Frequently Asked Questions Question: Where is/is there a Search Function?
Answer: Use Google.

Question: Why did you only download D&D 3.X/D20 System stuff?
Answer: I've been playing since 1988 or so. Original, Advanced, and Second Edition (you could move stuff between them fairly easy). Then 3.0 came out, my (future) wife and I looked at the new system, and decided we liked ti better then the previous versions. (i.e Experience points were all the same, Armor Class and Combat was simplified, and CR made figuring out encounters easier). We also had no problem converting stuff to 3.0, and found making stuff for 3.0 easy. So, we switched over. We updated to 3.5 because it was backwards compatiable.

So, when 4.0 came out, we gave it a look over. It was too different from what were we playing in terms of conversion. We had a very long, involved, and complicated campaign in progress (It's still in progress), and we decided converting was not effective. (We also owned a horde of 3.X and D20 system books).

In short, updating was not worth the investment. When the Forgotten Realms setting books came out, we looked, and didn't like what they'd changed. So I completely ignored D&D4. After my 2008 download of the Dicussion forums there, I didn't even go on the Wizards of the Coast website until I went there on a hunch in 2015.

Eventually, we switched to Pathfinder after a friend of ours loaned us his Corebook. We used that in place of the PHBK/DMG, and switched to Pathfinder after two sessions. So I never bothered looking at D&D Next, and probably never will.

Question: But, you have 4.0 and 5.0 Threads on here!
Answer: When WOTC accounced the closure of the forums, I didn't have time to pick and choose, so I grabbed everything. And since Wizards of the Coast had a horrible track-record with online archieves (Gleemax comes to mind), I'm glad I did.

Question: Will you support 4.0 and 5.0 here? What about D20 subsystems?
Answer: Passively? Yes. Well, not being familiar with those systems, I don't feel comfortable with giving those threads more then a cursory examination. And even at that, I'd probably miss something.

So yes, I will host them for now. (That's passive support)

No, I'm not going to be looking at them. (That's active support)

That being said, if someone else wants to go "Hey, I can look after a [System] Section!", we can discuss that.

Question: What's your long term plan with all these threads?
Answer: If I get interest/support for the website, I plan to leave it all online

If I don't, I'll let the hosting contract expire.

Question: What's your PERSONAL plan for all those threads?

Answer: Leave it on my drive, and treat it all like another sourcebook.

Question: How did you download all this?
Short Answer: I wrote a mini program.

Long Answer: There is very little difference between a typical website's links, and a web discussion forums.

Only real difference is what page # of a Discussion Group or Topic you are on.

So, I figured out the link to the first and last page of each discussion group (i.e and

With that, it was easy to make a macro to figure out the other page links.

I did that for every Discussion Group, and downloaded those pages.

From there, I got rid of all the webcode except the first and last page for every topic in each discussion group.

Once you have that, little macro generate the other page links, and then another little macro download them all.

End Result: Every Thread, Every Page of Posts.

Strip out the formatting and ending code, merge the tables, and done.

Fairly straight forward, IF you know what you are doing.

Fortunately, graduated from college with a degree/diploma/whatever it was, for computer programming. (Back in 2002)

What's with this 'Solauren Found' column in the 'Just want to read' section?
Solauren is the handle I use online. Before anyone asks, I was the name of my third D&D character back in 1988. When I got a home PC, it was the name that looked best for video game logins, and it stuck.

Anywway, that shows if I found anything in a thread or not.

Why did you include it?
There is an enourmous amount if information in all those threads.

How much? Well, uncompressed, with all formating and web engine code scripted out, just leaving basic table layout and the original thread text, there is approximately 14,867,586,677 bytes of information. (Roughly 14 Gigabytes)
By comparison, all the Wizards of the Coast books for 3.0 + 3.5, including Dragon and Dungeon Magazines, as Text searchable/copyable PDFS, as text, take up approximately 158,285,910 bytes (158 Megabytes, or .15 Gigabytes).
(That figure might be a bit low. I've converted most of it to text, but some of the magazine articles I have yet to run through Omnipage, mainly cause we don't use them).
In other words, there is about 10 times more text here then there is in every book published by Wizards of the Coast for 3rd edition, including the various web series that had, adventures, and magazine articles.

Why can't I sort the Thread list? Why can't I search them all at once?
That would actually require me setting up a online database or web forum and uploading all the information into it. I've never done that before.

If you want to search for a forum, the website has been indexed and cataloged by Google.

If you want something sortable, you can find each Discussion area exported to a single merged spreadsheet in the 'Worksheets' section.

How Come my favourite website or forum isn't linked to or mirrored?
Probably cause I don't know about it. E-mail me the link, and I'll see what I can do.