hercules and my bbegUnexamined
Outer planes and timeUnexamined
Demon GodsUnexamined
Rifts between planesUnexamined
Halfling Dieties (and Races of Wild Rant)Unexamined
Kord for Warriors.Unexamined
planar madnessUnexamined
dwarf god with waraxe as favoured weapon?Unexamined
The Lords of the Nine HellsUnexamined
Is Planescape:Torment canon?Unexamined
ALL the Gods?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Deities in the Modern WorldUnexamined
Egyptian Pantheon location.Unexamined
Babylonian PantheonUnexamined
What do barghests and yugoloths think of eachother?Unexamined
MoP vs PlHUnexamined
Naming my godsUnexamined
In need of a Dark GodUnexamined
Gods and Near GodsUnexamined
Bird DeitiesHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Edit: Gosh i really have to look before i post.Unexamined
Need Evil Nature dietyUnexamined
Divine Rank of Frostburn/Sandstorm Deities?Unexamined
The Holy Light and EluneUnexamined
The Deities and Planes FAQHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Are there creatures *truly* native to the Astral?Unexamined
Horrors To End All HorrorsUnexamined
What Happens to Githyanki who....Unexamined
Deities Stats: Publish or PerishUnexamined
Planar Traits Magic Item?Unexamined
Evolving Spirituality: My Creation MythUnexamined
Deification: Becoming a GodUnexamined
Faction WarUnexamined
How big is Sigil?Unexamined
Q: Mol'drum (Orc God)Unexamined
Favoured Weapon of TharizdunUnexamined
Changed planes=Changed namesUnexamined
New Aspects?Unexamined
New DeitiesUnexamined
homebrew listHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
New ideas for the planesUnexamined
Ability Scores for deities?Unexamined
Is Merrshaulk the Midgard Serpent?Unexamined
Where do outsiders come from?Unexamined
*Moved to mature Boards*Unexamined
Making Your Own Planes?Unexamined
What happens if. . .Unexamined
Evil god that most people think is goodUnexamined
Annam's DRUnexamined
Parallel material planeUnexamined
The Moon DistrictUnexamined
Quickest way in and out?Unexamined
Fey Pantheon?Unexamined
Modrons ReimaginedUnexamined
Modron marchUnexamined
Whose gonna win the Blood War?Unexamined
Sigil was destroyed in yesterday's sessionUnexamined
Let's stat an Aberration GodUnexamined
Alternate Prime material planes?Unexamined
looking for planar informationUnexamined
Best Domain ComboUnexamined
planar musicUnexamined
Hidden PlanesUnexamined
The deified prestige class with a few new feats as wellHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Seeking unique and homemade SDa'sUnexamined
Divine agents seems weak.Unexamined
noob-paraelemental questionUnexamined
What color are loths eyes???Unexamined
Kyton alignment change, atonement helpUnexamined
Fiendish honor? (to my players: don't read!)Unexamined
Inner structureUnexamined
One-word descriptions of the planesUnexamined
What would happen if the Prime Material was cut off from everywhere else?Unexamined
Dreams of DreamsUnexamined
Zarus from Races of DestinyIdeas
Favored WeaponsUnexamined
Grieve Ghost- Please give me feedbackHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
"Aligments" of the Outer PlanesUnexamined
American Idol? Bah. Small scale. Announcing Planewalker Idol!Unexamined
When did Tharzidun become Far Realms?Unexamined
Silvanus and UrbanusUnexamined
Planes aren't like ogres and onionsUnexamined
Bhaal Water and GodsbloodUnexamined
Looking for a DeitiesUnexamined
About the elements...Unexamined
Question governing the deities...Unexamined
this guy or girl or an itUnexamined
Well known canon permanent portals to Sigil?Unexamined
Homebrew Plane: The Metallic Prison of DantosHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Of which plane do the dead go to be judged?Unexamined
far realms and the world serpentUnexamined
Manual of the Planes still worth it?Unexamined
1001 Planar Adventure HooksIdeas
Current FAQ--What else?Unexamined
monthiesm in DnDUnexamined
Ancient Lords of BaatorHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Who is "The Serpent"Unexamined
So are things on the Material Plane actually affected by...Unexamined
On IlsensineUnexamined
the blood war is fine and dandy but........Unexamined
magic vs. technologyUnexamined
Former Death God vs the UltralichUnexamined
Deities and skillsUnexamined
The Blood War-a 3.X resource thread.Unexamined
So, I need a name. . .Unexamined
Single-Plane CosmologyUnexamined
All-Diety Game Thoughts. ...Unexamined
Sweet Dreams...Unexamined
The Spider Queen and her peopleUnexamined
New Plane: Valley of the MonstersHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Homebrew Cosmologic SystemHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Daru Ib Shamiq, 'The Lie Weaver' - Baernaloth of The Demented. (6 of 13)Unexamined
Time Travel in DnD?Unexamined
Has Nefertem been statted?Unexamined
The Rules of BanishmentUnexamined
Everything you ever wanted to know about TyR, but ....Unexamined
Question for Shemeska, the marauderUnexamined
Some plane Q'sUnexamined
What would Thor Do?Unexamined
Intelligent Plane?Unexamined
If so-and-so becomes a diety...Unexamined
The Afterlife in CompitumUnexamined
Knowledge (the Planes) DC 20... roll your check greybeards!Unexamined
Do you believe the planes exist?Unexamined
Please Help! What you think of my new gameworld of Dracour?Unexamined
The Wheel Of Time: Tel'aran'rhiodUnexamined
The Sounds of the PlanesUnexamined
The Infinite Layers of the Abyss Questions...Unexamined
Cleric InformationUnexamined
Yet another new deityUnexamined
Baernaloth and Yugoloth QuestionsUnexamined
Nature portfolioUnexamined
Planning DomainUnexamined
Tiamat, Bahamut, and Deity CreationUnexamined
New Planes...Please?Unexamined
Elemental Plane of SoundUnexamined
Gods for a viking worldUnexamined
I can do you a very nice cosmology with Prime, ekcetra, en suite ...Unexamined
kind of a heavey dming questionUnexamined
Planescape IncompatibilityUnexamined
True Names and the YugolothUnexamined
Where are Sulfur Mephits really from?Unexamined
Question for DMs about Divine RanksUnexamined
Divine spellcasting (improved)Unexamined
What do you think of this Outsider subtypeUnexamined
The Many Time Travel TheoriesUnexamined
Stats for Zuggtmoy?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Demons... do they age?Unexamined
Elemental GodsUnexamined
a way to become a baatezu?Unexamined
Looking for suggestions on DR 1Unexamined
Double PostUnexamined
Galactic Plane: CosmoniaHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Deity CampaignUnexamined
speciality priestsUnexamined
Another Planes Question...Unexamined
Best planes for a mortal to move/live in?Unexamined
I saw my friend's TSR 2602 Planescape Monstrous Compendium...Unexamined
Fun At The Planar NexusUnexamined
Questions regarding a few ideas.Unexamined
Present Day Plane-Spanning Illithid?Unexamined
God Stats for Epic Level GamesUnexamined
How do you kill a god?Unexamined
Another take on Lolth...Unexamined
Manual of the Planes vs. Planar HandbookUnexamined
Which came first, Faerie or the Fey?Unexamined
Inquiry About DeitiesUnexamined
Time Difference in different planes?Unexamined
Nead henp with booksUnexamined
Yugoloth sourcebook?Unexamined
native amrican & japinese dietiesHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Diety artifacts other than Hextor, Cuthbert, Vecna and GruumshUnexamined
Seeking Pictures of the AbyssUnexamined
Polytheistic priests and their deitiesUnexamined
Tiamat's Consorts?Unexamined
Tainted by DarknessUnexamined
Dark Solace....Unexamined
Place gods or powersUnexamined
The One that is Three that is NineUnexamined
Upper Plane QuestionsUnexamined
Where is 3.5 Divine Rank covered?Unexamined
The Barrens of Doom & DespairUnexamined
The Silver FlameUnexamined
Iggwilv the Wich Queen?Unexamined
Need help to make a PC planar traveler...Unexamined
Celestial politicsUnexamined
Your Own Gods?Unexamined
chosen oneUnexamined
here is some gods i made for my campaign :) post what you thinkUnexamined
Whats the pointUnexamined
Celtic pantheonUnexamined
An irrevolent question, but I am going to ask anyways...Unexamined
Cthulhu TheoryUnexamined
The Ethereal Plane and EquipmentUnexamined
looking for a godUnexamined
Defining AlignmentUnexamined
Cleric guidanceUnexamined
Doresain and YeenoghuUnexamined
WotC source material for Greek and/or Roman Pantheon?Unexamined
About MagicUnexamined
Plane of Mirrors?Unexamined
Hrm, What Do You Think of This Idea?Unexamined
The Lady of Pain...Unexamined
Boccob's worst enemyUnexamined
Who is tharizdun?Unexamined
Variant Planes, take 2Unexamined
Somebody has to make up some stats for this guyUnexamined
Fiends and the Primes Who Love ThemUnexamined
Gith and the Red Dragon pact (Now Somthing Completely Different)Unexamined
Alternate Planes - Balors hugging, Solars backstabbing, Modrons dancing, Slaadi...Unexamined
Norse gods with a twistUnexamined
Druge' Dependitore'Unexamined
deities on the material planeUnexamined
St.Cuthbert's Federally Funded Fundie FoundationUnexamined
help with the 9 hells.Unexamined
Do demons/devils return to their plane if killed on the Material?Unexamined
Asmodeus and the AtharUnexamined
Azrachel the MightyUnexamined
1001 crazy Lady of Pain theoriesIdeas
In a cosmos before there was our time ...Unexamined
Free LevistusUnexamined
If you had to make a god from a character what they be?Unexamined
Who's Ao?Unexamined
Of FearUnexamined
All the gods right where you want themUnexamined
Modrons, Formains, Visilights, and the Inevitable...Unexamined
Do you think this monster can kill a god?Unexamined
What the Hell are Erinyes?Unexamined
MM2 YugolothsUnexamined
How well does Planescape related material correspond to these campaign settings?Unexamined
Quick question: in the Planescapes boxed set...Unexamined
Deities and Demigods is a good book -post positive or constructive statements hereUnexamined
Baals alignmentUnexamined
Rank 0Unexamined
Gehreleths in the MistUnexamined
WHo is Zerthimon?Unexamined
cthulhu's statsUnexamined
migo, elder things, and cthuloidsUnexamined
migo, elder things, and cthuloidsUnexamined
How do Dragons interact with the Planes?Unexamined
Heretical take on the Tanar'ri and BaatezuUnexamined
Tips for DMing a divine campaign?Unexamined
The AbyssUnexamined
Have any of these real-world beliefs been used before in any offical D&D settings?Unexamined
Divine ArrayUnexamined
Hellbound: Blood War Questions...Unexamined
Elemental Over-deity helpUnexamined
gods chosen ones???????Unexamined
Beory, Goddess of OerthUnexamined
The Wisdom of FarlanghanUnexamined
An interesting conceptUnexamined
Insight into the embodiment of chaos and hostility-playing a CN Cleric of SetUnexamined
LA of the godsUnexamined
Making Racial Gods into Non-Racial Gods..Unexamined
Plane of Shadow connections?Unexamined
Level adjustment fo rquasi-dietyUnexamined
Dimensional ProblemUnexamined
Planar WarsUnexamined
Gehreleth Q?Unexamined
Chronepsis statsUnexamined
Divine Spark?Unexamined
Short Story- War in Heaven. Celestial Politics.Unexamined
Looking for Information in Abysm.Unexamined
baernloths & coUnexamined
My Homebrew World: Lord AmelorHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Plane of ShadowsRules Question Or Discussion
Slaad LordsUnexamined
Which way up.Unexamined
Missing Gods?Unexamined
Planar Trade ConsortiumUnexamined
How would you make a pc a God?Unexamined
God CampaignUnexamined
The Lords of the Nine at Dicefreaks!Unexamined
Need some help wrapping up my epic level planar campaign (LONG)Unexamined
My Blood War Fighting AngelHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Native American Totems and Mythology....Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Twin FurnacesUnexamined
Bharrai and DomainsUnexamined
other planes and time....Unexamined
Help me develop a fun Divine Rank 1 characterUnexamined
Divine Spark TheoryUnexamined
Introduction for Amarelseen the Court BardIdeas
Gods, Celestials and Fiends (or "what would an Angel of Heironeous look like?")Unexamined
The Githyanki lifestyle.Unexamined
"Favored in Guild" for Factions?Unexamined
Saint Cuthbert and planar servantsUnexamined
Deity Romps Through AtlantaUnexamined
Planar WorshipUnexamined
Question about Divine BlastUnexamined
The Proselytizer, Koristal Il Palinthiin. Baernaloth of The DementedUnexamined
A Signer, reality, resurrection, and a god...Unexamined
Starting Regions in a Planescape gameUnexamined
What Affect Does Not Having religion Have on PCs?Unexamined
Will this start a flame war?Unexamined
PC DeitiesUnexamined
New Deity (please help)Unexamined
Information on the Brood WarsUnexamined
Adding to the divinity of the illithids...Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
What god of the greek pantheon would be best for dragons to worship?Unexamined
Fraz-Urb'luu QuestionUnexamined
Planar Metropolises in 2eUnexamined
I'm not sure this is the right place, butUnexamined
What kind of Domains would a god like this have?Unexamined
Question about killing demon-princesUnexamined
Quick question, looking for the peaceful good PlaneUnexamined
I'm wanting new alignmentsUnexamined
ENnie nominations and the Planes, etcUnexamined
Zamok the Destroyer?Unexamined
Stats for Gods...or Avatars?Unexamined
Looking for: Magic + TrickeryUnexamined
help us were stuckUnexamined
An Article on Guvner Judicial AttireUnexamined
Psionic DeitiesUnexamined
Petitioners and OGCUnexamined
Celestials as PCsUnexamined
So... about those heavenly dimensions dere...Unexamined
Deity for a male drow.Unexamined
Mechanus inhabitant?Unexamined
Patron of AvolakiasUnexamined
Dieties and Demigods too lightUnexamined
What ever happend to Sigil???Unexamined
The Legend of GithUnexamined
The Iron TowerUnexamined
Figured this is the best place for this question....Unexamined
Pair of Lost Stories: Origins and Dealings of Tainted-by-DarknessUnexamined
Where did Concordant Opposition go, and was it really there to begin with?Unexamined
More Diety books?Unexamined
? about cleric domainsUnexamined
Planar gangsta rap?Unexamined
Lycanthropes and the PlanesUnexamined
I need help with Celestial Nobles! Please.Unexamined
Help with inner PlanesUnexamined
Question about Avatars and the Death of GodsUnexamined
Favored Deity BloodlinesUnexamined
Is there a Plain of OozeUnexamined
Is there an elemental plain of glass?Unexamined
Animism: Hero, Demi, Lesser, Intermediate, and Greater DeitiesUnexamined
Can good outsiders 'sin'?Unexamined
Why isn't St. Cuthbert Lawful Good!?Unexamined
Who's your favorite God/Goddess/or Divine Being??Unexamined
Amodeus VS OrcusUnexamined
Belief = Power???Unexamined
Is there a Sand Plane (& Sand Mephit?)Unexamined
Undead/Death/Evil godsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Can you reach level 40, 50, etc. without becoming a deity?Unexamined
The President and A'kinUnexamined
Seven Sins and Virtues (AKA: Search needs to come back)Unexamined
Lord of the Ninth a god, or not.Unexamined
lords of the nineUnexamined
Acquiring divinity.Unexamined
To Kill a GodUnexamined
Hypothetical question(s)Unexamined
Spellcasting Deities & Their Spells' DCsUnexamined
God of the Mentally Ailing...?Unexamined
Sciochelon Vampires (Need some Opinions)Unexamined
Random Slaad actions #2Unexamined
Pokemon RPG Gods.(Don't laugh!)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The BeastlandsUnexamined
Terry Pratchett Gods.Unexamined
The Arcania pantheonUnexamined
god of alcohol?Unexamined
New Deity (please help)Unexamined
On outsiders and soulsUnexamined
When Clerics find ReligionUnexamined
The Divine ForcesUnexamined
Quick Question about Ethereal planeUnexamined
What if...Unexamined
Evil Nature DeityUnexamined
The Astral Plane is timeless, right?Unexamined
Quick deity stat questionUnexamined
about divine statusUnexamined
Harkatottom, Most Revered AncestorUnexamined
Is there any manual of gods and deities i can buy?Unexamined
Revive A DeityUnexamined
The Creation of the UniverseUnexamined
Attention DicefreaksUnexamined
spirits vs godsUnexamined
Carceri question dont understand something about the orbsUnexamined
Divine Cleric Domain StackingUnexamined
Planar contest suggestion for admn.Unexamined
Divine rank 0Unexamined
Aztec Gods anyone?Unexamined
Quasi-Elemental plane of mineralsUnexamined
why is magig impeded near the center of Outlands?Unexamined
Where can i find Asmodeus stats?Unexamined
Fiends & ConsortsUnexamined
Looking for a specific deityUnexamined
Astral Plane and TunarathUnexamined
Demogorgon- defangedUnexamined
The D&D 3.0 gods and gooddes source bookUnexamined
Elemental Deities and AlignementsUnexamined
How do you get a god's attention?Unexamined
How Old Is Pelor?Unexamined
List of deities by domainUnexamined
Plains of GallenshuUnexamined
Lords of the Nine.Unexamined
Need help with completely unoriginal idea:Unexamined
Outsider DeathUnexamined
Looking for help with first time tackling Planar adventuringUnexamined
18th Century PatheonUnexamined
Any god serve this purpose??Unexamined
Remove plzUnexamined
Question: What does a divine herald do?Unexamined
Invented gods; come one, come allUnexamined
Eastern European Mythology and Folklore, PantheonUnexamined
Earth Elemental ImpossibilitiesUnexamined
How would you do this?Unexamined
The god of Liberation is the Summoner?Unexamined
Racial pantheonsUnexamined
vampire gods?Unexamined
about god and home planesUnexamined
Gods' of the Forgotten RealmsUnexamined
Couatl Fluff?Unexamined
3rd ed stats for IuzUnexamined
flora and faunaUnexamined
Creating GodsUnexamined
variations on the core cosmosUnexamined
a devils bargin in exchange for an enemy destroyedUnexamined
Basics Of A Monotheistic-Based CampaignUnexamined
Lady of Pain questionUnexamined
Elder EvilsUnexamined
Demideities in a Horror-Based CampaignHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Stats of Kas, and the Sword of Kas?Unexamined
Silly questionUnexamined
Clerical Vestments, Symbolism, Etc.Unexamined
Mythical demigodUnexamined
Photus and St. Cuthbert, any information?Unexamined
Summon a deityUnexamined
Question: Is it required for a druid to have a deity???Unexamined
How to become a GodUnexamined
Pantheon CreatorUnexamined
please i am collecting Planes an Demiplanes so please submit yoursUnexamined
Merrshaulk and the yuan tiUnexamined
Godsbane statsUnexamined
Kelanen, Prince of SwordsUnexamined
faking a planar lordshipUnexamined
Asmodeous, Overlord of HellUnexamined
Deity questionUnexamined
The Shining CitadelUnexamined
Incarnum, Souls, And PowerUnexamined
A Being So Evil It took a Planet to Imprison ItUnexamined
How useful are portals for interplanar travel?Unexamined - huh?Unexamined
destroying a godUnexamined
The InternetUnexamined
Outsider questionUnexamined
Q: On Spell ResistUnexamined
gods of waterUnexamined
Frujia, Goddess of FruitHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Nerull... Evil?Unexamined
Info on Myhriss?Unexamined
Draconic HolidaysUnexamined
a substitute searchUnexamined
Domains of the MythosUnexamined
Limited # of clericsUnexamined
Half-Elementals and 3.5eUnexamined
Gaining Divine RankUnexamined
Anti-magic Deity?Unexamined
Math and MechanusUnexamined
UnCon: Lower Planar Locales Creation ContestUnexamined
No SwordsUnexamined
UnCon: Lower Planar Locales - Questions and Comments ThreadUnexamined
Fighting a DeityUnexamined
UnCon: Demi-Plane Design Contest (Closed)Unexamined
UnCon: Pantheon Design Contest (closed)Unexamined
Touchstone RevampUnexamined
Unearthed Arcana Insanity and the Winds of PandemoniumUnexamined
Beholder KillerUnexamined
Fractals and AcheronUnexamined
Malavoy's BandUnexamined
Blade of InnocenceHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
UnCon: Demiplane Design Finalists and VotingUnexamined
UnCon: Pantheon Design Finalists and VotingUnexamined
UnCon: Lower Planar Locale VotingUnexamined
A deity for a horror-based campaignHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Fiendish "Evilution" (what a scary thought)Unexamined
becoming a deityUnexamined
Before TrielUnexamined
Explanation of UnCon?Unexamined
CR for DeitiesUnexamined
Deites and DemigodsUnexamined
What is a Shujenka?Unexamined
Bebeliths as Astral nativesUnexamined
The Dreamer and the FiendUnexamined
Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss - new WotC bookUnexamined
I have a question about Quasi-DeitiesUnexamined
If given the choice, choose to die...Unexamined
Lady Creation TheoryUnexamined
Planar Campaign idea: Blood WarUnexamined
Deities and your campaign.Unexamined
Three Sources on Joramy(!?)Unexamined
The God of Cities, the City of the God...Unexamined
astral travel questionsUnexamined
Does anyone remember forgotten Tharizdun?Unexamined
MirrorMask the PS-esq movie...Unexamined
The Trinity AllianceHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
My Hombrew Pantheon!Unexamined
Divine DescendantsUnexamined
Incarnum good for outsiders?Unexamined
Feindish CreaturesUnexamined
Krynn + GreeceUnexamined
Zeno's demiplaneUnexamined
Help looking for Planescape info.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The Ordial Plane?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Adventures on the Shadow Plane?!Unexamined
Callirhoėn CosmologyHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Iuz stats!Unexamined
The Draconic PantheonUnexamined
Sa Jiva, children of the ThoughtsIdeas
Ashardalon has gone missing!Unexamined
racial purpose?Unexamined
Making a new Pantheon (A call for Aid)Unexamined
metals from other planes?Unexamined
7 layersIdeas
PH questionsUnexamined
A new lineup for the planes and some gods. Comments wantedIdeas
Outsiders knowing their alignments.Unexamined
Libris Mortis Gods questionUnexamined
PS content on the PHP Pits of Evil...Unexamined
Gods and Domains...Unexamined
Evil elven cleric needs a dietyUnexamined
ive been wondering..........Unexamined
Elemental planesUnexamined
exemplars for tweenersUnexamined
SRD neededUnexamined
something to think aboutUnexamined
Planar Deific NanoWri?Unexamined
Deific NichesUnexamined
a deity that is a dragon and it is a god of waterUnexamined
Need some info on Tharizdun...Unexamined
Faces of Order: The RocksUnexamined
The Deities and The Planes Custom Content CompendiumUnexamined
A flaying may be in order...Unexamined
Creating deities. Can thy really do all this?Unexamined
New creature: AnubitesHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Time Domain - Which Deities?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
What's your cleric's holy symbol?Unexamined
Stupid Q: Permanent ProxyUnexamined
Deities' ability scoresUnexamined
Psionic Deity?Unexamined
Undiscovered Transistive Planes?Unexamined
Becoming A Deity?Unexamined
Unity of Rings and Center of AllUnexamined
Looking for a God for my Aasimar high-bredUnexamined
Glory DomainUnexamined
Factions in Sigil?Unexamined
Greater Deities and Residual ReboundUnexamined
The Far RealmUnexamined
Inner Plane Rulers?Unexamined
Movement on the Astral PlaneUnexamined
Druids and AnimismUnexamined
DiaboliticaHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Alternative material planes of the campaign worlds.Unexamined
Elemental planes less... elementyUnexamined
New Pantheon's Holy Symbols?Unexamined
Druid of OlidamarraUnexamined
building a churchUnexamined
Gift of Insanity neededUnexamined
Cipher Adepts ethereal jaunt ability?Unexamined
an alignment question....Unexamined
Extraplanar maps?Unexamined
DvR 0 and SigilUnexamined
Who is Loviator?Unexamined
A deity's attack bonus...Unexamined
questions about a planar campaignUnexamined
Infernus Campaign SettingUnexamined
Favored Weapon: Katana / Bastard Sword?Unexamined
I'm looking for a nice deity. Halfling, nature, evil.Unexamined
Lych QueenUnexamined
Acererak Unleashed?Unexamined
replaceing the shadow, etherial and astral, negative and postive planesUnexamined
Apocalypse: Wrath of the EndbringersUnexamined
holy symbols?Unexamined
Pelor has no Paladins.Unexamined
Help with details for a few priesthoodsUnexamined
Mage: TA & PlanescapeUnexamined
Faction-based PrCsUnexamined
Alter Reality Ability.Unexamined
The Multiverse revealedUnexamined
Dieties with Outsider HDUnexamined
Cretures of the OthersUnexamined
Who would winUnexamined
On Law, Chaos, Good and EvilUnexamined
Expanding on (but NOT CHANGING!) the Great WheelUnexamined
Vistani on the Planes and possible originsUnexamined
Stats for Garyx and FalzureUnexamined
Kord, The Dragon SlayerUnexamined
Should Eberron Be Included in the Great Wheel?Unexamined
"The Order of the Aster"Unexamined
Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the AbyssUnexamined
Thanksgiving Fiends: the Abyssal TurkeyUnexamined
god infoUnexamined
Ultra DeityUnexamined
Which aligmentUnexamined
Looking for a Death and Destruction Diety! ASAPUnexamined
Sigil is where?Unexamined
Quality or Quantity?Unexamined
Blood WarUnexamined
Outsiders and Exemplars - to split or not to split?Unexamined
The SunderingUnexamined
Tales of SigilUnexamined
Vecna's history?Unexamined
Who's mortal anyway?Unexamined
Demodands/ Gehreleths: How Many Varieties?Unexamined
Takhisis/Tiamat? Paladine/Bahamut?Unexamined
Possibility of the Githyanki Believer...Unexamined
God have higher ability score that mortalsUnexamined
Apostle Of Peace ascended to godhood ideasUnexamined
Aasimar, Blackguards, and Holy SpellsUnexamined
Movement on the plane of airUnexamined
what do you think of my godsUnexamined
Switching GodsUnexamined
Do petitioners eat? Do they need sustenance?Unexamined
Now I lay me down to sleep...Unexamined
Why divinity?Unexamined
Taking lines for a walkUnexamined
twilight zoneUnexamined
What do the layers represent?Unexamined
Plane of Shadow, what information is avaible?Unexamined
Celestial, Fiend, , ?Unexamined
Plague Diety?Unexamined
Eilistraee-Lloth WarUnexamined
God PCs?Unexamined
Is it possible?Unexamined
Who is this Ygorl?Unexamined
What about my gods?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Opinions on the actions of a Chaotic Good ClericUnexamined
How much are the Outer Planes like the Prime Material?Unexamined
Does anyone know where i van get more info on the gatetowns?Unexamined
The Deific Campaign (or 1001 Ways to Challenge Deific PCs)Unexamined
Spawn Aspects - A Salient Divine Ability.Unexamined
a god is killed!Unexamined
A question about the demon godsUnexamined
Ecology of the Nine HellsUnexamined
What Happened to Ravana?Unexamined
Non-Demon/Devil ArchfiendsUnexamined
Nishruu's Home Plane?Unexamined
Formain Lords and GodsUnexamined
God(s) of nature and magicUnexamined
Death of the FAQ?Unexamined
Riders of the ApocalypseUnexamined
Orcus's AbodeUnexamined
Complete DivinityUnexamined
thanks rip!Unexamined
wow ripUnexamined
Go Rip Go!Unexamined
stuff for me to bumpUnexamined
Low Level Planar CampaignsUnexamined
spider helperUnexamined
Jewish-Christian-Islamic CosmologyUnexamined
Plant DeitiesUnexamined
The number of worshippersUnexamined
New Domain: PassionHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Clerical Alignment QuestionUnexamined
Eberron and the Great WheelUnexamined
To WizOs--archiving boards?Unexamined
Union - an ... 'epic' city?Unexamined
The best Salient Divine Abilities?Unexamined
Genesis and the Ethereal PlaneUnexamined
How to.....Unexamined
Becoming and overdeityUnexamined
Golden One deity infoUnexamined
Falling Angels, Ascending Demons...Organizing Slaadi?Unexamined
Cohesive combined cosmologyUnexamined
Where is the mall?Unexamined
Pruning: Where we standUnexamined
Sigil Encounters.Unexamined
Acquiring Divine Rank WITHOUT killing a god.Unexamined
plane of faerieUnexamined
Any info on Yeathan?Unexamined
santa clausUnexamined
Other Gods of mischiefHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Tanar'ri vs. CelestialUnexamined
Tear of the godsUnexamined
The Lotus Blossom District of Sigil (Cross-Posted)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Balrog from Lord of the Rings: Any Stats?Unexamined
The Great Torus: Outer PlanesUnexamined
Ko the Face StealerUnexamined
God of unhappinessUnexamined
Archomentals 3.5 statsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Constructed GodsUnexamined
The Physics of a new multiverseUnexamined
Help needed about Bel, Lord of the FirstUnexamined
Plane Shift Tuning ForksUnexamined
monk deityUnexamined
God of happinessUnexamined
Help: ways to make a Lantern Archon really cool?Unexamined
About the planar handbook...Unexamined
Fey DeitiesUnexamined
The TricksterUnexamined
Krynnish Natives in SigilUnexamined
corellon and the drowUnexamined
they call him GruumishUnexamined
Prime Worlds Accessable Via Spelljammer?Unexamined
What kind of Goddess is Talona?Unexamined
I need some info on dvrUnexamined
Touch WoodUnexamined
40K to DND godsUnexamined
Links to info on OutsidersUnexamined
The Five Magical ElementsUnexamined
Planescape article in the new issue of DragonUnexamined
Harmonium / Ortho development on PlanewalkerUnexamined
Killed a godUnexamined
Law vs. Chaos or Good vs. EvilUnexamined
TRIED to steal from a GodUnexamined
A new god I created.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The IndepsUnexamined
The Cult of Tiamat, or "Turning her into the Greater Power she =SHOULD= be"Unexamined
Anarchic TemplateNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Rising Demons?Unexamined
Looking for Babylonian or Sumerian mythos for 3/3.5EUnexamined
Dualistic PantheonUnexamined
Mixing positive and negative energyUnexamined
Two new Planar Touchstone featsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
A good evil cleric?Unexamined
Divine AscensionUnexamined
Name that deity!!Unexamined
Realistic PantheonUnexamined
Tales of the the High Auspicious OneUnexamined
Evil Dragon GodUnexamined
How active are Deities in your campaign setting?Unexamined
Greatest Role-Playing Moments!Unexamined
Different types of fiends and celestialsUnexamined
Where to send the fallen?Unexamined
The Three IncarnatesUnexamined
Monotheism and polytheismUnexamined
1001 ideas for the plane of faerie !Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Pun-Pun, The God.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Dieties at warUnexamined
Where's bethlehem?????Unexamined
Sekolah and others...?Unexamined
info requestUnexamined
How many is good?Unexamined
Sources on TN exemplarsUnexamined
Help me kill my godUnexamined
What should be your caracter AfterlifeUnexamined
Methikus sar Telmuril, 'The Flesh Sculptor'. Baernaloth of The Demented (8 of 13)Unexamined
Far Realm adventuresUnexamined
Good cleric + Neutral undead goddess = ?Unexamined
The Spire and MetamagicUnexamined
Multiverse on a chainUnexamined
About petitioners and player deathsUnexamined
rilmani dutyUnexamined
Imajica and the Planes and other odditiesUnexamined
Symbol for Dol ArrahUnexamined
ECL Deity rank 0?Unexamined
Top 20 dominions of island-based godsUnexamined
Astral Dreadnaughts: How do they heal? And how do they move...?!Unexamined
Gehenna and the YugolothsUnexamined
Aztec PantheonUnexamined
Pantheon for perusal and commentary.Unexamined
Info Pls: Garagos' AlgnmentUnexamined
Before the GateUnexamined
L.A. DvR 1?Unexamined
what happened to...Unexamined
Changing Wee-JasUnexamined
Where could i find information about Nerull?Unexamined
Who the Hell is the father of Heironeous and Hextor?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Caribbean DeitiesUnexamined
Mulhorandi deities and domainsUnexamined
On the nature of FeyUnexamined
incorporating christianity in my campaignUnexamined
buddhist campaignUnexamined
objective vs subjective planesUnexamined
Interpretations of lawful evil w/ respect to Baator - aka let a 'loth pick your brainUnexamined
Safety in the Elemental Plane of FireUnexamined
How to Kill CthuluUnexamined
Druidic Deities...Unexamined
The Lost ScionUnexamined
Build a BaernUnexamined
D&D Board Gods...Unexamined
Metaphor for ChaosUnexamined
Bytopia and Acheron?Unexamined
Math MathonwyUnexamined
New to PlanesUnexamined
Elemental Guide?Unexamined
What are the Demons/Devils?Unexamined
Sigilian Slang.Unexamined
Do the inner elemental planes provide substance to the prime and outer planes?Unexamined
Where did the planes come from?Unexamined
Trying to make my own deityUnexamined
Methods of AscensionUnexamined
Five Chinese Elemental PlanesUnexamined
Rachel Weisz looks like Wee Jas.Unexamined
Animism in D&DUnexamined
Rilmani Species NamesUnexamined
Dream MagicUnexamined
Outer planes of goodUnexamined
What are Modrons!?Unexamined
What are Modrons!?Unexamined
Planar SymbologyUnexamined
Gods magic and antimagic fields.Unexamined
Core deity riutalsUnexamined
Crossing Multiverses...Unexamined
LG clerics and Evil KnightsUnexamined
Forgotten Realms cosmology and Great WheelUnexamined
Has anyone gone to Heaven?Unexamined
CR for DemigodUnexamined
Timelessness and SpellsUnexamined
LA questionUnexamined
Rilmani Alignment ShiftUnexamined
Divine Blast versus RegenerationUnexamined
Balor VS PitfiendUnexamined
Travel and Extradimensional/Nondimensional SpacesUnexamined
Vecna !!Unexamined
Question about Zarus...Unexamined
Choosing a god, help please.Unexamined
planescape dowloadsUnexamined
St. Cuthbert and channelling energyUnexamined
Cosmology StressUnexamined
Planar plot idea with a hole.Unexamined
Outsider 20-level ProgressionUnexamined
The Infinity Layer of the Abyss CollectionHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Help! Greater Tanar'ri, Lesser Tanar'ri?Unexamined
Divine Agent (Manual of the Planes)Unexamined
Please help me complete and revise a godUnexamined
Information About the City CurstUnexamined
After searching these Forums for hours...Unexamined
Abyss or 9 Hells- which would you rather go to?Unexamined
A Wizard Community Pahteron IdeaUnexamined
Yondolla favored weapon questionUnexamined
The Nine HellsUnexamined
Demigods and Dukes of HellUnexamined
Origins of non-Baatezu.Unexamined
Hextor and Hironeus pictureUnexamined
Xanxost the slaadUnexamined
Good-aligned outsider tempters?Unexamined
Diety stats?Unexamined
Dungeon master planar postsUnexamined
Gozer the GozerianHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Batman Pantheon?Unexamined
Gods of limbo and mechanus?Unexamined
Norse planesUnexamined
Yugoloth behaviorUnexamined
Can anyone help me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!Unexamined
Tormenta/Brazillian GodsUnexamined
Im am dead, what happen to me???Unexamined
Mathematicians and DigitatologyUnexamined
updating old godsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Modern PantheonUnexamined
The Lady Of Pain's influence outside SigilUnexamined
Ancient demons?Unexamined
Wizards Community PlanesUnexamined
Baalzebul's shape: You've gotta be kidding me!Unexamined
Slaad lordsUnexamined
Abomination made from Good And EvilHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Double Checking Evening Glory's DomainsUnexamined
Luctias' DeitiesHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
switching dietiesUnexamined
Favored of Erevan IlesereUnexamined
Nature of Celestial ServitorsUnexamined
Summoning Tsochar? And Planar Binding?Unexamined
Forunners to the Gods?Unexamined
Devil PantheonUnexamined
Kubla KhanUnexamined
deities in the outlandsUnexamined
So.. just to be clear, the face with spikes on PS stuff is Her Serenity, right?Unexamined
Karaan and druids?Unexamined
Bladelings and Blade GolemsUnexamined
Mecha Lich's guide to the Negative Energy Plane?Unexamined
Planes linking to our world?Unexamined
Requesting Information Regarding St. Cuthbert please.Unexamined
Ethergaunt EcologyUnexamined
Unworthy and CrisisUnexamined
Do deities have a True Name?Unexamined
Great Wyrm Force Dragon Battle A Dragon GodUnexamined
Cleric of Pelor training?Unexamined
Information on Kyuss?Unexamined
Domain list?Unexamined
Who is Maanzicorn?Unexamined
Bahamut's DomainsUnexamined
The NerraUnexamined
Rule of Threes HelpUnexamined
Dwarf Domain...Unexamined
Beauty DomainUnexamined
what is a "native" outsider?Unexamined
Where can I find more information on Native OutsidersUnexamined
Alignments of the planesUnexamined
I need a fitting name for a Cannibal deityUnexamined
Information on AffluxUnexamined
So just who is Kas?Unexamined
History of OrcusUnexamined
What exactly is a D&D "god"Unexamined
Creating a Pantheon...Unexamined
3.5 Rilmani ConversionsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Ultimate Mimir - call For TalentUnexamined
The Far RealmUnexamined
The Inevitables need a deityUnexamined
Holy ScriptureUnexamined
New Creatures of the PlanesUnexamined
new patheon system, any help would be niceUnexamined
This is my favorite DeityUnexamined
a quick question..Unexamined
Elemental planes mixing - corresponding subtypes?Unexamined
Deities in D&D nothing more than cheap page fillers?Unexamined
Please P.e.a.c.h. My new Pathelion (waring LONG)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Goddess of Ressurection and Undeath, RepostHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Reduced enhancement bonus on other planes???Unexamined
Oberon & TitaniaUnexamined
What is the Supreme Portfolio?Unexamined
Ability scores for a deityUnexamined
proxies in SigilUnexamined
Favored Weapon - Lance?Unexamined
Cuthulu (SP?)Unexamined
The Inner Planes and everywhere else?Unexamined
God of racismUnexamined
Info on Wee JasUnexamined
Corellon Larethian, please write everything you knowUnexamined
Elder Gods Stats?Unexamined
Holy Symbol Blue's. . . and Plantium'sUnexamined
New Fiend: The Exiled OneHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Positive and negative elemental lords?Unexamined
Reinigung, god of the Cleansing Flame.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Baernaloths, information on them pleaseUnexamined
Codex of the Infinite Planes (and PC interaction with it) mulling ideas IMCUnexamined
Fharlanghn's Brother: CelestianUnexamined
making a god out of a PC?Unexamined
Astral Skiff upgrade?Unexamined
Demogorgon's and Orcus' Symbol?Unexamined
Ares DogmaUnexamined
The Demon and Devil problem solved once and for all.Unexamined
Plane of Force?Unexamined
Tome of Magic-Can anyone interperet these?Unexamined
3E Kanchelsis, God of VampiresUnexamined
Modrons still aroundUnexamined
article on diseased onesUnexamined
Demiplane of Nightmares?Unexamined
Need Help With Creating A God Of That What Could BeUnexamined
Has Lloth stopped granting spells entirely?Unexamined
How would you describe The Far Realm?Unexamined
Rynnsha: Gnoll deity (true)Unexamined
the geometric truth of the Far Realm?Unexamined
I need Monster Gods: Chimera&GorgonsUnexamined
1001 Things of Which to be GodIdeas
Trying to find stats on " They Lady of Pain"....Unexamined
Adventure of were-beastUnexamined
D&D Wiki (Help Make it Happen)Unexamined
Quasi and Paraelemental PlanesUnexamined
Planeshifters: Morphic Stability and Controling LimboUnexamined
Looking for some infoUnexamined
Faiths and distance modify-ers`sUnexamined
The Astral Plane and the Silver CordUnexamined
I need a different GodUnexamined
Original Gods and Ascended GodsUnexamined
Description Of Iola (Queens Of Dragons)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The Misunderstood Kind Drow LadyUnexamined
Why can't the Archdevils grant spells?Unexamined
Foulwing's home plane?Unexamined
Deities Names. How to do it?Unexamined
Speculation on the Nature of the Planar UniverseUnexamined
The Chrysalis PrinceUnexamined
Anyone play a Doomlord?Unexamined
What role do Deities play in Faerun's magicUnexamined
What happened to my Inner Planes?Unexamined
Looking for a Deity or 2Unexamined
Eberron: The Effect on The PlanesUnexamined
Spell Genesis questionsUnexamined
Monk vow of poverty/ sainthood/ deityUnexamined
Apocalypse Stone & Magic QueryUnexamined
Inner Planar CultureUnexamined
What would make my character better?Unexamined
The Death of Primus?Unexamined
Hypothetical situation.Unexamined
How to break into the prison plane CarceriUnexamined
New multi-verse structureUnexamined
Nighthags ..etheral on the outer planes?Unexamined
Question about the etheral-plane.Unexamined
About St.CuthbertUnexamined
Characters who attain godhood (Long story short )Unexamined
God of nature's wrath?Unexamined
The Upper PlanesUnexamined
Egyptian gods in D&DUnexamined
Strangeness with astral form and physical formUnexamined
Planar mapsUnexamined
FC:II - Tyrants of the Nine HellsUnexamined
The Lady of Pain, Ruler of SigilUnexamined
Demons and Devils, or Tanar'ri and Baatezu?Unexamined
Planescape rookie seeks advice.Unexamined
Planescape + Tome of Magic = ?Unexamined
Lords of BaatorUnexamined
On Bahamut and Paladial OrdersUnexamined
more spell like abilities at will for godsUnexamined
The Demon LordsUnexamined
In which book can I find info on Beshaba?Unexamined
A facelift for Modrons?Unexamined
The Ivory Vault (PEACH)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
pelor rising or the infectious desire to do good?Unexamined
Elder SCrolls gods and daedra lords?Unexamined
Planes of pain and pleasure: inner planes? Outer planes? Demiplanes?Unexamined
Elemental Plane of Blood?Unexamined
And all that Jas! (Tell me about the Wee Jas, everything you know)Unexamined
Modron MinisUnexamined
Diety DietsUnexamined
Babies in the Astral?Unexamined
Aztec Pantheon & PlanesUnexamined
food of the planesUnexamined
If you were going to retire/set up another home on another plane, where would it be?Unexamined
Shedding some light on the Plane of ShadowUnexamined
Dream Domain?Unexamined
Sigil's Restaurants: The Diets of The PlanesUnexamined
Reborn cosmology, HELP! (too little or not?)Unexamined
Does the sense of good/evil/law/chaos get "wierd" on some of the planes?Unexamined
Suitable level for planar campaign?Unexamined
Garl GlittergoldUnexamined
Imix, Lord of Evil Fire...Unexamined
Sigil - Summon Swarm Question...Unexamined
Neutral abyss?Unexamined
Thri-kreen diety?Unexamined
Planes? Other universes?Unexamined
Primus (modron)Unexamined
flame warriorsUnexamined
Best novels that detail the activities of a god, day by day, month by month...Unexamined
Banjo the Clown - God of PuppetsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
What is this thing??Unexamined
Need some help finding an ancient powerUnexamined
Abyssal or Infernal language?Unexamined
The Lord TempusUnexamined
Norse deities for 3rd Edition? where???Unexamined
Female Deities for PaladinsUnexamined
Not quite what I meant.Unexamined
Deities and ability damageUnexamined
Lemures are exceptionaly stupid??Unexamined
Looking for god with odd weaponUnexamined
Adventures in the Plane of ShadowUnexamined
Pelor's militant sideUnexamined
Planehopping primer?Unexamined
Holy Circle of the Light of FaithUnexamined
Godless races/cultures: Vashar? Illithids?Unexamined
Can gods do stuff with their dead worshippers besides turn them into petitioners?Unexamined
Wee JasUnexamined
Conversing with The Prince of DemonsIdeas
Increasing planar survivability...Unexamined
The Negative and Positive Energy PlanesUnexamined
spell compendium and dietiesUnexamined
Do dieties get mad if a cleric worships more than one?Unexamined
My PC's are going to Ascend...Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
rules for ascendingUnexamined
An Aboleth leading the AtharUnexamined
I want: A complete history of AcerakUnexamined
Who do gods worship?Unexamined
Code of Conduct of Heironeous.Unexamined
Questions about Vol ( Eberron )Unexamined
Domination DomainUnexamined
the goddess of time (Updated)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
1001 silly godsIdeas
funny in a sad wayUnexamined
Looking for a deityUnexamined
Make a new elemental plane threadUnexamined
Yugoloths, Sigil and FRCSUnexamined
Calling All Planar ExpertsUnexamined
Archomentals, Asmodeus, & ZaphkielUnexamined
In Planescape, we trustUnexamined
do you guys think they will bring a new deity book outUnexamined
LA suggestions?Unexamined
The Celestial KnightsUnexamined
Thieve's Guild deityUnexamined
Sigil CalendarUnexamined
The Dreamer & The Fiend: cool story by ShemmyUnexamined
Dragon DeitysUnexamined
This is my first time to be cleric of Boccob..Unexamined
Tips on creating deitiesUnexamined
Deity QuestionsUnexamined
Deities for My New Campaign, AeglanosUnexamined
Fharlanghn, what do you know about him?Unexamined
Gods using magic!Unexamined
transitive and elemental planesUnexamined
New Goddess!Vera-Goddess of Magic!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
How do archivists get access to divine magic?Unexamined
Are druids much for planar travel?Unexamined
question about OdinUnexamined
In what ways, asides from the obvious, does a campaign with the Norse Pantheon differUnexamined
Para-divinity or Pseudo-Divine RankingsUnexamined
New Yugoloth ConstructHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Demogorgon going down for the count!Unexamined
Who would win.. Asmodeus or Demogorgon?Unexamined
Deity with war-domain and favors daggerUnexamined
Dylan SkyfireHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The false VecnaUnexamined
Negotiating a Planar ConspiracyUnexamined
Melif the Lich-LordUnexamined
Shadows and the Plane of ShadowsUnexamined
Expanded Extraplanar Creature ListUnexamined
making an evil planeUnexamined
Multidimensional god confussionUnexamined
Githyanki and DemogorgonUnexamined
The Home of the Gods!Unexamined
Outsider languagesUnexamined
New Domain, Help balance!!!Unexamined
Sailing on the River StyxUnexamined
who is the best Deities to worship for a cleric?Unexamined
Salty GodsUnexamined
New Goddess! Vera Goddess Of Magic!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Rashs (and other embarrasing diseases) of the planes.Unexamined
Deities and True ResurrectionUnexamined
Evil gods with the Healing Domain?Unexamined
Praise Apomps!!!!Unexamined
Tiamat's ConsortsUnexamined
Vecna questionUnexamined
Looking for the right boardUnexamined
The Slaad LordsUnexamined
How to include planesUnexamined
The true name of nerull (new god idea)Unexamined
Please Help with my New CosmologyUnexamined
Divine ranks and CR...Unexamined
Sigilian JusticeUnexamined
Mortals massing on the planesUnexamined
Ao: Is he just overgod of FR?Unexamined
The Lady of pain, why a she? Why does she be?Unexamined
gehenna's infinity?Unexamined
Yuan-ti deityUnexamined
Tymora and Bad LuckUnexamined
Favorite god of death? (answer if you have one)Unexamined
"What's in a Mortal's Soul?"Unexamined
Jovar the Sixth HeavenUnexamined
Moloch, Deposed Lord of the SixthHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
PEACH - Alternate elemental planes.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Planar Metaphysics for a Homebrew SettingHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Law and ChaosUnexamined
Information on Chupoclops.Unexamined
Good accompaniment to this party?Unexamined
Is Lolth an IDIOT?Unexamined
Union vs. SigilUnexamined
Deities and Demigods 2Unexamined
Anunnaku & Igigi : The Pantheon of Two RiversUnexamined
Savage DeityUnexamined
Planes, wotc copyright?Unexamined
Blood War: Demon LeaderUnexamined
Sun god of Desert Campaign?Unexamined
The demons that cow balorsUnexamined
Is there an official Hero Deity (DR 0) statted somewhere?Unexamined
Ascension MethodologyUnexamined
A little history I wrote, tell me what you thinkUnexamined
I want you, for Vecna's Ultimate SecretUnexamined
Elemental plane of ----Unexamined
666 layers of the AbyssIdeas
Looking for stats for a fanmade prestige class: I think it was Plane ShaperNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Help with "Modern" PlanesUnexamined
The Prisoner of BelierinUnexamined
Basic info questionUnexamined
Silvanus the psychotic (a question to those more familiar with faerun than I am)Unexamined
Celeste De Lieben and PragasHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The Blood War, Over?Unexamined
Worst god?Unexamined
Unseelie CourtUnexamined
Force domain from Complete DivineUnexamined
Teranimar and GennilingsUnexamined
Notorious Planar ExplorerUnexamined
Are there any mechanics for calling a deity's avatar?Unexamined
Vestiges as GodsUnexamined
They fell in love with Her SerenityUnexamined
How does Vecna Reward you?Unexamined
Kurtulmak and TiamatUnexamined
How do celestials make new celestials?Unexamined
Info on FactionsUnexamined
Invisible Pink Unicorn vs. Flying Spaghetti MonsterUnexamined
A new arch fiend, sort of...(PEACH)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Fiendish Codex II : Tyrants of the Nine HellsUnexamined
Where is Ashardalon?Unexamined
I have got a cosmology here for you, nice and compact, low mileadge.Unexamined
Divine servantsUnexamined
The Rakshasa home planeUnexamined
info on deity - total newbie wants to knowUnexamined
why does Kord the Brawler have a greatsword?Unexamined
Who has Lust or Summoner domain?!Unexamined
Sigil-The Lady of PainUnexamined
How do you like your Arch-Fiends?Unexamined
So, then: Who's in Belierin?Unexamined
Summoning FiendsUnexamined
Ethereal Plane CombatUnexamined
Tiamat FollowersUnexamined
Great CthulhuUnexamined
Lawful and Chaotic PlanetouchedUnexamined
Template and artifactNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What's the symbol of Ao?Unexamined
Looking for info on a faction symbol..Unexamined
If the Blood War ended...Unexamined
Plane of Shadow-DarklandsUnexamined
My idea for ChroniasUnexamined
become a god : stats ?Unexamined
Sigil Theme SongUnexamined
Errors in Fiendish Codex Art GalleryUnexamined
06/06/06 The nature of the AbyssUnexamined
What is with A'kin?Unexamined
1001 closets of PuzuniaHumor
What's wrong with the formians?Unexamined
Incabulos holy symbol? (GREYHAWK HELP)Unexamined
Technology and the PlanesUnexamined
Layout of CarceriUnexamined
New DomainsUnexamined
New Demon PrincesUnexamined
Outsider DeathUnexamined
More than one great wheel?Unexamined
Possible Mistake in the Bulezau entryUnexamined
Yeenoghu, Prince of Gnolls.Unexamined
Massages on the planesUnexamined
Grimoire of the Funtastical: The FruitsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Deity namesUnexamined
God of ContructsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The OutlandsUnexamined
How are the greyhawk dieties related?Unexamined
One Campaign Setting to Rule them AllUnexamined
how does a proxy work ?Unexamined
Fiendish Codex I - A Cosmology outside the Great WheelUnexamined
Do Asmodeus is the ultimate Evil?Unexamined
Fiendish Codex - UlgurshekUnexamined
Elemental Plane QuestionsUnexamined
Baba YagaUnexamined
Terra Incognita: Underused PlanesUnexamined
Asmodeus vs DemogorgonUnexamined
Looking for custom SDA'sUnexamined
Aging outside the AstralUnexamined
Planeswalkers: First draft for community review.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Planescape in Dragon?Unexamined
Darkness domain and its variantsUnexamined
Demon Lords/Deities from the Fiendish Codex IUnexamined
Stats and info on Slaad Lords.Unexamined
Of Slaad, Modrons, Formians, Good, and EvilIdeas
Asmodeus first ruler of Baator?Unexamined
The Demonomicon of IggwilvUnexamined
An mix of two planes?Unexamined
Question about devils and demons.Unexamined
Morwel, Queen of StarsUnexamined
Advanced CRs for New Demon LordsUnexamined
Question about GeryonUnexamined
Why Demogorgon?Unexamined
Far Realm informations?Unexamined
Fiendish Codex I: The Lost Annals ErrorsUnexamined
Question about Karaan(BoVD)?Unexamined
The EndlessUnexamined
Order of the ChaliceUnexamined
i seek informationUnexamined
Multiversal TimelineUnexamined
Keeping High the Planescape SpiritUnexamined
Closed Crystal SpheresUnexamined
Create my race of Lawful OutsidersUnexamined
Old gods IMC (elves)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
FR godsUnexamined
Living Greyhawk deities 2.1?Unexamined
I'm trying to make new demonlordUnexamined
Has anyone ever done this?Unexamined
Questions Inspired by the Fiendish Codex so far...Unexamined
Religions without GodsUnexamined
Walking the abyss... at level one?Unexamined
Torturous TruthUnexamined
Avatars of Bahamut & TiamatUnexamined
How do you assign Favored Weapons to Homebrew Deities?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
What happens when you die?Unexamined
Teun, Mother of All Machines and the Iron GodUnexamined
Plane Shift in an Unfamiliar CosmologyUnexamined
Plane shift, multiple layers, and travelling through the Nine Hells.Unexamined
Outlands CampaignUnexamined
When your god doesn't reside on an Outer PlaneUnexamined
CR of ddeities and demigodsUnexamined
Good Aligned Weapons in the Blood WarUnexamined
Planars shifting alignmentsUnexamined
A Lecture on the Birth of UniversesIdeas
Distance on the PlanesUnexamined
Where does Arcadia come fromUnexamined
New in townUnexamined
Other Drow GodsUnexamined
CR of a (seriously weakened) demon god.Unexamined
A Psionic God, please?Unexamined
Eladrin/Archon Aggression; Fact or Fantasy?(You know what I mean)Unexamined
Ancient BaatoriansHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Sekolah (as a Fiend, not a God)Unexamined
favored fiends of archdevilsUnexamined
Greyhawk and the Spell Domain?Unexamined
Abyss: The Final FrontierUnexamined
Court of WoeUnexamined
Prada fashionable among Baatezu? What do Tanar'ri wear?Unexamined
W i y f G g/g f t o b?Unexamined
Of fiends and stats.Unexamined
Deities and RankUnexamined
Looking for a drow god/essUnexamined
The Slaad Got Screwed!Unexamined
Evil scares people.Unexamined
Rules on Ascension to Godhood?Unexamined
Diety ability scoresUnexamined
Who's your Favorite?Unexamined
Gods of LodossUnexamined
The Saint Template's Protective AuraNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
What is an aspect?Unexamined
Can every deity use magic?Unexamined
Thrym and KostchtchieUnexamined
The Layer Never ExplainedUnexamined
More KostchtchieUnexamined
Far RealmsUnexamined
Are the planes under-used?Unexamined
Brown Mold and environmental fire damageUnexamined
How big are those who hold a divine rank?Unexamined
[3.5 rules] Help requested - avatar ideas and statisticsUnexamined
D'Arka, Goddess of Evil LycanthropesUnexamined
FC II & III SpeculationUnexamined
Asmodeus Vs [Put a celestial]Unexamined
On Hallowed GroundsUnexamined
DemiplanesHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Greyhawk Deities?Unexamined
Quasi-elemental planes for Snow and Slush?Unexamined
Yeenoghu: in a book?Unexamined
Aspect template ?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Part YuogolthUnexamined
Keeping the PC's stranded: HelpUnexamined
Dieing on other planesUnexamined
A split material plane, and screwey polar energy.Unexamined
If they aren't baatezu, what are they?Unexamined
I'm looking for a diety who has the sky domain and spear as a favored weaponUnexamined
Deities's Avator ???Unexamined
Do Vorpal Weapons Work Against Deities?Unexamined
Kord in FRUnexamined
Petitioner RelationsUnexamined
Wanted: a deity CN with healing domain!!Unexamined
Ethereal Plane CreaturesUnexamined
The Extraplanar SubtypeUnexamined
Creation of a Demi-planeUnexamined
Shaktari, Queen of the Mariliths--any ideas for stats?Unexamined
help add to the combined knowledge of the human raceUnexamined
Extraplanar Entropic ReaperUnexamined
For those who don't have Fiendish Codex 1, and were disappointed by thisUnexamined
Tarrasque and the Planes.Unexamined
Are Clerics eligible for Divine Ascension?Unexamined
Divine Spellcasting and planar travelUnexamined
The Night Below in GehennaUnexamined
Fleshslough in HadesUnexamined
A question on Half-Fiends.Unexamined
The Planes and Deities...Unexamined
How d'you say divine magic works? (eg,clerics have inherent power, or it's all gods?)Unexamined
Asmodeus Pronunciation?Unexamined
Orcus' AppearanceUnexamined
The Abyss-Bound SoulsUnexamined
Other lords of evilUnexamined
Where is Tharizdun imprisoned?Unexamined
Efreeti Deity?Unexamined
Joy and Community domains. Any Diety have both?Unexamined
Layer 77 of the AbyssUnexamined
D&D Cosmology diagramUnexamined
Sarkithel fek Parthis, 'The Chronicler': Baernaloth of The Demented (9 of 13)Unexamined
How powerful are demons...Unexamined
n00b cosmology questionUnexamined
Shemeska, do you have some of those 2nd Ed PS Artwork you were talking about?Unexamined
Omni/Paraelemental PlanesUnexamined
The Wild Hunt and HuntsmanUnexamined
Need help with some Planescape racesUnexamined
Apomps and the Demodands.Unexamined
Clerics Deity HelpUnexamined
Yugoloths in Monster Manual IVUnexamined
earth in D&DUnexamined
Equivalents of Obyriths?Unexamined
Rilmani stats?Unexamined
Questions on the DeitiesUnexamined
Obyrith Queen of ChaosUnexamined
Call of CthulhuUnexamined
Clanggedin just for Realms?Unexamined
Stats for MayaheineUnexamined
Teleportation abilities of outsidersUnexamined
Mysticism Domain, flavor helpUnexamined
How does one become an abyssal lord?Unexamined
Afterlife confusionUnexamined
Quick question.Unexamined
Homebrewed Deity: Needs CritiqueHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Cat Lord! Meow Rarrr Purr!Unexamined
Astral PlaneUnexamined
Relations between Evil deities and Archdevils \ Demon PrincesUnexamined
Even More Layers of the AbyssHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Slaad, Rilmani and Formian, why not?Unexamined
Where do neutral people go?Unexamined
the solars (angels) now have epic damage reduction. Do the gods?Unexamined
Create your own DemonlordHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Olympus should be in YsgardUnexamined
Where do true neutral people go when they die?Unexamined
Dallah ThaunUnexamined
dnd gods and forgotten realms godsUnexamined
What are foot soilders in a Celestial army?Unexamined
A Variant Astral Plane (Deep thinkers needed)Unexamined
The Great MotherUnexamined
Mayaheine vs. Raziel...Unexamined
War of the godsUnexamined
Beastlands InformationUnexamined
The Planes as more than their alignmentsUnexamined
Kurtulmak, God of Kobolds. Stats/Visage?Unexamined
Chronepsis and the Dragonfall WarUnexamined
Alyx, God of SteelHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Hindu Deities on the Wheel [as requested]Unexamined
New Slaad Lords on the Ever-Changing BlockUnexamined
Weakness help!Unexamined
Goblin God AvatarUnexamined
Some kind of planar vehicle thing?Unexamined
Dieties in the PHBUnexamined
Let's play a gameUnexamined
Unyou, God of DawnUnexamined
God of Complete and utter darkness/non-existanceUnexamined
The Creation of the multiverseUnexamined
at a bit of a lossUnexamined
Manual of the Planes II...any takers??Unexamined
Death of a godUnexamined
Deity Hit DiceUnexamined
Who will have the Last Word?Unexamined
Knight's Impetuous EnduranceUnexamined
Time effects on other planesUnexamined
Anti-Magic Diety?Unexamined
questions about sigilUnexamined
Healing domainUnexamined
Extraplanar BestiaryUnexamined
Random Plane GeneratorUnexamined
What's your favorite take on the Peace Domain?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The World Serpent InnUnexamined
Svirfneblin God ???Unexamined
The Infinite StaircaseUnexamined
a fragment of the faction warUnexamined
Ideas for CosmologiesUnexamined
rod of seven partsUnexamined
Demon Princes and Archdevils?Unexamined
Deity hopping? Opinions wanted.Unexamined
Aspect of ErythnulUnexamined
Escaping a MazeUnexamined
The Asura Template (alternate take)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Demogorgon's heads.Unexamined
Ether GapsUnexamined
The Gods that went UndergroundUnexamined
"Planar" traits of a vacuumUnexamined
Is Bhaal the Forgotten Realms equivalent of Erythnul?Unexamined
slay deities???Unexamined
[Homebrew] Plane of TwilightHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
sect ideasUnexamined
Rebuilding UnionIdeas
Need help. (Semi-)Pantheon Building.Unexamined
Great Old Ones=ObyrithsIdeas
Arcane Mastery SDA questionUnexamined
Old WorldsUnexamined
Carceri's LayersUnexamined
need a stats forUnexamined
Information Request: Vaati and the Wind Dukes of AqaaIdeas
Convert Me! Boccob vs. Wee JasUnexamined
Ascension: Divine Rank Level AdjustmentsUnexamined
Evil God of Madness NeededUnexamined
Pantheonic Predicament!Unexamined
how do create vestiges, not deities: i wanna know how.Unexamined
good and neutral far-realmersUnexamined
Magic Weapons and Armor in the PlanesUnexamined
Annam, the god in the hidden realmUnexamined
Die Vecna Die and the multiverse re-arangement questionUnexamined
Deity gameUnexamined
What good is a Union?Unexamined
The lady of painUnexamined
Pantheon DesignsUnexamined
Answer me this.Unexamined
God of UndeathUnexamined
good from beyondUnexamined
looking for an ancient history timeline; help pleaseUnexamined
The Demon lordsUnexamined
Match my character up with a good divine patronUnexamined
Demideities of undeath?Unexamined
Demiplane CreationUnexamined
Mak Thuum NgathaUnexamined
Anthraxus requestUnexamined
Frostburn DomainsUnexamined
Mythological Gods Request ThreadUnexamined
Surface-my own made deityUnexamined
Where have all the penguins gone?Unexamined
Information on the Elemental PlanesUnexamined
My Personal CosmologyHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Eberron in a Planescape campaignIdeas
Good Fire/War Deity?Unexamined
Primal NeutralityUnexamined
River StyxUnexamined
Hextor's Gatherings (ripvanwormer i'm lookin at you!)Unexamined
Does anyone know anything about the Religon of TamaraUnexamined
Monotheism and Race GodsUnexamined
Looking for maybe just one more idea for a new PS campaign...Unexamined
The Kobold PantheonUnexamined
liberation of dennariUnexamined
ocean domain?Unexamined
need help to make physical dietysUnexamined
Planescape 3.5? Anyone heard anything?Unexamined
help with a new demi god?.Unexamined
New OutlandsUnexamined
Creating a God: Deities & DemigodsrulesUnexamined
1001 ways for a demon to dieIdeas
Beastlands Hunting CourtesyUnexamined
My Homebrew PantheonHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
worshipers, by raceUnexamined
Quasi-Deities and Hit Points...Unexamined
Slaad Lords and Demon PrincesUnexamined
What Happens to Petitioners.....Unexamined
Planeshifter ImmortallityUnexamined
Tips on playing an Athar?Unexamined
White Dragon vs. BahamutUnexamined
Helmite StructureUnexamined
Two questions on the planesUnexamined
Does anyone know...Unexamined
Best War Domain DeitiesUnexamined
Aztec deity?Unexamined
The ChosenUnexamined
Blee, God of KaboomHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
spiked chain favored weapon.Unexamined
Altraloths/Diseased OnesUnexamined
my friend's running a demigod campaignUnexamined
Quick questionUnexamined
Dead godsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
inhabitants\native Planes questionUnexamined
Needed - A human deity w/ Healing Domain, a decent favored weapon, and CG alignmentUnexamined
Neutral/Good Gods with Greataxe as WeaponUnexamined
Favored Soul of EhlonnaUnexamined
children on the lower planes?Unexamined
Saving the Old Board InformationUnexamined
Draconic PantheonUnexamined
Anyone heard of Dumathoin?!Unexamined
How to reach God HoodUnexamined
Divine powers vs. SomethingUnexamined
God of MusicUnexamined
2 Exalted Monks in the Abyss?Unexamined
What gods are worshipped in Zakara and Maztica?Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The old "Spheres of Power" and the Immortals...Unexamined
What are the symbols on Slaadi heads?Unexamined
Necromancy GODHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Planar TimelineUnexamined
Confusing diety or stupid poster, YOU DECIDEUnexamined
Monster Mythology?Unexamined
Are there any published CN or NG magic/knowledge deities?Unexamined
The Domains of LaogzedUnexamined
The Domains of the Adama from FR Shining South?Unexamined
Tips for a Cleric of Bahamut/info on BahamutUnexamined
Deities are too weakUnexamined
Playing Powers: New Campaign Setting...Unexamined
Ebberon Faiths?Unexamined
Skills appropriate For This Lesser God write upUnexamined
CR and LA for DeitiesUnexamined
Ethereal EncountersUnexamined
Books on Aasimar, Angels, etc.Unexamined
Mythic Earth? Thor=Zeus=Indra?Unexamined
Plane Shift fociUnexamined
False Cults - or Real Faiths?Unexamined
Permanent Portals in a Planar MetropolisUnexamined
Visionary Seeker NPC Saves-Error?Unexamined
Question about Deity's perferred weapon and MindbladeUnexamined
Manual of the Planes/Planar HandbookUnexamined
Need advice on becoming a godUnexamined
Demon Lord, DagonUnexamined
Lavos as ruler of an Abyssal LayerUnexamined
Shattered Temple-How much info?Unexamined
Wouldn't A Player's Handbook For God's Be Nice?Unexamined
Poll:If you were to join a faction in real life, which one would you join?Unexamined
Obyrith lordsUnexamined
new god: The Unnamed OneHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Loss of Arcadia's Third Layer...when did it happen and more?Unexamined
Side-lining Good and Evil. Emphasising Law and Chaos.Unexamined
Stupid Hanseath Pronunciation QustionUnexamined
Books with OrcusUnexamined
Mystaran Immortals progression update?Unexamined
Plane Shift tuning forksUnexamined
Deific CR?Unexamined
Vhaeraun - Any other worshippers want to exchange views?Unexamined
Exemplar deathsUnexamined
Kord & JoramyUnexamined
LVL 17 spells, Hecate of OlympusUnexamined
githyanki astral shipUnexamined
Surviving RagnarokHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
UNCON-cordant oppositionUnexamined
Undead on ElysiumUnexamined
Ur-priest stealing godhood from avatarsUnexamined
Duergars and Abbathor?Unexamined
Denizens of PandemoniumUnexamined
Sladdi just seem evil to me...Unexamined
Need help with fleshing out two deities... (that is, I want fluff )Unexamined
mm4 tharzidunUnexamined
Aspects and AvatarsUnexamined
Chaotic Evil Outsiders and Mortal Cultists/Followers.Unexamined
New PantheonUnexamined
Any evil gods that hate undead?Unexamined
Custom GodsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Looking for Details and info on ZinzerenaUnexamined
Need Help making abyssal plane.Unexamined
What plane are Oni(Oriental Adventures) from?Unexamined
Anyone else think Racial Deities have gone too far?Unexamined
What sort of goodies are really hidden on Agathion?Unexamined
Planning an excursion to the realm of Deep ShashelasUnexamined
Tiefling (planetouched) as a characterUnexamined
Eberron and MechanusUnexamined
The Elemental Planes of MysteryUnexamined
Trying to track down a deity/pantheonUnexamined
Complete Mage - Planar thoughtsUnexamined
Fighting Gods in the Time of TroublesUnexamined
My Diety Creation.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
A method to the madnessUnexamined
Planar Champion PrC from MoPNo Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Blood War ExtentUnexamined
Wisdom and correlation of worship with evil deities/demon lordsUnexamined
Taking on Kord. (can one lvl 20 do it?)Unexamined
Ascending a Character to GodhoodUnexamined
Positive and Negative energy weaponUnexamined
Deity creation questionsUnexamined
Diety with a great axeUnexamined
Movement on Plane of Air (subjective gravity)Unexamined
flying on the plane of elemental airUnexamined
Where can I find elemental plane adventures?Unexamined
Who would a Minotaur follow?Unexamined
Basic Lolth QuestionsUnexamined
Stats for Deity Weapons?Unexamined
Undead on Positive Energy PlaneUnexamined
don't all dwarf god's have War deitie??Unexamined
The Far RealmsIdeas
Industrial/Steampunk PantheonUnexamined
non outsidergodsUnexamined
Info on Celestia & HeironiousUnexamined
Information on Judaic LoreUnexamined
1001 Planar BusinessesIdeas
The Gods of PegānaUnexamined
I hate Garl Glittergold!!!Unexamined
Why is Boccob called The Uncaring?Unexamined
Tiamat, Godslayer ?Unexamined
Anyone play a spiker?Unexamined
Cronaus's alinmentUnexamined
Strange thought about Tharizdun and archomentalsUnexamined
need a FR luck diety for C/G charUnexamined
Negative energy abyssal problemsUnexamined
Petitioners of the OutlandsUnexamined
what is the best dwarfen deity??Unexamined
How Do Maug Get To and From Jobs?Unexamined
Dogmas of Darahl FirecloakUnexamined
Need a GOOD god who's favored weapon is a Great SwordUnexamined
Anyone know of a Deity that is good and the favored weapon is the Great Sword?Unexamined
Drunk GodsUnexamined
That smile's the last thing to go...Unexamined
A very unusual ideaUnexamined
Adventures in Mirthardir (third layer of Arborea)Unexamined
Deity creation?Unexamined
Underpowered gods?Unexamined
What of Dreams?Unexamined
The Holy Family pantheon for my campaignUnexamined
Alternate Prime Material Planes and Planets.Unexamined
need planar touchstone for air planeUnexamined
Looking for Dwarven DomainsUnexamined
Avatars of the gods?Unexamined
Ranger/Druid deities and animal companionsUnexamined
Re: Heironious Symbol!Unexamined
Asmodeus: a fallen celestial?!Unexamined
Raised InfernalsUnexamined
The Giant Pantheon?Unexamined
Looking for a neutral deityUnexamined
Primitive GodsUnexamined
My take on the Plane of ShadowUnexamined
Could you be a Blackguard of St. Cuthbert?Unexamined
Divine Artifacts for an IJ style campaignUnexamined
Primus favored weapon and domains?Unexamined
Dogmas of Darahl Firecloak ?Unexamined
Relics of the D&D GodsUnexamined
Questions about St. CuthbertUnexamined
Astral Time?Unexamined
Defense against the Far RealmsUnexamined
need idaes about powers for orcus with a divive rank 0f 16Unexamined
Fiendish Codex II appears to be inadvertantly outUnexamined
Any officila Info on the Vampire God Kanchelsis apart from Monster Mythology...?Unexamined
Pelor and his priests in Forgotten RealmsUnexamined
Ma Yuan?Unexamined
Death and Nature Deity?Unexamined
New portfolios for "Races of ..." deitiesUnexamined
Savage Tide - St. Worgul???Unexamined
Stats for ChronosUnexamined
I'm trying to make an ethical analysis regarding outsiders, can you help me?Unexamined
The Mind Is Sacred! (PEACH)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The Hag CountessUnexamined
Demon Lords and Arch-Devils Granting Divine Magic?Unexamined
Hellspawn pbp gameUnexamined
Planar Handbook is it worth it?Unexamined
are heritage feats brokenUnexamined
Kreatin FarrpaangUnexamined
On ChronepsisUnexamined
Powers Primordial -- Codex of the Far RealmHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Aqutic Devils and Demons and the Planes they live onUnexamined
Parallel UniversesUnexamined
Chronometric Road (opinions wanted)Unexamined
Creating your own DeitiesUnexamined
Other classes and deitiesUnexamined
'Chosen' in GreyhawkUnexamined
Hosting a Campaign based in Sigil - Help me find material...Unexamined
Kheal, Lord of Death (P.E.A.C.H.)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Help creating new Deity for future campaignUnexamined
Lolth - Full name?Unexamined
Half-fiends on the mortal planeUnexamined
I dug out all my PLANESCAPE stuff!Unexamined
Does someone know any of these elven Deities?Unexamined
The City of GlassHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Questing in the AbyssUnexamined
Materials/Ideas for a far realm adventure?Unexamined
Muchkin Prime, God of Powergaming.Unexamined
Horse domainUnexamined
The Gods of my worldHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Of Mortals and FiendsUnexamined
Information on "The Gates of Heaven"?Unexamined
Portfolio/Domain helpUnexamined
HELP ME FIND Xiombarg?????Unexamined
History of the Lords of the NineUnexamined
Proxies and SPell Like Abilities:Unexamined
The Dark EightUnexamined
Notes on FC:II (certain unique devils, use of other books, Lilith is mentioned)Unexamined
Lovecraftian Deities?Unexamined
where do I get The outsider part to making deites?Unexamined
Campaign HelpUnexamined
Neutral deities and their outsiders?Unexamined
Can a Preist refuse an excorcism?Unexamined
Need help with Swashy deityUnexamined
New Demons and LAsUnexamined
Paris Faelen : Lord of the UnderworldUnexamined
plane of shadow hints?Unexamined
Consorts in The Nine HellsUnexamined
Sacrificial PriestUnexamined
what book has the kobold god?Unexamined
in search of a deityUnexamined
Fiends/Planes on WikipediaUnexamined
Vecna, Sigil, and fighting words for fiendsUnexamined
Dream RealmUnexamined
Leaders of the Transcedent OrderUnexamined
Hextor and LN ClericsUnexamined
Afterlife for Bard?Unexamined
What kind of hell campagin is appropriate?Unexamined
Yugoloths, Asmodeus, and Devils...oh my!Unexamined
God of beasts, goddess of plantsUnexamined
Who lives on the Outlands?Unexamined
Celestial Codex?Unexamined
Noteworthy DemonsUnexamined
Info about eh 9 hellsUnexamined
Trying to think of something to push me over the edge.Unexamined
BahgtruHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Divine Point BuyUnexamined
Divine Planetouched?Unexamined
How do Fiends Reproduce?Unexamined
Gate to Elemental Plane of WaterUnexamined
Has anyone tried to create the Battle Nexus ?Unexamined
Hellraiser and Inevitables...Unexamined
What can make a fiend go good?Unexamined
Union and the planesUnexamined
undead cityUnexamined
Core Beliefs in Dragon.Unexamined
Planar essence item (would it make a problem with the flavor?).Unexamined
Infinite Staircase - Any Materials out there?Unexamined
More on the Doombringer?Unexamined
God(dess) of KnowledgeUnexamined
Need some help with my deityUnexamined
Pantheon ProblemUnexamined
Huh, just read the Pact Primeval story at front of Codex II.Unexamined
Undead, Spells, and Energy Planes.Unexamined
Vastu - a new race for PandemoniumUnexamined
Deities okay for campaign?Unexamined
Help with namesUnexamined
demon lord zzycixea(sp)Unexamined
Thull, The Deep Lord (PEACH)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Hell SizeUnexamined
Soul Harvesting--???Unexamined
What are the Best Prestige Classes for Planewalkers?No Content Found: Second Opinion Needed
Demi-planes on the Material RealmUnexamined
Evil on Evil Violence: Undead Armies invade the Lower PlanesUnexamined
ASoIaF deitiesHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
What would you lokked trough a window inside the Argent Palace?Unexamined
(Humor) Cliché Moralistic Deities (Humor)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Gruumsh's home planeUnexamined
Temples and their InhabitantsUnexamined
FCII: What's up with the shoddy editing?Unexamined
How To Become Your Inner Devil?Unexamined
Is it just me?Unexamined
Deity Stats on Ronald McDonaldHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
The Carceri Creators?Unexamined
Deity Interference with Outer planes...Unexamined
Evil planar monks/monasteries?Unexamined
Yuguloth... why not in the blood war?Unexamined
God(dess) of Power?Unexamined
Deity v. Planar RulerUnexamined
2007 planar books?Unexamined
Planar Touchstone: Haud's Teeth (plane of earth)Unexamined
middle planes riverUnexamined
Do Celestial or Fiendish animals taste any different than their normal counterparts?Unexamined
Any new traditional deity book in the horizon?Unexamined
FCI & FCII - Story Help NeededUnexamined
Future PlanesUnexamined
Extra archplanars?Unexamined
Adventures in PandemoniumUnexamined
what's the point of picking a deity if you're not a Cleric?Unexamined
Norse questionUnexamined
Inconsistant InevitablesUnexamined
How to make niche CE deities all the more interestingUnexamined
Factions and PHBIIUnexamined
The elemental plane of air - helpUnexamined
I own Manual of the Planes, is the Planar Handbook worth a purchase?Unexamined
Outsiders and Target:HumanoidUnexamined
Noob Question: Grayhawk DeitiesUnexamined
The Planes of FirandirHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Necromantic GodsUnexamined
Designing a planet.Unexamined
Making Campaign Material 2: Magnos, the immortalUnexamined
How a wizard learns new spwlls?Unexamined
St. Cuthbert, Mortal or Not?Unexamined
New God (Talmiradus) + Temporal MechanicsHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
My attempt to create a DeityHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Questions about Hell (Dis)Unexamined
D&D and Agrarian deities threadUnexamined
Deities in books except those in D&Dg?Unexamined
Any updates on Charon, the Boatman?Unexamined
monster magic school on sigilUnexamined
The Tarrasque's reflectionUnexamined
To Kill A DemonlordUnexamined
evil halfling god or goddessUnexamined
Evil deities with the Sun domain and their clerics' granted powerUnexamined
Clerics perhaps, but Paladins?Unexamined
Who would be friendlier to a casino - Mechanus or Limbo?Unexamined
Questions about salient divine abilitiesUnexamined
Wierd, I heard "Gehenna" used on a non-fantasy TV showUnexamined
A picture of the GehennaUnexamined
Indeps in Complete ScoundrelUnexamined
Bahamut's Holy BookUnexamined
Avoiding the Hells through ElysiumUnexamined
Bargvar: The Brother of GruumshUnexamined
demons dont die?Unexamined
A Small Change to PetitionersUnexamined
Planar "Rulers"Unexamined
The Expanded Orc PantheonUnexamined
The Region of Dreams in PlanescapeUnexamined
Lycanthrope Deity?Unexamined
YOUR aspectsUnexamined
Prime LifeUnexamined
I need a deity for my monk.Unexamined
Freeing Levistus?Unexamined
Celestial's Heirarchy?Unexamined
Violence: working on a domain for a homebrew godHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Who/what might a Minotaur worship?Unexamined
Demi-God Creation?Unexamined
The Cthulhu Mythos: Blended into D&DUnexamined
Domain listUnexamined
Creating Gods, Need Some HelpUnexamined
Deities For My CampaignHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
New Domains, PEACHHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
good lolthUnexamined
What might I see on the Earth Plane?Unexamined
New Orc Planar RealmsUnexamined
Can gods reincarnate their worshippers rather than taking them as petitioners?Unexamined
Firedrakes Deities #1Unexamined
Other giants of YsgardUnexamined
How would a temple of Wee Jas handle this?Unexamined
Angels and Archons -- Fighting for Abstracts?Unexamined
Which deities sponsor paladins?Unexamined
Why Seven layers for Celestia but 9 for Hell?Unexamined
Question about the most recent edition for Deity's&DemiGodsUnexamined
My new Pantheon and PlaneUnexamined
how do dao get around Plane of Earth?Unexamined
Upper Planes? Lower Planes?Unexamined
Gods for Halfings?Unexamined
Heironious's history, where at?Unexamined
Can't find Chaav PortfolioUnexamined
a dao encounter, please advise!Unexamined
Adventures for DeitiesUnexamined
Walking from the Plain of Infinite Portals to Hades, Pandemonium & CarceriUnexamined
History of Vecna?Unexamined
A god among devils...Unexamined
Anyone got a Map of the Individual Layers of the Nine Hells?Unexamined
Idea On a Cross-Campaign GameUnexamined
Iggwilv, the Witch QueenUnexamined
List of DeitiesUnexamined
Experimental method of statting psionic deitiesUnexamined
Pronounciation HelpUnexamined
Deities as Weapons of Mass DestructionUnexamined
Descending Into the AbyssUnexamined
Devil Outcasts of AvernusUnexamined
Black DiamondUnexamined
Long-term effects of a campaign against evil soul energy?Unexamined
Ultroloth StatsUnexamined
Sigil: Book?Unexamined
FCI: Mansion of the RakeUnexamined
Influence of the Gods on the Blood WarUnexamined
Where are D20 stats for the old ones?Unexamined
Specific DeityUnexamined
genie questionsUnexamined
Symbol of Astral Plane?Unexamined
Best books for Deities and the Planes?Unexamined
The Real DagonUnexamined
Portal resourcesUnexamined
LF Info Gray Waste- OinusUnexamined
Falazure (a new take) (PEACH)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Planar Travel and ways to go about itUnexamined
Mortal CoilUnexamined
Deity HelpUnexamined
What Diety to use ? need helpUnexamined
creating a planeUnexamined
Plane Hoping Divine CastersUnexamined
Yomi - the House of Windowless RoomsUnexamined
Wee Jas - more info?Unexamined
What is ectoplasm?Unexamined
Mausoleum of ChronepsisUnexamined
Hades AdventureUnexamined
Need Help with IshtarUnexamined
A possibly introspective thoughtUnexamined
Anarchy? (The Plane)Unexamined
Daddy, where do Tieflings come from?Unexamined
Have you ever had a dream where you were on a plane?Unexamined
Astral Aging?Unexamined
Favored weapon flailUnexamined
Cosmological choicesUnexamined
Brainstorming for a new PantheonUnexamined
Help With The Grim RipperUnexamined
Beastlands! Adventure ideas?Unexamined
barefists GodsUnexamined
Looking for info on the core Greyhawk godsUnexamined
Idea for a homebrew plane inspired by a party wipe. The Nethervoid.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Need help with planet/god nameUnexamined
3.0/3.5 books on the planes.Unexamined
The History of the Lower Planes, revisedHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Time on the Astral PlaneUnexamined
The Borthers Five.Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Alternate Primes and the Extraplanar SubtypeUnexamined
Some new dieties, think players would enjoy?Unexamined
New Ravenloft Domain . . .Unexamined
elemental swarms in Planar HandbookUnexamined
Chronepsis and his servantsIdeas
triune deityUnexamined
Fire Genasi in a Nordic themed campaign, the blessed of Surtur?Unexamined
Deities and Ability Scores?Unexamined
Big Oozy ThingUnexamined
OverGods and Divine InvasionUnexamined
WotC Takes on SigilUnexamined
what is the Power of Divine Rank?Unexamined
Shouldn't Dieties have all their domain powers?Unexamined
The Blood empressUnexamined
Faerie Courts in Complete MageUnexamined
Gods of my Campaign, pt. 1: The Ancients (R&R plz lolr)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
List of deities and domains?Unexamined
hi everyone question about ll deitysUnexamined
Besides alignment, what determines the fate of your soul?Unexamined
Deific WrathUnexamined
Dorsain and the White Kingdom Info?Unexamined
Working on PlanesUnexamined
the new DragonUnexamined
A history of the elven dietiesIdeas
Demogorgon infoUnexamined
Who is Tharizdun?Unexamined
The ThreeHas Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Buddha as a Deity in D&DUnexamined
Origin of the planesUnexamined
Paladin of Freedom's MountUnexamined
Howitzer (Gnomish God of Heavy Artillery)Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
[Homebrewed] World of Kulan Deities!Has Homebrew or Mechanical Content
Monsters for each planeUnexamined
God(s) for LN, conservative, "Great Chain of Being"-style druids?Unexamined
Yan-C-Bin pronunciationUnexamined
Dergholoth StatsUnexamined
Pelor, the Burning HateUnexamined