What is this place?
Wizards of the Coast used to have discussion forums, which had been online since about 1998 or so. Wizards of the Coast closed them in October 2015, with about a months warning.

Having previously downloaded those discussion forums (in 2005 and 2008), I was already considering doing and updated download, so I moved forward with it.

Essentially, this is a mirror/copy of those discussion forums, of the sections of it that were D&D/RPG related. (With the exception of the 'local players/persons sections'), from 2005, 2008, and as of roughly October 20, 2015. I will admit to having stripped out all the excess formatting and web-engine related code for the 2008 and 2015 downloads.

And while I had time to download all those threads, I didn't have time to look through them to figure out what was actually worth downloading, and what was not.

An example of what would not be worth downloading were threads like "Hey were do I find (Whatever)", or "(Whatever) Sucks!" and the like.

An example of what would be worth downloading would be any Homebrew Content, Rules Discussions, and the like.

Anything else would be subjective.

So, without time to look it all over, I just grabbed it all.

The End Result was I have a small horde of threads. Beyond knowing what Year I downloaded the Thread, what Discussion Section the thread came from (i.e Magic and Spells), and the Thread Topic (i.e Post New Spells Here), I have no idea what's actually in theam.

So, I set this place up so oher people can get copies of the forums (not everyone has my technical proficiency/bandwidth/insanity/time), and so I can get help sorting through what I can't

My previous layout and attempt at that failed, so I revamped.

What can't you sort through it all??
Some stuff, I'm not qualified to really examine. For the most part, that's anything involving D&D 4.0, D&D Next, or Gamma World.

Others, I don't have time to examine. That's pretty much everything I haven't examined already.

What I have been able to examine quickly, are threads that have obvious mechanical content in them. i.e, you load up the thread, and see a new class or feat in the first post/on the first screen.

But I actually have a life, I didn't go over every thread with a fine toothcomb. I'll admit that there could be threads I looked at, where there is mechanical content I missed.

How can I help?
Originally, I tried setting up a Microsoft Access database set up for people. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't like Microsoft Access, or can't run it, or don't trust applications from the web (can't say I blame them).

I had planned to just let this die, but I learned a few new things, so...

I blitzed through anything I felt I was qualitied to look at, looking for Mechanical Content, Stat Blocks, and those 101 lists and the like.

After I was done that, I exported all the threads that I didn't look at, or marked as 'no content' to Worksheets. Blocks of 200 threads, by Discussion topic.

They've been exported to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and OpenOffice Calc.

So, how can you help?....
Download one of those worksheets, and open it up. There is no code in those sheets. (It's all built in fuctions to MS-Office/Open Office that don't require any programming.

If you click on the link, it will open that thread in your webrowser. Check the thread out, grab the pulldown beside it and choose the content type, and go onto the next one. When it's done, email it back to me at OldManCarrs@SecretsoftheArchmages.net (Before you ask, Carrs is the name of my second D&D character, and my first wizard).

As lists are completed, I'll take that list down to avoid duplicating work. If you have completed a list or two, and email me you are working a list, I'll try to update the download section to say "In progress".